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The Still Real to Us Show: Episode #535  5/14/20

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The Still Real to Us Show: Episode #535 5/14/20

"It's welcome everybody. Welcome to this week's of this show up somber five hundred thirty five for May Fourteenth Twenty twenty. Welcome to your money in the bank. Recap IN REVIEW EDITION OF ASS. Are T. you another week professional wrestling this week? He was a little bit different and a lot of worthy News items to discuss your on this week's edition show. I'm one after the program. I am Jeff. Pack joined every single week but my coast. Dr Troy Franklin Doctor Trae. What is up my friend? I'm not pregnant so that's always a bonus right. Wow I for secondary I thought you were leaving the show I know right. I was like a drop. Whatever TIDAL BELTS? I have but We'll actually The women's money the bank ladder match was for the Romans Championship. The men it was further. He the costing position of S. RT. You so joining us next week. Otis to replace the pregnant Dr Try. See what is everybody? Just as other GIMMICKS A. Seth rollins plays a savior on a show. I did that Falls love the redhead. I did that impregnates. Said read at. This is not talking about me. I just want to make that perfectly clear yet. I shows at fiery redhead. Goes your read. Hey you're not you're not as fiery thank you as a female redhead but thank you very and now jeff out get replace me with other fat guy so I mean everything's full circle and a little bit out of touch because I did it. I Oh yeah you know you? Just don't do it enough. You don't do the and grab that fits and I don't dry up the air enough either just you know. I need solid objects. Let's get let's get right into it folks. That's a perfect segue into money in the bank. Solid objects money in the bank Let's get ready to recap and reviewing the pay per view this past Sunday. Lots to talk about from Sunday Monday. Obviously and everything else in between and afterwards. was very noteworthy Week for professional wrestling in a I would say for the first time during the COVID. Nineteen pandemic that nothing to do with the pandemic itself this was the most newsworthy week. I've seen in some time. So let's get right into it here. Pre Show match Jeff Hardy taken onto storrow a. We did not predict this match. Jeff Hardy gets a victory here To Me Dr Trae Jeff. Hardy are ocean not be working pre show match while. Mvp Are Truth and Lashley worked the main card. I thought it was a good match. And what you come to expect from both guys so Jeff. Hardy gets a victory over CICERO and I should expect this. Azzaro pay per view win streak to not go very long You know he beat your Gulick and then of course right back on the pre show Putting somebody else over I am excited. And we'll we'll get some point says ro is in the INTERCON titled Terminus. I'm happy firm for that But this is basically the setting up Jeff Hardy for shameless which I think will be the next big feud for those two guys on smackdown. Yeah it's a damn shame at both those guys like are working mid The pre show like they've been hyping up. Jeff Ardy to me. Hardy inches are a both world title guys and Why they're on the pre show. I'll never know. Let's get to the quote main card here. It was for the smackdown tag team championship potato four way match as the new day. Ms Morrison forgotten sons and Lucia House. Party battled it out The new day retain we both had that prediction correct and I thought this was an incredible. Start to money in the bank I thought all eight brought it. If we see more stuff like that they may have something with the smackdown tagged him division. It was a very enjoyable match. Dr Trae To me it was the number two match for money in the bank this past Sunday. Yeah I really enjoyed this. It was fun. Everybody got highlighted so nobody come out. Came out looking weak although we Lucia House party prior to take the pin fall. And that's kind of will be God but overall just solid performances from everybody and this is one of those rare matches where there was a lot of near falls. That didn't hate because it made sense for the match but overall just a really fun match and You know good for Kofi in a big enough kind of keep their running by the way anyways I I love that. They're tights colored by number as they get closer Xavier coming back. I just love the time they pay per view. The tights are a little bit more colored in Because that's just this is show support for their boy. It was out injured right now. Yeah it was an amazing match really was one of the best Mac down Tag team title matches. I've seen in a while. And it may be the most underrated part of me. Right now is the smackdown tag team division. Because they had a very solid shown wrestlemainia even though it was a singles match. We know what new day and can bring Lucho Party? Broad at forgotten sons brought it. Obviously we know that Ms Morrison can bring it as well so great match to kick off the main card Next match truth taking on MVP he was replaced by Bobby. Lashley who came out to give. Mvp tonight off was basically Bobby Lashley squash match where things are going here with. Mvp and Bobby Lashley that we saw the next night on raw is fairly interesting but this match itself to me. It should not have been on the main card. I like our truth. I really do. I think he's a guy that is a great entering worker but sometimes is comedy act like it goes to be in like this is very entertaining to kind of being a little bit corny. And he's fallen to that cornerstone. Right now Bobby Lashley gets the victory of our our truth that money in the bank. Yeah I agree like there are times we saw more on raw raw was worse than Money in the bank but he does. He'll get a joke. It'll be really good. And then he goes it. It's the Austin powers sequel stings. Where hey the first time we see is really funny. But then they take the joke that was funny in the first movie And then just harp on it for the next two or three movies and it's not funny anymore. It's Kinda say the archery like it's clever. It's ready and then it goes too far is Promo though about the twenty four seven side. Tom Brady I. That was great though. Yeah that was good. Certainly good but like the pretty ricky stuff that we saw on Monday like they did that character. Almost ten years ago now on smackdown it was not any good when he was doing it Our truth great entering worker but sometimes he just doesn't get a chance to Showcases skills base some of these things that he's the Hansie's dealt with right now. Let's keep it here for from this match to Monday night. Raw R truth said later on in the show. Dr Troy pointed out on money in the bank that he's looking to regain the twenty four seven championship. I wonder if we're going to see Tom. Brady get involved with Gronk with the twenty. Four seven title The next night on raw you had the MVP. Bobby Lashley interaction. Bobby Lashley comes down again and helps out. Mvp It a potentially looks like Bobby. Lashley time with Lana is coming to an end as going to be part of this potential stable. That were rumored to be Hearing about when it comes to. Mvp I dig it. Bobby Lashley is a guy who has been under utilized as well Good entering worker. When he gets the opportunity to showcase his skills for longer than five minute. Squash wash match I'm for Doctor Traffic. It's a long time coming for bobby. Lash that this Spotlight on them like I'm for what they're doing with Lashley an MVP because Like MVP is guys also because appropriate skills. He's kind of underrated in. He's good at times to you. Fall flat but anything right now seems to be better than Lana Because launch even I don't know if he has wishy screens veins pop out of her shoulders. I've never seen that with anybody before. I know those vein in her left shoulder kept popping outs which is the MVP The only thing I worry about is outside of rock listener. Your managers really. Don't get to lead a guy to a top title. I still think a Lashley leshner match is one. They can really capitalize on The only other thing about this segment I didn't like was. Why do we have almost the entire African American roster of raw involved in one segment? It just kind of felt like okay. We're just taking the entire everybody. Okay sure it was just it just kind of felt weird but If the stable goes it's almost like they talk about almost like an updated version of the nation type thing I was just GonNa say you know Although I will say. Mvp a different piece of gear. Other than the one Black Panther outfitted says. Because I we've seen that like. He wore something different as debut. But that we've seen the Black Panther outfit every match since then so unless he can kind of explains why this is significant after awhile. It'd be like if ray war you know the joker outfit every single match or any one of his incarnations like okay death as to why this is the year you're wearing goes it's it stands out but if you don't tell me why just feel like you're down to one pair of year left that fits the thing about this The stable an MVP working as a potential manager here is is I think. Mvp is great. absolutely phenomenal talker. And this is just my own suspicion but I like this as the fingerprints of Paul. Heyman all over it with the stuff. That we're Siemens Lena Vega now with MVP and if you're doing these staples it's it's fantastic. I think the only thing is that here. We are in twenty twenty and we got get get away from like the stereotypes because Selena Vega has to Hispanic superstar's in her stable. Despite having Austin theory is there's well then with. Mvp IS DR. Gary you got the African American wrestlers that are now flocking to vp to be part of his stable. It's like I feel like we could get past. This now does not have to be the ethnicity or the race of a wrestler. That is the reason why that they are put into. Xyz Group and for whatever reason anytime that there is now an African American stable in me they amiga all the nations coming back. They did it with new day. They're doing now with MVP. Let's stop the stereotypes. And just let the wrestlers be wrestlers and let the people that can talk like Selena Vega an mvp talk so cool stuff going on with raw. I feel like that has Paul. Heyman's fingerprints all over at with his history as a manager and I'm here for it it's an. It's a stables and managers are two things in wrestling especially with me. That is so they don't have not been utilized in the last twenty years and so simple and they're so effective and the fans heated up. I'm here for Next match here. Is Bailey defending this? Maqdah Owens Championship against Amina Bailey. Wins this match. I thought the match was okay. Sasha helps make the Safer Bailey to retain. I was happy for me getting the opportunity but I prefer her in ring. Style still It'll be interesting to see how this potentially add to the Sasha Bailey foreshadowing as we move forward here into the summer months belly is still your smacked elements champion. Dr. Yeah and I liked the match for the fact that it it made to me. I started rooting for tomato. Like it made me care that. Hey she's kind of being bullied in a sense and it's two on one always so she did a good job of work in the mashed as you get fans sympathy. I guess the way of putting it for being a giant overpower her competition I'm with you. I'm not a big fan of her in ring work by thought her character work. It is matches really well done Once again it's it's one of those weird things like I feel like the entire roles of this whole. Sasha Bailey thing has been flipped from what it was like two and a half years ago. Were now we're supposed to be research feeling sorry for Sasha at Bailey's kind of bossing her around I'm like it's the same thing we did two years ago. Just with the roles reversed But it's it's fine like I match itself was it was fine is is. I was more impressed with to me to getting over as sympathetic than it was with. Bailey's work in this match one of the things that we talk about a lot in the last several weeks of the podcast. Here's been thing that we really enjoy during the pandemic. I know how ironic that sounds but when it comes from a restaurant standpoint one of the things that I really enjoy when Bailey. Ladies wrestling she is responding to the commentators. And I think it's phenomenal the stuff with coal. She doesn't really acknowledged graves because obviously graves is working more of the hill stuff but with call it really adds to it. Because it's that thing routes like nobody's there. We know that they could hear what the commentators are saying. Nobody's commenting back except for Bailey. Great stuff that she does there and she's been awesome as a heel absolutely great next match. Bronx Roman defending against Bray wide for the WB Universal Championship. Bronze roaming gets victory here. I thought this was an enjoyable match. Bron Bates brain to think thinking he was coming back home by wearing the black sheep mask and return to the White Family Braun tricks bray and hits him with running power slam for the win. Braun overpowers Ray at the mind games realm. Obviously to me. This was a good I start to the future and we will eventually see the fien. Make his way into this battle with Braun Strowman so Braun beats the person. Bray Wyatt which is like you know defeating Clark Kent but when he goes up against Superman against the fien you would expect that the fiend Bray Wyatt will have his hands all over the monster among men and probably take home the Universal Championship. Let's take a look at this match. Your doctor Trey Braun retaining with clean pin fall over. Bray Wyatt I I enjoyed the match. I will say the the finish of it. I wasn't a huge fan of I. Love the puck interaction. I love all this is when when Braun put the mask on like he was he was kind of in control the match. So I didn't I in my head I was like well. Why is he? Trump played mind games at this point. Where he's having control the match to me with May morstead's if like Bray Really. It was really kinda dominating at that point way with the floor but the mass gone to do it Outsmarting at that point. It felt like they were. They cut like two minutes out of the match that two minutes leading up to the mass segment But overall it was it was really enjoyable. I actually really love the Bray. Wyatt cared about the finger. The I mean I love the fame but the bray white character is so different than any other character. We've seen you know. And then the fiend is different than most things we've seen so I love the dynamic of them being almost different in wrestling different. It's Kinda like cody in Stardust. When he was started us he wrestled a completely different match. Then he would is. Cody is kind of same thing with the brain fiend character were Bray Wyatt Russell. Completely differently in a lot of ways in the fiend is mannerisms or different. That silly goofiness. I I just eat that up. So really really enjoyable match a character itself that I really enjoy. Is he like pulls back? The curtain like completely like when he came to the ring stopped at the stairs as he was entered the ring. Turn to the commentary team and said to them I know people think like you stink or something like that but like you guys are trying really hard right. Do you let what anybody says is is one of those. Old Korea says like I don't care what anybody says about how bad you stink. I really like guys. Yeah it was just good and you know like I just get that feeling. That Bray says those things when he's in that character to like see if he could pop the is and it's it's great I mean he is. He's a very creative wrestler. Made one of the best characters currently and even back in the early two thousand ten's with his Bray Wyatt character. I mean he's just phenomenal when it comes to character building and Very enjoyable Got Into a little bit during the show with a listener. Who said that they felt like white took a step back from his win at Wrestlemainia and One I don't know like it's universal title few like I know we all figure like okay him with Braun strowman right now. It's a bit too soon for that. But they got completely push into this world win of a storm where. There's not much that break in do right now. Like what do you do with Bray if he's not involved with Universal Championship? Do You keep them off. Tv and have them be hurt right now like you need stars with Roman not there. I do not think this was a step back. I actually think so far like this was a few that I think fans myself included were moaning and groaning a little bit about because we felt like it was a little bit rush. But what they've done so far with the vignettes and the segments. The build and the match on Sunday is they've really delivered which is leading towards the next chopper. Here where I think. The feed and fiend enters this feud. I've enjoyed it. Dr Troy I did not think was a step back for Bray Wyatt whatsoever. Yeah the funny thing is i. I will say that they were growing about it and I was like to go back to our to our prediction. Show like this was my wrestlemainia match was brought in Bray. Because of everything they're doing tying in the old storyline of broad being in the in the family and everything else and I don't think what people have a hard time with is separating brave from the feet it's not like fully where Cactus Jack Dude love and mankind. They're all kind of together like these are almost like two separate entities like you almost have to treat them like two separate wrestlers. There's Bray Wyatt. And there's the fiend where. Bray white is vulnerable but the fien is a monster so you literally have to treat it like two separate people when they're in the storylines because otherwise you do get caught up in. Oh how cumbrae. Look so we. But the Phoenix so dominant separate entities is not fin ballard in the demon. It's literally almost like two completely separate people I think Fans kind of forget that and then these are basing step back from Wrestlemainia. No that was the fiendish Russell million. That wasn't Bray Wyatt. There is for some reason the way they play this out. It's completely different characters next match years for the we championship is drew. Mcintyre defeated Seth Rollins to retain but Dr Trey and I had drew McIntyre getting the victory here so far during money. The bank undefeated in our predictions. I thought there was a fantastic match. And this is one of those matches that if there was a crowd involved it would be eaten up by the fans. McIntyre Rollin. Shake Hands Post match. Which made me think that maybe? Rawlins's turning face. There's obviously a lot stuff. With Seth rollins the next night on raw which will get to hear a little later but Dr Trae like when you just look at the match itself. If there was a crowd involved. I think we're talking about this match of the year Canada right now. This was a great match. Drew McIntyre and Seth rollins really brought it on Sunday. You Know I. It's Funny. You almost take guys like seth for granted like. This is the reason. Why on our show? Seth one wrestler of the year two years in a row. It was more. It was how great every match he was having was. And you go back to Russell main how as you and I love the Mashhad. Ko and now you sitting here in the bank and how much how great this match was in. It's weird seth. Rollins reminds me of the football player. Who COMES OFF AN ACL injury? Where the first year he's back. He's good but he's not as good as he was before the injury in the second year they usually step back up to where they were before and I kind of feel like sets hitting that role now where in ring. He's as good now as he was before he had albany injuries es has been phenomenal. The last few months in ring And I'm really enjoying the character as well so But like you said there's a if there's an audience there that place we've got nuts This was easily like probably the best match I've seen in the last three months easily. Yeah well I think during this. Entire pandemic crowd has been. This has been the best match from any promotion so far with all due respect. There's been some very entertaining matches. Thus far I mean people say what about the Bone Yard match? Sure we can throw that in there but let's talk about intense performance if the crowd here and you put it into an area of a hostile environments of Boston. New York Philadelphia You throughout the country. I mean this match would be eaten up by the fans. This would be a match that would be elevated some and this is just great. There's a lot of talk right now. Go ahead no go ahead. What were you about to say? What would you say? His latte sets last two matches entering the last two big ones. This one and Kevin Owens match probably the best two of the pandemic era Maybe maybe from angering standpoint. Yeah I think you're right. I think you're right. Yeah and the thing with to your point before about Seth Right. The the thing is where people are like. They're they're not. We're not like you kind of forget about how good he is. And for whatever reason right now he is in a full time groove with this character with his in ring ability. I think sometimes when a guy works as baby face particularly feeling it didn't last year they don't they're not able to fully expand themselves in the ring and you kinda showcases itself. Sometimes like Seth's phenomenal worker. But you can tell that. Maybe he's restrained a bit we we've seen that with other guys in the past as well like an. Aj Styles immediately comes to mind for whatever reason when they're able to work as a heel and they're able to kind of be a little bit more forthcoming creatively than they ever have been four with their character. Because you're kind of hamstrung as a baby face. Even though drew McIntyre I feel like and more on him in a bit here has done a great job as a baby. Face just feels like Seth's game is up a little bit more. This is a guy and and he gets a lot of crap for whatever reason but he carries that WB flag and he loves it. And I think what's going on right now. An absolute challenge for him to to help push forward and him drew. Did that on Sunday. My Opinion Dr Tray with that match and stuff the overall that he's doing in ring as character amazing Safar. And you do as a baby face you do get hamstrung because As a baby face your job is to sell how strong the deal is so that way you have an obstacle to overcome. So you don't have to bust out your entire arsenal to you. Do have to Kinda limit yourself in what you can do. And you can't cheat and you can't do the heinous acts and stuff like that like that. We've seen that done. I mean the stuff that he was doing. Koa The curve stops outside the arena on the concrete in the Parkway. And then what? We saw Monday night like you. You don't really get to have that dark edge if you're a full-fledged face now you can meet a twitter Austin or the Moxley in getaway that a little bit more but you know or you can be a drew and where you're just legit bad ass and you kinda get to carry a little more but you know when you're an undersized he'll may you get whip out your entire arsenal and show everybody what you can do in a ring and Seth has just been killing it. The last you know even evenly I I'll go back to even that area like when he first Elsa now when he has just been killing in the ring and it's hard to argue that you know in ring is not back to number one of the world and then on the other side of this other side of this match. It with drew McIntyre that same stanton like for whatever reason when anybody ever holds the championship the very first time like it just feels like that the there's like this weird period the and they don't know what to do they don't know they need to change