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The Ultimate Mock Draft 2021 - NFL Draft  Picks 6-11

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The Ultimate Mock Draft 2021 - NFL Draft Picks 6-11

"They play a little too much. The no brainer selection jacksonville. I believe he's a truly during every sense of the word. I just fear for your fan base at. That's what's going to happen. You are listening to the ultimate mock draft twenty twenty one presented by odyssey and the lock on podcast. Now your team every day. Welcome to day. Two of the ultimate mock draft two thousand twenty one presented by the locked on podcast network and odyssey as we take you through the first round of the nfl draft and beyond brian peacock here nfl analyst also host of locked on forty niners and the peacock and williamson nfl. Show my co host for that. Podcast is of course former college and nfl scout and currently an analyst at pro football network matt williamson and he is also right here alongside me hosting the ultimate mock draft we are continuing on with our ultimate mock draft here with input from over seventy experts from are locked on. Nfl and college channels. The lockdown nfl draft shows draft dudes and our incredible lineup of odyssey nfl insiders and remember the nfl draft rolls. Around on april twenty ninth. We've got you covered there with a live draft show featuring the draft network which you can watch on the locked on. Nfl youtube page and listen live on the odyssey app. Five picks her down. We've got a ton more to go. We've got picks six through eleven coming today. It traded that begins with the miami dolphins ad number six detroit lions seven carolina panthers coming up with eight pick in this ultimate mock draft denver broncos at nine dallas cowboys at ten and new york giants at eleven. I know there have been some trade talks though. No trades have been consummated as of yet matt. It's been a lot of fun looking forward to these picks today. I think things could start to really shake up now that the first few pigs have come and gone and we know that. There's still a couple of top ten potential quarterbacks on day one was great. We gave all these listeners. An idea of how we roll around here and what a production. This thing really is how many people get involved but not a lot of surprises. I think a lot of intrigue starts today. I think there's a slam dunk for any of these teams of who they're going to take and again quarterbacks still or on the board so there's gonna be some talks and i think that pick. Fourth falcons was huge. They went cowpats not quarterback in. I don't think anybody expects necessarily to go. Quarterbacks one through five unless there's a couple of huge trades just you know that would be kind of absurd. But there's a lot of talk about all those quarterbacks so you can't really say for certain that any number of these spots could be traded into or a team that's not completely early bought into their quarterback could go huby at any selections feeling though the fact that the miami dolphins moved out pick three earlier in the month or now sitting at six that means they are not though in the market for a quarterback right. No i agree. But i bet there's a lot of locked on hosts out there that are in love with trae lance that are calling team after team trying to get up to grab him with that. The pick is in number six miami dolphins the host of locked on dolphins and the draft us. We've already heard from him in this. Mock kyle crabs with the selection at number six kyle crabs from locked on dolphins and with the sixth pick in the locked on twenty twenty one mock draft. The miami dolphins select alabama wide receiver. Jalen waddle waddle presents as an appealing fit for the dolphins when taking into consideration the areas that the dolphins offense struggled the most into thousand and twenty. The offense really struggle to create space after the catch struggled to create separation in struggled to create expropriate explosive plays all of those features will be addressed with the addition of wattle to the offense plus having previous working chemistry with to a tongue. Loa makes this the cherry on top and the right fit for the dolphins waddell with four to speed has the ability to add a component of the dolphins offense alongside. Free agent edition will fuller that can transform the dolphins passing game overnight and help create a lot more explosive plays. This is fun. Matt because the the evaluations for these wide receivers particularly teammates from bama. And the guy who wins the heisman trophy when wide receivers. Never win the heisman. Trophy is the one that is not selected his teammate the explosive jalen waddell is the selection for kyle crabs and locked on dolphins at number six. Are you surprised by this election. Not a lot. I bet kyle loves the bama connection but i bet he the love chase or pits better so it didn't exactly go to script. I'm sure penny. Sue cross his mind as well but what water braces table is. Just very rare mean. Now you have fuller waddle about having a tough time stack in the box to stop the run with that speed. And we've talked about how there were some winners. Yesterday with quarterbacks joe burrow and matt ryan. I would imagine to be in that category. Today's well and as our odyssey expert from the miami herald armando salgueiro already. Been busy in this one. Let's go to our mondo with his thoughts on the sixth pick and jalen waddell to the dolphin. Jalen waddell is one of the top playmakers in this draft along with the same company. As jomar chase. Kyle pits devante smith and the reason for that is despite his relatively small size. He's five ten and one hundred and eighty pounds. He has elite speed his comparable according to some scouts as tyreek hill. So that tells you everything you need to know about his speed and it manifests on the field. Eleven of his fifty touchdown passes in his career went for fifty yards or more. He averaged nineteen point three yards per punt return in his career so speed is his game. Obviously he had an ankle injury last year and that derailed him for the season. But i would say that. Even that is a positive according to some scouts. Because nick saban. The coach at alabama expected them to be done when he said that the injury was a combination. High ankle sprain in a fracture except the jalen waddell continued to work continued to rehab and got back for the national championship game. That speaks to his work ethic if the twenty thousand nine hundred and season was about hashtag tank for two for the miami dolphins then the twenty twenty one draft needs to be about hashtag load up for two because the dolphins knee to help quarterback to tonga by law. They need to surround him with more playmakers both on the outside at wide receiver. Perhaps it tight end also and definitely at running back. The dolphins need to be able to maximize their quarterback by giving him help to to be very blunt. The way you do this is you need to add running back. Look the dolphins running back corps right now in the running back. Room is about quantity gaskin. Savan- akhmed they have patrick lane. The highest pedigree of any of those players was the seventh round. Pick which is what gaskin was in two thousand nineteen. The dolphins need to improve the pedigree. They need to improve the quality and so they need to look at guys like a najji harris at number eighteen in the first round. If they don't get harris at number eighteen maybe devante williams of north carolina in the second round. It is about helping to a and that running game is going to play a role because last year. The dolphins averaged three point nine yards per carry running the football. And that was twenty ninth in the nfl. We're going to hear now from luke. Robinson of locked on. Bama this will not be the last time we hear from luke. We'll check in often during this alternate mock draft luke on jalen waddell the alabama wide receiver to the miami dolphins luke robinson with locked on obama. Wanna tell you about jalen waddell right here. Maybe the most explosive player and alabama since david palmer for those of you who were old enough to remember date the deuce but jalen waddell just incredibly explosive if he gets a step on you. It's over he. He's just got as much speed as he needs. It seems like whenever he needs to kick it up a notch. She can as fast as he's going he can still take it another level. He's also very elusive. And he's got fantastic hands. He's one of those guys that plays with a chip on his shoulder because he is a little bit undersized but he's very very strong his hands are incredibly strong and he wants the ball more than just the thing with him he is very very competitive and going on a team that had. Nfl wide receivers. All over it Jim waddell still had over eight hundred and forty eight yards as a freshman that tells you a little bit about it and he's going to be a lot of fun to watch all right after six selections in this draft. We've had all passers and pass. Catcher is going on here. There's gotta be some beef at some point draft right. What's going on. Yeah it is interesting that certainly the strength of this draft and there are the offensive line situation is deeper than usual. I think this lion situations really interesting because to me. Penny souls the the best guy on the board would have the highest grade. But we've seen obama. Receiver mocked to them many different occasions. And boy they could really use everything on defense sue. They could use everything across the board. Which is why. I think there might be some trade potential here. We'll see if matt dairy and locked online's get something done before he goes on the clock. But devante smith waddles teammate. At alabama would make a ton of sense you mentioned panay school there and any of the defensive players. There's a few that could start to sneak into the conversation here in the top ten but Looks like there will be a trade matt. So we're going to go with the detroit. Lions and matt dairy the host of locked on lions on the clock at number seven. It's metairie the host of the lockdown. Lions podcast the number seven pick in the first round of the nfl draft of armonk draft the detroit lions tackle panay sewell from oregon. Alliance are looking at best player available at number seven. There may be opportunities for teams to trade up to seven to draft quarterback trae lance the lion. Sit at seven soule should be. The choice will be a tough call for new general manager rat homes. Does he take soule. The big tackle or mike parsons. Linebacker from penn state. There are some questions about parsons character off the field and with culture a big issue now in detroit. Lions are focusing on changing the culture. They go the best player available and that is sewell. Also fits need lines. Nita right tackle hullabaloo boulevard. Vitae likely moving to right guard. This year center left guard and left. Tackle taking care of the lions with frank rag now jonah jackson and certainly taylor decker soule big physical tackle to complete the offensive line for dan. Campbell and company is the pick and it was the offensive tackle oregon left tackle penny soul someone to protect. Jared goff's blindside at quarterback could also have been in play here the lions and i wouldn't have been shocked there if they wanted to go in that direction. But it seems like they do like jared goff and they're going to give him some protection here and we'll see what kind of pass catcher. Some kind of defense goes along with it but a lot of work to do. And i think solidifying everything upfront is. Probably a good way to start your rebuild for a franchise. Yeah i certainly would have been listening to offers saw and lance on the board. I'm sure calls came in. But if you're gonna roll with gov we know that he he's protected. He's a much different quarterback under pressure verse. Not so if you're gonna go that route klay to your quarterback shrank odyssey expert. Mike stone is standing by to break down this pick of suhl to the detroit. Lions at number seven almost six five ways over three hundred and thirty pounds so he fits the role guy with dominant oregon and with the exception of trevor lawrence. He's probably the biggest no-brainer in this draft. He is the unique combination of both power and agility is forty times pro. Day was five one which is not too shabby for a big guy when you look at some of his tapie marvel ability to hit multiple defenders on one play. He's a guy. Both keeps his quarterback upright discuss justin herbert and creates real estate for the running game. Any team against him could have a pro bowl lineman for at least a decade. I know conventional wisdom thinks the lions should feel big wide receiver and on defense but sewell would be a great selection for them. If he was available. Taylor decker on one side. And the other jared. Goff would have no problem soundly before games. Imagine having quality tackles on either side and most teams would love this situation. Unfortunately don't think they will have that chance. I love here from all the hosts on the network on the nfl side but especially the college side. Mad cindy robinson. Has this pick locked on. Pac twelve covering in the oregon ducks there. Let's go to cindy and find out how she feels about this election. And what kind of a player. The lines are getting in peninsula. Hey i'm cindy your new. Lots on. Pac twelve hosts. You're gonna give you the rundown on left tackle pennies out of the university of oregon. He the top lineman in the draft measuring at six five three hundred thirty one pounds while he sat out the twenty twenty season he up a dominant performance in two thousand nineteen. Earning him all types of awards including the unanimous vote for first all american the outland trophy as the nation's top lime in the worst trophy as the pac twelve best lyman and polynesian college football player of the year. Espn analyst todd. Blackledge describes him as a player. With a combo of brute strength and athleticism in the running game he's giving you physical toughness and in the passing game. He's demonstrating competitiveness and length on the perimeter so myself play physical. He's using his body tied to his advantage and on top of that. He's guilty to his game. He was a left. Tackle at oregon. He's now training has a right tackle in. Casey joined the team with an already established left. Tackle the starting caliber tackle or guard now. On the clock. With the carolina panthers lead counsel is standing by with that selection when it is in at number eight six and seven though are now in the books air we have jalen waddell. Go into the miami dolphins and penny soule to the detroit lions matt. How great these two selection so far today. Yeah i like them. I think they both add up. They were a lot less predictable than the first hand. Four picks that we went through yesterday. So you know. Things are getting really interesting. Now with carolina on the clock to quarterbacks still looming. Eventually we're going to see a diva player drafted. i would imagine. I think we're set to break that. Champ bailey record of last the latest. I defensive player. Combat the board this year carolina panthers with the pick next. What's going on everybody. Trevor sigma and benjamin so lack here from locked on. Nfl draft here to recap the last two picks for you. We add miami and number six overall. Jalen waddell the wide receiver from alabama and for the detroit lions at seven penny. Soule the offensive. Tackle from oregon. Ben lewis start with a couple of words on him being the wide receiver. The miami gets number six. So i like the fit. I think that when you have Devante parker you have pressing williams. You have will fuller. These are players. You're comfortable putting on the outside to run. Vertical routes down the field wattle. Gives you a guy who's lined up in the slot a lot at the college level and has been successful running a full route. Three from the slight including vertical routes still going to be a downfield field stretching guy. We you already have a lot of players. You're willing to put in that route. Trie water will run a lot of your breaking routes and for a quarterback bike to a tango by loa needs to be a little bit more of a short game. Anticipatory passer in the nfl. Then perhaps he can get away with at the college level. Waddell is very beneficial. His ball in hand ability is going to turn a lot of those shallow targets into explosive gains. It is interesting that when the dolphins traded up after the trade back with the niners when they went from twelve to six most people thought it was with one guy in mind and that the guy was either jim archie or kyle pits in this situation. If both go off the board it'd be very curious to see if the dolphins are fine with that. Just take one of the alabama receivers or they then try to move down when we get to the actual draft right and then we have the detroit. Lions at number seven with penny mean. We have cow pitcher marchesi. Ngo amado off the board. So they take the best player available. And i think that that's the right decision so we often have an offensive weapon going to detroit in the first round but with those three guys off the board kokkuthuduvai offensive line. That go give yourself taylor. Decker and penny soule to book often to to build the team around for the next couple of years. You know you're not competing right away. I think depending absolutely the right. Pick here and one that we're probably not making enough in our mock drafts that were doing outside of this so there we go sixty seven in the books. Sam darnold's teddy bridgewater. Does that mean. That quarterback is no longer in play for the panthers matt at number eight. Probably sean slater sitting there. Certainly if it's your soul would have fallen to them. I think it is so immediately. Roll that out. But man i mean. I consider where carolina's sat a month ago. If you told them would cost you the eighth. Pick this year your second next year. And you're four next year to solve your quarterback problem for the next ten years that would make some sense. I mean they would take it in a heartbeat. Right if that shawn watson or russell wilson so could the combination of darnold and a rookie equal that. Maybe you know. I wouldn't fault them. Who would be the top defensive player if there was a defensive player to go here to carolina eighty sir tan. I think parsons would make some sense. But i think you have the value corner more than a true linebacker you know how teams like the big men in the guys up front those pass rushers. Could we see someone like clearly. Pay sneak into this top ten unexpectedly. Yes because his traits are so impressive. Pass rusher generally go hi. We know that they're always a premium position. It only takes one to fall in love and you can see why somebody would fall in love. Well a number of ways. The panthers could go here. Let's find out julien council the host of locked on panthers with the pick. I'm doing council hosts of the lockdown pants podcast and with the eighth overall pick in the nfl draft carolina. Panthers select quarterback trae lance out of north dakota state. I know of and saying the last couple weeks here. On panthers draft a quarterback at a after trading this year six round compensatory pick next year second foreground picks to new york for the for sam drama former third overall pick in the two thousand eighteen wrapped quarterback this year. And the like that. They're going to pick up his fifth year option by may third. I still feel that way. I made this pick before the panthers made. That's so i will probably not make this big now. I understand why the carolina panthers would still go in this direction. Getting rid of teddy bridgewater. You could have gone. Be your started this year and potentially again in twenty twenty two or at least be an expensive backup if they do. In fact this is fifth year option again by may third with point. Eight million dollars fully guaranteed. The sam. Darnold trail is only started. Seventeen games in college all at the fcs level. Never pleadings power. Five opponent never even played. It's a group of five opponent so he's got could use a little bit of seasoning. He has the athleticism talent. That would really work well in this joe. Brady offense it. No joe brady still hanging around for carolina panthers and twenty twenty two twenty twenty three and trae lance takes over the job trae lance more likely in my opinion. Be the of the future. Than sam. Donna for the carolina panthers if he's sitting there. I was the quarterback. Matt trae lance. Hi upside can sit and learn behind whoever. The starter is whether it's bridgewater darnold in carolina this year and i think you nailed it a minute ago. You talked about the total cost. And the panthers may be saying look if somebody falls to us. Maybe we'll draft a quarterback and it turns out it's trae lance here but we're not going to spend a whole bunch to move up. In fact maybe hedging your bet a little bit in spending that second round draft pick on sam darnold instead of using its try to move up in the draft to get a sort of an unknown quarterback and let them fight it out bridgewater darnold lance may the best guy win and maybe you could trade one of these guys a year from now. You know i mean jordan. Love situation if lance just sits and darnold awesome or if lance blows you away and cam and an injury happens around the league and maybe you call this team. That's coming up denver. Probably very happy about this. Pick and say. Hey you want. Sam darnold for next year second okay. So that doesn't mean you're done and it also doesn't mean the teddy bridgewater is even going to be on the roster speaking of trades even when the draft is over either so that's also a possibility for this team and then you're talking about darnold being the placeholder and trying to fight off someone who's even more talented than he was coming out in trae lance out of north dakota state. It's very interesting one there. Nobody in the industry matt breaks down film more entertaining way than brian. Baldinger are odyssey expert. Breaks down the selection of trae lance to a carolina panthers concerned about trade lance his level of competition. And then i would be even more concerned though about just seventeen games. Because i don't think he's played enough. And i think when. I look at the top five quarterbacks i don't have him ranked in front of anybody in large part because of both of those scenarios. I think he's very raw obviously has a lot of talent. He's got a big arm. He's got good size and he runs well but the he ran at. North dakota state was a perfect fit for his skills. It's a run first mentality. it's a pro style offense and that he's under center lot and because he is. There's a lot of play action that he benefits from. And like a lot of quarterbacks they can look pretty good when you get good play action and you get a real defined read of where to throw out when he doesn't get that he struggles and i think he'll struggle at the next level with if carolina drafts a quarterback with their apec or moves up from eight to draft a quarterback. I mean. I think anybody joe brady is going to benefit. Anybody with matt rule is going to benefit. When you have christian. Mccaffrey in dj. More and robby anderson. You've got a lot of pieces and an upgraded offense wind. You got a lot of pieces in place. But i don't see any of these quarterbacks beating out. Sam darnold outside of maybe trevor lawrence. And i just think sam darnold is going to benefit from a fresh start but if you just evaluate. Sam darnold's play at usc and then just three years of experience in the nfl. Some of it good. Some of a bad. I think he's learned from all of it. And i think sam darnold with weapons. A good system and good coach is going to be better than any quarterback coming out now. You can still draft quarterback and see if they develop. But i think it's the sam darnold team right now. The guys it locked on the nfl draft have had their eyes on these prospects all year long when a lot of us really focused on the nfl season. They're looking at college prospects and breaking them all down. Trevor cinema on the tools e quarterback from north dakota state. Chevy come here from locked on. Nfl draft. Let's talk about north dakota state university quarterback trait lance now when a guy is going up against lower levels of competition you want to see him dominate right man. Detroit lions dominate. He showed you the he has an nfl arm both with distance and velocity so as mad when he's in the open field with the ball in his hand. He is a mack truck. Bring down so he brings. That added element to quarterback. Play as well the thing that impressed me most though how well he was able to see the defense as just a one thousand nine hundred twenty started. That's extremely encouraging and makes for one heck of a quarterback to groom face of your franchise or quarterbacks off the board matt denver broncos on the clock at pick number nine. They did not trade up for quarterback one got snagged right in front of them with trae. Lance have been a pick for you here if he did fall to number nine or the denver broncos and with mac shell still out there could he be the selection at number nine. Oh trae landlord event an easy pick sprint into the podium to add trae lance to this equation give denver a really good young core and probably would beat out locked from the start. Now it's a little hairy denver's i mack. Jones to me isn't the real fit here. I mean with the weather and wind and what you deal with denver late in the year. I need a stronger armed physical player. So they're a little bit no-man's-land nine. Maybe somebody would trade up the to get back jones hopefully for that. There's still every defensive player on the board for cody rhodes to select here. The host of locked. On broncos of sean slater the best offensive linemen available here. There is still the heisman trophy. Winning wide receiver devante smith although they are stacked at wide receiver but he would have to be at the top of most teams boards as far as best player available so a number of directions. That cody could go. Let's go to cody york. The host of locked on broncos with the pick at number nine in the ultimate mock draft. I'm cody war. Coast of lockdown broncos and with the ninth overall pick in the two thousand twenty one locked on nfl mock draft the denver broncos. They selected jc horn quarterback on south carolina. And this is a great addition for the broncos were vic fangio and the defense despite the team's offseason moves in free agency of signing ronald darby to a three year deal and kyle fuller to a one year deal this move makes sense for the broncos to go best player available and when you look at the long term outlook at cornerback for denver. Kyle fuller's here on a one year deal. Bryce callahan deal. The broncos will be up after twenty twenty. One endeavour has to evaluate how they want to build in the future. This is a great pick for the broncos with horn hornhues athletic measurable. 's test off the charts. He's a fast physical and very smart. Cornerback that will fit very well. In vic fangio's defensive scheme now some of the other players we contemplated kayla farley but due to some concerns with his medicals opting out of last season he recently had back surgery even though the broncos interviewed him in the pre draft process. Jc horn seem like the best pick for the organization at this time especially in a tough afc west division or they have to play patrick mahomes and although receiving talent they do have okay. Now we're starting to have some fun matt going away from a consensus big board. Here cody going with the first defensive player in this mock draft a going with cornerback and not the one who's consistently mocked number. One patrick sutan no go into south carolina with j. c. horn. Yeah and denver. Did some things corner already including adding fuller. I thought this might be mike. Parsons we we often talk about. How vic fangio covered covets. A stud every down linebacker. I thought slater might be somebody. That would mean mike. Check would welcome with open arms. It's put them somewhere on that line. And i would have guessed 'certain before horn but warn is big physical nasty. I mean a tremendous athlete. And this stock seems to be skyrocketing right now absolutely skyrocketing and his demeanor the more you watch him. I think the more you like. Jesse horn and his workout numbers. Fantastic running sub four fours on certain watches with super long ours and and that physical attitude. He brings the position to a little bit too. Which i think sometimes coaches do like when they see their db's with that attitude and the way he plays jc horn go into the broncos at nine jason lockenfora with his thoughts on selection. Awesome heart is clearly one of the best corners in this class. Is he the best. I don't know. I think it depends on what type of defense you're going to play and what you expect him to do. He's not someone who excels naturally in run support vic fangio usually once a lot of that out of his corners but certainly has the ability and coverage to play any scheme you want his ability to blitz and get home doing so has to excite the broncos but personally patrick certaines a little bit bigger i tend to favor that a little bit in my corners as well and if the kid from virginia tech fairly didn't have some of the medicals i think he'd be hearing a lot more about him being the first corner taken regardless. Jc horn won't have to wait long to hear his name called. Whether it's from the broncos or someone else the denver broncos who have been searching for a starting caliber quarterback since peyton manning hit the wall. Well yes they absolutely should consider quarterback here. They should be very willing to move up to get a quarterback if necessary and if they do in fact come away with a corner from this pick it very well could be opportunity lost. I don't believe justin fields is ultimately going to slip that much. There others out there who will tell you he might. Denver should absolutely be there to break his fall. If in fact that is the case even amac jones i suspect would have some injury to them as would trae lance one of them again could very well be there. They're under new management anymore. This is not just john elway and his evaluations of the position and frankly elway has suffered to find someone to man the position. This new office by no means sold on drew lock. Yes indeed denver. Better be and should be thinking about quarterback. Chris gordy actually covers the entire. So he's going to talk about this election for the broncos with jc horn from south carolina at number nine. Hey guys chris gordon here from locked on. Sec and talking about a south carolina gamecocks today. Jc orne expected to be one of the top defensive backs taken in this draft. He was a three year starter. Only played in seven games here in the sec. Teammates decide out. After wilma camp was let go. He did have to picks that levinson sample sizes. You're really good. Cover owner fit probably just about any scheme at the next level. It's got a good bloodline good. Pedigrees the son of former saints great wide receiver. Joe horn the. Nfl looked. you can never have enough good cover corners at jc seahorn projects to be really good with the next level in patrick surtout of alabama. They're both going to go in the first round. he really can't go wrong with either of them. But i think own could be really really good. The highest draft of south carolina gamecocks out of out of south carolina since two thousand fourteen david and what number one overall. We'll keep an eye on. Jc horn see where he gets drafted. This year's draft joel merino. And kyle crabs from the draft news podcast. We've got some fun. Picks to respond to hear. I up the carolina panthers at number eight despite trading for sam darnold they go ahead and snag. Trae lance to add to this quarterback room. And i'll tell you what it's definitely a hatch right. if sam darnold. They picked up that fifth year option. And it's kind of a two year deal with sam darnold and what they're going to have to do at the end of two years this figure out what direction they want to go. And that could mean letting. Sam darnold walk because he didn't quite meet expectations. And if that's the case they certainly have a guy. That's talented in trae lance that you know maybe isn't ready to play right away. So gives him the time to develop in I guess the real fascinating part of this pick is going to be what happens two years from now. You wanna talk about hedges. The denver broncos they bring in kyle fuller in free agency. They bring in. Ronald darby still drafting. Jc horn the corner out of south carolina. To play in this vic fangio defense and listen. There's no such thing as too many corners you're playing in division with patrick mahomes justin herbert looking like he is going to be a force to be reckoned with with. The chargers. Pass catchers for years to come so denver. He identity this team with a defensive minded coach rightfully so is on that side of the football. Jc horn is going to give the broncos an extension that. Make sure that even if you get guys banged up bryce callahan. It has some issues with durability. Ronald darby has some issues with their ability. Regardless with this edition you are going to have the corners you need to handle or at least try to handle the firepower in the afc west the dallas cowboys on the clock at pick ten markaz mosier and landon mccoo standing by the hosts of locked on cowboys. A corner surprisingly selected at nine cornerback almost always the mock draft selection here that i see for the cowboys at picton. And it's usually patrick ser tan. Who was not the selection right in front of them. Could it be that. Maybe everybody secretly does like horn more and was stolen from the cowboys. Here at picton. Maybe see grades being higher on hornets retain but boy certaines a safe prospect. You often see him mocked as you mentioned and maybe those first nine different guys off the board. But he's still sitting there in the dark horse for me though is rashawn slater because you look at jerry jones's career. He invests in offensive linemen. How long has tyron smith going to be around. Slater be guard in the meantime. I mean he likes having the best offensive line in the league. So which work needs to be done on the defensive side of the ball right dako scott until the passing game the weapons. That dallas cowboys. Have i got to believe. There's a defensive player coming here. Let's see if they stayed shock with the selection. Marcus and landed of locked on cowboys with the tenth pick in the ultimate mock draft. I am marcus mosier. Joined by land are the host of the lockdown kabyles podcast and with the tenth pick in the two thousand twenty one. Nfl draft the dallas cowboys. Select patrick santan. Junior cornerback alabama. Yeah it was. This is a pick that we've had written in pencil since october. It's not surprised especially once. Jay z horne came off the board made the pick really easy cowboys. Pick another a starter that go up so trayvon digs and hopefully a long-term starter for the next ten years. Yeah