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"jesse spiderman" Discussed on MTR Network Main Feed

"Just bunny. And then when when he says bins gonna stay in johnny throws him and then have been turns back into the thing is the labor is giants is unbelievable and they both will get you through the lens. Says you don't wish any more than i do. And he goes a billion to one. You think afraid of that. You think i'm afraid of that. And we just. We don't get to see it. They don't show it to get it later. We watched been watching fall. Oh god john and then five hundred eighth Yeah because i mean you start this science you get everything looks. There's no worse than the book. Except for i think sue says yeah retrench. Tonight's i think what it is you get so maybe this is a longer version of five eighty the one that's on unlimited gives you the part with it might combine like you got vitamin and yeah spiderman and franklin and stuff like that. That's that's the annual. Gosh you so. They tied so one on marvel unlimited. They tie the annual into five eighty eight. You know so what happens at five hundred thousand entirely sound issue until until on the table shows the book so would they. Oh so that makes even better so what they do. So what they do in the on. Marvel limited may even better they splice in the franklin stuff right looking forward. Hold on they. So what happens is the month of mourning day. One is the mall showing up day. Three day four to threaten them. I think it's day. I'm sorry and they tell you that. After after tire. I love. I love date. Twenty six where. It's is the thing In front of for in as a and dan at blake in their first as blake and banner and they ended up having a fight and you can just tell he needed to get it out. Andrew of hawk basically hugging a crying a thing as also. It's just say this. Is this a tough issue. It's a tough. It's a for that happens like you said that day. Fourteen is jesse spiderman landing on the building. The franklin we get the full. That's our love what he does here. So many of these moments are flushed out later. The yeah you get you get you get a ceu in a blida bubble and and and not wanting to be touching and read having to kind of wrap himself around it. He didn't say anything to the shows and holds up. Janis uniform it. Does you get that conversation later. Okay okay okay. A lot of things. We're seeing here. you'll get more of later. Yeah but like you said it's silent issue point you have the future foundation to find replacements and they have a bunch of people names on there. Do you like the one that the one that's gonna replace this. Actually the list right there but then change your evaluation and says the dallas killing. Yeah it. it's such a powerful thing. The new end on on on day twenty nine and you have read sitting here in front of his monitor lists invasion from negative zone threat level high base from universal in.

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