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#EERS S8 Ep9: Two Dead Mayors Airport

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#EERS S8 Ep9: Two Dead Mayors Airport

"I hate you with the rhinestone collar between us dogs. I just convinced my human of grade to a new home with the twelve hundred square foot bathroom. I think she called it a yard with Wells Fargo's three percent down payment on a fixed rate loan. My Uman realized new home was within reach learn more at wellsfargo dot com slash wolf Wells Fargo home mortgage down payments as low as three percent on a fixed rate loan require mortgage insurance has the home mortgage consultant about loan requirements. Wells Fargo home mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank NA equal housing lender. MLS RND three nine nine hundred one. All engine. Well, this probably isn't the win the president wants. But the president just got a win in court nonetheless, they federal judge has just agreed with the president. Judge Richard Leon that the federal workers in the shutdown can be required to work even without pay. This is a lawsuit by the national treasury employees union, the national air traffic controller association and others saying that the government couldn't force employees deemed essential to work without pay. And the judge declined to issue an injunction, which is unusual because more and more judges. These days seem to be allowing injunctions to go when it comes to being against the president so good for the president. I guess, but clearly he would much rather have a win against the Democrats the shutdown. We'll continue we will get into the politics there. But I want to spend a little time on a state issue. In Georgia that I think is actually a pretty significant issue. And I I really think that we need to talk this through the phone number is four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talk Senator Bert Jones has a study committee about taking control of hartsfield-jackson to dead mayors airport, and basically turn it over to the state and the city of Atlanta, obviously does not support this and I've been digging into this. I have generally favored the idea and having studied a little more. I I actually think this is worth doing and I'm happy to take your calls on this. But let me make the case for you. And and if any member of the administration is is listening here, I know that the. Politics of this, particularly after a speech about unity is probably not the way the governor wants to go. But I think that if we're really serious about the urban rural divide in Georgia that having the state takeover. The airport is something that needs to happen. Let me make a couple of points here point number one. Did you know that the airports controlling authority is not the city council of Atlanta? If you're like me, I bet you thought that the airports governing control entity ultimately worked its way back to the city council. That's not actually true. It works its way back to the mayor. Another words one person, the mayor of Atlanta, and I should stop and say this is nothing to do. With quiche lands bottoms. Who thus far has seemed to be more competent than Qassim read. But it will we can't help. But notice that a number of people who worked for Qassim read. And people related to the airport and its governance and maintenance and control or being carted off to jail or bleeding guilty for things that happen at we have one person who controls the airport. The mayor of the city of Atlanta, not the city council, the mayor of Atlanta controls, the chief financial officer the chief operating officer and the department of aviation falls under that person the chief operating officers and the the department of aviation then picks the general manager who has people under them. But it all goes back to the mayor, not the city council now, certainly members of city council might get appointments, but this has everything to do with the mayor now ask yourself this question should the mayor of the city of Atlanta. Be singularly empowered to control the largest economic engine in the state of Georgia. Nothing comes close to two dead. Mayors airport when it comes to economic generation in the state of Georgia. Nothing comes close. And it's controlled by the mayor of Atlanta who may get a couple of hundred thousand votes. That's pretty crazy to me. Then there's the corruption issue. I mean, we are seeing now a series of stories coming out about the corruption in the bidding process for contracts of the airport. And who knows what else me you're talking about an airport that is ultimately controlled by a single person who is a city politician and people are trying to get contracts to do business at the airport. That's just asking for abuse asking for abuse along the way, and we've got the entire economic fortune of the state of Georgia tied to a mayor in Atlanta controlling the airport. Think about that. When we when we talk about the economic rule divide in the state. We talk about the Atlanta rest of this eight divide. We've got the city of Atlanta. We've got one elected official not all of the city council. One elected official in Atlanta in charge of this economic. The engine. So I know consider this e delta does not like talk of a competing airport in the state. But when you look at other states out there there are other options. I mean, even Tennessee you got the Chattanooga report, which people refer as the northern Atlanta airport, and I think that's nuts to send people out of state to to fly. But I mean, Tennessee, you've got Memphis. You got a Nashville you got Chattanooga. You've got you. Go to Washington DC. You've got Dulles. You've got Baltimore. You've got a