their care to whatever but drew. Mcintyre and I saw somebody tweeted this out and they're absolutely right. Drew McIntyre is carrying that championship like. He's carried it for the last six years in the company. He is walking and talking champion. He has an an abundant amount of confidence right now. He believes in himself. He believes his in ring work. I think he's another one. That is taking this challenge of what's going on in the world and trying to elevate the game even more and You gotTa Love It. I mean he is just incredible. Dr Trae like we all believed and drew McIntyre but like when you are seen it play out on television right now like confidence exuding through the television. It is defined by drew McIntyre and his current reign as champion is very short time as champion so far even more. So it's amazing to watch. I think the biggest difference so drew's been withdrew left the first time when drew left. Wwe He got to go out and be a champion and other promotions but all that time even convicted X T. He was still kind of even baby or he'll he was still kind at Scottish psychopath characters. So it's Kinda hard to really root for an even when he was a baby face But watching him now and you could feel like this is drew this drew Galloway or drew drew Galloway. This is the real drew coming out on screen. And you're watching and going this is what. Ww wanted Roman reigns to be. This is what W Kinda wanted John. Seen billable where. He's relaxed their confidence. They're Kinda saying what's on their mind. You know I mean drew's promos feel a lot less scripted a Roman Promo And maybe it is the environment that he's living in where they Paul Heyman run show and having a little more freedom to kind of be what he wants to be The man right now. He is killing it as a baby face champion because he has all the qualities you want to aspire to be like. He's good looking. Athletic is charismatic. He's confident as a bad as like everything guy wants to be right now. Drew drew's putting out there on screen for us to watch and Ross had some tough couple of weeks here. A couple months honestly Especially during the pandemic and we said this before and it was the lowest rated segment and raw history. Their contracts on him. But you watch that show on for two hours and forty-five minutes. It definitely feels like it's show the trying to find its identity right now. There's a lot of new stars. They're pushing a new wrestlers which is great for the business but that final fifteen minutes in that particular episode of Raw rollins and drew McIntyre had a contract signing and it felt like normal w. e. to me in a good way and it was like okay. These are your clearly seeing the separation of like these are two top echelon guys and everybody else trying to catch up to them right now and there. There's just this this feeling that I have that. They're really taking a look at this challenge and then trying to elevate some Obviously what we're seeing with McIntyre in rollins now. It appears that they're going to different direction with backlash which is a shame. Make sense more on that in a bit here. Let's get to the next match. The money in the bank ladder match Both the women's and men at the same time taking place which We came to find out on smackdown on this past Friday Oscar is the winner of the women's money ladder match. Obviously there's big news about her. Otis wins the men's money in the bank ladder match For Oscar. I thought it was very surprising to see her win. The women's money in the bank match very good surprise. I think it's long overdue in Oscar deserves it of course. Dr Train and I from a prediction standpoint. I had King Corbin Dr Trays. Aj styles those are the two guys on the on the ladder for the final time and at this point we're tied in the predictions and I'm thinking man Kim Corbin's loss because allies comes out. It's going to be. Aj Styles Aj. Fumbles at into his hands and And he wins. The match overall thought it was entertaining. I don't think it was as entertaining as the firefly funhouse match and the bone yard match. Those are in two different spectrums of the type of entertainment. I enjoy however for that thirty minutes that it was airing. I thought it was a very unique way to play out the money back match this year and I thought w we did a very good job being outside the box Fine with again again the Victory Otis. I'm not too Not too keen on. But let's get your thoughts. Dr Trae in the money in the bank ladder matches for both the women and men so overall I was entertained by like you had the right amount of of wrestling mixed in with Cameos mixologist. Just funny stuff. Mix It with some cool stuff like overall I was okay with it when it got down to the end Like they'd never explained why Daniel Bryan never made it to the roof like we. We saw the other five guys then. Elias Day O'Brien couldn't find the roof. Can I pause you there? Sure did they do not know I think he made it up there but then like he fell out of the rain but whatever happened to Shanna baseler because I had the same thought was for the I was for the women's silence like Shannon ever made it up there. Dane Dana got hit with a poster. I mean maybe that's why I slipped in the kitchen in Stephanie. Stephanie yelled at her so seven till the pick solar to pick up nyack as Niwas drooling. I mean it may be in that spot. She pulled a hamstring who knows but the fact that like all the competitors didn't make the roof kind of bug me And then the throw a and I had said last week in passing something can start off the roof. That'd be cool. It always out twice but then it's like other secondary roof. Oh that just sounds dumb. Later on anybody At the point I was like man. Darren just killed two people. That's that's all. Your picture was brick from anchorman. Like brick killed a guy. You should probably loads of the heat. You dies down. I just take Barron off. Tv for a couple of weeks like he's hiding out for cops but You know the oldest win. I'm with you like is GonNa Be Yours. Is he where you go because right now Bronco Champ. In do you have Otis Cash? If the fiend beats braun like does that make sense like we had? Goldberg defeated. Fine can you really have Otis? Defeat the fiend with the Caterpillar. Like I don't know where they're gonna go with that yet The Oscar win is interesting because on this show. I said I would pick Oscar if they had not thrown out that Becky Lynch is going to make an announcement thing and when they did that I kind of thought. Okay we're going back to Shayna But the fact that she didn't make it to the roof is still weird but By the way the people who say that has been poorly. She's literally one everything now in. Wwe So I don't know say she's book poorly if she's literally one almost every single thing. I think literally every single thing you could win as a female wrestler in. Wwe In a what three and a half year period Jeff. That's pretty damn that all annexed women's champion smacked elements champion row. Women's champion Women's TAG team champion women's Royal Rumble. Women's money in the Bank match Oscars won them all and I feel like she deserves it. I think she is along with her becky in Charlotte. I always have said like if you're looking at the tier one of top wrestling. Women women wrestlers right. Now I fell. I was those three. I think. Balian Sasha or making a strong case right now to enter that as well especially Bailey with this up that she's done as a heel character but Oscar is yes she's editor downs. She certainly had a down year twenty nineteen but they started picking it up. And I've got a lot to do with Mike. Becky trying to elevate her back up to the main event picture which it's ironic the way that happened on Monday. And how Oscars now being celebrated as current champion so it was a unique match certainly There's definitely a lot to talk about here. Oscars very deserving of it the oldest stuff. I think it's reaching the point. Dr Trae like I think Otis very lovable character but I think if there was a crowd there they would start to be revolting on them a little bit because I I just don't I don't see it like like I was thinking about. I'm like character I get what they're doing but it feels way to fast and doesn't feel like a Chore Ganic Now. It's being very forceful which we know wrestling fans don't like And I feel like that. Maybe this leads to a Otis Ziglar match from the money bank briefcase like I can't see Otis's wbz champion right now he. He has said that his first singles victory was at Wrestlemainia against Sigler. Normally don't do that so I don't. I don't think I'm feeling. The whole oldest is a money banked briefcase when right now I in. So I've been arresting fan since nineteen eighty-one so we're looking at thirty thirty years roughly I've been trying to find a comparison for Otis like who in the history of my wrestling picture. Do I think of when I think of is as a comparison? The to came to my word junkyard dog and George the Animal Steele Wrestlemainia. Three era. Where they're fun. They're lovable characters. People really seem to get behind him but can you see them. Main eventing a wrestlemainia. An I don't right now with Otis. I can't see it like he's a fun character but is he somebody that go. Yes this is the guy. I'm putting all my horses. Behind as the champion of my company could get there. Yeah but we. We need more depth to the character. Would it we'd be extra layers of because arguably he's a freak of Nature? I mean he is. He's legit strongman. He's actually athletic for his size. Buddy has all that size? His natural charisma is just. There's no depth to the character yet for me to go. I buy him main eventing Wrestlemainia so it is odd that they would have made this which I agree with you. I think this could be a thing. Where they you take the the the the briefcase away from him. Maybe Mandy rose screws him over she goes back to the Dolphin or something you know or or bearing. Corbin figures a away to steal it from I. Just I feel like this was a feel good moment on a pay per view as they usually do at the end of shows But somehow their transition off I mean he may be the worst money the bank winter next to Damien sandow. Wow Wow chime in at S. RT podcasts with your thoughts on that match so overall predictions here doctrine. I both went four and two for money. The bank our view prediction records right now. I'm forty nine in fourteen on the air. Dr Troy forty six seventeen so we we definitely know what we're talking about here on S. RT you every Single Week. That or wrestling is extremely predictable. let's give our ratings here best out of five. I'LL GO I. I gave money the bank. A three point eight. I was at a three point. Four like you as entertaining In a little bit surprising but I don't know if the wrestling was like there was to really good matches and then the other ones were kind of at best My match of the night was drew McIntyre Seth Rollins Hands Down One. I think it may be best. Maybe the best of match I've seen this year Entering you're wearing his I not non cinematic matic non cinematic match. Yes but yes I. I can't argue. I mean as much as that tag match. The show is great. This was better. It actually had twists and turns in major questioning whether or not there the belt audrey right away like their response. And there I'm like mandate they might switch this but I mean if there's an audience in there Oh my God that play that thing at the end in a great effort we miss great closing sequence fraud from the clothes line super cake to the claymore. Just a great closing sequence efficient match out so yeah absolutely match. I was McIntyre in Rawlins. All right there you go feel free to chime in at S. RT podcast on twitter with your thoughts on money the bank from this past Sunday. We have a a little bit to talk about money in the bank overall as a pay per view Just a little bit but there was a major news this past Monday night. We heard a major announcement was going to be opening up raw And they were hyping it last week. We talked about on the show. We thought that Roman wrestler was going to because Becky was going to confront them We hear that Becky has a major announcement on on Monday to open up raw and Of to hear whispers that the major now was going to be that She's a revealing that she was pregnant and would be dropping the Romans Championship to Oscar a start of raw. And that's exactly what took place Potentially the top star in W becky Lynch announced that she is pregnant and relinquished the Romans Championship to Oscar on Monday. So the man is going to become a mom and as as I predicted on Tuesday morning. I can't wait for the t shirts that say the mom those route Tuesday night so they are now available for everybody. What a great moment. One of those moments that you wish. The crowd was there because they would just aided up as well. It was definitely pulling back the curtain of everything that we've seen with Becky Lynch's a character lately and you saw the real life Rebecca Quinn. It's it's bittersweet because this. Ri- that she has been on has been something and Here we are now dr. Trae as the man. It goes to be a mom. Your thoughts here on the major news of Packing Lynch leaving me now for who knows how long to become a mom and give birth in December It's amazing how First off it's amazing how far? Wwe has come over the last ten years When Awesome Kong Reveal she was President. We we never saw her in. Wwe again So it's a little different time like the women's revolution has really changed a WW perspective on female competitors in their company like they now see as viable. You know viable products in inviolable brands. That they can generate revenue off of so they a much better But overall just incredibly happy for like anytime Somebody comes out and says they're pregnant and they're happy about it. You should be happy about it to Grave for her great for Seth Two people that we've seen a lot of sets dating struggles online unfortunately But does he to people in this business to people at the top of their game top at the profession Coming to this point I. It's it's a really it's beautiful thing As far as the statement goes it was great. touching Oscars. I don't know if she knew before like a because if she didn't or she did know that Becky was pregnant she sold a great like Oscars reaction was prices. That was probably the best reaction. You've got of anybody on the roster So happy for everybody involved here by the way I loved your idea for t shirt but mine. I wanted assured the said the man with the Arrow pointing up and then the baby with the Arrow pointing down. I think that's definitely going to be happening soon. And is a good point There are some conflicting reports out there. That word is that they did tell us go before the Segman and then there I also read that. Her reaction was absolutely genuine Off even if she did now The word was that her reaction was extremely genuine as they broke. You know broke character there. in the ring on Monday. It's just it's unfortunate the crowd wasn't there it's bittersweet doctrine because it's like a beautiful human moment and props. Becky Lynch for putting her career on pause Potentially forever at this point. I think that's something needs to be said to go. Start a family and become a mother She has been on one of the most Influential climbs in professional wrestling the last two years. I think the only time that we've seen this in recent memory is Daniel Bryan Back in two thousand fourteen. And I even think stunk Steve Austin from ninety seven to you know about Ninety eight ninety nine two thousand when before his neck injury like those were some of the most influential climbs in professional wrestling. That was so organic. Like those are three superstars that w e fans want to see push through and all three of them like they're those stars lasted As quickly as they went out as quickly as they started Daniel Bryan had had his injuries. Steve Austin had his injuries. And now becky lynch goes and becomes a mother it's it's bittersweet because it's like wow Top of the game right now and Starting a family is is really that important to. It's very very admirable and I think it's you know we talk about the the barriers that she broke down. Becky Lynch She was like the first women's superstar that I felt like the fans really got behind and helped push up to the top and she acknowledged that Event the marketing with her the man. You started seeing stuff with her going into movies. Obviously she headlined WRESTLEMAINIA. But I think maybe if this is the last that we're going to see becky lynch that last barrier that she broke down is that she was able to tell other female wrestlers right now given the current climate of how how much how popular women's wrestling has become over the last five six years remains shrimp standpoint and w way She gave it the okay that you know. Your career could be reached a pretty high highs but it's okay to start a family become a mother and That's okay I think that's probably going to be for now at least the last barrier that Becky Lynch breaks down Dr Trays that it's okay to leave. When you're at the top of your game to go start a family. Yeah I mean the caveat is you gotta be at the top of your game you know we saw with Maria. Maria was pregnant. They put the twenty four seven title on her and then it wasn't long after that they released her so it. It does kind of depend on where you're at in the world. I mean you know if you're if you're a listen I I must say it's probably going to be a little bit offended if you're if you're the FRY cook at McDonald's and you get pregnant The they'll probably gonNA probably find somebody else But if you're the top if you're the number one person at that place they're gonNA find a spot for you in your real Brinton Baraboo for Becky like it does. It does break down that wall of listen you can be the best female wrestler in the world. If you know timing comes up and it's time to start a family you can step away and there is a lining of this that I looked at. I was like you know you and I say not too long ago. Where like Becky kind of feels flats like? There aren't many more challenges for Becky Lynch to overcome as an in ring worker as a wrestler. This might be the best timing Ford as well because you can go away take care of family. Have a baby take her family. Start a family with Seth and then if she decides to come back man. Oh my God that that first reaction. She's GonNa get which she comes back after the baby we about hardy boy. Pops wrestlemainia. She's GonNa blow the roof off. Whatever building there in when she you know decides if she decides to come back. It's going to be a huge response It elevator even into a higher level. So it a lot of ways the timing of this it might be baffert. Wwe considering we don't have an audience and we're banking on every star we have but for for Becky Lynch you know she takes his time off. She has the baby she comes back in eighteen months to at least Baker debut review in rain involves sets segments. Something is going to elevate earns a whole `nother level. I mean she's already been on arguably the greatest run for a female wrestler since Fabulous Moolah. Like I don't think of anybody in the last thirty years. That's had a run like becky from the women's wrestling perspective. I mean Trish and Lita helped elevate each other but I mean they were never featured as much as becky's been features so this is the greatest run it women's wrestling history of the quote unquote. Modern era are quick answers? Your doctor Trae Has Becky Lynch wrestled her last match. I breed it and I would trust becky in a fight. More than brief so no BECO- back in the ring again. Is this the last time? Becky Lynch is a full time wrestler and Debbie. Way I must say no because I mean. Wwe If if she comes back they're going to cater to her. I mean if they have to. Have you know day care facilities at each venue? Verda per format I think. Wwf THEIR WAY waivers. I she may not have a long the fulltime run when she goes back. But I can see your fulltime for like a year or two in the baby's like three or four Chime IN AT S Rt. You podcast on twitter or FACEBOOK DOT COM slash story. Altus show as the man goes to become mom another story. I want to bring up your doctor. Trae is did we just witnessed the new pay per view normal during the covid nineteen pandemic when the money in the bank this past Sunday. We're hearing a lot of trendy words right now. A lot of buzzwords social distancing new normal That is the current trend in the world that we're living in right now so we gotta ask. Is that the new pay per view normal during the cove nineteen pandemic with money in the bank. What do I mean by that? According to reports For Wrestling News Policy of rest news reported that W E chairman Vincic man reportedly wanted a shorter shelf for money in the bank and current plan for Dodoma. We pay per view. Times is to be shorter until they are allowed to have fans back in the arenas more from resonate dot com the twenty twenty money in the bank pay per view set a new record in pay per view link going back thirty years. The official pay per view from the me now were lasted at two hours and twenty four minutes. Kickoff show ran one hour making entire event three hours twenty four minutes money in the bank. Twenty twenty was the shortest. Wbz Pay per view since insurrection. Two thousand two which ran for two hours twenty three minutes and der Bellen and rebellion two thousand and one which ran for two hours and fifteen minutes both these events were held in the UK regarding pay per view events in the United States. The shortest before now survivor series nineteen ninety which ran for two hours. Twenty one minutes. This makes money back the shortest. W We main roster pay per view from the United States in thirty years. Not Counting the in your house specials. So now in recent time here during the pandemic Dr Troy we wrestlemainia. Thirty six was two nights. One of those nights was blow. Three hours. Money in the bank was less than two hours of thirty minutes. It's like the takeover formula is so successful that now that are carrying it over to the main roster is this the new pay-per-view normal shoulder pay per views moving forward To a degree. I don't think they'll all be this short because really I mean if you looked at the at the roster pretty packed show from number of individuals but if you break up the six guys in the six women into even a tag match in a singles match on a side you're adding ten minutes right there. That's forty minutes. You're right at three hours again. if you're going to have a multi person match on every pay per view Then yeah you can run these shorter times. But if you're trying to get your stars on a pay-per-view it's naturally going to add more linked to it. So I mean I could easily see it saying. Hey we're GONNA run two hours forty five or two hours and fifty The days of three hours and twenty minutes or three and a half those longer shows that might be. I don't know will ever get another one this short a less you do. Hey we're going to have a twenty man royal to start the show and then you can do the rest of the show in two hours. It just kind of depends on how they're planning on shaking out the cards and if they're gonNA keep having these multi matches it'd be interesting. What backlashes and a couple about a month now and even takeover In Your House. We'll talk about here briefly and then What they're going to do with W double or nothing in about nine days if that's going to be a typical norm as well. I think it's very difficult to sit there and watch three hours and thirty minutes for our Wrestling pay per views right now given everything going on especially if the in ring work is slacking. I