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Andrew Bird + Jimbo Mathus

Broken Record

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Andrew Bird + Jimbo Mathus

"Pushkin this episode is brought to you by guaranteed rate and still searching for your dream home. Start at dot com guaranteed rates digital mortgage. Mix applying for your mortgage fast and seamless and lets you apply anywhere anytime. Start right dot com today whether you're looking to buy a refi guaranteed rates. Got your back. Nationwide dot com to start your digital mortgage today. That's r. t. At dot com equal housing lender subject to credit approval restrictions apply company and m l s two six one one and mls consumer access dot org listening to jimbo matt. Andrew bird's new album these thirteen. It's like taking a trip down south a century ago. Oh it's new territory for andrew bird classically trained multi instrumentalist from the chicago suburbs. Who's been a successful indie folk singer. Songwriter and also recently acted on the fourth season farm but for jimbo as a mississippi resident some of the music can hit too close now surrounded by the ghosts in old battlefields. A civil war some songs. He finds almost two art jimbo and andrew. I met musically playing for the squirrel nut. Zippers in the midnight. A key part of the swing revival the in two thousand eighteen andrew jimbo got back together exchanging voice memos new song lightness over the course of two years. The reported their new album old fashioned singing to a single microphone in this episode boosts had them talks to jim bone andrew but varying ways. They came to master their instruments. And now hanging out with jimbo. Down south freed andrew on the constraints as formal train. The also talk about how they managed to sneak a line about cellphones onto an album that poses inspiration from one hundred fifty years ago. This is broken record notes for the digital age. I'm just in richmond. Here's bruce them with andrew bird in jimbo mathis. He's got this terrific new album these thirteen. So let's talk about how this album came about. What was the genesis of it. I've always wanted to make this record for twenty some years you know Jimbo and i worked a lot together in the late nineties and i always just wanted to get him alone with me to strip down duo record. Because he's he just has something in his playing in his singing in his musicality. That brings something out in me for one and it's also i just feel like people need to hear it. It's kind of a lost touch that he has with phrasing. That's that's kind of been ironed out of music since the advent of radio and the music industry. But i just haven't really you know had the right moment to to bring him out here and do this this project so it took me quite a while to get around to but once we did we you know what surprised me is how much writing we did together with. A collaboration. It was. I thought it was just gonna be us doing lunch. Sipa sheiks covers and charlie patton covers. It turned into a big Writing collaboration which is kind of revelation i Bird he kind of sketched out. The idea to me was like you know. Do you have a couple of songs may be. Send me so. I ended up sending him probably twenty songs or something. I mean Just 'cause i like to just throw ideas out you know. And so it's kind of started taking more shape that way like he like he described and became much more personal original record. I think the neither one of us envisioned at the time how much we enjoyed it. How easily we're able to cobble these songs together. And of course. I knew playing would be no problem recording. We've always had that now when you guys were playing in the nineties. You're doing swing andrew. How did you know this was something you wanted to do with jimbo. You backstage one night and he started playing a song and you thought that's the sound i want. Yeah when we met. I was aware of the school in the zippers is the first record and i met him in north carolina. When i was at a festival there we were both into this early twentieth century. American music and for the zippers. There was just this convergence of a strange national trend popular trend with that that that they were on the same path of but there was way more going on there. Then just pop culture thing because i really think of the zippers is not so much. A swing band is like one of the many eccentrics southern bands like say the b. fifty twos. Or you know. I think more like a broader sense than just that era of swing dance lessons and martinez. And whatever i mean jimbo would invite me down down to north carolina down to new orleans and was introducing me to all these eccentric folks and playing music all the time and kind of hard living in wild life and but when when he brought me down to new orleans to do songs for rosetta which is his tribute record to Charlie patton and to his daughter rosetta. Then that's that's when i got really turned on. Charlie patton which is jimbo's sort of personal touchdown. I guess creatively and it was. It was less of a swing thing and more of the sort of strange exotics southern music from the early twentieth century. And that's where really the idea for this record started was that i just wanted to sort of showcase show people what jimbo's doing that maybe in other projects of his you don't quite here is clearly like andrew them. I came from a real rural area. It with a lot of family music so the whole folk music thing. It's just odd that we met over the era when he was both interested in the early jazz vaudeville cabaret and so was i in cranleigh and soon. We haven't neither one of his done. That particular style stints to them but in our meetings in our hangouts back in the nineties when he would come to north carolina. You know we would do like. I did growing up which was set out under the tree and just share songs from the folk cannon at jimbo. Your your parents started you out on mandolins. That right a started out on mandolin. In the way i grew up with music is very on on trained. I play by ear like andrew but coming from a different side is with just social music. There was no microphones or stages or anything audience. It would just be the family and the friends you know. That's the way i grew up so it'd be a lot of drinking. You know not me. When i was six but what one of my uncles got a little niebuhr right and left his mandolin over at the house. I guess before few months he forgot where he had left in in the by the time he came back to pick it up i had learned the rudiments and was figuring out. I wanted to play with the with the older guys and gals and so at that point. They had to buy me a mandolin but your parents weren't musicians right. It was just a tradition in your family. Yeah they weren't professional musicians. No not at all they were quite good and just the social reality of music and just doing it for your own entertainment your own enjoyment. It's like a pre tv lifestyle something to pass the time. Of course you do play funerals family reunions important milestones you. That's where we would perform in. That's where we would set up camp and hours and hours and hours of music would pass and so john's days of just playing music singing music socializing and learning the songs and sharing the cannon. So i probably knew a couple of hundred songs. Bartiromo was twelve years old. The roots a andrew. You come at this music from a completely different direction. You are classically trained. I think he was conservatory at northwestern. Yeah i mean. I grew up on the north shore chicago and did the suzuki thing from early early age. Which is sort of a prefab oral tradition if you think about it. It's it's a method by this japanese doctor to teach children at a young age to learn music the way they as their learning language. So you're learning mozart. Bach also go talent rhody folksongs and so i didn't learn to read music until high school and it was trial by fire. And by that time. I was so big i learn faster by ear and i was. I went through conservatory. That was you know. I was always kind of looking against the tradition and it was It was social. But it wasn't until i started going to like irish music sessions on sundays when i was in college and drinking a guinness and everyone sharing tunes where someone would start a tune in by the time the third or fourth time it goes around. You've tried to figure out the nooks and crannies of that melody so that was Very much more of a relaxed to social type of context like jimbo's talking about compared to like during the weeks being in orchestra. What interested me listening though is your tone on the violin. Because it's one thing to learn the notes but you have a very different tone playing this kind of music. You often do in your own music. It has more country kind of flavor. I remember when i was a kid. Seeing you hootie menu in and eat sock perlman trying to jazz. It wasn't all that successful offense who houdini menu and he really didn't have the gypsy soul. No no what's it like to have the kind of classical chops you do and then say okay now i gotta play this other kind of music and some of the things you relied on in classical music. Don't necessarily translate. yeah. I mean from an early age. I would listen to something on the radio and i would try to play it because that was how this is. Yuki thing worked you know. It was a one room schoolhouse. learn their repertoire by ear but That age of like from eighteen to twenty two hours just ravenous for new kinds of music to learn and it did. I did have to playing with drummers. Did helped me kind of break up the phrase and be my own drummer and playing the irish music. You have to play your own backbeat. With the way your boeing field thing it's not like you hit him menu and trying to play jazz that's like a transcription of maybe a repelled. Solo or something that he might be playing. And it's just you try. I try to do that. I got a book of like transcriptions of stephane grappelli. Solos and i was trying to read it. And of course doesn't make any sense musically and it can't be really taught that way. It's just an intuitive. Feel thing and it took a couple of years to kind of on. Learn some things or break down the way i bowed. Mostly 'cause it's mostly in the right hand now. I think i played more like a tenor saxophone. Clear that violinist there's less articulation. Where a lot of classical players reveal their their stripes is is is in artistic. They're over articulating everything. And it's just painful to listen to. Sometimes we'll be right back with more from andrew bird jimbo mathis after a quick break. 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We're back with more from andrew bird and jimbo mathis. When i was listening to the album this week. I was trying to imagine if i were to say to people. You love this album. And i think in the first few minutes it was like if you like the stanley brothers are willie nelson or stuff smith. Their son house. Or johnny cash ricky skaggs our django reinhardt. Or clarence ashley. The band and it just went on and on and on from there. So it's not. I don't wanna give people the idea that this is some antique style. It's basically kind of american music and a very broad sense. But did you have particular people in mind when you're doing this or did you have a particular sound in mind when you were reporting this. There's definitely no conscious template that we set out to achieve you know or some recreation of anyone else and my influences are so myriad lot of the people you just mentioned of course play into that. But you know the way i think about is like harry smith You know the smithsonian collection you know folk music how it goes everything from cajun's african american music to songs that are practical to like build a railroad too or you know those are more the bedrock templates that i use Not necessarily copying an artist. No never but in the tradition in the vein of a style of music a region of music. It's not a reading of of any antique forms. This to who we are as people and that is true. When you you listen to the even when we were working in the early jazz thing it was still original songs and original ideas and some of which wouldn't have made sense in that era. We weren't you know we're going around wearing vintage clothes thinking god. I wish it was nineteen thirty two but would surprised me when with the writing. This record is like because we both usually work alone on our songs and we kind of tap into a little bit of what clarity and efficiency of like songwriting teams. You know where jimbo would throw out. Something like dig up the hatchet where he's talking taking some somewhat familiar expression we bury the hatchet and he's like let's dig it up like let's have a real knock down drag out fight just because it may be an aphrodisiac or whatever. I don't know what he's thinking. But i take the i take that idea and and kinda run with it because i see exactly what he's doing. It was in my one of my own songs. I would be obtuse internal conversation. But when it's two people immediately externalizing their ideas and there's a kind of a nice clear balancing conversation going on with lyrics and that's it came together so quickly in gratifyingly compared to the internal torture that we go through to write her own songs. Sometimes you know that might be my favorite song on the album. I gave the album. I was going to ask you. Did you get that from anywhere. Dig the hatchet. Because now that i look at it. It's one of those seem. So obvious. I right from titles i get the title i in so if i have a good title that i think is somehow intriguing. It almost spills out with the song can be about so. I don't have to sit around and dig up some idea or emotion or something to create a song because i start from the title. My mind kind of likes to flip things over like that and especially colloquialisms regional dialect things. People save it. Don't think about it. You know so it's like why didn't somebody think of that. I mean that's true of any great song you know but that one is particularly f- cool in the language that it flips on its ear but i had the title dig up the hatchet laying around into notebook for probably. I don't know maybe fifteen years really. But i i have to ask you. Do you remember thinking of the trains. Yeah of course. I do remember where you were was in clarksdale mississippi in my grandmother's driveway. You know made me chuckle. So i knew there was something there just in. So is andrew nye progressed in our writing. I realize we'll see. I can just go back and just dig up some old song titles in and i might have a scrap a napkin or something that had i think that was the fewest lines of anything. I sent him but he had two or three lines. You did have that big bridge where it's the cell phone thing mentioned pictures you You found on my phone. Which i raised an eyebrow at first because i thought that that seems that seems almost to current. But i like it now. I think it's we needed some of that. Well that was the other line. I wanted to ask you about because you know with songs. Even with modern songs people. You know people like older technology. People want to write about trains and cadillacs. I think actually. Rick rubin had this conversation with jack. Wait on our podcast Because jack was trying to figure out how to put tesla in in a song music. It just doesn't work but somehow in that song the the it's the line about those photos you found on my phone it works. It may be the first example of like new technology in an old song. I thought it was so great. You know it's just. I was just thinking well. What are the things that cost. The most conflict fell phones causing more problems with people. you know. it's like the biggest contributor to you. Know arguing and things like that and so it seems like the most obvious thing that somebody would would bring up. When you're digging up the hatchet you. And i thought bird might just take the line out. But i didn't have but a couple. I thought about it for a minute. I don't know that kind of stuff before you had the lone gun. Songwriter singer songwriter. The dylan's the joni mitchell's. They were sung writing teams. And there's a certain division of labor and the sort of conversation. That is kind of appealing. Yeah you can make a simpler song that way. Actually you can boil it down to to the to the bone because you're not stepping on each other's toes you know it's a clean line. Cover a lot of you know psychological territory the lyrics start in la. Which is that what you did the right. That's where i was located in. Jimbo is in north mississippi but he he started writing that song in la based on his observations as someone not from their seeing. Just how shocking. The homelessness was in such a prosperous tourist destination. Spot is such as downtown hollywood and then he pretty much had. That song fully written a recorded before. But i heard that line look down and see the stars look up and see the gold and i thought that is like that's that line is gold was john pine like it contains multitudes in a few words so i grabbed onto that and that was yeah that kind of sets the stage for the whole record in the sense. That here's jimbo. How coming from his environment as of songwriter and observer and and this is what he sees. And then i wrote a verse. It says what. I see which is as someone who lives in basically in this neighborhood and drives my kid to school through it. You know every day the people that live there are are seeing it and trying to their humanity and when they see such inhumanity and not be numb to it. And so that was the the flip side that i was trying to offer to the psalm. We it was a great flipside. Who know just. Don't you know if you look away. And you close the blinds in even though you can't change what's you see but if you look away and ignore it than you are doing a disservice to your fellow man you know and if you look away you don't see it Avenue of help. You know you won't see an avenue to when it opens up to you or appears to you to actually make a difference so it is a beautiful versus saying that he wrote. We'll be back with more from jimbo. Mathis in andrew bird after a quick break are you a gig. 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Certainly andrew maybe more direct invulnerable than you're used to writing. Was that also a product of working with someone else. Yeah i think like. I was saying like in my own internal conversations that become. My songs can often be a long drawn out process. The ones i write. Fastest are the most direct but the ones that take years to write are very layered and psychologically complex and working with jimbo is kept things more closer to the surface. I guess you could say. I want to ask you a little bit about a couple of the songs sweet oblivion. How did that come about. There's a couple songs that were all all jimbo or all and beat still. My heart was all jimbo and sweet oblivion was something i'd already written before that. I just thought made sense for the two of us to play. I'd try to make for my finest work. Yeah it didn't come out quite right. I think that's the good thing about that one was. I was able to put that North mississippi hill country gaidar in there. I mean that was a real. You know something that really worked with that jimbo's touched on. The guitar is allows very simple things to be remarkable as opposed to just kind of simple or boring. You know you tell me what you meant by that by that guitar style Let's just one great thing about the the deep south still to this day there's regions of of styles of music that have been Haven't been erased or or or ironed out as andrew said earlier so there's a little pocket of of african american blues music on its base in north mrs northeast mississippi in the hill country. Fairly they call it and it's usually would be. They didn't have a lot of instruments so it would be a solo guitar piece Very rhythmic in his mostly on the base notes. There's not a lotta treble in in really any of my guitar playing but it's a rhythmic drive of a way to approach a guitar and it comes from the old fife and drum tradition Before they even had guitars i mean. We didn't have guitars down here until after the spanish american war. You know when the veterans brought him back as souvenirs. You know the black soldiers and that's a style. They developed up here. They call it. The hill country style dislike kind of drone droning groovy interlocking not not so much soloist and just just kind of interlocking patterns and groups a little bit like north african very much so it's very much from the like west coast of africa so we're talking mile mali senegal. You know but that's the african americans were settled here as slaves. That's where they from by large and so they translated the memories that they had and then the banjo playing which was before the guitar. They translated that into a dance social music. But it fit perfectly with um sweet oblivion the style. So i'm basically just doing like a what some gentlemen up here would have done like junior. Kimbrough r l burnside or mississippi fred mcdowell or somebody i'm accompanying him in in. That style worked really good at started with a a loop. I made on the violin pizzicato loop a couple years ago. It was just kinda odd an odd freeze and and i tried to make it work with the band and it just didn't one of those things that didn't didn't click it got to Normalized every time. I tried to bring other people into it until i brought it to you. Of course no no chance of getting normalized with you. And so. How did you record this album. Did you record. And especially because you wanted so much space around the instruments and around the voices. We had to you know our see. A ribbon microphones the forty four. We've always used those in. Also the violin is can be a bit strident you know. See the ribbon old ribbon. Mics take the edge off a little bit and the tape is pretty key that we're no strangers to doing things that way. We didn't really have time for overdose or to over complicate things. I'm a fan of realism in recording. You know. I don't. I can see right through productions now Of certain choices being made in producing record the biggest choices you make are like what instrument is within arm's reach and me now that there's that initial choice but not i don't like the post production choices i can hear them. They're so transparent and to keep things in the realm of performance is important. Can you talk a bit about a stonewall. Eighteen sixty three. You mentioned performance. It's a very different kind of performance on this album watching the ken burns documentary on the civil war. Something i'm sort of haunted by and return to all the time just because where i live and the battlefields in the history. That's here. it was just a line. Those stonewall jackson the general who's his dying words let us now cross over the river and rest needs to shade of the trees. You know i heard the narrator say that on the documentary so what is such a beautiful way to go no matter you know when he shot and shattered his body's tattered and torn they're all blown apart that one just really when i. I've really never song that song before. It was just one of those moments. I don't really want to sing that song too much. It's like it's almost too painful for me. Just back in my chromosomes somehow. Well i'm also based in it on like the collagen church. The primitive churches when you're lining the songs outside the preacher will say the word the phrase. It's about to be sung by the congregation. He says the next line that he wants them to sing in real time. And so i incorporated some of that Old hymnal shake note Singing on their roster. Say the line and then you sing the line and viola had the idea to just take all the music away just home you know in in a way. That's one of the most important parts of the album. Just are too voiced is just not even saying words syllables or just home under your voice. Yeah i mean. I was is funny mentioned. The ken burns thing because he wouldn't you think your inspiration is coming from. You know the soil down there. But not a pbs documentary but nonetheless. It's like an incredible document. That film was huge. For me too. Because i i learned that there was a kind of like a hit folk song that came out of that. Documentary shokhin farewell. Yeah which was written by. John girl like a guy in upstate. New york and i became obsessed with it. He's a fiddle player right. Yeah he's a fiddle player he and his wife molly mason and they were on a prairie home companion a lot in the was it ninety s which i listen to religiously at the time and that song you know. I owe them royalties. Because i played that for every wedding every funeral everywhere and people just. I always felt something when i played it. It was a strange. This modern folk tune was so impactful and also paid my rent for the first. You know when. I was in college that in the pocket bells cannon. Pretty much kept you in soup. That went when someone would come to talk to me about doing their wedding for taco bell cannon and i would say how. 'bout how 'bout not talk. Okay let's do his show farewell instead you love it. I do want to ask you about in an album. That has many songs about People on the other side meeting death. Suddenly you're just on the other side red red velvet rope. It seemed it seemed as impenetrable somehow but still my heart which i just thought was just a lovely song. Had a very different sound to me. I'm not sure what's style of song that exactly. I was watching a friend of mine. Who's about my age. I'm fifty three. I think we're about the same age and His his great musician and he has been his entire. Life is very well known. I say his name but he has pretty severe mental illness and psychosis and i was watching him. I hadn't seen him perform in a long time and he was on stage at a little bar down in the delta and he was actually just really having a really hard time onstage. He almost didn't know where he was and he didn't know what he was supposed to be doing. Type of moment in front of people. And that's what i wrote for him but that that seen the other side you brought up something. I didn't even think about that. It's not just Someone being another side of the velvet rope but in three white horses. We're talking about the other side. Or i've been obsessed with the line over the years and pops up on almost every record of the fatal shore and crossing the river to between the the threshold between life and death or any kind of threshold is always like a constant under current in my writing. And you only think about these things. In retrospect when you have to talk about them when the record comes out but yeah it's interesting how much that comes up. Can you tell me jimbo. Ua had trouble with that song before. What was it about this collaboration. That made it possible for you to do that. Song i think just andrews voice just he's got a such. We have such different voices. You know they blend together very well when we're singing harmonies just the tone of his voice in an versus mind. Maybe just had a fresh approach to it. I mean the singing jimbo's songs like burn the honky tonk in particular sonum favorites to here on the because it brings something out in my voice. I don't often rate songs myself. That tap that tone in my voice and that sort of marty robbins. Big crooner thing and i guess piece still has that to just kind of like a big romantic approach. Most of my songs are like every syllable accounted for in. The melody is already worked out. So i'm just kind of a different process and kinda the same feeling you get when you do a cover of a song like you know you you find. You can sing different way. You know but i didn't. I didn't quite know i had that in me. Is that what came out in on the honky tonk. But it's such a so satisfying. Every time i do that song. I dislike feel the residents in my just and in a way. That doesn't happen on my own songs. Well i guess that's what a great collaboration is supposed to do. So thank you so much for talking about this. Think it's terrific album. I hope everybody hears it when kover is it something. You're going to tour with or do you have plans for it. Yeah but plans no. We're just this hard to have any plans that the only thing i'm hoping is that they might try to pull off newport folk festival this summer because it's kind of a. It's a fairly contained kind festival. It seems like if anyone could be pulled off it would be them. Okay thank you so much. It's been wonderful. We appreciate y'all take care. See a andrew. Yes library thanks to andrew burden on both for hanging out with bruce and talking about the inspiration behind their new album. These thirteen list of our favorite songs. Jim bowen andrews careers head to broken record. Podcasts dot com. You should described her youtube channel at youtube dot com slash broken record. Podcast we can find extended cuts new and old episodes. You can follow us on twitter at broken record. Broken records producer. Help from the arose jason gambro. Martinez lalas eric sandler and jennifer sanchez. Engineering help. from the chafee executive producer is me lavalle. Broken record is a production of pushkin industries and he liked the show. Please remember to share rate reviews on your high caste beans. Expect any beats. I'm just in richmond ace. Are you a gig. Worker or self-employed wamplers has helped over one hundred thousand small businesses get a p stimulus lum and proudly serves more than six hundred thousand small businesses across america. Millions of self-employed workers may qualify for up to forty one thousand dollars and one hundred percent. 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The Orion Effect : Alien Nation part 3

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Twenty four points at twenty twenty one the michigan card. i The ladies do join just done blonde. Cool sunday night. Eleven o'clock man book and on you to feel swear you get y'all come up. How normal every not name night good evening travel is in those the like welcome to this edition of the orion tech right here on the risk radio. Podcast network your now part of alien nation heart three almost say part three but i was like no no no. We're not going to do any top gun four. You remember it a parkview. I don't remember remember that one now. Okay many women. Thank you all for being a part of this Thank you for those tuning into block. Talk radio and facebook live. And if you're checking out the archive after we've done this show. Thank you To all responses on all the platforms who helped produce this show and this network weekly and cannot take you enough for your support And we've got people who say hello to and facebook right very keep justice. Carol hernandez Trip to book ear and your sister sister yup To focus on his dear from on he was just here now. We have a great afternoon with them and my brother. So that was Interesting wanted to talk about some stuff talked about the past. That was fine. And i gotta remember we gotta speak up right So we want to take you all for joining us and everybody's either tuning in a wheelchair then again If you're listening on blog talk radio over to facebook. Jim bone over to facebook. Look for the orion effect podcast. You can check us out. Live right there. If you wanna call in you have comments you wanna question or give a little insight or just something about what you here tonight at at story you want to share the story you wanna share call in tonight at one three two three eight seven zero. Three eight hundred seventy seven. That's one three two three eight zero. Three eight hundred seventy seven l. Make sure you have the one. If you don't take the one we're gonna think you're listening on blogs that they that same number yup exact same number absolutely. Push the one to talk all right. Don't start already. I didn't put anything in his inner. I swear hope you travelers and those like had a wonderful week It's been the weather's getting better each week. And we're thankful for that and we had a good week had a pretty good. We care so yeah. I got some shocking news today. That i can't talk about. Oh well that blow your mind. Oh y'all have no yeah barrett. I'm coming for you Reached i could man early. Do the when. Tom is right. The news will be released Along with that you should seem schedule for the new shows. They'll be popping out this week Hopefully it'd be the last week of this month in two weeks Hopefully run off the pushing back any further so we'll further view because i don't get anything out you. Yeah no further to say with further to me. We have a wonderful guest on tonight. Part of alien nation She is a very dear and close family member of ours Debbie alexander is the co founder of rc paranormal She's also worked with many of the paranormal groups here. Virginia on a form of coalition She has in a massive amount of paranormal and spiritual experience in the field. So when you hear the story that we're gonna talk about tonight. There's a lot of confirmation in a lot of Grounding there especially come apart. Paranormal investigator you know that there is going to be you know. Just that solid core truth so Lazy jumping. I like to introduce you now to mrs debbie alexander. Debbie young with us f. I am thank you having me how i'm doing well. How about yourself. Well not doing bad. This is good okay. Well that's not bad. That's all right doing great. I'm doing great dollars august. We're talking so thank you for being a part of the show davin actually willing to talk to us tonight about what we're going to talk about as far as the events of that night that day. 'cause i have questions leading to of and post of that event. Oh boy ashlee donor. It's all right. Everybody has their first time. It's all good my first time it is. It's the first time on this particular show now. Had you and your sister on the wrist radio show before when we we talked about her case Tonight this is not about not necessarily about the paranormal. This is probably little on. I'm sure that will get well brought in. Yeah absolutely Tonight is about alien. Nation is about your photos an alien and conspiracy theory military cover up six minim- oh yeah we're gonna talk about hobbies so Hair thank you so before we jump into this whole big case and all that and this wonderful event that took place. Debbie elected travelers. Who are watching and listening Some of the stuff that rc. Paranormal that yeah. Yeah you're gonna have to repeat that one had was happy. Oh no the topic is And you let travelers those alike. Who are listening or watching right now. Let them know a little bit about shoes. The background of our c- paranormal and some of your experiences that you help grounds you in this situation. Okay yeah well Me and my sister decided to start a paranormal group. That was about twenty years ago and Yeah we each kind of got involved with because coming experiences we were having and Or had had and so we went to get a little bit more about it and Elaine was Well she was she had gotten into it for two rideaid. Can't come together. And we have other groups throughout virginia that we also were affiliated. With right penn a is really good experience Had you know a lot of cases mainly in the home though we didn't you know do too many of the businesses or things like that. Yeah i didn't really do a lot of this public locations you actually dealt with more of the potential clients right very cool very cool. And that's why. I wanted to make sure that your background got hurt so everybody can hear that. There is a solid confirmation of this story or event. We're about to talk about that. You do have that knowledge as a researcher investigator. Yeah and i also get in touch with the couple That just happened to and You know and i talked to them at length again just to make sure that you know things kinda coincided with with. I remembered them. Tell before and it and it did so. I didn't have any qualms about telling the it was still married freshman. They're very right well. They've not like that is not something you can forget easily. Imagine the etched in there. Yeah that's what. I was getting ready to say. That's one of those. There's one of those Life have been moments that it will just stick with you. I am not trying to be negative habits like okay. A positive is birth of family in the family. Yeah on the family. These are monumental moments. This is this offense because it was so In in-depth on the subject that we're talking about i can see how that would be really a life. You know life marker there we go for those great and also Just to keep in mind too Both of them. Well more mike than luxury and last name out. Because i don't do that friday giving us their name Mike was more of a skeptic on everything if you even mentioned anything about goes their foot ailments. He was just outright laugh so he was very Jar enough about this whole thing. Frank how does mike feel about it now though. Oh he's he is like a whole thing can bull. I mean he's just believes it. Nobody's gonna change my mind about this right. He said actually what happened. No it's just everybody's going okay. Look soup story. let's hear a story we wanna know. Let's lead up to. What actually took place because i remember sitting down the dining room table and here in this story for the first time with debbie and elaine and alex alex was there to Yes you you're telling me how the day was the weather and how it led up and all everything is do you. Do you remember that you remember how you were telling them. Yeah and It was pretty balmy night. It was wasn't cold at all Kinda breezy and Then it was pretty clear outside because he stars and things like that I have plans on doing from another back then. We didn't have that material. we had no cable. No nothing here you expect with when when channel and they'll also state and eight Nineteen eighty seven nineteen ninety seven. That was pretty. Yeah that was this significant couple year period there for you Experiences and and You apology that lady. Yeah so that fits in the time line of everything that's been going on here in about so jovi can you Let us know exactly With the land is like where you live. How how is it set. 'cause i don't wanna speak on that you live there even though i love it is like my second home but Yeah just give people an idea of the train that you live in your in your back in that time Around nine nineteen eighty seven to eighty eight. There was very little of anything out there. We didn't have neighbors. We're surrounded by national forest There were no street lights. It's very very rule. Mountainous and So i mean it was just now different. Have internet stuff. Now right What channel one station and so you you were. Just you know had to do that. That was just live out there. That is finding your very so you my head like it so folks on his actually in a mountain valley. Correct yes okay. I just want to make sure that right. I just wanted to make sure that we got the details out before regard got getting what their hold on my. I'm talking my time. Hell man wanted to the travelers to understand. What kind of train you're dealing with in this event and what's led up and the different things that could affect situation like for instance you your land butts up to george. Washington state is correct force. Yeah george washington national forest okay And from what. I know there are military. Missile silos down the road from you correct. Well that would be in sugar grove and Not billy sheriff. That's because of the listening post. Yeah in the end some things down here because somebody to get it straight on that If you've ever been there to business growth. And that's in west. Virginia and if they started Naval research laboratory within Services to actually purchase that gathered intelligence on that and and Also get radio signal of which they said from the moon and that would bounce off noon. Okay um but now now they some the bottom part of the base now things Seventeen minutes to. I think they actually sold it. They also had Well it was in peace forces. They had a bottom half and they have the top half top. Half of the listening post is still in operation to this day. The bottom half not. Yeah yeah yeah. I was wondering about the tunnel to That's very interesting. 'cause now we're adding a little more Meat to the situation if you will. So let's do this so the incident that helped and and folks ron and nineteen eighty seven. Debbie you tell you remember and then what the the actual people who were involved what they told you. Okay yeah well like i told you That you know. That was kind of like a bombing. I kind of breezy I left here with my mom's and it was pretty late and mike and leslie their our neighbors just like Maybe two miles down the road and they actually well. They're not there any longer but they actually that Been personally i. You having something. No no that's unfortunately That's awesome and yeah. Yeah well i can literally go to bed early because Mike tends to have to get the work by five o'clock or something like that in the morning so they go to bed pretty which they did that night and All the lights had went out over here so i was telling my mom said well. I'm not gonna bother coming down there because you know the lights throughout and she said we'll come down anyway. I have a battery for my tv battery. Sure the whole has lost power that evening. You had to have the generator or battery packs. Something you're but anyway Dark enough that we actually tell. You are real dark So anyway she I came back from there and my husband was talking on the phone with my and he was all. Listen uproar about this whole thing. He's like oh my god he said you won't believe what happened And we were like okay. What happened you know. And he proceeded to tell That this big pulsing light had woke them up from behind his parents. Now he lives I'm gonna say probably about a hundred yards from. Yeah bet one hundred dollars from his mom and dad's house nations. Their house and his parents were evidently home I told you before that. They weren't home base he coming. They were home now. It's only two houses. Are those houses up on a on a hill issue or is it on a plane now. It's only hill okay so that yeah one no okay high elevation in then so. I mean we didn't see anything here. Even with the lights out really kind of usa. The lights went out because like i said there was no storms. No nothing. it was breezy but not enough Lifestyle out right right. That's why i wanted to make sure we got that in. There was really no reason for the power to have been out so that has to be a lower of the situation will yeah night but either way he he was preceded to tell us that He had called over his parents house and he Woke them up but before he asked his wife. Scout check but pulsing light west houston. It was so bright. It just the whole area and he said when he went out there to look he said there. Was this oblong shape cloud commune behind. His parents. aren't let it up right next. I mean there's just like you step back and there okay. There's no word there so they're right up to the forest yes and So he He ran back in the house to even call it the Sarah more please. And he said when he came back out the light had von cloud was gone. His parents They slept through the whole thing. called the sheriff's department and ask them if there's me then calls maybe You know like this guy or any odd you know anything going up in the size. It's right but the sheriff says no We've had no call about this at all. And he and. Mike said he told them to forget about it and he hung up work. Well we did about thirty minutes from town. Harrisonburg and Anyway he said about thirty minutes later to cop car came and he you know he went out there to meet him and everything and he said well. I thought i had told you. Guys forget it because you know i don't. I can't explain what happened here. And they got around and they were looking around the property and he said that all of a sudden the this black car come up and drove up the hill and park there. And then these two guys in suits and he said Don't worry miss baller. He said we will Fix everything for you. We'll thin every. Yeah we'll take care of everything you worry about it. Don't you think. I was seeing an interesting comment to be made. Yes yeah i guess it's all in the wording. Know what are they gonna take care of but he he said that The guys in the suits went over and talked to the police and then they got back in the car and less. The police told mike that they would Get back in touch with him. As soon as soon as they found out any more information on it they got a mike said that they Had waited about maybe two weeks. Whatever and they didn't hear anything from them so he's loved the police back and you know he said the The police told him that they didn't have any clue what he was talking about. Yeah there you go. It has begun right there. My my thing was is that if he called the police out there and they came they they were on a call. I know that they have to make a report every time they come out of their office. Right well you would think yeah. There's a dispatch reporters. Well absolutely and i mean there's nothing. So he jesus gave up on it after that and he said he felt like you know were making him look crazy but no debbie after all this took place and And after this phone call to the police department. And mike is finding that he's getting the runaround. Did anything change at any anything within that week. Could get a little odd around around folks run where there any unusual behavior or people act and skittish or how how were things with that. Did you see by chance if you remember. Or if they may remember any form of military presence no undue than those two men in the military. I mean well not military but in the black suits and you know. I think mike had even heard of men in black before. No but i do know that I was just watching documentary days from west virginia overt sugar grove. That they were doing an interview with the tv station on the military base right and they and to really weren't even done with the interview or anything like that. It was just local people talking about that and all of a sudden three men young men came in and was talking to ask me. They said they were coming in for a drink but then they started asking a few questions about what they were doing. was kind of there. You go now fbi. I'm gonna with the odd. But i mean it could be one of the any of it. Yeah any else. Bid vide- division of our military governor murder military government definitely doesn't meant affiliated for sure any of the letters and you know yeah i agree girton and that's interesting job. That takes place. Then you have these gentlemen dressed in their suits and doing really good That come up and speak with now. did he. In mike ever say if the men that were wearing the suits wink wink They right did they ask him any other questions or did. They just said they were handling walkway. I mean did they almost because we hear tales of people and trying to intimidate people of sightings. That's extra center. Did he have any weird phone calls. Did he recall. Recall any unusual Interaction or interaction threatened in any so weekly. Yeah exactly no. I mean if he did he never Told us about that He said that they were very polite. When they were talking and saying that he would You know they would take care of everything and not to worry. But i'm gonna say that Especially nineteen eighty seven. It's not the it's six fifty. S this is eighty seven. Maybe they had to change their their way their mo instead of being harsh maybe they had to find a new way of communicating and same. We've got this word. i mean. think about it. some of it's going to have to change. Yeah but it's still. It's still just a strange reply. What the situation one. no. I agree with you. Know what it would. Yeah he did say it was kinda strange that These men came up there at all. I mean there. I mean you told the police don't don't worry about it. He thought they would just dropped it but they didn't. Yeah and it'd be interesting for these involvement here to more guys but the suit intimidated the police well. I don't know that's a good possibility. Any one of the letters outranks the police. He's so yeah yeah. Well that's a lot of meat in that event There's a lot of substance to it and it's something that we hear a many different cases and now let me turn to you. Debbie when that all took place you know the environment. You're living there. You were there at the time. What is your feelings about what. What are dan and now. How do you perceive it. What what are you received which your honest opinion about that experience. Well i thought about that so many times you know. And it's still rings in my memory. what he how. He acted afraid he was an leslie to a right up there with them. You know was just like. I've never seen anything like that before in my life and I know i. I do have an opinion that i think of possibly something Ufl they you know they can call you. If i was almost anything nowadays that i don't think they had a an aircraft that could land right beside somebody's house in the woods with the clouds. And that's the other thing. That's what gets me all the many cases that we've heard the documentaries. I don't recall any of talking about a cloud. Maybe that he said that light was pulsating out of that cloud. So i mean what was ever use some kind of you know cloaking or diversion. Yeah you know optical illusion. I guess the cloud would be as good as any because clouds coming. All since i i mean even think twice this year weird shape cloud and you. I'll kill disappear all of a sudden. He's the cloudy and I guess this whole thing might have lasted maybe ten minutes and then it was gone so he said oh that's right because he went inside and then when he came back it was gone so he didn't even he didn't have visual either leaving or dissipating o. And that we didn't have like cell phones like you do now. He's gonna just like dan right here. Like maybe take a picture or video or corey england. Had everything had landlines here. So yeah everything back in eighty seven analog so yeah and it's still interesting to me because the whole cloud thing i just for some reason gets to me i just don't i'm understanding the whole per maybe two okay. Let me ask this debbie. Do you think maybe they were being hoax. 'cause i've been a possibility. I don't know who would have done that. Okay it's an awfully elaborate hoax. Yeah we're not a host for like you do it for a mass audience. You wouldn't do it for people that may or may not see it. Yes i agree i. I'm just trying to gather the whole enlists again. Let's look at the human factor. As you. And i talk about a military vehicles. Maybe futuristic technology modern technology. This is back in east seven. Okay yeah apache. Helicopter just was recently released. Then so technology i m. They've had if they've had a ufo craft and sixty four buy eighty seven. I don't know they could have constructed their own type of crafts. I throwed. well okay. What if it was a drone and and you know the military's use it for whatever. I'm just trying to look at all the possibilities. Why would you be flying night back. I mean there was a scientific lab there. So who knows what they were working Good point and they said it was closed down but could have been working on covert. Oh back in eighty seven eighty eight. They were going full force over there and sugar grove the whole basis. Open at that point. It's a naval base. Okay to listening to you. They have tunnels. I've actually seen the tunnel inside of it had been seen all the way around it. I would've loved his on inside their a. Nc where it yeah tunnels huge any airplane. I've seen aircraft across or that most nelson okay. So there's the other thing to sound factor right. 'cause i don't think we have an air doesn't make a sound. There was no sound. there was no sound when That's exactly what he told me like. Did he said there was not a sound. A pulsing light pinch run. It isn't as you break the sound barrier you get walk that big loud thunder papa and nobody reports that either when they take off. You've never seen it on Video it's never so our they breaking the sound barrier without breaking the sound of breaking the. That's a good point. No i did the right or in the gist that they're going so fast. I know there's still far away by the time it was to be a boom there. Were still be bouma strength form. Which is what intrigues me. Though we don't hear okay good point cats and we're talking about it we don't hear about these booths with. Ufo's been very good. How they pulling off and they and they go across this guy up so even if anti gravity engines another words that has his own gravity about a. It's still got to go through the gravity of the earth which means it's still creating friction. Which means there. It's still be some things nowadays more on absolutely so. Yeah that's i mean that's just an interesting. I've never thought about that. That is never crossed my mind so now for sonic booms theory of a ufo. Why is you're not making boom. Especially when they go four times as fast as their own aircraft exactly and honestly you know at at a airshow show so. I hear i've heard them. You can hear a beach income and you know from a good distance immune still quiet but you could still hear the be two so yeah and that's important here to write scared me. Definitely you're not gonna get out of this valley. We actually fly through the valium. Doing training missions remember correctly. The navien were actually using them to Spray okay They were spending chemicals over the trees and probably us to but jets military. Have no no. This is a fifty Well it's a fifty two. What did that cost fifty to be bombing or right. The b fifty two bomber dropping. Yeah yeah okay yeah now. Was there any worse. Fires close to that when the fifty do or dropping no no no they would just brand but they were like blind. So yeah definitely here. Oh yeah there's a rumble. When it fifty two flies over right. I mean it's it's got weight the engines or straining the whole nine. She's gonna hear that. Oh you know that's really Why would like slow jews on the from portland day and easy message. Say these Whole life coming towards me from their north right yeah coming from the north and they were flying westward and they were so silent usually hear nothing. Yeah and they flew right from my hand off and all you could see the lights underneath. That doesn't kind of like pulse. Monroe bit It was like a blue light on both of them right and i am graduate. That's why wanted to. I'm glad you're talking about that too because now we're getting a little bit more in depth of what takes place in force right and the interesting events that take place such as the blue lights refer to and trust me folks. I have been to folks. On plentiful amount of times. You can hear a jet airliner even when it was way up high because the valid the dow the valley. Yeah actually makes it. Echoes as you get a deep rumble. Sal so you know not at all Nope and these these two aircraft blue were flying so low over the house that I could actually look up and see the The bonding the aircraft. Okay and now world is that would he what shape these aircraft have do. You recall could use. Could you make out the shape. They were almost like a pyramid shape. Not really not real. Yeah they were almost like a pyramid shaped The run of it was kind of rounded instead of the point. But yeah that's the only thing i can tell. I very good look at it. I could see outline of And underneath of it in front of now do you is there. That's a good point. I want to ask a question about this. Because you you something that you and i saw the talk to you about but now we're bringing this up. Debbie do you think is the possibility which you saw were fs. One seventeen stealth fighters. They might have been. They really could have been. I mean we've seen a lot of things. Go back over there to west virginia even after they said it was closed. What kind of things have you seen. And that's there now. That's what i want. What kind of other. Things have seen their Flying to and from out of north west. Whatever what what's the worst thing okay. Well sugar grove is over close to brandy wine. I don't know if you guys can pinpoint that on the map or anything like that. But yeah it's gonna go to the north west from here and Mercer southbound. I should say but I have seen fighter. Ah by. I've seen a lot of helicopters that were done. Yeah they didn't belong to like hostile or anything like that 'cause when Somebody gets hurt would here. They send helicopter then Like a the park or something like that and it comes over over here right back whereby suv's yeah. I mean over the years one other episode. That happened and my brother. Joey saw this one to this during the wintertime. You know the mountain. That's like right friend. My handles yeah. Uh-huh up there doing something you don't hear them either. They're very quiet. I don't know what they were doing Here did you say helicopters. Uk here yes. That's interesting maybe that was there before after the child or during that time that the towers put up on top of the mountain. Well that's what. I was kinda thinking. Maybe they were working on the tower up there. But the thing that i saw was There are no roads going up to the top of that now and they're right none okay You can go to a certain point. It's like a path. I've been horseback being up there before we wrote almost to the very top and then it gets rocky just have to get off and even walk your horse or decide up and walk the rest of the way so but there are no roads so there can't be cars going up and down the side of that mountain good point good point so I saw me and my brother saw this one orb of light. Just go like zigzag from one end to the net. I mean it was quite a few feet yeah We saw that. And i was like well. That's kinda strange. I've never seen that before. I don't know if it could have been some kind of like helicopter again and where the light was just moving from one end to the next of the across that mountain there but on the side of i don't even that out there or something you don't hear nothing see all these lights out here and you don't know it could just be the way the sound travel it could be. It could be the way that sound travels can be reflection of light You simi helicopters. Either as far as i know there's no silent helicopters not dot com now so i'm thinking it's just the way the dow travels on the terrain that she's not hearing even though it doesn't seem like it's that far away then and she feels like she should. I don't know oh. I can just speaking from experience. Little thing where debbie's house demolitions house is If you're standing on w. front porch you could hear the slightest little thing going on in that balance isn't right up on top of the now but when you usually here when they're i mean because it kinda was like something to that something right. That's what's act trying to explain is is In the air you still hear every little thing if there is a a prop plane. That's really high fine over the mountain. If you're on debbie's front porch. You can hear that thing clear day so yeah echo and you'll get me wrong. I understand where you're you're pointing okay. So when the when the wind blows in a different direction now is acting acts. That's another one now. I'm gonna give you that. If the direction of the wind does change and the barometric pressure changes. Yeah i could. I could see that that The noise would be reflected on the other side of mountains of down in the valley. Now i'll give you that. It's a possibility. Yeah who works on sounds apple. I mean as far as like helicopters and things like that but that just seems awful strange and why are they working at night. Yeah that is off now. That's what i want to get into the second hour is we could talk a little bit more details about that and talk about your experiences and we're gonna talk a little aliens when we come back. How does that sound. okay well. Tribalism does alike if you wish to call in and second hour the numbers one three two three eight seven zero three seven seven. Push option number one on your phone. Let us know that you want us to pick you up and you know let your questions be asked or your statement or if you have something you wish to share commune story of. You're absolutely fabius similar. Maybe it's completely different. It doesn't matter if you're similar. I wanna hear it even more. Because i wanna hear it here it here. There wanna get grew rice so we're only here. We are going to take a break just a little bit early. That's how we can get this in oregon. We're gonna get if you are listening or watching. This is your new Eric i do see you ever question. We'll get your question and be the first thing we get when we get back on now from the break We're gonna play a song that we're gonna have a commercial This is used. Do this gives you an opportunity to use the restroom and get a bite to eat smoke cigarette. Whatever you gotta do. It's about five six mins break when we come back we're gonna come back with debbie alexander And we're gonna talk alien nation The events that happened to folks. Ron and get her opinion on some things out there. Yeah 'cause it's always good to hear the guests opinion. Because i want to see what they think right raw so well. We'll do travelers and those like we'll be right back just after this Ladies yes don't do team join jazz. Blast coup every sunday nights at eleven o'clock on facebook and on you to feel swell. I've come out normal soup every day. 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Oh right travelers and those like thank you for sticking around being a part of the show's second half of the orion affect alien nation part three Our guest tonight at debbie alexander from folks run virginia Debbie is co-founder rc. Paranormal and Someone who has a lot of experience working with other teams in the state of virginia Along with doing As she said at the beginning residential their primary focus open people out there of jeb. Thanks for being part of the show in talking about this This very unusual. Case you folks ron i think you halley. Thanks for having me on even cat. Yeah absolutely caps in the house. Very i mean either way you wrestle or you know governmental prototype either way. It's interesting and and okay you you. You brought the whole point about prototype. Well we know we've had this discussion many a times here in the last couple of months about what. We're perceiving news. We think ufo could be man out of the government created. And we're experienced something that you know. We're looking at technology. A modern and there was a Quantum physicists that stated this that which you see we're already fifty years ahead of you just don't know so. That's the within itself as intriguing to me about it technologies released as they see it right so that yeah that You know was part of our group at one point And i just talked to him the other day and he said that if seems like there's gonna be another trump and technology here and We were just talking about how. How are they going to our win. With the opportunity for them to to create a new world or not that. Wanna use that word. But i'm gonna go with it and this is a perfect opportunity to cap. Made a good point today that if there was ever a time to create a new world order now i said if there was ever a time that the new or old order would come to light and try to him the takeover. It's now when everything is in such disarray. You know. I miss you so things like the worst time isn't it. Yeah i kind of I give a shout out. Real quick to theresa done To fina bolts uh sonya schroeder lives customer is in the house really say hello is a constant travelers well Now we do have a question that came out of facebook. Eric and i jump on that before we get back into Grope growing up in texas the hispanic culture believes in ojo or evil i Do you have any insight on that subject. Debbie's that even a lot i I mean there's many cultures that have that I believe that. Same concept of the evil ali Yeah you know. I respect everybody's culture and all that Start like the evil Pertained to here so okay there you go on. I always thought that the protection symbol. And i was getting ready to say about that. And i'm glad you brought that up as protection symbol but yet it's called an evil eagle-eyed right. Where's the play on the words on that one. You know yeah. That's a good point. Missed arnold. Any maybe atlanta's reflective One right you know what i mean. We'll hindus culture. They hand is out and the is in the middle of their hand. Where in other cultures like metaphysical of western thought. The i is in the middle of the forehead. I find that interesting to those to other cultures egyptian A third site not the evil eye. What what yeah. It's not pertaining to evil. It's just that we have the third. Is you know what we call the third. I sort of and then depends on how issues. Yeah that's still gonna be police within ten. Yeah i'm just saying that at one point any kind of you know psychic or anything. And that's all witchcraft. And evil you must be cohort and with the devil. No not at all seventy. I love the name evil eye even though it's a protection symbol. Although with that that's a good point. Yeah the pentacle. i mean. They turned the pentacle into something evil to acting. Actually christian churches. Use the pinnacle and walked. Catholics did as a protection symbol which we need to have a show unions simple gyms but then yeah and then it's upside down or and then you can florida. Of course state miss. Were supposed to have taken something that in. Turn it upside different. That make it evil in the horn. Jane jealous of She says it's the new you. Ap taskforce funded by the fed last summer just a smokescreen to satisfy curious. American people or a genuine attempt together and report are ufo sightings. What my opinion. there's something to be. You think that is a really. I think the government is great at miss information and giving us information in either half truth or partial truths to make. It seem like something else right to mislead us because in many people liked to go and go okay ally. You talk about it a lot. Why don't you use it. It's a good point. We'll talk about the book of combat just called deception. It's a smoke. we're gonna do something here. Take your attention while doing something over here so up quite and so the government is is is professional. What this we've really look. I can save me. 'cause i don't wanna get nailed for it but there's a particular gentleman who's been doing your research shows who claims to be in you know the military and he got out sick as he wanted to citizens to know the truth and yet he's still with the military folks. Yeah you got all of these shows. If the if the government didn't want to your them you've wouldn't be hearing them They most of them. If you wash them have one message be afraid be scared should be terrified. This is is generating and we learn. The only way that that can be happening is if they're all coming from the same place and that is what they want to for us to peace be scared well. That's what they did back when Roswell show as agreed like report on kennedy assassination watergate. Yup yup they're master manipulators. They always have been always will be. Yeah that's all they have where they are you know skew. The puck beer. Answer doing that. Too man for a dollar. I mean reagan said it you know the world will only be united one. We have a threat. That's beyond our our our own planet Rome and maybe the answer that and you know it's been a few more time since then instantly and that makes me wonder if if we have a an invasion. It's not going to really be an invasion coming soon to try. And will they will. They learned a valuable lesson. They're trying to scare us now. Yeah i mean again they. We learned or they learned a valuable lesson. Back and more of the world's it was a program and everybody doubt by listening to this program thought it was real but it was just a radio program now. They've got technology now that project and have drones and the have all this stuff to make you feel and think that you are in the midst of a huge universal huge ups that we have made in technology and just moments the forties for. I mean come on guys. i mean. We've advanced that and probably don't even know how stuff they have out there very true but if we have been conditioned to fear and know that they have superior technology and we don't stand a chance against them when they appear in our skies everybody is going to be so petrified that they're not even going to question whether or not they're actually americans or humans or even running. No shit okay. We're just gonna do what we're told. Let's jump into the big pot. Of what the hell. I'll say another word. But i'm just gonna go what the hell and you know. We're not big pot of stew of information to misinformation blah blah blah blah blah. There's something else that can i have disgusted with. Many years is this. They've had thousands of years to do something to smartly waiting now right really if they wanted to take over our planet they wouldn't even have to step foot on our planning to do so they just let it blow ourselves a long time ago Let me have is is is all right Do you think that we are the only one in the whole universe i mean. Don't you think there other people out there. don't tell me were. I don't believe that there are aliens. Don't get me wrong. I do believe that there are aliens. And i do believe they visit and i do believe that people have seen. Ufo's i believe that your yeah. But i believe that we have a government that is going to take advantage of of something. We already sphere and use it as a control mechanism. Which is what they've done. Historically yes yes that they have. I with you on that and the fear mongering thing. I'm not sure what that's all about. But you know they're always saying that people are not ready to know the truth. I'm sure you guys have heard that before too. Absolutely we wouldn't be able to handle it it would. It would kill her entire diety and everything we believe church. And that's the biggest one but he's trying to kill that impact already the vatican already. Are you announced that he does believe in. Ufo's that he believes in extraterrestrial life so now they're trying to Close the gap between having to believe in the church and having an having to know that aliens exist so they're already and if others the kneeling and i stopped on this planet that'd be like hell no hell l. c. Go okay this percents I gotta negative three us. I mean we're destroying ourselves so great and that's precisely right. They and they wouldn't have to come down to do it. They really wouldn't that another fake thing you know. We're not that hard to kill. And we'll see i wanna stay hot jeb johnson drills real quick or sponsor. They're working with with contact and michigan in september. She's on right now. Is that person would have committed suicide a long time ago with that story where true not sure which person we were talking about it the time. Sorry shelley. i'm wrong with dab. Johnson says there's no there's so much truth to what you say how cat they could have destroyed us a long time ago if they wanna do and says because they bred us right they came down here had sex with humans for a purpose right. I mean everyone has seen a at least a few episodes of ancient alien. Okay now okay possibility. I mean that as a possibility depends on if there's a traveller there that does the religious research. i'm just gonna go there. That could that good. That have been the reason why they left the book of look out of the holy book itself because it speaks on that very subject could no. I'm not gonna say and sit here. We are the petri dish. I'm not gonna say that. I will say have. Humans have experiences with aliens. All i believe so. Because i think could there have been genetic testing. I'm not gonna say there hasn't been because who knows there is some you know some curious scientific facts that came up but it makes you wonder if there wasn't something introduced into the genetic stream at some point Do i think that aliens developed this. were alien creation. I don't know yeah don't honestly don't know. Do i believe that there was a civilization. That was so far back again that we don't know anything about technologically much much better off than we are right now. I'm gonna say that possibility could status. You know Being traveled outside the stars at that point before this planet died shore. I'd say that very much possibility. Could they come back to see what to seize generations of you know where they came from. 'cause we'd be nothing more than them watching their own evolution We don't know we don't know anything like governor window. Well you know. I guess you follow is a kind of Paranormal in the way. Because yes you know they make things that are unidentified To the public. That's a good point. I mean debbie. That's something that i wanted to talk about. Let's let's talk about the mixing of the paranormal and Of alien life. You feel too. There's a possibility that some of these paranormal experiences can be caused by alien activity. That'd be a possibility. I think it can be in some cases. Yes yeah well. The reason i say that again is because i opened that door to. We don't know squat about supernatural. We're experiencing it were understanding it but our ancestors had a whole lot. Better grasp on the idea of spiritualism than we do today just just to go as far as the paranormal goes can tell me i that they can define paranormal activity by a certain place thing or idea or experienced. Because we don't know what we're dealing with demons. Now there's there's a lot of good people out there and there's a lot of people with experience heavy experiences and knowledge that are taking the time to research And i'm gonna use him. You know our good friend. Scott gearhart is in college learning religion to help people. I just wanna make sure. I said scott. Because he's a person. I think about when i think deem analogies he's going to freaking college to understand the spiritualism part of it so he should be able to understand demon activity demon More than you know your normal person but on the flip side can we truly defined. What is a okay. I'm gonna say like this holy spirit demon comparatively to an alien life form. The kind of good. I mean if you really look at it. I mean they talked about shadow people You know i've heard so. We were at a conference one time and where we heard somebody one of the speakers actually said he was actually very active in in on. Ufo's and stuff like that by the way Yeah a lot of videos. He had was awesome but Yeah i mean he's a who who's to tell whether or not the shadow people are not actually you Shadow people agree to do a whole show on that subject and it still wouldn't touch. There's so many here's the word why day ran right right exactly. There's so many theories of shadow people some say that what we're seeing is a reflective personality when i say i i'm trying to stay figure. Okay what they say. The sun's radiation pushing through another if you will plane pushing that into our world and we're seeing eye shadow and it's that word. Oh another plane of existence. That's right yeah. The theory is negative. There's there are groups of people who believe the shuttle people nothing but negative. They're bad they're bad. Because they're all gonna okay Showy says scott since high. He is driving. We're both watching for. Ufo's as we drive through tennessee. Eight Out scott love you know and let lebanon scott. Thank you for saying hello and that's again very verse where we're just talking about scott gearhart So i like shadow. People could just be a specific entity. Espn civic type of entity. It doesn't necessarily mean as good. It doesn't necessarily mean a deal. It doesn't it just means that it's an entity and it could man who does not understand but and that's exactly what the problem is yup but we fear what we don't understand to an extent where it could be non-threatening but to us it's still the most scariest thing we've ever been through and it's something to fear even though it really didn't do anything for us to fear in the conscription understanding the situation question. Hey there was There was a show that i was watching and it was My paranormal nightmare or something. Like that and some of the stories. You know their their stuff being moved around Doors losing an opening. You know stuff like that was happening and the people really this. is you. Know the scariest thing. I've ever been through when i couldn't handle it and you know it was too much but for me that there's nothing threatening about that to me that i wouldn't have been afraid of any of that. Pretension either timber tension engine right right. Yeah paranormal field has believable. Did we have activity i. I'm that's a nightmare is reach out and get your attention. Which is why with some you know as investigators we need again beg about the spirit or energy. Not the client is a client could be causing the issue with the spirit or entity but then again you don't talk to any of them now. Let's go back to aliens real quick. Can you believe right. Could it be the reason why the book says and and i'm not gonna paraphrase it. I'm just going by general state. If you will maybe scott can go. That doesn't say that my cool but you should not speak to the spirit world. We should've turned away and not acknowledged is it could be that. They're really not spirits. That the maybe we're experiencing alien activity if he's are actually aliens that are gone to communicate or do things and they do. You know the the big book says no don't do it. Don't communicate with it's a thought. Yeah if very much a thought and which was put into our heads by you know that guy was not holding seminar that night but yeah we're shelly says the theory that rubs many people the wrong way is the idea that god is an alien. Which is the strictest literal sense of the word alien god is. Yeah 'cause you know it's an entity don't understand you beat me to it. i mean. that's that's apparent in my head tonight at the end you see. We don't understand the same thing you're right and you know. Spend not born on her. I don't wanna use the steadier. She yeah i'm not gonna define god as sex. It is a greater power. It is the creator but then again you're right. It could good what no impediment belief. I mean you have your email. Nfc now you have your goddess in your god and It can't have you without the yang. Thank you exactly some broadcast or this is very true. This is very true there has to be i. It makes you wonder what forces are out there in. The university are trying to control the balance of how things are to be the positive the negative angry too. Happy come on you. Gotta tell me hippie aliens out. They're going to do you come on. So he says l. angels be the same thing. i agree. be the same entities. I think it is a very good possibility that some angels there were define or are used species. According to the book of in okla-. I mean there are theories that most of the profits that they have preached peace in time. You were illegal aliens. jesus in gandhi. And they're the in all the indian tribes and stuff like that and all the Pictographs that they have up on this mountain. I know how they put those up there. Ryan and caesar and statues and things of of things that look like. They have helmets on road of demartin or iran and some spider a like ship space ship. Or something you know It's just really interesting at always. Interested me about you know about the incas and the mayans and all of them So god is male and female even to que je. Jv bible says. Mother isn't analogy fathers and analogy. And i totally agree with shelly. That's what i was trying to say it. You don't think we could label the force again. Maybe that's where the opposing idea comes from of a again. We'll go to our real quick. Debbie brought it up again in. Maybe there's a positive force in a negative force and not going to get star wars on your but but the fact is you know there is a very good possibility. I mean they're they're gotta be out in order. Maybe there are certain alien races. That are like the judges of the universe trying to keep that balance not too much good not too much bad aliens. Be angels. Angels aliens absolutely. I think that's a very good possibility and You know. I only because i am a follower. Be knock that. I would say that because i've got the book i've read the book and i understand the book against not an easy easy read but once you grasp the concept of what he knocks the first risen stated then everything becomes a little bit more understandable and i can take that with the book of tile and i can put him right beside each other and go. Wow this is amazing. Because tile gives us how is the way to self and this and you know alien this there's other guys there's other blah blah blah you know spectators but angels nestle uh-huh and it's amazing. Well that would be what. Hybrid triborough has an angel. Well which in in chile chile's right in the actual literal sense and angel would be still an alien entity from here to here. Yeah so it's pretty interesting How deeply you can get into the alien thing you know. Oh yeah we're not you right For well he's a big story here So with this let me ask you this We talk about some of this activity be alien activity now with the interesting to find out that a good portion of oh. I don't know what's the word. We're looking for poltergeist. Could very well. Because for alien activity interacting testing yeah is also define poulter guys I mean they actually associated that with Younger going through the puberty stay healthy eating her. Yeah as they're the ones that are actually causing the poltergeist activity right. Yeah exactly y- no that's very another very we. Don't no no no no. Yeah we're about. The paranormal is nothing That the scientists can't explain so that's what normal is can't explain it which we haven't been able to explain yet with science. That doesn't mean it's not going to be in the future this right now. Yeah but question. I think we're gonna find out Later were being prepped. Here's the thing is. I'm gonna bring these to go ahead. Debbie her grad me out. Now i was just gonna say there you know. There's been so much documentary on alien activity. And i mean there's just been so much can make. They're they're desensitizing to it. Their prophet you agree. I don't believe it to be afraid of. I think maybe they're just just a very about him. I don't think is there anything to be afraid of either. I think what we need to be afraid of is what humans can do in are willing to do to other humans to control them. I think that's what we need to fear. Yeah y'all sure you don't have that way. They did an rv. Thirty human So okay we've got about twenty minutes left in the show. So i have to ask this and get your opinion on it. So debbie what about. Let's look at attachments real quick. It'd be possible that attachments actually just Just actual you know alien activity interacting with an individual or you think attachment really is i- spirit and attachments. Really real dimensional. Attachment negative can be positive. I'm really curious now about attachments I see we have a phone call. If you're calling in question wanna make a statement the Number here is eight. Three two three eight zero three seven seven. Push option number. One on your phone if you wish to Wish to make a comment or have a question and scott wants to know if they are descended causing us in prep of their appearance. Does that mean their parents is the second coming of christ. No i don't think so. I don't think. Wow but. I also don't know if the first appearance is actually going to be good. We're going to be tricked to think they are But i don't think it's going to be no i agree Actually we have a phone call so we think sure all right. Let's do it show. This is why they'll last. How on the night. Good didn't listen to you guys to handle saying we have a common one is Delay dogs spikes that listening posts and has some bug could be on the ascalon program that will start and nineteen sixty one. The united states air force winds from the fourth of all the way into war the coast and one other question For the tunnels that i'm hearing about those tunnels big enough to fly and or fly out an article in the next The next question is Anybody notice or hear about when the united states army online core coalition forces one lack and the back now exploded quite isis and afghanistan. Anawak today notice that they were carrying up al-qaeda literally tang down and destroying all part of facts from the millions. Wild was that done anybody ask those questions. Seem like it got swept under the carpet. I mean those are the facts of pretty important culture goes back thousands and thousands of years They may have been around the same time to. Plato's atlantis was here So those little milder couple of months. Because i think they stokes pro thank you for calling in. We'll see what we can do all right. Thanks a lot. You'll have you to debbie now. What about those Of those tunnels walks new for vehicles or aircraft. I believe that they were big enough to build an aircraft not more. But i mean you know. Jetfighters believe Ah angle. I could see them hand. Okay it did look. And what was the other question now. and the tunnels and the meal and right was asking why did they. Why would they destroy artifacts during the war. Yeah why do you think it was important to destroy this marian artifacts during the war and everything i i don't know I mean they destroy everything from every culture just about When they go to war that's the first thing they go after like they're trying to wipe them off the face of the earth store. They're closer he's now they were. He's right about that. You know about them. I'm about the same time. Lantis and all that and supposedly. Maybe they wanna keep that coach or hidden. Maybe they have an agenda depending on who was You know maybe it's hidden secrets there to You know There there's been menti menti plenty of locations that had an-and hockey Inscription and Samarium so it's interesting. Now that brings light to something. Real quick to is the case up in anchorage alaska where people were supposedly getting possessed by what they said. Were sumerian gods and these guys would say something to the fact To the individual that they were taking down your god is no god. I am your god. this is actually A movies actually out about this too so intriguing to me now. Here we go again. We have a spirit or entity that which we cannot see. Could it have been acting. Why take a certain entity or was it that entity were are the sumerian so frustrated. That we're so egotistical. Now maybe they need to feel like they had to get us a spiritual bitch slap. You know i'm just getting. They were so more advanced in their Technology some man's and i just i don't know why they try to destroy everything that were just white culture office of face of the earth. I don't know breeze. Hitler went around gathering everybody's artifacts and hiding them in caves and tunnels and everything else He was extremely interested in egyptian art and or hunting. Yes which brings me to another point. And i've talked about this on every nation before there other guests is Is that we see. Now are not the same egyptian race that were for now by that the pictures that we see all the symbolism it is not the same egyptian culture newer race at intrigue. You well Let's because gonna see If a lot of back then right right. She's a lot of deformities and their appearances. Okay now okay. What i was referring to though is the jury pictures that we see our of them of a wider tune skin. Then the we see today. But you're debbie yeah. I mean that very well could be a possibility of a lot of inbreeding taking place. Yeah mum i. I don't see where it could have been. I don't know. I think that's just the way they depict him even though some of the drawings and stuff on there because it just underscoring the the paint without right. It's very possible that yeah. I wanna always look if both sides. I don't wanna be you know. It is what it is. I was just making a visual point. But i can see your point of you know the pigmentation etc etc Shelly says scott says there is evidence that the german jews during world war two were using alien technology to turn the tide of the war. Yes that is proven Either by alien technology or some kind of scripts are manuscript that they had encountered and captured during their blitzkrieg and their rate over the mini locations of the planet But in many pictures of today we seen of. Ufo's of the past those you have. Those also looked like the nazi bill So i i agree with absolutely agree with scott that I think the germans did have a higher connection point for whatever reason And yeah you know with many conversations with my father. My father said the same thing. So i would agree with that. So let me ask you. We've got about ten minutes left in the show. What's your overall view on aliens and alien life and religion on earth and. How's it compare. Well I don't really know i mean i'm i was raised christian I in my to my whole outlook on religion Yes i do learn and areas to come and visit our earth have enough to Item no i did lose it. Maybe kat is right about like being and know breathing. Or i don't know what are you doing. I'm kind of winging it here. Because i'm not really. I haven't really done that much. Investigating into the religion part of you know the religion part and then the early part of it. So yeah that's my stuff is just done with You know spirits and things like that question for four about attachment tax Yeah i believe attachment to happening. I don't believe it's something alien That's doing that okay. That's what that. Yeah the the attacks and part of it was that's just expended to scary itself. At least what's that. Shelly roasted at the The germans were also using black magic Or the a cold. Yeah they were. They were really after some really interesting stuff. I mean they wanted the art right over. The covenant was the are the challenges. Oh yeah he looking for all of them all of the holy relatively yeah everything. That's why wouldn't they say that. The night temperature have brought all that stuff over here to the united states. Have you heard that. I've heard a few different tale of where it ended up And i think it's going to be to consider treasury. We'll never find it as i do. Yeah role look. I guess like better might out over here Yeah i got you on that. One i just got that. I think it'll be found when it's supposed to be found. Yeah yeah. I think everything has its pros simply right there for reason and it'll be there when it's needed just slack nominating a little bit. Yeah i mean you know with their black magic and all the things that they were doing was pretty. They were getting into a lot of cold. So yeah yeah shelly. Maybe the evolution of our alien dna is not sufficient to handle the full scope of our latest alien towns. so we have psychics and mediums. Who are the precursor to us. Becoming more evolved as a species anymore evolution. I mean that that could absolutely be it. I mean are we starting to access more parts of our brain that we weren't able to access c. Four i mean that could be part of our evolution. Then you gotta worry about how religion plays into it because even at the time of what they've been talking about that were supposedly and that be aware of the the false tellers the Profit yeah right. That's i mean are obviously for everyone and real medium. there are twenty imposters. If say they are twenty thirty four. I i mean yeah. Yeah and try to realize what's that i said. It was ridiculous to try to come in. Who's real and who's not. Yeah i know you. Can't i mean well you can't probably prove it after a while but Oh in chile says we can actually access all of our brain. We don't use it all at the same time right. We can only use up to ten percent of time. Yeah about i believe It's a very low number but that's not the truth so because when you go into And they do the pictures and stuff and the they try to stimulate you emotionally and stuff. I mean you definitely see more than ten percent of the brain light up you ever tonight using it. Just because it's it's active in stimulated doesn't mean active for you to use but Leads to something else would if that's an active to asser one hundred percent would be back in the wartime when They take To oppose them psychics. The government had that. How don't yep absolutely yeah. It was back in the seventies Fourteen basis actually. There's one here in virginia. We talked about this. Not far from debbie. It's the blue ridge mountains Yeah yeah that's actually one part of our brain that basically the permission center it's like our parental control. Yeah that is the brain that either allows or does not allow information to be used at any given time. We learned shutoff that parental control. Because that's that's what it feels like parental control. If we can learn from time we probably be a lot more ahead. Well we gotta learn how to set that up or utilize Yeah so. I have a question debbie. Are you gonna come up to the Bigfoot conference next month to meet us there. Where is that gonna be again. That's in fort defiance find. Oh okay yeah. I remember you saying something about that. Now you gotta get elaine out of the house. And i say i'll probably bringing the house with me I just so we're gonna have. We got about four minutes left. And i try to ask this of all of our guests and just because it's out of respect for lost family member debbie what footprint like to be left on life colorado governor now. Oh there's too many options. I don't know i would. You like to be known for the work that we've tried to accomplish over the years with the paranormal. And you know all the way around. I guess family friends and family just like oh no the so a pretty cool show. Great should the archive but that parental it actually keeps you conscious from accessing your subconscious. That could be dangerous. Don't pay off your consciousness. Could actually access your so. Can you imagine if both of those could get together and heavy trip from hell. I don't know really well. No it's cool. thank you for. ie not here. It's been a blast. Actually debbie we're gonna get up to see y'all very soon Now that everything's starting to calm down and now that i've got a routine in my job said i'm not working nights now. Gray get up there and take your husband now Just got is second covered dot today feeling to on that. I put him in the doghouse. I'm just kidding do doghouse. My opinion sure really Tofu verse