Reagan national, go to California. You've got San Francisco. You got Los Angeles. Go to Chicago, you've got midway, and you've got a O'Hare. We have the largest airport in the world. And delta essentially has a gate monopoly mean just talked to the people from JetBlue about the hassles of even working with the city of Atlanta to get access there. The city of Atlanta did not roll out the welcome mat for JetBlue because it didn't want to ruffle feathers with delta delta has for years funded outside interest groups to harass the city the county commission polling county about its airport. They have stifled other attempts and Lawrenceville and elsewhere for other airports because delta controls most of the gates at Hartsfield it controls, most of the takeoff and landing slots, it would be good for us. I mean, you you've got down in Macon. I used to be the chairman of the properties committee for the city council. Make an he had five hundred more feet to the airport in making and you can land heavy flights bigger planes. You could offload a lot of capacity, and there are a lot of people believe it or not outside of the metro Atlanta area. South of I twenty who would probably rather fly out of a place like that sort of navigating the airport, but I mean, just put that put that on the side burner. The the issue of the city of Atlanta helping to block the growth of another economic engine in the state in terms of aviation because it's catering so much to delta and controlling its monopoly at the airport. But put all of that aside pretend it's taken off the table assume another hub is taken off the table. If you had a statewide aviation authority much like we have a statewide ports authority. We've got multiple ports of the state people focus on savannah, but we got Brunswick as well. But if you had a statewide airport authority, controlling the major economic driver of the state, you could add that five hundred feet to the runway down and make an and say, we're not going to allow competitors against delta because Delta's homegrown, but we are going to encourage cargo carriers to fly there instead of Atlanta because we now have the inland ports situation. Core deal Georgia down south of making. Now, they built what's called an inland port. So trucks can take cargo out of the port of Brunswick and out of the port of savannah and truck them to the I seventy five corridor and core deal Georgia, and that's where they deal with customs and everything else. So it makes it easier to get stuff out of the port of of savannah and get into a distribution hub. So you all flowed cargo capacity from Atlanta, you free up landing and takeoff. Slots for delta, you free up room around the airport for another for another concourse, and you move a lot of the stuff that's headed to South Georgia. Middle Georgia down to making. But you can't do that right now because the city of Atlanta controls at all, and I've been thinking about this, and I've had conversations with several people who are familiar with the thinking of the study committee and having been the chairman of the public properties committee for for making Georgia several years ago and been as the chairman of that in charge of the airport in make an I'm familiar with these issues, and it just it kinda hit me the the state legislature is so focused on we need rural broadband, we need rule broadband. What if you take the airport away from the city of Atlanta away from actually technically the mayor of Atlanta? So that one person in the city of Atlanta is not controlling the entire economic fate of the state, you handed off to an authority much like the Portsmouth authority where it has accountability. It has to report to the legislature. You're not gonna have one of those situations where we had that fire at the airport that took out power and in caused an international aviation problem because of what happened at hartsfield-jackson dead mayors international airport, and there's no accountability. You there actually is accountability. There are investigations the state is involved. The state has jurisdiction. And you build this airport authority up. You don't take just Hartsfield but take the middle Georgia regional airport as well. Put it in there, and suddenly you've got an economic engine that isn't focused right onto eighty five on the south side of Atlanta. But actually realizes that there's a way to offload capacity from that airport. Put it at another airport to free up landing and takeoff slots for delta and other airlines to free up space at that airport. We can't do any of that stuff right now. Because the mayor of Atlanta controls it as a feifdom, and again, this has nothing to do with the particular it has nothing to do with quiche land's bottom, but have you paid attention to the FBI investigation at city hall. Have you paid attention to the procurement and contract problems? We're letting one person in one city control the economic driver of not just Georgia, but the southeast that's insane. To me. And so I would tell the administration their way waste forward. And I suspect you could probably pick up democratic votes. Maybe not in the city of Atlanta. But around the state pick democratic support and build some bipartisan support for growing economic engine. You want to focus on building rural Georgia, you want to focus on growing outside of Atlanta will one of the things you're going to have to do is stop letting the airport be so Atlanta's a Centric because that airport is the economic generator for the entire state in. So we should start treating it as economic generator of the entire state to show that other parts of the state might benefit from rethinking the entire transportation plan in for in terms of cargo and capacity and things like that. And you can't do that right now. While the city of Atlanta controls, the airport, the state legislatures looking into this issue. I think conservatives in the state legislature could find some bipartisan democratic support to make this happen. Jonathan last of the sub beacon podcast recommended an app to me for my iphone for my kids. Awhile back, Mike kids had sound machines. And you know, I can hear the machines coming from down the hall. 