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Pop Culture Critics  Episode 23  NFLs Motivation


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Pop Culture Critics Episode 23 NFLs Motivation

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit w._w._w. Dot odd past detroit dot com before information you um and welcome back to the pop culture criticism oh hey girl job and it's already and we are the pop culture critic added again. I was oh man. Here's the thing so like you know. I was really good. I had a whole system going on getting to the gym right trying to get my life all the way together right and live my life. <hes> and i was horrible these last two weeks so i'm trying to get back on it and i went to the gym yesterday. My body is like what you doing. We're trying to get back into my body was like how dare you the audacity now. We doing so thank you for your body like thank you for your. We're down to that <hes>. What about you this week. It was the weekend kind of came and went. I just rest it all weekend. You have rejuvenating no but i wanted to get out want to do something about it was like okay. I just the home slept. I went to work for announcing. Okay well. Let's see here. I'm kind of go from this weekend into like today a little bit because i didn't do much on the weekend. I'll get actually some great things over on saturday some big things stop removed so right now. I don't you so you know. We had a great meeting. This past a definite <hes> sunday was cooled off day. You know just relaxed <hes> monday work and then today was really really like because like today i got like i felt like i got a lot of self accomplished today. <hes> in the realize that is <hes> as far as school or whatever so getting that back on track or whatever it is that <hes> and then you know i went shopping today. Thank you <hes> <hes>. I got some <hes> two pairs of shoes. You know she needs oh. My budget works out for one person right now. Budget works out for one person today but not when i wake up to be honest with you i didn't even was having attention to really go shopping. Shopping is already out in. I mean that's a blessing to just have it happened and you'll have that passion it. He said no. Let me tell you i was like i was walking around. Everything allergies like i don't really see nothing. So you know what i mean like i would just because i was <hes> i go to school in auburn hills or whatever and so a rochester i should say and so i am going onto great lakes crossing and so i was just like naturally he's looking around l. o. One of my stores over one of my favorite designer shoes they had a sale going on you. Gotta stop by our just like they got shoes that they had been well in over a year and they went on sale for sixty dollars for good but half off to on on a second pair so anyway how c._d.'s outline for the week. I'm gonna go ahead and kick it off so my spotlight is actually going to go out to russell russell wilson and sierra wilson <hes> first of all. I mean just power. Moves is black magic black excellences. Whatever tag you want to you is what i used to see our new owners of a major league sports team the seattle seahawks super bowl winning quarterback back russell wilson and his wife of course grammy award winning question grammy award winning songwriters year have join the ownership team for the major league soccer's team for the seattle seattle <hes> separately so them macklemore is actually actually one of the owners will okay okay so i mean just power moves. The team has of course been there. I'm going to say was yeah so the families that have been only for years. Originally the soccer team started in seattle was like nine hundred seventy four <hes> and of course the wilson's have now bought into it along with macklemore and i want to say eleven other families came together. They purchased the team on twelve altogether right right. I mean excellent just just i just love the pictures that they posted with families and they all in. I'm here for the wilsons. The issue deserves every bit of. I am here for the wilson so shut off to them. Just just excellent need her to give me a prayer the the the i don't want to i want the exact word like a by the brand. They need to modify your mind but i need the exact words. Get right i need to give can you give me the exact words but i need to point is and customize modify no higher and nicole nicole. I park here. She was also talking about this. We'll psoriasis share or no. I'm nicole ari parker. She actually tweeted out what her prayer like. That word prayer was so checkout hurts hard twitter instagram 'cause she definitely posted with the prayer was okay because people by the use my actually my spa louise louise gone to san antonio brown long <hes> the young lady she was recently released <hes> from president after spending thirteen years in prison behind bars for a a <hes> for killing her assaulter as <hes> she was put into prostitution rate end up killing her her assaults sir. I want to say this but like you guys <hes> but yet she wasn't just got out in her book which is really really good <hes> so yeah right here so she <hes> that's my style like of the week so shout out to her as car free antonia my my third. This is just a cover so there's been no though yeah she finally car-free sunny search for redemption in the american prisons of it's you know it is it called like the title caught me like she should put a the hash tag. Free half freeze tonia gonna hashtag in any way this has been on the book inside coveted flat out is going to be right. What about yourself. A spotlight of the week goes to the name right right <hes> micah jenkins. She's twenty four year old from detroit opening up <hes> lebron's style law restaurant and i was looking at the pictures of wishy like plans on seven and it looks pretty good. Let me see get the address. I it doesn't say support black online business when i asked for discount okay. I gotta store fiat today. Seconds go ahead finish and then let's see the addresses one four four zero franklin downtown on river tana river area okay so you can see because he'd river from restaurants open yet but i think it will be soon enough but i'm definitely going to go have we had and as we talk about this. Have you been to steve soulful right next to downtown. They have not been if i'm going to go. I love brunch style places. Okay yeah and that's why we gotta go. We definitely will let you guys okay. Jogging was the first of the week okay so we're going to help right and so of course we heard all about the nicki minaj slash trina camp going at it and going going back and forth amongst the team so basically and personally we know bobby lights who is more known for his love and hip hop step more than his music but bobby lights is the cousin trina he came out basically bashing chen nicki menaj because he felt like she did not promote her cingo she she did not promote the single that she did with trina baps the same way that she promoted the single with megan italian for summer so their camps in guam back and forth at each other yes i it started off with trina. 's not now bob allies but with china's publicist reginald and started off with him pretty much standard <hes> had his disdain for nicki menaj as far as not not putting out that same type of energy and the effort wasn't there wasn't a trail the same was with megan and then bobby also i said it was. He said he loves nicki minaj. He doesn't like the bar which is here's the thing but if you follow that what a butts and watch them but i'm just saying you gotta watch the butts and then nicky and trina nicki last week she was on her own podcast ngo button podcasts pretty much speaking about the issue and like our issue was with <hes> with training camp and she's like i love training. I pretty much you know saying gene has been one of the few females who actually showed me decent love i as as i came into the game or whatever and and so she's always going to have the left between <hes>. She just more so with her camp. You like her cousin and her publicist are oncoming at me which is now causing friction our our fan base to go at it you know so it's always the concert as both of their fan cam both over there camps go hard for ford nikki's barbs hard for her trina s- fans go hard for her so they're literally like they really in this comment section battling yes yes they are and to be quite honest with you nikki okay so nicky her point. Was you know i'm not doing shit for free. You know what i mean. They actually i'm not doing shit for free. You gotta pay me. Where's the budget okay. I did this song for you as a favor. You know what i mean right all right now. We're the music videos. Where's the budget. I gotta get paid for my time and she's nicholas saying <hes> while she was in miami she was staying miami for <hes> for a little while she was hitting katrina trina to do the video for baps but trina did not take you know she didn't have either. She didn't have the budget or she just didn't feel like doing it and the song always made over two years ago i mean but you also realize that genus quote unquote also working on t._n._t. Album between her intrigue daddy that has also been in the works for within the last two years so at the same time as far as goals with the t._n._t. Album as should this issue was really pushing for their song should have been on the phone not necessarily been out. This music video should have been made so. Do you feel like the pushing for the song should not like we shouldn't be on nicky's. Hey we should march. There'll be on her song technically her so she wants me getting upset her. That's like my fan base quote unquote getting upset because of a featured artists you know what i mean. This artists feature is not technically their song that came out two years ago but we also have to think about we also have to think about autho like i invited you to be a part of the song for a reason because you had the fan base because you have that weight in the industry to be a part of the song for a reason the publicity yes so because it's almost like a have you did the feature but you didn't promote so why why wait now that i guess she wanted to go. Hinder released the song bob seger whatever theresa's the religious not to <hes> you know what's better between nikki and katrina or nikki and megan megan us out. He's now. No i like trying to to you know what i mean like. I say i'm listening mini just unbiased you know what i mean. It sounds better to me. You know what i mean. That's you know that's right. It is very very ah as it sounds better to me you know essentially <hes> beat the way they flow on radio current exactly where it is currently so even if the sun was made two years ago say like nicki. I was gonna turn. Someone's made two years ago still two years. It's not that big of a difference in changing found. Don't get music so it's still some was have some type of currency but it's wasn't a bad song. I just didn't particularly like it. I just feel like if you really wanted to go ahead and shot the video when she was asking the shoot the video or got the budget together then it would have been an appropriate time exactly go on from there the <hes> nikki moniz say don't to the men address her husband and now and i'm just saying i don't i have a a lot because my thing is with okay just in general we're not addressing your were addressing nicotine is not i mean okay. I don't care if it's a man woman. Go on address. Nicotine is because that's the person that staying shit. We don't really know who he who. Your husband is grant jewish. She's coming from right you know he's he's a celebrity. Who was the name you know what i mean is. Which is nicki menaj. You know what i mean. You're not married. She has a marriage license the marriage license so this is their thing so does that mean to actually married. They have a marriage license. They're married no. Oh no no explained it to me. I'm not married here mary year marriage license back to actually file it just because you have these nothing okay. It's considered the paper in the closet playing fifty years. Y'all not really man. Here's your preceded expired but i'm not going anywhere. You're receipts expires. They're not married and i just he's not your husband. You're not his wife wives y._v. Here's the thing because you know. We're really big especially in today's day in asia. This is happy you given titles without okay. You give it titles with no receipts and you expect these people to do things that it's not in their real job description so because he's not your husband act accordingly. We're going to address you instead on that and when she i hate when he was at address my man address my man okay we can an address both of you and the fact that the same song is your manager he has to do with that and i'll