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He made him so he's he's of bicycle box with the dog that they demand to his follow Put her daughter though. We'll sit home so he's boom bone. That foster does that actually say over the new bicycle even so he's down fees winter by full. Said he does obvious concept. Isn't quoting players. He baba's Of in you see guaranteed repulsive visa. See gareth don't scare them what's was opening medical and water ceremony. Thong sticking via magika. This incorp dont bone gsa in the ligo. None thank up son so he's gotta wear memo. Don't you here. I want to india bills saw. He's zondi we think they always phillies. Yeah lovell plot will dams got five some bits muscle style up. Don't while also have fossils silk by so if was inviting stuff super cell phones. It says muto savita select weather. I do both big so by default monthly. Daily judge will do look what i sedan de de monte in that. What if that was if you commit to brazil by show 'cause 'cause produce give us a fifth but the creates it. I because show now to concentrate you buy some toes. India cinco de meow says all new lincoln jean-louis stagger was if i look at gaining Off as thrift store skin cell inside gonna survive da leave. Today's was a fc officials. Confronted numeiri cited. There you go guy you see big failures of diversion via to other line of their line of seattle ubidia mayes office. I gotta simple saline going to them a little bit jump. Isla single symptom john. I'm really what they want to know. Those safeties set we. Don't vote Sean sizing few now Dr they'll of vinyl dial show. But i think that they there who saw pasta. The finals dial shown session to the devos said guarantee dishes all but he yonathan pulled. The new is of abide socio for say dish muscular georgia soccer soccer so sells them janowski. They're tokyo got the value. Of course that was supposed to via the central ecuador up. You're looking to talks closely cooking the long hockey that i might as well for all in now elliott. They show report style. Then we stopped on these aquinas. Materia decapa vera. Hawes sippy will be concurrent dispute. The anti saint throwing mealy school beat them in saudi. Both on the scene caputo cho does our entry. Who's in it is. Yali logical vm. aguado pull through. Come flood the farther you group political callan was that ask carpers jr akhunzada demean jira for battle gs biographers demurely. Say he is. Esol to by what book bill man was sync with sipo. Ciganda laws. Da silva astrazeneca. Oh pushed it was in today with put out. We don't use. Whoever's cows at gathering because v days ritchie viagra blue skies dsl delta's march diminish some contaminants a boost abel's areas following. Help amir's though. We always did it toward the associated. So while anton pioneers. I skipped but having those vinci they may raise it up. On the mir sl korea's impact confided in two years we will involve additional the twenty hour we start the allowed you feazel citrus bowl so now our main sale. There's actually very system was valid now. Little saw sugar guava beth that online zuma the opposite. Cheever cds soupy needle program. I boy ain't dale said. I want to be made as as our sheep egypt. Threes nanometers depress emerge. assume seagram. Do all my data. The nikkei isaiah as impreza don't this turned us. Also body application process processor. Burials mercy gunderson mass rigid those moving toys but aquino side is cheap. Would you take those year pro match. Maintain juicy bay has now in that keys. Were saying to incorporate our songs are twice. Ship is sinking omitted. 'gate-keeping shape this i cup dorsey by nicki forty mackey. Buchen metabolically pro. Emma me any hidden singleton. You consumer genetics year in the pushing to cross my badge on just made it suppose. Itchy eyes beaten evita inkling tale. That usa does not walk doors. Judah then don't die should cupolas phenol. Msci get a limb. But i thought was gonna asher savita civetta daimyo silva dr zuhdi. They'll game plus vera. Dog mccoy's oppressive yesterday to connect with severe to say thank you for dying usually towed your severe down to don't the surgery this for thirty s kid kids club. What rodman tone. But dr moosa vice city whom sewing school mothers designed for mothers chances novel opportunities eating poetry are supposed to be that india. Prosciutto basque bapti. By saying there's a present you put on the movement that he was hit by shell who cut me. They moving through space that import interface with released them with the special clump up. Put up a decade keep a whole bear. Theo voltage apple. Yes that's the way fee now. But i can't stop marginal share. Check his asia leeann don't becomes. I seen cordell programming day on us. For periphery the converse etcheverry my staple. Yes s dessange. Ottawa's lucia was mcconnell. Idi nil to lead the deal to be. I'm here jeddah abelson. constitutionality easter. who visit powerfully. To see could start with. Powell is sit him. Ma tre headquarters espec- how about sipa sound dodgy nigger nigger. Jack boils police lazio niagara hamas contests to the have also who all the false chino Mediocre comparison story who that that this team just bid key fair knees genova phillies jet. The cd's super needle program swim. It is a footage bug bugah mental problem. But i can't deal for the faster you foot. Fsu fassou leaders less so simply supported this conflict of berge individual is advocacy resources. Chico garo through system get facility but also fully cigarettes foliage fast suze for a fina. Dc we're sociale into stop. You're reminded the way i got. Does your nose. Consecutive was fully faster gene foot vinci le'veon's jet. They sell out detainees g. Bogo go away to upload for supper disabled when together tacky of you from a yet it's pakhalina to mothers to subic keep rafal mccoy's apo- won't sink chamois jamila guy bust anti-japanese paseo anthrax be dodd with for example. Goons ain't that will follow mccoy's. Hit your mother. Lincoln doppler chaman autumn underlining keep is was obsessed about deserve tangible accept prize. You balk sapphires. No applause paused thrives on not sabur to sell lagaan important keylogger. The mood was as last mile. Guide is prison thousands. Akina phillies. Noval of vivo low-fare norval no program on where show you. So what's up again into mother. Only other my staint. tv daddy. Daddy daddy Quiz saratoga back. You must have body but videos production. But of that cost me is only spot was being the saj catava. He's a list israel. Think based interviews the tape as soon as he spent on the sakina fear. Oj digits in facebook shale compe- almost sessile alarm at the rio grande lawsuit. Today kd conic. Telecom is were see. Appropriate in tacoma fell this. I can't figure timothy g ghost those third knuckles. Amigo said neither side. You baby dick. Well bought me more. They the republican party. Leon as it is while l. Who still memento headquartered hours. Sc my boy. Myers you blink. One through my quiz akia sale something being speed outdoors peru. Sergio jaguars herbert is that. We zero tomato to the ferry genova gladys sandal. Swear san hose much of a seller. Compact the zoos you kick comments up my project took kia swami. Maggiore advocates david. The hard Essays so star spinner auto part rosanna though the is it attack assad disposes. Someone showed them to bobble you. Suga hugo's nozzles coffee that spots amazing. We'll be he asked are seen as the higher part interest wheel who jesus doing claiming to be an outline demise with the the program. A- device sugar the boys at claro view to pay. Go vote out. People youtube plasticity to others as in previous those w now guy couldn't sit up. Scores mundell develop caffeine masonic. Also little guy is in various also dialogue guava. It's not strategy of apple following applic- achievable this show you up. Like achieve. The positive approach could allow nasa similar to ciba's as your hard do mice. Go ahead. you post it you buy. He could pose julia. Who had positive accent too. But i was You got up to the set you may of the my own spin. General phillies total cds. Super needle program. Hundred was sick.

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Announcement: 2 podcast episodes out today & Changing Scripts Brief Break

Changing Scripts: Conversations about Mandarin Chinese with native speakers and learners

08:08 min | 2 years ago

Announcement: 2 podcast episodes out today & Changing Scripts Brief Break

"Hey everybody it's stephanie i realized sometimes i'm a little too subtle and all of the podcast and projects but i have going on so what i'm going to do it on weeks when their own new episodes publish this particular podcast i will leave a brief announcement letting you know what episode of which podcast is published where why am i doing this i actually saw brandon davis one of my virtual ex pat podcast guests do this on one of his podcast regarding another one of his podcast and i thought that was simply brilliant as someone who listens to more one of his projects and another there was actually an interview on the podcast i generally don't listen to that i did want to see and it was really nice did he put that there because i knew okay i don't generally subscribe to that one but now i know i wanna subscribe i want to download that episode so i think that's a really really good thing to do and thank you brandon a by the way he was again on virtual ex pats podcast which is one of my projects here's on their very very recently so feel free to dig into that filter virtual pitstop pod bean dot com so that leads us to this week we have eight double dose of summer riley enter end myself this week we have two episodes coming out and after a morning getting them totally ready for your ears here is what they are first summer and my own very new podcast at six episodes in episode six boxing in creativity d podcast name is creatively complicated that one's not on puppy nuts on lips into creatively complicated that lives in l a b s y n don't worry took us while the know how to pronounce it to dot com creatively complicated you can also find it you should be able to find it in your podcast apps if you cannot let me know and i will make sure it gets listed there as well so that's number one that summer night and we are talking about boxing in your creativity podcast to it was published this week is is in bookish ex pats again it is summer and myself and instead of me interviewing eight pike interviewing a podcast instead of interviewing ex pat about their bookish experience and about a book that helped it's not just to the host country which is normally what we do their summer and i sat down and talked about a book that i have been recommending people for years the global sold by pico higher end manno man is there a lot of regret going on for me in this podcast episode but it's not all bad we do pick out some gems of ideas that a pico has brought to the surface and did so quite some time ago the book came out in two in two thousand so when a lot of us were starting to starting are geo pat existence he sat down and we're able to articulate a lot of things a lot of things that we that he had been going through and that a lot of us would go through and it's although it's a tough book together three i won't i won't lie i think there are some things we could pull from it and my personal recommendation listen to our episode instead of reading the book sorry biko so those were the two projects that i have coming out this week now you're listening to the changing scripts podcast cast and we are on hiatus for july 'cause as you could imagine for podcast i need a little bit of a break to reorganize and get ready per season for so were coming back to you on august ninth and we have tom from tom reads he did they promos spot a few episodes ago and he is the guest he is multi lingual he is actually studying a chinese language in his university in france and a mental man is his language story very very inspiring again that is friday august night so watch out for that episode but like i said from now on each week that there is an episode on any of my podcasts i'll just drop a quick announcement here for for you if you don't want to know about any of my other projects feel free to skip these many episodes letting you know what's going on i don't mind if you just listen to the main episodes i love what you do that i love that you're here i love you okay i've apparently way too much coffee during my morning editing session so i'm gonna stop now and just say an a you know such in seal later guy oh yeah i almost forgot the background music and this particular episode is saint cecilia by of course the one and only they make steel you can find out more about his wonderful music his band his concert this summer in central coast california daming castio dot com i'm gonna play the full song for you because his voice oh my god his voice you're gonna love this so sit back enjoy a team that can name by name but they can't play your game you know you'll the stress a lot harder but tonight i wanna play doug blah no she loved me to my in me be the paint them after ball being let me know they don't they just see where we be go higher going in their main street market and don't let anyone ever rip you off in jeremiah you be the man you want me to let me know what you don't like if you don't need a stray animals shows they did a comedian jim bone when you're not gonna be that's dumb thing to me but you don't mind down some just a much longer i named in a german tv they learn if you want more man the only thing we know you don't think they're leading man germont is being anti

Onion Podcast - Vivendo de Tecnologia - Podcast com Thiago Toshio - #01

Podcast Onion

26:09 min | 7 months ago

Onion Podcast - Vivendo de Tecnologia - Podcast com Thiago Toshio - #01

"Corneal broadcast is largely lots of soft bone and boy on tuesday. And so this issue gas. I wound use the mutiple gase on but they're going to shoe busier. Do that ought to shoot only as their niche and fuzzy buster star biology marcel technology year. Romo fairly dive bitcoin. they care. iv zone but they can get you that they care will move by. There's that there's a chuckle did not follow. Cheese gets kilma speedy team. Oversight on won't include. Has louis seeing goose on nick washes. You've been little easel here on my formula is yielding. You group achievable. He'll bruton dodge thereby quiz. Lose the technology and preval's me that because the quality of is well you go castle the virus and we so mitchell vija received with he'd zico deol eight thousand to all he proceeds in kadota. Intra university comunidades move into weeds. Which you think. Louisiana jeep for muscle wash washington push by the being nikki and super sale to follow. Fato seem us. Norma secondly jesus ellas some of us are so weak wahad will die ski ellis by showman dodgy speed sheridan brutally nigeria goes and gooky pfizer on the way. She shit cardi posed biscuits. I used to go move fogle. Prostate also means to the albuquerque but sabbatical sit at the thirty thirty five minutes technology wada. Komaki mcpherson needs to the kids. Shum wolf that can up to remove zone that they can gina from you. Cut the reasons to digest the match medical. The movie okay. Where's your windows dodge usual. Gm but i will say the vocalisations quality view down is my setup. Seafoam united zone kuni very secure sheyanne over wjr bergamo. Sofas whiskey coach seattle water forming thumb is g. You dr those mice being done english. He does mark use them only customers who be some into steam. Manson was the oil. The you want logical. Musk always use of this solution. Technology up the technology of milk bias kinchen yearly muscles kosovsky gosto speedy of technologies mizzle killers. How question who we. You made the key. He all in the second saturday speedy as educating and soup into yellow for illinois viper range and no falter is the senior people lauch another that he ella by mood to this who ginkgo knowledge and vision. L. queue up a mass of physical. Hugh don this this up to meet at these dane something jia food mcchrystal kudos but middle recreating premier woman a built by flipping the hockey data. Tv you'd be pretty good result. Is you as a daily janna in eastern connecticut. College followed that. Tv different podcasts. Saudi gail mayo. Meal is cheerful. Major massa will make ritchie bought a school next on connect the woman's age for follow international. Miki each thing going so both up. All the lenzi in kosovo to civil david asian built suitable and the main two that mice and nelson mutual mice rush z. Wiz equal to follow your money fitness. Sodium natural how did seem pro l. Cheap lock g-gonna ritchie eventual. Gosh wounds former conic. Todd mccade lever continue to michelle unit and milk by davis. Spinneys tussles being thrown as. He's spots on ski commuter. Campus include serum them laying. But this by healy will when when my macabre blache was on tv printing debut. His father ed. Jinping the i really you have with the fourth i should. They go. also love lovers jazz punahou. Simplicity though the law shortage of people with oprah yiddish asia oveally komo's bush. Got water to give you check on my setup that they can move. Yeah you're right square major. We started this story. I don't think that essentially for the docs. My spiritual save boy. Wrestling wajda may bill hamilton. Dan i supposed to depart she. The technology ms super by that denise mcvay thereby the anime visual loss of woods key than being by louise son. Jean thing elegy you sought of you want as long as sweetie sharing was your motor former warm was lost in the falcons to those ruthlessly deal. Vive nikola jokic tampa tampa ease outs. Easels also keep started buckled mice iffy basically little mice the msci jim coming back in mice toward principal on the web breath yoki was style as is is He boca sought dad's thirty to john. Us is machine spiritual eyes. Get buki name. Cnn book l. squad. Plus brucie dyson has come hip choir. Three spread school is the only comes some meat video is those triple elephant with daqing cook. Yet are the main coming from my. What is empty when we seem to create you yet was named the only come. Alvin coming for his energy complicity. The wolford publicity mice. You've already sequels. G boo nowadays equal costa bisness unless ucla universal superior gloomy washington. This universe network. Has we dodge and follow. The mary commuters living their march. Dave us us always lauch. Did you think the mice what endorsing intra and yuma you palm where i use of docu not immortal to take the through the lodge leisure would all the free blow. We now know vending on we all there as quickly cousy makeup. You don't show up. Speeding is your muslim gorge. Martinez komo could she dolly thrown econolodge. So he species g for that some of the so good africa. You can follow new suit. Reverend pessaries no symbol the internet. Who miss the jokes as an adversary. Iggy iggy asia offers in whittle. We had had yellow lia on near lauch. You dance you ski. Nobile number will jog. Muscular refuse mice father key Seen anything scott own each. He raped daily. Luckily premier league ala dos. Javon we will solve the seeing. This is your phone with his influence. They'll visas on this. Watch bob esa wall shots at each at novi genetic boom because on the acc missile sites. Do we had cuisine kitchen. Combustion engineering samir. Legally as for chance of his son ching-kuo z. The simply jimmy. Wajda's isn't antiquing database. Doing on officer knocks thousand. Since doc balloon won't take cash central. We some focal they started. Make us ecology on the foyer. Bump gave up on my hip phillies. They can lose. You ain't jeans dot is. If couple that forty four was taking york on supercars got kazuyuki. His of equal bone. Jumper ruled seemed funny. Man's thing is that nece. Amnesty started speeding. This decision bustle wasi mortgage side. You have more ancient before the chill acadia of you but we choose. Cheer gsa give us bicycle when he dies. -i the it'll be the talk shop only some jobs through this year i woke at a loss was his way. So some of your melissa. Farthest thing legitimately look and say that ask you chia burgled alleged lou. Ross due to my starving coming you know who she was gonna go. Bland jeanette the not down. Except what allow kick you foyer so married so nicholas launched. Technology could make moving on w lewis view. We'll get your v cool to cloud abuse yasha phillies brigade alina technology. You'll be ov unit and its own hooper who throughout unless we wouldn't let them lucas g g g libra dodge so at this lull brunelleschi. Dan for montel being salawah key his rookie solta mean distant. Kiosks there little bus because see my these says if indeed do this is some into key who show gala group was won't to a seeming more. What is incremental gossip. Maintaining the new game senior feel years calico is a key adjacent vehicle winter my squad calcium hispanic populace property sunday dodged the issue will not ancient with them. Whether he ula is who is say that he'll walk of his three booths. Three booze theodore enfeebles north air. It was able to unplug mice. Prakash revealed on the deck of double g. on after these new keystone g triple near the will say look. Look how we'll see g hotch was your business here. Astros walk you. What's same town. Deal was poon yang siegler ceremony. We'll see we'll see about calculus watching usa kid engaged in the moment. These not another dutch goalie saints net while the saints loss vs being us. We'll visa my lawsuits. Yanjia music savvy via lawsuit. Ge top apologies for gun necker going to say what is this you saved by this year that my is kitchen up all of the corporate kid come up by others you math puji gangs bruegel malaysia. Priebus were boston is mathur whereas followed fallout issues and eases was easily is h h. You see simpler. They would watch with almost super bowl. Taj now is most prevalent issue with amazing booths daisy views wise and is saw those them my insides. We'll see later so your career creosote cardiac cookie. They can lose yoga. Bryce keep them being to for the malaysian muka. Streak kissed phone. Recent book with they started could jump nice to meet the winter as dates some surge night as a as a speediest bustle punch design saw and chagas upo matt. 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I believe me date who is not interested in this cultural. You'll put the is at technology and don't view lauch cedric closer toys. He's got the boys who meets species that kin- kid sweep on the internet vintage style painted is something edged up on. These seem. very somebody only costs per meter data. They have been similar to my baiji was done. Bush book bill was sorta either buoying still die guarded. Jim bone i said quality of life. The one is so key. Those style you may started salon necessarily focus car here and you're also sit down the dublin. Let them this. Oh gee mean contra bricky richer fatal us adoption that she would come in. Who's not amigos. Data teleconferencing wien the united support energy and nestle review. Excel that debut visors. Come use internet internet. You know novus used movies my Best gordon this moment makes you raise your a g. Deliveries put us in a leonardo side. Courts usually netflix exists. Louise what she. John will go to get yours. Does they lose their. This is violating my deng. Push up you. Tell me into the. Jim come in See will brutally does hilton telephone page for him. seen his edge. You seem ashgar lucky. You'll julius as tonight. Those women fide owner who is on universal cosby. Show his edge.

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Smokey Yunick Pt.1 - Racing's Greatest Cheater is Born

Past Gas

45:14 min | 1 year ago

Smokey Yunick Pt.1 - Racing's Greatest Cheater is Born

"What's up my name's Savannah Brian and I have a true crime podcast called killer instinct if you like true crime if you like learning about unsolved cases finding out more information about solved cases or learning about serial killers you are going to love a bigger obstacle in your way then that guy what the that obstacle James is called the rule book the rule book sometime assigned warning this episode of pass is not safe for work or kids I clever and devious cheaters? Today we're GonNa talk about one of the greatest shooters of all time smokey unit following on October thirty first we're going to be covering some of the craziest cases in history and some of the craziest cases that I have ever talked about yet comes the fastest drivers aren't the ones with the most skills behind the wheel or the best with the wrench sometimes they're the most single Wednesday so if you love true crime than this is the podcast for you go over and subscribe to my podcast killer instinct and I can't wait to see you there we have we had recorded a couple of episodes before they came out and so it's a huge relief that anybody out there like the James is that racing isn't all about reaching the finish line before the other guy but I mean that's who you WanNa beat but of course there's spooky sit down relax and listen to the story of one of the most notorious cheaters ever in motor sports that we have coming and as a bonus for Halloween I'll be posting a brand new podcast episode every day leading up to Halloween starting on October twenty eighth all the way to other wonderful episode of our show I love doing this sorry I dunno annoys Yeah I love doing this podcast again everyone smokey unique this is one of my favorite subjects I wanted to do this guy on up to speed since before the speed you're GonNa want and I'm like now for the show racing is probably my favorite thing in the world I love watching it and I love doing it I know but something you realize the more you progress Jn so stoked about this guy I know some of the stories but we're going to tell a lot more of that kind of this guy rules recommend that you listen to this episode with your kids on pass gas four days of back to back podcast true crime episodes that you were not going to want to miss and then after that we're going to be posting back on our regular schedule of every so much who's reached out to us and giving us nice reviews I was reading through a few of them and I feel so lucky to do this because it's one of my favorite things to do Hi Welcome back to pass gas doughnut media where we are some people who represent Donna media I am James Pump I'm known Sykes thank you so much for listening to an last-gasp please help us grow by giving us a good rating and a nicer view on the podcast platform of your choice to really help us out and I really appreciate it so thank you all right doing them for at least a few more months hopefully until the day we die totally like I just want to like keep improving the show and making it something that I've that I want let's roll in pig is welcome to the pass gas podcast back there in the corner you probably won't hear much but for flights in here shooting video love this Guy Colby here on the corner one of the masterminds behind after leader of all time you yeah so this episode He's GonNa we're GonNa talk about his life leading up to racing because it this episode is like the joker and then the next episode is like Batman yes sick yeah okay so smoky read very creative man can't see him or hear him but anyway I love doing this so let's get into it this is going to be a two part series on smoke a eunuch the greatest then he deflated the ball giving him that much more fuel and that is one of the Tamer examples guys tame pay attention his life up into racing racing primarily is going to be in the next one okay but this is worth learning about 'cause he don't breath but the thing that really made smokey smokey was his personality and to really explain his personality we have to cover his life the rules better than anybody one time he inflated a basketball inside his oversized fuel tank so in the marshalls inspected the fuel capacity it looked like it was legal listen to every time because you know I'm very self critical like I'll listen to some episodes and be like oh I should have said it differently I just want too much self I know was famous racing shops in America join us as we dive deep into the early life of smokey Eunuch is in sane this is a two part episode partner okay so the first one we're gonNA cover how he got here yeah how he got into racing you don't just become the greatest of all time out of nowhere yeah you have to have a backstory yet to be La- it's like the joker the joker I haven't seen the movie at it just came out four the race cars including his time spent in in both the European and Pacific front during World War Two and how that led him to establishing one of the I just want to be wanted to be a good yeah we always WanNa grow yeah but we also be proud of ourselves yeah I'm I'm proud of you I'm proud of Me Christina in part one of this amazing series our primary source today is the best damned garage in town my life and adventures written by another how I imagine the book is written is that he just sat on his couch and told stories for hours on end and his wife just tap them all down medically correct but then again neither smokey and I mean that's exactly how the book is so let's start from the beginning Henry smoked other was an immigrant from the Ukraine his childhood home didn't have electricity and never received a phone line it was heated solely by feels like you're reading a conversation you had with your crazy grandpa just crazy that he wrote all this like dictated all this talking about some woman who was having sex with and then jump to erase and then back to his childhood it's very complicated because he was a complicated I cannot describe the odor of baked goat in rabbit but let's just say it's bad brother the man himself smokey eunuch dude even wrote his own so cool actually it was mostly his wife Margie who typed it all up for him apparently normal weekend was fighting and smashing furniture his father was a great believer in beating the hell out of kids to keep them straight cool guy yeah sounds cool he did have a little sister Irene but they would not be close until much later in life we lived under the European attitude of control the kids close weren't really asked me and my dad Wayne has buddies what does that mean I don't know when the world could that mean are large coal burning stove in the basement when it was cold outside all the animals on the farm were brought inside around the stove to keep warm the book is out of print but definitely if you see it at like a used bookstore or something like pick it up there's no other book like it if you key eunuch was born in Mesh Amini Pennsylvania on a fifteen acre farm sometime in the nineteen twenties his mother was a Polish immigrant as hey good news and clean so I don't know it's over six hundred pages long and it was like he it's written in a very like stream of conscious way so writing this was a huge pain because it just jumps all over time and space smokey's life like you'll be talking about his childhood and then next that's how it happened smoke is blunt into the point in fact the tagline for this book was it's not politically correct or man and yes there will be a lot of sexual really relations holy crap this guy he's cool man like well someone's going to tell my story might as well be meat yeah but I got these big on meat hooks a hand so margie graphic computer field was by using a hand plow attached to horse unfortunately the UNIX farm had one of those one of those big budweiser horse's name too big so smokey decided to build one instead he bought a dodge with a big engine and transmission for ten dollars and afford truck duly ran for five dollars XLII worked at data them and train them to take care of the elderly what s Moakley smoothly put it he and his father and turns out he was pretty good at it his new tractor with his new tractor he could do the same amount of work in a day that would have taken over two weeks me on that brother smokey was never close with this family watching receiving near-constant abused between his mother and father my mother and father apparently didn't like each other with a hacksaw chisel and other hand power tools Henry smokey eunuch took his first stab at inventing and fabrication at the age of fourteen his wife and then there's other chicks and she was like down for it like Jim Bone in we were all so can wet pope all the time baby poops and that stuff doesn't smell good that's for sure not a lot of poop does which is something their listeners now that he can finally make a profit with farming smokey decided to invest some of his money in an old Indian Bonneville cheap motorcycle which he immediately crashed yeah I've been on this I've been I've been around the sun a few times and I gotta say I have yet to find poop smells good and you can take that to the bank he's like does that mean like you're such good friends like I would say Philippe Asks Buddy because he's my friend but also sometimes flee um I don't know if I want to be asked but he's not my dad on their farm the only way to plow accu socks off faster quicksand slow smoky hated every interaction he had with big bill so he did the reasonable thing he replaced bill with attract I but he's saying it like it's a positive yeah he's like like are we asked buddies yeah just a couple of ass buddy and then took off in the night he wanted to go to Hercules Virginia where they made dynamite did he wanna make dynamite do you ever have a rabbit grownup no friends had them we had a few roberts I don't really think they're great pets I could never get over the poops poop doesn't mean they're such good buddies that they've seen that's what I think that means we worked out together we're changing I drop my keys and you're like one day he saw a camel cigarette ad that had a famous motorcycle racer Bob Holloway on it he decided I'm going to be just like that dude after you kick me for the last time bill I told you John Deere just opened up down the road added push it Kahal garage a small general repair shop despite getting two jobs to make ends meet smokey's mom she decided to take him to court keep in mind he's like sixteen yeah smokey said screw that he packed a bag and his dog in army motorcycle he won at a farm auction smokey was forced to drop out of school take care of his family by taking his real first job at a Ford dealership the dealership didn't pay enough so we also work nights smokey found himself working at a mill machining ninety millimeter anti-aircraft gun barrels Warburg had just begun he wanted to participate in the war effort in started trying his hand and motorcycle racing he cleaned up that busted Indian chief petty bought a few years ago and took it straight to the racetrack turns out he didn't do a very good as little hiatus from life didn't last long and he would soon wind up back in Pennsylvania and every job he found he got fired from as he absolutely hated having a boss and you big old put Weiser's horse but tractors were an expensive luxury especially for families pours the UNIX awesome which I found out after I crashed my bmx bike a few months ago and broke my collarbone. I still feel like an idiot and I'm still paying the medical bill off somehow though he did try to get out of the jobs as he didn't want to handle the responsibility of handling such expensive asset but then decided to make them out of spite spital he didn't have health insurance so he decided that he was going to quit smoking and stop racing and looked at some new career paths because medical bills one of the best ninety millimeter barrel machinist in the state simply due to his want to spite someone yeah I kind of relate to that yeah yeah cloud a non support non support claims she claimed that he had failed to provide adequate financial support after his father died race he crashed into another racer head on is that even have no I own the wrong way I know this isn't Mario Kart and he ended up in the can't clean your room Nolan show you mom show you mom I am very susceptible to reverse psychology we'll get back to more pass gas job cleaning it up because it's smoked like hell and that is how he got the nickname smokey say as he was the one racing smoking Indian in its first I think so screw this I'm GonNa go make sticks. TNT Nick Not a Cobra something cool though Cobra would be very dangerous I just WANNA get one that eats like and reappropriated towards the war effort the factory that smokey had worked in had just begun manufacturing auto gyros for the military. It's like a helicopter definitely isn't as but but he's nice about it yeah but I mean there's I mean that's good buddies that they look at each other holes everyone he but it has an airplane tail yeah when I was a kid I saw that movie fly away home ought with the geese yeah and I was young does she refused to give me a monkey would you get your child a monkey now no probably won't even get my kid a dog that's not true thank someone tells you can't do something I'm going to do it yeah my parents should have employed that back when I was a kid I bet you s someone told him that the job would be way too much for him to handle I don't want to do it we probably can't do it you say I can't do it he became now a word from our sponsors America had just entered World War Two and factories all over were being purchased by the US government uh-huh trying to show off to some girls and as we'll see smokey unique legged girl in the beginning of his junior year smokey's father died from a heart attack true but like if I wanted to join the military I probably wouldn't ask you for I mean I would ask for advice but I won't be personality to ask if he can exactly so I don't know maybe didn't understand is like hey man he's a bill and big bill was sort of jerk you could say he was an ask your buddy had two speeds and it was either like I should have J. I think you'd be like I don't know maybe look up to this guy I think like maybe you would ask me in a way that it's like hey man I think I'm joining the air force so that he could be a pilot and surprisingly his boss is like yeah did ask your boss to be in the military I don't get what he's already working for the military the dogs are good I wanted to get the only exotic pet I ever wanted was a chameleon But I guess those things are like really sensitive like you have to you can't have like yeah I got a birth certificate guy if you need but back then like it was like writing your name on a piece of toilet paper backwoods but luckily his boss had just the right connections to get that patched up ooh wow so already military yeah and I'd be like okay it would be a should I join the military question not a can I join the Mil- and it doesn't sound like it's smokey's area and put them in there like they have like a certain humidity in the tank and like really temperature controlled so I said no I might get a snake what kind wants to fly it turns out I don't belong down here I belong up there with them geese him gaze smokey asked his boss for approval to enlist in to do with big bill so they shot big bill and eight okay 'cause they didn't do that just making sure you're paying attention these mice would you just let it go around the like right right when you walk in my front door to the right I'll just put light it really cool come thank you sir but smokey soon realized that there was one small problem with his plan the dude didn't have a frigging birth certificate and when that acetylene ignited the explosion sent hot metal into his left eye causing temporary blindness and in an hour the priests had created an entirely new birth certificate for smokey his birthday went from some time in May around nineteen twenty three wait kill sounds like a sick prank unfortunately for smokey is goggles were a little loose I mean your house is already kind of terrarium anyway it's like a humanitarian yeah so you'd walk in and immediately you know what I'm all about skeleton snakes I just WANNA or maybe like asking for permission but if it was possible he's like hey can I join the military and become a pilot like yeah we are called cones and rods and stuff and if you can't like a good indicator of vision is like being able to see colors correctly so like eight twenty fifth nineteen twenty-three and just like that smoky eunuch was in but it wasn't that easy for smokey just get in is now still right I was born checks out your here so smoky was sent to Philadelphia to meet with a Catholic priest determined that his vision had been slowly returning his left eye it was now nearly twenty twenty again but still not good enough to be a pilot even today that just before Christmas smokey had an accident at the shop a tube he was welding had been filled with acetylene by fellow welder while he was on lunch they won't let you fly if you can't perfectly see the color yellow the hardest of all colors to see anything less perfect than that was unacceptable yes I actually I looked at Chris Ages helicopters auto gyros and that sparked an uninspected interest in aviation turns my podcast it would really mean a lot to me if you could pause the show you're listening to right now head over to killer instinct and hit follow because you are not going to want to miss the episodes turns out the air force doesn't have any use for pilot who is blind in one eye smokey was transferred to the Radio Division in Sioux Falls South Dakota to be trained as a radio oh cadet he learned how to type in Morse code at a whole eighteen words per minute a a few months into his training he requested a recheck on his vision the doctors uh-huh guiding okay and his old ladies cool with that makes her Cooler Cooler Cool I love your on your house it's very cool balm also remember like crying because my mom and get wouldn't get me a monkey you cried because of the house is just like so mad he's like why like why I'll invite you over there Casey would love that I'm not I think she would so anyway he's he was making these terrible dangers and I was like mom I want to build an ultralight and my mom was like can't build an airplane as a candidate in the movie like jaw pilot's license the and like you know you have your your cones and rods in your I I didn't know that I'm not smart oh well okay in your eye the receptors that allied of like going through a huge battery of tests to see if you're like oh if we have good vision it's a psych hey what what is like to you yellow yeah perfect the past I'm going to be pie pilots are the coolest person in the world and Jesse and I read the Nascar Championship at the time for having set the world land speed record he thought it was so beautiful and someday he planned to live there once the war was over turns out smokey would say this about a lot of places primarily because of the women because like I said before a smoky while falling in and out of consciousness and only using the foot pedals that's insane this is all according to him a lot I do mean a lot there's a part in his book James where he explains how big his dogs Peter was in how bottles from the cockpit of his bomber near tractors and horses the bottles would whistle as they fell and sounded exactly like bombs which James he could use it as a tool to arouse women cool cool kyw cool book in the first one hundred pages of the actor allowed him to cheat a little to pass the exam and become a plane dreifort days later he was sent to Santa Ana California for pre only became desperate for pilots incidentally smokey suddenly became desperate to never work as a radio operator again so out of mutual desperation the flight school then to Marfa Texas for advanced flight training there he discovered that ninety five percent of trainees requested fighter pilots so he got moved over to bombers get the picture by now there was a lot of training involved in becoming a pilot fun fact that is still true today unsurprisingly the total cost of the concentration is about the same during one formation training smokey's appendix burst and twenty eight thousand feet his copilot was to it he liked the ladies throughout the best damned garage in town book smokey shares a lot of information about his sex life okay and when I say and then after two Dizon Dyersburg then after to Dyersburg Tennessee which is right outside of Memphis honestly at this point you all must inexperienced and inept to land the plane himself damning Gimme days kindergartner so smoky was forced to land the plane himself their pilots had all the training they needed not to die as losing even a single pilot was a major blow to the war effort Dyersburg was different than he quickly found that in Marfa Texas in the nineteen forties there was absolutely nothing to do except mess with the locals one of his favorites pastimes with dropping anywhere else smoke you had been they did live fire training with all their pilots having them practice with real ammunition to perfect their aim in combat they also specifically trained on how to fly in bombing formations it's kind of like driving a race car two hundred miles per hour sip race cars are inches apart and wait fifteen hundred thirty five hundred pounds training f twenty two pilots today is over ten point nine million dollars per pilots should even in World War Two it was in the government's best financial interest to ensure would scare the hell out of Dick after eighteen months of training in Marfa smokey was transferred to Roswell New Mexico B seventeen training I believe that's true I mean there's a lot of but yeah I dunno I believe I believe it yeah during one test flight he flew over Daytona beach the site famous astronauts like yeah that's crazy yeah like as the war raged on and US planes was shot down the air force I'm back that wording exactly after his plight over Daytona it was decided that smoky would be fighting on the European front and he was transferred to Marrakech Morocco book at least seventy of them having sex with a different person in a different way keep in mind viewers and listeners come at some point in time I remember those dates for this guy you may have noticed a May have noticed that there are no dates in this episode and that's because smoking there's his wife helped him and after his flight over Daytona it was decided that did I September twenty six nineteen forty nine about a bio don't call me once missionary I'm sorry read that back I definitely remember second on them right there down down arrived in Marrakesh some men from the local Legion taught him the virgin routine alumnae tonight lady I never did it before and tomorrow is really bad at remembering dates once he arrived for all the time that he had sex different it was about four thirty and was standing there and many more like it all the way through his early teens smokey he got raped both those kids got raped by the ahmaid die class works every time every time it's a local bartender anywhere anytime and we will learn his activity in the war enabled him to go even further with his desires and he was certainly I did not master this routine this guy I got I didn't not want like a softcore cinemax adaptation of smoking this book and one looks over to the other jobs like holding his trophy and the pilot says the other when he goes he didn't find F. Eighteen today all of his life smokey had been extremely sexual his first experience was when he was twelve with his friends mom as the free means will you sleep with me tonight according to smokey this approach is not bulletproof believe it or not you either get away or you gave snapping your snoop if you've got a slap in the snoot he would respond with a inet case I guess just to blow jobs out of the question in French as he puts it not the only one smokey went so far as to claim that his experiences in so many different countries during the war helped cure any bits of racism I mean Emmy True Crime were talking serial killers unsolved cases solved cases missing persons cases and so much more than my podcast killer lady that's no Bueno yeah that's not cool God like there was I mean this is a bit off the beaten path for our show but you may have had at this time he decided to get bolder with his appearance he had grown a beard and mustache to get what was known as the Jesus let eh and decided to shave off his endearingly titled Wound Broom and Beard for the ladies he called we'll be right back with more of this story but first from our sponsors hey guys what's up it's sedan killing someone even if they're being shot at themselves bomber command aircrews suffered one of the highest casualty rates in the war out of a total of one hundred twenty five emmer here sorry to interrupt the episode that you're listening to but I just wanted to take a quick second and talk to you about my podcast called killer instinct if you like true crime and arrested episode and I'll see you next time on killer instinct German in the beginning those firemen weren't very useful many air crewmen would blatantly refuse to pull the trigger

smokey Savannah Brian James Cobra Mario Kart Nolan fifteen hundred thirty five hu twenty eight thousand feet nine million dollars ninety five percent eight twenty fifth eighteen months fifteen acre five dollars ten dollars four days two weeks one day mill
ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