thought the car that they went into it was very well done. And it was the best builds we've seen on w. e. So far and I it I liked the execution. I thought for what it was less than two hours and thirty minutes. It accomplished what I wanted to see on Sunday night and I was able to go to bed a normal time and watch the last dance as well from the Chicago Bulls in Espn all right last bit here doctor. Let's get into this week's what's good. What was good for professional wrestling this past week? I'm going to start with to five live. They the matches that made me only episode a Coupla cool things that came from that it was Jeremy Boras. Wbz TV debut and then Just as selfish standpoint they also aired Ultimo Dragon Dragon defeating Dima Milenko to retain the J crown From stark aid nineteen ninety six. Go out there and check that out but J. ON WBZ TV. Dr Try. Yeah that was my one thing away from it was I love Jerry Borsch in It's kind of ironic. That we have wrestlemainia all talk about cinematic stuff and how great last right was in Germany? Boris had to be involved then poof. German borsch appears in. It's funny Jerry. Barasch did not likely for a while and twitter but now he's dis no longer has me blocked so I guess I made a Ben. Somehow I don't know how Interesting let's carried over to Monday night. Raw returned from Seventh Month. Layoff on a moment of bliss and end up defeating the women's team champions in a non title match. I liked Ray mysterio backstage. Hyping the tag match with Seth. Ron's and Buddy Murphy. South walked in and Ray congratulated him on becoming a dad and seth just stared at him and under his breath. -rageous said what a Dick and I thought that was pretty good Shannon Bachelor says says that Becky's baby is going to suck and that she threw away her career to become a mother I'm sure that there were wrestling fans. That really felt that way so for them to get the all clear for Shannon. Cut that Promo. I thought was great for her care to development an adds to her being a eventual. Big Time he'll Indo Dewey Alyssa black and Ramos defeated Seth Ron's and Buddy Murphy by disqualification when Raymond. Ceo Seth to snap out of his trance. Trance was very funny. Then Ron's attacking ray is by putting raise. I by putting them into the corner of the still steps. I thought was Really Graphic and for whatever reason continue to punch the hell out of Ramos Stereo as raise getting looked at by doctors without so black race to apologize. Rollins tries to apologize to. Ray says he doesn't know what happened. And also black and buddy murphy battle. It out which makes me wonder where things are going with the Seth Ron's character of in radio and challenging edge to arrest match at backlash edge doesn't respond and doesn't look shorter himself because he hasn't wrestled in nine years which I thought was an interesting layer of this storyline. So far Dr Trae. What were some of your takeaways thoughts from raw this past Monday? I squealed like a schoolgirl when I saw the iconic back on TV. I I love Peyton and billy I think they are so annoying as heels that you have to aid them but the flipside easily see them being like the female version of the new day. Their baby faces like they are very funny. They have great timing and they have a lot of charisma is just that is counter baron carbon stuff or even the Mizzou like. They're so good being ill that you have to hate them but you have I. I appreciate how good they are in. It's I I laugh to myself when ray called Seth Adik because of the pregnancy angle. I don't know what I don't know what it popped me for that reason alone And I I dig the Seth Zombie. Type thing your Like I dig that in. It's because I've portrayed that character in when in that character and you're so focused on its destiny has to happen in. It doesn't happen it kind of breaks you. I've played that type of character so I told totally dig the way he did that By the way I hated the q the metric is. It didn't make sense until I had to read. There's unwritten visit. Man Rule is confusing. I was like he's in the match. It's okay to attack the Guy Right. He's in two thousand four. But apparently Vince has a rule that If you're on the outside of the ring you cannot actually attack the person on the inside of the ring. I I never heard that before. But it's a visceral but And the Randy the randy edge segment. I thought was really good. And and my God. I Love Randy Orton. Like the way he can carry himself in the way he can do different nuances with his characteristic of I just love it An edge may have the best selling like selling his expressions through his eyes of anybody. I've seen other than the guy who was surprised. That undertaker lost at wrestlemainia. Does he could sell it with his eyes edges phenomenal. It's great to see him back. Love that edge is back there Let's go to impact wrestling here. Thought the opening to impact was hilarious. Tna Voice Guy Antena legends talking about Moose Cody diener Gordon. Vignette was awesome again. The North re defending the impact wrestling tag team championship. Against the snow's Was another fund segment Rosemary Johnny Bravo potentially starting romance segment as per my interest and moves continues to really be a great character with a so Teena- world championship stuff as he defeated suicide to retain. I'm really enjoying Moose right now. Dr Impact Wrestling this stuff with. Tna is his hilarious. I'd the Mousse has you. I almost I really wasn't but he has developed so many layers and I know that's kind of the theme of the show but storytelling factors so much into wrestling in cared death factors in so much in the stuff that he's done over the years from going from straight like almost Ahmed Johnson type clone to worries at now is just tremendous and just a short amount of time I also really liked the Trae a erosion match. I came to. I can't pronounce the guy's name because it's it's baffling to me but I I really love. I'm enjoying this tournament because unlike mandate to do a lot of different stuff in the seeing Hernandez over Madman Fulton I'm like wow. So we're trying to elevate them. The old impact guys seen crazy stephen his segment Who's a local guy at a Tennessee? That we all love of this area like there was a lot of good on impact. The diener stuff. I love those diener quarantine. That's like the second one now. Both of them in really good. I've seen so there's thoroughly entertaining in just adds to like how deep impacts. Rosser really can be at times Because there's a lot of talent they don't really use all that regularly so Just a really fun. Show that the Tuesday night Let's go to dark side the ring here just I have to say all those episodes are great. The last right of the road warriors than was another great episode enough. He saw Dr Trae but The series is phenomenal and They're GONNA have Owen Hart. His tragedy be the season finale. This upcoming Tuesday. This could be a must watch for my viewing standpoint. Yeah that one's programming. Some tears of is the dark side. I haven't seen all the rotors sussman. Clips it was funny. That Paul said the name came from Eamon and I was like no it came from comic books. Came from the League. Due from DC comics come from e man know where your name came from Paul but also Rachel got released swigs. They had other things on his mind. let's move to Wednesday nights here. We'll start with aws dynamite. I like the cody and Lance Archer. Peralta open up dynamite Chris. Jericho defeated pineapple. Pete D- And then destroying vanguard accept the challenge for the stadium stampede match with the inner circle taken on the elite. I assume that will happen. Double or nothing I love the line for Jim. Ross where he just said during the smashing the inner circle smashing vanguard one when he said they are beating up an inanimate object That line just got me and Matt Hardy coming out to be. Unconsolable was Was Interesting so w dynamite. This past week has some of my takeaway. Dr Trae Young. I'm interested in this whole Stadium Brawl rather calling it because stadium standard medium stampede. Which has shows Jericho's Calgary stampede days apparently But the fact that they're going to I'm I I'm guessing most the show will take place at Daly plays but this will actually be inside the stadium where the Jaguars play like. You have a an entire stadium to fight in. This is going to be one of those cinematic events Is We kinda see what what Aws take on it like what their style is going to be because they have Matt Hardy. But they don't have Jeremy Borsch Salinas's you how it plays out but we have to tire stadium to fight in with no fans. Things can get kind of areas. I'm really intrigued to see that. I was bummed out that Pineapple Pete didn't get more time in the ring kind of hoping this'll be like one of those almost. I don't say one two three kid. Razor Ramon type things but you know a little bit more offense. I mean he got three booths and then you know Jews effect. Put the match away but I was. I don't know either but the Promo leading in you know should be talking about Jericho the whole house man. They're they're kind of staging. This could be upset and then bone was over. Blake Maslo bummed out but overall I the only the only thing about that show that it didn't enjoys the main event but outside that an aws from start about the our forty five mark was on fire and really fun to watch and they've had very enjoyable shows There's I don't think they're the entire year. There has not been a bad awa done in my and this is coming from two guys that were very apprehensive about the product and very honest and critical of the product as well as it was beginning to launch. They've just been doing a great job you can't you can't knock what what's going on and would is great television right now. Like eight of mine was carried over last year to annex t imperium defeated Matt and Timothy Win The Annex Tag Team Championship is that Thatcher Abandoned Riddle Riddell and Thatcher backstage post-match more on them in a bit. I was disappointed. See that because I was really enjoy. What Thatcher and rental were doing thought thought? It was very entertaining. The student era had a zoom call. And I agree that Roger Shrunk should take out Dexter Luma's thought that was pretty entertaining deacs announced NFC takeover in your house for Sunday. June south deputy. We now work once again. Wbz polling on my nostalgia heartstrings. It seems like that's what they love to do with annexes. Just pull on those star heartstrings. Camera Grimes defeated Finn. Ballard after Damian priest attacks fan battle with a night stick revealing that he was the one who attacked Ballard for weeks ago. once again another great guard dinner with are gone on a segment where they take aim keithly fleeing me a Yelm. We'll be seeing a inner Jenner tacky match at some point maybe NFC takeover in your house. Then lastly Matt riddle the Feeding Timothy Thatcher. I thought it was a great wrestling match really fun wrestling match. And the Andy Mayor With Thatcher putting the arm bar back on riddle and riddle screaming for pain and tapping post-match Thatcher looking. Raise the camera like a psychopath. I thought was great. Close show both shows on Wednesday night to me. Were awesome doctor. I was disappointed Thatcher rental. Break up so soon but I think it makes sense with the current climate of annexed. He at this moment. Yeah it makes sense but also with the rumors of Europe being able to open up their borders June fifteenth Means that next month we get the return of you. Probably get the return of Pete done. And if that if that's the case then hey we might get Pete Dunnigan against stature that or Thatcher and Walter gets done and riddle you know. We got some different variables. We can work with so I figure at some point there have to break them up. But that closing scene of Thatcher looking like a great psychopath was enough for me. Because I'm like okay. Cool this guy's GonNa play you know. Basically kind of like the like the trump of black to entrap was he'll like just outrageous psycho but maniacal type character in that. Look it off and it kind of balances out. Plus you get a balance out Finn Ballard. Kind of go back to baby-faced because Damian pre-sale so it kind of out the roster still And then just on paper the stuff with the Gargano dinner in participating kaethe Lee and Johnny Gargano like. How good is that? GonNa be when they WANNA one like two of the best injuring guys that we that you and I love like that match should be amazing. And then you know. Plus we get the. He'll Kansas. I think is great as well. ambig- props camera grinds just grinding it out getting away and even though it was a wasn't technically cleaned like. I'm a huge hammer. Grimes fantasy grimes. Actually get a winner. Ballard I was just kind of blown away by that even though like I said it was under ended But on paper Crimes Ballard. That's great federal his Kappa Egan Bank on for awhile. Grimes is one of those guys as well. It's like not benefiting from no crowd. Because he was on this verge of just the annexed fan base really hated him and telling him to go away and they would just boom every time he tried to talk that. You're like Oh man. This is something special. That's brewing here with Cameron bribes and unfortunately everything that happened with pandemic. The crowd went away. But there's still that like dislike for the guy like just like just dislike him as a human for whatever reason as a character and it's right went down to mine. Episode drew six hundred fifty thousand viewers annex t drew six hundred and four thousand viewers. That was the lowest aws viewership in the history of the show and the fourth lowest viewership since the show came to USA crazy still. It's absolutely crazy to me that. Aws are doing so poorly in viewership like wrestling as a whole viewership. Wise is pretty bad but like why Wednesdays is not doing better especially when it's the most entertaining I'll never understand especially with AWA now like how does that happen. Like great show week ago another solid shell put its nearly like one hundred and fifty thousand less viewers beyond me. I don't get it So there you go. That's this week's edition. The shell fuel free on anything that we talked about at S. RTA podcasts Before we close up shop on this week's dishes show it's got a couple of plugs in sponsors out of the way you can download the show every Thursday at the bachelor show Dot Com Russell Chat Net on twitter and of course. The show's twitter. Feed at podcast. You can follow individually on twitter myself at the Jeff Pack for trae Franklin at the doctor trae Like us on. Follow us on. Itunes subscribed forget to write review and subscribe and And everything else discontinue support S Rt. You give us a good rating review We would really appreciate that with everything that's been going on lately to Help boost US up in the world of ITUNES and it helps makes us feel better that the listeners have our back when you guys give us a good rating and review on it so we really appreciate that with that. Being said of what is going on the wonderful world of Dr Troy Franklin this week well I just said you can follow me on twitter at the dodger. Trae find on instagram and facebook. Dr Trae Franklin a big. Thank you to all the birthday wishes. I got this week. That was amazing. I had over one hundred fifty. People wish happy birthday this week on facebook. That was beautiful. Made my heart proud If you're GONNA off as also be sure to check out the corn couple You can fend him on. Facebook FACEBOOK DOT COM SLASH. The couple quarantine We my wife and I do a podcast every single Saturday night this past Saturday it was a full blown version of four adults playing cards against humanity while drinking. So you can check that as well but Normally every Saturday check out the podcast And ours as well. If you're if you're going to like leave a negative review just like everybody else's find us on twitter. Leave the positive reviews on I tunes and then you can just tell us we suck onto. Yeah I got once because like he shows it years ago Dr Train. I got like upset when listeners didn't like leave reviews afterwards and somebody went back to the old shows and gave us a one star because that because we wanted our listeners to give us reviews which is beyond me like that's how podcasting survives folks is by like reviews. So that's what we need. Your guy supports a rating gives us review and spread the word about. Are we love what we do here? And that's the only thing that we ask of you guys is. We put out this content each and every week. We put out a lot of contact lately with the The pandemic going on and we really appreciate support so next week. We'll be back. We'll be previewing predicting awa double or nothing and that will be. The twenty-first of May so until next week for talks trae Franklin. I'm Jeff Beck stay safe. This is just a real show.

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"You are entering e._n._c.'s auto awesome this. Ah birdman cacak com started off hot and heavy this week <hes> <hes> so here's the deal. The girls just flew out so they're they're flying syracuse. Yeah beth beth <hes> decided she was going up to syracuse to see over friends up there my friends as well <hes> it kinda snuck up on me and my schedule was looking like it might be full however it's not but by that point it was like a i'll stick around here. Take a bunch of stuff. Yeah i gotcha so you didn't say shit. I don't like it when people jose sheduled bobbins and why it sounds very pretentious. I should have come up there because you know we're expecting a hurricane here. You should have and when we go to san here by ourselves like what we have done. I tell you what we would have done. I'll tell you i'll tell you right schipol and i'll tell you a big weekend in the wrestling industry so elvia for once we could have actually sat and watched it while it happened. It's gonna idea right because saturday it's a._w._o._l. He w all out brother brother brother brother brother yeah and it's an x._t. You gay takeover and new japan hasbro quest doesn't that that's that's. That's a big day. Just say you know what it it is only thursday. We're recording this. They have these instructions now called the airplanes and i could just food fucking buy a ticket. You're burge flat those little wings i could i could just jump out my window right now. Luckily they're an hour and thirty see there. You go <hes> yeah so actually that is what i'm gonna do this weekend. I'm going to get a bunch of stuff done around the house that needed to get done and i'm going to sit down and watch them. Some scotland flynn this weekend scuffling yeah. We're talking about ruins. What a novel idea right right <hes> also <hes> because this is a podcast and because you're supposed to listen to them on certain platforms remember to subscribe on apple podcast google podcasts android app spotify tune in stitcher. Have you listen to these things and don't forget to leave us a it from view yup right warren twitter horsey pod war what i was gonna say i was going to do the social media accounts deal important twitter at e._n._c. pod instagram at instagram instagram at e. c. pot of awesomeness jason so that we're like a team. A wild machine wild oil. That's worse than sheds will <hes> this week our guest fire way birdman jeremy barasch gonna be interesting chat. 'cause i wanna find out all the years in t._n._a.'s now with me <hes> annex t doing a lot of work. They're all of his stuff with the hardy's i am i want to i'm intrigued very intrigued to hear his creative <hes> process. He's a he's an interesting guy and he's really talented talented like he wears a lot of hats and he's he's like a forward thinker type guy and he's always been that way ever since i've known him. I do really well. We became friends when i was in china and he's he's a really really talented funny. Good guy and <hes> here's another tip that you might not know about him. His brother is a really well all accomplished musician really a wild musician yeah. I think that'd be the name my band wild. Oh machine. It's not bad james. I feel like in the wild oiled machine a cheery so while machine and i feel feel like i feel maybe it's because of love removal machine but i feel like you'd have like kind of that that that groovy rock and roll like the cult used to have yeah. I'm all about the cult. You know that i know i gotta sit cult t-shirt too by the way six for my birthday. I know dumb ass. You know what i can rent. Sadly yes i do. Hey so here's something that i d- to be perfectly. Honest didn't know still existed <hes> the p._w._i. Five hundred hundred yeah came out on thursday according to salacious and notes that he sent me and <hes> yeah so how about that they still do that thing i mean they do. I mean it it. It's still a thing and i remember like it was kind of a big deal when you're breaking in to be the in the top five through there and see where you're at and i remember the first time i've ever in it. I think i was like maybe in the three or four hundred <hes> maybe somewhere in that range maybe a little lower. Maybe a little higher. I don't know but always interesting to see where where you slotted in and how it all obviously legit is is is the list and i'm trying to think i was like i think i got up to number seven once. Oh i'm i'm hot. I don't know i. I don't think i ever got one which makes me hot. You're definitely five though at some point fuck the p._w._i. Yeah somewhere and these two guys showed up and they had wrestling jackets on and they had their p._w._a. Ranking in their sleep and what yes yes they had like a letterman jacket like a school jack with leather vests or leather leather sleeves and like the felt kind of jacket part and it had their p._w._i. Number on the arm arm at what point do you possibly think that that is going to be a good idea. Yeah i got it. I'm going to be an extra for w._w._e. I'm going to show up and i'm gonna wear my p._w._i. Five hundred letterman jacket that should impress everybody to see that i i was number four hundred sixty nine this year but i'm moving up yeah. There's nowhere to go but up. You know a couple slides down but mostly you know the percentages. They just say i'm going to go up yeah. Well you know if they did although i did i did for that year. Walk around introduce myself so i'm christian christian. You might know me as number seven on the five hundred. You may also know yes so i'm really looking forward to sitting down and watching awa this weekend weekend. I haven't got a chance to sit down and watch a full. Show all the way through but the girls are gone. You know i'm a bachelor earlier this weekend. So what i'm i'm batching it so what <hes> could be taken the wrong way so i'm i'm gonna. I'm gonna sit down saturday. I'm going to go get my doughnuts. My once a week tree tree right and then i'm gonna sit down and put this into perspective because you didn't put out that instagram post powell blocking treaded you are now and you know now you now you can get away with saying the donuts because you know looking in how you look now apparently no well known hashtag no filter right no filter brother to the point where it looked like i had a nipple ring according to a lot a lot of people because there was a weird flash on the screen yes so i had a lot of people ask me if i have nipple rings and i do not i have no piercings so and real quickly. I guess i need to address that. I don't know since you brought it up but i i feel like in the last six months. I kinda came out of a bit that of a funk <hes> you know i think we've talked about it and i missed a few of these shows because my mom had been battling cancer for about a year and