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"jerry king lawler" Discussed on PodcastDetroit.com

"I really strong. He's a smaller guy. Would wrestling take a bill capability to the american audience. Only spirits are most people have had of him is what his own short run in the cruiserweight classic couple years back and it wasn't his best performance gonna watch his new japan work in you watch Is other work when he was doing. Iwc in in a over across the pond but he is a great wrestle. Is this that You making audience people who've probably read the wrestling observer. You don't really knows actually original issue. Our washington japan japan. Now yes. Aw say guys like p like if you done their thing that would have been a good choice as well just does another guy who's a great technical wrestler a lot of experience with a new japan. I keep saying that. I'm gonna try getting into them more and i want to but perfect especially with the whole bullet clip the aso with everything going on now. It's hard to live it. this look. Tama tonga on social media or he's got a twitch channel as well. Thomas island as far as that goes. That's probably the extent of my knowledge. Because it's been something that's been pushed into the limelight I don't know. I hope to get into to new japan a little bit more and i i think once i actually stopped watching raw. Probably get into a more. He'll be a lot happier. Let it go Mike klis off. Understand that point. I probably should The best brawler we got a. That's the bruiser brody memorial. John loxley again Best flying wrestler. Ray phoenix Most underrated wrestler ricochet a comma grilled. Because he's such his talents so talented and just one other utilize when he is utilized. He's in the wrong position him. A retribution. it's fucking garbage announcer. Black came to raw as tag team. They working really well. We tagged him and you kind of felt like they were going to give them a push. Then all of a sudden they split them up and shit just stopped especially for ricochet and now more allows now roster. they can see And you know it's it's very disheartening. Because these dudes have talent. Like just isn't another guy they can do flips. And and you know Trapezes shit the dude can go. The duty is a great worker. And they're just kinda like oh well Who you gonna talk and ricocheting. You know like look at what. He was french puma in luanda ground. That's when i realized he wasn't just off. I dis in zippy. Duda product stuff Rookie of the year arguably at mac owner read that. I'm like who else had pretty decent work year. Like i can't even stomach stereo. Was dominic mysterious. Still kind of chain down by daddy. Wait now yes and pat. Mcafee came in two matches and they were both really good matches. He had pretty decent. One on one. With adam cole. And then after that that a war games match. I'm really bad mcafee. He's one of those guys. That are still living gimmick and he was doing social media everything else. He's doing you know the only thing that i i don't agree with what that is the fact that you only saw him for. That blip you know what i mean but said who can you really say had a better rookie year than him even if it was short live. There was a really a whole lot of rookie. Is that made quite the impact no pun intended that he did Best tv announcer. We we all kind of discipline honestly. I would've gave that the straight up. Tony chevanton your tasks and excalibur. Gotten the nod. I would but i wanna gave him worse esley. I wouldn't have michael. Michael michael kohler the worst michael cole. Because my coastal generic is not that. He's terrible he's just i get that Jr had his catchphrases might jerry. King lawler has catchphrases but is even baghdad. Go back attitude era stuff when those who are commentary wasn't able to saying that say it's not everytime awesome came out with business about. They've got no doubt now what happened and we also came out whenever saucer banks is on her way to for interest boss oun lost. Time or never roman reigns is on. Here comes the big dog yet or vintage. Randy orton Is his catchphrase. Are just not coming at that one. Well and yeah it. Sounds like he is pulling himself straight out of. Wwe two k. Whatever you know and in a match itself each fine you know but when you l. Elimination chevron he was calling the lucile slash or big slash. He was called the those francois's just it doesn't bother me I think like with excalibur. Think it bothers me a little more because excalibur tone like when there's a big move exc and excalibur number. One never up number two. He's like always sound like he's trying to push out a big flock interred..

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