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"jesus berkel" Discussed on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

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"jesus berkel" Discussed on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

"Welcome to the fight with teddy Atlas presented by dynamic striking. I'm Ken ride out, joined as always by the voice of MMA and today two very good this time we actually do have the voices of MMA. I was going to say we have the fists of MMA, the real deal here. I'm joined as always by the legend teddy Atlas, and today's special guest, the bad guy himself, chill, Sonnen, and always say, call Anthony one of the nicest guys in the sport. Anthony Smith, welcome to the show, guys. It's great to meet you guys. Thank you. Yeah, thanks for having us. Yeah, for once. We really do have the voices of MMA instead of just jesting a little bit with me. But I'm so glad you guys are here. I'm Jesus berkel, which is obviously I'm still in Vegas. You guys got back home. Finally, audience can actually get a breakdown of an Emma MMA fight, a UFC fight to be exact. By real experts, my guys that actually know the in and outs of the whole universe of this sport, not just the striking part. Let me start before I chuck it to you guys. Let me start by giving my backdrop of what I expected. And again, I worked the ESPN, which you guys over the weekend. What I expected going in to a fight where Mazda door was at three to one underdog. And full disclosure, full transparency is always because honesty is obviously important if you want an audience to pay attention to your weekend and week out. I picked Masvidal. I thought it was I told you getting a good number at three to one and I reminded myself that you should never go by the odds. Either the guy is better is not the odds should never influence you to say, I'm going to make a play over here. You know, because one of our sponsors is my bookie. So we try to give the audience some kind of idea. And then, of course, sometimes I think maybe the audience has a little too much money. So I give them my idea. So we can safely some of that off. For tax purposes, of course. But I'm not blaming it on the three to one that edged me that way. I actually thought that Masvidal being in a position, obviously he's coming off of that devastating loss. I thought that was legacy for his pride. And then listening forward pride and everything. And I'm not at all suggesting it. But I just thought that for redemption purposes that he would be at his best, if he could still be at his best at 37, quite frankly. And I thought that you have a chance to control the geography of the ring. Geography of the octagon of the gate. On the outside, not alone this great great wrestler, great grappler Covington, get to his legs, make this shoot. Maybe even do a little of that creative stuff that they were asking. Although big difference as good was not near the striker that Covington is. All right, I get it. But I thought maybe Covington would make a mistake. He could get on to, you know, go for a little bit of maybe a trap, get him to reach a little bit, catch him with an uppercut, catch him maybe with another fly and he like he did ask him, but the most important thing was I thought that he could get a playing field. He being mad for the, that allowed him to strike more than get taken down. And I thought that his ace in a hole is Trump called again. Was that he was very good at escaping takedowns. Or surviving takedowns. Any proved to be. The only thing he didn't escape them somewhat. She survived them. And I didn't register in how much energy it would take them out to survive. So again, I thought that it might get a playing field where he could use the chip, uses lights a little bit, control the outside, strike more than survive. And have a chance to pull it off. I was so wrong, and here's the question to open up to you guys. Was I wrong because Covington was on the rated as a strike that I shouldn't, I should have recognized how good a striker. Well, did I overrate? Masvidal. As a striker, I mean, what happened? You start with challenge and we'll go to Anthony. Okay, it gets a little bit tricky. If you were to assess Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal prior to the fight and you came to the conclusion that Mazda was the better of the tube fires. I think you came to the right conclusion. Mazel has more experience. He has a better understanding. We do martial arts a lot of times under a belt system. Mazda would be an absolute black belt and Colby would be closer to Brown in terms of knowledge and mastering certain techniques, but it's the intangibles, guys. It's the pace. It's the volume. Colby's not doing everything right, but boy, he's doing 6 to one. Georgia has won beautiful jab. He's cross blocking the shoulders, everything's right. Colby's throwing four of this big mess, but the best defense is a good offense. So when you talk about taking George off the field or taking his tools off, it wasn't just the wrestling. It was just Colby being in his face. Colby coming across ray Colby throwing things out of making George reactive. George just reacting. He's not coming forward. That's what Colby knows so well to everybody..

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