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"jeremy marquess" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"You do that without a timeout. Now, it's gonna make it awfully difficult. You make to hear you're still down three. I do like the fact that if you need it three I like to take it in the back court in Russia up. The court makes a lot more difficult for defense to get set and ready and made you find somebody that gets opened for a three point shot before Houston has an opportunity to foul James harden has an opportunity with two free throws to restore the three point lead and have his twenty nine forty point game of the year. I is good. He's up to thirty nine. We gotta make to hear though, the difference between two and three enormous with nine point four to go. This is the final game of the season for the rockets and thus pardons resume to see if he repeats as most valuable player pretty radical. Yeah. Growing. I twenty nine forty point game and the three point lead praise hopped out of nine point four to go in a two point game. Here's Russell Westbrook and Adams gives it to Westbrook corner jar. Eight seconds to go. James harden missed as far spring that I. Oklahoma City made them pay on the three pointer. Russell Westbrook's ten timely with a triple double. Are you kidding me? I just thinking the possible hordes of the Golden State Warriors in the first round. And it's clearly three point shot. Paul George behind the line. They're taking a look at it. But there's no doubt about it. It's three and it's incredible. Comebacks and potential victory for okay? See? Paul George three where the one point eight seconds to go on the tenth of sister the night from Russell Westbrook. Who has his thirty third. Triple double the one hundred thirty seventh in his career one shy of Magic Johnson for second place all time. And of course, the Sunder of one more game to go tomorrow night in Milwaukee. But more importantly, a chance to keep their hopes for the six seat ally by one point eight a lot of time here one it's time to catch hit a dribble and get a clean. Look you only need a two point shot to win the ballgame. What a comeback for the thunder down as many as fifteen points. You see why I like that scramble coming back, then they didn't three there, obviously the two, but when you come down like that people get frantic everybody seemed to go right to the basketball. They were three guys around Westbrook. And no one guards Paul George, and he knocks down the wide open corner. Three. So it'd be a front court. Inbound James harden back for Gerald green is stationed in the right corner. Chris Paul at the free throw line PJ Tucker in the left corner down one is Houston, Gordon to inbound one point eight to go Gordon looking still looking they have to call the last time out before the five second count went away. Final timeout quote by Houston. PJ pucker is it open. He was standing wide open right under the basket for about three or four seconds in Gordon. Didn't see him. Oh, my good. I would have been the easiest game winner of. All time. Oh, what a colossal miss. Okay. See then still live to tell about it. But they got to defend one more imbalanced. Try it again. Maybe it works again. Oh, mazing PJ soccer. Own cold opened under the rim. One twelve one eleven Oklahoma City leading Houston, Paul George three pointer right now the difference in the game. Oklahoma City can finish anywhere. Six seven or eight. If they win out member they're gonna play Milwaukee. We don't know butts who they're gonna play tomorrow. Not gonna play an MVP candidate. I can say that they would get that six seed at worst. But right here Houston with a law still has a chance to see. But they in Clint you tonight with a win at the horn. No timeouts either way one point eight seconds to go another front court inbound a temper Eric Lord on the rockets coming momentarily thorns got the ball in his hands. Gordon, looking still looking count his gets it into harden hard and puts up a. Paul the home city comes back down. Fifteen and beats the Hawkins for the third time this year one twelve what eleven and their hope for the sixteen remains alive. And don't they it's not a big win for Oklahoma City. Are jumping up and down the funders players to our left on the free throw line. Now, they still have no idea who they're going to be playing in the first round. But an opportunity for the sixth seed is still there five seat is out the window. But a six scene which could see this Houston rocket team. So they're getting the rockets. Houston. They're getting Denver or they're getting Houston. Denver can clinch. The number two the win over Minnesota. But that comes up tomorrow. As Jeremy grant joining us game. Jeremy marquess sharing Jon Barry right behind you. That was. And impressive lane. We'll see Jerry making here in a moment. He got us. Now, Jeremy go, Jeremy marquess discern John Barry right behind you. Fifteen run in that fourth quarter that looked like more than just the average when you guys look pretty excited out there. Definitely you gotta go. We got that could put point seven buzzes with Russia. Also, Dennis evolve. Berg had a great guy. They are by stepped up. They will renew through to get the win. Was there any talk about what would happen here? If you guys lost his game about who you're gonna play where you guys we're going to be seated or just come out, and it was a normal NBA night second night or second game to the end of the season. Now, we just we just came out try to hope I think we try to we try to game the same way we knew the buzzer possibilities. But we try not to focus on every try to focus on a game. In hand. We got gotta done. Jeremy take us through with turned out to be the game winning play. Guys. Didn't have a timeout Ciego length of the floor and Russell had George for the three tickets through that play that ended up being the winner. I mean, we've got layers. I got we got that can make make play make make make big plays. Make things happen demands. A lot of attention. He writes it right? The ball down court beauties Lassiter lasted a corner and got a got a good wolf you guys feel like you can take on anyone in the Western Conference on the ceiling. All right, Jeremy, congratulations one more game up in Milwaukee tomorrow. And then onto the postseason. We'll see he got thank you. That's that's Jeremy grant of the Oklahoma City. Thunder who comes up with ten points, five rebounds. We had a triple double for Russell Westbrook. We had a go ahead game winning three Paul George. Who's your good player of the game? Paul George at the shot to get it done. So we'll give it to him. But a lot of great contributions in that fourth quarter to make that fifteen run to give themselves a chance to avoid.

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