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TRR425 10 30 19 - Spice Girls - Halloween - One Hit Wonders

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TRR425 10 30 19 - Spice Girls - Halloween - One Hit Wonders

"In your ears five days a week and you can listen for as little as three dollars a month so subscribed today so you know miss out on any of the fun go to Patriotdepot DOT COM hey they're ralph garment here and thanks so much checking out this free edition of the row report if you like what you hear do me a favor subscribe to the Ralph report so we can put some fun the thirtieth of October it is Halloween Eve is join US via satellite on his laptop there in his apartment in the UK and something funky was smeared all over his land pretty much yes abby scramble is where you scramble and I thought it would be a good idea to do what I like to do every year which is check in on what the hot costumes are ever tomorrow. I'm sorry I'm using my a Halloween material here before we get to Halloween tomorrow today's the last day if you're trying to come up with a costume this Oy Wednesdays are what wonder one hit wonder Wednesday got another celebrity that has no business being in use nick with a smash it song this one was a phenomenon phenomenon phenomena what decade it was everywhere all the time couldn't comprehend all the content in today's show not only we'll be talking a little bit about Halloween but all the entertainment news of course some of your phone calls Steve Ashton will be stopping by it'd tomorrow's the Big Day of course all that candy all those kids all those costumes those sexy ladies sexy slutty ladies residence your laugh last longer than the UNDERGRAD quick story everybody's getting very exciting with Ralph Garman well hello there boys and girls welcome to a brand new round report for Wednesday so is jammed packs so much so that Eddie's brain can't even prostate literally shut down for one second he just had misfiring synapses there because he top movie based characters people are dressing as Halloween Okay Captain Marvel came out on top for women I could see that all female movie ah we get started on today's show so it's time for Halloween costumes auto because without you there's no show and because it's Halloween season we have two more days to celebrate today tomorrow and I guarantee you gary in the UK update and you'll be happy to know Eddie I talked to him about exactly what was go- really oh with his camera there on Saturday when we did our livestream event we we had in their slutty costumes off the best time of the year so we're GonNa talk about that and just a little bit it's a great show for you today I am your old podcast Pal Ralph garment sitting here the bat cave with me is the vice host himself Mr Eddie Pants everybody I'm sorry check out check out for one split second I think almost falsely of his cameron and got worse as he touched it him so we will do a breakdown of that in today's U K what else is going on Wednesday Miss Impeachment is very funny this year what does that very popular it's kind of like a pageant girl outfit it's a long clingy okay gown not going to be treated today not trick oh so strong Bolat into that L. Tired will This is interesting they did a survey for two thousand nineteen and that's been crossed out and then it has inmates stenciled under sexy college admission scandal this year sexy Mister Rogers characters Captain Marvel Harley Quinn a couple years yeah exactly it's just the hot cost for the year followed up by black widow Princess Jasmine still very popular not it was just a moment man it was one brief more absolutely not in this room I'm here now now I'm here very strong back no back this year come on the clown from it that's the top five but the joker that thing yeah Joaquin Phoenix as Jones I just sorry our time sorry and you pay attention for an hour I'm sorry off Barra come can spice he looks more like Ronald McDonald it does wrong all right but the most fun costumes by far we tap tapped into this we you're going to have to pick a different costume pennywise sexy white claw hard cider the new hips or glasses or like a general's hat yeah anyway sexy whistle blower very popular sexy college admissions scandal is very pocketed uh-huh fairly it's an orange prison uniform not really I've seen the picture it's kind of like a it's an orange bodysuit it can be tight is like having tight down the front of it to give the impression of a of an inmate jumpsuit it's hardly an actual inmate jumpsuit and it has stenciled across at mom of the year ears. Here are the hot sexy costumes for the ladies this year ladies and you're still thinking about a costume maybe it's not too late to get overnight delivery from Andy Dot com you go take time okay and Daniel Tiger and King Friday puppet for each hand that you can wear a nice touch if you wanna be Mr Rogers sexy that is printed with one hundred dollars bills all over it that has the word tariff printed across the boobs and import stamped across the backside the Cadillac I wanted to White House no effort at all none whatsoever sexy trade tariff that's a very popular one this year it is a skimpy dress it's number one you're a guy and you're going to address a movie character this year this year I don't come on you can do it I have faith in you instead of the gray pants that he wore it's great booty shorts who've and there's a tie that comes with it with no shirt for about a year from the nineteen ninety s okay so we'll be talking about Orion is just so much good stuff and we're so happy you're here on the connor you WanNa know what there's the sexy beyond Burger we're just kind of a cheat it is Yanni's regular sexy Burger costume which is looks like it's printed with a bun on the boobs your cocktail that all the kids are drinking oh are you familiar with the hard cider familiar with them yeah it's it's the trendy drink this season is all these yeah they always go with what's true and that was sexy Halloween costumes I count contested works on a few levels because trump used to those beauty pageant stuff and I'm like net the sexy whistle blower this year is very popular I came on this year as well and a lot of women in his door sexy Dora the explorer that movie just came out his actually can you guess what it is for the jets on this at the top of the show are when the girls go with the sexy past and every year I like to go to Gandhi dot com and see what the brand new sexy costumes are this year thank you carly for putting that together you guys can find that if you're so inclined everywhere that I mentioned now let's get to you shall we the Garm we love it when you reach out to his whether you're right us whether you reach out to us on social media or whether you leave a voicemail message on the raft report hotline that is available twenty four hours a day seven days a week you just call up the number leave your message I listened to all of them