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"jeremy ben dick" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

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"jeremy ben dick" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"Hasty or not he Stephen Rash Swagger swagger play more chaotic. You know 'cause you have stuff that you can fall back on yeah. I think it's interesting because you know we kind of saw a little bit in the preview of Sarah being mad af so I do wonder if it's like okay. No I will get rid of Jeremy this week and so he won't bother paying Jeremy Back because it's like okay. We're going to get rid of Jeremy. Do you think you can give her fire tokens. If Sarah Fire Tokens I'm sorry here. Like recompense ooh. Yeah that'd be interesting but I wonder if it's like a debt collector kind of thing where it's like nick comes to Tony and Tony's I. I don't have the money man like go to Sarah. She's got all my money and then it's just like a chain it. He does if he is able to rain all his Alliance of Sarah and then he will be playing his original game and they vote out Jeremy and then he screws one of them over. It wouldn't be wild. It'd be funny to see if they all fell for it. But they're all they're all smart so what he did. You know described over one and went back and screwed over wine and went back. The interesting thing would be if he votes out. Jeremy Ben Dick than they are like crazy. I Know Tony. Has Fire Tokens? Let me sell in this advantage. Yeah yeah the let me just go. You know 'cause I wonder if we're GONNA see another kind of punishment I doubt it but another sort of like punishment disadvantage come from the edge of extinction. Because you know now maybe people are a little bit more but her like might send stuff to Tony being like screw you. Tony like out. Yeah I do wonder I guess out of the people on the edge of extinction right now. Do you think would have been most likely to use the extortion advantage for malice. Rather than gaining fire tokens. Ooh That's a good question. Who Do I think? Out of all of them Let's see we'll Tyson was Kinda mad cause. He flipped entire table off when he got voted out so but I feel like he would have calmed down. Maybe by the time he got there but if it had been right after. I think that could have been really fun to watch. Yeah the people. The most recently voted off are GonNa be the mom or.

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