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"jim callaghan" Discussed on LBC Election 2019

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"jim callaghan" Discussed on LBC Election 2019

"To do lots of photocopying briefing documents. And so therefore. I used to do tony. Blair's photocopying and i also used to sit there and Actually i could tell you what i i remember. Sell the fights tacoma. Does my bum look. Tell you with tony. Would you like a photocopy of my office will jackie. It's it's an interesting proposal. But i can remember. It was my first heart. You know this guy had meaning in parliament. Before the first day of the committee it had sort of quite a lot of Of early ninety nine thousand nine hundred eighty four so had quite a lot also relatively newly elected torey young bloods including edwina currie who strutting into that committee might have to say with a certain amount of panache raw slightly sorta hollow boys hero approach going on. So what dates will you work in. Parliament said that would be sort of september eighty four to the following summer so we were there at the same time in the i. I spent two weeks in the in december working in the commons for the eighth of patrick thomson as to see if i would like it then i would add apparently from what was out table. Eighty five so we could have met then in those two weeks my date and you didn't you thought to yourself through that. I think my favorite memory was. I used to actually go and sit in the chamber quite a lot late at night because i i generally work till ten o'clock at night and sometimes it go over to the strangest capterra in premier which i just always fantastic of walking around parliament on your cane. Eating with lots of important people and patrick used to get me tickets that under gallery you know on the opposition side. There's a little gallery underwear under the public gallery. So you've you are actually in the chamber and i to love sitting in there. It didn't really matter what the debate was. I just love the whole experience. And i remember sitting in that once when During the dock labour scheme repeal. When john prescott actually started talking about me and i was sitting there literally in the chamber not in complimentary terms not income dementieva's and i did wonder what would happen if i stood up happens. I still love that and just walking around. The identity fell this just walking around the place and the atmosphere was so different in the eighties. Really maybe it was my age. But i just felt the sort of i shouldn't be. It was no place that people me went. And i always talk about the i. I was there walking along the corridor from central over to the house of lords with jim callaghan and president ford coming the other way and you just think oh my god. I totally fell. Felt that for thirteen years from now and then the people of reg agreed with well look alma mater. Most of louis to don't stay during that all too long though. Because it's so i know so many people who just loved it so much and i truly i could easily fall it in this trump. I would happily done that job for many many many years. But i knew the at out to do a proper job so two years and that's it then go do something else absolutely. Josh powell says hi. Both with room is again this week. That cabinet reshuffle was going to take place. It's only a matter of time before we see what in thirty commerce talent and fresh faces into some of the highest roles available. My question is out of the current selection who would be in your cabinet. So did we expressing some earlier about whether or not there really is a reshuffle on the way..

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