hope he's not manager heaping nothing heaping them not eating anyway. The music industry nor money is out here killing. Hey amy yes for the motivation. Video gave me motivation. I gave me a lot of motivation to be in the gym. Okay <hes> she did a great. I will say she did a really great job. On as far as artists and of course you pay homage to pay these fears along she really paved the way for an artist like yourself to come up so shuttled to hire to limit to kelly rowland name of the song ah i think in the beginning a lot of work at the winner because you can tell that there was a definitely a work ethic that went into this video between the choreography wanting to really take it to the next level like i said a contributing or honoring you you know these artists who's coming for herself really thinking about how you could do that and so have like the video because i applaud her because this video and this is something we talked about how previously about that. You wanted to hear more like her sound. Do you think you got out. I think you're right. It was a teaser like the song itself. I like it. It's not bad <hes>. It took me a minute idea because i heard the song before i saw the video listened to a few times so i got this zone. Was you know the but the video is really like sells the song power all the way back to the park it wasn't that i didn't really watch on his six apart growing up like that for one zero six and i love your mere years. They're here and they're all the way back to sitting in my grandmother living room watching like i am afraid giving me my two thousand three minute clip the amount of like you know how those videos they have like the artist's name the songs out all the way back to early. There's nobody does that no more evidence of music videos. Any more effort is in the details. I appreciate egypt details. Whoever the creative director was for this video shot you yes because the detail in this video was impeccable yeah actually the choreographer damian shaam bankhead. He's actually a person that is rising steadily he worked with. I think a lot of our that we know today. He's really gaining a lot of popularity on more of his work. I think they work very well together. I'm excited to see where no money has. Come next after this. It's going to have to be fire though i didn't even know this song. Oh you've said this bar. She said hi eunice at this. I mean another song the follow up another video album now the whole thing <hes> but yeah shots in our money everybody that worked on this video and a song. It was really really great. She said that actually it came so she recently. She's gonna be on performance to be as well okay for motivation first of all if you haven't seen or mighty perform she talking about details when i tell you she is a performer perform aria tripled there was it was a two thousand seventeen two thousand eight hundred eighty two came out four days ago and it has eighteen eighteen million views i as came out ten million. You know what i mean <hes>. She does last year at the be the b._b._c. Whatever <hes> she she was but she had did the phone with khalid liason and she came out like i was ready our ooh i was ready but i wasn't. I wasn't expecting the hair flip turned dipping. I wasn't ready for that at all but it was really who likes. She uses you saw what was going to get. That was a little bit of appetizer. This one a little more of an entree. I mean main course yeah. I'm just needed all right now so she's gonna give it. I can't wait to see it to be as <hes> onto evasion sidebar like i'm here for missy. Elliott auto for vanguard awards washes the civically for that. I really matter big. I'm not a big on the v._a.'s especially nowadays because it's aligned. I wasn't really bad this. John and big hasn't come up with something and it's been a minute some very excited to see. What's kinda coming eh v._m. As i definitely will be watching i can't wait actually they are. Oh disciplined out there. Disney channel's coming back with the family. Yes i heard today ed. I'm just saying but the but the the kids are gonna be older okay but here's the thing should not there. No more not allegedly early alleged mama going to be there. Have did you see the picture. It was like i like everyone like the <hes> it the patriots they released. The first like <hes> screen shot is basically now. I mean what do we put it on another one now to go there so we'll see where that we're napping on his talk about it. I don't i need. I need them oscar. If it ain't you and i have so many questions they caught him. What are they gonna poppy. How listen maybe she moved on our not up on the proud family for our early two thousand before dizzy jeff. Here's the thing though it's not airing on disney. Channel is airing on their streaming out the so. If you wanna get up we'll get the streaming app which is to get the prowl family but i need you to come back right. I'm just watching another way in another way. I'm support you know but i'm alarm from afar. Thank you rocky is found guilty l._a. I call it what you know why they did that though they didn't want him pay didn't if they were found him not guilty they were going to have to pay him two million dollars as he's gonna suba he i mean him sewing. They do so they would have found him. Not guilty gear exactly remain. I feel like he was going to have to fight this regardless but i called when we originally talked about this story that they were going to find him guilty. They were going to give him a fine <hes> he we. We actually thought that they were going to like. I didn't think they were going to ban him because of the ratings because of the revenue he brains because technically this wasn't about him. It was about his camp getting into a if i were so you weren't gonna ban him. I knew you were going to find him for sure but he's so happy to be home. Do you like horror. The three alp had a little money was released me right fucking. I do not blame him. Nobody i go down. I don't know if you think donald trump. He probably some other salon quite honest. Donald trump is going to use as his campaign yea. Running campaign is out and people are going to encounter. He's going to utilize realized this already know for you. Already right you don't work for free legal work for free and very true like how is this gonna ask added very true. We if i see you wanna campaign with trump i might i might just because i won't give the he's gonna be on the campaign with let's trump by a believe gonna utilize the fact that he got specific especially those two boys wanted the ball brothers and runs john's on the other guy that he was friends with over china's but okay well liangelo liangelo and other another friend or whatever and trying to have to get them out whatever they got quote unquote <unk> stealing so he had to make a call to the prime minister to get like the most bananas like. Do you know how much money the balls have to be stealing sunglasses of all all things. I feel it. I feel like i'm missing part of that story so i still feel like i'm missing a part of that story you sunglasses for why i don't know maybe for the other kids like and i gotta realize that they're college students right so the majority of students are bro college students however he's not he's. It's not like you've got. You've got these last bro you get an in china. Markdown value was just saying so. I i missed part of that story but we move along. We move right along state in the music family. How do you guys feel about this. Katy eighty perry sex allegations. I'm not okay with that. It was shocking but at the same time not shocking i dunno katie's been problematic in the past i honestly i mean i used to be a fan. Dan you know but over the years i don't. I'm not surprised and so crazy 'cause i like i like highlight. What was going on all right so katy perry <hes> she was recently <hes> reportedly stated as she had sex allegations brought by her by it was actually by anyone to people and <hes> won the won. The lady that came about was pretty much saying that it was inappropriate innocence inappropriate sexual so as more like in a workplace this type of thing that happened and you know that's where the lawsuit came from other one came from a man of saying the same sexual allegations my i think i heard that she pulled his pants down in front of a group of people not okay not at all right and so right now she's got a very kennedy has has fucked up here so far perfect perfect year a summer she summer no she didn't. She couldn't even get worn. No sizzle aw in barney okay because all of that pocket is when i walk she gotta give give up the royalties for the song darkhorse 'cause collectively stolen actually can't from christian artist blaze yeah getting as first of all yeah i was one. I'm a fan of his and this was something that when i originally heard it i'm like i've heard this before but pinpoint lahar artist before so when allegations came out and i went back to listen to it when you've when you hear both of them legit i haven't heard any like bro for real for real for rent some but but sometimes it's like you don't have the alzheimer's but it is very obvious but sometimes you like you should actually say the arts i like and to me that specific story to me came about because you felt like as a christian artists he was not going to get the same like like media a lot of them. This is very true but i feel like you. You felt entitled because of who you are because of who you are and you felt like you could take it because he's a christian artists and didn't seem she could just take things things you know for people and i am i. It sounds like just celebrity pretty privileged in general <hes> because let's be quite pockets. I'm unease you. You did drop something okay right a whole another album going tour might as well modest will grow your hair back anyway. <hes> boosie bad boo boo be bad white meat. Oh hey that sound was it not. Maybe another one there the more. I know there's another okay. We'll ponder that basically what's going on with boozy is there if you remember the story originally started hearted in what is it april twenty nineteen boozy guy. He was released from jail after posting thirty five hundred dollars bond. Basically what happened is he got caught with like weapons and he got caught with drugs and guns and drugs had gone the judge will work with the assumption is that he was arrested on and good method cracking down on <hes> drawing drug ugh and gun charges after a traffic stop. It was him and his security guard who is like an ex n._f._l. Player but they both got arrested. They posted the thirty five hundred dollars. Bond this stems from that so now he's actually facing what already it has half years in prison again. Yeah we might forget him. He just got the movie right. Now is facing up to five years in prison because of these charges at again recently started in april earlier this year. Hopefully this is something that has a follow him into next year like he can to expedite this prices. Go ahead and go to court that might mean you gotta come out of some more coins and something really service rbis whatever that that's fat love and hip hop. Where are you from louisiana hip-hop louisiana. Give us a no. No i watch it. I watch nola. I just watch for the accidental. Would've the action was going on with boozy free boozy mona macabre habra that right now so boozy i mean it's not just him though like i said his his security guard bodyguard bodyguard again former n._f._l. Player who specifically likey had money and this stupid on your part because you knew where you're at you knew what you had on you and you got pulled over. It doesn't say why you got pulled over so could have been a mumber reasons however you got. I pulled over a car another resident minute dumb decision to decision boozy appraise up man because you've got so many kids. I cannot imagine very closely his kid. He's forever pulse in about his hand. He's photos. Yes any time away from your parents is a tough time especially where they're in jail so especially for you to be facing up to five years. That's a long time. A lot. Kiss changed so much that you know five years with a kid who they were some of the oldest ones i was thirteen. Yeah that's eighteen grown. I wish you were telling me what to do. I'm growing right and so this is nothing uh-huh oh my favorite boozy guarding they facing up to five years with these drug charges and alternator. They play no games. I'll hear what he's charged people already but <hes> laws c._b._s. Boycott i'm. I'm wearing on explain the story. Please be pulling up horno. I thought it was gonna go to those those c._v._s. The boycott i mean this this we had a boycott. Mcdonnell's wendy's they're supporting trump's geography so boring i think breaking is the only they would say yes right