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"jens dasher" Discussed on Hard Factor

"U2 would you put fifty bucks. that's twenty one hundred dollars in the end. Because play with smith. So i call i hedged to make sure cash out but i still took all pretty nice chunk. Still forefinger paid that it. Was you want that guy. He was plus. I think we'll said long-overdue he's he's had eight eight two second-place finishes in like the last fucking year. So he was he was. Do we really got it. I don the by problem is i. Don't even know how to bet on golf. Like i'll i'll see your picks and then i don't even understand which tournament to click on the app to do now is is cameras smith and probably connors. Those guys are dancing all over it. Corey record yet. The connors corey connors. You do for awhile. He's motorized the canadian dead same. One number five crypto doing well across the board car donohoe also called. Ada is particularly taking off up another twelve percent on monday alone. Should probably put all my light coins into car. Oh ooh didn't so hall. And everything's on muss crash bitcoin with his chih talking about it being not environmentally friendly. I took out a loan to buy cortana. Who good in crypto. How donald is going to go on double right now plus. I'm already doubled as well. It's gonna rip triple early. Think it's gonna go to one hundred no at the market cap is so it's already like Like billions of dollars so if it goes two hundred it would be like insane market cap so i think i think it will get to five easily ten. Hopefully fifteen probably. But i mean once the smart contracts rollout out on september twelfth. Hopefully when alonzo launches that is going to be big and that's why it's been going up because everyone is speculating camera. A new reporting south didn't turn the camera just turned me off itself. Well it doesn't like mark apparently which has been a new system today. This is not good. Now he's now he's gone partially we're gonna be right back. We'll get them by. Maybe seventeen guys guys. The reason the reason might be because there's eighteen crypto regulation bills floating around capitol hill perhaps all that regulations actually good thing for the markets and then maybe as bad as i think now under his i can get card on a shirt maybe card donald tattoo if it keeps going up. Yeah i mean. Like i say if i if i had just shifted all my coins over card on my portfolio. It'd be way better today if i had done that. All at the at the basement. When i was making almost afford a car from the same to you. Go okay number four newsweek. They published an article by scott dworkin. Who is he's upset democratic. Yeah he's big tab dork. Looks here working. Scott dworkin newsweek's opinion article. Stop blaming biden for afghanistan. He's cleaning up trump's mess in opinion by that guy scott door check out his picture while hot. It's pretty pretty not great. He's of the democratic coalition against trump. And he wrote that article that blames trump naturally for what's happening in afghanistan and then pushed it with the hashtag hashtag respect by them on twitter which gathered tens of thousands of tweets But included plenty of jabs at biden as well taking it to the internet. I want to show you both sides of it i i found one of the more hilarious rant guys that i've i've seen in politics recently and here is a look at what one of the pro biden tweets would be on this on this hashtag. So here is. I'm sorry i've tried to get the video up for you guys. Have you ever noticed that. Our country is safer. When the president gets up in the morning puts their fucking shoes on and does their fucking job making the tough decisions for america good bad or indifferent not whining like a little fucking bitch. That's how it's done you fucking snowflakes dot com. Okay that's tony michaels. And he wears shirts name. His name is tony michaels. He wears a hat. That just says fuck them. I'm assuming referring to republicans and an interesting just. Does those two camera rants fuck. I think about republicans. It must be. Because that's what he's talking to all the time and he's gotta be first line to take the torch from gilbert godfrey when godfrey retires right for guys guy with the weird ask voice strange. He's first in line for just be he's like he's like he's like if the dnc made made a fake. Alex jones who tony michaels. He's great though. I've enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed watching his rats to give you some flavor of the other side of the hashtag respect biden. Hashtag kyle rebel on. Twitter says imagine on ironically tweeting hashtag respect biden. Ll what kind of bootlicker dystopia shit has this. At become to point. It was definitely a coordinated effort by newsweek twitter. And the usual hashtag respect biden crew to get this thing trending as high as it did but kyle. That's us how the world works also on the other side of the trendier hilario bryden. Md says i hashtag respect biden for not sniffing every little girl every has little matz over and get them all the time. You know you think it's according to eating through. Twitter was involved in some news with nameless. The article newsweek published the twitter like the the platform eating which they suppressed the hunter biden article leading up the election. Pack twitter never ever manipulates the trends. Even though i've seen it time after time in this segment william. I think there's a slight difference between your understanding of what someone might do at a tack organization to either suppress or poor gas on a fire or promote. Yeah yeah probably not probably not this one probably okay. Well that's according to tech expert at heart factor pat related to this trend. Jen dasher.

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