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F*** Bryan Alvarez

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F*** Bryan Alvarez

"And Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the mouthpiece wrestling podcast. Once again, I'm your boy Debbie Amazon in the house. Hey Man. But Bryan Alvarez we'll get to that later. Start now you're winning over. I'll try and work in detail maybe swearword. The tire will be play on that. I swear. Yeah. We'll get to that I can't wait. I know there's been some stuff. So I'm quite excited. I'm finding out. As you guys are. so He's all excited. A. Week is because we've had payback. We've Admiral we've had stories so. That's just jumped in. Payback obviously the week off the summer slam very strange to have a pay per view that quick but. I was alright show like I. Don't think it was. It was bad. I had quite often watching it. It was a short like two hours. It was done by like what nine, hundred, thirty, your guys time. It's like two thirty over here which is. Which is radio to enough our so. Like shorter views I felt like in your house, you like just the short blast. Tied with the kickoff show of. And squad. Yet I think we'll save that to get to rural. I mean it was a solid match Doug Give me wrong Connex. About ten minutes. ICONIC last few sloppy moments but it's the people involved I, think. They, told me they'd be. They've actually told a good story those four think. Between a more. Obviously, it came into another head on. Monday night raw. And then he's tied. United, States Championship Paulo. Crews Bobby Lashley. Would you take? I knew you were jumping for joy. The herpes this baby. Yeah I, how they booking them. WHO's behind the creative of it? IF THEY GIVE MVP over for free row but I think MVP. Has Been The highlight. Of Raw, twenty in two, thousand and twenty like I know I'm a bias towards the. By think, MVP is, being, amazing since, coming back. I think this match. Should have been what happened on Summer Slam? I think. I'm pleased to see some out on Bobby Lashley and please that hurt business some proper proper gold. I still think Apollo crews is good. Either hurt him that bad. Thought, it was a solid matches, well, like crews actually big guys. Lashley is enjoying the whole business and they've got gold. Then it moved on Gay Vesey shameless and. This big push what you're thinking, how are you feeling about this big push? Do you think that doing it right at the moment or they are I mean? I'm just glad they're not doing like they tried to do with. Had Big cast. Big like big cast randomly out of nowhere, which is trying to push as a singles guy even though he was still part of the tag team and. It just. Really Weird enforce this this be something. Because he still that new day field it still. Have have the Kofi title one that Kofi. Yeah. You think that play on like do you think there are some fans that want to stop doing that? Because they seem to use it as a story the I've always been one. If they were ever split new day begins to go he'll like I always thought that would work if they don't. Entertainment. Their entertainment there will jit realized like best friend. So it's a chemistry. Zehr, like it makes no sense to ruin something that. Clicks. merch sellers exactly, and they showed with the Kofi thing that they can still work as a group. Even with a soda run, you know I think now that kind of shown. Ever normally. So faction go do I do I miss two thousand? Eight Jamaican Kofi Hell. Favorite characters, but still okay with this. I liked him when he came out with Derby's double and. I always I seem to forget that bit and I, just jumped to the. Problem. Jamaican, Komeito run for a little bit. Just stay I just triple eight say to did you use to be debated? As? I. Hear that would I think Jamaica Kofi? that. So yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah. And I love the few years ago when they time machine didn't they the new day and become? Music by that, that was acid that whole that whole. The vote. Villain guys. Yeah. Yeah. It was brilliant. He come out. There's Kofi that was. I was a nice touch but yeah, I've always been for big push I mean 'cause like the stories are that he was meant to be Vinnie Vinci's first choice of the Roman push you like originally was became what I heard was that was Chris hero wake. From what I heard on the. Kennedy said Chris here was supposed to get the Romans five. He pushed for. Okay because how I read it was that Chris Xeros meant to be in the shield big was the Guy Vince. Are Saying, yeah. You must be in the field an enrollment just took both spots. Hall. Apparently they. Why they had they had a gear form and everything and I forget who he gave. He gave his geared like yesterday on the healed year to somebody like another wrestler. contact. Would it be weird to think of Christina in the in the shield? Like trying to think of it we. Have Been Strange. But yeah, I've always said that he was meant to be meant to be the guy. But it was it was an obviously big a and it was I think he's good. They've moved him away from fight in Ms Morrison and that and I think Shaimaa perfect perfect food to start i. mean you always get solid matcher. Shame. Yeah again, the mattress good I think the two should be thrown bums each other. Maybe they were trying to do too much I think mattress solid and yeah it's interesting to see what they do. We'd be I mean what beginning to look at big versus Roman wrestlemainia thing that could be a thing. Me Yes. Talking it up. It was at a point where seeing it was teasing. He'll turn and he really thought for real that they were going to go. He'll with them. So he bought Christie result he'll hero off of. A wow. Really seasonable heroes he'll. This, you don't like it like them around that time when they were the whole thing where like him Zack Ryder fight with each other