so c._v._s. dot point gucci. I'd right at this moment in time. You know as elite car c._v._s. c._v._s. It's called appeal club public. Just war over birth control. Oh rates for some some shoppers have called for boycott on twitter because the birth control rates s so basically what was going on there saying that they were charging more for like birth control and wriggle over the counter medicine that is silly regular over the counter. How'd medicine so hang on. Let me go let me start from the top in addition to being one of the largest donators to trump's reelection campaign and i didn't see bs hill i but i've always gonna see all my they. They like the target right target aid. I used to like hovering. They like the target of drug stores so so like the pale delivery company basically there. They want to boycott c._b._s. Because of that because they were charging i mean we can say charging more. It was charging more for birth control more than i guess it is over the counter medicine because which i don't understand why they charge more for make sense. Why would they charge more for fun that campaign. He's collected which we get reelected. Fuck donald trump okay. I felt like fuck. I mean really i don't foot with nobody was like i need. Honestly you know what i did. The first time he got elected i laughed. I cried. I didn't cry. I laugh and the reason why a laugh it would right. Wow okay you change the channel and he wanted he was doing this. I was like i fell asleep. I wasn't about to say i wash dishes so i fell asleep. Well bend come on. Let me then you find out who won donald trump. Let me like sleep. I worked my ass back up like the t. one. I went they are literally went into my closet found outfit. Put it on went to work. I was laughing in the closet. How we got news. Batman basically was c._v._s. c._v._s. They actually released a statement saying that they remained committed to providing plans plan in design options for their clients that include coverage for contraceptive products <hes> aka birth control such as birth control pills. Yeah plan lambis these like that. Basically it was people who like the c._v._s. last like the care marc car they were basically saying. They're not covering this like in <music>. How believe it you full bro. I saw that some people are calling for artwork. We want you on the train c._v._s. Wake up. I mean i mean you don't have to go to write a you walgreens walmart. You know there's target target also has a pharmacy as well so just a message taja. Okay first of all fuck fuck on dasa because charge j. j. mama been saying for some years she got it. I'm going to go tar jay. We wanted to go to wear no. We want to target target. Okay you money coming in you. Gotta come came out with okay period. That's why you can't afford aboard. God's you can't afford one. The donald trump at this move onto that because we are talking about donald trump has mental institutions <hes> says mental mental institution institute for mass shooters and then also <hes> make firing transgenders legal. I saw that's about the mental institutions from shooters. Okay uh-huh so yes mental. Health is a big thing. Yes it does need to be taken care of as a person is a <hes> a mass shooter right. They should go to jail <hes> in half therapy at the same time. I thought he wants to bring like psychiatric wards and we don't want to do with that's very true and we don't need you don't know we don't need that because except for that our dan has a struggle with mental illness and speak up about this because i feel like we're always like pushing this on like. This is a train just for them right. That's true and that's not factual. That's not true and so for us to always and i say us just under one umbrella but for a really always say oh there's a mass shooting. They must be crazy. You know they must be suffering. Mentally i just honestly to be honest. I do believe there's truly manipulative people out. Take care. You know there could be a person. That's extremely good in a person s extremely bad and i do believe there's people who are men neverland is by nature you know what i mean me and <hes> that people really want to cause harm to other people just have no remortgaged. I think that's a trait that you learn. I don't think so. I think it's a developed trait. I think again. I think not say hey but i think there's just more so you wanna do wrong others so i think it's a train that was there that didn't get nipped in the bud right right than air air for the hey pacify. I think a lot because i think we are we do definitely pacify but we are also so doing that with a lot of these masters we're we're definitely pacifying them by saying they have they have been using that as a way <music> as a loophole to get out of going to jail or going to jail for him right. Oh he had mental and that's optimal that's often and been saying with whitening and what about dressing anyway like. I say it's been data uh-huh as often than say this is more so with white men and then has been black lamented because you can't talk that we don't often see that and if it he is there's a defense there they do not accept as a defense. When you have sleep again. I'd have to go back when us with people melanin any any level of melanin. This is is just. It's something that they don't. It's not privy to them yeah. It's not pretty soon. It is always he was he was a loner. He was bullying. Come on. I met so many people that were bully i hey i didn't kill kill thousands right right excuses in the same issues that we should also be able to use it. He he was a product of his environment but a lot of people having black but lack and you say okay. They were the product of the environment. They're still charged so i'm an easy to say. You know what yes there's something wrong with them. They're still charge but there is something wrong with them and we need to get in the hill jail responsibility camila jail and you also need therapy exactly so you're going to jail but you want to get that therapy like we also stated so you're gonna do your time because could you did the crime okay but you'll also therapy because you scare me but i don't know anyway. Also donald trump says that we need to make it firing. <hes> transgenders legal on what grounds is on reelected. Mario hodge ground. Here's the thing i don't care who you are black white mexican <hes> transgender male female whatever right whoever our beautify if you do something wrong at work you'd want some unethical stuff at work by all means if you carpool and if you're right they have been documented right you out here so we go however he's basing this like you should just be fired simply because you're trying to just how does how does how it was explained. There are saying that people who are transgender could use the fact that they are transgendered <hes> in case they get fire as a reason why they got fired song the thing that's like four that you can't use that as an excuse right if they got fired from their last job because because they were transgender or because they were saying and trying to die because they're saying because they're transgender or is is literally like i mean that's like getting fired and said i'm sewing showing me because i'm black. That's the same as litter is a faith happened before you know but at the end of the day if you're not doing your job and it's been well documented communications then we fired you because you're not doing your job is it had nothing but you'd being transgender jim. I have nothing to do with your work and he's saying okay. You know what we need to make this clear across the board and no matter what if you change gender if you mail fee however you you identify whatever your color is. It's okay for me to fire you without me fearing retaliation because i feel like there are a lot of jobs out there who there are a lot of things there overlooking because because they're they kind of fear quote unquote retaliation from the l._g._b._t._q. Community because as we stayed in previous shows they can't wait for each other. Even if i don't think is built on a pedestal. I just don't think i don't i don't think the bill's gonna pass. That's for sure <hes> <hes> fuck outta me for did. He got elected so i will say this. I will have and i was like i remote and everything i look at hang born asleep sleep. Okay all right lost her. What's going on jay z. Jay z. said to partner with the n._f._l.'s thanks. I said jay z. Oh okay so jay z s a partner or set for partnership with the n._f._l. For the entertainment during the super bowl lately been wack. That's that's really had collaborations. This last year was travis scott and i didn't see it wasn't coldplay. Copay was beyond. It was whack here's it'd be satisfied but this in these ladies ones have been lack so i'm glad to partner up with the right however jay z is also receiving a lot of backlash because because of this they call him a traitor okay so this is my thing i'm kind of torn between like in between which story though of all of it just in general okay so the initial story came out okay jay jay z. n._f._l. Partnership you know what i mean freight attainment all right okay. I read more about it okay. He's going to be taken over for entertainment for its you know okay fine for music entertainment. That's his that's his field. In general all right cool stories we came out when he did <hes> when he did the press conference with <hes> with a boy named the commissioner roger goodell garage or goodell he did you know the press conference with him and people are asking him questions more so you know like hey colin kaepernick and <hes> he was he said yeah but came out that was a lie <hes> and then also when he was like which which i understand what he was coming from out of context and that's what i'd say he was saying like essentially this is not about this is more about this is about millions of the people now about colin kaepernick having a job quote unquote he said i think we're past kneeling. I think is time for action which is true i do. I do believe that but i i believe the kneeling and the protests like this is limited. It is but there are necessary to start it. It was needed to start the conversation nation but the point we are right now would go from yeah. Where do we go from here because now we're just we're just for so focus on kneeling that we've made no progress in angela. We need action action. We need to actually go forward. I think part of everyone's problem with though is jay. Z. was offered this before when the call cabinet thing. I start up in refused on the grounds that he was on team kapernick. He didn't approve of what was going on but then they go back and they hit him with a higher amount and he accepts it and after an in between this uh actually follow up with jemaine duprey and offer jemaine reader real down because hold on legend allegedly allegedly turns it down. If you're if we're baseness. I'm bryan michael cox. Who allegedly says that <hes> germania premiums offered the deal after jay z was initially offered the deal he turned it down because because jay z comes to him and saying basically saying that we need to stand together we need to stand with cabernet turns around down n._f._l. Offers jay z more money. Jay z then accepts the deal well. That doesn't sound good. It sounds like sounds <hes> very finesse of move injury. You know what i mean like you know. This is a friend business but as time to you in this business you want your friend in this see where they can make these moves and make these decisions where you want your friend right so for you to call him to tell him to turn it down now. You don't even know what kind of badly i also think. That's a congress party over party. This is like brand. Michael cox said that they had a conversation that you know it's just so many someone's like playing and telephone at this point but this is this some of that was also taken out of context because i don't believe jay's got on the phone and they don't they do you don't you don't think so. I think he's gave more. He's human just like the rest of us. Can't humans are persuasive are persuasive. He persuaded the fuck out of that. He was the bike y'all a j. D you know don't do it at the show with the conversation. Was that what he said but it is any part of that conversation was do not do the deal with n._f._l. Anymore right. There's more mortar calm because this story is still developing. <hes> i understand jay z. Coming back to the table i think the way that he came back like they offer more money and then he came back like okay. Give that looks bad on his part but i also feel like if we're looking to now make the changes and looking to now move these into action. I want my friend in office because he's the one there's there's going to be able to to really be indies the ears of these n._f._l. Owners