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"jerry pot" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

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"jerry pot" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

"Jerry pot will be here in 15 minutes. In the meantime, since we last talked, Gonzaga has secured that I'm one overall seed in the NCAA tournament. We think they beat saint Mary's on Tuesday night. Chattanooga has made the NCAA tournament. In spectacular fashion, Georgia state has made the NCAA tournament. Right state has made the NCAA tournament. Peter kiss? We got to get out of here quick today, GP, but on the back end of this after palm, we got to spend at least two minutes on Bryant and Peter kiss. Keep going. Peter kisses amazing. Brian's in the NCAA tournament. Jameer, Nelson junior, in Delaware, have made the NCAA tournament and my South Dakota jackrabbits are in the NCAA tournament. He's been a fun couple of days, and the deadline. He just called him the South Dakota Jack rabbits. Rabbits. You know, I'm gonna get banned from Brooks. You might get banned. Hey, real quick on that? So I did headquarters last night overnight. And then I go back down. Scott van pelt show accidentally accidentally showed the San Diego state logo and apparently two years ago in the South Dakota state fans got on him. So he had to interrupt his show for like four minutes and it was doing all this stuff to apologize. So I'm just staying on you. South Dakota state. Jackrabbits. Jack rabbits. South Dakota state jackrabbits. Have advanced to the NCAA tournament. The Ukraine jackrabbits were being in a war. There we go. Yes, yes, yes, they very much do. Yeah, how about, listen, Gonzaga, we'll touch on the kazakhs. I'm going to ask you, you mentioned number one overall seed. I'm going to ask Paul about that. As well. I have to at least acknowledge the phenomenal ending between Chattanooga and Furman. Furman has finished in the top three of the sokan 7 consecutive seasons. It's made championship games. It hasn't danced since 1980. And it hits a layup with four and change to go 4.3 seconds to go. And perish. This is why we love this month. Now, Chattanooga's been a really good team for most of the season. It was the best team in the so con. So, you know, on balance on the whole, it deserves to be dancing there, but my oh, my oh, my, my man. What an absolute shot. David Jean Baptiste, an all timer. And by the way, I guess he's a 5th year senior. It's just incredible. We've actually had a lot of really good mid major championship games since we started this whole deal on Saturday night with Murray state beaten morehead state. You know, we're approaching a dozen bids automatic bids that have been handed out. We have one more on Wednesday night and oh, by the way, navy will play Colgate in a one versus two patriot league matchup on CBS Sports Network. I actually wish that these leads can figure this out better. There's one automatic bid tonight and like the big conference tournaments are starting and they're fine. We got a couple of teams that we're going to talk about that are in bubble spots. You're playing Wednesday. There are 15 automatic bits you can hand out on Saturday. Why not just spread it out? I totally get it Thursday and Friday. You have so many really good big conference games. If there's no auto bids on Thursday Friday GP, I'm totally good with that. But can we squeeze in like two more on a Wednesday night? Because you just have this cram and I don't know, I feel like if you're a mid major conference, you get a little bit just a little bit more lost in the shuffle on a Saturday than you would if you were say playing your championship game tonight, but otherwise it's been it's been phenomenal and congrats to Chattanooga for firm and that's completely heartbreaking. Just so eviscerating stuff to lose the way you lost because that three pointer was like 15% at best kind of shot that gene pappy's hit and we will see Lamont Paris mocks in the turning next week. I bet you it's less than 15%. It might be because the way that they brought that up again, no time out, amazing. That's why the don't advance the ball on a timeout is amazing college basketball for exact plays like that. I'm with you on these one bit leagues, they should be, if possible, on Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night. Because by the time we get to Thursday, we are engulfed in power conference stuff. There's bubble games in the quarterfinals of some power conference tournament. And you get, once we get to Thursday, we're not paying attention to this stuff anymore. But on Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, these one bit leagues are amazing. And they get more attention. How many people know Peter kiss today that didn't know Peter kiss yesterday? It's literally in the hundreds of thousands. If not more, because of what happened there. Because of what happened. I mean, do you want to just push off the Gonzaga stuff and talk major till we get palm here 'cause I'm you know I'm game. Yeah, what is it to say about Gonzaga? They're also beginning they're the number one overall seed and they're the betting favorite to win the national. I don't want to ask Paul when he comes on. If Baylor wins the big 12 tournament with more quads, it could possibly maybe be the number one overall seat. I'm not convinced Gonzaga absolutely 100% has it. Last palm that in a few minutes here, you're right about Bryant, I want to talk about Brian talked about bellarmine. Okay, first of all, Peter kiss, yes. He is your exact kind of player. He's the nation's leading score and has his name is Peter kiss. Dude, dude makes Kurt krissa look like a humble choir boy, okay? He can not get enough of himself. Peter kiss loves him, Peter kiss. And yes, I know Bryant might go to Dayton for the first four. I get all that might happen. Which would be awesome, by the way. Which would be awesome. Put him on that stage. Yes, but if that happens, please, you have to feed him into Bill rafter he's call if they make the first round earnestly improper, you know? Peter kiss with a kiss. You have to have raftery on the call. This needs to be done, okay? I don't think rath worked in the first floor. No, but I'm saying if Bryant wins has a 16, whatever one 16 game raf might be calling, let's have him on it. How can you not? I think he gonna have to talk to rap about that. Dude, and then okay, in all seriousness though, they kind of got lucky.

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