a half and <hes>. I've been working on leggings. Thanks for almost three years so i would just doing this giant triangle basically from asheville to dublin from dublin to toronto from toronto to asheville and and just kind of doing this cross continental travel thing pyramid for about almost three years and <hes> you know the last time i was on smackdown was the the deal with becky. I dropped. I was down to like two hundred and sixteen pounds. You know as i storyline on vikings but <hes> you know just i didn't even look like me right. Then i go up to toronto my mom's very ill <hes> she ends up passing away and and that's the piggybacked on top of my father-in-law passing away two months before so it was very tumultuous time and i didn't fully feel we'll were even realize what kind of funke was in until i would you know sit there and joke around about it but you know there was a point where i was eating like a box of cookies at night or eating a box of donuts. A nightmare wasn't just like one night like i do now. It was almost every night so finally i'm i'm looking at the scale saying to fifty and i've been to fifty before a good to fifty. This was not a good to fifty so i okay okay. I gotta i gotta look at the girls and go. I need to get healthy but just need to feel better. I need to do so i started getting my but back in the gym helps that i have a gym in the garage and i love it and it's it's custom you know to to our needs and little by little. I realized that i like it. It reminded me that i like working out 'cause for a long time. I did not and you could tell by my physique on t._v. For a bunch of years and it it kind and we'll walk me back up to realize like i like this and i feel like i just feel grainy to is to see that one little change in the mirror yeah right and to just keep motivating you to just keep setting goals for yourself so yeah and i you know i'm not big on the selfie selfie thing at all so i was like look i am but i'm also proud of the hard work put in and then that's it. You know maybe there's somebody out there. That's going through the same kind of thing and maybe it can help them to go. Oh crap okay. I'm not the only one that that's either lost a parent or a friend or a dog or whatever but you can get in a funk and not even realize it and sometimes whatever vert takes whether it's looking in the mirror whether it's just the way you feel i don't know but that was the reason i put it out there. I just thought it would be nice to throw it out there and say hey everybody goes through some stuff and if you are you can get out of it so that was that was the first the first take did drew couple and decide. I did a call my favorite thing. I think my favorite thing in the gym now favorite slash that meeting i hate it is when people and it takes fifteen minutes to take their spontaneous healthy in the mirror anderson for fifteen minutes like nobody can see them. Doing it and it's like come on yes to some soldiers about it. I don't know there's no way i would interrupt a workout for it was after when i had my full pump on yo and and <hes> i took two and went with the one that makes me look like a nipple ring and but i still feel weird posting selfie very not my thing so you should be proud of it. You look good so it should be a and like you said if it motivates somebody help somebody then it's a it was worth and that was the deal when i started reading the comments wow there's a lot of people out there going through some stuff and they reiterated that fact that it actually did so. It made me feel oh better about it. I didn't you know i don't know i didn't mean as a nego thing i guess but <hes> i can see how it could be taken that way so anyway. Apparently a lot of people got some stuff out of it so cool call eighty w yeah i'm looking forward to it man yeah. It'd be interesting interesting show. I'm sure it'll good show it's their. This is kind of weird all back to where it all started right chicago. The first one was a year ago so <hes> yeah it'd be interesting to see you know. Obviously i have a lot of momentum with with the with the the buzz and and the the shows they've been doing so he you know it'd be interesting and i think that they'll they'll. We'll keep moving so you know it's it's a good weekend for wrestling pants. You know they have the the new japan pro wrestling royal quest obviously an exceed <hes> takeover u._k. There's going to be huge in cardiff great card there and <hes> we'll talk to to jeremy borsch about that too about some of the <hes> the work he's done as far as princeton packages together which he's really talented as well so what else birdman what will what else. I don't know i was looking at this p._w._a. Five hundred rankings rankings. I pulled them up here my secret p._w._a. Five hundred tablet that's strictly p._b._a. Five hundred rankings industry. I five hundred t t stands for tablet. I don't know i was looking at the list here. That's pretty impressive. They're always objective right. I mean seth rollins a number one thing that i think that's pretty good 'cause it's. I'd say that's a <hes>. I'd say that's warranted. Yes yes so the straw up ten here so three dana brian ages thousand kofi kingston okada johnny gargano. They're gonna rolling rains. Kenny omega and takahashi and we'll osprey that are your top ten will good for willie. They're good pass. I might put kofi a little higher. I'd say even though he's been hurt for a little bit of. I think trump. Should you know yeah for sure but subjective. It's all ginned. Seth rollins also congratulate him on his engagement tequila yeah so they're they're going to tie the ought engaged. I still james for their for their <hes>. Their relationship being exposed things probably both our fault actually but there you go. Do you think the you'll get an invite. <hes> probably yeah so hey king of the ring are my favorite got eliminated drew mcintyre macintyre surprised by it very surprised and not to say anything against ricochet because he's a freak. I love them right. I just feel like like that's not a first round match. I also am very surprised because it feels like that could have been something to really kickstart. Drew and ricochets shays already rolling pretty good. You know yeah i was surprised as well and i thought like we talked about previously in you week or two ago saying that something like this was kind of tailor made for drew and kinda give them something to sink his teeth into and <hes> kind of stake they claim to you know and and it would work perfectly form but i mean i could see the same kind of thing with a guy like corbyn won. The guy's already got like legit heat which is hard to get if you won this. You know it's only gonna amplify ten times at least so absolutely and you know we've talked about it before. If you wanna stand out right now actually want to be a heal and actually want to get heat and actually did not want to out wrestle everyone and do a bunch of fancy stuff and that's what corbin does and he has eat yeah so yeah that i could see that ah interesting with the the dolph and bobby rude pairing on ron so beth actually sent me this picture that i guess she saw on twitter and and it was a shot of zigzags and rude and then below that a picture of rick rude and mr perfect well well look so alike because the stash now. I just yeah which think about how great that team would've been. I know yeah actually saw good tweet earlier. I have no idea who put it out there but somebody said if this team is a name rudolf then it's tale but seriously those two could if they actually decided added to go right blitz. Let's try and make a run of this tag team. That's a hell of a tag team yeah and like bobby and i feel a lot more to offer than what than what he's been able to do and i think that he's naturally a heel and when he he's he's a good bye baby face too but the money in a guy like bobby rude is zero and it's hard with the catchy music and everybody wants to glorious and all that sort the thing but the fact is that he does his best work when he's a he'll and i think that you know he will you don't get a spotlight here with dolph. Who's a proven commodity modern and w._w._e. He's proven glut there with anybody have a great match <hes> he's working every level the card and he's he's a bonafide superstar so you know that will help bobby. Here's well and bobby obviously has great history a great track record of being great tech teams so no it should be fun to watch these guys together. You know it's funny. I was thinking about that earlier about how sometimes you just have chemistry right off the bat. You know like when i think about all the people that i teamed with over the years. You know if you're looking at okay well. Obviously we teamed become streep is just automatically there ray array same thing <hes> and then you know we've had chabot on before and chabot was one of those guys that first night we teamed just clicked. It was just it was just there. We thought the same we we were on the same page the other guy that i teamed with. I think maybe twice was kidman. Billy kidman man so fun teaming with him it just it was immediate. I was like man. This is a good thing i was right in the middle of that kinda run with with angle and everything like that so the timing wasn't right but that that was a fun fun got a team with two so just goes to show that you can have on paper two guys that i don't. I don't get it can work so we'll see right yup. Speaking of tag teams are man bobby fish the merman kylo riley new annex detecting champions. I wow makes you happy dish. Does doesn't make you happy though doesn't walk. It'll heat with bobby fish. I know i know so uh. I got some fishy. It'd be careful man hook line and sinker your brother for the better he still to date the only guy that caught the ire of pulse match and had promo cut on him him. That's true that tells you something about the attitude of this guy. I like his attitude personally and he's got a great attitude and makes me laugh and we both did it at your expense which makes me even happier right. Probably one one of the funniest guests we've had no absolutely yeah didn't know paul smack running at the live tv debut of annexed <music> on bobby fish. I don't know you never know who's going to show up. He's like tumbleweeds for awhile. Maybe back next week just blows across the country. You never know where he'll be taking bookings so i think we should probably get to our guest now. Once we go train it. It's it's hard to get off. So what what say you all right before we get to bore. Let me let me tell you what i love and i'm not talking about myself for once my cats. That's what i love. I love oscar. I love of samuel of lexi. I love my cat peppy. You know what i don't love cleaning like cleaning their litter box. Which is why armand hammer created cloud control litter. There's no cloud of nasties. When i scoop it's one hundred percent dust free free of heavy perfumes and helps reduce <music> airborne dander from scooping so what happens in the litterbox stays in the litterbox new cloud control litter by armand hammer more power to you rash true <music> <music> there you you had some sweet elevator music playing you in before you answer them by the way how's it going guys clear. How are you all right all right great yeah. It's a mere. It's eleven thirty here obviously out partying already eh we were. We concerned about that. I was actually concerned. I was like that's going to be pretty late for him. So we gotta make sure we're on time here. So we're on time. They do it by the way with the time difference and everything yeah cool right and over no problem and where does this all start like. How do you find yourself in in the position that you're in now. Where does this whole thing begin. You know we would usually where we start chronologically. Believe it or not we sometimes have a plan when we do the show but but wh how do you find yourself you know dipping your toes into the wrestling industry and how does that all about like every good story. It begins with a very unusual origin. Yes i got my start. Thanks to <hes> the world of christian radio doctrinaire into the world of professional wrestling believe it or not only a wrestling story. I was a morning radio host of a christian radio. Talk station in minneapolis and my general manager wasn't old awa ring announcer. L. loved wrestling more than anything else. In the world he was he was a he was a pillar of the christian community but he still had a hankering for all the awa wrestling and and <hes> lo and behold we had a we had opening pop up on saturday mornings on our christian radio station for a sports block and we had our long <hes> opportunity there he said well. Would you like to do like maybe a wrestling show for a couple of months and so i literally i have course i'd love to and <hes> and i followed a southern baptist preacher. <hes> you know like he literally off the air. At ten fifty nine eleven o'clock the bell would ring and we will check off wrestling radio so it was the worst segue in the history of the radio the preacher literally screaming about <hes> you know you're going to burn to <hes> hey latest jump. Did you catch wrestlemainia last night so it was kind of it was kind of a <hes> a very strange dichotomy in programming. I would imagine a lot of people really confused although said go back and watch a classic sick dusty rhodes promo and man he's preaching so depressed a sermon yeah you so the so it's not that huge disconnect but i did not know this. That's that's very cool because i went to school for radio broadcasting as well thinking that it might help in terms of you know cadence inflection you know just getting comfortable behind a microphone but <hes> yeah yeah strange very strange <hes> happenstance so through that i actually asked getting rider to be my co-host of this wrestling radio show and i took off three months later. He pitched the idea to eric bischoff to do a nightly show for w._w. Dot com and i went for making a very very humble humble salary and <hes> in christian talkradio to <hes> to amir six figures opiate twenty four so i've life changed quickly. Wow that's a great story right from the christian russian radio right to basically to w._c._w. Like you didn't even have i did actually for a while. I was doing both before. I moved to atlanta <hes>. I actually had <hes> not telling them them. I was just i was basically a freelancer and i could provide a radio studio. I was actually doing w._c._w. Live out of my parent's basement insults. I don't six phone lines into two very middle class suburban family home in in china to minnesota and <hes> hosted the so. It was very strange eight if people could have seen the w._w._f. Studios was <hes> consisted of my my bedroom literally the guy in the base of your parents in their parents basement talking about wrestling our doubts yeah at making you making obscene money which was for for w._w._e. Of the time they a <hes> they were not holding back on what they were paying people and <hes> yeah i really. I couldn't believe what was happening and the literally i was. I was in the front row of a nitro nitro as a radio station at the time not the one that i was i was with a different radio station that i had moved to sponsoring nitro in town and through through the station. I got free front row tickets. I was actually at the show <hes> a year to the day. I was hired by the company so it was very strange. How it all evolved over the course of the year i would. I would never guess guess what happened. <hes> and surely had no intentions of doing this for a living so <hes> all that twenty years later now it's kind of at strangehold all kind of fell into place looted lanta was was that something that you're like you jumped to think about or what was that great opportunity the other seinfeld episode where <music> i think george just goes to work and they don't. Nobody really knows what he does. <hes> i literally show up to the <hes> to the w._w. Headquarters with no real intention or no office sir no real. I just moved down there and i thought i gotta be you know i got kinda. Stick my head first into this and try and make some inroads so i had this radio show so i could literally just go around the w._w._e. Officers and talk to people and say hey can promote this for your. Hey what's going on over here so <hes> through that i met vince russo and and three weeks later i was on the writing team so it was it was a real real quick ascension me into this business. <hes> you know a very short time being in there to kind of get my head around on things and and was able to move pretty quickly so it was kind of nice to be really in the thick of things very quickly and i i soon learned to to come into the business <hes> vat quickly in nineteen ninety nine in the worst probably period of w._w.'s history <hes> and seeing what what a weird way to enter the the industry but what a baptism by fire yeah i mean i saw stuff right away. That was just mind blowing the years later now looking back on it. I think ninety nine two thousand two thousand and one where the craziest craziest years that i've ever spent or to this day still have spent any industry so <hes> that was just the very first thing so that's the first thing you see is probably a strange impression on. You said you had plans on this being a career or anything but yet here. We are twenty years later. When was it throughout that time when you're we're seeing some of this crazy stuff like was a point where you went. Oh man i gotta get out of this. 'cause this is nuts or was it the complete opposite where you just went this. This is crazy and i love it. Yeah never never for a day. I think the best thing that ever happened to me before i i got it. Was i went through a pretty bad time. Career-wise where i i was fired from from a radio job. I was <hes> you know taking on some strange jobs to pay the pay the bills and that makes you realize i don't wanna i i don't wanna. I don't have a job that i hate going to work every day and luckily that yeah the first day you know and over twenty years ago the first day i did this. This was the last day i did anything else so <hes> it was it was really yeah. I can't look back and i don't know what else i would want to do. At this point. It's <hes> you're so far in it now. It's i don't know anything different. You know so. I guess all time later it's <hes> i don't know what i would be doing. I would probably still be broadcasting in some way maybe creating some videos something like that but <music> <hes> never getting to the level that i am now. It's crazy to your senator kinda thrown into the fire so early in w._c._w. Just a few weeks leaks into like moving to atlanta sorts of things but like you're saying it was the craziest time still to this day that you've ever seen in the business but you must have learned a ton at that point right like it just picking things up and and kind of you know realizing what what's good and what's not so good you can push that to the side like had to be a quick learning experience and <hes> you know thrown in the fire like that you had to kind of learn on your feet pretty quick right real quick and i think at that point two with w._w._l. Really taught me. I think more than anything how to deal with talent. Maybe difficult talent at the time and <hes> you know at that point it was a real war and it was every man for himself and to try and get you know to do things. <hes> you know that stage of his what he doesn't really know you and who is this guy talking to me about you know storyline so i think it really you had to really work on your approach and your cell in terms of ideas and getting them across and and understanding what makes talent tick that was a real baptism by fire too so really really at that point it was the craziest in terms of talent you know owning their own destiny i guess in terms of taking control of what they were doing and you know not doing anything else i think it was it really topping out a you know at least try and deal with it difficult out of time and <hes> you know i think since that time it's it's been a very <hes>. Everything else has been easy. I mean talk about a scenario like you've just started in the the industry. Now you're writing for w._c._w. And having to tell sid i can't even i would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. Just see his face and how you navigate that everything else imagine too at that age you know still what am i still in my early twenties and i remember specifically just one time going up and handing them as is his promo looking at about three seconds second sentani about to be going yeah. I'm not doing that very difficult but it was what you knew what you were getting you know and at that point and say well what you know what he's gonna react. You know he's gonna say now. What's the next step going to do it so yeah very much a chess match in some ways but <hes> you know so many different kinds of personalities of that point literally everybody everybody at that point was a little bit crazy due to the environment and understandably so but <hes> yeah really interesting at that point was just <hes> you gotta approach things differently dealing with that now wrestling on the best of days is full of some pretty outlandish underst- personalities i think is a safe way to put that but that time in that company even watching it. You know even you know we're earn w._w._e. At the time and and but we still watched you know and even watching it. It was just like what what is happening. You could just feel how it was dangerously about to come off the tracks all the time and and i can't even imagine being there and then also in that position that were that quickly that gosh man and you survived that on a resume not enter the lights off actually the last night. Was there in panama city for w._w._e. Were actually the last bit of programming. The company ever produced after the nitro went off the air. We did a live internet show so oh we got the we got the honor of turning out the lights and w._w._e. Afterwards and you know it was interesting that group that was doing that. Show the time. I just look back it was <hes> conan disco iskoe myself bob rider jeff jarrett guys that we all are still friends to this day twenty years later so <hes> really grew a lot of friendships that still continue this day and that time it was crazy it was you know the magic question. You were saying you your kid in your early twenties. You earn some money now. You have a six figure income all of a sudden you find out w._c._w. Is going out of business. You know what's your thought process there. You like oh shit. I'm am i gonna get picked up by w._w._e. Or am i going to have to go back to radio or what was your thinking when when all that went down. I just actually told the story at a w._w._e. Program for the first time at the network but there was the last night of the show in nitro <hes> myself and there was <hes> there was an internet guy who i can tell you his name but not a lot of people know where he is anyway but <hes> he he was very popular backstage but he was very crazy and he was he was a little insane and his idea because he knew it was probably going to be our last day in the industry and it was actually <hes> you know in terms of future with <hes> with w._b._z. At the time nothing was going to happen <hes> and and we all kind of new writing on the wall this is going to be it. Doesn't your last show in the industry. A lot of people crying backstage lifers that have been with the company for thirty years. It was a real sad day and this guy came to me. The idea goes wealth. They're going to do the simulcast cast when shane mcmahon's in the ring. You know we kind of knew