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"jerry pablo" Discussed on High Noon

High Noon

03:51 min | 1 year ago

"jerry pablo" Discussed on High Noon

"Seventeen nice view. Oh man. I don't really know what is. Oh, good luck. Explain adds to the whole that degree of young lady the same way. In fact, you wanna know a mail privileges, maybe putting out young lady on Wheaties box, and she was the white man, hit done that to those people that is correct. I love any clip. That reminds me of a bad movie. Like come on guys really couldn't cooperate a little bit better on that. But nonetheless, impressive berry show just. Yeah, but no one got hurt. So we can laugh. I mean if they did laugh at anything, it's not on TV. Well. I love it here. My family loves it here. My wife loves it here, which is very important kids Canadians. You want to win more in my mind, I'm here. Raptors GM who Jerry Pablo do Jerry saying, he will stay make you think that Kawhi Leonard will to this seems like a necessary condition for Kawais staying, but not as sufficient condition. It feels like the pitch Masai is going to make is going to be built on trust that. Hey, the clippers are going to say you can win the championship here. We just did that they're going to say they can handle your body like no one else can. Well, we just proved to you that we know exactly what you like, and we delivered that to you with no problem. So I think this is essential for him to stay, but it's Leonard man. I have no say, people need to stop trying to figure out what to do doesn't talk is going to do. You have no idea what he's gonna do you think about here. Dennis right? Yeah. How much have you actually seen people write about who what did what his background is? None of that we don't know nothing about these people that we need to be real about the fact that we don't know about these people now as Jerry staying in Toronto. They're in an interesting place here because if I were to lead they can jump start this. Pretty quick 'cause they got big contracts with some older guys. They can start moving them out of there. And then get everything going in the future there, because, basically, if you're GM, I think you've got either one of two things, you want a team that right now win a championship or team, starting all the way over the rafters kind of sort of both at once. Yes. And missile usury would be a departure that I think would be more backbreaking emotionally than Kawhi Leonard leaving the Cy has been Mr. Canada. He is the guy who was cursing out in front of fans and they were playing the nets and Jurassic Park that one time Jurassic Park is really his invention. The fact is beside usury should absolutely be getting, like many eight figure offers from everybody. The same offers that the wizards denied ever, offering him, including ownership equity, but he is staying in that means that this is a franchise that maybe hasn't just Pete. I will say this about the idea is being backbreaking because I know they wouldn't like it if he left, but just remember some people root for players. Masher. Who gets layer? Ben is true to say I think that people find a way to cope, when the general manager goes away next quote Lakers, are now rooting for Kyrie Irving to land in Brooklyn. Said Adrian, mortar NAR ski on the woes and low free agency special about a scenario where the ngelo Russell could find his way back on the Lakers. If the nets get Kyrie and have to renounce their rights to Russell. So Bomani does reunion of Russell end the Lakers make sense to you about. Shoutout to kyri damn what I do y'all Irving, because all we've done since he started tug about who probably doesn't want him that bad, everybody now, as for the Lakers, I think IRA being is a distinctly in noticeably better player than Dangelo, rosary, right? And I it's hard for me to buy this idea that you would rather have the ends low Russell thing, Kyrie Irving. Right. I just can't get behind that. However, Russell will probably be cheaper. He will be younger, and I think there's a better chance. He'll figure out exactly how to navigate the LeBron Anthony Davis situation that being said there's a reason why they got rid of them in the first place..

Kyrie Irving Lakers Russell Kawhi Leonard Jerry Pablo clippers GM nets Jurassic Park Dangelo Toronto Dennis Raptors LeBron Pete Kawais Anthony Davis Bomani Adrian Mr. Canada
"jerry pablo" Discussed on Bob and Sheri

