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"jerry baliles" Discussed on WRVA

"Be a slut. I haven't heard that one. What is that song? Us the study Halloween costume. Yes. Hey, there you go. I know people who do that. I mean, they can't just dress as a cowboy or something it's gotta be slow to address as a as a doctor nurse. It's got to be an everything has slot attached to it. I would advise you not to do that your work, by the way, they have slutty Sesame Street, costumes, the F slutty big words sledding. The problem is with the people who think they've got the body to pull that off for the face to pull that off. And they really don't. Yeah. And then you don't want to be rude and tell them that's your thing. You're you're not gonna pull off slutty you gonna pull off slobby. But you're not going to pull off slutty regarding workplace. It's been more than a good five or six years and somebody's tried to sex it up here at work for the Halloween. Did people do that six years ago? Yeah. Can you? Tell me what it was. Or would that person? Remember, there's been cat costumes have been random like I type. Naughty, nurse type costumes, nothing very creative. Yeah. So sexy has been tried here at the office. But it's been a while. Yeah. I mean, you why would you do that in the workplace though? I mean, you're setting yourself up for a story that will live like you're saying it's five or six years ago, and the person may not even be working at the radio station anymore, and here we are talking about it. I mean, people will remember that. Yeah. Setting yourself up for a visit Ataur. Possibly an unfriendly interaction with a customer. Yeah. And and ultimately, you can be fired for it. So I just don't understand why people would do that. I remember in my twenties. And I was at the TV station. Then there was a big costume party downtown on grey street. And I at that time I worked out like two times a day right after the show and then go back to the Jim at night. And I look good back. Then it's not it's not like now. I wore a fireman's costume got the real thing from a friend of mine who worked down the street, but no shirt barely anything suspenders recipe. Oh, yeah. It was it was a hot costume. Hey, I got lots of attention. It was great. But the problem was unlike tonight, it was twenty degrees. So I had the flu for the next week. I think it was worth it. Because I got a lot of good attention. When you're in your twenties, you you enlarge part base your self worth that kind of a tender. So I look back. I'm here. I am laughing about it twenty some years later. I it was exciting to get all that attention. But man, I paid for it because right six sick sick. And it's not just slutty stuff too. It's also you don't wanna do scary stuff. Cussing ain't gonna freak out again. It's gross. Nobody wants to look at that all day long. So what can you do? Let's just think generically you could do Shrek. Maybe you could do a character. Just not sexy slutty. It's superhero type thing generic witch pointy hat in a wig fake watering. He and you're done. Yeah. That's probably also stay away from the the the not so PC, costumes, the inappropriate, costumes. Well, everything's inappropriate down. Seriously, kind of showed up with some Barreiro and a little something right out of my closet that I actually bought when I was vacationing in Mexico or studying the temples in Mexico. I'd probably be sent HR over it. I will tell you now that there was one of our afternoon hosts this was a while ago. So I'm going to drop a name. And if you do if somebody who's a sleuth wants to do some internet search, and they can figure out who was the who the afternoon host is I'm speaking of a you are collar student was murdered. And the guy was caught in early October looked kind of like a ninety s garage grunge band reject with the soul patch. The stringy. Black hair killer looked like yeah. Yeah. Okay. And he had flannel and all this and he had buried the student at a farm in Mathews county. She wasn't found for months. I think I remember this. So the afternoon host showed up wearing flannel shirt, black shirt, stringy, black wig, black soul. Patch on his face with a skeleton on his back. No. I laugh uproariously because I like really weird inappropriate humor. But I don't think it went over very well. Elsewhere in the building. Yeah. Don't do that at work today. Yeah. Murder joking about the murders. Especially with the the thing that pushed it over the edge was the skeleton. Although that's what made it. That's what makes it in the five rude. Crude humor or dark humor, right? Remember, I hate to even bring up their names. But the Briley brothers. You remember that they were the the killers who went the largest death-row escape, I think maybe Jerry Baliles was governor. So they were with is the largest death-row escape in American history. And they were found wearing I think up in Philadelphia wearing. Shower caps. It was weird. It was like, I don't think it was a disguise, and he was a cover their afros or whatever. And. That year a whole bunch of people had costumes. They were not in black face. But they were wearing showers. Well, at least the black fake. Yes. That made it. All okay. All okay. Five fifty. Let's check our headlines now for the W RV newsroom. More than a thousand gather in Richmond in unity with Pittsburgh, grief and anger in. Pittsburgh is President Trump visits as the first funeral send the mass shooting at a synagogue began. And the president getting pushback his claim Ican ends so-called birthright citizenship with an.

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