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Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn And Dominic Grieve discussed on Coffee House Shots

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Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn And Dominic Grieve discussed on Coffee House Shots

"I'm joined by cables and James for safe while James. We're expecting a number of resignations this week. We've already on from Sarah Duncan which we will talk about shortly but yesterday Philip Hammond went on the mall showing confirmed that he was going to resign after Theresa May's final Prime Minister's questions he's jumping before he's pushed isn't he in the whiteboard in Boris Johnson's campaign and during the cabinet is it oh no we had Hammond down for John Throw now. He said he won't serve raises. A more serious points about how he has behaved. I mean there's a very difficult question to answer which is which is he was the chancellor when trees I said no deal is better than a bad deal. He was the chance to win all school. Fifty one votes injuries may kept saying that so it does raise a question about whether he was ever actually committed to the policy of a day of government element of which he was a member where he actually meant it. I also think he's behaving in a deeply irresponsible manner because it is quite clear that whatever you think of it Theresa May's with Griffin is not going to Paul sounds comments so you need to ease off rob some kind of concessional compromise to get this thing through and by what he's doing and the interviews he's giving in the European press on his shenanigans in parliament he is basically saying to you. You do is compromise or for any concession because parliament's elements can stop no deal but as rebel dominic grieve says the only way we see Sir stopping ideal is to bring down and it is not clear yet for they have the numbers so he is paradox the actually making no deal more likely I mean the question you need to think about which is which do you think is worse for the British economy in the short even in the short to medium-term. No deal oracle been government. I think it's a fairly strong case that it is a Corbin government. He's also making that more likely I e P regrettable about the way that moment is paving the moment and it is kind of hard not to think that he is goes into his head that he wants to go down in history for something and and he also is driven. I think bar a personal dislike of Boris Johnson I mean they all they are about as different as characters. Come be and I think there is kind of I think you see it's going to be this is undoubtedly going to be a problem for. I want someone Jeez people for them. How does more technocratic mind almost find offensive and so they feel bound by the normal ties of Lords obligation that people would find to a former cabinet according to become Prime Minister K._t.? Philip Hammond is joining the Google could score. Does it become nine on the back benches of <hes> Torian Dominic grieve like David Goal obviously who are very worried about the consequences of no deal exit. Do you think sees himself as being the ringleader of this new group and if not who else I think he seasons I was having a pivotal role play and certainly to people who are involved. Perhaps on various this what's up groups for being proactive and interesting have those speculation but world theresa may might play but that is not seen as a row where you have some really leading from the front at all you might be able to bring them in a backward way whereas I I think when it comes to Philip Hammond he is someone who's very happy to go and bat for it and you see that has multiple media appearances. I think when you look the with squad and is going to be a wide ranging faction in the sense that perhaps you have ron thirty figures who are sympathetic to the coors the coups being to prevent a no deal brexit but they will have different points of high father willing to go so you mentioned Dominic Grieve Dominic Grieve is in a very small number of the squad in the sense he is willing to vote down the government or at least he has said he is in a will to stop. No deal brexit happened has suggested he might be willing to do that. He hasn't said Faucheux but he could laugh will be in the more hardline element say the bulk of the awkward squad so whether <unk> actually property matters most in the day to day running of Boris Johnson's government before you get to what we think he might be that ultimate showdown but you might have a confidence vote is what can they team up on. Now figures like David Gook I think he uh of azan we expect for example Greg Clark. We don't expect him to resign anticipation but will likely not be in the Boris Johnson Cabinet and fluker join this great when it comes to confidence as its deputy FAA supply SA- cutting off supply seems to be a step too far when it comes to finances so the things that they can team up on would be when you look to what Ambrose described as an activist speaker Joe Becker and he saw that last week with their Perot Gang Amendment