overeas. Pushing this hall. He needs the title one. He's GonNa. Kill you do anything to get it or whatever bullshit. About Eve storyline, she was good. He'll when she turned. With like. Deemed it was supposed to be like the shitty seen a year because like everything was going wrong for him after he looks to the Rock. Yeah Yeah Okay Yeah I remember this back at it now but that feels like a lifetime. Absolute lifetime. Back. To payback, moved on King Cobra Versus Matt Riddle. For me I like Corbin I and I like I. Just couldn't get into this match. I don't know if if they don't Mesh well. By struggle to get back into. I don't know what it was like I like both. I just I don. McDonald. Corbin's offense didn't feel like the same. I don't know if it's just him in working together it just. Yeah just it just didn't get going for me. It wasn't very good in my view. I? Think that was the week he's match. On the card which I was surprised because I thought. Very smackdown heavy. Yeah. It was. It was actually you're right I don't ever more smackdown stories and stories on if it was like a Fox idea, just do the pay per view in but yeah, it was. It was I mean I feel like rose a bit more of a slow building stories. I feel at the moment. and. When we will be interesting. But there is talk to Shane McMahon's GonNa take the Bruce Pichad or Paul Heyman row on row now. From what I read last week day McMahon's apparently going to do that. So project can concentrate on smackdown because I can imagine bruce preach must be tired like. He's doing right now I know. He's doing the his his podcast and he's right and produce shows plus the pay per views. Yeah. I mean I know he's had had input from Daniel Bryan and edge and stuff like game but I mean, it can't be easy to do both shows. He's all in the same place but I mean with genuine Bryant's absence I think they're gonNA start navigating towards this way. Like maybe that's just me but I feel like just absence is. They're navigating him tour slowly becoming a writer for them. Yeah, and that wouldn't be a terrible thing for him. I made his comeback had these moments I think he's he'll run with the with the Green. Taito though would title was amazing with Robin and stuff I thought that was great. Captain Planet Daniel Gronyea be to that. He'll take because like for me. With how excited everyone was to have Brian back to have him turn heel successfully. Huge says huge amounts about him. You know huge amounts about him to be out of turn the crowd and enjoy him and stuff. But yeah yeah, I think as a writer. I, feel I feel like, I've seen him come back. Jeeze. Maybe take it easy and it. He's got two kids. Now he's GonNa. Start the. Of the future. Back into payback women's tag team championship now this. This caused a few scenes and a few comments and. It. Was Bailey and banks versus Jackson. Beza. I thought it was pretty good. It was I thought it was a really good match and Bazeley showed. The me hype that was when she got caught up. Like I thought. She was amazing I mean that finish that she did. Like so she had. them both trapped in like machines at issue sashes to checkout lay artists that I was. I was screaming I was excited like it was a hell of a move. How do you feel about baseler learn Jacksonville being champs? Now I know there are some people that we note haven't been so hot wash your views. I, like where they're going with it. I, like it to slow built. The ending of making her cap with their own partner. I felt they. Do you think I've seen a lot of comics? Do you think they're making? Jackson Bays. The female version of team hell no twenty twenty team how Could. I think could be dominant I mean they're scary like those to form. Scary. Good. But I like the way eight Maye baseline look really good third the Sasha Bailey Story. Yeah, I think. That a lot of. Praise has to be given to them for their work that they've done this covert version of WWe. They've been amazing like those two on every show that they've been on. The tight was the style to disappear debate he's got. Interested in if picks up a speed. See from there. But Yeah, hell of a match. Shane looked incredible straight up and it was good carried on the story. Then had keithly. Versus Randy Orton. Wow. Him over harder like. Hot do you think this is like Randy's just accept in his row now and he's just going to be putting people over like this while edge off. Thing that that's what he wants to do. I not obviously, he has asked to what some annexed guys. But yeah, I thought it was really cool. Good to see keithly in. The Rub that he's getting. Obviously everything Vince. McMahon is ever wanted in a person. You know like he can promo where he can wrestle athletic he's big. The spirit bottom is good. Yeah it wasn't a great match did what he needs to do LE- you know he's top story less than ten minutes and with Van. Your heart is big. Win. Big Big stuff. Moved on mysterious. against. Murphy, in Berlin's. Hurt. WHO DID Material. That's why you last night he's really yeah because it was hyped it was versus cried set. Okay. Okay. dominique some looking pretty good. Matches. Out of that to coins. Duty Toward TRICEP. Because I knew it was meant to be. said, he suffered an injury that will keep him out of action at. Paid. Their key announced Monday Roland material suffered a torn triceps. And the TAG match. Yeah. Ouch. These, these four working really well together though. Dominic looks great. It was just a ton of action and she's what you want from a tag match like it felt good proper. Tag match per I mean, maybe one day when rage back maybe Ryan Dominic have a tactile run or something. I could see that maybe to break him in a little bit more. Obviously if he's injured now that might caboose. That's why I was of hoping for them like, yeah. Give him a title round, the tech run or something like I like the street prophets Dougie