54:02 min | 2 years ago

ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis

"Hey, man, you know. Gave number one sixty three, four, the dodgers and the Rockies one o'clock at Dodger Stadium, and you can hear it right here. ESPN LA we will have the game for you Mason in Ireland, starting an hour early getting you ready for it. That starts at eleven. And then after the dodgers beat the Rockies hopefully the Sodano show post game. So we've got the dodgers for you all day long. I pitch one o'clock. Make sure you listen to it right here. ESPN LA. No silver are black and silver lining needed. The Lakers won their first game, the Lakers double there. We go. Oakland Raiders the beat, the Browns overtime. The raiders get their first win, but they could easily still be winless. The raiders could also be three and one. I mean, they're, they're, they're all over the map. Here's Jon Gruden talking about getting that first win feels my first win and one hundred years. It's just great to be back. Thank our fans for hanging in there with us. A lot of, like I said, ups and downs, but get field goal with our third string, kicker backup. Snapper never been so nervous on a twenty nine field goal. My life can't help himself did act. No s for the position that they're in Thursday kicker in a backup loans number. But John wants to let you know that that's what he's. It's adversity with something here. No one else could pull it off, but me would have third string. Backup snapper, right? They're not team not part of the team. He is the ultimate when we win had guys guys. You're welcome. And when they lose, it's like, I don't know why you're looking at me. They're the ones that did it. They're the ones that are out there playing. I'm just the coach. Now. Sean McVeigh was was an position. He would have said, well, it's not about me winnings about the team winning according to franchise, turn around and start getting good track and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He would never mentioned who was third, what's second web backup? Nothing. No. In fact, he wouldn't have said, I know that's just not, but that's not personality. His personality is taking care of quarterback talking positive at about the quarterback, although he talk negative about him a couple of weeks ago he spinning forward because they won the game car, had pretty good game. He wants to make sure that everyone knows that car went out there and did pretty good. Here's Jon Gruden talking about the team needing to play with more consistency. We haven't fixed anything. We a lot of things we gotta get better at. I think it's pretty odd. Obvious, you know, we played good football for stints. We played good football, Miami now play good football against Rams. There's some really good tape against Denver, but we also have some tape that needs to be fixed. And as the same thing, I think we'll see today, but we have guys that are really eager to work. We got good leadership and we're gonna continue to do it, but it was fun to score win a game, maybe get that monkey off our, yeah, winning winning. It's fun, but he's talking about the consistency factor. Derek Carr is the perfect example of that. He was good yesterday, four hundred thirty five yards. He had four touchdowns, but he also had a couple of interceptions along the way as well that the entire Oakland team so far this year as even against the Rams they got off, they could start their leading at the half all four games. There's been moments where they've looked good, but in all four games, there's been moments where it looks like they don't know what they're doing. If you're going to throw as much as they throw, you're going to have some interceptions. I mean, that's just you got to catch them when thrown two years. If you're defensive back, I think though car for me and my money. He's one of the second tier top young quarterbacks. He's in that that mariota Winston kind of, you know, better than those guys these in that era, though, I mean in in an area, they're all kind of bunched up together, you know, like Bortles. Yeah, he's better than Blake. Bortles below the tier three? Yeah. If there's thing cars best season when you figure a lot of people that he could take the raiders Super Bowl that peak, I don't think Winston ever hit. No, I'm just saying he's in that debt kind of group me might be above them in that here at the top of that tier above him. At the top of that, also not in the top tier quarterbacks, although economically, he's being paid. You never feel when he's when he's quarterback in that team, you never feel completely safe. Like when when you watch Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers, the guys that are in that top tier, it's like they're not do something crazy. And Jared Goff is getting that point where he's got a pretty good firm grip of that offense. He might throw a pig. Here and there like you're saying when you throw it as often as they do something, but with car and and what he's done, there's always that what the hell was that throw. He's got that throw in the same way. Bortles does the same way. Winston does mariota where it's like, man, what? Where did that company fits in that group? That's the that's the group that I'm talking about. Like that? Yeah. So much. Plus it was different though. It was different breath, four, he performed my just dime. You right down the field in with no problem. Even though he just to a pick the series before he might take you ninety yards down the field cap it off, win. The game. Car hasn't had that type of moment is is pretty much Travis. The same, try folk all Palmdale and Chris, Chris, you're on the morning show what's going on, what's going on guys, how you doing. We'll. I last week I called you guys and I got this connected. I was in close sleep key. Yup. I now look at, I do the same thing you do when I hear Jon Gruden talking, I looked at him with the filter, monitor everything she shot by never. I didn't believe you. I hate it on you for that, of course you. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I mean, come on Putin, grew happy, believe in, like you say, I'm not a believer. No more man. I just I'm done with John. I don't care that we even after a win to the proud that win was not like going to say last week. I loved their car, but I'm I'm over him to. He needs to go. He's at three quarter quarterback, fourth quarter. Finally, he does something finally, but look how many comporting gains fourteen gains to win. He's not going anywhere with amount of money. Running tale yet Chris. Definitely definitely went running out of town. He's a quarterback that looked. He's a very above serviceable guy at the quarterback position. There's no question about it if they could somehow Bill the problem, here's the problem that's going to be for the raiders is they're not going to be able to build around him to make a run up against the New England, Patriots Denver's a Kansas City's because I'm predicting that Reggie McKenzie will be gone drafting for somebody else. Next April. For another team. That's what I'm predicted because John wants to do is do it his way, and I'm sure Reggie's not going to sit back when he has plenty opportunities. People don't come call them for him. No question about it. Some of these teams like the New York Jets Rian says, I'm sure the jets are probably gonna blow everybody out after this year. Get rid everybody because they drafted a quarterback with no receivers around him and no other help offensively. So that'll be a possible opportunity for him what happens in Miami by being opportunity. So you start to look what happens in Tampa. Bay might be an opportunity reg MacKenzie get another job, and that's going to be a problem for the raiders in Johnny boy is he's not gonna be able to figure out how to valuate talent, draft talent, the right way. It make the raiders you know a threat any AFC again, the criticism from Jon Gruden that you know. A lot of the draft picks in pan out for. Okay. I know. I know when he hit he hit but Gruden has said insinuate anyway that the drafty history hasn't been great and that the covers were bare when he got there. Yeah. Does he drafting history? Hasn't been great for who, though for Reggie McKenzie, McKinsey and this time with the Oakland. That's that's what gruden's. Alleging. That's that's just a, if he's saying that they draft Cooper, didn't they draft draft draft. Draft pin. Khalil Mack when they hit running back. But how often? I guess his question is, if the covers a bear, you're not talking about the the handful of Hindu, Utah. The rest of the missing of sending depending on depending on when you're selecting and how many picks you have depends on who's going to pan out. If I got twenty. If I got ten picks in the draft, I'm not expecting to handle all team if you will. Johnny. I'm probably expect in a hit three to four of them, and that's it s- trying to the phone call Whittier this time and Greg, Greg, you're on the morning show what's going on? Yeah. I'm a little thick of the bias. Talk with you. I know you openly said you didn't care for the Gruden move, but he does have a lot of things where he says, I, I mean, there's no denying that he's not perfect, but you guys over the top man. I mean everything except for z. last game before when they lost. They asked you about our scoring drought in four court in fourth quarters, and he admitted he needs to fix that. That was something to catch me to work on. He has tape of him saying those type of things. He's not perfect. We're a good football team, but man, you guys gonna stop hating well. First of all, Greg, I'm not hating men. I'm only giving you what I know. First hand. That's all I, I don't. I don't benefit by Hayden. I get, I don't get paid extra. They don't. My ratings don't go up. Nothing. They don't say all of a sudden Keyshawn we need. To hate on grooten. No, I'm just giving you my first hand experience on what I see. I don't think the writers are good football team. I think that they are gonna say shin was put together Reggie McKenzie in terms of selecting players moving in the right direction doing no Saudis. I thought he he had done a terrific job. Now if Jon Gruden feels that he didn't when that's for him in John, take that up in their private room in their office, but they certainly has shown me, this is he's taking over. He's done nothing to help to organize ation move forward. But bunch of soundbites and quotes me compare the amount of time. He says I and they compared to what a guy like Sean McVay does saying we and them. It's just it's a a different way of looking at your roster, look different way of looking at your responsibility with that roster the dodgers they play at one o'clock right here on ESPN LA game. One sixty three former general manager, Jim bowdoin. He's going to be calling the game right here. ESPN LA. Boom, Monday, joyous blue, Monday, Dodger Stadium today. One o'clock the dodgers in the Rockies game. One sixty three. You can hear it right here on ESPN LA Mason in Ireland. Starting at eleven. The game is at one and the Sodano show post game. So. Show. Our might just leave here and just go straight dodgers Mico straight. They're just what Paul. Why? Wait until I went outside. Hopefully just I'm still homes over a grill Clinton. Got the HANA juice go and some just keep it flowing to party. Roland Jim bowdoin will be on the call today for wager league baseball. General manager who will be on the call of the game, which again, you can hear right here on ESPN LA Jim, good morning. How are you. On the balcony might be a game. One sixty three in the winter gets the win division and get a full five days in the loser after play tomorrow and a one game elimination game. So yeah, that I'll love drama like this pressure. I just pressure on Boca. Probably the dodgers from the Anna. I'll tell you why? Because they're pitching not really set up her while card game set up perfectly today. You got your best pitcher since August person walk OBE you a one, seven, five zero. This is a guy with dominant stuff was locked in, but if the dodgers don't win this game, you know who start from outside game. It's not gonna. Be coche on two days. Rest up the brain general you back on three days, rest or Dallas in the bullpen day. If the Rockies lose this game, they're number one starter. Cal Freedland is ready to go for the loud card game. So I'd say probably would have more pressure on the dodgers. We talk about pressure, Jim on the dodgers this take it from an individual standpoint, which more pressure on more a marquess or more pressure on Beulah. Obviously, I think it's equal pressure on both. I think the one thing that Marquez knows coming into faces dodgers lineup is jock, Peterson homework, twice against them. Justin Turner, taking debut outfield plea, taking a deep KiKi Hernandez as taken deep. And this is a guy that really relies on the breaking ball. So keeper him as been since the beginning of August foiling, breaking ball for strikes in early because remember in a game like this, especially the noise at Dodger Stadium, it's extremely important that he pitches wellness first couple of innings, Jim bowdoin, former major league baseball, general manager joining us. He'll be on on the call, the dodgers and the Rockies today you can hear it right here. One o'clock ESPN LA do bud black and Dave Roberts managed differently today in a one game situation. Obviously, they're both trying to stay out of that one game wild card. Do you go about doing things differently when it's it's an unusual situation like this, definitely. I mean, you gotta do what you don't want the one go while. Because they can happen one game, you wanna be able to get the, you're going to do everything you off. Ably can the win this baseball games and I am, you know, in my opinion, coach off of one any contract comes into that wanted you wanna win this division. You want a few days off. You don't wanna play tomorrow and you wanna get lined up for five games. So you gotta do all hands on deck. It's not limitation game that you almost have to manage like it is Jim many Machado. We acquired him not long ago. It's been, he's been okay, right? He's he hasn't been the many that we thought coming over from Baltimore. Just a whole highlight reel of Manny. What does he need to do to get jump started as we approached postseason. Great question. You know, one of the things that gets underrating baseball days. If people understanding the difficulty of changing leak, you know, Manny. Machado spent highlighting American. They got used to all the pictures there. You knows the piney release point. He knows exactly what expecting Brian. If you're Minnesota, but huge disappointment. But these two guys that come over to new week and then a new division and stuff. They pitchers that they're just not used to being very often. It takes awhile. It takes time that different ballparks that different batters is. And that's why a lot of times when a player gets traded to the dif- different league, usually it's the second year where they started to perform now terms, Manny, Manny. We see name big as we see in an also games, but this is a time to shine. I mean, even most talented players that the dodgers have been in the biggest moments, you need the biggest stars stuff to get it down. So we're up the how he handles the pressure, but I don't think there's any doubt if time to shine is that's. I can look at a group of stats come away saying my God, the dodgers are the most dominant team in the history of baseball, and I can look at a bunch of stats and go Mike God. This team is just a bunch of buckets of boats and they can't PC the pizza together. How would you categorize this season. No, it interesting because it's it's a big market team being run like Wall Street in market team, right? And both they've leaders and Freeman, father, writing legally go into the intricacies of analytics and matchup, and so you, you see a lot of platoon to fifteen that you don't normally see with a team of caliber at the same time, what makes the dodgers extremely special is the fact that they have as much depth it any team in the sport, and they can mix and match as good as any team in the sport. And I think when you get to Tober baseball about becomes even more important than the regular season, this team is capable of doing well marching up with any bullpen chains, bud black is gonna make this date, and I think that's a huge factor. I think the key for me is gonna be knish, be a game of you're handed off the jamming or the have to have the stress of buyers who are going to the bullpen inbet-. Clean fact gonna be when I look at the dodgers the one question that I have because even though by as been great and arguably best reliever getting Janssen had people fall on the stage like this today with a whole world is going to be watching. Jim bone will be on the call game, went sixty three at Dodger Stadium, the dodgers and the Rockies the winner is the NO west champi loser goes into the second wildcard position and how important in a game like today is experienced because the dodgers have a ton. The Rockies have very little. Zen matter in a one game situation like this. Been there, visit vantage history will pop up. We see young teams. I've never been there able to go in World Series. All, you know, we see nineteen like you standing. The cubs did not like it can't be done, but I think the preference is always guys that have been there done that manage the one thing. If interesting with the Rockies team, if they really came together when the gall started going off, and now when they got Trevor story back from the elbow injury, there of a lineup now did at anybody's with all Aaron auto story, and they great pitching now how David doll handle the pressure on the last week. He's been dominating carrying team, and so they got three guys in the middle. They could hit good pitching. Those going to be too ne- fascinates. Remember the rocky. They were in the playoffs last year they went to, they went through our game last year. So this for these guys, it's really not the first time that they move into the second time around which should make it easier for them. Jim Walker Bieler gets off to a fast start not only for himself, but also we collect a bunch of Rohan. Let's call it seven. Oh, we're in the third. We're in the fourth. Do we continue to just allow him to pitch or do we just at that point? Say, you know what? Let's approach differently. In his divisional title for the dodgers you write him. I don't care if you get up twenty to nothing you ride into the end hop that champagne and celebrate and enjoy it. And then he'll getting up days off before next playoff start. You don't wanna wildcard game and you don't wanna gamble against his Rockies lineup. You don't wanna take them out and preserve them. You don't wanna be that if it's pedal metal baby, you not let that thing up and tell you pop the champagne, what if it flips and it goes the other way. You've gotta be everything again, it's hands on. I mean, if you have to have a quick got a quick up, don't sit there and lose the game Walker bueller just because he's got a one, seven, five year AC's August. I as it going to have this stuff tonight. Not again thing in their leases game day Roberts leasing into give up four, five runs. You can't do that. It's too big of the game. So you got a much quicker hook, then you really wouldn't a gain of this magnitude. Your gut says, what who wins? Like I says, the dodgers game behind offer. Probably hangs a couple of breaking balls in this game in the dodgers take with a long. I like LA winning this game and going onto the guard. I like your gut. If you see me. VC me. Women have been paying, don't get nervous. All always get nervous with both. And whether if you even can jam. Jim bowdoin former g. will be on the call today. One sixty three from Dodger Stadium, the dodgers and the rocks, Jim. Thank you. Thank you, sir. You got it. I don't need you come into the stadium. We need to make sure we get this done talking to getting it. It just as mere presence is gonna win. Me thing. Man stay with rejuvenated. Now every game one, six, three coming up at one o'clock coming up. Next Keyshawn is going to peel back the pigskin. That's next. All right, key peeling it back. Still don't like say they'll get the chiefs and the Broncos final game a week, four that is coming up tonight. The chiefs are five and a half point dogs. It gives me a chance if the chiefs cover to win yet another week through the first quarter sins in the calc- talks either very aggressive. Get all. That's what I did. To win front runner. I'm head near front runner the leading meeting, but that's what happens behind it. And then you're going catch up against. To travel to all come back. I'll come back. But right now I'm in the lead and I'm gonna. I'm gonna win another. Tonight's game with the Kansas in Denver in Denver, Kansas City Chiefs are really hot football team in terms of the office of explosives that good thing about them. They're going up against a defense offense. That's not that great. But the problem that they have is their defense is not that great. So it should be pretty balanced. I'm looking forward to Mahomes continue in this hot streak at quarterback. Is there a market correction come for? Patrick Mahomes s. there the young guy to second year guy mean not gonna throw. Thirteen touchdown passes every three games he plays to. It feels like there's going to be one of those games where he throws a touchdown throws three hundred. That's no, no, because he's too hot when you hot and you smoke and hot like this, nothing goes wrong. Nothing goes row. When you look at young quarterbacks that that are hot, they usually stay hot. Okay. If he was going to dip dip by now and it's only three games into the season. Seen some flaws and his game. Just take a look at Sam darnold, Sam, darnold high. Then all of a sudden it went rookie QB it went south. I think you have to look at the fact too that because of that defense, chances are he's always throwing a football as we've been discussing this morning, the moral youth refer ball of the more opportunities offer interceptions and I think we'll see a little interception bug, get surprised you throw tonight. They're giving up almost five years again. Yeah. Anything they scored thirty five or forty to win these. So that's going to be plenty of opportunities. Key for definitive fly around Atip here tip there. It gets Minnesotans PECH Maho bears. They are very surprising. Three and one in way could one Aaron Rodgers roic away from being four. No, the bears went forty eight to ten over the bucks who are coming back to earth fast. They've lost two in a row. We got to see James Winston for the first time, and it wasn't pretty though he, you know, came into some what I would call a mop up duty and he did okay. But. He's still Jamesy to couple intercepts, threw a touchdown. He's got to get back into a rhythm of playing football. Again. He was out those three weeks. Now he has a by. He has an opportunity to get his feet wick start next week. They haven't. They haven't necessarily said he's started but much like I was telling you knuckle head over to my right. He's going to be the starting. Yeah, only if they won was gonna stay in one big. Yeah, I'm sitting here and I'm going. We're been awful lot of time talking about the QB situation and that team gave up six passing touchdowns mixture to Bisky. The problem wasn't the offense. The problem was whatever, whatever zone defense variations, they decide to play. Maybe they thought, you know, because the narrative was, he can't throw. They thought we'll just do this. At ever adjust. I was like, okay, so he's disproven that narrative. He can't throw the football. Maybe we should try something different. No tire. First half, six touchdown passes for Mitch Trubisky three fifty four yards in. Here's the bucks, head coach, Dirk cutter talking about who's going to start probably but we'll we'll worry about that on another day. You know. I mean, again, I don't Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't lose his game force either. I mean, you know, going to anybody think that this this is on anyone person. It's got to be on me. Okay. So if you're gonna put one person on there, put it on me so there he is talking to James will start. Yeah, probably. So it sounds like he's going to be back there told you, let's move onto the next one. The Bengals three and one on top of the NFL. Excuse me. AFC north. They beat the falcons thirty seven to thirty six age. Green catches a touchdown in the end zone right before the end of the game and the Bengals are we ready to say that they're good yet. They're three Louis. Just got another extension for another another decade, but it look, this team has finally got to the point where you start to. Believe that the Cincinnati Bengals could potentially take this division. Finally win a playoff game under Marvin Lewis. They dislike different football team. They feel he reached suffered his staff around. He's gotten younger in terms of his staff, they can relate more to the players. I think that has a lot to do with the way that they're playing right now. They very easily be for no, the falcons are one of three. Is that a good team that's not playing? Well, they just don't a good team, not a good defense. You just got a good, explosive offense. Obviously, who Jones lead to the NFL in receiving touchdowns young guy like Kelvin, ridley's learning for. For you, should they do a lot of the doubling of him in the red zone? So Kevin Ridley from Alabama's able to score points at Ryan Steele, Matt, Ryan defense, aside of ball, just missing guys. Cise they lost four guys last several weeks. That was starters on defense. You know, Julio Jones also lead the I receivers in first downs and without first downs, you can't move the change to change. You don't get touchdowns. He's not getting touchdown layers between the twenties players. Some some guy score when it counts the Cowboys. Never mind the Cowboys. Two and two. They beat the lions twenty six to twenty four deck Prescott with a big day. Two hundred fifty. Five air quotes. With that. I want to just turn poison his mind. I've watched Jason negative. He's a big day. A negative Jason Garrett is going to buy another year with seven, eight or nine wins, and we're going to have to win it deep run into the playoffs. Jason gear. We'll be joining us in the mornings. I mean, that's just more for you. The Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones not gonna continue to suffer eight win seasons in out of the playoffs. The first round trust me on this one. This Jason Garrett. He knows it. That's all the coaches are on one year contracts. There's been no extensions offered anyone. Is there anybody good in the NFC east. Look like they're diets for sure. Giants are not good. The eagles are under five hundred at five hundred Cowboys. Goodbye. Hundreds there pieces here I go again. I don't know what Washington is. They are. They don't look very good. They'd beat Arizona another that they haven't look. They beat Green Bay. The week before I took him out of the power rankings, go and be Green Bay. So it's like what type of team, Alex Smith is a good quarterback or they guess that's definitely true. Only because of. They go the way Adrian Peterson goals. Apparently if he has a good game, that means your team right. Baiters carrying trade it for Levy Levy. What that me too late running game, Tennessee, titans, win in overtime, twenty six to twenty three. And there's another NFC east. We're talking about the eagles the Super Bowl champs to and to the got Carson Wentz back and they looked a little bit better week ago. Not as good this week and it just it feels like it. We see it over and over again, the Super Bowl hangover, no, you kind do. I don't know. Philadelphia was doing. They wanted to marry, oh, to beat them at the end of the game. But the Tennessee titans are well coach, football variables, a good football coach. He loves the game. He's he played the game. He comes from whatever you wanna call it that Bella check kind of tree, but not really dying connected directly to Bella check because he'd never coach Bela checking play form. But he also coached in Houston Romeo Cornell. So it's kind of he has some of those same traits. So I look for Tennessee to beat all the way to the finish Tennessee, three one or the good. I mean it one team in division. As gorge. Only played a division though I understand him a whole point. Is there in the in a division, it's very winnable, easy, nine and seven Linden villes in that division, but Blake Bortles Linda for net for nets heart right now. And then Blake Bortles quarterback. That's not saying whole lot. The other teams in that division, the Texans and the colts the colts go for it on fourth down in overtime. It ends up biting. They give the ball back to the Houston Texans at their first one of the season, thirty seven to thirty four. You like the decision of Frank to go for the decision for him to go. To play a tie in do what not lose. I mean I'm with you, but the argument is that is been in your on your side of the field. You've got to still get another thirty thirty five forty yards to kick a field goal, and it was fourth and sore putting down to the one and hope that he fumbles it. I mean, what? What? What are you gonna do Texans play right. Yeah. What are you gonna? Do it turns into Texas show what's good it's going to be into, but but it's gonna be interesting division because if they could somehow start to win, he's going to get more comfortable. Remember he he's coming up so he's going to get more comfortable at playing quarterback position, national football in can be one of those eight, nine, seven sneaky, win type team. Are you shocked the Houston, Texas with the great JJ watt, JJ styles in years old? Yeah. Her most points in their division. No, no. Not thought that was the calling carpet team gave what sixty three right here in SPN LA starring in Ireland will be on at eleven, so they're coming on our early. And then after the dodgers win the National League West champs, they spray some champagne. They get ready to host the Braves, the Sodano show post game that is coming up today. If you're there and you see me and we're winning, you can come and take pictures. But if you lose by leaving alone, Trojan NA, win. You could come up and see me the Trojans they won on Saturday, but key or you still worried plus LeBron was in a Laker uniform last night. How did he look? We'll do it. Next. This is vista paint. Trojan recap. Vista paint for over sixty years. Vista paint has been serving both the consumer and professional paint industry with quality vista and Benjamin Moore products to find paints near you, visit vistaprint dot com. Key. It looked like they're gonna have a laugher. It looked like seventeen enough in at the half. It looked like he was gonna finally have that game. They like, okay, cool. Put it on. Don't worry about it. Put it all together. They're gonna win the game, a few touchdowns and everybody can okay. Here we go and it looked like we were headed that way. Then you look at the end of the game twenty four to twenty. The Trojans give thirteen points in the fourth quarter and beat an Zona team that sent. Okay. But what felt like a moment to kind of take a deep breath and relax sudden turned into another Ottoman? We're gonna win. This started make mistakes. They started doing things as you would say, uncharacteristic of football team coached by somebody. But in other words. See the penalties. You see the things that they were doing. It didn't make any sense. I mean, they gave up Khalil Tate was injured, the quarterback for Zona had ankle injury. But if he was healthy, we lose that football game, we, we lose that game if that young man's healthy just based on the way that we were playing. I got a lot of running game. You certainly could see this particular game plan for me had Klay helton's footprint all over it. I mean, it did because if you go back to when clay Hilton took over. As the interim head coach, the style of play was aggressive running the football got back to what USC is known for and what we do. We had a deep rotation running back why not use them. So we did that. We took the football out of JT dang hands at times and we allowed the running game and kinda take over this football game where had twenty one carries one hundred seventy three yards in a couple of touchdowns. You and I are both big Stephen Carr fans. He had a nice game as well. He had eighty some odd yards, but you mentioned a key. The problem with this game for the Trojans with eighteen penalty eighteen. I mean that's just bananas keeping Dr h drives eighteen penalties humming yards hundred sixty nine so hundred sixty nine. Yours. That's ten points. One hundred points is a touch now and if you just basically cut it in half, whatever. That's feel though ten points that's a ten point swing based on those penalties in the yard. That was game. Based on those penalties. They are on a two game win streak, raise your hand. If it feels like they won either one of those. I was gonna say, you win a couple of games in a row, and it doesn't feel like, okay, we're back. It still feels like him and we're still doing this. It's still feels like they're not a good team. It feels like a team that's winning some games, but underachieving. Feel to me feels as if you should not if you are, they with a capital t. you can chew key. If I'm listening, they look at the season. They should not be considering these winds as pluses. Always you make them with their win. We'll give them back if you get one of those over course of dominance season fine. Every great team has a scare has a scare. This isn't a scare. This is us to use the NBC show title and you have to ask yourself, are you? Are you satisfied with this? Is it me? Yeah. Is because you shouldn't be a miracle field goal being blocked to be watching the state a second-half that you wanna Tony forget against Zona the way there. Notre Dame just played on Saturday. They put it on Stanford on, put it on us, right. So I'm sitting here going. I'm looking at least four long. We have this game that aren't really wins. We have this week off. It's a buy, and then we get a three-game strips that I think is tough because we'll play Colorado, which is smoking hot, right? Never lost beat down UCLA on Friday. Yeah, what's going on with their fear on? That's right. No, Denver place tonight. Nobody nuggets. Denver one then Iraqis they're, they're grooving Colorado. Now, water Colorado buffs. We played him a two weeks from now. Then we got after that we go to Utah. That was a nail biter against Washington state on Saturday. And then as you ASU in the hot hermit which comes to town here, here's the thing. SE has played. They've played three good teams are excuse me to good teams. They lost both of them. Okay. They played five games to good teams in those five there. Oh and two. In those games, the three games that they have one against UNLV whose dreadful against Washington state who's okay. For one you have AirAsia who's two and three, but this is a team that is exactly what my greatest fear for USC football is you're going to beat the second half of the pack twelve. You're going to struggle at the top half of the Pac twelve, and you're not going to be anybody outside of your conference. It's worth a day onto the tube. Oh, this is this is where this team should never be not as see what I just described. Good against the bottom, half bad against the top half in dopey anybody outside. That's what Utah supposed to do. That's what Colorado can do. Occasionally, that's UCLA before Mula right there. The Trojans should be competitive against everybody, and they should be beating good teams outside of the league. They still haven't done it. And even the wins that they do have inside of the conference, the kind of lukewarm. You know so crazy. After that we we have to go to Oregon state. We have to go up to Oregon state and play, and they might be the worst in the country and they might be one of their okay, that back in two hundred twenty six points, four games. Dreadful worst team in the country, but there they're, they're team that's built rebuilding a new coaching staff, rebuilding why I say, we got to go up to orchestrate because we struggled up there. Yeah, we'll look up. It'd be eight o'clock game at night. Just that happens and then we're coming off Arizona state potential ill after Utah, potential ill. I don't think Colorado will be this at home. I just I don't think that home Colorado, they good, but I don't know that they, I don't know that they play well on the road against teams. Let's say that they've got their two losses already. Let's say Notre Dame getcha. Let's say that one of these other games that trip up on somewhere along the line. That's four. This anybody is anybody racing to go back and do this again in two thousand nineteen. If you're coming off a four loss, what does that Notre Dame game? Look? Like? Let's say, okay, you're going to see it looked a certain way. Say lose by thirteen close, but it's not like it was last year where it was a joke, but you lose and you're not really in the game, get smacked. You lose the game by ten points. Thirteen points. Yeah, my show hate to fire them. Which man the head coach right now you set up the team, Martin dismissal, win. The happens may give you cooking for one more season depending upon how office Kentucky, restructure, your staff, do all of those sorts of things. So funny as I had told my restructure the staff, I was at the sports boy, obviously, yes, they watch the gains until sitting next to you sodas, avocado toast avocado toes. How good Elsie, but that's a g. Mcardle toes. What if you had a sports bar basically ten o'clock in the morning to seven o'clock at night. You're not going to sit eat wings every three hours yourself. With fried wings. Pasco up in there, but there's. Avocado. And he's talking this guy, whatever you were talking about the game. He tells me goes in at the tight Jensen's plan. He called Sam Donaldson state school state school for what he goes because stayed in school. We wouldn't have JT day. He would be the starting quarterback and we wouldn't be in this situation. I said, so he's supposed to pass thirty billion dollars to help the university out to help play out again in the two JT Daniels. That's a real smart movie. You told me you went to USC. Klay business. I'm sure you went to the right US. Describe to me as a disaster Sam darnold already did Klay Hilton favor and got him that job in the sense that if they don't beat Penn State in that game, I don't even think we're having a conversation right now because that really is the only game that they've won that you can point at against a really good team that they went to Washington. He Washington Sam, darnold, Sam, darnold, quarterback, try. I understand, but he's the third pick in the draft. He's he's not just a good quarterback and he's not just a good SE quarterback. He was the third pick in the draft, arguably could have been the first pick in the drought. He's that good of a player should have been incomplete. No kidding. And then you look at what has been against Notre Dame against Texas, Alabama, against Alabama, against Ohio State against these teams. They're absolutely nowhere. They're nowhere and beating Arizona on on a Saturday night. Okay. Beating Washington state with a block field at the end. All right, but those the doesn't play in that pool there in the pool where you're being Bama, how? Yeah. So we, we ain't interesting. My buddy who's a friend of mine of is because he's my buddy. Well. Actually. Three hours now. We were talking about, I kinda put in our program and the players that we acquire recruit. We recruit the same players as Alabama, Ohio, State Clinton, all we recruit the same guy. We battled him for a lot of these guys was recruited by Alabama down to wire, you know, some of these other guys recruited by these teens. It is like, so what happens like? What's the process the question by who's coaching of bats, the question that because those guys that go to Alabama, those guys that go to Ohio State those guys that go to Clemson, we won't exist. They go there and Clemson might lose a game a year. Ohio State might lose a game a year. Alabama might lose a game of your SE. We're sitting here talking about, well, they're only gonna lose three, maybe four, see what are we doing. What you're doing, you're doing exactly, right. I've said what, though, mediocrity, mediocrity, I've said it wants. I hadn't said a thousand times before we've been having the same conversation particularly about the offense of USC for three seasons. Now we come in. Who's gonna play calling key by going out like that. I didn't like this here. Give the ball to this guy. It's as clear visit every season. We're saying the same thing about the decisions that are being made, particularly on the offensive side of the ball, and I just ask myself at which point to you, say enough's enough. We'll see. I also thought that the defense would be a whole lot better more detail, consistent guy in the secondary. Obviously, biggie Marshall who's played significantly better than his first three years when he first got to the program, he's a whole lot better now than he was three years ago, not the holding. 'cause you don't see all the holding calls the PI's would him anymore. I mean, he actually is out there looking like he wants to become a professional football player when you thought you were getting thought. I would get more out of the defense align of thought. I would get more out of the linebacking corps in has really the defenses done. Okay. But they haven't lived up to what I thought. When you know we came into the season, it would all his veteran leadership on the front seven, you figure, okay. We're going to be a really good defense stout defence. It hasn't worked out that way. You listen to Caspian in Los Angeles. You are less case in Los Angeles. Before we go to the Lakers key is the talent at SE as good as it's been historically right now? Yes. Okay. So exactly. And that's the writing anybody. Anybody would tell you don't have any town. They winning and that's where we are. If the talent is still the same and you're losing three or four games a season. Then the question is, why is the talent now winning games, three of them running backs making it went to any school in the country off three of LeBron James and the Lakers were in San Diego last night, taking on the nuggets season opener and LeBron's first bucket as a Laker closing passed on to Ingram for the easy. Down with not in. With this triple a Laker. So he knocks down at three of those year time on not just the fact that he knocked down to three. First bucket is a Laker, but you like how it shook out that there was a miss a rebound they found the Braun boat, it's it's what you thought this was going to look like when the when the town was being assembled, that rebound was was done by Rondo. One of the best rebounding guards to mean the history of the games, especially when you consider pound for pound is heightened. Things of that nature finds a wide LeBron James who casually steps into an open three casualty steps into an open three. And you know what that means. He was open, which means a point guard found the brunt James for an easy book. What was the last time? We said that last time said Mario Chalmers talking about sometimes when you know there's a, there's a still on one side in broken play, get an open shot, but that was a half court set. And Rondo phone for wide open three. I think nothing will also get healthy. He'll be able to do the same things because he too is one of the better point gore rebounding Kesslers in all of the NBA so for not in history because he gonna. But but what he showed us as as a rookie is he can be consistent getting to the boards in create some havoc underneath the expectations for the Lakers are going to be through the roof. I know that the magic and LeBron and Luke and everybody is trying to temper that enthusiasm a little bit with the sense. Look, there's a two year plan that we understand that magic. When you did your interview with him. He said, we're back right now, but we're going to be back back back in two years. I got was thirty million to go out and spend and try to figure out what they're going to do. I think that if you take the emotion out of it, sure, you see him on the court last night. You see how it looks you see how guys are getting open, looks your c, o guys are able to get LeBron a look like you're. Talking about you see how the ball moves you see what Ingram looks like in coups and even a guy like Lance Stevenson, all of these besides it's hard not to get excited and lose track of the two year plan and start thinking, how could it be? Could they be the two seed three seed? Because when you see LeBron you just automatically assume that everything else is going to click into wanna championship, right? I still would like to see make a run at Jimmy this season. I still want to me to me though. Jimmy, Jackson price, some buckets pointing decent buckets, but Jimmy Butler. I was still just kick the tires and see what they want. If they're asking for one of our horses, then no, no go. But if they're women to take one of our ponies, but you know, have any ponies that they'd be willing to take. We never know never know the situations. Side of Khalil Mack for some jelly beans, man. Until Johnny boy coaches the Tim. What else do you have but you can offer up? Yes, Bogner be. Knows they wanted that draft it that well, the idea what's after Jimmy Flynn, Johnny Flynn. The only thing they can do is say, no, right? The only we're good. Okay. If they say, yeah, you can have Jimmy, just Brandon. And when we say. But if you say Josh heart and then you wait and they still alive, you go mauve and they still alive and you go NS it and you say, okay, done then. All right. What about dick pic? Yes, yes. Gotta buttercup. Yes. No, I think would Jimmy Butler now is better than anybody. You're gonna draft? Yes, that that's what the Rams did with frantic cooks, whatever you're going to draft at twenty three. He wasn't. He wasn't good at Brandin cooks. Yeah, so so you definitely just give phone call, kick the tires. And I'm not sure if they're not kicking tires to see what they can do because what you don't want, if you can avoid it is not maximize year. One of the brand here can avoid ears. Luke Walton talking about how everybody needs to figure out how to play with everyone else, but we gotta learn each other's strengths and weaknesses, and then we got to figure all those things that we want to be a physical defensive team, but we obviously can't be physical defense team fouls game. So this all takes time we knew we knew it. We know that it does. So we're, we're, we're flying. And now we have some tape. We can look at break down and really get back to work the more all the pieces that they went out and got seem to fit together pretty well. Last night, we'll see. We'll see. You know, it's too early. I will say this though, in case my boys listening, I'm Josh heart fan. It's going to hurt, but you gotta give up something to get a player of Jimmy Butler celebrate. And the simple fact that I mean insane, Josh, heartless, see what they say. It's because I think so highly of Josh heart and we end up keeping Josh. I'm good with that too because I think he's gonna be efficient, two point. Oh, anyway, he's really good. He's really good. He's it's not just okay. You know he's better than you thought is be you got a good pick at that spot in the draft. It's not that he's good. It was. He was drafted to low and we got another steel. That's what that is. It's got two steals last year Kouzmin heart where they got those guys and you never mind Lonzo too. You know. I still think he's going to be really, really good, but you got to other guys. Coups is really, really good. Josh Hart is good. And then you start to see how those pieces look with LeBron like we got to see last night. You look at the way that Brandon Ingram looked with LeBron turnaround jumper advice. Tim foot was about ten foot, eleven foot turnaround. Go to fate little fade. I was watching Mamba any loan to. He's still skinny though. Man. The rent's due. Ingham six, six, nine, six, ten. Seven, seven one. He's grown. He was nineteen when he came into the late two. He was another one of those guys. It was incredibly young and look, the little hook shot though something he needs a little because I don't think he takes full advantage of his length yet. Not yet there. Wash your shots anymore. Floater who's most got that little hook that he throws up. They're gonna have hooking the mind. Yeah, yes. I floated a hook is like the cat sky, not all the way down here. About the same what you talking about the length that Brandon Ingram brings and you guys remember last year that I want to say it was against Golden State where he went toe to toe bucket for bucket with Kevin Durant. And I remember we're doing the postgame show that night, and I remember looking at Twitter and it was CJ McCollum was obviously watching the game wherever he was in said, oh, Kevin, I should say Brandon Ingram. We got a problem, like all of a sudden he realized those tools and it didn't happen as often, but you figure the longer he's around the more. And again, this is where LeBron comes into play being with LeBron being around that, the opportunities that come with that, the easy buckets that come with that, I think he's gonna figure it out. Yes, yes. And this is one of the reasons why I always felt that when we go back in time and we look at the careers of Kevin love and Andrew Wiggins, and that transition happen in Cleveland, I firmly believe and it'd be nothing to say to me, change my mind that if they kept Andrew Wiggins, he would've. Much better than what happened to him with any price to championship price still championship, except now they have a young player who's been grew LeBron knows that play to way. And as I'm selfish, instead of what happens is you now, I mean it what Brin Ingram gives to be the beneficiary of this in terms of getting assets for the future, a player for the future to leykis can do one or two things. They can try to acquire somebody at the before the trade deadline, if it makes sense depending on what you give up or you just wait to roll into the summertime and re re boot for twenty nine thousand nine. When you know there's a better chance that you can get what you're looking for without giving up major pieces because I don't think they're going to part ways with any of the big young three ball coups are Ingram, maybe heart and some other people. They may decide to say, we're not going. We're not gonna may not give it up for that. So you wasted your phone call. Are you talking about on limited minutes. You got that plan. Okay, I you guys could talk me off of this because I haven't. I just kind of popped into my head. Is you talk you off the ledge? No me. This this is I'm not sure you you decide is this the most talented team that LeBron has been on since Miami as far as just pure talent and what it might be that kyri was the best player that he's played with that maybe other Dwayne Wade. But other than that, you look around Rondo is incredibly talented player. Then you look at Ingram and coups and ball, and just talent wise. Is this the most talented team that LeBron's been on since his time in Miami is certainly the most athletic team for sure. You know, when you go back and look at his early days in Cleveland, when he's trying to make a happy with gossip is playing center and his feet slug up and down Lord, he's had moments in which he's had like Jeff green last year was really athletic guy. So he had athletic guy. Larry Nance junior, join them athletic here, athletic therapy, but the combination of skill set athleticism. You're right top to bottom land. Stevens is still a hell of an athlete. Oh, he'll bang on you. And when you have. We have that level of Chris's face should just go try. Let's go don't. Wait too, talking basketball, basketball. All right. Okay. So talent. When you look at the town from top to bottom interns, athleticism and skill set. I hesitate to say the most talented because if you don't put it all together and one was that a matter than that, too is part of bands is in a waiter. But what I would say is it is the most. It is the youngest of talent that he's been around in his career. His the youngest talent has been assembled in one spot that he's been around and he's going into your sixteen to that young talent is gonna get to do a whole bunch of things.

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How Humor Can Help Us Cope with Mike Lebec

PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

48:24 min | 1 year ago

How Humor Can Help Us Cope with Mike Lebec

"The PT Pike cast is a podcast that saves physical therapists from missing out on amazing insight, remarkable ideas and motivational stories. Follow US online at podcast and subscribe on Itunes spotify or Google podcasts. Yours. You Love Ya. It's awesome. We are excited. We're back again, WOW! Thinking this irregular occurrence, hello, welcome to PT. Pine cast a podcast that saves physical therapists for missing out on amazing insight, remarkable ideas and motivational stories here in the world of physical therapy I'm your host slash well, bartender, also a physical therapist, Jim, McKay welcome to the show were excited. You guys are here great show for you tonight. Great Show ING guests. We gotta talk about the last time. This guy was on the show it. It seems like it was just a little while ago for me, but I had to look in the art, the ear caves and see what actually was, so we'll. We'll spill the beans Michael Beck. Beck from northern Arizona, the Zona University is here. The PTA program to be talking to him. We do want to do some housekeeping which is make sure you subscribe I tunes. spotify Google podcasts make sure subscribe again when that word subscribe comes up. It doesn't cost you anything it just click button and then every time we have a new episode and they're completely free you whenever we have one year notified immediately subscribed for the podcast I tunes, spotify Google podcasts, and now if you're watching on facebook or twitter, the video we're also dropping these these video episodes on Youtube. facebook video and broadcast via periscope on twitter. At Pt podcast and all of those platforms, so we also want to hear from you either live, or if you're watching or listening to the replay, drop your comment in below any questions for the guest, either during the live show or in the replay we'll get to those two so drop your comments and questions emplo many. Let us know where you're at. It's really really unique when we find out where this show actually gets to. We're we're. We're constantly excited show. One hundred and sixty, one hundred seventy two different countries. Can't name one hundred seventy two different countries. I've no idea how it got there, but we're always really really excited. When we see people from around the world, so drop where you're located in the comments below. Make sure to say what's up to you guys, so let's get to the the good stuff right here. Shut my Yapper Jimmy, get to the good stuff and bring in our guests guest today, professor who teaches at the northern Arizona University PC program. Known for his unique approaches to Picchi education, and he sheer here to share his talents with US ladies and gentlemen. Let's bring him in Michalak Beck. Mike Welcome to the show my friends. It's good to be back although last time I think we were in Miami and we were in the same location. You know what I had to do. The research we've had mike before I remember we recorded the episode in a Bar For me. Just kind of blur into the background because conferences can be a little bit like a blurred, and they'll kind of look similar, but yes, you're right twenty sixteen. This was episode one hundred sixteen is where you can check Mike and Mike. We stopped counting now. I don't even know what episode this because we're over five hundred probably over six hundred by now and. That was the student conclave in Miami. That was a fun time. That was a good. That's a good. Event in Miami that was those great I got a really. Fun Time over all we kind of made it an extra couple of days, and some family and everything on the life came, enjoy me, but but I was just amazed at the students. How Energy the energy they had and. Did a presentation. It was very well attended and I I agree time. Yeah yeah all right well. We don't want to forget this first question. The first thing we do is the first round, and that's from our friends at Owens recovery signs. We'll see if I can get this on. Mike's Johnny owns cow. Kimber will appreciate that there we go. We got that. And what are we drinking? A first round of course brought to you by Owens recovery science single source for PT's looking for certification and personalized blood flow restriction. Restriction Rehabilitation Training and the equipment. You need to apply it properly in your clinical practice. Find out more they're starting to do. Some of their classes online again things started to open up and they're doing it safely one day course, get certified for this Owens Recovery Science Dot Com. That's cool locations like Denver like Orleans Accent Yego. I saw. They are coming out east as well. Long Island in falls. Church so checkout owens reset recovery science dot Com. I am drinking. This is from my home. State of New York, the North Way. Brewing Company. Check this near. Nira Lake George the sunrise session. Ip a is what I'm drinking today. Mike what he got. Will. Just on water, because it's still only about two fifteen here in Arizona. Probably start a little too early these days. Anyway, so so I figure, if I can put it off a few hours. That's probably a good thing. Smart Man. We say it's five o'clock somewhere except that not there. So, let's talk about this We mentioned in your intro educator northern. Arizona University in the PC program. DPT. Going Online We talked about this yesterday with one of my professors at Marymount University in the pivot loved to hear about different experiences with different places are doing Jason Craig when my professors yesterday talking about Baylor University releasing releasing a lot of information how they did it just giving that information to profession. let's talk about some online education. Best Practices. One we know things are here to stay either all or in part in terms of online, you should have best practices. Talk about your experience and educator at Northern Arizona. Yes, so. I've been interested in the hybrid stuff for a while and. You know so we have done some research and getting involved with some of the hybrid program. See how they're doing things and I realize there's some valuable things that they do that are maybe more effective than what you do in the classroom. Sometimes so so I've been implementing some of those things all along and having students video record each other doing manual techniques, and they upload them the learning management system, and so they all. There's a lot that goes on there. They have to kind of interact while they're doing it. One will say hey I think. We learned it this way, so so they're learning from. From each other in watching themselves and they get that feedback. If you ever watch yourself, you can find a thousand things that you WANNA do differently right, and then, and then we give them feedback on life from it, and that's in addition to some of the live stuff, so that's something we've been doing for a long time and prerecorded lectures, and those kinds of things, but you know I mean really done engagement. You know I like what with some of the group of the programs that they have started and they they talk about in online doesn't just mean shrink it and Lincoln. Boil it down and then patch it into the inter-web and expect it ought to be something good. You gotta come up with something unique. You got engaged the students during the class time so I use polling systems. We Stop Every fifteen twenty minutes. And what do you think about this you know? What are the answers to some of the things we talk about or just you know where we would do this. Yeah interactivities what you'd get in a classroom. How can you take that thing that you know works? And you mentioned? It's about engagement. Asking people, a question and saying all right for the audience. What do you think that's very engaging? All of a sudden the audience goes from. Receive only mode to. Oh, I'm expected to participate. I'm supposed to be active. And it turns them from This this passive consumer into. An active participant in the discussion and you know I just leading a discussion. Everything's resume these days. I always say in the memo who started the corona virus and they have the Scooby Doo gang, unmasking and zoom zoom. But everybody's using it or something like it, but the zoom chat is I find really nice. Just throw a question and you'll get you know if yes, question, class, you get one person or two people that may be respond for everybody and half the class. Zoom chats so they all have to think about it and they all have to put it out there so that's been kind of a cool thing that. Gets them a little bit more involved as well the other thing Oklahoma I'm say what talking about that you're saying. In your. You know, and you're right I. Mean I've been in classes, and I'm a pretty outgoing guy in class, not in class when I shouldn't be when I should be quiet, but You're right, even myself like if I'm if I'm GonNa Class Environment at and I'm going to answer, and I'm not one hundred percent. Sure that's that's of taking a risk Whereas maybe it's a little safer. Maybe it feels a little safer. Safer there's gotta be a reason behind it. Why is it easier I? Don't know I mean we get to kind of hide behind this camera in this keyboard a little bit, and if I'm wrong in class, if I'm live kind of Ood, risk kind of looked at me like You really miss the more. He was so off, but a keyboard. Maybe that's maybe that's a key or something that helps the interactivity. Two reasons why students don't respond in class like that and I one is exactly what you said. They're afraid to be wrong. And the second one is because they haven't had enough time to think about. In the online environment, everything kind of slows down. It's accepted that there's going to be positive. I say Okay I'll give you ten seconds to respond. Typing. Craft your response and. I'll say I'm going to have you answer this in about thirty seconds, and and for that reason even some of my students have said that's that's why they're getting more interactively. Yeah I'll do that too And I took this note from from Tim. Ferriss, who's got a bunch of books podcasts, guys just a really cool i. don't even what you call them thinker. He's a really. He's a deep thinker and I I learned from him I former morning radio deejays name is Jim Bone, great interviewer and he would he would what he would do was. He would tip his cards as to what a question was going to be. But if it required a few seconds of introspective thought, it was gonna be a good answer we you didn't want to put that person the spots. He's like I'm GonNa ask this and he'd asked the question. What was what was the you know, the the most the most amazing experience you ever had when you were scared and I'll give you an example. And then he'd tell a story about that himself and his personal life, and it set the the guest up for okay. I see what type icing that you've given me example now so you by tipping your hand? I'm going to ask you this and I'm GONNA WANNA response thirty seconds. It lets them know switch this on I've got to interact but I've got some time to collect my thoughts because you don't want to answer, you want them to think and give an answer. You know even live classes I will. Hold pair share idea. Okay, the partner and talk about this and you know the whole. The whole point of that is to get them to think about it and run their ideas by somebody else, and then they feel more confident coming out with it and the way a phrase, the question on time say okay. What did you talk about I? Don't care what you. The right answer is I want to know what you thought and discussed, and that also puts it in a frame where they're not maybe as afraid to be wrong, or here's the discussion we had about. Learning learning definitely occurs. When you're wrong, but for some reason we want to risk being wrong. You know like we don't WanNa. Do it because we want. We want to head this perfection, but we know this right the only way you know how to ride a bike is you gotta skin a couple of days. You've got a crash, but it's amazing, even if you level even as as me as second career guy sitting there I was feeling the same thing and I wasn't as apt always unless I was kind of sure I knew that answer. It's taken years even just teaching as junior faculty member. I didn't want somebody coming in watching my class. Because Oh maybe I, said something wrong and I think finally to the point where I don't really care about that much because I'm gonNA learn stuff from it, but you know it just takes takes a Lotta time a lot of psychology depending in their. Sea mentioned not just not just recording something and uploading it. It's gotta be this different. Prevention Jason Craig on the show yesterday talking about something very similar. Now as you know how you design, your slides needs to be different because Mike. If I were to turn your. If you're watching a live stream if I were to turn you into the same size slide that'd be really hard to read and get. Get fatigued after three or four slides and I'm probably just stopped watching them. You GotTa know your interface. You've gotTA. Know How big your virtual whiteboard is going to be. I'm sure that's one thing that you've tackled in a you. In terms of getting comfortable with whole this whole thing technology. Yeah, definitely I mean you know there's a concept called cognitive overload cognitive load. Is You know there's certain things that? Cognitive load and basically the mental resources that you have to use when to learn something, and some of it's just related to the topic like physics for me as hard Some of it has to do with the work that your mind has to do doing problems in physics, and we don't have as much control over that, but we do have control over the part where it's organized, right, we present it, and so that's the other thing so I had a very interesting experience this year, too, because not only have I get thrown into the online world. In physical therapy, but we're building a house, and that takes money so I took a second job, teaching, anatomy and physiology, the local community college at night, and so not only was I teaching something I'd never taught before the physiology of the eye, and and those types of things, but then I got thrown on line two and the old group students, and so you know hyper organization is the point that I'm trying to get back to you know all of sudden. You get hundred emails saying Dr. Lubeck I can't find the Blah Blah Blah and You know that's because I didn't check one box that makes it available, or or whatever it is so double triple. Quadruple checking everything to make sure it's all lined up. And even some her on teaching the same thing only it's completely a synchronous thing. We don't have any live meetings because that's the way it's written in the catalog, and that's one of the first times I've done that. And their first couple of weeks. I was pulled my hair. Because I'm getting one hundred emails. Saying this says that there's any questions, but there's eighth where the missing too, and it's just somebody. so. Lots of lots of double check in there. Yeah, it's. You get real time feedback in a classroom, which is which which can be good, or it can be bad. This is neither good nor bad. It just is, and you know you mentioned when you're getting that. At as synchronous feedback in terms of Mike Forget to click one box next thing in one hundred emails come in his way, and he's got to deal with that getting getting comfortable with your with your mediums the professors at Marymount University, when I was a student I was G. A., and I them used some of the resources you know, bring down the screens and putting. Putting slides on TV screens around the room. Will you WANNA make sure you're comfortable with that? You don't want to do the old I mean. Everybody's of course familiar now with your muted. You're still muted now. You're still muted or I'm going to share. My screen is sharing now is sharing, is it's you know you wanna be super comfortable with that? So when you know that you're doing it like if I were just going to say you know what I'm. GonNa go full screen right now. Boom I'm full screen. We can do that. I'll slip right back, but you want to make sure you're comfortable with the senior using because you don't want the US. You're paying attention to that. You want the US. You're paying attention to thing that you're talking about. And, you probably have a lot of experience doing that. One little button and all of a sudden you're looking at the back of somebody's year or something like yeah, your radio in radio kids. We used to use these things called compact discs. They used to call them but US typically had three CD players in a radio student. You were playing one CD player play number one. You had number. Two stacked up and number three was your crap deck. That was a song that was just lined up. In case, something went wrong with number one and number two, but you pop the CD out and. And it came out a little case, and if you playing CD player number one and you popped out CD player number one. You went off the air. You were dead. You did that one time in your radio career. Because the shot of adrenaline that you realize you pump the radio station off the air completely so getting used to your technology is good. But it definitely leaves an impression. When you do something horribly bad, you'll never make that mistake will hopefully never make that mistake twice well. Do you want better? When I was a DJ college, we still had cassette tapes that we get and I. Mean they probably do vinyl again now? Because it's always been cooler again, but we have vinyl cassette tapes, and you know you played it to the first time you hear the song, and then you took the pencil, and you turn it half attorney and then put that ready to go yeah. Yeah, you gotTA. Make sure you're comfortable with that, and then you can do that after a while. This new thing and we're talking about. Even you know learning in neuro in terms of that thing that you is so difficult, the first couple of times and then it gets easier next thing you know. You're not even thinking about it. That's when you can learn other tasks. But utilizing that technology deputy online education best practices. Before, we move on topics at any really great positive things come out of this. You're talking about insight and going to a more hybrid, but. You know a shadowed. How your students at any you have adapted to that you will. Absolutely, and. You can't say more about how supportive they were and I think that's direct response from how you go back to them. I mean I I thing when this happened. I sent him out messages. Saying don't worry. We're going to be got this and we're GonNa make it work and I wasn't sure that was true, but they need to hear that, but they were very appreciative of it, and the with themselves out there they weren't afraid to turn their Mike on once in a while and. You Know I. do think they were some of them were a little more engaged than they have been just because they had to be and just one last best practice thing is you know when we're talking about a synchronous and being online and how students do things by themselves. I think it's really important to create some video messages of your so rather than typing everything out on email record a little video of yourself saying. Hey, we're. This is what we're. GonNa do this week and here's the different things because it gives you that human touch will move back to my dissertation a million years ago. That was on the distance learning. They call it back then. The reason that students didn't engage in particular project I did was because they did not feel accountable to person a felt they were working with the computer, and they were doing everything online, but there was nobody there to to say. Hey, maybe I should do this. Just seeing a face and hearing the words once in a while makes them connect a little bit more. Yeah, that's a good point is. Is. Use Use the medium that you're going to be using to send them a message about the thing that you're going to send them. It's it's. It's bringing that human into it. I'm not sure if you use this, but there is an extension you can download from from a company called with Sta and the APP. It's a free APP. It's called soap box and it will let you just that which is literally turn your. There's no downloading. There's no like programs like you know. Hit a bunch of settings you download it onto a to chrome, and it lets you do a video message interleaving. Let you share your screen or share one slide or something like that, so if you wanNA, just put hey welcome to the class, and unless you just Kinda, sit here and say. Hey. You know excited to have you guys start tomorrow. I'm Dr. Beck here's what's GonNa. Happen. We'll see later and then boom. It automatically turns into a file and it can go out, so that's called. Soapbox from a company called. which is a pretty good online online technology companies, so that's pretty cool. Down right down. Everybody want to say thanks to our friends at the Academy of Orthopedic. Physical, therapy those guys, the leaders in Orthopedic PT Ortho P., T. Dot, org which just had an opportunity to give away some of these cosies Mike I'll get you a cousy academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy they've got all sorts of online learning modules. They've been doing this for a while. We just gave away an opportunity to some of our listeners to win current concepts of orthopedic physical therapy. Gross, yes, prep, course you can grab that right now and they've got one for all the major major body section, so you WanNa. Do A hip. Hip Knee Ankle got it everything. So why not learn from the people who are leaders? North orthopedics physical therapy. Check them out online at Ortho PT. Dot Org the reason we talked in Miami was. You're doing a presentation and think about this Mike in Twenty sixteen. This thing was to the point where students could not wrap their heads around physical therapists in the emergency. Department now was twenty sixteen. We're twenty twenty now, and we're getting amazing. Stories of successes and research data in how effective physical therapists are in the emergency department. That's gotTA. Be Great. You were there speaking about in two thousand sixteen, but that's kind of feel really good. It has really grown in the last few years. It Really Hasn. We have a database that we keep track of all the programs that we know of. And of course there's a bunch out there. We don't know of and I probably get off three to a half a dozen emails every month from people who were doing it, and why do something different or trying to do something more with it, and really it is because of a lot of those grassroots types of things some student. Student hears about it or you know when I used to do talks, it was bowing. If people heard about this before you know maybe a few or half, and now most of them have, and it's those kind of the students in the young ones are the ones that are really more likely to get out of their box and go do this anyway. Do something different, so it's been very very cool, so you mentioned some of those databases and resources let's. Let's throw some out there. And make sure if anybody's interested, they know where to find like where where would you send in an inquisitive therapist or student or therapist assistant? Where would you want them to go? Yeah, so so the there's a facebook group. For emergency physical therapy and they they just kind of change, the name to emergency physical therapy to encompass a little bit more than just emergency department, physical therapy, which can include disaster, relief and work in Orlando Land of things. You do differently an urgent care. All of that type stuff so so that's probably the place where there's the most communication going on, we set up A. A list serve years ago and it doesn't get a lot of traffic now. Just because social media is just a way to do it, so so you requesting searching for in asking to join the facebook group I think is probably the best thing to get started. and I love to be a resource about this type of stuff, so you know I get the emails and I'll. I'll send people, so we have the database on the list. Serve itself, and so people can just it's an open resod database where they can look at that and see that, but the thing that well. Let's talk about some other research a tap. We always used to say oh. We don't really have any great outcomes yet. It shows a EDP. T makes people better faster. That's. That's changing so guy that I've worked with Dr Howard. Can I think he's in Chicago? He's working with some TT's there and they are getting some good outcomes about patients with back pain, and then we have Keith Roper is a guy in Utah and he's been working with Julie Fritz. They just got some really good outcomes about decreasing length of stay and and other perforated. Peripheral the peripheral outcomes about that they're true patient outcomes, and then one of our former students Ben Bachelor. I think he is in Colorado Springs now, and they did a study to show that PT EDNA PT in the significantly reduced the number of admissions to the hospital, and that's a a boon right there because emissions are tens of thousands of dollars and so even. Even just a few, so we really do so. Those those articles I think are something that people can start with. Yeah, we also were dropping the links to the The EDP facebook group in the other comments below, so you can just click that. I also included an episode we did with physical therapists named Navy Shan. who had just as great like? Anecdotal story about wow it. He was in the right place at the right time, and asked the right questions, and I had to have him on. Even if we were just going to talk about it for ten minutes because I was like listen, this thing needs to spread. This is a great example of a physical therapist asking the right thing at the right time in the. The right place and that place was in the, and that was a really really amazing story. Check out that episode which we dropped last year from need great great story, and Aviv was a student at any youth program down in Phoenix, and so he you know. He talked to me when he was getting involved in starting the program and I, encouraged him for the same case. To submit a poster to CSM, and he presented that as well. Yeah, so we we need the right that up as an article Montana. has done a great job. Yeah, it was it was a good story. It was one that he he had written it so well in that facebook we were talking about. He really just wanted to share a story, so others could learn from it. I was I was riveted I was like. Oh, my gosh. How did this end and I will not tell you right now because you. You have to listen to innovates episode as well humor in the classroom Mike. You've been known to to bring in some different ways of making information exchange. That's what education really is making information exchange fun using it in the classroom, but it's it's only just goofy. It's not a thing to do. It's effective, and it's beneficial on a couple of different levels. Talk about that. So. Especially this all started years ago whenever? I saw I need, and then the students also requested a little bit more information about documentation how to documents, because we used to teach in piecemeal here and there throughout the program and of course. Students nobody becomes a physical therapist because they want to learn to document nobody in their interview for PT. School. You say, why do you want to be? T says all I love recording information rehashing what happened the numbers and all that stuff so they don't care too much about that until they're ready to go out on their internships. Oh, Jeez! So so I better a better learn how to do it, so we created a two day seminar those first of elective, and it was supposed to be a an advanced documentation class. Well, then they realized okay. We really need this. Let's make it part of the curriculum, but it was a two eight hour day class and on documentation, so it made it my goal to make it an experienced. That did not want to make students want to say. I want to put a fork in my eye. So we I try to do as many different things I could, and some of that was multimedia, humorous videos and tie ins with songs and Relate to documentation topics peripherally baby, but you know they there, and then, of course I started to write some satirical songs on guitar and play them, and well, they'd never seen that before in the classroom. So so that tends to get a little bit of attention and I always tell students after they do so most of them like hey, these are things that are very well grounded in research, because there's really the research that shows students learn better when they're awake. Absolutely I mean all I heard you say right? I can't. I can't play. an instrument to save my life. can't carry a tune in a bucket, but a guy who who who majored communications. You took time and you well. They message. Setting it to music is definitely novel, right? We're very familiar with term novelties, as is different, they're not used to using or hearing information that way in classroom, but we're very used to hearing. Information that way in terms of poetry, with behind it, and it gets our attention right away. There's a part of the human brain that just lights up when you do it in that particular way and It makes it fun right I'm sure I'm sure that some of those students are still singing the goofy little songs. You wrote about documentation while they're working. Well and the one is that they quoted on the most. I have a lot of former students to rules about social media I. DON'T ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS WALLACE STUDENTS IN THE PROGRAM I? Don't send. They'll front requests after I leave because De. But they when they send me a friend request on more than I love to see what happens to them after graduation and so. What are they analogies? We played the song. What's going on by Marvin? Gaye and and we actually do a little dance routine in the classroom to it, and so it creates this memorable experience, and of course I explained the significance of the song, which unfortunately is little, relevant today having to do with civil rights and everything like that, but then say what we want you to remember is when you write the assessment of your evaluation, you're looking at the subjective data and the objective data, and you're putting it all together. You're trying to figure out what's going on. It's really important. They will say when I write. The assessment I still think of Marvin Gaye. You Go and they've guy it sticks, and that's the point why we show up to class. That's why we want to interact. We WanNA LEARN WANNA get smarter. And If you find a unique at a novel way to do that, that'll that'll that'll land the message better. Please do that more often, so I love that, so you you've you've written several songs. Documentation songs you've gotTA. You gotTA video. channel right now. I have to probably not that organized, but I do have a few things on there that come up on routine basis and. For the For the Anatomy Physiology Class I wrote a song about the Monica the cranial nerves, and which I had to relearn I, for. Stick humor in there and. And, so this all started with whenever somebody would leave work in the hospital, you know we do a little goodbye song roasting them and. How can I get this into my teaching? Well, of course, the most relevant thing lately has been the CO VID pandemic corona virus crisis, and and a couple of people said. Hey, you gotta read Song about that because there's just so much crazy stuff going on and so I did and I think that's how I got here I'm still not sure how you got older and I saw somebody you know bump ability. We see things on social media, and I saw someone. Someone, lily posted. This is a great PT Parody Song About Cove Nineteen and six feet away, and I literally said Oh my gosh. There's two people right parody songs because I know Michael Beck whose and I clicked it and it was Michael Beck. Got It and that's what I was like. Damn, it's been a minute since I've had Michael Beck on the show. Let's use this as an excuse, so we've never done this before we're gonNA. tar there in the office. We GonNa do this thing live. I guess what we're GONNA do all right, so we're going to do world premiere. The the song six feet away. This is released on the corona virus. Records Inc that's a good record label name. They're. GonNa get my. My My headphones good, and are you all you're tuned up and everything. You're all good. That's good comic relief for. All right, so we're all tuned up and ready to go now. Okay so. Hold on. Go ahead. I was going to say you need a proper introduction said before you're ready to play nominee your radio introduction for you. I gotTA. Put My lyrics up on the screen, so you can still see me right, correct. Okay good. Are you ready to go? We're going to give you your radio introduction. A World Premiere podcast with Michael Beck. Here does. This is a pint cast. Premier New Rock Mike Leveque? Stages yours my friend. Toes in snippers, my ass on the couch binge watching Netflix Zach out. Today. Warranties. Around ten o'clock. They'll never know. SHUT DOWN SO AKO downtown touched my face. Gyms are. So I'm really host and. Negu, STUCCO And voted. Bought sanitizer instead of why yes, all wash my hands with fears. That's the whole right. Almost out of toilet paper. And a lack of slow. I used to six squares a day and then I got says. He's not doing the job. Walmart dumb McCarthy on a mass like A. Disguise I saw nothing. At this shelf. Lights. Votes from both Erin Five. Still. And their cards overflow gigantic. But Aaron Spann. You'll know Nokia. Stay, home that reading. And if it weren't for two. And my good old view love. I might not show play. Roku. I'm staying six feet away. Put on, tiger, chain grab my guitar. A. Other where became face? Stoker nine hundred. Keep up with what's. Hurt so handshakes so well for goodness sakes I. Guess I'll just. I'll just jumping pence to shoot this dense logic and those two don't agree on. My. OPS tired of walking with. Deal suckled. Four goal awaiting. Those that save properties are really. Pay. Someday there'll, be no. I can't wait for that thing. To do me a favor rain toilet paper. please. Stay exclude away. Mike. I mean just well done right there. With. My. first-ever live parents online I, guess In fact, my second live appearance over I think I played in the coffee shop once I'm in PT School for a bunch of my classmates, but that's about it. I love the light Yo Know Kiro. Corona Mike Bac. You heard it here. I live anyway live from Corona mirus records corporate. That's where you can buy that album. well done right there. Are you ready. We're going to do three questions, so we're going to go. Take a quick ten second break, so feel free. If you wanted to take the KTAR, we won't be on there so back with three questions with Michael. Back on PD podcast. You are in US medical dot, com, and as you are US medical dot, com our friends at medical staffing travel physical therapy, and you might be thinking. Hey, positions. All across the country, all fifty states and in Washington DC. There are areas of need right now. If you're a physical therapist or a physical therapist student new graduates. If you want to fill that need, you can do it. See what's available AU. Are US medical dot com all different settings for some reason? People just assume it's only Ortho. It's only outpatient. No. All over and some of the some of the coolest areas in the country actually have high need for physical therapy a lot of times. Alaska and Hawaii are actually high on the list to see what's available. A you are US medical dot com, so Mike Three questions for you. First One's aware question if you could go and do you know if you could play six feet away anywhere? Where would you want to go in the US? What's what area would you run to? Yeah. I can't remember what my answers to these questions were before, but you know they might have changed by then anyway. Gosh, it's been so long since I've been to a beach and so I think I would be going to a beach in if we gotta stay in the US I might go to the keys or Maybe someplace along the Florida panhandle, which has amazingly forget, and that's the cool part about travel physical therapy. It's not it is short term assignments, but it's also long-term Simon take take this country for a test drive I literally just renewed my license. I just got it in the mail. That's a license to be a physical therapist anywhere in the US. You like you know transfer your license. That's just some paperwork. If the if the beach is what you WanNa, Do Lakes rivers mountains? Go? Do what you are driven to do where you want to do it and you can do it with Arias. A you are e US medical dot com second question on three questions is a what question. What's something you've watched read downloaded. Listen to that really inspired you that you'd recommend for the audience of physical therapists. Oh Gosh. Let's see well. There's if I can give two answers. I'm going to give one. It's in a more serious nature one that's. One! That's a little more liked, but So, you know as far as more serious goes I in the last few years. I've become what my friend calls me a reluctant or cynical meditators, so the head space APP. There's a lot of talk about mindfulness these days and you know I was always one who you know. I'm pretty high energy, and that can spin out of control sometimes and I got to say the head space apple something that got me really taught me how to practice mindfulness in how just sit and clear your mind Gosh I? Sleep better and I. Don't worry as much and so. I I think that is something I would recommend on. So talking briefly about how how it works, maybe one or two of the things that really connects with you. It's really just about so many people. You have this experience where you go to sleep and you can't get to sleep. You wake up in the middle of the night because your mind is racing, it's like why can't shut my mind off. It takes practice and the one who as you do that? Is You know when you're doing that? Your mind is elsewhere instead of where you are, so it teaches you to realize where you are, and the realized that all that other stuff doesn't matter right now, so you know breathing, noticing how your breath comes in and out notice the your feet on the floor. Notice the weight here of your arms and notice the sound you hear, notice. The smells that you smell because your brain literally cannot do two things at once, so if you teach it to be aware of what's around you. You. It's not going to be doing all that other stuff that most of the time doesn't matter that much in Utah. We talked about that with online PD education and focused on cognitive overload. Sometimes we're focused on the wrong things, and the things around us are more important than the upper that we're focused on our phone or just you know for me when you mentioned. Have you ever had trouble falling asleep? Yeah, I'll be going to sleep while they did I. Return that book in You, know Nineteen ninety-seven to return the library wrong thing. Focus on what you've got right around you. and. The other one so I decided to use this to start my novel and so save. The cat writes a novel as book I'm Reading Right now and it takes teaches you. How to what are the elements of a good story whether it's a movie or Anything like that so that that would be the thing for fun. If anybody's ever thought about that to learn how to write a novel, so that's a book. Save the cat writes novels book. And there's a there's a the cat rates a screenplay. And then they turned one into a novel, and then you just kind of like that make sense. Yes, every story does out these fifteen things all right. I'M GONNA. Write that out save. The cat writes novel I like that third question is all about people starting in with people. So it's a WHO question who someone the audience should know more about. Yeah, okay, I do. Remember my answer this one so. You know I got a buddy here in now, who is a physical therapist? and His name is J. mccollum and he's done a lot of teaching from me, and he on so many levels of somebody I have respect for and he you know he stays up on the evidence, and he practices the evidence. He's good with people. You know he's in court. Dude, and you I got some great stories about him, but he is somebody who's just kind of got a little bit of everything, and he's been my physical. Physical Therapist Multiple Times. He's a natural teacher and he follows in the footsteps of a lot of the guys who are out there doing podcasts, Greg Layman's and all of that stuff returns every time I talked to him I learned something different, and he's somebody who could be you know out there that everybody knows, but he really chooses to be working with patients on a daily basis, and that's what he wants to do so I'm going to give a shout out to Jay and I'll just tell one quick Jay story. About his, he's you know he's somebody who so observant in smarten you know. He kinda tease him. You always got a few like the cotton. Mr Spock Lake categories characteristics, and so he's coming in teach one day and I always give a fake name. When I get coffee, I always say Clark, because if I say Mike like twenty thousand, Mike's come and try to get your coffee, so you know I have Clark. Written on my company comes walking, and he looks in person He's who is Clark. And why do you have his coffee inquiry set so anyway? That's a tease, but but yeah somebody have tremendous respect for my students know him. WHO DOES THE UGA? I like that that is it that would be a very spock, like logical common to make the we shall live long and prosper with with Jay. That's Great I. Love I love people like that people that you learn from if you can be friends with People that teach you things throughout your life. Man. That's that's to be a really really enriched life so I like when you get to tell stories like that. That's purpose. You're off the hot seat. That's three questions from our as medical staffing. Go see what's available now in this great country of ours in terms of assignments where their areas of need right now, so somebody think travel pt. We can't travel well. You're a you're you're you're someone who is Anita essential as a physical therapist, so check them out a. you are a US medical dot com. Lasting do on the show is called our parting shots. Parting shots no pressure here. Parting shot from the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy. We talked about that earlier Ortho. T. Dot Org. What's the? What's the YOU WANNA leave with the audience to focus on. We wrap this episode. What's what's your party shopper today? Yeah, so I think we touched on an earlier of the you know free to be wrong type of thing so I would say dare to be wrong, dared to be. There to put yourself out there in his many situations as you can and make peace with that, except that fact that sometimes you're not going to know everything sometimes, you're not going to know the right thing, because once you put your mindset there than you are more willing more likely to be able to learn something rather than trying to show what you know. Show what you don't know. Dare to be wrong. I like that show some vulnerability, and that's where we learn when we're when we're vulnerable. Mike I appreciate your time. Thanks for taking a novel approach at putting a spin on something you know we. We wanted to bring you on the show because you wrote this really funny Goofy Song, but really what you're doing is you're saying I'm willing to put some effort into this. And that's when people pay attention and spend time a lot of times people will put focus and emphasis on pay attention and time, but we need pay and spend, and you put the time in the effort in the creativity and creating the song, and you know it, might it. It might seem a little goofy and it is and I think it was meant for that, but you're saying. Hey! I! Do this with documentation. Do this with cranial nerves and that's a that's a cool lesson. In terms of if you want to get a message across, if you want people to really really connect with the information you as a as a sender educator castor, you need to put some time effort and attention into that, and then that message is is better to be received so thanks for Thanks for doing that I appreciate it and. Thanks for letting US do the world premiere of your song. Thank you for having fun to be heroes. Thank you. Are you having a difficult time training your patients with shoulder conditions. Are you looking to take your clinical skills to a new level? Or are you playing? Taking the oath? Cs I'd like to tell you about the shoulder independent study course by the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Britain by some of our professions, leading shoulder experts such as George Davies and Sioux falls sewn pin includes topics such as appropriate interventions, falling rotator cuff, repairs and treatment of answer shoulder instability. We hope you'll Ortho learn dot org purchases course, take the next step in your professional development all right shooter they brought to you by the Brooks Institute of higher learning an innovator and providing advanced post professional education. Brooks IHL offering continuing education courses in numerous specialty areas, six PT residency programs and. Fellowship as well as challenging, but rewarding internships, the I, H L specializes in the translation of information from evidence to patient management. Learn what they can do for you to support your professional development at Brooks I H IHL dot. Our home on the Internet. PINE CASTING DOT COM created by build. Build bt provides marketing services start for private practice PT's website development and hosted inviting content. Marketing Solutions PT clinics across the country. With good pt can do for you today. Dot Com the PT podcast is a product of PT Podcast LLC. It's port fresh by me physical therapist. Jim McKay ingredients are sourced by our chief connections officer Sky Donovan from Marymount University. Brewed fresh by producer and physical therapist Juliette. And by producer and Creator second-year PT Student Project Nolan from sacred. Heart University PT Pint. CAST is a podcast that saves physical therapists from missing out on amazing insight, remarkable ideas and motivational stories. Follow us, online at PT podcast and subscribe on Itunes spotify or Google cassocks. Love Yeah. It's it's awesome. Thanks so much for listening, and if you found value in the show, all we ask, is it you tell a friend. This has been another poor from the PT. Pine cast a PD podcast is intended for educational purposes. Only no clinical decision, making should be based solely on one source while care is taken to ensure accuracy factual can be present. More on the show at PT PODCASTS, Dot Com.