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There are sleep stories that are bedtime stories for adults. They're designed to help you relax and does off. You can listen to Stephen Fry. You can listen to Jerome Glenn from game of thrones. Even Bob Ross is there and they're soothing music breathing exercises. General stretches for limited time, you get twenty five percents off a calm premium subscription. Adt com dot com slash Eric that C A L M dot com slash Eric. Get unlimited access to all of calms content today at calm dot com slash Eric. Give yourself a gift to calm in a happy healthy twenty nineteen. It is twenty-seven after the hour. Eric Erickson here the full number four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talk back to the phones we go Andrew and sandy springs Europe. I welcome. Eric are there? Firstly? Thank you for bringing up the idea of getting the airport out from under our corrupt city hall, which is long used it for favoritism and cronyism, and which is actually run off a couple of good airport administrators, right? So two questions one. How do you keep the cronyism from simply moving up to the state level? And the other question is a proposal to have a private airport management company run the airport, and they actually pay the state for the privilege of doing. So so on the first issue cronyism is is long as are politicians involved. That's going to be an issue. But if you move it into a state authority, then the state inspector general would be able to have oversight of it, which would minimize it. I mean, compare the level of cronyism we see the Atlanta airport versus level of cronyism at the ports where the ports also have lots of union involvement. Even if Georgia technically is a is a free a nonunion state, you Teamsters and everything else and they've managed to keep it relatively corruption-free largely because the state legislature has oversight and the state inspector general. Was office has oversight in a way. They don't over the city of Atlanta airport. The issue of privatization is actually way more complicated than I wish it were. There are private aviation companies that do manage airports. We used one when I was in the city of making. And it was quite good at actually manages a couple other airports believe the one in Athens as well. They don't scale up very well to airports, the size of Atlanta, you're essentially asking for a specialized business the businesses that specialize don't handle airports the size of Atlanta. There's also another issue involve for airports the size of Atlanta, which I only know because I was the chairman of the airport committee in Megan and that is the FAA prohibits privatization now at technically doesn't there's a pilot program, but they made the rule so onerous that no one very few airports. Let me put you that we can be privatized. And if you have outstanding bonds, which Atlanta does you can't be privatized. So Atlanta really wouldn't be apt for that position. Mission more on this. When we come back in your calls for oh, four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talk. Is thirty eight after the hour era here near the full number four four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talk. All right. If you're just tuning in here Brian Kemp in his inaugural address. Yesterday, talked about the divide in this date, the racial divide economic divide. The urban rural divide the partisan divide. And I think that one of the ways that the governor needs to consider economic division the state and the urban rural divide in the state is over the issue of the Atlanta airport. There's a steady committee right now looking at taking state control of the Atlanta airport. And I think it's something that seriously needs to be considered. I suspect outside of the city of Atlanta. There would be bipartisan support for it. Long term to move it under an authority much. The ports of Oreo the reason for this is a it is such an economic. As the largest economic engine of the state in its controlled not by the city council, Atlanta, but singularly by the mayor of Atlanta, and the people the mayor appoints, and they're now in a series of FBI investigations there have been guilty pleas. There have been corruption charges there been all sorts of probes and the state is largely held hostage in as economic growth through the airport by the mayor of Atlanta, thankfully, we have a competent mayor of Atlanta right now. I think usually ends about him as shown herself this far to be very competent. If not more competent than Qassim read who was also very thin skin. And she does not appear to be a which is a good thing. I mean after the digs people making about macaroni and cheese. Look perfectly good at. She can laugh stuff off. This isn't about her this about the long term of the airport. And if we really want to solve the urban rural divide, I think transportation is definitely one component of it. And thinking more thoughtfully about integrating transportation, particularly for cargo around the. Say we have numerous distribution hubs in middle Georgia now, and there is no aviation capacity there largely because the state's knotted invested in it largely because it doesn't have