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756: Vulnerability: A Key to a Successful Relationship | Q&A w/ Jill Coleman

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756: Vulnerability: A Key to a Successful Relationship | Q&A w/ Jill Coleman

"Hey, guys, my name is bowel bowel Kwan win. I'm currently in the military. But you know, as another job, I also cut hair as barber. You know, I'm twenty eight right now looking back like I coulda used this three years ago on, but I'm happy I took the leap one of my biggest aha moments was I talk a lot and make judgment. And I didn't realize that my frigging chatterbox in my head just like can stop me from doing something that just is is not as scary as you think it is. So that was pretty cool to ta understand from the program. And the one thing I'm so excited about implementing the skills learned in this program. Are you ready to get these results in your life? Head on over to the art of charm dot com slash boot camp and sign up today. Welcome back to the of podcast, I'm Johnny. And I'm Jay thank you for joining us on this show where we bring you actionable tips and strategies on how to connect socially boost your confidence and navigate all those nuances of social dynamics this last episode of the month. So you know, what that means? It's our regular QNA episode and this month, we've been navigating relationships all sorts of relationships from romantic, the family connections in your co workers, bosses and mentors. It's been a great discussion. In fact, last week. We had a fascinating conversation with David Romanelli who shared his experiences working with our elderly community and that deep well of knowledge that exists within the community. He was a great guess, I'm really interested in checking out one of his events. If you haven't listened to that episode. We highly recommend it, and is a powerful interview for all of us and David is someone worth listening to so today, we're going to tackle some of your questions in joining us. Jill coleman. Who's a veteran in the fitness and coaching world and runs Jill fit dot com. Where she blogs, and coaches on mindset, health and business she's faced their own hurdles in life, including a romantic relationship that ended in fidelity, which is never easy to navigate and show. Share some of that story with us. But before we dive in we've got some business. We want to let you know about what we do here beyond just hosting this show. We run live in person training programs. Phil what over ten years of experience, and we do this right here and sunny Hollywood. So if you're feeling stuck or looking sharp in your social, skills or gain an edge on your competition. Our signature boot camp is where you want to be have you implemented the advice in this show and saw dramatic results in your life. Imagine taking this material to the next level and working with our team for a whole week. We have taken thousands of people from ordinary to extrordinary all here in our beautiful villa? And Hollywood if you wanna learn. More about these world class boot camp programs. Check us out at the art of charm dot com slash bootcamp. We'd love to work with you. And if you want to start putting your social skills to the test right now. Yes, right now like as soon as this podcast is over join our free ten days social skills challenge. You'll get out of your coverage zone reconnected old friends and even start making new ones in a supportive community where you'll be held accountable by AFC coaches like me and Johnny take action and go to the charm dot com slash challenge. That's the charm dot com slash challenge. All right. Let's kick this off, Johnny. Hello. And welcome to the Joe Coleman. Thank you chatting. So we just want to kick this off and for audience, we'd like to get them to know you bit better. So how did you get? How did you get into the fitness journey? And how did that lead you into the fitness business? Yeah. I think you're driving me. This is such a treat. Yeah. So actually, I started out just in fitness growing up. Obviously sports background went to school for exercise. Science ended up getting my masters in nutrition. And I spent my entire twenties doing fitness competitions. So I don't know if you how much you guys know about that. But it's pretty extreme. And I did that for about five or six years, I was kind of a recovering perfectionist. So what better way to prove myself and have a perfect body? Get up on stage, it'd be judged on that. So it was a little bit insane. But I ended up starting my business at Gylfi dot com. As a blog in two thousand ten when kind of like, the golden age of blogging when people are just kind of reading that. And there wasn't Instagram and stuff, and it was at the beginning of social media people really didn't know how to use it yet. And jill. At the time was just a kind of day in the life kind of journaling for me. And I blog every day for two years and over that time, we grew a really kind of like a podcast, I guess really dedicated readership for people who wanted to get up on stage or have some extreme fat loss or weight loss or something like that. So we were doing a lot of one on one meal plans at that point. And it was about a year and a half into the business. I had hired on team of five additional coaches. We were doing really well. But we were totally maxed out. It was like a great problem to have. But I realized that I didn't know anything about business. I knew how to be a Finnish. Pro I knew how to get lean. I knew how to help my clients, but I had no idea how to do business. And so at that point, I kind of did a deep dive into everything online marketing try like sales trying to figure out automation creating courses and things like that. And at that point, I didn't have the money to hire a business coach. So I launched my first business course to make the money to I didn't know everything. But I knew at least what had gotten us to a six figure business within eighteen months. So at that point, I launched my. I business course to pay for my first business coach and since then it's just been an evolution and not. It's been just so you're great, right? What I love about your side in the blog is not only just fitness and not only just business, but also mindset, and I think that is often a missing piece for a lot of us. We get so focused on external goals, and we don't realize that. Well, it's gonna take the right mindset to get their totally. And I think that's one of the biggest things is, you know, I talked to my clients who want to lose weight or they want to change their body when it get stronger, and it can't just be I need to lose weight because we all know like weight loss, isn't that? It's not rocket science. You just like don't eat and you exercise, right. But we know that that's not sustainable, and we also know that that alone isn't healthy. So it's like cool. Can you also like yourself, can you also like how you look at whatever size, and then do kind of the weight loss or fat loss transformation from that point. And so you can't try and lose weight because you hate your body. You have to kind of figure out a way to enjoy the process, otherwise it's not going to be sustained. Able so we have noticed that about a year and a half in. And what we noticed was. We were giving people meal plans work off her grams and they losing weight, but then they started gaining it. All back said lose like twenty pounds again back thirty. They lose thirty pounds gained back forty and I was like damn like this is a huge disservice. And we really took it on like, this is our problem. You know, the fact that this is happening. What in our methods is not working and at that point. I kind of felt like it was irresponsible to give people these office shelf meal plans that they dislike had to follow or else. They didn't know how to eat. We had people literally texting us from the grocery store. Unable to make a decision about ketchup without texting us, and like as much as I think that's kind of like kind of crazier psycho. But I was like it's our issue that they're doing this. And so totally revise things. Now ET something called moderation three sixty five which is how to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday, which is always hard, especially come from a dieting background you go to be on point. I need to be tight. I need to have all my Tupperware is ready to go. And so I teach people I think we were talking off air that I haven't actually. Cooked since two thousand eleven and so I teach people how to be able to eat healthy wherever they are. And that's kind of a mindset shift, especially if the women I work with they have ten fifteen twenty years of yo yo dieting, even we were having that conversation before we started. Yeah, we were just talking about intermittent fasting and the American breakfast, and it's certainly people need educated on these things and for a lot of people. It's like, well, if I just lose the twenty pounds, I'm good. And then they stop all the work. They stopped the discipline of God him there. And it's like, well, no, this is your now educating educating yourself and your body on what you're going to need to maintain this. And so, yeah, there's going to getting them up to speed on how that's going to happen. And I think we when we're seeing results we're gonna do is forever. She'll so good. I'm losing weight if feel late, but then you actually have to ask yourself do. I even like these foods like some of the questions, we don't ask. Can I see myself ten years from now eating six times a day seven times a day not taking? Vacation because I'm scared of what food I'm going to be exposed to you have to ask yourself like longevity wise is this possible. And I think sometimes we don't we just like the way it feels that. We don't actually ask ourselves. Can I see myself doing this forever? And so that's kind of the hint of okay? Is this going to be sustainable, and you you might loose lower. You might transform your body at a slower pace, but you know, the year from now anyway that you do lose you're going to have you're going to it's going to be off forever. It's a lifestyle Yash, and I kinda hate that term because it's been so overused like just change your lifestyle habit changed. But that really is. It's not sexy. What sexy is the twenty one day detox on the seven day jump starts in like those kind of things and it's fine. But I think we all I think you have to go extreme a little bit before you come back to the middle. And that's going to help people do obviously your lifestyle up to that point the decision to lose weight has led to this problem in the first place. So you're going to have to undo those bad habits and start to build better relationships and better decision making processes to handle all these things because let's be honest who wants to live a life of chicken and broccoli. And not traveling. Right. You want to be able to enjoy your life to the process. Now. What's also fascinating about your journey is just how public you've been about everything starting a blog blogging, everyday, documenting your own inner struggles and growing the business obviously attracts fans, but also detract some haters and people who may not like your viewpoint. What do you use mentally to overcome some of the negativity that comes with leading such a public life? Yeah. Says a great question. You know, I'm kind of a weirdo and not I do really appreciate trolls from the perspective of I always get to learn. So at the beginning, I really I would get trolls are haters or comments on YouTube, videos and stuff like that. You guys know who it is. And I would really take him on. And it would really like hurt my feelings, and it would take me days, and maybe even a week till I kind of get over it and process it because I think that it hit the insecurity that may be all ready had. So if I had any insecurities of I'm a fraud or I'm feeling like an impostor or I'm not good enough to do this. If you have a, hey. Or or even someone who, you know, personally, kind of disagree with you publicly it feels really almost threatening. And you kinda take it on an until I had enough reps to see that my methods actually were working and that they have some confidence in what I was teaching. I really did take it on it took me a long time. And now when I get blowback sometimes, it's really, I don't know. I'm kind of like, okay. I didn't realize I was coming off that way. And so it has helped me get better at clarifying my message, and so I don't necessarily agree with it or have to take it on. But I do see it as an opportunity to get clear, and my communication of the thing. I'm trying to teach. And so I don't know. I mean for me, it's good practice, and I actually personally love debate. So I'm like cool. Let's actually have a conversation. I think it's rare to be able to have a conversation on social media. But I enjoy it. Yeah. It's usually just yelling. Yeah. I mean, and also when you think about it. It's really not that scary. It's like someone on they're just not as a person on keyboard somewhere else in the world. You know? So when you think of it that way, it kind of dissipates the the the anxiety of it or like the threat of. It. It's it's funny because I feel like a lot of us are first instinct is to just ignore it entirely. Yeah. Thank lessons to beginning from the feedback. We're getting and not all of them have to be tearing you down. They could be constructive. And ways of thinking, oh, I need to change my presentation, or oh, I didn't think of that viewpoint. I hadn't brought that into my consideration. One of the things. That's interesting sorry to cut off. It's like, you know, especially when you talk about you guys probably get this too when you talk personal development. Sometimes you're not thinking about, you know, you're not thinking about like mental health necessarily. So sometimes people go, well, it's under you know, I understand that you everyone has personal choice, and that's important. You can choose your attitude. You can choose your actions. But when you're dealing with mental illness like you don't always have a choice. And so that those are some of the things that I don't always think about when you talk about personal responsibility and being able to change your life. And and then you're like, okay, cool. I never saw it through that lens. But now, I kind of see it doesn't mean I'm going to change my message -sarily, but it's something to consider. Well, there's so much negativity online. It's hard to decipher what is. What is teaching me something what is the drunk guy who had three just fired off some random comment because he was upset from going out that evening, and then who who is actually giving you advice like, hey, you're actually wrong here. Here's the research to to show you that. I hope you take on this new development. It's like, it's it's difficult because everyone's just yelling at you all coming at you at the same time. And there's no context to any of it. And it's up to you to decipher what that is. And most of what's being said to be honest wouldn't be said face to face. They wouldn't come up to you that the grocery stores some of you suck. And you're like, wait what? So funny. He would never do that in person just to add to that the other stuff that's going on. And we were talking about this earlier as well age. And I of building this company for twelve years you've been doing the pike cast. How long did you say? So there's a lot of information that's going on out there. And so there's other things about you and your views, and where you stand that people don't agree with and because they don't agree with that. They're looking for other things the nit pick at you out as well. And it's like whereas these things coming from. So it's a it's it's so much feedback at it's coming from so many places at it's hard to decipher what it is an interesting space to be where you're you are creator. And you're putting your creation out into the robot ever that looks like, and you just, you know, don't you're living in a different place, for example. We're all in Los Angeles. And I feel like everyone who lives here kind of has like a very open attitude open. And then so you're surprised sometimes when you get blowback in a different place or from you. Kind of a different space that you had anticipated. And so, yeah, it's interesting navigating I enjoy it. But to your point when it's just cruel or disrespecting someone in my community, then it's just a lean van, right? And I think a lot of times in the influence our creator space. There's this perception that were perfect were infallible. And we do a good job of hiding some of our fallacies and inadequacies on social media. So sort of continues this path, but being open being vulnerable being honest about some of your struggles is really how you can connect with your tribe with your audience, and you had a very public break-up. And unfortunately, there wasn't a fair of all. And when when it comes to this side of the coin, you know this month, we've been focused on navigating relationships. We started them on talking about relationships in a new city moving into a new career and taking on more responsibility at work, and then talking about okay in our romantic life. When is the right time moving together, be exclusive how do we handle money? And what happens when we're drifting? Part. So today, we want to talk about what happens on the other side of things when the relationship that you thought was this amazing thing and even publicly outsiders are looking at it as saying this is incredible. But it isn't working out, and it has to end and unfortunately relationships do end. Yeah. I mean, it's it's so multifaceted. And so just to give everyone a little bit of background. I was married for ten years. And I was married to someone who I was actually in business with as well and be kind of came up together. So as Jill fit was building. So was his company metabolic effect. And I was working as well with me, and we were just growing our businesses. And you know, it was kind of like one of those traditional kind of like love stories like I can't believe I've found my person. And it was just I don't think anyone ever gets married or gets into a relationship thinking that at some point it's going to end. So I think we just took a lot of things for granted. Like, we were working together. We're living together we were traveling together we were spending almost every second of the day together pretty much and we loved it. And we loved it for a long time. But. I think when you're in that close proximity to the person, and you're not having conversations around intentions honesty, you're leading a lot of resentment build and things like that. I mean typical stuff right? Like this. The story is no different than anyone else's kind of break up story. But it was a little bit different in that. I actually found out about my ex husband's affair after it was over for about a year and a half. So it was just like weird, and I'm a strong woman. So I think like in the back of my mind in theory. I was like, oh, my husband ever cheats. I'm definitely leaving in-depth kind of like the narrative now, but for me, it was kind of this weird place where he wasn't involved with a woman, and meanwhile, it had been a long term affair it like fallen in love with someone else. So it was definitely like all of the emotional stuff too. And I was in a position where I didn't know if I should stay or go like the cultural narrative at least now is that you leave. That's just like the only option elder wise, you don't respect yourself, but we still wanted to try and work on it. And in fact, actually, more than half of couples who go through infidelity and up staying together. And so that was kind of an interesting. Place to be and one of the things that happened as a result of that as we ended up staying together for another year. But I realized that this thing over here wasn't solid. So I started traveling a lot on my own started. I lived in a multi coast for like three weeks. I was in Sydney for a month. Like, I went to Paris for three weeks with girlfriends, and I was kind of like, okay. This thing isn't solid. I need to Batten down the hatches and figure out how to be alone. If that's what I'm going to be doing so kind of traveled a good amount towards the end of that year, his family, and he and I went to one on your trip to Europe for like nine weeks. And we said, you know, let's talk about our relationship while we're here with all these people. Let's just like have a great time. And at this point, we're still best friends and still it wasn't like moment to moment. Bad. We ended up having the great time came home from that trip and had a series of conversations and nothing had really changed and to give everyone kind of context. The reason why his affair ended was because he caught his lover with another guy. So it was like this kind of very like meta. Almost a situation. And so he was going through. Heartbreak. And so he was still really caught up emotionally with the other woman. And so I'm sitting here being like cool. You're chasing her. I'm chasing. You no one's chasing me. Like, what am I doing here? Like, how things are not really changing. I was willing to work on it. He wasn't really in an emotional space that he could. So within a week. I literally packed up all of my stuff. I gave myself half myself away to goodwill packed up my car and drove across country to LA. So like within a week was just had a new lease in Santa Monica and was out here. And at that point things were okay between us, but that year that next year things were just like really tumultuous. And so the whole point of kind of bringing this up is the cultural script is I'm the victim. He's a perpetrator. Right. And that's kind of like the only thing we always like end. They're actually went to Barnes and noble to start like looking at books for like, what do you do after an affair? How do you repair relationship? And all the advice was just stuff that made me feel really out of my power. It was like he needs to pay and he needs to apologize. And like all these kind of thing. Where it was all about him choosing the relationship or him choosing me and that made me feel really powerless. And so I was like it can't just be this where I'm just the victim in like all men cheat. And it can't just be that narrative, and I don't want to be the kind of person who doesn't believe that things can last. So for that year after I was really bitter super resentful. Just really hurt. I don't know if you guys are familiar with Byron katie's work. Yeah. So I went to she has a four day live event here in LA. I've been Nellie for six months to know anybody. So it was like super lonely trying to like learning how to be single and alone and that kind of stuff went to her four day events. And she has the thing called it's called judge your neighbor worksheet where you have someone in your life. And if you as you listen to this, and you do have whether it's a partner, or if it's a friend co worker, whatever I recommend doing this exercise. It's called judge your neighbor where you write down like you just judge the heck out of you right down like all the worst things about him. And then you question those statements so mine were like, a my ex husband's name is Jade, it was Jade is. Adolescent. Jada stubborn is self righteous. Right. Like all these kind of things, right? And so just wanted to town, and then you turn them around. And you ask like, okay, you can turn around to self. So it's I am self righteous. I am stubborn and I was like oh my God. This is me. This is how I've been the last six months, right? I've been here in LA. And I've been so mad at him. Meanwhile, he's like back North Carolina. Like not in Karen, he's doing is he's carrying on. And I was like I don't wanna be this person anymore. I don't wanna be hurt. I don't want to be angry on be resentful. And just like that. I was just like I'm done and at that point. He actually moved out to LA in a different part of LA. And we started having like a friendship, and I started treating him with more compassion, and he started doing his own work. And he started really doing a one eighty in having a relationship to honesty into integrity, and we could have conversations in like we just talked about everything that we didn't talk about for the years before. And now, he's one of my best friends, and there's nothing that like, we can't share nothing romantic. But there's nothing that we can't share because it's all on the table. And so it was a really. Like tough thing that had to happen in order to get to this kind of more evolved place. And so yeah, that's kind of the short the short end of it. And so, you know, I think it's an I look back with you say, unfortunately, there's infidelity. It's like, yes. But at the same time fortunately because if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be here with you guys say. Oh, johnny. It's our Qaeda episode. And I got a question for you this week. Oh, yeah. What's that? Have you decided what to get your mom for mother's day? It is coming up fast. Oh, right. I totally forgot. Yeah. You know, what I need to get on that? I'm a little bit stuff. What do you think? Well, I think you can get her a skylight frame. It's the perfect mother's day gift because it's a photo frame that you can Email photos to well. 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How did you know? Okay. He's changed in. This is worth the friendship. Yeah. I love the US into one of the things that we didn't really talk about the fact that this was public that was fairly public because we talked a lot about our relationship, and we were kind of like this power couple running these businesses together. And so I was so embarrassed, and I had so much shame around the affair because like I couldn't share it on social media. I was I was trying to just like I didn't even tell my best friends that I moved to LA like I literally called my parents while I was on the drive. I was like, oh, I left the relationship. Like, I was so embarrassed in want anyone to know. And of course, people were falling me on soc media is like what do you do you live in LA now? And I'm like what like I was just not I didn't answer any questions that a lot of people really attached to our story. I actually didn't talk. About it publicly for about a year and a half. Well, people are asking questions and never responded. I was just very like I was still trying to figure it out. So how could I even have a lesson at that point? You know, so we did he kind of made that one eighty, but it was through our constant desire to show up to conversations. And I don't want to be a little this part. Because if you're listening, and you're going, well, you don't understand my exit Nassau and I'm like, okay, cool. There's maybe there's no hope there, but what both of us committed to. And I think it's because we were just good friends at a base level is we just kept showing up to the conversation, and we were tripping over ourselves trying to communicate because neither one of us had really done that that well, obviously, that's kind of why things there was a rift in their relationship. And so we kept showing up, and you know, and we would say the thing that we needed to say one person would storm out, and then the other person would Li amended come back, and and so we had these like this year and a half of kind of the willingness to try to figure it out and try to understand and luckily, he's someone who's also into personal development. So he was confused. He's like, wait. Even he didn't understand it to himself because I love Jill. How can I love to people at once that was confusing? And so this may not be possible for someone listening. But it really helped me become a better communicator 'cause it's two parts of communication, right? There's I knowing how you feel most people don't even know they can't even name the emotion. And then the second is being able to actually speak it. And then let the other person have their response rate rose trying to manage the other person's gonna receive it. We don't want them to mad disappointed whatever. And so I- practice just like sharing my truth and letting the chips fall, and he did the same. And we have a question here from Eric one of our listeners, and it is our Cuna episode. I think it falls in line with this exact feeling is I get a lot out of your podcasts. But sometimes I catch myself trying to mentally apply. Your tips to other people we're gonna fix them. And I'd like to know some tricks to keeping my mind constantly focused on fixing only myself. I love the show. Great advice. And I feel like for a lot of people listening in your shoes. They're like. Well, we gotta fix this other person. He's the problem my business partner and my lover all him and his action. Do I fix him? And as you said it gives away your power, right? And there is a role that we all play in this communication breakdown. So how is it that you went about fixing yourself first and not just trying to fix him? Yeah. I think there is especially when you're in something like this that feels so like high stakes an like infidelity situation. Feel so scary. It is hard to take responsibility. And it's hard to forgive the other person because it feels like condoning the behavior. So I think as long as I had my anger about it. And my resentment in my hurt as long as I was upholding those feelings it felt like he was keeping him on the hook. And so I think one of the things that needs to happen is realizing that they're human too. And I was able to have like some empathy for him which was really hard because it felt like a betrayal of myself, like if I even show like I was like, how dare you have lessons. Right. Like, you're not entitled to any lessons. Like, you're just the perpetrate. Later, but realizing not only do you have feelings about it. But that of the person has feelings in lessons, and even the third person in the in the situation has feelings and lessons about it. And I think that was hard to Licko my ego in that moment to realize, and I think there's a difference between taking it on like making your fault versus taking responsibility. So I don't blame myself in terms of it was my fault. And I did I mean, you know, infidelities people have free free will. So it's not like I did something and that caused him to go and do whatever he was going to do is just literally like cool. What was I'm now in this situation. As a result of what has transpired. What can I do from here? Like where can I go? And for me moving physically helped me move emotionally. And I don't think that everyone can afford to move across the country. But I think what different thing how can you put yourself back in your parking, you take a class? Can you? Join a group can you travel? Can you do something alone to start building your self efficacy that you can do something outside this relationship? And so, yeah, it's like a little bit of putting your ego aside. Side. And then also realizing that you can take responsibility without taking the blame. And obviously that judge your neighbor concept applies here too, right? If you're feeling like, you have to fix this other person, and whatever that problem may be I think you should turn around and yourself and say, maybe I'm struggling with this problem. And as yourself, why do you feel the need to fix it in someone else is it because you're trying to avoid fixing in yourself? And I think there's something to be said when you're in a relationship. It's never about is. It's always we. And then when once you're out you have to learn to go back to I before you could start fixing the problem because you're always going to approach it as a week. And in that case, then someone is the perpetrator someone is the victim. And now you're looking at how can you have your power when you're looking at that person in that in that manner? And then here, you know, something that strikes me that he wrote in here as I catch myself trying to mentally apply. Your tips other people. So it's like you're not our ticketing what you'd like from. Them. You're just hoping that these dates start. They pick these things up and hope is not a strategy. And and just hoping they're gonna someday get it is certainly marketing that's not going to help them at all. And I think that telling someone else they need to change your fix something that is not going to be met with positive and thank you for that. But the opposite is you can show them the possibility of change by changing yourself. Yep. And inspire someone to change. So putting in the work, and as we've all talked about sharing that work with others can inspire other people to follow along in that comes being vulnerable in own faults. I think it's definitely possible to state your preferences. So one of the one of the things that we do at my podcasts called the best life podcast. And while I think we talk about a lot is honest communication, obviously that was a huge piece of my journey. And I find that it's so hard for people to honestly say what what's on their mind to their partner to their co worker to their boss or whatever because they're constantly worried about how it's going. Be perceived into your point like telling someone they need to change is never going to be met with positively. Right. But you can state your preferences. And it's not so that they'll agree with you. It's so that they can no right. Because if you don't tell them, they don't know, and they may or may not be able to take it on they may or may not be able to change his results, but it's for you to practice stating your needs, and then just letting the chips fall. And so I really don't if you guys are into, but I have like three s system that I teach my clients, and it's how to have an honest conversation to to bring up something that you are kind of swallowing and not allowing yourself to bring up in a relationship. So the I s is set the stage. This is when you tell them that you're really that. You're feeling vulnerable that you're kind of scared to bring this up because you're worried about their response. You're worried about how they're gonna take it. You don't hurt their feelings? But you really want to bring up something. And you're you feel really vulnerable. So when you do that, you kind of get them on your team ahead of time versus like in the in the heat of an argument like you need to do this like that's never going to be like what it's high emotion. So find that place when it's like a motion neutral and say, hey, we'll talk about something I've been a little. Nervous springing up 'cause I'm just I don't wanna hurt your feelings. But I feel like I really wanna share with you get them on your team a little bit like an icebreaker the second ashes just state your truth as as clearly as you note in that moment, because we know that truth is evolving, like we just know like what we feel in the moment. Now, you're gonna state it as clearly as you possibly can. And then the last part is the hardest part. And that is stick it out stick it out like, oh, I want to manage their response. And I want to like they're going to get angry or they're gonna get disappointed or they're going to have their, you know, whatever response that they're gonna have and take it on they're going to defensive and you need to allow for them to have that. And so because that's the whole part of it is trying not to change what you're gonna say to consider them to state it as clear as you can and to me honesty is service honesty without cruelty, right honesty, with empathy. But I think that honesty is inclusive. I think when you talk about a fares, that's the part that is the most hurtful, it's not the actual physical act. It's the exclusivity. You didn't have all the information. I wished that. I had known when it was going on. So I had a choice in the matter. And so to me honesty is. -clusive and it's a gift. It's like the best thing you can do to the people that you say you love, and I think the important thing to realize is that everyone processes that truth differently. And a lot of times when we, you know, truth bomb, someone we share what we're feeling their reaction. If it doesn't go as planned, you know, confront straight us in there, and we become very selfish, and like, well, no, I want you to hear this. And I want you to change and realize that some people are going to take very silently. And they're gonna have to process it, maybe not in the moment. It may take days weeks even months for it to fully hit them. Some people are going to be very reactive to it. And and maybe even blow up, but it doesn't mean you're not heard. And I think that's we oftentimes we project what we expect is going to happen. And then when it doesn't happen. We're like, oh, I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have I not see I can't even bring it up. And I know, you know, throughout my relationship, Amy has been honest with me, and then honest when my reactions have disappointed her, and I've had to explain like, this is how I process the information. And I just want you to understand that the behavior change in the actions that follow in the days weeks and months after are a lot more important than my reaction the moment because the way I was conditioned and grew up as I was the passive recipient of anger yelling. So me shutting down and processing is just how I've come to deal with it. It doesn't mean I'm not going to change. And certainly doesn't mean I'm not listening. There's been I mean, we've been working together for twelve years. And it's obviously not everything's going to go easily especially in the beginning when you're Dookie, and I'll just them trying to create something and make something happen. But you know, in those times there's been conversations we had to have each other. And it's like always we would always do the the the one thing. That's like, listen, I'm gonna tell you some things at the moment right now, you do not have to answer and I'm not expecting. And that's all I in fact, all I want is for you just to hear what I'm going to say and take a few days with it. Now, the then let's have a conversation about it. And it's like here's what I'm thinking. It's like, I don't like any what you just said. So, but I'm gonna take it home. And I'm going to stew on it. And it's like you go through the emotional theater. And it's like you get worked up then you're able to work through. It was like, okay, cool. There's a point there. I have an argument for that that piece there we need to discuss. And it's like well great. We are now moving beyond just those initial feelings. And now we can get to somewhere where we're both happy. 