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Kinda Cute -Ep 50- Wayfair Conspiracy, Free Britney, Alissa Turney was Murdered?, Moldy Sqirl Jam

Kinda Cute Podcast

45:37 min | 1 year ago

Kinda Cute -Ep 50- Wayfair Conspiracy, Free Britney, Alissa Turney was Murdered?, Moldy Sqirl Jam

"It's kind of cute right. Alone and welcome back to Kinda cute, and if you are new here, welcome. My name is Bailey event. I'm your host on kind of cute. We discussed articles from the cut and my general pop culture musings. y'All it is episode of fifty I am just so happy, and because I'm so thankful to every single one of you. There's even listen to one moment of this podcast over the last forty nine episodes. I'm about to put you on something real quick. Okay. I am drinking a drink that is from one of my favorite local restaurants called Hullaballoo they have. This drink called the John Lennon. I posted on my instagram. Stories hoods like my favorite local drink. So I decided tonight that I was going to recreate myself and guys. It is so easy and I'm sharing it with you now. Let This Represent Our fiftieth episode celebration. Okay, so this is how you do it. You make a little simple syrup. I use a trivia granulated sugar. Blend that I buy at Publix. You can just use granulated sugar. You could use a sugar replacement. Whatever you make a simple syrup. It's always one part sugar to one part water, and you're going to heat that up till the sugar dissolves. Then you're going to dice up some strawberries and some you're gonNA take. Some basil leaves like a whole big bunch. You all just eyeball this. You know like whatever you're having I. Put a fair amount of strawberries. I put a little bunch of Basil. I let it soak in the symbol syrup. I used one cup of Water One cup of a half. A Cup of my trivia blend. It's not one one because it's Trivia Open. You don't care. But then you take some limes. Squeeze those puppies. You'RE GONNA. Take some vodka. You're gonNA take the vodka. You're gonNA take the lime juice. You're going to take your simple syrup mix like just the juice from the simple syrup not junked parts. You're going to put it in a cocktail shaper. Shake it up. Then you're gonNA poured over ice. You're going to add some fresh strawberries, fresh basil, and some of your soaked strawberries and Basil guys. This drink is so delicious it down so well. Can you vouch? She says one hundred percent. It's amazing. I added on the. It's amazing part, but just trust me guys, so that is my gift to you again. Thank you guys so much for all fifty of you. Literally. That's not me like being humble. It's really about fifty of you for listening all of these weeks and Writing written reviews subscribing me on Apple Hannukah's giving me a five-star ratings hint hint, it's been a wild ride and I'm just so happy to be audio all right. Let's get into our little pop culture updates before we get into our articles. I up Brooklyn Beckham son of Victoria and. Beck Bennett. was like bend it like Beckham. Back yes David Beckham. There sign is engaged to Nikola pultz. Now, I? Don't know how well known this is, but well first off. Let's say that Brooklyn is only twenty one nicholas twenty five, so she's coup. Bring a little bit She has a billionaire dad. His name is Nelson Peltz. He's kind of your typical. You know, Hedge, Fund Managing Uber Rich billionaire and like every billionaire. He has a house in Palm Beach. We've talked about before high live in West. Palm beach the trump side of lady and the tramp. Where Palm Beach is the lady and he has a huge complex. I'm calling it a complex because it's just so huge I see photos of it. She posts photos of it a lot actually, and it just has like it's on the beach. Has All of this land these palm trees and He Nelson. Recently hosted a huge trump fundraiser at his mansion, and this was notable, because usually when trump has fundraisers in palm beach. He obviously has them at Mar a lago so I'll let you make of that what you want to All I'm saying is that in two thousand seventeen nicloas dating Anwar had deed, so it seems a little fast to me and I. Never think it's a good idea to get married at twenty one especially on the boy side because a boy at twenty one mentally is like fifteen max like on a good day. He is fifteen. It is proven that a man's frontal cortex frontal lobe, but does not fully developed until he's twenty six years old. So you know if any onions out there listening maybe hold off until those frontal lobes are fully developed in your decision. Making processes are a little bit better. Okay guys. I JUST WANNA. Tell you about that. Because I I hadn't heard that talks about much in the pop culture world, but I felt like it was worth noting. Next up! Guys is this is a lot to get into. I don't even know where to start. The, wayfair conspiracy all right to give you a little recap them. Sorry, if you've already been inundated with information about this. But the concept that I at least thought through facebook posts, it was this girl, and she was like I just went down a hole on facebook and I'm so sorry, I always credit people, if I know and remember where I got it from, but with this and I'm going to talk about free Britain today. I looked at so many sources in so many things. It's all just a jumble. My mind, so I'm kind of just speaking to you from memory right now. So the overarching, though is that wayfair had certain items that should not have cost as much as they did. For example of regular storage cabinet, being sold for fifteen thousand dollars, nine hundred and ninety nine dollars, ninety nine cents, throw pillows for upwards of twelve thousand dollars a throw pillow. So people started being kind of confused and on top of that the throw pillows and cabinets had the names. Of Children. Who happened to be missing like your Ritze Desharnais? They were kind of unique names like that and each one of these cabinets. It'd be like the same cabinet the same picture. But they would have different names in front of the cabinet. Name is making any sense. I hope so. So, people started exploring, and they took the skew number from the cabinets, and they entered into this kind of like. Russian dark website they entered in the skew numbers and when they did that. It brought up pictures of little girls in bikinis very disturbing. So then people started hypothesizing that these high price cabinets were a front for child trafficking, and some people were even going as far as to say that children were being put inside these cabinets and shipped. And people who worked at the warehouses were like Oh. Damn, that kind of really was heavy like maybe you had a child in it. Oh! Okay! And like I said some of these names missed the names of children or match the names of children who are on missing children list. So people went way down, and I have to say that this is like a Q. and non the theory on a Reddit page which I believe queuing non are kind of like a far-right conspiracy theorists in the. Conservative kind of fall kind of in the line of Pizza Gate. If you guys are familiar with that. On which was a total, just bullshit idea which also had to do with child pedophilia. So this is really put everyone in a tizzy. There's all these rumors that the CEO of wayfair stepped down from his position. That as far as I can tell is not true. That did not happen. And I'm here to give you kind of my theory on all of this. So. I have a few theories of why these items were priced. The way they were I, think that. They were priced this way because they weren't actually an active sale. This happens on things like deep pop an Ebay when someone agrees to purchase something for a specific amount. This has happened on depot where I've bought an item. The person says I'm going to set the item at nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine dollars so that no one else buys it because it would just be like a t shirt or something, and then I will shift you in the know. Gets it also up a sold once. I get the money for the transaction. So it kind of takes it off the market in that way, because WHO's going to pay ten thousand dollars for a regular old shirt, so pardon me felt like it was something like that going on because wayfair cells to interior designers and trade professionals and things like that. the other theory is that. This is sort of along the lines of Amazon's FBI program where people buy things from China in bulk, though by them from Alibaba, buy them in bulk. Get them ships them, though by five hundred units, and then they will up charge them and sell them on Amazon, and it's called the Amazon, it's basically an order fulfillment program where Amazon houses your materials for you. They ship it out for you. They handle all of the transactional fees and they take a percentage. I think something similar could have been happening. Wayfair like they had these third parties that were. Selling things and using lists of doing it now, then the question comes okay we'll. Were they doing that to sell children. Maybe. I. Think that if people are trying to sex traffic, putting it online and causing taxable transactions trackable transactions. Would not be the smartest way to go about it. So I feel very on the fence as to. If that is what was happening, but do I think that this could have been connected to it I. Don't think children were getting shipped in cabinets. Do I think maybe this could have signaled to the sellers that we're using fair like third parties that were using them as a selling marketplace that they could have been day this maybe. I again, I don't know if I. WANNA get a definite statement on that but I will say if you don't think sex. Trafficking and human trafficking is a huge problem that exists throughout this entire world. You really have your head in the sand. It is a huge huge problem and most likely. It is happening literally in your backyard. Especially in Florida all of the port cities here are some of the cities that are the most guilty of having human trafficking occur. And a lot of times the people are trafficked and it goes like this. They are told that they can come to America. They can fulfil the American dream they can work. Off their debts that it took for them to get away to America and then they can create money of their own. Send it back to their families in the foreign country, but. In reality, what happens is they become totally indentured servants, slaves completely traffic, and they never see a dime, and basically they're living in America, but they're not seeing any of the money and I'm telling you that happens a lot and the line gets blurred between that happening and sex trafficking like they both happen. In conjunction with one another. So. Again I'm not trying to downplay I. One hundred percent realized sex trafficking occurs Oh and you. I know another crazy ass fact, and this was actually revealed in Robert Kraft again in fucking like thirty minutes north of me the whole. Robert Kraft thing when he was going to a massage parlour, and it was uncovered that they were doing. Sex acts at this massage parlor and. A girl I know literally would go there and get massages, so don't think that just because a place offers legitimate services that they aren't doing shady shit behind the scenes and I can almost guarantee you start looking out for it now that I'm telling you this. You'RE GONNA. Pass a strip mall. You're going to see something that says like massage. It won't be very descriptive. and. Ninety percent of the time I'm just you know. Rough balling here. Those are friends for sex trafficking and to me. This isn't conspiracy. Theories of this is just reality of what goes on, so I think it'll way. We get distracted when we get caught up in these like ooh, crazy conspiracy theories went. This stuff is legit happening and it's happening in our backyard. So that is my thought on the wayfair conspiracy for anyone who's asked for me to cover it there we go. If. You like me to delve into it further. Clarify some things I said, let me know I, also want to give an update on Jada Pinkett Smith, so as we noted last time Jada said she was bringing herself to the red table after she got. From August about them, having a love affair together and all of that, so she sat down with Will Smith and she basically admitted to having a thing with August, but she says that it happened at a time when her and will were separated. She said we were over from there. As time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement with August. So so many people have been making memes about her saying entanglement, it'll be like I didn't cheat on my diet. I just had an Tengelmann with crispy cream. So I, don't know at least like she did. They were very careful to say that. August wasn't being dishonest or misrepresenting. What happened so at least hopefully, his name doesn't become completely marred through all of this and his album sales increase, so it's a win. Win for everyone maybe and Jada and will seem like they're happier than ever, and everything is Hunky Dory. Unfortunately on a Saturno note, Rivera's body was found. We talked about that how her body was missing and I think it was pretty privileged, presumed that she had passed, but it took a little while to find her body, and it's so freaky. Dicky because her body was found seven years to the day after Corey Monty, he played fin on Glee, his body was found on July I'm sorry. He was found passed away on July thirteenth two thousand thirteen, and her body was found on July thirteenth two thousand twenty, so it was just really creepy parallel, not a conspiracy theory hitting, but just just a weird universe saying. All right next up. We have the Free Britney Saga Conspiracy Theory I have had more requests talk about Free Brittany Than I. Have may be had about any other topic. On this podcast and I almost feel like I'm probably the best race in talk about it because I don't know if I'm as knowledgeable as I should be I tried to do so much research. I read so many articles and I still I. Looked into California conservatives ships. which is what she's under. She's currently under a personal and estate conservative ship as far as I can tell. Which means that it's not just her estate in her finances are being controlled, but also her personal decisions so I will read you the kind of instagram posts that's been going around and I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen so I'm not sure it's looks like this is credit to. Someone named Brandon Hayes at trash bandicoot. On instagram. So I'm just going to read this. All buckle up, says PSA Britney Spears in the Free Brittany Movement for anyone that needs or wants more information on what is going on with her. It's a fucking rather hole sold buckle up a little back story I. Was a child star starting at the age of four years old on Broadway and then worked her way to the. Mickey. Mouse club and eventually the Solo career we know today. Her career has been on autopilot her entire life. Look back at her music. She's been telling everyone for years. She's to controlled and treated as a product. If you listen to the lyrics most for hits, examples include lucky overprotective, my prerogative, circus piece me and Gimme more. Her music videos social media posts tour, props and photo shoots regular show her in a cage or in chains. If anyone has ever seen videos of her when she was younger, you know. Know her real singing voice is very similar to Christina Aguilera's. Her record label didn't like it as were both on the Mickey Mouse Club in abouts released their debut album at the same time, so they had her voice retrained to seeing in the baby voice. We all know today because they leave. It believed it to be more icon and create a brand and career for her instead of her real voice. It's unhealthy and it's been destroyed her voice over the years thus why she's known for lip synching, she wanted to make an acoustic type pop album in two thousand six titled Original Doll and Reinvent Herself using her real voice. The album was shelved and cancelled once reliable realized she'd be singing in her real voice. She isn't allowed to sing live because she will either fail terribly, or she'll have to sing in her deep voice that she isn't known for her entire career. She has been taunted. Product meant to sell now for the real. Real T. everyone remembers the two thousand seven meltdown. Everyone leading up to the Tom Brady was going through a public divorce had two children under the age of two at the time, and was very much the focus of the public. We all saw her on every magazine cover. We also saw the photo of her with one of her kids on her lap while driving, go on Youtube once and look Britney Spears Paparazzi. You'll watch. Be Chaste and followed by hundreds of them, even trying to get into a public restroom to photograph her. Videotaping her in tears them to leave her alone, and even filming her through the windows of an ambulance, while she was naked, being taken away for her final mental health hold. After the public meltdown, shaving her head, locking herself in her home with her children, speaking in a British accent on regular basis, wearing the infamous pink, quick everywhere and shopping naked, she was hospitalized twice after the hospitalization. Her father petitioned the courts to be a temporary conservator tour until she was mentally stable and. For only one year it's time. Two months after hospitalization. She did a guest appearance on how I met your mother six months after her hospitalization, she drops the womanizer video and starts to promote her new album circus with its worldwide toward the gross one hundred thirty one point eight million dollars if she so unwell. Why did she start working right away? Her father after one year petition, the courts for the conservative ships become permanent due to her allegedly having early onset dementia in her twenties. It pass, and it has been that way ever since for twelve years to be exact now for everyone. That doesn't understand what that means. Let me break it down for you. Britney Spears is now at thirty eight year old woman, who is not allowed to do the following without her father's permission, or he can legally lock her up in a mental health facility. Drive a car boat. Get married. have children spend her own money? See how her money is being spent. See Her children. Leave her home higher. Her own lawyer have any control over her career Oh and I'm sorry I skipped this part. She has thirty percent of both of our boys. Due to her dad, assaulting, one of her sons speak about the conservative ship publicly do interviews that aren't scripted and all final cuts are approved by her father as well use a cell phone without being monitored new social media unmonitored contact anyone without being monitored. Having them extremely vetted iggy Azalea allegedly had her house searched for drugs top to bottom when they collaborated together. Go shopping. Go for a walk. Get starbucks. Conservative ship is meant for people with mental health issues or decaying health. Most likely grandparents are people with actual dementia, etc, they are meant for people who literally could not take care of themselves if she is so unwell that she is immensely capable of doing anything herself. Why is she still working? Since a conservative ship began twelve years ago, she has released four. Done three worldwide tours did a four year vegas residency. It was a fulltime judge on X. factor released multiple perfumes, and a laundry line, made one hundred and thirty eight dollars, hundred and thirty eight million dollars, or so a year in January of last year. Britney was placed in a mental health facility for three months after being seen driving her car to an out with her boyfriend without permission, and for using to take the sedating medications her father ads. ADS doctors prescribing her to keep her under control. She testified to judge documents that she was held there against her will by her father after it was leaked to the press that she was there against her will. The Free Brittany movement picked up speed causing judge to open an investigation into the impacting legality. Conservative ship has her life Britain's mother. Len was also liking and commenting on Free Britney posts, saying she that Britney is trapped by her father. Britney's team had twitter disabled. Free Brittany. Hashtag and regularly threatens any celebrity that speaks out using the hash with a lawsuit if they don't remove their support for the movement. She was seen shortly after leaving a hotel through the front door, stumbling while carrying her shoes in out of it, her team used that moment justify to the public that she needed this conservative shit. She is not allowed to have any say in the hiring or firing of anyone on her team every year she pays one point. One million dollars fees for the conservative ship to continue including paying her father is solid, one hundred K. plus salary paying a lawyer. She isn't allowed to choose. She's an loudon allowance of around fifteen hundred dollars a week for bill shopping in essentials. Her net worth is two hundred and fifty million. So there's a little bit more to it, but kind of just saying that this is a woman who doesn't have control over her life. Essentially, so when I was doing the research on this I was trying to look up conservative ships in California and how they work there. And I came upon this train youtube video that was actually recommended by the California courts and it was published seven years ago, but it looked like it was made in Nineteen, seventy seven. It was so bootleg. I can't even explain it And I it does kind of confirmed me that usually these conservatives ships like I thought are mainly used for elderly people who really have no control. At that point over their brain or their life. So. It is odd for someone of Britney's as if we're thinking. She's thirty eight now twelve years ago. She would have been twenty six years old when she was placed on this. And the craziest part about it to me is the fact of how much she has worked since then. It's my understanding that if it's not someone else elderly someone so extremely disabled that they cannot work, they don't. They can't hold a normal job. And it's part of the reason that their finances have to be so closely monitored, so I think it is very strange that. She's been under this conservative ship for so long, but at the same time I think when you watch her instagram videos. You're kind of like. Oh, she really all there. You know I, think she's been so been through so much, and she's unfortunately gone through tears of being a child star I actually with Kinsey with night we watched show Biz kids and it's by Alex winter who was a show Biz, kid himself and interviews, a lot of people who were child stars like meal. Jovovich, Evan, Rachel Wood, will we and Mara Wilson who played Mathilde. And kind of saying how? If you're not like sexually abused, your still mentally abused and you go through so much shit and you just you don't live a normal childhood and how it fucks you up, and obviously we've kind of as a society learn that because we see what happens to so many childhood stars, but it was interesting seeing it firsthand from their perspective. So I understand that she is probably dealing with so much stuff. But. This free Brittany Movement comes up over and over again because every six months, she basically goes to the court. For Base what my understanding is like a status report of how conservative ship is going? and. There's rumors that as of recently I believe I was back in September that she asked to be released from her conservative ship and the plot that gained more because her own mother apparently is wanting. Some, say over it so that her father who as I mentioned in that? Kevin Federal Line who is the mother of Britney's to John's key filed a lawsuit against. Jamie Spears her father who's in charge of the conservative ship for abusing one of the kids so. It is it's almost like a conflict of interest that someone that she? That can't be around. Her kids is representing her life in this way. But to get to the conspiracy side of this, people are saying that she's leaving coded messages and her instagram's and that her boyfriend is her handler. because there definitely are videos. He's filming with her and you can see mouthing at her to smile. Okay again as much as I love a conspiracy theory. I don't know if I buy that. He's her handler. I think he wants her to present a good face on instagram. Do I. Think there's a high chance that she is not in charge of posting like she needs to get her post on instagram approved by someone yeah. But people are saying that like on her hat. She's written help beneath her eyelashes. She's written call nine, one one and Mascara with like someone can figure out how to easily do that. With the Mascara Wand hit me up. Let me know. People are saying that she'll wear a certain enclosed shirt to signal to people that she needs help. So, I don't I don't know how I feel about all of that and I know I spent a long time just reading that instagram post, but it's one of those things that the more I read about it. The more I'm just kind of left confused why the court continues to let her biens conservative ship, unless there's something that we don't know as the public. But it's not the first time. A judge has made a bad choice so. Who knows hopefully her mom can get some say what's going on in. That will bring light to everything and hopefully alleviate some of the problems that are happening if Britney is truly having those. Her. Next up a cut article by Clara. Lamp and alerted me to Disneyworld bizarre reopening. Odd Frankly I am shocked at Disney has reopened with the way shit is going in Florida and I felt like this was semi relevant to me and worth mentioning because my family does have an annual Disney. Pass this year. Obviously, we haven't been able to us. because my hometown where my parents live is only about an. An hour from Disney, our pastor blacked out right now anyway so I. Don't have any intention of going there anytime soon, and it is hot as balls, but to describe the odds you. It's various KOSS members as Disney calls their workers, saying welcome home while they're wearing a mask and they look a little Stockholm century. Syndrome me if I had to say so myself. I'll try to insert some audio if I can get it in here. Welcome! Home. But the hilarious about this is that people have done edits. Saying List looks like a horror movie. So once they had an article. It was someone putting the US remix to put five on it on top of it and taking the tone of the color doubt and it looks so spooky. But the most hilarious and disturbing one is one where someone has dubbed the Audio, so the people in masks are saying stay home. Don't come. It's dangerous. And it works beautifully, because since they're wearing a mask, you can't see their mouths movie. Come here. My God. I just don't know. Hogan next up the goddess and creator of Hawks Summer Megan the stallion. We actually talked about her and one of our I kinda cute episodes because it was when hot girl silver was really blowing up last year, and I felt like she at the do credit. She getting the do credit. She deserved for quitting the term hot girl summer. So I'm going to preface this by saying that she was shot, but she is okay, and it's very unclear what actually happened? But on her instagram she wrote as follows the narrative. That's being reported about Sunday mornings. Events are inaccurate. Night liked. Set the record straight on Sunday morning I suffered gunshot wounds as a result of a crime that was committed against me and done with the intention of physically harm me. I was never arrested. The police officers drove me to the hospital where he underwent surgery to move. Remove the bullets. I'm incredibly grateful to be alive. And that I'm expected to make a full recovery, but it was important for me to clarify the details about this traumatic night. I'm currently focused on my recovery so I can return back to my life and back to making music as soon as possible, so that is a picture of texts. That's her actual instagram photo. And then the caption to the photo says I was never arrested. This whole experience was an eye opener and a blessing in disguise I hate that. It took this experience for me to learn how to protect my energy. Okay, so the cut writes that according to variety earlier that even evening, Megan and Tory. Lanez attended a party at Kylie Jenner's house. Later, the two were in an SUV together in Hollywood, and then two shots were fired and air. Police later pulled over Tori and they found a weapon in his car and Megan and other women were also vehicle. Tori was reportedly arrested on felony charges. At four forty, a m Sunday, and he was released on a thirty five thousand dollar bond around six hours later, so we don't know exactly what went down, but I'm just very glad Megan is okay and if Tori do this like do thus fucked up. A little lighter note. Can I have been watching down to earth? Which Zach ephrons New Eko Torres. Global climate change basically him trying to be like Oh Walker. Global Climate Change Woke Anthony Bourdain are a P. And really what I want to talk about in this is two things. Burst off if any of you guys know who Dan Bills, area is Zach, be looking like a straight of Danville and everyone's like ooh! Daddy, like what the scruff and link with the little bit lake filled out body. All I see is Dan Bill. Zarian known womanizer disgusting, not fan literally he's just like post. Pictures of girls like butts on his instagram of heading like hitting their butt cheeks, and like saying how he can get any girl who wants and he's so rich. It's just not a cute look I I'm not into I, mean I love Zach Blake, the the parallels of his looks between him and Dan Bells area. Are other issue with it is is that there's some bizarre and obvious sponsorships. We counted Gopro Hilton Ruka skates one. Okay AC Samsung, and so I was kind of like okay interesting choices, and this is my fall in my lack of investigative journalism, but I'm like how many of these companies are actually really helping the fight against global climate change Let me know if anyone knows. Maybe we'll research for next week because I'm not sure that they are. Okay next up and I'm sorry guys. This is like a long episodes which not a lot of ground to cover today. And this next article is not a cut article, but I felt like it was too wild, not to share especially since I just binge the reboot of unsolved mysteries and you bill apter believe that I gobble that show up as a child and I'm gobbling it up today. Okay, so the name of this article is Alissa attorney went missing and her sister turn to talk for help by Katie Garrity. It says true crime junkies have been chomping at the bit recently after a woman's tiktok account went viral after she shared information in regards to her missing sister, Sarah Attorney turn to Tiktok to try and get exposure shed on the disappearance of her sister Eliza Termi. Sarah believes she knows what happened to her. Sister is out to prove that it was her father Michael Turney illicit stepfather that abused kidnapped, and eventually murdered Elissa all right so I'm going to give you guys a little background. Info Elissa went missing in two thousand one and at the time she was living with her Stepdad. intercessor Sarah the TIKTOK. We just talked about the sadly. Sadly. A mom had passed away so apparently the Stepdad treated Elissa unfairly and was way more strict with her than she was with Sarah and one day. The stepdad Sarah that Lissa was missing and when they got home, there was a note allegedly from Sarah saying that she took I'm sorry from Melissa saying that she took three hundred dollars in left to go to California. But the weird part is that in the years that Eliza was missing? She hadn't contacted anyone. Including the anthem issue is supposed to be living with and her bank account, which had eighteen hundred dollars, and it was untouched. Her social security number had never been used, so she had an applied to a job or gone to school. And here's where it gets. Even more complicated. People claim the same day. The stepdad Selah so was missing. He actually picked her up from school around lunchtime, and this was confirmed by her boyfriend and her friends because she was supposed to go to an end of school party that very night. And even more suspiciously, the stepdaddy allegedly ran audiotapes, constantly monitoring his house like security and conveniently they were shut off on this particular day. So. Eventually get a search warrant, and they find twenty six home-made pipebombs as well as a ninety page manifesto and in the manifesto. The stepdad suggested that his step daughter had been abducted and killed by two men from an electrical union. He worked for as revenge. He said he had ventured killing them in return, but both the men he named were found to have died of natural causes. So the kicker here is that the Septum actually went to prison for having the pipebombs and his house. But through her tiktok Sarah has garnered attention for this case in basically you know opened up a lists disappearance case. So the police recently announced that they are submitting a missing person case to the prosecutor's office charges against the stepped. Despite the claims that they would arrest the Septet after he was released from prison for the PIPEBOMBS Sarah says that they've changed their minds and encourage Sarah to get media attention, so since then Sarah has also raised enough money to spread awareness about her sister on a billboard in Arizona says she's caught. This huge billboard put up for asking for anyone who has information about her to give it. And this story actually reminded me a lot of the Lena story on unsolved mysteries episode six, and it's just really chilling in creepy and. I hope that. There's justice for her death. That being said let's do something really fun and lighthearted after that. the cup. Pose some what I consider a very difficult. Would you rather questions and I really think that, would you? Rather questions can offer a glimpse into someone's psyche so I'm going to share my responses, and then you can give me your your thought. You can reach out to me at Bailey Evan or it kind of cute podcast or leave a five star review. Let's get into it I up. Would you rather sweat milk or sneeze glitter to me? This is such an easy one like obviously I'd rather sneeze glitter. How bomb would that be like? Everyone says glitter is the herpes of the crafting world I love glitter. I mean it would just make. A Lot more enjoyable if I'm sweating milk dust gonNA. Get rancid real quick like my sweat smells bad enough already I. Don't need it curdling on my skin. Next up. Would you rather do legless or airborne? I thought this was a very fitting question. Since we had a whole segment about whether or not, you're a legless. Our Air Gun ORT arrogant, or why can I say era Gorn airborne girl era gorn girl. Okay I'm going with Erik Gordon that we know. We like tall, dark and handsome moment. Next step. Would you rather have eyebrows that move all around your face or cry? Oil Paints again. I said these were like some hard ones. This isn't hard all obviously I'd rather cry oil paints. Can you think of the fire? INSTAGRAM'S I get from that like I can already imagine it now i. would just be posing there like oh, work work, honey lake all if he beautiful and then I wouldn't have to buy oil paints which are really expensive. Okay. Like? Why did I include that article I? Don't know either guys. It's just the fiftieth episode I wanted to give you guys some that long something juicy. Selena really get your teeth into. Get You thinking. Last week we talked about the TIKTOK drama between Charlie Demilio and little hoodie. And how Tiktok me much longer in the US but this week I bring you some teenage on genuity from TIKTOK. Now I'm not going to use my miniscule platform to condone underage drinking, but you cannot deny that these teams really took the reins of what's going on right now and used it to their benefit. So the headline is teens disguising his mask wearing grandma's to buy beer by saint. Geeta Singh Kurtz so the headline sort of says it all, but I'm going to read you a little bit of what the article says and Tiktok Trend First. Reported by the New York Post. It seems that some teenagers have been running an elaborate booze buying scheme that involves using face makeup and costumes to impersonate senior citizens. One video shows a young woman in sunglasses, a face mask and a head scarf with dark hair, and browse lightly powdered and grey, walking into a wine shop and out again with a few bottles of wine. She then Twix merrily on the side of the road with her loot. Now maybe this is a controversial opinion, but if these kids are GonNa, take all the time, it takes to put on prosthetics. Maybe they deserve a little wine. No getting wasted not driving drug, but like in the safety of their own home, having a little glass of wine they may they deserve that off after all that effort. Our it up next. We have another disappointing story from the food. World I feel like we've been getting so many of these lately. And it is is La Strenuous Brunch spot, serving horrible moldy jam by Amanda Arnold. Okay full disclosure as usual I. Always tell you guys what's up. I have never eaten at Squirrel. When I was in La last time, I did go there and I did buy a jar of this very jam. That is the subject of this article. They constantly rotate their flavors and I believe mine was something like a rhubarb blood orange. It was delicious I. Love Jim. Bone Mun is my girl. If you'll recall last year I, bought the Beaumont calendar with twenty four tiny jams and that Shit legit may may December I am to this day still eating those jams and they do not have mold on them. So that's the scroll Jan. it was good, but it costs fourteen fourteen dollars, and it was not fourteen dollars good. I can tell you that. But. Let's get into what the article says. It's difficult to overstate the influence of squirrelled a massively popular counter service cafe on the edge of Silverlake what started as a tiny jam business. Nearly a decade ago has since evolved into one of Los Angeles hippest brunch destinations regularly drawing crowds of locals and visitors alike who are willing to endure interminable lions for. James Beard nominated. Chef Jessica. COSTLO's new California dishes of all the cafes offerings, one of the most iconic and instagram'd is the famed ricotta toast, Hefty Slab, a burnt Brioche that nearly buckles under an obscene amount of fresh ricotta in jam. Now I am not above paying an ungodly amount for a good piece of toast with GMC. The mill in San Francisco like hit me up with that cinnamon toast. I would do it again all over, but this leads us into kind of the issue. that this story is highlighting that silverlake has undergone a lot of gentrification in the past couple of years. and. It has kind of that Brooklyn to it I. Think because of that and Squirrel was one of the first. Entities that I. Know of that really started this. And it says the New York Times has credited costlo with building an empire out of artisanal small batch jam, but as it turns out, that empire wasn't entirely made out of preserve boys, berry, and high biscuits and Rose Geranium it was also apparently built on mold. At least so say a number of former squirrel employees who recently claimed that squirrels jam regularly grew thick layers of mold, which employees were instructed to scrape off the preserves before serving them to unknowing customers. So obviously, that is disgusting and back to. Thing I mean it does cause problems to the community there. Because then it can price them out of the neighborhoods. There's just things I want you to keep in mind in the context of the story. So the moldy jammed dramas are two fold over the weekend when the man named Joe Rosenthal, who describes himself as a scientist and food antagonists began sharing accusations from apparent current and former squirrel employees, according to Rosenthal story scrolls bulk jams. What is served at the brick and mortar cafe? Developed visible mold. We're talking about some buckets having like a quarter and Jim mold covering the entire tops of gallon buckets. Furthermore the post alleged that COSCO slow. However, you say the owner's name instructed employees to simply remove the mold before serving the jammed customers, and the employees were told that the health inspectors gave us permission. Off of it went two inches down. Okay. Maybe my knowledge of mold is wrong, but I'm pretty sure that if mold is even touching or around what you're eating, it's infected the rest of it. Don't get me wrong when I have a moldy strawberry. Don't I just did this for the cocktails talking about God damn straight I just cut off that mold and throw it in the disposal and I eat the rest of the strawberry. But probably not the best thing to do. So any the plot thickens according to eater the mold allegations came in the midst of growing backlash, regarding squirrels lack of diversity enrolling gentrifying neighborhood. Now, some non white former employees are claiming that Coleslaw I'm just GONNA call Coleslaw? took credit for their work. Former Chef de Cuisine Javier Ramos posted to his instagram account that he didn't get wrapping mission or payment for the recipes that he contributed to cookbook and former employees via Dolorosa also spoke out about being denied credit for her work. So that's the other thing that I also read somewhere I'm not sure if this is the people talk about in this article that. A black woman says she was the one who came up with their jam recipe and has never gotten credit or reimbursement for it. But to make my soul feel a little better. Apparently scrolls retail gems of jars jabbed ours, which is what I got our hot packed in the oven, so they're shelf stable up to two years so I guess I didn't have to worry about the moldy jam in my case, so jay for me. And people were. Asking like should they now canceled their preorder of the Squirrel Jam. Coleslaw is forthcoming, Jam Cook and Yeah, I don't I don't. But I don't think we touch on why they think they. They haven't confirmed why. This mold was happening summer saying it was from fans blowing though mold spores around who knows? I don't know if we'll ever know. They'll probably keep selling moldy jam because people get away with shit these days I swear to God. Let's get into legit shit because I am too steep in those John Lennon's now and we just gotTa. Go this show on the road, so I up is Mason grail lay robes now these robes are pricey. I fortunately got mine on sale on the fourth of July, and they just randomly sent me a cute little. I'm asked to go with it. which was so sweet like? So, thank you Mason Gray La. If you ever hear this, but this robe is just so soft, and it is my ideal robe-like. If I was going to design a robe, it would be this because in the past. I've had a lot of little silky ones which are nice because I like to be too hot and a rope, but the silky wants a Lotta. Times are hard to keep tied closed, and I'm flashing everyone and. They're a little, too short's flashed 'em flushing people in a lot directions you know the masonry ones do have some slits, but they have short and long, and I have one of the longer versions, and just covered it and I feel comfy and luxurious, and it's. There's nothing better to have a face. Mask it in when you're doing this and. There are fairly small brand out of La. Their stuff is sold on places like shop I think I'm revolve, but. Still Small Missus, and my other one is another thing I got from a black owned beauty company from hyper skin. Is there vitamin C serum? Now? I can't say that this has like re surface. My scanner done anything crazy but I. do a lot of times. How some sensitivity to vitamin C., which is apparently pretty weird, because it's an ingredient that a lot of people can tolerate pretty well on their skin, and it's great for your skin. It's brightening But I've been using this for about a week now and so far. I really like it. I haven't had any breakout irradiation from it. It seems so natural. HAS FRUIT ENZYMES IN AN? So love that. Check it out and I'll see you guys next week for fifty first up. We're like officially over the hill. Thank you for listening they.

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288: Dr. Steven Lin - The Dental Diet  Oxygen Is The Most Crucial Nutrient  Vitamin K1 vs. K2

The Ultimate Health Podcast

56:33 min | 2 years ago

288: Dr. Steven Lin - The Dental Diet Oxygen Is The Most Crucial Nutrient Vitamin K1 vs. K2

