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Brandi Glanville Apologizes for Tactless Erika Jayne Divorce Post, Is Clare Crawley Already Married?! - Daily Pop 11/05/20

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Brandi Glanville Apologizes for Tactless Erika Jayne Divorce Post, Is Clare Crawley Already Married?! - Daily Pop 11/05/20

"Wild come to daily pop. We have some breaking news for you today we just got new photos of bachelorette claire and you know what the gatt wondering is. She already married. Have those for you in just a few minutes. Stick around to see that i. The real housewives are at war again. This time over a divorce so brandy glanville is being accused of cashing in on her friends. Heartbreaks brandy posted a link on instagram to story announcing erica james divorce. She later deleted the post in. Tweeted an apology. Saying i took xanax earlier. Because of what's going on in the world. I didn't see the post on my idea. Erica jane until this eve. And i deleted it the second i saw it. As i've said in the past. I leased my social media out i in no way would have been that insensitive interesting least her social media out meaning like she has a social media manager or did somebody probably controls. It and i do believe that she does that. I don't think brandi glanville is trying to start a media conglomerate and is trying to be the next to you but i do think that sometimes celebrities let loose and let people just control their things. Get in hot water. Sometimes i mean what would make even the social media possess. This is a good idea this rain here. People are talking about her doing this. This is why they do it. But i mean for her to write that that statement astor if i were i would be very upset at the first the first of all. I'm still unclear charisma. To your point about what leasing her social media out means like to me. It sounds like she allows other people to go on it and post on behalf of her but just on behalf of what they think is like. I don't know just determine a little confusing hard to follow. I don't think brandi glanville type of personality as we've seen many times over like put her foot in something and then take it out and be like i didn't mean to do that. I think she sees things through. So i believe her when she says i wasn't aware what was going on but i just think it's also one of those things that's like why this is like another little thing that brandies attached to that like. She didn't mean anything by but like now. Everyone's speculating insensitive. Don't you guys thing. Set the th. That should not have no women. No none of the women should be talking about erica. Cajones divorce on their social media. That can be on the show dealt with on the show reportedly win a celebrity has a lincoln their bio. It can usually mean that they're getting paid for the post. And i just checked right before we came on the air. The lincoln brand new bios till goes to this story. She didn't website I'll double check. The website will pay you to post for them. I have friends that are in acquaintances. That are famous and relatively known people that i talked to on a weekly basis. And of course i hear gossip about them all the time. I never bring it up until they bring it up. Because i never know win. Our how are what they want to talk about. So i'm going to bring it up not gonna bring it up. Panning could be the camera like here. This why it's still linking to it. Okay so i'm very confused on. If she really is sorry didn't mean to lease it out. Why still keep it in the bio. Unless like she has a contract with celebres and she needs to keep it up there for certain amount of hours. Something along those lines to nevada those votes. Because you're looking way too deep. Today's use your tactic somewhere else where it's day. I'm just curious. Okay well good news you guys. Maybe bad news. I dunno depends on how you feel about the whole relationship and the whole situation but we just got some photos of bachelorette clare crawley that. We have to talk about claire. Who spotted in her hometown rocky and massive diamond ramo on that finger. John don't do it like no. Don't talk about the shape of the rig. You know. I mean these married. Here's the thing that's definitely a wedding ring or engagement ring She knows she's going to be photographed. She knows we're going to speculate about that isn't the isn't the again. I'm not the biggest bachelor person in the world but isn't the point to like keep the end result of what happens to you completely secret until the series is wrapped. I don't think she really cares. Guys this really crazy that's right. I don't think she gives a shit. And i think the reason is. I don't think leaving the show was her choice. I've looked back and looked at this. Producer are abc executive. Did this podcast with nick. Vile and in the podcast. They talked about clare crawley and the producer said and i quote when she gave herself. The group rose because dell wasn't in the group that's when we started making the call. So i think at that point clare. Crawley was told. You might have to leave with dale this unacceptable. And you have to go. If they're going to break the contract and break the rules. I'm gonna do the same damn thing and i'm going to rub it in their basis. I found love and i. That's a good point because typically the reason why is because they are under contract and they can truly get sued if they let the cat out of the bag too soon. Isn't that's why there's sometimes photos so adamant about keeping secrets but you may have good argument there. If they if she feels that she could that they've worked the contract. I ending her season. Then she might say all bets off. Y'all can just no. I did damn thing