'cause if two people sit down, and or adults and can communicate and articulate their issues than there should be a win win here. And if we're fighting for the same thing, then that it should be easy for us to find that. Yeah. I think it's one of those things where you have to the first time that you have that really uncomfortable and love you guy have obviously worship special on time. You've had those instances every single person I'm close with in my life. We've had those moments of like I could easily not bring this up. Right. I could easily like not do the thing. But when you engage in that difficult kind of awkward even conversation at times. It really does deepen the connection, and it really it's trust builder in the relationship. Like, I know that you won't run away from like, I don't want you to be resentful. I trust that what you tell me. I take what you say at face value. And that's a huge trust piece. And I also don't want those blind spots. Right. We sit here and we're talking about our clients blind spots and things that everyone's working on. And for me. I don't want to be surrounded by people who are willing to be dishonest to protect my feeling because that blind spot is gonna just be exacerbated over time. And if I'm trying to work on myself, I want my friends to hold a mirror up to me. And allow me to see the true me and not just what they perceive of me. I think the other difficult part with all of this is allowing time in the space for that healing to happen. Because you know, in the moment is Johnny said there are emotions tied to it. And and we try our best to wait for that moment where we'll be the calm before the storm. But even those moments the initial emotions of feeling attacked feeling defensive feeling. No, I. I have to share what I'm seeing what I'm feeling, you know, that's not the most important point. It's the days in weeks and months of follow and the actions that are take care to course. Correct. Now coming out of this, obviously you had to feel some heat publicly right in and you were afraid to share and win people have this vision and idea of you in the power couple in their hand. And that's not there any longer. You know, it leads people to be really reactive judgmental in a time. When you're like, hey, I'm just trying to heal. Right. So how did you go through that process? It was hard. There's a lot of people really angry at him. You know, which is fine. You know? And by the way, when I when I finally start talking about it publicly I had worked through everything. So it wasn't like this very reactive. Kind of like, you know, we talk about any talks a lot about toxic relationships. Like, I don't even. I don't see him as toxic. I don't see. I'd see it someone being superhuman and like not super even but human and working through stuff. And unfortunately, it was a little bit in the. Guy. So there are a lot of people who are really upset with him. I was worried that people were gonna see me as a doormat just to be super honest, like as a strong woman, the fact that we were still friends I was nine really get any direct judgment. But I think people were maybe judging that how could you possibly still be friends with someone who did that to you? And I'm like, I get it. Believe me, I went through all those emotions. And so a lot of what I was talking about it. I had already gone through my angry phase I had gone through. My resentment my hurt I had felt all of those feelings for the last year and a half, and it had really worked through a lot of that stuff. So I kind of started kind of preempting my conversations by saying already. Thank you. Thank you. I know you're going to be upset. I know that you have some judgements whatever I would appreciate if you kind of kept those to yourself because I'm actually in place, and I know he got some heat, but he's been super open about it as well and his own lessons, and it's interesting. He didn't really feel fully committed to changing or shifting until what was done to me was also done to him. So it was like this betrayal sandwich. Right. So he was like it didn't really occur to him. How much he liked the the pain or whatever he was inflicting on me until it was inflicted on him by his ex. So that was a really interesting kind of come around. This is the person I say, I love the most. And I will I'm lying to them. And so we had that moment of like, okay? Who am I as a man, you know, I have no integrity? I'm a fucking coward cost on this. Okay. Like, I'm a coward. You had all those kind of like really embarrassing kind of things come up for him to and again, it's hard to give any credence to his lessons because I'm like, how dare you have lessons, but you get to that point where you realize that we're all their three different people in this experience. It's a shared experience, but there are three different perspectives. And so when you kind of see that you just realize that it's up to you to figure out how you want to move forward. When I think a lot of people only like the black and white, and they like that narrative. Okay. Strong woman leave him and when we start to operate in the gray area. That's when people are really uncomfortable. And they don't know how to behave in a lot of times they will project what they think they would do in that moment because they've been raised on this black and white norm. And even saw it in the, you know, the presidential election where people judged Hillary for staying with him after going through something that public and knowing his history, and that judgment is often coming from a place of having never experienced playing, and that's cool. Like, I get that. I'm happy to validate that for people who've never been the situation. I've heard literally dozens of people since this say, well if my husband ever cheat. I would definitely be out. And I'm like good like, I hope that you do I hope that that's what and I probably would have said that ten years ago to until you're in that thing, you know, like we built a life together. And like it wasn't as black and white catch him in the act. So it's like it there's nuance there. And for a long time. I had a lot of shame around that too. And so I think working through that and trying to communicate that at least on the best life. The reason why we have a co co host on the best life call Danny j her name's Danny? Jan she went through the exact same thing with her husband. And so it's kind of how we came together to start talking about this stuff. Yeah. It was kinda crazy. No, I would assume trying to repair the relationship and become friends and move into that place that boundaries after be set and healthy boundaries in order for you to both feel safe moving forward. And we got a question here from Samantha who is struggling with boundaries herself. She says my question is about boundaries and how to maintain them. I've been seeing this guy for a few months. I really like him. We laugh all the time and spent a ton of time together. The problem is he'll tell me about other women. He's been with pretty graphically. And we'll talk about how hot other girls are in front of me. We haven't had a conversation about what we are. So I don't know whether I have the right to be upset about this two questions one. How do I set up a boundary here and to 'em? I crazy to think that it's disrespectful for him to tell me these things I'm here for the tough love, please. Let me know cash. Well, first of all I would like to say that. I'm not a religion expert. Also like. I mean, I'm I'm interested in here will US think too. I mean, I think I'm a little bit different in this regard that like that wouldn't bother me as much just because I look at the actions of the person, but I agree like if you don't want here. I mean, I wouldn't want to hear graphic, you know, interactions with the guy that I'm currently seeing his kind of Paso. I would just say, hey, like almost joking like I don't really need to know that stuff, you know, that wouldn't be necessarily. But you know, if you're getting a hit when he saying that other women are attractive like for me, personally, number one. I'm like other women are attractive like that's never going to go away. So, but if you don't like hearing that then you might say like that's making that makes me feel a little insecure, or you know, I just want to know that like or maybe you guys need to have a conversation about the state of the relationships. So you feel more secure I think number one we need clarity on on where we are before we go putting boundaries on other people because you know, he may have a completely different perspective on what the relationship is. Or if is a relationship. So the first conversation have is the what are we? And if you're feeling strongly that you're moving. Direction, and he's not then these behaviors make a lot more sense. But if he wants a relationship, and you wanna relationship, then yes, we need to draw a boundary around this behavior. And again, it comes down to the way you feel and you wanna be with the partner that allows you to feel safe and feel respected and some people aren't gonna find that as disrespectful some people might be turned on by hearing those graphic dalliances that he's had before you might be turned on by the thought of oh that other woman is attractive. So he may not know that this is even bothering you chair. Right. And a lot of times we have this internal response. But we have this still Assim about us. This poker face that the other person communicating with us can misread as like, oh, well, maybe that is turning around. Or maybe she is interested in hearing these stories so one clarifying what the relationship is is a very important first step and then to when it comes to boundaries. It's being honest about the way these behaviors are making you feel and then drawing a line that says if you continue this I don't think I could be in a relief. Ship with you because it does disrespect me and make me feel that uncomfortable. I mean, obviously defining what this relation is relationship is said to both of them. But also, you know, another thing that this could be is him just find out where these boundaries are, you know, for him to find out how strong the relationship as if she's not saying anything, and he's kind of wondering. Well, what do we have here? So there's there's questions all around the the relationship remained. She starts out. I'm just seeing this person for a few months. That's exactly when these things need to be defined. This is everyone wondering what's going on in your take? Because know, I've been dating for the last like two or three years I've been in a relationship now for about a year, but I spent a couple of years like just having fun, and you know, online I haven't been single since I was eighteen so like being like dumped into the dating pool mid thirties and new city or no no on. It was just like this time period of sanity of dating apps and the rest of the insanity. I remember getting on my first dating app and being. Can people see me right now? I just did it and like really understand. So, you know, they're like, Wendy, you suggest even having a conversation. I think from a woman's perspective. The you know, they're like oh by an I going to see needy. If I'm like, hey, can we have a conversation about what we are? You know, what's kind of what are the rules around that? I honestly feel like trusting your gut is the most important here. And it's going to be different for everyone. Like, you know, my relationship with Amy we met spent a week together and towards the middle of the week. I was like, hey, I I wanna move exclusive. And that surprised her because she was like, wait a second. I see you as a bit of a playboy in LA. I know about your your past and know that even single for awhile, how do you know, so quickly? And I was like, no, I'm trusting my gut on this one because I have dated and seeing other women that I did not have this feeling with. So trusting your gut is the first thing, I if you're feeling like, hey, I think this is a relationship, but I haven't clarified it. Then that is the time to have the conversation and lesson that conversations always going to be all. You know, I think a lot of us have this idea that will if I just say the right thing or I wait for the right motion of the sun perfect conversation. That goes exactly as how I wanted to when it comes to boundaries when it comes to setting expectations, and when it comes to clarifying the relationship, especially if it's been we don't know in this case. But if it's been, you know, heavy physical a lot of chemistry, but maybe not compatibility yet, stating your intentions of where you wanna be can clarify it for everyone. And I think we get in a lot of trouble. Because of the miscommunication around not being honest about our feelings and our tensions. I imagine. This could be the guy to find out if this relationship and saw the waiting for the pushback is this this could also be him saying, hey, I'm seeing other people are finding other women attractive for so for you, not to get any ideas. However does to go for a threesome and trying to see if this turns her on. Yeah. I mean, it's there's there's a lot of communication that is not happening here and all the wrong communication is. I think sometimes having that like state of the union like relationship conversation can be scary. Because what if it's a no, then you go I lose even the little bit of access that I have I've certainly been in situations like that where it hasn't been super clear. But I, but I know and right now, I'm like just get to the no as fast as possible, right? Like in a sense. But you do have that fear of what if they don't want relationship than that's reject feel rejected. I lose access. I got to cut it off, you know. And so, yeah, it's it's really interesting. And I've been in situations with women who've pushed for it. And I said, no, I'm not ready, and we still ended up seeing each other. And then ended up going exclusive. So I also don't think interesting just because you it's exceleron things can exactly that. It's it's again black and white like, okay. So, you know, he's not ready for relationship. So I got a scrim. Right. It may just be hey, you know, what? And we don't know anything about this guy's past. But it could be something. Like, hey, I just got out of a divorce. I just got out of a long term relationship here. I'm having fun. I don't know. I'm trying to find my feet under me. So. I don't know where this is going. And I I'm trying to communicate my feelings, and obviously they're being misled. 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But for some reason, my mind keeps on imagining things, I shouldn't even be thinking of should I open up and tell her I have these feelings she's very outgoing and friendly, and she has a lot of guy friends, I wanna give her freedom. But there are things I'm not comfortable with like her hanging out with these guys alone, which she hasn't done yet. I've heard a lot of the charm podcast about high-value women liking high-value men who are confident insecure men are a huge turnoff. Do I just keep these fears to myself and not reveal my insecurities to her? I know this. Issues on my side of the court. How do I dress this? And should I open up to her about my problem? Many things. Yeah. A lot of questions. Let unpack well. I do want to just, you know, one take step back in and obviously coming from a place of being cheated on. And now looking to move into new relationships. You know, he's having these thoughts. How did you work through that fear is happening again and start to trust your next partner? Cash. Yeah. It was interesting. We actually did a podcast offer the best but a year ago before I started my new relationship, and it was on how can you trust? Can you trust me again? And so in theory, we had all the theories like, of course, we're gonna trust like it's better than just being hyper vigilant and his phone doing all kind of things, of course, we're gonna trust then you get into relationship, and you catch feelings, and you're in that place and things start to get real. And so there have been several times where you guys have heard of the book the as if principle of Richard Wiseman. But it's basically like, okay. Yeah. So it's an amazing book. So I had that in the back of my mind in moments where. I was insecure or found myself wanting to ask questions or who's there who's going to be there? Check his phone all those kind of things I was like how would someone who trusts be in? This instance, how would someone who does have that almost like blissful trust that I had before my marriage like how would they act in the situation is not easy. But I was like, that's what matters. It's when rubber meets the road. Do I choose to be trusting person or do I not because it's so easy? You guys know it's very easy to at questions, and and you can't help yourself. Sometimes you won't know details like this person to ask question. You wanna know details, but I kind of had this moment where it's I realize it was going to be death by thousand paper cuts. If I always had a question about is going what he's doing is there like all these kind of. So I realize had to pick and choose my battles. And so by doing that, we just recently moved into gather and before I like signed over the Molise. I was like can we have a conversation? And this is something that's important to me. And I don't wanna talk. What's all time? In fact, I don't even wanna bring it up again. But I need you to know. No that this is important to me and do with it. What you will? But you know, my history and moving forward, I need you to be honest, and whatever way shape or form you can. And it just because you are doesn't mean I'm going to be mad or a mmediately out, whatever. But this is things are like the stakes are higher now moving in sending a lease like we're on the hook for this. So I think picking and choosing your battles. And then I just stated, you know. This is my history. This is how I am. And I really appreciate inclusivity. In fact, that's really important to me take take do with it. What you will? So I know that I set it nothing feels different really. But I know that I had a chance to say it in a really direct and honest way, and I'm not gonna read up on hundred times again. And so yeah, I mean, it's definitely been entering. But I asked myself in the moment, I choose the action of trusting person, even from Netflix their votes. I love that something else that you said, they're extremely important is that you chose to go into it as a trusting person reading under trust. That is a decision. One of those decisions allows you to feel better about yourself their relationship, and with the people that are going to be around you one of those is toxic and bleeds into other relationships as well, and it's going to corrupt those relationships, and and it's going to be a constant battle. So choosing that I'm going to be somebody who tries people as choosing your power. And that really trusting yourself as. There's no guarantee that this person's girlfriend is not going to stray. There's no even though I'm live with personnel. There's no guarantee that he's not going. So I go. Okay. Cool. If the worst thing possible ever happened could I get through it? Do I trust myself enough to be able to handle it? And I don't know I think that's a practice for me having gone through. What I did. I know that I can. And I'm very open with that. I'm going all in being super vulnerable in this relationship, while also still knowing that there's a possibility that things could blow up the same thing happen again. And so bottom line is do I trust myself? And at that point if you trust yourself, then you can trust anyone else, and that's kind of a hard hard decision. There's two truths here that we have to realize a number one is there's no relationship on earth. Where you're not gonna feel this way of this little bit of insecurity. Like, everyone can cheat Ivan cheated on people a single like will you teach this your relationship expert? It happens relationships and relations most relationships. Life are not going to work out. That's just how dating works. The second truth is, well, we're probably only going to date people that are going to be attractive to other people like how life works you are with her because she's attractive. So obviously other men are gonna feel the same way. There's not this shining light only on her and UCLA one way. And everyone else Caesar something else. Odds are we're going to be attracted to to people that are attractive to other people. So it is an insecurity. That's always going to be there. It's nothing that you're going to extinguish, but it's understanding and managing the communication necessary to build the trust and feel good taking the next step. I'm wondering if she is doing anything in her other relationships that has making him fill this way. We've all been in relationships where the other person because of their behaviors puts us in a position of Phil insecure. And on the other side of that have been in relationships because that are behaviors with other people make us full, very solid and our relationships. He's. You know, he's states that he's in his mid twenties. Yeah. Mid twenties that's pretty young and relationships. So has he been in both relationships, and of course for her. You know, she's she's a young woman. She's developing she has a lot of power does. She know how her behaviors affects him and the position of puts them in. And I think communication here is going to be key. This is not something you can hold onto and just hope it blows over it doesn't work that way. And that would actually gets like incredibly tenable. We would define low-value behavior is someone who is not forthright as someone who's holding onto their own insecurities and not allowing the other person realize their behaviors and actions, and as we said earlier about the boundaries. It's creating a moment where you both feel safe and secure. So it's not an argument. It's not after she just came home from night out with her guy, friends and you're upset but having time and space, I to feel safe to be honest. And the second thing here that we do take a step back and realizes we all wanna be in a relationship with people. We can be honest about our insecurities with right? You know? And maybe that's just me and my thirties, maybe me, and my twenties feel that way. But I would hope that we would find someone who we can own our insecurities around and understand that we all have them, and she's probably feeling her own insecurities, and she may be using her insecurities and surrounding yourself with men to allow her self to feel good in this relationship. Like, see I have all these other options, but he doesn't know. Any of this because he's not having the conversation with her. He's writing into a podcast. So the first step is to actually have a conversation with her, and it's not to to draw boundaries saying you can't do this. You can't hang out with these people. But it's more about being honest of like, hey, it makes me feel uncomfortable. So the more information you could give me the more comfortable I'd frame. Yeah. I think inclusion here's a big one too. So if you know if she has other guy friends like I don't know maybe all go out to coffee early Kenner, drink sometimes. So at least like they know that you exist. I think sometimes that can be where things break down as well. But also like as a caveat having a conversation, if you're having the same conversation three months, if you're having the same conversation, six months same conversation in a year and things are not changing on any side. And that's probably a red flag, right because you've expressed your discomfort, and they haven't changed because they don't or you have your you haven't done the things that you needed to bolster your own self confidence. I am a little concerned about codependency here those, well, I think a lot of us, and this is very common in our twenties. We find that. Special someone, and then all of a sudden, we leave our friends behind and we just wanna spend every moment here with that person. And they don't feel the same way. And they don't reciprocate that. Then our mind starts to wander vo-. There must be other options out there. I think it's important for him to cultivate, relationships with men and women outside of his relationship that's stable healthy relationship. That's not one that has codependency. So if you're sitting at home getting frustrated because she's out with her friends guys or girls, maybe it's time for you to go out, your meet, some new people and get your mind off of it too. When you're busy right Eitel hands lead to these thoughts when you're busy. You're probably less concerned. Matt is struggling with an ex partner? He shares children with how do you deal with toxic relationships with an axe when there are children involved. Even after six years, we still cannot have a conversation about the children without my ex plunging into the reasons for the break-up and apportioning blame on me. I try to listen and not comment, but she can use up my time in the argument. I've been firm that I'll only talk about the children or insist on written communication when I get in return is abusive language or long winded messages that are often not about the children. I have a new partner now and will only start a conversation of impacts that children. But when these conversations comes up, she uses them as an opportunity to unload, everything on me would love advice on how to deal with someone. I cannot completely cut out of my life. There's a lot going on here. I was let's start to dialogue about it. Yeah. First of all, this is unfortunate because there's children involved in anytime. There's total involved. We have a lot to lose with that. I would just say a lot of times, you know, we have in our mind. Oh, once children get involved will change behaviors. And we'll just put the children, I that very very rarely happens. So these problems were probably there before you had children. And then now it's being exacerbated by the factor no longer together, but you have children and not only that children end up being weapons against each other. And that's certainly not helpful for anybody. Just just looking it seems to me at least in Matt's case here that he's trying to have a relationship. He's trying to talk to her, and he certainly isn't getting anywhere part of me still wants to Asmat though, as has he allowed her to fully unload, everything that she needs to say and has he allowed her to fill that she's been heard, and he's fully recognizes all of those feelings, and now we have a dialogue for as he or she started these things has he just ran off Sam only interested and talking to if you wanna talk about the children cash, really so hard because as he's describing his acts like that could've been me very easily could have been me because when you hang onto those resentments, you know, you do the person just discuss you every time you see them or hear them you like just want to go off because you're in so much pain. And so it's hard because my advice to mount would be like, okay. And I agree with you. John. About like letting her have that full space in acknowledging those things, but at some point he has to detach from that. It's not his business to manage how she feels anymore. It's one of the hardest things is because obviously someone who shares children with and like he wants her to feel. Okay. Any obviously doesn't want this vitriol. But the end of the day like he's going to have to figure out a way to inoculate himself because she's still processing whatever he obviously, he's moved on. And so he's going to have to figure out a way to not be as triggered by it six years. So they should have moved. Well, I would say to that. And that with the fact that you're trying to raise children together. And the fact that we don't know who has custody and what the split is. And who spending more time with the children that to that point allowing her the space, even as difficult as it may feel to you right now to heal an even saying, hey, I want to get to a better place between us, and I know right now, we're not there. I'm willing to go to therapy with you to have a healthy relationship and demonstrate healthy relate. Ship for our children and allow her to see that he's willing to participate because he cares. So deeply children and to Johnny's point this resentment that's been building. And it's still going for six years. There's an immense amount of pain behind and now it's in a situation where it could impact your ability to be there for your kids to be that good father because if it's bleeding out and you're trying to set boundaries, and it's still happening than what he thinks happening when he's not there behind his back. And that's what we don't want to see happen is the toxicity then falls onto the children's lap. And they have to try to process it, and let's be honest. Most of us children. Don't have the tools. We barely have the tools as adults to process. There's just trying to orient yourself to anything. And it's going to be your parents. And you're gonna replicate the behaviors that you're seeing when kids are involved sometimes it takes one of us being more mature. And we know it's painful, and we know, hey, internally, I'm losing my own respect, but having to deal with all this, but to create that space to let her fully heal the wound. Then after that. Maybe you have maybe you've tried that and didn't work then to that point. I think it is important to enforce the boundary, right? It sounds like he's not enforcing the boundary. He saying I only want this written communication. I only wanna talk about the children. But then he still finds themselves in conversations where she's abusing him. Those are the conversations where the phone gets hung up where you leave the room, you leave the house, you don't allow yourself to be put in that position over and over again and coming from divorced family and having a situation where I never really get. My mom's side of the story. I only had my dad's side of the story. It Ken color, your worldview, an impact the children in ways that he may not even be realizing thinking about when part of me when I read this. I just see them squabbling back and forth at each other because still trying to win the argument. But yet there's the damage is going to the children at it's at some point. When you. Going to hold them up. You know and focus on them rather than the argument or the fight that they're having here. It sounds like it's it's definitely a pride thing too. I think into your point about putting your ego aside. I think that's one of the hardest things. But what really helps for me was taking person off the pedestal and just going like men like you said there's a world of hurt behind that anger in that frustration and almost seeing them, and I hate to kind of sounds. It sounds condescending. But see him as a child in a sense, or at least emotionally like a child, you know, and going, okay, I can actually have empathy because I'm I have of all pass this place. I can almost have empathy and pity. But in a way, you can give them the benefit of the doubt. Because you're like, okay. They're just not quite there yet. And so I think that helps at least for me the energetics of the relationship can change if you not taking everything. So personally, I liked that because the response, and we talk about this diffusion technique with ourselves of you know, when you're beating yourself up you're getting really upset with yourself and your actions picture yourself as a five year old. Yelling and screaming at yourself and causing and saying you're loser. You can't do this. No, you would be more supportive this same level of communication can happen in this regard. Hey, she's acting like a child, I wouldn't yell and barade- a child I wouldn't do that. They don't have the ability to see beyond what's going on here. So that's a very good frame to think about especially your reaction. I think that's the other thing, you know, some of this is gonna be goading you into reacting in a negative way. So that she can knock you off that pedestal around your children, and it's important for you to be the bigger person to set your ego aside and say, hey, you know, let me have it. Let's do it outside the house. It's in the backyard. Let's do it around the block. And then let's go back to treating our kids respectful. I think mentioned about therapy having it out and the in the presence of therapist who is able to allow conversation to move in the right direction certainly going to be with kids. Yes, it sucks that you have to agree to go to therapy to this is her problem. You're seeing it as this is her important. Exactly. Now, we're taking the mature stab of saying. Hey, our children's lives are more important. Let's try our best with help outside help third party to see through our differences. He'll if we can okay. Here's the last question for today. This one's from Blair. Hey, Johnny AJ love y'all's podcasts. I feel my boyfriend is lazy. How do I express my frustration towards him without him getting upset to add a little context we've been together for almost a year? We both mad at a time. He was the CEO of a company for two plus years. And I just been promoted at a fortune five hundred company, we moved into gather after four months of dating we talk about marriage and our future together and everything has been great. But the problem is he sold a percentage of his company and now uses the I worked eighty hours a week for the past two years as a way to compensate for his laziness I'd like to see a work towards a new startup. He's mentioned or contributed vice to other startups, he always gets defensive anytime. I try to bring it up before we get married. One day. I need to be sure he's motivated to be his bestself. Even if he was one CEO for two years, John, you're laughing. I feel like you got there's a there's a lack of around here. We're gonna have some fun with this. You know, my first thoughts is. He just sold his company how very long ago, we know. And and certainly, you know and building a company this is your child. This is when you're working with people, you're building a relationship an intimate relationship where everyone certainly in entrepeneurship, you are working with another person into the unknown. So everyone's insecurities and limits are going to be exposed. So there's a lot of intimacy and getting to know somebody, and and you're and you're really raw from that that exposure, and for her to be like case it like you need to get on to something else. Yeah. But I, but there's I think there's a healing process war guy to to just figure perhaps like what is it that he wants to do what is the next move and learn and once again learning what that might be. I think I just wanna make sure I know space a lot of. Founders at this point over the twelve years of now working who've cashed out, and then it felt lost and have been fearful of starting something new because what if it fails? Right. I had this in Johnny guitar about bands. I had a great album that came out on terrified about going in studio for outnumber. Oh, sure, and it failing and in that there's also obviously running a company your ego is tied to that company. And now that peace is no longer there. So I would definitely say in this situation give a little bit of space, and again anytime we want to motivate someone we're gonna motivate a most by our own actions. And I'll tell you what I've had bouts of laziness and hanging out with Amy and watching her get up in the morning and crush work, and crush workouts and run a blog it fires me up to and I want to get moving, and it does allow you to overcome some of those moments. Really, well, you had easier to stay in bed today or. It'd be easier to just cancel my meetings and not show up. So I find that I get a lot of energy and fuel from my partner, and this could be an opportunity for you to showcase to him that exact thing of giving him some energy by getting yourself moving and putting your nose to the grindstone. The other thing is of course, there's going to be defensiveness. Anytime you bring it up. Again, we keep going back to this like waiting for the perfect moment with the sun is right? And he's just gonna sit there and say, oh, great. Great exactly what it wasn't here. When the verse that I care about there's always going to be a level of defensiveness. We can't get away from that. But that doesn't mean he's not listening, and it doesn't mean that he can't change. Also, anyone who's run company will know that you can't be lazy and run a company. You may have read books online about three hour workweeks hour workweeks, but no-one running accompany managing team of people is lazy. So I highly doubt that this. Funky is going through is any way Representative of the rest of his life. And what you have to look forward to. Yeah. I love that. I agree about setting the example. But also, I'm very much like a person who wants everyone to have the full experience that they need to have. So I'm very much like, okay. He's a nut space right now. You might not. I think the problem comes in. When like you start to not respect the person that maybe you'll find him as attractive, and like, maybe there's some implications there. But in terms of like, just tactically allowing him the space and instead of saying, hey, when you gonna get a job, or when he started business or you're gonna maybe ask roundabout questions things like, well, what are you passionate about like, you can do anything? Now. Like, what is it that gets you fired up, you know, and you can kind of start from that ground zero passion passionate purpose instead of going right to you getting a job when you get off the couch. I think those kinds of questions can feel really attacking versus just being curious and having more conversations and get him to try this. Let's try that let's do this together. And if it's been to an of it's been like so long, I would look for the emotions that he's like his daily. Ocean's Eze as angry as tire what is daily motions? And then from there, you can go. Hey, I'm noticing about you is because you're not engaged. You headed what the with the emotions like he's sold. It was a force. The cell has was as baby. And then for whatever reason was forced out like the how draining would that be? And and the pick yourself up. It's like, okay, I'm waiting around four months, the nothing. Well, four months that is no time they held from really anything had bands fall apart. And for months was lot. I can attest. Trying Janis is. You know, I think also what can be hard about situations. Like, this is just my own personal experiences at if I start to lose respect for my partner in some way, as much as I'd be like, well, I should respect the fact that he built this company. Whatever still there's that in the in real time. You know, I kind of I'm not finding you as a tractive, and they need to maybe have a conversation around that. So she notices that like, maybe she's just not as a tract it to him anymore. Like, that's real. And it's valid, and it doesn't mean he needs to do anything. But it does mean you have a conversation about that. We're going down this path of like, I'm kind of losing respect for you a little bit. And that's not your faults. I realize you just came off what you came off. But like that is happening for me. And I don't know how we can. We talk about that before turns into resentment and turns into something that can't be fixed. Right. We're at a place now where you're feeling it. Trust your gut and beyond about it. And we always say lead from the seat that you're in and your actions will inspire far more than your criticisms will. Yeah. Good on juicy. Thank you so much. We really appreciate you being vulnerable and sharing your story that a lot of our audience members have gone through very difficult situations and navigating relationships, and it's not black and white. It's not as cut and dry. We like to think, and it's always easier before you've experienced to have these viewpoints, it's more nuance than we really appreciate your candor. Try me. This is great where our listeners check you out and your podcast. Yeah. So the podcast is called the best life podcast. And actually if you listen to the first episode, it's a short one. We actually tell the story of the infidelity. And kind of why we came together we talk a lot about relationships person development in my business at Gylfi dot com. It's mostly around business and fitness and nutrition. So if you want more juicy very raw, very real relationship conversations that's happening on the best life. But yeah him. Yup. Insta- Jill fed view on a semi DM. And connect that way. That's probably easiest awesome. Yeah. That was a lot of fun. Joe how great impl- we were so happy to have her. Join us this month. We loved all the questions you send over and Johnny. How can our listeners sent into question? Well, if our audience has questions, it's very easy. They can send us questions at the charm dot com slash questions. You can even record yourself using your smartphone. And who knows you may even hear yourself on a future show? We have a shout for listener Liz who sent us. Hurry actions to last week's episode with Dave Romanelli. Liz writes, excellent show last week show is right up. My alley seeing as I work with the elderly to whether I'm cleaning their homes during the day or taking care of them in my private duty jobs in the evening. I'm extremely passionate about what I do. Good job on having David on the show. That's great. I bet she hears. Wonderful amazing stories all the time at work. I'm kind of jealous. It's pretty cool that she's working with the elderly. Thanks for supporting the show. Liz, always great hearing from our fans, and we would love to hear from you head on over to I tunes. Look. The art of charm and write us a review if you've gone a lot out of the show, Johnny. I would really appreciate it helps new listeners. Find out about us, the charm podcast is produced by Chris oil and Michael herald this shows recorded in cast media studios in sunny downtown Hollywood and engineered by Danny Lubar and Bradley denim. I'm Johnny, and I'm Jay, thanks for listening. And we'll see you next week have a great week. Hey, this is Johnny. And if you're like in the content of this podcast, but wanna take your social skills to an advanced level. Now's the time for you to join thousands of guys before you who came to the art of charm to gain that edge by attending an in-person bootcamp program. Whether you're an engineer, author speaker business, owner military man, coach consultant, Dr or anyone in a high discipline field after five plus value pack days, you'll walk away with the complete road map on how to make authentic connections with anyone eater life friends family co workers and yes dates strategy to implement these advanced social skills into your life. The alumni network connections that go with it. You will enter the elite one percent. And finally, learn the social skills you weren't taught in school head on over to the ARA charm dot com slash boot camp. To learn more and apply today. That's the art of charm dot com slash. Kim our team cannot wait to meet you.

