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"jeremy soane" Discussed on Game Theory Podcast

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"jeremy soane" Discussed on Game Theory Podcast

"He's on selfish, he'll rebound. Then he'll get a side isolation or two where he'll post a smaller defender or update the finished opposite. Shot's got to get better and that's why the shot and the feet are while he's at 24 and not 14. I'd like the way he sees the game. A little bit ahead and when you watch, you'll notice that as players are developing, even when he's not involved, he's kind of pointing guys right place. So he knows how it's supposed to look. I like his processing speed end of the first round. It's worth taking a flyer on a guy that at the very least keep your offense rolling and make his plays as Mark felt when he has a chance. Yeah, another guy that just needs the jumper. If the jumper comes, he'll play in the NBA for a long time, I think. Yeah, I like this pick actually quite a bit. I think this is good. Okay, number 25. Give me Jeremy sohan. Out of valence. Like it. Okay. And I don't know if this is one of those deals where Jeremy soane, I no idea if he's going to the draft. And frankly, I don't think Jeremy's so in should. Enter this NBA draft. But his tools are real. He's 6 8. He has shown some ability to shoot the basketball. I think he's at 36% from three. His defensive versatility has been pretty strong. I feel really good about him on threes and fours. I would even argue that you can run different types of ball screen coverages with him. I don't know if I feel good about him switching on to ones, but like you can live with them out there on the perimeter. Good passer. I really like what I've seen from him so far as a passer. Athleticism, I don't worry about that really with him. He can laterally move more so than he doesn't have like a crazy amount of vertical pop, but like it's enough there to go up and dunk if he needs to go up and get a lot, right?.

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