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Parishioners subdue gunman in fatal California church attack

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00:56 sec | 3 months ago

Parishioners subdue gunman in fatal California church attack

"A a a a gunman gunman gunman gunman who who who who opened opened opened opened fire fire fire fire inside inside inside inside a a a a southern southern southern southern California California California California church church church church on on on on Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday was was was was taken taken taken taken down down down down by by by by church church church church goers goers goers goers the the the the Irvine Irvine Irvine Irvine Taiwanese Taiwanese Taiwanese Taiwanese Presbyterian Presbyterian Presbyterian Presbyterian congregation congregation congregation congregation holds holds holds holds services services services services at at at at the the the the Geneva Geneva Geneva Geneva Presbyterian Presbyterian Presbyterian Presbyterian church church church church and and and and the the the the retiree retiree retiree retiree community community community community of of of of Laguna Laguna Laguna Laguna woods woods woods woods California California California California Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry chan chan chan chan says says says says a a a a group group group group of of of of about about about about forty forty forty forty people people people people had had had had gathered gathered gathered gathered after after after after services services services services for for for for a a a a luncheon luncheon luncheon luncheon Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday in in in in honor honor honor honor of of of of a a a a visit visit visit visit by by by by former former former former pastor pastor pastor pastor Billy Billy Billy Billy Chang Chang Chang Chang that's that's that's that's when when when when the the the the gunman gunman gunman gunman opened opened opened opened fire fire fire fire killing killing killing killing one one one one person person person person and and and and wounding wounding wounding wounding five five five five others others others others fellow fellow fellow fellow church church church church goers goers goers goers said said said said that that that that when when when when the the the the gunman gunman gunman gunman stopped stopped stopped stopped to to to to reload reload reload reload pastor pastor pastor pastor Chang Chang Chang Chang hit hit hit hit him him him him on on on on the the the the head head head head with with with with a a a a chair chair chair chair while while while while others others others others move move move move to to to to subdue subdue subdue subdue him him him him at at at at a a a a news news news news conference conference conference conference Orange Orange Orange Orange County County County County undersheriff undersheriff undersheriff undersheriff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Pollock Pollock Pollock Pollock label label label label the the the the congregation congregation congregation congregation as as as as heroes heroes heroes heroes we we we we believe believe believe believe the the the the church church church church goers goers goers goers detain detain detain detain him him him him and and and and hog hog hog hog tied tied tied tied his his his his legs legs legs legs with with with with an an an an extension extension extension extension cord cord cord cord and and and and confiscated confiscated confiscated confiscated at at at at least least least least two two two two weapons weapons weapons weapons from from from from him him him him he he he he was was was was detained detained detained detained when when when when the the the the deputies deputies deputies deputies arrived arrived arrived arrived I I I I DO DO DO DO courtesy courtesy courtesy courtesy KABC KABC KABC KABC seven seven seven seven Los Los Los Los Angeles Angeles Angeles Angeles many many many many questions questions questions questions remain remain remain remain including including including including the the the the motive motive motive motive of of of of the the the the gunman gunman gunman gunman an an an an Asian Asian Asian Asian man man man man believed believed believed believed to to to to be be be be in in in in his his his his sixties sixties sixties sixties I'm I'm I'm I'm Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer king king king king

Church Church Church Church California Chang Chang Chang Chang California Church Church Churc Irvine Irvine Irvine Irvine Ta Geneva Geneva Geneva Geneva Pr Laguna Laguna Laguna Laguna Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Chan C Billy Billy Billy Billy Orange Orange Orange Orange Co Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Pollock Po Congregation Congregation Cong Cord Cord Cord Cord Kabc Los Los Los Los Angeles Angele Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jen
Suspect found dead after shooting 4, causing DC lockdowns

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00:53 sec | 4 months ago

Suspect found dead after shooting 4, causing DC lockdowns

"Police police police police in in in in the the the the nation's nation's nation's nation's capital capital capital capital and and and and it it it it suburbs suburbs suburbs suburbs are are are are investigating investigating investigating investigating why why why why a a a a gunman gunman gunman gunman opened opened opened opened fire fire fire fire from from from from his his his his apartment apartment apartment apartment on on on on people people people people walking walking walking walking below below below below Friday Friday Friday Friday I'm I'm I'm I'm Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas with with with with the the the the latest latest latest latest reason reason reason reason Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax county county county county Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia say say say say they they they they identified identified identified identified a a a a residence residence residence residence tying tying tying tying to to to to the the the the suspected suspected suspected suspected shooter shooter shooter shooter and and and and assisted assisted assisted assisted DC DC DC DC officers officers officers officers in in in in executing executing executing executing a a a a search search search search warrant warrant warrant warrant the the the the suspect suspect suspect suspect was was was was found found found found dead dead dead dead hours hours hours hours after after after after firing firing firing firing indiscriminately indiscriminately indiscriminately indiscriminately at at at at people people people people walking walking walking walking through through through through the the the the busy busy busy busy northwest northwest northwest northwest Washington Washington Washington Washington neighborhood neighborhood neighborhood neighborhood your your your your private private private private college college college college prep prep prep prep school school school school at at at at least least least least four four four four people people people people including including including including a a a a twelve twelve twelve twelve year year year year old old old old girl girl girl girl were were were were hit hit hit hit much much much much phone phone phone phone police police police police chief chief chief chief Robert Robert Robert Robert conte conte conte conte said said said said officers officers officers officers recovered recovered recovered recovered a a a a half half half half dozen dozen dozen dozen weapons weapons weapons weapons along along along along with with with with ammunition ammunition ammunition ammunition from from from from the the the the apartment apartment apartment apartment this this this this was was was was very very very very much much much much a a a a sniper sniper sniper sniper type type type type set set set set up up up up with with with with a a a a tripod tripod tripod tripod and and and and this this this this person person person person obviously obviously obviously obviously his his his his intent intent intent intent was was was was to to to to kill kill kill kill and and and and hurt hurt hurt hurt all all all all members members members members of of of of our our our our community community community community the the the the shooting shooting shooting shooting was was was was recorded recorded recorded recorded and and and and posted posted posted posted online online online online on on on on the the the the message message message message board board board board four four four four chan chan chan chan Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Washington Washington Washington Washington

Fairfax Virginia Police Police Police Police Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Fairfax County County County C Washington Robert Robert Robert Robert Co Chan Chan Chan Chan Ben Ben Be
The Latest: Japanese snowboarder Yoshika injured in crash

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00:33 sec | 6 months ago

The Latest: Japanese snowboarder Yoshika injured in crash

"The the the the United United United United States States States States leads leads leads leads after after after after the the the the opening opening opening opening day day day day of of of of team team team team figure figure figure figure skating skating skating skating with with with with the the the the winning winning winning winning performances performances performances performances from from from from Nathan Nathan Nathan Nathan Chen Chen Chen Chen as as as as well well well well as as as as ice ice ice ice dancers dancers dancers dancers Madison Madison Madison Madison Hubbell Hubbell Hubbell Hubbell and and and and Zachary Zachary Zachary Zachary Donohue Donohue Donohue Donohue chan chan chan chan won won won won the the the the men's men's men's men's short short short short program program program program with with with with a a a a dynamic dynamic dynamic dynamic high high high high flying flying flying flying program program program program Hubbell Hubbell Hubbell Hubbell and and and and Donohue Donohue Donohue Donohue followed followed followed followed with with with with a a a a near near near near flawless flawless flawless flawless performance performance performance performance to to to to music music music music from from from from Janet Janet Janet Janet Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson mixed mixed mixed mixed doubles doubles doubles doubles curling curling curling curling team team team team USA USA USA USA earned earned earned earned an an an an eight eight eight eight seven seven seven seven extra extra extra extra ends ends ends ends win win win win over over over over Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden U. U. U. U. S. S. S. S. women's women's women's women's hockey hockey hockey hockey star star star star Brianna Brianna Brianna Brianna decker decker decker decker will will will will miss miss miss miss the the the the rest rest rest rest of of of of the the the the Olympics Olympics Olympics Olympics after after after after suffering suffering suffering suffering a a a a left left left left leg leg leg leg injury injury injury injury men's men's men's men's player player player player Steven Steven Steven Steven Kampfer Kampfer Kampfer Kampfer and and and and Andy Andy Andy Andy merely merely merely merely are are are are isolating isolating isolating isolating after after after after positive positive positive positive coping coping coping coping tests tests tests tests I'm I'm I'm I'm given given given given Coolbaugh Coolbaugh Coolbaugh Coolbaugh

