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"jeremy com" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Branding that was disrespectful to the Calgary. Flames spots, I loved what Sam Benedict doesn't matter. If it's in if it's not on purpose or not it was addressed. Draw comes out of the flames on to center ice. Wins it back into the flames owner cheer Donald at center ice firing the puck off the left wing glass down behind the hawk net. Delia direct sit around the dalstrom to stop through center ice put it over the flame line on the right wing Cahoon firing from the cycle blocker save is made by Riddick and the puck deflects over the near glass and quickly up into the crowd. I think this might account the top of the stick for the goaltender just didn't sound like it was a blocker save try and get another look at it here on the monitor off the end of the Steph Riddick quickly turns around and looks to see if his stick is. Okay. That was so close to going in. Play by Kahuna used to Calgary player who went down on the ice to block the shot. Get into circulation of it. That was dear Donald and Cahoon fired it over. Riddick. Got a piece of it. Three on one for the flames now into the hawk zone. Could Chuck put it over to Jarnac, right circle. Fires a shot, and that's high in Wiedeman. Chuck took the puck back left corner. Snaps it behind the hawk net into the near corner and played it up the boards to Saad. Paktika sit near the corner. A pass up the left wing that's off of paves his stick and down into the flames zone about five feet. DJ Brody takes the puck backs up. And it was known moves it overlong the left ports that year. Donna, Donna, what the flame blue line passing across the back. One off his stick to Keith spends into the flame line back when they're shot into the hawk line. He took it away. Quick pass to Kane at the flame line left wing deflects the puck into the Calgary zone. And it ends up on the far side the Hannifin referred to the line. Seabrook took the pocket step into the flames zone. Was tripped by back when he did. And the hawks are going to get a citgo fueling good power play out of this and a chance to not up the game to twenty two left in the third three to Cowdrey. Get any better of an opportunity for them. Blackhawks goal for two so far undermanned advantages only basically one and a half as far as ice time to thirty one with the van Dana's under citgo fueling power play. Seabrook doesn't nice job back then heading off the ice. Just chop sprint. Seabrook down. Face up, the left hand side of David Greenwich. The draw was taken by the flames hammock in the far corner. Drives the puck behind the Calgary net up the right wing side and Lindholm will redirect it down ice in on Colin Delia at the hawk net. Jeremy Paulson Alexa, Colin Delia on the bench for an extra attacker. Make it a six on for at some point on the power play that same thing. Caves down the left wing side plane zone passing Kane in the slot and carries the puck back to the left wing half boards into the corner. Spins it behind the net around the debrincat along the right boards. Folks it down to Kane right corner. Tried to pass it out. Donald ran into a puck taken away by Hammond. It clears it to the line kept in by Gustafsen down to Kane in the right wing corner. Puts it out to Gustafsen right point. He'll walk it through the high slot. Give it a depressed. Get top of the left circle. Quick pass over the top of the right? The high slot to Kane. Top of the right circle. Tried to snap it on goal. Deflects through to the front of the net. Picked up by hammock, you'll Kurt off the right boards and down now under a minute left on the hawks third. Citgo fueling good power play. Here's Gusta Senate the hawk line sends it over to debrincat back to Kane at center ice on the left wing Delia looks like he's headed for the bench now into the flames zone along the right boards. Puck taken by EC. Put it down to the corner. Brody got shot it out kept it at the right point down to one eastern on charging toward natty fires at over top of the net rims around the glass to center ice pathway to the hawk line. We'll fire it toward the Bonetti stars. What was the niece to MAV tinker? There. You've got two guys in front of the net. And he tries to fire. This is you can't shoot high life from that angle and missed the net. That's just a terrible decision by. Full possessing you got an opportunity to make a play lots of time left, twenty seconds. Twenty seven seconds to go left on your power, play over half a minute. Then you fire that shot high and wide. That's just terrible. Feel Garnett Hathaway picks up his fifth goal on the season. That's his first short handed, by the way. Into an empty hawk net. And that will pretty much seal the deal shorthanded goal for the Calgary. Flames. I mean, if you're gonna take that shot better hit the net. You can't miss high and wide can't miss high and wide so still twenty three seconds left on the hawk power play. But it's pretty much academic for here. But they're going for it Delia goes to the hawks bench. Keith drives the puck down the boards into the flames zone at circles ends up. Tumbling back to center ice Keith has it over the center ice circle. Donations off put it in over the flame line down the left wing Kazadi. Fires hit the post that ricocheted out. Or did it go in the red light came on for a moment? Let's see what do we have here? I looked like it hit the crossbar ricocheted out. But I've been wrong before about these things Brandon Saad thought that it was in. Freezers hands right in front of the net. Then Saad points, and he thinks it in. He thinks it did go in here. They'll take a quick work shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Kate had an opportunity right after. Off the backfire. That's the goal. Things. Interesting twenty four seconds that was in. And I'll Brandon Saad. He knew it was then. Shot right up underneath the crossbar Riddick is a big goaltender. But he's been down a couple times early. Patrick Kane saw that maybe that's sort the line. Twenty four point eight on the clock. Something has happened here. Real quick. Gerald auto group will make agendas one hundred dollars donation to living world cancer resource center. Gerald cares. That Blackhawks is sponsored by Bedford park yielding for the future. Let them assist you. So Brandon Saad scoring his wealth on the season. Hawks make it four to three. Now, they put a little more time on the clock now. Twenty eight seconds hawks control off the draw Delia remains on the bench planes, full six on five situation. Rennick plays the puck around. At the right point. Got it. Then lost it in the flame wind Donald backing up for the corner. There's the puck off the glass to center ice. Part of the benches got it to Kane then lost. The bouncing pucker draw will fire it down ice wide of the hawk headed goes. Icing is called three seconds left on the clock. Face off comes down the flames zone circle to riddick's left. So it's not over yet. Jeremy com has his time available to them. Referee's wanna come over here? And make sure that the clock is exactly where he needs to be every tenth of a second. So critical rate now. Jonathan setting something up. They didn't add anything on the track. So here we go one opportunity drop the puck caves works at free. But having a cut to the puck behind the flame nail driving around the glass. It goes all the way down and the puck actually ends up in the hawk net. Time elapses in the horn blows and the Calgary Flames beating the Blackhawks here tonight four to three the swept the season series over the Blackhawks winning all three games for the Calgary. Flames. Now their record improves the twenty seven thirteen and four while with the loss. The Blackhawks record now drops to sixteen twenty two and seven. So what looked like it might be a very promising night for the Blackhawks coming into this game here tonight turned out to be a kind of a difficult loss to stomach. They saw the Calgary. Flames. Take the lead in this game. The hawks fought back and took a two to one lead. Only to see the flames tied on a power play. And then the flames registered to in the third period. The hawks got a late goal from Brandon Saad, but could not get the tying goal descended. Does not four three is Al Shehan. They need some steaks. You look at the goal that was scored by Johnny go drove at the beginning of the period. We spent the.

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