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Craig Smith's 3 goals carry Bruins past  Sabres 6-2

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Craig Smith's 3 goals carry Bruins past Sabres 6-2

"Craig Smith Patrick highlighted the Bruins six to win over the Sabres leaving Boston seven one or no against buffalo this season Smith's first goal made it one nothing just eighty one seconds into the game Nick Ritchie added a goal and an assist to back rookie goalie Jeremy sway men who made seventeen saves in his eighth start David Craig she had three assists all on Smith's goals the bees have won nine of eleven overall as they try to win the east division title Boston is twenty one four and one in its last twenty six meetings with the Sabres I'm Dave Ferrie

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"jeremy sway" Discussed on Bruins Beat

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"jeremy sway" Discussed on Bruins Beat

"Is may twenty sixth, and this is. The bruins beat on sale unless media. And welcome back to the bruins speed on US media. My name is Evan Morowski. Hope he has had a great Memorial Day. Ob S McKenna stay healthy in quarantine staying busy. All of the normal stuff I hope. He has enjoyed last week's episode with Curtis. Hall I thought it was all different and again we got a little bit things different this week. With Jeremy Swayed on. Who is very excited to talk to a lot of people consider him to maybe be the future net for Boston I mean I. Think I have out of Kyle Kaiser. Denver darned swingman. At least don Sweeney talks about swimming like he is that next guy I mean it feels like swimming is on another level. Than those two again still has not been seen how he does in Ya Gel. Other news around the NHL Affiliation Address. Obviously the twenty four team playoff proposal. If you guys haven't seen, it was voted on Friday night, and that they're going to continue talks on that. I WANNA. Wait to talk about that until it's a little bit more set. I don't want to spread misinformation I don't WanNa. I just feel like we can do some different things now. Because in the next couple of weeks, I feel like playoff talking nonsense going to heat up, so why not save that for them and keep the prospect interviews for now so again? This week is Jeremy Slam next week. Next week could potentially somebody pretty good I'm hoping to nail that down. To lock that one in, we'll see if that happens. Maybe I'll just skip it and go right to play off talk if talks continued to progress but again it seems like we're heading towards hockey. Don't know when it's going to be and again in future episodes. We'll talk more in depth about that. We get into my conversation with Jeremy Swimming out currently. No NBA NHL are will be. There's nothing to bet on. And you'd be wrong. Our exclusive partner bet online's hundreds of events, games and propsed wager on..

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"jeremy sway" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"jeremy sway" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Watch now on WBZ newsradio red Sox blanked the mariners six nothing thanks to a one hitter from Nathan of all the at least in an alternate reality offer by sports simulation leader stratum matic this reality still doesn't feature real sports games because the corona virus pandemic which is why the NBA and ESPN partnered to air a virtual horse competition with current and former players plus W. NBA stars Celtics were represented by Paul Pierce but the truth is the two thousand eight champ was shut out by the bulls act Levin in the wake of patriots owner Robert Kraft sending three hundred thousand and ninety five mass from China to New York to help with covert nineteen relief efforts New York Post columnist Ken David offroad piece advocating Kraft purchased the Mets from the wheel pond family will ponds recently tried to sell the team to Steve Cohen but the deal fell through finally Bruins prospect Jeremy sway man was named college hockey's top goaltender that's the Mike Richter award Sweetman had eighteen wins and a nine thirty nine save percentage for the Maine black bears Adam Kaufman WBZ Boston news radio ID Adam thank you seven thirteen as the rain is falling let's check the roadways right now with Laurie Grandy it's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes well for folks who have to be somewhere this morning we're talking about you yes essential employees why would you be out there otherwise things are moving very well as far as volume goes of course is going to slow you down a bit it's the rain out there problems with some visibility also it we're dealing with some hydroplaning in spots along the highways but for the most part the highways are in good shape for its route one is moving well through saw this right now no major problems forced on a one twenty eight I watch out for delays if you're traveling or talk about one twenty eight of the upper and by the way through Linfield ready right through Waltham no major problems on route three just like chill volume through jumpstart and if you're traveling north expressway it's about a ten minute ride Braintree to the city earlier probably have with a broken down truck southbound at mass that has been clear a chicken with that Kristen at now in the moderate joint copter a lot of things that could hear on the offer and a retired U. three starting up around the New.

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