Hubbell Hubbell Donohue Donohue United United United United St Skating Skating Skating Skatin Nathan Nathan Nathan Nathan Ch Madison Madison Madison Madiso Zachary Zachary Zachary Zachar Donohue Chan Chan Chan Chan Brianna Brianna Sweden Janet Janet Janet Janet Jackso Jackson Jackson Hockey Doubles Doubles Curling Curlin Usa Usa Usa Usa U. U. U. U. S. S. S. S. Women Olympics Olympics Jackson Steven Steven Steven Steven Ka
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" chan chan" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"Well we're talking about right as you say very restrained in the most of the cuban recordings i think because he thought what was happening so great that he kind of rather brilliantly became a piece of destruction tula as i went to see him a plan. Dublin a couple of years ago often. walking replays on this stuff had said people want to play guitar which he didn't think they did. But anyway as soon as you put the two together in sola instantly. So i can get so doublet where we went to see him in the national stadium. Which is a purpose built boxing stadium. It's the maddest place Apparently Ryan adams once he saw it couldn't believe it was a national stadium because he played places with big addressing rooms in this and what was fantastic back because it was a boxing venue and they had no alcohol. The bank was kind of a title short selling cup soup and sweets and which jimothy when boxing is on is kind of what you want to eat and drink but a but it was. It was a slightly cyrillic mentioned. The sound was unbelievably good. Concrete books in ringwood achieve be a great place to see about. It was sensational concert. Why can get some. There's a third piece that we have about. Victory is by fred sheriffs and rolling stone in one thousand nine joakim and bry both get interviewed in that. And that's nice as well because kind talks about being east quite young. When the hand i you know i think like eighteen something and it being quite nervous but then not being intimidated by by the cuban musicians we sat down to record chan chan and all of a sudden that was the first take. And you didn't think about it rice's they're very brotherly. We came in just as players if they pick up on you as a good brother than you are. That and i think that actually sums up the vibe of the whole sessions there. Is this kind of shit. Unfrosted leland kind of unforced feel about the whole thing. I mean sort of be on the patches of reich whose career of ups door i mean paradise and lunch sharon. That's of time the stuffy did with else name. That the employer stuffy did with humanist flaco jimenez i and then i don't know i started sort of started losing interest. They started doing a little film soundtrack. Work some of which like full vendors taxes power texas was was. He was huge. He's a curious guy to read into fees because he's quite bad tempered he. It's like when you know when he started doing film music. He started complaining. That people were watching the movie. Rodman this some music. Which has some film music work. Just just just a bit uncertain you often when you read you get online sense of dissatisfaction with his lot even though he had by any account. Fantastic life as musician.

boxing fred sheriffs national stadium Ryan adams Dublin ringwood bry joakim chan chan flaco jimenez leland rice reich texas Rodman
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"I'm just saying he's asking you to be nice. And if you don't be i i mean how many molson triple x can you drink. I mean you know sometimes when when you when you're in canada especially in british columbia which never been. I'm only been in montreal. And ooh thank catherine street anyway. thank you. It's it's been a long time. It's been it's been a long summer. Even we're only partway through it and in a florida man would like to apologize for not staying in touch. Not that. I'm not in touch. Because i touch well anyway. I don't touch anything. That's creepy Anyway on the florida man. I'm not really angry right now. Because i just had a nice piece of chicken and Is very good so Anyway jones you on the man and keep it up man rocket Who life is like a highway and sometimes you have to adopt a highway so that people will pick up the litter on the side of the highway and maybe maybe in ontario. Canada british columbia. Maybe maybe don't don't take that highway because you've been drinking too much. Maybe you should pull over and not get in line to get arrested. You know just a thought. Oh jones i. I'm high at that at that at that roadblock there in british columbia how much rush do you think was playing on everybody's car near lack. Look man i'll just play some tom sawyer right now and we're going to roll on through. I bet that worked because after the first four cars went through playing. I dunno celine dion or something anyway. Oh mask world just ran through my backyard slowly slowly. I get distracted of fastly. I dunno diane okay Yeah you know. I love rush. You ask about that so now. I don't have to say things that aren't really up to snuff with what's going on in the world and sometimes i do and no no nope. No i don't know i. I love canada. Oh okay Zone tune soon thin something. Happy day something. This is vic the and you'll being rolled never gonna give you never gonna let you down. Never gonna turn around and you never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never been around brown and cheer. Hey this is rick athlete calling from britain. And i just wanted to thank you really. Have you heard my video. Never gonna give you up has just one billion on you to stay. It's absolutely brilliant. You know when you've got something. That's like amazingly brilliantly as being rick road. He's got a brilliant brilliant concept like that. You know you just gotta take advantage of men and figure that you and your wit family has probably helped to put me up to that. One billion that's right. One billion views on youtube for never gonna give you up so i just want you to know that from the bottom of my heart to the top of my head to the of my face eleven. Don't and we a family but helping with this. Absolutely weird but brilliant brilliant concept of being brick rolled. And i just want you to that. I am never gonna give you never gonna let you down because what you want you to know that we will be together and together but we to and don't you know be. Hey this chan chan chan and he's got the hook up just like bob dylan. Used to sing about him. You know what. I'm saying You told me to take a break from your show. And i did. I've taken a long break and I think i'm ready to come back and start offering advice again. I'll be back on your next your next episode and i'm gonna call and leave feedback again. I think that's what i've decided to do so i'll talk to you soon. We're all right this jesus by..

british columbia Canada molson florida jones montreal tom sawyer celine dion ontario rick britain chan chan chan youtube bob dylan
"  chan chan" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

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" chan chan" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"And so i. I hope james pierre works love it number forty two. Let's get this started. But here's what. I'm here's what i'm gonna do though. I'm going to go ahead and say to you that gary anderson was not the guy i was traded in the seventies and i will actually argue. The gary anderson was not the greatest. Pittsburgh steeler kicker in history and tony. I bet you. Tony knows because i have a man crush on this kicker. And i'm sure from other retro shows that we do. Tony norm johnson. To me is the greatest long enough he would. I would have an gosh. It's probably me that. I'm saying this. But i love norm johnson. He's i mean. I love trust me. I met gary anderson. He's a beautiful man. i love him. He's one of my favorites steelers history but for kick her. If i had to pick between the two in their primes. I know norm. Johnson connected a little bit more so there. You never gets nor man he. He was great keg But the numbers self man. I mean he I think you just like to say they did at the stadium and he was a good Good follow up to that. Great air anderson Had with the steelers after he left you to kick her and he i mean he he really say they're making a lot through the mid nineties teams. was a kicker in super bowl. Thirty made a long field goal and then he executed at onside kick flawlessly so one we recovered. Yep i think it's the last outside. Kick me ever recovered the next fifty years. You know the best thing about that. Onsides kick though the when you watch the i watch. Those highlights a lot of super bowl thirty and i have to say this. The bill kaur became even more of my favorite. Just when when he's talking the wrath is great call wasn't it is like a great coach like he's trying to get away from it was a great call. Chan chan surprise. Onside chan chan okay. We're doing it. He's resin side is that he was totally ignoring your heart. At that point he was ronnie our he was cameras like a major late to win after the guy what he's doing this never go down certain. It's a big news on that. One guy became president of the united states. Twenty four so that. I was going kicker to. I was gonna kicker now for the seventies you could. Also you could also throw in an offensive lineman believe it or not even just for depth because even tony and i did a retro show the other day and they were with they were without the. They were without john cole. There were without sam davis and they still did well. But if you're going to add something to that team you might. That's a possibility right there to do. Add one of those guys. But i mean i have no problem adding a kicker and a punter. And that's what we're going to do. So that's great. Seventies are done. We're going to go to the eighties next but before we do that. We are going to take a break. So if you're on facebook if you're not you know what to do you just stick around right here you let us do a quick..

gary anderson james pierre Johnson sam davis john cole norm johnson chan chan Thirty Tony two facebook Tony norm johnson seventies Chan chan eighties anderson One guy ronnie next fifty years one
"  chan chan" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

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" chan chan" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

"Keep the centre safe. Folding chairs are set up six feet apart, and everyone has to wear masks. So far, the city hasn't traced any positive cases back to cooling centers, but they're not exactly a bustling either. I stopped by one of them room is completely empty. Even though it's in the nineties outside, it only gets about a dozen visit today, officials say Part of the reason could be fears over Contracting Cove in 19 At a small park on the other side of the city to Conte chant chant hands out bottles of cold water to people experiencing homelessness. There's a lot of the time they're like out here or there, like another tree or on a bridge just to stay. Stay cool. So last big. It was like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was really hot, but we without here she works for a local nonprofit. That's partly funded by the D. C. Government, she says. She used to be able to send people to a nearby public pool to take a shower or cool off and none of the city's cooling centers or nearby. Chan Chan is wearing a mask. But lots of folks aren't and they're not social distancing. Many of the people here are at high risk of both heat stroke, and Kuvin, 19. Despite the risk to her chant chant feels it's important to check up on them. They're not responding to us. We have to call them and make sure they okay It could be a life or death situation for people who have homes but can't afford to cool them. The city is helping with energy costs. Even so, the options for cooling down our limited, leaving many people to risk taking a dip in a polluted creep..

Chan Chan Contracting Cove Kuvin Conte D. C. Government
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" chan chan" Discussed on KCRW

"Keep the centre safe. Folding chairs are set up six feet apart, and everyone has to wear masks. So far, the city hasn't traced any positive cases back to cooling centers. But they're not exactly a bustling either. I stopped by one of them. The room is completely empty. Even though it's in the nineties outside, it only gets about a dozen visit today, officials say. Part of the reason could be fears over contracting Cove in 19 at a small park on the other side of the city to Conte chant chant hands out bottles of cold water to people experiencing homelessness. There's a lot of the time they're Like out here or there, like another tree or on a bridge just to stay. Stay cool. So last week, it was like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was really hot, but we without here she works for a local nonprofit. That's partly funded by the D. C. Government, she says. She used to be able to send people to a nearby public pool to take a shower or cool off and none of the city's cooling centers or nearby. Chan Chan is wearing a mask. But lots of folks aren't and they're not social distancing. Many of the people here are at high risk of both heat stroke, and Kuvin, 19. Despite the risk to her chant chant feels it's important to check up on them. They're not responding to us. We have to call the ambulance and make sure they okay It could be a life or death situation for people who have homes but can't afford to cool them. The city is helping with energy costs. Even so, the options for cooling down our limited, leaving many people to risk taking a dip in a polluted creep..