i'm and i want my friend in the room with these owners because now we can start this conversation. Now are we can start the action portion and moving forward and so was also been coming out reportedly is that he's trying to own it n._f._l. Team and then also it may be. It's also just resell will report. It came out that he was trying to finesse. You can get in good with him so that he can't on the n._f._l. On an n._f._l. Team so he can get more money yeah but be honest with you is when they only one point one percent same thing with the brooklyn nets really on a good part of portion of brunette came with one one two percent of the actual kinda like will and jada orna portion of seventy sixers. I mean it is a portion but it's not like you're like oh you actually. I mean you know what i mean. You're refunding. The checks is coming out to the players have controlling vote exact right you just play by a leadership but you're not you don't have control and bolts and then the day like we vote and and and it's five against five whoever has the controlling vote is they are the deal britain period <hes> but yeah so that's what essentially was going on then. They were saying okay if he does the n._f._l. Deal as far as well. He's going to do it but if he's gonna get the right to own an n._f._l. Team first of all they're not gonna the n._f._l. Is it's not going to allow him to have both seats. You never know never know you never know to allow him to have both sees. You never know we'll have to see you have the right. You have to see but you never know. He does entertainment and let's be honest. He also has a management agency or whatever so <hes> yeah yeah so moving right along all also finish my plane that went on in the n._f._l. Team or the portion how what however much is to bring colin colin kaepernick columbine back into the n._f._l. Which is why. I say what my friend in this room true. I'm just say i want my friend in this say it looks it looks the i think the way that this kind of came out that up it's it looks cool. It looks crazy on his does. It looks crazy. I think he's a man of l. Power moves and i truly believe he had a good heart and doing this from where i'm sitting and where i'm looking. I want my friend in this room. My thing is it does look very cornish cornish. We'll have to wait again this story the buyback of cox and then and jemaine do pre story that is it's like telephone remainder pretty to come out and and because bribe mcconnell said this in and it wasn't even the interview it was like he was just to stay in passing. He said this again. I i need more information but brian micheals ain't no but he now saying he ain't nobody. He's a really big really big. Industry great songwriter hits grammy winner everything he is really a staple in the music industry. You know what i mean so i don't think he will i. It hasn't really gone on to hang out. He's lying but i'm saying that the story that he brought to the table. There's some there's some parts well. It just takes for germane to pre to actually say some now. He's lasted. I need statement from jamaica free so as the star developed would definitely be talking about it. We're gonna how right into the next topic topic jesse soi jesse j._c. bag. He's still in chicago just see. I don't like <hes> jesse jesse jesse so basically i'm a legal documents in the chicago k. small let or jesse jesse jesse jesse in five hundred thousand dollars for a variety of just cost linked to the investigation based okay so what is originally happened is the city of chicago was suing him for the investigation <hes> fees at the time. Basically they basically never wasting their time wasting in their resources. They were suing him for three hundred ninety. Thousand dollars covered the police overtime and the legal bills that went into the investigation. He is counter at at that of course this is after he was acquitted. Will the case was dropped. It was like sixteen felony charges that he was facing dropped all the charges now. He's coming back. Can he's actually suing chicago <hes> for five hundred thousand again for just a variety of charges and losses on his part <hes> <hes>. I feel about that so i don't it says right here federal judge hearing this by <hes> w._g._n. Nine in the says <hes> federal judge edgy hearing this is the city of chicago lawsuit against jesse smallest says she a rule on the actors requested hosue in october ten minutes status hearing tuesday. Who's a was the first since the civil case was moved to federal court from the state court. The former empire actor didn't attend a hearing chicago as the city accused smaller ah facing racist and anti gay attack against himself back in january <hes> and so the defense motion to the to dismiss earlier this month caused to they bid a <hes> to recall caused a perverse tactics since charges were dismissed <hes> they maintain their taxes. Real of the next hearing is not into october twenty second so need them for the n._b._a. Jesse she started in january and don't you bring this into this new year jesse in two thousand twenty fresh start the new year new me nowadays checks are not stopping. His music who we are is kinda coming back especially he's doing. He's multiple shows and appearances. I'm now so he's still getting his money checks but you know the fox jokes. I'm sure they make it a little bit but he is a really great actor. I still am team jesse. I don't think this was made up. I think it just kinda develop men and how everything kind of cycled also depends of others then yes definitely so. I'm still eating jesse. I'm here for the counter sue. Do i think he's getting getting anything for this kind of suit. Absolutely not this the principle of it like knuckle spit on my name yeah. This is the principle of it you know and i think this is also because you got to watch gotcha but i also think that this is going to bring some more things than maybe we missed or maybe we kinda ran over from trial. This is going to bring a lot of that back so the store is gonna continue. Not you develop your so of course we'll continue talking about it but jesse jesse. Don't you rain is is this new year. Just just just keep your head up the right now. It is kinda like it is. Just keep your head man but your head job. Which was the way i saw. The joshua for the week is there is a difference between making it work and forcing forcing it to work. <hes> i understand that there is a difference and move accordingly period move accordingly don't force nothing is done force another toss. I say no but you you just like i want this. You probably should sit down and rest this jesse. That should focus chicago chicago chicago. Go was acting the chicago okay so he's out to get him pocket for a little while renowned. Give give it to us. One time we could measure. You get get one more good time. There's a difference between making it and there's a difference between making it work and forcing it to work understand that there is a difference and moving quarterly accordingly period and that was our logica as we get ready to sign up out of here dom oh asiago job in his army.

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Collusion Delusion

The Financial Guys

57:34 min | 2 years ago

Collusion Delusion

"Investment advisory services offered through independent wealth management a management. LLC? People could services LLC is not an affiliate in Pennsylvania or finishing LLC. You're listening to the financial guys. This is the sickness that it liberal these liberals gold. The budget backward. Billy people like Andrew Cuomo. He boy Barack Obama people like that have no business experience or skill whatsoever. We need more Donald Trump. So that's what we need. Here's Glenn wiggle and Mike Lomas. Guys podcast. Sure. What number? This is again. I'd lost track already. It's only been like what nine hundred times it's like nine times. But we haven't done that many. But I've already lost track. But it is it is Thursday March twentieth. And obviously a lot of stuff in the news. We're thrilled to be joined by Michael Caputo. Because some of this news is relevant to him. We are going to get to a Justice small it in the second half of this podcast. But I think the bigger news really is frustrating as the the small thing is obviously is a mother investigation. Right. So the Democrats have been seething for many many many months years now really expecting Donald Trump. I can't tell you the cavalcade of different people that have come on CNN from Michael an oddity to, you know, the long list of he's going to be impeached. He's going to jail he's going to these never gonna finish term yada, yada, yada. This seems like a vindication for not only Donald Trump. But a lot of. His associates including Hugh. Well, I'll tell you it it feels like vindication. Sometimes you know, it's only been a couple of days. The the report was filed with the department of Justice just in time for my birthday. I decided to have two birthday Saturday to got to. I got great t shirt as a gift and said, I got caught up or I survived the Muller investigation. And all I got was lousy t shirts. It's kind of muddling off. I went. Related to being really concerned because I'll tell you about that in a minute to to actually it's kind of leveled off a little bit. Now where I'm just looking at my lousy t shirt. You know? And I think that it goes for everybody involved things probably fifty forty five original Trump kind of OT Trump's staff who got caught up in this. And each one of them went through a very similar thing all of us suffered financial problems and in a miss kids tuition. Didn't get paid and mom and dad fired in one family. Some really terrible things went down. It feels like it feels like vindication. But where do all fifty of us go to get our reputations bag? I've lost my business. I wa- st- more than half, my employees. I had to close a couple of offices. And like, I don't think a lot of people understood at understanding really realize what you went through. And I think he said there's probably about fifty of you, you know, everybody thinks while we're just going to attack Donald Trump for this. Right. But there was a lot of I I don't want to call you everyday gel. But you know, you're an everyday Joe, just like Glennon, I. Where you're trying to work your business. You're trying to build and make a living in earn a living through solf, raise your kids. And then you find yourself testifying in front of congress. Right. But it's way more than that. It goes into you being worried about the security of yourself, your family, your friends your relatives is it drains Bank accounts. And and now it's like, oh good. It's over. But you're just collateral damage. Right. You're the bystander that was caught up in all this and acquire. I'm writing a book right now, I hope that house, and and it and I'm discussing with some top publishers and one of the interesting ideas for the title of the book was roadkill. I mean, and that's what we are each of us. And the question is what who among us will be able to reanimate and get on with our lives. You know, I've tried to do it one way. You know, I've spoken out. I've never been shy about what I felt testifying before the house intelligence committee, the Senate intelligence committee interrogated by Muller's team, you know, now being a coaxed into the House Judiciary committee hearings, which I'm refusing to cooperate with I'm done. I'm not doing anymore. You know, the terminal investigation is over and I've learned going through this. It's a very big difference between a criminal investigation the Muller team and a political investigation, which is congress Muller can put you in jail with the blink of an eye. I was told throughout the whole process that I was a witness not a subject nor target to higher classifications of interest. But there's nothing saying, and I understood fairly quickly, and they made it very clear to me in. My interrogation, but just with the changing of a mind, they content flip me from witness to target in a moment. And and so if you're on as long as investigations open your in peril with your witness a subject or a target while I think what people don't realize is the amount of fighting against the government. Right. So you've got the full weight of the federal government the unlimited amounts of resources, right? What what was the estimate that Muller's fat? I heard about twenty five million sold around and that always goes up though. And imagine the million spent in supporting the Muller investigation with all the Russian intelligence information that needed to be fed to fusion GPS that had to go to all the reporters and into all the congressional investigators who is used who uses fusion GPS as talking points to write their questions for people like me that costs millions to let your right? Let