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"jesse moorhead" Discussed on Casefile True Crime

"Beverly was the youngest of the three McGowan children. Hailed from Philadelphia but had all relocated to Florida Little Library Decade Oleo Beverly lived on the coast in Pompano beach. I. Sister. Jane lived eleven miles north in Boca retired. Stave. Resulted in central Florida. Like her Bra. Jane also received a cryptic farewell letter from beverly. It detailed her decision to make some big law changes in order to go traveling. She wrote of quitting her job in selling her condo as she had to lay virata away. The lead is made little sense to stave and Jane. After working odd for a long time beverly finally saying happy with by her career and home. Life. She had recently purchased the Condo and was working two jobs to pay off the mortgage. They couldn't understand why she would suddenly give up everything and. Without a proper goodbye. The letters were written in Beverly's handwriting from a notepad she kept in her home. Both what postmarked Wednesday July eighteen and was sent from the city of Miami about thirty seven miles south of Pompano beach. When Kohl's to beverly's homefires to connect. Jane visited a police station to report her missing. There was little could do as the lead has indicated that Beverley had left of her own accord. That not. And Jane had to Pumpkin Pie H to investigate the matter for themselves. Arrived at Beverly's home and upper level apartment in a two story condominium building. It was one of many similarly designed complexes that lawn south flagler. The long quiet straight was situated on the cost of a dense neighborhood. Beverly's Condo was compact. It faded two bedrooms and a balcony that I've looked at the residence park. Upon arrival stave and Jane notice the beverly's Red Volkswagen Fox wasn't in its usual parking spot. She wasn't home, but it didn't appear as though she had packed up and left for good. There would dirty dishes in the kitchen sink a knockdown had been left on her UNMADE. Bed. Clothes were in the closet and strewn on the floor. Although there were also Sohn's indicating that Beverley had no intention of returning. The telephone had been disconnected. The answering machine kept along at was gone. And there was no trace of beverly's two pet cats. Steve and Jane rummaged through some drawers and discovered beverly's address book passport and Birth Certificate where Rosa? Missing. Stave contacted Beverly's employer at Glendale. Federal Bank to say whether they could shed any light on this situation. Beverly worked Monday to Friday in the banks loans department, but also had a second pot Tom Jaw but goodwill a nonprofit organization. Stave was told that beverly codeine sick on Wednesday July eighteen the day before he received her good bilateral. This was unusual given beverly's reputation as a responsible and reliable employees. During the coal, she had also asked to speak to someone in the bank's mortgage. Department. After she was transferred through, Beverly said she no longer wanted her condo and requested to foreclose on it. She was told that she would have to send telegrams to verify a request. A telegram was subsequently received. It also gave the bank permission to dispose of the personal belongings left in her time. Although the circumstances were strange stave began to believe that he sister had just left without a proper explanation. He lodged a missing persons report with the local authorities and also had beverly's credit cards canceled. He hoped that cancelling the cards would hinder travel plans and make her angry enough to reach out to her family. On the evening of Thursday July nineteen, thirty, one year old Jesse moorhead and he's Nice. went out to catch bait for bass fishing. Day arrived at a wide irrigation canal located one hundred miles north of pumping I h in a remote area of Saint Lucie County. The canal leaves rage to Vira dirt track, and he's boarded by an unkempt grassy embankment. One side of the waterway empties into the Saint Lucie River estuary. The other laid SAF to the site sperling tropical wetlands the Florida everglades. Just off the seven PM. Jesse was walking alongside the canal while he's nice. Waited nearby he's car. On the embankment he spotted. Today bag of rags and went to inspect them. Upon realizing what he had actually discovered Jesse Rice back to his car and contacted the police. Investigators from Saint Lucie County Sheriff's department arrived at the Canal and headed to the location described by Jesse. Their Divan the delighted remains of famous lot out. She was dressed in Jane's as single, what Sandal and a pink floral shirt that was bunched up around her neck. She had been killed elsewhere before her body was dumped at the side. There was a gaping wound on her abdomen though what's cool was was unclear. At could have a deliberate injury or the result of post mortem trauma to the body as alligators populated the. Canal. The killer had gone disturbing lengths to prevent the victim from being identified. The hands that Bain were moved and she'd been crudely decapitated. Body parts would not found that the side. Despite this a pivotal clue had seemingly gone unnoticed by the perpetrator. On the victims ride ankle hidden under the cuff of her, Jane's was a small. Of a yellow rose..

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