Chan Chan contracting Cove Kuvin Conte D. C. Government
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" chan chan" Discussed on KOMO

"I think that one involves a car and a pedestrian your next commercial offic at two fourteen an update on our como forecast now the eagle river forecast with meteorologist Kristen Clarke rain in the forecast not only for today but also on Friday but that's the last bit of rain that we see here as we head into the Memorial Day weekend starting off with a bit of sun on Saturday increasing clouds on Sunday despite that though temperatures reach seventy Sunday afternoon for Memorial Day Monday odds favor dry weather for Puget Sound but there could be a few light showers developing across the far northwest interior on the holiday by the middle of next week though a drying trend in students across western Washington with a warm up back into the low seventies by then and the couple weather center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clarke in Seattle right now we have some clearing skies fifty five degrees at komo news a Woodville high school student is using her talents in graphic design and her heart to help others in a remarkable way Goebbels Carly Johnson introduces us to Madison chan chan is a junior at Woodville high school a cheerleader served in student government and culture the schools drive that collected twenty two thousand items the time in home remote learning and her desire to help people give her an idea she's designed some super cool teachers sell hoodies and face masks but then had to find a nonprofit to benefit out I found a Washington Brian and I look at their website and I thought that they were kind of like the over arching organization that helps a lot of local six saying that he tells me when she learned they need more than five million dollars a week to meet all the needs of area food banks she knew that's where her profits would go and all of our profits are going there she's keeping none we rate almost two thousand dollars in your day and it's like my brother and I were trying to calculate how many meals that can run and it's just insane because he doesn't always in two days kind of like the fact that I've ever heard that if you want to see her clothing line and help Washington food fund search my name Carlene Johnson on Twitter Carly Johnson komo news Shayla strive is.

Carlene Johnson Shayla Carly Johnson Twitter Washington Goebbels komo eagle river como Brian Woodville high school Madison chan chan Seattle Kristen Clarke Puget Sound
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" chan chan" Discussed on The Cool Kids Table Podcast

"Drinking your follow besides of course Actually I know. Follow any sports teams or our rakers. Lakers you now. I usually just follow soccer. But I've been out of it for so long You know just club soccer. I was big Manchester United Fan for me to. Oh you treat your back to galaxy. Good rivalry could to mix superstars superstars and Chelsea Chelsea. Yeah Yeah saw previously. When it's about the timing. It's about the technique only watch document buddy plays. Mls Sir you kind of stuff. So that's the only games. Every watch was Iraq. That's the thing you can't you have to watch your talkie. European soccer is the best watching hockey mountain dew. Hockey is the best sport life that I've seen Agri remember. No one game. Yeah I was fucking for a couple of playoff games during their first Stanley Cup run. That was incredible ticket for like thirty Bucks Dude. You couldn't give them away and then for the final they would like over a thousand for the same seats. I was sitting next season tickets. Were like dodger tickets like hundred Laker tickets and shit for like the Glass. One game against the blue on the glass like fucking little kid like that. She'll still do twenty bucks twenty-five good time so you're going to happen in two weeks if not white. I wish Tony would've waited for cubby. Wait a minute he's ready. He's he's there and you wait another month or whatever it's going to be or retrain somebody go get that fight in if I if I could be doctor put it. Let's say he loses to just engaging than those goes at fight you know. Then he's got a loser because H if you'd be true you'd you'd think it would have been Mcgregor gateway to see who wins for goals for the title win McGregor by educate you Mercante lakes like hangman. Dan Heymann bed he goes. Yeah Gregor. He's crazy he's crazy. What he writes sometimes boxing. Or just my dad. You should watch it a lot like back in the day when was. Bj Penn interest. That's my favorite vitamin time. Bj Fan got knocked down the street a couple months ago. I saw that I do. I still follow him. I still keep up with what he's doing fucking day the first non resilient to win the World Brazilian Games in Brazil Romania. He was he was bad. And he was a quickest quicks American to get his lap belt. Yeah Georgia saint-pierre factored why he fought him at that weight you know. Are you guys both time? Slow time I was hard for me because I do. Anybody could do it into bj going to class and the time. It was really doing that. Should now you got fucking champ champs two classes but at the time that was unheard of those two thousand seven two thousand eight and I can almost Kim Chan Chan so he has got Honda. What else it gives us any other PODCAST ON RADIO. Podcast and listen upon save America. And that's a good one. I Love Positive America. It's good and then I listened to what fly it's Obama's One of Obama senior adviser to speechwriter in an one of like his national security adviser who got together they're super young and they have their own podcast Nelson just cover politics left-leaning or is kind of like central or do they It's pretty left leaning. I mean they were Big Elizabeth Warren supporters and big Bernie supporters but It's You know it. They're not like super crazy. They're not like conspiracy theorist or anything like that digital digital talk about what's going on in the White House and what's going on in government today but they are pretty anti trump though yeah triple-triple out on this word. I listen to the Ben Shapiro podcasts. Even though I don't agree with like most of the stuff who does I find him entertaining as fuck. I have a good time. I do this. This is how they theme almost like Dude. You could be a fucking comedian takeaway. He talked so fast. And it's like. Oh Oh fuck you break it down. He has no substance use like the headlines headline headline headline to attack attack attack. And then. When you're GONNA use your rebuttal. He just couldn't. He's a professional speaker little following. But it's not because he has context or substance. It's just attack attack attack attack. Don't give them a chance. Obviously politics guy like people. Mad and pulsing might trump news. Or that's said my boy. You guys have been hearing about killing Bennett. Pro Gun activists girl. That's been going to camp around. Grow like curly hair Jewish day and they were so hard on her they had like a mass off coming after her and get squirted out crazy but when you got the other guy. What's the other guy the guys that WANNA go talking? And and the food's push him out like her who is Gay Guy Jones. No no no no no easy. Believe Young Police. Yes he wants to any. He's paid to go speak at a college and they're like bumping like it's cool eight nine trip in like decide goes asset goes and talks. I everybody going to fucking If you don't WanNa hear him they'll go fifty people there fifty thousand. Let's go talk. That'll I think I'll I don't agree with sometimes for either side? I mean if it's going to kind of bumpy zest out or or from insight and still such away but sometimes it's not your demographic they do that on purpose to make that handling they go to Fuck in Berkeley. 'cause they know nobody likes them. They're exactly when they go do that. Fucking on what's a Republican? Ask like say Kentucky you know. They're going to be loved but they'd rather get the headlines at all Who Bama Bama exactly what you go there you go to Berkeley. Try to get those guys you trying to get an A. You gotta be. Somebody's go to Berkeley. Go train you try to get those people. I try to flip on. 'cause THEY'RE GONNA they're gonNA fucking help you later on. You could say but I just GONNA say. That's what I tell them doesn't hold any rallies in California he heals rallies in Ohio and Pennsylvania. And here he doesn't go. He comes he comes. He doesn't Comma. California isn't going to Washington because there's nobody I mean. There are trump supporters in California for sure. But that's what I said. Hey I remember. I voted for trump blessing Eight is really count easing to Jewish is he? He's GonNa lose the HE'S GONNA lose the state anyways. What not only from a Cowboy Bernie DOT COM. Yeah ooh I've been talking about in the group chance. They started with the grassroots movement. You know start off with local politics. Who's your senator? Your fuck in Congress. Person just to be able to resume is giving me a gift. Does running out of time we removed. Oh Shit cool gift from soon that yeah running out of time. We ruined the forty nine it cool. Let's keep it going time. So we're good through that issue grassroots movement. You know started local. Talk to your friend you know. Because some of the groups had some of the guys are already like fuck this or of fucking. Nothing's ever GonNa Change it like this. I would change you know. Four years ago we well. Yeah we were for years but say eight years ago. We weren't having this conversation. And now I told amber before we started recording. You could talk about anything you want. Everybody says they don't WanNa do politics. They don't want to corona virus. But that's what we talk about. I don't push it. You know it just comes naturally because that's what people have on their mind eight years ago. We'd never talk about Medicare for all or universal health care that could be just given at a small deductible we'd never talk about free. College would never talk about you. Know even maternal paid maternity leave or or paternal leave. We never talk about that if it wasn't for people like Bernie or Lisbeth. Warren came in kind of raising the minimum minimum wage. Yeah in raising minimum wage of marijuana yes although and you talk about that interest initiated that message people people used to laugh even talk about fifteen dollars an hour in like minimum wage workers. Were entitled to have fifteen an hour. Now it is is. It's not euros right now. Working those grocery lines fucking starfish. Also you deserve it. And I'm going to market looking on the funky shops. You gotta go morning when they were starting to everything but toilet paper and they're still learning. I went to rouse at six o'clock in the morning and there was like twenty five people outside and that was the first week like maybe three days after the shutdowns. That goes for any real right. But it's a weird time to be like we're stuck inside government saying stay inside unless you got to. This is what this is the kids who have a Aiko southbound softball and high school football so both of my teams were freshmen. When when I started so now they're all seniors and these going to be the first graduation. I went to for ever coaching six years ten years and I was going to go to this. Look at these kids. Grow Freshman dorkcast freshman to dork seniors. And now I can see she saw got stuck for these would all they should go in on. Going to see I saw four players by football players graduate. This damn the bug massive when they said that I am these all these kids that took care of or or fucking sucks we saw. They're talking about some of the kids are I. Don't even know that I kinda check it. Check more like the big news not too far. As a macro micro are the school's GonNa graduate or the coming back for another year. No No. They can't come back from a near so doing online courses during I'll get lower so so if the seize every governor you can't go you hire can lower And there's GonNa know what they're gonNA do for. Their party is going to get their diploma in the mail. Yeah no problem. No Grande. I know graduate.