wrong but. Maybe the mysterious. But yeah, it was a good solid match close to be matching the night for me I think it was close. It may have been the match of the night. But very, very solid. Good. Good time. And then the University of Championship match. Right, this is for me where they messed up completely. I think they messed up completely. I. was. Brought a bright for like eighty percent of the match. And then rains in Haymond appeared and then rain side the contract like. Why is that the first time we've ever seen that if that's the thing that you can do. Why isn't everyone don't? Like it any transit Because basically e treats it like a money in the bank. I basically your money in the bank. Yeah I think the title back environment especially if they're gonNA go on this Heitmann, he'll thing. I get it. I do get it. Just. Didn't need to have Breyer's transitional champion could have maybe just had d Q. Stroman, keep it and rains. Only. Dog Turn. Now why it's face and Romans the he'll. Right. Yeah. Because like they do the. is obviously. Alexa Bliss her bunches backing you know and she was standing out in like was broke Shouted smash the Mug. Alexa with Bray. Maybe. I mean that's That's pretty cool. It's an aesthetic. Of, storyline that people aren't understanding anybody that's got into contact with Bray, why it had reverted to their old game. Do you think we're going to get like rains in a suit like he was on Annex T. Forget is he was a he'll. He'll. Florida Championship. Team. Anybody that Conscience Bray Y. When they're going with their feud Dave, somehow come out of it with their old gimmick. What this is awesome. She's pink ponytail together bronze. Now walking around throwing things and being big old scary monster guy again film bow and back. Then our. Back, literally went back to. St. Act Being Valor. Seth Wayne he'll again. Going back to Morrison. Mesa. Getting O'Brien. was because he caught his era was like, well, what's going on here and the body that touches the feud with the fiend. Their Gimmick regresses. Goldberger to become good when he comes back then. He's going to have some energy. No Yeah I is. This is what's happened and like it's been a really good storytelling I to what I WANNA see CNN comes back. Doctors, economics. One loss rod is he'll saga. Cutting you imagined. That would-be sick. The? Fun. He hasn't house. We haven't. They Willie walking. He's like madder right now. Floating in the air load in around. So. Yeah. Yeah it was a good show. I would say six seven out of ten. It was it was down from stabbed, but then pay per views always up for like see had a week I actually thought they pulled off a pay per view you know. So yeah. I can't. I call it knock it. I, mean Dominique's grave. I mean Shane Look. Great. I thought it was good to Keith Leonova Yeah I don't have any complaints about it and. He'll Roman being champ. I'm all for like I'm all for. especially with Haven Heyman and Heyman and rain. So we need to use OS with him to be like a faction that would be great. I think that. Even if while the other one is out think Jay, that's out how he Jimmy as inside piece yeah yeah. But I I'm okay. With their did with aiming and I get one again because we'll get to that. News later with Brock and yeah. Yeah Avenue. So I think would be good. But yeah payback solid we moved onto railroad was pretty much like a follow on from it. Started the match. and. They made like three matches to make a triple threat match. It was Kevin, Islands Versus Randy Orton Keith Ziegler. Dominic versus Seth and who the winners of that would go into a triple to be the number one contenders And then so often was first and. Headed back and forth and There was photos of everyone being kicked in the hand and stop it was bit all bit, hectic and Ziegler come out and just like beat him up and disappeared and match stike straight away. least, Promo. I think is a good start of Kim standing out which. He seems quite polite in his promos. Yeah I, just is his vocabulary. I don't know what it is. I Dunno it just seems like a slow down version of anyone else I didn't know this. But there's talent. There is something about his choice of words that feels a bit. Maybe to come pretty line esque. Way. The match style keithly Dossey Gla. Really. Good. Match. I don't know why but I'm guessing because he's had other shots and stuff. Zico the hell for I'm guessing what did she see it? You know why? Ziegler can sell to anyone like. Ziegler's up there would like the shore. Michael's billy guns Mr Perfect levels. Being able to sell. Flying. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Come on now. Title Run. Yeah. Yeah. He does deserve it because he does he has put the working and he's never really had much time off or anything has Eli Ziegler like he's not been out injured much or you know like a few like normal. But I felt after that that I felt that that showed Lee. Almost, better than the. Auden. Win You know like a looked really good. He put like all these aggression in that. There was something on the line. I. Don't know I just I felt like after that Bachelor I now lease here. We get it. then. There was a back and forth with. All the women like. Their. Oscar was there. And then something else and then I think Adam Pearce appeared again. Uh so he he's my new one Adam Pearce yeah smackdown GM. Happen. Postman Pierce. We. Put out a tweet. Somebody wants them like you'll Egypt postman he was like this is not funny guys. It's nice to see him. As a big fan back in Nevada, like he was in bringing of owner for a long time big fan of his work like I think. I. Mean if people know him, they know that you know he knows he knows his stuff he's been around the block. By like Abbie, came to see him a bit more and stuff. Postman Pierce make him smackdown GM though that's the one. That's what I'm going for. That's my new. Pierce. and. So