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"jessica juke" Discussed on Mouthpiece Wrestling Podcast

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"jessica juke" Discussed on Mouthpiece Wrestling Podcast

"Is remain wrong. Recipes Roth now. Like. They didn't Denver on smackdown for the longest now like. Mcginn Baldwin Roster. Yeah. I mean Byron Saxton was very, very vocal to make sure they was we it was females attacks leader. Did you hear that was funny. The way he was emphasized. We know he's FEMA. Go. But yeah. So. Good security and. Adam Pearce he's yelling at security guards to get to their posts and staff it was it was pretty good. It was it was pretty good. and. then. Just. Juku. Genre. Underground. and. And Billy and obviously. ICONEX and billy goat kicked squaring face so. I. Think I I why would the? I. Connex. Go and do something else off being split up I. Don't know. Didn't make sense why they would go to underground. I mean, they got the characters to be able to. To fight stories mean there's good to see Jessica Juke anyway sort of a natural habitat and then it was a pretty good I actually. I actually really enjoyed the they did we've Apollo and ricochet and cedric I thought the whole thing. Is Actually, pretty good. With her business and Ricochet Cedric and stuff, I actually really liked it and felt like A. Story for. Roy Underground. and Angel Gaza was running away from retribution. Yeah. WHO KNOWS WE'RE GONNA get into what we think he's retribution after we get to the news. And then main event was the triple threat match Randy Orton Jefferson's kief Lee will get a title shot. What it ended Ivanhoe did it back I loved the end in. Rolling overly to cover. Give because you want brand you're when again. But the ending was good. Yeah I think. Yeah. I think it's nothing. Swore me. Yeah but you can't put. Her. Jumping the air like. He does nothing for me. He's got no. Personality when he talks, he's always. Brandy organ..

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