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"jerry world longhorns" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Ben, I'm trying to look at. They play next week. They play you in him. Who is that kid state? Colorado University of New Mexico. I guess it's university. Yes, it is the Mexico Lobo. You don't know that I've never seen it did like Mexico was a state but New Mexico I would put Lake Travis against New Mexico. This is another gimme game. Disrespect The new Mexico are not that bad. Yeah, they are. Been there really Been Lobos, The Lobos, The Lobos, the actual Miley Aggies begin conference play September 25th. Versus Arkansas at Jerry World Longhorns in Arkansas. Nothing nothing Texas about to get the ball back for the second time Hudson Card and the Longhorns went three and out of the first possession. Arkansas had did not show much in that series, and the Longhorns will get the ball back. As they look to get on the board with 9 23 to play. We need to take a break after this break your phone calls if you'd like to comment on the game or anything in the world of sports 512 83605 90 again. My name is Ed Clements, along with Ben Clements, where Dirty Martin's place where they have great specials tonight here as you watch the Longhorns and the Arkansas Razorback $16 domestic buckets that's five beers in a bucket. Neither Miller Lite Lone Star Lance ever had land shark. What I have. It's pretty good. It's owned by Jimmy Buffett. Is that right? That's true, and they also have Niccolo ultra. So come and see us out at dirty marks heading down on a Saturday evening in Austin, Texas, We'll be back with more. On the in zone club right after this. I am Beato.

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