me ask you this. Now that we know that there was no collusion. Right. I I love the democrat. That come out and say, well, there's nothing in this report that that says that he's vindicated. Well, that's not what mother set out to do. Right. Mothers set out to find him guilty of a crime, which he failed to do. Right. So that in of itself was indication of prosecutor or investigator doesn't set out to prove somebody's innocence. They set out to try to find their guilt mother failed to do that. Right. So but what they did find that. I think would it really has now come to light. And I I give a lot of credit to fit over. At Dutch Judicial Watch is they found a tremendous amount of call corroboration, if not collusion between the Clinton camp, the DNC and the Russians we also now know that even as I think as early as this morning, President Trump is talking about releasing information related to that FIS of warrant that they used to give this whole thing started. But what I'm hearing on the right? And I'm certainly part of that chorus. I would agree. You know, is that we. I want vindication for for the people that use the intelligence apparatus in that includes Obama that includes Hillary Clinton that includes Clapper and so on and so forth. I want these folks call me included. I want them became. I mean, the list goes on and on. I want them held accountable. Right. I want a special counsel the appointed. Now, I have her other people like rutta benched, Australia, some other notable, folks. So while we just need to move. I we should we should not dwell on the past. We look forward. I absolutely disagree with that. But I wonder what your take was number one. Do you think that we should go after these folks and number two take it will actually well, I got a boil it down to this. I'm not going to be satisfied until I have the keys to James Comey's house in my hand. And and I'm able to invite the entire list of fifty people who were destroyed by this investigation from just being Trump associates invite every single one of them and their family their children, their parents and grandparents. Over to the house to watch commes trial on sedition on his big screen TV. I will not be satisfied until that house party. That viewing party is happened far will happen. Do you think it will happen number one, Mike, and do you think not to be negative nanny? But do you think this is over for? You mean, the Democrats seem to just go on with their same playbook? It. You know, it comes on Muller comes out of their relieve releases, you know, whatever, and they don't seem to care. They just keep going forward. I mean, do you think as much as you want to say while you've been vindicated or or we want to say vindicated? It's over isn't really old is it might think I mentioned, you know, do you guys before I I spent Tuesday morning at the eastern police department of filing an aggravated harassment complaint for a death threat that came to me over Facebook. This is the reality of my life. I've had fifty eight death threats last two years that's all of them. But I I'm spending money and on on private investigators to identify these people. They're funny really understand like hide. And honestly, I lied. Great A P would often lumped into it, Mike they were wearing make America. Great. Well, I'll tell you. They they all bought that they were on non ass- on line. They're not, you know. And if there if it's agreed. So it's. It's a threat against my child of the threat against my wife. I definitely get a PI to look into the origin of the message that the one that came on on Sunday night at nine oh two shortly after at Terni general bar sent his summary in in the first breath of news coverage came out after this fellow from Buffalo New York decided he needed to threaten my life on Facebook flopping innocent for being trumping Ashley. Is that these people are? That's what I mean. It just doesn't add right. I mean, it does an, and I think every one of the dozens of people who were caught up in this are enjoying the same slings and arrows, the problem was faces is that the national tenor of this. You know, the the high volume if you're you have congressmen and senators and presidential candidates talking about how me by name is a Russian spy those things sank into the mentally unhinged. A lot of them are registered Democrats. Is actually an activist. And you can look at it. You know, I mean, we look at the facts, and the facts say one thing, and they look the other way right speaker, mental illness. Did you see the couple of protests recently? So they dressed in banana suits that protest on Tucker Carlson's house, right? And then they were dressed in cow outfits. The other day in front of the White House demanding the full mother release. It sounds to me like they're probably gonna release most of it sounds like they're just going through it to make to there's nothing into that. That needs to be redacted. Right. Larry is you know, it's with really funny here is, you know, the like four time fell in average antiques, a member in Germany who spent three years behind bars and total for his activism is is throwing a brick through his television. When he sees the loopy leftists than America just up plaguing house and banana should attach payers pay to that TV. But let me put be who does that like luck? It's wanting to dress up like patriotic outfits dress up with the the old the throwback. We obviously we have. Reenacting and western is a big thing. But to dress up in a banana suit, right, right? Call or a cow said is just like you stockings. Mentally, not right with you. Like, you need some sub serious health, and the even better there's some people out there like max boot from the Washington Post and others that even after the report, Adam Schefter, Nola. They're still mounds of evidence for collusion. Well, twenty five million dollars in an army of attorneys, later two and a half years. They haven't found a shred of it. So at some point, I mean, do we hold these other folks like Schiff accountable to say, the producer evidence or shut the hell up. It would be nice. If the media as CNN just absolutely has barest a hell outta themselves, and they're still keeping up with it. But at some point with think, the media would say, you know, what maybe we should move on and not talk to Adam Schiff as much anymore. Maybe having Michael oven ICTY as our legal consultant, not the best of ideas and kicking the L Durfee. Yeah. I work with these guys all day long. You know, the top reporters have a media relations firm called zeppelin communication, and which is now thirty percent the size. It used to be with three different offices closed. You know because of all the repercussions on my business. I've laid off half my staff. It's it's it's despicable situation. But these the media will people I talked to them. It's one of the reasons probably why survived being censor loud mouth because I worked with these people for thirty years, and I am I understanding of this. And I've been through it a couple of times the on the way the media is going to change it self suffered a cataclysmic embarrassment. And we have right now is had multiple cases of that. I resigned to disgrace. Lead. Amazing. This one's going to sink. You look at the an-and. They're awful. You wonder how they survive, right? What's going to sink in? It's all about ratings and they're having ratings problems without the Russian. I think I think the biggest problem has been the lack of a backbone with the Republican party to be honest with you. I mean how in the world Ramdan compared to a football game. I mean, you need to ran the scuff home in the fourth quarter. Right. And the Republicans just sit back and do nothing. I mean to be honest with you using you as a case in point. I mean holler. It's always a Republican party not stepping up and supporting folks like you and not only supporting folks like you. But and going after the Clintons, right and everybody else. I mean, you want you want to fight fire with fire. Let's relight right. Senator rand Paul is the only Republican I've heard thus far that has come out publicly and forcefully had said we need to investigate. Now. The other side of this. I haven't heard any of the other US senators on the Republican side or any representatives come out and say that now ramp polished, absolutely, right. If we let the Obama administration and his ilk in the Justice department, and in the FBI and the CIA if we let them get away with this attempted coup. They will do it again. Right right now. They know they did raw they didn't do enough audit. I guess right. You can't get away with us in my opinion. I will say this a lab relaxes standpoint. If Trump let's the US attorney's office give this a passive move forward. If he comes out and says, okay, we're gonna look ahead. I think it's going to hurt him at the relation of me. He ran on draining the swamp. Right. If he goes after them if he goes after them, if he says, the attorney general union to appoint a separate special counsel right now, we'll buy those rules. If he doesn't do that that he loses. If he does do that that he wins allow Reagan style in one thousand nine hundred four where he wants forty nine out of fifty states. Am I think it will be that white of a difference? I think there's two sides this going in two levels of what we're discussing here. I think your initial comment is interesting, you know, about how the Republicans themselves hold. Some blame here. But now just for a second. I want to say that, you know, within a proper investigation beginning with the president releasing that FIS on on on unredacted and demanding investigation into what member of the Obama White House leaked general Flynn's conversation with ambassador Kislyak to the Washington Post. Those two things will crack this wide open. And I think a proper investigation can teach the lessons where they need to be taught principally among Democrats on the inset tolerance community right now. But from the Republican party standpoint and culpability, and I don't find I'm sorry to tell you. I'm sorry to tell people like minded Republicans who might be watching or listening. I don't expect any any any great awakening. You know, we're all on our own. We, you know, Trump associates caught in this mess. We're on our own. And if we want a friend in Washington you buy dog, you know, nobody makes any money. That they seem to all be our friends specific of the Republican party when it's time to get voted in right, right? But I'll tell you my, and they need money when they when they need, you know, our vote they all of a sudden become extremely conservative fiscally conservative, and and they're gonna fight for us, and they're going to get rid of ObamaCare and then get a lower taxes, and then they don't in they disagree. I don't agree at all. I don't think it happens. I know they told us that all of our legal bills would be taken care of and they raise money, but none of a Sauni on on nice raise money off of that. And then at some point at some point. I mean, the favorites got it. I mean that always happens that will be there still I have not made a Republican donation to the national committee about twenty ten I think since they started. I think we all had to raise our own money and take care of ourselves. I was lucky in the people of buffalo and around the country in our I raised over three hundred eighty thousand dollars or is able to pay my legal fees and the legal fees with several other Trump associates, but you know, not everybody, you know, there's still a lot of bleeding out. There. You know, look at made me stronger it made my family stronger. I'm probably a better person because of this. I just I guess the final word, I might say is that I really didn't expect this to be my life right now fifty seven years old, and it caught all of us by surprise because my wife told me, please don't work for President Trump. It's not going to end. Well, and I kinda Scott what could go wrong, right? They go wrong wrong is I didn't listen to my wife, and I should I'll do that more. But we need we need more. Donald trump's. That's what we need we need more. And I I there's been a lot of times disagreed with Rampal by will give him credit for being an independent Saker, and I can respect somebody who stands by his principles, even though he voted I believe against the emergency declaration because he felt it was against the constitution. I can respect that. If that's what you're standing on your principles, though, we more people like him that have willing to stay on the principles. I don't have to always agree with the physicians. But these Republicans are like, you know, they promised one thing they do completely another as Mike said if we don't start playing smashmouth politics, they will go to any legs to get power back state