day one starter for the dallas cowboys. I think he's very similar to like a marlin free coming out of alabama a few years ago a perfect fit of scheme in the dallas cowboys. And now we turn our attention to the second round where the cowboys potentially trying to trade up to get back into the first shot to add some more premier defensive talent and it was the alabama corner. Patrick attend the second. We saw his father playing the league. So well for so long. Seemed like a second version of patrick's ser tan was destined to be a top ten pick and he does sneak into the top ten here in our ultimate mock draft. Yeah and kind of a tricky as you mentioned but a high quality player. I mean exactly what they need. This defense does need a lot. It's lacking talent and also just made a lot of mental errors and mistakes last year. You would think they would that some that the latter we get cleaned up a little bit too. I'm excited with our odyssey experts. I love this. We've got the playmaker today. Michael joining this. This is pretty cool. It's pretty cool hall of fame. Big time awesome receiver. That was a big of growing up. Get get his take on this. That's awesome. Let's go to michael irvin and his thoughts on his dallas cowboys selection patrick's ten number ten. This is a great pickup for the dallas cowboys. Now they compeer patrick's thirteen the second. We're trayvon deeds on the corner at at have rate corners for long john. I asked patrick's attend about this on my podcast. He says they have had conversations about being in the corner for the dallas cowboys was decent for years to come him in trayvon. Let me tell you folks. The dallas cowboys need a lot of help on defense. It is always easier to find the guy that get to the passer than it is to find the guy that can break up the past we could find. Is you get to. The quarterback is hard to find. Is that could cover the wide receivers pick for the dallas comes now with another breakdown of an alabama prospect this time patrick's for ten luke robinson of locked on obama with his thoughts on certaines career with the crimson tide. Patrick certain from the university of alabama. Of course the son of a patrick certain senior and he's a great great player. He's going to be a shutdown corner in the nfl for a long time to come and he's just the kind of guy that just doesn't give up any kitchen he he doesn't take any plays off. Either that's what's so interesting about him. I think defensive backs can get bored when player when quarterbacks decide not to throw in their direction ser tan just always was ready whenever somebody did have the cojones to throw it in his direction. It seemed like something good happen. In terms of he would have a pick six. Now he did get beat for a touchdown against florida in the sec championship game but it was just a perfect pass and a great play by the receiver and sometimes The receivers just gonna make a good play too but those those kind of moments were far and few between when you're talking about a defender the caliber patrick ser tan. He's gonna having least that the kind of career his father had. I eventually believe he will surpass a his father in terms of nfl rates. Let's finish up day. Two of our ultimate mock draft matt with the new york giants who are standing by with the eleventh pick in this draft patricia train. The host of locked on giants has some decisions to make the you go wide receiver. Do you go offensive line. I mean it's probably going to be really hard to pass on. Somebody like devante smith here but they did work in free agency at wide receiver. It would seem that the need there is gone. But you can always help out your your young quarterbacks if daniel jones is indeed their guy mac jones is still out there. I don't know if you up on jones's at quarterback would russian dc giants going here pick eleven devante. Smith is probably the highest graded player by most. That are still out there. Sean slater would certainly feel a need. Though i mean they went tackle the first round last year slater could be a tackle or guard. Frankly slater might be their best offensive lineman the second he put on blue but we also know this team needs edge pass rush and they always covid big guys you know. I mean going back to the parcels days. I mean this organization love bringing big people. Would they love a russo. Were a pay or somebody like that. I mean i think that's not off the board for that. Let's find out who. Patricia selects for the new york giants at eleven the host of locked on giants with the selection. What's good giant fans. Patricia trainer host of the lockdown giants podcast and with the number eleven. Pick in the nfl. Draft i have the new york. Giants letting northwestern offense of lyman rashaan slater now. This was a tough one here. I really wanted to trade down in the strath. I really wanted to draw from number eleven down to maybe around number twenty. didn't get any offers. And the reason why i wanted to trade down was because kyle pits off the board mart chase off the board jalen. Waddell was off the board so three players that i maybe would have considered at number eleven. Had they been there all god so that said i look at the giants offensive line. Didn't really add too much to the offensive line in free agency. Just some really players. But i'm looking ahead. And in were sean slater. They have a guy who can play both left. Tackle and right tackle predominantly a right tackle. But he's also projected to play inside it right guard now. Obviously if you get offensive lineman at number one. The idea is to get them in there and have them start from day one. If at all possible. I do think that if the giants go with sean slater that is. It's certainly a possibility. And you know. I could have picked. Mica parsons penn. State at that spot. I do believe the giants will be able to get it edge rusher in the second round of the draft. There's a couple of guys. I'm bali that they might be able to fit there so again my pick for the giants at number eleven with sean slater northwestern offensive linemen and it is the offensive. Lineman rashawn slater out of northwestern. The selection number eleven by patricia for the new york giants. And you know kind of need eats value here. I think what this election you mentioned. How the new york giants. They love big people so absolutely. I could see this being the pick. Here at eleven for the giants. That's what i would have done as well with all respect. Devante smith that you just signed golladay munich. Daniel jones life is easiest possible saquon. Barkley coming back i mean. How many times has he been. Hit behind the line of scrimmage in his career as well slater's a great player. And there's gonna be some spot for this for him hopefully for a very long time on big blue's offense you know who played against the new york giants quite a bit in his career. Is michael irvin. We just heard from him talking about the dallas cowboys pick. Let's go back to the playmaker on the giant selection of slater at eleven this pick for the new york giants. The giants have saquon barkley returning. They need to solidify that offensive line and year. Daniel jones more weapons. This is about attitude. And i love the attitude that he coached. Show is putting down for the new york giants with this pig. A little bit more help this giant football to would not be waiting on the last day for another team to lose to get in the playoffs. They will make a huge step full towards make big ten in the house. Now ben stevens. The host of locked on big ten to break down the player and person that is sean slater from northwestern our i'm ben stevens from the locked on big ten podcast despite opting out of the twenty twenty big ten football season northwestern's sean slater is still one of the top offensive line prospects in the entire 2021 nfl draft one of the main reasons for that the versatility slater presents to play multiple positions along the offensive line in the nfl. He played mostly tackle during his time in college in evanston illinois for the northwestern wildcats but can play multiple spots along the offensive line functional athletic. He has very sound fundamentals. And because of that and the flexibility he presents at whatever position he might be slotted in the national football league. I believe sean slater will be day one star in the nfl who will have a long and successful nfl career. And benjamin select back with you again to recap takes ten and eleven. Where the dallas cowboys patrick's your tan in the new york giants. Ray sean slater ben ten with dallas. Faster me we. We've talked about this. A lot on our podcast. This feels like the obvious pick. And so obviously a couple of words about that. But i really want the ratio on slater with giants. Yeah right patrick. Shoot to the cowboys is very chaki. I think the jc hall and the coronado south carolina's also a conversation here. But they're in desperate need of a potential corner one. He has that profile and in this case with jc horn. Going one. big ahead all right. This is probably the guy we were gonna take anyways. He's a great scheme fit for dan. Quinn cover three system. Send it home. Yeah no i. I agree with you and then if we get to eleven with the new york giants we often again have them going playmaker. Devante smith jalen. Waddell got edge. Rusher sometimes you get a little spicy jail. The film's quickly. Pay you laurie. But racial slater. If they're sticking here at number eleven. I feel like this could be a great pick for this is an offensive line that still needs their upgrades and when it comes to making this team exactly what it needs to be to properly does judge daniel jones in in what is going to be a very crucial. Your forum offensive line is keeping him upright two major part of the job that i feel like. We often overlooked so kevin zeitler on his way out youth. Plug sean slater. Right in there. Maybe he's got a future at offensive tackle. Whatever it is gives. The giants a lot of our stability is also definitely feels like a dave gettleman kind of picks. So totally see happened. Okay big day to hear some surprises. And i think setting up some more fireworks for day three of this ultimate mock draft matt and the philadelphia eagles next on the clock tomorrow with pick twelve but six through eleven here. Let's go back over it really quick. And we think the winners and losers of day to in this mock. The miami dolphins going with jalen waddell penny. Soule seven to the detroit lions trae lance pick eight to the carolina. Panthers quarterback four off the board jesse horn corner. Surprisingly to the denver broncos at nine back to back corners the patch ser tan going to ten and the dallas cowboys. And sean slater offense lineman from northwestern to the new york giants at eleven. We're the big winners and losers in this. Will i think denver could be a loser. Just watching trae lance almost fall to them. You know one pick away from right in of them. They could grab them. I think that's things a little bit. But they got a good player force. And then i think. Three quarterbacks are distinct winners talked about daniel jones. I think he's a winner of this draft as well as the off season. You know barkley return all day. I mean they are. It's put up or shut up. Time for jones. Point to getting reunited with waddell is a winner for him to another threat. But how about your golf. You know not only. Did they not take a quarterback but they got him protection which she desperately need the two teams that not only does young quarterback in an offensive lineman but they still get stay the quarterback of that team for a while and are the no doubt starters for one more season to you know how fleet that can be in the nfl. We'll find out in the twenty twenty two ultimate mock draft. Those quarterbacks are getting replaced. But not yet. For jared goff and daniel jones in. They deserve their shot there so they offer up front to help them out Yeah i come back to the broncos could they had traded up a little bit to go get a high upside passer like trae lance because i think you and i both agree that we are not sold on. Drew lock is that quarterback were denver. I'm not at all sold on. Drew lock and all of a sudden if you don't get that that quarterback in the draft lands somebody along those lines calling carolina probably for teddy bridgewater which i'm not sure it's much better. You know you get very conservative than on offense. So i i would really like to see denver land what i consider one of the top four quarterbacks i mean i don't think jones is a particular fit there but that's not gonna be easy to pull off and how about that. How carolina playing the draft game spending resources. On sam darnold might save them from spending extra resources on the quarterback. They didn't have to spend on so they could hold their water. Stay back at eight and draft a quarterback there and then maybe even force a team to have anita quarterback to come talk to them about teddy bridgewater. So win win. Win all around there. If you're carolina does fall this way right. I mean you may have fixed your quarterback problem in a big way without really spending all that much over the course of two drafts and get something probably for bridgewater maybe not a ton and the analytics folks will tell you drafting a quarterbacks and never a bad idea i mean it's not an asset that appreciates still one quarterback that's been talked about as a top ten potential hick in mack. Jones still available is heisman trophy. Winning wide receiver devante smith still out there for potentially the philadelphia eagles at twelve or beyond and every defensive lineman in this draft is still on the board as we approach hick twelve tomorrow. I can't wait to see who the pixar we'll be back with odyssey experts and the rest of the crew from the locked on podcast network on three of the ultimate box wrapped. Two thousand twenty.

trae lance nfl jalen waddell dolphins miami dolphins sam darnold kyle crabs carolina panthers alabama Sam darnold broncos lions sean slater vic fangio detroit lions Panthers dallas cowboys denver broncos matt dairy Jalen waddell
#391 - Steve Torrence & Colton Herta On Air!

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#391 - Steve Torrence & Colton Herta On Air!

"The longest running off road and action. Motor sports radio show on the planet is coming to you live with the biggest guests in motorsports. Here is the only man on the planet who can pack this much dirt slinging and tire slain into two hours a week, sit back strap in and be prepared to get your ears glove. Here is Jim beaver and the downing dirty radio show, our by Polaris razor. Was going on welcomed another addition of the down and dirty radio show, powered by Polaris razor, I am your host Jim beaver locked and loaded here for another addition of the down and dirty radio show. And man, we got a slam packed jammed. Full show today. I'm taking next week off for the fourth of July. So, yes, there won't be any down and dirty show. There won't be any full of parts offered podcast. There will be a project action dropping, but all that being said right now we have what I am considering one of the biggest shows of the year, we've got Chris Leoni with a double dose of power rankings. Tiffany stone is on the line as well. She was out at a are a rally, but we've got a couple of massive guests one my good friend, Steve Torrance coming off a big victory. And yes, and he has an ESPN SP nominee if. Tune in and you haven't voted already please. Go to NHRA dot com slash vote. Steve, that afford you to ESPN's website. You can put in your vote from boy, Steve torn for racing car driver of the year, and then also my other guests, the prodigy the IndyCar prodigy. Mr. Colton heard his calling in coming off a big poll that he won. They're at road America in Wisconsin and just going to talk about his career Indy-Car and a whole lot more, not only that man, we've got I don't know we just have so much to cover today. Like I am really really excited to be here. Like I said, we're gonna take a week off next week. We definitely want to have a packed house today and it's to the point where I, I had so much stuff. We had to trim some of it out like it was crazy. It's crazy. We're gonna have term summit out today. But anyways, thank you guys for tune in hit me up, you got any questions for any of our guests at Jim beaver fifteen on social media, or if you just wanna get hold of me, and make sure over to itunes and subscribe to the podcast, and you're gonna get. All of our shows and you know, if you want project action, you'll have to hit that one up over on podcast, one or the other feet on ITN's but yeah, man slam packed show today. Thank you guys for tuning in. It is going to be two hours of one. Heck of a good time right here on this week's edition of the down and dirty radio show powered by police razor. You want extreme performance reliability and the most fun. You can have on four wheels the players razor brings it to you. But you don't need to take my word for it. You can take there's Tanner Faust, and I choose the Polaris razor because it's the most fun you can have with the steering wheel. 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Whether we're dominating Baja taking the Cup at Crandon or shredding UTV's vision wheels, trendsetting designs, and durability will set you apart from the competition and your friends checkout vision wheel dot com, or at vision, wheel and social media. To learn more. Super ATV is the industry leader in aftermarket UT, and ATV. Parts and accessories. Super ATV products are designed engineered tested and manufactured right, here by super ATV. Whether you're looking up grade, your suspension, get stronger axles. Are you looking for a new witch to get you out of a tough spot? Super ATV has what you're looking for. And since we know you're in a hurry. We offer fast free shipping to the lower forty eight states on all orders. Visit super ATV dot com now and get your UTV or ATV dialed in like, which here catch all the bag episodes of the down of dirty radio show on apple podcast and be sure to rate, review and subscribe. Man, that was a hell of go. Check out my medic dot com for the best risk aid kits on planet and see fifteen percent with discount code Jim at my medica- dot com. Discount code Jim beaver and save fifteen percent. It's cheaper there. Welcome back to the down at Hertie radio show. Powered by Palermo razor like to welcome Christly, only my media, director to the show. Chris manpower rankings this was. I would say that this was a weekend of, of dominance, that would be that would be the easiest easiest way. I think to some this one up. Yeah, absolutely. Jim. I mean there have been all sorts of just impressive performances over the past week guys who've just put an absolute hurting on the field. You know, NHRA IndyCar pro motocross just everywhere the, the cream of the crop really shown over the past weekend, racing to wills and four. So I guess we got a lot to talk about inquiry gonna spend a little more more time on our picks and reasons why I know there's a couple of guys that I really wanna dive into and kind of talk about some of the storylines in their specific motor sports. So I think we are going to dive into things. I guarantee you, my number five is not like your number five there is no possible way. Just listeners know, Chris, and I do not collaborate on these. We have no idea what each other's picks are going to be first time we hear him as actually when you guys hear them. So Chris starting things out power rankings for this past week who is number five on your list. Well, Jim, you know it's interesting because thirty seconds before we started this segment, I was crossing out names and adding two new ones to my list, fun and says the same way dude, it's like it's like this fluid concept and up until we say, who they are, like, I have literally been in the mid segment in swap guys from fourth to third or third to fourth, like mine's, always a fluid concept. It's not locked it until I say. You know, the funniest thing is because we do previews of so many other racing series and we don't necessarily focus on NASCAR preview content. When I do my power rankings, the first time I almost always forget NASCAR. And then I go back in and realize. Oh, right. That's kind of an important one isn't. So as a matter of fact, I had to I had to put one of the stockcar people, and that's funny because that was my background before coming into offroad, but yeah, I think our number fives, or certainly, going to be different. There is one type of racing that I'm very heavy on this weekend. So my number five is actually Bob task the third going back to back in NHRA, funny car with second victory in a row believe it's the first time he's ever done that. I mean he had won a Wally since twenty twelve until getting the Bristol and then to go into Norwalk and go back to back. I mean, you know that task teams really firing also there's right now. And. It's, you know, it super impressive to me to see anytime that anybody's able to string victories along and we'll get to that a little bit later in the power rankings as well with some other drivers. But I've got Bob. Cousy the third down at number five, you know, task was on my honorable mention list this week. And I said, as guys like that. My just so people know my honorable mention list is always guys, like you know, the there's guys in my head, you know, the, the could be on there. But for some reason, they just didn't quite make the cut because I usually start out with probably, I'm probably like you six seven drivers. And then I've got a narrow down to five so task, it was definitely on my honorable mention list, I guess, that doesn't help Bob in this case, but he, he wasn't my thought process. He just didn't quite hack it on my list. My number five I am going to go to a are a in Idaho. And I'm actually not picking the winner David Higgins, did not win, which was a surprise. I'm not picking the winner, Jeff seahorn who it was his very first day are a victory. I guess. I guess, to me, I would have rather him, be David heads up. But I don't know no seahorn is not my pick. David Higgins is not my pick. I'm going with third place finisher. Carl Markham, because Carl Markham took third place overall in a national rally in a U, T V. That is right. He had a UTV. He finished third overall in a national rally, we're talking spanked some Subaru's. Some open wheel cars in a UTV. I have long said Steph, Verde was there to Steph, was right in the mix Markham clip. Steph by. I don't know. It was less than a minute. I believe Steph, you know, he he was in there. But ultimately didn't get the victory. But I've long said, UTV's somebody at some point is gonna show up to a rally in and I don't know how you know, I don't know how hot rod it out. Markham's UTV is, but someone's going to build a proper rally you TV, and I think they're going to come in and they're going to overall a national rally, and I mean, heads up against David Higgins, type overall, national rally, and I know the rally purist, I've been on the boards, and everything else that I've got fought wars, and they're going to be tuning in, and they're going to hate me. And I'm gonna get heat on the internet. And I don't care. They need to get out of their whole and realize, how damn fast UTV's are because they want to ignore them. They don't want them in rally they're gonna take over, they're going to they're going to ruin the sport. Well, truth is the damn things faster than a Subaru. Why not have them? I don't care what it looks like what it is. If it's fast, it's fast. So Carl Markham your third on my list. My man. You've finished third overall international rally at Idaho. And I hope that. All the rally peers flat. Eat their words, swallow them and choke on them because you are my man at number three Carl Markham are third place and your number five on my list. So there you go. Chris, what do they call Mark on on the list? I am with you, Jim. I love you TV's for rally. I love UTV's just in general. It's funny is two years ago. I mean before I was working with you. And before we had, you know, the possibility of Polaris project GRC that, unfortunately, never really got off the ground. You know, they just weren't on my radar at all. I'd be that said, obviously, I was, you know, pretty focused just on the rally cross side of things. And I wasn't really thinking about a lot of other, you know, other forms of motor sport, other types of vehicles, anything like that. But you know very quickly came to fall in love with you, TV's and, you know, I've been a big proponent as big as I can be if you TV's coming to rally, they're just fun is held the drive. They're fun is hell the wash. You know, I've talked with Steph I've talked with res mill and they, they both came out and did rally Colorado last year which I was at and, you know, they're, they're just some impressive pieces of kit. There's some. Really, awesome machinery. And, you know, the fact of the matter is we're gonna see a lot more UT's on the podium. And, you know, I am with you on the rally Purus. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go too far, but it is been incredibly frustrating. Can you need to deal with a lot of things, and I will say that part of the reason why there hasn't been so much rally coverage from me this year because of the community, which I hope will at some point taken item itself realize how harmful it's been to it self with just how backwards some of its views have been, you know, I I'm I'm with you, having having a UTD driver on the podium absolutely worthy of the list. I mean I just admittedly. I didn't really follow this week because it's been it's been really frustrating to see a lot of things that have gone down over the past year in the rally community. You know, some people that have gotten pushed out some things that have happened that I think, sort of set things back, and it's really unfortunate. But, you know, I it's awesome. See at UTD driver in the top three and I'm glad that you were able to get the shout. Yeah. Well, you know, and it's interesting too, because they don't even want to classify them in the rally. It's like you've got all the standings where it's like open. I look at the I looked, and they ran the exact same stages, everything else exact stages, but it's like okay, so you've got all the cars here national injuries or whatever, you know, and it's classified open light open to will drive all this, and then down in their own separate category. You've got UTV's and so you've got to actually take their time and then going apply. It against the national ones, you know, to see where they would fall in. So it's like even even a are a is treating them like the red headed stepchild to me, it's just it's madness. You know. And I know we've had this conversation off road, and they've been embraced wholeheartedly at this point. And I mean we're seeing top TV sneak into the top ten overall, I think are not top ten but right. I mean, Wayne Matlock, had a great run a while back. But you know it's one of those where in motorsports you. Gapped or you die. You have to evolve and I think that's been the biggest problem with stage rally. They have failed to adapt. They failed to evolve in now. It's really stunning. Their growth. And I hope this opens the eyes of some of them. Like, hey, we need to embrace, these UTV's. I'd love to see a dozen of them at some of these national rallies. You know, I would build one right now. But I just don't I, I don't want to go and invest that kind of money in a car that, you know, next week, they rally Pierce, we don't want them anymore. You know, and then you're sitting there with a relic with cobwebs, you know, I don't know. It's just vent over, but that was my number five Carl Markham, my man. Congratulations on the podium well-deserved, I know I got tagged on Instagram by somebody, and I was like, no, I am not going to forget about you guys, but got him a number five on my listless, rolling the number four, Chris. Do you have a number four? All right, Jim. So for number four, I am sticking with drag racing. I am going with Andrew Hines. I mean what can you say about the kind of season that he's having so far? It's not quite as maybe prolific, as a certain other driver, who may or may not be on the show this week. But, you know, find out seven victories to the season in pro stock motorcycle. I know you're not running all twenty four events. But, you know, that's, that's pretty darn impressive. That's you know, pretty high level of dominance pretty high success rate and I know that he had a pretty disappointing season last year. So see somebody come back out like that. You know, pick up Wally after Wally after Wally to start the year really set himself up put himself in a good place for once we get to the countdown later in the year. I'm really impressed with what Andrew Hines has been doing the pro stock motorcycle. So he's my number four. All right. And before we get to my number four, we're gonna take a short commercial. Break. 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I'm gonna throw the I don't know what you'd call it. I don't know. He stepped up as a driver. He went to the F I. He went to some meetings that he probably wasn't invited to and you know, he's finally becoming voice of the sport. I think this is what everybody wanted he's, you know, he's basically the current generation of Michael Schumacher. He you know, he's one of the greats going to go down as one of the grace of all time, but he went to the F, I went to the owners constructors, everybody and said, look, our sport is screwed up. We've lost the fans. It's boring and you know, and here's a guy who was winning everything. Chris Hamilton is like you would think he would want to keep it the way it is. Because obviously he's winning races. You know, he's going no like we're screwed. We, we need to rethink this thing. We've lost the fans you know, I it's just F one. I mean, obviously, we had what happened there in Canada now turns around and Dana Ricardo had something very similar at the French Grand Prix where they threw double penalties Adam because he made an aggressive pass it's like they don't even want passing. They. Want racing. I don't know what the hell is going on with f one right now. But number four on my list is Louis Hamilton, because he actually stepped up to the FAA and formula. One and said, ERC pump the brakes stop, we've got major, major problems here, and these things need to be fixed. So because he had a set of balls and he went to the F I because he won we aliens number four on my list. I am. I'm with you. Jim impressed with how Lewis Hamilton has handled himself definitely over the past few years. I know that guys like that. A reason to hate the reason to hate because not only do they have win. But they, you know, do they have a lot of wins, but they have personalities that can be grading for somebody, you know, if your favorite driver isn't winning and you see how the guy who is celebrates. I mean, there are a lot of people like that. It's the same reason that people hate Kyle Busch. They eight when he gets up on top of the car with the checkered flag, does the bow. They hate the way he handles interviews to hate the way he conducts himself. A lot of people hate the way that Lewis Hamilton, does too, but, you know, of always respected, how Lewis Hamilton, you know, just wants better competition formula won't once more competition formula. One doesn't want sitting doesn't want to just be able to run away with events and run away with champ. Sian ships. And I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I've actually seen him put forth, a couple of nice words about IndyCar here, and there, hell is freezing happens to. Yeah. Right. Over dream. One can only dream that he might come over. But yeah, I mean look, it's you know it's open wheel racing. And I'm sure that we will both get IndyCar a little bit later. But my number three. I'm actually going to go to the ten tops. I'm going to go to the stock cars. I'm gonna go to Martin sure. Ex junior another victory cinema hung on Kyle Busch. I mean they were well ahead of the pack at the end of that race. And you know it was it's just it's impressive to see everything that Barton ex juniors done with his career. I mean you know, he's kinda had this curse on. I mean firms of teams that he's been to shutting down, you know, D I shut down and like furniture row shutdown between there, you had the Michael Waltrip racing deal that fell through with, you know, everything that happened there. It's all the credit in the world, detracts everything that he's done been able to take that championship slotted into joke. Ins racing found himself at home. You know, it's, it's really impressive to see what he's done with his career. Clear. And, you know, I impressed with the way that he handled sonoma's, and I know that obviously the big story was Darrell Waltrip, you know, and his swansong and sorta taking a battle on his on his career, nineteen years of broadcasting, which, you know, is, is no easy feat. And frankly, if I'm doing this, you know, if I'm doing guest spots, even for nineteen years. And that's a hell of an effort. But, you know all the credit in the world Detroit ex you know they played that race perfectly. They rebel the hang on take the victory. And you know it could be another championship season for them. No in you know in the same exact spot. I had Martin tricks on my list. Everything you've said, you know, obviously, I did. I know you missed it was back to back, sonoma's linzie one last year one again this year, you know, and also the guys red hot right now. He's got four wins on the season and those four wins of all come in the last eight races. So Martin true Noma, I always, you know, I always, I'm road course fan. Nascar. So I always bump up the road courses you know, just to hear you know, I think they're a little bit tougher to win just because they're out of these guys elements a little bit. So yeah Martin x number three on my list. Same as you Kris, which rolls us into our top two. And I'm pretty sure we've got the same top two, but I'm kind of interesting to see which one we rank over the other. So Chris do you have at number two on your list? Well, Jim this one was tough because, you know, I really didn't wanna do the one eight one b thing. I know we've done it before. I know I think both of us have done it at least once. But I hate it, it's kind of a cop out, you know. And I mean this, this really came down to me looking at well, how are we really doing this these power rankings? I mean how much context you know how, how much weight do we want to put on the context of what you've been doing over the past few months, rather than just past seven days and? For me it came down to and I feel bad because again he's on the show this week. But I put Steve Torrens at number two. If the winning streak was still going, I would've had him at number one, I think, no doubt, but, you know, still six seven victories in the past seven races, eight band. That's, that's a single round loss. Because he still made it to the final at the one race that he lost. So what is that? Twenty seven for twenty eight in the nation rounds. Over the past couple of months, I mean, steeton Steve. Oh, absolutely earned that SP best driver nomination. And frankly I feel like if your vote for anybody else you just really don't understand know exactly what he accomplished. I mean it's insane with, you know, just the context there. And I mean yeah. Hamilton dominated f one last year. But the machinery is just so important in one. I mean you really know that it's going to be one or two cars that wins at this point with. Way, the regulations are with NHRA. I mean every weekend really is kind of a pick em, and for Stevo to be as dominant as he has, you know, it's unlike anything we've really ever seen before. And he's been on the list. You know for both of us quite frequently. But, you know, just really trying to focus my picks on this weekend. I had to put him at number two, well, and you know, Steve the he's become one of my, you know, one of my really, really good friends, and I got him a number two on my list, too. I mean I just had to like you said if the streak was going on. Yes, he's absolutely number one, and this is not taking him away. I mean, you know, for God's sake, six out of seven wins. I mean like it's just mind boggling to me, his actually, his last three years of mind boggling, like you said, we've got a separate something somehow somewhere. I think like you said to me, I know Espy's is more of a popularity contest. I don't know that he will win the SP. I know I'm voting everyday. We're working on content. We're trying to get the word out. I incur. Anybody listening to us right now? Please go and vote for Steve towards for that Espy. He deserves it. You look at everybody on the list not taking anything away from Dixon Bush, or Louis Hamilton. But what Steve accomplish last June is doing this year is absolutely second to none, but yeah, Steve, my man. He's been on the top of my list. Plenty of times he is second on my list today, because which rolls us into our number one, which I believe is mutual at this point Alexander Rossi Chris, this guy is thirty seconds. Like that's mind boggling. There was the last pit stop of the race. He pulled in all the other pit crews were literally sitting on the wall watching he takes off. He is completely out of sight, and then like the rest of the field comes in and starts pitting like it was just it was crazy who wins by thirty seconds in IndyCar. I mean, just think about the context in that Jim. That's that's two laps in the NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway. That is probably more time than you spend racing in an elimination, you know, in eliminating rounds during NHRA of thirty seconds is in turn. Thirty seconds attorney and just about any form of racing. I mean you know. Even the Pinski guys. Go willpower, summed it up. I think the best he goes. Yeah. He goes, I think I had the best cart. He says, I think I had a race winning car today. He's like, we had an amazing car, and he's like, if Alexander Rossi didn't show up. He's like, I had an amazing car, and he's like, which makes me wonder he's like the Hecker those guys doing. He's like, I have a car. That's really, really good. But he's like, obviously our car sucked because for somebody win by thirty seconds. He's like, that's like half a second a lap. He's like, how do you do that? Even like the Penske drivers were just like wow like what what's going on here? You remember being a kid and playing video games and putting things on the mode, because you just really you weren't playing for anybody else you were basically playing to win. That's what that looks like. I know that since the kings, obviously, we're not just living in a simulation, where whoever is tapped into Rousey is playing racing games on easy male. But that's what it looked like. I mean, that, that is the kind of beat down that you don't see in racing these days unless you're a Long Beach in April, and your name is still like Sander Rossi. I mean God, it's like they're gonna have to they're going to have to do what people do in like short tracks where they invert the field and they start a fast guy at the back and, you know, just to make an interesting for everybody else. They're gonna have to start Rossi dead last and just be like, all right. Have that true store there. All right. We gotta take a break. I'm pullers writer, Jim beaver Irish trophy. Rex professionally hosted down thirty radio show and also travel the country announcing motor sports events. I've seen it all, and trust me. I've done most of it. So when it comes time to relax on the weekend. Nothing is better than taking time with my family in our razor vehicles. They've got the reliability I need to just pick up and go explore the desert, dunes trail, and have the capability to attack even the harshest terrain. If you're looking for some of the most reliable, and safest in hands down most capable off road machines in the world. Look, no further than Polaris in their ward, winning lineup of razor vehicles. 