Bob and Sheri

10:27 min | 1 year ago

"jerry pablo" Discussed on Bob and Sheri

"Off your first three boxes under what you're cooking next. But I know this time you won't have to holler for Hampton to come get cooking a meat loaf. And I can't wait to hellofresh. It's that easy. Now back to the podcast get Lamar's reviews sent right to your phone text movie to eight Bob Shaye. Jerry Pablo Escobar was one of the most notorious drug lords in the history of drug running. He was shot to death few years ago by believe government soldiers. They knew where he and I think is son were hiding out. It was not a son. It was, but it was one of his underling his son is still alive son alive. Yeah. Yeah. And anyway, he's dead and in Columbia, you can evidently go and max was telling me and do kind of a tour of some of his hideout some of his places and one of our listeners Britney did that and you won't believe who she met. Hi brittany. Hey, so tell us about your experience. So I had always fascinated with the cartels and the Escobar story, and my best friend is Colombian and her family goes back home every year. And so she vitamin down. And we went to his family medigene, which is where he was from. And in the shadiest of ways her dad's cousin knew a guy that knew a guy that was friends of the escorts family and invited us on a tour and was going gonna show us everything. And so we climbed into the back of a SUV, and we went on a tour, and and we saw we saw the the roof where he was killed on. And there's still there's arguments of who actually killed him. He had a gun on him. And so the family and his followers say that he shot himself because he would not be taken alive. But of course, the government in the d. Says they killed him. And we went to his grave, and we went to favorite restaurant all on the tour, and then various end the sky says, hey, I'm friends with the family if you wanna be and his brother, and I wasn't really sure about it. I thought it seems kinda shady, but my friend was like are you really gonna come all this way and not do it. And so we went into the back entrance of Pablo's old house discarded now and they locked the gates behind us. And we met his brother. Roberto who served twenty years in prison for trafficking, and is now free and and still lives there in Columbia. So wait Britney. The Escobar house is still in the family. It's. It's one of the homes the the big complex. I don't think is you know. That was the government's right before our Dr booking. So what was what was it like when the doors closed, and there was his brother? Pretty nervous, but he is the nicest guy Roberto, and he was actually the reason he's not serving wise kill anyone who's kind of our guide with selling the joke because he would get sick just killing one day. They hit either a horse cow, and he had to put it down and it made him sick. And so he was responsible for the logistics between like Colombia, and Cuba and the Bahamas. So he he didn't really do any of the burning. He's a really nice guy. Actually. I mean, he isn't. He isn't. He was running drugs. Right. I I was still very scared. The whole time he was very personable, which was it was kind of surreal. So I kinda felt you know, mixed feelings about what did he say? What did he say to you? I mean, here's somebody. That's unlike this really strange tour he had some opinions about this narcos. This is this is how most people know who he is the thing that. On Netflix, which you have watched. Right brittany. Right. And so he had some things to say about that. Yeah. And there's another so narcos. The Netflix version is pretty embellished. And there's another version called Pablo L petro and Bill mall in the Colombian version, which is very accurate and actually makes him. A lot worse than what than the Netflix show shows. An I mean, he's the whole family. They're just terrible. And what they did where we're just horrific things. But but he said that was more accurate and he only banished. So I find with translating, and he he was he actually can't see that. Well, the hearing on air because the Cali cartel tried to blow him up he's pretty subdued in. He when we ask him the story that it was his stories were just police, chases and them invading the police and things like that. And what was the most striking thing about the house where he lives now? It was. So we went on a tour through the house with. That spoke English and live there. I mean, broken English with a pretty thick accent. But there were a lot of little secret hideouts in the house like bookshelves could be turned in it was or in behind and they were teller style. When they they knew the race. We're coming because we're the house is situated there's only one road up to always see them. And then he probably just hide out the housing to hear them. You know, searching forum. Why did the why did the brother allow you in? What was it? How how is now? It's like a tour thing you have to pay like thirty bucks to do it. So he's making money on this. Holy. Yeah. Ninety. Oh, what a tour to take. You know? Yeah. I kind of feel funny about it other around the city like it's not like to escort family pay with that. But I definitely took you decide I don't want to support that. But I was there and did wanna see what happened to his son. His son his son on the why they live in Argentina now in in Brickley. Do you have any idea why you've had to sly flown fascination with the cartel where this came from? I'm not really sure like I think to me. It's like it's it's a story where we win. You know, we get him in the end. And so. No. I I'm pilot while that's what I fly it. So just kind of seeing all that. And you're an interesting we're on a time. But you're an interesting person. And you're right. We did win. He went down. This could have been the springboard for a whole fictional movie. About an American tourists may break new, right? I know bliss. I'm so glad you shared that. Thank you Britney. Listen, they knew Sherry twenty four seven, Bob and Sheri dot com. And it's time now for Bob and Sheri's small plates. These are a collection of stories we have a little bit of information on some of them breaking as a matter of fact, and the first one I want to go with there is a new FDA approved cure for snoring. I wear a mouthpiece because I evidently do snore at night and headed made for me by my dentist, Dr Broome. And I put it in works. Good. But this is another one that you can use you. Stick a red hot probe up your nose. Oh, and then cauterize whatever is a company called Aaron medical A E R. I N created the probes they heat up to one hundred forty degrees before they jam went up your nose. And yes, it hurts. You do get a local anesthesia I, but they say afterwards some people need painkillers the probe works by attacking swollen nasal tissue. My burning it up for a few seconds, the tissue shrinks, and you can breathe better. Again, you won't snore for the rest of your life. But like anytime, you get wound. It's their boss ability that after shrinks for a few seconds. It's swell up real big. That's what I thought. That's what I thought. But I guess you have to just you know, work through that. Can you imagine how scary that is a hot pro one hundred forty degrees up your nose? I'm not doing that. Although. If it would if a hot probe would cure me from all my sneezing because nothing else's help. You would do that. I would do yet. Dotty? I'm at that point. Yeah. The spin if d approved, but I should company on one under website snore. It's it's this is. Would this affect your sense of smell? I don't think. So because I don't think the FDA would approve that, right? Snoring as thing. Especially don't we have a history in this country of some stuff getting approved and put out on the market, and then they have to yank it back because it turns out there. People. There you go with aspertain again. Here's our next story here. Good news, if you have gray hair. It's now a hip thing to embrace apparently the hottest trend in here right now is letting your grace show through so stop using Diane your hair and show off those sweet grades people who are young who are coloring their hair grey. Is boys and Girls Club event in Aberdeen their director? Silver-hair with lavender highlights like what? She looks amazing always thought it was strange like we a lot of women. I know they're here. Right. But we've had a friend for years and years, and and prematurely grey, and she never tried to hide it at all. And I don't know why I guess, you know, society just pushes you in a certain direction always thought it was so strange. But now, she says hip is convenient. I think in others. Bob

