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2 Everett cold weather shelters at capacity as snow moves in, city of Seattle opens two more

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01:25 min | 5 months ago

2 Everett cold weather shelters at capacity as snow moves in, city of Seattle opens two more

"And snow homeless shelters is Snohomish County are quickly filling up. And Cuomo's Jonathan chose is Jeremiah Swartz of the effort. Gospel Mission says these locations were already struggling with limited space because of covert 19 restrictions Covert and the cold. It's quite a challenging combination and locations like the Gospel mission are starting to fill up and people may have to be turned away in this difficult realities. Playing out across the city, the Salvation Army says mattresses are being rolled up with the shelters near capacity and the United Church of Christ shelter. It's already full and the only reason the ever gospel mission as a few more openings is because crews there are pushing the boundaries of covert 19 social distancing requirements, adding an additional 38 beds for the winter blast. If somebody stays outside And the temperature's do dropped to 18 degrees right with snow and all of that they might not wake up tomorrow, the Snohomish County Human Services Department says of shelters. Philip Overflow area is set up at the Sky Valley Cold weather shelter in Monroe. And any homeless provider covering the cost of a cab to get there will be reimbursed. City of Seattle has opened two additional cold weather shelters through Monday morning. Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center, Bitter Lake Community Center and Garfield Community Center will be open with a list of more cold weather shelters on our website. Look for the winter Weather Survival guide on our home page it. Cuomo news dot com. State's

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