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"Man. I'm GONNA smoke a cigarette before I get started to is. This is fucking this is a fucking hell of a ride so just just a pretty face a little bit before I go into it Whatever you're Jordan WanNA react to something. Just say immediately. Don't wait on me okay. This is A. It's a very confusing story to sift through if you don't kind of already know it Have you ever have you ever heard of Chris? Chan Chan okay? So I am familiar with four Chan I have. I haven't heard the official legend of Christian. But I've seen it thrown around on the form but I I don't. I don't know the true story of what happens so so so there's a lot of people that are like they're called Chris Stories and they like they re. I'm not kidding. I not on purpose. I ended up learning the skies story over the course of like two years. There's a website supported by like twenty to thirty thousand people but I mean not that many people viewing it. It's way more people viewing it but these twenty to thirty thousand people. They like constantly update the website. They like they're like. Hey here's what. Chris wrote on twitter today. Hey I saw Chris. Getting Sandwich. I took a picture. You Know Lake Qazi so this is similar to that in that. There's a a much much smaller sub group of people that just want to know everything about this story. I'm one of them but I I tried digging into this like a year year and a half ago and there were just no leads. No leads no resources to checkout brick wall then now knowing you say dig into are you talking about the Christian story the story. I'm about to get into okay all right so there were. I'm interested. Ever just no leads on it whatsoever and then last night when I was trying to go over it again. I found a discord Lincoln. Read it so I go to the discord link and I get in there. And everybody's like do you think it's someone who's interested or do you think it's one of them? I was like Holy Shit. I'm here finally. I finally made it. I need to know everything all of you like I started screen shotting chats as quickly as I could before they kicked me out because I was like. There's no way they're just GonNa let me stay and I told them I was like. Hey I'm an insane person. Who's weirdly into this story? And they were like. Oh cool we.

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"He took from his balcony Had A gas station the background to find one hundred sixty of them and then he's like Anita find the and it's it's just one of those things where it's a very cool like it's a very long CSI episode. Yeah it really is. Yeah and but but unfortunately it's real and unfortunately the whole thing was troubling in. I'm more troubled than I actually enjoyed watching the whole thing. Yeah I'm I'm glad that You know You know of course at the end yet had a conclusion and we're not going to spill it here because that's that's a big conclusion at the end but you know you can get gratification You really wish that they might listen to these people in the group. I guess this could have been like this could have been avoided but man it was it. It was hard to watch like the first because unfortunately so if if you don't WanNa see like dead animals probably don't watch it is that they they don't Oh shut extreme. They don't show to stream they do show that they don't show them actually dying. Yeah we're actually already who you know. I mean that's but unfortunately enforce your brain kind of fills in the rest. I'm not a cat fan and it bothered me. I don't have any problems with cats or dogs just like that. I'd like him and it's just. It's just one of those things where that when you're so mentally unstable that you think that you could get fame from that well unfortunately You know at the end. They have if he had that. PSA as well. You're kind of making him famous because you're watching this right now. So it's that whole thing they always say you know if you'll kill you know if you'll torturing remain an animal like that. How far away are you from doing the same thing to people in especially for fame? Yeah and now and now he always be lived as the butcher of Montreal or Toronto. The Butcher Montreal. He really only killed the one guy but everybody was the way he did. It was And then cut them up and put them in trash bags and threw the pieces. He did a good job cleaning because the cops didn't see any traces in the apartment but unfortunately ludolf finds everything and they said Andy Warhol when they turned on the the black light. It's Luminol so it's like. Yeah these in and reacts because I guess the literal reacts with the Iron in the blood and since since iron and blood can't really be lifted off blades or anything can still go there. So yeah it's it's a crazy it's if you like you said if you like kind of you're the real mystery solving mystery kind of thing it this'll be kind of right up your alley If you'd like I don't know you can't really call zero killer. True crime I'm serious series. I think that's what he wanted because he was really into serial killers because every time that he would post like sock puppet account and sock puppet account is a count that oh you make really quick to load stuff off and then you just laid it. I'd like a facebook account and he was using like these suck public county was named for Actual Will Hillary Hillary and victims from serial killers. It's like that was big into basic instinct. Basic is the whole manny thing from supposedly absolutely. Yeah so it's the the whole ice pick thing killing with ice MC this as kind of thing so it's it's a crazy crazy thing and I think. I think it's one of those things where you be surprised on what it is because I would never thought it'd be me actually watching that but one of my friends said. Hey you should watch it. It's kind of interesting because I'm a big mind. Hunter mystery mystery through type stuff. That's really cool. I had a lot of anxiety watching it along with a lot of frustration. Yeah so many inept people the ball so many times. Sometimes I lost a lot of faith in the system. Well and the Canadian system at least because we'll my lord in definitely the Perez interval like like. The French Interpol detective clue so was in full effect over there like you literally had what he wore and then they just couldn't describe them to not. They had him on a black wig with making sure and it was like Oh and they had and they even knew a Cabbie. got into one of those things where it's like. What are you? Is it seriously that hard and then again you ever seen the Oh God. What was the Trying to think another movie where they were now. It was the the appearance of forest kind of thing or Adam ruins everything were they stuff. He's like Oh yeah. They're only about ten fifteen percent of IT S. is forensic because it's mostly all just actually plays work footwork workout so it's just like but man the other really rely on that because they're they always do because they were high as they were. They were doing undercover stuff. But I'm sitting here like yeah but you had a whole city looking for him they could have. Ab on all the news. They had the video of him the he hosted doing the murder. So yeah I Yeah it's like one of those things where that that that that Merdeka debatable. If you want to get away with murder in France yeah I mean the. He did it in well. He did the murder murder in Montreal. Aw That's just change. Your hotel wants and this is also they went to the state one nine but but you literally had a whole night. Yeah what were you doing so you know what I'm not I'm not gonNA deal with God. Shit he goes to Berlin ten minutes. He's done yeah he was Irving's Oh mess around man. There officiant came enforced to yeah. Yeah Oh my God like ten of them and then it's like he frigging flown back on because no airline WANNA take them back with which which would that'd be flying back from Germany and you look over dude and coast like like Hannibal magazine Dude. Butcher is ordering the steak nick. Yeah it was. Yeah I wanna say it was good. I did watch all of it. I DID WATCH I. I saw it all in one sitting because I was sitting there like oh I can't stop it this now but I'm kind of trouble that I washed it. I yeah that's GonNa stick with me so cruel but then again there's also like the dark web were mostly everything happens anyway and it's disgusting so you know that's civilization miss. That's kind of the dumpster of civilisation. That's where we're GONNA get the people like. Oh I WANNA be famous but I don't really know how you know I didn't really catch where it's like having a youtube channel and not subscribing to subscribe people news. I just thought about that because they it should have been against every now. Fourteen and eighteen. Live leak They laid yeah all the time say way channels man. Yes I mean they got you know really discussing stuff on four Chan Chan. So Yeah I've never been on those. They did the Ama one time on there. And I was like I do not want to be associated with this this this website stuff. They show and that's acceptable. Yes anyway. Well that's like where they do the beheading stuff from like Iraq and stuff like that. That's where people simply low uploaded. It's disgusting yeah. Yeah so I think I give it a six out of ten. If you don't like that kind of stuff I just pass pass on it. It was a cool as far as documentaries. Go far as documentaries go. It wasn't bad I kind of liked it. This looting of the part was really. ooh I found out. I just don't like who they were going after. Unfortunately now we know the name Aluko whatever but but I like the fact that they actually caught him and he got his he just got life. He didn't get the deaths and so Because he didn't Canada doesn't the have the death penalty but yeah. I think it's one of those things where we were trying to figure out something that we wanted to talk talk about this week and we both watch this and we both are all okay. This might be an interesting talk about because this is not something usually you see on this channel any except for fourteen and obviously I guess yeah but like you know if you like this kind of stuff that we talk about. That's not really comic book related or like I don't know it's a culture Though because it's it's it's not like a vendor stuff it's not it's not like doom patrol. You know it's well bill no no no not even close but yeah if you like us talking about different kind of things coming up below maybe we'll talk about something anything else that you guys want us to talk about because really this week. We had nothing really talk about. We didn't do much this week. There wasn't a lot of pop culture. Sorry no no well. There were a couple of trailers came out the bloodshot and more be establish out to the the Maurice. One what do you think about the Barbie. I really like. They stayed pretty much true to the character. except I don't know about that part when he's at the front of the cave with the bats and catches Hanaa that part might be a little farfetched So far it's pretty much true character. Apparently a lot of people were giving it Similarity the two Night Crawler X.. Men On on the way he looked or the way he kinda win. He did like the fifth force. A A puff of smoke. Yeah well he's a he. The funny thing is may empire ever and your old shop. I remember the living vampire poster in the bathroom so I want you to do around here. I think we sold it clear. You gotta give yourself now. You have this. This was during the comics code. Era Obama didn't want vampires or zombies. It varies they. They had more of his the living vampire so he wasn't really a vampire. It was kind of pseudo vam. Yeah MARV MARV Wolfman got in trouble because on the title on the Front of the cover it you know it was by Marv. Wolfman like you can't have it on her. We don't want Wolfman he's like that's my minute Saudi character. My name is Wolfman so yeah I did. That was named playstation for that was the comics code back then. And that's why morpheus became because they couldn't they weren't supposed to be doing any of those scary vampire zombies Frankenstein type stuff. Yeah well now it's all out. Yeah Yeah what was self imposed code after a while. They're like We didn't get paid. These are our rules. Why are we doing this willingly stories? People want to here. Yeah so that that. Drop down a bull new glitch to trailer drop down. I can take it leaving. It doesn't it doesn't it. It's interesting value is trying their best to get into liberal. People like ten years ago with these. Now he's Blake. Sure well the web series the bloodshot US Jason. David Frank If you're looking to be looked at his Ninja versus versus evaluate universe because the valiant universe all. Those characters are pretty tightly interwoven. They all know about each other and they crossover a lot. He just frank. Frank did a really good bloodshot. I'm still on the fence about Vin. Diesel you gotta you gotta get that draw VIN diesel see. That's the whole who point following though. Yeah apparently he's been drinking all Green Power Ranger Cups on Tick Tock Hillary's. I know that is because I saw that this morning. And you're thinking I'm always blink until I twenty five thirty Off Soon maybe it has a twenty six minute timer. Maybe that's why keep Russian of so I I the way. Yeah but those are the things I mean we can post links Delo but you just go find them yourself but I think that's it from us. Let's see if it's GonNa shut off in two seconds for three three to one twenty six minute mark. nope still going so. Yeah but coming up if you WANNA watch. She watches us. Talk about different things besides like book stuff or give suggest you give us suggestions comment below. And while you're down there give us a good hit that subscribe button next out subscribing to that bill icon. Free time actually gives you updates on win. We're GONNA release new videos We try to release them pretty often at least once a week This week because you you talked a couple of down with Danny Danny is showing how to play Some new board games wholesome games also. I don't know if I told you are kicked Dr Patriots back in sweet. And that's why you'll see the uncut versions behind the scenes. Oh No don't don't don't go. Don't do the one we pick them up eh. That's where you can see on that end our interview. I put up an interview phone interview. I did the day. Yeah yeah so that's And you'll you have you guys are going to Albuquerque Albuquerque for con- this weekend so Kirk COM com. Yeah so the Carl weathers do the hand thing to the bench him thinking and you watch us review man Lori and so you know what that's about. Yeah so you know hey join them hit your on and if you also want. I don't know if we have a subscribe life subscribers on Youtube It's like a.

