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"jenny poidevin" Discussed on Fairground F*ck Ups

"Has luna park as well. But it's a house it may not be disneyland. The years old. The children of sydney had outside of episode of skippy. The bush kangaroo and a local shoot for the dolph lundgren version of marbles the punish it had no international impact. Australia's wonderland was cooler in its day but that puck is long since gone sold off to malaysian property developers and turned into a storage facility. Luna park is a survivor and we love the place for it positioned on great a prime real estate right on the edge of the northern tip of sydney haba the giant clown face mocks and ironic depiction of a once glorified symbol of australian huma. Any passenger by ship to security sees the great white clown. Great them with an enormous smile a smile that invites you to into that mouth. That now is the entrance to luna park. Sydney's most famous amusement park and mainstay since the nineteen thirties albeit one with a long storied history of closures of a whole protests roles and terrible tragedy along the way the site located on the shore along the northern end of the sydney harbour bridge was originally farmland. But in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty four was taken over by large workshops and storerooms housing. The equipment used to build the sydney harbour bridge in the thirties. A gentleman named herman phillips turn the area into the first iteration tion of luna park opening in nineteen thirty five. The new attraction was based on the amusement park of the same name at coney island new york and mimicked earlier versions in australia set up in melbourne in nineteen twelve and glendale adelaide in nineteen thirty. The botton was an artist in residence from nineteen thirty five to nineteen seventy in the fifties. He designed a happy entrance face which became the iconic symbol in the past luna park. Had a more romantic vibe than it does today and was really a place for young adults not small children during world war two. It was a popular destination particularly for servicemen despite the neon lights that had to be dimmed so as not to risk drawing the attention of invading japanese aero or forces this popularity drew prostitutes to the area and fights were commonplace. Especially between american troops and local servicemen when its construction was proposed in nineteen thirty three one. Reverend caldo feared there would be nightly orgies there which could not be checked no such luck but not as crazy affairs at sounds now. The face shaped entrance was likely inspired by peruvian. Hell where people entered through the mouth of a red-faced devil. Catching the train to milton's point and walking down the hill to luna park builds the anticipation prior to nineteen seventy-two luna park would close for three months of the year apprentice use those three months to maintain the talk with a new kind of paint checking mechanics of rides and replacing pots. Post nineteen seventy two. The park open all year round taking away that crucial maintenance period by the time nineteen seventy-nine rolled around a lot of the rods. Close to forty years old. The ghost train was one of the fairgrounds. Most popular rides punches sat and small. 'cause shape like train engines and would transported through a disorientating pitch black space where they were assailed by terror. Inducing sights and sounds the stop on the lunar pot. Ghost train line was called hell's wrong away station on june nine. Nineteen nine john damian and cry goodson walk through the mouth of the laughing clowns entrance with excitement. Jenny poidevin formerly jennifer hudson bills. That destiny was play on the night of june ninth. Nineteen seventy nine. I was just standing at the door of coney island and all of a sudden i got. This thought that. I wanted an ice cream. It was just the most bizarre thing. I asked the boys if they wanted an ice cream and they said no so off they went with their father and that was that i didn't meet them there. They were gone. John and his two sons step through the gate. They took their seats on the train behind. A group of young people from waverley college a school only a short drive east from luna pock. The boys from waverley college were on an excursion organized by the school. It was a decent crowd at the park that night and for the ride itself thirty five people boarded the train and settled themselves in for the thrill to begin. The safety restraints locked in place at ten pause ten pm and the train entered through the horthy doors into the dark tunnel beyond at ten fifteen pm students. Seated in the front car of the ghost train began to shift in their seats craning the knicks around to see behind them glancing to the ceiling with puzzled expressions on their faces. Does anyone else smell smoke. Unease seem to ripple back through the train and soon enough. All passengers were catching the scent of smoke and anxiously trying to trace it to the source standing at the exit to the ride pox. Often security had no such confusion. Thick black smoke began to pull out of the doors. The fire emanated from the center of the ghost. Train complex the passages cupboards that house the electrical wiring and allow the maintenance access. The passages had no idea of this they will only aware of the thickening smoke filling the corridors of the ride and the creasing hate that began to accompany it. People began calling out help though it's unclear if any of their cries reached the intending staff who seemed frozen panic at the unfolding disaster through it. All the ride didn't stop. The train kept moving forward. This proves too much. John carlson with visibility getting worse by the second the smoke making it harder and harder to breathe. What was the likelihood of anyone actually being able to come to the rescue. The best chance to survive was to find their own way out forcing open the restraints. On his train. cau-. John gathered his two sons and climbed over the side taking them by the