Dominic grieve came up with that is. Something people feel much more comfortable going for because it feels like a less drastic mechanism so I think that's where this team can come together and when you look within that you also have a Muharan reports you could as as soon as Boris Johnson is appointed as prime minister barring a big shock for you could have Torri M._p.'s defect to the Liberal Democrats. Now that's different element here. Those people here very pro second referendum the anti no deal shoe but it it goes well beyond and I would say the bulk of the Gook squad have voted for Brexit deal many times free times so there is one way for Boris Johnson to almost end his his problem there which is if he can get change if he can get a due to Vatan this group that the not so hard line in their ears majority that they're not gonNA vote for anything. Boris Johnson comes up with but they do need it to be a deal. I've been the Golden Association from those cases right and then which is if you are working. WE'VE DOMINIC GRIEVE STEVE DOMINATE GREAVES AIM is not to prevent no deal is to have a second referendum into how the U._K.. Remain in the European Union and I mean this is actually a real problem for some members of this group which is essentially when when you choose your political allies here it becomes your message risk getting lost. It risks looking what you're joining move dominant grieve in his attempt to stay in the E._U.. Raleigh than trying to prevent is leaving without a deal and that is going to be a major kind of questionable how his group coheres when varies of stress intention put on that will be put on it when a deal okay for example if a deal does come back do the same gamers and then just ingredients as well still vote against the deal because they want a second referendum and remain all always have as spent so arguing that no deal would would be catastrophic that they would feel obliged to vote for a deal. I mean I think this is their difficulties and contradictions within this group Katie. Tell us about Sir Allen Dunkin's resignation so remiss as of this morning the minister was going to resign today expecting the bulk as for Hamilton the anti nausea to as opposed to have the minimum amount of time between the new prime minister taking over and the being a vacancy in your department. Perhaps a vacancy theresa may try and fill it. It seems now we're getting to the shorter time may just be the vacant so Annan Dunkin decided not wait until Wednesday's. He has gone on Monday morning now. I think this is attracted. Criticism for a number of reasons fest off some have suggested. The Alan Duncan hasn't always been the principal character when it comes to the cools attached himself to sue people point to the referendum when he was in talks about joining the board and then in the end decided apparently because he cannot get a certain position by his name to go for remain and that's what people think he's insincere. I think there is a more practical note here which is it may not be specific brief but clearly what's happening right now. In Iran the crisis in the factories May as haven't have Cobra meetings to to be a Foreign Office minister. Dan Ready have one. He was suspended in field -Unding who's quite busy doing the leadership contest exactly the Foreign Secretary Hughes O._T.. Trying to walk away he is getting Steve if he doesn't have his upset tomorrow. It doesn't really paint this picture of government that is taking a situation completely serious. They and I think it was just absence. Idea which is very easy right now. I tried to haunt you paint the Tory party as warring factions when if you want to be the party of you would think that there is a sense that you need to look at your on top of this I thought it was quite interesting as we've seen Greg Hands Jeremy Hunt supporter today take to social media and and say that he does not support preemptive ramp to resignations and he thinks does play into the hands of Jeremy Kuban so I think it's just Boris Johnson supporters who questioning some of the time yeah we've had some comments from people like Hugh Merryman who's Philip Hammons P. P. S. on Westminster unstrap last night saying that the government basically dropped the ball on the Iran Crisis James. Is it the case that this is about how the government relates to trump will try not to relate to trump in closely. I read this government moment was as it so often has been on the trump. Administration was caught between two stools which is once the U._K.. Via Gibraltar had impounded that Iranian tanker it was point clear for there was going to be Iranian retaliatory action of some sort when you consider the soy's of the Royal Navy at the moment is quickly if British flag shipping wants to be protected against retaliation that was going to need to be active cooperation with the U._S. and what appears to have been the case is that there was a hesitancy about going down that route even though the Americans were suggesting it because they didn't want to look like they were signing up to the full gamut of U._S.. Close John Roberts obviously