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"jerry gab" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Your superstar player stew for two years over the direction of this club? And every time you had a chance To reach across the proverbial I'll I guess that's more of a political term, but we'll use it here. Reach across to Nolan are not. Oh, To assure him that better days were ahead that this was just a little You didn't do it. And maybe he got frustrated to the point that he was going to use his opt out. But at this point seeing what the Rockies got back in return Would have rather seen. Nolan are not all opt out after this year. Because you're paying the ST Louis Cardinals. Have Nolan are not on their team. You don't have to pay him a dime. You got back Austin Gamber. And four magic beans. One of these guys hit a buck 88. In the minor leagues last year. You got back nothing and you gave everything. The ST Louis Cardinals. I think I speak on behalf of all Rockies fans. When I say you should have let him opt out. Because in that case, some people might actually think Nolan are not always the bad guy. Right because you held on to the very last second. And you didn't trade him for a bunch of garbage. You held out. You tried to see it through. He took the opt out. That would have been a better result. Than this. 5 to 29872. That is Not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to The absolute verbal diarrhea that was spewed out. My Dick Monfort and Jeff brightest today. And this was not a press conference. Mind you This was a bloodletting. And in this world where some people in the media are vilified. I think if you're Rocky's fan, you should be very proud. Of the media because they went to bat for you today and one guy locally that deserves Some extra kudos is Woody Paige. Woody Paige had the best question of the entire press conference. The press did not hold back today. They were professional. As you expect them to be, but they did not pull punches. They did not lob softballs. And I say they because I had a meeting and I couldn't be on there. As I'm sure other media members were in her and regretted it. But there were. There were some media members today that were Doing God's work. And you'll hear much more from that bloodletting coming up a little bit later on in the show. I don't want to make this about three hours of Dick Monfort and Jeff Bright is because they don't deserve it. They will get plenty of time. But there are other things I want to get to And one of those things is my first guest. Today. He is Toni, Pauline. Is an NFL draft expert will take a left turn a little bit. Talk some football after this. Chief Buccaneers Super Bowl 55 coverage from Westwood One begins Sunday at noon. Kickoff at 4 30 on extra sports 1300. Welcome back Dr. Time Sports. Ryan Kauffman with you, and I am joined by my next guest. If you're looking for NFL draft knowledge This is the man to go to Has a terrific podcast on the believe podcast network. And he is Toni Pauline joining me right now, Tony. Great to have you back on the show. How are you? I'm okay. Thanks for having me back. Yeah, my pleasure. So you've been doing a little bit of a sleuth in a little bit of reporting lately on the dish on Watson stuff. You could save us all a little bit of time. Just go ahead and tell us where he's going. And then we can. We can move on with our lives. I don't know that anybody knows at this point where he's going. I mean, I said it to senior ball. Smart money from insider says the Jets of the front runners. I've heard I also heard the suitable he prefers Miami. And you know recently within the recent, there's two people are kind of hedging as to whether or not he's going to be traded because you know, Houston really wants to keep it. They said that I don't know that anybody's gonna want to pay the price. It's going to take to bring in tow haul into Shawn Watson, especially when you saw what happened this weekend with the Jared Goss. Matched average rate. So There's no there's no definite so I mean it could be the Jets. It could be Miami. It could be. He just he just stays in Houston. I'm curious. You bring up the trade with Matthew Stafford in Jared Goff. What was your perspective on that deal? It was bizarre. I mean, it was it was done is a great trade for the Detroit Lions, but from the Los Angeles Rams point of view. I mean, There is little margin of error for the Los Angeles Rams. If this trade doesn't work out, it's gonna put them behind the eight ball for a long, long time, because they're not going to happen. You know, they obviously don't have draft picks. That they gave away young quarterback. I guess the situation with the coach of the the conflict with the country's just untenable they had to move on from him. It's a very risky move for the Los Angeles Rams, who Giveaway. Huge amount draft picks to move up and get Jerry gab so You don't mean If this is not work out for the Rams, they will be in the hole for a long time. Were you, Jared Golf fan coming out cow! Woz. I thought he was going to need some work is gonna need some hand holding. I thought he had great upside, but I absolutely did. Like Jared Goff, Toni Pauline my gas. He is the host of believing.

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