"The ARL connection to the gut is circle. It is they must important than you swallow, thousands of bacteria every second to your gut that then speaks with your immune system. Hello and welcome salts. I'll podcast episode two hundred eighty eight Jesse chop Assira th Marnie Wasserman, and we are here to take your hell to the next level each week. We'll bring you inspiring and informative conversations about health and wellness covering topics of nutrition lifestyle, fitness mindset, and so much more. And this week are featured guest is Dr Steven Lin. He's a world leading functional dentist Ted ex speaker and author of the international number one Amazon bestselling book, the dental diet as a passionate preventative whole health advocate. He focuses on the understanding of dental disease through nutritional principles Stevens work has highlighted that crooked teeth in the orthodox epidemic are die taste problems and the need for public health policy to prevent braces in the next generation of children. It's so fun getting into oral health on the podcasts. It's such a fascinating and important conversation and someone that's grown up with a father as a dentist. I've watched them evolve over the years into biological dentistry. And it's just been so fun to watch him, really. Pursue his passion. And you're going to hear just how passionate Stephen is as well. And all the things that we share in today's episode. So here's what we get into good dental and oral health starts at birth. The role of breastfeeding on oral health the difference between vitamin k one and k to dietary choices impact to sensitivity oral health and inflammation, dental diet foods, preventing tooth decay. And so much more were so excited if you guys to hear this conversation here, we go with Dr Steven Lin. Hi, steven. How are you? Welcome to the podcast. Hey money. Thanks for having me, Steven it's great to have you on the show. We have so much to get into your book. The dental diet has been out for about a year now, and it was just such a fascinating read. This is just such important information for our listeners. Yeah. It's been a real journey, actually. And it's really been evolving by the day, and it was such a long process to rot the, but the way it's kind of taken life since it's just been such an enriching Jenny really enjoyed every moment over gonna jump right into things here. I want to start out a little bit with your story and take it all the way back to when you are kid, and how teeth have always fascinated you and just to fill the listeners in. We haven't talked about your actual profession yet. And you're a dentist and when you're a kid. You're obsessed with keeping your teeth squeaky clean cell where did this come from? Yeah. You know, I am a dentist, and I see a lot of kids, and I can tell you know, many kids who are interested in brushing teeth. But I was a strange kid that was obsessed with keeping Mezei thrilling clean and my sister. And I would be in the bathroom, and I would always be making sure that I was in getting everything nice and clean and flushing in everything that she was very nonchalant connotation things as she does. That's my sister. It would always stress me out. It'd be like you not doing it. Probably you have to brush them. And I remember I I will check up like it was yesterday. Still, and I went in the chair I and I got my clean Bill health. And then my sister jumping really shape usually because she was. Not as confident as I was and as she went back in the chair and opened up a mouth, we could see this huge hole in a tooth from across the room. And you know, that kind of really kick me off into understanding Tayfun. Yeah. I found that so much more to dental health, and what would really kinda told Naven Molin brushing. And was there an influence was there, something you read or something you saw that made you so fascinated with keeping your teeth clean? You know, I've thought about that. I can't remember anything that really pushed me into that. Right. It was just I felt it was important. I wanted my tape to be strong and healthy. So I was making sure that was the only thing my mom told me to brush him in. So I did. So that was my only real tool to do that. Yeah. I don't remember any inspiration for that. How k we'll let's fast forward a little bit. When did you know you wanted to become a dentist? Yes. I think from that point. It was Sadie me quite deeply rut so through school. I was very sports and holistic health are incited and science by medical science. Major I had a rugby background. So it was close to professional level sports. But I kind of lost the the real fire in interest in athletic shoots. Just after I finish high school. I was thinking about sports medicine something like that. And then really I was pulled towards this idea of being a mechanic, and the being able to actually get in and fix people and help people with their tastes and small, and so that really kind of drew me into dance history, and the multifaceted nitro Fatu really fascinated made. I was actually a big issue biology during hostile even and I was reading about Joel's tape, and that really kind of drew me in and I didn't learn a lot about that in dentistry. But it was kind of what pulled me into the whole picture. And eventually I went to post grad dental school and wound up looking down mails. Let's talk about when you got into practice. What was that? Like, yes. So dental school really takes you through very mechanical way of looking at tape in the body. And so that was drilled in. To me a lot of a better would and as I got into dental practice. I realized that I wasn't very fulfilled with what I was doing. You know, you see sick people a loss problems the same problems over and over again, you know, the solutions is giving was great. But the big problems the really popping off my head with it. Parents would ask me questions about they kids. You know, why does little Johnny of holiest tooth, and what is his sister? Not and why does assistant eight braces Muslim, join not need braces. And I was funny myself, we less and less answers, and I began to look through conventional literature, and it really wasn't giving me what I wanted. You know, it was very superficial known. Same to be asking these questions yet old. My patients were and actually took some time off dentistry and began to ponder whether I could bay dances, all my life. You know, you go through seven years of college school. And then you wondering whether you can do that seems silly doesn't it, but I actually stumbled across. A book while I was traveling in Europe called nutrition and physical degeneration that really kind of it didn't happen straight away. I kind of looked at night discounted, but that really cracked my mind open as to a whole other way of looking at Tayfun, buddy. I want take a little bit of a step back here and talk about stepping away from practice. How many years in was this? And what did you do? Did you have somebody come in and fill in for your practice while you travel there? What did that look like I was working isn't associate. So, you know, dentists make good money. My first plan before I even found this in dentistry was to go and travel, you know, because I'd finished seven years of intensive school. So I saved money with the intention to do that. And but it kind of became that. I wasn't very convinced that dentistry would fulfil me for my life. So it was about two and a half years in the took this break at traveled for about six months and just kind of like left it all behind. I went back to conventional dentistry off. To that. But I had this kind of book in my backpack that really kind of would laid the path for the future, and what caused you to really dig into this book, you said it was kind of on and off in with you. But what made you really get in and get into the material. So I read it in superficial way when I first picked it up of that Bush elfin Turkey, and there was an initial skepticism. And so I was like, oh, you know, this wasn't towards to me dental school. So it's going to be disproven or bunch of baloney. But it kept coal me back. I don't know what it was. It was something about the way that it was written by dentists west Nate price, nutrition, physical degeneration, the something about the way he spoke that I initially wrote off as skepticism that I realized that I was actually not understanding it. And so I think what happens that I saw what he was talking about. I didn't it. But then I went back to practice, and I sold the things he was saying I began to look at dental arches differently. You know, he documented his work with fifteen thousand black and white photographs and the full. Ice picture with take these big ancestral males really kind of ringing through my brain. I think and I was not seeing this in my patients, and then the questions kept coming up. And eventually, I realized that I didn't understand it. That was the point. That was like a half to understand why this book was written. And why we don't hear about in dental school now, and you share some of those pictures in the book, and it is super fascinating. I have a background in nutrition and some of the books that we read through our courses included this as well. So it was very familiar to see this again and on a similar note. My father's a dentist, and he also kind of similar to what you experience he has always been missing that link between nutrition and dentistry. So he's practices a regular GP for many years and recently, he's kind of stepped into biological dentistry. And he's so fascinated now teaching he know everything starts in the mouth, and this is where the nutrition has to start. And I know we're going to get into this and so much more detail than star kind of way back from birth. Birth. How important is how the palate develops. So maybe let's just take us over there. And talk about how good dental and oral health starts at birth. Yes. So one lawn that press wrote a bath. And he talked about you know, that he went through all these answers cultures. He was trying to find the key point that people focused on with their food because I didn't have them on medicines. I didn't have dances and doctors and surgeons to fix them when I was sake. So he was looking at what were they doing to make sure this didn't happen, and he was talking about food and sexual practices, which I'm sure we'll talk about. But the funny thing he spoke about was that when inspecting couple in a society were planning to have a baby the community would make sure they ate these foods six to twelve months, a special dot ORG, very enriched dot six twelve months before conceiving. And that was like my mind was blown at that point. It's like, whoa. So hang on. So we're looking at prenatal nutrition twelve. Befo- can save you makes a lot of sense. Right. But that was never really anything that I was told in conventional by medical dental training. And then all of a sudden that bells began to ring hang on. So the skeletal system is developing in utero, and when now seeing early stay studies looking at the anthropoid, logical state of Joel is and you see kids now that are not born with Joel's like they used to and kids shouldn't have the retributive mandible the little absence Sheen's, they born with and then consequently, once they up on breastfeeding tongue function breathing all of these nutrients of process talking about then Creighton his symphony that grows the cranial facial structure, which then controls the Airways, and so full so full, and it happens long before even the child is even perceived, and then when the child is conceived and breastfeeding I know that is ideal. And that's what everyone strives for and how important it is for expanding the palette, and I'd like free to get into this. But I also wanna talk. The alternative for those who can't breastfeed or there's a challenge there. What can these women in these babies do? Yeah, that's fun. And you know, what we've got a lotta good options out there. Tate's in bottles. For instance, that may make breastfeeding one thing I'd get parents to check is if you can find a good dentist Intel surgeon all to to check the tongue of a child. So that the tongue is very important in guiding the growth of the creding facial structure and so at newborn stage week in check whether a tongue is restricted there's a lot of raisin behind that. But the tongue Eady's restricted may be performing ill swallowing in a way that is not ideal. And so you can actually this should be newborn check and in Brazil. They actually have mandated law to make sure that every child is checked with tongue ta and that's they have a my functional assessment, which is the oral muscular and tongue assessment to make sure that they are functioning. Adequately. Okay. So let's get into breastfeeding. What that is doing to the palate informing the oral cavity. Yes. The amazing thing about breastfeeding is that it's performs a symphony of crucial things grow a baby's howled and hit and hull craniofacial structure. And the really important thing is that the roof of the mouth all the Magsi LA is the sense of pace, and it's the centerpiece because physiologically it gods the other bones to grow and develop and to pulse shooter into his NAS round beautiful child's head and intriguing cultures. They would actually notice the people that these foods for a long time that had healthy babies. They would have NAS round hits. That's old. I would say and they're actually talking about good craniofacial growth. So what breastfeeding does is it performs a physical, but also a nutritive and microbiological growth signal to the baby. And so that. The tongue must push the nipple up to the roof of the math navies. Also doesn't happen in all babies. A child Ken be fading and still have a non ideal latte. So that's something to check. You can check with a lactation consultant to make sure there is a deep latch because the last should be very very deep into the soft palate of the child, and then it should be pressing the mother's nipple up to the pout, which is soft like wax. And so this force actually gods. The roof of the mouth to be wide and provides a platform for the tape. Now, what happens from there is that the nutrients from the mother of the fat soluble vitamins, which are all important, which is what process talked about then God the baby to grow. So the absorption of calcium which is directed by vitamin Dave out of ninety bottom K to his poss from the mother's breast milk. But also, the mother is passing her gut microbiome by a lymphocytic system that travels up to her breasts and then is transferred by bacteria into the RO micro bomb, which is then swallowed into the child's gut which. Forms their immune system. A newborn child does not have a function immune system. And in the first three to six months breastfeeding provides vats micro-biology cool access to the world, which then forms immune systems of the mother is basically priming all of this. It's an unbelievable system. We have to grow newborn child. It's fascinating. And Stephen I wanna take some time now and get into some of these fat soluble vitamins that price realized these healthy traditional cultures were taking in through their diet. So let's get into these in and talk about what they are. Yes. So the big thing about the takeaway from process work. He was looking for the key things that all of these ancestral cultures the meant they didn't have any tooth decay. Any wisdom teeth impaction snow Briceno crooked teeth nothing. There was no dental disease whatsoever. And that's what Hemans have experienced on planet earth for at least two million years. And so what he was looking as he. Analyzed the foods? He took samples from each place. He watched the food practices. He would take them back to his lab in Cleveland, Ohio. And he would compare the foods to the foods that he's patients were eating and who subsequently getting sick. And he was also comparing the foods that these cultures were aiding that were infiltrated by the Maud dot. So he was looking at comparison. And he was looking at what people were eating back in the US. And he found that the modern dot is devoid of fat soluble vitamins, and he mentioned the harmful factors Suga so forth. But the fat soul will volumes missing them is the k factor because I provide the defense and the guidance for the body to assimilate calcium grow strong healthy buns, which we know which was establishing the light eighteen hundreds by the Ricketts epidemic kids. Their buns went foaming during industrialist times and lack of sunlight, and so we hand Skype kids called liberal process on overall human cultures have cherished fete. Sola von this vitamin E vitamin d but in the book, he? Another factor called activated eggs that he never identified. It was actually ten years. He was alive after publishing nutrition and physical degeneration, and he never identified. What active at X was? Can you imagine you lost work like that and dying being somewhat criticize full these outrageous claims, and knowing that this nutrient had a factor in never finding it? So that was actually found in two thousand seven by name. Chris moss. Joan a brilliant by Kim's based in Brooklyn. And he identified that. There was another fence will autumn separate from the group of vitamin k molecules. And so what we call vitamin k one which is a Philip with none which is involved in blood clotting. There was another set and there's a similar molecule, but not the same. That's bottom in K two and vitamin k two works to activate vitamin Dave Ottoman. A and physically carry calcium into bones and safe if you have enough vitamin d and not enough about him in K two you'll actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease because of the cast of -cation in your arteries and whilst. If you have K to you activate proteins that carry calcium from soft tissues into the places. You want them to go like, your bones and tastes in Japan. We now have the ministry of health recommending vitamin D N, vitamin k two full osteoporosis for obvious reasons. But we don't get this information because it was lost an ounce. Standing vitamin k two is not taught to dental practices in. It's also not told to medical practitioners. Unfortunately and said the fat soul will really sacred trilogy. Vitamin E volume day vitamin k to all work to put calcium within eight to go. Now, we're going to take a quick break. Par chat with Stephen to your show to our show partner. Organic by last week. 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So that's study in two thousand eleven that showed that women with osteoperosis taking vitamin d supplements and calcium actually don't significantly increase their bone density. And what they did find though is that they increase risk of heart attacks, and this is so much. So so statistically significant that the trials would no longer ethical because of the patients having heart attacks having it high risk of cardiovascular events, and so the explanation for that is that if you say the build up on the back of you'll low of front teeth, your dentist cleans, quite painful. I'm sure everyone recognize that that's a calcified Plock build up in some people get very very thick build up there. And there's no explanation as to why people get a thick built up and why? People have kind of a little build up. But it's because we've missed this calcium metabolism. And fat soluble fact of is so important in the body. And if you picture what's happening on your take with your pluck, the same thing is happening in your arteries. So the coronary calcium school is now one of the better tests. Check, your cardiovascular health and risk of cardiovascular event. And so what you're seeing in your tape with that Casavant plot? The same thing is happening in your body. It's a problem with managing calcium. So you body cannot take calcium and put it where it needs to go and actually build up in the self-tissues kidney stones builds up in the prostate. So we know that we basically calcified up as such important information. And I'm so glad earlier you broke down the difference between K one in K too. Because that's just so important for all of us tender stand and you actually talk about K two coming from two different. Forums one being from bacteria and the other being from animals? So can you explain the two different forms and do we need to be getting both or how does that work? Yeah. That's. Right. It's price identified active at X. So he looked at all these foods. Right. It's vitamin E vitamin d and these active Ed X, and then subsequently we've kind of field in the paces, but it gets even more complicated than it is up to eleven molecules vitamin k two and likely what process was identifying was one subset of vitamin k two and surviving. K tube is a group of molecules coal Amena, Quinon and queens have a very special ring structure minute, croissants, a different to Philippines, which is the K one Phillipines come from the Ukraine green leafy vegetables. And so for instance, when a Cal eight FOSS, growing, spring Groff's they'll have a rush of Filipinos, and they'll convert that to mimic wins in the butter and milk and so forth. But so the different types of k to a broken down into these animal souls, which is is manichean full to M K full, which you'll say on supplement bottles. All if you're ready about vitamin K two that's in the. Body when you ate a fat solve of Ottoman. It actually goes into your digestive system. It is packaged into special blood cholesterol, which we've been told a bad. But now, there's a hope postal system in your blood to deliver these fat Sola volumes because you're seventy percent water. Remember, so it gets packaged up into your blood cholesterol. And goes around your body into live, which processes and sends it back out to way, you need it. And so what happens is that the on four is the most biologically active, so get sucked up very quickly. It hangs around on the outside of those lipoprotein and your body uses a very quickly so saints to bay we need metacritic full the most. And then what happens those they're all the tops of vitamin k through this manichean seven, that's bacteria derived, it's probably derived in the gut is probably derived from a healthy all microbiome too. But waken eight it from bacterial sources like you can get it from certain chases through the bacterial film and taxation of well source chases, and you probably get a mix of mimicry. Of full and mini Cronyn seventy Shays just for reference, but other foods like, Sal crowds. Japanese Nacho is one of the richest foams of metacritic seven, but what happens in the liver is that the Medicaid on sevens of stored on the inside of those blood cholesterol's. And so what happens is the body. Quickly sucks up the minute quit unfolds. At takes the minute on sevens to the live in converted to mimic full. And so many critics seven does other things in the body to it's important for bone Hymie stasis, but what we have in the body is a high rocky Nayed full vitamin k to that we actually need to divide this into into a different molecule name because it's so complex and so important, but the men acquitted and four is the animal source that comes from your organ mates. Your Batas you'll egg yolks and the metacritic seventies bacteria, so's probably from your gut, which is converted than and actually vitamin k one is also converted in the gut to metacritic full. So I think we need a mix. I think we definitely what prospect was that. I. Think what he was finding in measuring was metacritic full 'cause all the food Sosas. He talked about where animal sources he said. These are the K ones. This is the one that Allah ancestors loved and needed to eight and then from there you can supplement near you build up you'll Stolz of k one and k two through green, leafy vegetables and cemented and suddenly you'll getting the whole spectrum. So given the importance of k two is this something you recommend people supplement with are just get through the diet. I think today if you've suffered any problems with any kind of immune gut dental problems, any health chronic health problem, I think we probably need a supplement biz. No study published today that shows any overdose risk of vitamin k two. So ideally, it would be great to get it from the dog. But if you've suffered any problem, I think that's all autumn is build up slowly. And we need to assimilate them I recommend my patients to supplement. If is being any kind of poss- of chronic disease. Okay. And you gave some good examples of where to get the K two. But coming back and talking about these fat soluble vitamins as a whole vitamin d vitamin as well are there certain foods that we can take in on a regular basis to make sure we're getting enough of these are what are your thoughts on that? Yeah. This is what process talking about he addenda fide, the foods that carry Fessel vitamins, and one thing that I had patients coming saying all the time, you know, the taking these facials fficials, but it really misses, you know, why we ate fat based foods. So fat carries fat soul will nutrients in so bottoms AD and Ketu Coen's on Q tan so full is a bunch that carried specifically, and there's only a very very small type of foods that carry the full spectrum, which is vitamin a vitamin d vitamin k two so organ mates everyone in my opinion needs to get back to aiding grass fed organically, souls organ mates, even if that's five desiccated live supplements, everyone kind of cringes when a say that. But this is where these animals stole these nutrients, and that's. What every culture, you go to every culture around the world, you look through their ancestral cookbook. You'll find an organ mate Daesh that they treasured there's a reason for that. Because we need them. We need them in Hossa ply. We create babies with big Brian weaken create kids that don't need braces in the Nayed wisdom tasted extractions, because they have Joel's a hall that eve we give them enough nutrients, so we need to eight Oga mates. We need to eight cross raised mates end ho chemically rise, for instance, chicken paltry foods like bras, fries. Badeah getting back to gay in butter and full fat foods a jokes. So don't take the egg yolk out of what almost and so forth. These are the animal foods that carry these nutrients, and so if you focus on then you get a little bit every day, then you're going to be boosting your levels. And this is pretty much the breakdown of the dental diet, you're giving us a little hints as to what is the diet that you recommend for us building, a strong palette and strong teeth. But before we get into I wanna contain. In you on specific foods a little bit later. But I wanna talk about the number one nutrient that you discussed the book, which is not a food, but it's oxygen. So let's talk about this. And why this is so important that's rod money. And so we spoke earlier about breastfeeding. And actually those one critical bit we missed is when a child is breastfeeding and the tongue is suctions up to the Powell with nipple, Chris. So the baby's extracting that precious milk. There's something very very important happening on the upside of that palette, and this was a real eye opening night. This is actually probably way I found what process really talking about because west name press, he took these photos against look these people are healthy, and they have these beautiful phasing out. They don't get chronic disease. But he didn't have the technology and the physiological understanding to really explain it. Now, we have it and the key point was that in the appetite. So when a child has a crooked smile or a high arch narrow palate just above that in the Magsi Laboon is the nasal song. So when you have crooked potato a small narrow Joel you also have a small narrow nice layaway, and that's priming your ability to get the most critical neutral, which is auction. And so in the dental dot we really focused on understanding, the breathing techniques, and we build that into exercise before meals and so forth. Is that the reason why we've been told to breathe through the nose is there is a very very important persons. That happens that helps us extract oxygen from air. And so when you breathe through the mouth, it not only stunts the next Hillary informs these growth issues, but you did not deliver oxygen via a very special molecule cold not Trich oxide, and so when you breathe through the nose deep die frag Matic, breathing, and you hold it there. The carbon dioxide rises. The notch oxide actually helps blood perfusion to rush to those also of the lungs to help oxygen crossover that little divide in the lung into the blood and so. So what you requires time. Carbon dioxide has to rise. You have to feel comfortable with the date breath and holding it that's why date breasts more effective because it delivers oxygen? If you take shallow chess breath through the mouth, you'll delivering called nitric oxide poll to respiratory system. And so breaking through the nose, and this is actually expands a child's palette, and it also maintains about throughout adult life as well. And when you don't understand that you breathe like that through the day, you probably get by the when you go to sleep. You put yourself a real risk because when you have a small Joran away snoring taste grinding Joel pain a condition called upper airway resistance in drone comes into play. Because you'll brain just needs one nutrition that's oxygen to brave when you sleeping, and so when you don't do that in the day, it translate to you're not time, breathing, which has very very potentially harmful effects. So we've gone through life mouth breathing and in our teeth or crooked, and we're you know in our later years or an app. Adult. What can we do to correct it? So there are systems now where we can expand the palate to correct a narrow palate. If that's the problem so a functional dental exam. So I call it functional dentistry because we get to the recalls in the amazing thing about is that you really find the cause of the problems in the mouth like if anyone's got any kind of gut immune hormone O'Brien balance, I can guarantee there is a critical clue in the mouth, and it's related to the things. We're talking about today, but so functional dentistry will find out what it easy and you'll mouth that has kinda held you back a little bit and so- humans are amazingly adaptive creatures, and so we just kinda move on. And I see people with, you know, very narrow Joel's led a completely normal life, and perhaps it just kind of coming to the point where they're not sleeping. Well, and not feeling great. Don't have a lot of energy. And so what we do is we try and find out why? And what's really important, for instance, is the connection between the tongue and the pallet. And it's very important. A logical connection FIS up power sympathetic cranial nerves justify the physical connection of the tongue and palate Jesse in Mani if you guys want to quickly check yourself now what you can do is you can open the mouth is was he can save. You can hold your Joel down at full with open, and touch your tongue to the spot on your gown just behind the upper frontier with and if you can't do that, it might mean, you have a tongue tied so adult tongue tie released now is a very effective way to help build that relationship between the tongue and the palette, and what really should happen is that you should be able to suction your tongue like a table to the roof of the pound that's rot back to the soft. Palate. If you run your finger along the roof, you'll math rot back to the way, you feel the junction of the hot and softball where it gets soft that soft pot is activated by the vagus nerve. And we all know what the vagus nerve does. And this is a very exciting area of functional medicine, we were activating the vagus nerve because it's so crucial. In the gut brain connection. But if you don't swallow correctly in physically white that vagus nerve up when you start chewing and swallowing every couple of seconds, then you'll miss out on that critical standpoint. So there are functional aspects that we can work on so breathing and oral Porsche these K nutrients, we understand why we had these gut issues we didn't sleep very well know we grind tape. It all comes back to these principles. I think it's important that we also talk about you mentioned briefly about not needing braces. If we do everything correctly from a young age. So let's discuss this because I think a lot of parents right now probably pudding devices and appliances on their teenagers preteens teeth at too young of an age 'cause they're too fearful that, you know, their mouth is crooked or something is blocked, and this is setting up their kids for more problems. Even though they think they're correcting them. So let's have you talk about this. Because I think it's so common. I was a kid with braces. And there are many kids out there. Solicit discuss this. Yeah, it's important to frame what Bryce is doing braces at dragging teeth trying to straighten teeth to make a small look straight in the space that they given. Now, there's a very interesting era functional dentistry called Maya functional. Also, don't take sentence basically prio for don't takes. And what we do is. We look at the factors. That's a causing a child's Joe not to grow which happened rot from Charles Newton. See the high pallets in newborns today. They have a little thumbprint if you look up into the roof of your babies in this little thumb print up there. They're a little bit behind development. Don't worry though. Because my functionally we can correct it, and we get all of his rut, then by the time, the twelve they'll have straight takes a good platform for that. But so what happens at six and seven is the first baby tastes stuff to become loose and so- previously. All the donors have had the approach of whiting until twelve until only adults eight come through put braces on and then you got strike tastes great. But then the issue is that you have. Joel pain you have headaches. You'll bought doesn't feel right. I have lots of patients saying that they bought doesn't feel right because it tasted just being dragged into a place that they're not really supposed to be. And so what my functional don't does it addresses, easy shoes. As the Charles growing developing. So at six we start to get the first loose teeth all of the adults out to come in by the time that twelve they've had all the adults the child who dentition full out, and then we've got the twenty eight with the wisdom teeth to come through a little bit lighter. Now in this time, the body is so malleable, and the kids grow very quickly that if you correct six and seven year old in Nizo, breathing there my functional devices they can wear it not. And if they start nasal breathing with the tongue to the roof of the male tastes straight naturally. It's unbelievable. It's like magic. But all it is is understand the growth and the things holding that child back. The fact that they really didn't need to have is the nutrients and the fuel for that Joe to grow. And so now if you've had conventional. Pancakes. So when a child reaches twelve we start to reach this adulthood profile wear dentures told for longtime the magazine, the upa Joel fuses once you reach teigen's also. But what happens actually is that you can stimulate that your entire lawf- what stimulates that is nicer breathing tongue pasta. And you can also get what's called adult palatal expansion to help you build that platform to break through the nose and reprogram Ukrainy facial system in the amazing thing is that when you do this in a adult you actually change the whole cranial facial structure. And so you change there when you expand Magsi la-, they is will sometimes level up because they're slightly miscued the mandible. So that Joel by we'll actually remodel on the side that you stimulate. But the most amazing thing is the Spaniard burn which is the most crucial bone in. The body is the base of the brands where the Patry Glenn suits where the pioneer glances that also remodels in can be. Come both symmetrical eve, you won the pallets of the hull craniofacial see some can change just by putting the right pressure on the pal embracing correctly. Now, we're going to take another quick break from our chat with Stephen to show to our show partner beekeepers naturals. This company has some of the best pollen I've ever tried. It's collected from a variety of different wildflowers during pollination. It's sweet it's crunchy. It's loaded with so McHugh Trish in it's got be vitamins minerals free forming amino acids in protein and gives you that boost of energy. This is something that Jesse. And I often add to our smoothies at the end or he put it on our Chia bowls, and what I love about beekeepers naturals. Bee pollen is that it's not heat treated. It's got this. Really nice crunchy fluffy texture to it it explodes in your mouth. And it's just amazing. So if you haven't tried be pollen yet, I highly encourage you to get a bottle of it while you're at it. Get some raw Honey add that to your order and load up on these amazing be superfoods, and as listener of our show, you get fifteen percent of all your beekeepers products to take advantage. Good. Ultimate help podcast dot com slash beekeepers. Again that you are L is. Ultimately, podcasts dot com slash beekeepers. Also, he spends sixty dollars more you get free shipping. Go and load up on these incredible be products today. You can thank us later and Al showed up from the show partner San warrior as guys have an omega three eat vegan source DHA in EPA. And if you're not into taking fish oils than this is such a great option for you. It's based in algae, it's so beneficial for your heart for your brain for your vision. And another bonus is that it comes in a dark glass bottle, which is so important when it comes to any kind of oil supplement, this is such an amazing product. And we can't emphasize enough. It comes up time and time again on our shows how important it is to take a mega threes. So if you're not taking any omega three right now because you're not into the fish oil, get yourself, some of this vegan omega three from San warrior, and as listener our show, you get twenty percents off all your son while your purchases to take advantage. Go to Altima health podcast dot com slash sun warrior, again that you are L is ultimate hell pod. Cast dot com slash sun. Warrior on top of your twenty percent discount. You also get free shipping. If he spent fifty dollars more sun were your has such an incredible lineup of products go and take advantage of your discount right now. And now back to our chat with Stephen. You talked about sleep earlier. And if we start to make some of these changes, how can that impact our breathing while we sleep in maybe help with things like snoring or sleep apnea? Yes. So the thing about snoring and sleep apnea is that the problem with noisy sleep also snoring. For instance, is that it's an AOL problem. And so what are pro choice to sleep apnea is to do asleep test and test how many times a person is stopping breathing. So people literally stopping breathing in this sleep in events. Not frightening out. Nobody's so what would doing is that we putting people on the police Omni graph waiting for them to get sleep apnea? And then we put him on a C Pap machine that pumps illiteracy down the airway. So what we do in functional dentistry is that we look at why the away is working. So they could be a palatal issue that could be a tongue issue. They can be restriction bar deviated septum so in nose and throat assessment is important. And so what we do is. We see where the. Restrictions happening often the tongue foles back into the throat which in crushes on the space of the ARA fangs. But you can also have blockages in the nasal ferrings. It's a complex system that we need to understand. But what is really important as people that have police the graphs don't always diagnosed for sleep apnea, and these are people that suffer from a condition called up airway resistance in Rome, and they'll suffer a set of symptoms very very similar across the population. And so it's more common in females. It's usually within the range of twenty five to fifty this kind of range of what they'll experience is that they'll have called hands of fate digestive issues there little bit anxious and sometimes on any depressions that own sleep while they always tied. They've got this expression haven't slept well without before. And they con- explain it and they grind their teeth of head neck pain. The raisin is not breathing. Rod at not, but they will not be diagnosed with sleep apnea and upper airway resistance in Durham is treated the same. Because if we just on the. That they're not breathing. Correct. In the brains in fato flight mode. This is what up a resistance enjoy eases. It their precious is in the air. And when you go to sleep and the brain census pressure, it will actually fire a sympathetic response to pull the Joel fold for instance, and up in the air. That's what saith grinding for the majority is. But what happens is that if you'll constantly doing that every not your entire life, you not breathing correctly. And you're not going through cycles of site, which is crucial for the brain. So sleep apnea for one long-term c-pap machine should not be the answer. We should be learning to breathe in correcting the structures that are breathing and then up airway resistance syndrome, we need to be early diagnosis and understanding and also correcting the braiding systems as well and making show those correct nutrients of there which helped the brain to answer into these deep levels of sleep. Stephen. I wanna come to a point near story where you began to experience bouts of two sensitivity when did this happen and take us back to that point yet Jesse window is going through? The process actually when I discovered nutrition and physical degeneration. I was kind of looking at it now seeking well I looked at my diet, and as I don't need this stuff. And then I started to notice really that. I'd always been healthy. You know, I was kinda sporty exercise every day. I was fighting some problems. I was having one going away Rasouli as playing some tag rugby games. And I had this cut on my leg that just would not heal. And I just couldn't UN's why the hill wasn't my cut healing. And then I was also experienced to sensitivities. Well, once I looked at process work and undestood the foods that I really hadn't been eating, and I kind of actually went back to my grandmother's ancestry and what she used to. And compared that began say, the my diet really wasn't that great seeing a lot of high Cobb, Audrey low nutrient high sugar foods, and I was experiencing dental symptoms. You I'd never had a hole in my tooth. But I was having this tooth sensitivity. Alz having food cravings, not I wasn't sleeping. I was waking up to three o'clock in the morning. But with carbohydrate cravings, and I didn't even consider myself as opposed to the big sweet tooth. But what I realize is. I was having these low fat bowl yoga before bed filled with fruit nuts and Honey. And you know, it was probably a hundred grams plus of Suga and I was a sugar addict. And I didn't even tell it. And once I changed my diet. Once I introduced that fat, nourishing foods and got rid of the processed supermarket foods everything began to change my two sensitivity dropped away my sleep level debt. I no longer have any kind of cravings through the not and especially working on the braiding to really help me to manage my sleep. And overall, you know, I feel a lot better almost ten years later off to going through the whole process for anyone listening. I would encourage him to feeling control of what you can do with your buddies. Once you understand what's wrong, and what you really really get to the problem your body's gonna do amazing things. And what you realized in the end was that because of this your body was actually inflamed. Exact. Right. So uh subsequently learning we learned in the dental to the prostate. No, there is a connection between the mouth and got the gut microbiome, which we know so much about tonight. It seems obvious today. But people didn't know this Bailey few years ago, but the oral connection to the gut is so critical. It is they must important thing. You swallow thousands of bacteria every second to your gut that then speaks with your immune system. So what's happening? There is that if your immune system isn't happy with your own gut bacteria, it becomes angry it has to kind of try and deal with these bacteria. And so what happens is that ends up in bodily, inflammation, you end up with immune system that is constantly inflamed. As constantly trying to battle the bacterial colonies leaving with it and you'll not at pace with your environment. We have a digestive oral system that houses trillions and trillions of muck mole markers that you can even imagine stars in the Milky Way. And so managing that connection to the sales of body of very very. Important itself fascinating. And what you described as your diet with the yogurt and somewhat healthy foods that were still high in sugar. I think this represents so many people who think that they're healthy. But they're really just putting in such a load in their body. And I want to expand. Now, I want to kind of go back to the dental diet and unravel more foods and more things that we can add in and supplements as well. So we talked about organ meats, we talked about grass fed meets we talked about grass-fed, dairy eggs. What else are we missing? What else can we included in our diet? So they're the key foods the provide the festival volumes. We then need to provide the support foods and so support foods, which we go through in the in the beauty about tape is that it lays out what we should eight. So simply rut as I was writing the book just seeing these old come out build the food pyramid just to visualize. But it becomes so simple. When you understand the physiology of the mouth of what you should be eighty and make sense rut, but so the foods that. Support Fessel will autumns things like call Jim bone broth. So the skin and the joints of animals also has critical amino acids that one foam the gut lining, which is crucial for your immune, gut bacteria Baria, but also create the precursors for bones and Tate, so a great skin for people with varicose veins with people that want to stay in look young you need to fade yourself this collagen, so bone broth is a very important, and you can also supplement call now, which is great. You know, it's great that we have these K foods that we can suppling because I'm busy worlds, it is a little bit hard you conscious. Go down the street and fund unruffled the time. So having these supplement plans and built into your daily routine. Just make sure that you get enough of these nutrients the other thing if amended foods of foods creates the bacterial division, introduce probiotic Spacey's to the mouth and got. So it's important to eight ferments tried to with every meal because some type of. Whether's fermented dairy olf amended vegetables, you really priming your immune system. Mas- Jesse said before about inflammation to reduce inflammation, you need to get your gut ecology settle in. That means diversity diverse Arslan, gut bacteria ended up with strong stable immune systems, so familiar foods, then lots of pre body fibers so things like audits and asparagus and lots of Ray visuals different colors, and they provide the fuel full these bacteria to create the protection we have bacteria nam out the predict against Tuesday gain gum disease. They subsequently protect against all other chronic diseases to you have to fade them, so lots of vegetables and cutting out the simple sugars and the simple carbohydrates in you flowers weights and so forth that fuel the wrong type of bacteria, and that's something. I'd love free it elaborate a little bit on where a common myth is that the simple carbs and sugars are actually rotting teeth or causing problems specific. Weekly with the tooth and your book, you break that down and get into the depth of the fact that this is actually just changing the microbiome, which in turn causes problems with T. So can you dig into that a little bit deeper? Yeah, that's right. And so two decay we've been told as an issue that we need to scrub teeth and that will protect us against Tuesday. But the problem with that is that the model of tooth decay, the infection model Tuesday that we built is really not understanding the whole physiology of what we've discovered over the last ten to twenty years, and this shows that for instance, we've identified roughly five to ten bacteria that shop into decay will those bacteria live in the mouth in normal situations in health and so the presence of those bacteria on the issue. It's the absence of the protective bacteria and the whole balance of the ecology if you look at the studies of the oral Maccabim now, they'll show that they're tawny biological signals that are happening all the time. And this ends up being. A pay hike signal so bacteria release acids of time it will release acid that will change the patient ecology of the mouth. But the problem isn't the ph is, however focused on the ph and says, well, the acid breaks down the tooth. That's not the issue. The problem is that if you fade the call neither own thing, then it's going to fade certain bugs that can get out of control sus trip caucus mutants, which is a FOSS metabolising bug. That's the one that really gets up when you eat sugar. So you it is simple carbohydrate like sugar all flour refined flours behaves. Very similarly to a a bacteria looking for simple carbohydrates, it will amend it. Any will spit it out at it will create an acidic environment. Now there are bacteria. They've that will mitigate that. But if you keep eating sugar, which we hold off than those FOSS metabolising bacteria wind because you not balancing it out with the fibers and the slow metabolism Kaba hydrates that fade the good guys. You know, they're all good guys. We just need to make sure that they get in balance. And so the equation there is that we. Have this very very diverse or microbiome? That's ev-. You ate a rich source of vegetables in five fibers and never brush your teeth. You're not gonna get tooth decay because everything's imbalanced. That's what happens throughout hall ancestry. I'm not saying done brushing saith to saying that Al ID that we just scrub the surface of the tooth. It's like kinda taking a car with a broken engine to the cow washin trying to wash it you really get onto the bottom and understand that this ninja problem there. And that's a fat soluble vitamin on the other side. There is a defensive some there are nutrients inside the tooth that will create an immunity to tooth decay. And I can tell you that ninety nine percent and kids don't brush their teeth rods. May I say it, and they even lie to you this brushing teeth. They didn't the real way to prevent tooth decay and kids to fade them fat soluble vitamins, imbalanced oral marker bomb, and you know, you can have fun with them. They're trying it in the brush your teeth. They'll learn eventually, but if you do the important things, that's how you prevent tooth decay. Speaking of brushing teeth, I would love for you. To share with us your oral care routine. What are you doing? Are you doing things like oil pulling tongue scraping what kind of toothpaste are you using take us through doodoo some tongue scraping? So there is a build up on the back of the tongue that can build up a lot like plaque on tesa tongue scrapings important one people with bad breath, A definitely recommend tongue scraping. I don't use any antibacterial products. Which is nearly all if anything says it kills ninety nine percent of bugs. And specially mouthwashes, you should really really steer away from it as a very very early amount of racers now showing that when you take an alcoholic mouthwash every day. It will increase the risk of prediabetes. And so that connection is by reducing the oral microbiome. So the got microbiome, and creating a gut microbiome that is basically type two diabetic so reducing that defensive. But so I don't use antibacterial 's I like t- taste. So I'm actually kind of been experimenting with is unknown a big oil Pula, I like it. But I don't you know, they say. Got to do it for a long time. I think you know, oil in the bathrooms of it miss ya. I use a little bit of coconut oil with baking soda, and I kinda crossed that between a product activated charcoal toothpaste. I use you're gonna be a little bit careful with activated charcoal because it can be abrasive on tape and makes him look really what because it adds bulbs everything, but actually scrubbing tapes with activated charcoal can break down the of seat. You gotta be a little bit careful about that. And yeah, just use known artificially sweetened mince at the moment is with Pittman oils outside of my oral hygiene regime, trying to get away from the idea of really wanting that Minty feeling after brushing and then using yet mints as a way to kind of get that. 'cause I like fresh feeling a male. But I'm trying to not use the products that really produce awesome. Thanks for sharing that and our last question before we wrap up is what does alternate health mean te'o ultimately health, Maine's undestanding the body. I I've always been into health, but I've always found that you know, when you get information that isn't quite right or incomplete it. Can send you down apothecary isn't quite ingenious to your body. And you know, really to what you Nate. And so I really think that ultimate health is getting your whole mind and being around understanding who you are as a person and biological bane. That means understanding how ancestry our cultures and how people lived for a long time on this planet and really connecting with that. And understanding that all the daughter is there, and you know, you come in with a shot mind, and the inquisitive open mind, really that you know, you can really change you'll biology, and that's really I think we're heading is. It's really I'm very thankful to have had a pot in that in to be practicing that every day, but I really say this is quite a movement happening around the planet while you're definitely a big part of it. And we thank you so much for coming on the show, Steven how can the listeners connect with you. So they can find functional dentistry information and on Dr Steven Lin dot com. D I S T V E N L I, N dot com and on social media at Dr Steven Lin. So share a lot information there. About functional dental concepts slate breathing tongue Porsche newborn, health and breastfeeding. It's all there. So come say, hi, aren't we're gonna link everything up over at the show notes. Alternate health podcast dot com. So listeners can go and check that out. And this is just been great. Thank you so much for your time. And for all this unique information because it really appreciate what you guys doing to. Thank you for having me and Cape. Spreading this important information is really changing people's loves our pleasure. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks goes. We hope he loved today's episode with Dr Steven Lin, we've had so many functional doctors on the show and its due time that we have a functional dentist hopefully took a lot away from today's show, and you are going to get into the dental diet. And if you love today's episode, let us know over on Instagram, give us a tag, alternate, health, podcast and tag, Dr Steven Lin. Let us know you think we always do re shares on Friday of some of your posts so getting their share and keep up the luff resin Instagram referral show notes, be sure and had. Over to ultimate health podcast dot com slash to eighty eight. We're going to have links everything we discussed in a nice show summary, and now we're putting a worksheets each and every week. So go there to download your free worksheet that goes along with the episode before we let you go want to give some love to our editor an engineer j Sanderson over at podcast, tech dot com. Jay, sanke, Suzanne such a great job putting the show together. And this week's fun fact about Jason's at he's been practicing. Gratitude a lot lately gratitude is such a great addition to any healthy routine. And if you're just starting to implement it into your routine, a great time to do it would be to list if you are grateful for in the morning or at night, or even better both have an awesome week. We'll talk soon take care.

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364: Caped Commentaries 3!

Hollywood Babble-On

1:34:03 hr | 1 year ago

364: Caped Commentaries 3!