against the Iran nuclear deal which the U._K.. is in favor of home not having that this is a big strategic confusion on the government's behalf which is once you take a decision to impound that tanker then you had to act to protect your own shipping in the most comprehensive way possible and the seizure of his ship on Friday shows that the Royal Navy simply doesn't clearly is not adequate soy's to do that right now and F. was going to need assistance from the U._S.. Which is the largest navy in the world and so I've been there is there is a question here of of how this was handled and I think if it wasn't for the fact that was storage contest ongoing? This will be a big story. Also the other issue is the Jeremy Corbyn is not exactly Joe. Jeremy Corbyn is taking predictable approach which is everyone should deescalate. What why are we upset? Iranians in the first place approach of his question here I mean there is there is a I mean the government is very vulnerable. Were more focused right on time. which is you made the decision to impound the ship because he believed it was going to Syria and breaking sanctions? You've failed to Defend U._K.. Shipping why and finally we get the result of the LIB DEM leadership contest test the softening Katie expecting Jo Swinson to win or we or is it much closer than it appeared start the contest but I think when it comes to leadership contests mistakes ulcer in the Tory leadership is very hard for the polling often into Western. What is exactly going on is interesting difficult? Speaking to Redemption Bove's is the sense. I think that Jason is more likely to get this biting. The margin is going to be interesting to the case that perhaps it didn't mean every time you speak to lived M._p.. They will tell you how friendly the contest is and how they're absolutely delighted rather not at David J Simpson even basements in will say that should be delighted if adcose obviously has so it definitely has a slightly different dynamic when it comes to and clearly has got attention in the past few weeks while the Tour de contests has been on but it is good to be a very important decision you think about the fact that we could be having an election anytime seeing that he looked Lib. Dem's are in the polls. The EH leader in contrast to re Party is actually inheriting a very positive situation where the party has got to whether or not that's pretty Vince cable assets or luck intangibles having the party until about gay sex. Eh Eh we've got the media fakers which is going to be hard before these leaders than what happened Tim Farron and the general election so I think it would be a surprise of Jo. Swinson didn't get it but ultimately do you get the the sense that whatever happens is not going to be as big upset as tomorrow. If Jeremy Hunt Somehow wins James Davey and Jo Swinson do differ in terms of how they get what they want in a hung parliament scenario scenario you say at Davy for instance would vote for Jeremy Corbyn Queen's speech of a hard legislation for a second referendum in it. Jo Swinson is much less clear on that but it's very uneasy about since she doesn't think you can trust Jeremy Corbyn too so the outcome of this contest is really important isn't it. I was very struck by in your writer for a debate that you took part on quizzing the Swinson and Davey on Friday night of this difficulty for the still skull by coach of what they say and also how they position themselves on the one hand they want to say to remain voters. You can't trust Jeremy Corbyn an inch on the other hand they want to try and create this brewed remain alliance and suggests that they'll they'll do whatever they need to do to stop brexit. They're not worried about their own party. I mean but he's going to be attention. I mean one of the things about general election is but even if general elections before breakfast it won't be for solely on Brexit and it'll be a difficult question former Lib dem's which is the Lib Dem's pro remain position is trucks into them a certain kind of middle class prosperous demographic but are probably probably you but not pro all of the taxes that Jeremy Corbyn with I'd like to place on them and how Lib Dem's navigate that question what was going to unconvincing in your blog. You're saying they were saying oh we'd vote for the Queen speed for them. Vote Down the budget. I kind of that way so I think that as a kind of tricky question also fascinating question which is we'll talk a lot on this bogas about Boris Johnson the polls how him getting a poll bounce with affects things I think is also worth noting gene to see whether the Lib Dem's got any kind of bounce service extra not where they're going to get that much but there's extra coverage a Nudie will get because I think if you look at the decline and support Jeremy Corbyn among Labour members if a new more energetically dome and leader you live in homes Po position is maintained. If Labour's can all regularly coming second in the polls because Boris Johnson is brought back some voices from the BREXIT party.

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