used the this is this is the biggest biggest political scandal even bigger than Watergate in my lifetime. And I'm forty seven years old. Now, there's nothing that even comes close to the amount of corruption that that when you start using your at your intelligence apparatus. Falsify information to spy on on a presidential candidate continue that spying after he's been duly elected by the people and then have an attempt to overthrow that via coup by circulating false information. Which was totally and completely set up a drink zero moral break lenders. So they act like this investigation the results never happened. Right. This Tea Banh roll we'll talk about when our country needs in the federal code. We need is another church committee the church committee that was founded in nineteen seventy by Senator church. It was select committee of the United States Senate, and they investigated the intelligence communities abuse of power now they were looking at different things. They look at the FBI the CIA the IRS and the NSA, and and by the way, they were like eight hundred people fired from the CIA at that time. Yeah. Well, Australia went off the rails. And did some things that were wrong. But what we need right now. As a select committee, the Senate run by Lindsey Graham, and I'd like a separate special counsel, as well to be honest when you need a special counsel as important that's going to investigate Hillary. I think after this you've got enough support around the country that if you had a President Trump stepped up and said, this is what we're gonna do a distraction. We wanna go I think you'd see the country get the support on a bigger level. You've been a consultant for Trump you've been a consultant for a lot of other political campaigns. I mean, what do you see the result of this going into next, you know, the twenty twenty elections, I think the the Russia gate hoax gave birth to the strangest democrat party I ever I've ever witnessed and for Lancs of very strange candidates for president. And it's going to be a very interesting primary much more. So than the Republican primary which had what you know. Fourteen candidates. Yeah. This is a real cloud show here between eight oh, I love my hand. And it's a Cirque end biting. Apologizing for having a male body parts. Going to get better and better. And I said this the other day to someone I said, I always say by popcorn. But no, no don't buy popcorn. That's not enough invested pop point. Farmers art growing up because this is going to be about having Celtics doesn't lead to the birth though of a real leftist candidate, which then get smacked in the Mass General the pumpkin party's nomination apparatus controlled by conservatives and the Democrats nomination process is controlled by the left. So it's quite possible that it will be left it's candidate. But at the very least if someone like Biden her closure gets through or God forbid, you know, someone out from outside the box like Tulsi Gabbard, right? They're gonna have a long way to come back from all the leftist virtue, signaling. They're gonna have to do to win. Let's talk about that the next segment I wanna talk to you a vitamin specifically and some of his past because he seems like he's their strongest candidate. But he's also got a history of groping a lot of people on video, and that's obvious in this day and age, I don't know that that's going to be able to not when you're presidents grabbing by the unit, right? So. Okay. If you're done crafts. Well, that's right. But that's the other thing. I wanna talk about because they haven't Nisha. It didn't really well. I wanna talk about democrat privilege, and I wanna talk about Jesse small, and what that does the country because I think there's got to still be some retribution there as well. And I think that's important talk about so stick with us for the second. We'll take a very short break does which caught the podcast will reset things and we'll come back financial guys. It's the funniest guys podcast. Glenn wiggle, Mike Lomas. We are interviewing and talking with Michael Caputo checkout. His podcast, by the way at still standing dot com or still standing podcast dot com. That'd be a good space this item. If you don't know who Michael Caputo is he's been advisor to President Trump. He got caught up in the Muller investigation as a witness his family and his life has been run through the ringer. And the he's a little bit relieved. Bustle news, you mentioned the front page of vindication. Which is a rare admit for the left wing busload news. But we'll talk more with Michael underside the break stick with us. You've got to come here on the financial. Welcome back. You've got the financial guys. This is our I think ninth or tenth podcast now it's been a month or two we've got Glen wiggle, Mike Lomas, and for those that don't know us. Maybe you're just fighting. I guess supper random we have mine, we've hosted a radio show on WBZ and various other stations, but WBZ AM. AM nine thirty is our flagship station we've been on there for the last twenty years. We've also done a lot of TV shows. We've done TV interviews. We do a lot of radio interviews. We have our our folks are associated, but on CNBC and FOX business, and we are financial experts. We talk a lot about finances. However when we do our podcast radio show. This is the show where money meets politics, and we talk oftentimes about politics, and really how the politics and the political scene affects the economy affects our our lives in this country in general, and obviously the big news this week was the mother investigation coming to a close and finally being released about sort of finding kind coming well for for some people. It's coming to a close others. It's just yet the Democrats, they're they're so still hoping that the something else in the hidden page that got stuck together. This says it can't be actually Rachel Maddow, edibles actually crime was in tears nothing. So we're talking with Michael Caputo those that don't have like, oh, he is. A mixture mustard York in Washington. He's been a political consultant for many many years lost. Not sure he wants to be. Not lot of time. Michael ASTA, the podcast is is called still standing you can find out more information at still standing podcast dot com. And I would highly encourage everybody to give it Elizabeth fantastic. Five gas. Keep you in the know what's going on around Washington from a conservative viewpoint in an honest. Few point Michael thank you for joining us, really appreciate at the end of the last segment there. We were just talking a little bit about Jesse small at the travesty of Justice here. What the next step shar is far as maybe an independent investigator goes or something like that. So wanted to kinda take off in that direction. Unreal. By the way, what happened to face the police officers to me, I want an absolute Renault and Winston when did she know it is something I you know, I noticed that the president is taken note of it. He said that he thinks the FBI the DOJ should look into it. I think that's appropriate. I also understand that some of the charges that they can't get rid of referral than have to do with that. Letter that he mailed to himself, you know, but you know, as we know each crime brings with it a comment punishment, and you know, him being tried for putting his stamp on something that he did to perpetrate the fraud isn't gonna bring him the time that he deserves every all tiny ways in Chicago. But the best part is he's come back out now. And he said, I would never lie. My mother, it's not to be honest. I've always I've always. So we're gonna because there's another guy who's mentally. I mean took to a hate crime to begin. We'll right. That's the party, by the way that rumor is Michelle Obama got off of this. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I understand that it was Obama. I mean, I understand get any more corrupt. It was a bomb for sure. And and and the and one of the reasons you can tell that it was a bomber is because the mayor Rahm emanuel's pretty upset about it. You know, this is backroom politics, and it's best. And and let me tell you something this goes on in every city. This goes on in Buffalo, New York. I know a custody battle the wife is boarding all those eighty horses and and gotten all kinds of trouble with ASPCA. He hasn't been able to see his child for fourteen years for no reason, and nobody can figure out even when you take into an expert. They try to say, oh, this can't be true. But yet the judge keeps ruling in favor of the mother who happens to be the news a millionaire. The new thing is if you get arrested or any kind of trouble if you've got a voter ID card that says democrat on it, you're fine. And then you're a celebrity with money. It's a get out of jail card for free. No problem anybody. Nope. Thank goodness. They got Jesse smallest ten thousand dollar bond that was. This dose. So now he's back to really I really got beat up. I are these two Nigerian brothers still on the on the empire show. Are they still doing physical training? They either returning the money they could now I guess what his contention is that these guys really beat me up. And and not sure why they bought a red hat, and, but you know, what I paid thirty five hundred dollars for training, and they beat me up at stat. While the police are not gonna they don't believe that. Right. So they did their to each other investigation. They believe he's a liar. And the best part is even the prosecutor came out. So will will we didn't say innocent. We said we feel like he's paid his his do by by four frame to ten thousand working for Jesse Jack and the a nine hundred dollars. Right. That's you know, that's. Service. Yeah. Who were the two most popular people in the world right now if you're reporter, right? It's those two guys from Nigeria. They're they're they're the most they should be brokering deal with that actually the reporters. Yeah. Where I think they should bring a deal with the National Enquirer. Let me let me tell you this for their story, and I'll make beat them up when they were going after you, Mike, and you had taken a plane to Nigeria the reporters would have gone after you plane behind you. Banter where entity you though, I guarantee you there's some intrepid reporters dogging those guys right now. I hope Sarah and g you g I know the one thing that we have in this world of the internet. Brought a lot of terrible things into our lives and death threats into my family, and and all this other stuff and do Sopher and WikiLeaks and everything else. But I I can promise you this. We we we have some of the best most Trump investigative journalists coming out of the right not not necessarily through journalism school guys like Cerna Manche. Journalism. So we are watching them away. And was really good news. There's there's lore louvers out there. There's a whole Project Veritas with James O'Keefe. I'm doing phenomenal job. I mean, there's you're right. There's a certain of interest, so many great and the reporters out there. Sadly, and I think this is where President Trump needs to play a bigger role. They're being shut down. Right. You wanna talk about collusion. Again, there is a concerted effort among Silicon Valley, the Google's that on YouTube, the Facebooks, you know, the Twitter is they're all trying to do what they can restrict these folks and take them off platforms. I don't agree with Alex Johns. I don't agree with dental wars. I'd never been a big fan. I think he's just listen, right? Yeah. I just don't just turn them off. Just but to take him off every platform to take Laura loom or for calling out Ilan, Omar who she's absolutely correct Twitter Facebook, everything she's Instagram is only platform of the funny thing is with this Jesse case. Now, he's saying that. The really was to white man. And hats that went after buddies also saying and just let it go. I'm forgetting about it. Well, I'm gonna tell you what if two people attacked me. I'm not letting it go. Right. Every. Everybody knows. He's a liar. All know what this is. And and I just think it's another reason to go plant popcorn man because this is not going to end. Well, Jesse smaller thing it's not gonna end. Well, I'll tell you what the Republican party if they had any bit of backbone would be tying this into the Democrats running on the platform of how corrupt they are. Absolutely crazy. They are all tell you. There's a lot of moderate Democrats out there that are that have to be looking at this going. I might not agree with being a far right wing conservative. But I certainly don't agree with the lying Lasca. That's the that's the great middle of American. That's the answer for Donald Trump. Remember, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania? That's over the top of. Here's the interesting