now. Do you think she actually went through and got married forty. She's just letting everybody else because also that's that's public record right like if people get married. That's the bachelor does not control the courts like we. We could look that up. It's interesting. I think if things were so bad obviously. This season has taken a turn. That i don't think anybody has seen it bachelor history. I can't believe. I just said bachelor history a cod my street. Anyway so i don't. We've never seen this in the past. But i don't think. I think if there was such tension between her and This show we would hear more about that. Obviously we've heard about her leaving. I don. I don't know. I think it just keeps people engaged. Yeah i don't think. Abc's mad about they are licking their chops right now over here. Yeah by the way. I have to be honest to. The name of the game is finding love. that's what the bachelor bachelorette the game is finding. Love don't be mad at me if i find. I found love in three weeks. 'cause y'all told me to come here and find my soul mate. Just 'cause y'all still stuck in jumanji is not any of my mean. She knew what she wanted his figured it out and her friend. Deanna pappas was saying that exact. Same thing she's like you guys wanted somebody who was super for sure about their selves. She was celebrated about that. She knew what she wanted and she stood up for herself and now she's getting kind of chewed out hated for that same exact thing that we loved her for so it's kind of a double edged sword and that just happens when you are on that show. Yeah we love you. They love you and they hate you in the hate you all at the same time. It's just give abc. Let's the one hundred percent on us you know when they pick clark raleigh it'd be the bachelorette this was before anything in the world turned upside down by and before the diversity of what was happening in the casting and why did we only have one black bachelorette why we having another one like that was all after the fact so. Abc was kind of like this is to sail hawaii lady up in the front again and then when this happened there were like great britain. Tayshia we need diversity. Let's get in there. it's a two for one. It's a double whammy for them. They win all around since she got married. They should still give her that neal lane ring and keep a girl. We don't have any debate. Yeah i think you're right so all right well it's a big episode of the bachelorette tonight. We don't know everything that goes down but we do know that the men are pissed. Yeah no group grows. Nobody s explanation was a group date. Rose because i feel like i didn't get enough time with any of you will you. Could've you absolutely have nothing to do with dale. This is on her. She's not even giving anybody else in this house an opportunity. It's almost like she doesn't care to learn about anybody else. Like why am i here. We just need to know what's going on. Everybody would love to know. Just what are you thinking right now. Because you're not telling me oh man. Well we'll have to tune in tonight on. Abc to see what happens. And all of that. I think a lot of people are going to be watching this. Yes we yes. I am all right. You guys next jenny. Mccarthy's awkward moment that you cannot look away from who did. She accidentally call a loser in front of their wife's face. Plus nikki bella is reconnecting with her exits. And why it's actually a good thing. Doug lenny where. We are back with our awkward moment of the day. It's a good one jenny. Mccarthy called real housewives of orange county star. Emily simpson's has been a loser right in front of emily they were playing around of. Who's the bigger door on. Last night's watch what happens live asked him do. Choose between to oversee has been cringe. Who's the bigger dork shane. Simpson or sean burke ladies. I'm i know they're both doors. They're both huge losers. But i'm gonna go that mcclellan. My husband jenny nuts. Sorry seriously just go away. Has the loser bright in front of me. Wow oh my gosh and ginny tried to like backtrack and say the necklaces. But it was hilarious. You is. I'm sorry i might mean. Meter is not that clear. Like sometimes i will say that wasn't mean that entire thing was extremely uncomfortable and sorta mean. I felt really bad for her. Like i really did right. I should say that you've said you think calling some had loser loser. Loser dork is kind of funny and has whatever like a hearted connotation always a little dorky calling someone a loser and the she said it with such conviction there's such losers like i would be mortified if someone called my husband loser mortified. It was and she wouldn't by the we just ain't she didn't she was. I felt her feelings. Were really hurt there yet. But you know what the problem was. It wasn't that ginny mccartney called her husband to lose it. It was that andy would not get off of it for like five. Eight could've went to commercial. Break five times over. He was you just called him a loser. How do you feel about that one. One apologize ended the game which made me think did he end the game or they really only had that one and they were gonna put up because they knew jimmy might say that no brilliant. You never think he ended the game. Yeah he did what he was supposed to do. He ended the game. He focused on the moment. It became a big moment. But i think with jenny mccarthy did she didn't apologize. I don't think you have to apologize every time someone says you should have holiday. She went back and civil. Remember when you're on your first season and your husband was kind of not very nice on that he was kind of a loser and so and actually ended up agreeing. She's like you're right. I understand you know why she didn't know what