and we pick some of them and put them here at the top of the show the phone number is one eight three three vows voice what boys are dressing up as movie relator man that's up there it's in the top three San Jose has also in Los Angeles but number one should be pretty ugly on your heads the beyond Burger and they've already sold out unfortunately of the Popeye's chicken sandwich which was very popular later this earlier it's basically just a girl in a bikini with a whistler simply can be lifeguard could do that at home it's true yeah I guess you'd have to do something else maybe if you'd like a tie on or something David Good Joker outfits is the most popular men's constantly based on a move at least favorite joke or your I always bugged me to the makeup with the nose and everything with a high slid and low neckline and then a pageant girl sash across her torso that reads impeachment Princess Crown and everything so it's like a beauty the phone is a pennywise from it chapter to kind of flicking that is very conflicted penis doesn't work well when it's terrified doesn't so if you want me to float down there that'd be a Patriot as well thanks to Carly Smith member of the army who went to the trouble of going one of those Jib Jab sites putting all of our faces on Classic Eddie Yeah you are the topic of conversation since you've been so picky about what you'll take up your ass people still talking about that including our favorite caller from Canada Talk About Very Dracula e who if you'd like to see me as Dracula by the way we send it on yesterday on twitter and instagram and facebook and senator ask this because you know right after Halloween words just it's a Toboggan down the hill toil into the holiday straight people are thinking about gift thanks to everyone who called in today listen to all of them I picked some of them we put them here at the top of the show in a segment called Garvey on the line this year rather so you're out of luck ladies going to get that one but I believe all the rest of them are still available at Yahoo Dot com auto political ones. Well that's what's in the uh-huh wrapped in a child beaver Dylan thank you so much for calling and you are picky show off your assets and be the hottest important dowd with sexy trade turf everybody met a couple of food related once very positive Mr Raj because there's that bio of him with Tom Hanks coming okay so for the ladies you can go a sexy mister rogers like a little sweater it is a crop this year it's become really popular people giving each other the gift of the Ralph report if you've got a friend maybe who doesn't listen you think would enjoy it this is a great way to get them hooked Bun on the on the booty shorts and then you wear like a little bell that looks like some lettuce and be an like a Samir printed on it and then they give you a hat and says plant based and one of the other options is gift me there at the top of the screen and just click on that and that'll take you to the application page where you can subscribe hire me if you want to go to the Ralph voice emporium where I can do a voice message for friend of yours or I can do a a voicemail greetings any number of things you can choose from there right at the top you can peruse through there and find out all the different goodies that we offer here at the Ralph Report speaking of goodies I'm glad we brought this up because today and tomorrow as movie monsters and making fun little rap video featured all of us I'm too good of Franken you are very free good is too good a lot of people were quoting like okay but more importantly you will get access to the Batman that cave tore that I give Kevin Smith Kevin Smith and I made so are the last two days available for these special offer that we're running for a brand new four star generals and also upgrading four-star general video that runs about an hour we broke it into two parts as well over an hour actually broke it up into two parts part one will be delivered to you at the beginning of November if you are laboured booze and sparkling water with like Mulberry Flavor and Shit like now this is a distress as a can of that basically just a white tank top with a Logo uh-huh Dylan from London Ontario Canada he was he was blown away paraphernalia long on -Tario gotta say all Mackie's sweater red sweater of course it is a miniature showing its crop and it's a Red Cardigan fits very tightly across the chest I'd like to but I did unique called him with this one hi Raoul Hi Eddie this is Janie longtime listener I wish winning I wanted to gift a membership to friends ah I what are you GonNa do tomorrow I have no idea telling you burn through all my material Roadman at easy easy maybe that's what I'll do I can I not be here for the you're going to be here the CATCHER's Mitt our own Steve Ashton is the mummy and it's very entertaining and I usually those things are kind of like that's cute but this would actually made me out it was pretty good out loud south yeah and so she I think she burned her house to the ground should have have reacted Christiana called and also with a watching the exorcist story like the rest of us are on the show it is a year membership that you can buy for a friend and here's how you do it you go to our website which we don't really talk about a four star general joining this month so you may want to take advantage of that as well all right and then last Cristiana called you know it is I don't know jumping up and down shaking all over the place and I watched that scene was kinda creepy but it didn't think anything of it until about ten minutes later when my parents bed started from the two three and the one two and three star levels if you upgrade this month in October then you get an autographed picture of course of I wanted to share that I think you both might enjoy when I was a child about ten or so I decided to watch the exorcist home alone which was a brilliant idea it is terrifying for the holiday season high ratty this is Cristiano and I also had a who he exercises story accidents I don't think that my bed would actually haunted or possess but it did scare the crap out of me for fifteen years i WanNa thank you got everything aching and I lost my mind I immediately shut off the TV and turned on spongebob. Now this would freak me out enough so I wouldn't watch it Marie really go on your specific set of rules about that whole has to meet a certain criteria and guidelines indeed Janine called in a lot of people op of it and there's a selection of different things you can do there you can get merchandise there click on merchandise if you WANNA get t shirts and phone cases and stuff like that you can also mine and I wasn't sure how to do that if you could walk me through that that would be great thanks so much and have a great day thank you so much for calling today this is something we started and I was in my parent's bedroom in the middle of their bed and if you remember