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"jesse buzzer" Discussed on Ringside Toe2Toe Boxing Podcast

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"jesse buzzer" Discussed on Ringside Toe2Toe Boxing Podcast

"He signed a one fight. Dale figure I heard was about seven million Jesse fall gas the mooted opponents Jesse Buzzer says that pointing name. Yeah that's that's that's what I think. We've all gases a welterweight really but he seems to have decided that he will suffice superwelter. So I'm a bit surprised at Market Garcia wants to stay at welterweight because Spencer's brilliant. But you look at all about what you look like. Super Wealth is now down to welterweight impose a lot executive signings cash Faruk. Great sign is. He is absolutely fantastic. He really is like news. leaper Panton reportedly McGregor right. Yeah I'm in theory one before though he didn't win the lawsuit but I thought I I worked out and I thought you were in the final. I appointed up but it was a hard fight. I thought you one and a lot of people there thought you won. The judge didn't so it goes but East Berlin watch for each. It doesn't look strong. Be Super strongly any slips punches clever and I think that I think that's one of their best signings recently. I really do well. It's good it's always good to see to see a domestic fighter picked up because that are incredibly important and if I watch it talented like he is an an I can sell tickets hits. It's you've got to keep all if you're not spoiling avenue in particularly different parts off of the UK went been up to Scotland for a good while for for excluded from Scotland. Brennan News and Talk. Chanel is on those things in the Josh. Taylor is having a bit of resurgence. Just Eighty McGregor ah the Faruk as well. It's bubbling exact. Because I was thinking. Edward trainer ski against Ricky Burns. and be thinking is the reason to get Scotland. Need another another fight. I'm thinking in my head. The Guy Date Josh data is of course easily favorite. UK fights jace. Absolutely in love with Jim Taylor who will tell you know. I mean. He's incredible. Who Will he has everything you want to talk was that he would fight Lewis Richardson? But I think talk of allows cooled a little bit because it is easier to With the greatest of respect to Louis or anyone else really he is to fight the would be viewed as big easy. Then the bond sees Mikey Kgosi. He's just how about what are we talking about. That's what we're talking about the absolutely tremendous. This brings has caught national into what we were going to move onto which is two thousand and nine thousand dollars. A year Favorite moments by favorite favorite fighters. And just Josh Taylor is the one that sticks out for me in terms of might fight next and what you really want to happen is for Jose Ramirez the victim postal for them to make that Grand Slam unification in which would be. It'd be amazing to British fighter in in in one of those and I was asked for my dream this for next year. Actually just recently and I was saying VAT plus plus fury while during a rematch and Joshua fury as to what they would be extraordinary but back to two thousand nineteen. It's has been good. Yea He's been a really interesting year personal highlights of think you're always going to be weighted towards fights. You're actually at so so for me. The the to Joshua release fights. It's were extraordinarily for different reasons. But they were they remaining but I I did absolutely love that fight between program Taylor at the ot or thought that was incredible. Incredible fight you know to to brilliant fighters just gave us a pretty extraordinary spectacle what stands out for what's nuns used Isa fully agree. The number one top three fights la progress against Taylor was there ringside is incredible and just the the hardness shady termination. Asian no-one crumble in winter points. Incredible Josh Sailor incredibly surprised me. I just saw an absolute in next level now with Ramirez Ramirez super flights so I would find C. Taylor where previously I thought Romney was GONNA go through. After what I saw with. Programs and progresses ninety is incredible absolutely so oh probably in terms of real fight that was a highlight of two thousand nine hundred and which I wanna add something in two thousand eighteen with nineteen with incredible year. Now thinking about it going to happen in three hundred twenty eight just like landscape is crazy although Norway to you know it's not it's not if you know. Yeah that's what I'm saying what are you. It won't human we lose. We'll champions regain some uneven that now I think now people fighting each other not always just for the sake of fighting with us being a long time coming I feel just. It's almost pride coming back into the sport logo and it's always at the highest. That was always many but we had like one of the fights ringside was for me was the calmer I e Stephen World know them to show they didn't they say away from each other and it was not cut. It wasn't meant to be a war. It was just absolute Connie's blood everywhere. It was just unbelievable. It wasn't and Stephen Walk. We've never would. Steve was like me never going to be in a war and he was in it and he come through the other end. You know when you got the wind and I thought that the you're the guy actually one but you got the win and technical decisions and that was great but I was also I was also at the at the Taylor. I knew it was gonNA be great fight. I thought it could not be a great only work. That was that Scottish grit that Taylor has I thought might get him into trouble advice. I thought you have to be really disciplined and I think actually she that bit of component. Yeah I think that helped him. I think but if the program thought I could even buying program he thought that he would be more she felt Hebrew the capitol. Yeah Joe Josh Taylor. And he wasn't he just spent without this anyway. You WanNa. I'm pro be it was up to up to it Brad. It why I believe. The new guys sat like twenty rows back on the crowd but overall me. We didn't know what was