thing that everyone needs to continue to remember jussie smollet not long ago four or five years ago was pulled over for drunk driving. And he lied to the police and said that he was his twin brother Jesse smollet has lied to the police before and was. Given a plea deal where he sounds like a high character governor. Office and under the bus, right? Throwing your own brother. What he's on CNN the other day crying going never that. That's right. You know, when when when he pled to that charge the first time around he had to pretty much admit that he did it. And and swear he would never do it again. And here he did it again. So there is no don't for happy. You know, somebody should be giving a break if they do this crime for the first time, it's not his first now when it comes to in front coming under any circumstance. Like, he's sitting third movement. There's no second chance when you fake it. Hey. Movement is but he's fighting for the movement and people that have been marginalized like, yeah. I mean, he only mix hundred thousand dollars not the I know the hoping movement. Yeah. I mean, it's been awful to live like, you know, paradise would face if we are living through a hoax seeing movement mean he is he is in movement is it's the hoax ING movement. It's rate collusion delusion. It's just a pain. Everybody that supported Donald Trump it to pay is to paint everybody who supports Donald Trump as a racist, homophobic, a bigoted knuckle dragging Neanderthal who's running around Chicago wearing mega hashtag, MRs maga- country is the most ridiculous carrying a bottle of bleach. And a rope justed case, right, right? I mean, it is the van those Nigerian telephone scammers. It's the biggest problem at Chicago's to to light men with running around with mega hats, not the black on black crimes and killings that happen every single night on one game at a record. It's just not going to it's going to be so delicious when it comes apart. Yeah. It is that you knew that they had to try and do this. They were going to because there we have to thank jussie smollet for one thing. And one thing only I think it's very important thing to thank him for. He is identified. What is going on around us? It is a hoax thing movement. That's what this is just a hoax a jussie smollet as a hoax, the Russian collusion. Delusion is a hoax. The green new deal is a hoax. This is a hoax ING movement. The green new the agreement deal alleged you brought that out for you. See who is who was the congressman or the Senator clipped us out? He did a whole that you see this. Now, all my God. He did a whole gosh war going to like. Lee might Li likely so don't have a Hawaii for those who why don't we can't fly no more place, and what we're gonna do is. There's we've identified giant certain purple seahorses aquaman. Aquaman going. We have to coast ready. That's one way to defeat the green new deal, right ridiculed slow ludicrous. It's not even a reasonable deal. But here's the thing as a political professional. I can tell you there is there is peril in the green new deal. I'll tell you what that perilous. There are probably going to be three dozen candidates on the democratic side of the a and this is going to be debated at nauseam in one way, shape or form. It's going to be mostly rejected the green new deal. But in the end, there will be two or three things two hundred three ideas that come out of it that they they manage to pull the wool over the public's is about it. And if we don't as a party, the Republican party begin to consider a solutions to some of the problems that are real within this this, you know, climate hopes movements, you know, like, for example, a carbon is a problem. There's no no, there's no doubt about it. If we don't come up with some kind of alternative solutions. That are market oriented that do not single out America over China and India to break us with environmental regulations that they don't have to even obey. And if we don't come up with something we're going to get blindsided gonna give beat on green issues. We have the Airfoil. I disagree with that. But here's where I disagree, and that is the carbon issue, and because really it's not a carbon issue. It's a pollution issue, and the Prussian is coming squarely out of places like China and India. Out of the clueless nation in the country and getting cleaner and getting cleaner. It this is the thing that I this is where I think the leftist drive me crazy because it's always an all or nothing game with them. It's either we're, you know, we're we're peeing in our own coffee. Or is pristine water. Nobody has caught. There's there's some in between here. Right. We all wanna be cleaner. We all wanna have cleaner. Oceans, we all wanna have regulation does not know regulations. And it can't be over smothering. Regulation, and the funny thing is you mentioned China and India, the the the second Donald Trump has been trying to negotiate better trade deals for US China, and by the way is winning on those trade deals, of course, the left is furious about this. You know, if we want to fix the problem, it's got to be fixed over there. Not when here's the here's where I think things are going you heard of here. I it's something that combines the American im-, you know, the kind of commissioned politically commissioned fear and all Americans for for, you know, climate change. Cetera. And also the idea of free and fair trade. I believe there's going to be a carbon terrorist carbon tariff. That's five of the best idea to come out of the Republican party to counter any any nuts owes moves come out with Suzy. What's green new deal could go that way? I don't own on Oman charge on it goods from places like China and India that are huge polluters on all their products and say, you're a polluter we are at this level of carbon. You're at this level. We did charge your products and Attleboro them in line. I can see I can see the desire to do that. I I can I can feel the emotional lot to do that. Here's the problem with that is that you end up having to US taxpayer paying more money for goods as producing a plu. So essentially what happens is the American consumer than ends up paying the Bill for China's pollution. I understand that. Ariza tariff for whatever reason is installed tariff. Protests three working right now with the working only because it's it's it's threatening. And we're getting China to come to the table. We have nothing else, but a tariff at the other day is nothing more than a tax and also threat. What what Trump is trying to do with the tariffs, though is give them to take down zero. He's not saying add a whole reason you put the carpenter offend is to get them to decreasing their carbon. And I'll tell you one of the reasons why America's so clean in our energy. And our our manufacturing is because we put effort into it. Right. The Chinese have they don't even wake up and think about it. What if we could create an environment as my same argument with New York staying what if we could create such a business friendly environment in America, not to say that we're going to relax environmental rules. So that we can dump mercury and the river. But what if we can get to a point where we are so efficient and regulations are so right-sized in this country that is cheaper to do business here in a manufacturer's products? Because when you factor out things like shipping, and logistics, and all that stuff that to me is what we need to get to we need to make America so competitive that China suffers that way same thing with New York, you know, New York's argument is let's put a tax on everything coming into New York, Florida should have a higher tax make us New York additive. I say, no, let's lower the taxes regulations in New York to make it a more a historical place, and we're not doing that. Of course, we need to take the same approach with America make it so competitive that an apple says, you know, what we gotta do business here. And maybe there is a second tier? But to do that you've got to get rid of things like minimum wage, you've got to get rid of the states that are non right-to-work state. You gotta get the I don't say bust-up unions. I think unions can have a place, but I think you've gotta be very careful about the power. That unions have. Luckily. Luckily, I agree with all those tennis. You know, what does it which founded fathers the ways to get to a perfect society? The fastest is best done in the Republic. Well, I think it's also destroyed immediately afterward is also a Republic. I don't think that we'll be able to get there. And if we do get there the next Barack Obama will undo it immediately. I think your point on. I think this is related to the theme of the shell is, you know, if we're gonna have a fight. Let's have a fight. Right. So as a Republican party here, let's have a backbone and go fight the Democrats had on if the fight is for the environment. Let's fight it over in China. Let's over the I get a lot more support than, you know, taxing us here and making us as the cleanest place in the world. You know, try to pay for other folks problems. I gotta tell you Mike and hate to come full circle to but any any political party? The leaves if marines a dead and dying on the field with the leaves there. Their original soldiers as roadkill after a devastating, but successful battle any political party that does that is bound for its own destruction. I don't disagree with that at all no Republican party as we said from the get-go bendy number one obstacles wouldn't be the number one to go for Trump and has been the number one obstacle for Trump. You know, it's not bad. The Democrats have been blocking the repeal. Obamacare is fed the Republicans that have been unable to get that done. And they better get their act together. If they wanna win the the midterms coming up or not even midterms they wanna win back in the next election cycle congress, which I think the Republicans have a chance to do. They better start putting their money where their mouth is and start to actually do what they say. They're going to do every one of these clowns ran on smaller government, smaller budgets, and the Paul Ryan the absolute worst speaker of my lifetime, and I'm including his own. I'm not even disappointed. I'm disgusted with Paul Ryan because he was the guy who came out with the here's my fiscal conservative budget, and he spent money like a drunken sailor. I'm just a barest to even have an are after my name when somebody's gonna a liberal throws of my face to the deficit and the debt. They're absolutely one hundred percent right about it. And it's funny Paul was an intern in our office when I worked for Jan Kim. Young kid something happened to them are used to sit in meetings where he and Jack. And I, you know, there's been talk about policy, and I never would have expected this to be the result of Apollo on. What he did a one eighty the ultimate result of that? As you get a lot of conservatives just become disinterested. Right. I'm just not gonna vote me. I'm not gonna I've had enough of the Republican room. That's much. I not to keep you all day. But if we can do you have your buddy, sun, Saturday, David Di Pietro. Yeah. Dave, we ask you something about New York. He's. Proposing dividing New York up in three different segments. I think it's a it's a great idea that has difficult execution. But you know, this lives it is not the first time that this kind of thing would happen in the United States. And I can't imagine a more important time for something like this to happen in the state of New York. I know there are other states in this country that were looking for leadership on these kinds of issues. Yeah. Illinois comes to more fair and equitable ah boundaries, a in the places that they live it realistically. Geographically, look at New York state, and we had a conservative state. We've got about eighteen miles changes and runs the entire state think it's a discussion we need to have. I think Dave solution is extremely well developed and thought out I think that you know, I'm working a little bit with him on it. I tried to get him into the median such a he's had national media coverage on FOX, I mean being a driving. The conversation as fifty percent of victory. From my perspective. David is driving that conversation. The he has real gas in the tank with the policy itself. And even though he's got knee-jerk opposition among the left who wants to continue to see the unholy alliance between upstate downstate, New York and the theft of our power. You know, I think Dave got some legs. There's. Are there spent some thought that you know, because New York City dislikes not so much in western New York that they might actually in a sense fall for it slapped. The here's what I was going to say that the kingdom also disliked the peasants peasants were still necessary