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EP 074: Jill Coleman: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Scarcity Mindset

L2 Fitness & Business Podcast

44:23 min | 1 year ago

EP 074: Jill Coleman: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Scarcity Mindset

"Hey and welcome to another episode of the unfiltered on your host Laura and today. I'm interviewing Jill woman. She has I've had a pivotal impact in my life in my journey throughout becoming an entrepreneur shifting into the online world and everything that it takes to make that successful she is a massively successful mentor to hundreds of fit pros looking to make that leap into the online world and really create the impact that they know they were meant to create. She has a really similar story to my own which I think was really wet pulled me towards her so I can't wait for her to share that with you but also we dive really deep into what it means to show up engage with the process and take action towards that life we want all by simply changing and choosing a new perception that serves us. Let's get going so gel. Can you please just dive into what the big beautiful things that your working on right now a little bit more about you and just get our listeners really familiar with your story your journey and why you're here with us today that I was a personal trainer for about a decade working crazy hours in Jim <hes> loved health and fitness to the point where he ended up doing a lot of competition fitness modeling. You know just like kind of all different things in the fitness space. I was one of those really lucky people who just sell exercise at an early age and then over time mm-hmm become more and more extreme eating dieting <hes> exercise on that kind of stuff to the point where I was fairly obsessed with nutrition and fitness and was like really just running my life <hes> and at that point I really WanNa start. Jill citizen only business in a blog August. I realized that I would have to figure out a way to minimize the amount of time and mental energy. I was spending on food obsession in order to give my resources to building my business and at that time I came up with a concept called moderation three sixty five which is my nutrition philosophy and I held a lot of women now kind of get off that all or nothing eating train and figure out a way to eat the same on Saturday they joined Monday so a lot of my work is in the interests around still all delivered over the Internet the second part of my business and I started getting to this about eight years ago was online online business coaching for personal trainers. You want to get out of the gym and health coaches who are maybe seeing people across the desk and really WanNa kind of get an used the Internet space and Social Media To do distance coaching and so I do a lot of high touch kind of business coaching for health the professional so it's on my hand a lot of different things but it's been on journey as you know. The online space is always changing so to me. It's exciting and it's always this constant kind of puzzle to be solved so yeah. I've been really lucky I love so much I me and I'm I've been following you mostly for Your Business Tips and things as you've kind of been rolling out your mentorship and everything like that and I would love to dive into that aspect of your business today just because our followers are primarily the nutrition that that has <hes> the personal trainers the coaches online that are really looking to scale their businesses and grow and learn from us so when you first started you know I remember you sharing a story and you've probably shared this story multiple times. I remember reading a post you. I put up on instagram. I think it was on your story of working seventy hours a week at the gym and how this felt like you know this trap or this prison you had sort of created for yourself and it resonated a lot with yeah I I did the exact same thing you know and I think a lot of us do yeah. Have you just elaborate on that sure I mean I think you know as a personal trainer or health coach we get into the field because we really want to help people and we want to help them. In creative transformation or facilitated transmission maybe something that we had and so I've always really felt the power of physically changing your body or getting stronger in the gym and just what that feels like and and so I really wanted to help as many people as they possibly could without and they think is a personal trainer especially in the gym setting it kind of can set us up for <hes> to have kind of scarce severe lack mindset because you know we just are are so worried that our clients are gonNA leave us or you know Jim. Owners are notoriously like lack mind sad very controlling like just managing 'cause they're. They're worried they're trained. You'RE GONNA leave so I kinda grew up in this place where I was like Oh cool I can make more money if I just take more clients and so I was always such a hard worker I was like you know what I'm just going to say yes to everything and and I got to the point where I was literally at the gym at five in the morning and I would get home at night at nine pm and I was training up to twelve clients a day. I was teaching about twelve to fifteen group fitness classes a week <hes> and I loved it to a certain degree but at some point it feels really restrictive like oh my gosh. If I don't want to take a vacation I literally make no money this week and so I got to the point where had this Aha moment I was driving across town. It was a Friday evening and I I was going to personal train one client at eight o'clock at night on a Friday for fifteen dollars and I was like how and I had this moment this lightbulb moment my friends and family were doing weekends. They're all relaxing. May remember being like why am I driving driving across town right now for fifteen dollars. How did I get to this point and I got to that point by just in being in that scarcity mindset and saying yes to everything everything everything and so I would just take any amount of money that anyone wants to give me at any time I had zero boundaries stories? I do not own my worst at all and in retrospect it was a great problem because I was in such high demand but I didn't really own my worse and because of that I was literally my entire schedule is being run by my clients. I know saying dome so it couldn't really do anything well. <hes> I had at that same time read Tim Ferriss as the for Workweek when he came out and when I first read it it was thought if you if you are listening and you don't know what the book is about it's kind of about like automation and systems system and working smarter not longer and working smarter not harder and at the time it was so out of my round the possibility that I was like this is ridiculous like there's always work for me right our our industry personal trainer diamond does but then I have to keep my clients have you're also gonNA leave all kind of scarcity stuff and then at that moment when I had that moment on Friday night I was like okay I have to figure this out because this is not working and so it took me about two years to slowly make changes changes to my schedule. I started bashing my client back to back and said having these random fifteen and thirty minute time slots between clients where would get anything done moving group training instead of one on one training. I started cutting my sessions in house like thirty minutes charging more for less time and I also increased my praises. I like double my prices which was really scary. I ended up losing about ten percent of my clientele but I ended up making more money as a result in opening up my schedule for the opportunity store logging into do some stuff online so oh yeah it really took me a long time. I think sometimes when we're in that position we can't see a way out of it and my advice to anyone listening. Who's in maybe the position you were lar- or or I was is? You have to just do one small thing as we think we don't have control of our. Schedule we really do in our clients love us. They trust us. They're willing to work with us. It's just that we don't usually name the terms we usually let them name the terms and so I think if you bring it up some of your clients that you WanNa make some changes to your schedule you make the increasing prices as you make your move each group training like all of these things that can help you <hes> make more money in less time and have it not run your schedule. They are a lot of times willing to work with you and so I think starting slowly to make those changes is really what made huge for me and all of a sudden in my online desert growing show that's amazing. I love that and I actually didn't realize how similar are story was. I feel like I was listening to myself telling my exact same story back to me. That's crazy and it just goes to show you know this is so many people's story and living in it really does feel like there's no other option for a period of time going like man you know there's a lot of other trainers at the gym that would like that will take my clients in heartbe you know and you're feeling like like if your client could potentially leave you and you're going to end up homeless and you can't pay your bills and and so you know for me to make the jump to increase my prices that was probably one of the biggest pivot moments for me because from someone who is in such scarce mindset I thought they were GonNa leave me and but I knew something had to change so I actually ended up taking like a transient pay cut in order to create time and so that that changed the way that I started making decisions from there I started making decisions uh on time and not money and money came eventually but that was a conscious decision I think as a personal trainer you know in. I called the fitness hustle yes when you're in a place where you're training three or four different gyms. You're running around all the time <hes> it's easy to. I feel really busy 'cause you. Your whole schedule is booked out but you feel so unproductive and there's a huge difference between busy and productive and <hes> you can never get ahead. You just feel it. You have to keep this up or else. You know you're not real to pay your bills and so if anyone is in that place right now I want to validate that and it's awesome because you're very high demand but that also tells you that your clients will probably willing to work with you more than you believe. <hes> one hundred percent I love that message and I mean going back to what you said around just taking that one. I stop and it's almost like proving to yourself more than anyone else that you're worth it. You're not stack. You can move you. You can get out of this. There is choice for you. You know you just have to take that one. Step forward forward and enjoy yourself that you're worth at <hes> I think when I was stuck in that I was so stuck in making excuses for myself you know like you were just going through a bunch of them but also ceiling almost like an impostor you know like who are you you to stay like you're too good a work to not work with so many clients like you're. You're saying that you're too good to you know right. It's so common and it's these stories we just like circulate in our minds that just keep us stalled out road. I mean you help your mentorship works through some of these stories while other common ones that keep coming up for you or is everyone's experience very unique one of the things that's really interesting. I see a lot of my clients if there there's some understandably there's maybe some <hes> hesitation or resistance to start making those big changes to their schedule not only because they're scared that their mind you're gonNA leave but also remember like if we make some of these changes to our her schedule and we actually get time back that we want on the hook right now to do the big thing. It's easy to describe it out at the gym right like it's easy. That's your comfort zone. It's super easy you feel really confident there but but he started changing your schedule now almost as if you have no excuse you're like okay I keep saying I wanNA build my online coaching business and now I actually created the time to do it like Oh shit. I'm not good at this yet so I you know I'm not coughing in the X.. Amount good data yet and so we really I see a lot of people <hes> deferring to the lower hanging fruit because putting themselves on the hook to bigger things a lot scarier. That's so true like shaking my head over here. You can't see me like Yup up. That was me. That's everybody it's so either. You know make lists of all the things you would do. If you had the time and you know rewrite those listen ship prettier listening. That's my profession brain. You know what I mean and then to actually just do the take messy action into the thing you know. It's I mean that comes back show probably fear of success in some regards right it. Is You know if I actually sixty two this. which is that mean yeah? I mean there's a whole uh other level of accountability. That really is scary. You know online business is no joke especially if you are going to be a personal brandon you're trying to build your audience and you know like your ideas are out on flay. It feels risky. You know feels you're late. You're opening yourself up for much critique. You know especially if you bring on a team now all of a sudden you're <hes> responsible for people livelihood. It's very family you're paying salaries and and so it's a whole other level of responsibility versus just showing up to the JIM personal training clients teaching classes thing that you know you're already good at now all of a sudden you're putting your ideas and your solutions and you're vulnerable stories on the Internet to be critiqued and that is understandably really scary and so the way that I helped my clients hi it's kind of overcome some of those mental challenge especially those mindset challenge at the beginning I would say probably the first six months or always the toughest because we do have a lot of imposter syndrome. <hes> you're comparing yourself constantly. You're in like constant consumption mode vs creation most though you know you're looking around other people going wow like they're getting this and they're doing this and it makes you feel out of your power. Were up against a lot of those mindset barriers especially at the beginning because we don't have a show of evidence that were good yet we don't have you know ten twenty fifty fifty online clients that we've gotten results and so it's kind of a catch twenty two because in order to get more confident and able to take whatever that next step is you have to take action. You need experiences in order to gain experience. You need take action so which is the nearest thing to do so like what comes first the chicken or the egg and so it helped my client. Just take that first small. I think a lot of people are scared. Oh my God if I do the online business co-chair online distance coaching. I'M GONNA get this influx of clients. They're not gonNA know what to do and I'm like. I wish I wish it was that he is too late. One single client and like I'm telling you you'll have plenty of time to figure it out. That client doesn't know their Guinea pig first of all right we gotta take a little bit so you make it and I think having like the first one client and getting some reps and going wow. This isn't as hard as I thought it was or while my clients getting great results this is cool. Maybe I can take on a second client so it's not like you. Just put up your website and all of a sudden you know you got a million clients. Let's play one at a time and you you start to build those wrapped in a show of evidence that you're good so yeah. We need to build the bodywork basics. Yeah absolutely it does and I think I love that you you break it down for them like that and you really work through and legitimize their fears because. The these fears are real and they really need to be validated not just kind of swept under the rug and I think ultimately working through those fears and coming to realize that fear isn't necessarily bad or negative you know fear ear can be the catalyst for a lot of really really powerful positive change and growth in your life is huge right in it sounds at your guiding your clients through that journey which is amazing. I love hearing that <hes> do you feel like that. Fear of success is really one of the most underpinning but yet less talks about fears that people struggle West Yeah I mean I see fear of success in fear failure just being two sides of the same coin totally on the thing that we're the UH scared right. It's really that if we're scared of six death it's because we feel like at a certain level of success we will be held more highly accountable right and that's true and so it's just further to fall if you do feel and and so that's kind of how I see fear of success wow now there's that many more is on me if I do my own insecurity is that I'm not good enough. Maybe that's like my deep down. Dark insecurity is that I'm not good enough. I'm not a good coach. I'm linnea called out. Someone's GonNa find me out whatever that security is and now all of a sudden is that thing that were scared of happening ends up coming to fruition. It's that many more people and this that further to fall so I think it's easy to let's use the launer industry. It's really easy for people to default into trying to stay under the radar that you can't build your business by playing defense like you just can't like you can't expect to build your business. I play defense so in a way I get it. I totally validate the fear but I don't think that you have to be ready for like ten successes from now be ready for the next one and then once you get there. You're like okay cool. I handled this one of the tools that I use my clients to help with them. Overcome some of those big fears is actually visualizing what you would do if it happens. Is I call it a worst case scenario like you know instead of hoping that it's going to happen. It's in your head going okay. Let's just say best case. I you know I start my only coaching business. I got a whole bunch of client the thing that most scared of them maybe someone will call me out on the Internet. <hes> my clients won't get results. They'll talk shit about me. Like whatever it is that you're the most scared of what would you do in that moment like how would you handle and then I think sometimes getting a game game plan and and seeing that it might that you could handle it. I mean not GonNa be fun but that you could handle me and I don't know but you are but I've got plenty of tools and heaters to ruin my week like it used to just like ruined my weaken and I was Kinda. What's wrong and I'm doing something wrong and now it's the blip on the screen? It's not to say I don't take sometimes taking constructive criticism. It's just that it doesn't feel that huge to me anymore and so my advice is always get your first hater. Get your first school. Get your first like really uncomfortable optical. 'cause that's what gets you better as a coach. Do nothing get results right away. Guess what like that's on utilizing figure it out. You're the coach coaching the skill and so I liked when things don't go to plan because that allows me to become a better better educators better you know give you the example of just online space has changed so much and so I grew up in the blogging kind of like the Arab logging like we were just blogging every single day and it was great and like that's not a that is not a strategy I would ever teach great now rate effective and so I had a moment a few years ago with like okay. This isn't working anymore and I could be scared by that like Oh my God the industry's changing and like I'm not relevant or whatever or you could just really cool what's next and I try to see things more clinically and I think sometimes we get caught emotion of. I'm not good enough or I'm not good or some GonNa call me out and what that means about me. Verse looking at it like this is part of the process I love that so much I think too that comes into just showing up you know and not expecting respecting yourself to have it all figured out and I like the ideas while you mentioned <hes> stacking your wins. You know I think getting into the industry whichever industry that is for you fitness nutrition whatever <hes> we are always pacing ourselves ten insteps ahead Roy's comparing ourselves to that one person or those few people that we want to be living like you know and so anything less than that feels not good enough when really you need to take a step back and say okay what's my first little win and then what's the next ax stop and then what's the next step after that and that's really how you build momentum in Your Business and get where you WanNa go right totally. None of that's why it's hard right is because the way that you build that evidence that you're good is by doing just a little bit and so looking Taylor areas where you've been successful. Maybe a personal trainer for a long time. You just know that like client walks in the door. You know and you know you can get them results. You might have to borrow that confidence in that area and bring it over to online so I think a Lotta Times. We get scared but remember like you know how to do this. You've done it before. It's just the client in the gym with you anymore so good. How are you going to get better and take that one person on and no one's life has ever been ruined like you know what I mean? There's always plenty of time to adjust and switch and and pivot David if something's not working so that I know that that's one of my hind biggest fears is once they start working with people and there's a money exchange thing. That's scary thing right. They're like Oh do for free for free and I'm like you're not on the hook if you do it for free now all of a sudden someone gives gives you two hundred and fifty dollars this month like helped them lose weight like guess what you gotTa figure it out. You've gotta come with the good. You need to be the expert that you aren't facilitate that change in that feels a little bit. I noticed you know yeah absolutely I can. I see see that a lot of my finds those ball where that money exchanges. That's the first biggest hurdle I find for a lot of online coaches right. It's it almost legitimate legitimate sizes them and it tells them like Oh. I'm the real thing now in when maybe they aren't ready to emotionally accept that but it's a good little I push over the ledge like jump. You're good you're in. Let's go rather than just undervaluing like you talked about early on you. Know <unk> always undervaluing yourself not showing op as your most you know your highest vibe ing self right and really just undercutting your words in how you're treating yourself and your schedule with your clients and setting those boundaries and those expectations when you're totally agree just like owning your worst is like you have to know that you're good like truly believe in your sermon on so cliche but if you're having a hard time asking like I have clients who have a hard time asking for people to sign up for their newsletter and I'm like that's three like if you need extra money. I'm like if money were not says no. I <hes> you know if you're having feelings of. I'm scared to ask for something or I'm scared to tell them who my price or. I'm scared to even ask them Emma email newsletter like you to go back and do some internal work you feel like you. I feel like I'm valuable. If I show up in someone's inbox once a week was like tools tactics strategies things that I can help them like I'm obligated to ask them to be in it otherwise otherwise. What are we doing? You know it is there are some minds at work that needs to happen around that and really like you said owning your value or owning your worst but it is truly believing that you can facilitate and someone will be better off as a result of working with you. I'm not going. You have to go back and really go it. Cool like this person works to me like will they get what kind of results will they get and remind yourself of how talented you are and then from that point then you sell from that place. That's when you coughing come into a sales conversation association when you can constantly post on social media called action like that's really need to be coming from because you you know this like sales energetics if I show up and I don't really believe in what I'm asking you like they're going to pick up on that wasn't in my Mortenson my body language and what I'm saying it's going to come off. Hand and people are like customers are savvy. They're not going to go with someone who doesn't really believe in and so you you might have to do a little bit of kind of like a mental pep talk to get yourself ready to ask for stuff yeah do twenty Robbins Shit right whereas trump trampolines. I mean that also comes back to you. I think choosing the perception that serves you the most you know and instead of US using the Lens through I'm not ready. I'm scared I'm new at this. I'd I'm not worth says choosing the perception that does actually serve you and you know the internal work is so huge and I think it's something that it's not what I mean. I know you'd agree with meeks. Talk about all the time but it's not one and done you know it's ongoing as you grow your your as your business grows you grow or you should be and so your perceptions are going to change and you're GonNa you're gonNA come across new uh-huh stories that you're telling yourself in new things to be fearful of right but if you lay the groundwork early on you'll know your warning signs and you'll know how to adjust that perception just bring them all yeah I mean I say that building living your business is neatly person development work because there's going to be your challenges something that you'd never tried before or something that you're going to have to do whether it's making huge investment in your business that you're not used to doing. There's something about investing in your business that you know whether or not so you get anything out of the investment. It's just literally an energetic signal to your higher self that like you're ready to go to the next level and now if you're feeling that nervousness that that fear that that I'm not sure that excitement of like I'm not sure I'm GonNa make this money back but like you trust yourself enough to invest in the word whatever that looks like like that to me is a leveling operate and so we have these small opportunities when we do feel scared by the way that never goes away no matter how there's always another level level of vulnerability and you're like okay yeah and you know I heard <hes> Brennan Bouchart speak a couple of years ago and it was so interesting he was talking about how you know like when I told you the story of my personal training career when I was driving across town eight o'clock in the Friday like that was misery misery and I worked so hard for the next few years to get out of that place that by the time I got to the place of just not misery anymore I was a call them good and I thought I was done on with the hard stuff. Something else happened and I was like we what I already did the hard stuff like my like and so you think at some point just being out of misery is enough and so sometimes you reach a place of complacency and you have to almost really will yourself to go into the hard stuff again and if you're not really yeah moments moment miserable or like you know. I really like what I'm doing but I do want to the next level. You'RE GONNA have to actively seek out the comfort and that's just to do and so there's always another like layer to peel back. There's always another level to go to no matter how <hes> big or small businesses and neither exciting because I'm like who every time something hard happens. I learned something about myself. How I handled it how it could have handled it better and just try? I take the emotion out of it so it doesn't feel so oftentimes. We think if something goes wrong that we're wrong. Warriors like think doesn't go to plan it because we are innately some sure fuck up and that's just not the case. It's just like circumstantially. I tell my girls all the time we debrief on their launches oranges. What could have gone better? What could we have done more? Don't take it personally even on take personally can being able to detach confidently and look at it <hes> very clinically. I think an objectively help in hard because your baby everything personally and so moving through some of those big mindset challenges is exciting. If you choose to see it that way yeah I love that perspective I mean I'm you're saying all of this moving being out of misery and just like becoming complacent and I might yet that totally one hundred percent. was there girl like it's so true though you know when you're in such a low when you're so miserable all the time and you get to a place where you just feel like neutral neutral that feels really good to you for a period of time right but it's easy just to live at but a not push yourself you know and then all those other stories start coming in like well. I'm not going to take a rest because what if it doesn't work out and I'm going to go right back to that. Miserable miserable plays that perception shift is so powerful I love love love how you explained you know just learning from the cops and learning from the the winds and not marrying marrying any of your ideas because you never know what's going to work on what's not or what you're GONNA learn what you're not right so yeah but that takes a long time to get it. I mean that's why mentors are so great. You know is because they can help you get there faster sir but I figured I should on my own and it took me way too many. Hopefully you know and it happens in all different areas of our life to <hes>. I've been playing around this concept lately of diversifying the way you generate affirmation so for example you know for people who maybe a similar history to me growing up and like and really valuing your looks or leanness your fitness for me. It took me a long time to overcome some of my body image issues a lot of them like obsession with food and feeling like I need to be lean lean and you know all kinds of stuff and I remember kind of moving past a lot of my body securities and being like Oh my God i'm sure like amazing and they'll send business all of a sudden it was like but I'm not getting enough clients that I don't have enough followers or whatever it is right and so so if don't work on like that inner stuff that like feeling of not good enough of insecurity it's just GonNa show up like same shit different outfits and so would I've been trying to figure out multiple ways to feel meaning enjoy life not just business not not just my body not just my relationship. It needs to be multiple different ways so that if one of them goes changes or or is different now or need to pivot or goes down the tubes. I don't feel like that's my entire world and so I made that mistake multiple times like oh my got my body's my everything my marriage is everything and then I ended up getting divorced from like cool like what where am I going to go now. Like how am I gonNA drive affirmation now so I think diversifying the ways in which you feel good enough help because you're not putting all your exit back. I love that I think that's really valuable. I am new to the affirmation world as well and I I know you've been doing it for many many years and using this as a tool in your toolbox for many many years. Can you give an example of what you would mean outside. Outside of relationship outside of business outside of your body like those are all very prominent in many of us. By where else are you finding this for you yeah. It's such a great question you know I think that it's really easy to fall into a trap of generating affirmation from other people or things right money number patient our partner because his affirmation being in a relationship is an affirmation. <hes> you know a business doing well gives us affirmation clients getting results all these kind of things they all have their depend on somebody else and so my question comes down to what if there aren't anybody else like even with personal trainers I see them saying things like you know. <hes> I derive a sense of meaning from helping people and I'm like yes amazing. That's why we're here but at the same time what is the new people to help. Are you still going to feel good enough if you're not helping people constantly rightly so in a way it's like yes altruistic but at the same time it's kind of selfish and so figuring out a way to feel good enough just by yourself without depending on so for me. My practices been like cool if I had the entire day off and I'm not talking to clients not seeing anybody. I'm not spending it with my partner my boyfriend whatever like what would I do. How would I derive a sense of meaning meaning? Enjoy it so for me. It's very simple. It's like getting into workout. <hes> going for leisure walk with my dog like reading a book that educates me or or opens me up to different way of doing things <hes> you know so those are some big ones for me is how can I feel lake. My life has meaning or I'm engaged in my life without it depending on other people and so like that's my thing so if you have the data yourself no kids no family no work. No whatever how would you send it. How would what would fill you up in that moment everything for a lot of people? It's it's not stuff like television and swing social media and playing video games like it's not that kind of stuff but oftentimes those are escapes sometimes so asking yourself when you do something. How does that make you feel doesn't make sure more energized or less energized and is there something that you can do regularly? That doesn't require anybody else to make you feel enjoy and then meaning. That's kind of where I go. Wow Yeah I that's powerful and I that's a really easy way to make it real. You know like okay I can picture myself there right rather than just pulling something out of thin air. That's how you can make it really real in tangible for you even though Oh even if you aren't constantly practicing formations currently you know 'cause I push all of my clients to to establish a practice with it. It's powerful and you know as entrepreneurs I think there's just so much input we get hat constantly and opinions of others and then let alone our own voice in her own head <hes> it gives us an anchor you know amidst the chaos to come back to and that's kind of how I like to use it and I know you can use it in so many different ways in. It's very unique experience but I like that. It gives me something that I can actually okay. If I had a day to myself. What would I do and I can kind of map it out and actually visualize which is awesome yeah? No I mean I love that. Uh I love the idea of like what are you need to do to own your power so I don't really like ever look. I know a lot of people use affirmations like they write them on their mirror a little post it notes. I'd never done that before. I just have binders for myself so like <hes> one of mine is what would someone at the level that I wanna get you do in this situation. How would someone who is trusting and powerful reacting the situation so sometimes I have to act as if I'm already the person that I wanNA become if that makes any sense so <hes> you know if I tend to get really insecure around this one specific thing or if for example I wanNA invest my business but it's a pretty big investment and I'm really scared scared? I asked myself okay like what someone like. Oprah do like what would have someone who is at the level that I wanna get to what would they. What would they make in this in this scenario so whether it's someone that you kind of a mentor of yours or someone who's maybe a couple years? How do you want to be or <hes> or even just like theoretically what would a powerful trusting person? That's always my mantra linka powerfully trusting person of them like trusting of themselves do in this situation and so that helps me get out of my head and into action I think for me when I'm moving and I'm taking action. I feel engaged and that's the most important part I don't need to to get there yet. They need to be working towards it and I think so long as I feel like I'm on the journey. I'm doing like how many of us like we're sitting around watching someone else be super successful. We feel really insecure but as soon as we sit down and we're doing our shit and we're like creating stuff we're not looking around looking at other people. We're focused nowhere to into so excited about it and so I think if you can get out of your head and into action fast as possible and do the thing that someone who is at the level that you want to get to is doing all of a sudden it just kind of feed forward cycle and in order to get into the Cycle Eugenie to have to take take these small actions and three for me. I love educating myself. I'm dealing in Iran. I'm like cool podcast books. What can how can I learn a new skill even like I started skateboarding snowboarding in the last year like forces? Where's your brain and your body to move in different ways and it kind of gets you out of that Rut? So I'm a huge fan. I'm Lik lateral disciplines learning about things like I would love to just go back to school learn about like finance and investing in like in Crypto and stuff like that that's totally outside out of my my expertise now but I feel like that it makes for a more deeper experience if I can just figure out a way to educate myself in these kind of lateral discipline. That's so cool yeah. That's so so cool I think everyone's everyone's experience of that will be slightly different. You know like what really puts them into action. Yours is education you know and coming into the ad and someone else's will be something completely different. Probably you know I know my husband's is education as well in minus. I'm still figuring out actually to be very transparent. A changes a lot. You know what it once was is not what it is anymore and I think I need to come back into myself and really figure out what that is. You know as you grow volve. If you're not on top of that you Kinda grow out of what used to motivate you and put you into action then when it doesn't one day it's like well. What the hell you know amy I remember I remember you know talking about engagement so I don't know if it needs to be education? Necessarily it might be for you. You know calling another entrepreneur and being like hey you run this by you really quick. We chat about this. Can I process with you doesn't have to necessarily be like educating yourself and reading that kind of thing consuming but it might just be processing something with appear who has been there or is also dealing with those same you know kind of. Maybe some hiccups or some mindset stuff so you know I think that for everyone. It's a little bit different but pay. Attention to the emotions of illicit trade eggs from me <hes> if I feel enjoy if I feel excited if I feel when I'm doing has meaning if I feel like it's helping the world I it's helping myself become a better human like they attention to the emotions that you're generating when you're doing certain things if you feel gross every time you do that certain thing hanging out with a certain person or have to do this thing over here like that's probably going to be no so we're trying to pay attention to the emotions that certain activities illicit and if I dread it it's a no for me and if it can't be a no right now I I'm trying to figure out a way that that I can kind of leave it behind reversal training. If you're so thinking that I do all my clients they're so miserable personal training a ton of hours like this job and so when when they're coming into online business they're creating it from a place of urgency and desperation and that also doesn't work can't be like I hit my full time job. I need to make money online and like that can't be the reason you need to come into it because because you're excited and you WANNA make a difference when we can impact and you WanNa create something of your own. It can't be out of a place of desperation and urgency either and so you know look at the motivations behind the things that you're doing the feelings of illicit. I think that's kind of for me. It's always been a roadmap. That's that's so awesome Joe. I love that I took away from that. I think that's so it is so powerful because truly you know I'm just having flashbacks to when I left I we owned a gym for five years and when we shut it down I jumped immediately into all all mine as we naturally would and grew its tasks like really fast and one day I looked around and I was like wow I just created the virtual version of my gym. Hell you know it's like because I did it from a place of urgency Z. and scarcity and just needing to get out right and so then I had to like start making changes to that business but actually learned from that mistake that time right but you're so hit the nail on the head with that it's it's so true. How you enter you know your business or how you enter a pivot in your business or whatever emotionally can completely fuel the outcome of that pivot you know and just really being self aware enough to recognize where that pivot is coming from and it's hard because sometimes you and you are like I'm going okay? I know I shouldn't be like a scarcity mindset right now but like you are. You didn't really need money right this second. So that's all valid so a Lotta Times. My clients say will help them. Stay in an abundance mindset when like I really need to close the sale because I need this money because bills. I'm like get it. It's a tightrope. That's where the self trust comes in greatness okay. I'm going to sell conversation. I but I'm also going to detach now come. I'm going to do the best I possibly can and I'm GonNa let the chips fall because that's the thing is I think when we started to feel like we need to control the calm that just really generate a ton of misery and expectations and disappointment and things like that so really I look at it like do your best show up to whatever it is that you're trying to create your absolute best but detached from the outcomes gosh such a hard practice. Oh my gosh that is so hard especially to tell someone who is in that scarcity place like okay detached from the outcome when that's all they care about in that moment but that's I think where a lot about self works ties back in and it isn't just a switch right. It's a constant process and it's a constant evaluation of where you're at and what you need yeah just like this dance. We play with ourselves. Yeah I mean and that's and that's why like if you can do personal development work and like self-development introspection work I think if you can come place like awareness and just try to the objective with it like okay. I'm doing that thing now like I'm dying. I could feel myself getting insecure here. I can feel myself writing. I feel I can feel myself. Comparing myself like it takes. I know sounds like so <hes> evident but it's not you know if you're not practicing self awareness breath just at the mercy of some of these negative emotions like I remember for me especially my body like bodies team struggles I was feeling guilt and shame and embarrassment and like self loathing and all of these negative emotions all the time because I just assumed and that those were normal they were hunters oath to feel when you just ate an entire bag of chips like that's the only option when you start your personal development work you start to see like Oh. I have a choice here like you had mentioned earlier choosing your perception. I can't Dan choose to not feel super guilty about this. I can choose to feel in my power. I can choose to feel <hes> secure in this moment. I can choose to trust in this moment in when you start opening your eyes to what else on the menu. Nothing's really exciting so you do have to do a certain level of personal development or self awareness work in order to you know be able to kind of pick up on those negative patterns and eventually Yeah Yeah Okay Amazing. That's so true so if we could leave audience with one major takeaway I always hate getting put on the spot another podcasts. I'm like Oh one takeaway. I don't know but I'M GONNA DO IT T. O.. If we leave them with one what would it be. You know I mean there's so many but if someone is the same theft and maybe they are you know working full-time in the gym and doing you know kind of I think it believed the biggest thing is just take one small step today. So one of the things I always hear from my clients are people who wanNA start building their online platform urban WanNa Start Doing Distance Coaching is they always say start off like it's also overwhelming. I don't know where to start or <hes>. I just feel like if I can't dedicate this much time to it. Then I might even bother or you know it just there's so much to do or so saturated and all these kind of a no excuses but like valid points but at the end of the day it's all mental aerobics right so it would say my biggest advice is try to just do one small thing each day think about it. If you post on social media you know every a day for seven days like that's a big deal. Most people will not be at that consistent so I think you're all permission to do the lower hanging fruit stuff without it being perfect. I was girls especially like this is when you should mess up I'd like no one's looking at and it was watching you say the same thing. Now is the best time to get your rest and like post that video that isn't like top quality professional grade like down at the time to try your hand and instagram live and then you can delete that shit like so I just give people the advice to do one small thing and allow for them to not have to be perfect with it because you know people aren't expecting perfect. I always remind my girls like you're not supposed to be good at this yet. And so the more wraps you can get closer. You will end up to approaching perfect but you have to become too just like really if you can be consistent. You're already gave me the top one percent of people trying to do this so try to do your best do one small thing and you will give it it or retirement awesome growl. So where can everyone find you if they wanNA follow along or hitching up online yeah. Let's hear people <hes> yeah. It's just JOEL FIT DOT com website. If you guys want to <hes> jump on my newsletter and get like all the latest now if you can put your email in anywhere on that site <hes> and then I spend most of my time on instagram at you'll fit and then on facebook my <hes> visit sater's Joe Coleman so yeah I lived here people with years of questions or clarification on anything. It'd be up in the G._M.. On instead.