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To learn more. Super ATV is the industry leader in aftermarket UT, and ATV. Parts and accessories. Super ATV products are designed engineered tested and manufactured right, here by super ATV. Whether you're looking up your suspension, get stronger axles. Are you looking for a new witch to get you out of a tough spot? Super ATV has what you're looking for. And since we know you're in a hurry. We offer fast free shipping to the lower forty eight states on all orders. Visit super ATV dot com now and get your UT or ATV dialed in. You're listening to the down and dirty radio show, powered by Polaris razor, all killer. No filler. Welcome back to the down and dirty radio show, powered by Polaris razor like to welcome. My next guest of the line Mr. Colton hurt. I think last time we caught up was actually in maybe in the garage there at any Annapolis Motor Speedway. But welcome back to the show, Colton. Thank you. Yeah. So we got a lot to talk about today. You know what I was thinking back? I was like, you know, the first time I had to really, really think I before India think I'd met you somewhere and I started thinking back and we yes, there was a time when your dad was involved in Jere. See ran a lights car, and we're actually at a party at red bull together during GRC or something man, I had a grand way back. Yeah. I do. I would've been like thirteen or fourteen. Yeah. I was gonna say that the Formula one car there and all kinds of stuff. And we were just kind of like a some kind of cocktail party. I can't even remember what we were there. And then they had like their big movie theater, and they had something going on in there. I can't I honestly I can't remember that was a long time ago man, actually. Yeah. So. Yeah. How was that when you did lights because I know you just did like one race. Right. I know your dad was involved in the series for a while that I can't get the X games engine blew up and in, like the semi or something. So I didn't even make the race that I know there's still some Indy cars. Obviously Andretti's got a little bit involvement there without and what they've got going on. And then I think what drying Rheingold still have a little bit of a something like if it ever popped up again you'd like to go and do a supercar something. Yeah. There are a lot of fun. Six hundred horsepower wheel chart and slide into the dirt. Obviously, I didn't get that much power in the lights car think it's like three fifty four hundred and the let's car, which is still relative to the weight and size of the is still quite a bit. But the supercars are be well, you know, I started looking back like to do this interview, and I was like, man, you, you've done a ton of racing for, you know, just being the age that you aren't actually driving an IndyCar man. And I want to go back and I know you know, obviously, we can talk about lights and stuff like that talking about Indy lights. But how was racing in Europe man for American kid to go over to Europe? I mean what, how is that experience for you going over there? And you were involved in formula three and some other different series. But I mean that's a whole different racing culture over there than we get in the United States. I was at. Yeah, it was good. I, I moved over there. Fourteen years old. And, and I was living on my own actually over there. So it was a big big change to what I was used to growing up in, in Los Angeles. And going over there and wintertime. It was, it was quite a difference, but yeah, definitely matured me I had to learn to clean for myself to cook for myself more as a person matured me and then they kinda related to my driving as well. I was in the car at least twice a week. We did thirty races and twenty five test as you're my first year that I went over there. So I, I was always in the car, and it was an awesome experience. That's I mean, I don't even know where you could do that here in the United States unless she started doing like local dirt tracks stuff, or something like that, like, it's an insane auto races, and test as dude. A lot. So, you know, moving on you come back here to the states. I know last year you kind of had a one off in IndyCar with Harding, which led to kind of where, where things are out today, but take me through lights and kind of the transition to IndyCar you know what I mean? Because I know you know, they've got this big, you know, ladder system and things like that road to Indy. But, you know, how how was lights, you know, obviously it prepares you to an extent for IndyCar but what's been the biggest like change for you going from lights to going to IndyCar this year? I mean. Well, you know what? What was the biggest change I getting behind the wheel of and actually IndyCar you like? Oh, wow. You know there had been you know, an evolution in your driving style to make that leap. Yeah, it was it was quite a bit different. But in, in the same sense. It was also very similar, I think the main differences are about two hundred fifty dollars. Power quite a bit down for is carbon brakes on the you card. This is the biggest thing to get used to. But the driving style didn't really change. You know, I think the Cooper sires the whites car is stiffer and, and maybe a little different than the Firestone's, but the, the relative style of driving. The cars were were very similar, actually, and I think that kinda smooth the process. That's why we're able to go so quick, so early on and have the form that we've had well, and I think that was, you know, I, I remember it was, I think the preseason tested circa, the Americas in you showed up there, and it was like immediately like you guys, were, you know, a new ish team, I guess, with Harding, Steinbrenner. You know obviously a new team this year, but Harding had been in the series a little bit. But like you guys go into this year, you know what I mean? And it was like, you know, I think everybody thought all Colton, you know, he's got a lot of talent stuff like that. And you got showed up at circuit of the Americas and it was like, yeah. Do the, the secret was out of the bag. You know. I think everybody immediately went. Oh, wow. They're here to play. These guys are fast. Yeah. They, they thought that or thought cheating. We were completely legal. I think it's a bit of a shock for me to, like, what the heck is going on. I thought we were going to be like on a good day being the top ten just lowly work on the pace and it wasn't anything like that. Well, not rolls into circuit. America's are this year. You took that victory obviously youngest IndyCar winter ever. But we knew you had speed there from the preseason tests. But, you know, something like that is that tracked? It just favor. You I mean there's gotta be something like you and circuit of the Americas in your team. Obviously, there's just some magic there at this point. I mean, what, what is the deal around circuit of the Americas and you guys because between the preseason tests and then that win. I mean things just happen to work there for you guys. Yeah. I see. Easel truck is passing me right now. But yeah, I I don't not really sure what it was our qualifying pace was good. But it wasn't outstanding we qualify for the race pace. So it was just the car was so good on cool tires, like even even when I off Rossi and the first about second and a half. I made it up on the outlawed and I jumped him in the pit sequence from doing and undercut. So I, I don't know what it was out and start. We're really good right at the end there when it was crucial. So, yeah, I mean I'm not I'm not really sure how to pinpoint one thing, but just the whole team did a great job. All this stuff's were perfect. You know we didn't use any time in the pits. We didn't lose anytime anywhere, really. We were really good. We had a little bit tired egg in the middle stint. But you know wants to track it up. We were even faster in. How does push to pass come into play because I know especially coming out of road America. There's been there's been a lot. Talk on push the pass and how it can be tweaked and things like that. And I know correct me if I'm wrong, but lights actually uses a little bit different push to pass system. We have to be within like a second car in front of you and things like that. And I know you're talking about inlands out laps, you know, and I know a lot of drivers are hitting the push the pass on in and out laps. Was there an adjustment on wind actually used that coming from lights because now can use it whenever you want? It is. There is a bit of an adjustment period. But, you know, I think it's relative like Z a lot of guys push lobster push out. So it's when the most switching positions happens in because, you know, we might have a lot of on track action. They've actually been more passing then on time you guys move up through physicians which you know that might take ten laps on track. And if you can do it in one life in a pit sequence. It's huge. So so kinda triggering the push pass on the in lumps and the outlets. Try and maximize the speed that you have is huge. And yeah. Whereas in Indy lights. It's the second and a half to the guy in front, and you can use it, and I think you get like ten or twenty bushes something, something like that time, fifty pushes you have to conserve him a little bit, too, but yeah, definitely improves the racing that point because you can't use it to defend my cannon IndyCar. It's just two different ways of using it. You know. So let's talk about this year obviously talked about circuit of the Americas leads us to the Indy, five hundred I was actually fortunate. I've got to catch up there. I think around the GP, but. You've been Indy before you, obviously, your, you know, your dad competed there. I mean, you've, you know, your dad's been an owner, they're like you you've been around, you know, the Indy five hundred. How is this like your first experience actually racing? The Indy five hundred. Man, I mean it you know that's gotta be for any driver in America. I mean even globally. I mean that's the dream right there. I mean, how was that first experience at the Indy five hundred for you and taking it all in, because I mean it's a pressure cooker of a couple of weeks. Yeah. Sucks. But it was it was fun to be in the show is on the everything until the very started with mazing, you know, the pre-event all the tests days leading to it the qualifying weekend, making the fast nine and then unfortunately, we had to the small fuel leaks that caused a fire and burnt up a whole bunch of the looms and stuff that, that kind of prematurely ended our day on whatever. Why it was five or six so that part but, but just to be able to be so awesome have a fast car like gig. We were running or so. I think that's where recalled fine. We're running there and as far as I was considering the cocktail good it felt really good relative to, to the other guys. 'cause actually right from the start I didn't have I have six gears. So we got up the fifth year, and I was the limit are going down the streets and stuff and we were still able to keep up. So I think relative is our car was like. Really fast. So. Yeah. You gotta take it on the chin. It's, it's an unfortunate one, especially because that's the that's the one you don't want anything to go wrong. All the other ones, you have a bad day. It's all leading up to Indian and as long as it goes. Well, that's, that's what matters. But yeah. Unfortunately, anything go well, but, you know, we took on. We got a lot look forward to over many more years to come to China. Nothing. Definitely. Thank you will and you know, now you guys obviously, you just wrapped up road America, you got the pull their we'll talk about that in a second. But how is it to finally now, you've got, like, what three weeks like you gotta think that's an eternity because you guys are coming off this bender of GP Indy five hundred Detroit double Texas road America. I mean you guys have just like I mean you guys it's gotta be draining. I mean you've got three weeks now it's like you probably don't even know what to do with yourself, right? Well, I'm actually in. I'm in walking splendor right now for 'em. So we can I am doing stuff for being the. I'm not driving. Reserve ING, but kinda keeps me busy. And then, yeah, I got some stuff after that. But I'll be home hopefully for the fourth of July and spent some time with my family after it is a bit of a grind from from kind of right from the beginning of may till you know now when we get a little bit of a break for the summertime. Well, you know, going back and obviously you guys took the pole. You took the win earlier circuit of the Americas. Just took the pole at road America this past weekend. You know, that had been exciting. I mean you guys have all these milestones is team going into this year. You guys knew it was, you know, it was one of the things your new team. You know this is going to be a building year. I mean you know you guys overall have to be really happy with where you're sitting with, with the speed that you guys have shown and, and you don't obviously the successes you've had, I mean you know you guys exceeding expectations so far. Nineteen. I think so. You know, besides our some of our racers, let are from whatever is, she's might have happened. But. You know the the speeds there. That's the most important thing. Everything else, we can kinda refine and we'll come with experience. But, you know, it's a lot easier to make a faster ever slowdown Ministro drivers. Yup. So, I think that's kind of what we're doing right now is trying to refine everything, and, and make sure that the race pace is solid everywhere, and we're not making any stakes. Well, I gotta think you as a driver. And obviously the team probably too. I mean they're they're collecting data at every van but use a driver. I mean you're, you're taking all these mental notes into next year. Like, hey, we can change this. We can do this, and, you know that use a driver, obviously, you you've probably got you probably really excited about twenty twenty just because, you know you're gonna take all this exchange from this year and roll it into next year. And you know, and you're going to be that much further along, you know. Yeah, exactly. That's, that's the thing that the, the other guys have on me is they have years and years, and years of experience and have been through a lot of situations that might play out in a race. So that's, that's where kind of the race. Inexperience comes from and the only way you can get better for matters petition. Well, you know, not being said, you know, the other drivers got experience, obviously, you guys Harding Steinbrenner kinda tied him with Andretti technologies, your dad. You know, is, is, you know, an owner on Marco's car. There's some guys around the paddock that you can kind of rely on for some advice. Yeah. Obviously, having out from Europe between Brian Barnhart is a lot of guys that are experienced that worked for the team that I've been around IndyCar for a long time. My engineer Nathan, ROY 'cause Ben with, with the ton of teams and has been with Andretti before vision carpenter. A lot of different teams and has had success with all of them. So I've got a lot of guys my corner, like you said, also, Michael Andretti. Marco Andrey, although all the drivers and cleaning, my dad are always there for vice on. I need it. Well, it was great catching up, Colton man. I'll let you get to the fun, there Watkins Glen man, thank you for coming on the show and good luck the rest of the year. I'm sure I'm sure we'll talk off and on throughout the year my friend, but thanks for taking the time buddy. Now problem family. All right. Thank you called. And we'll be back after this on the down attorney radio show, powered by police razor anywheres possible. It's more than just a slogan anywhere as possible with general Tire's wide variety of tires for, whatever it is that you drive, whether you're looking for off road capability bounce with impressive on road performance or ultra high performance offering all season traction design with a driving enthusiast in mind general, tire has what you need to get where you're going general tire, providing anywhere as possible with down and dirty radio show since twenty twelve. Hey, this is Jim beaver hosted the down and dirty radio show getting down and dirty on the race track. All fun and games until it's time to get the off. I know it all too, well, which is why partner with modo she'll pro the leaders nanotechnology solutions on the race track. And in off road to combat mud. Dirt build up on my vehicles motor. She'll pro keeps us from taking unnecessary damage and spending extra energy on cleaning, no matter the weather or the surface, having proper protection on all my vehicles, saves me. Plenty of repressed time a sport where every second counts prep your vehicle like a pro. Learn more motor shield pro dot com. Like what you hear catch all the bag episodes of the down and dirty radio show on apple podcast and be sure to rate review and subscribe. And we are back here on the down and dirty radio show. Powered by Palermo razor man, I don't know if he can pack much more into our number one couple of couple of segments power rankings. And, you know, then rolling into Colton Herta now you know, this is one of those kids. You know, like this kid, I said, like we did in the interview I've met him. I think when he's I thirteen you know, and this kid is like next level, good. You wanna talk about a prodigy you wanna talk about one of the kids, you know, is the future of motor sport to be able to -ccomplish what he's done at this age. I mean, look at that in the history of IndyCar. He is the youngest ever winner in the youngest ever pulse it? I mean, that's Saint something you look at the talent that has come through IndyCar. I mean decade after decade after decade of talent through IndyCar, and he is the youngest ever pulse it and he's the youngest to ever win men. You wanna talk about a statement, you know, some of the all time greats. He's already clipped, you know, their feats, which are astonishing in themselves, like to me. That's crazy. You want to be a fan. You wanna hit yourself on, on the, on the horse that, you know, this going to take us into the next decades and the future of IndyCar Colton hurt at this kid right now real deal. And not only that, but, you know, Harding Steinbrenner racing. I mean, we haven't even talked about George Steinbrenner who is twenty two the youngest owner in IndyCar history. And he's already got a team that is winning and taking polls like this is crazy. The youngest driver youngest owner in history, this team if you're the rest of the IndyCar paddock like for real, you guys are taking notice. Everybody's nervous like if they're doing this in year, one, what's things going to look like in your two three four five of this team. Like to me, it's just mind boggling how good they are both as a team and Colton is a driver this early on. Crazy. I'm excited Indy-Car is firing on also Anders like you know this form older sport man there. They are just absolutely blowing it out of the stratosphere right now. So, yeah. This is our number one. We're gonna roll right? Into our number two here coming up, our number two. We got my good friend, Steve torn also stiffen, Tiffany stone on the line, right here on the down and dirty radio show, powered by Polaris razor. I'm Polaris writer, Jim beaver Irish trophy, trucks, professionally hosted down thirty radio show and also travel the country announcing motor sports events. I've seen it all, and trust me. I've done most of it. So when it comes time to relax on the weekend. Nothing is better than taking time with my family in our razor vehicles. They've got the reliability I need to just pick up and go explore the desert dunes or trail, and have the capability to attack even the harshest terrain. If you're looking for some of the most reliable and safest and hands down most capable off road machines in the world. Look, no further than Polaris in their ward, winning lineup of razor vehicles. What do you want your daughter experience off road driving? 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Got my good friend, Matt Martelli. We're talking about the state of road, the mid four hundred which does air this weekend world, ev- X games this Saturday. So, yeah, if you if you're an offroad fan, definitely be locked and loaded Saturday afternoon world of X games the mental hundred. Hey, you might actually see me wheel, in my police razor there. So, yeah, that that coming up some big TV this weekend, which Earls us into fourth of July and all the fun and excitement. Don't forget, we are. We are taking it next week off here on the dirty radio show, powered by players razor and the photo parts down Downunder show off road addition because I'm taking I very rare vacation for a week. That's right. I am going off the grid for week. We will have a project action, dropping this week my gig. My guest is my good friend Jacqueline. Caddies OSA, AK, bro. Jack as you guys know her influence or just an amazing just an amazing RAD person. I've had her on multiple times on all my shows. Always fun catch up with her. You guys definitely get enjoy dot one. And you know in the next week, we're going to have Steve horns, once again on project action, so looking forward to that, but yeah. Our number two. We have my good friend, Steve Torrens right here on the show were also going to have my good friend, Tiffany stone, who was out at a rally and big news coming out of the rally there in Idaho. For the first time in a long time there was no Subaru on the national podium. That's right. David Higgins, having some problems and got to give a big shout out to Jeff seahorn who ended up taking the victory overall at Idaho. I mean it's so rare that a factory Subaru, I wanna come see rally team USA, but it has changed super motorsports. But a factory super team isn't on the podium, like it's just crazy that, that is so rare that's the equivalent of hell freezing over just saying. So, yeah, Jesse horn. Taking that big victory. I know he's, he's got to be absolutely stoked beyond stoked on that. I mean great effort by him. These guys they've put in the work the past couple of years. I give them a lot of credit. You know, he kind of came onto the scene quite a few years ago. And, and, you know, in any was really quick out of the gate, finally put it all together. Took an overall victory. Big shout out to Jesse horn in that team for for taking that victory. So. Yeah. Tiffany stone and Steve Torrance, Steve towards will be up right now when we come after this break, I hear on our number two on the Downunder. Eighty radio show powered by palatis razor. See you don't wanna go anywhere. We got a whole lot more to come yet today. You want extreme performance reliability and the most fun. You can have on four wheels the players razor brings it to you. But you don't need to take my word for it. 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Welcome back to the down and dirty radio show powered by palabras razor like to roll into Fisher our port this week, we're going to be talking, some AR a rally up there in Idaho with my partner crime. Tiffany, stone stone, welcome to the show. Hello, good. What is good morning? Good afternoon now. Good afternoon, east coast. It's funny too because I've always Detroit. I've never thought is east coast. I've always kind of seen that as like a mid- middle America type of thing but you guys are eastern time zone. So it's like always throw me off. I always felt like she Michigan should be central time for some reason. I don't know. I'm kind of weird that way. But I've always thought it should be. Well, if you're an economic UP remember, you know, whenever where bark river, everybody's okay. Set, your watches set, your clocks, everything to eastern time, because it would go back and forth. You know ask them I was right there on the time zone which is so one day where one time it'll be like two PM. But then if you like, walk a hundred feet at three pm so it's fun. It's probably because you got Detroit Chicago like you've got some massive cities, right there. And, you know, and I think probably for business practices than being aligned with, like New York City. And, and, you know in Boston, and that it probably for big business, probably makes more sense to be on eastern. I would assume right. You know, I don't know way about my pig. It is. But the crazy thing is Chicago is an hour behind us. I would have thought they were on eastern too. I don't know. See I'm so screwed up. Just because you looking at a map, you're just like okay, well, this makes sense. But now it's that and I'm just like, oh, okay. Well didn't know that some of drunk when they designed the time straight up, like I think they just threw like some squiggly lines on paper and just like this works. Yeah. Chicago's an hour behind. Well, the one thing that screws me up a little bit. And you can talk about this because of their own is you don't spring forward. We don't train. Exactly. It's so weird. Yeah. So, yeah. Sometimes we'll only be two hours apart. Sometimes, we're three hours apart, like, I don't know. I like it, but it works for us. But and I know they've actually talked about making it a nationwide thing, which I think, you know, could actually happen at some point. But it only makes sense of the entire country were to do that and not bounce around. But I don't know. That's. That story for another day, I do have something for you. Roll into talking some area rally with you, though, I posted on your Instagram. I said, we are absolutely going to talk about this. I said, I got to put you on the spot because I thought it was funniest damn picture ever the hell you like trying out for Greece or something. So that was a, a shot that I did for a look book, so in modeling world or the fashion world, there's been called books. You know, they come out at the beginning of the summer or the spring, or the fall or winter, and it showcases like the type of by or the style of the fashion death for that season. And so this was for a Pelly Pelly look book and the probably probably Letterman jacket and stuff. And then that whole vibe with the tall socks and the roller skates just reminded me of Greece. So the whole, you know, sandy from Greece Tommy about it started. And then I thought about it. I was like, I think I really just aged myself. However, I just came out with a new Greece so that maybe I didn't. But that's from, you know, the. Newton John and John Travolta days. No, I was laughing. I saw it. I'm like, but now you're saying look book, I'm like, is it really so many that we get like a Letterman jacket in that pink outfit? Like, is that really a look people went for during summer that year. Like, like, I don't know man, maybe obviously we're not we're not stylish Arizona, I'm gonna that going if that was a look book. I don't know anybody that actually bought into that, look, no jacket, but we saw the whole vibe of that series. We were at like a fifty sock. Hop driving type thing with old classic cars. So I actually do have the look of maybe I'll posted on Instagram later or whatnot. But so what it is, is. It's just showcasing, like Letterman jackets, clothing. It was just yak at stuff inside some other stuff. So maybe I'll post it on Instagram, so people can know what we're talking about. But that was just the vibe of me being a sock hop, you know, girl that works there, which I find funny, too, because I always approach. She it'd this about you like I know like as models, you guys, do some funny sheets. Sometimes afterwards, you probably like, man, I can't believe I actually did that you know what I mean? Like just some of the stuff you have to wear and things like that. One thing I've always appreciated about you, like you can poke fun at yourself. You like yeah. I did something a little goofy there. Maybe maybe we wouldn't probably do that, again, a decade later. But yeah, it was funny. Then it worked whatever you know, but you've always been able to like you know you can find humor in yourself. You know. Well, and that's the thing it's just, you know, people are going to say things about you, and people are going to talk about you. But this is what I learned. Maybe it's just moved to treatment Paletti or eight miles. I'm an coming up. It's just make fun of yourself. I if you mix of yourself and take away all the things that they have to make fun of you. You know, Eminem like yeah. White, my mom's a druggie. I live in a trailer park like tell me something. I don't know about myself like, okay, cool. Yeah. I did this now. Tell me something, I don't know. You know, I snort when I laugh a little bit. You know what I know? You really think it's funny when you get the snort outta t stone, like all right. You got a good joke. They're like you have a tell you have a legit tell like you can chuckle. And it's like it's not that fun if you get a snort additive, boom. It is like yeah. That was a good joke that was. And then, you know, everything was my grandma. You know, I've been I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with her, and her last few days and everything. And, and when my family was around I guess, I get the snow. Art from grandmother. So I'm you know, I'm I'm really lucky happy about that. My sister, does it as well. So when you get my sister nights together, it's just really funny, and it's that's just the way it is. But you're right. You gotta make fun of yourself because if you can't, you know, like then everybody has everything to make fun of you. And you say that'd be and said, I know you were up at obviously, we're supposed to fish rally report ARA, Idaho. This is actually one of the few rallies in this country. I haven't been to yet this came onto the national calendar used to be a regional came on in the national calendar after I left the sport rally not left it, but just not working fulltime anymore. So I haven't actually been to this one. This one was an interesting one. You can talk about the rally itself tiff, because I honestly, I can't compare to anything because I haven't been there, but David Higgins, no Subaru's on the podium. I mean, this is like the equivalent of hell freezing over. Yeah. Pretty much usually it's, you know, Subaru one two, and then whomever it is can get in there with three or, you know, when we were in Portland. It was Travis Pastrana without their there Higgins and stuff. And so this year. Yeah, it it was crazy. So Idaho's a little bit different obviously, we fly into Boise, and then we had about four minutes. East down twenty one and we go to like Idaho city, and we'd go to place, which is these areas are just crazy. You know, I've never been to Alaska but a lot of the people that were around was like this kind of, like, Alaska. So there's a lot of chicanes long twisty berry technical type of road. But a lot of these roads 'cause, you know, with a stage rally, you'll have maybe six ages one day six stages, the next day, you'll either do the same sage reverse them. So there's a lot of you that happens. But I'm one of them like Spanish sports very winding. Very Turney the crazy thing about the terrain really is how. Silty. So I know obviously, you know about Baja and, you know, how crazy silted down there, that's exactly what was happening in Idaho. It was getting very slick, silky duper super dusty. And I was making the jokes. I don't know what's worse mudcake dirt from Crandon, or silty, dirt dust from Idaho, 'cause it was it stuck in the air and usually they let maybe like the first three to five cars go with a two minute war window in between to let the dust settle. Well, since the dust was so big, and so massive, they put actually three minutes and two minutes in between, and that just shows you like how Duff the guy and I'm looking at some of them, and obviously, you know, Jim like sitting in the woods, there's nothing going on except the sound of the birds the win and then you can hear all the, you know, car come by and you're just hearing these cars and the distance and you just see dust, come up in between the pine trees and all that. And it was just really, really cool. And I liked it, it was very. Much so drivers type of stage rally driver co driver. 