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"jill stark" Discussed on ABC Radio MELBOURNE


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"jill stark" Discussed on ABC Radio MELBOURNE

"Lacks is an understanding of what accountability is, and that's a unless standing accountabilities about being accountable to their feelings and be accountable for their actions and the way that what is going to defect it other people that's interesting, and so you find it difficult to get them to focus. On the fact that they may be accountable for something they've settled done. That's right, and also to the you know that when they do do these things, and I do take accountability. That's when they actually find real growth and change in their life. I would imagine that's true. Good to hear from you as well. Lots of comments on this on text. Have some saying very long voted your Virginia What next video games cause violence ask spin, But this on Texas Well, our society has mostly thrown out the contrition. Redemption narrative. People are fired in her arrest for tweets they made years ago. That's a good observation. You are now hangs Jordan and hung, drawn and quartered for things that maybe you're discouraged from owning up to and completely owning because the consequences now are so dire. I think it's a really Interesting observation this for money and matter, Liza As a society, we've elevated individual interest to our main priority. All we talk about his rights is no concern for responsibilities on we ruled self centered behavior with both financial and social capital. But still others aren't take saying Virginia being naive. The whole thing's about drug use. And that you run from the sane off the crime because you might be scared about getting a drug test. Going to give you little bit of an update on a story yesterday about the cafe in the north of the city that kicked off a huge conversation about the lack of use of Q R codes and pop prop up Contact tracing and testing, taking details, particularly in the hospitality sector. This has become a bit of a thing, Joe this thing to Virginia Tree Ali on ABC radio Melvin The writer Jill Stark kicked off our conversation yesterday with this story, but we're sort of halfway through our food before we realized that we hadn't checked in because there was nothing at the front of the Catholic Church to remind us that it just suddenly dawned away. We had it and I said, Could we check in and She said. We don't do check it. Into chickens. We don't have to do them anymore, said this white person of this person pointed her towards a note, pad said You can write your name in there, but there wasn't a single name on it. We tried to speak to the cafe during the show. Yesterday there returned our call after the show and said no one uses QR codes anymore. But then they said that they had been compliant, actually, and they did have a chicken system. And then later they said that they always had a book Chicken service. But then they texted us that even later a picture off the QR code and saying Here it is we used do uses. I said the way that he spoke to Jill was on a trial and was confused about the check in process, they said. They have a staff member allocated to the door, ensuring that people chicken and that's what happened in Jill's case. She was just unlucky, they say then the cafe told us that yesterday afternoon long behold and authorized officer from the state's Health department stopped by Paid them a visit. They actually texted us a photograph off, said Authorized Officer in conversation with the manager inspected their records and has left satisfied. Well, I'm glad they're satisfied, and I'm glad the system is working now. It clearly wasn't working then. Professor Nancy Baxter is an epidemiologist, surgeon and head of Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne. Nancy. Good to talk to you again. Good morning. Good morning, Kim. Well, they go. I think they look, they listened very quickly. What's the lesson for all of us when it comes to QR codes and checking in Well, everything in Sydney, you know, they really can be a very effective tool for contact tracers, and particularly given how open we are now in Melbourne. How how much Interaction. How close together we are at restaurants and that sort of thing, you know, having a kind of rarely rapid response system that can help the contact tracers identify everyone who may have been at risk of a particular venue. You're really important because what these this means is that You know, instead of having to do really deep detective work, which will have to do anyway. But instead of having to rely on that, solely the contact tracers can look see who was in the venue at the same time at that cafe restaurant at the same time, and someone who had Covitz And contact those people, You know, really in minutes versus, you know, having to do the detective work it taking days to contact those people. And you know those individuals relying on like looking at lists of where you know the cove it caused a person has been going like. Oh, yeah, I was there at that time. You know it just It's gonna lead to delays and people have to kind of be in tune with the system. So you're talking about a day's delay versus being able to kind of immediately call those people get them to isolate get them tested. I wonder if we need to actually pitch this, though, frankly, from a more selfish perspective, which is that if this hospitality venues want to remain open and not have to go through another lockdown? It's in their best interest to do this, because then there's people, as you say, can be quickly contacted, tested and isolated on. We don't have to have a shutdown. Absolutely. And you know what's interesting is here with all anecdotal, but what you hear from people who are in Western Australia or in New South Wales is that No, it's much more part of the routine that it's accepted that you used me to use the cure code system..

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