anyway, then the come into the ring I think really gal get there. But Charlie is in the ring big shouts Charlie Caruso by the way Oh my gosh woman is stunning. And she's interviewing Oscar and Oscar's about to like say who she thinks gets title shot and she's laughing and she's lifting them off from mickie James is the one the answers. Dot Com's Mickey James. Lucchino. Kinds of. Ten years ago. Looking Great. scoping in Mickey in Oscar's face. And then the terrible twosome come out. Investing gear at least not doing Tiktok. Natalia and Lana come out. Lana quoted Delusional Nice. She was selfish Yada Yada. Yada. Ended up in a match between. mickie James and Lana? And what was it like to it off minutes Lana Zak. Just can't do it for me. Remember back. He was I two, thousand twelve or eleven where wwe bought like that streaming APP cow. Grand Wrestler just big town my wrestling back right now. Yes. That's louder louder should go back to two thousand and eleven. Reminds me of. What is this? I Don I dunno Lana is that maybe because she's pretty but she's super annoyed and really can't wrestle. She's uncoordinated. She's not particularly in the revival contract, which is GonNa Join Bruce off maybe. Maybe. I mean I think maybe that'd be good for her growing gone. Find something we'd Hey, maybe that's why he hasn't signed anywhere yet. Waiting for her but I thought she signed quite a long deal didn't she like? Who knows who knows respect? Yeah it was a mess but he got away and then she was like pointing in Oscar and stuff Oscar on comedy in the chair when she's dancing these some of the funniest stuff though I ever see I could watch that day. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Then it was. Time for Randy, Orton casino it's. Black mass to Kevin Bass Louis need to know alice the black. Nowhere. Coat now. Maybe. He's Pelvis Superhero I. mean he again, he took his head off and just actually. Enjoy growling. Savior thing maybe. I think this is their attempt of. Changing his gimmick Vince oversee wanting to do. GimMe can get behind like. Okay. Like rollins weapons locker room in like. He held rollins is like. Art, of this thing? Maybe maybe like a wake-up call a potentially I mean. Yeah could be potentially who knows I mean I'm assuming it's just lead into. Alice Black Wins at one point which yet take my money. It's fine I have no problem with. Winning his quick for the point of the story. Yeah so it was. Trump to more times, Erkki one-two-three all over. Amazing. There was some bits and pieces we've cedric and Bachelor, girl? Still. Don't get why she's on TV so much like. I don't I don't understand. This I. Don't know why she's there. Like, the bachelor still going over there or something or Bachelorette or wherever she is I just don't understand what she's doing. Like issue under contract with wwe. Idea like I have no idea because she's there every week flirting with. Eric. In Gaza and just around and in looking tiny in these massive office chair, the ringside I'd I don't know what it is I don't get what she's there for what she's promoting. I just don't understand it myself I, just don't understand it myself. But. Yeah. Anyway some stuff who've said drinking MVP trying to recruit him and stuff still I still think he's GonNa be Cochet. You know I still think it's going to do. A And then led to Lashley. Bedouin MVP is Cedric Alexander and the Viking raiders. Obviously. Kind of run of the mill match but. Yeah, it was It was literally there for Cedric to get that one to free I think it was more storytelling match run-of-the-mill kind of tell the story. The aftermath and Yet because MVP acted like he was impressed and stuffed. The Viking Raiders got whatever comic Gimmick that the revival were supposed to get. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe because like I just don't get why they do that like the book these scary teams like really strong teams to. To be like that I don't know it doesn't make sense to me but yeah. Again run of the mill match. It was the aftermath of MVP greeting. Impressed and him holding the guys back to not be up cedric stuff clearly trying to sign Sedgwick, and then the man is back I've seen for ages. Titus O'Neil preparing for raw underground. which is self seeding the man's stack headfirst into the under the ring the greatest of all rumble Tanabe Roy underground these. Yes. I. Is it? That were rumble with pure entertainment. Yeah. I actually really enjoyed it. The greys were I did especially with that is bad. I will never forget that dairy was on the game ready for Roy Underground. And, then a sad one. We have a sad one Booby riot, the Ruby Rightly Morgan the rights aggregate, the Connex the winds tie to shop the loses had to disband. That was the match. and. Ruby right one with Crucifix One, two three. Okay. I know there are some people that may not like the iconic. They might find him unbearable I get that. But there are also some that don't want to. I. Don't think there's anyone though that would want to see them apart. Like I now why we billy cable just disappear like peyton voices. I don't think they're going to be apart. Are Using they're gonNA fight it. Is. I think they're going to push Peyton. I she's got better and better and better. They've already shown up on underground. There's no rules on underground. Maybe. I always thought of this from instead. Stipulated that the tonics can't be thing what have they just changed their tanking they. Okay. Things that always get random things get to me like. A stipulations not exactly specified with certain things. There's ways brown them. Just to leave open just in case it doesn't work I mean I do think they're going to try and give us a solo run because I have to say wrestling has been getting better. Watching is as clumsy as at times. Exchange. Maybe. I'll be good for ability to go back to Ed exte- maybe