'cause there's a lot of, you know, threes and fours there. And then a lot of twos and three. So it was cool. I've always heard it's more of a technical rally, you know, it's not the wide open crazy high speeds, a lot of back and forth. I think that was one of the things I know you know, we had a UTV third on the podium, you know, call Markham like talk about a crazy effort. But, you know, on a flat out racist, some of the stages at Oregon, where it's wide open hundred mile an hour, you know, UTV's can't hang. But when it's nice tight twisty technical stuff like I know Steph Verde had a good run as well. The man UTV's were solid up there and I know and we could talk here all day long with T stone. But we got to take a short commercial break and cut this thing short. Because when we come back, we have ESPN Espy nominee, and my good friend, Steve Torrance, right here on the line live. You don't wanna miss it, Steve. Oh, never disappoints, right here on the down and dirty radio show. Powered by. Polaris razor all about. The sound of sports the sound of the racetrack and the sound of here vehicle don't drive around listening to biz drive around listening to the sound of performance Gibson performance Gipson, performance exhaust is the company who can turn this. Remember visible about so and gives an exhausting. The sound of performance account, your next cat back exhaust system, enters the exhausted gifts, it performance dot com. Get more and more. Hey, this is Jim beaver hosted the down and dirty radio show getting down and dirty on the race. Track is all fun and games until it's time to get the dirt off. I know it all too, well, which is why partner with modo shield pro the leaders nanotechnology solutions on the race track and in off road to combat mud. Dirt build up on my vehicles motor. She'll pro keeps us from taking unnecessary damage and spending extra energy on cleaning, no matter the weather or the surface, having proper protection on all my vehicles, saves me. Plenty of reprieve time in a sport where every second counts prep your vehicle like a pro. Learn more motor shield pro dot com. Thanks for tuning into the down and dirty radio show available live online in syndication on networks across the US and available internationally on the American forces network. Walk back to the down attorney radio show. Powered by Polaris razor like to walk them. One of my really good friends. I guess my brother that I didn't even know until I guess, last spring, but Steve Torrance, man, welcome to the show. Always fun Stevo. Hey, glad to have glad to be back on man. Appreciate it out going. Everything is everything is good. You can appreciate this your gun person, right? Unite, both like cotton and shooting and stuff like this. Well, I got I got a gun straight straight out of Texas here about two weeks ago, and I'm absolutely in love, man. But I bought myself full on Clint Eastwood, forty four magnum, and I gotta tell you what Steve, I'm absolutely love with that cannon right now. Do that exhaust that's the throwback around lot of power. A lot of lead. It's five out of that thing, they're fun to shoot. I got one myself, and, you know, I mean I, I don't think if you're not a Clint Eastwood fan if you don't have thirty Harry out the truth. Yeah, I got that in my dad, and I we go out there go out to the range, and we go, and I caught the range it's out in the desert don't don't fool yourself out to the reins. We got a spot in the desert. We go out there. And you know, we sit up this I can't even remember what it was big. All I can out there like you know, and it was weighted down. And I you know, I fired off that I never shot a forty four magnum before, at Kenwood straight up in the air about five six feet the aired tumbled down. I just both looked at each other with wow. Now, this is this what we think. Tons of power behind that one man, cool. So you know, I don't know. I don't even know I got a lot to catch up with you on, I think we'll probably going to little bit different interview today because we can always talk about things. But I know. ESPN ESPN wards, man. I know before we got on air, we're talking guy before all this happened. I even know what an ESPN Espy was. But now men, you you're in there. And I gotta say, I'm looking at this cast of characters. And, you know, you've got names like Bush and Scott Dixon, who people consider him, one of the greats of IndyCar. You got Louis Hamilton who is arguably him and Michael Schumacher and a few other some of the best Formula one drivers of all time. I mean, then you are infamy. Lee company Stevo. It's pretty surreal to be able to, to be mentioned or nominated for thing I told you earlier, I didn't even know what Desi ward was. But when your name, it's considered in that list of drivers right there. I mean that's the best of the best, and I it's, it's. Humbling, honestly, just to kind of think somebody thinks that I'm good enough to be nominated to be a good driver. So cruelly just a thing. I mean, the, the last few seasons that we've had. I get all the gory I get to do all the talking but it alternately goes down to just my team. And my crew those guys giving it the best race car on race day, and they're the reason for the success, but it is truly an honor to be able to represent an HR a and, and be nominated for an SBA word. You know that's that's really special and you're, you're in, I'm one of the four that's from every motor sport represented. I think it's pretty pretty dadgum cool. If you ask me, well, you know, what thing I thought, you know, it was really cool about this too, is, I feel like, you know, everybody knows your story. And we've talked about your, your story and things like that will, you know, kind of talk about your last three years, but like you got nominated for this thing, Steve, and it was, like, you know, a lot of lot of series you know that, you know, they're driving gets nominated. And it's like you know it's just another thing I get nominated every year, you know, we'll put out a post. But like I feel like with this, you know, not only Torrance racing, but I've talked on the phone Natalie quite a few times last week, we can half, but NHL. Are a. I mean, this was an all hands on deck, like everybody's like Stevo. We are going to go to bat for this guy. Like that's gotta make you feel pretty humble pretty special because, you know, it's not like you know, you got nominated, and it's a phone in NHRA, and everybody else, they're producing videos are going to bat for you on social media. Like I mean, I know you were talking before, and you've got this whole, like PR campaign, you're doing all these all these radio shows and things like that. Like it's gotta make you feel pretty special that people, I mean, they're going to war for you over this deal. Honestly, it truly does, you know, and, and it's, it's at the end of the day. It's, it's not so much about me, Steve Lawrence's. It is about NHRA and trying to get some recognition to the sport that, that I think kinda gets left to the fat sometimes. And so we're, we're calling all arms and getting everybody involved and really campaign it hard just to just say, even if you're not a Steve towards fan, even if you're not, you know, you root for someone else, it's not so much about me, it's just getting NHRA out there and trying to put put. Our little spot on the map a little bit bigger and get some more recognition so it, it's a great opportunity to, to push drag racing to the front. And, and just get some more people involved with our sport and more fans and, and try to try to promote ourselves and our sport a lot better. So I think that even at the end of the day, if you're not a Steve points fan, but you are drag racing fan. I it would mean a lot to me. I think the sport in general, if we could represent an HR a and possibly go out and win and asked me, well, you know, I think that's one thing I plotted SPN four two is something like this where, you know, you and I both know you know you talk auto racing nature a it's, it's one of the major series but you know you look at the big scheme of things. Mean this is one of the few times a year where, you know, guys from NHRA guys from NASCAR. You know, I mean, they've got professional bowlers and stuff. But there you guys are on the same stage on the same platform as the NFL the NBA major league baseball. I mean that, that doesn't happen very often like, you know, to me, I pod ESP. Men for that because it's like they've created this thing where, you know, you're going to be sitting in a room with some of the LeBron James and some of the greatest, you know, Tom Brady and some of the greatest athletes. We know now and to me, that's really cool that he SPN's created something where you know, it equalizers everybody and everybody's on the same playing field. To be honest with you. It's crazy to me that, that just just what you said, I'm gonna be in the same room is is the big star athletes. And, you know, the Tom Brady's of, of the world, and I don't even know what how I got there to be honest with you, you know, it's just like I said, a lot of support and a lot of people that pushed me to the front, and I just get to be the guy that, that gets the talk and take some of the glory for the torch rice, and KEPCO team. But it it's gonna be pretty cool. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking to go to LA and and, and be in the SP awards show. And just live the experience my life, I have lived a wonderful off, but the last few years have been so eventful just such wonderful and great opportunity that I've been able to have an experience and be part of it. Sometimes you just don't wanna even pinch yourself case. Waco. Up because it's just been a dream so far. And you know, I don't I don't know what I've done or what we're doing any differently. So we're just going to try to keep doing the same thing, but it's pretty bad gum, cool to be able to say, hey, I'm going to the SP awards. I got nominated for one and three weeks ago. I didn't even know what an SP Wardha was so, so it's, it's pretty cool man. Well, you don't know that being said, I mean, we look back at your career. I mean Steve Stevie taking wins before and I mean I go back to, you know, the past couple of years, and, you know, something something happened there in seventeen because in sixteen I think you had a handful of victories, and, you know, and people knew, you know, they knew Steve was always potential to, you know, go in there and win a race. But seventeen there was something happen. You I think you took eight victories air, and you had a hell of a run at the championship until you know, until until you guys had some problems had swapped cars and stuff, kind of hit the fan there, and we all know that story, but then roll into last year I mean you guys were just on another level. And then. This year, you know first couple around you kind of stumbled out of the gate but it's been gas on game on I mean you what like six for last seven rounds. I think you've Launer our events. I mean what happened in seventeen I mean because his team, it was a team that could win. But in seventeen you guys became just dominant. It was like it was like the switch got flipped. You know, honestly, it's, it's it feels the same way to me that appears on the outside. Like you just said the switch cow slipped, and everything just came together. I mean my mindset as driver really just clicked and, and not that I didn't have little glimmers of, of just what else supposed to be doing. But this changed my mindset now really went out with a different attitude a different drive, and in drove the car butter. The guys everything has just really come together. And I don't know one pinpoint thing that I can say, oh, we did this. We did that. But I mean. I mean these guys are just working at the top of their game. And, and I think that being able to have that success and to, to go and do what we've been able to do in seventeen in eighteen is alternate preparation for, for what we're doing even this year, you know. And when you when you live in that, that much intensity, and that much where you have to have that much focus. It's, it's truly trial by fire in, and you just get used to living in the fire so anything else is, is a little solar, paste, and a little more relaxed. And it's like any, it's just human nature to become accustomed to certain levels of stress and certain levels of of, you know, just pressure and that hold mal team. I think we're just working at a different level right now. Not it's not saying that we're better than than than the rest of the guys out there. It's just we've, we've. We've been in this mindset for so long that, you know, we don't know how to get out. I mean you just go out there and you race as hard as you possibly can. And you work is hard as you possibly can spend as much time doing doing what it takes to get it done. And just working at a different level to, to push that you weren't so hard in finally, when you do take up take a breath, there and look up and look around, and we've been able to accomplish, you know, eight eight eight wins in seventeen eleven wins in eighteen and and six win so far this this year in nineteen. There's people that are asking me questions about will, you know, you're, you're in the top ten win list of all time, and you're, you're in position to break this record and do this. And I'm like, man. This is crazy to me that, that if you ask me in two thousand twelve when we started this deal fulltime that I would I would be able to accomplish what we've done how man if I can win one race. We'll be happy and we're looking at, you know, thirty three thirty four races down the road that we've won. And I it's, it's been a I won't say it's been a roller coaster ride because we haven't had a whole lot of downs. We've had a whole lot of ups. But all I can tell you is brother, the good Lord just continues to look after some blesses because without without believing in, in something like that. I mean you can't explain any of this, and we'll be back with more with Steve torts after this on the down and dirty radio show powered by police razor more. W P is more than a store or truck, and Jeep experts and. Been for over fifty years from wheel entire upgrades to custom built for WP has you covered whether you want to water, the best parts online, or shop in store, do the work yourself or get it done by fro all roads, lead to poor w do your rig right, shop online, or find nor store four WP dot com. Looking to have some fun on four wheels. Dirk fish rally school has you covered packing much journaling and adventures. You can handle into high-performance all-wheel-drive unreal. We'll drive Subaru rally cars where the fun begins. Dirt fish just thirty minutes outside of Seattle and Snoqualmie, you'll get a chance to train up to three full days with some of the country's best instructors, and be put through the high octane Russia browley on mud dirt and tarmac. Get started today in call four to five eight eight eight seventy seven fifteen or visit us online at fish dot com and use code nine one one for fifteen percent discount. Thanks for tuning into the down and dirty radio show available live online in syndication on networks across the US and available internationally on the American forces network. And we're back here on the down and dirty radio show, powered by Polaris razor got my good friend in top fuel champion ESPN, SP nominee, Steve Torrance on the lines. Steve do you think and I don't know a lot of guys and girls and in NHRA, you know, this is their day job. You know, we got, you know, you and I got good friends there AB and leeann just down the list. And that's what they do. They are top fuel top fuel driver, Steve. Torrance. That's not what you do man. You work. You got a day job. Do you think that? Do you think that day job actually helps? I mean because you can kind of think is we as race car drivers. We can over think things you don't think you get to tap yourself out of that all week long, not all week long. But, you know, but you know during the season obviously you're you're on the road more often than not. But there's a few days there in the week where you can go, and you can just, you know, jump in some equipment, and, you know, and just kind of take your mind away. Do you think that's actually helped this, where you're not over thinking things, and you can kind of separate yourself from NHRA for a couple of days every week one hundred percent? I think it's, it's it benefits me, I think that it gets me to a different place and focused on something different allow me to unravel my mind off of racing and what's going on there? And then when you're able to do that you work Monday through Thursday, and you go Friday morning to the race track. And, and you're there for one thing, and one thing, only, and that's the race and to try to win and go home and you don't I don't have time to think about what, what else is happening what, what teams? Do and what that teams do and what the points by. I mean. That's the last thing that's on my mind. Monday through Thursday is, is what what's going to what somebody else's doing? I mean I you know, I talked to the guys at the race shop, and make sure that they have everything they need and try to accommodate any any questions or things that I can do to help them. But other than that, that thing runs, they run it the way that it should be and handle it. And so we just show up at the race track and drive and and, and run the business aspect of tracing and, and CAPCO but you know, as far as the what's going on in the daily world of drag racing, and the rumor meal, and all of those things that are distractions it I it doesn't affect me. So I think that I think that that plays into my favorite well, and we're gonna take you said we go to the racetrack and I wanna wanna mention because we I know your dad Billy, he's going to the race track a bit this year, and he sounded some success. I mean you know, obviously we've seen. You kind of the last couple years, kinda take over. But I gotta tell you the rest of top fuel the top fuel, you know, community pretty happy, your dad's only on a part time basis, because I think if they had to torn scars fulltime are CAPCO cars. I don't know that they would they would actually like that. St. but I mean, what when you are you take your dad and success? He's added. I mean man, when you go up against him in a final round. Like you did earlier this year. Man, that's that's got to be something really special for you guys. Brother. I'm with all the mother drivers. I'm glad he ain't running schedule either. Not Chris bath. He I'll tell you what. You know, it's, it's, it's pretty cool to say that. My situation is one eighty from everybody else. Typically, you know, or or most of the drivers that have that have raised as a family burn stain, or some of these other guys that you teach your kid how to how to drive the race car. And you know, then you kinda school and you go through it will dad did that up until alcohol? And then then top fuel so he went from from sportsman cars to, to drive in the fuel card. And I've, I've tried to teach them everything, I know and, and help them through the through the course of of, you know, is his career, and it's been really cool to watch. I mean anything he does everything like I do. And, and, and sometimes better here like, well, how'd you do this? I'll hell. That's what you're talking to do it. I'm like, well, I forgot I even knew how to do that. But they just he's, he's done an exceptional job. And then when you think that. He'll race this weekend. Skip a couple races. And then raised another weekend. And then maybe go three or four races. And come back and get in the car, and, and how well he drives not only just driving the car down the track, and being on top of things, but getting in there and, and being good on the tree. I mean he's he's he does a great job and it takes. You know, you'd think these things are probably pretty easy to drive extending the gas driving straight line, and let off and hit the parachutes will I'd welcome anybody that wanted to try and more than more than half of them would not even wanna be in it after cranked up. You know, and to, to then it and have the, the mental aptitude and just confidence to to go up there concentrate on what the job is hand hit the gas and be going one hundred miles an hour, unless the second second and still have a good reaction time and drive the thing down through there and be able to feel spend the tire and federal it, and, and do all the things that. He's been able to do. I'm really really proud of my dad. Yeah. Well, you talk about, you know, having aptitude to do it. I, I gotta tell you. You know, I watch what happens inside inside your cockpit there. And there's a lot happening in three or four seconds. I mean there's a lot happening. You guys are left, right. Moving this that. And I don't think people, I think people on TV, they just watch and see, like you said a straight line, but I don't think they get what it actually takes a guy like you to keep that cargo straight at three hundred plus miles an hour for three or four seconds. You know you you're absolutely right there. And, and even for me doing it as long as I have. I mean, I, I kinda downplay it and here the other day, I was showing my dad some he was asking what I did. And I'm like, I don't really know. So I went back and found some in-car footage that we had from from testing and there is a lot going on. I mean you're pulling the high side stepping off the clutch pumping the brake hit the gas you drive down through there. You know. And and you're you're riding on the senior fans to feel anything in case it happens to, to get off the throttle or whatever you wanna do. And then you're hitting the parachutes a couple of hundred feet before the finish line to make sure that they come out on time, because it takes about three hundred feet for these things to open after you deploy him you're traveling, you're moving so fast. So I it's just there's a lot happening in less than four seconds to, to get that car from point. Two point be in straight in a straight lot. So, yeah, when you when you do it all the time, they think, oh, have hit the gas, go the end slow down. Well, then you go back and look at that entire footage and you're like man. There's a lot of stuff going on. Yeah. So they're going to ask you, you know, I know one of my favorite things every single week. And I say that every week because it seems like it's becoming every week thing would always on Twitter. There's always a post. You guys are taking the plane back to Kilgore, and it's always bringing another Wally to kill you and that, and, you know, momma k and Billy, you always in the plane going and everybody's smile, and it's become one of my favorite pictures every single week because I mean you guys are, so my favorite people and always puts a smile on my face. But I gotta ask, what does everybody in Kilgore Texas, what's going on here Steve with these SP's and everything else? I mean because I know how it is to be in a small town. And everybody treats you just the way they've always treated, you, but also know they gotta be pretty, pretty damn stoked on what's going on. Yeah. You know, the support from the whole entire community Kilgore Henderson tile along the all just the, the whole east Texas area. It has been a big support. And you know, it's people that have never met me, but they're rooting for the hometown guy. And, and then you've got fans that I, I don't even know that I see in restaurants and stuff that come up say man, are you Steve doors? We want you every weekend. So I it's been pretty cool and this afternoon, I'm going to get hurt at the barber shop. So I'm sure that I'll catch up on all the, the info and everybody because there's, you know, some people that and saying since the nomination so that'd be pretty neat. But it's. You know, living in small town, Texas, and Kilgore. And just having having the support is, is. You know, it's humbling, because I've grown up in this community and to see the support that people put in buying and, you know, not only when things are bad. When things are good that they're cheering for you. And right there with you, and wanting to wanting to see east Texas boy, you know, do well, so it, it's been pretty cool. Yeah. All right. One more question for you. Let you go. And this is just me shooting from the hip here. But I know you got to hobbies obviously nature top fuel in hunting. So I, I know you've got some trophies before, you know, when, when you're hunting, and I also know you've got quite a few trophies in NHRA. So I you know trophy, elk trophy, buck, Steve or NHRA championship. I mean, what you know, I don't wanna say pick one or the other. But what's the feeling you get kind of the same feeling when either way? Brother. I can only say that I've would would would one top fuel championship. There's no amount of trophy animals that compares to, to what it takes. At the end of the day, you know, a trophy is, is not so much the animal you Harv center, the trophy, you got, but the experience and what it took to get there, you know, and, and a lot of people get a lot of people been the, the whole hunting thing wrong and, and, and say, oh, why did you go hunt much kill the animal will first and foremost, I'm gonna eat that animal. And Secondly, it was an experience of going out and being in the wild and you know doing that. But this I'm looking in the corner office right now this world championship trophy, and, and there's, there's ten other guys that I share that experience with. And, and everyone of us have a different memory and some of us have the same exact memories. But it's all story and a book in chapter of our lives that led to that moment that resembles it. So I'm gonna tell you by far. It was a year long experience. It was twenty four races. It was eleven final rounds. It was the last round at Pomona against Tony few muck or the Sarge the most dominant top fuel driver ever, and beating him on a whole shot and winning six for six. I mean there's just all of those memories are represented in that trophy. So I'm gonna have to tell you about far top fuel world championship is the greatest so Heddon to ESPN SP's and a couple of weeks, we want everybody to go over to ESPN side. I got you got it up on your social media. I've got it up on mine in each a dozen things. H R, A dot com slash vote. Steve Steve head into the SP's. You got a new cowboy hat. Are you pulling out oh faithful? I tell you what we may not rock, the cowboy hat to the SP's, if I don't know what to expect, and I don't wanna have to carry that thing around women. So we're probably just gonna go. Everything like we did for the banquet minus the cowboy hat. All right. Well, thank you, Steve fund, my friend. I appreciate it. And we are definitely vote in every day for you. Buddy hope to see you on top there at the Espy's and L A. Thank you very much appreciate it. And it was good being on, and Steve Torrance, never disappoint speak. Thanks to him, for taking the time to come on the show, you know, and I call them my brother and things like that, you know, and, and honestly true store you go back a year and a half. I didn't know Steve at all. I knew of St. but I didn't know Steve at all never interviewed him before anything until razor star car. And we had an Tron Brown. Steve Torrance, come in and man, you know Steve immediately. You know, we had him out here in desert and Parker for testing and immediately. It was one of those things where I went, wow. This guy like you know, he and I just clicked he's gonna Texan, boy, a blue-collar grinded out earned everything. He's got. And you know, Stephen, I got to know each other and. You know, I ended up eat obviously, had him in star car to talk with him, and, you know and it quite a bit. Get to know him went out to the NHRA four wides there in Vegas, only van Vietnam, I went out there, spend some time with him in the whole family got to know Billy momma, k the whole team, obviously Natalie Janke there that, that is what horns racing. Become a very good friend of mine, and Gary Pritchett works for Steve torn Lee pritchett's husband works for Steve Torrance, I've got to know him and you know, just the entire towards racing team. Just an absolute great group of people. I mean, definitely part of my NHRA family and, and they've welcomed with open arms. And honestly, you know, we started doing a lot of any cherry content coverage on the show, a live at honestly, is because of Anton, Steve and just how the nature community has opened their arms to me. And, you know, obviously, you know you saw my pictures on Instagram and that Don Schumacher racing had some time that you'll have the opportunity, spent some time there shopping. Indie when I was there for the GP, but honestly, it's, it's just been been a breath of fresh air to deal with just a organization like torn racing. Steve gets no him, you know, just just so so much fun. I think the world ham, and seriously, if you guys have already NHRA dot com slash votes. Steve get your vote in you can do it once a day there on the site because he's up for ESPN Espy nomination and man he deserves it. If anybody does all right, we're gonna take a short break. We'll be back after this on the down and dirty radio show. Powered by police razor looking to have some fun on four wheels. Dirk fish rally school has you covered packing as much Drennan and adventures. You can handle into high-performance all wheel drive in Rio. We'll drive Subaru rally cars where the fun begins. Dirt fish just thirty minutes outside of Seattle and Snoqualmie, you'll get a chance to train up to three full days with some of the country's best instructors be put through the high octane Russia rally on mud dirt and tarmac. Get started today in call four to five eight eight eight seventy seven v. Eighteen or visit us online at Dirk, fish dot com and use code nine one one for fifteen percent discount. The sound of sports the sound of the race drive and the sound of your vehicle. Don't drive around listening to biz drive around listening to the sound of performance Gibson performance kitchen performance exhaust is the company who can turn this. Remember that visible about, so and gives an exhausting the sound of performance account, your next cat back exhaust system. The exhausted gifts it performance dot com. Get more and more. Thanks for tuning into the down and dirty radio show available live online in syndication on networks across the US and available internationally on the American forces network. All right. We're here to wrap things up on the down and dirty radio show. Powered by police razor for today. Big shot to all of my guests. Thanks, Tiffany stone, Chris Leoni for all their help and support that they do every single week. Big thanks to my boy, Steve Torrance for calling into the show as well as Colton. Herta thanks to everybody there at her to, you know, it's time burn racing. Sorry. Harding, Steinbrenner racing heard a, that's a different team in the paddock. Right. But yeah, thanks to everybody that's helped out mixture and go over to injury dot com dash boat, Steve and Phil from boy, Steve Torrance, get those votes in, you can vote every single day. And, you know, going to be tuned into watch ESPN SP's on television to see, hopefully, see Steve. Get crown, but yeah, make sure Gobert I tunes. Subscribe to this show, right review and subscribe checkout project action as well. And make sure and check out the full parts down under the show road. Addition each and every week. You know, we've and we've got project action, I got all kinds of shows tickets out on the web Downunder show dot com at Jimmy fifteen on social media. Big players, raise their general tire four wheel parts vision wheel, my medic dot com. He's a coupon code Jim beaver to get fifteen percent off at my medic dot com. Gibson exhaust, dirt fish motorshow pro good friends at super ATV. And if you're looking for fifteen percent off at dirt fish, make sure and use the coupon code J B, dirt fish, and that will get you fifteen percents off any and all classes. Thanks to everybody that has use that coupon code and keep spreading the word. Man. I love to absolutely love, love love, you know when you guys use that coupon code. They know hey you tune into the down and dirty radio show that is right? So, yeah, and I am taking a break next week, don't forget, but we will have project action dropping, but I'll be on social media. Be answering fan questions, make sure and hit me up. And if you've got any guess suggestions, let me know because we got up number four hundred coming up, and I'd like to get the biggest and best back on for that. All right. We'll see you next week right here on the down and dirty radio show, powered by Polaris razor. There's a difference between doing yourself and do it for a living at the Home Depot. We get that. And we're hued help froze, get the job done with the products and brands you trust technology to keep your job on track job site, delivery, to save you time at both pricing on over four thousand items every day to save you money when you've got a job, we're on the job. The Home Depot. More saving. More doing.