what was going to happen <hes> and he pitched me the idea of hitting the ring at that point <hes> literally he was. She wanted to hit the rain. We were employees. Please like security likely wouldn't have stopped us on some level at least at his idea was to hit the ring during the whole thing and try and jump shane mcmahon and and destroy this history-making segment <hes> or at least caused a ruckus on some level. You know at least try to stop it because he he was a crazy about now. This is i'm going out with a bang and this is the way we're going out and the guy was go position during the entire segment and i was there and i was watching it on my there was no way he's going to do this and it was close really close to happening and it's the unsold untold story years later but that that segment was <hes> was going to be derailed by guy very lose were seriously contemplating it <hes> and would have been interesting to see at least what would have happened but that was in the industry and he's been back. I kinda thought i might be able to stick around do something more in this time. This is going to be it and right out of matt. I i actually struck a friendship with jeff jarrett. <hes> you know w w and we went <music> <hes> that next summer and spent the summer on on the lake up in tennessee and planned out what was going to become t._n._a. So <hes> right away right after w w you know we were kind of working on what was going to be next because we thought that would be was not going to be in the plans so it was a great time to takata explore what was going to be next in life but i kinda knew what i wanted to do. Good we showed up cable game plan and <hes> yeah wow all this time that company's still around to so <hes> a lot of lot of big moments in our lives and ninety nine two thousand thousand two thousand and one for everybody you've been involved in some seismic stuff within this industry already just in ten minutes of talking men so how exciting was that you know like you said on the lake with jeff kinda hashing out these ideas and and starting to see a company take shape like as a fan of the industry. That's that's gotta be so exciting so just for that little bit that jefferson okay just pack up and move to move to tennessee and we'll <hes> we'll figure something out or what what did you do there. I remember getting the call. I was actually living in australia right. After w w ended there was a guy in australia that ran a company called the world wrestling all stars which was a very short-lived group. I think we did six or seven seven pay per views but it was kind of the first wrestling after w._w. Went out of business and a lot of people still talk about those shows so it was pretty big you know they weren't great shows <hes> but it was kind of first big thing and coming off a w._w. Was <hes> you know they did really we did good business considering and so i was in australia running that for him and jeff god gave the college. Can you move back and we're you know the funding came through. We're gonna do this and so <hes>. I was living a great life and australia when i <hes> i got that call and i was like oh man should i do it and i i gotta go back to this so <hes> starting w <hes> starting today was was super exciting <hes> and some ways it's not a lot of people have the experience of of literally come up with an idea and seeing it all the way through to national television seeing it all the way through to hundreds of employees and get all all the way through to you know twenty years later so many hours of content that that delivered <hes> so it's a unique perspective to be part of it and to see it all the way through and it's given me a different perspective active. I think that a lotta people have on on literally just taking idea and seeing it all the way through to where it is now <hes> and what would it became. I think in many ways so <hes> that was exciting but it was a roller coaster ride and <hes> you know. I think the best thing about where i am now. Is you know for the first time in my my career. I'm not worried about whether or not odd my my company's business was this was going to be after you know. What's the next. What's the next staffer. We're gonna go out of you. Know out of business or something's going to happen but it was always you know something in the back of my mind for my entire w._w. Career my entire career in the world wrestling all-stars over in australia. I didn't know it was going to happen there. Then you know to get a always had a lot of down so it was it was something i didn't really appreciate until i got the w._b._z. I realized you know this is a place. It's not really going anywhere this is going to be. Let's get a feel good yeah so talk us through some of the hats that you you wore in. I i think the first thing that happened was we didn't have anybody to edit video packages and we were two or three weeks into the show before. We realized it just started doing that. A lot of things happened happened not because of promotions and i tell a lot of people this it's okay if you don't get promoted a lot of time somebody else just quits and you're gonna promotion that way and that's most of my i like this where somebody just didn't want to do it and and opportunity to pick up the slack and take on some new challenges so <hes> through the course of time it was yeah a lot of different things <hes> from from video editing obviously a lot of <hes> hosting and whatnot a lot of <hes> behind the scenes stuff which was great. I think it prepared me for now. You you know i would i would go with the different markets for today and launch. <hes> you know if the show was was starting in japan or the show starting up a different markets so it was a while they're the t._v. They was number one hundred countries so getting to work on the international side of things a lot of u._k. Work at the time so that was that was great and i think that's what really trained me for. Where i'm i'm doing now yeah and the thing is like obviously i was in t._a. And we were there together and i didn't know you before. I went there but we became. I like to think we became pretty good friends. When i was there we had we always had a good rapport poor <hes> but he's joked around a lot and i remember being surprised when i got there of of everything that you did you know you ring announcing you do commentating hitting if needed to <hes> even the way that you <hes> at the time announced the championship matches was different. You know gave it kind of a big fight field l. to that. <hes> i remember you know even at the hotel you know we'd end up in the room or something to be working on something on your computer. You be editing something for the show. Oh you just you non stop working and i always admired that about was your work ethic and how hard <hes> <hes> you how much what you put into things and that your your work ethic was was i i felt that at the strongest there if not if not the strongest definitely one of them and i was just blown away blown away and i remember specifically as well at the time there wasn't a lot of people doing live promos from the back before their matches. Now is something that you and i kind of started doing as well like we would. Before big matches you and i would always kind of have this live promo and then i'll go out to the match. It was right it was i loved happening. I always knew that you know we we would have to go very much to i think we had a real good chemistry of going back and forth and i always knew that was a real cool. I'm actually it was just telling somebody about this today. <hes> do you remember well. Obviously you remember the day you were there. But i specifically the very first day you showed up <hes> it was a november and and i remember it's a couple moments of that day real clear as day first thing i remember is right. After the production meeting <hes> we just could gone through everything and you were coming in that night. It was going to be a huge night and i just remember looking down on my computer and reading the headline that eddie guerrero had passed away and that was that morning and i remember looking up and i had fortunately told mike today the news <hes> right there and realize how close they were so that was like a weird weird way to start the day and then to end it with such emotional fanfare for a guy that you know a lotta people say angle jumping over to today was was the start of t._n._a.'s ascension but i actually think you know it really was you and it was you because you pave the way when kurt came was like oh wow here's a here's another big one and but you showing up was was really the very first shot fired i think for that company going all right we're here and now we're players and we got real players now and i think <hes> <hes> you know i think your move there was kind of to me at least somebody that lived in breathe that company for <hes> you know it's my in my entire life <hes> that was the moment to be that that things changed and <hes> and that day specifically israel as was the i appreciate it. It's one of those days to where you were you. Were you walk in and you feel like new kid at school right like i knew a couple people but didn't know everybody in europe was our people are going to be to me. Are they going to be nicer. You know it's it's kind of feel too but you hit it off pretty well in in this this may or you may not come as a surprise some people but you're a little bit of a closet boy man band yourself <hes> yourself well. My foster tips may indicate that high fifty at the time <hes> my my double hoop earrings in both may have indicated the time. I was a boy man <hes> <hes> and some. I don't know what it was. Maybe we traveled together. Maybe we shared some you know <hes> some c._d.'s <hes> at the time but <hes> i would often debate things so we would often go into eighth debates. <hes> i wanna say basically the the substance of these billy batson basically brought to the tables entertainers and performers as americans <hes> some case. I remember specifically. We have some some real bonnie brooks discussing discussing the merits of these bands and so i think if you wouldn't mind i'd like to see where your head's at now. Can we acknowledge the fact that donnybrook who is thrown in there. I'm and we didn't mess around these things. I mean we all couple times. Let's be honest blow. He'd start talking about boys and before you know we were we had to be pulled apart turn into like a dancer team. You know we've discussed this but i i'd like to right now. Just where's your top five at. You know like we're that's right now. I would be concerned wait. Do i need to be concerned that this could get heated again. Do i need to play referee here while he's in london. Eh you're not going to be there forever. You will be back in orlando. Just keep that in mind the and i think a good name for you are boy band. If you and i remember to start donnybrook ooh i i think i think we just ended up in the wrestling industry. We should you know we are secret. Dream was to actually do this. Let me start with <hes> my top five and i know this is a curious about this. <hes> number five right now for me is is still sitting pretty one direction. You can't argue with the worldwide magnitude selling out stadiums <hes> <hes> you know there. There's a lot of people would hire you know. Where would they go for you. Edge are they in the top five for you. <hes> i think about it maccabi number four number four is going to be controversial. <hes> new kids on the block had a bunch of hits chinese could make me sick but l. f. O. was number four on on my top five well sleeper. I'd i'd i still can't get over color bad number three number two stadiums fourteen in a row wembley stadium a worldwide record take that gentleman number two and the number one still a resurgence as of late still selling selling out arenas including this last saturday night the amway in orlando florida. Yeah i may or may not have been there. I'm talking about the backstreet. Boys was new kids on the block. No they weren't which surprised by because they're kind of you know pioneers guys this is where it could polarizing okay just calm down and everybody just think they it should be a number five and state your case now or several your piece well. They'd be in mind so i would say man man. I think for me number five. I think you have to go all the way over to the u._k. You have to get westlife in there. I think they have to be there yeah queen of my heart for the great song who also i have another sleeper from the u._k. And i know they weren't bigger than one direction but i felt like they had a little more grit to them and i like the want it well see the wanted. Kinda came out at the same time. As one direction they were kind of bad boy answer to one day but i must say the things and wealth and in fact they were anything but wanted i. I think they'd be outside my top five but i just wanted to throw that out there just to see what your reaction was <hes> respect. I think it's god i think i think take that is in their top five list. I'll fight you there in my top five. I just said it now. Yeah i think in sync and backstreet boys gotta be in there too but the <hes> i think that you know we should have honorable mention section here too because like you think about new edition from way back there kind of the ones that started on me yeah. I'm just going to say this is more sentimental anything but canadian boy brent ma. The canadian boy band cancelled decision. You know what you canadians are so proud. I mean you guys get one artist was a one hit and suddenly you take your dot com on so decision mice listen. I said there were sentimental choice because canadian bryan adams while you're gonna try and squeeze. He's gonna boy at one point. I didn't realize okay so. Do you want to hear my list yeah. Let's see yes. Please okay all right. Start off with boys to men responded arthur blanket bell biv devoe. You'll blow yup. That girl is poison new edition shen so i mean the bay city rollers there trust me you'll look it up and number one and this will be shocking and controversial social to some but think about when they moved out of the leathers in hamburg germany and when they were doing suits on the ed sullivan show the beatles the first spoi- bam bam. I didn't know you'd play that card. Yeah i did yup and if you're going to school i am listen. I'm i'm if anybody knows about anyone right now. I am here in england right now home of the beatles. I don't know about shrimp on bobby hobby but if you consider them boy man liverpool are not even hit you can't even that's an insult. Could it be this. He's playing instruments switch right. They don't they're not a fan. I'm just talking about the first couple of albums. Go back and listen to them. Yes they're playing instruments but <music> musically kind of sounds like boy band music just saying it's subjective right. I mean there's so many boy bands out there. It's hard to the water out there is that it is you might be. You know if you liked m._t._v.'s making the band town. There's a again we didn't mention ninety eight degrees. <hes> you know there are some definitely some great brakeman's out there still going today you know still keeping it real still keeping the scene alive <hes> but i just want to reiterate backstreet boys still selling out arenas what stubhub stubhub hundred hundred eighty bucks for the cheapest ticket on stubhub. Here's something else that i mentioned earlier that he didn't realize allies that your brother is an accomplished musician tells a bit about that. No yeah my brother <hes> if you've ever seen them show true blood. Have you ever heard of it. There was a l- uh-huh t._v. Show on h._b._o. I had some readings at one point yeah yup. <hes> my brother is the man playing guitar the infamous guitar mar or guitar open to that wow wrote it. He yeah strange right crazy. That's playing great <hes> unfortunately when he played he played on track that was an album that did not do very well and the track was like sold off like he didn't get a dime for it. You know like there was no <hes> no residual deal that that was an old track. They just used that song or that team but <hes> yeah song's called things are so yeah great great. He's he's playing. He's played for so many cool. It's been fun to go to you know the thing that i wanted to go to the madison square garden performance where garner ring announcer madison square garden now my brother beat me to the punch <hes> he played with florida georgia line. He's he's you know he's done a lot of great. <hes> country acts guitar for them so i've got to go see him all over the world and <hes> yeah. He's got the really cool job. I've got a pretty cool job. He's got the very cool job. He's a rockstar. I was gonna say you to you. Guys cornered the market on some pretty pretty bad ass occupations. It's been who is the weirdest thing. Is he tour so much torture much. There's been nights. We <hes> one nine. The big sandy springs arena in west virginia or something like that. We were back to back. He was saturday night. I was sunday night so we we actually cost in town. That was the first time that happened but <hes> <hes> yeah he's. He's got a very cool job and it's great to <hes>. At least we both understand each other's lives. I think pretty well 'cause <hes> he spends a lot of time on tour buses and and run around the place and <hes> this'll it'll be the earliest in my career i've ever reached diamond status on delta so a lot of miles out there this last year and a lot of places man injured even eleven anymore. I know this is this year. It's been <hes> with two trips to china. Two trips is to india. Wow <hes> yeah a lot of cool stuff with <hes> with the tryouts and then what we're doing a different countries is just really cool to be a part of that going on and see in different parts of the world is <hes>. I think it'd be very cool. He's last year. It'd be remiss if didn't bring up you know as far as your t._n._a. Stint went in yes. I use that word the the the stuff with the holidays and in and what is it the total deletion evidence called the first one was called the one that put it on the map yeah right yes and it was just likes the character that was created and then like the whole that was kind of regained a buzz that had been lost with d._n._a. For a little while right and i think you know i don't not people realize how big a behind you you had that you won't say because you're you're. You're humble. I'm not i'm dick. You were huge part of that so tell us into that. <hes> that was a that was a strange <hes> strange couple of. I got insist rate moments that happened. I can remember them <hes> they just kinda sent me to <hes> to hardee's house to shoot a pre-tape. It was gonna go on and <hes> you know. It was real easy. He like a forty five second fifty second shot that you just had to go and get and get bring it back to nashville <hes> and i just remember matt and i were just talking about well. Maybe we should do something different with this and had literally. Just that's where it came out at and that afternoon we were doing some just kind of bizarre stuff as well. Let me just shoot it and take it back and see what they think and <hes> i guess different okay you know kinda got some buzz that very first thing we did got a little buzz and then <hes> i and my boss at the time was john borek who people remember maybe as big <hes> from mm-hmm from tough enough and <hes> i remember i bought the the finals lebron back to him and it was too late to really kinda. Pull it from the air. It was almost like we we gave took the day before. It was gonna hair <hes> and he goes. I don't know what this is guys. I have no. I've never seen anything like this before in my life but it's it's really too late to not air it. We don't i. I don't know if i'm gonna get fired over this for airing this or this is the greatest thing i've ever seen but he goes. Let's let's let's hear it and <hes> yeah the next day people were were you know pretty buzzed about it so it was it was a really cool thing and matt <hes> matt and jeff are obviously you know just most some of the most creative people you'll ever meet and <hes> we had a lot of chemistry and so much fun those is those shoots went into the <hes> the very late hours of the night and we're crazy <hes> and we're done. I think i'm gonna wait to talk about a lot of what happened until after the statute of limitations is over when that's done what a great story we'll have to it was a it was a great cray time to be a part of something very unique so oh yeah <hes> and you guys i will say this much. I i take a lot of prime matt <hes> i will sail at i'm not blowing smoke here. I will put the n. Eddine christian show on the w._b. Network up against anything i've ever seen <hes> you guys you literally and i. I got mad watching it. Because you guys literally wiped out any comedic take you you could have on anything left in the industry literally wiped out in one single show <hes> one single series anything funny that i thought maybe a funny a bit or a scatchard idea. You guys blew it onto the water and i think my personal favourite show in the history of the w network <hes> so funny. I still watch those episodes. I think i wanted to ten years. He was all that stuff is gonna hold up. You thought about this man. I think it can just just because of how out there it is and i think <hes> like the the hardy stuff in the hardy compound and i think people will still be able to go back and go okay. What was this what is this. I think when some things so far out of the box that it it's completely different than everything else. I think you can always go back and revisit it and it's its own island unto itself i and i i think that's partially the same with our show because it was just so weird that you know like i can go back and watch the mighty eighty bouche anytime and just i can watch it forever and i feel like the same hardy stuff the same with the n._c. Show oh it it kind of exists in its own orbit. I think the guys that you guys worked with <hes> doing that. Show ah the network and <hes> they still talk about definitely the funnest thing they've ever done so <hes>. I think you go back and watch those shows now. Just the writing on that alone is just like wow. I can't imagine how how much time that stuffed up because it really just so well done so <hes> applause applause for you guys doing that was oh my god thank you what what a great thank you and we had it was fun to go to work. You know like when we went. It wasn't like even if we're putting in long days it wasn't like oh my god with his day and we were having so much fun when we were doing it and everybody got along but everybody the whole entire crew everybody pitched in and everybody could to help everybody had fun. We laughed the entire tired time. We're making that show so it's great to hear that appreciate what goes to show you what you know. In the end you could see that in the show you can see that in the chemistry of everyone watching it and i only say that because i know what it's like when it's not that way <hes> you know as you ever if you're ever gonna set where things are people aren't getting along and things are not going well and there's not a good vibe onset and there's you know <hes> people are pissed at each other or whatever you know. It really ruined situation. You guys had such a great environment for that show too and so you could just see it you just have you guys are having a blast doing it so same thing you can see it in the programming. He can see how people are having and you know we have that to this and still get to live that every every day with with some of the stuff in exte- now getting to work