winning. It's appropriate dot the wrong though. That's the thing with that myself with progress farther together and he goes to me the Kim fight I mean I could have sworn by because Kayaker in I'm really wanted to by the way. Yeah Yeah but that. That's what he said that that guy can fight an upset. Would you bring yours. He's beating myself. That's what you said to me but sometimes you to close the other two films and you think like some trains trains too closely. Their kids never do nothing wrong. And the other guys. Victory over critical all get caught is is a major issue so I think the judges in the world trainers in the corner for actually within the fight moves times and parents damn clue they. I mean they have the sports but when they're when you're when you're emotions involved how can they not be possible. They should be of course but I but I thought it was. Even everything was was has pulled so you never agree with any of the skull. I thought I was more one seventeen. Twelve or whatever you want. I was more to him but Romi didn't know who when they saw us coax felt like Taylor one. Maybe but I trying to let me see if you guys do that but it was a great occasion. I didn't didn't get the job thing was fantastic. Watch on TV but I think it was one of the things you have to be there. Yeah I mean that's generally the way he's the you know the super series final to win the best. I wasn't getting Chipper Jones if you not up close to it. WOOBOX CPA series delivered delivered again and and actually if they highlight night for me just because it was is just just so mental was marriage breeders against Kristof. Tiaa in the semi final and they claim recovery not in the Arena Rica. It was rammed out. Everybody going absolutely crazy and then the fight was just ridiculous. He put him down with an elbow then the rabbit heels all of a sudden as well well in the is actually they actually won their belief. You know yeah it's been this is GonNa go to lobby for that the WPRO convention. In Japan I basically agree to it but that was just one of those occasions where you just looking around thinking. This is insane a committee levels. Yeah Yeah it's just unfolding around you and it's a kind of thing that's basically impossible to explain to people in other sports. How that can it happen and then it okay? Corrected later but at the time this is what is happening and there were so many things about it that were that were wrong. But you just don't know log will be we call the gate. One thing you use. The British speaks his hand he had that hillocks animal again. That man going to drive through grew few cruiserweights in his time. So I thought soccer's final for the IBM I'd you believe bridge is GonNa go right through him. Fighting the fight he gave ewsweek man enough to say. Oh God you can't buy. He had really about hands really about every part work used to put them into the ice bucket. I still do say I still. I do think though I thought that. Even if he sees game losing always finds can up it one of those funds. I think that box walks not go to the next the next gate. You look at it out with twenty box tremendous but you could just use it almost work in June no making it work and making getting Wilcox Book I needed Bill Nichols Realms but you could see it and he does it all the time walks you don well over one hundred point. How game is hunter off? The thought he was unlucky consultation with Robinson also seen the fight back but he was going now. Today's Pitkin has much as I do than like I want to buy into win fell concert. Nick define. I thought he did enough to win a concert. I've watched the other day. Humphries Humphries game I know grinding down competitive carries it wasn't there was only one win but he really competitive. If shoney's will lose it goes straight to give you because he was supposed to make us overweight. W The heavyweight W at the end of May and it didn't and it didn't happen at the end not supposed to be able to call us Tom. And in the end default chazz witherspoon. It was supposed to be tyrone spong Kit the stall Tober it was. Oh so we still don't really know about hey may not aligned to subject we have over here this year as well or not. That's that's always going to be. A big highlight. Isn't it when you get someone like that. Come into this country because Joshua boxed outside the UK twice Tyson Fury. He's not boxed here. This is our stars the two mushroom cats in the UK this year and one was Taylor and the other one was Chango. Brilliant Campbell. Dr Issue Gloria Huntersville. That's beyond box if I didn't go to the real big job and I'm glad I went chango Campbell was fantastic in defeat support himself but also I. Is it like you and I had to go. Massively wanted to ingrate navy wrong. But it just wasn't enough like an and I think it was just was just. He's not a lightweight. Featherweight supervisor featherweight boxing lightly. Because he's too good for everyone else at feathered super-feather and it's almost unfair that he boxes his natural weight incredible so good. You must have been that good unique tolen- unique talent. But I wanted to come quickly to use it. I personally think we're he's hunter is so game and he gave private Kim nightmare his stopped by coli and he will be nightmare therefore anyone yet Joshua so rejoice yip use AAC outbox him and took him Johnson will try out grind them in their fight. You seek is huge. The moment did you see him when Monaco. He's pres massive and he feels very comfortable about hundred Tequila Rum. I think he will impose hundred two. Joe Commissioner. You can imagine so. He's a good like it can smell so you. twenty-five he looks shape six Six Sixteen one. Yeah oh seventeen. Clever what I'm saying so I think is going for. I mean I spoke to Alex critic and I said we're going to happen between us and wilder he goes. He will lay a pungent music. I'm telling you that now. And people saying new Balkan getting cold. You'll see what's going to happen. We'll be humiliation. I'm saying what about Tyson Fury. He goes.

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