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NFC Southern Discomfort

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1:17:20 hr | Last month

NFC Southern Discomfort

"Before we get started today wanted to remind you guys at the meantime show. Featuring lenny is fueled by gatorade whatever path you take greatness. Gatorade is there to fuel. It greatness starts with g also. Black history always is a new podcast. In partnership with undefeated that takes a deep dive into the stories of now and tomorrow from a black aperture that will empower and inspire hosted by clinton yates rate review and follow black. History always finally espn plus subscribers. Join an espn plus fantasy football league for a chance to win two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Sweepstakes is us only eighteen and older no purchase necessary visit espn dot com slash. Espn plus football rules for full details official rules combat communication show featuring lenny the only apple podcast were one of the hosts is triggered by hard knocks. He's also triggered by the doorbell and pretty much anyone with a delivery. That's lenny kinds. I thought that would get a laugh from stephen. Rees was real did. Did you snicker. There was a bit of a thinker. I it took me like two seconds. But once i got it does a good job is there's levels heart of it where they were taping on tuesday. Hard knocks debut tonight. We watched the pre promo on highly questionable this morning and nothing happens but the music is so dramatic that you re remember all right hard axa music can make like dude stretching look cool do dog star and it's like there's really you know for all the usual cowboys insanity because deck. I guess he's heard or whatever he's resting his shoulder but there's not the drama. I think that sometimes associated the cavaliers still gonna watch. yeah and you get a lay schreiber. Yes giving me the music. I don't care it could be like the bengals. The the worst. Nfl team ever. I'd watch it speaking of the bengals. Actually i was going to make a joke about talking about the sam. Etlinger take easing quarterback battle which we actually broke down today in detail on. Nf alive because that's where the colts our next week is. The afc south stephen ivan pudding division off like every week like over and over with field. Yates is gonna come on. And it really like i almost feel like i should put it off until like literally the week before the beginning of the season. Because there's so much it's just the craziest division. I also wish we had preseason to talk about the nfc south. Because i think james winstons gonna win. Lend he's got a lock down for the saints like. I'm not sure i lake. Let let's start with the saints. Like where is your head at when it comes to the jameis. Winston tastes hill quarterback battle. Because you m me that you were watching tastes. Soms starts which incredible commitment to the show. I'll say that i. Yeah i i have to say. I think james is going to win. Just based on the lack of training camp hype. We've heard about hill. Just doing okay. I feel like we'd hear hype from like saints. Reporters but shawn payne would be doing victory laps. Yeah you'd be thrown in. Everyone's face like he wants us to happen so bad. It's just it's it's not going to happen. That's my little preview. Of what i'm gonna say about the saints. I think the saints have actually have a lot of drama around them Not just the quarterback competition. But the speaking of sean payton the fact that michael thomas like delayed his surgery. I hope i'm representing it correctly and peyton came out and said it was weird to him. I don't want again. I don't have his words in front of me. But he's basically questioned the decision because it means that Thomas is going to be out several weeks to start the season and you know starting the earliest. I actually think that makes it more likely that winston is gonna start not just because tastes hill might actually be needed as a pass catcher but because when you look at the The depth behind thomas death feels like the wrong word. It's so thin like you're talking about your your one and two are probably trae. Kwan smith and alvin kamara and we watched hill last year he bear he basically ignored alvin. Kamara because he would just kind of run instead of tracking down and was incredibly dependent on plaques and passes to michael thomas trae smith like who's been on the verge of breaking out now for several years. I think the way you optimize him is his ability to prove out. I guess like ideally take the top off and takes him hill. Can't get the ball there so the people that they have like the person very very thin personnel. They have. I would think favors winston. But that's a pretty sad case. Yeah right when you said that there was just a thunderstorm. Starting in dc very ominous tracks. Like i don't know but there's like some marquez. Calloway hype. I've seen i've seen that fantasy nerds it but i did. I did make me watch like some of his targets. And he has he has. Some juicy has a little bit of juicy return guy but if micheal thomas is in here forget about tasting hill has any quarterback make this work. Yes i don't think they do and like you said tastes hill was zeroed in on michael. Thomas like forget about albums. i don't think tastes hill realized there was anyone else on the field. Besides him and michael. Thomas based on how you navigated the pocket at times but if he's not there the offense how it was designed last year. I don't know if it's going to evolve because it has there has been offseason but based on how it was designed for last season. It just doesn't work without thomas per hell. You mean for tatum. Hill yeah in. The four games are really weird. Like don't pull statistics from those games guys like you don't mean anything. i mean. there was that weird. He was in the denver game where they were playing. You know what's his name. Kendall hinton at quarterback so he was in that game it was like one of those disgusting football games perceive no no-fence hidden by the and then he had the falcons games that were weird and unlike some of the yards i thrown off because there was like a couple underthrown deep balls. That were weirdly caught. You remember like the us standard. And he's just like a really weird you know. I think by the way speaking of fantasy. I traded adam trautmann last year. And i am miserable about it because he also has a case for being a number one in this offense but yeah it's i wanna be clear like were not. This is not like a. I'm not saying. James is is going to like the world on fire or that he even should be an nfl starter though based on what we saw from him or less fears. He's probably like the twentieth best quarterback in the nfl. I guess but it is a relative thing. I think the only like concern i have. Is that without michael. Thomas winstons gonna look so bad that they might end up like ping pong between them. Here's the dutch art. I'm just so. But after thomas you've got trick wants to you mentioned calloway. Deontay harris who i think is hurt or suspended. Maybe oh yet arrest in the summer so he might be suspended. Duan johnson. Lil jordan humphry. Chris hogan of lacrosse fame would you. I don't even know if they have the draft capital trade for james washington. But you gotta imagine there on the phone. I mean you could move. I don't know how do you go into the season with this receiver group. Like i guess you just bank on thomas coming back and then thomas comes back and stays healthy and then returns to form because we haven't seen that in two years now because he didn't really he was banged up last year. He was good when he played. But i dunno just becomes a little dicey. I think the one thing i will say is that i like adam trout troutman i think because they traded might also like it was a desperation. I to tighten number one. And i watched i watched as targets to and he had one route that ran on. I might have been dion jones. It was a falcons linebacker. But it was as good as i've seen from a big tight end like that so i think he has something to him. I don't know if it's gonna take another year or two before. He finally breaks out. But i think he's a piece. They thought they could build the passing game around if they had time like. If they had a michael thomas delina on this year. But they're not going to have that. And now i'm wondering what this offense looks like because you made the argument that this benefits this might benefit james more. But i wonder if sean payton just looks like we're not going to have a passing game we have to commit. We have to go wholesale found on game. Yeah i i honestly i like. I'm very steadfastly in favor of james winston right. I don't think tastes hills real. Nfl quarterback but honestly if you made that argument i might buy it like the way to run this off my concern about i guess. My suspicion of that is that tears things hill. Fumbles a lot or like we as much grief as we give. James for the turnovers deservedly hill had the third most fumbles in the nfl last year and he played four games in quarterback. So that's optimal and you got to think that number's going to go up and also i don't. I think the defense is gonna obvious is going to be challenged so it's almost like just go yo and go for the explosive plays and see what happens but again. I feel a lot better about that argument if wide receiver group isn't what it was or isn't what it is like you can see. The thing is more thomas injury you could see a universe in which this offense could actually better than they were last year. Right like silla. Very good offenses lines. So one of the best offensive lines in the nfl. Obviously cameras incredible. And you know you could be hoping that either smoother calorie would break out trautmann again. Being in like number. Three action is like a very enticing. But you take michael thomas out the equation said this on our one of our shows the other day. He's not the best wide receiver in the nfl but he is by far the most important like in any offense because without him. It's just metal ole like if you can be that. He is like if they trade. For james watt seventy yards every week. It's james washington the number one relief zico from being the steelers for two the saints number. One i think he would have to be just by default if before you did any research for this pod and someone quizzed you on like named four saints receivers. How many would you be able to name besides thomas. Drake weinstein's out right. Little jordan humphries on their well come on little george. Yeah but yeah. I mean calloway maybe if i was really like on my game But that's it. It's like you just woke up like an hour ago. You're not calloway wanna throw out like a crazy idea. So let's say they don't trade for dame's washington what about like zakar like go all in on the tight ends. I'm just spitballing here. I'm just throwing stuff against the wall. I'm just a girl that chart asking it to something. Because he wants out. I feel like mickey loomis would be down to do it. No matter what the prices the he's just like a wheeler dealer works. Because i do think they're kind of building this offense where they can have a lot of tight ends on the field. I think that was the plan. Just because of didn't have options at receiver. And i think that gives sean payton enough flexibility where he can like mix and match and go hurry up and just catch based defenses on the field and spread things out. I think he's someone that would wanna do that. So i think that would make more sense actually than a. james washington who might redundant with smith early on the roster. Yeah yes. I hurts his voice and learns skill set. Michael thomas the like you know in terms of like just foyer boys even the chains moving. It makes sense another big piece of saints news. Today patrons retired Which normally would not be a massive piece of news for. I mean i mean. That's that's that's a wrong way to put it. What i want to say is it's not the equivalent of losing michael thomas by any means but because of the depth on the defensive side of the ball it is massively impactful the cap israel folks. And if you don't believe it look at the saints twenty twenty roster and then look at the saints 2021 roster just across the board there are some issues holes deaf concerns and working back to front without robinson now opposite marshon lattimore whose performances kind of dipped off. You're looking at either. Prince amukamara always feel like i've sayings name wrong Ken crawley's there. The guy who drafted paulson deyb. Oh who out of oregon right. Who didn't play last year was stanford. Am i confusing. Pac twelve teams. Okay so didn't play last year. Cj garnered the johnson's law. But i mean it's it's so we're talking about them trading for a tight end or a wide receiver. I think they also need a veteran. Cornerback like the death is just wolf or maybe a second year. Cornerback from jacksonville. Go alon jay henderson be available. I think he fits what they've traded for in the past when they've traded for this position a- corner who specializes man coverage. I don't know c. J. anderson seems to be on the outs and jacksonville seems to be available. I don't know if he would make michael. Thomas available metrics. I think he's pretty untradable based on his contract. Yes it's with the saints. Yeah cap situation. But i think you could make a deal. Where if urban meyer seems to be a guy who decides who is his guide. Who's not his guy in. If henderson is already on the outside. I don't know maybe he's available. But i will say this and this was before the robinson retirement. I had written down in my notes. I i wasn't so concerned about the cornerback. That because they do play a ton of safeties like forget about big nickel that three series on the field. They play four safeties at a time. Two hundred one snaps last year with four safeties and only two quarterbacks. And i think they can hold up garnered johnson. I think is one of the best lot defenders in the league. When you watch him against chris godwin he was the guy that guard chris. God i think chris dodd went only had like four catches against malcolm jenkins is a little more tricky because he is getting up there in age. And how long can he run with tight ends. I don't know he still look decent last year. But if malcolm jacobs can play in hold up in the slot. I think cornerback becomes less of an issue especially if they can swing a trade for a player that can start. Yeah henderson yeah. I think that's fair. I'm also curious to see if there's any changes on the defense mentioned last actually The departure of aaron glenn. Who was i mean. Obviously dennis allen their defensive coordinator is still there but the saints you mentioned. They play a lot of time. They play a ton of man they blitz a lot and that is sort of. I think that's less philosophical and more product of the personnel available to them. And suddenly when you start to take away starters and have guys leave like janoris jenkins in the back should've mentioned in the up front. There's a few losses. I do wonder if they'll be a little bit more conservative. So yeah. I guess i'll just mentioned like the so trey. Hendrickson has gone which basically puts more pressure on marcus davenport to step up step up. They did draft and other pass rusher which was a surprise to a lot of people peyton turner so i think there find it at at edge but defensive tackle is an issue i feel gonna be so dramatic and my boys were like or like but it is. I mean this by the way. We're timing defense. That was incredible. It's been incredible and run defense for years now for the last few years. Incredible in a lot of ways but this is sort of like what you start taking the jenga blocks and all of a sudden okay. It's like you got shuttle and david on yamada but wait. David matas suspended for six games. So i guess like you need malcolm roach to ship strap because sheldon rankings is gone linebacker still fine. I think home. I yeah. Demaro davis one of the most underrated car linebackers in the nfl. They probably need a little bit. More from zach bonnin quantum alexandra Warner which. I don't really understand but it really is like you. Just start taking these guys out. And all of a sudden it becomes unclear where the productions gonna come from. Football's violent sport. And when you don't have depth in your third their defense kind of trends older too. I would say in some key spots. Cameron jordan is getting up there. Davis is getting up there. Malcolm jenkins i think these young guys are going to have to play. And i just don't trust jalen dalton. Who is a guy. That i had not heard of before. I just brought up. The arl adds depth chart albert huggins. Have you ever heard of this man. Just hire brunson. Like i don't know these people. And i think with how they play defense do play a lot of too high and like you said they might have to even get even more conservative on the back because they don't have the corners they're going to have to leave those big bodies in there to defend the run on their own and without any mata for those first six games. I don't know how that works out. And if they lose ground to the bucks early. I don't think they're ever going to catch up because he do have so many holes in question marks on the offense. We don't know what that offense is gonna look like the one thing they could always rely on. Whether jew brees is arm looked good or not was he wasn't gonna turn the ball over. He wasn't gonna take sacks and they no longer have it so. Let's paint the optimistic case. I'd say on offense. The optimistic aces. Thomas is in out that long and then you get that sort of you know. Yeah there's a little more volatility but james brings more of an explosive passing attack behind a very good offense flying very good run game and the deep threats like drake. One smith finally breaks out with by the way. This is the last receiver the saints drafted until the latest when they took guy at the very end since two thousand eighteen is when they drafted trae. Quantum is so like the saints. Like y'all have not been stocking. The cupboard covered covered with receivers for quite some time. So anyways optimism so that i can see that an offense basically the optimistic case centers around michael. Thomas gone back sooner rather than later on defense. I think it's another breakout right. Like marcus davenport cement. He he compensates for the loss of trey hendrickson which totally plausible. I think the run defense with only model out for those first six games is going to be rough. But you still have good players in the secondary marcus williams still very good play on the tag and marshon lattimore returns to form. I guess a day bo is is albert corner leg. that's nothing. i said. His dad crazy. It could happen recently. I'm not worried about the defense. As much as i am about offense because i think dennis allen for some reason he's still underrated even though they put together good defenses. When that was like the whole thing in new orleans right was like. Oh they only got a defensive. Dennis allen comes along. They have like top ten de france every year for the last three years. I think he's one of the the sharper. Defensive coordinator like you watch them play. And he's doing a lot of the stuff that guys like brennan staley get a lot of credit for and get a lot of articles written about him. And you never really get that dennis allen. I don't know why maybe it's just. The offense overshadows them and then my reason for optimism is sean payton. We seen before the saints had michael thomas and when they're receiving core was kind of suspect even when you breezes out they had good games i think luke mccown started for them against the the panthers seen that went to the super bowl and almost beat them and like put up drew. Brees type numbers. So i'm not counting out sean. Payton and i think james is talented enough and maybe painting can really him in a bit and avoid those interceptions. If that happens. I think they can be a playoff contender. I don't think they're anywhere. Close to the bucks anymore. No but maybe maybe they can grab a wildcard spot. I don't know just because nfc west going to beat up on each other. The first six games are the packers the panthers the patriots giants washington in seattle. There's i would say like. It's not impossible to go. Five hundred against that group with the panthers giants washington the mix not impossible. I think that's the key though for this team is like they got a hold down the four and get to week seven or whatever. Yeah so i probably should have started by saying the bucks are going to wipe the floor with by them the end. Let's talk about the falcons. So the falcons. Okay let's start. Let's start with the good stuff. Because i feel like i'm being really negative. Let's put up the defense for a second Matt ryan really positive. This is a team that when one and eight in one score games last year and had the toughest schedule and football they do have the london game the only team in the conference to have a home game in london which sucks but regression should work in their favor. I also think like we could see a rejuvenated matt ryan so matt ryan like is coming off with statistical down year in which he ranked pretty much average ish in like every category right like somewhere in that lake twelve to eighteen range no matter how you slice it but it sounds crazy to say like a guy. Losing jones is going to be rejuvenated. But i actually think first of all. He didn't always have jones last year. So there's that. I think this is the first time he has a this is the best playcallers absent shannon riley and who also is the person who's an offense caller his head coach. I think that's going to be fantastic. The run game was a nightmare. Last your. I think it's probably going to be better. I kind of wish. They had drafted a running back. Leaning on mike davis and i also think like i i don't want to lean put too much stock in let kyle pits is going to break the nfl. But i think the combination of kyle pits and arthur smith is just so made in the stars that i think it's going to be pretty pretty nice format i think kyle pits ends up getting those. Aj brown targets. Yes i think like. The the more intuitive thing would be really replaces brown in this offense but they didn't really win in the same spots of the field like was a downfield guy. Eighty brown caught a lot of short in breaking routes did stuff after the catch. I think how pitch you can get that. And that's why. I'm a little more optimistic about this offense. I know people have looked at the depth chart and the offensive line. And they've kind of written team off because we just expect if they're gonna win anything. The offense has to be really good and has the carry the defense. I think it's possible that they're that good. I think arthur smith changes things that much. It's not just that they gained arthur smith. They lost their cutter. Who i think was the game had passed them by like you could just look at their play action usage. How they ran on second down second long a lot he just. I don't know. I think he held his team back. And people don't realize that their defensive de vito has been better over the last two years and their offense wasn't defense holdings team back. It wasn't an offense. It's weird because it's so strange using the defense being so terrible we'll get to the defense. You mentioned play action. By the way matt ryan. The one of the staff didn't jump out his. He had the third highest difference in completion percentage when he used play action in in favor of using more play action. And you know like arthur. Smith i you. You mentioned the offensive line. I there's concerns. the fact that kayla mcgarry is hurt. And i guess you're looking at a position battle between jalen mayfield who they drafted and willie beavers who. I'm not gonna lie. I didn't know That's concerning but i think the change in the rushing game to more of that sort of split zone inside zone attack will benefit the personnel socks that they're losing alex smith people who are smarter than me. Tell me that drew domine the center out of snap. Sanford is good and fits walnut. But i think i think this is just an example of offense. Where like as you said like scheme. Go a long way towards getting more out of these players. I think that's a one thing people don't talk about when they're talking about play action and the benefits is that it can make up for a suspect. Offense live pass bro because it slows. Down the pass rush. That's one thing you look at any team. The more you run play action the better. Your pass protection is so. I think that's one area where they can. Kind of fudge things. Arthur smith just with playcalling kind of coach around that that weakness. And then that's how you get the most out out of ridley in pits. And a i think matt ryan still has a lot left. I think he still has a year or two of good high level. Play like matt. Ryan has been that quarterback where his situation has changed a lot over the last four years. Ever since two thousand sixteen are you can go back to two thousand fifteen when he had that bad year before the mvp year. And he's kind of just his performance has been the same. It's just the things around him have changed. And i think he still that quarterback he was in two thousand sixteen. Maybe the arm strength is a little bit gone but everything else is still there. I think he's one of the smarter quarterbacks in the league and getting to play in this offense which kind of defines things for you over the middle of the field. I think. I think it's really going to allow him to get back to where he was not. He's not going to get to those heights. Statistically in two thousand sixteen. But i think. We're gonna start talking about him as one of the better quarterbacks in the league again we kind of stopped last year. Yeah thank you kind of moved outside the top ten whereas being kind of in that range for a while i think yeah e. plaques and helping the offensive line great point like things like more motion right which again arthur smith used a high rate. That's you know we'll see how much it helps man like. I'll tell you what that's going to help the run game like this is a run rushing attack ranked twenty ninth in the last year. And you know some of that had to do with like boy that early signing but the run blocking was not great but again i think like it's going to look better things to play. Action sets up the run and helps. I think all of this is going to work together a lot better. It's it's a bummer. Because like if they still had julio realize wanted out and all that. I think you could make a case for this being a top five to ten offense in the nfl. I think now maybe ten is feasible. Like maybe you know yeah. I would say that they're going to be a french. Top ten often fringe. I like the titan. I like the tight ends that they have like evenly smith. He's not a guy that's gonna catch passes but he's a great blocker hating hers. I think could be john smith type like you get those targets and get the screen passes and the little slip brownstown flat and then cal i said said i think he's aj brown. And then calvin really can. He's better than for davis. But i think those are the routes. He's gonna run. He's going to be the downfield guy. That corey davis always run in that. Titans offense yet totally. Yes i think the pieces there. As long as offense just doesn't ruin everything and i think smith is gonna make up for that. Why did dean pees come out of retirement to coach defense. I if it was me is like okay. You know how In movies where like a retired hitman comes back for one last job and it's always like a crazy job and like but he like can't resist the challenge. That's the only explanation i come up for. I know his sons on the so. I know that's a real explanation but like it is. Oh challenge this debt. I didn't realize that much of what we do this. You're looking at the depth chart and you're like the secondary this is where do you think is ranked in the nfl. Secondary's off the top of my head. The worst right. It's it's the worst. Oh good people are going to be so mad at. This is but yeah. We were optimistic about. Were fans realize defense is like i. I honestly think you're onto. Something with dean pees like i was doing a project last off season when i was writing about pass rush. And he was one of the guys i wrote about it and i was listening to this podcast interviews with him and he was saying how he actually likes it better when he doesn't have any talent at edge rusher because he gets the dross. Cool stuff everybody's gonna blitz in his hands full with this offense. You're going to get to do. You're going to get real creative with this defense. i just. I don't see how it works. Even i have a lot of respect for. He's good coach. He's one of the more canadian coaches but good lord man he's going to have don't know maybe it's like one last job less one last job and more like an episode of chopped. I feel like he came out and if you ever watch shop at. He's got like gummy bears of some like artichokes and he has to make dessert out of this darker and say maybe it's a leaving las vegas situation. Just leave the stuff. Okay back different front. Let's go back to flannigan. Aj terrell good. I mean a good but up and down but promising moments none. None of the records are good so we last year except for like jerry needs so there was like a weird learning curve aggressively and i think. Hdl showed enough to where they can feel decent about him. That's pretty much it. Man i mean i guess fabian. Moreau's probably gonna start. He had he was in washington for a while as he had oliver still in the slot. They drafted richie grant who is forty-five people. Hey want to do that job because all square square actually good safety at ucf. He's like he's like the new kano. Neil i mean he's very physical and on the first depth chart isaiah oliver. Oliver was on the second team which is a red flag. If he's getting he has to be able to play brought in like some real nfl players drawn harmon. And eric harris also are playing safety. And they're fine. I am. I missing anyone. Those who was wait who was isaiah oliver behind sheffield. I think it was miro actually. Okay yeah starting. They should trade for example. I don't know if they're trying to win now. I can't tell which by the way like worst stepping back and taking the fifty thousand foot view of this team. How do you look at this defender defensive rosser and think oh yes. A tight end with four. That's the move right. I don't get first of all. Like i know we're going to have the on the analogies but like you know the. What is the movie from. Well beyond say walk away from the flames. Forget the movie the beyond say walking away from the flames. Has anyone photoshop. thomas dmitrov face onto beyond say because like dude. I feel like the falcons fans. Should i mean. I'm being too excessive. You know what i'm gonna. I'm gonna dial back. I think i'm back back. Linebacker is the strength on the seabeds. He's only nice. I do like the linebacker on jones. the other guy. I'm forgetting his name yell lead. Yeah yeah y'all football legend real. He's good like i watched them. I didn't think it was bad. You got two linebackers to work with you. Got great jared still a i work with their what Look i'm regaining strength and ability to be excited. I'm excited to see. Dean piece. does with johnson who are both good bass raiders. Like you know. He's he's kind of split split split splits. There's a quote out there from dean pees. He said everybody on the defenses blitzing like that earlier but he said it to young and got a question for you. Matt ryan's gonna get some. Some saks signed his contract on may third two thousand eighteen. How many times do you think he's restructured. God three four times. He did it twice in one offseason. Dementia rock you can't get away with this. You can't get away. you ought the fire. Aaron rodgers is going for a similar thing in green bay. Like my way of explaining the randall. Cobb thing yeah take them with deals other ran okaz not on a multi year jealousy. I don't know probably not so. That'd be pretty funny. It's like putting rocks on the ship and then jumping off so at pass rush. I asked our friend charles mcdonald. Who is a fan of the falcons If jacob twenty mariner was the second best pass rusher. I meant it sort of mainly but i also think it might be true. Greg jarrett still awesome. So they're obviously with About about with. Ps it's gonna be a three or four so you're going to see i guess in this aaron donald roll which makes sense from is like on the rest of that defensive line study hours tightly the best segments rusher the optimist case for the falcons would be that marlon davidson who they drafted in a second round last year and hasn't played. He's been kinda on and off that he breaks. Because i think there's there's some optimism around him as sort of playing next to great jared. Yeah i think what do they have. To what level do they have to get to top twenty defense for them. Yes i say top twenty. I think ps can. He did with the titans two years ago when they went on that playoff. Run talk about a guy who's really good in the playoffs there reverse case where like you walked away and everyone was like. Oh do like you know these days right but yeah i top twenty feels about right. It really bothers me that they have in the defensive line named davison and davidson feels slink. Troll young tyler. Davidson's name is conflict. Breaks my brain because like tyler is spelled differently to test. I mentioned to michael junior and mike. I hope he is okay with me. Sharing this dude basically ended my career. Now's like what. And he's like noon and night and like in a mean way but like literally they were going up against each other and he'd just straight up bulldozed him like in camp in and that that was curtains for for our boy. That's got that's got to be such a weird feeling for like someone like mike who like played at a high level but like guys in the nfl that we kind of like just right off like who's on this. I know i i do. Think by the way gig optimism returning. I do think top twenty is feasible with The by the way the remorse did a really nice job with this group. All things considered like in that weird chiefs game where it was like really confusing. Why the falcons were defense was playing so well Yeah i think so. I think so. Yeah the optimus case is that dean pees works magic on the pass rush that ag terrell. Another set forward. And richie grant. I would say he's the other guy where it's like okay best-case scenarios like that. He he comes in and plays at a high level from the jump which is not impossible. I like the pick in the secondaries used to blitzing. that's way remorse took over. He started guessing a lot in. That's what they're gonna do with. So i don't think it's like a crazy transition ski mars. I don't know i'm kind of optimistic. About the falcons depth horrid in there but like nine games not out of the question for me which is probably not a good result for them because they should be rebuild rebelling but hey they wanna win nine games again. I like this optimistic. This is weird all right. Let's take a quick break and ruin that optimism by talking about the team. You root for we all have that one essential. That's an absolute must this time of year for a lot of people it's wine summers about having fun. Keep the good times going with equally. Good wine you can get incredible line shift right to your door from first leaf and have your summer staple ready for every occasion. I know that. Because i tried it firsthand. Thank you personally i am. I leaf and it was spectacular. Because you get to customize your box. I like white wines and as sobbing young bonk's scotto zepeda agrees. Ios is my jam. And you know what it was fantastic to have. It arrived right at my door. So i should explain firstly. 