any sort of ownership stake in the airport. These things need to be rethought. I think that the governor and the state legislature should think very very seriously about this. Now, let's go back to the phones on this four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talked Jerry in Johns creek, welcome. Hater nice to talk to you. Okay. Quick. Why not move the passenger part of the airport north say Delana coming area? These the cargo down in Atlanta. Let it Lanta cheap. Their end of that deal. The economic growth of building another terminal in north terminal that demographically would serve the state better. Just because of the amount of people that live north of two eighty five that are spending to two and a half hour drives to get to the airport. I think it could be a win win not only for both sides. But for economically for the entire state for the next fifteen years would lead meant, I think that the biggest problem there is delta delta. Now southwest is well asking them to commit to the the overhead of trying to move their passenger hub to a different part of the state when they're so invested in Atlanta, maybe building different airport. I mean, you've got the Lawrenceville airport and others to allow other companies other plane companies to fly in there and build some more investment. The prob. We have moving north in addition to the facilities between delta and southwest that are already integrated at the airport is you've got US actually has the Charlotte hub already which when you're up in the Gainesville area. You're up in the Lawrenceville area. You're talking a three hour drive up there to get to the US air hub there. I understand what you're saying. Yes. There's a huge argument for allowing another hub Delta's adamantly opposed to it. But I mean put tech with delta right now, they shouldn't be in charge of our economic future. More than the sea of Atlanta, should but we're not talking about Hartsfield size facility. There's just knew the land up there that could reasonably comically be purchased to build a nother Hartsfield airport to handle all of the passenger aircraft. You offload cargo to north Georgia or to central or South Georgia, you free up spots for landing or you allow another one of these other areas in order to build a single runway airport. I mean, you know, Reagan national is a single airports single runway reported it has huge amounts of traffic. Do a single runway report delta realize it's not a huge threat because it's only single runway, and it still would allow in competition to help all of the passengers in Atlanta. Reduce some prices Bill in Atlanta, you're up next. Welcome higher. I enjoy your show. Thank you. But I want to say isn't your argument to move away from the city to the state. It's a socialist argument. You sound like Bernie Sanders. Lanna has had a history of competent mayors. That's why that's well. It has the most successful applet in the world. It has the business at put in the world and you making excuses to the strip the whale. Under except where does most of the money for the Atlanta airport. Come from. It comes from the passengers yen. The cargo doesn't come from the city you this apple was built by a successful city by the mayor's Bill. They have built this apple they. That you manage the report, but where the money come from to build and expand the report came from the city that that's not true Bill and about what I'm saying is Bill facts matter here in sixty five percent of the money. That's come to build the airport has come nationally from federal tax payers through FAA grants. Most of the dishes money has come from the state, not the city of Atlanta. I realize it Lanta wants you to believe that it's invested all the city taxpayer money, but Atlanta has invested demus city taxpayer money long term in the report it passenger fees for the airport of come through the state has managed who built the the the bridge the interstate bridge the runway bridge where that money come from. It didn't come from the city of Atlanta who built the on ramps and exit ramps from the interstate to get to the city of not the city of Atlanta who built the major infrastructure around the airport and the city of Atlanta, the state did that the city of Atlanta, if we're going to say that this is a socialist scheme, yet -lanta is taken state Dahl. Dollars and federal dollars and pouring it into the airport without having to do much of its own. And by the way, most of what it Lanta has done in poor out expense in the airport had been bonds that have been paid for at of the revenue generated by the airport. Very very little taxpayer Atlanta taxpayer money has gone into this. So you in Reta, and you and for SEIs county, and you in Gwinnett county, and you and Fayette county, and you and Coweta county your tax dollars have been poured more into the city of Atlanta's airport. Then the city of Atlanta has poured its own taxpayer dollars into the airport. And that's a fact look at any of the audits of the airport and see where the money comes from. So the state tax payers are already paid for the cost of the infrastructure around the airport, and as federal tax payers paying for the grants and money from the FAA, you gotta think about that. You can actually go into the website. You can look a lot of this stuff. And you can also look at the notes. From the or just having reviewed the minutes. Testimony from the joint committee state legislature about the report I mean. Yeah. Bill made a logical argument that the city of Atlanta has poured a lot of it's taxpayer dollars into the airport to build the airport. And would there be a huge expense? The the state of they're taking the airport from Alanna should pay them