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"jerry jones le jerry jones" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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"jerry jones le jerry jones" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"I don't know how much I WANNA way into that honestly. I think you've got to know that you're dealing with the quarterback market and that's essentially what the market is these days. We're looking at thirty five. Forty million for deck. But I do think it's I thought it was interesting. The source felt the need to share that with me and I think it's I think it just speaks to the fact that they're polling. It is different than when they pulled. The you know the the captains on this team whether or not they should keep does remember that right. Yeah and I mean there's this is an organization that I think more than others. Maybe does really value the input of players in decisions that they make. They may not let them. It's not inmates running the asylum. I don't WanNa make it sound like that. But they do value hearing the people who are affected. I I think you had talked about this at one. Point that You know the Scotland a hand decision to move on from Scotland and a lot of that was about internal polling and and getting the sense of people within the Organization. And so that's what that does sound like. Honestly just them doing their due diligence and look. We may feel a certain way but we just want to gauge. What do you guys think? Where are you out here? Which as Jerry reminded us that Mike McCarthy press conference that they do value the input of their employees that they don't just make these decisions after top without input from everybody else so I thought that was an important distinction that he made at the Mike. Mccarthy press conference yeah because I mean honestly Let's just look at the guy that we're about to talk through does Bryant. If Jerry wasn't interested in in taking feedback Dez Bryant probably doesn't get released anyway because Jerry Jones Le Jerry Jones sentimental guy and he believes in redemption. I do think it's I it is funny that there does seem to be this exterior opinion about Jerry and you know he kinda rules with an iron fist. But with it's really not what we've seen a lot of the major decisions they've made over the last few years couple of other news and notes. I caught up with Jarvis Landry. Who of course worked with Adam Henry at both LSU and with Cleveland browns described him as a disciplinarian of sorts of father figure was shocked that he was no longer with the browns. I got a real sense of loss that they weren't going to have him anymore. So I thought that was interesting And then ask for George Edwards caught up with Harrison Smith with the Vikings called him the glue. That made that thing. Go if you look at that defense. That's a pretty nice compliment from a guy like Harrison Smith about George Edward so I think the staff that they've assembled has been an impressive one so to speak but again. I've really had a chance to get to know these guys and that's why combines GonNa be so important next week combines switching things up a lot of stuff going in a primetime so it'd be interesting to see how much access most of US reporters get to these guys but I'll be hitting the ground running ready to sort of get answers because there are gonna be so many questions off season and even though I said we're not going to be as frequent as we are. I always have to walk that back so I felt the cowboys. There's always GONNA be news. And of course when there's news we're GONNA find a way to get an April there will You Know Jane and I will be together a lot because there'll be several days in a row probably where we need to be doing things together and and I'm sure there'll be new news those days and go. Hey why don't we just knock it out? So yeah it's always. This is a fun as they say. There really is no off season. It's just another type of season for the NFL. And while I'm sort of shifting gears and like I'm filling in on Good Morning Football March first or second and third and your decided about that. You've also got some other side projects that you're doing. I know you can't get into the teams that you're doing this for but I think it's fascinating that you are serving as a scout of sorts. I mean they were just like yeah. It kinda helped out Some facilities in helping out Agencies and stuff with just you know these guys heading into the draft when they head into. Indianapolis a lot of the time. They're coming from you know. Baylor Something Waco. Media is not the same as the media that they're going to run into an Indianapolis and so a lot of them do like to get mock interviews done and Pratt and so. That is something that I've been able to do this time around. That's been you know a good experience. It's just kind of work with prepping. Some of these guys on what they may get asked and some of the tough questions that might get thrown their way and the toughest one of their way. Ooh It's it's hard to say without revealing the exact school at comes for but You know a basically I I have been able to ask guys directly about failed drug tests and suspensions and things like that okay but I think sometimes these teams like to mess with these the minds of the they they ask questions sometimes. History of Football Right. They WanNa know if these guys are like savant in other words because we do talk to players. I'm always shocked that. Tell me you know they play football. But they don't really watch football or care about it. Which I think is interesting. I feel sorry. I pity the draft prospect. That gets in a room with Mr Rainman here and you just drop all sorts sports knowledge on them to see if they know anything about the game. Now the I've been impressed with just about everybody. I've spoken to so far and they all seem. This has been a really sharp group. Actually but you know there are some guys. They're they're still green and a lot of ways and they're not savvy and so. This is a good experience for them that they can kind of get used to That's you don't even if that's the answer you give. Let's say in a different way. That's not a that doesn't sound like a good way and it's not out of any sort of You know Disagreeable nature. It's just they're not experienced at at that tight rope and how things can get taken out of context really easily and look. I'm GonNa let you shine here in the off season because what I do during the season as you know I dig. I asked questions talk to a lot of people where he just really excel. Is this deep dive into the college world in the draft prospects and talking to a lot of these agents. So we're GONNA be able to put you on a pedestal. Hearing this off season. Let you shine and unfortunately because we've sort of taken a hiatus and we have such a big guess today. We're not GONNA be able to do that but I am looking forward to that. Why don't we just go ahead and get to the entree Dez Bryant? I was shocked shocked. I got elected. I'm rose read the host of the new iheartradio podcast..

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