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I can't think of a worse fit and the thing is last year going into the season. I assumed it was a great fit because of what we saw new where they're running a lot of quick game empty sets. Joe you know reading things out. I thought oh that fits. What teddy does right. But when i watched it not a lotta game. Yeah not a lot of quick game at all a lot of downfield intermediate stuff out breaking corner outs. Which teddy doesn't have the harm from. And he's not gonna try to make and then tight window throws over the middle which teddy also knocking take at least once a week. He left a big throw on the field where he checked it down way too early. Yeah i think you've got the worst version of teddy. i mean. probably not statistically but for the test as a result which is like a guy who's both simultaneously taking too many risks and not enough risks. Right rather than like you would. You're right he would leave big plays on the field but then also take stupid risks at times in this offense i think darnold in some ways. It made us the wrong way to put it. I rather think it's an offense. It's more likely to fix him I would be more optimistic if the off if the entire left side of the offensive line wasn't a question mark but you know it's funny. I mentioned abc case. The hope is that for darnold that he has that ryan tannehill bounce from leaving case I think it's worth debating that because like tannehill was better than darnold in miami. Like tannehill in miami was better than darnold was in new york but darnold i believe was in a worse situation than ryan. Daniel was in miami both from a lot of ways but especially i think the personnel that he you know he had working with in new york. So thing about sam. I mean you know we. We know who he is right now. We know what he's become what we know what adam gaze turned him into. Which is he's like a terrible analogies but he's like a marvel character where like learning the back story like that he was like in a lab and horrible. Things happened this stupid but who is. He's our sell flashes like the athleticism. The crazy throws the out of structure playmaking at times that we saw in college the promise his brain instead of getting better as young quarterbacks the nfl like seems like it got. I don't take yeah. I wouldn't say got worse but never got better right like he never learned how to be quarterback and i think now the question is simply is a is it too late be is in a situation where if there's a transition period or whatever like where he can improve upon decision made the problems with i would say decision making all the bad habits. He developed in new york. The thing about his decision making is weird. When i watched him. I think it was last offseason. I wrote about him. I expected him to be taking more chances downfield and he's actually pretty conservative while instructor. It's when he gets out of structure when he takes more chances and it's like so frustrating to watch him play where he kind of gives you that that bridgewater thing where like he might check it down too early. Are you might go from. Like he has one read and then just go straight to his. Check down our go into scramble mode. And that's why i don't know if he's going to offense is going to be better. I think it's going to be the same. It's just gonna look different like he's gonna take more sacks. I think these throw more interceptions. But he's not gonna leave. Those plays at teddy left on the us. Then daddy and he's going to make the throws more and more importantly can make those rows so i don't know i think he kind kinda evens out. They looked at the offense how it operated under teddy bridgewater and it was like here are where here's where he can't operate this offense. Let's find someone that can do those things. They forgot the good things. That teddy could do like this this offense. It puts a lot on the quarterback mentally. Like you're going through progressions. Full field. Progressions and i don't know if sam can do that every drive. Which is what you have to do in the nfl to have a really good offence. So i think the stays league average offense and if that's the case i don't know if the defense is good enough to to make up for it where this team is competitive are more competitive than it was a year ago. You you think. Joe will simplify it to you. Know i had an eight thais on if you weeks something and we were talking about like what either every quarterback needs to do to get better and we talked a little bit briefly about sort of brady and darnold hidden what the offense looks like in nay talked about sort of the ways in which he could kinda simplify it for him so that he just because of the sort of what you're describing mentally i don't think is is in the cards for him at least early on. I think that's a possibility. I'm not gonna rule that out. Because i when what i did notice. When i was watching. I watched her early down stuff. I it's kind of ramsey in a way like the los angeles. Rams sean mcveigh esque. Like they had narrow formations. Yeah a lot of like play. Action boot plays yeah jet motion so i feel like if you know you build a whole separate out of that then i think it works with sam darnold because if you can show him where to throw the ball he can make the throws yeah. It's like half dan. my question is right. That is true is is breaking to do that are right. We don't have a lot of information on him as offense coordinator he wasn't even offense coordinator at lsu. He was a passing grade. We don't it's hard to say. Well i like scalpers a lot actually one thing. I mean this has been discussed but one thing brady did really well. Last year was kind of figured out who his wide receivers war and what. They're good at. I think it was something that was kind of lacking in previous iteration so like with. Dj more rob anderson. Loss of curtis samuel. It's actually interesting by locker. Samuel they added. Tariffs marshall junior from lsu and david moore who are very different wide. Receivers from curtis samuel. So i'll be curious to see that takes away in cursing and it was like primarily in the slot on obviously they use a lot on the underneath stuff and stuff in the backfield. That david moore can do some of that stuff by the way. He did summit in seattle but terrorist. Marshall is not that guy right like so. Yeah i think it'll be interesting to see how he develops. The offense around some of the changes like they added signed drafted. Tommy tremble was out of notre dame. Who's pretty like i would say. Well rounded very good blocker. And then you get mccaffrey. Back draft a shubra hubbard just seeing that. Oh yeah like. It's a nice group skill players. Yes like my first thought. When i was thinking when i was watching this offense and thinking about the changes they made an off season i was like. Oh maybe they got rid of samuel because they want to do the more ram stuff and have like a slot receiver. That can block. And i was like. Oh tears. marshall is bigger than i looked up now on. Oh so that's not it. He's like no what. I only watched a little bit of them so i don't really know his game all that well but i think maybe they can use other guys to do. That doesn't curtis samuel trying to do crack blocks and it just didn't work. It was funnier when robbie anderson was doing. 'cause he's like so skinny. Huge is getting not back five yards but if they can find a guy to do that. Maybe david moore. Is that guy i think they can maybe lean into the playoffs and stuff more and we. They could do the things we're talking about helping darnold though but certainly if they can't if he has to spread things out i don't i don't know i don't see with darnold. It would certainly help the offensive line if he was a little by some time for them. Because like i said you know outside of obviously they just extended taylor moton. Who's very good but the entire sir from left to right. I mean you're looking at a guest gregg little or cam irving. They did draft brady christianson. Who like richie. Grant is forty five but was looked great at byu. But i question. Everything is watched now. What i was watching did look good to me. pet health line. You know you can ask our friends up north about that experience. It's just fine. Tuning like in some ways sam coming to carolina from the jets. It's like such a better like an upgrade for him. Like i would say from not who the jets are now but who they were in terms of the skill players in playcalling. But i actually don't think this offensive line. Is that much better than the jets offensive line. I don't know is he going to be able to take advantage of the weapons. He has with off the line. I don't see it like even like paradise. Who's the guy spent a lot of money on two years ago. I think he was. The highest. paid centered free agency that year. He hasn't been he wasn't very good. So now it's not. Just you know. L. fine irving moans. The only one that you can really rely on. And i don't think you can build an offense out of that. I just don't know how you do it and like the running game. Last year i thought brady tried to get a little too creative like it was really scattered at. Lsu is really simple like they ran duo in. I think outside zone. But you watch the panthers. They've got a new run concept of the week every week every game in the running counter. They just didn't have the line to do it. And you could. Just watch the offense lineman they just couldn't execute the blocks so i wonder if he dials at back knowing off line because this offense a line is worse than it was going into last year. Which is crazy. Offense wasn't very good last year. Either so i wonder if he dials at back and maybe that helps the passing game in a way if the play action pass game looks a lot like the run game because it did not last year. I think Brady's gotten a lot of credit for being generally like inventive in improving the offense with limited ceiling. I think bridgewater rightfully got a lot of blame for some of the struggles. But i think phil. Snow deserves to for what he did with the defense because he was given worse pieces to work with or more. Inexperienced pieces. rather You know they're they're still not great. They finished twenty-second in way to dvr. But that's up from twenty six and two thousand nineteen but they're just really really young like an at times. I think they kind of like he. He did a really job with the hand he was dealt. And i think that's interesting because dramatically. This was the zone heaviest defense in the nfl last year. Which made the drafting of jesse horn like a little perplexing right. because he's like a press man corner but i also think like Some of that was because of who he had you know and so i wouldn't be surprised if you see sort of an evolution in this defense as some of these youngsters very young extremely young last year. Get a little bit more experienced system. Yeah i think the jc horn pick was because of their lack of success on third down on first and second down. I thought they were. They were an average defense on first and second down on third down they were the worst defense in the nfl. By success rate. I think they were second. Worst by epa but success rate matters. More as you're trying to get off the field and that they were rushing three three guys in they're playing zone but there was a lot of air in that coverage like they weren't sticking tighter out. I think you have to play man coverage in. Nfl on third down. You can't play big twelve zone. Drop eight three safety defense. Against patrick mahomes so i think that's what that was about and i hope they play more man defense on down because i agree with everything else. You said i think phil snow. He's basically brandon staley but without the talent like the talent Daily had had these guys to work with. That's probably what his defense would look like because he was doing all the stuff we celebrate staley for like us playing the tight front and he's playing threes cutting rosters. It was the the packers game. Where rogers afterwards confused by the front. You remember that. I am i. Am i totally make. Wasn't it after we're like no you aren't. They were gonna rush for something and he was lying all very confusing packages. That they were using. It looked like big twelve defense. I think that wear it hurt. Him was on down the first and second down. You can get away with that because teams are going to run their. Rpo's which you know. That's what they run in the big. They're gonna run. They're running plays and their dropback passing game but on third down you have to be able to cover people and they just couldn't cover people. Yeah i think jc horn. Maybe helps them do that. I don't know if he's enough. Because we talk about the secondary is a weak link thing and i think they have a lotta weak links. Still yeah i wish they had a a free safety who i was more optimistic about. Because like jeremy chin is a playmaker. You know and i think he needs to be paired with someone with range. I guess justin bursts is probably gonna start next looking at this chart. I i saw that. They're going to use. Aj buddha in the slot which is interesting. And then this is it for dante. Jackson is chance to prove himself. But yeah it's it's a it's a lack in group. I think they're going to be able to get more pressure with a standard rush other. They didn't blitz a ton last season but brian burns. Of course like the most hyped player info twitter right now Deservedly so and i think in a in a sustainable way because when you look at underlying he led the team in sacks but he also had a lot of pressures and hurries which usually bodes well for continued good performance yet across motto. Certif- was up and down on the. He missed lot games. I think eric brown to like he. He didn't get as much pass russia's you wanted from him but i think he was pretty abused job. Yeah and so you also add hassan. Who obviously he's the opposite of burns. Where i don't think has had. Like a zillion sack snares. That's not going to happen again. But i do think he's gonna help that. Pass rush yeah. I liked their their defensive line. The interior that's how they were able to play those fronts that they're able to play like brave on roy and other guy who i think is a really good player who he's not going to get a lot of shine because he just eats blocks up but he's really good at it. And then the riddick. Signing i just. I don't think it makes sense to sign a guy like that to a one year deal because what happens either. He repeats what he did last year. And you have to sign him to a billion dollars you'll next year or he craps out and like that's the end like why not sign up to like a two year deal where you can get out of it after two years. That's the stuff this front office does that. I just can't get on board with no plan like you're signing riddick just to have them for a year. I don't know what their end goal is there. Yeah that's fine morgan fox. I just noticed that who was like sneaky decent with the ramps and yes you mentioned they use some of the same stuff. They do some of the stuff up front. Yeah i mean the lack of a plan is kind of the frustrating thing. Because it's kind of like you look at this team and you're like okay are are you rebuilding like 'cause if feels like a rebuilding team. But then they do the darnold trade instead of drafting a quarterback and then it's confusing route is rebuilding team take. Jc horn is that. I mean you would if you had a quarterback but i unless there's like a they have a ton of optimism about their ability to rebuild. Sam darnold which would basically be statistically. I don't think any third year for their quarterback has ever made that leap ever right like it is a very It's a risky. bet out. Say to to take to believe that you can bring him back over taking a youngster. Not only that. He has to be way better than justin fields because justin field is going to be paid like a rookie quarterback for five years. Yeah sam darnold if he does break out and they do fix them. You're paying him. Twenty five million thirty million dollars a year next year. Exactly that makes it even worse in ears the most depressing thing last offseason not this off season lasts housing. They let james bradberry walk. That's when you thought like okay building thing. Yeah you let him walk. You give the money you could have given to him to teddy bridgewater and then the next year you pass on justin fields for jc horn. You could have had justed fields and james bradbury for the same price that you got teddy bridgewater and jc horn. And that just makes me sad. Say something nice about the panthers move on. Who's who's a player on this team. You're excited to watch. 'cause i forget the bradberry thing arrive. I'm going to say we already said brady on roy. That's like my favorite like sleeper guy. On this my. I watch film guy. Yeah yeah guy this like everyone else like. Dj more dj more anderson like how robbie anderson interacts with the team's mascot. Like i'm i'm grasping here. I don't got much. Kirkwood is honesty. He's kinda he didn't play last year but he's kinda decent to streaming washer ceased. Even that is believed that. I watched it. Maybe it was like a preseason game. Is that god. I feel like i watched him once. Thought he was good. I don't know he he was. He got hit by. Jt ebay that was him. Jesus so that's why you remember what i was thinking you know. Actually now i'm remembering. I was thinking about him because The saints i was looking at the saints receiver group and i was like. Oh but they wish they still had keith. Kirkwood butter lee said that myself. Yeah yeah times. He did play in the wreck anyways. Whatever let's all right. Berkshire you're gonna win. Let's pick nets. Let's try to find what could go wrong for the bucks because they're so obviously stacked and loaded and all that stuff so one place. We'll start is this is a frigging brady and they had the healthiest defense in the second are pretty healthiest often. Second elliot's defense. So i that could go roster or less lb. Yeah that's that's the thing that's what we all have to hope for ending for bucks. They don't have any depth though so those two things combined so about the depth because there's a few specific areas where they don't have depth. And i think that's the most important like when you're looking at this team you're like what could go wrong. It's not wide receiver cause holy shit. Like i mean god the saints just looking at them just so disgusted. That like like tyler johnson. The key over. Scotty miller the saints sean. Payton with do terrible things for shot at scotty. Miller taylor darden in. My god tyler. Johnson are the people that hoard it hand sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic wider theorist. Unfair so your area. They don't have death. I'll just throw this out. Is tackle offensive tackle. So the box. They used the most. They use more offensive lineman than the nfl. By the way you got donovan. Smith tristan wherever. She's probably going to be even better this year. But donald smith. He had his ups and downs last season. He's getting older and if he was to get hurt. I think that could be an issue for this team. Any led the league league and penalties as coming up down year so yes he did eleven penalties so of course he didn't have any in the playoffs. Because everything went right for tom. Brady and the bucks in the playoffs because as things tend to do. But yeah that that it's brady like brady makes me like hate on the most random things about him now because he won the bowl like the schefter tweet the other day where he was like he looks just like exactly and i was like. He doesn't look like zach wilson talking though from the the nelson thing where he feared in my brain my sleep last thing you see where you die. Yeah but the really timeout offensive. Line death in. They lost alice cap. Right in the postseason. I was like year. It comes aaron. Steny gotta get picked on. Of course he's fine everything's fine. It was allie marquette. They're fine. I do think though that is just jokes. Aside like an by. We're not reading. It's the bucks. Don't be mad movie. I do think that is to me on offense. The obviously losing grading first and foremost and going to gabbert but after that i think injuries along the offensive line. They didn't pick some guys in the draft. But he's the guy who played right tackle notre dame so i guess he would be the depth as well but that to me given what we know about brady and pressure as well and what we saw last year. That would i think that is the one thing that could cause this offense secondary injuries. Maybe yes if living to the underside i agree. I think secondary well. I kind of see linebacker also but definitely secondary so the weak link of the secondary was sean murphy. Buttoning bunting of course has the postseason run of his life. But it's a very young group. That's probably going to be better this year. Maybe not mike edwards. But jimmy dean is like. He's the best quarter on this roster right. yeah. I think he's better than i think. Even more of like a run tackler the best attribute. But yeah i. I would go with dean so you were to lose either of them not murphy bunting for an extended period. I think that could cause some problems. The defense or really anyone in the secondary. I mean you know antoine winfield. I think already is a player that they can't afford like he's so good. Yeah and kathy behind. Him is not great at safety so secondary depths over i agree. You know like. I'd say joe try. It doesn't play as good as they think he's gonna play but he's been good and camp. So maybe i would say edge rusher. Maybe in those guys are old check buried in jp so that could be an issue but like you say. We're picking nits like thinking that's already lineup in. There's no weakness really on this in the starting lineup. It's crazy they have the effort. I mean if healthy the whole damn season last. Oh nothing matters. The guy who played for him in spell of is pretty good to nina's yeah he's teasing but yeah i mean. This is a team at the reason. They're sacked because they went all in on this year. Like if you want to feel better and you refer another team this division look at the bucks twenty two salary cap and you'll be like okay. This is going to end right like we give brought everyone back. It's amazing like yeah but there's a cost look at the twenty twenty one saints. That's what's going to happen at some point but it is not going to happen this year. Yeah i would say. Linebacker behind devon white labonte david. You're looking at kevin minter kept mentor. katie brits on this team grand steward. I think i guess edge rusher like you said that's a good point like if trion isn't that dude behind otherwise behind jp and shaq barrett. It is pretty pretty thin at age so steps. I think what's so dispiriting for people. Rooting against his team is just when you go back and think through to the performances by the offense over the course of the regular season really through week twelve and you realize you're probably more likely to see the offense you saul over that final stretch and in the playoffs Like god i left upbeat. So i talked about vida being hurt. The bucks ranked third in epa per play from when they use twelve personnel in. I when they use thirteen day. Howard beck and i'd like running game was starting to come on. I feel like byron left which kinda came into his own at the end of the year. Like the team. Just got better. As the season went on like by january they look like the second best team in league behind the chief slowly and they killed the cheese. The play offs team is trending in the right way. It's like there really is nothing torn. mc l. They hadn't been perfect missing piece king of on fox. Can we just skip this year. Just go straight to twenty twenty two like we don't need to see brady win another super bowl. I've seen it enough. Honestly would you let me ask you this. Would you take chiefs box or the field. Obviously take over the no just for the matchup like i feel like it's like is this more. I feel like this more than any other season. Feels like it's careening towards a rematch. Right i guess. I could see i mean they see you know. The bills and i think are really good browns. Ravens are decent. And then i guess in the nfc you're looking at the the packers in the rams but man it just really feels inevitable and like the afc championship game. I never felt like the bills. Were really a threat. I know they got off to a fast start. But that they just didn't seem like two teams that were at the same level and maybe buffalo close that gap but maybe can't cities even better than they were last year. They have a better offense line. So yeah i think that's that would be my super bowl pig right now and it's going to take a lot to go wrong for both of those teams to push me off of it like even by october if one of those teams to i'm still they're the best team the chiefs defense. We're like totally off this division now but like the defense is a ton of also you can definitely look at. It would be like that's bad. That's bad that's wrong. You know whatever the difference. Is patrick mahomes right. But they've also the goodness like the bucks. Wide receiver. group is like twenty deep. the chiefs is not. so there's the chief sir like this exercise of picking nits. It's definitely more. You can really talk yourself into. Like ooh the chiefs lose one guy. This could be a problem right. You can't do that with the bucks other than quarterback i think. Yeah i would agree with that. I think that like they're the sure bet to win. Twelve games for me the bucks. Also they get to play all these defenses. We've just been trashing for the last five minutes. The chiefs have alvarado's. Yeah all right. That was depressing. Let's wrap as always with five quick questions for our guest. Football is almost here in draftkings. The official daily fantasy partner of the nfl is giving shot to turn big plays into even bigger prices. Introducing the new instant win challenge draftkings wildcards downloaded racking up now to claim your first wild card for free. There's up to fifty million dollars with the prices for grabs with one in four winning instantly. It's easy download with app claim. Your first wildcard which will reveal either weekly player challenges or instant win prizes like tickets to the superbowl. One in four went instantly. The more you play the more cards you collect and the greater your shot will be to win a share of up to fifty million dollars worth of prizes. There's no better way to start gearing up for the nfl season. 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A friend or a loved one and deal dash dot com has a huge range of awesome products to choose from out deal dash dot com with a special promo code today meena for a hundred free bits. That's www dot deal dash dot com promo code m. i. n. a. For one hundred free bids deal dash deals. Come true and now it's time for dinks and dunks. I'm getting paid for this right. I'm gonna go pretty rapid fire question number one should the seahawks extend wayne brown. Yes you have to extend him because you have to keep us happy whether it makes sense like from a salary cap situation are a football plane situation because he is getting older. I'm signing him no matter what because if you don't what is russ say to that. And what does he do. You also awesome. I know he's old. And i know you shouldn't give extension to dudes like what is he like thirty six or something. But like he's he has sustained such a high level of play that like he does feel like the andrew whitworth got type you know. And by the way he brings nine andrew whitworth in past Amongst tackles trent williams. Who's getting up there. And he's still very good and he was a guy that relied on athleticism like he's. He was good technique wise but he was like a freak athlete at the beginning career in his game. Hasn't fallen off either. So i think at that position. You can afford that risk. Yeah actually if it means keeping your franchise quarterback happy okay outside of the box. Let's say all this stuff all the stuff we've been talking about. That could go wrong with the bucks happens. Who's more likely to win the nfc. The rams are the packers. I'm gonna take the packers. I've been kind of low on the ranch this off season i think. Nfc west so that hurts. That's another good point. I i really think that losing staley is going to matter. More than people think. I know that donald in ramsey are the two probably the two best defensive players in the league maybe the best offensive players of the last five years but i just think it it was going to take a step back anyway. Like statistically there's gonna be regression what they did with that scheme on early downs. I think it allowed them to do stuff on third third down. And i don't i don't know if they're going to get to that point where they're going to be able to get that creative on third down and that's really where they shine like their third down efficiency was out of this world. Don't think they're to be able to have those favorable down in distances again. Fair question three are gonna watch bachelor in paradise had. Did you see the preview watching it. Did you see like. I'm actually hyped for because we didn't get it last year right and they were like a historic bachelor in paradise. It's been two years. Can't wait the one. The one snippet that has me excited was who is the guy that dressed up as the cat. in this past forgot his name ari. Yeah he's like drunk on the couch and singing the almost paradise song. I don't know if i could sing it on here because you might get sued. But he's like singing the theme song to the show drunk on a on a couch. And i really want to see how that happens. Some did you see Beca the bachelorette is going on. I was surprised by that. Didn't see that in the carts her did she leave the the problematic i d- they broke up a while ago. Catch up Kyle shanahan speaking bachelor. I made a joke about this. God someone told me. Stop referencing your own tweets on your own podcast. But it's relevant kyle. Shanahan said that trey lance. He's like a like. I could see him playing like he's going to play and it to me reminded me of like the bachelor when they say i could see myself falling in love with you. I'm falling in love with you. And that sort of progression right okay. So now the latest is that trey like might be used in some packages. Do you think that stupid like does that ever work. I was thinking maximum. No it's never work remember. What the ravens lamar. And it was just like so awkward whenever he was on the field goals. Like what are they doing. It doesn't work all that well with tastes hill. Either and he's like the guy right. He's like the guy you point to you and be like that's the motto. We're going after no. Just let him play this play. And i feel like i'm falling in love with you thing was like a big deal on this season. So maybe kyle was watching you. Pick up some. Wasn't it bigger this season it has been man has like i made a role for myself. I'm going to wait. Until the finale say i love yemi starting okay team. Great or team gregor katie. If you wanna find out you can check on my appearance on the vile files where i broke down the finale with nick vile check it out. I tunes all right last question as always comes from lenny lane knows you for the panthers. He wants to know if it would hurt more if justin feels or teddy bridgewater outperforms. You're starting quarterback. Oh i'm already ready for both of those things that happen to hurt more. If sam darnold was good so messed up. I don't want optimism about this team ever again. I'd rather i'd like. I'd like this little niche. I've carved out panthers fan. We all have won the essential. That's an absolute. Must this time of year with all your summer. Plans birthdays barbecues. Family get togethers or laid back nights at home. Wine might just be that item and you can get incredible winds shift right to your door with i leave. Firstly is a wine club that curates and ships boxes of wine. That are perfect for you. You can try wine. 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Ryan Wilson Joins Us With His Latest Mock Draft (04/26 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Fantasy Football Today Podcast

1:05:45 hr | 5 months ago

Ryan Wilson Joins Us With His Latest Mock Draft (04/26 Fantasy Football Podcast)

