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"jesse kisses" Discussed on Ross Patterson Revolution!

"Any now. So i will say this so at the table there was. I think six of us mars inc. There were six of us. We were split fifty fifty at the table. Just say it's split losers and here's why it's a little too loose for me like it's a little too jelisic. Don't like my meat to be like jelly lake. You know it's not necessarily meet. That's like a steak. It's a liver any other liver deliver guy right to lose their. But when you get that crust on the outside of both sides of the and then the insider like cooked enough that it's not jelly but it just sort of melts. Yeah it's just too close for me on that one. Like scallops is about as far as i'll go as far as like how loose the meat is where i'm like all right. I love scallops but the football was not my jam. I was like cool. And the bill came and i was like. Oh yeah we're doing okay. Yeah it costs a lot for that kind of shit. But yeah like i would definitely buy. We're gonna put a bike lock around my neck. It would have to only be for that wa wa. I got she. I shamed at that restaurant to the game. It was a all older. asian man came out. You know each you know he was like no no no. I'm just saying you're having the meal. Slivered an asian place sushi place added a sushi place. I'm so sorry what i can. I can tell you what sushi place it is to you want to. The it was in the valley. It was in a strom all next to you. Don't have goose liver at an asian. Plus you do one hundred percents. Okay deserve a french delicacy. Short it is puts is a kaya in the valley right over. The hill in los angeles had the folk. And that's what we had it out. And then i got chided for not eating all of it. And i was like no no no. I'm going to save it for later. I totally was not going to save it for later but that place was so packed that there was one of those restaurants where you get like forty minutes and then they throw you out of there. Yeah so it was like well. No you're on the timer like you gotta eat and get the fuck out of here. Jesus christ so yeah you gotta make your decisions fast and if you one of the folk while you to call an advance. I tell you what you can text. I'm with claim your fucking text ms. So i'm going to ask him. Yeah you went to a japanese place. In a china sushi. She sushi place. Which is japanese. Is it yeah. Whatever meant fucking asia do it is the cayo. Sorry in a chinese chef came out. I'm just trying to get all of whatever. Do you know what i'm to chinese cut and then told shamed you for not eating your fog. I'm gonna have just very confused battle all my uncle thought chinaman in korea. And that's all you guys chinaman that yeah Look is it in the valley fogler. I'll do it. I think is a kaya in the valley and then for wa bob zone game. When i'm sitting beside denying that they that they. I mean they have it right. But i'm just trying to get at is a kaya and then chinese chef came out as a measurement. I said asian chinese. Why does your mind go. Their own like says he countries okay. If one of the super fans could rewind that and then let us know in the chat. what ross said. I didn't. I don't think i did talk to you. You know. I'm not sure. I s is a kaya is is. There's one in austin and says this is one in houston to keep single on jesse kissing up as i try and like phonetically spell is a kaya. Yeah i. I want the camera on me for that. I want this. What is it s. It's a a a y. Yeah okay.

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