"Hey there boys and girls. It's Ralph Garman here. Listen if you like, Hollywood Babylon I think there's an excellent chance that you would like the Ralph report my daily podcast Monday through Friday. Not to mention if you sign up now as a four star general support or to the row report, you get full access to the entire back catalogue of Hollywood. Babylon a decade of Hollywood Babylon. Pat Your fingertips for being a four star supporter of the Ralph report WANNA sign up. You can find the Ralph Report on Patriot Dot Com. Just go to www dot patriots dot com slash throughout report sign up today. It's time to babble the faulk on. A Hollywood Babylon. With your hosts, Kevin, Smith, and Ralph Garman. It's yet another endless night Hollywood's let babble the fuck out I'm Kevin Smith I'm Ralph Garman all kids for back we're doing the caped commentaries. Episode five and six the two parter featuring for the first time ever in live action form I'll have you know the clown Crown Clown Prince of crimes is the first time I guess you're right now we're else would he's never appeared onscreen before Cesar Romero originates a role which eventually goes on to win fuckers Oscars and that's something no doubt and this was a guy who was like probably from the grave he's like Should Shave my moustache. All the awards he was the exact opposite. He would never do it. Know why what's the thing? Producers Bill does your and Charlie fitzsimmons reached out to Butch Romero is he was that was his nickname it'd be maybe ironically. Why was he not much well, Caesar was what they called in the golden age of Hollywood. Lifelong Bachelor of their yes. And he was pals with Bill Dosier, and for some reason, does your reached out to him to play the joker and all of Hollywood was confused because of Cesar Romero was known as this Latin Lover Song and dance man even early in his career and you wouldn't think of him to play a crazy over the top comic character like the joker but those are. Always said at parties and stuff, he would hear Cesar Romero laughing with just such joy and when he thought of the character, he thought a Romero. So they bring a man and Caesar said Yeah that sounds fun. I'll do it, and so they said great, you're GonNa have to shave the moustache though because we need to put makeup all over you and Romero famously said. My Mustache is my career I've made. However many films over decades with this mustache I'm not shaving it for some kids show basically. And he was steadfast and they said, all right. We'll just cover it up. So he would. He would not go for the shaving at all ever my whole childhood I. Don't think I really noticed that it was a mustache I'm sure I noticed but I don't think I ever never really registered right? Well, also, it's like. When I was a kid. I. Didn't know what the joker was. In the same way, I didn't know what Darth vader and the stormtroopers were. You know. Are they robots. Like what's under that I see and the joker. Like there was no I, I didn't know the secret origin of leg is fucking skin was died. You know in in this fucking accident Boba. So, for I, knew he was a criminal who liked the penguin chose an outfit and the ridler puts a mask over his eyes. I thought maybe he put on his makeup painted his face. And the whole. Yeah like well like I don't want to be recognized while I do these crimes I can disguise. So even if I did register fucking mustache. That make up. I think I would have been like well, of course, there is because he's just the dude is wearing make I was trying to hide from Batman and this make right like I kept waiting for them to you know like. Find his secret identity. You know like Scooby Doo mask off right right Ooh I would have gotten rid. And I would have gotten away with it you in for you and boy. Blunder. If you can do him as the joker. Can you do Cesar Romero from other movies or no? I can't sort of because he was like the bad guy in ocean's eleven the original with Frank Sinatra and stuff do Shanto she always talked like this. He always had a bit of a lisp and it's almost like an a Latin Sean connery almost you know Yeah Yeah I think this is a good idea. We'll pull this group this job and we'll all be rich. So what was the difference between his Ocean's eleven bad guy and his bat. Tired and motor excited years. Wounded he laugh and notions not really didn't laugh a lot in his career as I mentioned, this was really against type for him for dosier to see this character in this guy made really no sense other than he had a personal relationship with him and he knew another side of him thought he could pull it off turned out to be right. That era if it wasn't Cesar Romero who could have been. Well. Like we said before most of these guest stars were established Hollywood players but maybe on the downside of their careers you know. So it would have to have been. Someone who was popular in the forties fifties who was on the other side of their career I was thought George Sanders maybe eventually played Mr freeze could have could have been a good joker. Don rickles think about a comedian. Yeah like that's that's who. You're imagine they would have leaned toward right of like going to stand up. Yeah. Like somebody who's known for like being fucking funny like Jerry Lewis would have mad. There you go. The ultimate joker where was he in his career was kind of in the peak of his solo movie that was during never get him now although he did up in the window one. Wants to show became ahead. You know everybody suddenly wanted to be on the show that's when they started adding all the window appearances is so did anybody come out of windows doesn't season? One? That's a great question I. Sometimes, I, lose track what happened in sees but I believe they started adding that in the second season but maybe maybe the tail end of the I will see have you. But before we dive into Gotham City, have you been anything so not much congratulations on the Kilroy trailer we haven't talked about it since. fucking Ralph in that killed worry trailer. Yeah fucking. And look forward to seeing the film because. Again, we talked about this on the show. No, I'll send you a link This was the weirdest craziest Gig I've had certainly in in many a year but I was very nervous and trepidation you offered it to me, and then when we did it, it was like so much fun because I played. Something I would never get a chance to play in real life from anyone else only you would offer me that opportunity. so He's absolutely crushed. Any fucking scary. Well. We'll see I don't like watching myself but I want to see this one to you really are you one of those people I I try to avoid it if at all possible one of my favorite things to watch is My I know you are very fond of hearing yourself and seeing yourself and I'm the opposite. I rarely listen to or watch anything that I'm in. Is that right? So when you do Ralph Import, do you record it and then go listen backing editor you just record it well I've got an intern now Gilbert who does all the post editing for me luckily so I don't have to listen to it. It's a blessing. But Yo. So what you'll give note if you're like I said the state yeah, I'll give him like ins, and outs and trims and stuff like that. But I if I can possibly not listen to it I won't where'd you get an intern? he was a member of the army who volunteered he said I just got out of school. I've been studying on engineering and I need some experience cutting in and and sweetening and doing all the stuff that I learned. He said I'll do it for you for nothing if he just take me on entrust me with the stuff. So we met and we talked and I liked him and he's a great kid and works really hard and so he's been helped me out for a while where year he'd him. He was a listener them. He said I met him. He came to the House Adam over them. Yeah. I know that was a bit of a leap of faith. Wow. For you especially but we talked for a while and I got a good sense of them. So I said I think I can trust this kid if not, I haven't killed. Not a problem than you walk in and he was word close. But he's guys fan battle. So He's probably listening now Gilbert. Floors is his name and he's He's added years to my life by saving me hours of my day which was You know I started Ralph report I was doing all myself top to bottom. It was like a twelve hour day. So he has been a huge help. He's your will yeah exactly. We'll Wilkins yeah. well, that's fucking hot man and the I saw a tweet from somebody today but that I was going to follow up on the night in the They said like I'm listening to the Babylon Library from beginning to end. Yeah. We've got it offered up on the rap report now the Ralph report and the cat goes Kevin used to be so mean to Ralph. Yeah dynamic certainly changed what was this show? What do you mean? Well, wasn't not ever mean but I, think we remorse sort of comically combative early on in the show we would sort of go up against each other and I duNno I. Think we've found a groove some time later in the show where we kind of fell into our loveable stoner cranky drunk persona and that's that we found out that worked best and that's what we went with tweed Sheikha Becker listened to like the first five episodes. And see what we sound like now. I can't because I don't like to listen to this all I listen to my current. So fucked being the fuck me all I hear and see are the things I wish I had done differently I. Guess that's why I don't enjoy it so much even watching the trailer for Kilroy I like a really. Yeah. There was like a moment when I be your own biggest fan when when father, Pat I meets the kids I was like I. I wouldn't I if I had to do if I could do that all over again, I would do it differently. Oh, which Ola migo yeah. Yeah. While I was perfect now see I didn't think so does yeah well were at the director director was very happy. I spoke to him that guy's a hack, his act, but he was happy because he's Happy Act he's Aki. I. I am off kilter today because the fucking one of the dog, the rescue dog Mardi got me up at three thirty this morning. I've got dog problems to re Reggie was vomiting and pooping blood the other day Oh man howls Reggie thirteen. So he's got him by two years why pooping blood that's what we went to find out. So we had to take the dog to the vet, the dog hospital and apparently was just some some. Something eight didn't agree with them He's he's on meds and stuff and everything, but they said he's fine. So did you have that dog fixed? So this dog's got like nothing not afford to know faulk and now now don't get to eat anything fuck it makes poop flood. Yeah. He's throwing up everything. So He's just looking at me like really is this it come on you and me in an empty house? The woman's gone the kids gone and I'm pooping blood and your fucking there in your office. Recording chat is this what our life has come to. That's what he asked me the woman left I said nothing. Came for the child. But now, I'm am pleading out my ass and there's no one to save me to say something. Turn it around Papa. What does he call you in your mind? The Dog I think Cecchi calls me the man like when I'm demands, he's like demand is here chip. Yeah. What does Reggie call you? I? Think he calls me food food guy. Because that's all the really fucking cares about I felt so bad because really all the duck has left his it's so never seen more food centric animal before if anyone goes in the kitchen for any reason, he's there he's immediately they're like losing his mind. Just literally through her hip out trying to get a puck intrigue. Trying to get the leg treat that wasn't even their pro she thought I had a treat Manji fucking like. Twisted and flipped, and all of a sudden we're in her fucking Paul was like. Shit All because she was like losing her mind for a treat, the possibility of a tree, not even like here's a treat waiting for you. Yeah. She's like Falker with the treat. Yeah. What So I think just food got hits food guy because. It's the only time. He really cares about me when I'm when there's food involved thirteen fucking years you don't think he's got like. Threatens not a smart smart man really yeah he's not. He's not a very with it dog he's got a lot of. Well he likes you. Yeah. He likes me an eight. Now he respects me he's I, think he's scared of me. He's a little scared of me. Who did he did? He loves the kid most of all zero. Yeah. Really and then probably carrying then me he he I'm the only I can only one who tells them what to do and he'll do it. because. I. Think. He's you're like the on the Alpha Dog. On the pack leader I'm the boss man. Do you think when you guys split up? He was like fuck? Yeah and I got the discipline guy. Dad like get now is fucking bark debt. No saying that 'cause fucking God blood. Nice people. I'm I'm stay go come out stay in go in now chance. So man if I could change that relationship with Reggie be like I was always the softy. GIG blows movies where like fucking nothing in common with Tom. Hanks and Jackie gleason man you could be Jackie gleason come around late in life and shit fix make his last few years like all fucking like he's like I was. I was wrong all along. He is the good one reggie yet a greatest or fucking like. you know. I never thought it'd be you. What's that? lets him in a wheelchair and you're pushing him down the hallway. Of the hospital and he goes now he goes. You. The last one I thought would ever come through for me. Oh I get last I thought would ever come through for me. That's your moment. That's the moment you need with Reggie turnaround just become fun. Doug donuts fucking bring home hookers. Put, on the show see wants to watch bringing bringing does he like window a doggy coke? Some lines does he like walking? No, he hates walking. He hates being outside. He hates other people hates other dogs. He's a neurotic mess. My Dog. And now he's taken to now that we're. Largely Solo in the house he'll. Literally. Following me from room to room everywhere I go. In makes me fucking nuts really yes. I cannot bear him at my heels twenty, four seven it's it I just ate it grates on my nerves having some creature. Animal human whatever just constantly right behind me it's not it's not. Well suited for me Doggie. Gate. Yeah I guess. But then there's just the winding then I don't need winding either can you move stealthily away without him being now at the dog has all of its faculties are still razor-sharp. Even at thirteen. I mean. If you leave the room, he stays in the bed and it's like chilling. Shells she will definitely try to follow him. To be like stay Oh. Okay and then she don't fucking mostly listening. So but yeah now she. I gotTA follow but it don't bother me I'm like you know, fucking. Robin that's yeah. Captain. adventured me and her I suppose. No. Doubt. You still got somebody who's just like. Everything you do fuck it rocks. Yeah. Especially, if you throw me live fucking bone. I really get the sense. He's only following me just for the potential that there might be food somewhere at the end of the Rainbow I mean at the end of the day. Don't we all follow somebody for the? Reward some kind of reward sex food money whatever it is. We're all doing something for the tree at the end of the trick what you judge me for brick. You just got out of a marriage tell you are working for rewards. fucking throw me a me pause up in such a I'm GonNa, follow you because I li-, you worried about. Let's see what you have to have you go in the other room and. Make a phone call. Care, have you know a trip back man looking out for you? We're boys now. I wish I had like one of those movies dogs where you can look at their face and you could sense that they're trying to figure things out ready just has this blank sort of dumb look on its face always like what the fuck I'm confused by everything he just doesn't. Ready doesn't seem to be really aware of any situation. Everything's a question. Is this what what what you sitting you're standing I don't get I. Don't understand any of this you. Aren't you confused by this? Am I the only one. Not along nervous and confused by everything. Aren't you nervous? Fuck? He's nervous fucking dog. I just thought I. was like when people came over and ship, you're saying he's always always always nervous and confused and who wants to be around that all the time. is a kind of terrible. It's the worst roommate ever. was. The. Upside. I am not really sure. But I even got even want the dogs. The wife wanted the dog. The wife got the dog picked out the dog, the whole nine yards, and then she's like I'm out of here I was like. Wait a minute. What about There's a lot of steps in my new house I don't think he'd be happiest. Bet You one, fuck you number two you. He don't you're gonNA take care of him. So He's Dad's. Enjoy. You're going to remember me Ralph. Share child and all but. I'm GONNA, leave you with this damn dog and you're going to remember me. Yeah this'll teach you. Fuck Sake. Try to because I work from home I live at home we're quarantine down. This is this coming to you. Once a week is the highlight of my life because the dog is in that my heels as your fucking stoked when you had to go to the doctors feel like my bit for this fucking dog I hate to say it out loud but. We'll give them a wonderful sendoff full will give him all his favorite treats me. We'll have. So have somebody over the kid would be like no license. Dime. Good. fucking luck. This is. No extreme measures and then the doctor is like is out now he's fine. Just something he ate gives. DOGGY PEPs, it he'll be fine. BUCCANEERS freeze that'll be on. WHO He's GonNa outlive me he couldn't. WHOSE OSCAR WHO's feel Oh. He's definitely Felix I'm definitely Oscar. Yeah, he's he's the neurotic mess. He's the neurotic masters constantly nervous about anything. Just weird to think of any dog as a Felix. Felix you're making me crazy. You leave me notes senior bowl. We're all out of kibble few. took. Two weeks to figure out if you Felix Unger do you remember they did a cartoon at one point? Yes. The oddball couple. Yeah. They wear those Liebau gas. Yes. It was a cat and up. Yeah. Cut A, lot of mileage fucking out. The truth. And like what is it? To dudes that like why was that? So fucking revolutionary because no one had done it before one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, three or whenever Neil Simon put it on. Broadway was like what if two men moved in together right who are diametrically opposed we've seen buddy films where the guys get along great and to against the world, but if their friends, but they can't bear each other Filipinas. fucking four million people still I'm doing something lockdown bucket thing right I'm about to shit on it but realize them stealing from. Well. Been Hoist on my own petard route. It's a bummer to hear that. The dog don't bring you joy now. Not even I'm not even pausing satisfying. It's fucking response. Now I love the dog though it's like being in a family. Sometimes you have family members who make you crazy but their family and you've spent thirteen years with them and you love them and I care for the dog and I take care of his needs and stuff, and there's an obligation there but there's not a not a lot of joy in that relationship. To the he feels joy. He's incapable. That's the problem. He's always so nervous and so pent up and so freaked out that I get freaked out around him. I can't relax around him because he's always freaked out where everything is thing is I. Don't know. Did you. You had them before you even had. Yeah. Yeah. That was again blend those who are training wheels say let's get a dog and see how it goes and then we'll move onto children. So any loves the KIT. Yeah Lahser So, what about pre kit was he still skittish? They always got broken dog we got broken now. Absolutely. Nothing the dog and not the dogs fault but something's he's got headphone wiring. I wonder if his ending we'd trust me we've tried CB treats we've tried puppies, ZANEX puppy You name the drug, the puppy version of that we've tried it and he just makes a slow tired nervous. Accent dog up still makes a stone. I'm still concerned but. Of Sleepy, we'll about this in the morning. Well Man So anyway, you dog troubles. I got dog troubles between you know fuck in. The wonder Mutt. Who won't leave me alone and fucking Cova that won't let you go out there and. Just get your fucking Ralph on. Empty those giant balls of yours? Mike. God damnit. Twenty twenty. Yeah. Yeah I mean it's been bad for a lot of cats but like. When it's Glock locked GONNA. Get to a point where you're like I'm GonNa wrap myself in Saran wrap and go out and fuck the first person that gives me a kind look. First person that says Yes to get a mobile glory hole. Carry around a piece of plywood with a hole in it. Looking for, somebody. Man Collide. People have it worse than me. I don't mean to bitch, but it's It's all relative right? It's just seems like everyone has a dog. True Seems like happier days are ahead I keep telling myself. But apparently enough for Reggie photos never going to be happy he he you know food if I if I'm on the couch, gave on the couch watching television and he can lay next to me. You can actually hear him unclench. He'll like he'll exhale and just sort of meltdown into a sort of dog puddle and he'll say, okay, he's not going anywhere is not moving he's not doing anything. This is a time I can absolutely relax and so when I watch an hour of television, he gets he gets some relief but anytime I'm moving. It's always like why is he going somewhere something's GonNa fuck can happen. This is Chad Shit's going down man he's a coiled for spring. It is. It's like living with a fucking junkie. coked out fucking junkie that like. Always underfoot yes. Right. Because most like. Junkies like eventually fucking corner like just passed out. Yeah. You can get some shit done but sounds you can never get shit. Now he's he's amped on when you leave the house he's the Meth head what the fuck? Oh hates it. He hates it. You gotta put camera up and see if like when you're gone, he's like a like maybe puddles out maybe like. I'M NOT GONNA work I hope so I hope we get some fucking respite is Gilbert. Goes and puts on your underwear shift. which never had. Gilbert now I'm the guy now food gap food guy. Bad. Bad Bad. Do this Babak that? Don't follow me fucking. Prick. speaking of a dynamic do hey I say I have. To and like we have the completely opposite asked cheque's a dream. I. Love I. Love Her she is Yes. Not Me and Checky the true dynamic duo. Batman and Robin. People listening to get to the fucking episode God. My God everyone loves dog. Talk. Especially like fucking your dog talked to. So Sorrowful Jones is hysterical. He'll like I feel bad terrible year and I got the dog I feel like when I do the rare occasion when I, tell the truth about my dog, the dog people come at the end like well, it's you. You're you're not. You didn't train. You didn't. He's picking up on your vibes you're doing something wrong I'm like governor fuck yourself some some you know people just have bad wiring and some dogs. Yes. Lenny's a sweet emily's not mean or vicious. He doesn't snap or bite or anything I feel bad because there are some dogs that are like bad seeds. He's not he's just he's just fucking miserable. And I feel bad for the animal quite frankly because he's not having fun time either you know but I'm like, Jesus fucking softened the blow now it's true off people are going to be mad either way I. Wish he was just happier because I'd be happier if he was happier. Marriage. I would have been happier if she would appear with me there's gotta be some fucking metaphor here but yeah, I'm looking for it. Good Man All right. Speaker. Yoko shall we rhymes? Yes. fucking. This man being single being one of those crime stop ladies ladies ladies. There's some. There's a new joker in town. And what a great deal a beat up used car. Laugh and Mega Burgers, was it live for Bitchy? I've got a great deal on a used car or something like that. A man it's Kevin Smith I just turned fifty sitting there going what do I get him? What do I get Kevin Smith I've already given him so much money and time. But on this fiftieth birthday, what could I possibly get the man? WHO has it all? I'll tell you we can get a membership in that. Kevin Smith Club. That's right. Man. You could be a clerk, a mallrats fun play or. A Yoga user You get pins with one level scripts with one level and those just went out recently and beloved him all the content Waken Bake three times a week education James Allen, Bob get old plus one and plus all the archives of smart over the years What are you waiting for man come? Join US jump on in the water's fine that Kevin Smith Club dot com. All right. We're going episode. Five. the very first joker episode lineup your episodes, kids. I've been seeing from the folks online who've been enjoying what we yeah. Thanks everybody for the kind words people seem to be digging it. Some of them have said that it is on Amazon prime. Batman Yeah, you had to pay for it. Though is that what it is? Roku I believe has it. for free but with commercials. So if you have Roku, their channel carries it. And some people already had the box set and stuff and they said they imploded out for the first time I bought it and never really got around to watching it now I gotta reason. So I personally feel like you don't even need the show to them listen to the podcast but. I'd seen some people go like Oh. Let's do it. Nominal Watch it what the show? Yeah like that's the spirit. All right. Here we go. Man, it's zero zero zero very first joker ever. In. A filmed medium ladies, gentlemen that Episode Begins Ready to press play in three. Oh Shit. I'll get term sound off. Oh, God fucking sue yeah and then I go turn the let me turn words on Just because. Yes. I. Here we go. Zero zero pressing in three, two and one. Back man way mean for real now. Where's the picture? Oh i. don't know what's going on here. Is it moving? Did you press? The so crazy there's no image though. All right hold on kids. Abort. Stay on target stay on target. Man Do I feel like a fucking he'll. Liquid this then starting. The. Sure Fire Way to fix it. Boy, what a fucking letdown must be for a lot of people were like. Ready to Fucking Co.. jokers while press play. and. We go. There we go. That man in color. Love this opening, it is the joker already behind bars Gotham state penitentiary. The first time we see the joker which all blew my mind given that this was the first appearance. You see him in prison denims, just drab prison denims. You don't see him in his fantastically colorful costume until well on into the episode wasn't a penguin first introduced in jail as well but he was wearing his trademark Tuxedo and top hat does he get the? This. Verse the Joker. So he's allowed to wear makeup and stuff. Well, he's. You know he's he's actually colored that way is he? Flesh colored I know. But Caesar American an interview once where he tells the origin of the joker story and he talks about the fact that he was dropped into some chemicals and his hair was. Green and his skin was bleached get out of here. Yeah. So he knows the backstory. So you got the joker playing softball here pitching from the mound. It is least likely introduction really is is not the way you expect to see the joker for the first time in a filmed medium no. She says the game here whether all enjoying the fact that the joker seems to have been rehabilitated Kevin. He's just having a good time playing softball imprison. He's he's a he's accepted his fate and he's just willing to stay behind bars and to pay his price to society. The idea was we this has been going on in Gotham long before the show began. Yes and we'll go on long after the show is over yes. The joker has been a problem. In Gotham. For some time. Obviously that's never believed in the secret origin episode. nope never bothered. Left off I. Mean You know I'm I'm sure there were like Marsha queen of diamonds they never met her before. everyone seemed to know everybody doesn't seem like you know there were that many new introductions to villains. Once in a while some of the one offs be like this person figure it out. You know we're we're coming up on the season, the one with And Baxter, she plays the the magician. she's a newish villain so they have to kind of figure out who she is who she meant to be from comics It was a male magician in an actual comic, called the Batman doomed day trap or something like that that they just changed the sex of for the for the show. This episodes also based on an actual comic comic book that has the Joker jokers, utility belts, the jokers utility bill see an explosive ball, and then the joker had rigged a Jack in the box. At the PITCHER's mound and it sprung him over the wall of Gotha. Penitentiary for his escape. I mean. Let's unpack this where to get that big spring. They explain it later on in the episode that he actually tooled it in the prison mechanic shop. They. Should've known when he was making a giant spring that he was up to. No good. But apparently, they turned a blind eye fuck me in the mouth I was trying to deconstruct the ship. No like, Hey, man we gotta cover to a sixty six but we still spoke English she faulk we could still do backstory. oh. You know this means Yup pickup that glass. do you have a phone under glass? I have heard that version of the film the one that's not under glass the one that sits next to the Shakespeare bust. But I, don't have a commissioner Gordon, edition they make them I should get a glass dome for Mike, cell phone you should but then it would require all. Luckily he's a good looking man is and once again gigantic fucking sets. Gigantic fucking Butler. No. You're about to go off on Allen Napier's height again fucking tallest man. And Harriet one of her many appearances did they phaser out a certain point or she always stick around was always around? Less and less as this series war on as soon as these two were out of the House that's when she was all once they added bad girl and went to one episode a week. They had a lot of characters to juggle in a half hour episodes. So some of the secondary's took backseat we be one of the secretaries. Yes. To should never got to do a story line where she was like blowing Alfred and shit like they were having a tour to fair. No, that's. That's what I wonder if somebody in the comics must have done. You know I've done a lot of red calming with Alfred Worthy like is a British SSI agent shit like that. Somebody oughta right in an aunt Harriet storyline. Well, she's part of Canon she was in the comics. The fuck she was an Harriet was absolutely in the comics. Yeah really. Yes. They wrote her into the comics during the run of the show. All right during the run of the show. Yeah. But she made her way into the pages I. mean she was she was a character. Because Alfred disappears from the The FOR AWHILE WHY? Because he became a villain known as the outsider as a whole arc were Batman Robin her fighting this villain who they don't know who it is but knows all their secrets somehow and it turns out it was actually Alfred the faulk. Yeah. It's a great arc. And what water is this on. was in just. DC PRIME or whatever. They didn't have different worlds at the time. This was in the sixties a bunch of bullshit man that it end they they're able to He'd been he'd been. I, don't know affected by some radiation or something wasn't really him? No no, it wasn't him. He wasn't in control of his actions. aren't goes on you can co-signed on Wow Man I didn't know about the inherent. Yeah. She actually appeared in the pages of Batman Comics. there is the Why doesn't anybody opened a show like this anymore little cartoon prime that'd be fun. I mean what show is there? That's remotely like. All right. So let's say the man delorean. And be they put their cartoons at the end or any of the CW verse the Arab. supergirl. All of them God, damned jokers while there's that font you remember the old wonder woman series, Linda Carter they had an animated opening with would. Blend into live action member like she was stepping off the page of the comic Cap, US gutters and stuff two separate images how High up where they for the bat poll. How long did how did they drop? Yeah. Well, it it's looks like at least a special guest villain. the length of two people. Oh, more than that because they gotta go from the Library Nam talking about on the set a real time. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. It's about twenty feet I mean it is a it's a fairly decent drop. Yet I guess they're wearing like well, is he wearing tights per ward? Yeah. The covering his legs yes. So he doesn't have bare bare got flesh colored tights on so that would help with the descent. Yeah. Big cushion at the bottom of. The hard for them was the the going from. The study in Wayne Manor to the to the mattress down below. Because there was no. The giant cushions in the back waiting for them in the in the other the other set, it was just mattresses and they would get on the but that poses Bruce and Dick, and just dropped down onto mattresses. That was much more problematic Why not just spend the extra few bucks again, the the big around cushions at the end or pay somebody to move those cushions place. A. Look at us. Yeah. That's what he left behind That's It looks kind of like the sculpture that Nicholson paint in Batman Yeah. Museum. That was is Alcatraz head that he left in the now that you left that behind at this spring site there on the as amount as a as a fuck you. Yeah. Wow, man he thought everything. Yeah he was laughing at them from. In absentia when they went to see where he'd gone. Well. Not The way. I. Would choose to introduce the joker for the first ever live action medium version of the character. But but this actually plays into the story line because there is a as they say here, there is display of famous comedians at the museum and Joker is support reportedly very upset that he wasn't included in that collection and so totally relate he's going to get his revenge against society for not including him in the Hall of famous Comedians Exhibit at the Museum Now that I'm hearing this I'm realizing that like You know so much of My moral barometer was put in motion by. By the comics and watching this. Which means that like my sense of Justice Came like when you go like you know they left him off the thing and so he's He wants revenge against the society yet like that's. I mean, that's tales all the time but like. It's. Par for the course for villain, there's something bittersweet. About it like perhaps the villain doesn't go down this path if the villain had gotten right with the villain, want his motivation is usually some sort of pain or injustice right and that's what makes him act down. groupies man. Yeah screaming for Robin. He's only fifteen to it's like Kinda creepy. Girls. Look older. Yeah. look at that the cop lending a hand and shit well, they let them let Batman. Parkway. Wants this ain't no vigilante Batman this guy's duly deputies duly deputies agent of long. That's right. He's allowed go in and out like what rank is in the police department in fact, I'd either deputy. So Deputy Sheriff I. Guess. So. Would it go deputized the joker? Where he's including the Comedians vote he wasn't. He wasn't supposed to be and yet somehow mysteriously a bust of him shows up in the museum. What could that mean? Is there something sinister afoot? man see he could have just put the statue in there and been like, Hey, now I'm there like he got what he wanted right now included. But he put it in their spoilers. The joker put it in there saw faulk This is the end game of its of nineteen, sixty six. So he his idea he wants revenge more than like like a true joker would just put his sculpture in there and fuck and leaving there until somebody notices this not supposed to be here like instead he's GonNa blow it up. Well, he's inside the really WanNa know. Yes. Yes he is inside it and he knows Batman will close down the museum because he thinks a threat to the museum. The joker will be locked inside and there's also a collection of fabulous jewels also on display at the museum at the same time. So he can get his revenge and get rich at the same time. Not. I don't know why they call them the joker. Like, they should call them the well thought out plan man. Actually. Ever Again Robin. We have to stop a well thought out plan man. Yes, his plans are always so darn. Well thought out what was the magician lady's name? Zelda the great and great fucking name. He was hiding inside the bus, the whole time, and there we get the first actual bullshit and he just ran out from under exploded out from inside. Stand behind it. Oh, Oliver Hardy see any calls out his henchmen her also hiding inside of a variety of famous comedian statues and they're all named after famous comedians and to be fair though like those are pretty famous comedians the joker is you know Gotham? Only. A WC fields? Yeah. And you'll notice. Jeff caps and the color coded Cardigan sweater vest yeah. The turtlenecks yeah we. Took that Motif and used it in are Batman sixty six meets the Green Hornet comic for that reason, all the jokers henchman are low had looked just like that. I love that those Alex Ross, covers because when you see the henchman, they're all dressed just like like the I like these episodes for so yeah. It took a minute, but they're they're the joker resumes as a kid. Cock could you imagine seeing it for the first time just like? Even now as an adult, I'm like all those colors together. So pleasing yes. As instantly recognizable to that fuchsia pink purply suit the green shirt green hair I mean it all just. Jumps the colors in this show were. A no show ever used color like this one did before it member sixty, six lot of shows weren't even in color yet these cuts make a big deal about it being in color and they and they used it within an inch of its life. I mean there's the mustache. I guess. Feel you know I watch shown black and white TV. And you have to remember you know they've remastered all these print. So it's a lot more visible now than it was when we were kids with rabbit ears, you know. there it is the ZIP first. Meeting of Batman Robin the joker, Yep Oh. God could you imagine your kid? Seeing this shit for the first time. But they their own stunt people. No No burt and Adam had two regular recurring stunt guys. Who would do a lot of they would do the fight in a master and then they would go back and just shoot some inserts. That's U. B Kerns there this stunt guy fucking middleman the. Joker was literally trying to choke Batman Death joke. I said last week is one of the few villains who actually mixes it up in these fights. What he think about Cesar Romero and like made me book. I Want Sean throwing punches on put my hands on the. Bat. Well, Caesar was the same John. Burgess Man fucking Meredith Caesar's the same size as Adam too. So I think that seemed like a fair fight. I like when his hair gets all wild and shook. Yeah. All right ample opportunity to pull that fuckers cow off. While they're taking him to their hideout. Because they They believe he's unconscious except Batman is faking it. So. He could sneak his hand into his bat belt. When did they take it from the bottom to the top? From the third episode on the only only the pilot has the The pockets open top Zara. Yeah. So the rest of it is the rest of the rest of the series it opens from the bottom that makes a little more sense. Batman using his trustee utility belt again, to foil the joker which gives the joker insidious idea I like the cab calloway Harry's got going on. Yeah. It's a little more wild than usual. That's funny. Color film was still in its infancy at this point television. So his hair color depending on what the lighting is in indoors or out will change colors on your sometimes it looks red sometimes, it looks green sometimes it's dark green light green and I always say, why do they change the color of his hair is like they didn't the temperature of the film in the lights and stuff that they used. The this could no. I was going to say clearly, that can't be the now little commercial break, and now we're at the jokers secret headquarters wonder where the Gotham Museum pure was I believe that's coney island not mistaken against stock footage. was loved this hang out Allaire Yep filled with clown first joker layer. and him talking to himself now he's talking to his henchman I know but really already who who's the girl? That's his mall. Harley Quinn if you will every villain needs a mall. Does. She have a name. She does, but I can't remember right now. love the joker. She told me about because on the belt where Batman has a bat on the buckle. Joker has a joker face on the buckle. Just in case you didn't know it was jokers utility. When does he? He does he starts sport and I see that face. When does he does? He actually use it oh? Yeah. Use A ton. I'm a falling into actually watching. The danger hypnotic. The how greening? That's it? Her name's Queenie. Joker, our Weenie, get it all cards Were the other guys well, they were named after comedians. He, call them. Yeah. They're henchman names are WC Stan Oliver Really? Yeah. They're all named after Comedians Ernie. they never really did that again. Did They almost always the henchmen had a that had to do with the plot or. The villain were. Ha Ha he shit like that. Yes. Mr Glee MR guffaw I mean there's a lot of guys named after giggles. There was a guy named after laughter and stuff like that. Him She unbuckle his knees while I was laughing. Yeah. He looks very much like a comic book, drawing. I mean, could you imagine the the sky's? The limit nobody's ever done it before. So you're not following also. Ramirez. said. This was the freest Est. he ever. Felt as a performer because there was no ceiling, you couldn't be too big. You couldn't do too much. It was just you go nuts. And it was all. Okay. He never had a rain at in he said, which was enormously fun. You know I guess you got the page right the joke around the page but That guy sounds like, right Look at these cats being in the room while the bat phone is being used. So what happens in this instance? Well, Alfred Scott. Cover form is this Alfred doing voice or does he do the phone to phone trick? Now that's in a MR freeze episode. That's that classic scene where Batman is talking to Bruce Wayne the phones end to end and has a full blown conversation with themselves as they didn't they didn't go to that yet I love these high shots. Yeah. Because it got this fucking high ceilings fake mansion it's not available Commissioner Gordon's bummed. He's a commissioner Gordon Kinda like you know Eliot Ness and old age. Real. COPS exactly. Real law and order put in his time and shit wakes up every morning hoping that they'll be less crime in Gotham but no, no like the mail. It just keeps coming like a porn star just keeps coming like like your dog's nose just keep fucking viscous coming. And there is no. Batman to stop that. I'll tell you the Obama and Robinson rates situation. O'Hara snot. Yeah just me. fucking not and believe me when it comes at Docs, not I am not well thought out plan. So weird when they do scenes. Without. The titular characters. I was loved that I was loved seeing Bruce and Dick Because no-no like these cats. Oh, good minute. With O'Hara the joker. I mean O'Hara, and and Commissioner Gordon. You kind of lay some cable. It's exposition man I mean. If you're I just remember being a kid and being like. Wow you impatient the rug rat fuck about the dude's not wearing suits. Costumes and shit like EDF I wanNA. See Dude white hair and a fucking cop I grew up in highlands. I consider everywhere I go to Church and walk around Tennessee both those fucking things but I don't get to see on the regular. Guys. Like a bat. And his colorful kid yeah. Great Alpha. Man. God there's something I mean I know. Mike there's there was no like, Gee, what would go good with his outfit with Batmans outfit thought put into it but That's such. A great color scheme. would. There's that masks thatt's The mask that he ledger where's in the bank In Dark Knight. No yeah darkness. Darkness. Yeah This is the opera Pollyanna Chee. The sad clown of course who always thinks through a mask You go to the opera you pay top dollar to see a guy. what is this Michael? Myers Bullshit. Paid for and I don't mean Mike by Semester. No. I'm talking about Michael Myers, Nal, Wayne, franchise and I don't mean those recent remakes I'm talking classic Myers. Now he's opened his mouth a little bit Well, are we meant to believe that's somebody's real face or are we meant to understand we're meant to believe that there's an opera singer who looks like Who is who is singing through a mask? WHO's singing? Watchi-? But through a mask, we're on agreement that that's a man that is a mask guess and yet still we hear his voice perfectly clearly. Because that's how good a singer is however, Batman? Robin believe that perhaps. The person under that mask is not the person were led to believe. Hit. A Hiccup are episode is freezing up your kids. Yeah. I don't know what's going on Oh man things were. Going along swimmingly merrily we were rolling on Sorry. Kids we hit a bit of a glitch here on our end. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program. Just a moment ago we're up reminding got the ropes in their hands are looking down to joker another dramatic high wide shot yeah. Office. Minimum in a minute. Everyone watching on TV like I'll finally. Knows areas Yeah. I remember there was a that was quite the meam. During You. Know a maybe right after Dark Knight Easter came out you. Yeah. God ties. The jokers versa. Barons. now they're they're sneezing. Because the joker used his utility belt Kevin and in his he's got jokes and trick novelties Batman at scientific devices but the joker has jokes and gags like sneezing powder. Look at that mustache dude that's. Very much myself fucker prominent. But you know what? The lipstick work is stunning still to this design of the makeup is Great Yeah and It's It just given the fact. There's no prosthetics to make him constantly smiling that paint job makes him constantly smiling, which is awesome. You'll love this because his plot here is to literally. Unmasked. Batman and Robin on live television and ruined their careers as crime fuck and finally that's the key. the same plot as the ridler. In the first episode, he also wanted to make him take his mask off. There's a Lotta that. A lot of mass taken off theories. There's a lot of same time same betcha there's a lot of. You know where the sidekicks and yet we get the upper hand on Batman and Robin. Yes. That really fucking discounts the level of athleticism training. There was sneeze powder Kevin. You can't fight at your top when you're also sneezing uncontrollably that science. Okay. That leg is this. Bruce. Wayne like go train overseas and shit like that. Thank. There is no real mention of his origin in terms of how. Intently, he trained before donning the Cape in cal he's just wants to punch shit until I'm assuming he just he just hit a heavy bag, lifted some weights and SKIP. Some rope. Henry do card there's no fat I believe he was self trained. Looks at. Much like Batman in the early comics to when they show you that montage of he was training his body to physical perfection and he's Trained in all the sciences always just bruce. Wayne. Like holding a test tube and Bruce Wayne lifting away and Bruce Wayne like he went to Nepal now and he found a blue flower. They didn't really focus on that. All right. So ready to see if Batman Gets Unmasked Episode Five was the Jokers wild episode six Batman. is riled up man Israel Bam were pulling it up right now. Today when the counters up zero zero, zero, press play, and Batman. Color. And then they give a little brief recap of. Remember this remember how we opened the joker and the most disappointing? Do you think they were shooting at a real jail? Yeah. Because those are some high fucking walls I, believe that is an actual penitentiary. one that was closed and haunted one that was up and running one that would answer the closed and haunted. How many people died there man minimum Grad states, Ameri shouted that actual Boys Penal Colony, and there are people on property auto airs joker. We all know the there are people on property who you know the caretakers who were like their bodies buried here for sure like what like you're talking about kids nobody cared about and no one would miss your like. All right action everybody. A good time Woo Batman, hip potter sort see right there fuck being on TV could pull the basket. Batmans Got Dad Bod. That was the sixties. He was in great shape for sixty six. Sixty six years old now Gilligan Br Burt Ward is in better shape for award was quite the athlete. He was an actual martial artist. Yeah that's right. He could fight Bruce Lee and actually he used to spar with Lee Yeah. When they were both living together near the beach, that's the story anyway. Any was a professional athlete. He's in shape for sixty six but fucking burt wars in way better shape yeah. Look, if you could see his ribs, he's not he's not overweight and just lean is thick with to seize. Whereas you know fucking Burt Ward is just. Maw Sin you. Yeah. He's. He's a he's a tender little pup, right? Yeah. Man that cartoon just brings back. Good feelings also brings back the euro tation of like you can't fuck campaign is is why? Why are you doing like peach colored man like flesh colored because? Look. Like he's got his eyes closed. Yeah. The whole and sodas and it's like, no, these cats have to have their eyes open the looking for Oughta crime. You. Dummies. Even as a kid that bug John Yeah. It's like you know I made up for by seeing the cartoon like with the joker and the Penguin and cat woman though is like yeah yeah. But still there was a sense of like Kansas fucking white those is. He got to wear different costumes just like the Ridler ridler head couple but he requested that Gordon did yeah course you wanted a suit. As opposed to the tights. Caesar always had to suit was their only ever one joker suit design. Wise. they may doubles. Like you do but design wise. Yeah. There was just the one and also like you were talking about the hand-drawn question marks on Gordon Sue? The pinstripes on Romero's pants are drawn on as well with a fucking ruler. Yes. Why think because in the comics he had these pinstriped roaming, they're trying to trying to emulate it by drawing pinstripes on the next time you the full joker outfit, you'll see the hand-drawn pinstripes on it. Once again, foiled by Batmans utility belt. comes. With, fire and he's got his own utility bill I mean. Just like threw a smoke bomb and ran away. Wanted to fight another day. Another one of these famous climbed shots probably working on their own sound stage probably. Yeah. That look at the Reagan you could see it's all just A. Regular sound stage rigging. try love this actual danger in this episode What do you mean? That he might up and it cuts the sandbag. And I was always like. If that had hit him Batman would have been squashed. Hope this doesn't depress you lose right he's fast. See He's well trained again, throw up Batra he does one of these climbs that I love Spiderman, put him in the rig and they just pull them up. As he tried should move his hands as quickly up the rope as possible. Lock Day we go. There's a whole generation of children that thought that's climb Roy exactly you just Kinda flew up go to Jim. Lightly putting your hands on a piece of silken rope. Look at these two dudes on a catwalk like in nineteen, eighty, nine Batman. Batman. Where's this like? Well, he didn't face the joker that point is Jack Napier Right. Trick Confetti. Foiled by the jokers utility about it's a battle of the belts, he literally could have just knocked over that fucking railing and then he never would have had to deal with Batman ever again. And another missed opportunity to pull up. The. Cow. This Batman is. Certainly, not the Batman that we're all used to the heck you say a man in terms of like this is my childhood Batman. So it means the world but like. Kinda fucking Batman sitting there like getting. Captured multiple. fucking times the Batman of the nineteen fifties and sixties comic books also, we've got this from I. Mean I it's not I'm not saying that can never lose but like has losing to people that aren't great a villain Matera. He's losing at nine special guest bills listen to the fucking help. Since Jerry Dunphy Time Los, Angeles News Anchor, and he playing a news anchor in the. Comfy. look that man has jammed a little Dick shape microphone in your face Yup. Hey Buddy look this way. Open up to camera. Look O'Hara. O'hara knows where light is that lenses is GONNA is GonNa get some screen time they've been embarrassed publicly. Why for what because the joke got away on that on citywide telecom mobile lost a twin joker got away. because. My son said. Robin laid an egg. About mobile lost its wheel and took joking got away back to you Jim. Do you think this was like, do you have kids check dumpy turn looks little gray. Yeah. So this must be adults shit. Maybe at grandkids and he was just like I'm on a show called. Batman, they probably loved it. While he was just like I'm just here for the check. Fuck all this nonsense I'm a true news man I used to be respected in the news game. Now, they want me to play one on television. For what happened to me tack? Cashew check on the way out Jerry. Jerry. The shockers use it. Yes. Kill him now he just stunned him. another thing a lot of people die on this show showed on Batman Nineteen, eighty nine. Yeah. Tim Burton was like listen to the check. The shocking. Him talking to the camera that's also something that was in. Yeah. Because they did salix thing. Yeah. Yeah. They did say that like you know they cherry picked things that were. Memorable Batman moments. Yeah. I thought that was terrifying that this image with the bags under his eyes Batman. You'll hear from order. with what what's terrifying. That that this? This joker yes we'd like the you could see the bags. And the makeup sort of creased, and it's very much very heath ledger in the terms that has just sort of ugly terrifying and insane. I I thought it was a guy who applied makeup. Yeah. Like Heath Ledger, a joker was yeah. No ACID VAT for him. Yeah. It has a definite line to like our president makeup and the and the rawness of the camera and everything. It's always like gave me nightmares this image. Be Amazing fucking brought somebody and slipped up I and. You're like I look at that. It's terrifying as a kid that yes, sure you. I know he was the Batman Villains never really the the classic Bentonville instant scare me. I was I liked him I I couldn't wait to say the joker but. It never would that fucking chloro- it never would've occurred to me to be like. That's so real. Now, the jokers only actually disturbed me. The rest of them were fun. But the joke when I was little released, wake me out. Like clowns like real clowns did too. I was real clouds were fucking sinister. What about bad egghead Nah clown. Not Not not joke clown couplets. Clone. and get a the gun you boy wonder and you're GonNa get all over you like house he scary Jean because he's so smart I, man look. As. Long as you got chicken, you never outta AMMO. When you're? SMART All these other cats in their gimmicks they gotta get like a joker belt in the fucking parasols gotTA, get umbrella shoots gas. Took me can I got me a half. I'm halfway there. I got just as good a shot on need dollar dream they say all I need's chicken and egg. Nighttime scenes in this show are so rare I. Remember as a kid you got to see the beacon of the top of the batmobile lit up and spinning Heller that the police light on Dark Knight Batman so rare and then full of handful of. Esoteric. Yeah. Here he is always getting into adventures during the day. Yeah. Israel nine, five crime for a show. Well, you know he didn't take days off like Batman. Now only goes at night. How about the crimes during the day to Bruce about suiting up getting to work as Batman would never take eight years now he would not as it was like I'm sad grow beard. There we go. Gum Dude to. Do. We had to recreate in half to, but when I directed up so the goldbergs where they were. it was Batman was coming out. Right Right George Segel's character popsy was like. This is his Batman right and he showed the kid and he kept calling them Batman the Batman. but we did a bit where Sean. Jim. Bone and And George Segal are doing the bat walk. Up The side of the House and we had to go to encyclopedia. To pull this image of how it was accomplished. 'cause confined it online. Really. There's a very specific build. That they did because you know essentially. You're having somebody lean up in an unnatural. Way Right and hold the window 'cause they have to lay down like they're in a coffin. Yeah. For this and then they pop up from the waste it's like doing a sit up practically very much. So while holding the fucking. Window open as well. So it was like you know if a throwaway like Oh, let's have bev you know Wendy pop out of the window and they they were like you know it's a good thing that we fucking love you cap because this is a real pain in the ass and I was like, don't do it. We so don't have to do it, but they're like Nah it's a challenge now now we WANNA do it Adam love this? So they had to do research to recreate it for. You know fucking twenty second tag at the end of the episode that's funny. But. We got to do one. All good I remember that fully who he on Batman. Guesses verbatim from the comic that this episode was based on. Those signs? Literally fall from. Him and the. Not. So much the joker as much as the Mary mischief maker. Their jokes, the jokes on Batman. That's that's not a joke. From you know what I'm saying. Like that's say practical joke should call them the prankster literally a practical joke and I think superman had that villain locked up he's got the belt during the struggled he swapped belts with Batman Oh shit right last guy want to give the till Batmans utility belt to. His mortal enemy man. Faulk of all the villains you don't want joker having Batmans arsenal You know who which villain are you? Okay. have in the bat belt. I say King, you know go out anyway. and. He doesn't understand modern technology because he thinks he's in ancient Egypt. That's true like this I can't do voice the fuckers Pingu who spin and headlines. When. I was a kid I always wanted that paper. The joker is wild. Did. They ever do cowl down outfit Saddam. There is no image in the show of Dick and Bruce in the bat cave. They're always if they're in the back of their, they wear the masks full full. Time you ever see it is in the screen Test Adam West and burt ward screen test because they wanted to see their faces. So they had them do a portion of a scene in front of the back computer with their masks off and it's so jarring because you never saw it in the actual series is so wait is Adam wearing full outfit just not the cow cow yeah really yes, it's really cool. You can find it online. It's pretty cool and they just like well, let's never do that again, and then he puts on the cow when they're ready to leave the back game to go. Fight Crime. Never saw that either he never see that never get Sam put it on now. What about there are occasions where they didn't they put on the efforts not using the bat polls. Like. Alfred would show up with a suitcase, but then they duck behind a. Bush or something, and then emerge fully dressed. and in the London back cave or by polls in that one. No because that was in a an abandoned dungeon or something. Look at you with Polin. London Mattia Rasa. Yes London him I will never forget because I. Like I just assumed that was another word for London and it is not really nobody in the modern world says not in the modern world but. Dan Ridge real name of the town was London Him Yeah Yeah why? Why did they do that because they didn't want to make every they were afraid of getting sued by London yes. They created the universe of Gotham city and there's no they do they not. They don't use any new they don't say New York. There's no, there's no Hollywood I don't believe so so there were like, London am yeah, there's no actual location names ever used in the universe other place. That's been that's named in the show. It's the only place they traveled to. In, the in the show. Bob and Robin Christen new liner. Jesus. Used to make personal appearances like fucking your grocery store. How would you like a deputized masked officer of the law cut the ribbon. He'll push the first shopping cart. Be Amazing. If you know she fucking I mean Harley. Quinn. Like Makeup but boy. That's the way it's going to say it's a little. It's a few days right there. Yeah. Got Him with a lady but yet remember television the sixties women had a specific perfunctory role they weren't really considered. Essential players in the villain games her job was to look smoking hot and stand next to the guest star. All these there's a ton of these kind of malls in the series and they all have the same sorta roll, which is just to be talked to by the villain into look good I, feel like this is. The first time we're seeing the orange vest. It's our it's the belt. The same laugh. Yeah. I'm wait a second. His belt has joker. Yeah. He's got more than one. Who made me just? I don't know what he did with that. They never kind of explained that. I think maybe he just tossed it aside. Didn't. Take it with him. He's not. He's not well short out. He's Lan man. Yeah. No it really. There's Robbins is a stunt double because there was injured on the set and was at the hospital and they just kept shooting with Victor Paul Bert stunt double. So you'll only see him in this scene from the back. And then when they cut to Robin, they go to this obvious blue wall where they shoot his clothes they have this the shoot is close up in front of it and then. Cut It in after the fact. Fill like that's the angle people aren't that's the audience angle. Let's go with that. We can just pick it up later on exactly We spent all our money making the fake both. Just, throw throw fucking cheap background back there. In the Open cartoon Halley that. Quite. The cheese quite that cheat. And he doesn't look like for ordered from behind Victor Paul who was birt's stunt double was considerably taller than Bert and also like forty. So. Yeah. There's does seem to be some as though there's Not a not a great double the he's got like a man Sti-. there. And they used to use burt for a lot of his own stunts because victor just didn't. Cut the mustard. At least this like falling to the ground and shit he's got like he's like I'm a pro this I got I don't do that coming too much bigger. Is Bird going to the ground that's stuntman fucking bread butter right there. He does look. So fucking cooler those pads drawn on all those pinstripes it's Larry's and for the comic. Yeah. Just to try to match the comic there it is roused personnel asked. Footage I didn't mind the professional stuff for the raw footage always weird me out it was that is at Blair witch project shaky camera thing. Terrifying the I mean. So Dark Knight Remember when there's that footage of him the guy in the meat locker. Loggers him tied up. Did you frequent you saw yes I don't like anything hand-held. I like that and that move. So weird it looks like it has some. Some origin tears while but like I like the move, I it it that was truly terrifying. Yes. this. Not so much for a little kid I can't believe like that would forgot chop their heads off here to that always bothered me. I mean ultimately, he was always trying to kill. Yeah I know. But it's one thing to put them in a giant mobile of the Milky Way planets spinning around versus a guy in a hood with a giant axe looming over their necks a little bit more other dangerous executioner. And at that point, it's like he almost killed you man. So you have fucking full licensed to take that fuckers life. It's your defending your own life, right? Like that's Batman. Doesn't kill Robin got that same kind of problem. From Robina Mike. The almost. Fuckin- cutter heads off. Let's fuck and beat the shit out of this clown. Let's beat him until fucking the white makeup just turns red with bruises underneath the black and blues. Poke fucking through he was gonna cut our heads off. His that bird or is that Victor Paul has a stunt double. Anything Wide Pay Look. There's the Bam Bam yeah. Still superimposes broncos. Yeah. They're not cutting away not yet. I season almost all the first season has the superimposed like listen to all the money. That's like, let's let's cut back. Let's save some bucks trying to get this integration cutback. look that's all one shot. This is all the stunt doubles. They would shoot the whole thing in a master and then they would cut in for coverage of. The first team. I, mean, it's like the here take we'll give you one take. And they did like a big fucking loose master where they just kind of panned around you have to search for some action. I could have directed this. You. said that last week. I'll say every fucking week. I'm looking at Attica. Directed this Queenie. She got a phone Tom File. Goes to jail that. kind of sexy putting back cuffs on the. Sixties Blonde. Today is for the early stirrings of my sexuality watching the show too. They have a women's prison magnum they had a women's wing. In. The male prison. Yes. Holy Shit. I can't separately for. Them separate. These cats man back at home fucking Shit in place. And enjoying a little well earned fuck they put together from scratch God damn break is what they earn man some positive pub to at least the news is actually. Saint some good things about Batman Robin for A. fucking. Fear. Fear Piano Lesson Again Dick. Not a good piano player by the way Dick Grayson. she's disguised. She looked she reminds me always did of my grandma just my grandmother had gray hair. But same grandma address for sure. Should wear those dresses kind of like the bosom fallen at your waist. Who she whose answers she dick's. So she don't belong in that fucking rich Man's house well, she's there to help raise the lad. Her last name is Cooper Harry Cooper so I'm assuming she's Dick's mother's sister older sister right what the faulk next week Batman versus Mr Freeze to they. Did they ever do that before they did it on every episode? They would show you next week's villain. I don't remember that from this point on it begins yet from this point on what they had a couple in the bank Jerry Dunphy, right? I don't they must have cut that for syndication. Did. Yes. Wow. What a great huckabee like look here's what the villain looks like The WEIRDEST INCARNATION OF MR FREEZE IS ZERO MR ROYSTER MR freeze cruise for sure created for. The next episode by writer Max Hodge took took history zero. The comics said I don't like that name and change to Mr Freeze. Same concept same concept has to live in a subzero temperature. George Sanders. Last. Last role I believe before he took his own life, he really convinces that's where Ralph's German. Initially that was based. For my character and then once I, got into a room with Johnny Depp I was like I'm going to get blown off the screen if I don't turn this thing up a couple notches. I mean, he was he was doing Peter Falk. You could have gotten away with doing. Yeah. But he's doing faulk writ large and I was going to George Sanders that Mr freeze like. So about here you are again, I can't believe as if I do that I won't even show up so they had to get the little big with a character. on their forget being onset much and him. Watch you and then be like who is that guy? He's great. He's mainframe. High Point you, I. Seen with me and depth. I just think I remember thinking in my head i. just hope they start on Johnny. So I can warm up and get into this and you're like, okay, we're GONNA start with you Ralph we're GonNa go on you and I'm like. I got I gotta just bring it and I had to do Al Pacino in front of him right. And he's friends with Pacino Yeah of course, Donnie BRASCO them. I remember him saying to you it's a pretty good Pacino. Okay I think I can exhale now. It was a magical moment that was fun. So. were six episodes in. That right we are. WHAT HAVE HIT THE FIRST IS RE MAJOR VILLAINS MR freeze a two parter it is we have seen a cat woman yet not yet I believe. She's after freeze I can't remember the the absolute order of the episode. Inherit that's that's enough women for you. Well, we got Queenie there's there's lady who found the atomic pile. Jill Saint John's she burned up you. So, there's not kind of women. Now they. They're kind of dread the set dressing a little. Party yeah. Well, it was a different era. A Real Dutch tilt sausage part though in cat woman shows up she she rules the roost and that outfit have she rules us all. Attia liked the cape commentary kids. Yeah. Good. fucking times. We learned God Damn Shit like we always do has cats laughs. Realize that Ralph's cursed with a dog. Who least blowing snot out knows where the dog I forged life. Jacob morally been knees. Dog was twice as long as this three christmases ago tease the tiny tim of fucking talks through. The. Show. Is Hollywood Babylon the subcategory of the show for the next. Sixty weeks able future. Until about here, Jen let's see what Happens I do we run out of Batman episodes to do contracts for to do our Cape Kanders for or? They have vaccine. Good this'll be a good race I mean, what are we got right now? How many episodes were there? One hundred twenty episodes Batman. To show, that's roughly sixty episodes. There was a couple single one partners Lord Fraud Flop fog one, you're referring to a three parter rare three partners a couple of three parties in there they got three out of that. and then we'll have to do the movie, Right And where do you do the movie in chronological like where it would be? Your call it. She chronologically would be between seasons one and two. So then that. That should be we should do you WANNA do a big big two hour special bonus episode. Weird to kind of like skip over and then go back at the end and Shit I. Agree. yeah we'll honor. Let's do it. You know and like some people watch the marvel movies in the order they came out and some people are like, no, I wanNA watch captain marvel I because that's what happened first and then fucking ironman right? Right right. So. You could tell them really baked. Actually, shouldn't you watch I venture I though. Well, it will be Yeah Yeah Yeah. Watch captain America first because it takes place during war, we're literally put in the title the first the first Avenger gotTa Watch that I get then Captain Marvel then iron man. And then Yeah Yeah but before all that Batman, yeah that right color. fucking color. Young for Peace Shit I watched in black and white on a black and white TV from. You be you would say Batman and colored in my insult to the program but you know watching in black and white but I had these view masters. He did of Batman and so I knew what every what the colors were. You had the perfect crime that was the episode that was the available via view master what whose cat woman Yes yes. Looking for the buried treasure of catchy down some falls into a cavernous. Oh my gosh has them all come Adam? Yes and something about cats have nine lives and they believe to be dead and Robert Says Gosh Pat Handy. She's really gone I don't know Robin cats do have nine lives and sure enough she came back. But until then they were just like, let's just leave her body. It was a bottomless pit. She's you on what do we do? Batman, don't work in rescuing issues like an atomic pile out the Adam's. Whenever you get a problem in this life Robin and when I say problem that's code for woman. You just take it to take a high place. And then. Dr Robert Down to go I. don't care if it's an atomic pile or bottomless hole fine can aunt Harriet? Shower. Tub Combo. But find a hole and put her in. One thing I could teach you boy wonder about being a man. It's just. Women belong the bottom of something. there it is found that in our thinking now we are that we love women. We are enlightened men of the modern age that we're just saying that's a fucking did to the women in the first six episodes six were only six episodes of the runway ready. We can make a like a running trope of it. They're killing off a lot of women Yeah Man. So wait which that cat woman episode where she falls down the holes coming up. Yeah I think it's after the MR, freeze but I mean is that where she falls down the whole the very first, the very first episodes where she falls in the first season there like throw that lady down there for that lady down there. How do we get rid of thrower in the hall? I mean. Some we wrap things up. WanNa do that for everybody like fucking. The joker. Terminal. Here, you're I'M GONNA take him out to the bat whole. where. Like Arkham know that costs too much money they're going to the bat whole. What exactly is the bell. I don't know, but there's never want to see a lot of bones studio. fucking littered you WanNa pray that your square your whole fucking life because otherwise you're going down to battle. And a whole is round. and. So if you're square, you could see fund be made you don't WanNa. Go. Near. To battle. Dole, make me take you to the battle. Battle is like, Mulholland, falls right where they talk and took the criminals and threw him off chance. Think. That's a fucking spinoff that could work DC title bat whole bad hole tales of the bad hall where it's just like. You know sometimes, you bet me gabby bothered. Sometimes, you just gotTa end the problem easy way to. Somebody. tweeted fuck I wish I remember who was somebody tweeted me a little comic strip. That was like you. Know, who are you? Are you a Bruce Wayne? Look at each other and he realizes what he said the next the last panel is Batmans digging old dudes dead. Bad whole feed all covered. Like a battle. there it is folks good times good times Gotham city with fuck and Gummy gummy comes to Gotham. City. fucking. Maybe for week what whether they call into ships come Fleet Week Fleet wink. Garments is pulling in the city of fleet. Week. So women will get kissed women and dudes and end up in the hall. Kissed I, but then there's That whole. there it is folks There would be no caped commentaries without man sitting across me, give it up the great. Let's hear it for my bat babble Buddy Mr Kevin. Smith, and that's Hollywood Babylon for this week I'm Kevin Smith I'm Ralph Garman Battle Fuck off tonight Gotham city. We'll see you next dabbled same time same channel. This has been a production of SMOG CO INTERNET RADIO SIR ONLY AT GAS DOT com.

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Sports Talk w/ Lance 6/29/20

Lance McAlister

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Sports Talk w/ Lance 6/29/20