back, except when you actually look into the money. The city of Atlanta has done that the city of Atlanta's taken federal money and has taken state money and applied that to the airport. And then the city has taken the passenger fees the ticket fees, and the other fees that are generated at the airport and applied that money is the state would do the show you're not out tax payer money. From the city of Atlanta, you're out money generated by bonds money generated by grants money, generated by the state. And I think again, if we're talking about that much money that comes from people of the state, not just the city of Atlanta. But through state tax payers. There's another reason there for the state of Georgia to manage this economic resource instead of relying on one elected official in one city, Georgia controlling the economic future for the entire state. That's what this comes down to again. The city of Atlanta city council isn't even in charge of the airport. It is one elected official. The mayor of one city in charge of the economic engine of the state. We want to talk about fixing the urban rural divide. It's probably time for Atlanta to give up some control. The state has always asked to give up control and pour resources into Atlanta. Let's free up this resource from Atlanta put it into an airport authority and say okay now, how can we distribute cargo capacity better around the state. How can we improve it to tied into the ports better? All these conversations. We can't do right now because it's a city of Atlanta control airport. Even though it uses federal and state tax dollars. Let's see I have time for another call. Yes. I do Seth is in Marietta. Welcome. I wanted to get your thoughts on if we put the state in charge of the already in terms of the airport. They do a great job with foods Brunswick, and savannah, they made millions of dollars in profit. They have Wavell of economic impact. I would've been the airport in general great business model they are. Now, I I will say don't argument with meal this one because there's a ton of federal data out there now to show how much of an economic impact the airport has it. I assumed that the Brunswick in savannah combined would be equal to or slightly head. They're not even close to the Atlanta airport, according to the federal commerce data, but not a bad idea. Led the ports. They know what they're doing. What's that New York? New Jersey authorities airports, I believe. Yeah. They do they do. Now. The there is corruption up there because they don't have an inspector general oversight and things like that. And and the the New York ports authority are more localized with the city's involved, Newark and. And New York City and whatnot. But yeah, listen, if not the port authority a model like the boards with authority. I don't think people who don't study this don't pay too. You don't understand the port authority, the governor has appointments to it. Other members legislature the state, it's better general can investigate charges of corruption. You can anonymously report you're not doing things with the city bureaucracy, you've got firewalls between different state agencies in case, there's a corruption report. So you're not dealing with the sorts of corruption and contractor bribery issues and things that we've seen out of Hartsfield airport. I whether it's the ports already or another forty this is the way to go. And I think if the state of Georgia is really focused on economic development in rural areas and outside of Atlanta. They need to do this to show their serious. This is a good step. And you get a lot of Democrats outside the city of Atlanta. I think would realize long term this is the way to go. When we come back. We gotta get into William bars nomination to the US Senate fireworks in the Senate today. Engine. We have. It's nine after the hour. I'm Eric Erickson, this is the second hour of Atlanta's evening news, and we're actually running long tonight to six thirty tonight. There's a basketball game. I do believe this evening. There's just no point in heaven market coming for thirty minutes. Happy to stick around. There's plenty of news out there to talk about today. We've got to get into the William bar nomination. I need to ask I need to abuse our relationship for just a minute because I really I didn't wanna do the the whole robot. Hiring testing thing. We've redesigned the resurgent, and we made a lot easier for you to get the the daily radio show a lot easier to find the news. We moved off the maven platform. We've got back to our topple the main, and I actually need a bunch of people to go to the website. You don't even have to stay just load the site because we have to load tests the server, and I don't wanna hire somebody in India to run a bunch of robots to do this. When I have listeners who will gladly just go to the resurgent dot com and low test for me if you all do it at the same time. I don't do it if you're driving. Doug Turnbull will be mad at you. But load tests the server for me by just everybody all at once going to the resurgent dot com while I go check the news for you. Because the attorney general nominee for the president of the United States is making some really big news today. And obviously the media is rushing out very quickly to say they await the president withdrawing his nomination for this. I need to play you. You a clip and the clip is two minutes long. But you gotta hear the setup and the exchange with Senator Thom Tillis from North Carolina to understand the significance of this. Let's go to it helpful because I think you try to explain a lot of that. And you were cut off. So I thought I do so much time in the first round ask you that. Also, I