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"jeremiah hall" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Welcome back. Sports Talk. Jason FBO 83605 19. My apologies to Joe, who was on hold Hung up, says Bears run 37 miles an hour. Crying. Bravo! Sierra. You know, the other thing to bear can get up to 30. I would say 38 39 name is giving a jars. Honey, you can't they're saying would know. Okay, 37 Miles an hour. Yeah. Oh, thank you, Sam. Sam, our producer day. Well, okay, That's not Bravo, Sierra. You're right. Though it doesn't look at that bear. I wouldn't guess any. We runs 37 Miles an hour. That said, I don't know how fast the golf cart goes. 37 seems fast within if you don't have a governor on it, If you have a governor won't go, 37. They go off, the fairway pp pp, but it goes Stops on you. You know, uh, bear comments stops on you. Trouble in little China? Yeah, Well, if you've got a lazy, fair governor like Greg Abbott it uh oh, you're telling me almost didn't do it Be, though, after I did the lightning strike. How good killing me Just so glad Can you sports talk as your very own open mic. Mike this afternoon. Okay, we get to the NBA Just a moment at Clements wants to talk about how the Olympics should be cancelled. But let's stick with the college football for a second. The Longhorns announced the player attendees for the big 12 media days, which happened next week in Arlington. Yeah, it used to be a big thing back when I first got in the way you surely have really fun. Big 12 stories used to be fun. Because you have a traveling caravan. You would go from sitting all Southwest Conference station. You go to college station come over here and the sports information Directors would wine and dine you at the best restaurants in their town and a lot of drinking going on a lot of Chief Moreland Poor now the strip club at seven. A.m.. Mm hmm. Sorry. I didn't know. Why did I have to involve Keep Moreland? I don't know why I come on. Get you? Uh, we never got to that kind of chicanery but close, you know, strip clubs in college station, but no, it used to be kidding me. It used to be Don't have nudity in college station used to be a fun deal. Because you you know, with with technology you never See the coach interview the players, but now it's just there. There are they're everywhere. All the Yeah, it's everywhere. And this is not what it used to be. Yeah. Still, by John Robinson and key Andre Defensive lineman Kendrick Coburn will be the every team brings two players in the head coach the big 12 media days. Seem like fine choices. The Marvin over Schoen's working on his clothing line, I assume, is why he was unavailable. Obviously be. John is a guy. He's a Heisman Trophy candidate should take him. Which raises the question. What are you doing? Oh, you because they're they are bringing Jeremiah Hall and Nick Bonito. I'm sure are fine sooner. Contribute contributors. Where Spencer Adler? Yeah, he's the quarterback. Heisman Trophy favorite. Yeah, you're supposed to start his Heisman Trophy campaign. A big 12 media days. You know, he's probably busy schlepping raising cane's Did he sign up? Does he have a raising campaign to and I'll deal with it? I'm trying to think of Spencer rattler. There's got to be some kind of snake endorsement that's available for my dude. Right to Texas. You could hook up with the snake farm farm. Just sounds nasty love it pretty much is I don't know if they hadn't do They have money to be spending on and I'll endorsements the snake fly have heard if you go in there and you pass a 20 over the counter and say, I'd like change for this, Uh, really take you to the back. Really? Leave me alone with the snake 20 minutes. They do whatever you want, man. But Spencer Adler Should be there. It's a disservice by Lincoln. Riley. What are you hiding Lincoln? What are you hiding their coach? Well, maybe it's I mean, as you said, it is. It is big 12 media days. Just not not as uh, big of a deal as it once was. It's not a big deal as it once was, But still you want to get the top line players their You know. Uh, Steve Sarkeesian has taken a month be Sean. And who could win a Heisman? So Yeah, I think you've got to take your best players so kind of odd, but To each your own coach. Yeah. You eat your own. Mm. Are each your own coach? I don't care. But now they should have the best players. Their game. Two of the NBA Finals is tonight. I believe eight o'clock tip there in Phoenix again. The sun's just a 4.5 point favorite tonight to down a little from Game one. You assume the bucks make some adjustments and Going to have a full strength. Donna Santa Taku Po to be determined a fuller strength to cope. Oh, can you They do it is he looks like a rabbit. Yeah, coming back from that hyper extension so fast, So could he be full, full strength? Sure, but I mean, there were 5.5 Point favorite one by 15. So now there are what 4.5 4.5. I mean, I want to pick the bucks tonight because, after championing Chris Paul yesterday and saying that I underestimated the sons Changed my pick to the Bucks and seven and I would need them. I would. I feel like the Bucks would need to win tonight. But it's all I mean, it's 100% dependent on the health of Greek freak, and I don't know I don't know what it's going to be. He was great in the first quarter of Game one, and then the second quarter is okay. And then the second half of kind of kind of disappeared. I don't know is a conditioning thing that injury bubbling up to be determined. You're still you're you're all the way with the Sun's right. But I'll take the sun's again at home. Yeah, I think they might have got him in 55 will probably drop one in Milwaukee..

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