there the seen the exorcist where her bed starts in for another fifteen years but here's the catch I live in southern California and we have earthquakes away although it is terrifying do and Ralph it is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of an enigma al-Hindi thank you Christiane there you go science once again wins he's what again with Eddie's whole also being picky Lee she's taking it from both ends that's true now at least he's consistent instance the God ropy some letters all right here we go I was working at a three D oh Wow he's kinda type gas low creeped out Libya's the bride of Frankenstein on the ones and twos during the DJ and carries a witch and I'm Dracula and for a friend and we take your your credit card information and we get all that stuff squared away so all that stuff can be found at the row report dot Com right there on the landing page picky going fifty on well you're doing it again I guess I mean you were it Disneyland called honey I shrunk the audience do you remember that it isn't it I do he said I was it was known to be a place to fool around since it was I wouldn't discount as CI- was it. VHS Tape of the ex- no she was just watching the movie the bed starts to move she the power suggestion led her to believe that it was some sort of apparently she was on her knees in front of him giving him a blow job and the mouse tail effect hid her in the back of the neck and scared her causing her to bite down Ed Baxter everybody who called in to Gabby featured in the garden me on the line segment dark theater like sex stories said no we used to have a cast member out there to watch the guests to make sure nothing happened his teenagers would come in to fool around there in the theaters I I was working there are a few people got up to leave I got up so I could escort them safely out with a flashlight as I left the blood everywhere Oh my God so that is the time with our sex horror stories as well as come pick them up at Disneyland my God can you imagine that phone call those poor hit hi there Mr Anderson you're GonNa have to come Monica possession but in fact she was just a bad coincidence and it happened to be a small earthquake pretty astronomical aw that's she drew blood as instantly nauseous as I felt I had to stop the show if everyone leave a nurse case into the theater since I mentioned blood when I called it in also triggered the paramedics to show up chaperones for the kids had to meet up with them and their parents were called with blood all over her face oh no oh no here was his going I think so at a young man screaming in pain Ana with blood on his craw part of that gang that's so cool eighteen seventy three the P. T. barnum circus the greatest show on earth debuted in New York City did you ever see the greatest show pick your daughter apparently she bit down on her boyfriend's penis and drew blood and they're gonNa Wind God could you imagine that Kim the daughter's dad shows up the quickly while we're talking about horror stories and the The season I got a letter from Brian Shy decker a vaunted member of the army and I wanted to read it mentioned this but Halloween's right around the corner and we had a call yesterday young late or exits two days ago she was watching the exorcist I am usually lots plan she didn't say anything else was moving like the pictures on the walls or any of your wine October thirty th sixteen twenty nine King Charles the I gave the Bahamas to Sir Robert Heath Nice so nice of someone give me a chain of islands because we don't really use it that much we do everything kind of funneled through Patriote iconography but it's kind of clearing house you can get well I can go to the Ralph Report Dot Com you go to the it you know what you gotTa do you gotTa take that first step and call me is the best and you wouldn't notice the TV didn't shake the worst person in the world run of your seat to simulate a mouse tail and give the effect that the mice were running through the theater owner your feet when I went to see what the screen was four I walked up on a girl crying hundreds John J loud he got his first patent for the ballpoint pen He created it because apparently fountain pens wooden right on leather China was founded so hello to all of our members there in Helena I think we have actually we have full yeah well eighteen sixty six Jesse James Gang robbed a bank in Lexington and since you know as I mentioned the fountain pen wouldn't do it he created a shaft of ink with a small rotating steel ball at the end there was held in place by a socket and it worked oh quick so it's time for a real quick Garner Pinero play on my listeners brain hitter I heard a blood curdling scream from the back row during the show there was a scene where a bunch of mice ran through the theater and little plastic tube which shoot out the slash the Roth report and sign up welcome to the row report and he wanted to write on leather he's evil it found a hole in the marketplace wanted to create a writing instrument that would write on rough surfaces like leather and wood story made off with two thousand dollars Abedin eighteen sixty six that was a pretty good how pence brothers were part of that I believe Oh that's right I forgot who had outlaw brothers that's right that would have been the Guy Screaming Ryan thanks so much for sending that in all right now it's time for us to look in the mirror you know we do here we find out what happened on October thirtieth I did I worked at a Mexican restaurant man hunched in about half my life I had upon jellies I hated them always made me feel like a fucking servant you really did taking part he eventually just let the patent lapse oh man he's wouldn't find a market for his ballpoint leather writer and so someone this day in history rouse about to solve the mystery like just David decent boot invented listerine tyrant king married his sister in eighteen eighty eight you know I feel about the eighteen hundreds Eddie ripe what do I will say ripe for adventure everybody's inventing something that you couldn't not invent something if you lived in eighteen all doors being slammed on the show was miserable in nineteen eleven Clark Griffith is named the manager of the Washington Senators Dago listen common with you Jack I'm at nine you should see the hurt it's good great film he's terrific in it but it's so funny when you see an actual picture of P. T. Barnum who looks like someone hit him in you can actually write on wood and leather but no one wanted to write on wood or leather Sir no one bought it it was not commercially viable and here's the harbor who knows every day seems to be in the army's rubbing rouse lamps wishes please tell us what we on this day in history and that'd be in the bottom in the bottom yes well the Hamas were they would be all of them Eight hundred sixty four Helena Montana the capital the state of Montana had to stop writing on fucking Leather Dumb S. eighteen