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"jill british iranian" Discussed on BBC Radio 4

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"jill british iranian" Discussed on BBC Radio 4

"Unprecedented abuse alfie who's twenty three months old has a degenerative brain condition and was taken off a ventilator on monday his parents have been fighting a legal battle to be allowed to take him abroad for further treatment the latest challenge was dismissed by the court of appeal yesterday the most senior us military commander in the middle east has described iran as the biggest long term threat to the region security in an interview with the bbc general joseph hotel accused tehran a very aggressive and provocative activities are defense correspondent jonathan beale reports general voter described iran's activities in the middle east as destabilising as examples he listed iran's support for president assad in syria it's backing of extremist groups in the region as well as providing advanced weapons to yemen's rebels in the past general vitelle has signaled his support for the international agreement aimed at preventing iran from developing nuclear weapons but president trump has been a strong critic of the deal general retail he's been holding talks with allies in the region said the united states was still focused on building a coalition the could stand up to iran but he added his responsibility was to ensure the president also had military the options to deal with any threat posed by iran the foreign office says it's looking urgently into reports that a man with jill british iranian nationality has been detained in iran the us space center for human rights in iran said that tobac etela'at who's a professor of computer science at imperial college in london was detained by the revolutionary guard in tehran eleven days ago the number of new cars built in the uk fell sharply last month the society of motor manufacturers and traders said production was down by thirteen point three percent compared with march last year it's blamed the slump in uk demand on economic uncertainty and confusion over the.

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