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"jesse smolin" Discussed on WGN Radio

"This attorney Karen Conti because Jesse slot is back. We haven't heard that name in a long time. And many of us would like to just sort of forget that whole episode. But because of covid delays and stuff like that, he just went back to court today. I'm my interest is not so much. What happens is Jesse Smolin at this point, it's more interesting to me and more relevant to me to talk about just the highly unusual ways that this whole case has been Traded the way it's been handled. Start to finish. And yet what seems to me is another highly unusual turn today. Maybe Karen, you can explain it to us. This was another closed door session in court today, and reporters weren't allowed in and I know they were protesting that they had hoped to be allowed him, but they weren't And I just wonder is that there's an unusual to you understanding the legal system the way you do well. It is unusual to have something private and especially in a case like this that have been criticized for having decisions made behind closed doors as we know, And that's why a special prosecutor was appointed to re examine the case. But in this case, I do understand why it was private, and that is kind of complicated, but apparently just he wants a new lawyer and the lawyer he chose. I have spoken to the to us and Darryl Brothers, who were the two brothers who were supposedly involved in this whole scheme. Uh, you know, to make this fault police claim and the idea was that since he talked to those, there are brothers who could conceivably testify against Jackie. Uh, The idea is that he shouldn't be allowed to represent just see because there's a conflict of interest. So all the facts relating to that are private because you don't want to disclose what was said between and among The witnesses and the lawyers. That makes total sense to me. Isn't that the way it's always handled? If you go meet with an attorney and lay out your life story and tell them everything? They then can't go represent the person you're suing or the person who is facing you in court. Absolutely not. But there is some factual issues, the lawyers saying, No, I never spoke to these guys and the guys said Yeah, we spoke to him, So you know, there's a, he said. She said the judge needs to sort that out. There is a really strong rule in the law that says that if you want a particular lawyer, you should be able to have that lawyer But the others, particularly strong role is you can't have a conflict of interest, so the judge is going to have to sort that out today. Okay, So this is sort of is the procedural thing will sort that out. And then hopefully they'll sort out the whole thing. Whether or not he faces some penalty. You're not and that that could be soon. I hope so. You know, this case has been slow from the beginning. And you know when you have expensive lawyers, and you have lawyers filing each and every motion that possibly available with unlimited funds, it seems, uh you know things go a lot more slowly. I hear you, Um and then so we'll we'll follow that and see what happens there with Jesse. I think it's It's also really interesting to me to find out more about this Britney Spears thing. And speaking of being back in court, she's back in court today. Um, the more I read about this, the more it just doesn't feel right to me. I mean, I'm reading here that she had a court appointed attorney. All this time and that her dad has to approve which attorney represents her. Which seems so strange to me, because the whole point is that she's trying to separate herself from her dad who gets to decide who represents her in the case, and she got she got. She got a public defender with all of her millions. I don't know Most people are millionaires. I see. Go get like, you know the big high profile lawyers like the caring counties of the world. They don't They don't go for the public Defender. Is that just me? Not really. Yeah, I don't know. That's so much a public defender. But I think the court appointed one for her because if she is deemed to be unable to make decisions, then who is going to make the decision as to who her lawyer is? So I think the court you know, we had her represented by a very good lawyer. He was aware to some of celebrities and he had been her lawyer for many years. But now everything's falling apart. She's made the claim. Hey, I don't want this. Leadership anymore. So her financial company that was doing her finances is out. Her lawyer has resigned, and now she's looking to hire a new lawyer who you know is going to represent our interests and, according to her is going to try to get rid of the conservatorship. Oh, I see. So maybe she did have adequate representation. But now it's sort of the thing where she's trying to say hey, but this this is so weird because she's one of the things she said in court was that Didn't even realize I'm allowed to end the conservatorship. And it's been 13 years. That sounds that really sounds odd to me, Anna because you know, it makes no sense. First of all, remember, she agreed to the conservatorship. This was never a finding that she was insane or she couldn't manage her affairs. She agreed to it Now, why did she agree to it? That special that will be the book that we all want to read. But at this point, she has somehow awakened and maybe it's all the publicity. City and all the people who are sending messages to free Brittany, and she finally has awakened to say, Listen, I don't have to live my life with somebody making decisions for me when I take birth control and where I go on vacation and how I handle myself. She's an adult. She's obviously competent enough to do dance moves in a Las Vegas stage. I don't understand why she's not competent to do what most celebrities do, which is, you know they're free to waste their money and and do what they want to do, and she's toward. I mean, she's she's worked for. 14 hour days. Six day weeks, she's ahead of Vegas residency. She's won multiple awards. She's made multiple appearances. She is fit enough to be, you know, moneymaker and appearing everywhere and doing her thing and showing up in and handling stuff. It just seems so strange at the age of 39 that she still needs approval about birth control and who she marries if she can have a baby, and that kind of thing is conservatorship normally. Reserved for these types of cases or does this one even seems sort of strange to you, Karen. It's so strange, Anna for the very reason you just said. I mean, it's for people who are usually usually elderly or have some serious mental deficiency. You know, she has never done anything that I could see that was stole. Horribly, um, incompetent that she can't manage her own money and make her own decisions. So the posture that got us here is what I don't understand. But my guess is that we're going to move towards a situation where she's going to prove that she's capable of making decisions and that this conservatorship is going to be a thing of the past. Do we? We have this in Illinois, right? Conservatorship is a call that we call a guardianship. And there's two types. One is of the person meeting decisions that are personal decisions like where you go and what you do in your your doctor's appointments and things like that. And the other one is of the finances. Which means you know what? How you conduct your business paying.

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