ninety four Daniel Cooper invented the time clock do you ever have to punch in any job you're ever worked else picked it up and they they they made all the money they were the ones selling it for twelve dollars yeah he's talking yesterday in New York in nineteen forty fan yeah guess there wasn't a hold the mortgage I guess not okay you've touched this no longer your time exactly you're indentured servant at that point we punch up free feeling it's like it's even sounds like a face will hammer and then you see the movie version it's huge he's gone on saying now he looks that old lumpy guy on this day Eh back that's the noise I would've made it again became the Texas Rangers so there's been two incarnations of the senators and no third one now now third was the nationals with former Montreal Expos this is actually the third baseball team in DC thinking about the Washington senators were team for a long time and then they went away for a long time they original centers moved and became the Minnesota twins and they came back to DC as an expansion team isn't gentleman here the circumstances beyond our control we are unable to continue the broadcast from grover smell evidently there's some difficulty with our field transmission however we telling the story as a radio play or melodrama what wells did was did a disclaimer at the top saying this was a dramatization of the book and then played it on one the silent film starring Rudolph Valentino the Sheikh premiered in Los Angeles and it made route up Valentino the biggest movie star in the world ended Anna just played out like a regular radio broadcasts with no further discussion of what was happening that this was fictionalized so people if you tuned in fifteen minutes late and you're listening to the radio you thought you're hearing a news broadcast about the world being invaded by aliens remarkable it caused such panic people were panik familiar with the IRA Orson Welles took the book by H G Wells no relation the war of the worlds about Martians invading earth and instead of just ops had to come out because women were lining the street for miles and miles near his coffin when he passed away the sheik was the movie that started it all here's a little clip off as if it was happening real time he would have news updates from drovers corners New Jersey I think was the town where they supposedly had what's that we won't interrupt it you get an idea of how chilling must have been to hear this Originally happening will return to that point at the earliest opportunity and then they would play some music and then they would cut back with another news update kind of genius it was kind of Gillians I just kept day in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight a little radio broadcast called the war of the worlds created by Orson Welles created nationwide diehard baseball fan right I pull for hometown in one thousand nine hundred twenty on this day the Communist Party of Australia was founded in Sydney where to go comrades in one thousand nine hundred ninety here's a little piece of the the broadcast itself it runs a little long but listen to how well it's done and then there's a brief moment of committing suicide taking to the streets I mean they lost their minds it was at the time the biggest hoax anyone ever perpetrated certainly on really didn't think the switches really rebounding a was the heartthrob of a generation in the twenties when he died the the procession for his funeral that on switch the channel to see if anybody else's reporting such thing I before you take your life I don't think there was a lot of channel flipping that'd be more than one station sure there was it was a silent by did their solve hey speaking Halloween and famous showbiz stories on this they tell you to blame automobiles reading everywhere avoid out twenty get the sense you know this is pre television this is if you turned on the radio you probably had your station and you just listened to that and shows the trust people had in the past hour of the Media Media Back this was gospel of it happened on the radio it was happening but that was the real deal how genius genius Anyway Love that story one thousand nine hundred forty on this day the film premiere of one night in the Tropics in Paterson New Jersey took place it was the very first film for a young comedy team known has Abbott and Costello had their very first film the nineteen forty four Sweden announced their intention to stay neutral and refused any refugees sanctuary from world nation of the other station to save report it awesome before you take your life before you take your own life people in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight were really wow however I got a little piece of audio here ask because they needed the rubber from the rubber soles they are military and all the leather went to making army boots and bomber jackets so leather was at a premium the US government announced the end of shoe rationing finally we could all get some new shoe rationing ask you couldn't get shoes during World War Two oh you had to ration your shoes really arising out of the out a small light against America award to a thanks a lot Sweden awful nice of you last time I buy some fucking Ikya furniture that's for God damn sure I've done Garin de in nineteen forty five so you couldn't buy shoes man that generation even the folks who weren't fighting the war gave up a lye did to protect us from you don't know that the Nazis Yeah you can let the black people serve with the white or done with racism that's lovely in nineteen sixty Michael Woodruff performed the first successful kidney transplant in the United Kingdom at the we're not we're not good on self sacrifice around here nineteen fifty four of the US Defense Department announces the Elimination of All racially segregated regiments Oh nice that's over lied about it and they're very polite. The Brits in Nineteen Eighty-seven George Michael released his first solo album after leaving WAM it was called I think Ma video nineteen eighty nine the Smith dairy in Orrville Ohio makes the world's largest milkshake on this day in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and lend it good question Nia big borough royal infirmary I say Jabber won't use that kidney there's a gender vio could use want you might have had taken that's how much ever so much then boom just put it in so milkshake this'll be for fifteen extra point anyway here we go hundred gallons I'm sorry the answer we're looking for was one thousand five aw everyone is gathered around on this day in two thousand and three on Broadway the Broadway musical wicked premiered starring Dina Menzel Adele it does seem and Kristen channel worth a boy that's a that's a great goddamn years ago here's one of my favorite numbers from that one hundred and seventy five point two gallons of milk that was a big asthma so let's in fact it was the world's largest man I I may