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"Bird baths can. Did she kill her band? Okay my first question is this. Did Carol Baskin killer husband and feed them to the Tigers police. Dm Me Right now. Let me know okay next question. Do you WANNA come to a party with twenty of my really smart friends. Do you want to know what they think you should do right now? In Your Business if yes. This is the episode for you if you were series okay. Let's keep going a few weeks ago. I asked some of my favorite entrepreneur friends to help you out and give you their best business and mindset advice. All I ask is one small favor. It's free and it will take you two point five seconds during this episode tag the guests you found super helpful and give them some love and I g I know as a creator this means the world to US feedback is our fuel to keep creating for you so tag them. Dm them whatever you want to do with. Just show them some love for their incredible free advice. If you appreciate them taking the time to do this for you go tell them. Okay okay friend. Are you ready buckle up? Let's kick it off with Jill Coleman. Her advice will not only help you to see this time as an opportunity as an online business owner but it will also give you actionable steps. You can take today. Let's dive what's baby grandma is. It's the energy and it's Mike and if you guys don't already know my he's my brother and the CO founder of soul CD and Real Talk. We need to know. Are you feeling crazy and anxious right now in quarantine like is your family driving you up a wall hold on wait you mean? Is your sister. Drive you up a wall okay but seriously if you were also feeling super anxious during this uncertain time and you need something to help you relax. We have just the thing for you and listen as entrepreneurs we know stress we know how much anxiety can really hurt your business more than ever. This is the time to stay calm and stay positive. And that's why we created soul. Cd You've probably seen me share this anxiety with you on edgy stories. Because you know. I'm Hashtag obsessed with edgy stories. But if not you have to try our brand new. Cbd INFUSED GUMY's low sugar vegan gluten. Free I am beyond obsessed in did I mention they taste delicious? Our new coconut vanilla flavor tastes like a vacation. Which is what I need from Mike. Right now. I need one too but honestly. Why do we love so much? Cd CAN help with anxiety inflammation trouble sleeping and so much more. We wanted to create an all natural solution to your pain and anxiety without any toxins and zero. Thc That means you had not get high from our products. So don't just take our word for it. Go check out. The thousands of people sharing their stories of finding relief with Seoul. Cbd You could check us out at my soul CBD DOT COM or comes to us on Instagram at my soul CBD and Great News since you're one of my loyal listeners. I want to hook you up. Use Code Baby Grandma at checkout to save my two favorite products right now. Are the coconut vanilla. Gummy is which I love taking mid day when I have a really busy hectic stressful workday and watermelon teacher which. I'll take every single night before I go to sleep. Yeah and I'd say my two favorite products after years of being an athlete dealing with sore back and sore knees is by far the extra pain. Cream and the fifteen hundred milligram peppermint but honestly friend no matter how you're feeling or what you're struggling with right now. We have something for you. Relief is waiting for you at my soul. Cbd Dot Com. Something that has given me a lot of Solis is knowing that while a thriving economy is amazing. It's also like a super low buried entry so meaning anyone can really get in. Anyone can do well with it. There's more abundance. Yes but there's also more competition. There's more noise. There's more copycats less originality less resourcefulness etc. Because there's really no incentive for people to try harder or to try something different and on the contrary what we're dealing with now it's times like now that forced us to really get better to innovate to pivot to dig deep because honestly at this moment. Not Everything is right for the taking and I think that there's probably about three things to help people who want to survive this and want to do well coming on the other side with a business and presence and a brand that is even better than where they're at right now on the first is you have to have real mastery of the material so whatever you're teaching whatever your area of expertise is I think that it is important that you do have a real deep understanding of the thing that you're doing if you don't have a real understanding of the thing that you're teaching it's going to show you're going to get left behind so what that means is that you might need more education. You might need the ability get better innovation. Become a thought leader in your industry study more. Think outside the box that only someone who has mastery over their material really is going to be able to create those things. That are going to help you moving forward. The second thing that I think people need is a clinical and objective perspective. I think getting too attached to the way that you have done things in the past or the way that you think things should be done or the week that you like things to be done. Sometimes we can get really email about that. I think we kind of think. Oh well you know. This is the way I've always done ahead of this. What's worked in the past? I think sometimes we take it personally when things aren't working and look we're at a position right now. We're like a lot of things are not going to be working. People are going to experience a ton of frustrations failures obstacles and things come up and I think that we have to not take those things. Personally I think we have to look at all of this as clinical. So when things come up in your business and you try something and people aren't selling are people signing up or the message isn't hitting think. Resist the temptation to take it personally and try to just look at it clinically and go okay. What's working and what's not working and realize that it's probably is just a marketing. Issue is probably just a communication issue. Might even be kind of like mastery of the material issue. I think that if you look at it and you kind of remove the emotion. There's always a place to go and I think you have to maintain that possibility mindset in a place like this and we can't afford to be super attached to doing things one way and so what that means is again being clinical as possible and not taking your failures or your struggles personally getting clinical with it and then being action oriented and the last thing that I think that you need to do to survive and to do well in this time is be a leader because if you have a personal brand if you're teaching something on the Internet you are a leader whether or not you think that you are whether or not you want to be one or not. You absolutely are a leader. And I think that leaders lead with level-headedness. They leave with being grounded with having balanced the lead with action. They take massive action even in the face of insecurity even in the face of scarcity. And I think that it is important for the people who were phone you your audience the people who kind of look up to you whether or not you want that. You have to be that example. I think we have an opportunity to be that example so acting in abundance even when you don't feel one hundred percent secure even when you are getting a little bit into scarcity. I think it's important. So the three things that I think in summary We need to survive in do well in this time is number one real mastery of the material. I think that the masters and the people who know their material super well are going to be able to whether the storm number two getting clinical and objective with how you do things so instead of taking being super personally and getting really emotional. See Things as maybe marketing issue. A sales issue information as your communication issue and detached from being emotionally invested in it number three leadership and level headedness. I always ask myself. You know. It's okay to get emotional. It's okay to have all the feelings but the end of the day. How do I want to show up? And that's a conscious decision and it is a decision. I think a lot of people. Just feel at the mercy of what's happening and I always try to remember that we do have a say so those are the three things again. I think a good economy is great. And it's amazing but it's also a super low barrier to entry so to me. I would rather have something. That's a little bit tougher. That's going to force me as an entrepreneur to get better and to innovate. Hey I'm Joe Stanton from screw the nine to five. And if there's one piece of advice or loving kick in the Butt I could to help you navigate. These turbulent times. It's this this is your time. This is your time to show up. Serve shine and sell now. I know that sounds so obvious. But there are a lot of business owners out there who are in their heads right now beating themselves up for wanting to make an offer to their audience. And what I want you to realize is that creating something that truly serves and helps people in the wacky. Times is the best thing you could do for them and your business. So what could that look like? Maybe you create a free experience for people. Inside A pop-up facebook group that helps them achieve a specific result and gives them a quick win and then upgrade them into working with you in an even deeper way or maybe it looks like doing exactly like what Angie's doing with this kick ass mash up episode and creating wildly helpful free content for people. Or maybe it's leveraging the power of affiliate marketing. Were you simply connect your audience to the people products programs and services? You use like a believe in without having to create a product or program yourself maybe it looks like creating an intro offer. Something that is low on cost and heavy on the value. That could be something like a paid virtual workshop or a quick three day bootcamp or paid five day challenge that helps people in real time overcome a roadblock and makes them want to grab your course or Join Your coaching program or even your mastermind. Whatever it is. I just want you on the field. I want you in the ring. I want you showing up and connecting with people leaning into what you were meant to do because this is our time as entrepreneurs and this is when the world needs us an even bigger way. Are you going to step up into this opportunity or wait on the sidelines? What's up baby? Grandma's this is your homegirl. Kk coming at you live. And I've got a burning question for you. Are you going to choose fear or are you going to choose faith right now? Fear or faith. It's such a simple decision. And sometimes we get stuck making preferences. I'd prefer to have a tighter but I'd prefer to make more money. I prefer to have a better relationship. I should do this. I should do this I should do. They should do this and then pretty soon we all over ourselves because we never made a decision. A decision means to cut off from and means no other option exists. The interesting thing about fear and faith is that they are completely made up neither exist and a lot of you know a lot of people that are operating from one of those two categories in our world right now. Fear occurs when we direct our attention to something that we don't want faith occurs when we direct our attention to something that we desire something that we want one of the greatest lessons. My boss Tony Robbins. Ever taught me as he said. Kay if you'RE GONNA make shit up in your brain in your head than why wouldn't you make up something that serves rather than destroys you? Our world has gifted us the opportunity right now to sharpen our decision-making muscles that's all you've been you've been gifted a big decision to make and that's fear or faith regardless what's happening around you. There's a part I already know that about you because you're listening to the show which means you're a cake ass baby grandma. Okay call on that part of you. The part of you that is hungry. The part of you that is courageous in the face of fear. The part of you. That won't put up with excuses. Here is my quick tip. I want you to think about the area of Your Life. That right now you are most stressed out about the one that is keeping you up at night. The one that you're like. Holy flack Jesus. This area of my life is doomed. Nothing you say will make it better. Then I want you to take that word that area of your life and attach it to the of this sentence. Corona is the best thing that ever happened to my insert word. Now brainstorm. What would you have to do? What would have to happen for? That STATEMENT TO BE TRUE. Humans are rewarded in public for what they create timelessly. What they practice relentlessly in private. So I guarantee you if you put true relentless effort into that list when we come out of this thing which we will you will be light years ahead of not only the human you were before it all started but all of your competitors. Okay you got this girl shooting home here. Of course you could tell the baby gratify me at Judy. Holler J. U. D. I. H. O. E. R. ON INSTAGRAM and by website is Judy Holler dot com for all the things but my advice and this time of disruption and anxiety and fear and overwhelm and stress is to stay in forward momentum to keep moving things forward for yourself in your business inch by inch hour by hour day by day microdosing goes small. Go small to go big right now because I think sometimes even though spall moments of just inching projects forward who really help you stay informed momentum and a gives you this really beautiful dose of confidence encourage because when you do one really great thing for yourself today it inspires you to go do something great for yourself tomorrow so interesting. Ford keep informed momentum and the other thing I'm doing to stay sane as I'm moving my body because there's a lot of science around this idea that when you move your body you change your mind when you change your mind you change your life so get on the bike. Go for a walk run. Do Yoga in the basement. Dance out in your office. I've been doing a lot of this lately. Putting on like a sequined jacket. Somehow Pink Lipstick to raise my vibe and just dancing out in my bedroom in my office so I guess the moral of the story is keeps smiling but yeah move your body. Move your body to change your mind also to keep inching forward one day one hour one project at a time. I'm I'm founder. And CEO of brand up were a creative agency for online entrepreneurs. And we've been working with Angie on Oliver. Brand touch points from building visual brands to highly converting sales pages. I'm here to let you guys in on my tips for leveraging this white space to really get into a creative flow so whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or someone who's recently lost their job and looking launch online now is our perfect opportunity to do a little brand and business audit. I think this white space is a beautiful opportunity for creation and getting into creative flow. So let yourself get inspired. That might mean a few different things for you. I know a lot of us are being mindful of budgets right now but you could totally roll up your sleeves and get scrappy here. So if you're an established brand I'd urge you to Do Audit. How are your websites? Converting right now is your website doing a good job at selling. If not now's the best time to figure out why and optimize from there. And what about your visual branding? I always advice to get scrappy or diy in the early phases. So if that was you now is maybe the best time to revamp. Everything and make it cohesive and do a little bit of future casting look at the rest of the year figure out. What other product launches you have and right now. Take the space of building those visual brands. That when you're ready to launch you could just hit the ground running get creative get inflow make it intentional. Make it strategic. Now that we aren't forced to create we could just allow inspiration flow and on the other side of things. If you're starting from scratch don't over think it builds something with their audience in mind make it intuitive and make it beautiful remember conversions. Are What matter here? Not Building something pretty with no endgame so roll up your sleeves and get it done. Feel free to reach out to me. Directly my Insta- is Anna doing things. I'm always happy pointing in the right direction. Come say hi and visit our website at. Www dot brand up B. R. A. N. D. UP DOT I. N. K. There you can inquire about working with us one on one or if your brand new we have some awesome branding and website templates. That can really get up and running stat. I really hope you're all looking at this as opportunity to create and I look forward to co creating with you guys I got good news for you. Baby Boo never before in human history. Has there been a better time to grow your business online better yet. There's never been a better time to market your business on social media. My name is Jasmine Star. And I'm a photographer and business strategist and also the CO founder of social curator and I have the honour of speaking to hundreds and hundreds of small business owners every single day and what I tell them is what I'm going to tell you. Early studies have shown that with the increase of people being at home. People are spending now twice as much time on social media twice and another piece of aggregate news has been that large organizations conglomerates businesses. Aren't spending as much on advertising at this time. Because they're not quite sure how their business is growing in relation to the uncertain times. So what does this mean for you? Sweet Hustler Dreamer small business owner. Is that more? People are spending more time and big companies aren't paying to play which opens the doors wide open for your content to get seen by more people. I get it. Times are a little tough but you are tougher. This is your opportunity to create great pieces of content. That not just sell what it is you do but you serve your audience. In one of three ways you can educate them you can entertain them or you can provide an escape. All of that type of content is going to resonate with the audience. Who's at home ready and waiting to hear from you. So now the real question becomes. Will you show up for them? I can't wait to see the content that you create and you produce wanted cheer you on along the way you can find the instagram at Jasmine Star. Send me a Damn I want to give you a little shoutout. Want to have a little conversation and have a little fun in these crazy times Ladies My name is Kayla craft and I'm super excited to share with you the most powerful business tip I ever learned and it is monetize before you create if you have this amazing idea to share and contribute to the world put it out there and get buyers before you create it. One thing that this does is it creates market research for you so when you buy it you can ask people. What exactly do you want to see in the course? What exactly do you WanNa see in this book? Whatever it is and find out exactly in their words what they want to see. These are buying paying customers of yours. Then what you do is used their language to market to other people that are your potential customers. This is so powerful once you have buyers then you create the program and make it but don't get caught up in that getting ready to get ready to get ready in plan plan plan plan plan and create something to then go and sell it to people that don't want this offer so that's my little tip of the day. It's how I've created to multiple seven-figure businesses in just the last couple of years. So you gotta be in the knowing in the knowing a certainty that everything that you desire is already yours. Everything that you desire needs to be in alignment with the belief that you can have those desires step into that This is Chris. Harder host of the money mindset. Podcast for the love of money and De Truth of the matter is this. Unfortunately Corona virus is gonNA cause far more bankruptcies than it will deaths but the good news is it's also going to create more opportunities more new products more new solutions more new entrepreneurs and best of all more brand new millionaires than any other period in our adult life. And that's because with every great shift there is also a great shift in opportunity and while some people are focused on the loss. Other people have trained their minds. And you can to to focus on seeing the opportunities that come out of every single situation just like this one has a matter of fact. There's two great questions you can ask yourself so you can recognize the opportunity and see were you fit into it. So that coming out of this thing you'll be one of these success stories and those two questions. Are this number one. What are the brand new needs? What are the urgent gaps that have been created because of this new situation that did not exist and did not have as much urgency just a few weeks ago before we were all living in this new world? What are those brand new needs that were developed? That's number one and number two ask yourself. How do your current skill sets? And how does your past experience fit into solving one or some of those new needs? When you ask yourself a better question you a better answer and when you sit down and really spend some time asking yourself. What are the brand new needs that have been created? And how do you fit into those needs? Then you're going to see the opportunity you're gonNA see a ton of opportunity and when you see a ton of opportunity and you take a ton of action. You're going to come out the other end of this thing. One of these brand new entrepreneurs one of these brand new success stories and possibly one of these brand new millionaires. And you know. I'm sure you on because it's my belief that when people make good money they do great thing no questioned for my fellow entrepreneurs who also suffer from S. B. S. Squirrel Brain Syndrome. Add if you also have SPF. Keep listening my friend. Do you wish there was something you could take. That would give you insane. Focus during your work day but is also completely natural and Caffeine. Free is yes. I have something for you. That may just fix your Squirrel Brain Syndrome. It's one of my best brain. Haxhi grits and something. I take before record every single podcast and every single time before I speak on stage. It's called be liquor brain fuel over the years. I've tried so many things to help me with my focus and I'm so happy that I found something that actually works. Ballitser helps with fighting brain fog beating the afternoon slump. Incredible focus for your workday supporting your focus. Your Mental Energy your productivity. Oh my gosh. It's my little obsession and if you follow me on stories you know. I'm taking shots of it every single day to keep me focused if you're ready to not suffer from Squirrel Brain Syndrome anymore. Head to beekeepers naturals DOT COM. Use the Code Angie lead to save beekeepers naturals dot com code. Angie Lee saves you Moolah. I'm so excited. Let me know how it helps. Usps I love you. I love your brain and your brain is going to love ballitser. Next up is my friend. Jordan Lee Duly author of own your every day so I have been spending a lot of time during this very interesting season reading and trying to look at it as an opportunity to really get clarity I think sometimes as entrepreneurs as go getters and as creatives it can be so easy to just get so caught up in all of the things we love doing. And all of the ways we love serving and all of the working in our business that we can sometimes forget to work on our business and that can really lead to a little bit of chaos. A little bit of lack of clarity because when you are multi passionate when you are passionate in general. It's really easy to feel like you're being pulled in a million and five directions and so this season I really have been encouraging creatives and entrepreneurs to take some time as much as it feels like a little uneasy that there may be a dip. In sales slower season when it comes to revenue. I always like to think about the way that fields work when you think about farming. Well how a lot of farmers would farm for thousands and thousands of years is that they would farm for six years and then on the seventh year let their fields rest and I think in some ways. We as doers and as business owners forget to do that and so what? I think is interesting about this time. As as much as it was unexpected and maybe a lot of felt unprepared for it. It's also an opportunity to reset and to come back stronger and I have really been focusing on reading business development. One Book that I really love is called. Ema Three visited and he talks about developing Your Business program and there's kind of seven key components to that the first being really digging into and clarifying your primary aim what that is now maybe slightly different from what it was when you started or several years ago and then when life gets busy and you go through pivots sometimes that primary aim begins to shift and you need to revisit that then. The next step is to determine your strategic objective. The third is to determine your organizational strategy next thing your management strategy than your people strategy than your marketing strategy and then your system strategy. You might have bits and pieces of this figured out. You may have gone through this process or thought through a lot of these components. When you first started or your two ago I think it's a great opportunity to revisit that to strengthen some things to make an adjustment where adjustments to be made. I also think it's a really great time to get super clear on your numbers. One of the reasons we panic when things go wrong or when they don't go according to plan is because sometimes we can feel a little bit unclear it when it comes to things like our finances and our projections because again when we're so into what we're doing and we're serving our clients and as long as we're making revenue. Everything seems to be good as long as we can pay our bills. Keep our lights on. It could be easy to get caught in that like hustle mentality to where we don't really sit down and do the hard things. I was just talking to a lawyer friend of mine which she pointed out how her business booming right now because so many people who have kind of put off some of the legal things that are boring and not as exciting as getting clients and marketing on Instagram. And all the things that we hear about she kind of referred to as the dentist a fact and she said a lot of times people don't want to go to the dentist until they have to go to the dentist and in some ways a lot of business owners are experiencing that right now like they don't want to have to do the boring legal stuck at their house in order if you will until they kind of have to and so if anything look at this as an opportunity to get your house in order to really clarify some of these things or revisit some of the goals that you had set before to clarify your projections what you actually need financially when you know what you truly need and where. You're really going less likely that you'll panic if things are uncertain are things. Don't go according to plan when you can get clear picture on your finances. You can make the necessary adjustments and decisions to continue to sustain at least for the most part so yeah just really take this time to work on your business even though it would probably feel better financially and what not to be working in it. This is really an opportunity in your business is going to come back so so much stronger if you choose to take advantage of it in this way Low It's Rachel Luna Aka girl confident on Instagram. And the host of the PODCAST. Real talk with Rachel Linda the best advice that I can give you in this time and any other time. No matter what's going on in the world is to get into a great journal. Practice in fact studies have shown that journaling boost your immune system. It improves your mental health and increases productivity. So right there your mind body spirit. It's all taken care of with a simple five to ten minute journey practice every single day. It's a life changing. Hit Me up if you need some props the second practical tactical thing that I can tell you you're going to want to really focus on is starting your day with income generating practices. So you're GONNA do your journaling in the morning and then you're gonNA go out and start making money. What's an income generating activity? While it's following with the client's it's creating a post that has a call to action. It's writing a sales email or writing a sales page. It's anything that will result in a cell or someone coming back and saying. Hey tell me more about your offer and the third thing on a more mindset perspective is really reconnect with your identity and the way that you do that is by assessing. What do you believe what do you value? And what do you want to see in the world? When you have the answers to those three questions you will never against juggle with indecision. And I'm telling you right now. There are going to be so many opportunities that come from this season. And there's no greater chance for you to grow ten x one hundred x like this is the moment the only way you're going to be able to leverage that is if you're very clear on who you are what you stand for and why you are here so. I hope you have fun. Get to journaling and definitely reach out to me if you need any support with this ad. Love it's Natalie Jill Natalie. Jill Dot com website and Natalie. Joe Fit is me on social media. Gosh what crazy times. We're in right now and it's really letting me reflect back to other times in my life where we had massive massive setbacks and the blessings in those and I know that sounds funny to hear in times of crisis but I can remember very clearly like it was yesterday. What was going on When nine eleven happened also I lived in Reston Virginia area years ago when we had the sniper attacks and we were put on house arrest and life changes we knew it and then back in two thousand eight two thousand nine when the stock market and the housing market crash and just everybody was in massive financial breakdown. What I know for sure what I have seen firsthand witness in my own life and witness with so many others is that when there is massive failure step back crisis that innovation creativity new brilliance is always born out of it hard times never last but they always always create innovation creativity and massive shifts with people. Some of the biggest success stories. I know of came out of hard times. My recommendation for what's going on right now is one surrender to it instead of trying to fight it and being uncomfortable with the change. Look at what the opportunity is right now. The opportunity to create space the opportunity to think the opportunity to go within the opportunity to really take some time for you to get back to your roots and really do some deep thinking on where you could serve where your gifts are where your creativity can shine. Think that first and then looking at where you could potentially pivot in your business or with your life. The question always to ask is what is a problem that people are facing right now that I have gifts awareness and solutions. They could really hope that problem. It's not about being original and it's not about being better than somebody else's idea but it's about coming together and really thinking where can I actually add value? So that question again is what is a problem that people are facing? And what can I offer as a solution to that problem with my gifts? My skills my creativity if you approach things from that direction and create a win win. You never edible news Study here and I know everyone's kind of stressing a little bit about what's going on with the online business so and he wanted to check in and asked me to give you tips that I'm doing right now right now for me. It's all about goodwill some of us. We meet times like this. We get a little bit stress. We think we gotta sell but right now. I'm all about capturing leads so I am giving away a lot a lot of stuff right now capturing goodwill and part of I did that. I have a huge generosity bank in terms of all these products that bill so one lesson I would say is when you're a creator and you're putting out lots and lots of stuff. I capture everything and then I basically put that stuff aside for times like this so I'm giving away workouts. I'm giving away programs and especially stuff. I'm in the health and fitness. Baso especially stuff that I built. They can help immunity sleep program stress programs workout programs meditation programs. All of that kind of stuff is all the stuff that I'm giving right now and so to me that's really what it's right now is goodwill and then of course there's always going to translate into better business later and so that's the primary thing I'm doing and then to other tips is to me. It's there's certain people right that this is a time of possibilities as well as fear and so in marketing. Yes sure you WANNA tap into some of the fear base aspects for example. If you're dealing with trainers and people who are coaches those individuals want to kind of be like. Hey listen you've missed the boat and you might WanNa get an online space and then other people who are the lay public. I'm kind of speaking to look. Did now's your time to focus on health and fitness so the marketing aspect. There's a little bit different but I hope that's helpful. That's what I'm doing friends. It's your girl. Alex Beedon you can find me at Alex beaten on Instagram. So right now. Thanks to a heavy dose of self-isolation. We all have extra time on our hands. We're spending less time out in the world socializing which inevitably means we have more spare time in the house to do whatever we want to explore other things right so I've three pieces of advice for you during this time. The first is to use this time to connect inwards and get clear on what you really want this time to be about. So for example I'm gearing up for a big launch in. May and I've decided to start using evernote as a space to organize all of my launch thoughts and ideas which is something. I normally don't have the time to do so. I've been using different notebooks to divide projects and goals and it's been so beneficial to not only help keep me organized but to keep my goals top of mind because guys. I'm a very visual person. And so seeing it on the left hand side of evernote with all my projects and goals. There it's just so rewarding it has feeling even more confident that this will be my best launch yet. The second piece of advice is to let yourself play and explore something new. Ask yourself what opportunities are showing up for you right now so for me personally. I decided to challenge myself to show up on talk every day. For thirty days specifically creating content for my niche giving advice on how to build your audience online and guess what guys I grew my talk followers to two thousand people in only seven days so you never know what can come from committing to a fun project like this plus. I love that. Not only do I get to be creative with this. But it's also good for business. And then thirdly I'm encouraging you to connect compassionately with yourself and the world. Obviously it's a sensitive time for everyone but I want you to ask yourself. What can you do during this time to offer? Someone supports so for me. I decided that I was going to offer free. Weekly Corona virus support calls. And they've been going really well and I'm about to give a massive shout out on my email list which has like forty thousand people telling everyone to go and help a business that has been really negatively affected by the pandemic. So simply ask yourself. What can you do to help and support Ngo tribe you guys? It's Laurie harder. My handle is at Laurie harder. And I'm so excited to be doing this because I think times like these are some of the most important times in our lives there the Times that make us assess what we really want. What have we been tolerating that we don't want and what do we want to focus on every single day with this valuable time that we've been gifted so one of the things that I think everybody could be. Focusing on right now is adding value to their audience and acquiring even more audience because when the time comes to make an offer or maybe you have an amazing offer right now. You want your people to know what's coming be raving fans and be craving it from you and view you as the expert and remember that visibility is everything if you are not visible every single day for them and adding value in some way then you're essentially in visible so be visible every day otherwise technically you're invisible because you're just not showing up for them in the algorithm or in life and one of the questions that I'm asking myself every day is what's the story. I'm going to tell from this time. Is it going to be a story of victory? Did I move forward productive? Did I connect deeper with my current tribe and friends or did I let fear completely consumed me in takeover and paralyze me every day? You guys routine is everything you woke up and worked out in the morning before all of this happened. Keep Waking Up and working out in the morning. Drink your water. Eat your healthy food. Connect with French just via zoom. If you went out every Friday night put together. Resume Party with all of your girlfriends. Keep normalcy in your life. Routine is everything and I promise. If you're connecting in your tribe and adding value this can be very powerful time in your life that you will look back on as that time that launched all those big ideas and big things for you and got clear on what it was that you wanted to do. Love You Hi this is Christine. Hassler I have a master coach and host of the podcast over at non with it. What should you be doing should in air quotes? Be Doing for Your Business Right now. Well my answer may seem strange. My answer is nothing but by nothing. I don't really mean nothing. One truth that we know right now in a time of massive uncertainty is that there's massive uncertainty. We just don't know what's going to be next. We don't know what the economy's going to be like we don't know what the consumer is going to be like so we can do our best to predict and prepare for that but not at this moment right now right now. We're in the beginning and right now we as individuals are being asked to go within before we look outside of us and try to go figure out what we're supposed to do and as entrepreneurs and as business owners your business is often a reflection of where you are internally so I would highly highly highly suggest using this time to do internal work to really look at our where my blocks where my fears that have been coming up. What are some things that happened to me in childhood that I haven't dealt with where some old relationships I haven't let go of? Where do I still have scarcely? Where was I running my business in a way that wasn't sustainable? So instead of just trying to put a band aid on that and think about what's next go in I now. I'm not saying that shouldn't think about your business. You may be saying. Oh Christina silly advice because I have to pay the bills and make money but again that's coming for more of a scarcity mentality if you really invest in yourself invested time energy and maybe even money in your inner work and get more clear about how you can show up in a way that serves people better and is more prosperous for you. I promise your business will be different but trying to figure that out. In a time where there's mass uncertainty is like trying to speak a new language overnight. It's just impossible so my advice is just pause for a moment. Look within trust that the answers will come and you'll know what to do and you will be better at Your Business and you will come up with even better ideas if you take a little retreat deal with some of that stuff you haven't wanted to deal with and then look forward. Sometimes we gotta look behind us to move ahead. And that's the big lesson that this time is teaching us. We're seeing a lot of systems collapse. Received how reliant. We are on certain things. And we're all being asked to take a big pause and reevaluate. How do things we can do that? Best buy starting from inside. I'm Melissa Rambo Saney bestselling author podcast and entrepreneur. And my tip for you. Today is to make sure that you are taking care of your mental health. This is so important and one of the best ways that you can do. This is through meditation. So if you don't already have a meditation practice now is the perfect time to take one up and this will not only help you'll personal life but it will help your business to there is so much going on right now and taking care of your mental health is key to staying healthy and happy. So you can start with guided meditations. You could start with one first thing in the morning. This is the best time to meditate. As soon as you wake up. Don't pick up your phone straightaway. Don't open emails? Do something good for you. That feels you up. You can do a guided meditation for one week. Stop that first thing in the morning and then on your second week. Add a second meditation in the afternoon and commit to this for a month and see how you go. Watch how. You'll mental health and your happiness levels in crease. This is the best way to boost your immune system and calm your nervous system so make sure you stop meditating today guys Amanda Bucci here and I am coming at you with a tip on how to survive and thrive during this time and the thing that I want to share with you is really about leadership so I know so. Many of you are feeling the call or the poll. Or maybe there's a sense of pressure to step up for your community and stepping up for your community really means that you have to step up for yourself and one thing that I really noticing for myself and for my clients and for people around me. That is really supporting. The sense of taking ownership of the word leadership is stepping into what I call service consciousness and I heard this term at first and my spiritual psychology program at the University of Santa Monica. And what it really means is to kind of remove from the picture and really recognize the fact that you are a conduit and a vessel for service to be transmuted through you and your body to other people and what this really means is making sure that your first and foremost taking care of yourself you are honoring your body's needs you are honoring what you were going through your struggling with. But you're also recognizing that you have power you have influence your story matters right and it's almost this energy that comes up from inside of you and says. Oh yeah I know exactly what to do. I am going to get out of my own way. Pressed the record button. Press the play button. Turn on my TV. Send somebody a message. Saying how can I support you fully detaching from the outcome of making it about you and make it actually about your level of service and with that will do is it will create a sense of trust with you and your audience. And that's what they really deeply need right now. They need creators and entrepreneurs and leaders that they can trust and know are going to hold them and be there for them in time of crisis and the best way you can do. That is detached from the outcome of is this. Dm CONVERSATION GONNA lead to a sale or whatever it actually is and recognize. This conversation is going to lead to a relationship a connection and a loyal audience member who is going to follow me through whatever I do and I can show up for them I so leadership really taking ownership of that word is my tip for you. I hope you guys enjoyed the episode. What's up you sexy baby? Grandma'S IT'S SAMANTHA. Skelly here from PAS breath work and Hungary for happiness and I WANNA drop in and share a breath work tool that can help through these anxious times through these times where we feel like we are overwhelmed. Were spinning loops of stress and anxiety. Ten Times in those situations we can feel very untethered and when we feel untethered and we are in no man's land it can bring up a lot it can bring up a lot of feelings of. I'm not good enough. I'm not qualified. I don't know if I'm going to be able to support myself. I don't know if I'm safe. I don't know if I'm protected and so whenever you're in states of anxiety and overwhelmed like that you get to remember that through the breath we can access safety through the breath. We can access certainty through the breath. We can access deep seats of calm and contentment. And when we don't have that available for us we tend to spin out. We tend to just get anxious and get all SPINNEY. And what's really important to remember is we're not gonNA find certainty and safety in the external world anytime soon. So what's really powerful is having a tool that we can tap into any minute of the day to allow us to really find these deeper states of contentment. Peace calm safety so a powerful breath. Rick Technique is called the Halo Act of breath. We're just going to do a little one just to give you a taste of it. Fifty brats enter the nose out through the mouth in through the nose out through the mouth. And then what we're GONNA do is we're going to take a deep breath in through the nose and we're going to hold it and then we're gonNA relax so when you're ready. Let's begin. Lost Ten taking a deep breath in through the nose holding at the top holding her breath for as long as you can feeling the peacefulness. The clarity the ease that comes from moving energy in our system beautiful and when you're ready just relaxing the breath that's it all right. That was a little forty. Five seconds. Little snippet of that. If you feel called to do more breath work used this practice in your everyday life. You can follow me on instagram. I do breath work every single morning at eight. Am for my community. You can also head over to pass breath. Work Dot com where there is an array of resources for you all right. My Love have a beautiful day. What's up everybody? This is Britney Hawn with hustle and flow. My instagram is hustle and flow official. During this time. I have come up with three things that you can apply to your business right now. The first thing is empathy right off the bat. I think that is the key to what's happening. People are feeling uncertain. They have fear. They're stressed and the one thing that will get everyone through. This time is community. But how do you cultivate real community by showing empathy? The second thing is education people still want to learn. They still want to consume information. So give them the information that they need to hear whether that's reassuring them letting them know more details about what you offer or even something really off the wall of a personal life like how to cook and five simple ways if you're not used to cooking from home. Ding Ding Ding. That work for me because your girl here is not domesticated at all and I am forced to eat from home or I'm just going to be eating a bunch of popcorn. 'cause I know how to use a microwave and that's about it so even educating on things like that we'll get people feeling that you're interested and you're serving and you're giving information that they could use and lastly entertainment listen. I know things are heavy right now. I'm not even going to deny that but everybody wants to have a moment to smile and a reason to laugh so give it to them. If there's something funny that you're able to show on instagram stories. Show it whether it's a mean or it's a video that you made or even a tick tock that you made people are really looking right now to just send some positivity and get their mind off what's happening even if it's just for a minute is my friend Cathy Heller. Who is the author of? Don't keep your day job. First of all Angie thank you so much for having me be a part of this. I think it's so generous that you continue to shine so bright and do everything you can to help your audience wall. There's so much going on with the virus there's also so much going on in the economy and I think it can make people feel like what do I do. Do I press pause on building a business? What what is the right move right now? What would be sensitive what would be ethical. And at the end of the day the the body needs blood to flow or else. If there's no blood flowing in a body the body won't work. It's the same thing with money. The money has to keep flowing so truly the best thing everyone can do is to have the courage to be in business so that we can spend money in the economy so that we can hire people and my friend. Susie said it to me so well Susan more she said Cath you either have the courage to sell or you work for someone. Who has the courage to sell? But if you WANNA work if you WANNA make money you're either going to have the courage to sell which really means to serve or you're going to work for someone else. Who has the courage to sell? Who has the courage to show up in serve and one thing I want people to understand? Is that while the parts of the economy that are completely collapsing right now. There's other parts of economy that are really soaring. I just read an article in CNBC. That was saying how has borough is seeing a spike in their sales. People are buying Jigsaw Puzzles. Monopoly Games people are seeing this. There's a spike in crafting. Stuff people are buying stitching sets and people are subscribing to online classes and people are being more productive and using their time connecting with people over zoom so. I think it's really important that if we're going to see what's here that we see everything that's here. There are people who are absolutely devastated from this economically and then there are people who would normally right now be spending money going to events and concerts and traveling for spring spring break and right now instead. They're looking for other ways to spend that money to entertain their kids at home to pick up a new skill or craft to start to start enrolling in some online courses. And so that is definitely here and so to turn a blind eye to. That isn't really going to help anyone. That's certainly not going to help us. And I do feel like what we're being called upon right now to look at is what is really essential and some businesses won't survive. They're going to have to pivot their model. Maybe we're being asked to find out what's really in alignment with who we are. Maybe there's an opportunity to figure out. What do we really have to give to the world? That really feels like it's truly who we are. It's really sharing. What's essentially what we're supposed to be sharing with the world. And what is really laced with that empathy for ourselves and for our customer what businesses will sustain themselves. And last it's going to be about relief figuring out how to pivot right now. Show up an answer. Those pain points and really be clear that you're here and and leaders will emerge and we need people who have the courage right now so I would say do whatever you can take care of yourself cry when you need to scream into a pillow when you need to have a glass of Rosa when you need to take a bath when you need to Sometimes you can watch some reality. Tv I finished. All of love is blind. And that did me some good and at the same time there might be a moment where there's a little crack in the clouds and you can start to think about how to raise your hand and give yourself permission to have courage to serve. Maybe in a new way that really emerges as a blessing of the cell phone keep going. I hope that helps you. Guys hope this was helpful. I hope you have a great day. I'll talk to you again soon. Thanks Angie does