maybe it'll be good for them to try some stuff alone by just think everyone knows how close they are it just felt efusing credibly forced you know I don't know I just. As I say I know people might find him unbearable by those eighty one would want to see the iconic sexually split up. See whether do maybe just manage each other because they just can't team. Maybe yeah. Maybe Billy's about mouthpiece and I do think it's Rally. Maybe who knows but we'll have to say but as of now, the iconic can no longer team and riot squad are the number one contenders to Jackson Baseline, which is a scary thought for Ryan Morgan I'm not GonNa lie that's just frightening. then. Moving onto the mysterious. Before the match Seth and Murphy you obviously came out seth newsradio angry and he's Blaming Murphy for screwing, up toes into get out. Slap Him in the head tells me to shut his mouth kind of stuff. Seth really played this. He'll roll really really well, I have to say Murphy's played like his party really well. He's got the door coordinator set file just got the seth order they has. Literally literally like that Dominic clothesline Murphy from behind nosy going the ramp and looking back at rollins and ran down and got the match underway. He's very impressive for being really new to this. Yes. Yes and I I really do think seth rollins has been one of the best people to put him up against like on a rotation. He sells for him kind of got. You can see guiding dome from one moment into another. Something I feel I still feel dumb obey slack on like the storytelling in the ring like he's clearly talented. I WANNA see. Now, what next I wanNA see dominant go against someone else now sets kind of carried him in here Yeah the. Stuff afterwards like the mysterious firmly backstage and the mom looking like she's going to cry and I want them to start treat him like a wrestler, not a child you know. That that has to stop quick because they've told that story now we get it. We've seen it great for what next I WANNA I wanNA start to see something next I mean set saw the family packaging stumped more to be fair but as I say I think seth has done wonders for dominate is just what can dominate do now to build on it I think the me Are they going around that rates hurt. Yeah. I. Wonder Like I wonder. Yeah. Because I'm I'm assuming it was getting dragged on the tag matches and stuff like that. Elephants during the cereal. But at this point, the man is built with like paper clips and rubber bands he's. The most injuries I swear. All that goes through my hand the old don't train your on worries. I had surgery on my knee twenty five times. That you've mysterious Of Maybe choke. The engine see now because I think they have to move on from that a little bit. Dumb does and then we have obviously party show. Rav Underground. Ties. Be Up by reading. Titus Carnival winning underground. Bad. I don't know. Good to see Tyson that sort of Riddick Bosson and move by the way and he? Does Neil is now the David. Otunga. God. Do that. Why are you still with us? Oh, because you do other days outside of wrestling year, he's Cherry Stephanie. The charity stuff. Is Huge. Why are you here? Oh because you're doing pro bono boy word for us. A US. KINGTON underground. Pretty good. Then, we had a tag match, Tornado tag team match profits in Gaza on. With Zelina no. Beyond Kabila thought was a bit weird but. If Zelina was. Very pretty good match guard really well. Then the famous light flickers and? Retribution Retribution. Out. Yeah the jumping ring attack Zelina. Just kind of looks on. Shrugs and she punches one of them and. They make they be her out and. attack rest. Secure. Each is remain wrong. Recipes Roth now. Like. They didn't Denver on smackdown for the longest now like. Mcginn Baldwin Roster. Yeah. I mean Byron Saxton was very, very vocal to make sure they was we it was females attacks leader. Did you hear that was funny. The way he was emphasized. We know he's FEMA. Go. But yeah. So. Good security and. Adam Pearce he's yelling at security guards to get to their posts and staff it was it was pretty good. It was it was pretty good. and. then. Just. Juku. Genre. Underground. and. And Billy and obviously. ICONEX and billy goat kicked squaring face so. I. Think I I why would the? I. Connex. Go and do something else off being split up I. Don't know. Didn't make sense why they would go to underground. I mean, they got the characters to be able to. To fight stories mean there's good to see Jessica Juke anyway sort of a natural habitat and then it was a pretty good I actually. I actually really enjoyed the they did we've Apollo and ricochet and cedric I thought the whole thing. Is Actually, pretty good. With her business and Ricochet Cedric and stuff, I actually really liked it and felt like A. Story for. Roy Underground. and Angel Gaza was running away from retribution. Yeah. WHO KNOWS WE'RE GONNA get into what we think he's retribution after we get to the news. And then main event was the triple threat match Randy Orton Jefferson's kief Lee will get a title shot. What it ended Ivanhoe did it back I loved the end in. Rolling overly to cover. Give because you want brand you're when again. But the ending was good. Yeah I think. Yeah. I think it's nothing. Swore me. Yeah but you can't put. Her. Jumping the air like. He does nothing for me. He's got no. Personality when he talks, he's always. Brandy organ. Yeah by the ending him. So rolling overly. To take to pin seth was was amazing. You get behind him give me a legacy. Legacy on many. Latest you're so much better. All Year. Maybe I like I like the early. was like fighting and stuff. I. Think that was my favorite. But he was trying to take Alad like that one. He had a character, go with it and it was that he would do anything he could in order to. To win. Allies just like. I will hit you in my finisher. Global. A. Did