have mentioned that but the world's largest thank they'd make it that big in two thousand and three waste the Broadway maybe every time it's going to melt maybe they they had a lot of every single wizard of Oz story but they tried to type every single loose in your what were they thinking trying to tie it all into the story of the wizard of I still insane that is a lot of money and I'm not if I'm not mistaken that's just lucas right that just goes to him to him they gave him much to it's great musical took my wife to say because I love that musical so much here in Los Angeles and she was like I liked the uh-huh either one of his whole at this point I will talk about the delicious food then we will pull the handle of the patented anti pens Jackpot Slot machine you listen closely as you he'll hear those reels land and just like musicals though period I don't like musicals either maybe that's your problem that could be that might be on this day in two thousand Twelve Walt Disney Company purchased Luke after Star Wars it was still growing right okay all right it's a world where the empire strikes back phase judge me not sir and lastly I gather which of the West and Glenda the good witch where the lead carrot everything doesn't have to tie in I enjoyed it I thought it was good what is his film limited and its rights for Star Wars and Indiana Jones for the grand total loved you remember how much they four billion or billion dollars Oh faith and boy did he explode in a big bad way I have been and they break the walls of the cells when you thought out again the consistency of it has been damaged because those cells have been broken he found a way to flash free there's you can give away a billion dollars and not really feel it wouldn't change your life at all to give away a billion dollars you imagine creating something that's worth for first half really didn't like I didn't like it after intermission because it's like they tried to force everything to connect to the original wizard of Oz tried to tie Kamath or but we're but let's find out on this day in Nineteen fifty two clarence bird's eye he was actually a dude there was actually a bird's eye here's a problem when you when you when you free something slowly it allows ice crystals to form inside the cells of whatever it is that you're you're freezing and they get lard in full appease open the tunnel here comes the train here the PS and let's find out one P P for US magnesium copper iron zinc lateen it is one of the great vegetables of all time peas would eddie pence a big famine from his family and then in England around seventeenth century they started developing garden peas would actually grow them for the purpose of eating and Everson to get around to the peas he started off freezing fish and he found a way to to freeze peas that would keep them delicious fresh and intact and not get mushy because that with vegetables starting with the PS the PS one of my favorite vegetables you know people beneath piece since the beginning of time field peas they were called you could find him hanging off the George Lucas on the check for the amount they wrote four billion dollars I think he gave a bunch away to school like school system or something like that of course can when you have four billion dollars this is all sounds made up he wrote a whole about eleven twenty four he talked about how much of flanders rules that good he loved peas and how they kept and stand Ro- them for well I'm just saying you have to go out in the wild oh the wild play they started to farm them so that you could grow them last name who started birds eye frozen foods and in one thousand nine hundred fifty two was the first time he ever sold frozen peas believe it or not it took until nineteen fifty fuck your fucking Kerry because she's she's The lady look at in pods and you could eat those in the middle ages they kept famine at bay according to Charles the good and if you can't trust Charles good who can he was the count of Flanders for God's Sakes something at a super high temperature very quickly makes very small ice crystals inside the cells and it stays intact when you thought out is just as good as when you froze it and he did uh-huh a billion dollars an idea from your I am I'm curious you're writing the Ralph report I need to raise the where was where was Lucasfilm in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine two years you guys live or you just keep blending small batches and keep tossing it in it's going to any time you get a blast how many gallons of milk shake do you think they will make to make the world's largest Dan though he's aggressive teaser not grows disgusted peas are little tiny packages of grossness oh I keep food related days in history for the end because Eddie pence is very picky about things he puts in his holes we have established that already so we need to find out whether he's GonNa stick these the peace soup just because of the color and the consistency on all green things are bad you ever had p. baby food yeah Oh that tastes Dole this to me so if you like what you're hearing why not subscribe go to Patriotdepot dot com slash the Ralph report that's P. A. T. R. E. N. and if you are why not subscribe to the row report so you can hear it every day Monday through Friday for just fifteen cents a day you can be a one star general support order and that will get you the show in your ear holes Monday through Friday of course there are two three and four star general levels as well which gets you more bonus content and more action a regular person with a regular house they're going through your prayers Lebron please do he needs our thoughts and prayers the kincaid fire the fire the getty fire they're all raging still his name known this week by donating five hundred thousand dollars to help battle the California fires if you folks have been following in the news and many of us dot com slash the Roth report subscribed today so you don't miss a thing all right it is time now to take a look at all the entertainment news in a segment I call the show Bisbee try to scatter on you fuck up peas are fuck peace and once again they ruined perfectly good rise found out off chicken rice with pea ruined also the hunt for the gotTa yes Peas are high in fiber protein vitamin A vitamin B six vitamin C. Vitamin C foster vitamin K rather fast it's once again professional wrestler stepping up in a big way to help people out you know me I'm no wrestling Fan John Sina is making it they must have had bad peas no I've had peas and now tastes like you haven't had good peace peace are out on the sweeter side their deliveries honey great things are overseas chicken potpie piece how Gross Stu P. House when what did they use in the exorcist to make it look like vomit if three of the items come up as a big payout that means Eddie pence will in fact eat the item added no payout well just another day disappoint Eddie pences and so CNN has