think somebody tried to characterize you as having somehow been opposed any sort of Russia probe Russia investigations, if you've ever gone on record as opposing any of the things that we're trying to do to figure out where Russia may have been involved in election tampering. No. And in fact, in the op-ed piece where I said, I fucked the president was right in and firing Komi. I said that the investigation was going forward under the supervision of rod Rosenstein, did you also say more than one time that you felt like the special counsel investigation should reach a conclusion that that special counsel molar shouldn't be. That he should be allowed to draw this to a conclusion that he will submit its report, and you're going to do everything that you can present as much information as you can statue as you can to the extent that confidential information not being compromise. Yeah. To the extent the regulations permitted. Yeah. Did you also say that there's even a scenario you can't imagine a scenario for cause? But even a scenario for 'cause you'd have to get to take under serious consideration before you remove special counsel. That's right. Yeah. Okay. There hasn't been a special counsel remove since Archibald Cox, and that didn't work out at workout too. Well, right. Okay. I'm just going to stop it there. That line there. There hasn't been special counsel removed since our tool that was the night of the long knives. So to speak in the Nixon administration where he insisted that someone fi if fire the special prosecutor Archibald Cox looking into Watergate, everybody resigned ultimately fell to a young guy named William Rehnquist to fire Cox. Yes that William Rehnquist and a bar here is saying that he can't conceive of a situation where he would actually shut down the Muller investigation. He can't conceive of a situation where he would actually fire Robert Mueller, by the way. Thank you, all of you who jumped over to the resurgent three thousand fifty five people three thousand sixty two people. That's actually, very helpful. Thank you, helping that was very easy. Very quick. So here's the point on William bar. The media has built in a narrative on William bar that the president wants him because he's gonna shut down the Miller investigation. What has been very little remarked in the national press. And again, I said yesterday the media is vastly more concerned with narrative building than they are telling the facts, and any fact that disrupts the narrative or they can't explain they throw out in one of the facts that the media has largely had to dismiss because they can't explain it is that William Barr and Robert Mueller have been really good friends for thirty years. They worked together their their families are close to each other. They are close to each other. And the media has been telling you for weeks and weeks and weeks that the reason the president chose William bar. Sources say the reason the president chose William bar is because William Barr wrote letters and an op-ed defending the president in the Muller investing. Nation and the president wants him in that position. So that he will shut down the molar probe. William Boris saying that not only is he not going to do that. The last time. It happened was the time that Richard Nixon tried to shut down the Watergate investigation and it ended badly for all sides, particularly president Nixon. Now, it sounds like to me the president is not hiring someone to shut down the molar investigation. He's hiring competent attorney general this is yet another unit example of the media spinning a story, largely based on Democrats. But more importantly, we are finding that there are people within the administration who are hewing to the democrat talking points on this issue sources say sort of thing. So the daily caller ran an op-ed from an anonymous Trump administration official who works in a third party bureaucracy say. Third party bureaucracy. But a bureaucracy outside the White House, one of the institutional bureaucrat bureaucracies, and is the whole point of the anonymous op Ed it was to mirror. The New York Times op Ed from someone embedded within the Trump White House, and the whole point of it was I hope the shutdown drags on longer and more of these resistance fighters embedded within the Trump administration or outed and Donald Trump himself. Favorably re tweeted this story, and the media's all been out of shape about it. And all the daily caller did was do exactly what the New York Times did. But it is true. It is a fact that there are democratic holdovers sympathetic to the Obama administration still within the Trump administration, and they are doing everything they can from the inside to leak and spin in so sympathetic reporters who typically come from left wing think tanks and then get jobs, supposedly objective reporters in the various news outlets. They. Go to the reporters who are doing stories and confirm all of the democrat talking points, and the democrat talking point the media's pushing them William bar is that the president wants a yes, man. And this man has reached out to the president and said you're in the right molars in the wrong. This should have never happened. And I'm gonna shut it down. I've read multiple stories from multiple news outlets regarding this in multiple reporters have confirmed that people within the Trump administration have said, yes, this man is on the radar because of the letter he wrote to the president's eight he wanted to shut down the Miller investigation. Well, here's William bar. Former attorney general of the United States who was praised by Joe Biden who sailed through congress near unanimously when George H W Bush named him as his attorney