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"jesse williams adamy" Discussed on WSB-AM

"Look fantastic. Now, as we talked about Oprah has there any I'm going to two part question. Yes. Who's the biggest name you've worked with? And who's the biggest celebrity looked in the crowd said. Oh my goodness. I can't believe they're watching me right now. Oh my God. Biggest I've worked with maybe one the Sykes I was riding on the show that it was her show. I got to meet her. She might be the the epitome for me. So far. Yeah. And I met Eddie Murphy, but we didn't work together. A few times he gets coffee near my house. That's his coffee shop in. Oh. I thought he lives in jersey. No, well, he might well. He's might have many residences. I mean. That's it the holy grail. When I met him when I was growing up forget it. And I know is I know his cousin and Arsenio hall was a good friend of his. But I never met him. I met him. It was kind of. The biggest I've probably work with I've been on his show time. Now, he's a good friend. Good. But Eddie is still Eddie take his coffee. I don't know. Stalker. Getting he doesn't get a lot of warm drinks whenever I've seen him. He's got an ice coffees and ice drink what a freak. But when I finally got the nerve to ask him for selfie when I finally look Jackie you may not see him again. And he was the nicest guy, I got this out of it on your phone. Are you going to send it to me? During the break here. How shed a coffee coffee bean don't wanna the address when you're talking about. Do you drive? No, no, real quick day with my friend in in L A couple years back and. Him and his wife and two kids, and they go to work I wake up at like nine in the morning, and I got to go to the bathroom, really bad, and they've got Pilar who's the housekeeper there who speaks no English. And I go to go to go to the bathroom and they've got child locks on the toilet. Like you can't lift the toilet. Yeah. Well, it's also an adult lock because I couldn't lift it every toilet in the house. Couldn't do it. And I was looking for Pilar me how to open the toy. She's gone. She took the kids to the park. Yeah. So I had to run down to the coffee bean bathroom. It was like a scene out of. Out of a horror movie awful. I want to answer that who have I seen in the audience Brealey famous abbot crush Jesse Williams the from Grey's anatomy, I saw him in the audience, and I literally was a huge cry on him. So that was the one I saw kind of like, oh my God. I gotta finish my sentence going to go to a humble humble. Brag out as we go to the break. Yeah. Jesse Williams Adamy.

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