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"jerry brown chad" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"Company every time we buy a horse or horses. We set one up and i've been able to stay in the game and go to churchill every year. They're they're great. We get to buy a box go to the races. They have a funny side race. The second race on derby day we go and we <hes> present the trophy winners party after the derby. All of those kinds of things go to the breeders cup so it's <hes> it was life changing and <hes> you know we're <hes> we're happy to be in the game. I've become very very involved in aftercare. I was on a group that <hes> the government appointed pointed in new york taskforce on retired racehorses and that really got me involved in aftercare and continued to play play a role and worked with the gaming commission to have a couple couple of forums on aftercare. We were able to get some things done one. Whichever very proud of is that every one who wants to be an owner trainer assistant <unk> trainer to get licensed they after a task that they have looked at a video that sounded gaming <hes> commission's web site on the life cycle the horse and after care and and <hes> that <hes> something we need to continue to work on in this game and jackdaws tunnel work with old friends as well <hes> saw you at both events this week and weekend bank enough especially over red brand fence <hes> all the work you do over at all fronts form jack well. It is the yeah that's very important. <hes> michael blonde and an old friends <hes> has been someone that i've been associated with for a long time. I'm <hes> one of our earliest horses <hes> that <hes> predated funny cide named saratoga episode is actually down at michael's farm in kentucky and we have another one of our horses <hes> the only horse that <hes> sakata's had to win a steak at saratoga where it's called dock and role that wanna stallion stakes race here in two thousand and eight. He's a recent <hes> <hes> addition to <hes> old friends at cabin creek so <hes> what we do every time that <hes> <hes> we set up a syndicate we make five thousand dollars donation out to joann <hes> old friends at cabin creek and i'll make a pitch for the other fundraiser razer we do we <hes> three years ago started <hes> having a rock and roll for retired racehorses and it's a party the cheapest ticket fifty dollar ticket that that <hes> in saratoga summertime this year. It's august twenty second noah great local band that goes back to the funny side days as they did a funny side song. They came down to well those guys at the party. Yeah yeah eb blue hand luke. We sang with blue hand luke yeah what the two greatest moments i've ever seen in defeating horse racing jude when todd pletcher be chad brown on the last day of the meet here a couple of years ago. The first person to congratulate todd was jerry brown chad's that and they caught on the fox t._v. Show the greatest moment either machine and defeat was the funny side lost beaumont stakes and i call the late dave cahan and i said you guys still have the invited me to the party and i went over to the holiday inn. Sheridan sheridan the sheridan over by j._f._k. F._d._a. airport and i walked into the ballroom and i had never seen a party in defeat by i can if that horse had won the boma obama. We might still be at the sharon. It was the most amazing thing and dave had seen me sing. That's life at the party. We had robin barkley early dancing in the middle of the floor at the press party and we all go do a number me dave dave too 'cause i kept in touch with dave while after the funny side as me david jack went onstage onstage for blue hand luke and sang glory days by by bruce springsteen and just an amazing amazing moment. These guys partied like they one of the belmont by fifty likes it was great..

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