general is under oath today before a Senate Judiciary committee where three members of that committee want to run for president of the United States and under oath. He says he would not shut down the Miller investigation under oath. He says that it doesn't appear to be an investigation Runamuck under oath. He says it doesn't appear to be an investigation. That's leaking all the leaks coming from elsewhere. And what are the Democrats say they say look over there? The president order cheeseburgers during a shutdown pay attention to that. Jonathan last of the sub beacon podcast recommended an app to me for my own for my kids, while back my kids had sound machines. And I could hear the machines coming from down the hall, and it didn't seem like they were working and the kids were staying up late at night. My wife stay up as well. So he recommended an app called calm. And you know what? Everybody in the house uses it. Now, it's essentially an app on your phone. Your ipad, your other electronic device where you can download and listen to either meditations music stories that help you go to sleep help you relax, and it has become a huge hit. In fact, it's the number one to help you sleep meditate, and relax, and I can tell you from personal testimony. Now, my family actually uses it. 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It is twenty five after the hour and near forgot that I was filling in for him. So he's here. He'll be on at six o'clock. You can be done with me. I'd have been happy to fill in for thirty minutes. Nonetheless, about my money mile trip over words, sometimes you this is the downside of being half from Louisiana half. Swedish sometimes words, go into directions at the same time in your tongue split. So you just mumble. Yesterday at the inaugural for him. They gave me a it was very nice script that every word. I had to say was highlighted there were few of them that that had somebody had forgotten how so I highly them had a highlighter with me. Just it's stuff like that happens. And then there was things we wanted to change. We there was there was one part. We decided we didn't want to say this. So I had to scratch it all out right in something else. My handwriting is terrible, by the way. And I was just so afraid that I was gonna mumble. And stumble over my words, I would very very slow several people afterwards told me that they're only criticisms was one I did not have enough of a drawl and to that. I was actually slower in my speech that I normally am the director of the show actually was very happy with me not being as fast as I normally when I talk. So it was still it was a fun day. Now. I wanna well. Yeah. Got time. Let me just say this. Man for from home trailers out, and it looks very good. But the last five seconds of the trailer. If you watch the American trailer one of the kids calls, Peter Parker, a dirty name. If you watch the international trailer, he calls Peter Parker, a loser. And the an acquaintance of mine on Facebook notes that is probably because it wouldn't have translated well internationally. But I gotta tell you it really aggravated me. And I'm not the only one who is aggravated that Sony felt the need to put in a bad word at the end of this trailer that every kid in America wants to watch. And it just it frustrates me. As a dad Spiderman into the spider verse. No, dirty words the entire way through it. And yet this trailer. They couldn't help themselves. By without? Thing. It's thirty nine. Our welcome. It is uric and here the full number four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talk to the phones we go Gary from mcdonagh, welcome. Hi, great. How about yourself? Okay. I'll whole bit worried about room bar in nineteen ninety one confirmation. He supported the braised zero office said he would support this weapons ban. And then he went on to say, he was support limited magazine. Now on we getting bam booed with politics that looking at the person's views on the second. Oh, listen today. He said that he supported reasonable regulations and was concerned about the mentally ill having guns and that could lead to the red flag while the supports the red flag law, right? And this is what concerns me are publicans getting blind with politics that they're not actually looking at the policies that these people they're putting full. Support. I will tell you that I talked to a Senator on was it was week before would have been last week early last week about the bar nomination. And I expressed my concerns very similar to what you're say. And here, and he told me it wasn't an issue for him in. This guy has a great rating from the NRA the NRA's supported him regularly. And what he said is that bar kind of knows that the second amendment issues or out of bounds for him that the president is aware. He can't. Can't harm his base or disrupt his relationship with the base, which anything the second amendment would do. The president is already feeling the blowback from people on the bump stock and lesson learned on that front, but more importantly, he said that William bar as long as he is in the positions attorney general there will be a Republican controlled Senate that has repeatedly blocked even Pat Toomey in the Senate Republican from passing any sort of measures including including the red flag laws on mental health. So he thinks that would the package were getting with William bar is so good and even on the second amendment. He's much better than some of the people. The president was considering that he's willing to put up with bar having these personal beliefs. No, either not actually going to be enacted into law. And again, he said he would never vote for any of this stuff including the red