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"Center for two weeks only, July fit through 17th tickets at Kennedy Center dot org. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. 7 15 and Dave Johnson, I bet they're still partying in Denver this morning. No doubt about that. A words live by skate fest, think slow. Avalanche two one win of the lighting to win the Stanley Cup and they avalanches kill a car explains. Bar mentality was just when that period and when the next one get the next shift, we're never looking too far ahead to the outcome and we definitely feel like we earned that. Yeah, don't let the thoughts raise. They were just following the advice of their kid coach said Jared bednar who tells his players to focus 5 minutes at a time. You could do that on the beltway too. Kale mccart of the playoff MVP Nathan McCann last night at goal also assisted on the game winner in Jihad Jonathan three over 75 E to the last two days, women's PJ championship. That doesn't sound great, but it was enough to beat Alexei Thompson and Mindy Lee by a stroke. National's first winning road trip of the season of 6 four victory against the rangers, Jackson tatro, he started to become a story, had a shutout going into the 7th inning, their home tonight to play the pirates. Orioles lose the White Sox F four is very Aaron judge drove in a three round one with a tenth inning for the Yankees second wolf golf hit against the Astros in four days and they gave the bat of course despite Lee. First round of Wimbledon is underway or as we like to say around these parts, the Fortnite. And chase Elliott winning last night, the Nashville super speedways. They had a rain delayed race. But he finally won. Dave Johnson

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