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"jesse splint" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Curtis Booker C four and group backup group takes Curtis. That does I believe encapsulate. What this show is all about. So we're talking about the the Jesse smell case is interesting because there's been a development also today in the Bob Kraft case that broke late today. So who you have to high profile individuals, and we will talk about the craft case later, but Bob Kraft, apparently, not only has rejected the plea agreement. Then it proposed done in Florida. But he also says he wants a jury trial. We're going to get to that as well. But it is interesting because despite how different Bob Kraft and Jesse splint are obviously one being a young happens to be gay African American actor the other being an old older Seventy-seven-year-old NFL owner. They both are caught in the criminal Justice system and looks as if Jesse smell lead has extricated himself from a situation that would that would make Harry Houdini. Look proud. I don't know what's going to happen with craft or who knows? Anastasia next on nightside in station. How are you? Fine. I I'm hearing things that are disturbing to me Michelle Obama's name is being mentioned as having a hand in this disturbing. Could you mentioned her a little bit before the show because I wonder does anybody know where that's coming from or anything behind that? Actually, Nancy shack who has stepped out of the studio said that I think NBC is reporting that she former first lady had put the the county attorney they call the state's attorney in touch with the family of Jesse Sma let which caused her to recuse yourself from the case. Now, here's the issue. That doesn't surprise me. Jesse Smolin is well-known actor who apparently either grew up in Chicago or Chicago is home President Obama and first lady came from Chicago. I think that that doesn't surprise me. I don't think there's I don't know that you can connect dots at this point. And at the same time it. It is not uncommon in the criminal Justice system where people put people in contact and he was seen at as well for for a couple of weeks at least as a victim of this vicious. Racist assault. But I mean did Michelle Obama thinks that he's actually not guilty or itchy have used. Her clout to get him off with those. No does not well that sometimes does happen. But there's no suggestion of that. She again, what NBC is reported in Nancy is not in the studio with me. So I might ask her to step back into the studio. But what what NBC is reporting. If I recall while Nancy, categorized it or. Encapsulate would NBC said was that MRs Obama when when the first when the incident first occurred, and it was depicted by Jesse smollet as two white guys in maga-, hats attack him with racial invective and putting a noose around his neck. She he was a victim perceived as a victim. And MRs Obama put him as the victim in touch with the prosecutor. But there's nothing that that NBC story which suggest anything beyond that. I hope you've been picking on what we're talking about. People wanted to wanted to get a clarification on the use of Michelle Obama's name. There's nothing that I heard you say with to suggest that Michelle Obama did anything more than no she put this. She put the state's prosecutor in touch with smarts family, which would be normal in a situation. Now, I well, no it, isn't it. It's not normal for the state prosecutor. To get because these you you don't do that at that point in time. He's the victim. Hold on a second. Let me let me defend Michelle Obama. Okay. Stop the presses. Mrs MRs Obama, could no Jesse Spolete. And obviously if he was in fact, the MRs Obama was chief staff. Okay. Well, her chief of staff, I'm sorry. Her chief of staff knows Jesse smell Ed just like if in Boston Matt Damon a Ben Affleck were attacked somewhere. I'm sure that most of the major politicians in Boston would know Matt Damon Albarn Affleck, and maybe they put the the prosecutor's office, which also deals with the the victims of crime. Most prosecutors offices in America today have victims advocate programs, correct. I don't I don't really know how that works. Well, there are a lot of victims advocate programs. And so it could have been something as innocuous as that. I just I'm not. Yes. Appears to be more than just checking in with the family. First of all, you know, she wasn't checking in with him. She was checking in with his family. He's coming has nothing to do with with this. I mean, he and he didn't it's not like he was an injured. You know, an injured victim that that was convicted. You know? That's when that's when you see prosecutors talking to family members when you have somebody who's who's severely injured something really, I think it's a reach at. This point is interesting that the name has come out. But I'm glad you clarified it. And it wasn't the first lady. It wasn't wizard chief of staff. Right. Yeah. I had nothing to do with that other than the fact that she hired the woman who was the chief and the chief of staff isn't looks like she's not anything wrong either. That's what I'm trying to say, it could be she could be the next door neighbor of the family, and and just put them in contact to reassure them that that he will be that he'll get a fair. She I mean, so personally, which is kind of weird, and to be honest with you, and you know, it's not usually the district attorney himself who goes, you know, it's a victim advocate like you're saying before. So the fact that she established a personal relationship with these people is why she had to recuse herself. Well, I could see I've seen the mayor go to people's homes when when they were the victims of racial assault of seeing that he's not prosecuting. No, I understand that. I understand that. But again, it wasn't for a moment it, well, he wasn't being perceived at that point as involved in the hoax. That's what I'm saying. Now. No, he wasn't. But actually, it's come out that the police from the very first were a little we're a little suspicious of what was going on. But they held their tongue because they wanted to an investigation. So they were suspicious of I think there were a lot of red flags from the get-go. I think there are a lot of red flag. He was he was attacked at two o'clock in the morning. He didn't surrender cell phone. So what it looks like with Kimberly? Fox's that she was I don't know how to put this gracefully. She she. He was a celebrity and she wanted in that's part of it. So that's why she would talk to his family not because she was any great victim witness advocate. The the problem is she should not have done that personally her office too should have done. But I'm saying if there was a famous actor or actress in Boston who is attacked and assaulted. Yeah. In what might have been perceived as a racial assault. Yeah. I guarantee you that you would have politicians, and maybe the district the current district attorney or past district. I have no problem believing that politicians would get involved the district attorney and. Strange. Strange happened. I will be in the minority. Which is fine. I would just say that when you have someone who is perceived to be the victim of a racially. Instigated attack. Okay. That that this? There was a lot of sympathy. I gotta run here. Okay. Oops. Thanks. Thanks for bringing that out. So we're going to disagree on that. I I understand that is smart district. Attorney a smart or smart state attorney will send over the victim's advocate people in all of that. I can see not knowing that the politics of Chicago feel free to disagree with me and agree with sandy six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine hundred ninety thirty. I guess I'm not in a mood to rush to judgment almost anything this week. But but I want to hear from you. You could rush to judgment coming back..

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