with a lot of these kids just see the you see the <hes> the effects what you can do with a camera has on their lives and what they can you know how they see themselves themselves now. So <hes> i think really went through that kind of a metamorphosis of sorts rediscovered himself just through the camera and getting to do this character you know really was was a big shot in the arm for his career. I think in many ways so both personally and professionally you know he's a he's a whole new guy now and has has a whole bit of confidence. You know if there was that was that was is the first time i think a lot of people said you know for the first time and however many years you know people were looking forward to see matt more than jeff and matt was enjoying that <hes> i think just because you that was always different for so many years and and matt was always the genius. I never really got the credit. He deserved finally got that which was very cool yeah because of the the <hes> success of that. Did it kind of puts you not that you're never on w._b._z. Radar before what did it kind of bring that around again in some respects for you with that help you kind of break in with an x t in kind of set the bar for for what it is that you're doing now yeah i think and i think at least <hes> kinda reminded <hes> you know i guess some people maybe what <hes> what could be done and maybe some new ways to do things and we you know this company has always been <hes>. You know at least now more than ever. I think has been good on hiring creative people. I can you know run and do things with with different projects so <hes> i think it definitely helped <hes> at the same time i think for personally. It helped me more than anything else just kind of gave me a shot in the arm of confidence like this is something you can do and you know at least people we'll be receptive to it <hes> so <hes> after that yeah things really picked up careerwise <hes> i think for me in getting to do more video stuff and be a little more experimental with things so how did it take off from there. You know after you know. All of those error and people start to get win that you're heavily involved in in these things well what what what then transpired to get you to where you are now. I kept a couple of things <hes> i do credit <hes> just random them you know i think a lot of it's luck and timing is everything is <hes>. I had a chance to go in two thousand eleven. During the kind of i think it was two thousand eleven during the <hes> kinda during the the bischoff hogan era was not really <hes> pleased with things <hes> <hes> you know i was kinda discussions about going and i thought is this would probably be the right time to do it. <hes> and i got cold feet and you know i. I'm so glad i kinda did now because i don't think i would have been prepared as i am. Now <hes> those extra couple years you know. Maybe i wasn't ready for for what the w._w._e. Was at the time and <hes> i think all these years later now having that experience i felt really competent coming here that i contribute attribute in and benefit this place so <hes> i think that was great and i think it was just a random <hes> airplane ride. I was coming back from a show in new jersey z. And <hes> get off the plane and there is mr <hes> william regal who i hadn't seen in twenty year literally hadn't seen or talked to in twenty years since w. w. so <hes> we just struck up a conversation and you know it's one thing led to another and <hes> yeah then move from national after fifteen seventeen years with d._n._a. So continues down orlando where i'd been coming all ready for for t._n._a. Doing <hes> the universal show so i was very familiar with the city was easy move but getting to work out of the performance performance center every day is just i mean that's like that's like wrestling disneyland. It's <hes> there's nothing like it and getting to work with the people i do every day <hes> i can. I always think that's to see people do seminars and wrestlers. Do you know coaching things and you know what would you pay if you're a wrestler to to learn from shawn michaels every day <hes> <hes> you know so it's it's. It's one of those things i it's invaluable. <hes> the wealth of knowledge that shared everyday there and that i gave and get to listen to him to be a part of <hes> so so <hes> what a magical place so the transition was very easy but it really just came about. I i think a random you know random flight from new jersey up that sweet pat in nashville who sky box office yeah boy those walls could talk and what's the statute of limitations on the bachelor era of my of my of my thirties. I ah i had a shoebox. It was a shoebox of a condo. It was like seven hundred square feet but it was on the top floor of the best kind of building in nashville just down the hallway keith keith urban and a coal kidman had a <hes> had literally three fourths of the floor bought out and then i got this little condo in the corner there so great <hes> great location great view you <hes> but again if you ever tried to live in a seven hundred square foot apartment <hes> i can't not allow room for abundant their for their walk doc in closet and i got it exactly exactly yeah so coming down orlando. It's just yeah it was it was a gradual <hes> i think for for the career was the next best step or wasn't step for my car next logical step i'm trying to say <hes> for for what was going to be next and and take on a new challenge and that's it was writer you know it was it was a great opportunity and jumped right on it so once you got down there because i've been down a few times james and i always try and make a point to takeovers <hes> it's infectious just the energy <hes> judge just in being able to tell that story lines are thought out and seen through and and long and <hes> it just. It's really fun place to visit. It's it's a good group of people to be around because if you're in any way jaded. I think it'll knock it out of you. Pretty quick it just to see the excitement and the hunger <hes> so when you first got down there i mean i did that. Take a hold of you too yeah. That was the first thing you do you notice walking in the door because he energy <hes> and especially if you're you've seen things that are you know different environments and you know i think for whatever reason if you wanna take that w w or whatever ear it is <hes> however that this industry is viewed having you walk into that place and you see it completely different way <hes> i was. He's out of power plants. That's a lot and w w <hes> i can't think of a more polar opposite place in terms of how it's operated and the professionalism and the way things are kept in the discipline flynn. That's taught there. It's just it's it's like no other place in the world and i think <hes> the first thing you walk in yeah. That's the first thing i noticed is that there's there's one hundred people here that really wanna do this for a living and you have that kind of environment. It's different than people that maybe are jaded or or already have been to the mountaintop. It's there's people that are just dying to get there and you can't you can't deny that kind of attitude that kind of atmosphere that environment and that kind of hunger and people <hes> and how infectious that is so you know obviously getting to see <hes> you know what beth <hes> and on commentary and getting to see her see it through her is now is very cool because she she seeing it and then you get to see that when somebody comes down and steve for the first time and kind of sees how that light in there is kinda has rekindled from you know some part of their past where they remembered what this is like <hes> at i beth has been a great such great addition to annex t and seeing that in her eyes has been cool to see it now from other people after having lived it so i you're right that on. It's it's such a cool place you know and speaking of that. You're obviously over and in london right now. You're over there obviously for the for the u._k. Takeover cardiff cardiff notice the the the series. It's rain prime target assume you're you're in that as well. Tell us a little a little bit about that and when into that in the house that's kind of you know helping these performers out yeah. There's you know a lot of news this week with an x t <music> obviously going live on wednesdays and obviously roz huge news smackdown friday nights on fox is going to be huge but you know there's also an extra u._k. And there's a lot of <hes> you know don't sleep on that brand that places <hes>. It's really a fun cool brand right now and i can tell you just having to <hes> be around. These guys is all the time now on building up to this show. It's <hes> that's a different kind of anger to these guys want. These guys want spotlight and they wanted to you know they don't like it when when and <hes> other people are getting that attention. They think it's that's for them. You know and they're gonna take it so. I think it's cool to see that <hes> the prime target shows that are on right now with <hes> that's kind of a countdown special doing before the takeover so we did one with adam cole and johnny gargano <hes>. The one that's on right now is with tyler bait and walter. Walter is the the w._b. W._w._e. u._k. Champion and so i went over to germany with him and followed him around for for a week or so and went to birmingham with tyler bait and kind of gave you their back stories on why this matches so cool so if you haven't had a chance to to chat annex to u._k. Watch this. It's a twenty four minute special and i guarantee you're going to we hooked and you're gonna be in front of your t._v. Watching on saturday night because it's such a cool story <hes> between these two in such a great intriguing match-up so just getting to tell these stories with with such great characters and such great athletes is really really cool and <hes> that's what prime target is so that's <hes> that's all right now and i've been at work and go check it out yeah. It's great what we we've talked about <hes> an x t u k and just how it feels so different and it feels like that and i don't mean this in a disparaging way but that underground it has that that bounce to it that it's like that spunky show that you just it feels entirely different than everything else and a lot of that is due to the talent but a lot of that is just the looks of of the venues and the music and the presentation <hes> <hes> it's really i really really enjoy it. It's a it's a fun. Show i think for me is the easiest way to put it. It's just fun to watch and that's what i want my wrestling to feel like very spontaneous too. I think it's it's a it's a unique brand in the sense that you have these venues that we're going into all across the united kingdom a lot of older theaters that are historic <hes>. I don't think the roster is <hes> in the sense that you know they want that spotlight and they want that <hes> that moment the sunday and t- to work their entire careers now to have the opportunity to be involved in the world's largest wrestling promotion is is such a cool thing to see any sitting getting there is <hes> and you're rooting for him just because you know how important it is to them and <hes> that comes across in the product you know there's so many so many cool guys over here that are very very the different <hes> and you're going to see on the show. I think walter is a great example. <hes> there's nobody like walter and wrestling period story <hes> he's <hes> dominant champion. If you watch this documentary we did on them. You know he's very roughness training. He's got a wrestling school in and essen germany which we went to and you know you're not gonna see. He stuff like that. <hes> so it's it's delivering a different flavor. I think and it kinda shrines through the product. This is a this is a brand right now that i think after people are are binge watching a lot. Latta episodes leading up to this takeover are just really enjoying what they're seeing and <hes> you know again. There's a lotta wrestling out there a lot of great content and <hes> this is filling a gap and this is <hes> definitely catering battering to <hes> the not only the british audience but fans around the world are discovering his talent which is very cool say and you talked about that like how much content there is what a great time to be a wrestling fan and we've talked about on this before but there's so many things to watch. There's so many options are so many things at your fingertips. It really really as a performer. I think it's great but also as a fan man like i wish i wish when i was a kid and a teenager growing up that i had all all of this to just be able to go right and just completely different because back then you couldn't get wide world of sports to get a british flavor. You couldn't get a lot of these things that that now w._w._e. Is able to provide a you know just on its own. Let alone with everything else going on within the wrestling world. It's just a really really on time great time and especially for <hes> for the fans who are consuming the content you know there's so much option so many things to get down and and so many different new options and <hes> you know wednesday night for an x._t. Something you know everybody talks about competition to be at. I've always looked at this. <hes> this way you know <hes> anything i'm involved in competition is is anything else. That's up against it. Whether it's <hes> you know america's got talent on wednesday night or anything competing for your competing for people's time right now <hes> on every level so it's gonna be interesting to see how <hes> you know another new product i think donald national stage with the spotlight spotlight on it like annex t <hes> and how that's going to be received by the fans and how it's going to be taken to how it's gonna affect the other brands you know i think it's going to be. I think it'd be trailblazer. In many ways. We're gonna look back at this show and really think wow this. This is going to be doing some new things and taking different levels so <hes> i'm so excited about exceed so happy for all the people putting so much time to make it where it is go to get to where it is now. I mean like you said especially with an x._t. U._k. There's definitely has a distinct feel. That's all its own and the like we're just is talking about is a great time to be a wrestling fan the wrestling fan in me. I saw this today as well after the takeover cardiff the the <hes> the agent street documentary imagine what i could do. We'll be on a really interesting. Did you work on that yeah. That was <hes> it's been. This has been a big week. This is big this premier week for me because we got a couple of shows on the network that i've been working on for like two or three months so <hes> yeah. This has been a labor of love. Adrian street is one of those wrestling characters. You just you remember where you were. You remember the first time i'm i remember actually the first time i saw i was watching. M._t._v. and george thorogood did a music video. Go to the hand jive this way long ago and for some reason he just used clips wrestling. He used clips of mid atlantic. I remember in there. I said who is that guy and it was adrian street <hes> just rubber just as even do the impression he made the first time he saw him and it's a great story if you've ever seen this sky and or if you haven't seen him before <hes> where he where he came from and what he ended up doing with this career it's just really that's like the ultimate working class hero <hes> he was in the coal mines at a young age and everybody thought he was too small or too short to be a wrestler and <hes> being a cultural icon <hes> and so with exte- <hes> u._k.'s takeover going on in cardiff <hes> adrian street is the most famous wrestler to come out of wales and it's <hes> it's he's is going to be there at the show on saturdays so it's kind of a nice little time for that. But what a great story what a what a fun topic 'cause he was very polarizing especially when he would go into the southern parts of the united states at that time his character was not very well received <hes> and so we go we dive deep into that and <hes> some great stories and some great comments from you know a big part of <hes> of his chapter of his career. You know a lot of people we talked to william regal's in robbie brookside guys that johnny st. guys is that he knew growing up and coming up in england you know actually what he went on to do in the united states as well <hes> great story so i can't wait for people to see it and it's really <hes> it's a fun. It's a fun twenty twenty five minutes. I think it's about twenty five minutes long and it's really a fun. Watch can't wait for people yeah. I actually ordered my first pair. Wrestling tights are megyn major in st pat's remember that he still has it or not but but he they used to make tights and boots and and the whole thing and no back in the day before before the internet you know you get like a pamphlet or a new a catalog and pick out your colors and all that sort stuff and you either call them or send back. The form filled out in a few weeks later. You get a you. Get your tights in the mail no kidding. He is still <hes> <hes>. You won't believe he is so jacked. I don't know this guy is an unbelievable shape. He still works out like a fiend and so he's <hes> he's quite a character man. I mean it just meeting them and then we had dinner before we started working on the documentary and just getting no him and seeing that kind of personal side of him and what you know what makes x.'s mind go very creative guy and <hes> still really loves the industry were still follows everything very closely and <hes> just being able to do this documentary on him was it's just it was a real thrill as a fan. You know just to see what he's what he's done what he did with his life and also because kind of one of those unsung names in away you know but but everybody if you're wrestling fan back then like the three of us obviously were that's a name that you immediately go yeah exotic adrian street yeah and and just seeing pictures of him. I never got to see him wrestle but just seeing pictures of a mind went. I don't know what's happening there but i i want to see more and i think his name over the years has kind of been lost and so that's amazing. I didn't know that was happening so i can't wait to see that now now a couple of real interesting moments too you know almost emotional labor. You'll get some additional talking about you know how much money he would have made if he would have been in the right place at the right time he was customer. Not me i mean he was you know he he would have been right along the ranks and the stars in the eighties <hes> you know as far as his character turn his his presentation was was perfect and then just he never did it and so we actually the <hes> very cool parts <hes> not spoiling anything here but a very cool part in the documentary is <hes> he gets to step put in a w._w._e. Ring for the first time in his career and how emotional that was for him because he became a we had a guest coach coach the performance center here in london so <hes> it was it's a very cool thing to follow and see what <hes> what his mindset was and when he realized what an impact he actually had on the youth now now in the industry <hes> and guys like flash morgan webster and mark andrews guys from wales i watched him growing up and studied him and know his moves and to see to see his face when he sees them doing his moves was actually one of the coolest moments just 'cause he was. He didn't think that would happen. He didn't think he you know he his influence. Influence stretched all the way today and a lot of guys do his stuff. A lot of guys do his stuff and the documentary in some of the pete done. You know like a lot the guys that were cracking fingers. That's i've adrian street stuff and we show clips kind of side by side of all the all the ways he influenced the guys today and it's pretty cool. Wow wow wow that's awesome. I can't wait to see that she's there. You go well man. We've your it's like like twelve thirty for you now. We've already kept our <hes> so i feel bad. I feel like we need to let you throw in some boy band music. Try and get a couple of hours sleep at least east until you wake up at two two then dive into your next project a little town. Put up some candles and call it a night guys yeah. What a mental picture guys. I have a you know. I'm a huge fan of both of you and professionally which which you guys have done canoe the the good work and thank you for doing this podcast so i have something to listen to these long flights over and never moments tori. I'm not laughing. They're having a smile with it so thank you for the hours of entertainment behalf. Thank thank you for for coming is is very nice chat and i have a feeling if if there's ever an e._n._c. e._n._c.'s three unique to be involved so just have my dream. That's a bucket list. I tommy dreamer. I don't care what it is just dreaming scott. He's done done last season. It was ridiculous. I'm just going to say hats. He's the best to be able to have as at your writing disposal because you know there is no no parameter that he won't kick downs like asher. Yeah i gotta do that. You could just keeping your back pocket use perfect rainy scenario like that. You need to go there. He's there no question utility utility pleasure. Thank you so much around me on appreciate it. Thank you appreciate continued success man proudly burning of done. I was a really fun chat it. I didn't know a lot of that stuff that that's crazy. <hes> you know going from christian radio to w._c._w. Like talk about your polar opposites man. It's really good chat man. He's worn a lot of hats and this industry and it's fascinating when you when you run into people like that <hes> <hes> and wrestling seems to be a huge you know kind of cauldron of of people like that. You know what i mean like because it's such a different for an industry that it forces you to go okay well. I'm going to do this okay. I gotta do this. I gotta do that. You find yourself wearing so many different hats that you there's there's no school. Will that teaches you how to do some of the things that the wrestling industry and i think probably the entertainment industry neat so really really cool chat i that was that was fun. Even the boy band stuff i found he's a really talented guy. He's one of the hardest workers that i know like you said every every time i've ever been around them. Even if you just hanging out he was still working somehow like even if you as you know in a social setting he was still somehow doing work doc and <hes> this ingrained in the type of guy that he is and like i said before as a forward thinker he he he <hes> you know he's motivated and <hes> and you can see with the stuff. He's doing now with these packages in these documentaries and things like that it's great stuff well and <hes> having that kind of work ethic. He's he's working for the right company. That's for sure because you never really stop when you're there so <hes> those cool good talking to them and <hes> very nice of them to do that with the time the difference in everything but man this weekend i cannot wait to see that adrian street documentary now and there's man just so oh interesting and and for folks hoses that that don't know so far ahead of his time i mean not just style wise but even just his presentation my gosh i mean insane and so <hes> that annex t takeover u._k. We got eighty. W we got new japan this wrestling wrestling fan stream all right all right. This wrestling fan stream be for fucking marks marks breath yeah.