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

NBC Nightly News

22:56 min | 3 months ago

Thursday, June 18, 2020

"Tonight the major Supreme Court ruling, blocking the trump administration's effort to end Daca the Obama era program that's protected. Eight hundred thousand young so-called dreamers from being deported, speaking exclusively one of the officers charge after the death of Richard Brooks his version of the fatal encounter both officers, surrendering to authorities and the new video, Rashard Brooks in his own words, Arizona Florida setting new records for Cova. Cases California, reporting a spike. The governor's new. Wearing masks. They're inside the hospital. Kobe Unit in New York the one time epicenter other bracing for possible second way new fallout from John Bolton's Bolton. Saying his old boss isn't fit for office. The president's furious reaction and is controversial new comments about June teen. What he said. That's raising eyebrows ahead of his rally in Tulsa. His supporters lined up as health officials fear. The event could become a super spreader for cove, but massive lines hundred waiting hours for unemployment benefits and the end of an Era Ford American political dynasty. This is NBC nightly news with Lester Holt. Good evening. Everyone a stunning blow to president. Trump today in a victory for undocumented immigrants known as dreamers, the US Supreme Court blocking the President from shutting down the program that is shielded hundreds of thousands of young people brought here as children from deportation. It's a second court ruling this week to be celebrated on the left and brought a sharp response from the President Pete Williams has details. It's the second surprising ruling this week from conservative Supreme, court, a big blow to President, trump and a huge victory for young people in the DACA program till it's just a enormous relief to truly just shutdown all of this confusion and worry. Honestly you can come out of the shadows, president. Obama launched duck deferred action for childhood arrivals in two thousand twelve with the stroke of a pen. Pen by executive order since then eight hundred thousand young people known as dreamers brought to the US by their undocumented parents have been allowed to stay. Go to school and get jobs. President trump could have shut it down the same way by executive order instead his justice. Department declared illegal and the Department of Homeland. Security ordered it ended today by a vote of five to four with chief. Chief Justice John Roberts joining the courts for Liberals the court said that was too much of a shortcut Roberts, wrote the opinion, saying the government failed to properly evaluate as federal law requires how ending duck would affect those who relied on it to stay here and get jobs in dissent Justice Clarence Thomas called it an effort to avoid politically controversial, but legally correct decision president trump blasted the. The ruling, tweeting these horrible and politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme, court are Shotgun blasts into the face of people that are proud to call themselves Republicans or conservatives among the strongest supporters of Dhaka the medical community, relying on twenty seven thousand people in the program to help fight cove at nineteen like Hobby Air Castro nurse in Houston it just doesn't seem logical or pair to. Take us on a circulation while we've been providing so much for this country since Dagga was. Nowhere tonight on whether president. Trump will try again to shut down if he did that would undoubtedly lead to more court fights lester. Feed Williams tonight. Thank you, Pete. In Atlanta the two police officers charged in the killing of recharge Brooks turn themselves in today, one of them, speaking publicly and defending his actions NBC's Blaine Alexander has late details for. Tonight. The men charged in the death. Ray Shark Brooks surrendering to officials former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolf and officer Devon Brosnan. Our full phase in the criminal justice system Brosnan charged with aggravated assault, breaking his silence with his attorney on MSNBC after posting bail. TRAGIC EVENT AND Is totally a total tragedy. That man had to lose his life that night. Brosnan's lawyer, denying that his client failed to provide first aid and stood on Brooks shoulders. It is preposterous, and it is not true and all you gotTa. Do is look at the video and attorney for Ralph charged with felony. Murder says his actions were justified I'm kind of getting tired of people saying. Saying that Mr Brooks was running away. Mr Brooks was not running away, Mr. Brooks turned an offered extreme violence towards a uniform law enforcement officer around Atlanta charges came down some officers walking off the job in protest others going radio silent according to a union leader. We're not I walk right now to the personnel issues. Were those charges a breaking point for some officers? Oh absolutely. And I would say not some I would say the majority of the officers in the city of Atlanta. The Atlanta Department said they're experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs, but denied that multiple officers from each zone walked off the job adding they are able to respond effectively to nine one one calls last Friday to of officer. Ralph's gunshots went into Brooks's back a third hitting SUV according. According to the DA, the people inside visiting from Tennessee, we come to to traffic, bad dreams, weakness, no myrtles and tonight we are hearing from Brooks himself in this newly released interview from. February with the organization reconnect. He talks about his previous run INS with the criminal justice system. If if you do some things, go wrong. You pay your debt to society, and that's the bottom line. The system could. Look at us as individuals. We do have lives. You know we just stay. We made. You know and. You know not not just do us as if we are animals. And the DA says because of the pandemic. They likely won't be able to convene a grand jury until October Lester. Right Blaine Alexander tonight. Thank you troubling new sides evening in the battle against covert. The virus now exploding in Florida Texas in some other states as health officials grow more concern about that trump campaign rally two days from now in Oklahoma are. San, brock has more tonight. Tonight. It's a tale of two regions. It's exciting because I know. We all want to get back to regular life. New, York, finally, getting the all clear to open up outdoor dining, retail and playgrounds, we've gone from the worst infection rate in the country. To the best infection rate in the country, while thousand miles to the south, the sunshine state barrel vast. It's high watermark confirming thirty two hundred new Cova cases in one day, I think there's more complacency and there's a higher risk of spread. I think that's what's happening. In the South and the southwest Florida images of crowded restaurants, and virtually no masks coming as new models pinpoint Florida has the nation's next large epicenter of transmission. Do you think it's premature for all these people that are going to bars and restaurants? No, not really I think it was foolish. The state's Governor Ron Disentis says no rollbacks are needed attributing more testing to driving the spike. New York's governor now considering a fourteen day quarantine, visiting Floridians as Miami Dade hospitals, which been stable, have seen one hundred new patients at a seventeen percent jump in a week. The healthcare straight in Texas is more troubling a ninety five percent increase in covert hospitalizations. Just it's Memorial Day. In Ohio. New cases hit the highest mark in nearly a month. The governor there now we deploy the National Guard. While in California Governor Gavin Newsom just issued a state wide mandate for masks in most indoor and outdoor settings, but amid signs of distress, a surge of something new hope the Mayo Clinic in Michigan State reviewed to thousand plasma transfusions, and if deem them completely safe, allowing the focus now shift to whether that same treatment can save lives, San, Brock NBC News Miami. I Morgan Chessy in Tulsa Oklahoma where a spike in Cova nineteen cases comes as crowds line up early for president. Trump's first rally in months at one can one all my life I'm sixty eight years old and your. Rosy matlock will be camping in her chair till Saturday, one of the twenty thousand supporters to pack the Okay Arena Imus Concerned about the virus as I am about every yearly flu, but new number show one hundred percent spike in Tulsa cases in just the past week. A Stat Commissioner Karen Keith says is about to get worse if you had president trump in front of you right now, what do you tell them? I would beg him as national leader to call this off. The president's campaign promising temperature checks masks, but no requirement just yet to actually wear them. We're taking care of them. And we know what the high risk means, but largely it means older people, especially older people senior citizens. I am concerned I really am bad. I really wanted to see this man speak. And tonight due to that spike. In cases, the be okay centers now formally requested that trump campaign provide a plan on how to socially distance. Come Saturday Lester Morgan Cesky, thank you. As New York City prepares to begin the next phase of it's real, but in tonight we have a rare and powerful look inside the covert units that battle the virus at the epicenter. Our gave beautyrest tonight on lessons learned for the potential nextwave. Inside Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan the fight against the corona virus has changed drastically month ago on this unit. Alarm bells everywhere. Dr Nauseous in our colleagues are still treating covid nineteen patients, but much less frequently. Now this is the hospital. Only Kobe won point at the height of the pandemic had about twenty, and was doing with more than three hundred patients across the hospital on this day to six, but there are now preparing for a potential second wave later this year coinciding with flu season A. Now now they can triple their number of ICU beds. Onsite. Onsite testing is improved, but there's still a shortage of reagents. Chemicals needed to conduct the tests which are often made overseas as America reopens. We just have to be ready. When people are socially distant, things still you know hand hygiene. You can't completely control this disease despite all the preventative measures but I think it definitely helps the pandemic speak a quarter of the patients. You're critically ill. A makeshift morgue setup outside Dr Elliot's herself got sick. We would end up. Being the epicenter of the hurled everyone here remembers March seventh the first covy patient. The next few weeks were a blur of long shifts and longer nights. Did you ever think it would get as bad as? Dr Linda. Kirshenbaum is an experienced critical care physician. Even for her. The onslaught was shocking, seeing a husband and wife. Die Together. Of Cove it in the same room, at the same disease. I've never seen that in my in my career Dr Jill Coleman is the hospitals executive director. It was on her to make sure there were enough ventilators enough beds enough. Protective equipment patients were coming in rapidly and dying rapidly. Every night when we were just thought we weren't ahead of it when we might not have P P, we might not have since. Those were the moments says. Is everybody going to be okay? That's the stress. This emergency room was transformed into a cova unit almost overnight. It's now back to normal, but for nurses like Marina D'Amato emotional scars are fresh I can tell you how many times I went home and cried and thought about all the things I could've should've would've done you know. And ultimately we did everything we could do every single one of us every. Every night at seven o'clock, she cherishes the New Yorkers who still cheer frontline workers. It's over well. You know when we were in and there was just about getting through it and helping as many people as we can. It was something I've never seen before something I. Hope I never see again here. They won the battle. The war may not be over. Get beautyrest. NBC News New York. Some of the real heroes among US lies made up stories ridiculous statements. Some of the things president trump had to say today about the new bombshell book by John. Bolted is former national security adviser Peter Alexander has more now from the White House. The, meet the press, Chuck, Todd Cast. It's an insider's take on politics, the twenty twenty election and more candid conversations with some of my favorite reporters about things we usually discuss off camera. Listen for free wherever you get your podcast. Hey everyone, it's mainly MSNBC correspondent and host of the podcast into America. Another unarmed black man was killed by police over the weekend this time in Atlanta Rashard Brooks is twenty-seven. The officer shot Brooks has been fired. The police chief had resigned while across the country protests continue. Why did it have to escalate? Why did there have to be a chase if he was running away why not let him run? Why did it get to the point where you felt that? You had to chase after him and ultimately use deadly force, NBC News Correspondent Blaine Alexander brings us the latest from Georgia and we talk about the emotional toll of being black journalist covering this movement. Search for into America wherever you're listening right now, it's subscribe. President, trump tonight firing back. John bolden blasting. His new book is made up lies and fake stories that he said all good about me in print until the day I fired him a disgruntled boring fool, it comes as Boldin who says he resigned delivers more stinging accusations about his former boss I don't think he's fit for office I think he has the competence to carry out job. There really isn't any guiding principle that I was able to discern other than What's good for Donald Trump's? Trump's reelection bolden writes president. Trump was so focused on a trade deal with China which he hoped could help his reelection that he told president she he'd support China's controversial prison camps for minority Muslims. The president denies it, and so does another top aide. Absolutely untrue never happened. I was there. Bolton also says President Trump told him directly that he wanted withhold security of Ukraine, until all the Russian materials related to Clinton and Biden had been turned over. That was the central argument in House Democrats. Democrats impeachment case, but Bolton refuse to testify without a subpoena, and in his book blames Democrats for not expanding their investigation beyond Ukraine. This is called Akon. It's really a sad thing. Because he knew that the president should be removed from office that clear also tonight, president trump making his most extensive comments about racism in America since George Floyd staff telling the. Wall Street Journal. I would like to think there is not such systemic racism. Unfortunately in the real world. There is some whatever I could. Could, do to reduce that or get rid of it. I'd be very happy with adding I would also say it's very substantially less than it used to be. And on the return of his campaign rallies the Saturday in Oklahoma that the president pushed back after criticism. He scheduled it for June teen the day commemorating the end of slavery President Trump now says I did something good. I May June eighteenth very famous. It's actually important. Event is an important time, but nobody had heard of it. Late tonight, according to The Washington, Post and African American senior State Department official. Mary Elizabeth. Taylor resigned over the president's handling of racial tensions, saying his actions go against her core values lesser. Peter Alexander at the White House tonight. Thank you, Peter, a dire new report on unemployment today, another one point five million. Americans filing jobless claims last week, showing that even some return to work employers are still laying people off. Here's Joe Link Kent Within. For three days, scores scores of unemployed workers in Kentucky have been lining up. Desperate for help I got to to nobody since filed in April. The nineteenth out of work and out of patients Kentucky residents poured into the capital for their first chance to get an in person meeting at a pop up unemployment office since the pandemic began. Brianna glass applied three months ago and is still having trouble getting payments. She stood in line yesterday just days after giving birth. I mean I've called of emailed I did everything I possibly could and still nothing a similar scene in Alabama some even camping out overnight the National Guard deployed in Washington State to help investigate fraud. Nearly forty six million jobless claims have been filed in the last three months including one and a half million last. Last week, while claims are taking down, states reopen. They've stayed in the millions for thirteen weeks. Assign layoffs aren't stopping. Fed Chair Jerome Powell urging Congress to extend the six hundred dollars a week of extra federal unemployment aid provided by the Cares Act, which ends on July thirty first backing Kentucky Kayla. Williams who applied more than two months ago, feels frustrated and abandoned. When are you going to help us? We're your people Jilin Kent NBC News. In sixty seconds celebrating June tainted by offering the rich culinary history of African Americans that goes back to slavery. Or just a few hours away now from June, teen, a holiday, taking on new importance amid the growing demands for racial justice, a celebration of freedom, family and food. Here's Morgan Radford. In Charlotte North Carolina. It's back to business for Greg and Sabrina Collier. The couple recently reopened their restaurant Leah and Louise. Serving southern cuisine. Try to look the me. You Try to cure a something that is very intentional. There's rooted in blackness but something that everybody got stand for Gen team. They're serving Memphis style, pork ribs, and Potato Salad Greg and I want to use this joan taste to say. That's Freedom Day. We're still fighting. We want to say look this. Who are this is what we're from? June t recognizes the day enslaved black people were finally freed during slavery. They preserved African tradition by cooking with what they had. Available foods of enslaved black people are some of the bedrocks of so-called sold food. From his kitchen in Harlem Donovan Woodley runs the weekender a meal service, delivering gourmet soul food. You're making each plate and cooking it, and then in the middle of the pandemic serving. Yeah, bringing in. Food that make I think it's a good service to the people around me to feel the things that they felt growing up. Reminder of a history that he says is often overlooked. We were the first steps of America from when we where enslaved from US making food from scratch and creating it into something. That can be a table where the is. That's a feed of its own. Black. Chefs have historically been underrepresented in the food industry last year. Only fourteen percent of chefs and head cooks were Black Li time has come it as long pastime for the food of the afternoon we asked to be celebrated to appear to be acknowledged for Woodley. His June teeth takeout. Brunch is a necessary reminder. The process of feeling joy around people that unfortunately during this quarantine down. We haven't gotten a whole bunch of. Joy Rooted in history and Fellowship Morgan Radford NBC News New York up next the end of an era. Jean Kennedy Smith last surviving sibling of J. F. K. has died and re Mitchell, reports on her life and legacy and the end of an era. She was the youngest daughter of rose and Joseph Kennedy. The eighth of nine children, and in a rowdy athletic family raised to be tough should be thinking all the time, but what you can do for this country. Whining this has so. That was very strict a matchmaker. She introduced her brothers to her friends Jacki to Jack Ethel to Bobby Jones his first wife to Teddy. She married Stephen Smith in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty six, and had four children hitting the campaign trail for Jack in one, thousand, nine, hundred sixty. She was a surprising popular choice to be president. Clinton's ambassador to Ireland ruffling diplomatic feathers, traveling to Northern, Ireland, and persuading Clinton to let Gerry Adams the head of the I. R., A.'s political arm come to the US laying the groundwork for the historic peace with Northern Ireland years later the last of her siblings Jean. Kennedy Smith received the Medal of freedom from President Obama in two thousand eleven. She was ninety two Andrea Mitchell NBC news will be right back. In our latest installment of nightly news kids edition we take a look at the meaning behind June eighteenth, plus we salute the class of twenty twenty, and here's some advice. Kids have for the next class. act. And Work Hard, you got that right? Little man are new episodes of streaming right now. That's nightly news. I'm Lester Holt. Please take care of yourself and each other good night. Hey, it's Chris as this week. podcast wise is happening I. sit down to talk with Marian Kaba about what it would be like to get rid of prisons and policing altogether restorative justice is, people would say a set of ideas, ideologies visions of the world that determined the ways in which we will interact with each other when harm occurs, it means that people who were harmed are centered in terms of their harm, being seen in valued and address. It means that by-standers are called to be part of. That person and it means that the person who's harmed is also called in to take accountability for what they've done, so it's a very different model than the adversarial system that we currently have. One harms occur in the state intervenes in this case, the ideas that you have a community of people who will intervene this week. Unwise happening, find. Why is this happening wherever you get your podcast subscribe now?

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U.S., Mexico Avoid Tariffs  For Now. What Are The Details Of The Deal?

On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts

49:00 min | 1 year ago

U.S., Mexico Avoid Tariffs For Now. What Are The Details Of The Deal?