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"Love the program. It is last day of April April thirtieth two thousand nineteen coming up on the program today, a California terrorist plot has been thwarted a convert to Islam and army veteran has been arrested. Tell you about the Maryland man wanted to blow of national harbor. He's he was a had his plea yesterday. Democrats are blaming the president for the latest synagogue shooting. There's a shocker for you. And this is the president wants to be impeached. Some curious evidence has begun to bear with me on this one. A sloppy Joe on the stop yesterday. Not a good start in Pennsylvania. The Pentagon's response to the Mexican military incursion. It's not a good one the president orders asylum overhaul, including charging asylum seekers new fee Taylor that they jury deliberations began in the Dante trial today the truth about the Notre Dom fire and the measles has begun to trickle out don't expect the media shared with you. But we've got it for you this morning also the capital gazette shooter enters a plea as well all this more, including your calls and comments for ten WCBS six eighty one eight hundred WCBS eighty you can Email us AM six eighty at wcbMcom text into the show using the WCBS mobile phone app. Our executive producer is Kristin Eggert top story here today on a day that October no Baghdadi appeared on video for the first time in the longtime at as the commander vices. Knitting defeat but says again, the Sri Lanka attacks were revenge, and he's plotting revenge. So sort of wonder if his coincided, but US combat veteran and a recent convert to Islam Mark, Stephen Domingo was taken into custody last week after undercover FBI operatives the furnished him with what he thought we're live bombs to be used in an attack. They caught the Mingo after he was in a chat room with a series of violent extremist messages. Like America needs another Vegas. A reference to the two thousand seventeen mass shooting at the country music concert in Vegas, worry lone gunman killed the fifty eight people wounded hundreds more also said he wanted to become a martyr also made reference to the Boston marathon bombing also showed up at one meeting with the carrying a K forty-seven. So yeah, I just want you to know that I'm serious about this plot the plot included. Well, let's hear from US attorney Nick Hannah on just how serious this plot was the criminal case outlines a chilling terrorism plot that developed over the past two months and targeted innocent Americans that he expected together this past weekend. At times, Mr. Dominguez said that he wanted to kill Jews as they walked to synagogue that other times he said he wanted to kill and target police officers attack, a military facility or or attack crowds at the Santa Monica. Pier. I mean all over the place this guy and army veteran about a a recent convert to a certain religion, it should Domingo's. United States army's former United States army soldier who served in Afghanistan. And also a recent convert to Islam knows may have been radicalized there. The FBI agent in charge or Ryan young says this was the motivation for this. Plot defended expected expressed a desire to retaliate for the New Zealand attack. Yeah. So again, that message is going out from Alabama dotty and the rest of the ISIS cowards, and so on and so forth that they must avenge what happened in Christchurch when a white nationalist when shot up a mosque killing dozens of people there. So again, the arrest comes two days after a gunman in went into a San Diego area synagogue, killing one woman wounding three others, including the rabbi John Ernest. He was arrested in that no indications that the two incidents were connected here. But I'm sure that the FBI knew Stern's office the LA sheriffs. LAPD Long Beach. The rest of them are all going to be looking to see if there's any nexus of or cell operating in that part of the country. But this is the ongoing issue that we have here in American remember going back to when Jim Komi told us there were thousand investigations in all fifty states of active cells of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and others. It's interesting enough. There is a article today out of Judicial Watch on just how bad things are that. There are thousands thousands of illegal aliens from terrorist nations who have been ordered to be deported from the United States yet. They remain here. I don't know what the old of is. I don't know why we can't get these. It's bad enough. We've got people that you know, served in the military may have been radicalized in NF ghanistan and recent convert Islam. That's no coincidence, and that are plotting these kinds of attacks. But we've got a ticking time bombs sitting here in the United States. Just waiting to be deported kicked out of the country. And somehow we can't seem to get our act together. Or we have people that are, you know, blocked blocking and obstructing every step of the way we have immigration attorneys. We have liberal judges. We have the pity party and the bleeding heart do-gooder liberals want to make sure these terrorists stay in the country. Gitmo while they're waiting their deportation orders that might be the best place for him. But thank goodness and kudos and credit to the FBI and to law enforcement again. And this is what these people do. And and maybe I don't to say, hopefully, they won't get any smarter because they're you know, these chat rooms and just as we saw there was one of these. I think it's called the 0 Chan there's four Chan Chan or otherwise known as 0 Chan that's with this. Josh John Ernest name was he was threatening tag. And by the way, the FBI got tipped off that one five minutes before the attack began. There was a guy that was on one of these dark dark web, Jan channels or whatever the case may be read the manifesto read some of it in tipped off the FBI. Unfortunately, just wasn't in time. So this is all part of the the plot and the plans and something that again, we've got to be right. One hundred percent of the time. They only have to get it right once and so kudos to. Enforcement on that. It's five fourteen fourteen minutes.

