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"jeremih woosah" Discussed on Cowboys Beat

"I just think you know, especially if they miss out or take somebody else at 10, I think that would be a great fit in a cover-3 scheme. I mean big he's athletic he is not his brother OB he understands that his brother had flaws I've talked to him was that he was probably over drafted because of his athletic profile and he knows that he was kind of soft and he is he very much doesn't he didn't say Thursday? But that's what like he intimated that a little bit and so I think that he really tries to be go that extra mile to be physical as a corner. Especially it comes to you know, defending the run and going up and attacking screens and then man like the draft really sets up pretty good for them to you know, maybe get a linebacker or a defensive tackle with that third round pick linebacker and d-tackle in this draft class. That's kind of where the strength is. There's not a bunch of high-end Talent at D tackle, you know, the one technique but there's a bunch of guys in that kind of range that I think would be good value there. It also linebacker depending on which guys fall Dylan Moses is probably going to be round and round 3 months bill Cox might be probably not especially after he test but he might be he's really really good in coverage and then there's just so many guys that you think one of them is probably going to be there at 75 wage. And then in the fourth round if they want to get a developmental free safety, you know, I don't I don't think they'll have a chance to get Trayvon more rig or Richie Grant with their second round pick. So I'm getting in developmental guy. Maybe it came Stearns who I'm showing your yeah aware of, you know covering the Big Twelve. He's somebody who I really like the upside of God, you know, maybe ardarius Washington and if the team is comfortable with his height, I really like the player and you know, there's there's other guys as well Divine Diablo timer last be from Missouri, you know, and then after that, you know, there's guys that I like at the one technique defensive tackle Cyrus Tonga from BYU on Dale Mabry somebody like to Darrell Slayton on day three from Florida 6 with four three hundred thirty pounds. He's got absolute levers as arms and he uses them really. Well. He's just he's dead. A great athlete and there's one techniques, you know, that's really where you can find Value in the draft on day three those guys cuz the NFL doesn't value. Who do you thinks the best defensive player in this draft man? That's a tough question. The highest grade that I have is a tie between J. Okay, Jeremih woosah, Carmella the linebacker safety hybrid and Micah Parsons dead. Those are the two highest grades that I have. Given their positional value. Those are not the guys that I would draft first. I would draft I actually have the highest film grade on Caleb Farley, but with the back injury and there's just no way that you can feel comfortable taking him that high and so he would kind of be my guy but I would take the two corners JC horn and Patrick Stewart an over the linebackers because of positional value package. Then I really really like. Jaelan Phillips the Miami Edge rusher as well, but he also has injury concerns. And so that pushes him down the board a little bit as well. He's the name that might be there at 44th because of all the the health issues and I mean, he would be a perfect type of blue star special for Jerry Parsons is so interesting because he seems to be such a polarizing Prospect so much talent..

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