announced his donating five hundred thousand dollars of his own money to the first responders to help them with their battle against the California wildfire on behalf of my new movie playing with fire I'm donating five hundred thousand necessary cynical could he have just given them the money you could have done it great consistency to them don't you can mix them does know that bruins perfectly good mashed potato and I'm on a spoon nations why but he does have a movie coming out next week where he plays a firefighter K. playing with fire right it's not reached out to see if we're okay here where we are Luckily Eddie and myself and carry in a liberal safe were were far away from the fires yes still there are a lot of people here in California who are agreem- will rose goodstuff vomit to this day in history Ayman's pool by Ralph recently he's dropping you pick up his donation where he left it off saying he would like them to matches donations made the following statement on behalf of my knee Kevin Hart has announced he is not suing the driver of the car that was involved in that accident that broke his back isn't the driver him yes accident by driving recklessly it was one hundred percent his fault right but Kevin Hart is said he's not gonNA sue him he's not even going to file a claim with jared's medical said in a public announcement I'm just saying that he could adopt under a thousand or fifty pounds also have done it anonymously and not said without ever mentioning the title of his upcoming plays a fire I guess or is there a little tiny smidge of Agnes Dick mentality it's not it's not a coincidence that he is making a big public showing of the support for firefighters when next week he's got a movie coming L. where he plays that's really cynical is it yes he challenged paramount pictures by the way the studio behind his new film film playing with fire and out of respect to the people who I truly believe our heroes my response to the fires will be to immediately donate five hundred thousand dollars to this 'cause he makes it Ironic Kevin has now she does not intend to sue the driver jared black who they see hp by the way California Highway Patrol have determined caused the in the car they probably wouldn't even put them then how can he soon if he wasn't wearing a safety belt because he didn't have the option because there wasn't that's three point harness zero they're delicious it's like you're eating a ball of grass it's what it tastes like I've all eaten like grass roll up in a ball that's not it Autho plate you can't get them on the spoon because they roll you actually have to put them in the mashed potatoes so you can get a hold of the PS and the spoon because a little fuckers I want to be there's a good guy he is a good guy however I hate to to cast aspersions aspersions are dispersed versions I hate to question his motives not going to even sue his Insurance Cup but the guy's suing that's the funny part Jared black the driver has lawyered up and is suing Kevin for not having the losing their homes and having to be evacuated and just going through an Arnold Lebron exactly if arvin liberal bronner inconvenience yeah you can imagine how it comes to this donation what if he gets people going to the movie to see that and they maybe people have become firefighters maybe he's trying to inspire people to become fire you're right that's probably why he made that and there is traffic on the one ten we were stopped in traffic and do we get smacked from behind by a guy who obviously just wasn't paying yeah yeah here's the funny part no one in the car was even wearing the safety about the safety the seat belt version the waste bellwood had anything no one added on so even if there were harnessed that's a reference hey there it's Ralph garment here I hope you're enjoying the show happen car and he opts out of the car and we're looking at the damage it's not that bad but it's it's obvious it was all pushed in and banged up pretty good so he said proper safety harnesses in the car installed when he had it what do you call for whatever renovate renovated Insurance Company covers medical bills he's going to pay for them out of his own pocket because this guy have on Kevin Hart I don't know I mean Kevin Obviously has enough money to take care of unnecessary but he said he's that information and when I got home there was a text on my phone saying Sir I'm sorry I hit you tonight Ligo is done and I sent that to the insurance that's why insurance premiums are through the roof gaming the system makes more sense I gotta go to a hearing in December for what I was hit from behind on the freeway by drive your Mustang No in the my wife drives my wife and I were coming home from an event speaking of celebrities and legal suits took up pair of singer songwriters rather are suing Taylor swift for using the phrases backed up into him on the freeway he refuses to pay for the damages to my God thanks act up on the onto the freeway sue him here's the thing we issue that's a great idea and you're making note from us no not make any no next law aiding baby food P baby row report P tomato inspire don't don't ruin this you're ruining wrestling is fake it makes you think everything is fe that's what I'm saying it'd be cynical formation and we'll just let the insurance companies Sorta so he hit me from behind his obvious that he's at fault he's doing for what saying that here's going to hate and players GonNa play because they said they wrote a song in two thousand and one called play is going to play and so they created the concept of players you take a car and you bring it back to its former glory stored or restored yeah there you go it's Kevin's fall because he didn't have the shoulder harnesses put that's but soon back this is the problem this is why people this is why insurance is so expensive because people don't play by the rules yeah all right soon this do this do now apparently this dudes Fiancee is good friends with Kevin Hart's wife it's personal trainer and so there's all kinds of stuff going on the nobody when I filed the claim so I figured I'd never hear from this guy again but no he's actually he's going into court to fight the thing it's done he's got the tax I know so you don't let's not do this through insurance man I'll just pay you it's like I said you know I'm not I'm not messing with it because here's the thing you do that and then you gotta chase the guy down and say here's the here's the more often than not it's not going to play out the way dozen their brains and so it's automatically a failure angry nerds speaking of game of thrones the duo that invented that TV series accordance low so it's bad news for a lot of game of thrones fan because they seem all pretty upset when they didn't like the last season they've had enough here's the thing you can't make those people happy and it turns out they now are leaving the project as well they will not be associate wonder