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Now sports talk on seven hundred wwl Johnny. Let's get to at sixty seven hundred WWL W. it is ardell carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet I'm lions. mcallister hope you had a great weekend. Settle in. I get you for three hours tonight before I. Hand You over to Jerry Jeff Walker. He will take you nine to midnight a baseball theme early and through a good chunk of the show tonight. The thought hit me as I prepared to welcome in our first guest. It is awfully nice to be talking with a baseball guest baseball stuff. Compared to negotiations and and labor issues and percentages of salaries and pro-russian of salaries and all that. The reds have handed in officially as of yesterday there player Pool for the two thousand twenty season. At the moment it contains fifty seven players thirty five of those players assigned to great American Ballpark to two of those players assigned to Prisco Park in Mason for Moran. That the man who was on the reds, beat and covers all things reds for MLB. Dot Com reds DOT COM. That would be Mark Sheldon. How are you? Doing good, lance and I hope you are too, and it's really nice to about baseball. Even getting yelled at on twitter for baseball stuff, so that's a nice refreshing change to absolutely i. Let's start with the basics here. fifty-seven players at this moment out of a possible sixty. What is the benefit of not going all the way up to sixty at this point for the reds? I think it's just more roster flexibility. If kinda like in the days before spring training or the opening day of the season, you might have a guy that gets released. Cut in the right for whatever reason they WANNA pick that player up it could you know? It's based on things that happened in camp when player might get hurt or just in his fit as others are. They WANNA add a guy Derek Dietrich is is out there. Still he's on the. Signed by the team, and then even the organization thought on that player polls yet you could be at. It could also add hundred green. You know maybe a couple of months down the road or a month down the road if they choose to, there's some maneuverability that way and market is not a clear line drawn in the sand. Great American is like Varsity and Pasco is junior varsity. It's not that clear as It's not some closure doing it that way. Some closer, Dylan it the the bigly called players or the ones that are have a shot at the big leagues, going to be a big league ballpark, and the rest of the dispatch to a minor league facility read. say they're not doing it that way. A lot of it is because they stacks so many pictures of GDP and catchers just simply because of. Of the rules, social distancing and other things like that they had the sense of people out to Mason now when the season does start the people that are obviously going to be stationed, practical park will be the equivalent of the minor. Leagues Aaa Louisville. If you will, that could be summit in called up. Should there be any and I would assume there's also that element if you're going to be split into two parts. There's GonNa be intersquad gained. So you need X. number of players at each place to fill out, get I mean you need a shortstop and both places third base I mean there has to be some level of consideration along those lines, right? I would think so. like you know this is. This is new to a lot of. The mechanism blueprints aren't totally clear yet, but hopefully that that will come into into focus, but yeah you have to figure. You gotTA. Have enough coverage because they're not only allowed to play three exhibition games against other teams during the next three weeks and stands to reason since there's no like in the same city like Chicago. There's to Chicago. Teams play each other here. There's not really that option and they may have to wait until whoever the the next the first team that comes to town that could be their exhibition. Apologetic Mark Sheldon MLB DOT COM dot com. Check it in Merck. How ultimately potentially at least could niccolo their first round pick a year ago? Factor into this equation? I think he can factor in I. Mean he was going to get cut? Cut I believe from the I can't remember from in March, but obviously guide her. Getting brought back like salary mono was caught, and he's been brought back I think with all could appear as as bullpen guy I mean theoretically I suppose he could be a starter. Should anything happen to the rotation by each figure with Molly figure? Look Assam's a couple. Couple of others they have some coverage. They're on the rotation side, but with all could be a piece for the for the bullpen. He could be accessible that way I don't think it would be a problem for him to make that jump at this change. I know you're getting this question. A Lot I think it's on the minds of everybody along. The lines of pitching in some school of thought, what if they go with a four man? What if they go with a six man why they go with a piggyback tandem? What do you make of potentially what the use of pitchers could look like? It's one of those things to see. When we actually talked to their Johnston and David fell, but I. I kind of expecting the five man rotation still to have a solid five man group. I, I don't know Trevor Bowers a big advocate of the former station, but that would mean somebody gets cut out and I. Don't see them doing that. the six man rotation. Over I. I really think. The reservoir set up in a lot of teams with the you know. What's the malaise? The SIMS OF ANY MODEL? If you other guys that they could, have you know in the early going. To go thirty. Three innings to four sixty to seventy five pitches, and then they have to bridge that gap with three or four inning relief, appearance and Mali concert do that. They can prepare them as a starter and kind of having back up the the other starter, so it'd be hard pitch cancer early innings limits things like that, and then we'll. We'll see how those guys do, but. But I think middle relief is going to be a huge part of the equation going into the regular mark among the guys who ultimately dolt become a part of this pool. Who our prospects whether it's hundred green or someone who's not even in the pool right now. Are Reese hines Stewart Fairchild? Guys like what happens to them in ultimately in the twenty twenty season. Another Mr. Lance I think there's been some rumblings that there might be an attempt to have a fall league of some sort. for minor leaguers didn't get to play anywhere this this year. Their skills having a row too much. A lot of them are probably working via zoom with with their coaches, and what their strength people and their trainers. But that's one of the mystery it hasn't been figured out yet. They're really just really focused on the bigly. Friday is the first workout is is the phase between now and then like the we call it. The intake phase of what's happening right now. I kind of equate Wednesday July first. Is the report A. That's the kind of the day. They have to be there now. What happens is and some players have already done. This is that when they show up at the ballpark and report quote Unquote they get tested, and then they have to isolate away from the ballpark for two full days, and then they're allowed to come back if they test negative, so a lot of guys are GonNa have already done this and a few more. We'll probably do it on. Wednesday and then theoretically everyone will be ready for Friday. Final question on I know this is ever evolving situation in. Probably, there's things you're trying to figure out in your mind, but. Ultimately this season. What will what will covering this camp this spring training two point Oh, and then the regular season be like for a member of the media. Someone who was a beat writer like you? Honestly, it's another thing that I'm still waiting to see how it turns out I mean I've seen the world. I've heard the rules our interview. Be Done over zoom whether you at the Ballpark, or if you covered the ancient home, I'm likely not going to travel, so it's GonNa. be a different thing. you know what there's going to be lost? And maybe some of the more unique nuance that that that is able to be gained from a reporter, standing clubhouse, and talking to a player in a more or less formal environment. When they're on camera when they're on the radio and things like that would have been werner formal a little more. stilted and I'd like to. You know that's GonNa be Kinda lost for a while, but at the same time I it's hard to complain about lack of nuance when there was no season at all. So I'm I'm accepting. This I'm hoping that by this time next year we're in the middle of a regular season, and it's been going on since the end of March and everything's back to normal. Obviously, we don't know that, but hopefully this little sixty games sprint will be interesting and the red. They still think are as competitive in division. They were before the the shutdown and it'll just be interested. Right I feel like I'm coming covering something historical. Never been done before in baseball. Amen to that. Hey, great, catching up with you good talking baseball and hope we can talk again soon. Greatly thanks, thanks, Mark Mark Sheldon MLB dot com and reds dot com. He's on twitter 'em. Underscore Sheldon at 'em. Underscore Sheldon all right. We are up and running. Get you the headlines. There's some significant baseball news on the day in a bit. You'll hear from general manager Nick Crawl, and more as we roll on its Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet at seven hundred and today. Six twenty seven seven hundred wwl w. it's carrier sports. Daughter presented by. Kelsey. Chevrolet I'm Lance. McAlister thanks for being here. Let's run the headlines and we'll get going. We start with baseball as I mentioned. The player pools are set by each team had submitted their list of fifty seven players yesterday thirty-five training at Great American twenty. Two at passcode park teams can have up to seventy players in their pool. Players report Wednesday the first day of workout set for Friday former reds. Reds pitcher now Arizona diamondback Mike Leake, who will be a free agent at the end of the season is opting out citing family considerations. He will not play this season. He will walk away from a prorated salary about five million dollars. He's not the only one to Washington. Nationals today Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross said they are both opting out of the twenty twenty season. USA Today's Bob Nightingale reports major league. Baseball plans to release the twenty twenty schedule in about a week. Waiting until players report training camps undergo covid nineteen tests this week. The also check with health and government officials on the status of each major league city. was a busy Sunday for the Patriots. They signed quarterback Cam Newton to a one year deal worth up to seven and a half million in the news broke about the penalty, handed down by the NFL against the Organization for their filming the Bengals sideline last season. It's a one point one million dollar, fine loss of a twenty twenty one third round pick and the team production crew can't film games this upcoming season? The University of Dayton and southeast Missouri State University jointly announced today that their season opening football game scheduled. Scheduled for Thursday September, the third has been canceled due to the COVID nineteen pandemic soccer. FC Cincinnati departed for Orlando this morning. The side of the MLS is back tournament. The tournament starts July. July eighth and runs through August eleventh. The FCC slate includes three games in their group. Stage I up a July, eleven matchup versus the Columbus crew for everything else. You've missed new this to my blog. You'll find it at seven hundred wwl W DOT com. I've got some got some. Bengals got some podcasts from last week as well all right coming up in this hour. You're going to hear from Nick. Crawl the reds. General Manager about decisions made on the roster about whether or Or not they play or hope to play spring, training exhibition games later. You're going to hear We'll get into some conversation about the D. H. was interested in what Chris Welch told Sterling Friday night about the D. H.. Dave Lapham on the Bengals Patriots and the more specifically, the Patriots ruling that came to add will have some fun a little bit later on in the eight, o'clock hour I'm checking twitter as I speak and the general manager of the cubs Jed Hoyer saying he quote fully expects the cubs will play three exhibition games hope they will be able to announce something shortly after the season is announced, you could envision a scenario where the cubs and and. White Sox play three games at the start of the final week of spring training with Games scheduled to start on Thursday or Friday. You could play your three games. Monday Tuesday Wednesday if you wanted. There's also thought you could play. Whatever team is say you're hosting? Whatever team is coming in to open up the season against? You could come in early and play those exhibition games Monday Tuesday. Wednesday of that opening week all right up next the reds, general manager on decisions made and what's ahead is Camp Camp Week for Major League Baseball Spring training to it's all ahead. Check news though bottom of the hour carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred w out you. Six thirty nine seven hundred wwl wrol, carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Arnelle carriers, your global transportation provider visit our LLC dot com, and Kelsey chevrolets open for sales and service with a new state of the Collision Repair Center coming very soon about chick. Pratt already has turned around and output at the Nick Crawler the Mark Sheldon interview. If you follow on twitter, you've got that missed it. If you do it through the I heard media radio. APP IT IS THERE IF If you go to the blog at seven hundred wwl W DOT com. You'll see the podcast section as well. All of those your options. If you happen to miss, the original conversation with Mark Sheldon the podcast page presented by my friends at Richter and Phillips leverage turned fields jewelers. They've actually got a deal. If you go to. richterphillips DOT com slash lance. It's fifty percent off deal. They are offering to you on your next purchase from Richter and Phillips jewelers not bad. Yesterday as the the pool deadline was approaching reds, Gerrymanders nick crawl met with the media for Zoom Conference and discussed a variety of issues on the minds of. Bengals bengals reds beat writers, including the fact that to pool spots came out thirty five degrade American ballpark. Twenty two players to Pasco, Derek Dietrich is not assigned to either location. Nick crawl was asked about the reasons behind it. Dietrich was one of the guys that we didn't bring. That doesn't mean we can't bring him at a later date. Just seems that right now. We've left the spots open. We wanted to leave some raw flexibility. But you know we just. Pick and chose some guys that needed to get in there and. That, we felt that. We're ready to go just because we didn't put a guy on doesn't mean you can't adding later. Add a week to each three weeks down the road. Whatever it is right now. We just left it open with. For some roster flexibility flexibility at this point which would include, and you could imagine various scenarios. Playing out with teams were maybe somebody becomes available. That fits with the reds. Maybe it's. Maybe. It's a backup shortstop, and if you have filled all your slots once, somebody's removed. They can't be put back on it so this at least for the time. Being gives them three spots of wiggle room to play with also about the breakdown, two different camps and kind of the makeup of the great American Ballpark camp and the go park camp. If you look at our roster we had. We had handful of guys go to the big. League Park. I know besides Payton, everybody else's. There is more established. Than those guys. That's more for working groups. We try to balance the even infielders. outfielders just tried to balance what we could from a working group standpoint. We have more pictures coming to great American ballpark. Shoot them. We do going to Pasco also more catcher, so we tried to figure out how you can play games in work with the working groups. There's a lot of guys that are going. BRASK, they're still competing for spots. They're not is staying over Europe RASCO. We're. GonNa try to. Try to play some games. Either up there or a great American Ballpark, and try to balance out alson squad, and just to get more at bats foot me. The rosters were broken up one from a social distancing standpoint. You know at least two united we as we begin. To able to maximize the amount of work in the work groups that guy. Nick Crawl reds general manager on the breakdown between the two camps now. The question has been asked. What about hundred green? It has not been assigned to either camp. Austin Hendrick. Obviously a bit more of a reached a high schooler, who was the first round pick this year, but against the backdrop of no high school season for him, it would appear no minor league season for him. Nicole was asked about the likes of hundred green and Austin Hendrick. Austin is is more ways away. obviously icicle, kid, who, as even started the season yet. He's got to get back into baseball shaped first before. You think something like that. That wasn't a consideration. But you know we did think about all prospects in. How can we maximize development of guys? You know without said. Hundreds Comeback Tommy John. He's rehabbing right. East pretty much finishes Rehab Building Up You know he's a guy. We're trying to figure out how to continue to maximize is. This year for him. You know we want. We want to figure out how to. Continue progressing forward. So you know he was a consideration now. But again now we've got three slots open. You can always add people later and later day to. You know if if and when someone's ready to. Be Put on roster. Not Major League roster, but he but just to sixty. I mentioned in the last segment. The cubs general manager Jed. Hoyer has said this afternoon. He fully expects to play three exhibition games leading into the the opening week of the season. KNICK crawl was asked yesterday about the possibility of such games for the rents right now we have. We don't have any scheduled, but it hasn't. If we can. Were working through some of those logistics right now to see if it's if it's even a possibility, where does not sure if and when we could do it? What would be the last three days before strict train most likely right round there but. Right now we don't have any scheduled. In the big picture what happens in a season where in for the reds, top five prospects were assigned to the player, the only one not one hundred green at this point, but think of all the prospects who are going to be aced out of a season there will be no minor league season in a in a time where those players need reps, those players needed. Bats or innings pitched to continue their development. Nick crawl was ask about what about all the other minor leaguers in the system is secular right now. We've been trying to do obviously revolt workouts. I know our pitchy guys have have have done. Zoom workouts with with with different prospects hitting guys well. I know that those guys. Are GonNA staff gets some. Get some on Zoom, and you know whether it's one on one or ten one or whatever it is and tries to. Continue progressing them forward. I think that. We love to be able to get at bats if he can. A different. For different players at bats innings, whatever because that's obviously going out there development moving into next year. You know I'm not sure what's going to happen this offseason whether there's a fall leaguer instructional. We still have got any word there, but. That would be. That'd be one place to be able to do something. If we could all right, let's do this Let you've heard from the general manager of the Reggie you've heard from one of the beat writers covering the Reds Mark Sheldon. We'll open up the lines and kind of work through some of the names on the last name's not on the list. What this means what the two camps mean and kind of what it looks like, is we? We we begin a week whereby the end on Friday we'll have our first workout of a spring training two point Oh. Some of the the names that jumped out to me and some of the decisions that will have to be made as we continue plus your calls, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred at and T.. It's now carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Those on seven o'clock were flying tonight. Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister Gary Jeff Walker's in at nine tonight. He will take you from nine to midnight. Couple of observations on what the reds announced yesterday pool thoughts I didn't worked up really to any extent because. It's been so long I mean camp was shut down on March twelfth, but remember how we felt about this team on on, March twelfth. We were really excited about the makeup of this team I talked with Dick Williams that night on sports talk and he said and I quote I really liked this team I mean we had spent time analyzing this team bottom, and really the takeaway at that point was maybe a bit of a concern on who the backup shortstop was going to be maybe the concern on the timetable of when you any Suarez would be. Be completely ready to go. Nixon's L. would be completely ready to go. It may be if they had. Is there another arm they could add to that bullpen well swears his healthy Cinderella's healthy. Perhaps there's a shortstop out. There becomes available on. Maybe maybe a relief pitcher as well as a wiggle room with that, but I mean. This team was good to go coming out of Camp Dick Williams, talk that night about being so pleased with the way they had ramp things up to head towards opening day. This was a team that had added new stocks and cast. In Shogun Wade, mile and Pedro strope. Derek Dietrich not being on the camp roster. I can't get worked up about I. Think ultimately if if they don't find anybody. That's better than him. I could see him being a part of the thirty player pool on their opening day roster. ARISTIDIES Aquino No shock. He's at Pasco ultimately I. Don't think he's going to be on the thirty man player pull the begins the season. He didn't hit in September. He didn't hidden winter ball. He didn't hit in the spring and I think most thought back in March we were assigning a ticket to triple eight for Aristidies Aquino. Tyler Stevenson I would think we'll be part of the three-man traveling taxi squad. Each team will travel with a three player taxi squad. One of those must be a Catcher, so that's going to be Tyler Stevenson. That'll be good for him. Couple, I guess a couple of surprises one the shortstop Blake. The twenty. Third Round Pick. He was the eighty fourth player taken overall in the draft in the third round in two thousand fifteen, he decided to retire. He's twenty six years old Chris. Hokey is not assigned to either camp. He was a second round pick in twenty-six teen. You'd like to think someone used a second round. Pick on as recently as twenty sixteen would be perhaps more in the mix mark Peyton is an interesting guy to keep an eye out for because he's a rule five in in most cases you have to spend the entire year on the with the major league team or be offered back. To that this year, because of what's going on I, think he would have to be on the major league active roster for a minimum of fifty days, and you could in theory stash him on the injured and not stash, but if he were hurt to be on the injured list for the others I think. Four their top five prospects are involved in the two camps number one. Prospect Nickel Dolo number three. Tyler Stevenson number four Jonathan India number five Jose Garcia Jose Garcia was the The Guy who dazzled during spring training yet has never played above Aa I. Think in the bigger picture that concern has to be what this season is in terms of the minor leagues, and that's a wash for the likes of one hundred grain and reese hines and and Mike Siani the the the stud gloves center. Who played for the Dayton Dragons Tony Santini? Packing TJ Frito get I mean hundred green, the real kicker on green at this point, not being part of either pool I mean we're talking about hundred didn't pitch last season because of the Tommy John Surgery. And won't pitch this season. Because of the Tommy John Surgery which. Great it gets him further away and a chance to. Get stronger and yet he's not doing that with real game experience in innings under his belt, which pushes you into twenty twenty one thinking. He's got a build up innings when he never really had built up innings before to begin with he was on a limited innings pitched counted boy I'm going back now on the years, it would have been two thousand eighteen. At. Dayton! The active roster will start at thirty on opening day. It will shrink to twenty-eight after the first two weeks of the season then down to twenty-six after four weeks of the season. Players who don't make the thirty will continue to do their thing at at PRISCO. During all of this there are some players who have out clauses in their contracts primarily guys in in I'm I'm guessing on guys like? Nate Jones Tyler Thornburg Mat Davidson guys who signed minor league deals that got into camp and you had to tell them by a certain date. You were going to keep them on the major league roster or not, and then they have a decision, I think. This time around. It's five days before the start of the season. They could choose to opt out and go someplace else. There is also. The also got a group of guys who would be without options at this point. Who if they didn't make your opening day? Thirty would be designated for assignment exposed to other teams grabbing them, and that includes stuff. Let's Lucas Sims. Robert Stevenson's in that group Philip Irvine's in that group Scott Shetler is in that group. One Guy who's not in either the Pasco camp or the great American Ballpark camp is the right handed pitching prospect Vladimir Gutierrez he was their number fifteen prospect according to MLB pipeline twenty four years old yesterday, the announcement and Nick Kroll indicated during the zoom. They found out about this back. During the first spring training, he was suspended for testing positive for a PD and that's eighty game suspension. They had signed him out of Cuba. In Twenty Years and backtracking here to twenty sixteen, they gave him almost five million dollars I think it was four point seven five million. And he's had said some flashes. But. More often than not, it's been the frustration of lack of command consistency WANNA say last season. He had an era a tick over six. You may twenty seven starts at triple level. But he was a guy. They were hoping they can kind of get fixed. Get right and had some stuff pretty good curveball. If I remember correctly that had impressed people enough to give him four point seven five million dollars back in two thousand sixteen, they gave a nice chunk, the other shortstop, the Cuban shorts out to say, they gave him the neighborhood of five or six million to our freighter Rodriguez. shortstop all right, so that's a one hour in the books. When we come back, let's do the next phase of the adjustment process. We talked last week. One of the changes you're going to have to embrace it. Used to is extra innings and a runner on second base. The biggest one you're going to have to get used to the the one of these the biggest break from tradition, and there's a lot of purist around here. Are you ready to embrace and accept. The designated hitter. Chris Welch with an interesting comment on that to sterling on Friday. You Friday night. You will hear plus we'll get into your calls. As well. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T. one of the books that was fun. It's now carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred W W. The following takes place between seven PM and eight PM. Let's keep moving no reason a slowdown now. Seven oh nine seven hundred wwl wwl's Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. If you're just jumped in welcome, we were busy in the first hour mark. Sheldon on the beat, covering the rights for MLB DOT COM. You heard from Nick. Crawl the reds, general manager. Get you involved in this hour. A couple of things developing one on twitter moments ago, the Lasalle, high school product devante Smith. Defensive back one of the top players in the country who last week de committed from the Ohio State University has committed tonight to. Bama. He'll play for Alabama tweeting that just moments ago. Congratulations to him all right one part of the this new world we're living in related to baseball is the adjustment you're going to have to make to a couple of different things we talked earlier. Rosters are going to be expanded. There's going to be a runner on second base in extra innings and. For the first time, the National League is going to have a D. H. in every game. D. H. has been a part of baseball in the American league since Nineteen Seventy three to twenty seven forty seven years of baseball has been played with the D. H. in the American League. Now it's coming to the National League. And I would venture to bet the money in my wallet right now once it gets ended the National League. It's not leading the National League. It's going to be a universal H. for the American League and the National League for the rest of time. Now that's a big ask in this town. Joked baseball here I set in our ways tradition purist. We like what we like and we don't like what we don't like. This is asking you to embrace something that only the American. League has seen I WANNA. Take you back to Friday Chris Welch join my guy sterling seven hundred wwl W, and was asked about the D. H.. Baseball I was one to you. GotTa get overtaken? Move On. Let's bring to. You know where we are right here. Twenty twenty let's. Let's see some action. So relaxing to begin today, anyway, strike outs home runs. Walks. More balls putting the. Maybe, having the Asian life healthy that Amen to that Chris Welch was sterling Friday, night, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pounds, seven, hundred on at and T. I remember a piece in fact, I pulled it up today Bob Nightingale USA Today Road. A couple of months ago and the line was. It's the traditionalist who are balking at the idea. Why fight it any longer. There's a couple of different ways you can look. At this one major league pitchers went to the plate almost five thousand times last year, almost five thousand plate appearances by pitchers. Batting average was. One Twenty, seven. So that means. Eighty seven percent of the time. A pitcher made it out. When he stepped to the plate last year. On base percentage was one thirty seven. They get on base fourteen percent of the time of those nearly five thousand plate appearances pitcher struck out over twenty two hundred times. Remind me of the need for pitchers to hit in the National League. Consider how unfair it has been to this point to the National League. Consider the unfairness of contract negotiations. The the negotiating tool that the American league teams and general managers have always had in their back pocket. If you're pursuing somebody, let's say along the lines of a star who you're going to invest a lot of money in and a lot of years. It's awfully nice to have the advantages. The American League team to offer to that player who you're recruiting against other teams and say hey, come here on that six year deal first four years of it. You can play fill in the blank where you're playing last two years last three years. You can play D. H.. Our pools signed a deal with the angels. You don't think he was thinking in the back of his mind in the war, wear and tear on my legs, I'm GonNa have a D. H. position the back half of my career, versus what an American! Versus what a national. League team can offer during the negotiations. If it comes down to it, you're thinking alright. Do I go? NFL OR AL money's about the same well. Why would I go to the American League where I can use the? Advantage to further, extend my career playing in the National League. And there's this aspect. One it's unfair during the season to ask a national league team to go into an American Park for interleague play and have to add a bench player. You're going into the American League Park where they are built for the D. H. and you're having to add your bench player to your lighter at least the other way when the national or American League teams come here. At least it's evening back out. There's also the strategy and I've heard the the idea of all well. Anybody can manage in the American league. National Strategy and when to pinch hit, and and to let him hit, and when to take out the pitcher well, I would argue not so fast. Let me give you a scenario in what I think. People miss on, and in fact Tony Larussa remember. I think it was in the same piece by Bob. Nightingale mentioned the uncertainty of when to take a picture. Let's say you're in the National League manager. Bottom of the six. Your team is down two to nothing. Are loaded and your pitchers coming up any sitting on, say sitting on eighty five pitchers. He's down to nothing. He's pitched well, but the pacers loaded and nobody's out. You'RE GONNA Pinch. Hit for your pitcher. If it's the American league. Your decision's GonNa come the following inning. Am I going to send my pitcher back? How long do I stay with C.? There are decisions made in the national, League that that are already made for the manager that become obvious. You know I know the broadcasters. No, the manager knows well. I got pinch hit for him here. He's coming out. In the American League. There's no automatic all right. I gotta take the pitcher out now. It's part of it is the nuance of. House the fastball right now. Does he have the control? How many pitches says Heathrow do? I take him out. Now do I send him back out to begin the inning. Do I give him a better to give them to? We're in the National League that decisions have been made in the previous half inning because the pitcher spots come up. And I guess I would add this to the mix as well in a day and age were pitchers are such a commodity in Major League baseball pitching gold. WHO's fighting for that pitcher to have to swing a bat to bunt? To run the bases to potentially slide. Why would you want the risk of all that? Versus the idea of Hey, we are paying you to pitch, so go pitch. DOTS. Once it gets here and you see what it means to the reds and I. Everybody in their brother is written a piece about old. Who Does The D. H.? Help most in the National League I would argue, helps the reds more than anybody else, but whether that's the case or not I, just can't see continuing the fight in this day and age to see somebody who makes an out eighty seven percent of the realize what you're fighting for for the air quotes here this strategy or for the pitcher hit when the pitchers in Major League Baseball hit one twenty seven. There is no fight for that any longer. Rob and Robert and Berry have thoughts join our conversation on this at five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T. sports talk seven hundred WWL W. Seven twenty, two seven hundred wwl W. This is carrier sports. DOC presented by. Kelsey Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister. Thanks for being a part of the show. We're talking about the next change that we're all GONNA, have to process once. Baseball gets here. What three weeks from Friday and that's the the D. H., and once it is in its in its not going to be an experiment. Let's try it for one year. There's no way they're going to do it for one year and then change their mind. It means extra extra jobs. It means extra money. It means and to Chris Welsh's point. It means more action more opportunities at least for something to happen beyond. Nothing happening when the pitcher comes with like. Yes, we're in a day and age words they three true outcomes. There's a lot of strikeouts walks in homers, and for the most part. The pitchers are striking out I. Just know this. They're hitting. One twenty seven, so in a game starved four movement the ball being put in play, I will take the combination of a hitter, a hitter having a better chance to put the ball in play. pitchers staying healthy to do what they are paid to do. The balance of the League's in terms of negotiating contracts with free agent with both being able to offer free agents, and all the comes with the D. H. Begin in Centerville and rob. You're on seven hundred WWL W. Ho last. Thanks for taking my call sure what's on your mind all right so about the D. H. One I really think. I prefer to keep the keep the pictures outing it increases vise players like Lorenzen. And How many how many players are there like Lorenzen I don't know. Let's say there's a handful. Are you going to learn something in for a handful of players? Okay I I. I'm not going to argue for the which I just. I wish we could keep it, but I'm not arguing for it. All right because. I when I when you look at all of baseball in the US. How many lease and all in the US from Lake High School College. Non College. Actually play without a D. H.. Yeah, you're right. You're right every just about every I might be willing to say everybody's playing with D. H.. Point you sit there and say nationally is the only leaguers the odd man out. Right and then so with that said if you really have. Every lead using the D. H. and managers and coaches. Doing their thing learning their trade. And leads that. Make use of the DA. Doesn't doesn't actually put itself. At a bad advantage because they're hiring people that don't know how to coach without the D. H.. I. I said I wish the pictures with back because I think it's just A. You know you don't have how many dollars? That's what made the. In the Laurentian special because. Even Babe Ruth. Sure and rob. Thank you for the phone call. I just know this Babe Ruth now. We're talking to the nineteen twenties and it's now two thousand and twenty and the the Michael Lorenzen are very few and far between. If if you want to use a Michael, Lorenzen to pinch hit in a game or even Dha, game have added. They're just clearly if if pitchers wants to the plate nearly five thousand times and hit one twenty-seven. This is much ado about nothing. Who Fights the C one twenty seven batting averages I mean this strategy can't be enough. There can't be enough fascination and the unknown in the intriguing. What's GonNa Happen to justify keeping something at a success rate of one twenty-seven. You CAN'T WANNA. See Bunting badly enough to accept wants through every batting order, somebody batting who hits one twenty-seven? It did not in this day and age. It's not black and white TV anymore. You know if it's not baseball games that are two dollars a ticket. It's two thousand twenty. The pace of the game is in question. The action of the game is in question. T A one thing that does not add to the action of the game. A pitcher batting one twenty seven. Cincinnati. We go next Robert you're on seven hundred WWL W. Okay. The D. H. is in high schools around since the late seventies coach at. The difference that I I I'm not even sure in the major leagues when a D. H. is in. Are they in permanently for the game? Unless you let's see you. You can lose your. There is an opportunity to lose the DA during the. Second. Best outfielder is your H in that game, and then you're ahead. Want Defense, and you take him out then who substitute stand that batting position. SICHER! Says you'd have to have site player yes I. Ever See that happen I remember here of it happening either in any game I've ever heard of the American league. And can you D. H. for any position? and bad anywhere Let me, think no, it is only you can only d. h.. I would accept the. If the D. H. was used. In that fashion, that's that is the my understanding. It's I'm not I'm seventy five, so I'm not in high school anymore, but but but the thing is is that it's It should be something a little more variable than just the. Paddle, the H. or some young kid the H. Baton in there and Chris! D. H. is likely to strike out twice every game. That's why they're D. H.. Who Do you think has a better chance of making contact a hitter for a pitcher. I don't know. I. Don't say that again. Okay let let's let's do this robber in general, who has a better chance to make contact a hitter. Okay. Thank you, thank you for the phone call. There's always gonna be people who argue the exceptions to everything what I'm trying to. Stress is in a day and age where the game is and pitchers as a whole. There's always going to be a Michael Lorenzen. When pictures there's a whole struck out over twenty two hundred times last year and hit one twenty seven. All of the exceptions you can come up with. Go out the window. In the best interest of the game. You use the D. H.. Not Against the one exception or the two exceptions or the handful of exceptions, the best interest over all of the game, and we know that the average major league hitter has a better chance to do something at the plate than your average batting pitcher. Because pitcher hit one twenty seven. And the average major leaguer did not. We've hit the bottom of our holy cow, Jack and Erin and bill and Greg and chat and bury it. Plus saw today of the five teams helped the most by the scheduling in twenty twenty at sixty games. That list includes your Cincinnati reds. are a down run through your goals. We continue our no carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wliw. Seven, thirty eight seven hundred wwl wrol carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. We've hit the midway point. We've crossed over the midway point. Go until nine tonight Gary Jeff Walker and with the nightcap at that point I mentioned. The athletic today has a piece. The five teams that will benefit most from the sixty game schedule five teams. This piece written by Jim Bowdoin. His five Yankees as raise padres, reds Jim Bone rights picking the reds doing in the central, only because of the sixty game sprint, I was going to go with the cardinals because I like their overall pitching defense better than the reds, but my concerns over St Louis has offense remain with only with just a month separating opening day in the trade deadline I'm not sure that will give the cardinals front office time to add to trade for their outfield there. If the reds get off to a fast start, I see them winning the division, I like the red starting rotation as much as any team in the. The division in the fact, they don't have to play the braves, nationals, phillies, dodgers, mets, or diamondbacks. The schedule matters this year. I believe that Lewis Kostya will be a CY. Young Award candidate the trevor. Bauer will have a solid year something he needs before free agency goes on to talk about The bullpen is also deep I. Don't. I wouldn't go quite that far, but he says the offense is much improved with the additions of Mike Mustafa's and Nick, cassidy autos defenses my major concern with the reds, but playing their games at great American ballpark and their schedule against Jest Central Division teams should be boost. The deciding factor for me is the implementation of the D. H. Role in the National League, which will take one of their below average defenders off the field, and into the batter's box each night from Jim Bowdoin athletic today I'm looking up on baseball reference Major League pitchers pitchers last year hit one twenty eight. The. Baseball hit to forty seven. So that's one hundred. Nineteen points higher on base percentage one, fifty, nine for pitchers, three, twenty, eight for the D. H. I'm looking at hitter's overall, we're. Let's see offensive position I believe they said to fifty seven. I think is for the average major league. Hitter I assume they taken pitchers out of that so to fifty seven versus one twenty eight. You can't convince me. Strategy is worth one hundred thirty points in your batting average. Back to the phones, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big and pound, seven, hundred on at and T. how out Let's go here Erin. You're on seven hundred WWL W. We doing tonight revenue Aaron. I'm fantastic. Thanks for calling. What's on your mind? Listen? Man is twenty twenty I do not want to see Louise Casteel point nine seven for the entire year this year. I would much rather watch. Say they're Dietrich Phillip. Urban Jesse winker, get these extra at bats as opposed to watching Trevor Ballard. Try and lay down a fun I mean yes. Yes, I'm I'm thirty. One as I'm getting older. Baseball's my favorite sport but it clearly needs to do something to progress a little bit and I think d. h., and in both sides. It just makes sense and I. I I. Don't how anybody in their right mind arguing against right now. Yeah I to me. It's as easy as pitchers pitch into hitters hit I. Mean just keep it that way into your point. It allows whoever you choose on a given day as your weakest defender, you're able to take them out of your defense and put them as is what they do best, and that's just hit the baseball, so you improve your you improve your defense by taking that player out, and you improve your offense by having another off. It's bad in your lineup. That's a win win. That's it lands. That's it. I! Don't know man I'm with you. Aaron every night. Thanks for the call about Laughlin. We go bill. You're on Sportstalk, welcome. Hey how you doing. Oh, three points first of all. I do the guy who said that. The started in the late seventies in high school ball. That's wrong. Late Seventies in. Ohio. Wall I. Don't know how anybody wants sixties and Seventies. Baseball watching pitcher said and stuff. I remember David. Broken. They thought he two hundred. It'd be an act of God. Okay now what I'm saying here? Is that multiple manager and David Concepcion. They were willing to take that because they got something to trade for it. Okay and you thought catchers. Just before, said about the hitters. PITCHER! and. You know that if you go to the nationally, you're going to have at least forty hours. Yeah Yeah, and then why should I have to face out four times? Some tension off the bench. Ways. And then the other thing about taking pictures out. I. Don't think it's a new. Manager like my David Bell or a catch. They could tell them someone who's a movement on fastball for the breaking balls, not breaking I. Mean That's not new thing see. It's not like. Oh, well you know, and he's how about where in the American League decided I mean that's starting to suck well, loading and nobody out. We're GONNA. Take him out well. Someone's losing. They're going to take him out too so i. mean that it goes both ways to high thing. So I. Don't think it's so much as he may be right. Maybe this progressive baseball, but another progress in baseball you WANNA. Talk about waste movement and stuff. When you wanted to touch, it wasn't so for Credit Steph I'm good for face well, but they don't anymore. Well yeah, but the point being. It's about strikeouts in the seventy people just my Smith checking out a hundred times. You come to care about somebody who strikes out hundred. I mean back, then I mean. You didn't have I mean you might submit maybe some younger players, but you didn't striking out one hundred. and. It used to be embarrassing to strike out one hundred times now. There's guys at the All star. Break in a given year. Who will have one hundred strikeouts by the All star break? I think. You may be right, 'cause maybe. But I think you're sacrifice, you say well, you know I. Don't WanNa, see Seo hit okay well. That may be fine, but you know I. Kept You has the ball? Someone has to fill the ball. We're just staying back in deep and just feel the ball. Okay, but if you you sometimes, you've gotta come up and you may miss best defender. You guys okay now. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I can't let you build a case for for keeping pitchers hitting because of the drama of whether they're going to use the sacrifice butternut I'm not saying. This 'cause you train everything. Office. Every day for office, not giving any value to defense. Why Not Improving the defense by having a because you're taking somebody who can't play it and putting them on the bench and say here. Just hold a back. But you're not putting that guy out there. Who say okay well your best. Your best Even if he's. Still more offense you're. This game is often. used. Up. To Eighty, but it's not as an insult I gotTA. Superior to eighty. I feel more than twenty. Are you telling me that's not right? No I'm trying to say that. Because of the D. H. You don't have to put maybe a Nicotiana Castalanos, who's a subpar defender in right field you can that day choose to give him a day off and put somebody who's bad better defender in right field. But you're not gonNA be based on him. Being a center based on offense, you're basing. Okay? What I'm missing something what is wrong with that? I mean. I don't understand what's wrong with wanting. Hitting one twenty seven? I want him. Saying here is his. Pitcher who won twenty seven, but just think. Oh, well, you can put someone who's better defended. They're not doing that now. Why want to do it if they had to? Wait a minute. We're going around in circles here. The reds have a multitude of outfield options on a given day. To play better. outfielder by taking one out. Maybe it's Jesse Waker it having Jesse Be D. H. That day. and WHO GONNA put his outfielder I, maybe Philip Urban and Remember the great outfit I've seen the guy. Give me a break. If. He was a hot prospect. You wouldn't have to have haven't seen. We're not. We're not I'M NOT GONNA, get anywhere with this I. If if the answer is going to be the Philip Bourbons, a terrible defensive player. I understand your angst on this and you're trying to find the reasons to justify it. The bottom line is there is no longer justification. It's not wanting to watch somebody field the sacrifice bunt. I listen to what we're saying. This is twenty twenty. What we're not in suits and ties and top hats in the stands in the nineteen teens saying, let's watch the ball. Be Put in play, and let's see if they'll feel the bunt or not. They hit one twenty seven. Nobody is Jonesing for a sacrifice but man. I could really use a good sacrifice, but right now. What are we doing here? Jerry Jason Chris. John in others it is all ahead as we continue to healthcare carrier sports presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wliw. On the eight o'clock hour man, we are why tonight get your news in about eight minutes still ahead Dave Lapham on. The Patriots punishment and have time to squeeze in something that relates to Friday nights off the beaten path with days of thunder watched as under this weekend, and of course we'll do on this date in reds history as As well, twitter's the best. Thank you for on twitter Atlanta's mcallister. I said I just tweeted a couple of minutes ago I'd be like doing topic. In the middle of the nineteen twenties in Josh tweets a picture of a a pitcher throwing live action in that. Video of a pitcher throwing in the nineteen twenties. It's like what do we want players to leave their gloves at their position when they come in to bat in the team that goes out. There just uses their gloves. Do we want you know it's an out? If you catch the ball on one bounce, are we going back to the eighteen hundreds in a ball that bounces into the stands as a home run or we playing baseball in two thousand twenty. Twenty where people say you know what why the heck of we had pitchers hitting. Why would we put pitchers at risk? We're paying them a premium to do what is needed in the game and that's pitch. Why would we ask them to hit and run and buds? And why would we have somebody take up one of nine spots in a bag order that hits one twenty seven when we can have a real major league hitter hit a net spied. Feels like my head's going to explode poll question on twitter. Lance McAlister twitter feed presented by burly corns by the white love. Barley corns, three locations running. Seventy four percent. I was hoping it might even be higher. I thought we'd be pushing eighty percent seventy four percent, saying a thumbs up to embracing the D. H. in the national, League, how? SCHOO- here and Dave, you're at seven hundred WWL W. Why why why why I'm, would we? Want. Exactly send out and one hundred twenty seven couldn't. Lancer. Got The so fox I'm. Free to the seachers I'd. I mean to me. It's simple pitchers, pitch and hitters head. Let's not confuse things I why we've been doing this and. Can Be startled on the ridiculous point game, one way and one league, and the other way in the league, and then getting to the world series that having him crossover released. The whole thing's been dumb since nineteen seventy-three. Lance. All I can say. IS THEY WANNA? Talk about getting the next generation in here. You'RE NOT GONNA get the next generation to sit through a nine inning. One nothing game watching. Thank Dr. Guy. Eighty D. they've grown up on game systems. They're blasting in killing things on. And everything was expected to go. Sit seat for three hours. I. Do it, so let's bring this into the twenty first century like you said. Let's have maybe a drone. Bring US your store feet. That's an idea you can't keep laptops. He's a tour. We GIG. What's going to happen on the next? Morning or the next batter wager. Five of them right and we get a free beer at are. If we win. Two tickets to the seats that we were sitting in Notre Dame. Some long man's spicing up. I can't stand to sit there and watch it for nine and. You're all worked up. I'm glad you've got my back. I need all the help I can get tonight I got your back on your soapbox. Buddy thanks Dave here all right I'll take the help because I. I'm I'm getting I'm not to be imagine this. I'm not getting. beat up on twitter. I'm getting beat up on the phones. What does that relate to that? There is a skewing I would love to see the age I'd love to see the demographic of WHO's doing the skewing, and who's not doing the skewing. I would imagine those. Is there a lot? Can we call it the Crossley field line if you saw games across the field? I bet you don't like the age. If you never saw a game at Cardiff, you're probably thinking what the hell's everybody talking about. Who wants to watch a pitcher it? It's one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, two, thousand and twenty. Let's go to the phones. let's go. Boy Let's go to fed late Jhad your seven hundred WWL W. Hey. Are you going to feel like I'm GonNa need help after your call. In Look I. I understand that this is. This is futile argument that the D. H. is coming. We can kick. Go kicking and screaming all we want. Here's my only point. Yes I. It's just it's. It's not. Everybody's talking about what they hit. One twenty seven hit one. It's not about that. It's about the strategy that that a nationally manager has to do in Games. That American League Vander American league managers. They don't have anything to do I mean they allow the lineup and you sit there for seven innings. Take your pick. We're GONNA. Take, your picture out. What? That's it though I mean at feeling and it doesn't matter when they come up in the lineup or like you mentioned earlier having a couple of guys on base, and maybe it's a close game and you got to one of your stub pitchers. You don't have to make that decision all the. A lot of the strategies just out the door and For for from a pitching standpoint, if you're the pitcher and you've got the the the your pitching to the number seven batter, and you got that that picture in the on deck circle in the whole, or whatever that's part of the strategy of of working through a lineup, and that's baseball i. mean this thing where you're just throwing it and then the other thing, too, is you Kinda? Do IT and other positions. We don't just put out the best in eight eight or nine hitters that we have you do have to be able to play defense. I mean the argument would be. There's fewer balls. Put in play in this age than ever before and analytics allow you to cover up some of that, but you ultimately have to be able to catch the ball. You're going to be in trouble absolutely, and that's what people complain about Billy Hamilton all. In my opinion, billy was worth his five on the team. Now granted, he probably shouldn't have been batting leadoff, but he was worth a starting position and Centerfield because of defense, and then his speed created offensive opportunities, but Ultimately. Look at look at Billy Hamilton's place in the game right now. He's. Inside a minor league contract with the San Francisco giants. That's how much he's valued in this day and age. I I understand that part of it, but but again I think the pendulum. The pendulum has swung all the way around to the. Let's hit the three run home run if we ever swing back to the eighties of small ball and Vince, Coleman and Willie McGee, then a guy like Billy Hamilton GonNa be valuable, and and he's GonNa be. He's GonNa be valuable in San Francisco and that huge outfield these late late. Any defensive replacement I think you talked the last week sometime I. I called in about having him on your bench in an extra inning game. I mean you're going to put him on second base. You'll still third and you'll win the game. I mean especially home games extra inning. We what an advantage John! I gotta run a news. Thanks Buddy, all right land. Here I will say this and billy comes up in everybody's mind now over the last week, the reds play total fifteen extra inning games last year at one hundred and sixty two. So pro right that how many would would the average team played this year? Are you really going now? At the start? With thirty players on a roster, you might carry Bill Hamilton, but are you really going to carry? Billy Hamilton just as the guy who can be a pinch runner on the chance that you play an extra inning game and that you're. It's a bad hitter. Who's going to be going out to second base? You can easily replace because I guarantee you this if you start dating with your if Mike Trout starts. Starts your extra rating at second base for you. You're not pinch running for NBC for Billy Hamilton or if the reds best hitter, you're not gonNA. Pinch run for him for Billy Hamlet. Take your best hitter out of the game. I think that's a little bit overblown, but I think also wait for a break, so let's check news and three players opting out of major league baseball today, including a former red that plus more as we continue with our L. carrier, sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred w out of you. The following takes place between eight PM and nine PM. Let's keep rolling. We are work. Tonight and he's eight Ted already. Darnall carrier sports presented by Kelsey Chevrolet thanks for being a part of the show tonight and tagging along Gary Jeff. Walker is in at nine. He will take your nine to midnight. Couple of baseball notes right back out to the phones will round out our D. H. Talk. Michalik of the diamondbacks has opted out of the twenty twenty season. He issued a statement today Mike. the former right of course, thirty two years old was scheduled to make sixteen million this year, a pro rated. He'll walk away from five. Million said it was not an easy decision was based on family. Specific reasons not clear. Mike Tenure veteran has earned ninety four million dollars in his career, also opting out today, Ryan Zimmerman, the white person to play in a major league game for the nationals during each of their fifteen seasons in DC will not play in the upcoming season along with teammate and right handed pitcher Joe Ross. Both have opted out in the two thousand and twenty season players were given the. The right to opt out only those deemed high risk to contract Kobe nineteen and potentially suffer series effects from the disease are guaranteed their prorated salary. An service time Zimmerman's white, just gave birth to their third child earlier this month and Zimmerman's mother has multiple Sclerosis He said today, and for the record Zimmerman aged thirty five has made one hundred and thirty seven million dollars in. In his career this season he had renegotiated a new deal that was going to pay him about two million dollars he said today after a great deal of thought and giving my family, circa given my family circumstances, three young children, including a newborn and a mother at high risk I have decided not to participate in the twenty twenty season. Everyone knows how much it means to. To me to be a part of the team, I will miss the Camaraderie dearly this year of course I would love to pursue back to back titles I cannot speak for everyone else, but given the unusual nature of the season. This is the best decision for me and my family I truly appreciate the organizations, understanding and support to be clear. I am not retiring at this time. John, Ross or Joe Ross, meanwhile will remain under the nationals control. Even after sitting out the coming season, it will I believe back up his free agency by year when it's all, said and done from what I read. He was new to make one point five million this year. I'm reading from The Washington. Nationals beat writers in choosing. Opt Out. He may see the key date pushed back to the conclusion. Yeah, it may push his free agency. Another year I believe is how I'm understand that he's twenty seven years old was in the fight for a would have been in the fight for a fifth starter on the national team, so we've had three players opt out today from playing the twenty twenty season. Let's go here and ran out our DHA talk hey jerry. Here I are what do you make of all this? I'll listen good and I like to. Do! Dha. Yester- yeah, yeah, because. The. The. Question to you see you've probably got. Their thing! let's say the last fifteen years. How many times American League won the You know the when they all get together the the All Star game yesterday, I don't know I would have to look that up I. Don't all on you know the higher odd ru, not whole ball. Yet even softball? I think now. Crawl Rubio watching them. Play down there about. Thirteen years old. It is. Your pictures pick. That's right. Now America only what year they started, Dad, eighteen, seventy three. was that's what it was. Why didn't the National League ever get a little saying ear irsay? That's why we need to do, and that is a that. Is the question the night Jerry I wish I had more time I gotta run, but that is a question of the night. How a game has been played since nineteen seventy-three under to different rules, their original idea was to boost attendance in the American league boost the offense in the American league, but how it is played out separately in two leagues since nineteen seventy-three beyond me makes as never made any sense to me west side. We go hey jason. Hey Man. Hey got a comment and a question. We're first of all. I think it's GonNa be interesting to see if these pitchers little more aggressive on the inside of the plates. They don't have to hand on top of it. You know that that's a really good point. It's one of the things I. It's maybe the only thing I don't like about the D.. H. It gives pitchers free rein to hit who they feel like kidding without. Without fear of retribution to them specifically maybe a teammate, but not them specifically. Like from, and my question was I'm not old enough to remember. But how does the three point line stack up against this rule change? People Freak out about that Oh. That's a good question I. Don't. Know. I know I know not at all because it for whatever well, baseball is more of A. Totally changed. Fleet change a lot of stuff. This is a minor change. Right here. Yeah, PICK UP A. Yeah to me. It just evens it out. I call it streamlining. It streamlines the game and everybody plays the same way. It certainly wasn't going back the other way. The American League wasn't getting rid of the D. H.. The only thing left to do was to have everybody. Use it so now. Everybody's GonNa. Use It. Exactly now, you're going to have like a Steph curry on your team. Hitting requests from half of course got. Home runs all American I'm. Jason thanks buddy. Be One thing if the rates didn't have a D. age. I can't believe anybody who's a reds fan, but Why would you like to H I thought? Everybody was arguing spring training. I got more bats. They know what to do too many out there. What's David? Bell? Do you what he's? GonNa do he's GonNa D. H. One of them for Thomas, we go. Dave seven hundred. W W welcome. Hey Lanny my on. You are on loud and clear. It's just crazy. Time ever. Callers, what do you make? You never got to call before. Oh Man. I'm just. I'm just sitting here and UH thinking. I'm I. Don't know about the D. Age, but you know you've watched high school baseball all in college baseball and You know. Where do you stop with this I mean. With, subs- to runner. Have you ever seen that with the pitchers and catchers? Athletes. I mean you run A. Stay focused on on this. The everybody has the H. except the National League. Yeah, they do it is I I don't know I just Kinda see it as a as a trend and and I don't i. don't necessarily like it's part of the game You know the D. H. is great I guess for some things but. I just kind of see where it's going. You know you make the argument of. You know pitchers does not being athletes or run, but. Rather pitchers pitch, and not have to worry about hitting, and maybe even having injured now but I i. You know I'm all for you know. If homer Bailey gets on first-phase, I'd like to have billy. Hamilton rock quarry, or you know Corky Miller get on in and out. Eddie Milner. Run for him. You know you know you know what I mean. You're you're you're asking? You're thinking. Maybe if you open up this door, you're open like Pandora's box and now we flipper. Well See. I prefer to look at it this way. The slope the door were opening is just to the other side of the American league were already happening. I know but man I watched Greg Luzinski play outfielder I could find somebody better. Remember he to angle towards Elias remember he used to wear batting hill, but out in the field. I think it was because he was afraid hidden head. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He. Dion needed that. Dave I'm so glad you called for a first time. Don't make your last alright. Thanks, Love first time caller all right. That was good when we come back. I watched days of thunder. We talked about days of thunder on Friday night I watched as a funder on Saturday on the anniversary, and I'd forgotten some of the classic lines in that movie. I and I happen to Google today. Sports lines like. Quotes, that define sports, movies, and the list I found. Had Yo Adrian as the top sports line that defined movies I would disagree on that, but it sounded like something we could maybe do for a segment or to those quotes that defined sports movies specifically I'll give you a couple of mine. You'll give me a couple of years and we'll meet here on Sportstalk Arnelle, carriers sports presented by. Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred W W. Eight twenty four seven hundred wwl. W L. Carriers for dot presented by Kelsey Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister here chip? Pratt on the other side, we roll till nine. Gary Jeff. Walker then in this seat. He will take you nine to midnight. I mentioned Friday night. We did the suggestion of a listener. Saturday was the thirtieth anniversary of days of thunder. The movie and I'm trying to remember it was Matt Matt He'd always wanted to own. The coal trickles number fifty, one mellow yellow car from days of thunder, and he said lands. You should revisit what you did years ago. The movie and TV classic movie and TV cars liked to own and we had some fun with that. On the heels of knowing the anniversary, I watched as if thunder this weekend and I had forgotten there. There are some really classic lines in that movie and there are. If it's a good movie, there will always be a lighter to that stands the test of talk like in days of thunder, the rub is racing actually and rubbing. Son is racing, which is what culture was told by? His is His pit crew, a guy Harry There was another line Cole said I'm more afraid of being nothing that I am of being hurt. I liked the sequence where Harry told him when he came in right I want you to go back out on the track and hit the pace car and cultural said Tom Cruise hit the pace car and Harry said yes, hit the pace car in Cole says what four and Harry's because you've hit every other blankety blank thing out there i. want you to be perfect. And I laughed into just those quotes. Kinda define days of thunder. And there are quotes that define sports movies that withstand the test of time when I say it out loud, you automatically connect to the movie I as I said, you could find for anything I happen to type in defining movie quotes today. Like ninety nine and number, one of the list was Yo Adrian from rocky, which I would dispute is the the most the top quote that defines a sports movie. There's others that I would think of in new particular order. Let me give you this one from a League of their own. Know! You. Crying. Crying in baseball. What are you leave her alone Jimmy? Doris. My manager and he calls me talking about I was one of my parents. Guide Michigan. Game Tonight. And you know why. Because there's no crying in baseball. Fault now crying. Added Jerry. Crying Sir that line. There's no crying in baseball. How many times has that been used over the years in other conversations and it's like a go-to quote from that one. I loved the cadence of drove down from Michigan to say play that Game I love Tom Hanks cadence in saying that lie. That is a classic line from sports movie. Let me give you another one hall. This is right up my alley from field of dreams, and this was a segment of mine for years on Wednesdays. This sequence with Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon Killer I, don't believe in quantum physics when it comes to matters of the heart. Led Do. You believe in that. I believe in the soul. The small of a woman's back the hanging curveball high fiber. Good Scotch at the knowledge. Susan Song Tiger. Self indulgent overrated crap I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing astroturf and the designated hitter I believe in the sweet spot softcore pornography open your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas. Even I believe in long slow, deep, soft wet kisses last three days. That is one of the defining quotes. Of Bull Durham. That is a fantastic Li-. Let me let me give you one more before news. All hair beginning to stand up on my arms. This is a defining quote from sports movie. Dad Who Catch. GonNa cry. I got tired. Tried let me squeeze in. The last time is squeezing the last one. Yeah, one more because this net now this is another one. This stands the test of time. How often do you hear it quoted from field of dreams? One constant through all the years ray. Baseball. America's ruled by like an army of steam rollers. Race like a blackboard rebuilt in raced again. Small. Mark the time. Is Field? This game. Support of our pass rate. Reminds us. All once good. Cook you can. Keep we'll come rate. People most definitely come newell! How good is that? But it could be something as simple as you're killing me smalls from satellite. See what I mean quotes that define sports movies for a segment. We'll do on this date in reds history. We'll do it. Next Arnaud Carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Eight, thirty, seven, seven, hundred W W it's Arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet like on my Guy Don helbig emails, and says Lance, if the NHA the national, League had adopted the D. H. when the American League did. The reds don't have to trade Tony Perez to open a spot for Dan Driessen and probably win it again in nineteen ninety or nineteen seventy. Seventy seven absolutely correct We're renting it out with maybe a segment on this I. I watched days of thunder again on Saturday and there's a classic rubs. Racin and I started thinking about those quotes in sports movies that become part of our our jargon or lexicon a pop culture. We use it to in conversations beyond the movie. T to make our points. And there have been those over the years that just pop. Harry Oil Major. League jazz the bid outside. How many times have you use that in reference watching another game? I'll make it. Jimmy Chitwood in Hoosiers I don't get caught watching paint dry in hoosiers. Roy Hobbs in the natural go pick me a winner. Bobby what his had broken. You know there's Oh I watched happy Gilmore over the weekend as well. The price is wrong lying. Can't say that. I can still laugh. It's it's a fantastic movie that was flipping channels last night and young blood was on the NHL. Channel I wanted to watch youngblood and it's blacked out I. I don't have access to the NHL Channel. For some reason, so I couldn't watch that, but I watched happy. Gilmore this weekend and I watched. A days of thunder this weekend. How about the line? If you can dodge a wrench, you dodge ball the classic line from Patches Oh Houlahan in dodgeball the training technique. Rob Schneider you can do it in water boy. You've used that line in other things. You draw from that movie from years ago. From rocky or from Rudy Charles Dutton. Fortune. You're five foot, nothing one hundred nothing, and you have nearly a SPEC athletic ability and you hung in there with the Best College football team in the lion for two years, and you're getting a degree from the University of Notre Dame in this light. You don't have to prove nothing to nobody but yourself. That's a great line. That's a great line. Let's go to the phones. Maybe for a couple of these then we'll do on this date in reds history to finish things out. It's simply in in honor of watching days thunder on Saturday. The quotes that Kinda define sports movies that find their way into our our jargon or lexicon in conversation years later. Back to the film. About a squint. Come on Benny Man. That kid is an L. seven wiki. Can I say today? I did not know L. Seven I was reading the list I had it if he do the l., and then if you do the seven upside down and then put it. At I had no idea. I had no idea I weighed. Chips I had no idea I had I miss that. The list I was looking at it in high school I I. Don't know how I've missed that I. Just I haven't thought about it, but then again I guess I never thought to what the Hell's. He mean to L. Seven Weenie in. Yeah, so I'm sitting in my office at home. Do it Okay L. and then I'm taking my other hand upside at seven than putting like Oh yeah. I'm A. I'm the slow one. How long did that movie come out? Lance learn something today, l., seven. Weenie and he's doing it with his hands in his office at home. What can I say Westchester? We go Chris here on seven hundred wwl. Say Can. Man. You can. Making an odd number that's. Each. Back. From a tiebreaker standpoint. Already, does it? Sixty. Allegiance. Started thirty. I'm rooting for total chaos. I want a lot of teams. The movie. Skilled berries well no. What's that from? Your baseball. Working View. I forgot about. While you're you're you're true? Can't dispute that. Great night. All. Right, thank you, del. Hi, we go Mike Seven hundred W W. Ryan. I go I'm. Trying to get through Friday night for the car, but anyway mytalk tells you a couple of weeks ago, northbound forty. Yeah, yeah, the thing about that floyd about the phrase Banging UN. Every time we go to the game. You tell it a business. To business you game all still used today that is applied in conversations that are had today in sports. Absolutely yeah, so that's that's what got me real great D- bj McKay. semi truck their. Stuff, man who? Owe All those to the list from Friday night aggregrate night. Thank you what about if I add Oh sweep the leg from the karate kid One more. What else did I find today? Another call who if you ain't first year last Ricky Bobby I. Hear that a lot from Talladega nights. Yes, now here's a classic one. From color of money. Eddie Felson fast. Eddie Felson said money one is twice as sweet as money. Earned great lied from that movie Indian Lake. We go, Jeremy, you're on seven hundred WWL W. Oh Hey. Hello, Hey, how about Bobby Boucher? Now this is some. Careful. Now that's what I call high-quality. I love that movie. That's a good one. Thanks for the call Jeremy. Owner, which way was gonna go with which quote but I'll take that one? That's a good one and if you do the the facial expression of of Adam Sandler, he's doing. It's even better loveline. Yes. You can take the children, but don't take my monkey. Yes. Gary Jeff Walker offering up Babylon. Yes, E-. Our now we're Roland Loveland, fray and Gimme something that kind of stands the test time. I tell you what Lance you stole my thunder, or should I say don't my days a funder I was gonNA use the. Ticket Sense. Don't let the paint get get you. Know watching the Patriots. That's what am I. GonNa. Hang up on your man, but I just want to continue that and by the way ladies happy anniversary. Thank you very very good. One all right, thank you. There's there's a number of them from that movie I mean if you go for the longer version when they're in the gym running the practice we're talking about practice with Gene Hackman, taking over and the the interim coach upset, and he says and I quote, look Mr. There's to Kinda dumb. Guy Gets naked and runs around in the snow, barks the moon and a guy who does the same thing in my living room. I one doesn't matter the second one. You're kind of forced to deal with it. And Gene Hackman takes the ball. As the whistle on the Guy Walks. He's laid the basketball. Great movie. When we had down the stretch, we'll close it out with on this date. In reds, history and a couple of more quotes from sports, movies have withstood the test of time kind of the defining quotes from those movies, so all stems from days of thunder on Saturday in rubbing is open seven hundred wwl. Music tells us. It's time to go back in time. Reds history things that happen on this date. To go back to nineteen, thirteen hard to believe the reds and cubs completed nine inning game using one baseball. The reds won the game nine to six game reports said the ball was pretty battered I. Imagine Joe. Tinker took the ball home as a souvenir. Until the nineteen twenties, foul balls into the stands were expected to be returned. I. Don't know if you've got a snow cone, but they were returned I looked it up. Far, back as eight years ago, they were using eight to ten dozen. Baseball's per game so a lot higher now it'll be a lot higher in this. Era Of Baseball and this twenty twenty season this they nineteen fifty to the reds, lose an unbelievable fashion after leading by six with two outs, and no one on in the first game of a doubleheader at Crossley, three reds, pitchers allowed five hits a walk, a hit batter, and then an error to lose the game ouch. This date, nine hundred and sixty five reds lose to the pirates to one in sixteen innings in the first game of a doubleheader at Forbes field satellite to go sixteen for game one. The game was scoreless into the thirteen. Sammy LS pitched the first fourteen innings. The reds, allowing four hits state, nineteen, sixty seven, the reds pound of dodgers, fourteen to nothing at Crossley field scoring eleven runs in the first three innings. Don Drysdale lasted at inning and a third, allowing six runs, seven reds collected at least two hits on an eighteen hit night. Tony Perez had four hits in a homer milt. Pappas tossed a complete game. The game lasted just two hours and twelve minutes. It was fourteen and nothing. Nineteen Sixty, eight Gary, Nolan tosses a shutout to beat the giants in San Francisco. He also hits a three run home. Run the first of his career. Let's move to Nineteen seventy-six reds beat the padres twelve to five in San Diego. They scored seven runs in the fourteenth inning to win the game Mike, lum. started the rally with a pinch hit homer Cesar Geronimo five four, six, nine, hundred ninety nine reds extended their. Their, winning streak to eight in a row, they scored three in the night to beat. The diamondbacks Synergy Field Eddie. Tommasi tied the game with the Double Aaron. Boone wanted with a single and finally this day two thousand twelve Mike leake tosses a complete game and homered as the reds beat the giants five to one in San Francisco. Jay Bruce Four hits and three R is took just two hours twenty eight minutes. To finish the game all of it happening on this date in reds history by the way I got smart, little late, but better late than never I typed up today's notes and I have them on file in my computer. It took me this long to figure out what look if it took me this long to figure out L. Seven. Allen, do you think it was gonNA take me to figure out? Why don't you start saving all of your reds daily notes, so you could use them in the years into the future without having a hand right all the notes after looking looking them up. What are you? GonNa. Do let's go to four times. That's what we'll do Chad seven hundred wwl w welcome to the show. I don't know. You described, but this closed. There's always using sports today and then the movie he got gained out. Then you know the the. What are you calling? Jesus incidental washes if they call Jesus because he was the truth, yes. They all say sports players law. That's a really good. That's an underrated man. That's a really good move. That's a good call. Thank you, thank you all right. L. O. CHIP OFFERS UP. How about a glass a glass of shut the hell up? Now you'll go to sleep puts you to sleep happy Gilmore. I just did it the best movie. The alligator and the arm and then just don't even get me started. There's a long line of quotes from that one one more how? William William Seven hundred wwl W.. Yes. I've got one. You missed I. Think this is the time honored one. When things are going bad and things aren't looking good for us. Tell the boys to win one for that. Yes that is a great way to close out the calls tonight. Well Done William. Going to put that on the list aren't thank. Thank you, thank you. Thanks for CIA that's looking for because the rub is racing I, I hear that a lot. With. NASCAR even even today, and I just started thinking about all the those quotes that resurface in just general conversations. There's there's other great ones as well. The define movies from rocky mix gotta eat like. Crap Thunder love that movie. I don't know how good my impression was. Show me the money. Show me Nevada Hey. Rod Tidwell Cuba gooding from Jerry Maguire now. If you go the chick flick side of that, you could go you. Complete me, or you could go. You had me at hello there, you go. This is a government from the replacements Shane Falco Keanu reeves pain heels. Chicks dig scars glory last forever. Love Line from the replacements. One else did we not get to I think I may have run out the list and I got them all in tonight. caddyshack is in whole now. That's one yes, now. How can I forget that? One of the final line of Carl sparklers monologue? Put that one on the list here and I think. Sweep the leg. Wax On wax off another one from. GET THE BODY BAG A. Karate Kid. Just a bit outside. We did that one all right Are you crying. Get that one guy make sure I got all the other ones. I've got here that I put now, this is this is a great line from a really old movie. You don't understand. I, COULDA had class I could've been a contender, I could have been somebody. Stead of a bomb, which is what I am? Terry Molloy on the waterfront. Joe. That's a good movie. All right I'm out of town by the way before forget. Congratulations Chris Willy Kristen Willie of. W Nine won. An award was recognized over the weekend. The best overall broadcast reporter in town big kristen slowly fan. My wife is a big kristen swollen fan. We often have the conversation. She won't be here long meeting. She will be on to bigger and bigger and better things necessarily but. She has. Her talent is is outstanding and I very much appreciate her work and congratulations on the best overall broadcast reporter word. Garnered over the weekend all right tomorrow night. Let's see we'll gather for three hours. Working on a couple of different baseball things, maybe a bengals topic in there somewhere and I'm always looking for your input. If I'm leaving something at FM forgetting about something, you can email me. Lance at Lance McAlister dot com sense at a couple of different. I'm working on a couple. Different things related to the three players that opted out and I don't know if you're if you're like me but man when I hear the schedules now not coming out for a week and they're waiting for some of the testing and the players checking in what the test numbers are going to be like, and what the city's alike and Dayton announced today, their first college football game is being canceled and just when I hear of stuff like that, there's part of me. That thinks, are we? Are we kidding ourselves? As as much as we wish? All this is going to happen and there's going to be sports. News like that that causes to think. Are we really just? Like sticking her head in the sand and thinking and hoping and wishing it's going to be okay and sports are going to be polite. It's kind of depressing so maybe I won't bring it up tomorrow night. Because I've already depressed myself to end the show, I gotta get Outta here the news. It's going to go home and do my ill seven wheaty. The news is next on. The home of the reds aren't held. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W.

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Case 100: The Beaumont Children