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RAW Recap: Bayley Turns Heel

Busted Open

1:03:47 hr | 1 year ago

RAW Recap: Bayley Turns Heel

"If you don't know sirius x._m. Than listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news they have it all and right now. You can get your first three months of sirius x._m. Outside the car for just us one dollar go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series x._m. Streaming subscribers siriusxm no car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show weekdays from nine a._m. To two p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Dan nation channel one fifty six. Everybody is mad camp today on the bus that open podcast coming out of a jam packed raw bully bullies. We talked a lot about the he'll turn for bailey. I liked what i saw from bali. I'm excited to speak with you about it. I think we've got some great takes. Last night was bally's moment. I always talk about moments in time and she had it. What did you think about the firefly funhouse firefly firefly point us. Maybe the best episode yet if you're gonna feed vince mcmahon money om in but are we going to see ray white challenge for the universal championship being chip at hell in a cell or bullying visit navy card subject to change. What do you think about this king corbett. Is it just a matter of time before corbin takes his spot on that throne holding that sector in the air with that crown over his head while someone who will necking the ring in the past stone cold steve austin will see him at ron next week but we speak about his interaction with becky lynch on straight up with steve austin was that the ultimate way to put over the man bowling great stuff to talk about today looking forward to it listening right now coming at ya myself and matt camp on the busted the open podcast holiday episode of raw. We've seen this in the past. Not always your most angle forward it shows sometimes. It's a lot of wrestling. It's hey people are coming off of their long weekends. Maybe we don't throw a lot of stuff on the show bully. That was not not the case at all last night. It wasn't the case. I agree with you to the to the extent of actually found myself thinking the same thing and i- d._v._r. The show because i had a lot of things going on in the old bully ray household last night so it's like it's a labor labor day. Show no big deal. I'll scan through it if i don't get to catch every last detail well as about twenty minutes into the show. I realized wow this is actually going really good. I need to sit down and watch the whole thing so i got to see at least two hours and scant do the last hour <hes> <hes>. I liked the entire show. I got to see all of the major things and obviously we're going to we're going to get into every all of the things is that we like just sent a tweet about it. You like the entire show right matt. I thought it was a well paced show. I thought moved well. I thought everything on the show didn't feel like everything had meaning. Everything there was a reason behind everything on the three hours of the show whether it be the king of the ring and we'll talk about how that went went down the end of the show with seth and braun obviously the closing angle with bailey and becky and sasha everything connected you know a little bit there with roman connecting back to the stuff with daniel bryan and where that's going to go by the way there was a piece for the undertaker next week on smackdown on a little commercial purcell there so everything that happened on the show took you somewhere right bobby rude and ziglar in the open and then they get a win over rider and hawkins because they're they're on their way to a title shot. The ms beatings zara why he's on his way to an intercontinental title shot so everything that happened on the show was progressing thinks somewhere obviously bigger leaps and bounds than others but in the three hours flowed well and like we said for a week for a holiday weekend and show we got a lot there was a lot to sink your teeth into a big part of that was right at the end of the show. I'll tell you what here's what i know. The show is going well when that closing angle was happening. I didn't even realized it was eleven o'clock. I went whoa big spot here that oh that's the show that's and that was a hell of a way to go off the air and i thought it put that angle it. It gave that much more impact that it was not a cliffhanger but they didn't linger bully too long on the after effects. I mean we literally got becky. Get the crap kicked out of her and take chair shot after chair shot as the show went off the air to the point that like almost wondered. How much longer was that going going on. How much worse was that beaten. I thought that made it even more impactful that we saw her down on the ground and not even a chance for a reaction from anybody from the crowd other than initial cheer but i think people were booing at the end none. I watched really closely not not only what people are cheering. There was a yes chant that had broken out with at least fifty percent of the crowd <hes>. I'm going off of videos that came out after the show just to be clear. I didn't say that but if he posted after there was some booing after the fact there was is about if you go back and you watch the last minute of raw when i thought bailey did a phenomenal job of taking her time and last last week i mean dave had been talking about moments in time that make a wrestler winning. A championship does not not make you it. It might be your moment in time but there are often other moments in time that helped to make a wrestler and i actually had spoke about becky becky lynch. You know people want to say that oh becky winning the championship at wrestlemainia and holding both of those belts in the air were woman and time no it wasn't i told dave last week and i told the listeners last week becky's moment in time is after jack shattered her nose across her face and she was standing being in the crowd. Were there with her arms. Spread wide open is almost like tommy dreamer in his pose that was becky's in time that will live forever and and if you watch straight up with steve austin last night which i thought was a phenomenal episode. Steve actually asks becky about what was your moment and she says is that was her moment and i was really happy to see a performer of becky's maturity level in the rank because she she's not she's. I'm not young but she's not a lot learned. She understood that that was her moment in time last night. When bali i would not smile came over bali space bang let it was her moment in time. Let's hear exactly what happened last night. Backstab barely coveted put an end to thanks best friends but enough's enough in what the hell is happening said she wouldn't be overshadowed. Bill apparently was after the fact the yes see. Here's the thing i feel like crowds cheer when big moments happen regardless of what the big moments are that was a massive moment in the show. It was something different. It was shocking a reminds me bully of anytime someone cashes in money in the bank if your face if you're a he'll there's just the crowd is excited to see something happen and they saw something major happens so they got behind. It and i think people were kind of pushing for this to happen for belly for a while vile so i think there's that initial reaction but apparently when it was off the air the boo started to come in because then it's wait a minute. She did that to becky now. We didn't get to see that. I made me. That's something that w._b. Will start to put up on their social media in the next couple of hours. Maybe that's a possibility but i wasn't surprised to see the the excitement and that kind of reaction from the crowd just because it's become such a thing such a moment to react to that kind of stuff it was very it was a big deal for that crowd to say hey. We're here for this and i think that's why they reacted the way they did. There are plenty of bali fans out there in the w._w._e. A universe that wanna see bali do well and wanted. Maybe wanna see that edgier side to her that i've been yearning for. I said i've been saying since day one. I don't know if i've ever said it to you matt but i've said it to dave and the nation bailey was too much treble and not enough base and for those of you that don't understand treble are the highs in the music and the base are the lows in the music and she was always up here and she was always so happy in yeah. Everything's all going to be great and i want to hug everybody last night. She said you can take your hugs and shove them up your ass and that's the edge that badly needed. She had her moment in time. I thought it came off really well. The smile social standing there watching it was almost you know very star wars ask. Where are you know th th the sieff lord sees the turn of the paddle on the on the jetty and listen. A lot of people were chanting. Yes because a lot of people don't like becky there that to you know there are a significant amount of people out there who when becky and rhonda were going at it or rebecca becky and charlotte we're going at it that took rhonda and charlotte side so it's not like becky has one hundred percent command manned of the w._w._e. Universe there are fans of other women out there and that's what you got last night for the most part not for the most part in totality. I thought it was a turn and the fact that had happened with only two minutes left on the show. You never saw no. You didn't think it was going to happen because the show is basically over right. It was over to the point that you went all right. They put this in the main event events slot. We saw sasha come out. Maybe there was gonna be a conflicted bailey but they didn't draw out too much it happened. It went off the air with it basically still happening. You didn't get enough time to react and now you're tuning in tonight because bailey is the smackdown champion are when are we gonna open. The show tonight with bailey is gonna lead into next week now. We didn't get a chance to have her talk. Have sausage saying we got a real. You quick ending of i just did that. Haha were together but where did this come from and if you trace this back bully since at the end of wrestlemainia when they dropped the tag titles. This is kind of been a slow burn. I don't know if it's been intentional but there's been a little bit here of of bailey. The edge has been coming for a while now. Cashing in is not something you know using the money in the bank briefcase when she did it against charlotte. Charlotte would two years ago bailey of done that i don't think she would have. I don't know probably not because that's not what she she'd want to be fair right she'd she'd want to be this is the way i want to set up. This matchup and it's gonna be great for the women and maybe she would have lost that. She cashes in money in the bank. She took out nicky. Cross osu struck the first blow about a month ago. I'm going to get out ahead here. How about her shoving charlotte out of the chair last week or two weeks ago whenever that was us. That was not a daily thing from two years ago so there's been little things here that if you're connecting the dots she's been pushing more in this direction she she just went all the way over the line last night so i do actually think that there's been a slow burn to this and there's been elements of this coming and a change in her character and and she just went all the way over the line last night and they're going to have to one of the things that i love is the connecting of the dots between the two shows because you're correct matt you know she shows up on rau- but she is the smackdown women's champion so she you know we should see her on smackdown tonight. What is she going to say. Will we get an explanation elimination of why she did what she did. They have to be careful because last night the fans told us that they were behind behind this turn and they enjoyed it so does she show up tonight and the fans are on her side the w._w._e. Universe right now how they don't exactly go in the direction that w._w._e. Wants them to go in every time. Look at what happened with becky they wanted to go into. He'll direction direction with becky and it just wasn't going to happen so the biggest positive i see coming out of last night when it comes to bali is the fact that i have to watch smackdown tonight and when you're talking about the w._w._e. And you're saying i <unk> half to watch actually when you talking about any reg buddy very and you say i have to watch that when you know they're doing a good job job creatively because they've given cliffhanger they have you emotionally invested and you wanna see the follow-up likely you're hearing god's busted open. Live weekdays is from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Fire nation channel fifty six or on demand sirius x._m. App so in your backyard straight up steve ulsan that was tremendous by the way i have watched. I watched a couple of clips from the show but happened. Just leave it on last night because i wanted to see what that interaction would be. It was great at austin is. I don't know what's happened. I don't know if he's got people talking to them. Put his instagram him and his twitter and bring the podcast back. I don't want to say is reinvented himself but i kinda like like fun stone cold holt. He's not i mean. They're still an edge to him but he's having a good time. I guess that's the best way i would put it. Steve is a really funny and engaging guy why he has been hiding behind and not purposely. He's been stone cold for so long on camera but the stone cold behind the scenes is an extremely fun guy. He's he's just a good dude to be around and i'm very friendly with steve steve on the side not like we hang out and drink beer and buddies but we talk to each other a lot and one of the things that i said is i really liked. The broken skull l. ranch. I thought it was a cool show oh yeah but that was steve being typical steve austin. You know you're gonna come in here. You're gonna do thirty. I push ups. You're gonna climb the rope and you're going to jump over the water or i'm gonna whip your ass and that's it so you down the road you lost by. That's the steve. I would see on monday night right raw. What i'm seeing now on straight up with steve austin is the steve that you would see backstage or the steve that you'd go hang out at waffle waffle house with or the steve that you would drive to the next town with this is the steve if you're on tour overseas and on the bus with just talking talking about rock and roll hanging out with his buddies and just having fun and when you get to see this side of steve ought to me. It's it's so entertaining. <hes> the episode last night with becky lynn was so much fun and you know before the show came on matt we were talking about. It and i use the word that i don't use a lot. I thought it was kind of cute because you saw how becky was mesmerized by by being in steve's presence you also saw a tremendous amount of respect from steve towards becky totally because because becky told steve what her goal was and that she achieved wrestlemainia and when you have a guy like steve austin who had a a very similar career path as becky has he respects that kind of drive life that motivation that desire to make it to the top at wrestlemainia so when you hear becky lynch saying that she came up with the man and she put the man on a t. shirt steve popped huge for that because he knows he's the one that said put the smoking smoking skull on the back of the t shirt and she plays in you know stone cold in its forehead and it worked so they you were able to relate to one another. They had fun together. It was a great episode. I love this new show and i love the side of steve that we're getting to say you know what i liked about that was and i think this is why steve likes her so much so often he has talked about in the last probably couple blay years on his podcast just going out and doing it and having to kinda staked claim to your character and you've got you. Oh not the scripted words and yes. That's part of what it is now but you gotta go out there and make it yourself and i think that's why he likes her so much because that's what what she did right. She was not in a place she wanted to be at. She was kind of like in this weird wrestling purgatory where people clearly like they're put the company wasn't wasn't putting her in that position so she put herself in that position and go ahead go ahead. She put herself in position to get blasted in the face by night jack's but put before that though before that though before that happened what happened with her people wanted to see her our win that match at summer slim and she lost she the people wanted to see here win money in the bank and she lost. The company didn't put her in that spot spot. She talked her way. She worked her way into that spot. She had an organic following that she was able to create they couldn't they couldn't deny that right at some point. You can't deny that i one hundred percent agree with. You and i wanna get to the jackson because they brought that up but with what she has done steve is kind of said you know what sometimes you gotta go out and do on her own. So how do you do that on your own in the last couple of years you get on your instagram. You get on your twitter and there's a way to get outside the lines. There's a way to say okay. You can't script me on here. You can't give me something to read on here. I'm going to do it in a way. That's not disrespectful of the company. I'm just going to show my personality as steve said. I'm going to turn it up. You know stole. Cold is turned up to eleven becky was going <hes>. This is my personality. I'll turn it up here and then she got to turn it up on tv and that's what we get now. She said when steve nash last night you know where does becky lynn start and rebecca quinn and and she's like. I don't know if there's really any difference anymore and i don't know how you take that but that's how confident she isn't herself and that came from her being a little bit louder asserting herself a bit more on social media and gaining that following so that when she didn't win money in the bank then she turned on charlotte at summer slam and people were mad that charlotte had come out again on top. The crowd was behind her even if she wasn't supposed to be cheered. They felt it just like i think last night people were happy that bailey did what she did because they had been with her for so long and they had been on her side and they felt her frustration. I think that happened with becky in the last year and we see where we're at with her. I think that's the same kind of reaction. That bailey got last night from the people that cheer her now. Is that going to get back. Belly continually chaired hopefully not not because of obviously she's going against. Becky and becky's got to that point where there is a trust. Isn't there a trust level bully that if if you're gonna have belly turn on someone it's someone like becky to get the desired reaction. Absolutely there's no doubt that that turn on becky. It was put in place to get a desired reaction. It's going to be the follow up that determines whether or not the desired reaction is gonna stick. I just want to get back to one point about becky and steve what do becky and steve have in common and why what is the one thing that they both can relate late to how do they look at each other and have that mutual respect for one another because they did with one thing that all wrestlers need to do only two words what is it. You're smart go ahead. No you gotta tell me they got over. They got over whenever young wrestlers asked me. Hey bully what should i do. Get over well how i don't know just go out there and get over and at the end of the day. That's what it's all about. Steve austin had a very organic moment and from that moment on he got over becky had the organic moment of getting her nose shattered and that helped to get her over using her instagram got her over matt. I once saw this thing on social media and i wish somebody could find it for me and please tweet it to me. Somebody came out with this list of the top fifteen things. A wrestler needs to do to succeed in wrestling. I think it's really regal but go ahead well. The first one was like show up on time. The second one was like you know dress appropriately number three was work really hard number fifteen. We said get over my response to that wasn't regal. Never mind okay number. Fifteen was get over and you know what my response to that is. It's do number fifteen. I and everything else will work itself out because once you're over your an unstoppable force in the wrestling business. They don't give a shit what the time you show up. They don't care what you do wrong because you're getting over. You're making the company money end of story. That's why certain guys can get away with certain things. Brock walks on water. Why quickest brock's over so if you want anything in this business get over end of story ori. Get over or get out and work hard to do it because you can do it and if it's doing what becky did i i'll give you the perfect example and i know you know this because you worked with them. Spud now drake maverick who has done such a damn good job at working his ass off and learning along the way. I'll give you a name i don't. I don't know if people know has influenced him. Jeremy borsch who now we're obviously for w._b._z. Story for you gotta go watch drake maverick and think back to when he got the g._m. Job at two zero five live look at his instagram. That's him that's him connecting the cable to his hotel tv to put the two five logo so behind him so he can do a little instagram promo about the show. The night was to five live in such a bright light no but you know what he said. This is my enroll in the company. I'm going to get the absolute most out of this. I'm going to make sure there are more eyeballs on it because i'm on that show and i'm gonna promote it on my own. I'm going to edit my own videos. I'm going to go out there and make flyers for the twenty four seven championship. I am going to put myself out there. In every way i possibly can so the company cannot deny me and look where he is now that guy if there is an example of someone who's been able to <music> overcome shortcomings and i don't mean that as a pun but honestly he's a small guy and it's not easy for him to get to where he's been but that guy's a student of the game he loves wrestling is worked as bought off to get every ounce of his talent into every part of what he does so you do watch him and you do see him and now there is a maverick twenty four seven t shirt and now he is in a storyline that he probably worked his way into because of how hard he worked that is someone that everyone should be following taking examples and saying holy crap. I don't think i'm over for an. I'm not working hard enough. We'll guess what that guy's working hard zack ryder that years ago. You see drake doing it now. Malcolm mm billions the former stokely hathaway look at his twitter dopey tweet now and inspirational quotes jim southeast because nobody cares about that if you don't think you have the spot and you don't think you're getting your chances create your own chances because someone couple of the names i mentioned are certainly working their way up the ladder by creating having their own chances and you know what if the biggest inspiration is becky lynch and being on stone cold show last night. That's what it has to be but if you wanna get it over as you said you can work hard to do it and i'll tell you right now. Bully unlike win you came up or even stone cold came up. There are a lot more outlets to go through this on your own. Don't you have chances to put yourself out there and without getting yourself in trouble with the company so guys like drake and becky where they've gotten to is because they've worked hard and they've made the company notice and as you said what are they make the company they make the company money and they're not going to turn a blind eye to that and that's why becky is where she is talking talking about that water shed moment for becky. Let's hear nath last night you scratching cloudy way to the top. What do you think tougher getting to the top or maintaining and sustaining at the top maintain. Absolutely here's the thing you are a hero in the chase on a villain the victory and so i think you constantly have to be evolving and then you just have to work even harder to maintain that. Where do you feel as a defining moment of becky lynch uh-huh up into this moment. I think the moment that's going to go down in history is is me bloodied on top of the arena with my arms claiming that this is my shell now. I know you're concussed when that happened but you had the wherewithal to resolve to savor that moment and take that in and it was captured. I was out on my feet but now with a clear head and you look back at that picture. What do you think i think my subconscious is about asked to do. That's a tremendous bully. I love that she said it like that. That's something that where you just you just pick it up along the way the stuff like that lines like that that are soundbites that way. I think that's a confidence in her but i loved that she recognized that as the moment not as you said you and you brought this up the moment at wrestlemainia was the end of of that journey of course not it's all. It's not all over but that moment it was everywhere. That was the moment you know. I think we're maybe the company went. Oh there it is that's who it is and it was. It was lucky okay so check this out okay. I'm glad you said i. I'm glad you said but you said the moment at wrestlemainia with becky holding both championships <music> over her head and the pyro going off and you know that that hyped moment in time completely planned right yes that's that was the moment that was supposed to end wrestle. Yes it's a canned moment. It's a gigantic canned moment but nonetheless a canned moment austin three sixteen was it planned nope becky getting in her face shattered and standing up there in the middle of the crowd with her arms spread wide open. Was that plant absolutely not cussin'. None of that was when moments like like that happen out of nowhere. That's when you know you have something and those are the moments that will go down in history. I love the fact that becky is mature enough to understand that standing at the top step of an arena with with with the people amongst the people is more of a moment than holding both championships up over your head at wrestlemainia and that's the one that's gonna in fifty years yeah when when when you know people are still talking about becky lynch that's the moment they will be talking about and that episode so last night like i said really good love the ending to oh well. How about the ending is we get the broken schools which are fantastic by the way they are really good and i'm not asking going to be sent some i bought by the way i'm not greco. I bought them. I've enjoyed them on my own dime. So i'm not asking for a free t shirt or free beer like wreck. I will take dat but i can tell you that. I have purchased that tremendous i._p. So they share the beer and she hits so cold with a stutter. The stunner was awesome. Steve sells like a million bucks and spit out the bear like shane mcmahon and by the way he doesn't get up at the end he says hey it's something i already knew about the way he ain't doing that for anybody. I know it's a t._v. Show i know it's entertaining. I know it's not really in a w._w._e. Ring but the fact that he did that and we got that moment at the end of the show that's i really believe bully massive sign of respect to becky lynch to do something cool like that for her. It's a huge china respect and it was fun fund and i said on the show that i listen. I'm happy that they finally drank beer together because i think becky lynch and steve austin drinking a beer is very symbolic fun and needed moment for wrestling fans because despite the fact that there are these comparisons harrison's to steve and becky they both have a very real life compatible story whether their journey to the top outside of the ring or their journey to the top inside of the ring so seem them to different generations of wrestlers share share that beer together because they have