if that has to do with Kevin Feige taking over star wonder if that's sort of pushed them away I told him don't don't do that please because she's my guessing while I wonder if they can't afford it so he Kevin gave him the green light go ahead and sue me and that way my insurance and all that happen to start a star Naomi Watts they did a pilot apparently and it was going to take place a thousand years before the current timeline of events in games thrones during the age of heroes this is all means nothing to me these words but Naomi Watts was gonNA star shot and they looked at it and they said now we're not moving mm-hmm and speaking of Star Wars how Disney plus you know lands on November twelve I got it already I know that's when you can finally see the first ever live action star wars series the man Delorean so about a space plays Mandolin apparently that's not a mand a he's shown interest in newest star claiming now their schedule is just too foam but that's what Kevin Feige said about Spiderman remember it's the Sony deals they always loved rated at based of course on the books David benef- and D B Weiss they were supposed to take over the Star Wars. Yeah we're going to set up the next trilogy he's a player's GonNa hate now she said GonNa play play play associates hate hate hate us the phrases guy suit to other people with songs with the same phrase in its saying they invented it and lost those shoots so we'll have to see whether this one holds I guess he's trying to throw anything against the wall once again just trying to make sure I make a bug cash for that level knowledge with the got my head spinning faster than drunk heady number rocking the backing track with a replica bad celebrity Kuban loves Beets Patel the Marvel and stars Lucasfilm was like let's have your magic touch Lucasville yes these guys got pushed out but they say they're still fans they hope to participate in some way they just won't be oversee you used our players GonNa play a hate is GonNa hate switch the play in the hey well I don't know what they did by the player's GonNa Bass player's GonNa play seven or it may be that we can't doesn't have to pay for my insurance company and maybe make a couple of bucks right that sounds more likely it's fucking evil if that's True Ryan and hate his Hayden and she uses it in her song shake it off haters GonNa hate hate hate hate hate and players GonNa play play play play pipe and so they say you always money because seat for the repair where's my check and maybe maybe here's a reason why everybody has turned screwed so I say to the guy now let's just so you didn't really grow up with a baseball team not really though but but your senators fan on the lesson I mean a poll for I'm not like a die hard national because I didn't I'm doing just too busy when the money was right all of a sudden he had we've we've decided to part ways I know you've got fired yeah exactly no one's tells the truth I think it's because he came aboard looking for just Su Su Su Su is going to do it we're going to sue turns out litigating going to litigate game of thrones prequel the HBO was planning on is not going to happen he doesn't play Mandolin it is he's the author at the Bay where where people hurt people they do hangs on a Cantina because he's a he's a scum and Villainy and he's a bounty hunter is about one hundred I think would you agree waiting for you complicated process Linda Laurie outside it's peaceful sincere revolution it's a shame aw this week and people are talking about it of course they are because there's freeze framing it and examining everything that goes on like they want to do here's the audio for the mandatory auto buying vegetable as well my parsnips you can get boiled par sex at Nebulous Star tits restaurant aw thank you roll and stopping by joking on my own saliva as well that looks so wonderful let's take a look the idea of the Mayor Delorean and I love the fact that they recognize that apar- sack is a is a is the distance not time even though elemental the ground like skulls show yourself my own saliva I'm so salivating actor Harry Hamlin is sixty eight years old today he of course was on la law and he was also clashed lead singer for Jefferson wheelchair she is eighty years old when the album he had the big hit song called love will keep us alive and these great voice you too they are in the capital of for this shit this is going to be the best thing ever I love it doc owns is fifty nine still move occurred all my God looks so amazing I cannot wait they sent to you were coming they sit you're the best in the persic celebrity birthdays all these born on this day October Thirtieth Henry Winkler the fonz seventy four years old and of course he's so much is it yeah well let's by all means debate we don't know if he if he just stole the arm or h really wasn't mandatory Oh my God well the pilot the trailer rather drops In politics is sixty two years old today guys a Goddamn national treasure comedian actor impressionist Hod caster he's having the life that I want wiped out during the the empire's reign was Boba Phat Amanda Laurean he's from Django Fed he's direct clone Django Django Fat Abe that's up for debate actor Gael Garcia Bernal from Babbel in the motorcycle diaries forty one actor Charles Martin Smith towed from American graffiti. He's sixty six years old today and singer Otis Williams Ben Bailey the comedian is forty nine years old singer Guitarist Gavin Ross Dale of Bush celebrates his forty fifth excuse me fifty four th birthday it off he has written or co written eighty top ten songs in the UK and one hundred and forty three that uncharted in the United States an enormous talent starting with this can of Motown of the temptations seventy eight Oh let you oh Bisbee but we're not done with entertainment news just yet on the check in with our pal across the ocean Mr Steve Ashton we have to get all the entertainment news from the years old Matthew Morrison who was Mr Schuster on glee he's forty one songwriter Eddie Holland of Holland Dosier in Holland is eighty years old he was there and they're all they all bounty hunters no but they're they're a warring countries they're warning that a planet civilization of warring people and Thanks so much for joining us today Steve Before we get into the UK update we Eddie and I've just been curious what was going on with your camera lens there during the livestream event this past week the series it's going to be the greatest television version of Star Wars that there's ever ban it's going to be so great did you see that one moment where there were all the the supremes in today's celebrity birthdays. I'm Ralph Garman I walked the more than is right now you can see on Berry so good on that show basis Timothy B. Schmidt of the Eagles and the band poco seventy two years old today when he got back gather again broke up in one thousand nine hundred eighty got back together again fourteen years later when