hands and setting out on foot for the emergency exit alerted by the noise. They made the four students. Seated in the car. Ahead of the godson's turn to see what they were doing. It is not known whether john encourage them to follow him or not. But he's determination must have made the boys jonathon billings richard carroll michael johnson and shame for healy confident enough to follow them climbing over the side of the still moving ghost train. They set off to followed god's direction at least the direction. They thought they saw them. Go when jenny guston might hawaii over to the ghost train. Shortly after with an ice cream in her hand she was met with a terrifying sight of smoke. Pouring out of the ride her entire family had just entered by this time someone had snapped the staff to their senses and is trying to make up for the earliest frozen panic. A flurry of activity ensued emergency services. Contacted while the ride attendants did their best to keep the gathering crowd of onlookers at a safe distance team members were dispatched to bring the puck firehose. While a handful discussed the possibility of going in when the inexperienced staff arrived with the nearest hose. The crowd looked on in disbelief. As a wake stream of water bailey managed to clear the roof of the ghost train. These efforts would not be abandoned before the sydney fire department arrived on the scene. But it was clear that the pox fire suppression system was totally inadequate to combat the growing blaze. It is possible that it contributed to the protection of the neighboring rides. The river caves and the rollercoaster. The big dipper which came through the event miraculously unscathed inexplicably. The mechanical workings of the ride never filed in spite of the damage caused by the fire and soon enough train. 'cause began to burst through the doors accompanied by massive plumes of smoke ascending into the night sky. By this point the fire had spread throughout the whole interior of the complex and passengers. Recall the fear that they may not reach the end of the line. 'cause breaching the interior sets of dole's with greeted with wolves aflame full meters high as each car emerged from the exit. Staff members rushed to assist the weak and disorientated passengers any bodily lifted and carried from the bride to a clearing where they could cover h cau- through was met with a cheer from onlookers. As more and more people drew fresh air into their lungs but seven passengers were unaccounted for. Upon arriving sydney fire crews soon took command of the situation an often fighting the fire for twenty five minutes. The brave firefighters stormed the infinia with the blaze and smoke still making it difficult to see. They only had one option. Follow the tracks taking no chances. They scoured the interior for any signs of life. All the while the fight against the blaze continued outside. Jenny godson was waiting in a days for any word on what had happened to her family and the fire was down to smoldering embers. The fire teams were able to access more areas of the ghost. Train complex medically following each cardo and path. They came to the grim discoveries of two clusters of bodies. The godson's huddled together in one tunnel. Father john draped. Over his boys. Damian and craig as if trying to shield them from the suffocating smoke and the group of school friends from waverley college also found huddled together. It became clear that after abandoning the train. 'cause to reach safety. They lost their way in the dog tragically. If they had stayed on the train they would have survived. Standing at the forefront of the crowd. Jenny goodson became desperate. She tried to attract the attention of five crew members who are too preoccupied with keeping the fire control to spare moment. Finally she found an attentive staff. Member brought her to the recovery area and promised to find someone who could help her each car that made its way out of the blaze that did not carry. Her family deepened the sense of dread and threatened to engulf her. She was so focused on the doors hoping against hope for one more car to come through that she didn't notice when staff members brought a young man to wait beside her. Jason hallman was a fellow student at waverley college and had been enjoying his. Are night at the park with friends. Jonathan richard michael chambers. Although jason had been seated directly behind his four school friends he had not join them when they left the train. Car to follow the gods two days to fully grasp the situation. Jason had no idea that the woman beside him had just lost her entire family years later when looking back on that night and the moment that a distressed firefighter informed her of the tragic fate of her family. Jenny remembered the comforting presence at her side. I wanted to stay there. And i remember someone standing beside me and until a few years ago i didn't realize who that was but it ended up being jason in the months and years that followed the pair ended up becoming lifelong friends bonded over a tragedy that others would have difficulty understanding jenny these days. Jenny poidevin cherishes the connection with another survivor of that night. More than just common circumstance jenny. Jason saint connected by shared emotional scars. That came down to the simplist almost inexplicable of choices. We sort of had survivor's guilt wear here. And they're all not that still haunts both of us today. It's just something that doesn't leave you. You lend to live with it but those sorts of feelings there night and you so it doesn't go away. Jason could not explain why he remained in his seat while his friends attempted to find their own way to safety anymore than jenny could explain the sudden craving for ice cream that led her away from the ride that night a craving she had almost never reinstate before after years spent wrestling with the pain and loss. Jason jenny have never been offered an adequate for the fire the her pot jenny believes the.

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