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"jim dillon" Discussed on The Agostinho Zinga Show

"What a what a way to kind of send to you and kind of get you back to normality and kind of mccue thinkable the things that you complain about not really marrying that much especially when you think about the other people around the world who are suffering through tyrannical governments. You know pinker. People that are living in hungary You think of all the flooding. That's been happening in parts of europe and stuff. It's just this stuff that's been going on on a daily basis that we've probably been purposely and maybe for our mental health which is kind of advisable to do just being kind of pointed aside and be like you know. I don't wanna pay attention to i. Don't want to think too much about it. Because if i do is gonna freak me out but it is interesting is good perspective. Wise to kind of be reminded. Hey as bad as is over here there are. People are legitimately fight for their lives every single day and the things that we take for granted you know for damage a luxury so that was crazy to see again even some of the skepticism to baton. Bureau matter i think that one article If i'm not mistaken. The one article. That tim dillon shared about it was pretty fair in some of his criticisms about you park in terms of hers a person and oldest malaysia. Dinner thirty bad thing personally. See if i can get it up. Jim dillon on twitter twitter. I different different criticism of that on that feeney article was too shabby if everything was probably just a healthy skepticism about some of the as she performed and some of the stories in the details involve the day but again the substance of ace still. What isn't it like living in a country where you're essentially on being fed be looked after two well Your country there's no the sanctions against it. You don't really get much foreign aid and you're basically fending for yourself in a place. Where if you might listen to the wrong track. You might get hung all executed flippin stadium in front of your neighbors germy lick. I wonder if that's even a concern the fact that you're going to get the fact that you're going to get sesame sooner or later the fact that you're going to end up with your ass hanging out from your face in front of your neighbors and the massive stadium. I wonder if people even care by that kind of thing. Maybe at that point you just kind of fed up reciprocal. Finding he posted the article about her. There is yeah this is the one. The diplomat is a fairly lengthy article..

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