flag laws even though some of his colleagues support it. So, but yes, Gary, you're right. Republicans have a tendency right now when President Trump says something they all go rally around that. I mean, look. How many Republicans including of evangelical borders were suddenly say nice things about Planned Parenthood. When the president said, they do good things. Of course, you they do good things. We do have a tendency there, we've got to be very very vigilant when it comes to William Bara. I'm kind of surprised the IRA has been quiet as they have been on this nomination. They probably could have been a little more vocal. But I guess sloppier is getting ready for a challenge to his power at the NRA and has focused on that. Okay. I want to go back to this. This look, y'all. I don't I don't mean to be a fuddy-duddy on this. But it actually does aggravate me. I I'm not gonna say the word because I know you people have kids in your car, some of you. But there is a D word that appears in the spider man trailer is. No, it's it's not that. When it doesn't end with an should ins with an IQ, followed by a wad, and I. My ten year old loves spider, man. And I took him to see the Spiderman into the spider verse movie, and I just kinda gritted my teeth the whole time, please don't let there be anything bad in this in. There was that. There was no locker room talk. There was no profanity there was there was nothing inappropriate in that movie. Was a really really good movie. And I just I find it jarring in the trailer. They wanna put that in the trailer. I mean when you're interacting with teenagers in the movie, you kinda to some degree expect that something like that may happen. But there's really no need for it. They got through the into the spider verse movie without any of it. I just I don't. I don't know why Sony felt the need to do that in more profound that the they left it out of the international trailer. Now, I realize listen, I've got people who've called in this show before who've told me that they find porn to be no big deal. And they don't mind their kids seeing it because they're going to encounter it. Anyway, if seriously I've had these calls from parents many of them, by the way childless late twentysomethings, but I've had people call in and say, it's no big deal because they're going to encounter this anyway. And my response always well, you wanna give your ten year old a glass of bourbon because they're going to encounter it. Anyway in just a few years might as well. I just the whole thing to me is distasteful that I'm trying to raise my children a certain way as most parents are even if you're not a conservative parent, and I want to have some level of control over what they see I can choose to take them to the movie theater or not to seek Spiderman it becomes a harder thing for me to deny them access to a trailer that they themselves can probably find it as not going to be blocked out by any sort of parental controls that we have on the internet. I just I'm I'm really aggravated by it. And I wish more parents ragged by it. And frankly, I think part of the problem we have in society is parents are not aggravated by stuff like this enough. It is such a minor thing. I realize but I just there's no need for it. And you know, there's no need for it. Because in the trailer that is going to be shown in every other country on earth except this one they used the word loser. Instead of the other word they should have done that here too. Just makes me mad. It is you're hearing here. News ninety five five AM seven fifty WSB. Mark Uram coming up next. And then we've got a basketball game tonight. Let's go back to the phones. Mike, you're next tonight. Welcome. How are you? Good, eric. How're you doing great? What's going on? I got a quick question. Now that happens legal all fifty state when you think Georgia will make it legal to farm. I have some acreage and I'd like to use additional crop. I would not hold my breath on that. That's what I thought. Yeah. And you know, law enforcement in Georgia has a strong lobby and it just very hard for them to. No pun intended, weed out the pot forms from the hit and forms. You know, interestingly enough, though on that topic might thanks very much for the phone. Call Rene undermined this is a real victory here for conservatives. Rene Ultraman will no longer be the chair of the healthcare committee in the Senate. She's long been an obstacle the medical marijuana the, but also a huge huge proponent of ObamaCare wanting to expand ObamaCare and the state and she is out. She's the one who basically said that social conservatives just need to get used to being ignored in the state legislature. This time that they wanted to focus on winning back, the suburbs where we didn't back the suburbs means they wanted to she supports a bunch of social left wing legislation, including expanding bomb occur is this is a great sign coming from the state Senate. But anything conservative is going to go nowhere in the house as long as the speaker is blocking everything because he like undermined Wiltz to win back, the suburbs by being just polite and in and not standing on principle on things and just just just let's do a bunch of big government things that that give people money and make people happy and keep Hollywood coming to Georgia. Oh, goodness. All right. Mark arum. Up next. I will be back tomorrow with more of the William bar hearings. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns, no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy, the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more. Go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com.

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