that common bond of the journey and how they got there is very symbolic and it's an awesome moment for fans. I wanted that moment on the raw reunion. I thought we should have gotten steve and becky having a beer together. I thought steve should've invited the entire locker room out or at least all of the baby faces in the locker room out to drink a beer. I wanted to see the passing of the torch from the attitude era to to the current era and not really necessarily a passing of the torch. Just let's all drink a beer together. I didn't get that but i got it on the show. I like steve game on the show a couple of weeks ago and i asked steve. Why did you not drink a beer with becky and steve said on busted open well bubba. I didn't think she needed it well if she didn't need it. Why did you drink kabeer with their on your show and let her stunned you. On your show. I understand that you might not think she quote unquote needs it but it definitely didn't hurt as a as a fan and a wrestler yearned for that moment of austin and becky drinking a beer together and then i got the icing on top i got the stunner steve doesn't do that for just anybody and i don't think steve has ever ever done that for anybody and that's what will make that a special moment in time. Here's what you're going to put my t._v. Hat on i think that was taped already and that's why he said what he said. I think it was done. Court was coming on mondo so it's safe for his show. We've got a cool moment there. It would have been weird if they did it and then did it again. Maybe so whatever because i love it by the way him saying that whether he was being truthful or not him saying that put her over even more. I didn't think she needed it. That's where i think she's at. That's cool but i cover for it. I thought that was just cover. Steve was covering for himself and for her when he was on busted. Open shares no way in hell that an old school thinker wrestler worker like steve austin would would ever think that well becky really doesn't need that moment of course she does. They brought in mike tyson so steve austin have that moment so steve even knows but he's protecting becky and he also knows what he's got on the back end on his show so i kinda called steve out just a tiny bit and i said hey man you know you need you need vince everybody needs some body so i obviously i don't hold a grudge against the it kinda. I i know i think he said it knowing it was coming. Let's just put it that way and framed it as a way to put her over that much more saying. I don't think ah put her on a bigger pedestal. I don't think she needs it knowing it was coming so his cover was a kind of a way to put her over and we got it anyway. So it's a cool ending again anyway. We got it and the reverence and respect he has for her. You wanna talk about passing the torch in any way. We got it if you don't know sirius x._m. Then listen commercial free music plus sports comedy talk 'n news they had it. All a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy sirius x._m. But you don't you listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of sirius sirius x._m. Outside the car for just one dollars just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone at home and online that siriusxm accent dot com slash plus did offer available to new series exempt streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required bully and mark henry tomorrow is there a name aim for that is that the world's strongest show is there. Is there remind you know there's a name for the bully and mark show go ahead. It's called the hall of fame and pain hayne addition of busted open. I just want to let you say because it's your show world strongest bullies. Oh i like that too. That's good world's. Strongest bullies could be good because you know y because i think we need more of that from work. We were very happy. Nice guy and i feel like you you pull a little something different out of o- obviously you didn't hear you this story about him threatening to choke out a fireman with the fireman's hose. Oh yeah i heard so did alex mets. He said i choke the shit out of you with your hoes like even put a little bit of ron simpson. They're like marquesa. He'll bill maher. He'll walk straight up hill. You guys are also confused by the personalities on the show dreamers a he'll say he'll and and mark henry is a he'll bully is the only baby face on this show really you are yes because i'm the most truthful and honest truthful useful. Yes truthful i would agree with you're not gonna pull any punches. You will tell it like it is and honesty goes a long way. It's why people were behind belly because they believed in her from day one and last night she took her aggression out and it was you know what good you deserve to take that aggression out and we've talked a lot about that today on the show and where you have more calls coming up on that we have smackdown tonight. We've discussed you have are open the show. Do you not show lowered. The live crowd you. Show her in the back. I i love the idea of her faking hug or maybe going to saucer just going over a kid and just totally ignoring child. Who's looking for a hug from bailey. That's good also to her for her wellbeing bully. She doesn't have to worry about weird dudes trying to hug her on her entrance anymore for which she has to nicely get around. Sometimes she doesn't even have to bob now. She can even make fun of that. Which would be an even better thing. I feel like she's gonna and personally she may not. I don't say this. She's probably going to be happy to not have to hug people anymore. Regret the greco would be one of those weird dude due to try to hug her. Dave's gonna take over the gimmick. Actually it's that's his next book. It's dave. I chased the hug mcgregor. Yes he's the new hugger and you know. He was working in the pneumonia angle because you get free shipping hot. I am shocked. He did not tweet more about being in the hospital and saying oh randy watched you surely i asked you about. Can i get that or hey a._w._a._c. Ura you're coming to baltimore and a few months would love to be. They're not that far of a trip man. I'm glad that i watched the show from the hospital. The other day couldn't miss it had to be had to see every part of it. What a work. It's all fake. I saw people brought them food. The hospital by the free food free food free food. Thanks for the barbie. I'm surprised tagged the restaurants to get cot. Free food from your friends probably rub down from one of the nurses that you rub his feet. Did you send them anything. Gee i sat up. Something took a crap box and here's some medicine for you. Dave throat feel better any later this week. He's texted me and he's complaining. I the monja. I don't feel good this that and the other thing i said listen. Tell it to give you a shot of penicillin. Go home gargle some jack daniels. It gets a perogie from violeta. You'll be fine today really think that asking for your sympathy work in hurt was going to work. Did you not get knocked out by right chris jericho or somebody in one of those ladder matches. I feel like i've heard that story before exact he the sympathy you got the wrong guy. You want. Sympathy go to the hallmark store go to twitter those people that are giving them. Well wishes you can get those people that are clueless that are asking at are believed. This whole thing is believed this charade of dave just trying to make an extended weekend out of this labor day weekend while we worked by the way yesterday and our work again today. Don't worry day. We'll prop up your program. If it's still your show i don't know i just went too far far. I had to do it. I had to use right there for me. I can see him. I'm at home right now that son of a bitch that's sort of a big mac cam that piece of crap. I can't take my job i i. Maybe we'll get back to work. Maybe maybe we'll get him back to work. I don't i don't have anything with you thursday. I don't have to thank goodness businesses but imagine it was dreamer i'd be i already have a bad back that would that would destroy me. I'd be laid up in bed for real anyway. Firefly fun ounces last night night and you have an idea as you just talked about at the beginning of the end of our number two that maybe the next one to take the mandible have they named that yet by the way is there. You're in name for the man other. Putting a name or is it. Just i know needs one not really. I'm not a big fan of every single move or something needing a name like. I see that a lot with what i was watching eighty w like they were calling. These moves like oh. Oh that's the pope aac cone suicide diablo nacho special yeah. It's just a dive not everything needs. Excalibur doesn't awesome those are those are the names but that's always been a thing that i think happens outside of w._b. Moore's calling every move whereas w._w._e. Is it's more about the signature moves. This is obviously a signature move. That's what i'm getting at but i kinda like it that it's the mandible claw i kind of liked that he exists in this different reality -ality of sorts and that i love that there that we don't see him every week who did the mandible claw first mankind nope well before that was who was before that dr jerry graham okay right and it was called the mandible claw. It's one of those moves right. It's just be see that or it was called the mandible choke or the mandible something. That's what it should be. That's what it is. The mandible claw doctor jerry graham. Did it mick foley did it. The fien does does it end of story mandible claw. It doesn't have to be the fiendish claw or the mandible fiend just book law if <hes> what they continue to do with him is how this is going to go. I love it. I love that he's become a special attraction to a point where we don't see him every week and now we seem different elements. I love that they're keeping that other persona around that mister mr rogers esque character around where he is still in the firefly funhouse. There's an acknowledgement you know it's not like he split personalities right. He knows what what he is but it's i don't know. I don't know if he knows what he is. He he does acknowledge he apologizes when i love that that almost almost fake apology or the apology comes from the guy in the sweater not the guy with the crazy pants and the mask the apology comes from the the the the nicer version but the nicer version who i do believe self-aware last night he go ahead. It's it's very dr jekyll mister hyde. It is so yes he does know the other. The other person exists which i think it's like bruce banner knowing that the hulk exists but he embraces that as opposed to bruce banner not wanting to turn into the hulk right. I gotta hold this thing down. Brain knows what that is correct. He knows it's part of money. Fins feeding vince mcmahon money is the greatest thing the greatest gift. I don't know if it was made as a gif. What do you think vince is reaction was that you think he thought it was. The funniest thing in the world loved it. <hes> i love it. I make so much money. Feed me more ha. He loves it and and you know what the interesting part is earlier. In the show we were talking about getting over and if you can get over it means that you're making money thus it's a boss a book or a promoter will be willing to deal with whatever they need to deal with as long as you're over right because you're feeding them money what was bray ray doing feeding vince money basically he's saying he's unstoppable because i make too much money for the machine so what they i. I guess they kind of acknowledged right. I think people have seen this before when there are shows coming up down the road. Sometimes it's actually going only to happen. Sometimes it's placeholder stuff you get an announcement of a match happens a lot for ross and it's usually the dark match you know it's the six-man after raw goes over its roman omen and seth and dean ambrose in the past the shia whatever these two guys against you know these two heels and it's after the show's over and that's just the way to get people to stick around another. You know what one selling match but sometimes like what was announced hell in a cell future sure promotion is that the fiend will challenge either seth rollins or braun strowman for universal championship inch chip and i was a little surprised that was happening already but then they acknowledged it last night and he said it and the vince vince puppet set it so they put it on t._v. Bully that's going to happen. Is it too quick to do that because it feels like if they're doing it. He's got a win. Not only is too quick. I don't care okay. I'm intrigued by it. I do we do we actually get there. I'm not quite sure okay. That's today but they acknowledged it i would i would i would have been with you if you know if it happened and and it was out there and it would have been like all right. They're not gonna do that. They just do that out there or they're going to different direction because plans change they certainly do but they put it on tv. That's like hanging over this match now. Card subject to change always has been always will be as long as if they go in a different direction it makes accent and it's as entertaining as having him in helena sell listen if you get bray in a cell against braun or seth and the bell rings you need the bell to ring again to end the match and one or two thing has to happen especially because the cell. It's got to be a winner right. You can't get out of that match cell right yes yes. I mean listen. It's progressing so anything is possible. Are you going to beat bray wyatt. I think that's a horrible idea. Are you going to put the championship on bray wyatt right now. I think that's a horrible idea so the direction they're going in. All i know is i've loved everything so far but matt lemme ask you this because i have a very uh. I have an interesting opinion on something. At least i think it's interesting. When i ask myself the question from the minute we ever saw bray wyatt from the very very first day. You saw him up until now. When do you found yourself. The least interested in bray wyatt day one before this before all the stuff. He's been doing from the very first day. You saw him to a firefly funhouse up until last night. When when was the mystique gone navy wrestling. I don't correct i go out about negative. I don't want to say that negatively because what he did. I was still intrigued by but it wasn't the other stuff. The other stuff was better. It wasn't bad. The other stuff was just better. I wanna make iraq but once the bell rang against finn ballor it was a wrestler. You're versus a wrestler and bray wrestling. We've seen a wrestle before we know. Bray is a great wrestler a great entertainer now how he's just doing it under the fiend mask with a couple of different mannerisms but once that bell rings that whole mystique is gone so oh. How do we keep the mystique. We have him wrestle infrequently. I don't wanna see why wrestle inconsequential unsual matches. I only wanna see him. Wrestle the right guys at the right time for the right reasons the comparison that has been made lead with him going back before this current incarnation is that he could be and not that anybody could ever be this but undertaker like where he is a special attraction and because of the way he speaks in mysterious nece and the cult following the wing and you know he's almost on his own that way and i feel like for a while and this was the guy won. The title six or seven times undertaker was not someone through into the championship picture because i didn't think he had to be because he was so unique and he was so special on his own bray bray when he won that championship for the month that he had it a couple of years ago. It felt cool that he did it but it never felt like he needed to be going after that that i don't know and maybe this would change in six months or eight months or a year. I don't know if i need bray wyatt anywhere near the the w._w._e. Championship because i think he is so unique and so different it doesn't feel like that's what he's thinking about. It doesn't feel like that would be a motivation for bray y as the faint being the champion. You said this since since he's pulled up just create havoc right create create craziness. It's not necessarily about the ring terrorize. I feel like that's what this character is and that character has nothing to do do with the w._w._e. Championship i'm sorry the universal championship so maybe it's striking while the iron hot but but don't you feel like the championship really doesn't have anything to do with the motivation for this character or should it one thousand percent. I don't i. I don't believe believe a championship. Is this character's motivation. I believe this character's motivation is terrorizing anybody and everybody who has ever wronged and him and he alluded it alluded to it in his promo last night about braun and seth being a part of his past as people have may have wronged him. I just got to go back and correct myself on something. Go ahead. I said dr jerry graham with the mandible claw. I think it's dr sam. Sheppard was the first person to to do it. I think i might have gotten the guys confused so t- this dr sam shepherd or jerry graham but the point was it was called the mandible claw from day one so i just wanted to go back and dr sam shepherd is correct by the way i just look dr sam shepherd okay yeah. I just got the guys confused. I just i probably going to get hammered for making my mistake but i i wanted to acknowledge that i made a mistake and i'm correcting myself by the way so i'll give you that. I'll give quick background on this mick foley. The move is based heavily on the man the mandibular mandibular man. I came say it's mandy below bueller nerve pinch. You're mandibular. Thank you nerve pinch. Finishing hole to nineteen sixties. Osteopathic physician turned wrestler sam sheppard data. There's where it came from but i agree with you on title and bray wyatt and you know what maybe that's what the finish of the matches. Maybe that's how they get out of him. Not being the champion and still standing call tall is that it's more about terrorizing rising and i see you know maybe it's i could take this championship whenever i want. I just don't want it yet. I don't know if the right way to do that but i just don't feel like he needs the championship up yet does that intrigue immediately and now he's kind of overhanging over this whole thing and by the way if we go to your idea what stone cold then he's definitely overhanging this whole thing. There's there's a reason to get him involved. Likely you're hearing god's busted. Open live weekdays from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on sirius sirius x._m. Channel fifty six or on demand with the theory attacks them app. I said earlier bullied that the whole show oh everything made sense everything went somewhere on the show and i thought that was a great example of it you had in the opening segment. The club club and ziglar in bobby rude have that big brawl in the contract signing with braun and seth and then cedric cutting a promo backstage and then he gets attacked by the club just because they're asserting their dominance over the show and then cedric scott as more of an underdog against a he'll a piece of crap like baron corbin and he fights valiantly and he loses. That's all connected all connected in a very good way. Look how they connected. There's a threat there throughout all of it all makes sense. It wasn't contrived. It wasn't forced it moved multiple stories along. It takes barron to look beating up a guy. I who had been beat up any wins and he moves on. I loved every single part of that by the way those two guys had one. Hell of a match barron orange trouble because is in big big trouble well. The other part is that ricochet and snow. No no no no no no no no no no. I'm telling you barons in big trouble. Go ahead and if he's not careful things. Things are not going to go well for him. You know why why he's going to turn himself baby face. Did you look at the crowd crowd last night. After barron went over people were cheering. Why were they cheering because he had a great match with cedric alexander matt. I remember years in years and years ago. When i was a fan watching on anderson wrestle every week on tv and arn would obviously get booed because on was a heel and a member of the horsemen c'mon he was a bad guy. We boo the bad guys but what would aren't do every single week. He'd come out on tv. He'd wrestle a tremendous match and he'd lose and every single week. He'd have the best match of the week but he'd lose best match of the week any lose. What was the constant best first match after a while people started to say to themselves. Why are we doing on anderson. He puts on great matches. Yes i think that's starting to happen with corbin. Corbin gives one hundred and ten percent. He always has a good match. He pleases. He's just part very well. All his physicality is solid. He very very rarely makes a mistake. Can you tell me right now. Can you pick apart barron corbin's in ring style or his in ring game or ability. Tell me what's wrong with it now. It's not he for his size. I think his mannerisms are good. I think it's all there. I think it's all what you what he does exactly what he should do in the rick. Did he have a great match galaxy did he did do people liked the cedric alexander style yes to corbin wrestle cedric edrich style yeah bet more. I think it was more of a fast paced match. It was fun. It was exciting. It didn't slow down there. Were three false finishes. Yes yeah full fool invested. Yes when you have all when you have all of that. It's almost impossible to despite spy is more like stuff like that. Is that little stuff like that where you cheat more and just give people reason to be pissed at you as it slowing down down the match just a little bit so they can't get that pumped up about what they're watching in the ring. I can give you a couple of ways to make sure that your booed more but i don't think that is the the the direction the w._w._e. Wants to go and i don't think there is concerned about the booze. They're going to let people react how the ever they want to react and what i saw last night from that baltimore crowd was people. I'm not telling you the whole arena did this. I'm not even telling you half the arena did this. I saw people on their feet cheering for corbin because corbin starting to get over with his work rate people especially in two thousand and one thousand nine hundred wrestling fans love work rate and his work rate is becoming that damn good where he can work with just about out any anybody so if he's not careful. He's going to become a baby face now. Of course i'm being facetious and saying he needs to be careful. He's getting over and he's going to be over and is a great chance he's going to be your king of the ring and he's going to be able to run with that forever. Yeah okay okay so i'm with you. I still think he's the favourite we had joe and ricochet. Go to a double pin. They go to the video review. They don't answer it front front of the crowd. We get it after the fact that he thinks he's going to advance. They both limited each other on the double pin. I go to the finals which move i would've liked. 'cause that would've given me reason to be mad at him. He just got by. He didn't have to wrestle again. He's taking the shortcut. Whatever it is whether it's a short cut or not it gets them to the next round instead. They triple threat with another. I guess joe he'll people like him. Too and then ricochet i expected did it to be baron corbin and ricochet we said this yesterday on the air off the air i expected baron corbett ricochet in the semi's and i expect the winner of that match to win king of the ring now. It's a triple threat. Do you like that direction that they went triple threat with this. I'm going to try to make a comparison here that i know you'll be able to appreciate. This is a tournament right. It is shrinking the ring. Tournament has brackets correct yes do you what else is a tournament that has brackets rockets the n._c._a._a. Last march madness yes. Do you remember that one time when those two college teams that were wrestling in the quarterfinals ended up in a tie and both teams moved on to the semifinals. The wasn't a thing that doesn't happen when the when the game or the match ends in i i just move both teams. On what do you normally do over time. Tiebreaker add five more minutes. It's so not only did they go to the videotape but then somebody i don't know who made the decision was at the board of directors. They jacked honey honey. Come down from heaven and get into the refs ear and tell them but like. I don't know who made the decision. Maybe i missed it. I don't know if they told us. They said john talk to the officials. That's all they said. They kept very vague to the officials. What officials is there. A senior official. Okay did mike senior official. Mike kyota make take this decision okay. I don't know who made the decision but the decision to me is weird because i've never seen a situation where a tie ended up in both people advancing. Why didn't they just do five more minutes. Why don't we just i would rather buy actual over again. I would've said they both eliminated. They're both out and that would have been the better idea and why would it have been the better idea yeah because it would have gotten heat on corbin 'cause now corbin stands there and goes well looks like i gotta buy and then if he wins the king of the ring he wins it with an asterisk because he truly didn't go through everybody. Butterfield had go because because here's what i would say with this now. I feel like he can't win the triple threat because then he's overcoming the odds as the he'll now i feel like this leads to richocheting overcoming the odds and winning a triple threat and that gets into the finals and then if he wins he wins but i feel like if you're going to win a triple threat. You're overcoming yachts especially against to heels joe corbett. This does feel like it sets up for baron to to win now correct now. It sets up for ricochet to go over on joe. Thus barron never loses loses in the tournament and now you do ricochet and andrade yup so you can have your king and queen. I'm not telling you what's going to definitely definitely happen. I'm just saying if we had to go in a different direction than baron. That's the direction i would go in so here's the two ways they could go. I think right now just looking at the bracket. Barron barron wins next week. He goes to the finals okay. There's there's a raw half. You gotta liason ali tonight. You got gable and andrade tonight as well. If barron is going to the finals that tells me i'll go to the finals. Would you agree with that. Yes okay not chat. I like chad gable but i don't think it would be see him. No if ricochet goes to the finals. I think it's ricocheting andrade correct. That's what i believe that also okay. I don't think it's allies 'cause i think will get involved and they have to but i'm with you. If ricochet wins and then becomes king of the ring i think barron's the first guy feuds against because barrington say i. I never lost. I beat cedric. You guys had a double pin. I didn't lose that match either so he could say. I never lost to you. I never lost a match in the king of the ring. You do not have a right to that crown. I deserve that crowned. Maybe they put it up for grabs and that crutch that bitching and moaning and is just as good as him proclaiming himself the king of the ring what they've done with the corbin situation as much as i dislike the three way they've given even themselves out no matter what the finishes if he were to win the king of the rain well. There's an asterix there he wanted because he had a bye. Now everybody the else could say you know damn well. You didn't really win it because you had a you know a by and if he loses that's his crutch. Hey man i never got pinned and samoa joe pin me ricocheted in pin me ricochet pin samoa joe thus you don't have the nobody has their right to call themselves. The king of the ring armed the uncrowned king of the ring. Thanks for listening catch us weekdays on busted open from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern stern on sirius x._m. By nation channel one fifty six the busted open podcast.

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