"This is fantasy football today from cbs. Sports play it's time to dominate your fantasy league. Now here's some combination of adam. Dave jamie benn today is going to be a good show because jamie is lit up like a christmas tree. He is so excited. I'm jay his like a. It's like a kid on christmas. You're so excited for today's show was ryan wills. I really that reid wilson is. What is your best friend. That's kind of what i want him to be your best friend. I do want wanna to be my best friend. I i love ryan today. I think he's fantastic. What he does. I think i've said this time and time again. If you listen to f five ryan we do our five minute. Podcast sunday night for monday. I was saying how everybody should listen to this. Show because you are the best of what you do and But really talking to ryan about parenting stuff. Because he has two boys older than my three boys and i like hearing his stories. Because i know it's expect but I have a story share with ryan village. You introduced ryan first before we get into the parenting. okay. I'm trying to come up with some new nicknames for ryan. He covers the nfl draft for cbs sports. I've got mr mock draft. Mock man backdraft like little kind of old pop culture reference draft punk like like it so i came up with those. I'll try to figure out some more by the end of the show ryan you have you done a mock draft since the one we talked about on f f. Five seven rounder. Yeah came out. Monday morning to three rounder. We're in nfl draft week. The actual draft week so that came monday. And then i'll have one more on thursday morning where i just copy everything. Jason and pete else might know what they're doing. I put in there and put my name on it but Yeah i love. This is one of my favorite times a year. And i need to talk to jamie wants to once a month at least mental health because he makes me feel so good about myself. Another reason i love coming on here. Yeah just listen to our podcast. Feel great about yourself. Jamie jamie speaks very highly. You do a great job. We're looking forward to a breaking down your latest mock draft. We just run through the knows. He won't even talk about him. But cleveland exercise fifth year options on baker. Mayfield and denzel ward. The big news over the weekend was kansas city. Acquiring left tackle orlando brown from the baltimore. Ravens they also got a second round pick in two thousand twenty two and a six round pick They're giving up a first round. Pick a third round. Pick a fourth round. Pick this year and a two thousand twenty two fifth round. Pick so the chiefs give up a lot. They give up their first rounder but they get orlando brown. That's a big deal and really makes you sleep better at night if you have patrick mahomes and all those guys in your dynasty leagues carolina considering trading back detroit trading back. Maybe they're eight and seven respectively. I'm going to ask ryan who he thinks will will trade back in fact i have. Nfl draft fill in the blank. And we'll do that in a moment. Let me ask you though. Just in general if you were gonna sum up the draft in just a few sentences. People aren't great wide receiver. Cornerback whatever it is some twenty twenty one. Nfl draft the wide receiver. Classes actually gonna be pretty not quite as deepest last year. But that's a great place to start some interesting bernie mac. That probably go on day three back that can help you. I feel like i from fantasy fantasy perspective. And of course the conversationalist the quarterbacks they'll be five quarterbacks for certain around one we'll see if a six one slips in there which i think would be sort of silly even by nfl draft standards but again it could happen because the fifth year option but in terms of offensive players. I think there's a lot of guys like especially the skill position. If your team is office a tackle they can probably find that guy in the first three rounds as well and I don't know if you care about defense. Oh yeah yeah we do. This is not just going to be a fantasy discussion. Today that will be largely fantasy discussion. Jamie by the way I think his power just went out. So he'll be back very shortly brian. You're stuck with me for a little bit. But yeah what is it. Is it a bad defensive draft. No it's not cornerback will be fun. There'll be some guys there. In the first few rounds that can help your team edge. Rusher is interesting that you won't get a guy that probably goes your guy. Dave gettleman might take someone at eleven. That's slightly overdrafted. But if they if they start going fifteen to thirty that feels like the range when those guys will off the board again like team like the titans need edge rush out. That would make some sense. Say the steelers. Perhaps the bottom around one The divas blind classes incredibly shallow that that is concern but linebacker up all linebacker which we typically don't talk about it a lot in and around one sort of moving towards those guys being more valuable and we could see two or three guys go in the first round but certainly a handful of guys in the first two days and the same with safety. Safety is a sort of a fun position or received more hybrid type players based on the is as sentences of the world and there will be tempted those positions as well and i feel like for the edge rushers. Yeah might take a little longer than usual to see them. Come off the board but how many could go in the first round. I feel like it could be quite a bit in the first round. Just not until maybe fifteen later. Yeah that's right so i'm looking here. I have one two three four five six seven guys. That are potential first round grades. And i think probably five and a half is the over under it. Were things get interesting so quickly. Pay a visa. Laurie jason la could be in the mix pin say carlos basham jalen filters guy that we've all been hearing about forever miami after twenty twenty season their injury medical concerns air so he clears those He's definitely a first-round talent. Po potentially the best in class. If you can say healthy. And then finally i mention show trying to washington who opted out but again another one of these quote unquote high upside guys who could evolve into the s rusher in a year or two Even though he hasn't played a ton of football well the. Nfl draft is here and the fantasy football today. Crew is going to live for all three days of the draft breaking down the fantasy impact of the picks so join jamie dave heath. nfl analyst. Like pete prisco. And of course ryan wilson and former players like brady quinn and brian mcfadden on thursday friday and saturday on the fantasy football today youtube channel. This is how you gonna watch. You're going to go to youtube dot com slash fantasy football today. Get your questions answered in the chat room and start your twenty one fantasy prep early and remember. Everything is live. Youtube dot com slash fantasy football. Today we're giving away a spot in the twenty twenty one listeners. Podcast league that's a on our facebook page. We've got a lot of great draft coverage this week. Great opportunity so go to our facebook page for that Just just search on facebook. Fantasy football today or click the link in the episode descriptions gonna take you directly to my post comment on there with your prediction of the top ten picks of the nfl draft and whoever is closest to the exact order gets the spot. You'll see the instructions right there but again you want to be in the podcast league. Click the link in the episode description or go to the facebook group. And if you wanna watch our coverage. Youtube dot com slash fantasy football today with the nfl draft. Fill in the blank. Here we go. Blank is the best wide receiver in this class. I think it's more chase march as wide receiver number. One and i. The only thing i will say is this it devante smith away one hundred sixty six pounds of weight one hundred eighty six pounds he would be my wide receiver one. I'm only concerned about him because. Nfl teams are concerned about him. I think he's gonna be a great. nfl player. We saw that weekend and week. Out at alabama who is just dominating guys who were going to be first second round picks but march as for me right now and forever okay through the draft process will be and that's where we're at with devante smith at one hundred hundred and sixty six pounds. That's what weighed a few days ago. So he's six feet one hundred sixty six pounds man that is light. Okay then jomar chase is the best wide receiver prospect since blank. Lie knee-jerk reaction. When i was reading this was just jefferson. His teammates lsu and who came on the scene last year as the twenty second pick. I think he was a fourth or fifth wide receiver taken which goes to just reinforce that is so hard to predict how these guys are gonna turn out. Just wasn't really that prospect because lamb. And i my reaction was is he. Okay your chase the best wide receiver prospects since maybe julio jones. That's what i. That's what i eventually school. Okay because my knee jerk was well is he going to be better than justin jefferson. Your one i don't know but right. It's Julio jones feels like cop in terms of being able to dominate. Like i when. I talk about jamaa. The complex as an emboldened but fast in terms of being physical He creates more separation. But he's not getting wide open like justin. Jefferson did last year. But he can but yeah. I think julio jones is where i landed julio jones nine hundred fifty nine yards eight touchdowns in thirteen games as a rookie. All the way back in two thousand eleven and quavo than by the way it before justin jefferson had the best arguably the best rookie season ever for a wide receiver. So hopefully These guys can can really contribute. And you mentioned justin jefferson. Do you see justin jefferson in terrace. Marshall no no. Here's a good question. Tears bigger and tears actually ran faster as pro day. My concern with tears. Marshall are jason mentioned that there might be some injury concerns. adjacent talk to terraces agent. Who said nothing beyond the wear and tear plant football but infiltrates. Maybe have some issues with him as a possible. Bottom of the first round guys. I mentioned that. But here's marshall had. His was that his most accessible in two thousand nineteen as the third fiddle behind chase and jefferson so i don't know he can dominate as a number one and if you're taking him in the first round that would be my concern that doesn't mean he can't be great or you won't be great. Just i feel. I feel more comfortable taking maybe around later. But that's a good question. A fair question to ask because we didn't know the justin jefferson was going to be as good as he was because he also was sort of in jim our shadow. Yeah i just look at like the size and the speed combination and the fact that correct me if i'm wrong here. But tariffs marshall. Lsu can play both inside and outside just like justin jefferson. And he's a little bit different. You'll after you get past those top three the consensus top three. I guess we could say you got a lot of small guys. A lot of jet sweep guys. A lot of players could be really good but slot receivers and he's he's just different And jefferson really had this surprisingly amazing fourteen hundred yard rookie season. So i don i just saw maybe physical comparisons between the two and That he stands out. That marshall stands out a little bit in this wide receiver class. Which is kind of a small class small heightened terms of right. That's a that's a great point in terms of the smallish nature of some of the guys could eventually the board the moore's rundell. Moore's even the qadir's tony's in tears marshall play inside out at lsu just wasn't The first the first option and it wasn't his fault he played with two first round picks. That's what's going to happen so think it's a fair point and at a team like the ravens make some sense of the bottom of the first round because they don't need another markey's brown. They need a big target. Who can get open miles boykin and has a put it all together yet and tears. Marshall doesn't i mean that makes sense there as well in terms of the guy described it and what teams have. Well i fall in love with terrorists. Marshall so i do not. I do not want him to go to the ravens. That is the worst destination for the lowest pass. Volume team I don't know is there. Jamie's are worst destination than the ravens for a wide receiver. Jamie gabby yeah. Is there a worse destination the ravens for favor wide receiver. yeah maybe new england. I wouldn't be good either. Yeah good point okay. Let's go back to fill in the blank and jamie feet. Please feel free to participate. Blank is the best running back in this class. Ryan muted ryan's murray areas. Had cough. Brenston tells me elvis. They present tells me at least. I'm bringing the wilburton energy. He tells me once a week to please on beat myself as the person. Because i forget with naya. Here's my here's my favorite running back for quite some time i know folks a partial traps eighteen. And i certainly understand. That nagae is a little older. But i i think he is almost as dynamic I think he's a slightly tougher runner and That's the guy. I like it if he ended up going. Twenty four to the steelers. My my homer team. I would hate it if some other things. Don't bomb the place for them when they picked up the vitamin around one blank. Running backs are selected in the first first round. So william hill has one and a half. And that's probably the the great number. So if the dolphins take a running back at eighteen do the steelers come back and take one at twenty four with the buccaneers. Take one at thirty two. The those are the with the bills thing by taking one at thirty. I'll go over. I think it's going to be two running backs. But i don't feel great about that i would take under. I think it's just gonna be one. I think it's going to be harris I think the surprise would be though if he slips to the steelers and like you said i wouldn't also rule out you know not only the teams you mentioned behind them but maybe the the jets as well. Oh yeah yeah and you well let me check your latest route. I remember the one from friday. I know the way you you had it was the steelers took Took devante williams are okay. Well right now. You have the falcons taking devante williams. This is your latest one from this morning right at thirty five and you have the jaguars taking thirty three and so you have nausea harris. I'm sorry this is the first time i'm looking at it. Actually it is monday morning. Najah harris the dolphins at eighteen. Okay you got him. So dolphins like podcast you're usually on our hoses typically prepared so this is this is catching him off guards jamie i will tell you this. I did the Five five minute podcast. You guys do last week with adam and i. I've never had a conversation with the prince and much less anything related podcast so refreshing and very truly appreciated so. I don't even know what today's this. Yeah so anyway. Harris eighteen dolphins atm thirty third or the jaguars devante williams. Thirty fifth. To the falcons jamie if that were to to play out that way. And you had harris to the dolphins end of the jaguars devante williams to the falcons. How would you rank them. In fantasy harris easily would be number. One williams would probably be number two just given the opportunity to play in atlanta's system and probably get the better chance to start. I think would actually overtake james robinson. Probably by the middle of the season if not sooner but That would be something. You'd have to keep an eye on just looking at all the scenarios but you know williams would be a great situation with the falcons and obviously harris would be the best of that trio ryan. Give me the scouting report on devante williams. So he's he's a physical. I write likes to hit people. Run into people I know that's why emory hunt doesn't really like them that much. He doesn't like that. He runs the contact. He's not i think. Think embry said he's not sure. That's going to translate the next level and the other thing i want to know is i'm worried from a fantasy perspective about that. He's kind of like what we saw from. Kenyan drake may be in twenty twenty where he wouldn't be using the passing game where he might be kind of a touchdown pendant guy. and may. Maybe he's amazing. These derrick henry or something but i don't i tell me what you think about his versatility i guess am how much do you like him. I like him a lot. I think he weighed like to twenty. What about two hundred pounds. More the michael carter the other running back in that system. And you're you guy writes acer. Yeah yeah yeah. So i mean they absolutely destroy every time we guys who gave the thing is like. There's no you can't explain what happened. You had rochet jalen fill up Bubba with published last night blah blah blah in. Yeah bug a. Bolted in the back is really good and they got steamrolled and the thing about like jamaal williams is probably get classes. He and michael carter both had about the same number of receptions like an twenty five. Yeah yeah yeah yes. So they're capable of doing that into sometimes in those college offense as you're on acid doing a lot. I think he does. You know pete. Prisco jokes that leonard. Fournette runs the context. I don't feel like that's devante waves. I just feel like. He's such a big bruising back that he runs through people he's not looking to run around them but he has that ability and open field to make guys miss india. We've heard sort of conversations. And if you look at the william hill. It's i think it's plus we're fifty that he's the first wide running back taken. I don't think he's going to be the first. But i do teams at the bottom of the first round like him and i think he like if you went to pittsburgh for example i i would love the idea of him being there and have no concerns about Some of the things mean. Emory mentioned that that emory was a division one running back and he understands position. So i certainly take. What he he says. Seriously but i. I don't see situation where we're talking about. Leonard fournette type inability to see the whole based on what. I've seen the people i talked to. So i think he's top forty guy top forty five guy He's feels like some of the the second round picks so last year at the running back position came in and had a pretty good start of their careers because they weren't asked do a whole bunch but what they were asked to do it. A pretty high level do you like the comparisons Chavez alvin kamara. I could see that for sure. And i've seen like the lonsdale to harris if you squint you can see that like a bill. Although came out of michigan state. He was much heavier like he was too. I don't wanna live. I thought he was north of to thirty. And then obviously he got down and got himself into really good shape and it was more of a sort of you know the patient guy. Behind the line of scrimmage. He wasn't that all the time michigan state. So i suppose i could see that with nausea here says well eighteen The issue is and you guys know this. We were all pumped about clyde edwards. Helaire going thirty two last year and the end of the day. He wasn't the best running back in that class. based on production that may change. Of course so we don't know how this is gonna work out and it's basically crapshoot but based on what you see in college. There's no reason to think that. At and nausea harris won't be wildly successful in the nfl at some point. Sorry to keep cutting jamie jamie my next question for you after this one. What do paul ryan thought. What do people make. I thank you for letting me. Just be on your to get before everybody else. What do people make of travis. Senior season is if viewed as a disappointment. I look people make fun of me for yards per carry but it was way down and five point four yards per carry really not anything special for college money back and just way way down from his previous three seasons. What do people make of that. Yeah the issue for me wasn't so much the yards per carry. It was that he. He was a little looser with the football. Which was curious. But i think when you talk to folks seemed to really concerned about him hurting his draft stock and you also think back a year ago you sort of understand why he came back. He said he came back. As you want to win a national title. I i believe but also that running back class was so deep last year and he wouldn't have been the first one back off the board. I don't think may maybe the chiefs would have liked him at thirty two But i think he would have probably fallen in that second round glut and maybe even slipped to bottom around too early round three and he you know as elsa goes he made himself some money by coming back Although as to your point adam he didn't set the world on fire and that's why A year ago nausea. Probably a date three guy so i think him coming back. He did himself a favour. And that's why like him slightly more than travis in but again. If either of those guys went. Twenty four to two steelers. For example i would be ecstatic about it but i think you raise a fair question. So what and i think. Part of it was just that he wasn't as good as he was here before. I don't think that's indicative anything. It's just a the biggest concern for me. Was he was a little looser with the football. And that's something that you know that that's something that teams will take very seriously. I think some people viewed trevor lawrence. Not as good as he was the year before too. So you know. I mean it's just a byproduct of teams getting an extra year to see you and understand what you do in china. You know negate some of the things that you do well. Well one thing that travis. Dtn does well. He's got the homerun speed and he's a big play guy and he also jimmy carter lada balls forty eight catches as a senior thirty seven catches as a junior so since we live in kind of pr world these days You know when you look at dynasty could you make a case for travis dtn. I know it's a silly question. Ask before we even know where he goes. But as the number one dynasty running back. Oh for sure. I mean again thinking about as ryan brought up you know. Clyde edwards helaire was not expected to be the number one pick in most dynasty leagues and he was because of where he ended up. So you know if we get jobs. Dtn to a team that is going to feature him and feature prominently Jacksonville would certainly be interesting. If that's where he does end up. You know because of the ability to grow trevor lawrence and a new system with you know urban meyer. And there're babble on the offensive staff that they have their so it could be a great landing spot for him. I think if you get that situation as opposed to you know we keep hearing as ryan is mocking Dolphins steelers as to the team's most likely to take nausea harrison. The first round if it goes a different direction. You know like ryan said buffalo. Affairs goes the buffalo while he would be the lead guy there. Each jacksonville may be the better prospects for dynasty leauges based on what that team does with their running backs compared to what the bills do what. They're running backs for example. Okay and ryan. Correct me. If i'm wrong here. But travolta williams several years younger than nausea harris. Now harris kind of old twenty three years old so devante williams is younger than both of them would go harris and then and then williams in terms of age but from a dynasty standpoint. That's that might not be insignificant so some keep mine are we can move on here blank. Another fill in the blank blank. Running backs will be selected in the first three rounds. We care a lot about those day to running backs ryan. How many total. If there's gonna be say one in the first round how many total in the first three rounds i came up with five so we've talked about nausea eighteen inch ivanka. And then i think michael carter. Williams team goes as i mentioned. He's about twenty pounds lighter a little scat back year. If you will. And then kenneth gain well is the other name that i'll throw out there. Who played with antonio gibson memphis and he's a similar type player. He's smaller than antonio gibson but he. He's an incredibly effective as a receiver. You can run the ball out of the backfield So i think he has a chance to to be a top three round guy and then the question becomes a trade sermon slipping their who. I don't love as much some other. People does a reminder stevenson who actually do a little more to see find his way into the first round and amish one. More guy who i think was on christos better than team dmitri felton. Who played at ucla worked out as a wide receiver and the senior bowl and did pretty well in that again puts them in that you know the disco airbag term guy you can run and also Coming on the back of. But i'll stick with five as or a guys thinker top three around. And so jamie. Do you think that this is going to be a running back class. That really has a big impact in fantasy in twenty twenty one. I mean death nation going to matter a lot these guys clearly. You know so as we saw with last year's group you thinking about when antonio gibson was drafted for example. Think about when zack. Moss was drafted for example. Those were the guys that were basically four and five in terms of the fantasy. Rankings behind clyde edwards helaire behind jk dobbins behind. Maybe lower than. Yeah because he had acres yet. Taylor yet there were probably like six and seven You know so you. You see where they ended up. When gibson was drafted peterson was adrian. Peterson was still on washington's roster and they moved on from him. And so you know. We didn't think gibson have an immediate impact as a rookie. And then you look back moss. Who went to situation where there was devin. Singletary was good not great as a rookie. We okay is and challenge for the job you a at point but he didn't will doors off it. Which is why. I think ryan has mentioning the bills as a potential newland spot for running back so doesn't as it's going to matter a lot you know so we can see you know a guy like monday. Steve reminders stevenson. We could see a guy like tracer. Ucla tuba tuba hubbard. End up in a good spot. You know so clue. Herbert any of these guys. They may end up. You know atlanta the jets teams that have starting needs. You know if they end up with these guys could be very interesting for fantasy and flip side of that. Is you know we thought keyshawn was going to be my gosh the bucks. They need a running back to pair with ronald jones and he was the bus if they take they take a running back in the first round. It's just going to drive me crazy but ryan said five. Last year we had ten. Running back has taken in the top three rounds including darrynton evans. Who was the last of those ten keyshawn. Von zack moss. Gibson j dylan. Oh forget about him. And then of course the names we know before that so that to me suggests ryan that this is not a great running back class to say because to me suggests that We were wrong about a lot of the running. We beat me About long win. The running backs might go. 'cause they dealer was sort of surprise for a number of reasons number one they went to green bay and around see but also that he went that early You mentioned darrynton. Evans was sort of one of those dynamic players from upstate. You weren't sure how teams liked him. So there's some guys like that Jamison shubra hubbard. He's a guy who's a sprint speed guy. there's and hill who opted out a mississippi state but he caught a ton of passes in offense and opened the eyes of nfl teams in terms of him. Being able to do that. there's elisha mitchell louisiana. Who's another guy who catches a ton of passes so if there's a premium on those type players and we sort of saw that was some of the guys you mentioned in the top arouse last year. Maybe they do sneak into the top. One hundred nine picks i think is what it is In those top three rounds so these are just the guys that i like in. You know you have to sort of see through what other teams are thinking to some of these other leaves. That doesn't mean it won't happen. some of these players. That we've been talking about. That may not go. That high is that there's too slow either. They haven't lot of passes coming out of the backfield Either they're not great. Bloggers whatever but you know. I say five seven or eight in. I would be shocked by the way. I want to tell our listeners where we have on tap this week This show today and then tomorrow. We'll talk about the veteran. The nfl players the veterans that have the most to gain or lose based on the nfl draft and then on wednesday. We're going to have a mail bag for you. So i've got a lot of questions in my inbox. But please feel free to send more in apple. Podcasts of us would be great. Go to go to our page on apple podcasts. Five star review with a. We'll read them also fantasy football at. Cbs dot com and remember during the draft thursday. Friday saturday youtube dot com slash fantasy football. Today check out all the live coverage all right. Let's have fun here with. Kyle pits blank will select kyle pits right. I think it's the falcons. I mean friscos. Been talking about this for some time. He doesn't think that the falcons are gonna take a quarterback he thinks arthur blank is all in on on matt ryan for another year to have a new coach and the new general manager. And here's the thing like if you trade down four. And i suspect it'll be teams interested in trading up to four to get whether it's trae lance macaroni justin fields. If you're the falcons if you move down if you move down you're not getting cockpits. That's just the end the conversation because either the bengals. The dolphins entertainment five or six and presumably. You're not trading with those teams already have quarterbacks. So that's the math you're doing and if you're not getting likely to march as we saw a report on monday for peter king that maybe julio jones could be moved with which seems crazy what they need a cap space Could you turn down for. Cornerback if the falcons you could but again what gives you more value in terms of making that football team better. I think it's how pet. So if i'm the falcons and i'm not taking justin feels matteo's trae lands i'm sampling. Taking cup pits. Janssen the blank blank. We'll take pets. I think it's it's atlanta. But i also be surprised if the team traded up with the falcons maybe even take pits like ryan saying you know the train up to the quarterback but you know teams fall in love your dallas. You know thousand the four but you know if a team really loves him that much and it's hard not to love that much than you could see. Maybe a team being overly aggressive. I think it was on On the nfl network this morning on good morning football there was a segment that they do with the giants traded up. You know. I don't know who is doing the job. Esau just a screen grab of it on twitter but the giants gave their first or second ebony ingram and something else to move up to four to get pits and it was you know something that on paper make some sense but you know. Obviously something is not likely to happen but still i would say it's four is where he goes. But the falcons do make some sense especially they decided we want from me jonesing. Another playmaker every made a good point last week. Because i said who would you take the your top rated wide receiver. Which for him was devante. Smith or kyle pits and he took the wide receiver. And i think you know. Let's just say it's dramatic change. What do you mean. This draft is so deep with wide receivers. But it's it's not deep at jomar chase. You know what. I mean so when you were when you were faking a power outage. Because he didn't want to be on the show earlier. We said reid said egibar chase might be the best wide receiver prospects since julio jones. Why would i take tight. End over that i would take the wide receiver even atlanta. You know. Even if i have to good wide receivers why would i take a tight end over the best wide receiver if if that wide receivers really on that level but let me push back on that and just ask you this. Would you take the what if how are being the best pass catcher in this draft class. Which i think is quite possible. You're talking about like darren waller field. This is gonna be hyperbole. Darren waller feels like his floor. Whereas you know. Julio jones is almost certainly marchese ceiling and i'm exaggerating a little bit but my point is that i don't think cockpits tied in. I just think we call them that. I think he put him anywhere. Like i sorta joke. He kicked field goals. You'd probably be an all pro next year. Well then why would he. Why would he have more of an impact than jomar chase. Because let's say he's not it's hard to know what kind of a block or he's going to become i. I don't think most tight ends come into the nfl with a reputation. Being a great blocker they can develop it. But if you just lining them up out wide and letting marceca who do you think would put up better numbers in the same offense with the same quarterback know what i mean. Who would but that's so. Then why would you take over chase but again chasing not going to do the things that tight end carpet's going to do a tight end so is a tight end. That's we keep saying. I won't go the other way too. Yeah but sure so. He asked to become a blocker but they just think about and this. Is you know we get criticized. Allow for our fancy picks ryan has much more maddening. Job trying to you know. Put these players to these teams and make that that match but you think about the receivers over the last few years coming into the into the league go back to last year henry ruggs was the first ever drafted argue. However you want. That's been the case or not so far. You're one bust. Jerry jeudy not long after so far you would say bus right. I'm gonna look. tj hopkinson. I would push back on that too. But i'm saying they good performed in. Your one did not live up to being a first round caliber wide. Receiver ceedee lamb was great. Jalen rigor was bust. Justin jefferson was great. You know it's it's crabshoot that position things learn every position is crunchier position. But think about the last super bowls. What did they have in common. you're right. You're right that is greg asking. If you find one is not what are you doing this version of gronk but okay. But they didn't get to the super bowl because of rob gronkowski. This year i rob gronkowski is one of the best football players ever and so i totally that is. Those guys weren't first round. Picks the argument that so it goes either way but this guy is a uniform you get an opportunity to draft him and put him into system. Especially if you're arthur smith who former tight end coach who has had success with that position as a coordinator like it just makes so much sense to go to the falcons. Where there's you know. Hate her supplier. But this guy's a difference maker. Yeah hayden has one year left steel to any look. You're not drafted him to block anyone at four her thank. You can let him up anywhere. And i'll just say this and then we can move on to that. He didn't drop a single pass last year and he was going to against. Sec cornerbacks safeties and linebackers are going to be first. Second third round picks and there's some guys like jc jesse horn. Who's going to be first round. Pick joe horn son. Who's a cornerback. He had a tough go against cowpats. Kelvin joseph is going to be a first or second round pick kentucky. He absolutely demolished at poor kid and that kid is really good. So you see that. Okay look you could argue. Jamaa does the same thing right. That's that's my