I don't. I don't see that they could have made leave I drew yet or Seth West is jury. Kinda. Wouldn't made sense I think the right person one though it I know him a little bit biased. role. I didn't get angel houses be. All of it with him running away and. I duNNO I. It was a bit rubbish what they were doing with Gaza. It was convenient and Samoa Joe wasn't there because that's where they were retribution attacking by commentary. I didn't know there was lots of bits answered questions. But I thought it was solid. Solid. I don't think breaking up the iconic makes much sense. And we're undergraduate right I just I. She told the Grandma's better this week. Actually had a story. but yeah, that was this week's. Now we go quite news there is quite odd news. First of all the first one that I know is staffer Ali obviously Christie's release. I, haven't heard anything since. Verified. No I don't think so well as. You say he's contract is up in October and he asked for an early release. I think that's it was. So far but no one's actually said anything official I feel like if he does go anywhere, he'd be got to go to TNA like they were they would instantly door woman their exhibition. Yeah, maybe. And Maxwell in there. Are they. Don't see there being anywhere else to go over then TNA right now. But yeah. He has requested his release. And speaking of other releases. A Vanilla is obviously left. WWe I think that was right. Official yesterday wasn't it? Another yeah. Mental Health and apparently is mother is like really sick? Yeah. Because he said something he wants to do some charitable stuff and. His mother obviously himself. You oversee does a lot of other stuff. Anyway he's not going to be out of work I. Think he's been coming I called say how I was saying hill this is where I scoop up replace excalibur because you have narrow now on Jr Yeah that would be a good shot. That would be a good shot I mean he did say that at the moment he was. I'm just going. You add announced Ian. Wow. Agency. Why does I mean as because I mean I know it's Dave Meltzer. Dave Moses said there wasn't a big blow up just it's time to go while his mother's obviously in hospital and stuff and. Still going to be doing the Bella tour and showtime box in. But then we'll wait and see what comes next Awa. I think. So they've signed Wade Barrett and obviously now he's gone I mean these Wade Barrett going to. Step into that. Barrett's solid commentator very solid, very solid. And maybe even the Joseph could go to annex t like I wouldn't be shocked at that like it wouldn't shock me I, mean I like Vic Joseph, I'm a big fan of executive. You stuff onto if I was really really good. Didn't he got off crackle Moore. By. Yeah, he's still obviously rain about but waiver for now is not a bad shot because he is a very good commentator and obviously he's a commentator that could get involved if you need to I'm sure he can still wrestle wish she had to. Me Why don't think for. was. That's where they've snapped him up from. He was commentating on Nwea and now he's he's left that to come back to wwe. So. Interesting but yeah, maybe way is the replacement and I'm not I. Don't I don't hate it to. Do not hate it to and the other one, the newest free agent parent. Really. Know apparently they that's gotta be Dang because they pulled his marriage. Yeah. Brooke Listener is officially a free agent. So apparently, he's contract around out. WRESTLEMAINIA, which I'm assuming to be true. It's. Yeah I think if they needed him and if he wanted to wrestle there would be a cool and would be back. I think it's just going to be. Pay As you as you appear, you know I think that's all it will be. Now I don't see wrestling anywhere else if you wanted to wrestle with Kyoto. Deco Vince. So. Yeah. Pulled yet you have pulled orders merchandise so. A. Dead I did be interesting to see what happens but I. Yeah He. He's made a lot of money business. He can pick and choose what work he does now. And as I say I'm pretty. Sure. If he wanted to wrestle. E just Vince and say you got anything for me as a one off and if they lose some money at him, he would come back. I think I don't think he's like a bad terms. I think it's just they haven't done anything for him right now he's tall. Bri Gauge versus. Chess. Burke nesn rocket up AWA would be. Something else I just I, don't see myself. As I'd like to see you know if he was to go there. Jimi Hendrix's. Wants. You call it. Give me. Hampers. Kate. The cage. That would be a fight that would be a fight. Lashley. That's why I wanted. That's what I wanted because that would have been an actual. was never going to be a thing. You want everybody who is always like. Potion for that that was never. GonNa get it was. Never GonNa be at that. Now and it's A. Disappointment because on Piper. Lashley is a genuine contended mesler. Like, genuine. They've just not really crossed paths on a wrestling point of view. CHROMA WHY YOU BE A. Dog Feeling in the world. Yes Eddie because listener would like Haymond would have had to do both sides. And I would have had to do. I guess now this why haven with rains? Obviously, very much true. How are you looking at? There's rights like we haven't really touched on that. And Raines. Is Money that's money. So. You think it's full blown. He'll Roman like that's what they're doing. Oh, horse. They doing the hill to get him over again. So they start cheering eventually you know how some the? Relevant Business soon. Do they I think they need to change his music. Showed his dad. Forgotten. Checks detector. Yeah. Play back in the suit what some of his interviews and is some of these staff man that rains I liked that rains you know I think they need. You needs new music in needs. A new outfit he needs to is funny like normally intact team split up and someone stays around into a tag team light rain has become nothing. You know