to grow the food and to raise right? And that's how I feel in New York. I feel like there's a there's a kingdom off in the distance says a kingdom over in New York City, and they despise those are outside of the of the of the wall gates of the of the of the kingdom. But yet at the same time there's still reliant upon those people to provide those crops in those animals, we have to provide our tax dollars. We have to provide power from Niagara. We have to provide those types of things dollar from Negra thing about this alone, our electric bills like three times, the amount that somebody laws negatives you after using our power, and or the inability to frac, and I think it'd be great if we did this. We'd be already Texas overnight. We only have to stop your. Those two things would transform upstate New York by allowing economic opportunity for folks and really energy oriented and really is no taxes. I know it's a lot of different things, but it's really energy oriented. It's it's the electric city production natural gas harvesting. Yup. That's our natural resource. Been barley utilizing energy prices down. We could be exporting one of the largest exporters of natural gas and electricity in the country, perhaps the largest I mean, the the reserve of of the the shale region here in New York is one of the richest veins on the planet, and Niagara Falls is one of the best and most exploited coupla green green energy to deal with water. I mean, this is what you are of. Right. But we're too busy building building windmills wasting time. I'll tell you if we Encino because of energy Wilk Mets upstate will. We'll do. We'll do very well if you could LOP off that. Downstate it'd be we'd be we'd be people laugh at us for talking like this. We're like, we're rubes were Hicks, and we need them. You know, we probably need them in some ways. But more than anything else, we don't need them. And from my perspective if you look at this and energy lens. This is a no brainer to me. And if you know, unfortunately, it takes a lot of downstate agreement for upstate issue. But Dave, I'll tell you another thing people don't know this about debuted patriot because he is a hard core conservative. He's been voted the number one legislator by the conservative party something like five years running, right? Dave has really good friends on the other side of the aisle this guy named Barron. He's an actual communist African American from the city. He treats Dave with real respect because like him, Dave speaks his mind with his heart, and he's an authentic person. But he actually bonds well with anybody who will give him the time of day the last flush for we can wrap this up how in today's day. Age with Venezuela. Collapsing with Russia had how are people still a card carrying communists? I just don't understand that. When I worked for Ronald Reagan's Reagan doctrine in the eighties. I spent time in El Salvador, Nicaragua with the armed forces of both sides, the contras in Nicaragua. And the military of El Salvador, I had just gotten out of the military out of the infantry when I did that. And watching the the communist ruined both countries being in charge in Nicaragua. And and running a revolution in L Salvador from both sides of the coin, I can see this was fatally flawed. Absolutely deeply improved found Lee sick ideology. And I used to look at my friends and Salvador, look at my friends, Nicaragua, you know, trying to speak my best Spanish and say and Spanish, which I can't do today. What the heck are they thinking? And they all the same answer came to me, whether it was El Salvador, Nicaragua Chile, no matter where I went there answer. Was they are not thinking, and it'd be as simple as that sound. It's also profound because socialism that has taken over in in Venezuela did it because people weren't thinking, and our if we don't do something about it would've been trouble too. I got to be honest with you, the seventy five eighty percent of this country thinks socialism still is bad word and the bad direction that go out among young people, and we're dying Republican party had any kind of a backbone in actually showed his wail these people. I mean, these are simple video commercial clips that that would win every single election. But they just do it. Right. I am friends that go down there on behalf of the US intelligence services with video. I shouldn't talk about this on a podcast, maybe with their videographers. And they, and they document everything that's going down there. I've actually had an gender look at some of this footage. It is really frightening. It's it's it's beyond Cuba beyond Managua. It's beyond the place. Beyond the streets of Moscow. It's beyond the streets of Maga. Don, it is really profoundly sick. What's going on there? In the Bernie Sanders and Eos c and all these people. They're chillingly quiet about is becoming chaos. I think that's at least with Russia. You had a strong government arm that was gonna put out any sort of, you know, a criminal Alabama major what you have in Cuba. Same thing right now, where are you with we they J-League dissident Scher, but we still keeping some semblance of order, which you have in Venezuela is a complete and total social collapse. If you've got a government collapsed, and you've got the rest of the cons of world nations are endorsing the opposition leader, you have Madero who's willing to give up control and the country for most part has fallen into complete total chaos, and that is a shame because now they have Russian soldiers and waiting for out. Really? Well, next may say between it could be the next proxy war. There's like Syria they had between forty and seventy Russian soldiers on the ground there for seventy two hours now, and we'll see that double by the next week. And we'll see that double again by the week after and before we know we're going to have five hundred Russian troops in Venezuela. Huila and it will be a week later. I know how these guys work this is what's going down. Yup. And so really we're going to be in another proxy war. Like, we were in Syria, you know, a different size which Allama got us into. And I remember the, you know, some of the wiser people when I was on that side saying, I don't think Syria's are battles fight outside and getting rid of ISIS. But you know, that's another investigation. I'd like to see, you know, it's obvious to anybody with half a brain that they were running guns from Libya to Syria to fund the groups that they wanted to fund some of those groups like Al now's ROY and others turned out to be just as bad or part of an offline shoot of ISIS themselves. And so our government our State Department specifically ran by Hillary Clinton run by Hillary Clinton was in charge of running and leading a gun running operation moving ammunition and arms illegally from Libya over to Syria to give it to the groups. That's a big reason why you know, they just whitewashed the whole thing afford our erica's died, including. Embassador Stephen, which is outrageous. You know, first time Jimmy Carter. A you know, we lost the US ambassador. That's why there's cover of their in my opinion. And you know, we should have never got involved in Syria outside of dislike, you know. Isis needs to be done. I'll tell you like Trump did. But we did use darn friend David via David in two thousand and five before I moved home to buffalo. I started working with the families of the intrepid thirteen thirteen American navy sailors were buried in a mass grave on the beach outside of Tripoli. I've been working with them since two thousand five trying to get their their sons back. There are thirteen of them buried their bones mixed together they were fed to wild dogs and threatened to a pit. And and I'm an agent before I've been trying to get them back since two thousand five. But. At some point went through a lot of Massachusetts. But I'll finds forwarded right about the time. All this went down with Stevens. We were working with a gentleman there on site because we were trying to come in with a group of of of Dave, and I were organizing a group of mercenaries to go in and get the empty the grave and bring it back to the United States and the guy on the ground. That was coordinating at forest Glen Doherty, he was American a contractor, formerly with the with the military and the intelligence community. And he was you know, doing that trying to pick up all the weapons that we that Hillary Clinton had secretly sold trying to recover them on during the day and night. He was helping us when Dorothy was one of the four who were killed that night that that day when Stevens lost his life. I mean, this is these are real people friends of, you know, David families real lives, and we'll Advil. Parent's day. It was on on Skype with us and the next day. He was gone law. Yeah. Just say those bodies are still there. Those bones are still buried in a mass grave. You know, we have history of embarrassing ignominious moments in our foreign policy Hillary Clinton's sailing weapons to al-qaeda related units and Libya is just one of them. But I want to ask you this real quick. And then other show us at some point. But another recent whitewash thing, I never would believe that our our US government was capable of some of these I'll call conspiracy theories intil faster, periods came to light until you find out that. Yes, indeed. The FBI was doing a running a gun running peration at the J two Mexican cartel leaders. So now, they just all of a sudden closed Vegas inquiry. No, hey before we go. Can I ask you guys a question, of course? So let's talk in you know, let's just hypothetically, I asking for friend. Okay. Let's say my friend was caught up in a federal investigation and lost everything at fifty seven years old while he he's got debt because of legal fees and other things, but he's a Freeman even though some of his friends went to jail his children are scared with their okay? We can they kept their house rail to keep one car at fifty seven years old where do I go? And what do I do to recover financial? It not saying it's you might but your friend consider writing a book yet. My what if I said, my friend was signing a book deal or a movie deal? I love her and silent. What would you do with your money? I would you try to load into your an empty retirement account. What would you do to try to recover finance got some of what you can contribute? But that be a good start. Right. So you. Wanna to put as much money away pre-tax education as a business owner? Right. Could you own your own business? You can set up a sub depending on how the employee's you have you met this up before one K, but I would definitely max out. I would also look into a Roth IRA underneath it of to avoid taxes in the future. Anything outside of that. Then you would just set up investment plan non-qualified non IRA that you would just put as much money as you possibly said send your friend into our office. We have some pretty neat financial planning software that can actually build a personal road map of them can an American actually recover Fifty-seven absolutely at a dollars recover. Yeah. Yeah. I think look at you know, your friends been put into pretty tough position. But the good news is I would imagine your friends got up ton of name recognition that recognition means a lot right? Whenever you're building a business. How we say the number one thinks marketing you can have the best product. It's so funny because people ask they'll say all the time. I've got a million inventions. If I could just all that person came up with that widget and made what a stupid idea that is they made a billion dollars, Mike. The idea wasn't the important thing was the marketing of the idea that was important. So if you've got name recognition distribution, you can make a lot of money and recover financially. I'll let him know, man. Well, Michael thank you so much for the lesson. Lesson for those of you that haven't had a chance to check it out. Check out. These still standing podcast with Michael Caputo, still standing podcast dot com. Could find that there? Of course, you can find all of our social media stuff on our website, financial guys dot com. If you go to that website, you can find arc Twitter feed. Our social media Facebook Instagram, a YouTube channel where also now producing YouTube videos in couple of different ways. Some are our our news interviews that we do, you know throughout town, and it's the country others are just simply a rant or something. As political like this, check out all the different things that we're doing and don't get a Carson tune into WBZ and every single Saturday at one two three that's nine thirty Buffalo, New York. Michael. Thank you for joining us. We'll see you get here soon and have a big everybody thinking to listen.

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