Casefile True Crime

1:56:18 hr | 2 years ago

Case 100: The Beaumont Children

"Today's episode is brought to you doc sacred. Not then you through from number one New York Times bestselling author Makkonen only veteran detective Harry Bosch. She's joining forces with Rene bellowed who works the not bait Nonni LA, payday slang as the light show together. Ballard and Bosh must sell the motor fifteen-year-old. Daisy. Clayton a runaway on the streets of Hollywood who was brutally killed, but as the two detectives Borja fragile trust. Then you partnership is put to the test. When the case takes unexpected and dangerous turn. Doc sacred. Do not brings together for the first time. They used to pal a has detectives in a riveting story that unfolds with furious momentum, and it shows once more why the Associated Press raves Marco Cornelie is a master of crime fiction. Mapo Connolly's, my favorite autho a level. These books are just thought at dockside not yesterday and Murdy halfway through it. It's brilliant as Iowa. So make sure you check it out. It's available now in hardcover able and audiobook wherever books assault. Era, besides do with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel it anytime you need support. Please contact you'll across the central for suggested phone numbers confidential support place say the nights for this episode on your app or on our website. Today's episode contains volunteer against children at one be suitable for all listeners. He no tub nineteen fifty five grant done better nine two friends is Jim and to the city hoteling relied on a hall after a win the host rices. The strategy. Nami veteran had recently returned to South Australia off the yeast spent serving I've essays and was nail working as taxi draw felucca cab company suburban taxis. He owned several vehicles working hard long hours to earn extra income. Cain to celebrate win at the rices with drink Jim walk into the Victoria hotel on hauntingly straight in the heart of at alight city. He's a tension was immediately drawn to a woman who was sitting aiding a meal with another couple. Struck by her natural beauty and warm day on on us. Jim worked up the courage to approach the woman who introduced himself as Nancy Ellis. The two hit it off immediately just six weeks after their first date. Jim proposed to Nancy and by December that year, the pair were married. Nine months later in September nineteen fifty six they gave birth to their first job a daughter. They named Jane. November nineteen fifty eight marked the arrival Ovonic, Kathleen the Beaumont second daughter. Budget law nineteen sixty one their daily family was complete upon the arrival of a third and Forno a boy named off that he's father grant Ellis. The bones with the quintessential Lasi family, but knowing sixty six forty one year old JIMBO had tried to driving taxis for a new career in cycles. He worked as a traveling salesman for linen company while he's off that he knowing year old nehisi stayed home to take care of this young children. Knowing year old Jane Beaumont was was beyond her years, incredibly well spoken and intelligent. Jane was a show ago who enjoyed reading writing poetry and playing outdoors. She had a love for academe ya that encouraged dream of becoming an author rotate show when she grew up. Polish composure would crack when exhauted closing his speech to delightfully Stuttle. As the oldest of the three Beaumont children. Jane exceeded a level of maturity in protectiveness that who parents lock into a fifteen year old Jane brace through natural maternal qualities by watching. Protectively two youngest sibling 's. Seven year old on a bone was the more extroverted of her siblings with a walled imagination that could keep her entertained for hours. Going into fiction it on a loved seeing dancing playing. Dress outs and putting together concerts that she would perform in front of Fini, sometimes rubbing her brother and sister Rian on the app. The baby of the family full year old grant by more junior was a little gentleman who want allies his father, he'd shadow Jima around the house watching. He's father completed domestic tasks and pretending today. He's a little assistant. In another attempt to bay just lucky dead. Grant would zip around in a red Gocha acting as though it was a taxi grant was a sweet and friendly little boy and to the family doted on him lovingly. Jim Beaumont's job as a traveling sows men men he often had to spend dice at a time on the road. And while he disliked being away from his family it afforded them a modest, comfortable loss thaw. To Cape him out to date with the happenings at time. Jane would send her father. He injured in lettuce detailing the little events of day, which Jim would Cape tucked safely. These briefcase to raid h not for a reminder of home. One such lead read. D loving daddy. When auntie tally came down to stay with us yesterday. We went to the Goodwood pool last, nor honoring grant swimming, the toddlers poo, which was up to my waist on me. But auntie mummy and swimming, the three foot six inch pool. While we were there are learned had over my is onto the water forever. So long and learn had a kick my legs into Mike moyens flight and Dov Bryce fully Dov, braces, Dov and planed off a lentil these for Monte Tali. There's only one thing conto braving as swimming alone. To not pi Fritz and Saucier wage and Ryan by waas crane. Auntie tally Boorda, great big gross chicken from her father for nothing. Most of all I want to wish you much luck with your hot tarring work. Well, goodbye I have to go. I love you. Loving jane. Whenever Jim managed to take time off work. He would take his family caravanning to visit. He's old army mates in Victoria or explore different parts of south Estrella. During one trip along the great ocean road on Victoria's west coast, the family stopped that the conic twelve apostles landmark. Jane, Donna said on either side of grant as the Beaumont children happily posed on the cliffs in front of the lawn Stein. Stacks the memory captured in a photograph. Jim Indonesia, Beaumont cherished vase holidays. Savoring every moment the family would together. Nineteen sixty six the bone family was living near striding, drain. This suburban home on Harding straight in summit pock allowed them to take advantage of the conic Ozzy bay chew off style. The sought Subah of Glenn. How was only twenty minute walk away and the bones like many others were regular visitors during the woman months. To cool pristine waters of Clinton bait provided rest bought from the Hauch Australian sun and the stretch of golden sand was the audio space for the kids to run around imply. South Australia's metropolitan coastline stretches fa thirty kilometers from south the west Clinto Blois towards Sente on the shores of outfoxed by like I did eleven kilometers southwest from Adelaide central business district. As the oldest European settlement on mainland, South Australia, glencoe desire to many historic who high toes restaurants and attractions, which I've looked the scenic safe Ron. During the summer months the basis. Flood serene safe provides perfect swimming conditions that thousands of daily visitors this central hub of Moseley square frames. The shores of the beach intersected by the Glenn to city tram lawn. Neighboring the square is Cawley reserve and expansive lush brain knowns shuttered Butto upon trace providing populace spice, picnics and somebody. So it from coz medic and modern refurbishments to Glenn Bates front and Tanta rans a very much the same diet as they were in the nineteen sixties. Back then the glencoe jetty was in a state of disrepair after suffering extensive damage from a major storm in one thousand forty eight and had yet the bakers thawed. In nineteen sixty one a much shorter jetty was constructed in its place which remain standing today. In January nineteen sixty six at alight was experiencing prolonged type wave with temperatures soaring towards forty degrees. Sociopaths to cool off the Beaumont family had spent a significant portion of the summer school holidays at Glen bait. Jimbo mon- had been lucky enough to enjoy full wakes of holidays over the Christmas period. Spending many days of his break at the beach with these children. Jim was officially back to work on Tuesday. January twenty five and was to embark on the hot one hundred fifty kilometer journey to snow town. He's first round of silence coals for the the full laving net. Moaning Jim great to give his three kids lift Dan decline out bay the site them from having to rod that box in the hate. Upon reaching the Glen oak forsho, Jane, Ana and grant, gut out of their father's held and station wagon and rushed down to the bait. Like a majority of kids in the only nineteen sixties the bone siblings. Enjoyed a great man of independence. The quiet close knit suburbs of alight. What carefree freight and Saif where everybody needed nighters and looked out for one another. Spending time in so I was discouraged and parents typically sent their children out those alone to play for hours on end, urging them to return home before the straight lots flick it on at naught. In the hottest dryly, and summa suburban straits, backyards parks and bases filled with like oh children who would gather to play games sports Rawdat box and make new friends scrounging up enough lose change to buy screams, hot chips, mixed police and soft drinks. Days by the days before television sets commonplace before the hole in the ozone layer, presented sun exposure threats and before parents felt the prevailing Omni presence of stranger danger. Jimbo mon- trusted. He's three children completely the maturity of his eldest daughter. Jane served a youngest siblings will. Jiang confidently lead honoring grant on summary, outings, hurting them on and off the bus carrying grant on her hit and ensuring her little brother and sister never went David than that belly buttons went swimming in the ocean. That would good sensible kids who took great care of each other. And I by parents rules. Before Jim bone on drive own woods for his trip. He sat in east observing contentedly as he's three to play on the beach four year old son green could saw to be father watching and ran towards him waving happily and coaling go on daddy. Don't worry. The following day of Wednesday, January twenty six nineteen sixty six Nancy bone woke could seven AM after another hot and sticky notes sleep. She lay in bed enjoying the pace in quiet before her children arose. It wasn't long before on our grant boasts excitedly into their mother's room jumping on Nancy's bed and asking if they could spend the diet the beach. School was Judah Ray commenced the following lake and the kids wanted to make the most of their remaining Tom together while they still could. Was a strike day and national holiday that marks the anniversary of the arrival of the first flight of British ships to a lean chose although the accompanying public holiday was anticipated for the upcoming weekend. Clinto base was still guaranteed to attract thousands of visitors that Wednesday Ega join in on the day's festivities. Unlocked the rest of family needs by on didn't care much for the bait. But with a husband wife, a work. She was the one at bailable to accompany the children to Glen oak. She agreed to consider taking them once daily housework was complete. After breakfast, the Beaumont children, while becoming impatient. As Nancy had several Choshi had the finish. She caved in and agreed to let her children guy. Decline o- on their own was a trip the three had made without parental supervision many times before and with the was and Mitchell Jane leading them Nancy had nothing to worry about. While it was only a short walk and David showed a Bacharach to Glen oak and was fought to hot for the children to make the journey on foot. The diagonal road bus. Stop was only one hundred meters away from the Beaumont sales and the bus route led striding glencoe stopping on Moseley straight a short walk from the beach. Needs you decide to catching the bus would be the quickest and therefore best option for Jane, Ana and grant. The IGA Beaumont children quickly dressed in bathing suits, the oldest. Jane, all pink one pace bathers with payoff grain shorts and Totten canvas seeing shoes middle child on oh won't read and watch stroked one pace by this with tan shorts and tan Sandoz the youngest grand will grain and what this with grain cotton shorts. Read the sandals and remained shirtless. Jane packed three h tells into a green lawn stall showed a back along with a paperback copy of the novel Little Women. She handed her eldest Doda, eight shillings and sixpence to us, but boss phase and launch which Jane carefully placed inside a what clip talk us. That were instructed to use the change from their lunch to but tickets on the midday bus harm. With the children out of the house. It didn't take needs e long to finish her housework at around ten thirty. I am she jumped on her buck, Android. I visit a friend who lived NIA boa five minutes before the midday bus from Glenn was Judah RAV needs. He wrote to the diagonal road stop to made up with her children. However, when the bus arrived, the person to disembark was notably woman. Needs. He suspected her kids. Must have missed the midday bus. And would instead jump on the following bus which would arrive to the diagonal ride. Stop around two PM unconcerned Nancy road her. Soon after she arrived a couple of friends stuck by her surprise. Visit. During this guy needs. He kept a watchful eye on the clock. Two PM to buy and still. There was nice. No on of Jane, Ana who grant. She reminded herself that the kids knew the local area lot the back of their hands. And there were several different rats may have taken to Woolcock if they missed the bus. Needs decided to white a show wall Longa as the three PM boss would be arriving at the diagonal ride stop from Gano soon. And there was a likely chance who children would be on board. Shortly before three pm, Jim Beaumont's Holden station wagon unexpectedly pulled into the draw of way. He wasn't scheduled to return home from snow town until the following day. But I was slow in the weeks following Christmas holidays, Jim thirties. Tom would be better spent at home with these family? Nancy informed. Her husband that day kids, hadn't returned from the beach, and she was thought to worry. Jim assured, Nancy. There was nothing to be worried about believing would have heard something by now with an accident had occurred. It was the same thing needs. He had been telling herself aloft a nude reassured by the fact that an accident injuring old three children was highly unlikely she was thankful for the fact that if one child was her the other two that Seiko she had always believed in safety in numbers. There was still nice on the children by three thirty pm. Nancy whited expectantly at home in case, they arrived at any moment. Jim Dr Glenn oh to save. That was still there. The town was packed with thousands of people making it impossible for Jim to spot his children through the crowds. He returned time to pick up Niyazi and the pick home to the bait their initial concern quickly growing into fool blind panic as I filed to uncover any so on of their children. At five thirty pm. Jiman- Nancy Beaumont walked into the Gano police station in Moseley square and declared the three children Jane honor grant to be missing. The constable led the glencoe police station took a description of the Beaumont children. But assured they're concerned parents everything would buy an abduction involving three children was unheard of said the constable was certain kids at either lost track of Tom lost highway home or had been involved in an accident. Nonetheless, he called police headquarters in that alight. To fall the report. Jiman- Nancy returned home to hiding straight disheartened to find the kids hadn't returned during their absence soon after two police officers arrived took in Dr sir of the by Mon house believing though as chance the children was simply hiding from their parents to avoid getting in trouble for failing to make a few. When the search proved fruitless the offices began a more Dato lawn of questioning with Nancy Beaumont asking for exact information about what the children were wearing. And what taunt I had left time. She described her children knowing your out Jane was full foot six inches toll thin with freckles and sun blazed hair cropped to hurries with a pushed back fringe at the front. Seven-year out on was full foot toll of plump build with suntanned skin and short dark Brown hair. With a fringe. Four year old grant was just three foot tall thin with short Brown hair and complexion with very suntanned skin. The police left the such glencoe and the surrounding summit pox straits with a frantic Jim Beaumont inte-. I searched the cousins of glencoe Somerton west bay ch- say cliff and Broughton looking for any so on of the children, including the bag tells and clothing, I had left the house with that moaning. The hunt. Temperature might the search extra challenging as the beaches was so packed with Kratz of able light into the non. Jim Bown quickly ruled out. The possibility is children drowned in the sea lighted starting quote. The betas were packed and the say was calm one. Katie perhaps could be Joan, but the three together I just can't imagine that that would have been some evidence. They had that grain Bauge bag with them. They had their clothes a fan. Did nothing lock that at all. Struggling to say properly in the dog the police code off the search until the morning lot. Jim Beaumont failed that he wouldn't return without his children and continue to search the straits into beige is alone until seven I am. Supported by friends and neighbors means you Beaumont kept if jewel at home as would of the children's disappearance trickled onto lighten art radio news until a vision reports needs you wondered whether her children had fallen into a hall down a cliff the children's love for one another with strong. And if one was her the other two would never abandon them. Whole three where fried of the dog, and they may have taken shelter some way for the non. The possibility of Duchesne crossed Nancy's mourn, but the idea of someone kidnapping three children once Saint Sifi fetched that she quickly dismissed the prospect. Racked with guilt near she blamed. So for allowing her children to go to the beach alone that morning, the increasing fee that her children were to say st- fueled such intense, anxiety, Nancy how local doctor was cold to the house to administer her strong sedative when an exhausted Jim Beaumont return time for his futile. Search he found his wife slumped in a chair in a Medicated sleep her face stained with TS. The extensive police search for the Beaumont children resumed at dialed. The following morning on Thursday, January twenty seven five boats from the say rescue squadrons scanned the glencoe show lawn while offices trudged on foot through stormwater drains, seeing jeans and dense grout police from city and suburban patrols joined the ongoing search conducting door knocks and checking backyards sheds, and if I can properties. Police issued Dato descriptions of the children's physical Phages into clothing to the media ball police cars fitted with loudspeakers drive, the straits gla, no appealing fell. By moaning, JIMBO Mona dressed gathering. Members of the press on the back porch of his hiding straight home sick with worry and struggling from sleep deprivation, he played it desperately phase children to come home telling the media quote. It's a complete mystery content to stand markets will be crying narrow as. It's a nightmare. As a woman with the motion, Jim baddies head and bright. Danny teas. Nancy by Mont was too distraught to face anyone and remained in those in Medicated folk. As news of the disappearance spread the Glenn. Police station was quickly inundated with information from the public people wishing to speak to police had formed a lawn has stretched twenty meters long saw the door. With just the one sergeant and four detectives decline. Police station was ill equipped to handle the unexpected and a lodge sky will case for the small team interviewing every single person. And following every possible late was impossible. Painstakingly talked h given statement easing the stations only talk. Brought oh. The search for the missing Beaumont children quickly escalated into a statewide frenzy. Police roadblocks were established on all major South Australian hallways and outta lights. Port draw weistein were put under heavy surveillance. Members of the public volunteered at Tom to whiting the search including taxi drivers who had previously worked with Jim Bowman. They cruised the straits in that cabs while members of Jane, Beaumont's, brownie pack, ride that box around the surrounding neighborhoods searching for them missing front. Trey kids matching the ages of the Beaumont children was sawed at seven PM on the naught the siblings vanished. The children were saying standing by the water's edge at the Padova Longa bowed Ivan and marina just one kilometer north from Cali reserve. A woman spoke to the children briefly. And I had informed her that I didn't live in the area. Given the heart pry fall under gency of the Beaumont children case police tightening now chances. The marina which had a surface covering seventy acres and a depth of seeks fate was drained for the first time since its establishment in nineteen fifty nine. In what would become one of the largest single searches for the Beaumont children Sipho eighty young police cadets dragged themselves through the thick black fast-melt mud at the bottom of the empty, marina using broomsticks by product the mud for any song of the missing children. But to no avail. Despite these efforts noticed single pace of evidence was like headed to indicate whether children had gone. It was determined that the ceilings left time carrying around seventeen or so autumn's with them including bags close tales as well as Jane's book and purse. None of these autumn's were recovered at any of the K. Like, the children were expected to have traveled nor whether I spotted on the show lawn of Glen on bake this made the possibility the tree I had drowned all the more unlikely given that belongings would have been left behind on the sand and delighted discovered. The search for Jane, Ana and grant by Mon soon became the most extensive missing person search in South Australia in history. Within the first forty eight hours of the Beaumont children's disappearance. Police had received hundreds of calls from PayPal claiming to sane the three young siblings. One woman claimed to have seen a man and three children, enter vacant house opposite her Hymie, not lights as than suburbs. But the group was mysteriously gone. The next. I'd. Another believed she sold the three children accompanied but to men sitting at a bus, stop, multiple suburbs away in semaphore park. Most reported sightings let Noah who were ruled out completely. But with the help of several reliable corroborating witness titans. Detectives where I would have pace together. What was luckily to of Bain, Jane, Ana and grant by month's movements prior to that his appearance. While reports from witnesses who believed they saw the children on the morning of January twenty six very specifics. That was enough information provided for police to establish a fairly reliable Tom on and authentified several potential aids. And approximately ten fifteen I am, Jane, Ana and grant Beaumont Boorda public transit bus to Glen oak from the diagonal rights stop as confirmed by the Drava. An old a couple traveling on the bus recalled Jane Beaumont sitting on the backseat. Grading Little Women, while honoring grant messed around cheekily putting their arms out of the windows just to get a rise out of there. Oughta sista. The bus arrived to Glenn how just a few minutes. Oh, and the siblings disembarked on Moseley straight several straits back from the safe run. Local postman tone Paddison who knew the Beaumont family from his dialing my route. So Jane, honor and grant walking along nicely straight holding hands into laughing. Tom heard one of the children Elliott to the others. Look there's post the and little grand wiped Ella. Thome struggled to recall the exact tone. He sold the by on children uncertain. If it was in the morning, or after noon, but police believed the sorting occurred as the children, I headed to the beach. Several witnesses observed the Beaumont children playing in the shallow waters, just north of the Gano Jedi which formed the busiest section of the beach. Was the same area. That had swam in die before when they follow dropped them off before he's worked trip to snare town. Honor in grand Bareilly countable splashing in the shallows and never ventured beyond to Weiss date. Shortly after eleven I am the children finished, swimming and made the short walk from the jetty to call reserve. Whether I lied that tells me out on the loan he that will witness playing under awarded sprinkl as I washed Santa Fe. Deciding was further corroborated by a school. Friend of Jayme Beaumont's who saw the siblings at the reserve at around eleven twenty five. I am. And notably woman sitting on a bench in front of the nearby. Halt fast silent club observed a man approached the Beaumont children as they ply doubt on the loan. He was described to Baynes thirties. Six foot pole with an athletic, build tnd skin, long face forehead, and wavy blonde hair. He wore navy blue by the brakes with a distinctive watch straw. Off the speaking to Jane and youngest siblings. The main place design tail on the grass if you fade away, then my only stomach and to watch that you'll dron play. Within fifteen minutes of the man's arrival. The children were saying jumping IVA him. The oldest go playfully flicking him into siblings with her tail. A half hour Elida the otaly woman, observing the group left Colley. Reserve nineteen the man and children was still frolicking together on the loan when she departed. Sometime between eleven thirty IM into midday. The Beaumont children ended wenzels Kate Shaw on mostly straight. Whether I often purchase they launch. When in town. The bakery was like added right next to the bus stop the siblings would use to get back home to summits and park. These actions seemed to Bain lawn with their original plan to buy lunch and return by midday as advised by their mother. Newsy Beaumont had given Jane eight shillings and sixpence in silver coins to purchase lunch for her and her youngest siblings enough, very of the children to bypass the and have enough left IVA for the bus fare hun. At Wednesday's biker that three children purchased five pastas six finger bonds and to lodge bottles of soft drink, one of the children also stated something along the lines of and apply for the man. It was an unusual request. Given the children had arrived to the store alone and the shock Gabe who had served by my children in the past. Did not recall them ever purchasing mate Pau before? Dislodge order fire excited. Demand of food that children were quiet for lunch. Whilst racking up Bill beyond what I could afford with the modest man of money given to them by their mother. But when it came Tom to pay the children handed over a one pan to note as significant amount in nineteen sixty six and two more money than the Beaumont children ever had access to. After leaving the bakery around midday. The children did not go straight to the bus. Stop and return home as expected instead minutes Lyda that was spotted backing in reserve this Tom neither Glen oaks of club building and notably couple sitting on a bench. So the three children arrive and stop speaking to the same toll blunt head man, Saint plying with children oleo. The sun nine man than a parched. The otaly couple sated Niba and within the short of children asked. I had seen anyone going through that belongings. He exclaimed someone's Nick down money. This conversation was either heard by another woman close by who watched as the man returned to the children and again, hoping the young Beaumont Gilles put their shorts on there by biters. The woman noted the action as odd as the oldest. Go looked much too old to require assistance getting dressed. The man then went into the chain sheds behind the surf club building to get dressed taking nothing but a pair of trails and a tale. The three children patiently waited for him on a bench out Saud and was still there when the orderly couple left Cawley reserve at around twelve fifteen pm. After this that were no further reported Saudis of the man or of Jane, Ana grant, bone. Based on witness descriptions, a sketch of the unmanned law sane with the Beaumont. Children was drawn up. Witnesses could remember certain physical Phages, but not other distinguishing characteristics such as the color of ZOA. So the shape of his nose Omay off this led to a Vache sketch with the oddest left to fill in the gaps using his creative into a protection. This rough sketch was widely circulated, and although it didn't late to a positive day. It did prompt another witness into coming forward. The witness provided dish no details about the man's appearance. Describing him as being in his thirties or early forties with a slim build and fair to law Brown hair potted on the left hand side. The sketch was subsequently updated. But the main portrayed never came forward to clear himself making him the late suspect in the Beaumont children's disappearance. According to witnesses, the Beaumont children appeared completely days in the company of the unmanned and did not same at all distressed based on this information. Police suspected Estrada was not the first time I had met and to the main my frequented Glendale, Gary all have already been known to the children in some other capacity. On by Mont had recently told her mother that Jane had a boyfriend down at the beach a comment that Nancy had brushed off innocently at the tone. But now had her questioning whether the unknown men could have been Jane's off at that. Go crush. The witness who saw the man hope Jane get dressed further added to this theory needs by on described Jane as shy modest go who is very particular about her body. It would be uncharacteristic of her to emit a title stranger to touch her in such an intimate way. Investigators developed the theory that the unknown man was a pedophile who may have been grooming by Manchu dron during their unsupervised visits. Took Leno building. A report with the siblings of tone, spotting them unsupervised on a strike the day. My presented him with a clear up at unity to target them a wolf in shapes closing it. Same to lock no coincidence that when Jane and her siblings, would you too tight the bus home money had mysteriously disappeared. The police considering the Lockley scenario that the man himself had pocketed the child's money oppose feigning, concern and maintaining the deception but questioning park visitors about the supposed theft. The one pm to note that children used in the bakery was perhaps one last act by the perpetrator to secure his pri- generous offer to the Dan and kids to spend lavishly on their launch. Having earned the trust. The man my have been off at the tight, Jane, Ana and grand hun. This theory would have the children willingly laving Calley reserve with their doctor without drawing any attention to themselves or sensing any danger. Fifteen bone on the possibility that he's children had been abducted Saint closeable. He told the media quite. Someone must be holding the children against their will other was they would have come home by now. Jim speculated that an abduction have been observing the children for some time watching as they play deny parents presence at the bay of the summa upon noticing. I had no adult supervision on a strategy die. The abductor may have seen it as the perfect cuppa Choon ity destroyed they might have approached Jane, honor and grant and laud to the children into their vehicle perhaps by offering to guy I suppose visit to say that father fabricating story about their parents being involved in an accident. The fee that her children were being held captive led Nancy Beaumont to tell a journalist for the herald news Baiba, quote, a think is a mother. I'd rather kill the children were so and get it. I've at quickly than have them at the mercy of some bad person for so long. Running with the theory that Beaumont children had been abducted by pedophile. The Sunday my own use pag printed a story that plied on every parent's worst north, MS. With a headline declaring sex crime. Now feed the article went one step further starting police suspected the three Beaumont children had been slang and voiced concerns that the bone Ataka could struck again. Parallels were Joan with the unsolved murders of fifteen year olds Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock at Sydney's one debate the previous e suggesting the same perpetrator could be responsible for both cases. The one debate in Beaumont cases, shed noticeable similarities as both involved children going missing from a credit Bates during the January school holidays. But unlock the one debate case way Marianne and Chris thanks buddies fan. Within diabetics appearance me with our law saying alive. No trace of the Beaumont children had surfaced in close to a white. But I fought in the ongoing search for the Beaumont children South Australian police had received a one thousand five goals in relation to the identity of their prime suspect. Further reports placed the Beaumont children on airplanes in Qasr and various locations throughout light into state. Newspapers said also picked up on the story leading to alleged sightings in other states as well. With the investigation now focusing on identifying the man Las sane with the Beaumont children. Police turned their attention to known sex offenders around the halt fast by area. As the suspect was same by witnesses carrying Hanley tail and trails. It was speculated. He lived locally as those visiting from further away would be inclined to come better prepared for the trip possibly carrying a bag to hold that possessions. However, most nine sexual predators who lived locally where I could provide solid. Alabama's for the died. Abon on children vanished. Detective sergeant Alex on the Glenn residents to check that properties for any Sohan of the children quite. There are many vacant Himes by old ramshackle buildings in the area of Glen out and new houses in the nearby suburbs. And the children could obtain Louis into them and anything put of happened. Days turned into whites and still there was no sawn of Jane, Ana or grant by on. The south astray leeann stike government put forward a modest through would some five hundred pants for any of the mation about the whereabouts of the missing children. The reward was deigned highly adequate prompting Lago businessmen and provice citizens to contribute to the man in the hopes of encouraging others to follow suit. Jim Perry on a great decelerate half to boost the reward fund if anyone came forward with information leading to the cipher turn of his children. With donations from the local community, the reward Gerda, just I've at ten thousand pounds, this increased amount coupled with the extensive media coverage of the case led to an onslaught of false reports hoaxes and while theories about what happened to the children. People showed up on ans- on the Beaumont's doorstep to shed, visions, Sarkic ratings and extended their religious beliefs. Jim Indonesia listened patiently to everyone who raised out to them, but the constant media attention and wild speculations were taking Netto. Opportunistic strangers Trotta take advantage of the grieving couple while the Zenit insult to injury. But trying to point at the anguished parents as suspects. And man with a foreign accent cooled off to noon, tabloid newspaper than us climbing. He was honing the Beaumont children for ransom when the receptionist trod to connect the man with the editorial department he hung up and was never heard from again. The coal was quickly ruled hoax thoughts Bain spot by the kidnapping for ransom. Sydney. Schoolboy Graeme thrown six years earlier in nineteen sixty which were saved huge nationwide media attention at the tone to kidnapping of Grahame Thorne was coveting episode. Seventy five of case fall. The federal police received to find coal from Adelaide resident Owen Grosso reporting that he had sought had three children matching the descriptions of the missing Beaumont children. According to grow the three children being driven in Cobb by a learned man grocer alleged the men held him up with a pistol. And demanded he filled his car ready. I'd with water before fleeing with the children to the Barossa valley a renowned worn producing region seventy five kilometers from Adelaide. Lyda grocer admitted he had made this report while highly intoxicated, and that it was based on nothing more than he's iron theory. Hey into friend prosecuted for making the false allegation. Following a report that the Beaumont children were being held captive by man and woman at home, uncle Nogues, esplanade the home Assad squad right at several houses in the area. The found in our trice of the children the man who made the report admitted was a law driven out of spot the couple he had falsely reported as the Beaumont's captors where actually he's a strange to off and two new boyfriend. After Melbourne-based news pipe out the truth published unostentatious story declaring by Mont children to still be alive. Multiple witnesses client to of Saint a mean fitting the description of the prime suspect driving a green Ford utility truck along the hallway between not alight. And melvin. The witnesses stated the man had to goes. And boy in the back. However, given the amount of tone that had passed between the alleged Saudi send the witness statements police mostly discounted think says on related to the KYW's. The media speculated the perpetrator could have taken the Beaumont children as far as New Zealand as no poss- ports were required to travel between the two countries that the tone. Pitches and descriptions of Jane, honor and grant was sent to New Zealand. Authorities with advice to remain on high alert. As summits impact resident reported saying three children walking along Bantry road, a residential suburban straight with links to mostly straight shortly before three pm on January twenty six. This children were in the company of a man described desiged between thirty and thirty five six eight toll with law, Brown hair, cheekbones and a son reddened complexion. He was carrying doc halon style bag and walked with a slot distinct swagger. As this description was inconsistent with the characteristics of the nine man Las same with the Beaumont children. Investigators mostly ruled they saw heading out. After two weeks of searching had filed to uncover any songs of Jane, Ana grant, Jim Beaumont hesitantly returned to work in an attempt to restore some semblance of normalcy to he's lawf-. Nancy joined her husband on the road, desperate for a distraction and to change of scenery as every corner of their empty family. Hyme reminded her of missing children. With laid raching dead ends into no new information surfacing stories of the Beaumont children's disappearance dot fade from the headlines in an attempt to Kate. The story in the news, Jim and Nancy sporadically great to interviews with the press, but they're discomfort in the spotlight was Clea and the constant Schumer of having to rate leave their ordeal caused the couple of great distress. Without any new compelling information to report, the media attention and public assistance in that case began to dissipate. Has strategy is then lading forensic saw tryst? Dr John McGeorge was interviewed by journalists. Looking for a fresh angle on the story don't McGeorge had assessed many strategies worst criminals and his experience own team shining reputation for correctly, full, costing the outcome of criminal cases. Based on his experience into knowledge. Hey predicted old threat by Mon children. What dead and that killer was a Sarka path ho some the bodelon along, mental illness and perverted tendencies don't McGeorge depict at the children's killer. As a reserved person with limited intelligence and few friends who'd likely lived in a boarding house, all with otaly parents. Nineteen sixty six Jim and Nancy Beaumont refused to give up hope that the children were alive. They kept their home perfectly intact wanting to keep everything exactly as it had been the di- children left, everything from the backyard. Swing said to the kids books toys into box of white their return. Haven that goes Stroh school hats hung expectantly on their usual hoops in the hallway. Through that despair GM Indonesia remained optimistic that their children had been abducted by someone who was keeping them alive. And well that had been reports throughout a strike of desperate childless couples attempting to kidnap children to raise his their own. So the prospect of the Beaumont children being alive wasn't completely without merit. Needs Sheba on Toda reporter quite. They count of just vanished off the face of the earth. Nobody can do that we go over and divert between ourselves, and the logical thing seems the bay that someone has them. It could be a friend will some way of never met. If I had good into a strangest cau- would only have Bain because the young two children had told to Jane into it. September nineteen sixty six marked seven months since the bone children vanished without a trace on September twenty seven saying you constable wrong grows was attempting to make a Colt police headquarters in Melvin from his police station in Canova a small Victorian town twenty five kilometers ace of the South Australian Boda. As he whited for the coal to connect. He's lawn became crossed with the conversation occurring between two famous. Saying you constable grows. One of the women say went bringing the bone kids back from Hoban, and we had tied and think it's gone to give up. Convinced the goal was authentic grows reported the conversation to the Victorian homicide squad who quickly notified, south astronomy. The authorities. Upon hearing news of the phone cO, gene, Indonesia thought, it was the strongest lay dead Baynes since their children's disappearance months prior and quickly clung to hopes that the coal was genuine. Chimba on drive three hundred twenty kilometers Canova to speak to send you constable wrong grows in person and was called the exclusive brethren a subset of the Christian evangelical movement for active in the remote areas around Canova. Disinformation sparked Jim's attention as rumors had been circulating that a religious sect could be holding his children captive. Nancy Beaumont might a hot felt play on television. News quote. Place, whoever you are pleased with your. A field that in different ways. You have been conned two children, but our beg you show a greater continous by letting them come on. This suspicious coal. I've heard by saying you constable wrong growers was successfully tries to feud is alisha the two women on the lawn were dente Fahd and clarified to police die had been talking about the bone case before switching the conversation to an unrelated topic regarding some other to turn that thank you. Police was satisfied the women were being truthful and had nothing to do with the bone case quickly eliminating them from the investigation. Not in sixty six was a beat. Ye first dryly news, prime minister, sir. Robert Menzies were tied off the seventeen knees in the top office to be replaced by harrowed ho. Strategy. It made the move to the decimal currency system with the Ian dolla replacing impre existing stri. Liam pound. Japan replaced. Great Britain as a strategy is the largest trading. An assassination attempt to his typing out on live potty laid off Colo and to time it sporting venues were allowed to try on Sundays for the first time. As they stories dominated national headlines impromtu arms. The unsolved case of the missing Beaumont children was vastly. I've shadowed something big needed to happen to prevent the case from fading into obscurity. Jim and Nancy Beaumont had already been approached by many self-proclaimed spiritualists who claimed to know the whereabouts of their children. One such spiritualist claimed to have recited division of the children buried in a grave at the bottom of a cliff in the bait Saad suburb of marina, non Columba's, south from Gano. His permission Comtois sparked a police search of the suspected saw but nothing was found. In a bid to help solve the mystery and employees of South Australian newspaper the ad Vittorio. Roy a leda to find Dutch player Voyin Girod Creuset asking the he's assistance to help like the missing children. Creuset who claimed to have started receiving Sarkic missions during his lessons had owned a reputation in the Netherlands. I is thing police in solving murders and missing curse cases. He's fame had spread throughout Europe into the United States. And he's hope was sorting many high profile criminal cases. From his home in Holland Creuset responded to the newspaper, employee's leda styding. Hey believed the Beaumont children had been involved in a tragic accident unrelated to fail ply. He said they could have been playing innocently when something around them collapsed causing them to lose a battle against sand or water. For his visions revealed. The children's bodies were lying on a stretch of I've been land not too far from the sea about half a mile from where thou law saying, hey, requested to be sent photographs of Glen again that surrounds in order to determine exactly where the Beaumont children were like I did. Curry's interest in the by on children was the fresh group needed to bring the case back into the media spotlight. Would of course, it's vision was quickly published by the Vata with several other publications reaching out to the Dutch soggy and printing Dera Tyke on the story. The new media attention renewed public interest with many members of the public flogging caves and Talas throughout glencoe and neighbouring caused the Larry's to search Jane honor grant based Puglio crow sets would. Upon Reseda photographs and further information Croix zits, visions, became more, vivid. He described saying that's rate children's bodies lying in a cave knee, rox on the beach with scrubland and to square house to the rot handsaw and shows or Caro Rafe in the distance. South. Australian citizens believed to Gerard Creuset had identified the Minta home in Broughton a residential support and education facility for the intellectually disabled. Minta home was like I did on the coast three Columbus sale on the bones property. The media quickly entertained theories that the perpetrator could have been a patient that Minta home who off the kidnapping and killing the Beaumont children buried them on the foreshore in front of the Mindy grounds. From his home in Holland Creuset advised that allied citizens they were on the right track. And encourage them to keep digging front end light is brought into Mundus coastal boundary to remove tons of sand and soil, but the excavation revealed nothing and the Dc became a public embarrassment. In November nineteen sixty six two prominent Adelaide businessman funded a trip to bring Sarkic Gerard Creuset to Estrada. Ten months had passed since the disappearance of the bone children. And it was believed that Creuset physical presence in the K life Asians from where I had vanished would strengthen he saw abilities and hope blade thirties to Jane, Ana and grant. One was buried Blackwell of brought and car company. Mid white Motors who'd already made several generous contributions to the bone investigation, including as significant boost the reward money. The other done was calm, polite. He's a self made allied property tycoon who relished bang in the lawn lawn. Given the man of contact jiman- Nancy Beaumont had received from self proclaimed, so cakes the couple whiskey cool about Creuset claims. And when not actively involved in the efforts to bring a clairvoyant to Estrada. Gerard creuset? A great disdain outta light Fatu dice and refused. Any payment as involvement in the case? He was conducting he searched for the Beaumont children in good faith, claiming he was ninety percent shoal. He would be able to pinpoint the like Asian of their bodies. His arrival. They not alight prompted a media frenzy that outshone near RAV of British rock and roll band the bagels two years ago. A crowd of two thousand people greeted Creuset at outta light airport, including thirty reporters and cameramen with anticipation running that he would funnel himself. The mystery that had been haunting residents for close to a year. Crozet was I've a wound by the reception saying all he wanted to do was hope solves the tragedy and to release the city from fee. The next morning Creuset visited Calley reserve where it was believed, Jane, Ana and grant by Mon law, saying he then what three kilometers along the Glenn. Oh, four show with a media crew following close on. Blind Creuset was driven through the straits of gla. No and to past the Minta Hon which had light residents had pinpointed as the location. He had envisioned in previous so visions. Despite previous lodge sky will digs of the area proving fruitless upon he's arrival to the area present client who is now very close to finding that children. The next day. He searched if I can blocks of land without uncovering any evidence before complaining that too many people were following him and old the attention was weakening. He saw capabilities. On these phone on morning in that allied to rod Creuset impromptu press conference to reveal that new information had since come to laud I've annoy. A woman claimed she had heard children's voices in a disused warehouse near in the only morning hours of January twenty seven nineteen sixty six the not the bone children went missing. At the time. The way house was biking having previously been used for brickworks headed since being converted into join ary company. And although extensive renovations of the building had been conducted in August. It was possible that several underground shoots leading to the old brick kilns still existed. Creuset led police and members of the press to away house on Wilton avenue in poor Inga less than five hundred pages from the Beaumont's time believing that children were buried two to three made his deep in an underground bunko. He walked to the northern wool of the warehouse and said. This is where I buried. According to his visions Gerard Creuset climbed. The Beaumont children were afraid to go. I'm in the dog so hot fish Elta near the empty warehouse. The tree Iowa standing on planks of wood, which then caved in causing them to fall on the ground. The floor of the warehouse it since being concrete it meaning the children's bodies wearing tuned underneath. Off the bestowing. This information Gerard Creuset supported the idea of excavating the concrete fool, and then promptly left the country. Residents about allied to Kreuzer that's word as gospel believing. He had uncovered the fauna resting place of Jane, Ana and grant bone under pressure from the public the south striving government deliberated whether to dig up the warehouses concrete floor using taxpayer money by stone. Nothing more than a Sarkic premonition, although g mended means he bone had met with Creuset briefly during his visit. And appreciate it. He's interested in case. They would not convinced, AVI. So I could abilities and did no support the dig. Police investigated Creuset claims by racer ching. What the conditions of the old warehouse were locked in January of nineteen sixty six and determined. There was nothing closeable about Creuset so-called fishing. The building owners short police all in grant, Pete's with Arlene spec that before concreting what began and there were no Sohn's indicating the children had fallen into any. In late November nineteen sixty six sales destroy Liam Premio. Frank Walsh, stated quite. Investigations have shown conclusively without a shadow of doubt that there is no possible chains the factories the burial ground of the missing children. It was decided that an excavation of the concrete flooring would not go ahead. However, the public wasn't convinced the findings and was certain Creuset, visions where correct. Citizen action committee band together to conduct a public survey in support of the excavation and raised seven thousand dollars to fund the project the excavation took place the following year in March nineteen sixty seven. Work is demolished sixty fate of the concrete flooring revealing an old staircase at brick kiln a pace cloth. Lawley Rapids lemon peel and unease by biz none of which were found to have had any relevance to the bone case. The remains of Jane, Ana and grand would not discovered. On behalf of the south stri, lean government premier Frank Walsh. Apologize to G men Nancy bone for the continued anxiety and Sarah. By the one year anniversary of the Beaumont children's disappearance. Their parents were still clinging to the belief that Jane, Ana and grant were alive as it was the only thing giving them the energy to carry on. Jim by continued to grasp onto his theory that the children were lowered and -ducted quite. A man or woman will probably a main and two women together persuaded them to get into a car and drive them away somewhere. They might tell them Nansen dog what killed in an accident. And I've got them somewhere. It would have to station or some loss. Alighted plice locked that. God if that could only say what it's doing to needs in may. It's no good without the children. Not when you have had them on just can't understand law without my kids. There's no point to it. Despoiled Jim, and Nancy Beaumont continued hope that children would be returned to them alive by the two year anniversary of the disappearance. Investigators were no close to uncovering the mystery. Emotionally, exhausted gene, Indonesia, decided to take a step back from the media spotlight off to providing one lost in depth interview. I spoke to the pressing Dato about Jane, honor and grant, and what I missed most about the well behaved sweet natured children I had always dreamed of having whilst thanking the South Australian police for their toilets were and praising the community for the ongoing support. The hot felt of you ended with Nancy Beaumont's response to the question of whether she and GM would rely to a new home for fresh thaw, Nancy said, quote, Congo in case the keys come high. He say on waiting for them to come back. He have someone could drop them at the front gate. Wouldn't it be dreadful? If all were not he. In the days following this interview. G and Nancy bone was shaken when a letter arrived to their time sawn by they missing Doda Jane written in child lock handwriting the lead. I read. D mom and dad, we assign F. So there is no need to worry about us. We really missed you in the past two years at the bay on that day, we will walking to the bus stop. When a man in a cost dust and asked if we wanted a rod said that we did. And that is how it all started. The man would not let us right before he's letting us right now because he saw the article in the herald to not and to sorry for you both. He watched us a lot for about six weeks. And then he did not watch us so much. Honor and oil and talk about you the grant does not remember you at all often more than two years. We have been fed will hold atone tone as well as honor grant hoped that you both. Well, the me and said to me just NIA that he will willingly let us go. If you will come of it to Victoria to get us as long as you do not call the police. In the Leta. Jane went on to request that her father come to Dandenong to made that cap though, a south based in SABA been the neighboring state of Victoria, seven hundred sixty kilometers away from the Beaumont's. The rendezvous was scheduled the tight place out the front of Dandenongs local post office said I fifty IM the following Monday. February twenty six. Johny instructed her father to wear dot cut, and what pants ensuring he would be easily identifiable to that cap though. She stressed that was very important that the police must not be informed. Jim and in ENC Beaumont believed, the he Android ING into lead up Boise minorities to that of Jane's and felt possible. The was indeed written by their oldest daughter. They made you concern was that on his name had been misspelled in the Letta using only one end instead of two despite the fact that Jane nude the correct spelling of his sister's night. Not wanting to disregard the letter on. What could have been a simple spelling mistake, Jim and Nancy contacted the head of the South Australian homicide squad detective sergeants, Dan, swine and talk him into hoping the Moga has a secret trip to Dandenong. Swayne grade and put the plans in place, taping his involvement strictly confidential as to not alert the alleged capita to involvement of law enforcement. Prior to his arrival to Dandenong swaying code ahead and booked the room at a Lago where he would stay at the jurisdiction of the scheduled made up. When making the booking the detective sergeant gave the hotel many Joe he's full night. As had been some thefts in the Dandenong area. Rayson -ly the owner of the hotel was wary about lending complete strangest. I n es establishment to make sure this guests didn't present a threat. He contacted a local police office to run a background check on the name. Stan swine. The local office discovered a belonged to a South Australian homicide squad detective who was heavily involved in the Beaumont case instead of trading. This information sensitively the officer then called a reporter at the Melbourne-based herald newspaper to advise him detective swine surprise appearance in town. The herald news pipe sent a group of reporters and photographers to the Dandenong region to discreetly Skype detective swines whereabouts convinced he's presence had something to do with the Bom case at the Saint town. The news news piper. Not alight had received a tip-off from someone close to the bone family and sent their own group of reporters and photographers into state to invest the guide. On the morning of Monday, February twenty six Jim Bown stood alone out the front of the Dandenong post office has it been instructed to do in the lead from Jane detective sergeants, Dan swine was watching discreetly from Niba posing as a window cleaner. The telephone rang in saw that day that on post office and the Myo coul Ross the staff member tween foam, Jim Beaumont that he was running like that would bay designated matings bode as soon as possible. Throughout the day. Although nearby businesses received Kohl's from the unknown mile who instructed employees as to Ray lifer. The messages to Jim. Dema steriods man maintained. He was still Onis. Why? Desperate to believe. He would be reunited with these children. Long lost. Jim Beaumont stood in front of the own post office for three days. However that when I saw of Jane, Ana grant, all the mysterious, man. Dejected Jim Indonesia returned to Adelaide with two more letters were awaiting them upon their arrival one leda was allegedly from Jane who said that capita was very disappointed that I brought the police with them. No the second letter claimed to bay from the capita himself. He wrote. D- mister and MRs bang on OEM terribly. Sorry that could no hand. Joe children back to you. When you were in Dandenong, but on you, you had detectives with you and the main straight with so busy. I am taking extra good care of the kitties. The Rawda went onto buying the bones for going against these wishes and informing the police he said it was too late now and that one day in the near future. He would put their children on trying to Adelaide. So that better have bedrooms ready for their arrival. Following wake a third letter arrived from Jane this one saying. I want you to know. And never forget, no matter. What happens that we will still love you both? Very much. 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Boy, Nancy and Jim Bowman led to their eventual divorce, although they maintained valued friendship there off the. Typos moved away from the family home on hiding straight in some impa leaving behind the crushing hopes that they're smiling. Children would one die. Swing open the gate and awoke in. So i'd. With the media now firmly focused on the Vietnam war, the disappearance of nine year old Jane seven-year-old, Ana and four year old grant became a distant memory. What was once the biggest criminal investigation in south? Australia was nail of a Saint by a single detective. Over the years, the occasional pace of information related to the case filtered through and police continued to follow up on oh lawns of inquiry and that s speculative, but nothing substantial level surface. Seven years off by vanished. Memories of the bone children's disappearance flooded back into the alight consciousness as news of a similar of Duchesne made at lawns. On august. Twenty five north seventy three eleven year old JoAnne Ratcliffe, escorted four year old Kirsty Gordon to the bathroom stoves during a football match held at a light of a lodge football. And cricket study on the banks of the Tarn river less than two kilometers north of the bay. The troops should have taken just a few minutes, but twenty minutes Lyda the ghosts do hadn't returned to their families. The alarm was quickly raised into police contacted promptly initiating fooling Vesta Gatien. Joann and Kirsty lost. Same by several witnesses struggling with a man who then dragged the goes out of the oval southern guides. Demand was described as being average hot with stooped boss Joe wearing a wide brimmed a cougar stall hut who named glosses Greig check at sports jacket and Brown trousers. Investigators had learned a lot since the bemoan case and to now new missing children cases, should no longer be handled. Conservatively this time abduction and probable murder was suspected almost immediately and reported in the media such. Yet despite efforts, JoAnne, reckless and Kirsty Gordon would not like I did novas the man Las same with them off benefited. The investigation into finding JoAnne and Kirsty plight. Similarly to the bone case in that no evidence was on covered and the subsequent. Search was bogged down bought bugassault writings walled, speculations hoaxes and unsubstantiated visions from spiritualists including input from Gerard CROs at the Dutch clairvoyant who Sarkic visions filed to uncover any sawn of the Beaumont children. Based on witness accounts award Cal sketch of the man sane abducting, JoAnne and Kirstie Joan up and widely circulated similarities were immediately drawn to the sketch of the unknown, man. Seining collie reserve with the Beaumont children just before they vanished in nineteen sixty six. By sketches depicted a middle aged man with a long lane face and well-defined bone structure. Paid her Alexsandr from the police association of south Estrella, light said quite. There is a big chance. These two crimes linked this type of Fender these top of Killa, he just can't get a handle on even on a worldwide basis. These extraordinary the psychology and supreme confidence of the guy. He's a standing one group of children taken from a crowd at bait. The other from crowded sporting field both in broad daylight. The light nineteen seventies. And eighties South Australia was once again struck boy spite of horrific of doctrines into modo's. Five young men went missing over those years that bonus Elida fan in various locations throughout alike. Police believed network of sadistic pedophile where responsible for the crimes men who held prominent positions within delight society. As the perpetrators were suspected to go to great lengths to prevent one another from being detected. The brutal slayings were dubbed the family murders. In November nineteen ninety four at a light accountant Bevan Spencer. Von Arnim was sentenced to life in prison for the motor fifteen year out Richard Kelvin, the faith family mode is victim. In no, anti not the details of the committal. Hearing Hoed prior to Bevan Spencer von Arnim murder trial were released to the media after a series of suppression owed as what lifted. Crown witness identified only mister bay who had previously pothead with Vaughn on 'em handwriting and assaulting Myo Ishak is at testified at the hearing. Mister bay told the court that venenum had confessed to committing at least ten murders, including the deaths of the Beaumont children. Von on admitted to adopting the by monsoon before connecting them up and performing some quite brilliant surgery on them. After one of the children Daud he killed the other two and dumped the bodies that the my Ponga Oma wanna to areas like added on the southern coast of alight. Vaughn most I mentioned that he had picked up two children at the football. As in the case of JoAnne, Ratcliffe and Kirsty Godin. Despite this alleged confessions many aspects, but lauding Bevan Spencer von Einem as a suspect in the bone case didn't add up. Although he's build matched that of the man lost sane with the Beaumont children. Von on him had only been twenty years old at the time that disappearance this was much younger than witness descriptions, who consistently reported the man last seen with the children as being middle-aged in his thirties or early forties. The bone children all side didn't fit the profile of venoms preferred victims who would typically miles in their teens and early twenties. Bevan Spencer von on denied any involvement in the abductions of the bone children or JoAnne Ratcliffe bent occurs. The gouden. However, speculation he's involvement in the Beaumont children's disappearance was Reyad noted when reports alighted circulated that a mile spectator. Resembling young vote on him was cooled in the background of archive footage watching as police dog is searched the pedal along about Ivan. As killers have been known to return to the scene of Krahn to weigh the Rayleigh of their fantasies Bocek on police progress. Was speculated the Vana was exhibiting textbook criminal behavior. An expert in forensic facial mapping compared the images of the spectacular to that of a young phone on him. And concluded there were considerable differences between the piss facial structures. The phone on look was determined to be just that a local. Nevertheless, Bevan Spencer. Von was no dad as a suspect in the bone case. Following Mr. bays allegations self striving police turn to their investigations to them pogo reservoir, the location von told mister bay he had dumped the bodies of the three children. On February two Nantie, no anti police. Dav is from the underwater recovery unit. Arrived to the flurry opinion Chila sixty kilometers south from at alight to conduct a search of the manga reservoir. The major undertaking presented multiple challenges as the reservoir held twenty eight thousand eight hundred Meghalaya's of water with the depth of one hundred maters in some places making it difficult fidora's to reach the bottom before they compression stops were needed. The water also contained fine silt that significantly reduced visibility. And tons of accumulated silt would have gathered over the years since the children went missing effectively burying any remains. Police revealed that was searching for bodies, but refused to comment on whether it was those of the missing Beaumont children. Days of searching filed the uncover any remains and to the search was eventually code off. I'm not to police confirmed suspicions that I had indeed been searching for the remains of the Beaumont children as well as Kirsty golden and JoAnne Ratcliffe, but nothing had been found. Another massive and devastating setback to the Bonn case occurred in Norton Ninety-two advances in fingerprint technology, presented the oput unity to test the fingerprints fan on the handwritten lead supposedly pen by giant bone and her capita back in nineteen sixty eight. Lettuce that prompted G men to Nancy Beaumont to travel to Dainong in Victoria with the false hopes of being reunited with their children. Testing of the fingerprints revealed the author of the letters to forty one year old man from Victoria when confronted by police. The Victorian main admitted he had originally written the lead as a teenage prank which had quickly spiraled out of hand. He had seen expressed great remorse for he's immature behavior. Regretting hoax. These auto Yee's. Police determined the man had absolutely knowing of in the Beaumont children's disappearance, and he was promptly eliminated as suspect given the man of Tom that had lapsed, and he's I at the Tom of the Cohen night charges wherever fall against him. As the non nineties came to an end, another person of interest was named in the bone case office Stanley Brown. In nineteen ninety eight Brown was charged with a non teen seventy mode of sisters Judah than Susan McKay aged five and seven he needs town of tans Ville coins land preowned managed to avoid detection for the Motors for almost thirty years. After he's eventual arrest the Browns photograph was widely circulated in newspapers and television reports nationwide. Jogi the memory of a witness to the nineteen Seventy-three abduction of JoAnne Ratcliffe in Kirsty, Gordon who identified Brown as the goals, Dr. Even in his older years. Brian bull haunting similarities to the authentic sketches and witness descriptions of the suspect brought down to the watt brimmed AKU stall hat and honed in glosses often war. Hold on brand was settled in Queensland. He had frequently traveled into state for work. And it was possible. He had passed through South Australia hard for the years. As the sketch of JoAnne Kerr's, these abductor has been widely compared to that of the man lost saying with the Beaumont children Graham was considered a suspect for both crimes. By the time. He was arrested for the MacKay sisters murders. Eighty six year old author Bram was suffering for miles as disease dementia and determined unfit for trial. He was there for laced to live out the remainder of his law in a nursing home without ever facing trawl for the forty five charges which had arisen since his arrest, including ripe Moda soda me. And deprivation of liberty. He died in two thousand four legally as an innocent, man. In may two thousand four convicted child Killa dairy Curnis Percy was named as yet another potential suspect in the bemoan case, courtesy was convicted in non sixty nine for the abduction and murder of twelve year old Avante two from abate in Victoria. He was found not guilty Judah raisins of insanity but was holding custody indefinitely. Police suspected Percy could have been involved enough to know unsolved crimes related to missing go murdered children throughout Australia during the sixties. This included the unsolved one debates modes covered further in episode one of case fall. Collection of personal Dariz and drawings written and illustrated by their Kersey detail disturbing torture, fantasies that bore striking similarities to real crimes committed against children that had occurred prior to his arrest. Strengthening the suspicion. He was far more prolific. When questioned about his involvement in other run solve crimes Kersee tall police. He believed he was not alight the tone by Montrose. Dron went missing. But insisted he had no memory of anything else. Even if Percy's memory was correct. He was just seventeen years old in nineteen sixty six much too young to be the main witness in the company of the Beaumont children. Police have also Bain unable to determine whether Percy had access to a car at the time of the children's disappearance, which investigators presumed would have been necessary to facilitate a quick getaway. The reliability of Percy's climbs was one of contention given the fact he had Baindain to lazily insane. In July two thousand thirteen Derek Percy Dodd without providing any deathbed confessions that many were hoping for leaving members of law enforcement and many graving families, including the bones with the dances. At the tone of the new millennium the truth of what happened to the Beaumont children remained, unknown. But the list of suspects potentially involved in the disappearance continued to grow. In the two thousands convicted child killer James ROY in our Neil became the subject of the base a documentary. Todd, the fishermen journey into the mind of Killa. I knew was charged in nineteen seventy one for the abduction and sexual assault of four young boys in Victoria, but skipped bio fled the state and changed his name. Four years later in nineteen seventy five he was located entice mania where he was arrested until I two convicted for the abduction and murder of non-euro Tasmania boy, Ricky Smith. During production of the documentary Neil develop the friendly report with these interview foam Victorian police detective, Gordon DIVY. After spending three years getting to know that convicted killer of he's documented DIVY suspect. I Neil could have been involved in several other missing children cases, including the bone children. New nod having ever visited Adelaide, but he's work in the pooling district. Put him in the South Australian morning town of Kubat Patey up to fifteen times throughout the light sixties and seventies troop that facilitated stop by very not allied to return to his town in Melbourne. As DIVY interviewed are Neal's, former acquaintances the retired detective learned from multiple sources that are Neal had boasted about being responsible for the death of the three bone children. Diaby suspected are Neo could have taken the children all the way to kube PD eight hundred forty six kilometers north of at alight where he then dumped their bodies down on abandoned damone shaft. Diaby Tuckey information to South Australian police who subsequently interviewed O'neil, but ultimately ruled him out as a suspect. Yet another two suspects in the bemoan case where uncovered when allegations made by the adult children of Adelaide businessman, Ellen Maxwell McIntyre were heavily publicized in two thousand seven. Has children who had publicly accused their father of bang incestuous? Pedophile claimed that hey, along with business colleague and foam, a scoutmaster Antony Monroe went to Glenn obey Australia in nineteen sixty six. When the two men were time that would by visibly agitated MacIntosh, children claimed Santa blood visible in munari's car and profess to saying the buddies of three children in the boot of the vehicle. Police investigated the shocking climbs, but ultimately cleared Alan maximum McIntyre, Andy Anthony, Monroe of any involvement in the Beaumont children's disappearance yet McIntyre himself later admitted that there was partial truth to the allegations. During an exclusive interview without alight news pipe, the ad Vittorio MacIntosh vindicated himself and pinned the entire crime Onis friend Anthony Monroe, alleging that on a stride. I know in tain sixty seeks Monroe arrived at his property. We three bodies in the back of his car. Mcintyre described Monroe as quote, one of the most evil pace of work that ever drew breath. Until I continued to the noise any personal involvement with the crime up until he's death in two thousand seventeen that same year two thousand seventeen seventy two year old Anthony Monroe Clinton guilty to ten unrelated child sex crimes dating back to the sixties some of which occurred in Glenn oh during the Toan period by Mont children went missing. Manara was sentenced to ten years in prison with a non parole period of five years and five months, and it will be eligible for parole in two thousand twenty two. At the time of the bemoan children's disappearance. Allen Maxwell McIntyre iron to block of land in the yolk peninsula town of stands berry, two hundred kilometers west of Adelaide. He's children alleged that a sinkhole on this property was filled in just wakes off to the Beaumont children disappeared. The police refused to excavate the land ju to lack of evidence. In two thousand six to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Beaumont children's disappearance. True crime. Oh, Alan Waco release than in-depth book exploring the case Todd searching for the Beaumont children. Several months after its release week. I received a phone call from woman ninety Angela alleging full foam father invol- was responsible for the abduction and murder of Jane, Ana and grant bone. Alan he remained skeptical of the decade, the high profile mystery had attracted elaborate hoaxes speculation and theories with investigators journalists waiting out countless claims from people who believed they knew the whereabouts of the Beaumont children who the identity of the trio's Killa. Some of the more outrageous clients included people coming forward climbing to bay the grown up by more children, the nation's desperate need for closure insured every late was investigated. But none wisps dainty added. However, the information provided by Angela to on Wittig. Oh was compelling as it were Voth antics with nine facts of the case. She alleged her ex-husband Haydn had once confessed that he's father had something to do with the Beaumont children's disappearance. Adding that the children were quite in the pit. Hold on. She was shocked by the comment at baton. He Angela was on show. What to make of it? Haydn had only recently confided that he's fatherhood subjected him to horrific sexual abuse throughout his childhood and was in an emotionally fragile site. It wasn't until Angela red Allen Whitty book about the Bono case that her gut instincts told her Haydn's allegation might be true. In his book. We do Kerr explained that on a strategy diagnose eighteen sixty six the Beaumont children had paid for their launch at Wenzel K shop using mysterious way, lavish one p on to note. This was one of the cases in my significant clues as it was suspected the money was given to the siblings by someone involved in this appearance. According to Angela wealthy foam. Father in law was notorious for handing out one pant Nuys to we son and these friends to toss them to go out and play. So he could be left alive. Immediately intrigued Alan Whittaker inform piece racer cotton s to Mullins Abi Aad Angeles found co and Mullins dive head first into investigating the allegations. The suspect in question was Harry Phipps a million businessman who was regarded as charming and charismatic in nineteen sixty six Phipps lived in glencoe with these off and teenage son and iron and operated the cuss. The factory in north Clinton added full Columba's north of these high. Phipps house was located on the corner of yoga and sausage straits. Ame- three hundred made away from by the Wenzel cake shop and the chain shed in Cali reserve where the by Mont children loss audit. This provided a perfect triangle between the investigations to k- like ones and the suspects property. In fact, the loans of Kali reserve could be saying from the suspect time and was less than a minute. Walkaway? Dano Augusta straight residential road Lond with character Himes upon trays. Additionally, Harry Phipps resides in his early forties in Norte, sixty six and he's appearance. Bo striking resemblance to the sketch of the man lost Saint plying with Jane, Ana and grand. He was approximately six feet tall with enough letty build long face forehead, and y LA Brown to blond hair parted to the saw. As you angel is clients continued to gain merit. The investigation was handed have to providence -tective Bill a foam detect the for the South Australian police. By the time angel had implicated full my father in law in the Beaumont children's disappearance. Harry Phibbs at Bain deceased Fatu years, having succumbed to wells into Zales full. Nevertheless, researchers to Mullins proceeded to look into the law of the prominent respected businessman to determine whether the accusations against him could be true. Mullins arrived to Glenn visiting the house behind Colley reserve where Harry Phipps leave until he's death. The half nap belonged to Phipps second wife. During a tour of the house Mullins was taken into an underground Sela, which Phipps said do is disease work show. The Mullins quote saw it of something sitting on a shelf. The was a what clip top vintage purse in pristine condition, the very same coined Jane Beaumont had left time with on January twenty six nineteen sixty six. Unable to take more of this. Bizarre. So adding the next day Mullins returned to the house to question. Phipps widow about the birth. When he mentioned Jane Beaumont had ironed that exact top of purse Phipps, we'd I became defensive claiming she had boarded from an optional. The previous white this climb struck Mullins odd given the woman had inherited millions of dollars from her to say husband's estate and had no Nate to buy cheap second hand Charles purse. Mullins informed. Police of the discovery the when a detective visited the dice lighter to retrieve the purse Phipps weed out advised she had thrown it away before threatening Mullins with legal action. If he returned. In two thousand night, Harry fifth son Haydn agreed to an interview with provident Vesta guide. Bill is to provide further inside into his allegations. That he's filed that had murdered the threat Beaumont children. According to Haydn, his father was far from the image of charming respectable businessman. He projected, but instead predatory pedophile and abusive alcoholic with a love for guns. Hi, didn't Recode chilling memory from IVA forty years prior occurring on January twenty six nineteen sixty six on that some day. Teenaged titan was smoking cigarettes in cubby house in the backyard of his family's Glenn. Oh, come when he caught saw his father walking into the house with three young children in. H had short cropped hair. The oldest one was carrying showed a bag and all appear to be lost. The three children winning saw at the fifth time. But never emerged. Hide and lie. So his father light full large bags into the boot of his car and drive away. When Hyde and entered the house, the children would no way to be saying. Alan Woody Kerns to Mullins presented derisory into Harry Phibbs in two thousand thirteen novel. Todd, the satin man uncovering the mystery of the missing bone on children. The toddle was inspired by Phipps inside insightful sexual fetish for the silky fabric. Rather than naming Harry Phipps out rod pseudo names were used to protect the authentic of the accused these family. In the book. Harry Phibbs was referred to as Hank Harrison. Following the release of the Sutton man made your interest in the new bone suspect. Hank Harrison was high. When channel seven Karna fish. I today to know the story they can't the pseudonyms in exchange for use of the real names. Harry Phibbs was exposed. But today to not revealing Phipps foam business as the castaway factory north Clinton at sparked the memory of two brothers who found board asserting had been hired by Harry Phibbs to dig a hall at the factory. So I'd in nineteen sixty six just three days off to the Beaumont. Children went missing. The brothers. Now I deny seeks these with teenagers who lived locally at the time and often picked up jobs to earn extra cash. Fips instructed them to dig a hall with the dimensions of one made of wide to made as long and to made his deep. Who was a searing hot weekend and the factory was closed. As watched the brothers closely urging them to dig deep. Two days Elida, they were paid handsomely for their work with fibs handing them both one pan notes. When the brothers heard the castaway factory mentioned onto dice annoy that were hit with the haunting realize Asian I could've unknown Doug gray for the three Beaumont children. This story also corroborated allegations. Harry Phipps son Haydn had made to private investigator. Bill Hayes who said he's father had buried the children at the industrial. So Hayden told quote they are in the pit Bill. Although police maintained there was no evidence to substantiate allegations made against Harry Phibbs soon relation to the bemoan children's disappearance. They agreed to conduct a search of the custody factory. So I. The factory had changed significantly since nineteen sixty six and to the brothers were unable to pinpoint the exact location where I had originally Doug ho, the one brother believed he had a general idea. In October two thousand fourteen South Australian police used ground penetrating right to locate a small normally in the Saudi area, but upon excavation of the one may square segment of nothing was found. This excavation that was widely criticized as neither brother was on saw during the day and critics believed the police didn't dig deep enough or in the correct spot investigator Bill as said quote. Wasn't anyone's phone was the geography that had changed when we saw the areo fed is we knew we dug in the wrong place. In January two thousand nineteen south stratagem police launched a Holly publicize joint investigation with channel seven and Flint as university to conduct a more thorough excavation of the castaway factory. With further assistance from the brothers forensic scientists on covered an area of disturbed approximately the saw of grave. Headed being fifty two years since no one year old Jane seven-year-old, Ana and four year old grant had mysteriously vanished and expectations across the strike while high hyping the second more thoroughly plan to distracted Dc with late to a major breakthrough. He had the excavation revealed nothing more than rubbish and a few animal birds. Major crime Detective Superintendent is Bryce said quite. We accompaniment that has been hall Ojos Dougie, historically, and to those halls have been used for at least a period of time as some sort of tip. There's nothing at all. That's being like I did today that in any way connected to the Beaumont children. Sadly this mains for the Beaumont family. We still have no answers. We will always do everything humanly possible to like to buy Mon children and return them to their family. As of like two thousand nights, the whereabouts of Jane, Ana and grant, bone remains unknown. The investigation into the disappearance is regarded as one of the largest criminal investigations in in history. And holds the tragic legacy has being one of the country's most infamous on solve mysteries. To this day. A one million dollar reward remains on offer for information that lades to the truth about what happened to the Beaumont children that some day in Norton sixty six. Gene into needs by Mon by denied knowing teas and still reside. In delight? I have not physically spoken to the media. He Nova forty years and have come to terms with the locker who had that. I might never learn what happened to the three to dron. Old I presumed murdered. If the Beaumont children was still alive today. Jane would be sixty two years old on would be fifty nine and grant would be fifty seven. Sketch of the man say implying with the Beaumont children Cawley. Reserve remains the only circulating image of the suspected perpetrator. No other criminal case industry million history has attracted as many suspects with hundreds of papal investigated. I've of the years, including the most notorious and vile criminals from across the country. In February two nights eighteen south the strategy and Maija Kron detective superintendant Bri said up to a dozen potential curse. If interest could not be excluded by police. This place includes Bevan Spencer von Arnim off Stanley Brown. Derek Ernest Percy, James, ROY and Neil Anthony Monroe, Alan, Maxwell McIntyre, and Harry Phibbs. Strada? There are more than two thousand long-term missing PayPal and is a five hundred cough. Two sets of unidentified human remains in June of two thousand nineteen Suzy Radcliffe. The youngest sister of JoAnne Ratcliffe the eleven year old girl -ducted from Adelaide Oval in Norton, seventy thirty cold Farrell evidence. In long term missing children cases to be urgently rate tested. Fidel. Locked the Beaumont children, JoAnne, Ratcliffe and Kirsty. Gordon have never banged found and their doctor never authentified. Suzy Ratcliffe believes the remains of her sister could be amongst the unidentified remains along with those of curse, Gordon and the bone children. Suzy supported by renowned forensic scientist, Dr Jody ward who wants to strive to commit to a low bar tree dedicated solely to missing curse casework. According to Dr ward, the current capabilities in DNA, forensics, Kudo experts to match remains with some of strivers long-term missing persons cases, and potentially provide relief to suffering families. The unexplained disappearance of the Beaumont children on a strike lead. I in nineteen sixty six irrepairable shouted Jim and Nancy bone who for years lived in hopes that Jane, Ana and grant would one day walk through the gates of the family. Their loss was felt by the whole nation, creating legacy of paranoia and fee that remains to this day. The bone story has been a cautionary tile for generations, providing stock awakening to the Abel's the law in the underbelly of society. January twenty six nineteen sixty six has been coined as the dia stri Leah lost its innocence with the disappearance of the Beaumont children paving the way for greater awareness of stranger danger. The names, Jane, Ana and grant by Mon have become etched into a strive in history. And the legacy will never be forgotten. The investigation remains open. A large collection of candid, photographs exhibits. The shore though, carefree law of Jain HANA and grant bone tycoon and by parents during holidays and special moments the black and white images perfectly captured the essence of the bone families daily cloth. The photo showed the children all smiles as they go about that dighly laws grant, grinning, Onis tricycle chain and Donna saw broadening the elephant cod at the ad alight. Zou and Jiang carrying her baby. Brother, Renault would annoy laundry basket. In one photograph, the three inseparable siblings stand together excitedly showing off their lewd from the nineteen sixty five Royal Adelaide show. Jim Beaumont these photographs along with letters written by his oldest daughter Jane in body, the memory of the family you lost. The lost leda Jane ever ride to her parents would serve as a constant reminder of that kind caring and protective nights of the young go who would always go to great lengths to shoot her youngest siblings. From hong. Just days before strategy, not sixty six John was proudly babysitting her youngest siblings while her parents enjoyed annoyed out with France. Before she retired at the bed for the noise. Jain righto parents note to fill them in on the events of the eighth inning. D mom and dad, I'm just about to guide a bed and the time is known put grants nappy on. So there is no night to worry about him wedding on the show grant wanted to sleep in his bed. So one of you will have to slave with Ana. Although you will not find the rooms in very good condition. I'll hurt your fond to them as comfortable as way too could not to you. Both jane. Yes. You had a very nice time. Wherever you went.

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