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"jerry pablo" Discussed on WEEI


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"jerry pablo" Discussed on WEEI

"Nbc's sports radio conference tournament some of that already ongoing bids have already beat issue to the dance do some of these conferences but always hear about a body every day when it comes to college bats well is which teams are on the bubble which teams are in which teams are out which teams need to do work which teams the it's all predictions at this point and all we see over and over again on tv and social media are these bracket tal adjusts their predictions we had a buddy jerry pablo last week to help us out a body jerry paul making so news greg marshall head coach of wichita state by the way getting an automatic bid into the and she double a toward a minutes listened to greg marshall head coach a wichita state talking about jerry palm cbs sports writer tal a just in regards to how we view the conference final match up between illinois state and wichita state and what the game that for the shock there's a which tossed a i don't i don't know if it matters how many games we win still have guys like jerry palm say we're not go to be in the term if we lose today so we thing i'm disappointed about is i mean you know i don't get the opportunity get him at large so that i could stick it to him but he sees double down that we would've been in a figures hundred forty three brackets and he had one other guy are saying that we would've been in if we lost wow colin out a bracket college just by name and helped the brackets out his by the way it it validates i'm saying it does it means that people are paying attention to him coaches are paying attention yeah that's amazing that's that's amazing because at the end of the day if you're bracket solid just you're not in the room you're going off of history and what they used to do in the ways that they used to put teams in as opposed to the ways that they're going to put them in in two thousand seventeen so you know it just like it just like they were the college football playoff last year was yeah they win your conference then it was something else another year.

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