"This message comes from on points sponsor indeed. If you're hiring with indeed, you can post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions, then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard. Get started at indeed dot com slash NPR podcast. From NPR and WB. You are Boston. I'm Meghna Chakrabarti. And this is on point the president season as a victory for his approach on immigration. His critics call it a non solution to debacle created by the president himself to views of the US, Mexico joint agreement late last week that led to President Trump announcing that he will hold off on implementing a five percent tariff on all Mexican imports. Acting homeland security secretary, Kevin Mack, Leinen praised, the president yesterday on Fox News. The president put a charge in this whole dialogue with Mexico with the terrorist threat, brought them to the table, foreign minister from my school arrived within hours. He ride the next day with real proposals on the table. And as of Friday night, even Mexico's ambassador to the US, Martha Barcena, cookie said, Mark significant changes were being made Mexico. We take on precedent steps to increase enforcement to curb it regular migration, clean, clued the decline. Of this national guard throughout Mexico giving priority to southern border. Well about that unprecedented part, critics would disagree saying that Mexico agreed to using its national guard in January of this year that the agreement marks and expansion of that deal, not an unprecedented act. So this hour on point, details of the US Mexico deal engaging, the effectiveness of tariffs as a presidential tool on immigration, and you can join us. How do you feel about this deal with our southern neighbor did the president? Get what he wanted is the deal going to make a difference on immigration. And what do you think about how President Trump uses tariff threats as an ago sheeting tool? Join us anytime at on point radio dot org or Twitter and Facebook at on point radio. We'll joining us I today from San Diego. California is Raphael for Nandes decastro. He's director of the center for US Mexican studies at the university of California San Diego. He was a foreign policy adviser to Mexican president Felipe Calderon from two thousand eight to two thousand eleven Rafael, Fernandez decastro, welcome to you. You. So I just give me your, your broad take here. Did the president? It was President Trump's successful in negotiating something new from Mexico on the issue of a border security, and immigration. We'll will say this because this is all about deterrents. It's about the Mexican Gorman to, to, to, to tear the big flow of central Americans coming through Mexico to the US. And I will say specific sites, there's basically, to measure that the Mexican government will take number one is about just deploying, the national guard in southern border are in the it's most of the one to pick that is windy Mexican territory narrows. So it's about not allowing those inter l'americain to coming into the us Mexico border and Sakon is about Mexico, receiving all of this central Americans seeking asylum in the US. They will come back and wait in Mexico. So that means the crisis of the US side of the border will come to. Mexican side of the border. The Mexico say we will have some resources for those into America's we'll see because so far there hasn't been any resources new resources for the Mexican border series. Right. So I think the, the central question though is the difference between new versus bigger, right? Because both of these parts of the agreement that you just laid out not according to reports we've seen over the weekend, neither of them are Neal, the agreement of the, for the Mexican government to use its national guard. It might be a radical expansion of that. But wasn't in January of this year that Mexico, I announced the use of its guard. Yes. I mean, I don't see anything new this is about degrees on, I believe that. I mean, the kid procr- is about Mexico enforcing much stronger on what makes he was getting out of these these was said, by our foreign minister also by under the new Lopez over the whole just LA Salle into one is that. Mexico will get from the US some aid, and some involvement to this Central America development plant, so he's about the Tehran's and your honey's about getting develop men for Central America is about going to the root of the problem, which is over tea, which is violence to me is much easier to deterrence to enforce the law in Mexico than to come about with a with a sort of Marshall plan for Central America and develop central-american, southern Mexico. So then the causes for migration will not be there. Okay. So, so hold that thought, because I want to explore that with you in just a moment, but let's hear a little bit more from acting homeland security secretary, Kevin Macalinsan. He was asked on Fox News, Sunday yesterday, just how much of the deal to avoid those tariffs was different as we're exploring Rafael was different than what Mexico was already doing. All of it is new. I mean we we've heard commitments before from Mexico to do more on their southern border the last time they deployed down there. It's about four or five hundred. Officers. This is more than tenfold commitment to increase their security, and chop is that, that's where people are entering from Guatemala in southern Mexico. That's the accurate acting secretary of homeland security, Kevin Macalinsan on the flip side of things, though. Vermont Senator and democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told CNN state of the union also yesterday that he believes the US needs to have a good relationship with both its northern and southern neighbors. And in Sanders view. We shouldn't be confronting them, quote, every other day with the president has done is pout. What in fact in many respects, Mexico, has agreed to do many months ago. But I think what the world is tied of and what I am tired of. Here's a president who consistently goes the wall. Verbal war with our allies. Whether it is Mexico. Whether is Canada, Rafael Fernandes decastro, let me ask you would Mexico have acted to expand the use of its national guard or. Perhaps accept or keep more migrants seeking asylum. Keep them in Mexico without the threat of these tariffs is hard to tell believed Mexico. We also really in lower mode, because we know that the last three months, particularly may the flow of central Americans come into the us. Mexico border was enormous with talkin about a hundred and forty thousand people community the us Mexico border. That's a huge number his resembling the big numbers of the early two thousands. So I will say Mexico was so really there in the store three weeks, it was the foreign ministry are not into minister, who was, basically, in charge of migration issues in Mexico, because I will say in Lopez over came to office, would what did new view if rish Beulah about migration in transit? He wanted to have a more humanitarian face on, perhaps that was allowing and sending the signal to Central America will these time you could come across. Mexico. So now there's a change in policy, there is going to be going to enforce in a much stronger way. And, and again, for Mexico's about Deke prequel about getting some resources US to come to central, but about that remain in Mexico program about the silent keeping his island seekers in, in Mexico. I I'm seeing here that the, the US officials. I mean it was implemented earlier this year and US officials had vowed to rapidly expand this program, even if Mexico's public didn't throw its support behind it. And as of as of this, this moment, there's been about, what ten thousand my Silom seekers returned to Mexico. So again, I guess I'm sort of asking, perhaps, the president is right to claim victory on this. But if the US had intended to expand this program regardless than what difference did the threat of the tariffs make. Well, I will say it will not be see for Mexico to get on and to be able to, to help I will say tens of thousands of central Americans sent back from, from the US border to Mexico. It will not be an easy to follow. We know that in, in San Antonio, Texas in, in Phoenix in all of this Jewess boarder series is going to be lots of protocols. Yes. The influx is there are now apparently that is come into Mexico. I don't see Mexico's you prepare, when we have the migrant carbon coming into San Diego last November there were only seven thousand people, and yet there were some problems in, in, in, in, in, in hosting the carbon they're in Tijuana. So this is going to be a difficult act. Follow, but so far also Lopez over other is claiming victory because we're not getting tariffs. The Mexican economy was not ready for that because Lopez overloading isn't his, it's his. First year in office. So every investor is waiting to see his left is, so these was creating last week, and the last ten days, a lot of uncertainty in the Mexican economy. So I will say both presents are claiming victory Lopez overload as well as Trump and the whole thing is going to be I mean, how, how can Mexico deter will without violating human rights because going to be this is a difficult act. Megan Magna to follow for Lopez overall because there's some Sinophobic positions in the White House BB immigration. So no persona has to be very careful in house going in. How's he going to enforce all of these hausky going to deter the flow, Central America? Yes, interesting. We'll Rafael Fernandes decastro standby for just a moment. Joining us now from Washington is Jill Kovin. She's White House. Reporter for the Associated Press. We have a link to her reporting on this issue of tariffs and US, Mexico relations at Lincoln's at point radio dot org. Jill cove, and it's good to have you. You're having me. So. First of all, how is this playing in Washington? Now a couple of days after the US Mexico joint agreement does do congressional Republicans feels if this is a victory for, for the president Horace definitely am yet another very polarized issue with a lot of questions questioning the extent to which this deal is the victory that the president has tried to describe that as an unless you've got members of the president's on party who had really broken within here and urged him. They were frantic called coming in all week, the White House to the president while he was overseas in Europe. Begging him not to go through with this thing that the idea of using this tariff threat with the wrong approach that it would be potentially economically, devastating for both countries. If the president went through with this, they're very happy about the fact that he decided to reach this deal. But at the same time, especially in the Democrats, there are a lot of questions about exactly what it was that the president managed to. Chief here, the White House and members of the Trump administration has really tried to play this as a major victory as a substantive changes cheating things that they've been trying for years, to achieve, of course, the question that you guys have been discussing is, you know, how much really has Mexico agreed to hear what really is different from what had already been been done. And also, what has the United States agreed to in return because as Rafael Fernandes, decastro keeps winning Mexico needs assistance as well. And, and US aid in Central America big pictures. A key part of what is needed to really. Get a handle on this migration issue. So, so Jill Coleman White House reporter for the societas press by here for just a second, and Rafael Fernandez decastro and San Diego director of the center for US Mexican studies at the university of California, San Diego standby, as well. We are talking about the US Mexico agreement reached on Friday, and whether the president's use of tariffs, or the threat of terrorists as negotiating tool whether. That threat is an effective. One got comments coming in online, Johnny Dixon says just like that Mexico decided to enforce it southern border. Thank you. President trump. Whereas Derek writer says he can invent crises fake victory and make any situation worse than it was. What do you think this is on point? This podcast and following message are sponsored by xfinity. Some things are hard to control like over caffeinated co workers other things are easy to control. Like you're in home wifi with xfinity, X fi, set WI fi curfew change your password, and create user profiles all with the x fi app. Another reason why xfinity is simple easy. Awesome go online. Call one eight hundred xfinity or visit a store to learn more restrictions apply. Black face in a student here, but flack fishing on Instagram guy, Israel, anti semitism. You've got Israel in colonialism. You have go music versus identifies coats, which we take the subtext of race in text so come shop it up with us. This is on point Meghna, trucker bardy were talking this hour about the fact that yes on Friday, the US, and Mexico announced an agreement that at least for now avoids that presidential threat of a five percent across the board tariff on all Mexican goods. So we're exporting exactly what the US and Mexico agreed to and whether or not it's a meaningful change in the immigration question on the US southern border joined today by Jill Kovin. She's with us from Washington. She's the White House. Reporter for the Associated Press Raffaelle Fernandez decastro also joins us. He's in San Diego, California. He's director of the center for US Mexican studies at the university of California San Diego. And let's go to the phones. Jay is calling from Boone North Carolina. Jay you're on the air. Hi there. Are you doing doing well, what's your thought? Well, my, my thought is, as we're observing these types of discussion, whether it's about the immigration and the use of terrorists at the moment or whether it's North Korea or issues in infrastructure issues. What were observing here is that we're in a reactive mode instead of proactive mode. Everybody's trying to say, I did this and I did that and you didn't do it and you're trying to preserve their power bases. We need to get to where we have somebody who's making a plan, and we have a legislative body, who's willing to, to act on a plan, so that we can stop these kind of extreme uses of power with terrorists and things of this nature. I felt like sometimes their president is forced into somewhat desperate situation. Whether it's President Trump or President Barack Obama, whoever is happened to be in that position because legislative body is not so concerned about the, the good of the country. And when he's in the Netherlands to the country, but the good of our neighboring countries now allies etcetera as has been discussed. And so, I feel like the president just grabs whatever he feels will be the most effective to get some, some response to get something happening because of the. Of congress. So Jay interesting thought, and thank you for your call, and on the on Jay's point here. Let's listen to Wisconsin. Republican Senator Ron Johnson, he was on Fox News, Sunday, and he and his fellow Republicans. He said that they believed tariffs are attacks on American consumers, and that they don't wanna see them in place long term. But then Senator Johnson also said he doesn't think President Trump does either he's using terrorists as leverage and trading Goshi nations and use them as leverage in this situation. Brilliantly, quite honestly, I know for my part after those news reports were republished last week, I called Mexican bastard and said, regardless of what you read in the press understand if the president, imposes terrace and he's dead serious about this there. Not votes. Override it so take that threat very seriously. So Jill Kovin? Let's parse what Senator Johnson here said just a little bit. Because on the one hand one, he's one of the Republicans, who said he did not want to see tariffs levied against Mexican imp-. Sports. But then praise the president's for using tariffs has leveraged quite brilliantly, quote that to the point where Johnson said he call the Mexican ambassador and says, and said, the president will do this, and we don't have the votes to override it. So it sounds like Senator Johnson, there is trying to thread, a very fine needle. Very fine. Thread through very small, I of needle, they're very very much. So and what he's referring to there as there had been some chatter that Republicans were going to attempt to block the president. If he went through with that, and the president was very frustrated. I suggesting that, that threat was undermining his ability to negotiate with the Mexicans, but I think what you also see. Here is just as fascinating head game that happens with the president and everyone trying to figure out whether he's serious or not, there have been so many instances where the president had made this made these threats and then not gone through with them that you sort of have a little bit of, you know, boy who cried wolf. Situation here, where other questions without whether the president can be believed. And if you've got an ago, sheeting Perner, like Mexico that really doesn't believe the president is going to go through with that threat. It makes it much more demo for the president to be able to use that tactic. Well, Rafael decastro, though, deuce do wanna point out that there have been times, where the president has threatened tariffs and has gone through with it vis-a-vis China. So I mean, was that on the mind of Mexico Mexico's leadership, when you know in the in the past couple of weeks as they were dealing with the threat of tariffs on Mexican goods, of course because. I won't say that the Mexican government, they thought that since there's this trade war going on, which then trombone, or impose tariffs on Mexico, and well, they find out that, that they were very surprised because really present room threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico, so, so thin that create a lot of confusion in Mexico and a lot of worrisome, and that's why Mexico reacted as it was. But I will tell you that Lopez over has worn being in this because he was very patient with Mr. Trump. He has just made a decision not to fight against Mr. Trump, whatever it happens. Whatever Trump said to him and seems to me that this patient's is Spain to him is amazing, his popularity went up for over ten point. So his is now eighty two eighty three percent is unprecedented, and I will say, yes, he has done in personal basis, extremely well. Well, would Mr. Trump because he is decided not to fight. Trump back. Yeah. So Jill cove. And, you know, I do want to explore with both of you beyond the question of politics. The issue of effectiveness in whatever the deal was that the US and Mexico agreed to but one lasted or maybe a couple of questions on, on politics because I could this actually be a moment where it is politically, a win win win right at ref. L Fernandez decastro does called it a win for Mexican president over door. President Trump is claiming this as a win could even congressional Republicans say this is great. We didn't have to have a five percent tariff on Mexico and some action at least expanse some expansion of ongoing actions have been agreed to. I mean, could this actually be potentially an across the board victory. I think everybody wants to declare that. And that, that's what you've seen over the last forty eight seventy two hours since the agreement was announced with both sides declaring this victory for them. But I think. What will really matter? Here is whether this actually ends up with an appreciable decrease in the number of border crossings. And those apprehension numbers that the president is, is really obsessed with this is a president who ran in two thousand sixteen on a campaign pledge to tackle illegal immigration. And instead, he has washed over the last three years as the numbers keep ticking up and up and up to their highest level in more than a decade. The president is about to launch his reelection campaign later this month and he wants to be able to point to results. Well, that's an excellent point because we can we can talk about political victories, but will it make meaningful difference in, in the migration issue as you point out in your own in your reporting Jill in may US border patrol apprehended more than one hundred thirty two thousand people, including a record eighty four thousand five hundred forty two adults and children traveling together. So the numbers are still extr. Stream large. Let's go to Kate, who's calling from Guilford, Vermont. Kate, you're on the air. Hi, I keep hearing about these terrorists in excuse me by central nervous. But I just keep hearing about on. I mean it's Nexico and so many other countries where he's talking about deals, but it, it sounds like blackmail too many if you don't do this, I'm going to do this, you know, and you have to give me what I want so that I'll leave you alone or whatever, but I and it just sounds like a it's all about control. And, you know, vying for power and wanting to look good. And I'm just I'm tired of hearing him talk about how he does this, you know, everything he does is the best. And, and I don't know will it make a difference in people are going to find a way to, to get through, whether they're tariffs or not Kate. Thank you so much for your call. Let's, let's explore this question about will it actually make a difference though, that number six thousand Mexican national guard members being deployed along Mexico's borders. We will actually make a difference. Eat might indicia sort term. I say so what the drama here Magna is that for the last I mean, since the early two thousands after nine eleven Mexico knew that we have to put together, and we have to, to, to have that central-american flow of transmigrants coming through Mexico to the United States to give some order to, to cover legal flow to half his cue flow. And we don't that's there's a lot of abuses in Mexican territory against those migrants. That's why we have caravans because in the numbers they protect themselves. So I hope this is the time for the US inter l'americain, Mexico put together, come up. Up with a I will say regional vision what to do with these corridor of intense migration? Which is interim Erica Mexican US unfortunately, we don't have that vision. Unfortunately, this has been, I will say very unilateral, Dino's imposing sanctions with this, the time has come and hear lupus over. He is a very powerful president in Mexico. He has bought chambres all legislative chambers his party. So this is the time for him to, to hopefully come out with a very important immigration reform for Mexico. That is be Jong, Mr. Trump, I believe that he mows do this. Mexico doesn't cover real Meg racial policy. This is the time to have it. And this is the time to preference a humanitarian effort towards those migrants in transit, and go finally to the root of the problem, Central America, southern Mexico because I'll tell you d how Guerrero is is the state of Guerrero. Oh. Or the state of neutral on the violence will leave in Guerrero or Mitchell is quite similar to Dr in Honduras dot in survival. So Mexico has to put it, it tacked together and is about Lopez overload finally coming to terms and, and, and been able to have orderly legal and secure flows of migration, the Rafael. Can't do that without assistance from the United States. Ideally, we should do it with the US and Central America because I mean, we're in the Amine the responsibilities of the of these three parts. But one part once enforcement not development that is US Mexico development. But his car for it to enforcement and Central America has also come Whitson part because let's face it. I mean it's this. I mean, this is a dance of three part, and we need it. Three party simple. Okay. So Jill Kovin to to this point supporting Central America in an improving the lives of people there is the as I'm hearing Rafael talk about an original solution is, is the best long-term direction to go in. But even more short-term than that. There's nothing in this agreement that was announced on Friday that I can see that even addresses issue issues of will Mexico be able to adequately. Support the migrants that the US wants to send back as they wait for their asylum hearings. Is there any additional funding for the department of homeland security or resources for DHS to, to humanely a handle all the migrants who do cross the border? I mean I, I didn't see anything of like that in the in the agreement. Yeah. I think that's such an important question. And actually something I've been asking my, my colleagues who are at the border. Now, you know, reporting firsthand on the situation on the ground right now is what's going to happen. It's already there have been so many challenges right now with this remain Nexico problem idea. You know it's been plagued by delays. There have been issues with people having access to attorneys with people being able to, you know, be available for their court hearings a lot of logistics, to, to work out here, and at this point, even on the US side of the border. We've got the department of homeland security insisting that they just don't have the resources to be able to house to be able to provide basic healthcare, especi-. For these families that are coming across the border, and that they don't know what to do that, the situations, not sustainable. I think, you know, nearly every expert you talk to talks about the fact that, that which really needed here are sustainable solutions for Central America so that those people don't feel the need to risk their lives to try to make it to the US border. And yet, this is an administration that has cut aid to those Central American countries, and there was no talk here that I'm aware of about Gina restoring any of that funding. Also think it's important to add to this conversation that amid this criticism that the president has received that, you know, all of these are, are things that have already been happening are already in the pipeline. The prison has been teasing now for two days including this morning. This idea that there was actually something else that was part of this deal's a secret agreement that has being hashed out that he'll reveal when he decides, you know, the time is right on Kim suggesting that there's more than meets the eye here as he tries to push back on that criticism. And people have been wondering if. The secret third thing is the idea of having Mexico becoming a quote unquote safe third country. Right. Which would make make it harder for Silom seekers who pass through Mexico to claim refuge in the US. Exactly. And that's something that Mexico's denied Rafael go ahead, Doug will be very unpopular in Mexico. Mexico's not safe country for migrants. In transit note, even for Mexico, Mexico has become very violent, it's very hard for Mexico to claim that it could be a safe country. And then having central Americans. I applied for asylum in Mexico only then it to the us will see what happened to me. I mean, what we have in the US side of the border is prefabricated crisis because the homeland security department has diminished. The budgets, they have the metering system. That is inevitably England three point. They tell the Michigan Dory authority. We can only process then twenty asylum petitions today that creating a lot of lines. In the Mexican side of the border. Now with these remaining in Mexico. Where are the resources coming from a we don't see the resources, then there's going to be the crisis in going to India side of the border, but it's coming to the Mexicans have the border and believe me in places like the one place lecture at what it could be very dangerous, for migrants Cole, we've just got about a minute and a half before we take our next break here. The president's tweeted that he is not really completely taking tariffs off the table. If he ends up being unhappy with the results of, of this potential agreement. So what does that mean politically in Washington, or even in terms of US Mexico relations, the president has embraced this tariff threat as one of his best tools to try to compel other governments to do what he wants it is? You know, the, the fest that he's able to continue to hold up into wave to try to pressure Mexico to do what they every two and paper. Or to to go forward with. I'm sure he'll continue to, to use it as he stomps his feet. But then, again, I think there's the question of, of whether even members of his own party believe that he is willing to go through with it. Will you you'd reported that Republicans had been flooding the White House with Cole? I mean did they play any role in this whatsoever? Were were congressional Republicans rather marginal here on. You know, I even even you know, some folks, we, we spoke to with new insights on the hill, sort of understood that even though there was this huge outcry from Republican members also from the US chamber of commerce on, it does seem like that played less of a role in the president's decision making here than the, the, you know, specifics of the deal, which the US I genuinely believes will help to reduce those numbers. But look, the president never likes it when he's challenged by members of his own party will cove and White House. Reporter for the Associated Press with us from Washington Jill, thanks so much for joining us today. Thanks for having me, and Rafael, Fernandez decastro director of the center for US Mexican studies at the university of California San Diego standby for just a moment. We are talking about the agreement that was announced between the US and Mexico on Friday to stave off tariffs that five percent tariff across the board at the president has threatened to Levy on Mexican imports. What's your reaction to the agreement? Do you think it's going to be effective and actually help make a meaningful difference in the immigration issue at the border? This is on point. Hey, it's been an Ameri, and we're the hosts of endless threat the show featuring stories found on the website, read it but you don't have to be a Reddit or to enjoy the kinds of stories. We tell like a couple experimenting with non monogamy or board game that may have predicted the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Subscribe to endless threat on apple podcasts or wherever you listen. We're back with a new season of rough translation. Yeah. And this time, we are following people break the rule in lying. He's part of the business. In my opinion, the best revenge against ISIS Mississippi humane supposed to pinch. Yeah. Yeah episodes every other Wednesday subscribed. This is on point magnet. We're talking this hour about the agreement reached on Friday between the United States and Mexico to avoid that five percent tariff that the president had been threatening and we're going to explore the effectiveness of President Trump using the threat of tariffs as negotiating tool on the world stage who've got some comments coming in here online, Mary, McEvoy Ennio, sorry if I said that wrong Mary, Mary says rather than do the right thing, I, he meaning President Trump typically throws mud insults and lawsuits at the issue that may or may not have worked as a negotiating tool. Mary says, in, but it is not working in the governance of our country. Well, let's listen to what Delaware democratic Senator, Chris coons said he called the trade negotiation with Mexico, quote, classic Trump during appearance on CNN. This morning. Senator Kuhn said the president, spins up a conflict that fires up his base, and Kuhn's went on to say that, that destabilizes a critical alliance. President Trump over and over again, whether it's with North Korea or Mexico, whether it's our NATO allies or it's in other places around the world fires up and creates and Stokes conflict, only so that he can seem to resolve it. Democratic Senator from Delaware, Chris coons now what about what Mexican president unrest, men will over door had to say, well, he was in Tijuana on Saturday, and he gave a speech there, and he called on his citizens to celebrate the agreement that ended the threat of imposing tariffs. Here's what over door said. If you make it go the United States and Mexico or not distant. Neighbors are border is more than three thousand kilometers long, and we have a shared history that includes hostility, but also cooperation, and understanding, that's the Mexican president's underlying US Mexico relations for over several centuries for many centuries, I should say, let's go to Troy, who's calling from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Troy you're on the air. Hi. Well, is my understanding that the Obama administration also had agreement with Mexico on depict detaining migrants, or immigrants, whichever termi you choose to use. But what my question is, is what was the difference between what the Obama administration did? And what the Trump administration is doing. When did the Obama incentive start? And when did that end Troy, well, so let's turn ref L Fernandez decastro for an answer on that Rafael do you have an answer for Troy? I would say Obama, the outside of his administration, diverse three or four years. He he deport a lot of Mexican censor Americans. Dan, he understood, and then he was only deporting back to Mexico those with criminal records. Now, Trump is trying to deport lot of people. But I will say it's he's not getting a lot of responses from this from some states like California, Texas is helping him nor nor California. So that's why Trump hasn't been able to deport so many Mexicans and central Americans. I will say the difference is nowadays, is that these about the daring, this interlude Americans to come and the, the and I will say it's I don't know if they go to whether achieve it or not. But what is important is that Lopez, or finally creates an comes with what would a long term solution, and this is about the -veloping in Central America about having these. Regional Bishen to, to an try really to go to the root of the problem in Central America and southern Mexico. That's right. So development being the only true long term solution over mere deterrence, but as you keep saying, it has to be a regional solution, and it does not seem as in this has at this point in time that the president of the United States is interested in the development, route over deterrence so Poulsen seemed like, but I will say it was highly surprised by Lopez overdoes vision Tijuana. I mean, yes, he talks about the history of us Mexican relations, but he Indiana. He come across very pragmatic politician, vis-a-vis, the US a thinking, very good importance of the US market for Mexico. And so I believe the Lopez is very pragmatically. He, he understands will the importance of having these border, open to merchandise trade because he benefits vote country. So it's, it's these this is how an important moment. Because seems to me Lopez Odell has the power and authority to, to finally come to terms with this and try to implement a meaningful immigration policy for Mexico Bhagat list of what mitt miss Mr. Trump is asking him because we badly need a more orderly legal and secure migration flows in Mexico in Central America coming to the us, interesting. So I want to explore now again this deeper question or not, not a question, but a an additional question about how effective is the president's use now frequent use of the threat of tariffs as a tool for negotiating with of allies and trade partners, Missouri. Republican Senator ROY blunt told CBS's, Margaret Brennan on face the nation yesterday that he believes President Trump's tariff threat to Mexico should actually be of great concern to another economic powerhouse across the Pacific. The biggest lesson here, probably. The biggest message here is now not to Mexico, but to China that the president is clearly willing to us tariffs. And actually, the president believes that tariffs are a significant positive economic tool. Lots of people in the country agree with that. That's never been my view. But it's always been the president's view, so he has consistently willing to use something that he is always said, was should be part of our arsenal. That's Missouri Senator ROY blunt yesterday. We'll joining us now from Inglewood New Jersey is Ben white chief economic correspondent, and author of the morning, money column for politico. Ben white welcome to on point. Good to be with you Magna. Thank you. Okay. So ROY blunt, there's nothing. It's never been his preferred economic tool, but the president's has and will use tariffs. And it's and he says, it's an import should be part of our arsenal. That's what ROY blunt says, even though he doesn't like tariffs. So how effective are these threats? On the global stage. Well, I don't think they're particularly effective, and you do hear Republicans say this, a lot that they don't like tariffs. But it's okay for Trump because he's consistent on it and the subtext of what they're saying is he's consistently wrong, but at least he's consistent. You know, if you look at the deal with Mexico and you've talked about this quite a bit on the program, so far. It does look like mainly deal consists of stuff that we'd already agreed with the Mexicans to do and the problem that you have with tariffs across the board is despite what the president says they are taxes on Americans, their taxes on American consumers and American companies and they're very destabilizing to any company that has a global supply chain or a North American supply chain. You can't plan around an erotic president, who's going gonna slap tariffs on at any moment and real, fundamental problem with the Mexican tariffs is that he invoked border security invoked them for something unrelated to trade and used authority that. Generally, the president doesn't use for invoking tariffs and the question for corporate America Wall Street is could you just invoke these at any time, and particularly after we already had a trade agreement with the Mexican? So it just inserts all sorts of uncertainty into the process for, for companies. Well, could he could he invoked Levy the tariff is one good question. But I mean he the mere threat of them seems to have produced some sort of effects of certainly there's nothing to stop the president from, from threatening them again. There certainly isn't and he did in announcing that they wouldn't put the five percent tariffs on today as it would have gone into effect suggests that, that he could at any time in the future. If he decides he's not happy with what the Mexicans have done on border crossings, and there's every chance that he won't be the numbers of migrants, come across the border, don't change immediately which they probably won't that he could simply go back to tariffs, which is, you know, if you look at it from a market perspective, and look at what say the Dow Jones industrial average is done over the last eighteen months. It's the. Essentially gone nowhere. It's back to where it was in January of twenty eighteen and a lot of that has to do with the slowing economy. But also with the fact that investors and corporate America just don't trust the president's economic policy, and worry that at any moment, he could create chaos with new tariffs. So there's a reason that this is happening. One thing we can say with certainty about the markets is that it hates uncertainty and point in Indies, but, but, you know, a little earlier in the show, ref L for nine does decastro when I asked him if the fact that the president had levied tariffs against China. If that was at the forefront of the minds of Mexican leadership. Rafael said, yes. So Ben, Ben, I mean I take your point about is it a great idea to use it as a policy tool, the threat of tariff as a policy tool, but we had a caller earlier in the show. Jay said what choice is the president have congress has been so ineffective? I mean, isn't that actually legitimate point of view that regardless of what one thinks of the president's approach or behalf? Savior that this at least is one tool that has produced some sort of, of action. At least you can certainly make that argument that the fact that he did put tariffs on Chinese imports of focus, the, the minds of Mexican officials to the fact that this is reality, and he may actually do this. And so, you know, came forward with certain concessions, and we can argue about extent, which those concessions were new or really meaningful. So, you know, I don't dismiss that idea that he's forced some action with both the threat and the use of terrorists. I just wonder what the larger costs are of that. And whether it's a long term effective tool of American foreign policy to be threatening economic disruption for a lot of people, I think near-term, it's fair to argue that he has gotten some results from it. I just think from a longer term perspective. It's dangerous invocation of economic policy as a foreign policy tool, and that the deleterious. Thanks negative effects are probably bigger than whatever positive outcomes. He's got so far and there's a whole different road. He could've taken with China that he that he didn't take meaning one well, meaning that he could have pursued a multilateral approach to China, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which he junked as soon as he came into office, which was, you know, twelve nations twelve nation trading block. A huge piece of the global economy, joining together to set global rules of the road for trade, and eventually kind of force China's hand join it. Instead, he said, you know, it's better for the US to go at alone. And engage in this sort of unilateral tariff approach with China, which, I don't think is going to produce long-term successful results if he'd gone the other way and gotten TPP the multilateral route, he might have had a better chance kind of forcing changes in Chinese behavior. The implication being you resort to sticks when he run out of the ability to cooperate or carrots. So actually on that thought, Ben, let me just play you another piece of tape from this weekend. This was from yesterday on CBS face the nation hope. Margaret Brennan asked Mexico's ambassador to the US, mar Martha Barcena cookie three times if Mexico had agreed to a new deal to buy agricultural products with the US so here is their third and final exchange a straight on agricultural products going to grow. Yes, it is going to grow, and it is going to grow without tariffs, and with US MCA, ratification. There was no transaction that was signed off on as part of this deal is what I understand. You're saying. Just talking about trade. I'm talking about trade, and I am absolutely certain that the trade in agriculture goods could increase dramatically in the next few months now Margaret Brennan had asked that question of the Mexican embassador, because on Saturday morning, an all caps tweet from the president said, quote, Mexico has agreed to immediately begin buying large quantities of agricultural product from our great patriot farmer. So Rafael Fernandez decastro sort this out for us. What exactly is happening on agriculture trade between Mexico and the US. Well, it's hard to we know that Mr. Trump wants to play that card because he knows that, like, Iowa, for example, the state on his through Rodley was very critical of imposing tariffs to Mexico because he thought that could backfire to agriculte talk recoverable business. Now, you're what is in the agreement? I don't know. But I will say the old I mean. Type position of Mr. Trump impose tariffs to Mexico's very detrimental of the North American of North America as an economic NAFTA, and now deduce MCI new agreement is Jewish, Mexico Canada agreement is all about giving certainty to investors giving certainty to comic actors. So Mr. Trump he obviously is no respecting the rules of the game. He obviously is respecting these institutions. We know that. So that's the tree mental of North America where he's going to get responses from Mexican short term. I will say so in the end, this is not helping North America to, to, to come out as stronger economic region because we know there's someone in the White House that he does not recognize those rules that has been a single may opponent for American foreign policy onto that, now the US is, is not a predictable player. And that, that is in detriment of. Of, of I will say economic competitiveness in reused is very sad, but that is what is happening. And, and we say that I will say Trump is undermining Mexico's GDP growth, what we need in Mexico. Would we need a Central America is to have a much stronger economies? What we need are jobs nowadays, that the percents Magna, this year is going to be about sixty thousand central Americans asking for asylum in Mexico. What will we badly need jobs for them if they want they in Mexico in good conditions? Sob-. What we need is a stable economic environment to be able to do that the same for the Central America. So I will say this is kind of sad because we were seen Mr. Trump in politics, instead of going, and trying to put to, to think in this long, long term solution. And, and that's I believe that is up to Lopez over. All right to come up with a meaningful plan of development for Central America. Well, then we got a minute left to go here. Just your thoughts on what Rafael was talking about his, you know, his view, how the president's actions serve to weaken North America. More broadly. There's no question that they do. I mean it's made the United States, much less reliable trading partner, and we agreed to the US MCA with Mexico and then gone back up with threat of tariffs raises questions about whether it's durable, sustainable agreement. That's bad for Mexico. It's bad for the United States and in terms of the agriculture question I mean as far as I can tell you just made it up. There's nothing in the agreement obviously that person talking to Margaret Brennan was trying to be very careful not to contradict, Trump directly and Mexico are ready imports the ton of agricultural exports from the US, yellow corn other products that's likely to continue. I don't know they'll be any great surge in it, and clearly there's nothing in agreement. But, you know, the president has wanted to sell this as a giant, revolutionary great deal and in part by apparently making things up. And then saying that there are secret parts of this, that will be revealed later, which I have no idea what those are. Well, we'll find out if indeed they exist, Ben white chief economic correspondent, and author of the morning money calling for politico. Thank you so much for joining us today, bed and Rafael Fernandez decastro director of the center for US Mexican studies at the university of California San Diego foreign policy, or should I should say, foreign former foreign policy adviser to Mexican president Felipe called her own from two thousand eight to two thousand eleven Rafael, it was a great pleasure to speak with you. Thank you so very much. You're very welcome. I Magnin Chakrabarti. Thank you guys for bearing with my verbal stumbles. This is on point.

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Day 1,203: On America's 73,800+ COVID-19 death toll, Trump says, "It is what it is."

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

46:04 min | 5 months ago

Day 1,203: On America's 73,800+ COVID-19 death toll, Trump says, "It is what it is."

