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"jillian peterson" Discussed on Red, Blue, and Brady

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"jillian peterson" Discussed on Red, Blue, and Brady

"This is still legal disclaimer. Tell you that the views thoughts and opinions on this podcast belong solely to our guest in house not necessarily brady or british affiliates please. No podcast contains discussions of violence that some people may disturbing. It's okay we find it disturbing everybody. Welcome back for another episode of red balloon. Brady last episode. I promise where. I'm flying solo. Yes kelly is coming back. But if there ever was week defy solo. I have to say. I think it was this week out because i was blessed with some amazing gas. Who made the conversation so so easy. This week i was joined by dr jillian. Peterson always love. Another jillian. And dr james densely both authors of the forthcoming the violence project. How to stop mass shooting epidemic and founders in co-presidents of a nonpartisan nonprofit research center of the same name. we'll both are prolific researchers and writers. Their center is perhaps best known right now for their mass shooter database which has examined hundreds of data points and has identified some very concerning trends in mass shootings and shooters within the us. We talked about all that but thankfully we also talk about how they've identified some interventions that can help. Thank.

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