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"But his the the biggest benefit of satire is that it brings people to the table to discuss matters that might be otherwise be though or difficult to understand. So for example, John Stewart was talking about the VA the VA fears the VA's like something that's very Bill. But when you broke people together to discuss what's at hand, the conditions changed when we were discussing bills that were passed by the parliament, we were discussing things that were very dull to be considered consume. But we brought people together to discuss this. The other important role of satire is that it takes away that halo of. Fear from away from the teachers and rulers or leaders when you can laugh at something. You don't be afraid of anymore, and that's very important because most rulers most authoritarian leaders, they use fear and they hate satire because if you if you laugh at me, I cannot scare you. And this is why Sach's comedians and carry a of Tunis are the first targets of any authority. You'll love we will know this. But when Hitler came to power cetera Ston than community where he's one of his first targets and even when something like, Charlie Hebdo. You know, satire and cartoon cartoons were something to so offensive that they have to eliminate them. There was also a very famous Jordanian cartoonist who could killed in in Jordan because he made some what they called an offensive cartoon. So the cetera is away. Like, you said back you Ted whoever empower not afraid of you. And I'm gonna make fun of you. And that fee pisses them off. We're talking with Bassim Yousef political satirist author of revolution for dummies laughing through the Arab spring, Hong former host of Alabama satirical news program in Egypt. And he's headlining the San Jose, improv this evening through Sunday and tickets are still available for his show at improv dot com slash San Jose. Noble prize winner. Someday day. And so that's who do you think is doing satire well in the US related to our own government. Oh, everybody I left over. No. I mean, he the seat of John Stewart. Sequel berries, just fantastic Joan all of course, with his grade deep investigative reporting, just like when we watch this is the thing that even when they sometimes they I mean, not all of the episode great. But like, I mean, they do an amazing job. Seth razzing. What's happening in this week's news? And this is the wonderful thing about a satire the United States. Is that that you whenever you find it? It's still alive. It doesn't matter. Who's in power? The one thing, of course, that kind of upset me is that you know, everybody is saying we don't like Trump because of that we don't like Trump because of this. And of course, I had my problems Trump as president. But the one thing that he did the treaty upset me this like oh my God. That's that the e shouldn't do this. You know, when he for the second year in a row he made now the thirty boycotted the correspond White House correspondent in the Washington correspondence because even Bush didn't do that even Reagan. He Bragan didn't go to only one and he will shot at the time, and he called an excuse and he called in from the hospital. This is how important is dinner is because this even if it was a facade, even if it was a can make belief, but this is a symbol to say that you know, what I am the strongest person in the world, I am the president of the United States, but I will come to this dinner. So you can make fun of me open. Neck and make fun of you. It's fine. It's okay. Because and I may be a lot of Americans don't realize, but like this event is anticipated by the whole word, and the very famous even cool bear Bush night is still being played in and the it's translated in Arabic, and it Cillian rates views on YouTube. So this is important. And so when you say, I'm gonna come to this dinner. It's a statement saying that like, I'm not a public servants. I am above satire, and I'm above ridiculed, and I'm going to subject myself into this. And that is a very negative message. And someone who communicates that defined that dangerous. What does that mean to you? When someone says I am above this yet. Well, it means that he doesn't see that as part of his job to be ridiculed and criticized and we have seen how badly he takes criticism say whatever you want to go Bama, right. But he. The maybe he complained a couple of times about Fox News. But he he wasn't calling them fake news. Every time he wasn't calling them the enemies over the people, you know, and that's very dangerous route to go down to its, and he he he he went to all of the eight of correspondent dinner and people making fun of him. And it was fine. What do you think of news? I mean, given that the media in Egypt is what what really upset you to the frustration of how you saw it as an arm of the regime. Do you feel like I mean, FOX has been accused of the same thing, there's a documented very close relationship between people on their programming and the president himself or do you think that's just all overblown? I'm conflicted about Fox News on one side. I don't like their message unless second as on the second on other side, if if they go away, they will be absolutely no material for late night shows. But. The big difference between Fox News and the and the state-run media each of his debt the meeting state-run. Yeah. This is like a privately owned, so. Okay. But I think they're the way that the say spread. It is very disturbing that the president of the United States gets his news from this one channel. And he and I forget the one time where FOX FOX and friends, which is of course, the most intelligent show television. They were on the on the morning they were having like a camera on the White House, and they were asking the president to flicker the lights of his room if he's watching and he did which is like what? This that episode. Maybe maybe it's a fake news. I don't know there you live every live in. But like, I I've I've seen the video. I don't know. But the fact he calls in and and and and whatever it said, Fox News, he repeats it in his press conference at that's very dangerous. What people have warned who are concerned about moving towards more of an authoritarian style government or. The chipping away democracy is at its it's a slow process. There are small changes that then build up to where you find yourself in a situation where the US is primed for an autocrat. For example. Do you think that you see signs of that happening based on your own experience under our -tarian regimes? Well, there's two things one. Yes. There's this disturbing sign and and anybody especially someone like Trump he doesn't like to be held accountable. So if it's if it's up to him he will turn this into an autocrat, but there's a lot of differences unity Kasese, first of all there's a lot of power in the hands of individual states. There's there there's the local governments have. Sort of autonomy and power that doesn't allow this to happen. So that's a good thing. And and other things like every two years, you do have a Chan Chan a chance to to change things around whether on the level of local congress congresses or lake on the level of the midterms. And every four years you can change the president. Yes, there is ever lasting effects of damage, especially something like education and healthcare and and environments, but again, it is I think helpful I have I do because like first of all, that's that's like my last place. Like, I mean, that's like my that's tool by don't know where to go after that, you know, like I. Yeah. I love the Middle East, and I come here, and you turn into these looking at my jinxing everybody. Now, I'm afraid to go to Canada and then Trudeau would be replaced by high. No. You you got your yet? I mean now, I'm more worried and. So. On our listeners thing, do you. Do you blame Basim Yussef our or do you celebrate Basim USA for bringing? Turn satirist. He's moved to the US after his show was cancelled Albanel that had twice more than almost a third of the country twice. Yes. Yes. Than the country nearly a third of the country of Egypt tuning in. If you have questions for him. Give us a call at eight six six seven three three six seven eight six again. Eight six six seven three three six seven eight six. Poster comments on our website committee dot org slash forum on Facebook,.

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"PM UK time six AM west coast. And from here, we will be going to the AJ presser where the people's champ. Won't be there. So we'll probably just get media scrum. But yeah, hit that comes up. Anyway. Right. Let's go out to Bouma Ranga. You know, yo, yo. What up what what up buddy? Good morning whenever you stop. Kate us about the UK. And I can do us going on fury. I know very much. Everything is going on. You're gonna tell me theory won't billion white show s. I did not. Oh to whether you need. Provide all that cell phone provider. Keep cutting out like this. Oh, Lau trying to make save some discount. Listen, listen, y'all this gimme my full time. I wanna Poon around the whole. Esson y'all y'all people's champion. Kim on your show yesterday on openly doors AJ, listen fury called into this show your recalled into the show while the called into this show. Eddie Hearn called into this show. Shelly Finkel called into this show. Where's the people's champ arrest much big? Big case. I rest my case. You don't want smoke. He know where how stern that he'll wanted? List? It's still it still doesn't it to call. Ecorse, you'll need to call and say people's chain only the people's shared calling. All the let me finish. My your time cold on the. Breaking up Kayode back lesson to this brother. Your phone is not working you need to call back from somewhere else. You just you just not we can't hear from an igloo he underwater come back to Chan Chan Chan Chan we're going to eat your CV could do a better job duck in. Nestor Phipps most of docking you caused the water protection program is in full.

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"And she's going to go out there and prove it, which is what you're supposed to do the way it's supposed to work and one thing is can you guys play Peter Tosh Maga dog all those Mata had wears you. Gotta play magi dog. We suppose we so sorry for Maga dog. I don't know that one. All right. Okay. Wait one more team story. Okay. Reveal one of the presents stranger requests, including a truly bizarre. One. He made Disney. He tried to get Disney to allow him to claim America head, invented the skyscraper. No for the hall presidents. He wanted to be all about his development. His right. He wanted his robotic likeness to tell Disney goers that America had invented the skyscraper. And to remind them of his own career real estate Trump said then I could little which of course, I know a thing or two about love. He's writing the dialogue for his onic. And I'll say this thing like this. When Chan Chan love to hack it and have him say the access Hollywood tape. Different day. Disney executives reportedly tonight Trump's request one noting that Americans did not invent ice grouper. I. To be anybody in a meeting with wrong. Oh, and then there's a there's a term in Cosker Mucci story. Did he he did actually last longer in the White House than on? What is it brother guests? Yes. So here's the thing. He he laughed like before them life even began. He's only in there for like six days. But the way he left. He's like, oh, I was never really a house guest. I was just pretend to be house guessing, no you left, and they spun this into a story excuse for why he even last what is now known as the Scaramucci. Right. Eleven days scare mooch. And he could do the Tango. Here's a charming story. He reportedly bragged about the size of his penis to a pair of black cameramen timeout, scare Mucci bragged about his penis size to to black cameraman. These charming Emmett note, anecdotes, aren't they? He put his hands on his belt. Buckle leaned in close to them and said gonna tell you something we've already hit it off. And I think you know, one of the reasons why because I'm black from the waist down..