"What if you could gain in demand credentials online and get personalized career services from a respected State University with global reach? Would you be interested today? And for the past Seventy Years University of Maryland global campus has been adapting to meet the changing education needs of the military and working adults. You Em G. C offers degrees and certificates in demand fields like business cybersecurity healthcare homeland security. It and more and its programs are designed with employer input so students gain real world skills. They can apply in the workplace right away with low tuition no cost digital materials in. Nearly every course and scholarships for those who qualify. You can affordably earned the credentials you need from wherever you are get started today at U. M. G. C. Dot edu slash podcast. We'll good evening on this day. Twelve hundred three of the trump administration one hundred eighty one days to go until our next presidential election. The president has adopted. The use of a score says he and phrase to sum up our sorry circumstances as a country these days yesterday he said about the state of the US economy and unemployment. It is what it is today. When asked about the death toll he again said it is what it is adding seventy thousand. Sounds correct to him just yesterday. The President announced he was winding down the Corona Virus Task Force. Even though the pandemic is just now ramping up in some places with the largest spike in new cases now in Nebraska and Minnesota the president seemed fine with winding it down Mike Pence who runs the task force of coursing fine with doing away with the Task Force until today when the president said he didn't know how popular the Task Force was and said. He's decided he's going to keep it around. The virus continues to churn across our country in tandem with the trend of reopening businesses and entire states despite the Johns Hopkins expert. Who just today testified that. None of the states reopening have met all of the White House guidelines for reopening and despite opinion polls showing a majority of Americans are not at all ready or willing to go back to life and events as normal as we knew them indeed in the real world tonight. The death toll across our country stands at seventy three thousand eight hundred. Sixty three souls lost to this virus. There are now among the small percentage tested more than one point. Two million confirmed cases. The number of new cases is rising in nearly half of our country. Those are the states in orange on this map. The green states are where the number of cases are falling. Some thirty six states have now reopened in some form or fashion former director of the C. D. C. was asked about that during a House Committee hearing this morning it will be tragically at least one hundred thousand deaths from Cova by the end of this month as bad as this has been is just the beginning. Is it irresponsible to open the economy without adequate testing? We need to continue to rapidly ramp up our ability to do all of the four things I mentioned not just test but also isolate people who are infected contact trace and quarantine by having all of those things in place we can come out safer and sooner and we start our economy without a risk of explosive spread. Dr Found she was supposed to testify at that hearing as well but he was blocked by the White House new reporting from Politico reveals that even as the president has pushed to reopen this country. Federal officials are worried. Politico obtained audio recordings of three conference call meetings held between twenty four April and first of May lead by H H FEMA officials. They talked about medical supplies and a possible. New outbreak as restrictions are lifted. Politico SAYS A may first conference call started with the head of the CDC's influenza division warning quote. The numbers of deaths definitely will be high while this afternoon trump was asked about the risk. Will the nation just have to accept the idea that fi reopening there will be more cases there will be more people warriors actually calling now as you know? John The Nation Warriors. Hopefully that won't be the case. Trump could very well be the case. We can't have our whole country. A- Do a country won't take it won't stand it. It's not sustainable. If somebody lost somebody apparent or wife or husband or you know any brothers sisters. Have you lost someone? You could never make up for that by say. Why are you going to have a great year next year economically and so you could never do that but I will say that from an economic standpoint I think next year is going to be a very big trump made those comments during an Oval Office event to honor nurses where he was also asked about the need for testing. We have more cases. Do More testing do testing. We don't have cases so as I do more testing they say but yet what cases meanwhile the White House task force that we were told yesterday is going away as we mentioned came roaring back into existence today. I thought we could down sooner but I had no idea how popular the task force is until actually yesterday. When I started talking about winding down I get calls from very respected. People saying I think it'd be better to keep it going. It's done such a good job. I would say by Monday. We'll be announcing Two or three new members to the test. Those new task force members may be challenged on the darkest aspect of this pandemic in that is the growing death. Toll axios reporting. The president has complained to advisors about the way the corona virus death toll is being calculated suggesting the real numbers are actually lower and that a number of his senior. Aides share this view. One high level official quote expects the president to begin publicly questioning the death toll as it closes in on his predictions for the final death. Count and damages him. Politically trump was also asked about that report this afternoon. That will figure in the United States over seventy thousand do you. Do you believe those figures. Well I think what it is what it is from. Ucla say seventy thousand. It's approximately now seventy thousand. I don't imagine that'd be very big variation Now it's a big number but it's also a number that set the lower scale. I think Debra. You could say it's at the very lower scale of any number that we that was predicted because if you look at the predictions. I guess they said from one hundred to two hundred twenty thousand. That's the big shut ins and if we went to the total shutdown tonight. The nation's most populous state preparing to reopen on Friday California will start lifting parts of it. Stay at home order which has been in effect for nearly two months. This is happening. Even as the state grapples with rising numbers of cases in La and the Bay Area California reported more than twenty six hundred new confirmed cases of the virus. Yesterday we begin our leadoff discussion in just a moment but first we are pleased to be joined live by Eric. Garcetti city Democratic Mayor of the city of Los Angeles California Mr Mayor because to my mind the testing plan. You have launched. La County is the biggest and boldest of its type in the nation. I want to start by asking you to listen along with our audience to the new White House. Press Secretary and what she had to say about testing in this country. We'll talk about it on the other side. Why shouldn't all Americans who go back to work able to get the test before they do to feel comfortable in their own work environment to be interacting with other individuals? Yeah let's dismiss a myth about test right now. If we tested every single American in this country at this moment We have to retest them our later and then an hour later after that because at any moment you could theoretically contract this virus so the notion that everyone needs to be tested is simply nonsensical. Mr Mayor as someone who's in the middle of attempting to test ten million people. Why is she wrong in this case? Well it's become a cliche on shows like this to say more testing more testing more testing. But it's because public health professionals tell us this is a silent killer. It's not just about first responders and medical personnel and people with symptoms. Who of course should always be our first priority but it's also about finding those people who are not exhibiting symptoms who can walk through US walk through crowds and workplaces and spread this without us knowing. And so. That's why I'm proud. Los Angeles was the first big city to offer widespread testing for people with and without symptoms. Because it gives us a chance to know find those folks find who they've interacted with and not just bend the curve shapes down those cases quickly isolate them and help us get to a place where we can better protect from death. People and better prepare for an economy. That doesn't suffer so much in New York. The governor and the mayor have in plain English a horrendous relationship You guys in California seemed to have it much better. Though I'm guessing there are areas whereas a city you're going to have to disagree with and Supersede. The governor slow roll out plan to reopen aspects of the economy correct. We have a beautiful relationship Governor Newsom in myself good friends great working relationship and that extends throughout the state with my fellow mayors and supervisors here in La County Where we disagree is not actually disagreement. The state says you can go this far but it's important for local leaders to know states will recommend you can but you don't have to go that far if you're conditions on the ground say hospital admissions or your testing capacity or tracing capacities and enough. Go slow is my advice. Nobody's going to be overly criticized for going too slow even though we see protests and things like that in the long term history will write the chapters of those who walk forward the right way. So we're taking some baby steps this weekend and our parks telling people they can go back to trails but with on and didn't change. A single rule can't gather with a group of friends. It's still just the people you're cohabitating with We're doing some pickup on for retail in the same way we've done for food. We'll do that for for music stores but not people inside those stories yet. So I think we have to get rid of the idea of this black and white open and closed we're going to be somewhat open somewhat closed for the next year plus and you have to manage that carefully and don't be afraid to go a little slower than national or state regulations allow but we have a great relationship out here in California another New York reference only because of the comparable populations. The mayor of New York guesses that he's going to have to lay off city employees because of the gap between funding. Are you getting what you need from the feds thus far? How much do you fear you're going to need from the federal government? I want to praise the federal help. We've gotten whether it's the naval ship mercy or whether it is some of the help that they've given us to house our homeless and feed our seniors and we need to make sure that we get fiscal help not just reimbursements for the cost of covert nineteen but local and state governments are three point one trillion dollars. That are spent locally. That's not only jobs. Those workers who work for local governments but those dollars get recycled four or five times and the majority of that is in the social safety net to catch people in bad times like this so they don't suffer more public safety and firefighters and police officers need to stay on the front lines in this fight and also folks like our public health workers who are literally the ones saving lives so we can't turn this into a partisan issue cities are run by Republicans Independents and Democrats and we are all together on saying we need to make sure that the next round funds cities and states for what they have lost so that we don't have more layoffs. We don't have furloughs like we proposed here in Los Angeles. At ten percent furlough that means ten percent less service ten percent less people ten percent less economic engine here and we have to make sure that part of our recovery is not just in the private sector the public sector as well. Thank you for spending part of your eight. Pm Hour with US tonight on the eleventh hour out East Mayor Eric. Garcetti of the city of Los Angeles. Thank you so much for your time and here. Now for our leadoff discussion on a Wednesday night Phil Rucker Pulitzer Prize winning White House. Bureau chief for The Washington Post Co author along with his post colleague Carol leg of the bestseller a very stable genius also with US Joe Kovin White House reporter for the Associated Press and Dr Kavita Patel. She served as senior Valerie. Jarrett and the Obama White House advising on matters of Health Reform Financial Regulatory Reform Economic Recovery. Issues also happens to be a clinical physician and among our medical contributors and Dr Patel you are the guest like to begin this segment with what about what the White House press secretary said about testing that in effect it is merely a snapshot in time. You could test our later after an exposure and get a different result the bottom line being. Why bother testing every American while? It's just simply not true. Brian Percival we think all have come to a realization that we simply don't even have enough tests for a percentage of Americans much less all Americans so the the fact of the matter is that we don't have enough testing period in that to kind of offer this contrast that you know talking about testing is nonsensical when we clearly don't even really understand what the extent of the disease is in our country a we already know that in parts of our country we're woefully under testing and if we are thinking about safely re-opening you've heard it from Dr Freidan and many other experts just today that we can't do that without testing and at this point we're testing about two hundred thousand people a day and that is about at least half of what we need so you know trying to kind of obvious skate. The argument by talking about testing every American. It looking different an hour later while at this point I think we need to at least have some sort of testing strategy and Brian. To be really honest about it. What we need to do is ask the administration. Why are we having such gaps in testing? We have been talking about this for weeks and months. Now what is it that we need to do to get a real coordinated effort and to deal with the short balls? It's a fair question. We've got it that we now have a much larger supply of ventilators. Testing remains the outlier. Hey Jill Coleman. It was a minor fleeting moment in the White House. Press Secretary's presentation today. She made sure to say that. The job of the members of the Corona Virus Task Force was saving. The lives of American people may because the president earlier had mentioned its popularity as a reason for keeping it open. What do you know about the less than twenty four hour turnaround in the fate and fortune of the White House? Gerona Virus Task Force. There's very much a reversal in the past. Twenty four hours. We had the president yesterday as saying the vice president also telling reporters that the plan was the task force at basically phase out at. They were giving us exact date saying sometime between Memorial Day in early June. They intended for it to sort of fade out as they entered this new phase but the President I received a lot of pushback in the hours before he appeared in front of reporters today including seeing some of the media reports but critical of that decision and that was that influence calls he received. He said that made him decide to shift his language. And he said instead the task force would continue on in perpetuity. He said he might change the composition of the task force that it would continue to meet say though that this is really seems to be a rhetorical shift. More than anything else you know for weeks. Now we've been told that the task force was going to be given a much less public facing role. These individuals members of trump's administration. Dr Birks will still be there. The vice president his staff will still be meeting it just a matter of how they choose to present that publicly. Phil Rucker the viruses still growing and as I mentioned the latest concerning case bikes are in states like Minnesota Nebraska in Nebraska. Is there any hint of a kind of a perverse buyer's remorse inside the trump White House after banging the drum for get out there and reopen as long as they have well Bryan aired? They're looking at data here that it's quite alarming and disturbing at the rhetoric you hear from the president is that we've turned a corner here Light at the end of the tunnel. Americans have been warriors Being home for all of these weeks and now it's time to get back out there. Spend money go to restaurant. Get back into your offices go to hair salons and so forth but the death count continues to climb we now have as you said at the top of the show. More than seventy thousand people dead in America were likely to have over a hundred thousand bed by the end of the month of May and there's not any sign of this ending anytime soon even as the numbers in New York City Start to come down there going elsewhere at NASA real dilemma for this administration. But you've seen the president basically adopted a mantra. This week that you know deaths are going to continue and Max of sacrifice that Americans need to make the get back out there into the economy and reopened the economy and get these numbers reverse and get people back to work. Our Gang has agreed to stay on with us for another round of questioning. Our thanks as well belatedly to La. Mayor Eric Garcetti. For starting US off coming up as we approach our first break the latest White House response to the latest warning signs about lost jobs and cratering businesses and later three months ago prominent name in the Democratic Party told us he was scared to death about the coming election tonight. Hill explained his new optimism on that front as the eleventh hour is just getting underway on this Wednesday night with all the uncertainty in the feeling safe at home has never been more important. It's why if you haven't already you need to check out simply safe home. Security their longtime friends of our show and for good reason simplisafe has made it easy to finally get comprehensive protection for your home. There's no technician or salesperson that needs to calm and disrupt your house. You don't need to pay any outrageous monthly fees or sign a two year contract. You just order online. Set it up yourself in under an hour really. It was that fast when I did it at my place and your home is protected. Twenty four seven with emergency dispatch for break INS fire and more offer. Just fifty cents a day right. Now when you had to simplisafe dot com slash. Our you'll get free shipping and a sixty day risk free trial that's SIMPLISAFE DOT COM slash H. O. U. R. To make sure they know that our show sent you from simply safe and all of us here wishing you safety and good health now. The the supplies are they need to be yes. I think it's sporadic as I talked to my colleagues around the country. Certainly there are pockets of areas where P P is ideal but this is an unprecedented time. I practice in New Orleans at a community health center. My youngest has been four days old four day old infant And so has been sporadic. But it's been manageable and we have to do nurses and we learn to adapt sporadic view sporadic for a lot of other Adrian. This I heard the opposite that they are loaded up with with gowns now. She went on to say she's been using the same mask for days on end who dared to contradict the party. Line was herself contradicted. In real time by the president during an Oval Office event designed to honor nurses on this annual day on the calendar meant to salute them as an occupation president. Went on to talk about the economy once again. Predicting it would rebound much sooner than people think hours earlier new report out from ADP said American companies lost twenty million jobs in the month of April were payrolls and the reports eighteen year history. Still with US Phil Rucker Joven Dr Kavita Patel Dr Patel to you again to start us off your reaction to that scene in the Oval Office. The story line as the president prefers it is. Were good on. We've been surging it to everyone who needs it and the brave nurse who begged to differ Luke Bryan in Madison. We have to rely on facts and the fact is that we do not have enough protective equipment. Certainly it's improving over time but there are still to this day on public websites nonprofits dedicated to getting protective gear to healthcare workers still daily pleas for help and as you heard people are reusing their put -ment which is absolutely not the science the science and data. Tell us that every time you interact with somebody even the same patient that the minute you step away. You should be actually changing now your protective gear. We realize that that's just not possible. Given how many interactions. There are between a caretaker of professional and a patient so it is troubling and again the data is what it is we not only do we not have enough but this certainly speaks to this issue around the globe about supply chain and just in general this leads to why we have a shortage testing and all of the other issues that. I think many health professionals such myself has been bringing up. Jacobin we've been showing for weeks now. The aerial pictures the lines at food banks and you can go from Carta car to car and almost universally people will tell you they never dreamed this is a situation they would be in and I'm GONNA quote from a New York Times story. Among mothers with young children. Nearly one fifth say their children are not getting enough to eat. According to a survey by the Brookings Institution a rate three times as high as in alway during the worst of the great recession jail. Are they prepared for the human cost of this and God forbid you reduce it to? It's bare minimum. The optics of this. I mean look. The numbers are horrible. And we're going to be getting know. New Economic Number is on Friday that administration officials that Kevin. Hassett have now spent days trying to sort of prepare us warning that these are going to be the worst jobs numbers that we have we've ever seen are at least any time in in any of our lifetimes on and this is the the drumbeat that the White House is looking at as they try to. You know put together. This balancing act of the economic costs of this. What it means to have people not being able to go to work not being able to to buy food for their children and the opportunities in the cost of opening up the country in the president however is really talked about some kind of economic snap. That's waiting to happen. That is soon as the rainbows lifted. There will be this magical moment where everything will go back to normal. And he's predicting in a very good third quarter of fabulous fourth quarter. Predicting the twenty twenty one will have even greater economic growth than the last year did an economist. Sir telling him that. That's just not how this to work. Even if businesses begin to reopen. That doesn't mean that that were lost magically will come back online. It doesn't mean that Americans feel comfortable going out going to the grocery store going to stores resuming life like it used to be rucker. We started with a Scorsese. It's time to transition to coppola what happens when the president goes to the mattresses. What does this campaign look like if he is without his ace? The most effective tool in his toolbox is to run on a vibrant and humming economy. What will that campaign look like? You Know Bryan even when the economy was vibrant and humming. We assume that this was going to be the ugliest campaign in recent times. The next because president trump's signaled as much but now with the economy in free fall and him not able to run on the strength of the economy. I think it's GonNa get even uglier. Because what trump has to do now what he's planning to do with his strategists are telling us they're they're working on is it's to really destroy Joe Biden to run a campaign of character assassination against the former vice president and disqualify in in the minds of so many of these voters to the people will vote for trump the polling that we have seen month after month through this pandemic has been very bad for trump. People do not approve of his job performance. In this crisis they do not approve of his leadership of his character his compassion and empathy and so in order to win trump's going to have to tear down by we already see his campaign operative beginning too late. Lambs do so our thanks to our guests from medicine and Journalism Phil Rucker Jovan Dr Kavita Patel greatly appreciate you hanging out with us tonight and coming up. After declaring himself a wartime President Donald Trump says his warriors are the Americans. He needs to get out and help restart. The economy does that indicate and undo sacrificed by are sheltering masses assessing the political strategy of that particular approach when we come back had to pass their. That was exactly two months ago today at CDC headquarters when the president made that claim. It wasn't true on that day. It remains untrue as we speak tonight and a reminder just two percent of our populations actually been tested and the press secretary today in the briefing room called the idea of testing. Everybody quote nonsensical so on that note. We are happy to back to returning veterans tonight. James Carville veteran democratic strategist who rose to national fame of the Clinton Presidential Campaign Co host of the twenty twenty politics war room podcast and Eugene Robinson Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the Washington Post. So James I'm glad we caught you before you're fitting for your Kevlar. Covert Warrior suit. I want to read you this from Christmas. Jerry in the La Times and we quote in recent days trump has begun describing citizens as warriors in the battle against the pandemic and suggested some of those fighters might have to die if that will help boost the economy. The new language shows trump appears to view people as collateral damage to salvage. The economy says Jeffrey Levy a public health expert at George Washington University. James is this a big part of why you're suddenly optimistic about democratic chances six months from now optimistic because every election since he's been elected we won every poll. We had a main. There's nothing but overwhelming evidence and look what his campaign doing griffis his campaign managers got to Condos Ferrario yacht a range rover and they're all just fleecing the campaign just about making money and then going into giving him fake holds the story. I mean this whole thing is is just like a crumbling empire right before your eyes everybody is trying to take everything they can get on and trying to prop him up so they all can make money and as he walked. It's on folk and James when Phil Rucker talks about when you remove the economy as something for him to run on Do you worry about what folks are going to resort to in this campaign which we already know isn't GonNa look like any campaign we in the modern era. I've ever seen the only thing I worry about is a mess with the right. To vote is wrong. It's as anything close to a level playing field. I really don't care what they're going to do there. We're going to lose before this shit. They're just GONNA lose now and they all know it and now getting profiles Written Been Blaise Pascal Campaign ads whatever. His name is a little bit young magazine posing for pictures. Sto Bang. It's gone. I mean Oracle March. Berg can tell you that there wishing manganese crumbling gene in addition to the best kitchen ceiling in Louisiana. The guy does away with words. You Gene Yourself wrote this week. That the The new normal is already here. Tell our viewers who didn't have the privilege of reading your column what you mean. Well look we. We're set adrift by this White House. Right the the White House has has abdicated. Its responsibility to do the kind of surveillance tests and kind of real testing. We need to move forward toward reopening the economy on a on a on a scientific basis on a safe basis The this checked out basically And said just like the states handle the the mayor's handle it and and let individuals handle it and so we're just GONNA have to make make decisions ourselves about what we consider safe. What we don't consider safe State and local governments some regional compacts or are getting together and they all move forward Sensibly I hope and intelligently least some of them But this is just a scandalous abdication of responsibility at a critical moment in one. Other thing this administration's stop spitting in a global effort to conserve combine defined a vaccine. We're trying to find a vaccine on our own and whatever but but There are powerful nations with scientists joining forces. The United States should be leading the international effort. But of course this this president's capable of that sort of thing and so you know they find the vaccine I we're at the back of a line. I mean this is just this. This is absurd. I agree with everything. Captain Carville said Ibn. I think he's absolutely right. We're The the Democrats are are in a great bluish in going into this election as we go to break. I'll read this from a frequent guest of ours. Tom Nichols he said this. Tonight is the worst of all bad faith assumptions in this pandemic to assume that those of US obeying our states restrictions and supporting the making of science based policy are enjoying it. And don't care how long it goes on. It speaks to my contention. The people are indoors not because they've been ordered to because they don't want to get this We'RE GONNA fit in a break here. Both gentlemen have agreed to stay with US coming up the role the pandemic is playing and will continue to play in presidential politics. The kind we see every day the stock market where the Stock Market's at twenty four thousand and we went through the worst attack we've ever had in our country. This is really the worst attack we've ever had. This is worse than Pearl Harbor. This is worse than the World Trade Center. There's never been an attack like this and it should have never happened. Could have been stopped at the source could have been stopped in China and that last bit right there is part of what's become the president's daily diversion to China as he correctly was lamenting the damage piling up in this country and a reminder were six months out from the presidential election new monmouth university poll from the my Home County and the Great State of New Jersey shows. More people would prefer that person nationally to be Joe Biden Than Donald Trump fifty to forty one percent still with us James Carville and Eugene Robinson and James I wanna ask about your side and the notion of of punching back should the Biden campaign beholding a daily or thrice weekly. Call it a resistance briefing. Call it a medical briefing. We haven't heard from the task force in over a week as it is on days when the president suggests may be injecting disinfectant. Or INSERTING UV. Light where the sun normally don't shy. Should there be some reaction from the campaign. Should the Biden group putting out ads as biting as the Lincoln Group A bunch of lapsed Republicans about I wrote a piece on? Nbc thanked out to act like apart chip. And let me tell you the Lincoln group and the Bull Walk. These never trump Republicans to Democrats could learn a lot them. There me they find more in. We don't fight like that. We don't fight like that the way. Did you run a presidential campaign your pirate ship? You're always calculating. You always take it wind speed and direction you siege and you look and you burn. And that's just the way it is and they're ineffective they just riding low in the water. They're all that Dell Dell Rich L. Scamming L. Make money in my. My advice is get ready and hit him. Hit him again because it don't matter if the Dow was thirty five thousand. He's not GonNa win. He wasn't going to win when when unemployment which three point five percent. He's certainly not GonNa win now but the idea is not just to beat him to end the scourge of tropism in this country forever. And we can do that. It's within our gouache right now. Right now they just they just fleecing this thing all. They're trying to make money right now. They know it's going on. Everybody knows was happening in this country. Eugene a great man wants reminded a victorious precedential campaign. It's the economy stupid in your view. It's still the economy and is the risk for this president a guy who has pitched himself to neighborhoods of color in this country the same way he has pitched himself to potential takers of hydroxy. Chloroquine what do you have to lose? Does he have to worry now. That people are going to sit down and figure out exactly what it is. They have to lose. Yeah so worry a lot because look I think if if the economy were. We're roaring if you know it was not as Donald Trump the best economy in the history of the United States But even if it were He would be in trouble in in the selection He you know He. He and the Republican Party would be in trouble Impulsive showing that not just nationally but in battleground states Senate races And and so. I'm I think James is right. With sort of Jack Sparrow Strategy for with the Democrats ought to be doing. It's absolutely right and and and and I may steal some of the column because because we can learn a lot from from the Lincoln Group at and what they've been doing. They are really good at this. I've preached for years. Republicans are much better at this sort of punchy. You Know Emotional. A hard hitting Impactful advertising the pare down to two simple Simple soundbites that people can understand. Democrats have have not known to do that. They like dependent clauses and and and the family long rambling sentences and and they do bring in Blaise. Pascal they can so they can definitely learn a lot From what the Lincoln Group is doing. This is this is no time to let up This is time to put pedal to the metal because I think the opportunity is there for a blue soon. Nami I really do. I have what these church having. Hey Hey James Give you thirty seconds what he got. Cherokee on sad Hitler invaded hell outside with the devil. Thank you I'll UNIA contracts. Republicans never trumpers bull walk. People come in and out of Flight Democrats get off the conference call. Get the meeting. Go to take it to him. But anyway I love being home which gene no pat nominee idea of anybody south of the Mason Dixon. Line brought thank you James Carville Gene Robinson. Gentlemen. It's always a pleasure. Thanks for coming on coming up. One company struggling to keep up with demand because their product has suddenly become a prized possession. During a pandemic there was one night on this broadcast early on before quarantine started before the death. Toll Really started the skyrocket. We mentioned that an analyst on CNBC one afternoon said the one stock he was. GonNa Watch during this pandemic was clorox. Indeed if your family is like ours like so many others you've been scanning the Internet and grocery store shelves for clorox wipes one of the Products Co. Vid Era that we never could have dreamed we would need until we needed them tonight. We hear from the head of the company that is struggling to make up for demand. We got our report from NBC. News correspondent Blaine Alexander First. Shoppers scrambling to find disinfectant wipes but greeted only by bare shelves. This will be a welcome sight. Clorox factories working overtime to meet a five hundred percent spike in demand. In some cases we sold as much in one week as we normally sell in one month. We are completely uncharted territory. And we're in catch up mode than door or is the CEO of Clorox. Will people be able to go to the stores and find products in stock on the Shell? We know that right now. We cannot make enough products for everybody. We think we will be in a substantially better shape by the summer June July. Or is that what you're thinking we're ramping up supply components however is the consumer demand and that today is outside our control. The company says it increased production of disinfectants by forty percent. But that's still not enough. We are shipping products stores every single day. Whether that's physical stores online stores. But they're gone pretty much right. Wendy arrive our cameras. Were not allowed inside clorox facilities because of health and safety concerns but the company shared this video with NBC News. A rare look inside. Its largest. Factory churning out giant bleach drums. That can clean fourteen thousand hospital rooms each and the wipes and sprays that we all use at home while clorox is ramping up production. They say that the safety of their nearly nine thousand employees is the priority so they're making changes at factories like this one including staggered breaks face and temperature checks. Do you consider your employees critical frontline workers to yes we do. Jessica Mathews one of them responsible for making sure. The trucks are loaded. You really see how valuable really are before like. Okay we just make wipes and clean a banal is like we're saving lives. We're making a difference. Carlton Mitchell Overseas Bleach Production. Even though we know that we're potentially at risk we're willing to take that risk and make that sacrifice because we're helping to save and protect many lies. Thousands of lives clorox is hiring more than two hundred fifty. Employees Increasing base pay and giving a bonus to lower level workers. Were sorry that we can't help as much as we can give an unprecedented demand but we give hearts every single day to do better and help is on its way and it will be better starting some until then he says these factories will be running around the clock. Blaine Alexander. Nbc News Atlanta more essential workers to think about coming up for us and act of kindness from one hundred seventy three years ago. That has come roaring back for people who need it right now last thing before we go tonight it was so long ago that few people even knew the story unless they heard it passed down through the family as folklore but during the Irish potato famine in the time before Lincoln the native American tribes of Choctaw nation gathered what was then a big some one hundred seventy dollars and Senate it to Ireland for victims of the famine. Apparently not everyone has forgotten. Connor Hunt with the Irish television network. Rt picks up the story. It's a bond between two communities formed in a time of deep crisis commemorated with this sculpture in eighteen forty seven at the height of the famine. Here the CHOCTAW Nation of Native Americans gathered what Mooney they could and sent it across the Atlantic to help those suffering one hundred and seventy years on that goodwill is not being reciprocated a fundraiser for Navajo and Hopi Native American Families Hocine donations from Ireland pouring in indeed as of tonight this Irish fundraising campaign has now raised close to three million dollars for families and the Navajo and Hopi communities in the United States native American populations are getting crushed by the corona virus. With cases and fatalities skyrocketing. There's is one of the worst outbreaks especially with their income sources. Shutdown and huge roadblocks in getting the federal aid intended for them because there was no initial system for dispersal the potato famine. Killed a million people in Ireland where history classes still tell the story families due to and where it investment in humankind from faraway generations ago is being returned and then some that is our broadcast for this Wednesday night on behalf of all of my colleagues at the networks of NBC News. Good night from our temporary field had.

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Toy Story 4 Trailer Disappoints During Super Bowl? - Movie Talk

Collider Movie Talk

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Toy Story 4 Trailer Disappoints During Super Bowl? - Movie Talk