love. Kyle pits kyle piss. But i do think wide receivers have a little bit more of an impact than titans. Unless you're talking about a guy i think. George kittle the best tight end in football because he's more complete You know if if fits became that type of player where he's a monster blocking that'd be another thing but the best wide receiver in football versus the best tight end in football probably taking the best wide receiver. All right. let me ask you a specific question and then we can move on if you want unless asked the question all right. So let's say that Jamarcus goes the bengals. Cockpits goes to the falcons more productive next year. I would guess chase because titans or rarely. What do you think the. If you're the falcons julio's at the end of his line. I think if i saw correctly they only of twenty players on their roster right now that have sally some ridiculous. The rushers shambles. So if you want a chance to compete this year. What's the best way for the falcons to compete is to score as many points as you possibly can because your defense is probably going to be horrible. So you lineup. Julio calvin pits and take the best of so matt ryan and say we're gonna score forty points a game if we can. What do you make of the fact that we just know that. Rookie tight ends typically. Don't do that well. But the ryan's point he's not a typical tight end like he's going to. I know but i mean. Chris brought up the point vernon davis. Was this kind of freak. He didn't. I don't think he did that much as a rookie. But he's also stepping into a situation where he doesn't have to be the focal point. I know and p please Everybody please don't interpret. This is my hating on. Kyle pits. i think you should probably go. You know. I don't know seventh or eighth at the latest but jomar chase could obviously have a huge rookie season two and no matter how good the titans have been. It's really just don't do much in their rookie season. It's so it seems anyway. You know you're drafting. You're not looking your rookie season. You're looking what the question was who right. What was the question ryan. It was jomar chance. Scores of the bengals. And pits goes to the falcons who has more production in twenty twenty one. That was the question i said. It's also like is it and this goes for both players. Is it production leading to wins or an empty leading to stacks. Don't i don't know how to answer that. Like if you decide who's going to have better stats. I would guess it's marches like if pits goes you know what fifty five six hundred and eight is that a more impactful season than jamarcus. Going seventy five thousand and seven though six hundred four hundred yards. No that's what i'm saying. Is that the typical rookie tight end. That's good exactly. that's what i'm saying. That's why i think it would be better but you're too. If is the guy that we think is a fascinating discussion. It really is going to be fun to see it. Play out yeah okay. Let's finish up our fill in the blank. Everybody had let's fill that finish up our fill in the blank here. And then we'll take a look deeper at the mock draft so ryan. Let's just go ryan jamie real quick. Just give me quick answers. Blank is the most likely team to trade up patriots. I think it wants to get past three to see how the quarterbacks sort themselves out the patriots would presumably be interested in trying to get whatever guys leftover. I'll say denver. Once they see mack. Jones of three blank is the most likely team that trade down. I think it's the panthers. I don't have a ton of draft picks. We'll see what happens. They have sam darnold. I feel like they're committed to him but we'll see so. I think the panthers may try to keep picks if they're sold in quotation marks on sam darnold year to. I think it's miami. If it goes the three quarterbacks as we expect with jones being three and if the falcons and bengals stay and it goes pits and chase lose out on both those guys. And they don't want sewell then they trade back. But i think it's trading back to nine with the broncos blank is the most overrated first round prospect. I you know this is sort of funny because this wouldn't have been my answer a month ago. But i'm gonna go with mac jones's because people hate him so much and i've been driving mack jones bandwagon for a few months. Now i think he has. He has no chance of social media. Success is a folks on social media like the the twitter mafia. So i'll say mack jones. Even though i like him. I think he's gonna be good but in terms of the expectations him meeting those things in your one. I don't know yeah. He's just in a bad spot knack for sure the most underrated first round prospects just because you hate him so much. I'm going with cow pits. Because i want to make sure that you know i'm gonna go with pizza. Guy peepers ghost guy. Jane davis the linebacker out of kentucky. Who the media folks have been talking about for a while. We just sorta recently got ottoman. The last month or so But he has a chance to be two really good in fact impede says this. This is works mind. But he thinks he's gonna be better than michael. Parsons i think. Mike parsons small field issues. That may see him. Drop a little bit. But jamie davis is of a fun up linebacker. We're seeing more of those guys. Go in the first round. I'm gonna stay in my lane and goes area's tony. I think he's going to be fine wherever he ends up. I think he's going to be a difference maker right away. I don't think going to have a great rookie season in terms of production in terms of stats. Because the type of player that he is but he's have a big impact plays because it's clear that he's all right. We're gonna take a break here when we come back. We will break down ryan's mock draft with three quarterbacks going the first three picks who does he have going third overall. And we'll talk more about kyle pits. I'm sure now. I will probably not. But we'll we got a lot to talk about. We'll be right back on fantasy football today. Microsoft teams is helping a bicycle company. Reinvent the way they work. We make low maintenance bicycles for everyday. Riders wants a pandemic hit. We had nobody coming into the showroom so we started doing virtual visits via microsoft teams. Able to see two or three. Fold the amount of customers. We used to be able to see all of a sudden. We could open up our showroom to customers around the world. I really think going to set a standard for retail. Moving forward learn more at microsoft dot com slash teams. It's only april but nobody wants to fall behind in their fantasy. baseball league. Now is the time to find those early season league winners. I'm talking trade grisham zack. From last year. That's why you need to listening to fantasy baseball today. Every monday to friday as part of the cbs. Sports podcast network doing chris tower scott white and myself ring sample as we hope you dominate. Your league fantasy baseball today will be in your feet each weekday morning. So follow now on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher google podcasts. Anywhere else podcasts. Forty minutes in. We haven't talked about quarterbacks. That zack wilson to of course trevor lawrence won so who is going to be at number three. But before we get to that ryan. How good is trevor lawrence. Well here's the thing. Jamie story touched on this earlier. He he had a you know he necessarily great throughout the twenty twenty one twenty season. Excuse me part of that was probably related He wasn't great to start a sophomore season. There were times in fact early on that sophomore season. For three or four games okay. This isn't the same guy we saw as a freshman. What's going on. And i've often equated that to justin feels only playing year and a half and why people don't seem to be as high as they probably should. I think he's going to be a really good player. He just needs a little more time to go into the role. And that's fine. But if trevor lawrence is. I've been saying this for a while. Trevor lawrence is seventy five percent of justin. Herbert and your one. That's a home run for the jaguars. I don't like justin. Herber played out of his mind at for the chargers and i was shocked. I think a lot of people shocked. How well he played but a credit him for doing it. And i don't know if trevor lawrence can can reach that in your one in a in an organization that isn't as put together as los angeles for whatever awards the the chargers have. So i'm going to say seventy five percent of justin herbert a great start. But i i'm sort of hesitant to see how this is gonna play out. Just just sell the moving parts reminded. You're gonna stay the playmakers around the issues Defense so on and so forth. And you have mac jones going third so we had a tweet from rappaport last night. That it's between mack jones and trae lance. What do you think that wasn't laughing at that. Sorry mack jones and trae lance something crazy going out of my house right now. what do you think is mack jones. I think but again. That's just a hunch fits. He's like the best of what cow shanahan wants. And i know we always think about the pitcher of mack jones with his shirt off looking like me in a tank. Top going to the beach to senate allow shandra six pack. But i say all the time like go back and look the scouring ports last year for two. They're literally word for word of the exact same thing that people say mac jones but there's no but behind it but he looks like a slob but whatever people had no issue with match with two of top pick except for the hip and he's still one of the top five sell the time of the politics. Podcast you jones head. Put it onto his body. That guides the top. I pick all day long. And i think it's literally case the body shaming and the fact that his middle name mccorkell so i think those two things really go against him and i said earlier. I think it's gonna be unfair to whoever goes three because of the pressure that goes playing and playing for four hundred to give him this week. First round picks. But you know. We talked to people in senior bowl. The coaching staff. That was there and the panthers were the coaching staff of the jones team. The scouts that were there. They all say that jones is so incredibly smart. And i don't mean like oh. He's smart for a senior in college. He's smart for a guy who's been in the league four or five or six years and that to me just screams cowshed hand because people say oh. He looks he's basically jimmy. Gt point oh you can. All recall times or shanahan was visibly frustrated with what wasn't capable of doing not physically but it seems like in execution and i think matt jones gibbs him that that said if it were just appeal to trae lance. I'd be like oh. I can see that too because shanahan him so good at his job. Basically fits shanahan system. But i'm you know i'm been ride the maximum strength for a while so i'm gonna stick on it for days. I think if if it ends up being jones. It's because shanahan fields. It's the best fit for what he does. And you know the knock on any alabama quarterback which is understandable or any quarterback coming from italy program is while he played with all of this town around him. He's stepping situation. Mack jones with a very good offensive line and above average offensive line. Obviously in a great system with pretty good weapons around him and george kittle. You can deebo samuel. It may not be the best but it's certainly in the upper half of the league and run game that's going to support him and the defense is not going to put them in some bad situations. He's gonna probably look a lot better than what the expectations are right. Now now that being said it feels as if and if you talk to people go for example our our our. Nfl senior columnist drink Sorry that just feel is the better pick. I think probably a lot of people feel that way. Trae lands feels like maybe as the higher ceiling of all these guys. Because you just don't know and the hope is that he becomes Steve mcnair he becomes. You know josh allen you know the names. You're hearing those associated. Tim so it can really go any one of those three ways. It just feels as if mack jones is a reached. That point like ryan told you you know it if you if you were to swap out the names and just looked at the numbers you would say. Oh this guy's not bad and if you said it was too as opposed to say a lot of sense. So we'll see at mcdonald's goes there. I personally would say justin field but you know if the forty niners field. That's the direction they want to go. They have a few years to prove it and they may be on job. If mack jones right just say this quickly atom. Here's the thing like this is what's going to be. Let's say goes three. And he's successful and all that when the patriots segment jones in five years from now. They've won two roles jones screaming as the why the forty niners didn't take the i so kyle pits for you. Haven't gone to the falcons. You do not have go into the bengals. You've penny soule going through the bengals. The offensive tackle. Out of oregon. And then you have chase and waddell back to back to the dolphins at six and to the lions at seven. So jamie who would you rank higher chase on the dolphins or waddell on the lions i would rank chase higher I think wattle goes into a situation where he's the number one receiver right away. Obviously taste goes the situation where he's eventually become the number one guy but we'll fuller devante. Parker and mike is going to make it a little harder on him. You look at the lions and dj hopkinson and then a bunch of stiffs that wide receiver. So it's a it's a great landing spot. I think for both guys but jas based on him as a prospect based on his. You know profiles a prospect. Than i think what the upside would be in the mind. The offense would be the better fantasy option going into your one. Okay ryan so let me get your take on this. Here's what i what i fear about. Waddell is that he will be an again. We live in sort of a p pr world. He will be a low catch guy which is now look tyreek hill a low catch guy and saying he won't be a great pro but he might be maybe not the same player but just in terms of stats high yards per catch. Not a lot catches. Hopefully a lot of touchdowns. I was gonna compare them to kenny. Golladay shaggy b break down the four regular season games that waddle and devante smith played together now. The national championship game was another story. Came back smith at two hundred yards and a half was incredible but the four games they play together in the regular season. Smith had thirteen more catches twenty five catches for thirty eight for smith. They both had four touchdowns but waddell had five hundred and fifty seven yards and smith at four hundred and eighty three. But you know it just just look. I know it's not going to translate directly but just from a a fantasy football perspective. Thirty eight catches four hundred. Eighty three yards compared to twenty five catches. Five hundred fifty seven yards kinda feel like people would gravitate toward the higher catch guy so you think jalen waddell is. Is he a true number. One is he who you compare him to. Is he going to be an eighty catch guy. I don't think he's gonna be one hundred. Catch guy what do you think so. Devante smith is my wide receiver to and we were talking earlier that he would be my wide receiver warned if he weighed twenty pounds more so i liked monty smith more. I think the waddell go sooner because of the the athleticism and high traits and i think sorta hit on it with tyreek hill. He's sort of that mold. The player is he tyreek hill. No but he's he's not that much taller he's only five ten he doesn't he's not as as the kids say as tyreek is But i think you're exactly right. I think you're onto something in terms of High yardage low catch A lot of touchdowns he adds something in the run game. And she's the return game but again. We talk about this for quarterbacks going to the right spot unicorn detroit man. I mean you're going to a place where matthew stafford is gone. And you're counting on jeered presumably because they're not taking a quarterback of taking jail model. Who by the way. If you have success and sean mcvay system what chance do you have dan campbell system that we don't even know what it is a historically dysfunctional organization. So i think it's another situation where it's not a great landings by for anyone. But i i think you're hitting on something. In terms of what the production will look like jalen waddell compared to the baltic smith. I would expect them to be more productive as as a rookie. Assuming they went to the same landing spot but but I think jalen waddell is still grown in there. He's never been number one. We're told me tears. Marshall earlier joe why does play with three of the first rounders and he's rarely had to be be the guy in fact he's never had to be the guide alabama and then you've got. I saw down just a little bit. Because i want to keep this wide receiver. Discussion going is devante smith to the giants at eleven. Jamie is that a good landing spot for a wide receiver. Would you wanna see devante smith or one of those big three go to the giants. I mean it's not going to be great for what his rookie production probably is. But you talking about shepherd and darius slayton slayton is the one that's going to be the odd man out shepherd. I believe on the last year of his deal. And so you know daniel jones is the guy that you know you clearly hold them to be the most giants fans help to be a positive ones. Then you're doing what you should do to. A young quarterback is surrounding with talent. And so you you bring in kenny. Golladay you draft devante smith. You still have shepherd slayton for this year. That's as good as any team will roll out there. If the monty smith is the player that he wasn't college clearly so it's not my favorite that landing spot for him. But it's a spot that i think by your to. He can flourish as the type of fantasy receiver that we love. Maybe by your three. He's a star. You know so That all depends on how good daniel jones is what the giants coaching staff looks. Like by them all right and then this picks i skipped between waddell at seven and smith at eleven. You have justin fields. Going as to the panthers. Sean slater the offensive. Lineman add north western. Do you think he's a tackle or guard. Talked to teams to think. He's tackled talking to think he's a guard. I think he can play either place in hell right away. So the broncos who knows what. The broncos are going to talk about the quarterback but if you're through lock you might as well protect them or teddy bridgewater. Whoever it is. And i think we're sean slater gives you that our civility. And then you have trae lance going. I j. i think they should take a quarterback. I just don't think drew lock is the answer. It's kind of weird. Say that it's like how can i say. The giants shouldn't take a quarterback with broncos. Should because in this scenario all five quarterbacks are off the board by the time the giants pick. Where ryan's mock you still have. Trae lands on the board for the broncos at nine. What would you do if you were the broncos at nine. I mean. I'm taking a quarterback. I i just think he. You gotta give drew. Lock some pressure to prove that he's the guy and if he excels you played out and see how it all works out but if trae lance is sitting there and on denver. I have a hard time passing. Mob justice. Field the sitting there. That's a no-brainer But like i said. I think denver is going to be aggressive and if you know it is matt jones at three and you still have justin field in trae lands on the board four five six you know. I think those are our prime spots for denver to jump a few spots. It's gonna cost them their first probably their second but Not mortgaging the future. Too much know you gotten out and you can get one of those guys. That's a great france. That's a great roster right now. The offensive line is in good shape through receiving core is in good shape defense rebuilt. The run game should be strong. The quarterback is the question you know and fields to me is the likely answer to help them right away. Lance probably more so down all right jamie think you have to hop off. Now i do. Ryan i love. You're the best. I hope this week goes well for you. And all of your pixar successful and we will share our parenting stories another time. Oh yeah story we've got shipped all right. Thank you jamie ryan. And i'll finish up as we look at twelve. You have the philadelphia eagles and kind of interesting the way this played out getting patrick's or tan and i just thought at twelve. All you need is one defensive player to get taken in the top eleven. Assuming the five quarterback we're going to take it in the top ten. You just need one defensive player. Then you're going to get one of those wide receivers or maybe a quarterback drops something like maybe one of those five quarterback shops at twelve. But i eleven picks are all offense for you so right so the eagles take patrick's or tannin twelve th as the first defensive player off the board. Yeah and it's funny that you mentioned that because i went back and looked last week because i had nothing else to do how far you have to go back to find a defensive player. Fallen out the top ten pick and it's nineteen fifty seven. What so why. The player goes to the top ten every single gear. And don't forget. I mean you know thirty twenty thirty forty years ago defense players tackle sometimes for the first overall pick and because defense was sort of That's how you build your team so this would be ab absolutely unprecedented and almost hysterical giants fan. You can appreciate the fact that the eagles are trying to manipulate the board. They're going to get a playmaker and they trade on twelve and a half to settle for a dvd player. The good news is they need help in that secondary desperately but i mean they traded from six where they could have had jail waddell. Justin feels You know they're going to that direction. sean slater. If they decided to stay put devices smith and instead they have to settle quote unquote for pasture. Tant fills me. But it's not as a a sexy pick as one of these receivers. So what do you think about tan. And the defensive back class starts seeing cornerbacks. Come off the board at around here quarterbacks. And editors going to kind of take over for a little while yes so the best case scenario for the eagles. Here's the broncos. Pick a cornerback. Or maybe the the cowboys do attended. Don't trade down by cornerback. One until a month ago was caleb barley. He didn't play last year. He opted out but he is in terms of physical traits. He's probably the best in this class. He's biggie strongest fast. And he's Wide receiver so he's only gonna get better patch. Ser tan is feels like the the most certain of the bunch to to be a solid. Nfl pro and that's really all you want. You can sort of bet on flash and have the blow up in your face and then right behind him as jc We mentioned earlier jordan son. He's big he's physical He's a dominated time man to man coverage then after that greg Newsom excuse me out of northwestern fantastic season For him he plays more of a quarter over. Four type look But he can certainly do other things if you need them to. So those are the top four five guys. And the question becomes whether tanner horn goes first and then also how far does kill. Poorly teams are in a worried about his injury. Hit a back injury aback procedure a few weeks ago. That at the second one he's had and i've talked to teams. That are actually legitimately concerned about him. No longer top five. Pick a top ten picks you could maybe do even take them at the bottom round one. Yeah and ser tan. What recruit he was. I remember his recruitment hughes top five overall crew. I mean just. He's had agreed a high school team with tyson campbell from georgia who also has a chance to be a first round pick and both those guys are six one hand weights a little more. He's probably won ninety five. Maybe and Tyson was one eighty five. But i can't imagine being in high school quarterback trying to throw against two five star kids that that are dominating se. Are you got the chargers who had is one of the worst offensive lines and not the worst in football last year. Taking virginia tech offensive lineman christian saw at thirteen. Then you've got quitting. Pay your first edge. Rusher quickly pay going to minnesota minnesota. They don't have a lot of pick lot of capital right Right so they got a second round pick. Yeah they gotta nail this pick and pass rusher makes sense for them And i think that this ended up being a good dr- i can't really see them adding a wide receiver. So i think you know if you have justin jefferson. I know that you should be too concerned about them. Taking wide receiver early in the draft anyway minnesota jc horn to the cowboys who in this smock traded down with the From ten to fifteen with the patriots. Horn the cornerback at south carolina. You just heard about the cardinals. take allies. Avera tucker offensive lineman at sixteen. And then you got a linebackers about jeremiah. Who super moa at notre dame linebacker. Go to the raiders at seventeen. So he has this next wave of hybrid type players Isaiah simmons of the world in that begs the question okay. Where do you plan. Because i know i've talked to teams that say well. He can't play linebacker he's too small. He showed his day to twenty one. He didn't way that. I don't think during the season but even brian kelly nerd and coach said at the pro day you have to have a spot prosecco. Just throw them out there as sort of a do all catch all type player because that's not utilizing what he does best and we sort of saw that last year with isaiah simmons who struggled early on in this season in arizona because it couldn't really find a spot for them So i i've talked to like a more as a safety where he can cover running backs even wide receivers slot tight end and he can do it at a high level he's incredibly levick and i'm talking teams that like him as a as a dime baecker you know. Lot of teams defenses. Play those packages all the time. Now because there's so many wide receivers on the field and they feel like he can do everything you want. And it's just a matter again is sort of the recurring theme of what i've been saying in the right system. The raiders may not be the right system because they've needs everywhere but they need athletes and they need defensive helping and score more checks both those boxes so find a place for them. Let them do that. and i think he'll be successful. All right back to your mock draft here We got najah harrison. The dolphins at eighteen. And then you talked about this guy. Things who you said was the underrated linebacker. Jane davis going through the washington football team at nineteen caleb farley. Ed virginia tech. You just talked about him. How you had him number one he opted out. He's got some medical issues. He's cornerback going to the bears at twenty. Twenty one is the indianapolis colts kevin jenkins offensive. Line that of oklahoma state and jalen phillips tennessee. So yeah you've got a edge rusher coming off. The board in three straight picks got jaylen phillips. Tennessee carlos boogie basham at a wake forest. Going to the jets. Jalen rose by the way out of miami. And jason out of penn state. Going to pittsburgh so tennessee the jets and the steelers all getting edge. Rusher do you have a strong preference between phillips basham and if phillips is healthy it's him and that's the big thing he s concussion history. He retired actually after ucla where he began his career. So the medicals clear. It's him Boogie basham nfl. Teams like more than than media. Folks do He's like two seventy four and so he can play down the defense flying and jason away is. He's just learning that he literally playing football as a junior in high school and he had zero sacks is your penn state but he is so quick twitch and you can see him being trying to figure out and once he does. I think he's going to be really good. Four ford as pro day. All right talented addressing get late in the first row. Go to the twenty fifth tickets jacksonville. And it's levi. Owns a rica defensive. Lineman at washington. So where does he play online where to expect him to play. It's funny. I talked to him a month or so go early in the draft process and he opted out again but when you we wash play twenty thousand nine. He plays over the center. He can play over the guard he can play over the tackle he can line about wide. He can play anywhere and he is. his first. Step is one of the quickest draft as an interior of lime in his incredibly strong hands and he has a a a several pass rush moves get him into the backfield consistently so He may not be the first to tackle office board and we talked earlier. That's a pretty weak class. They're either he christian baltimore probably the likely candidates but jaguars need big azam offense and defense and i think he makes sense for the jags. Here's their second first round. Pick although they could go off into flying for sir for sure. This is the surprising one. Here's mike parsons all the way down at twenty six. So why do you have him. Solo going to the browns linebacker out of penn state. Who many thought i mean. I guess he still has a chance to be the first defensive player selected. You haven't twenty six. Yeah it's all maturity concerns. That's all it is. He's a top five talent and the concerns are. He had some issues at penn state early in his career. And i've talked to teams. That are like well. That was just lack of maturity. He has that doesn't necessarily define them but there are other concerns about okay. Does he love football Look what happens. And i'm guilty. I'd be guilty this to our twenty one or twenty two when someone gave me ten million dollars. What happens when you give them a bunch of money. He's he's gonna be solely focused on football. What he wants to do and there are some issues there so taken together. Maybe he slipped a little bit. I don't know he slipped to twenty six. Maybe instead of going seven or eight or nine. He goes fifteen or sixteen. But it's a concern info team talking about. Okay pick twenty seven edge rusher aziz ojha lari going to baltimore and i think a lot of people have baltimore taking a wide receiver here. How realistic because you still at this point. Twenty seven picks. Now you still only have three wide receivers off the board. Could area's tony. He's gonna come off in a couple more picks but you went defense for baltimore. Yes they lost. They lost match. You'd on their edge. Rush situation is when call dire but it's not great and they do have hollywood brown and miles boykin and they do have that other. First round pick right they got for orlando brown. So maybe they'll circle back and think about a wide receiver. Okay yeah let's do that. I like the guy who have there. But i don't want him to go to baltimore. Greg greg newsom going to the saints at twenty eight cornerback at northwestern all right. This would be very interesting to darius tony to the packers. So that's twenty nine th overall. That's the fourth wide receiver off the board. Then you got zaven collins linebacker out of tulsa go into the bills terrorists marshall to the ravens at thirty one. We already talked about him earlier. And trayvon merengue the safety of tcu going to dallas in a mock trade with tampa bay that tampa. Bay's pick you of the cowboys trading back in to get married safety here but kade'er tony i wanna finish on him. Fourth wide receiver. Off the board for you. Drops down to twenty ninth goes to green bay which is really interesting spot but what separates tony from the other really talented. And i don't know. Is he small. because he's he's size. Love eat yeah. Five eleven not necessarily an outside guy but what separates them from the moors of the world. You know why is he fourth. He's bigger than alishan rondell. More is the as dynamic. Probably not but he had a great season florida As you know. And i think he's another guy. We've talked nausea. Here's he's i came back in and made himself some money because he played at a high level and he did it sharing The football with cockpits and strong crimes. So i liked the fit. And there's some concerns. He may fall out of the first round like reshad bateman and could also be an option here. But i like the idea of finally the packers giving An aaron rodgers help it. I was yelling and screaming last year. That i wanted them. Trainer will fuller because they just one more person. of course we'll wind gusts spinach my face but the point is you had davante adams you get a another slot receiver. Who can sort of reprise. What we had in. Randall cobb cadavers. Tony feels like that type of player and air rajasa probably happy and if that makes them happy and you can win one more game down the stretch which is what can they come up short doing that. Why wouldn't you do it like why. Why do you not want to get receivers. Which is latte adam you know. This last year was the deepest class in a millennium. And they didn't even sign one as an undrafted free agent. So i would like to think that they would make a do something differently. Here not draft a quarterback for example even though jordan love and get era writers. a playmaker. Area's tony fits that bill. He doesn't have to do it. All to adam standing next so i think you mean to say who is khudairi. Tony thank you. So that's how i everything's jeopardy. Now when you talk about the packers all right. Thank you riot. Good stuff man. It's always gonna have yawn and your info great. Please check out all of his mock drafts on. Cbs sports dot com including the one. I did not get a chance to talk about From tober twentieth. Twenty twenty. Twenty where you did have trevor lawrence going one. Justin fields to panay sewell. Three trae lance for mike. Parsons five nice do you remember. He had gone six to the miami dolphins. He is not even a i. I would say the biggest faller of the draft process. Who was gregory russo six. Yeah really interesting prospects Looking forward and hopefully he comes off the board in round two all right. Thanks ryan ryan wilson again and jamie adventure and all of you for listening. We'll be back tomorrow. Talk about the. Nfl veterans have the most to gain and lose the nfl draft. Go to with getting our droughts not get into the syria the fantasy football today and five podcast is your source for quick fun and inciteful fantasy football advice part of the cbs sports podcast network fantasy football today and five has got you covered with nfl draft prospect profiles each week. 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