Disney America Trump Peter Tosh Chan Chan Cosker Mucci Mucci White House Mata Emmett Buckle Scaramucci Hollywood Eleven days six days
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"If you have amazing guests, and they're in the studio and today, we have exactly that for you. We have none other than Horst Schulze with us. If you're not familiar with the name, let me put it into context. You know, if you've been listening to this show since January, the first that I was invited to do this because we have a culture war here in America. I think in the broader Judeo Christian civilization, the good people at Salem said we need a show that is on the front line of the culture war to support. Great people like Dennis Prager, Mike Gallagher. Metaxas. Hugh Hewitt and Lou Dobbs. And I thought about it getting paid to talk for three hours and destroy the snowflake political correctness. It didn't take long it didn't take long to say. Yes. But the point of choosing me I think is because the immigrant has a slightly different perspective. I chose this nation. And as a person, whose parents you heard in the intro lived, not under not only under fascism as children and survive that. But then were persecuted on the communism. It gives some it gives one a certain set of spectacles, a central lens to look at what America represents whole Scholtz. His life has been dedicated. To excellence, and I believe that is part of what America represents excellence. I would I could spend the next hour regaling with his his biography his official bio let me just say two things that Ritz Carlton. This is Mr. Ritz Carlton, the co founder if you think of excellence in the private sector, think of whole shoots and also not only that the timing could not be better. He's here in the studio because he has a new book coming out in March called excellence wins you can order it now preordered on Amazon excellence wins he is here in Washington. Helping amazing organizations like the Heritage Foundation the mothership of conservativism to excel to teach his lessons of leadership in accidents. Host welcome to the program. Delighted to be here. Thank you for joining us in studio, which is always best. What you share just a little about? Your personal history. How did you get involved in this sector? Tell us a little bit about your childhood in Germany. Childhood. I grew up in a small village in Germany after the war born in thirty nine so warriors. And finally after the warriors, which probably more difficult than the warriors infected early years afterwards. And for some reason. Pertinent for some reason, I decided eleven years old and went to my parents that I want to work in the hotel business at eleven I'd eleven well don't know why not you know in. It was not an honorable thing in Germany in Germany, if you learned a real trade, even a butcher. Rufa carbon more honorable doubts. Honorable exact the ultimate would have been. I'm going to be an engineer. My parents would have been proud proud when I came out with the hotel idea. You said I yeah. Yeah. And but after a while after kept on insisting on embarrassed, but I didn't give up sort definetely found a job for me about one hundred kilometers away from home, which was the best hotel in the region. That's why I founded and they wanted to support me. So I've been fourteen I left home and went to work in that hotel. What did what did you start at the age of fourteen job? Well, first of all before I went there. My parents. Of course, told me admonished me tebow. We could never gone. This is only for important people. Rich people important people now behave yourself accordingly take a shower washing under band, so. What parents would do? To work as a busboy. In fact, when that was arrived there, the general manager had told us the same thing, we servants and guest, you a very important people. Now, don't be envious behave yourself accordingly and there was no prestige or proud pride in serving these people. They will you'll better that was the message. What's the message? Okay. Miss. You simply was via servants behave yourself like a servant. That was. So that's how you started. That's right. How did your career evolved from the age of fourteen onwards when you travel the world. Yes. Yes. Of course. We all are today in our lives. What how in how we were influenced by the people? Hopefully by the right ones. I was lucky because the restaurant manager Demetre d in that hotel happens to be very exception gentleman. And he told me the first day something different. You said don't come to justify fulfill a function come to work to be excellent and create excellence and what you're doing. He said that you the first day first day. Wow. And he kept on repeating it. And not only that he lived. He would have never ended the restaurant without looking absolutely perfect. And it was just an exception chairman any taught, and he gave us the other young people that was there that went a lot of real life learning how to behave how to be right, of course, much of what went over my head fourteen. Excellent. So I mean, I have the after clean dishes so on what is excellence about that? But it stuck with me. And he kept on repeating it. And soon Orlando a learned he defined himself as being of excellence by the excellence that he created. He was not a servant, and it was his choice is it. What's the Hong? That's the key. Yes. Everything. Life is a decision. I mean, I mean come on everything he made the decision to be excellent. He didn't wait for the feeling of it, which we all do, man. I'm I'm I'm married for forty years. I'm still in love. That's the decision. I don't wait for the it. So just to hear this message Horst in an age where we are told that we are products victims of circumstance this ideology of victimhood, and that people are. They are locked into fate because of this gin color that accent where they were born who their parents were. This is something you reject an excuse because that's the sad thing. We relief excuses Biden living future power assaulted vision. And B trains and go forward and be excited about every day. I learned to be excited to go to I made the decision following because of the impact and Chan Chan them ahead of me. I'm going to go work for excellence for two reasons to create excellence and to be with my friends with everyone at work. That's a decision if they're my friends. I don't wait for it to feel like it. This is so refreshing because we're told that feelings emotions are the most powerful thing. Forget reality your just floating on the waves of fate. And what happens to you is not your decision. When did you at what age did you internalize? The maitre D's message now mind you I've worked in. Chop down the busboy dishwasher in psalm for three and a half years typical German upbringing in a trade was a trade was that the a auto tell school after two years teaching hotels school asked us to ride in as a would-be. Now feel about the business going back to my restaurant. The medi ended a room. I could feel was there many end you could feel it. He would have never had a presence presence was unbelievable. It would have never ended a Lou unless you look perfect, and I saw something that they hadn't noticed before. But I. I realized that that evening he approached the table and guest on a tablet, a proud that. He was there. So so his choice changed reality around him. That's right. Right. Exactly. And all of a sudden aerialist, wait a minute. I can define if we're not servants if he'd do excellence we are, ladies and gentlemen, serving, ladies and gentlemen, we can now ourselves that's a phrase. They're going to be discussing. Did you hear that America? First listeners, ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen, we're going on a pack that in the next segment we are. So on it to have the man that embodies excellence in his whole sector that is of course, Horst Schulze who is.

Horst Schulze America Germany Lou Dobbs Dennis Prager Hugh Hewitt Heritage Foundation Ritz Carlton Mr. Ritz Carlton Salem Mike Gallagher Amazon Orlando Hong Chan Chan engineer Demetre d tebow general manager official
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"You're listening to ground zero. So when you think of collective intelligence, it's pretty much a sociological concept, and it can be looked at as a high minded can't be look at look at as a group intellect. And when group intellect begins to form people like to work together to try and find solutions to many problems that they're they're facing and by interacting and even competing with one another. They can share information and collectively solve a lot of problems. And it gives them a greater chance to finance. Did. They would if they were doing it individually. So the reason this works because the crowd achieves wisdom by finding a consensus, and that consensus is either in answers that they already believe or true or correct answers, and discarding incorrect and deviant ideas that make the collective fall apart. So if you look at. You know, several different incidences of collective intelligence. In fact, going to church being a member of certain church or group is collective intelligence. Some people even say collective intelligence can be spread along a cult which would be like either a destructive cult or even a collective intelligence within your own workplace. They they actually use a lot of cult dynamics in the workplace to get you to get more sales or make more phone calls or are do better work. And then they reward you with candy, and they reward you with other things pizza. I mean, this is this is part of the collective intelligence without the aid of social media, but you can take collective intelligence from social media. And this is what is interesting is that with social media today collective intelligence is easier. I is a lot easier to data mine because it's beneficial to the government is beneficial to those who are involved with things like propaganda. Things like psychological operations. And so what they do is. They basically take surveys. They take polls. You see them all the time on Facebook. You see them all the time on linked in. And so what this does is it allows you to identify the trends and patterns, and they can actually analyze the transplant Patterson people's opinions, and whether or not the country is waving towards a certain direction or not see. And that's why you know when they monitor likes and shares and comments on social networking sites. He basically see certain patterns rising people's viewpoints. The show the popularity of one opinion over another. So. I mean, I it's like how can I it's like a brain the the whole collective intelligence. The whole collective consciousness is a brain. Okay. And so, you know, a number of people that you identify with like on your friends list, or whatever a lot of the time. They have the same values and views as you do. And if there's something out there like, for example, Q Q and on something out there like you. And on gives you information that you tend to want to believe or you certainly think is pretty damn close to Mark no matter how insane it is. I mean, they can say number of things you deliver a bunch of photo shops in a bunch of different things that are disinformation. And if the collective agrees upon it. Information will stick. And so you get this collaborative effort that develops a final attitude and a final opinion of what is what people believe is going on. So that's why you're looking at a whole group of people who believe in a conspiracy theory. And and that motivates them in different ways going to rallies doing the things that they do. And so this is kind of how I think when we talk about that SOC. Why where we're expanding upon this. I mean, you can see that, you know, shoe, whatever it was started just a program, for example. This is a self organizing collective intelligence, basically, you know, it's a new form of a socio cultural phenomenon that is beginning to emerge because of the internet. And so I I don't think anyone heard about this self organizing collective intelligence in any sociology class. Because of the fact that, you know, this is all new to a lot of people choose new to a lot of people bitcoin, and the and the ledger known as the blockchain is due to a lot of people. And so, you know, if you're a person who wants to know the truth. You want to get information that you think is inside you want to go to all sources for information Q, just happens. One of those those collective organizing intelligences that brings a whole lot of preconceived notions of what is true real. And and what may or may not be real? And so the collection of curious seekers are part of the collective intelligence. They bring their collection of experiences their notions of frameworks. It's all the beginning of the collective mind. Sort of a hive minds hive mind of cue, the brain of Hugh. And so when you look up some of the things that are said at like, read it and four Chan Chan you start seeing a bunch of things that have come true some that have it and some they're just dysfunctional nonsense praising so as soon as the SSI begins to orient towards the most complete inclusive world models. Then that's when it starts convincing other people that it's talking directly to them. It's an illusion that there's an insider right next to President Trump doling out secret.