"The following program is brought to you by your friends at podcast one. Don't forget to download our new podcast one out. Space some regions are vast and empty other areas. We call closets. Fortunately, Kevin from the container store has answers. Right. Kevin. What gives you the power over space? I'd say alpha, customizable, closets with free, design and Elvis adjustable shelving and drawers, I can create space in any size closet. Kevin master of space and closets or just Kevin. Plus right now, save thirty percent on elephant installation and earn up to five hundred dollars in credit through February tenth at the container store where space comes from hoop. Where's that music coming from? On today's show even glass things Super Bowl was a letdown. If you're a Rams fan could you at least enjoy any of the trailers, and Netflix is getting a whole lot of Bundy. Unfortunately, I'm not talking about married with children movie talk starts right now. Ted Bundy, what have you was related to the bundy's? It looks like that cousin. They don't talk about when I was a kid people reference Bundy, and I'm like, oh, yeah. You mean the neighbour for married with children? I did is. I cross can begin leeann Al Bundy, and the whole thing just kind of went Kabui. But now Netflix he's getting a lot of. Yes, fame serial killer is no longer with us. Ted Bundy more on that waiter on in the show. We kick off today with my two favorite panels. We got paired number off here, we have John Rocca. John you're adopted team of the Los Angeles Rams, quite cut the mustard in what many people are describing adult game last night. I thoroughly enjoyed I think the dog did as well. I had a great time watching that football game. I was doing other things around the house while I was watching the game. So it was nice. We're moving into my girlfriend, and I this week. I mean, we mortar movie which organizing stuff so it wasn't that kind of game. They took our attention away from what we were doing. But we watched it. We enjoyed it for what it was. We talked about it on Collado sports time today, if you wanna watch it with Suzy Shuster she's on there talking with us about the game. So you can watch it on other things around the house Super Bowl is on Parry number of. I know you do not subscribe to that voice. Early enjoyed watching that football game. Didn't thoroughly enjoyed watching a frozen screen on my jet. Blue flight back to LA what I am very loyal jet blue customer, but on freaking game day of all days have the TV systems fail. I understand. I was angrier than I ever I was like up to my eyeballs in rage. And I couldn't take it on the the poor of flight attendant it wasn't her fault. But I was I was ready to hoc at you would get this. I was just ready to hold out on. Game you start that nothing. And the thing was is. So of all the TV's on the plane. I think maybe like two percent of them didn't freeze. So you'd find these random plane watch the game and everyone would be like. Turn that seat belt light off better after like an entire season of being fantasy and just being so excited for the Super Bowl it figures. This is the one time I was completely stopped for lodging the game. Well, thanks to Bill Belichick. The Rams were frozen for most of the game to carry number cannily sympathize if any of the higher ups at jet were watching upgrade this poor girl to mint. She deserves it after going through that herring experience. I watched it with Molly. And it was just the two of us, and that's five inch TV foes. That's a fun time to watch even a Super Bowl that didn't have a lot of scoring. But I enjoyed the game. I enjoyed a lot of the trailers are going to get that just a second. But first, let's talk about the weekend that was at the box office. It was Super Bowl weekend, which means and not a lot of people go into the movies. This was the lowest box office returns to the top twelve movies since September of two thousand and seventeen. The number one breadwinner was once again, the m night Shyamalan film glass closing out his trilogy this weekend. It took in nine point five million dollars domestically followed closely by the upside at eight point six million dollars. Ms Ballo was doing theaters and did six point eight million dollars aquaman four point eight. And rounding out the top five Spiderman into the spider verse at four point five fund note that movie's made one hundred and seventy five million domestically alkyl is up to three hundred twenty three million dollars. So Roka usually this out by asking what was the biggest story at the box office again today, I simply asked is there a story at the box office. The only thing that I can take out of the box office to for me. And that would be the fact that glasses still kicking it up there at the top no matter what the middling reviews or some people not liking it. It's still out there. Nuff people giving word of mouth that it is still at the number one spot for three weeks in a row. You can't take that away from it two hundred million dollars worldwide on a twenty million dollars production budget. So they've made their money hand over fiscal. You may not have liked the movie, but they're certainly impetus for Shamlan do another one. I'd be happy to see if he would want to explain no he said he doesn't want to. But if it opens up that would be. Fun. And also Kevin Hart. Keep going second place. The upside eight point nine eight point six what can you say that guy draws people in lesser note? Spiders, still there kicking in the top five. I love it people were still discovering that movie. Yeah. The kid who would be king. I'm here nothing. But nice things about this movie. People were saying that was actually a cute story. It can't make any money. Get came in at seven this weekend. It's second weekend release with four point two for a total of thirteen point two million dollars Perry number off. What was the story to you at the movies? I'm just looking at the top ten specifically right now. And it's a whole bunch of very sad looking per theater average is and that's why I thought the kid who would be king wouldn't be able to hold on in week in two is because we can one it had a very minimal per theater average. And that's never a good sign. I guess the only real story here might be glass. Just because of how much it made on that teeny tiny budget. So that is the benefit of working with a smaller amount of money, and then finding a release date and something like January because the smart. Move is releasing it releasing it at the time they did in January, and then letting it ride out a couple of week weekends, and that money just adds up. I mean, we're really not even gonna have. I mean, I guess with LEGO movie to coming out that's going to make a good deal. But it pretty much had this time all to itself aside from the upside which is holding on really strong. But now, I guess the time for just glass and mostly the Oscar contenders green book ticked up a notch which probably bodes well for. It's Oscar run right now green book was number six at the domestic box office so glass, number one. I think it's going to inch toward eventually surpass limp over that magic one hundred million dollar Mark domestically. But Perry brings out the box office this coming weekend. And that really is the question is because it's going to be a fuel injected weekend. Finally in February we have the LEGO movie the second part is coming up that's going to do some numbers. And then what men one withdraw she Henson versus cold pursuit with Liam Mason. Not a great storyteller this weekend you to what's going to be number two at the box. Office this week. And the LEGO movie, I think we know is going to take number one. Unless Ben one pulls a big upset is going to be one one. Or is it gonna be cold persona think there's any competition? I think what men want has this. I mean trash EP -hension has proved her her ability and her draw at the box office time and time again, I think with this idea in particular, she's going to draw a pretty big crowd. I mean, actually now that I'm starting to do the math with these three. We could have a fairly big weekend on our hands, especially considering the most recent ones. But I think it's going to be LEGO at number one without a doubt what men want and then called pursuit, John Roker. You put some predictions on paper here. No. I'd like here's what I was. I agree with Perry. I have to agree with Perry. I think what men want certainly will be there. I think you know, we're seeing the black audience comes out to support these movies. The upside is getting that benefit this is going to get that benefit as well. Yes. Of course, other people will go, but it's a black audience that will drive the numbers they've been showing to be very powerful box office force when they get behind the move me. So movies. So I think this one checks all the buttons. Yes. It's a remake of a Mel Gibson movie. But it's also tries to be in this and you throw in Tracy Morgan is very funny. I'm down with that. I think we've been burnt too many times by Liam Nielsen movies recently. And so I think people don't want to run out to see him do another one. Even though this one is getting incredible reviews. Lot of positive reviews across the board for Cobra. I'm going to night to see it as a at a press screen. I'm looking forward to it. But you know, we've been burnt by the commuter these other films that didn't quite hit it at like taken did. But this film, it doesn't know how to advertise it self Greek. It's I think it's a dark comedy is going to have a lot of action in it. But I have no idea what to tell just from the thirty seconds that you see when you see an ad on TV. So I don't know that it's sold to the public because we watch it. And it's like, wait. This is just the Liam Neeson action movie. Is there is there humorous this thing a farce is this sucker Abrahams? Zuckerman what is this movie? It's not on my radar whatsoever. The only reason it is on my radar is because in my mind, I'm going on. Now is the time of year for another. Knees. Much Ed, the only weather other one that I do have my right now is the prodigy one with Taylor schilling in the little kid from it. I've heard some pretty good things about that one. And right now, I'm trying to find a night in my schedule this week to see that one. But I don't know with with the horror movie right now, especially right before happy birthday to you comes out. I feel like that one. Could maybe make a little bit of money or moves have come out and shock people with their box offices over the last year. So it wouldn't be surprising to see that up. There. I think it feels more like with coal pursued it feels more like one of those old school Jacques Claude van Damme films where you have like somebody dies, and it really cares about because this is his son overdosing heroin. And then it goes on the revenge, and they have these like little jokes aside that go throughout the movie, and that's what it feels like to me when I watched the trailer. So I'm expecting to have awesome revenge film with occasional jokes. Don't it. Well, you can tell Mr. van dam that in person when he's here in studio tomorrow that's going to be a very exciting day for a lot of us particularly the kid that war denim for a solid year after he saw hard target after this weekend next week and the Valentine's Day weekend. You're going to get happy birthday to you. You said you're also gonna get alita battle angel. I'm hearing reviews that are talking about what a big cinematic experience. This thing is so maybe that does some surprising numbers at the box office and also, isn't it romantic? So as you look forward to February you guys an early breadwinner for what you think could take the month of February because I'll remind you how to train your dragon three is also coming in theaters the last weekend in February. So. It's probably going to be that versus the LEGO movie for February supremacy, right? A tip the scale in the LEGO movies direction. But I think those are going to be the two bigger ones this month unless I'm forgetting something right now. But I think happy birthday to you could be one well worth watching out for because it's another blunt house universal movie. I'm sure they didn't spend all that much on it the first one did very well. And I'm hearing good things about this new one I for one and I'm very excited about it. I do think alita is dead in the water as far as financial go. I have a bad feeling that no matter how good it is. It's going to have a very tough time making back. What I assume is a pretty large budget. But it is a nice pleasant surprise because I seen some of that early footage of both sandiego Comecon in the New York comic con, and I didn't really like it. So if I go into that movie and wind up being pleasantly surprised by the content. I would be frigging over the moon did the review for it last week. When I went to see it at a press screening, and all I can tell you is that it is production-wise visually in. Incredible. Some of the story I think they could have worked on a little harder on the story. But this could be an listen, I don't want to get people mad, but this could be another aquaman situation where the critics kind of don't one hundred percent are fully on board with it. But the fans may like it there may be a strong contingent of teenagers who enjoy this young adults who enjoy this and come out and support the movie because there's a lot to take from this movie that is enjoyable and there's great performances from Zahle for Moselle Saar. And from crystal day. I hope if anything comes from alita battling that it finally puts her on the map in a way that kind of matches her ability her in so many things where she just crushes the performance. But for whatever reason, the movie doesn't pop quite as much as it would need to in order to actually I don't know. I guess make her a superstar per se throwing James Cameron and rubber Rodriguez. Well, you know, how much the draw they might still have. So we'll see it might surprise people in her Shelly. Oscar nominee Oscar winner and Oscar nominee this year as well. So I saw LEGO movie the second part I had a choice between you that? Or lead a battle angel last Thursday. I went LEGO there's more free food at LEGO be honest with you, and I did enjoy leg. I thought it was just it was what I expected. It was what you're probably gonna expect going in there. Too fun rollicking adventure a lot of quick jokes. And I dug it thoroughly this most is going to be up tomorrow. So Roca mentioned that the upside came in at number two, and it was interesting because Kevin Hart didn't that movie. But he was also the Super Bowl last night. And and if I could just have a buddy comedy, I want Kevin Hart, Robert Kraft, the owner the patriots, and Jon Bon Jovi just getting a car and drive somewhere because I would put a camera on that. And had a great time. Interesting seeing Kevin Hart and Jon Bon Jovi to pretty great entertainers sitting on the sidelines watching maroon five and Travis got in big boy to a halftime show. I was finding the halftime show. I didn't really care about. It. Didn't move me their way, I didn't hate it. I didn't love it. But I think John Bon Jovi Kevin Hart took much having to a couple of songs haven't Arkansas some jokes. That's the Super Bowl halftime show that I want to say. Halftime show. Oh, that's the one thing. You don't need to I watched that Super Bowl. And then you want the TV to freeze during halftime show. I watched sitting in today, and it's like if you get fell network to get NFL network. They're going to be replaying it for whoever wants to watch that game. But I watched it again this morning, and I found a pretty entertaining. Okay. That's fine. A lot of people found the trailer that lead into the Super Bowl entertaining because that was avengers game. It was a bit of surprise because you know, Disney ABC they're going to buy a bunch of time during the Super Bowl. Even though the Super Bowl was aired on CBS ABC. We didn't know is going to be an adventure and game trailer. We didn't get a captain marvel one as well. But I want to stick to this ventures endgame because that felt like the big announcement that hey, the Super Bowl is about to start. But also, wow new footage from endgame is marble going to stick to Kevin he said, and we're going to show about fifteen twenty minutes, the beginning of the movie, that's what they're gonna use to advertise. It certainly felt like that from watching this trailer. I liked all the new clips. I saw I don't want one hair harmed on that adorable. Raccoons head the sweet rabbit better survive. This anything else Perry. Fair game to me. What do you think of the trailer? This is a great TV spot and ever since I finally got the opportunity to watch all of these online after they aired on television. I was going through them and the ones that I wasn't liking. I'm busy googling and watching and searching on Twitter if everybody's reaction. I see a lot of folks out there saying hold on. It's just a TV spot. It's just a thirty second TV spot. But then you compare some of the ones that didn't play as well to something like endgame. That isn't expertly crafted TV spot that instantly gets your attention manages to re catch you up from the events of Infinity war, and then all and also t up the next big adventure in a way, where it already gives you some unforgettable imagery. I mean, the shot that I'm picturing right now is at the very end of them walking across. It's like that. Maybe it's not as big as that fake. Sean of them all running through the forest of Kanda. But that's the shot that I'm going to take with me from this because I found it so visually striking. But I also loved the choice to put in all of the boats are on the statue of liberty and all the cars still parked by CitiBank because city field because it's almost like putting into a superhero movie a little touch of a disaster movie. And there's a reason we get a lot of disaster movies because I for one certainly drawn to them. So to see that as part of the endgame TV spot, yet got me hooked, it made me think of something never had to consider before roken that is that like fan of snapped two singers who lost a bunch of our heroes. Everybody lost loved ones and all that stuff. But now we live in this world and people seem to some people seem to just want to move on. It forget this happened in Banos. He's a bad guy. We know he's still alive ease often some other planet living in a cabin enjoying foliage. And maybe just never harms us again. We can just move on about our lives and the adventures like damn it. No doubt. No. We're going to go after this guy. Also saw a lot of jokes on Twitter at the poor New York Mets expense saying that. That's how city field feels most of the time. Most of the job away from politics. I stepped on your arms is a Yankees fan that field usually looks like no, listen, I enjoyed this trailers what I agree with Perry. This I hate when people say oh twenty thirty seconds about that's a cop out and a half. That's why those spots are made to get you interested in a movie, it's not to make you go who I want to see more than I hope they get better next time or do better next time. No, it's the get you excited for the film if they fail at it. They deserve to be criticized for it and some spots did and some spots. Didn't this one killed it? It was fantastic. It was so good. Like Perry said, the ships around this the statue of liberty. Ironically, are those ships there or have they come to the statue of liberty is that some some sort of place like at Ellis Island all over again. You're poor huddled masses coming to the statue of liberty. I don't know I loved the shot of Steve Rogers handshaking as he put the shield on does that mean, he has PTSD does that mean he's afraid to walk back into battle. We see him at that self help group any looks different looks weird the faces shaved we don't know. What's going on with C Ronin? We'll see a little shot of. Scarlet and black widow with their hair longer. So some time has passed and their self help groups the avengers over Steve Raja, Lisa's going out group to deal with 'em. Remember, that's where falcon was right? He he was doing that for vet for veterans. So maybe that's a call back to that and Perry's right that that shot of them walking and slow motion. That's exciting. But I also liked the fact that people are speculating who else is out on that grass looking up that's been digitally moved removed, possibly what vendors that. And I want to know where rocket is opening that door to whatever that cabin is out by the water. I just wanna know who's cabin that is or where he's at. So so much about this was perfectly done and exciting. And we're the first trailer was all about like, oh, I'm lost in space. I don't know what's going to happen. Now, you have Tony stark working with Mattielo on a ship. It's more hopeful that they're going to fight. And I think it's great what they're doing with us, and it's going to be an expansive film. Yeah. As you can probably predict the chat room is alive with comments about the adventures and game teaser. Obzor Ed herald, great friend of the show comments. He says it's a great ad for fans of the series. But for non it wasn't an attention grabber. So it might have peaked their interest, but on a hook line sinker effect. And then Andrew Valdez says those opening shots of empty stadiums reminded him of the dark Knight rises. He says not a bad way, which I think the dark. Knight rises at a pretty strong ad campaign going into the movies different story. But I feel good vendors endgame certainly has a lot of fan interest. And then you talk about getting the attention of the masses and people who maybe didn't even know that. Oh, yeah. That other avengers movie is coming out. And that's what I want to move onto is the trailers as a whole is the trail which trailer if you look at we had Hobson Shaw, we had us fast and furious presents Hobson Shaw is the name of the movie, captain marvel Toy Story four so the Super Bowl, it's a very competitive event. It's a celebrated day of competition, which movie trailer teaser you saw yesterday won the Super Bowl. Was it vendors like I'm gonna vote for or was it something? Else? I think I have to give my vote to avengers. I mean, it's it's yet another major event film. It's tough to follow that series all of these years, and then be able to see something like that. And not have that be the highlight. But similarly to how that endgame TV spot. I thought was expertly crafted I would apply the same comment to the us one. And I think we were talking about the exact same thing when that first trailer came out that is just a great attention grabber where it feels like you're just starting to be able to sink your teeth into that story while also being extremely unsettled and off bounds and not knowing what the heck is going on there. And again talk about the imagery. I'm looking at it on the screen. I can't is off right now. But the imagery in that trailer is so so eerie, and it it leaves me satisfied from the perspective of a short TV spot. But it is dying to make me like go see more right now. So I think that one was a huge success as well. With Jordan peels twilight zone. Add yesterday that was one of the core things I saw during the Super Bowl, again, para cannot apologize. We have everybody jet blue. We're sorry offered me so many free snacks and wine. And I was like no free drinks the legs himself, some free drinks. But not there in the Super Bowl. It's the free drink un-freezes the television. Now, thanks go. While you were putting together you knew bunk beds, which trailer. Do you think was the best that air during or right before? Right after the game. Yeah. I would say I was great look more more Jordan Peele is just becoming this mogul in his own right piece by piece, and we're watching it happen. I think that's great for me. Because how I'm Bill Hobson Shaw that was the one or the fast fast and furious presents ops and shown tip your T glass there. No, I really enjoyed. It. Was thoroughly a lot of fun loved the two different dynamics of Jason state them of the rock coming together. Love that can't we why can't we be friends? Aegis elba. Inter it made my girlfriend come out of the kitchen to watch the trailer hearing. Address elvis. You've got someone who's never watched fast and furious movie would never be caught dead Nevada furious movie interested because you've cast interests elbow. So that's a positive. She liked the trailer watch it was enjoyable and that way, but I also think the trailer itself captured the humor and the action that you're going to get in the movie when you walk into the door, and it doesn't feel like just a spinoff. Here's our attempt to spin off if he was like an entirely new franchise with these two people connected to it coming out of that trailer, and you can tell the attention to detail and the amount of money they've put into this thing and that gets me super excited for overall. So I was in. That's the one that really grabbed my inches really won the Super Bowl for me really annoyed me when they revealed the beginning that yourselves character is basically like a superhero. I'm like that sounds like a big cop out you do that. And then before I knew it. I cannot say no to eaters Elba versus Dwayne Johnson. And Jason state them. There is some sort of magic happens when you see them all fighting with each other. And it's got me I need to see it. As as crude of a demographic polls. I can do I think people watching the Super Bowl people invested in watching the game. I think that the Hobson Shaw trailer might have spoken to them the most out of any of the chosen. I did like that thirty seconds spot. I thought I checked out the thirty seconds five. And then I just went back and watch the Chiro that dropped a few days ago. He's so stupid. It's so really so now we have like a captain America. But he's a bad guy. Like how far down this rabbit hole? Are we going to go? Am I going to see the movie am I going to get a kick out of it? Yes. I am. But I'm not it's not exactly high brow. Going wanna space, son? And that's the next night or dead. Randy trio machete in outer space, it just it's ridiculous premise, but I mean, again, I'm the one that's getting excited about talking raccoon walking into an empty cabin. So I don't have to stand on if you notice the headline of today's show. It was the disappointment that maybe some people felt watching the Tory story fourteen or what they're adorable little dolls. It's animated. It's Toy Story. We happy to see buzz light year and some new characters. I mean, I was I enjoyed that trailer. Just find it in. Wow me, but it was nice to see the buzz lie. You're hanging out at a carnival. And he's a prize that you can win and he's messing with the other prizes. They're messing with him. I dug it just fine. But we're people disappointed by this. I'm I'm seeing the word failure in our lower third today. And I don't think I would I would call it a failure per se because I do think it probably achieved what it was set out to do. Which is remind people there's another toys story movie coming and there's cute colorful characters, and this is what you're going to get from it. But as someone who adore. Doors all three Toy Story movies and has been waiting and curious and hoping that number four is just as good as all the other ones that came before it I felt like a little deflated after watching this kind of like, oh, that's it especially because the order that. I watched them in when I got home was, you know, I watch things like us an endgame. I I watch Hobson Shaw Fers that just happened to be the last one I queued up for whatever reason. And I'm like that you know that pales in comparison. I don't find it that funny, but I- door these characters I love at amusement park setting. I don't know if that's the setting for the movie overall or anything, but I just thought that those two things together there was gonna be some some little hook in it that kind of brought back those warm and fuzzy feelings, you get when you see those characters back on screen, and it just didn't really do for me. John yoga Toy Story for you grew up with this franchise. I did you love that original trilogy. Heck, it probably made you cry like the last one and helped to tier two in me toys. For the trailer disappoint. Yeah. I would say failure. Absolutely. Yes. Peres right. That it reminded you that this movie is coming, but then again it failed because it did remind you that this movie is coming in a dozen look like they're capturing the magic of the first three adult this felt angry this built a little bitter. This felt like the animation. Look different weird. And the jokes didn't work for me. And I thought overall I felt a built on happy after watching this trailer or not should not be unhappy. Watching a Toy Story fortunate. I should be excited to go back into this world and revisit these characters. Even would he was that's buzz up there. Oh, well and beau peep comes in. I know the new beau peep looks cool like the design. What does she do? Nothing just says a line just what Bobi did most of the time. So if you're going to put an new beau peep in there have reduced something have her say buzz, ever, do something if you're gonna make a big deal about it. Put it on your poster do something in the thirty second Super Bowl spot that you pay to millions of dollars to showcase your movie on. And it really didn't do a damn thing for me. The jokes were if there's one thing. Jordan Peele wrong. It was voiced one of the characters in this trailer in that whole Super Bowl thing. So to me, it just it just really bothered me. How Iggy the feeling was that I got after watching this trailer. I I was upset because didn't upset I didn't cry in three. So to have this come out be kind of like wasn't happy. This is right after the Rams lost though. And so. You know, maybe you weren't in the best mental state Stein it and again, I feel bad for Rams fans. But I think you're going to be back there soon. And I just I found myself starting to root for the patriots for whatever reason I appreciate greatness while it's actually happening. I don't think I took full advantage of that when Jordan and the bulls were winning six championships in eight years inside. I'd like to do that again and just as Washington Redskins fan. I can't believe that our team was ever invited to this game. Like, that's how far removed I feel as a as a skins fan. I it just seems like it's never ever going to happen. You know, come on the patriots fans probably felt that way all the time till Bill Belichick showed up. Well, you gotta last trying. And I appreciate everybody that came to Phoenix to punk rock wive to laugh at us for a little while I was myself headlining, and I was honored to have. Josh mccowan, Ken, nap psychos. You guys were amazing fans, we pack. The place out y'all sold it out. It was so great getting to tell jokes in front of you getting to meet somebody. I'll afterwards. It was a great time. Thank you so much Phoenix. Next up on the docket. Got a lot of little dates in between. But then the big one Chicago too. Shows one night during store or celebration, April twelve it's Friday night at might be taping it so you guys get your tickets while you still can't Mark Ellis live dot com at Reggie's rock club. It's right next to the convention center. If you're going to start celebration live in Chicago, or if you live anywhere else, and you wanna fly in to come see me tell jokes. I promise. I'll do my best to make it worth your while something it's always worth your while is the witching hour. It's perry. Number off Tate. We they Jose great horror themed in genre incorporating podcast every week Perry. What are we talking about? On. Most recent episode of allow witching hour is super cool episode coming out tomorrow because we just recorded it right before we went live here, and I gave a brief recap of all the harm movies. I saw at Sundance. But then the big thing in this episode is that we have the director and the star of happy depth day to you. Join us and Jessica Roth and Christopher Landon. They're both fantastic their whole areas and Chris land just had some interesting stories to tell about his filmography and some of the challenges he had to overcome to basically strike gold with the happy death. Franchise. So heard great things about the movie, they were an absolute pleasure highly recommend giving that a watch up probably sit on the prodigy and just and just get revved up for happy that because I really had a good side. We saw that together prodigy. No, no, no, happy that the first one. I think we had to go see that together. I saw somebody almost get hit in the crosswalk. Don't worry. I save the day. Then I went in. I was all jacked up from an set next the Perry. Watch Abby debt that. Yeah. I don't remember this at all were you already in the theater, you got seats recovering outside calling the cops on people this taking care of the streets mean streets bourbon, I mean, Cincinnati Ohio one of all on to our next story and that involves actually Sundance. So I want to go back to Perry because there's a Ted Bundy movie premiered at Sundance star Zach Ephron is called extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. And this is the Ted Bundy story, and I some mostly positive reviews coming out of Sundance, though, I did see a fair amount of people say do we need this movie is just retreading this for the sake of the fact that we love. True crime and Ted Bundy was a good looking guys. Now, we want to Gora five that in some weird sick way. Zac, Ephron is playing Ted Bundy the reason why we're talking about today is it Netflix acquired the movie during Sundance they've paid a pretty penny for but periods, and you get a chance to check this film out. I did I did see this. And I am one of the more mixed reviews of the bunch. I think the performances are anomalous Zach Ephron is rate in this movie. So if you had any doubts with his ability whatsoever. No doubt will change that. I do think that I hate saying. I wish the movie had done this because it wasn't my choice. And maybe it wasn't the intention of the filmmaker. But given what happens over the course of the film? I think the overall film and experience would have been served much better. Had it been told more heavily through the eyes of lily Collins character. So that's where I land on that one. But I do think a good place for it to land is on Netflix because this is the type of thing that they release and right out the gate. It's super hot top priority. Maybe some. Along the lines of Burbach success for them because people want to know more about Ted Bundy right now with the documentary series that's out and now with this movie, especially with Zach ephrons name you and not actually you would probably believe the crowds that followed Zaka Ephron around Sundance. There is a major audience for this particular movie partially for that reason alone. So I think Netflix is going to find great success with us purchase. Well, the prayed a pretty penny for roken nine million dollars is what they pay. Now, that's not a record breaking some for a movie that was acquired a film festival, but it's up there. And so for Zaka for taking on the role of Ted Bundy so early new ground for him. And I I applaud him for taking on a role as challenging is this do you think that because this is going to come out on Netflix? I believe later on this year possibly positioning it for an Oscar run because it's going to it's going to have a limited the actual release the same way the Roma did Roma broke that glass ceiling if it wasn't already broken. And so now we're looking at the possibility of back to back years with Netflix having. An Oscar contending property. Will it be this one? God. I hope not I'd say, I don't look I'm very conflicted on these films like this. They glorify serial killers like this and make them dreamy or make them some kind of charming thing is I think it validates or sends out the message for other people who might be watching this who might become something like this that they could be glorified to one day. They could be portrayed in this way too. It's different when you have someone like Anthony Hopkins portraying someone that didn't exist like animal Lecter. But when you have someone like Zac Efron who is a heart throb and beautiful great apps all that jazz. Great following from high school musical in all these other pieces of work that he's done portraying a killer. Like Ted Bundy, I get to you have to capture it. But you gotta show more than just the charming and the ugly. I just think we need to walk away from stuff like this. Because it just I don't know what it shows you or teaches you or instruction. I watched that manhunt. Yuna bomber show that was on. Netflix thoroughly enjoyed it. Because it showed you the uglies item. Kaczynski? Yes, you saw. Oh why? But you saw the ugly side of Kaczynski. So you could remove that charm or that that interest people could have of him. So I think we walk aligned doing this. I know why we have to do it. I just think it's dangerous to walk line. I hate to think that hey, Zac Efron you want an Oscar for playing Ted Bundy, congratulations. It just for me just rings wrong. One. Fortunately, I think that's part of the story with Ted Bundy is more social. More. So than somebody like Charles Manson who Charles Manson was manipulative cult leader kind of guy. But it Ted Bundy. I mean, that's what was so shocking about it is that he just does not fit the physical profile of what you would consider as a serial killer. So I think if anything could go the opposite way to where it eliminates more people are like, hey, they worry of who you trust. Even if they're good looking and look like Zach Ephraim because you never know what's going on behind those eyes and Perry as somebody who's seen the movie, I'm not sure if if you feel like you can weigh in on whether the movie goes one way or another or if it's going to be open to interpretation by whoever's watch. I definitely don't think it's a situation where you know, over glorifies who he was in a way that makes you feel achey at the end. I don't think the movie ever gives you that impression. But I don't know in the way, you said it where it might at least challenge you to look at the people around you and really think about what's happening. I can't really I can't really put a finger on what if anything I took from this. Experience other than the fact that, wow, I'm really impressed by these performances, but a lot I mean, most of us know, the story of Ted Bundy, and why I say, I think the story would have been more interesting from different perspective is because if we were in her shoes the entire time, maybe the guessing game element would have come through a little more, which I find that it doesn't. But just from a performance perspective. I think this is a great calling card for both Zack Ephron, and I hope I'm pronouncing her name, right Kaya, Scott alario, the one who is just in the new pirates movie. I feel like she someone who the industry has been trying to make happen for so long and nothing is really quite taken off. And this is just another example of how extremely talented. She is. So I hope if anything that this leads to more work for someone like her a good rule of thumb if there are any better looking than me, and they have ads don't trust them. There's something going either way out checked out the Ted Bundy documentary. It's a four part series halfway through it. It's unsettling hell and to revisit and there's also stuff in there that you maybe didn't know. And I think you know, you get the broad brushstrokes. You understand what have because I mean, it's a Tallahassee situation. So having gone to Florida state you'd heard about Ted Bundy being there. So you look at this this documentaries, really interesting. How deep it explores his psychology and also or psychosis rather. And the people involved around him carries the see how watching that first. And then you're watching and vice versa. How our opinions will differ on the moving. Sure. How can I ask? How was James Hatfield? We'd singer Metallica. Plays one of the cops in it. Is there s these questions? Entertainer. So I want to know these things got one more story, then we're going to move onto your live Twitter questions. Go and start tweeting us right now at collider video use the hashtag glider movie talk are less story involves a movie that has had no shortage of love or controversy this Oscar season that would be bohemian rhapsody the lauded star Rami Malecki plays, Freddie, Mercury is nominated can probably considered a front runner to win best actor at the Oscars finally addressed his personal experience working with the troubled Bryan singer on Brian saying the director the movie is had numerous allegations going back years. Any new wave of them have service recently now singer was fired from the production some point during it. We don't know the exact percentage of how much of Bryan singer's materials left in there. It seems like Bryan singer had shot a fair amount. By the time. He was finally dismissed but Romney Malik. He addressed the metoo era and victims and how they should. And I think that Romney Malik did a very credible job expressing sympathy for anybody who is a victim. And then when he went onto his personal experiences about Bryan singer. I'll just. Briefly, quote, he said that I've sat here and talked about how everyone deserves a voice in anyone who wants to talk about what happened with Brian deserves to have their voice heard in my situation with Brian. It was not pleasant not at all. And that's about all I can say at this point. He was visibly emotional after that the audience applauded this is at the Santa Barbara international film festival. He went on to say that for anyone who is seeking solace. And all of this Bryan singer was fired. Brian Sanger was fired. I don't think that was something anyone saw coming. But I think that that had to happen. And it did. So I'm of two minds about this. The foremost is that I think that Romney Malik it. Maybe it's not confusing as to why he's talking about this now because we are on the eve of the Oscars. More importantly, when you actually submit your votes for the Oscars. And so people are going to be asking these questions over and over and over again, I think that he did the smart play both for him and for his Oscar chances, but it felt like watching this that this is actually something that he really feels. I don't think that this is some sort of put on publicity stunt to make sure you get your Oscar. Oats in just in time. After seeing this. I think Rodman Malik genuinely feels that way. And I think that hearkens back to seeing him give acceptance speeches at other award shows like the Golden Globes, and when he's interviewed about this never mentioned Bryan singer, never thanked Bryan singer. There was clearly tension on set. And that is not anything new because you could also ask any members of the cast of the reason x-men men movies about how much better of a time. They've had on dark Phoenix which has its own troubles. But not because of the director like maybe previous iterations did regards think of those movies behind the scenes, it wasn't all sunshine and roses doesn't seem like it was that way on the bohemian rhapsody set either Perry, what do you make of these most recent comics from Rami Malik, I think this was necessary on the one hand I was looking at this whole situation from the very start and thinking to myself there are hundreds if not thousands of people who worked really really hard on bohemian rhapsody, and then their leaders shameful behavior disgusting behavior, then all of a sudden is supposed to completely obliterate their hard work on. On the one hand that doesn't seem fair to me. But also when we're talking about someone like Romney Malik or anybody who is lucky enough to work in this industry and have a huge platform to be able to say their piece and make a difference in the world. I think it's about time that he opened up and said something about this. And I as he said it was very difficult for him before. And I respect the fact that he waited until he was ready, but I do think it needed to happen again, taking the publicity stunt element completely out of it. And how this affects his Oscar race. I do think this is a good thing overall as he said because him speaking out could encourage somebody else who is affected in a different way to speak out and having someone maybe you look up to like Rami Malik step up and do that really could make a big difference. John Wilga, the Rami Malik comments out of the Santa Barbara international film festival recently. Do you think it's necessary? Do you think that it was time like Perry mentioned or do you have? Different feeling. I think it's incredibly necessary impasse time. You guys have heard me go on rants about Bryan singer. He's a piece of crap. And I'm sick sick. Sick of us having to keep talking about this jerk off he's he's so defensive on his social media about how much money he made love in his film. He's a jerk, and I have a few friends who've dealt with this man will understand the stuff. He does behind the scenes season jerk, and we need to be done with them. And if we're really going to move on as a city, and as an industry talking about me too and time's up times up needs to be done with everybody. And that includes him enough with him already. I don't read Sonia. X men, whatever they want title care enough already move him out. And I think Romney was brave to say what he said and that was powerful in the seventies. And it wasn't a publicity son. This is a man who feels things deeply you can tell from his performances from his interviews. He's a sensitive well-thought, man. And he approached the situation wanted to answer in a public form because single was starting to get defensive you start puff ominous chestnut a bit of last couple of weeks because an article that came. Out in the Atlantic by wave Esquire. He was starting to say, oh, no. These are the homophobic riders these discredit their claims bullshit. A lot of people know what you've done and a lot of people are sick of having a kowtow to you and millennium films should be ashamed that they're still having him direct red Sonja and hope that film crashes. Nobody allows himself to be cast in that film and works for this man ever. Again, we need to be done with this kind of behavior. Enough is enough already. It does not happen. Just one way it should happen to everybody who commits these kinds of things. I just don't understand. I've never understood since. Stories you're paying the guy ten million dollars to direct this move. If he are there. No directors that are available for million dollars. But you could probably save millions of dollars. My hiring somebody else on red zone. I get that. At like, he doesn't have an couple tracker as a successful filmmaker and has never failed. He's filled multiple times. There are number of other directors. You can take a chance on Lee L was out there. Dick, Lee gold. Get legal go get a bunch of the directors who will work for nine ten million dollars or eight million dollars. The there's fine. There's a bunch of them. You know, people have colored women who want to prove what they can do. It's a red zone. It's a female lead show. How are you film? How are you not getting a female director, let her cut our teeth on a film like this? It's ridiculous Branson were involved in this and says why haven't row compare on the show you get good conversation. And I agree with a lot of what the panelists had just said. Well, we're going to move onto your Twitter questions. But I I do wanna remind you all the tomorrow quater why going to be a big day in studio John Claude van Damme is coming to town, man. I've waited probably twenty five years to say. It's going to be exciting to get to them a little bit on collider live, and then hopefully get a picture within that I can last that of social media, and forevermore, I will have met Shawn Claude van Damme. Man, I'm excited somebody gave me an apple box. So I don't know how tall you. But I don't wanna be too much shorter than the legend Mr John Claude van Damme. We also have an episode of rule to premier premiere league recap. If you're done with the Super Bowl, maybe move onto soccer and watch Roca and Jack Chi talk about soccer, and obviously movie talk for in the PT's. There's something else. Tomorrow by nine AM show notes. It's a sentence recap. Vance we are alive. So you can hop in the live chat and interact with us, but we're going to go through our top films of Sundance twenty nineteen. Because it's involved in a live Twitter questions. Berry berry will we be? Forgotten. No, you were just. Very unfortunate fight experience during the soup. Yeah. There you to go see movies that bad. You're not going to get to see the game are by train Anita. What we see? What we see says? Can you say if there was a film you sought Sundance that should be acquired by streaming company? So we already got the Ted Bundy Zaka front movie in the bag at net. Flicks. What was another movie you saw me? Let me look at my led by her some time and remind everybody out there that nine AM tomorrow morning and the PT that's noon for everybody New York. You can check out Perry number off and Scott freak and manse doing their Sundance film festival wrap up. So I'm going down my list because I actually many of them that were in my favorites of the festival, thankfully were all acquired. I think the only one right now in my top ten that hasn't been picked up for distribution is a movie called animals with leeann Shaukat and Holliday Grainger, they play best friends who are as close as sisters. And it's all about kind of, you know, stepping over that line from wild youth to actually being an adult and just how one's kind of nonconformist ideas affects another when she. Finds a guy she's really into and the two of them are just frigging electric together. They are so so good, and I have a feeling that that movie would strike a chord with a lot of people out there in a similar phase of life. I'm between adolescence and adulthood Roca. We're gonna get there someday. But if it works out sitting there, right? A couple more years for that happens. Next up is Nick NYC so neck representing the Big Apple Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the goats. And I would be grudgingly agree with that. I think Tom Brady and Bill ballot. Check the two best that have ever done it. There's there's competition with ballot. Check with Brady. It's it's kinda tough to argue sex rings. So anyway, he's asking what does the movie equivalent? So you need a star like Tom Brady. And I would surmise a director like Bill Bella check. So who are the all time movie? Goats Nick offers is it Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg Scorsese into cap rail. Okay. Wait, I can Capri. Oh, I can't get to Capri all-time gold status. Now, he's got there his resume. He's he delivers he's on pay. So he might be like Tom Brady, and like two thousand ten I'll give you Billy wilder and Jimmy Stewart, and you could even throw in Tom Hanks, if you're not gonna go with Jimmy Stewart those because they're consistent there. Always there whenever they do. Great performances, and they're always in the mix and conversation, and we will look at them as legends by the time to done Billy while there was osage to direct multiple genres of films. Bill Belichick and hand will handle multiple teams with different offenses. He always finds the right defensive scheme to shut them down Hanks's interesting because he can do comedy and drama so flawless in. Well, I think the same set for Meryl Streep, and I think Meryl Streep has more for lack of better word rings to show for it. So I think Merrill, scrapes got more hardware on the mantles. I think Meryl Streep I would consider that goat. As of right now, Perry Mexican illegals. We was young liaison. We can still do it the Jared Goff. Does you Patrick Mahomes or is the past? He's paskov. Mccaffrey's drew Brees firmly dealing more territory. I would actually say to Capri oh is Aaron Rodgers Tara. This means so don't worry you're going to be the crap out of all of us and fantasy. I am prepared. I learned my gal lesson the hard way. No how the game works. Now. I won the pie go. Visit. And yeah, I like this spiel comparison Perry had to convince me to be on it. That's. I was I was doing so well at burst. You gotta play the long game. It's not a one just like life. You got to play the game. So I just love how competitive we all. Never if anything it's only growing bring back collider beer pong. 'cause I want. Got if it wasn't. If I wasn't saddled with blue moon, I think Riley action taken down because rally I had the best team name because we're both they marched our team. Name was obviously marked for death. And who we were the ones that felt that Phil thank is up. Next says are you excited for scary stories to tell them the dark? This is the gamma El Toro. I never saw this ad during the SuperBowl apparently dropped them. And there's three different little versions of them scare I remember the books and loving them as a kid and illustrations, really creepy. I didn't get anything out of these. I just watch them right before we went to air, Phil. And I didn't get anything out of that. I it didn't show much which. Okay. But did not get a single palpitation out any of these. Yeah. That was the problem. I had it and get much out of it. But Perry said about Toy Story four how the trailer like didn't fail because it reminded you this is happening. These spots. Just reminded you this is happening. I don't think they were intended to necessarily scare you. They were just. Tended. Let you know. This is coming get ready get excited. So in that way, it served its purpose. But overall didn't think it affected me one way or another? I watch them yet. Oh, I need to catch up. Here is gonna check them out of the Harpen. You are. I think you might be like, oh, that's it. Okay. I mean it selling a product and to read the books. The books are good. Yeah. I have said it could be a little vignettes. All right sorry to do this. They were going to do one more quick when they were gonna call today. I'm glad somebody tweeted this in Sean Jordan, says what were some of your favorite commercials last night. Not including the trail, which I was listening. I'm sorry Perry. Watch a single commercials making eye contact with her the whole time Perry what were your favorite. They'd completely forgetting about. The whole commercial was when it was frozen on the TV that movies begin on five minute in five minutes on channel forty three. Man was that was great. That's a rough John Rocca. This is. This is. Your favorite commercial last that Hyundai commercial from Jason Bateman was incredible. That was funny. Very funny up and down. The elevator of the worst things you have to go through before you get the car buying just genius. I thought that was a lot of fun the robot child thing scared the living hell out of me. I don't like that. At all. I would say also the robots robots. How does that help you do your taxes? I don't want to do my taxes now after watching the robot child, I did like the Bud Light ones. I I enjoyed the game of thrones crossover with the Bud Light one. That was shot. Ain't Perry's gonna enjoy them. I think you'll like it was surprising as hell to see that. I think those are the ones that really stood out the most and the NFL one Jesus the NFL one hundred one was fantastic. I totally missed it unravel. What where the hell I was. It's two minutes. And yeah, I'm gonna watch it. I'm to YouTube and just have a moment to myself. I think the best ad last night. There's some funny ones that I enjoyed the best at by far. They've got the most emotional me Anthony when the coach of the now, Los Angeles chargers talking about first responders. Oh, yeah. The wo- we hear ally. That's a good because he's talking to Gruber first responders like any coach would and he gives his story about being saved by first responders. And he finds out those are purchased by the were there that day, and he didn't know, and it gives them a hug home God tap, and right now, this is bad as remember that Applebee's commercial when the coach retires, then they hang up the picture of the coach at the applebees. No, all right. Well, that's going to be quieter movie talk. You got one more Addy Microsoft, one about the kids who are developed the nice ones they've created certain path that kids who are a little bit. Disabled can use to play video games in their way of. Feeling normal or communicating with other kids and playing that tears. Tears fantastic. You went some tears you went some giggles, and you want the Super Bowl and not be frozen Perry. Enjoy the big game. Whenever you get a chance to watch it. It's thrilling especially at the end. I it's fine. Okay. Well, that is Perry. Number off. That is John Stephen Roca. I'm Mark else. Thank you all so much for tuning in. We'll throw to the whitest segment by we'll see you guys back here. Four PM in the same time. Same place have go when everyone member Sundance tomorrow nine AM streaming live space, some regions vast and empty other areas we call closets. Fortunately, Kevin from the container store has answers. Right. Kevin. What gives you the power over space? I'd say alpha, customizable, closets with free, design and Elvis adjustable shelving and drawers, I can create space in any size closet. Kevin master of space and closets or just Kevin plus right now save thirty percent on elfin installation and earn up to five hundred dollars in credit through February tenth at the container store where space comes from easy coming from. State of the union prep. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. President Trump is preparing for tomorrow night and his state of the union address that very tense situation surrounding this speech. Nonetheless, our told by White House officials that the president in the speech is going to attempt to strike a unifying bipartisan optimistic tone AP's, Jill Coleman and negotiations are underway in congress on border security top administration official for Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam says the governor is meeting with Steph to hear their assessment of whether it's viable to him to stay in office. North rebuffed widespread calls for his resignation after racist photo surfaced in his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook page Super Bowl MVP, Julian element of the New England Patriots at DisneyWorld in Florida was a home game out there in Atlanta coming out here and seeing you guys. We love you guys. Let's go teammate Tom Brady took part in a parade at Disney's magic Kingdom, I made Donahue.

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