my genetic never change Christian never changed show to me when I split. Right. So you know why is rain still rocketed, but they do need to change his music. That is definite. Definite but Haymond with him less than free agent. But that doesn't mean everyone she's leaving out. WWe have. Signed Five fulmer evolve talents. So. This was posted today. So it was Fisher dot yesterday So Joe Casey is officially signed we'VE WWE Wasn't he like the longest isn't always the sees W. Champ isn't he still? With them. I'm sure he's with them. Anyway. They've also signed just Briggs anti-green Brandy Lauren and Kurt stallion obviously Leon rough resigned last month. The report says they bought the rights to evolve in a plan to sign several of that company's restless to development deals. Boys. Your thoughts about all of evolve coming. Do think that he's going to have a belief or an exte- stuff. I. Think as I said before I think that's retribution. Retribution going to be with evolve guys I could see it. I could see it. It would be a good way to introduce them. Is a lot of good talent on that roster. Access to. Yes evolve signed. Over The only one I don't think is. What was The. Other guy. Was the tremont. I think they're going to put him on the underground because he was more like. A W. Guy that would be his happened style. So I. Like. Doing like. Sort of underground guests will not death not. Seem like these hardcore underground notches on the world underground like using riddick Muslimeen reading seems to be an element down or underground. Yeah. So yeah. Okay. That sounds good. Guys I see them being retribution. That Fair Fair. I've been waiting now fifty one minutes. Bryan Alvarez and so you've been quite vocal on on twitter this week with your thoughts wrestling community wrestling people and I got a picture of bright is being blocked. What the hell happened man. Listen it's been a long time I've had enough of this dude he's not a wrestling fan. He is a mark, his dude who sits there he watches the show. and. He's like an Internet nerd. It's to the point that I could not tolerate anymore. I don't care about what the ratings are. I want to enjoy wrestling to enjoy wrestling. I don't care what show have, what demographic and what set me off was. Bannon some snarky. To be comet right after Roman. One God hold on because I had. I had it right before a blocked them I to. Roman won the title, but he doesn't deserve it. That's the heat. Oh Yeah is full action in I. Don't feel like anything bright average says he's like an opinion. Literally does it for reactions and reactions only I'm sure like Every week even when they haven't been on the same day I zoom tweet like an eight, hundred, thousand, a w zero, and you're like they weren't even on the same day like why can't you still do this light? But yeah. He's Just a kroll. Where does he come from? What's his history like? Why is he like almost relevant? Why is that name I always hear you know. I can't. Based Party so I wanted to. It's fair. Follow. Remember which one it just put. The problem with pro wrestling in twenty twenty is and I put twitter. At that just I. She yeah I caused Yeah I got trout trod people are happy I was just like but it's changed. Everything. People's opinion you know like h changed everything that everyone needs to know what? The. Research Alvarez is just a he's. A semi retired wrestler who decided to become a publicist. By say economy very good wrestler because I don't think I've ever seen him atrophies. and. Don't. Like port link. God. Bright over as not good. Not Good. So He's been blocked GIO will no. Longer I might send you pictures of his tweets every week now just to upset you. Can join the list was Ryan Satin. Yeah. Well the you ever find out what happened there. I I think I said something he didn't like and he just walked me. Stuff people like Gerardo believe it I believe it. I've. Said this from time to time I am. Living embodiment of Deadpool I have. I have opinions and I. Know and and yeah and you say like some people like hearing other people's opinion you know like people. That's why twitter is the reason like you can't even have a conversation about like what? So I think there was a twitter thing. The. The. Addition and I thought that I think that make it was re. Return if the cleaner and stuff. And the conversation. Diane. Abreu up and I was just like dude. That's why that thing was. He was wearing the losses. So my my argument is No matter what W W do. This dude is like an A. W. Stan. He's constantly constantly constantly constantly an W. Fan boy. It's GonNa. Be a publicist bega by publicists. Don't you one side things and x t beat a this week dot dot dot. I know there's no. Boy. Yeah numbers. Excuses. Excuses. But you find that with a lot like we watch few content creators and stuff and they will go opinions on wrestling and stuff I just I find that it doesn't matter I don't think aws been. Great to watch athletic. FRESH OPINIONS YEAH I agree I don't agree on this whole nine Jackson should be. Bandwagon Yeah, yeah me neither me neither. Like if you look at the list. Half she's the same amount as other people like why was that? None of this stuff is like retired stink be I feel like you know what I mean. There was none of that stuff we seth. I. Corporal Page again why did nobody getting. Real. Early. Becky. Lynch Becky Lynn was comes. He is hell at the beginning you know when she first called Kuda choose clumsy. Yeah. Alexia. Groped for number, moves rams why does nobody get on? yeah yeah. I, Don I didn't exist. Prog wasn't got the Middle Ring a review. Question. Randy ORTON SKULL But nobody had an issue with that. It's just like the cool thing I said to a friend. The cool thing is to hate Ni- checks that's it same as. Cool things dying shot afloat. You're not. If you're doing what you perceive as a cool they. Have Your own