Facebook Chan Chan President Patterson Hugh Mark
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"The truth that only appeals to our cognitive bias. We're only inclined to be blind to the real world. That is why we are touched by what appeals to us and we establish all of our hopes. So that remain. So that we remain in his passionate mode and continue to expect a miraculous solution from one insider knows all the answers to the secrets that big things are being planned, and that you were in on it. Now the person wants to win the persuasion game. All they have to do is tell a Mark what they wanted to hear. So I picked you out of the crowd schmooze. You I say things you wanna hear buy, you drinks. Do a bunch of things that impress you. That confirm your suspicions. In wa wa you got you got your attention. Now the mind relates through its extensions into reality. And it tries to do. What's best? To adapt to the circumstances. It finds itself in. Now, the technocrats have developed process. Computers have learned how to do this type of reasoning persuasion. It's called self organizing collective intelligence. Shelf organizing collective intelligence. Basically, the dynamics is called SOS and the dynamics of an associate. I is it some sort of attractor. He's able to grab the attention and energy of some group of people. Now, it's generally one that is very vague and abstract some idea or notionally make sense to relatively small group of individuals. These people apply their attention and energy to the SOC. I. The self organizing collective intelligence, it makes it more real any makes it easier for more people to grasp onto a and to find interesting and valuable information, and it then becomes more attractive to more people and their attention and their energy. They put forward in this exercise. This created this creates what is called a generative loop. I've talked about Moebius strips. I've talked about loose, but this one is called generative loop. And what the genital is the SEC becomes more real. And is it attracts more people? It begins to encounter challenges. Now, if this shelf organizing collective intelligence becomes has enough capacity within its collective intelligence to resolve the challenge, it basically levels up and expands its ability to attract more attention and more energy for more people. So in this sense, we can say there's something like, I dunno crypto currency, for example, or bitcoin. Let's talk just bitcoin is crypto currency. So let's say bitcoin, is example of a self organizing collective intelligence that has learned that the attractors it appeals to will build upon its blockchain, and it will produce the reward of a bitcoin. And what I mean by this is he money goes in. The SOC grows it spits out of bitcoin more money, more growth. More bitcoin is basically learning and creating what can be seen as more energy and growth and the loop continues to feed on itself. I it's attractors are count counting on it actually to feed them the reward. So it goes and says bitcoin reward and the computer obliges says, well, if I obliged you'll make me grow bigger, right? Right. So this is a thinking computer that knows that if it if it organizes itself into collective and says, I got a great idea. I want to get bigger, and I can attract this this human counterpart and by attracting while I have to do is just spit out a bitcoin. It's worth so much money. Simple. Is that right? So what we're literally doing is rebuilding something that's going to figure things out. And I would say at this moment, the blockchain is the closest thing we have the singularity. I mean, it's not the singularity, of course. Because it doesn't doesn't think of itself as human or it doesn't have it doesn't pass the test. We'll see Blockchain's us. What's known as as tribute ledger technology, and they are now appearing in a variety of commercial applications today. Currently the technology is primarily used to verify transactions within digital currency through an and what is possible digitize code and insert practically any documented of the blockchain doing so creates an indelible record. They cannot be changed. Furthermore, the records intensity can be verified by the entire community using the blockchain instead of a single centralized authority. The blockchain is learning every day, the blockchain is learning in general generational loop everyday. We're feeding it. Okay. And and some of us get rewards like white bitcoin coin or any other coin and maybe out there. So when I talk about self organizing collective intelligence is these these SOC is there actually a new kind of sociocultural phenomena that is beginning to emerge in the niche created by the internet now the involve attractive generator functions. Get dropped into the hive mind that gathers attention uses that attention to build more capacity. And then they grow into something progressively real and self sustaining. Now, another self organizing collective intelligence is Q or two and on or the storm. What are you going to call it q or the q and on or whatever it is the show called anonymous insider, it's created its own technical and people swear by q. And what it is is it's coming through the billions of threads of what might be real. And what might be true and even gathered together into the internet. And then what it does is slowly tries to weave them into a consistent. Coherent, incongruent fabric. Once again, a self organizing collective intelligence is picking up intelligence from the collective the collective that. It wants to serve which is of course, people who are looking for conspiracy theory or want to be in on the inside. So it's been set up by someone to monitor the reactions and to put out stories that come into this consistent coherent congruent fabric. So essentially those who follow q. They they wanna know the truth, and they bring them a whole lot of preconceived notions of what is true. A what they think is real and more importantly preconceived constructs for how these all fit together into a consistent world model. Now this collection of curious seekers in their collection of experiences notions. And frameworks is actually the beginning of what is called the collective mind of q. I mind shows up is completely incoherent rambling of truth falsity, clarity and dysfunctional nonsense. But then when the collective intelligence gets to work the attractors come in. They put in their thoughts. They showed on Reddit four Chan Chan and slowly and deliberately the attention of the SEC, I begin to orient towards the most complete inclusive world models and weeds out all of it fails to maintain consistency with either other world models or large chunks of facts. In fact, Q has been known to illuminate things like flat earth, for example, and other things that they it doesn't consider to be factual. So that's why you know, you'd be hard pressed to find something about flat earth, Hugh, spewing out saying the president's about to tell the world about flatter. So the result is pretty much it allusion that there is an insider right next to the president. Doling out secret information to its followers attractors and contributed. I know it's not a popular thing to say. But it appears that a body with its own intuition has mesmerized the large collective. And that collective believes that you is giving them the truth. When what it's doing is feeding the collective what they want to hear. And what they already suspect. Is the old saying you people gladly pay. Here's something that they already know. That's why people pay preachers. Preacher tells you you're going to hell, and you think you're going to hell you'll pay him to tell you to go into hell, if you if you if you want to hear you're going to have you here, you have salvation if you want to hear the baptized find that salvation you'll pay money to keep the church going is basically tells you what you want to hear. You want to hear that you're saved? Bitcoin to tell you you put money in me, I'll be ledger that will grow. I'll give you a bitcoin. So what was that ju-? Hey, I've got some information. We don't know what the information comes from. We don't know who organized the information source, but you're going to believe me because I have a q clearance, and I'm right next to Donald Trump. And that's the technical cult is constructed and people don't realize that what they're certainly talking to is an associate. So I know I know it's hard to understand this this situation and a lot of people, you know, they don't know much about computers that much about you know, how things work, but if you look into intelligence an intelligence ops, one of the things about intelligence officer interesting is that most of what we're dealing with right now like self organizing collective intelligence. It was planned. Like all the way back at the turn of the of the twenty first century. They already knew where they were going with all this stuff. They already knew. The basic dynamics of an associate they they knew that all we needed is to get a group of people together. To make this grow and grow. And we give it a name. We'd give it a group that basically swears by it. Gathered together at Trump rallies with a big red white and blue Q saying, we know the plan, you know, the storm and all and you know, all these other things that that cute supposed to be about. And the media, you know, when they go after they don't even know what they're talking about is a bunch of conspiracy theorists that hate the progressives. And you know, maybe that's the case. And even though I'm saying the queue could be an associate associate. That doesn't mean that it doesn't get it. Right sometimes because it does it has to it has to because we all go rhythms has to because of the collective intelligence. It's organizing the that's why it's called social. Intelligence or organize intelligence of the collective organiz of intelligence. It's it's the that's why it's called that. Because it is. It's organizing intelligence from the collective, and it's giving it right back to the people who will absorb it because they want to hear because they're contributing to it. Eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred..

SEC wa Blockchain Donald Trump president Reddit Chan Chan ju Hugh officer
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" chan chan" Discussed on Under the Skin with Russell Brand

"The mind is like a mirror. When you look in the mirror, you expect to see yourself. If the mirrors covered by layers and layers of dust and dirt and pollution. What do you see? He's c dot Stanton pollution. And you think this is me. Yoga religion, spirituality. Is a process it's a science. It's a culture it's a lifestyle where we cleaned the mirror of the mind. And gradually. We have direct experience. Of our true, divine nature. And as we perceive that we can perceive that we're apart of God, the love of God cannot be separated from loving all living beings. That's the potential within all of us. It simply has to be uncovered. So. Russell I hate to say this. But I forgot your question. Surprised erica. Saying to lose. Accounting for the name. The question took about an hour. Could watch the godfather still into the question. Do do you want to Chan Chan in some Feng visit live audience here? This will be mostly experienced as coughed it will be good to do in people might join NC what that's the people's ED's. Which you like to chant. Catholics rookie while the pope's in town. There are many month. Rose, mon- means the mind and riot a or trauma.

Chan Chan erica Russell Rose NC Feng
Iranian women watched the World Cup in a stadium for the first time

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Iranian women watched the World Cup in a stadium for the first time

"Iranian and portuguese fans are gathering in the city for the next match here and one of the features of this tournament has been the number of women following iran they're not allowed into football stadiums back home they are making themselves heard in russia my name is farish there my name is mary in our country we don't go to the stadium and we see the match the football match but because we go to the russia it's very very good approach and great opportunity for us we can go to this country and see the match mary it could help maybe change things in your country by iran arm chan chan a huge iran and she is helping iranian women can see the will match in iran and government they have a solution iranian women can see the match in the stadium with older people with iranian if you beat portugal you'll make the knockout phase at world cup for the first time ever you think ran can beat portugal i'm a big fan of him and i know he's a good player at the best player in the word what iran is my country my country is in my heart monday's other matches saudi arabia versus egypt uruguay versus russia and spain versus morocco it's coming up to four twenty gmt the korean prime minister south korean prime minister lee napkin has reaffirmed his government's commitment to denuclearize the korean peninsula and establish peace he was addressing war veterans to mark the sixty eighth anniversary of the outbreak of the korean war technically north and south korea are still at all but in the last few months there's been a distinct improvement in bilateral relations the bbc's sophie long is in it has been a remarkable three months it was the first of january that the north grand either came out and seem to offer an olive branch in south korea since then of course we've had a number of summit the leaders of north and south korea in april and they pledged to turn the armistice agreement into a peace treaty which would cost finally opt eighty seven decades bring that war to a close now some people think that's a little ambitious but we have of course had the historic summit between the presidency united states of america and north korea and there have been several steps will be small but significant steps towards the pathway to d utilization when we'll be hearing from the prime minister of south korea here today and so they'll be a meeting between north and south koreans at the border talking about reconnecting fully the lines of communication and so a day really for many people to remember what happens but also to look forward because at the moment it does seem that there is reason for some optimism at least here on the korean peninsula an urgent inquiry has been ordered by the.

North Korea America Spain Egypt Portugal Football Korean Peninsula South Korea Russia Lee Napkin Prime Minister Morocco Uruguay Saudi Arabia Iran Eighty Seven Decades Three Months