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"jesse braun" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Com slash Nick de show that what you just heard obviously, we're talking heads. And we're going to have on the show right now there's a there's a cover band called start making sense that have been around for a while, and they're playing Friday and Saturday at martyrs. And it's twenty dollars in advanced twenty five dollars the door the, the doors open at nine o'clock, and they're going to do a full show start making sense to other members of the of the band are here to talk about music and talk about the talking heads and talk about their. Band to John Brown who does lead vocals, and plays guitar, and Jesse Braun who his brother, and he plays drums, John, welcome to the show. Thank you, Nick, appreciate it. And Jesse welcome to the show. Thanks, man. All right. Let's talk about your background, John, who's the holes who who's the older or the younger brothers here. I guess I would be the older that, that would be the case. Okay. So John, you're the older brother. By ten years, believe it or not, how okay great. And when did you get into music personally, and then I'll ask Jesse. I question when did you start getting into music? His answer might mirror mind. Our father is musician. So he was a drummer. He is a drummer still currently. And so from probably before I can recall. So you, you, you always, you always knew you wanted to be a musician. Well, it didn't seem like a prosperous. Lifespan. But yes. Okay. All right. Yeah. Jesse? What about your same thing? Your dad is obviously the same dad and he's a drummer. So tell me about your year, a getting into music. Yeah, it was the same thing like right from the beginning. You know, like Jones up before I can remember, I know I was, you know. Drums all the time. Yeah. Now John, did you did you not gravitate to the drums? I did actually I'm a drummer, first and foremost. And this happened later in life, and I had a little guitar experience, and everyone said, hey, you sound like David Byrne. You know, maybe you should you should sing. All right. So the, the well you must have grown up. You gotta father is a drummer you guys. Do you guys my grown up in a loud house? My, my statement is my mother is a Saint that has yet to be recognized. There were a lot of people drums sets. Yeah. I would imagine, imagine you guys. Are you guys just the only siblings? Did you have any other brothers and sisters just the two? It's so okay, but still both drumming like the dad. Yeah. Your mom must have been your mom must be a Saint, that's all there is to it gonna be. Yeah. It was good. It was a good twenty five thirty years of drums, Bentley. That's unbelievable now where are you guys from John, where you where you get from? We, we currently all reside in need Bethlehem Pennsylvania area, which is right over the border from New Jersey Pennsylvania, but a good chunk of the band was born and raised in New Jersey and the tri-state metro area. Okay. All right. And how long have you been? How long have you by how long it start making sense? Together. We are in our tents years as a band, and you tour around the country doing this. We, we do we absolutely do where weekend warriors for the most part. We certainly play more than that. But for the most part, it's Thursday, Friday, Saturday Friday, Saturday every week ten months out of the year. Wow. That's boy, oh boy, that's a lot of traveling Jesse. You enjoy being on the road. Yeah. Man. It's great. Well, where we get to go to a lot of places where have you been telling Jesse tell me about some of the places you guys play. We do a lot of up and down the east coast, you know, from Maine to Florida, and I guess, maybe like the last five years, or so we've been heading out, west further and further. So we've, we've been doing Sakata go for a while. We do you know Denver, Fort Collins, area and Geos stuffy months ago debuted on the west coast in Seattle and Portland. You guys get big crowds. When you go to New York, I would imagine. Your your the bigger cities. I. Yeah. Well, I mean there from New York, so that's why I figured you'd be big. But that's now you guys outside of start making sense. What other music is you are you involved in John. We actually Jesse and I are both in original band called ruby dear. With one of the backup singers from start making sense, Jenny founds. She plays guitar and saying, so the three of us have a trio doing all original music called ruby. Dear. Oh, that's great man. That's really cool. In the you guys have you recorded stuff. We do. We have a full length album out and were playing whenever we're not doing this. And actually we open for our selves, sometimes. Oh, dear. Yep. So that's ruby. Dear. Is there a website where people can check out the music? Yeah. Rubira music dot com and all the streaming services have everything as well. Do you enjoy the, you know, obviously, you're having fun doing the, the, the talking heads thing. But you gotta really love doing your own stuff, right? Well, I it's a balance between the two, you know, one of the, the kind of unspoken or actually spoken the. Things we have is one more, not, if we're not having fun doing start making sense, will stop. Yeah, you know, we're not gonna we're not gonna do this just to just to do it. Right. You know there's a lot of tribute bands out there, and we've feel as though it's important that you enjoy what you do. So it's at point ever comes, we will stop doing it. What's the what's it? What about the songwriting process for ruby dear? Tell me about that. Do you guys write the songs all together? Jesse? You wanna take that. Yeah. Sure. So the, the I'd say the core or the bulk of the song comes comes from Jenny, and then the three of us kind of sit down and work it out. She writes kinda, you know, on piano, or guitar comes up with the, the chords and the melody, and then we kinda arrange it with the three of us. And so, so you guys you guys play out pretty regularly. Then they must be fun to open for It is it really really is. It's interesting because we're we're throwing some it's a little harder edged music than than talking heads. So it's interesting to throw it out and see what people respond to in that setting. Yeah. Yeah. Have you guys ever played martyrs here in Chicago before? We absolutely have I was in an original band for a very long time that toward the country relentlessly and. Going on fifteen eighteen years of playing martyrs. It's a great room. It's one of the best rooms in the city. It's one of the best rooms in the country, I would argue. Yeah, yeah. I haven't traveled arrive in traveled around a lot to a lot of venues, but all I know is that here in this city martyrs is right near the top of, you know, places to see shows absolutely. Every person that works there, every person that has worked there, all of them top top to bottom, or a wonderful people, and it's truly just a room for music. Yeah. First and foremost, absolute, John, what was the band that you were in that you two are all over the place with. Insidious rays was the name of the band. Okay. And you guys go ahead. Oh, just a independent rock and roll punk rock funk, psychedelic country band, or for about ten years ago that kind of thing I know that sound unfamiliar with water. Yeah. Yeah, that'll that old cliche. Yeah. Right. There. Right in martyrs. Jesse Jesse how long you been playing out and stuff? Well, probably fifteen years or so. Yeah. Started started gigging like most of us in, you know, local punk rock bands and stuff. And then, you know, I, I guess I was about twenty when we started start making sense, so. Okay. All right. Hang on. Okay. I want to talk more about that. I want to talk about the talking heads in about your show. That's coming up. You got two shows Friday and Saturday at martyrs this weekend guys. Hang on. Okay. Okay. There's John Brennan, who is the lead singer plays. Guitar for start making sense and his brother, Jesse Braun who plays drums. We're gonna come back and talk more about talking heads about their band about their gigs at martyrs this weekend. And we'll do that, right. If we take a break here on seven twenty WGN. Five.

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