opinion in your own voice. Yeah exactly because like. Yeah. Just just enjoy it for what it is like dynamite last week so we could show like. I would probably be more wwe focused myself but I still watch a W and I still enjoy it dynamite last week. Really good wrestling apart from I dunno I was worried that Jake, the snake was drunk again because he was rambling like a crazy man. But Yeah I thought it was good I thought it was a good show. From. Need. To find a balance. Discord Gino, see like I've always my opinion in the vibe wrestling chats I. I was going to do this week believed pro wrestling was real. Rate your point kick really integral McIntyre to which I said where did you learn? Connects as much as Shane McMahon's face. Drew. Dude, he wouldn't be alive and he really. kicked in the forehead. Like absolutely not. Absolutely So I would have liked. This dude would. Give off. Like A. where he came from, but it's been like a good solid two weeks that I've had a head cold issue because he started last week where he was like. Off. The White Sox to banks she's a mean person and I was like, no, that's not you bakes the character body. Really than he sold us our. World Sales. Because she's grabbing women's arms. Really breaking. It would be a very different day to see her breaking someone's up but she's Not Doing it. Started, he said. She retired so. Broke her arm off I could. Guitar. Seven seconds off having a baby. That's pretty much was. Sarah log is GonNa play mum, and she seemed to have 'em pitcher so. I. Personally. Who's got an opinion I call you. Zoom witness I liked Jim Hornet. When Kate when j Cornet talks about the old days I don't buy cornet which talks about days. Yes. Yes. You should early Jim Cornet, on dark side of the ring like hearing stories from. White I'm not. I'm not going to tell you I don't. I listen to what he goes over his booking seats and. This is what led to this paper view and gives an insight and what was going on the back well. Don't want to hear is like days plopping flopping rest. Time or just don't park now. Yeah. Yeah. Don't do just stay stuck. Always. This talk. To anybody that Tristesse wwe nobody's forcing you to watch it yeah. Is All different. Resin companies five when you I can shut up. I don't know. I. Think. That's a good place to leave. You will find what you like. Better being dot dot dot growing. Fide You is we brought to the idea that you realize why we put that. We're making instead yeah. Now I agree with you as a site like the whole game. Tune now. Oh. Davor but that's why. He's another one. That's always you're starting march sources how? Your source. That is I. Read it was like a compiled list of things that he reported. That were wrong. And then like you never brought back up again, like just what did under the rug. With a Kennel. BEEN SIGNED ETHICS T. was that time they made it offered in. Twitter twitter wrestling wrestling world onto aries is quite place. The opinions of become is so many partners what sport it a little bit I because I think. I don't think the wwe product has been that bad. It's been better I I. Agree it was in adult place and he's still has a long way to go. I feel like it's getting better. I'm enjoying watching smackdown and raw a little bit more Dana. It's a new accident is constantly it's a new ever. You can get the attitude I ever again. Need to stop but setback. Not GonNa get it again and be it wasn't over there. Remember. Biscuit Montages Rock and Austin there was a lot of bad stuff was a lot a lot. Vic. Katie Vick. For every. Other store on there was like, oh, man I to tell you go watch that episode where Mankind Heidel there's a midst jingle on it. Yeah. Yeah, there is. Now. That's the thing you be engine. Say everyone complains about WWF actually run look when they run a very attitude story we've Lashley ru seven Lana they slow them. And that's my argument was like Yuping screaming for them to do what they used to do. There's your story like the Lashley Rousseff Lana. Thing is everything that the old attitude ever used to be. And you hate it and you bag over there. So what do you want to do like? You can't ask. To give it to you go actually know that Shit. Well, that's why be doing more and that's where it blows my mind it's One thing to share on him. Also. Mainly the what keeps giving the belt that rottweilers Alvin rate because this'll give a person a shot look like bronze fromm or Kofi Kingston and the fans why they care for it and they want it. That's right. You got it you. Got The bell now what an offensive joke Come on. I don't like it. and. That's what happened with the Kofi. Very Boring, very quick for me. Very. Boring. Very. Quick. Stuff and I was. Because he was the fan. High. Part of the fan is the case they wanNA watch the wrestler chase it. But then when he gets it. What are you want to do guys? Yeah. WHO's next to chase? Their instantly look at it and the next day. It's what I call flavor of the week somebody went on to the next guy. Kingston one, it everybody WHO's a Week. They were. Is exactly what happened. Like y'All cheer for somebody give them the chance. Stop trying to push the next God because don't. You don't know what to do. I. Write. Taken up time Gio he's got his demons out hopefully Chiro for the rest of the week. Guys. Legs. As I cement. We love follow me on twitter. To tell you that you'd never know what he's coming. Does where does is something out? Make sure you follow is twitter because you you will have a good time 'cause suddenly be quiet for days an ambassador gets it. And these. Days Everyone else gets it is great. But yeah follow US reach out everything you need to doing between It's been a fantastic week adversely in who knows what next week will bring the wwe thunder diamond across the wrestling world. Jiemin I'll see you next week.

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