they'd all run out of money aside to go out there on tour again even though they all hated each other they recorded what he's doing basically is super talented guy sixty two years old and very sweet Mantis Very Nice singer-guitarist Jerry Borg of Jesus Hans Solo did do the castle run in twelve mar sex apparently the park is time but it's also it's it's it's it's a distant it's a distance and it's a it was all happening those guys wrote songs for Martin the Vendela in the four tops the Eisley brothers especially supreme wrote them like ten top ten songs all seen memo written before the band struck fame outlines plans to psych one of the members can you guess it might have been scary uh-huh fucking untoward going on so you know you know like you're supposed to put like a a thing of your camera so to Russian hackers Com Hackett in the UK update with Mr Steve Ashton. Oh Ralph here. Monday makes Brandon Graham Lindsey Graham he does he a partly we included Jerry because he had a very strong personality and I'm assuming nice breasts he didn't he didn't you k. but we also have to find out what is all over the lens of his camera on his laptop it was gross on Saturday after here he is Mr Steve Ashton must've fighting over bucking whatever yeah whatever predeliction might be so I had a hello kitty it again imagine a fucking titles spice girls fucking much simply Jesus Christ anyway days over the top so the residual whatever the fuck is on the back of bandaids was on my cameras Essel fucking five of them isn't it anyway apparently that bombshell at memo doesn't reveal why she stayed in the band but my money Ralph Bob Herbert he's dead by the way Jerry probably had him killed he told me he dies in call crush on I'm not talking about Melby us the autism formally alive is prince lost apparently blasted the US music industry which he would pulse the Titans Murmur Singer Grace Slick who was the lead singer Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson starship and now that they're all older she's inherent fucking chemical in thing and just made it look like well you fucking Sophie assault and the Yes we did with explanation there was no it's not Jason I know people bring maybe anyway he the memo he's been collaborating with the was covering reprints before his death and he's writing his Memoir Saas quiet camera we realized she boys does he just boys stuffing all right I will or let's get down to business lays cash cab host handwritten notes which was written before his death how crazy is that right I mean I'd like to have something done each throats to two very different things I mean the fact that probably Bobby Herbert's folks her mel being a threesome ultra crates have SIDA soaking handwritten memo's by the way the graphs in handwritten lyrics inside Prince's home commenting on Sheeran parties dominant radio APP light prince claimed that they said ah suddenly surfacing at cheers news who what's up with him in this weird kind of like fucking strange rough report life show you for wild by the way you also your fucking Kokubu accusing them of trying to Ram Katy Perry and share it down people's throats in an astonishing folks in preparation for my autobiography what'd you find well it's Mike recent titled Lights Camera Ashton all of we do have always let me think of how maybe he's from all right I'll do Kohn a coinage voice right so this prince we don't like it no matter how many some members going back about five years by the way he did you might sound effects yeah right there I could a replacement for Jerry good lined up according to this bombshell memo probably pump show it's been by the group's first mom this them now partly the notes was during research for new unauthorized biography of the band fucking Hell partly yes the the management company saw as the threats as so they thought Jerry was trying to take over the group a mobilize the full of girls we special their one hit wonder Wednesdays one hit wonders it's a very common tale a writer director producer who ended up with a smash hit international sensation of a hit song. This man is from US Australia. Originally and he is a writer director producer with projects spanning film and Television and Opera and theater and music and the recording industry and that's how we've fell into this smash hit song he was making an album in nineteen ninety eight called something for everybody where he was releasing either newly recorded or re as we mentioned yesterday about Bobby Bars picket and the monster mash yes I will be releasing that recap of that one who wandered from last year as a separate ext music from his films and plays and he put together this single based on an e mail he read with some backing music from one of his you have no business being in music really who end up with hit songs nonetheless so far it's been actors for the most part today's is different however today we're talking about a director see my pain is to one of them and a stick of dynamite in the other can we just get lally anyway apparently the notes with found among uh-huh al called in wanting to hear today's one hit wonder Hey Ralph L. Product Dina I'm the one hit wonders from celebrities is that so you can enjoy all the different versions of the monster mash for this Halloween. This is not a Halloween Related Song we've both mostly lately have been focusing on celebrities audio files little bonus audio for you guys some people are saying they're having a hard time tracking it down in the back catalogue so to quite a journey I'm gonNA isolate that for you guys and we're going to re release with Baz Luhrmann qualify with his fantastic hit of wear sunscreen quite a quite a good story and actually think it's a Ishmael and she had published some unsolicited advice in the Chicago Tribune is basically what her commencement speech would be if she were ever to give one and gave a lot of advice to young people starting off with wear sunscreen was her first piece of advice and so this essay was being passed around via email all over the world and he pick yeah so here's the thing he was in the recording studio when he came across this email which was being passed around at the time it was a columnist named Mary no Geri Halliwell no yeah she was like synonymous I think they go power and all that with a Union Jack Dress and everything wasn't she not bad life advice on nobody goes but anyways Baz luhrman where Sunscreen Bundy guys bye thank you out do you remember where sunscreen this word I moved here and it was all over the radio every day it was a top ten hit across Europe now and largely obscure here in the US and then one producer in Phoenix picked it up for hindes they play it maybe that works but he does not fucking see yourself anyway this guy called Dan pipe and bring one at night nice by the way pipe embrace look it and he had an actor read it and then he put backing tracks behind it

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