to do. That was like her third time on the shoes. Like what am i supposed to say. Legitimate courtney allen also is an intimidating four. She's somebody that's quick witted and has a fast. I'm not going to go up against her and she also signed a airline ticket for me at barney's when i was nine i always loved jenny. Mccartney yeah just a little strom. it's pretty funny. Good bella is having intense dreams about her exit but she claims it's good for her. Current relationship told breathe on the bellas. Podcast what i found weird about my dreams is the season right now. This retrograde. it's supposed to be like where we get deeper understanding of ourselves and our journeys and like our true purpose and even getting clarity on the past and my dreams have been not really. I mean full on conversations with axes as if we met up for coffee by the way. If you're talking about john that was a six years of your life. We're allowed to say it. Wow so. Nicky says these streams help predict what's happening in her life right now and clarified that she's in the right place. I'm super confused. This does not happen to me that what is happening in the by the way if miami woke up and was like oh my god. I dreamed about my ex again last night. I would truly be like. I'm you to keep some things to yourself you to hold that in like it's fine if you have thoughts about someone else and it's fine. You have a dream about your ex. I just think sometimes in relationships we kinda over share too much. And i don't want to hundred percent. I mean i'm sure access prompted my dreams for. I don't remember ever having a sit down. Whole conversation with an extreme. But i am sure it has but i would never wake up until shannon like oh dream of such and such last night it was interesting. He'd be like but are you telling me this sport. I don't feel like she probably even told artem. I think she probably was just talking about on her out now and also like i mean. I'm all about the retrograde stuff. I get it like. It is the time to slow down. Reflect not be upset about if your technology just completely blows out on you. Which i feel like has happened to all of us. Yeah all the time just always something wrong airpod in the pool last week you know always have any i would not tell. My current spouse agree. I think it's just something that's a little personal. It's just not it's awkward. I also think it's so weird that she's getting like full on clarity dreams. I get more confusion that 'cause i can't remember what happens there like i can't ever really pinpoint once. I have my coffee like. Oh wait what what happened last even when you try to retell it it. I always feel like. I'm trying to tell me it was such a cute story like all these things happened. I don't remember what they were but there was a lot that happened. The never comes back to you. Are you still ahead lily. James's spotted out with a new hollywood guy. Do we think she should be laying low after oliver kissing scandals. Oh now we'll discuss next. Oh god welcome back to daly pop. The lily james saga continues but this she was spotted out with a different. Dominic lilley was photographed with her longtime friend dominic cooper at a restaurant in london. Dominic is still dating as far as we know this is the first time she lilley has been seen out in public since the whole dominic west scandal. Now you remember. They were caught showing some pda in wrong and then he told the world he was still happily married of course before that. There were rumors of her dating chris. Evans now should lily. Just be laying low right now or maybe just stay away from other famous people. It kinda draws a lot of attention. Why does she have to hide. I don't think she has had it. Ought if a man allegedly didn't give me the full scenario of what was going on in his life and his marriage that led me to do some unthinkable. Things he should be hiding from me right though basically show up at your house with joey greco from cheaters with a camera crew. Being like what's up. I think is that she's not talking about it. That we don't have anything from her side that will you. She did give one little statement out and she said that she. It's not her story to tell base and she did just. She mentioned she alluded to she was under a different impression. But being this house. it doesn't help you know. i think like she's got a liberal live. These pictures weren't like crazy. Scandalous wasn't like cuddling up with dominant. Think she was down with west. Those were different. Yeah no but these are very simple. I mean and this is her powell. And she's got to live our lives. As far as we know. Dominic cooper and jimmy chan together for a while now. I think they're strong. They're doing good. So i think at this point. It's just she's a hot story right now and unfortunately for her no matter who she gets photographed with. It's going to be the same story for a while because it's just how mediaworks works phone. A gave friend when my celebrity friends call and ask what to do a mike. Get ahead of it. Get out of their games out quicker. Once you move on the media will move onto. Yes dominant cooper with my friend. I needed a lunch. we're fine. I need a lunch. I needed a good lunch okay. So ritchie was caught making out with her new man. Matthew morton mike mcgraff outside a what was that i just like. I can't believe we're talking. I've known this kid since he was literally like thirteen fourteen. It's just crazy crazy. okay tracy. So they were making out outside of beverly hills restaurant and do you think she wanted to be seen. Is this way. Her way of telling scott doesn't joe moved on. I'm with matthew now to set the tone here. I think she's a young super hot sweet girl. Matt is a very nice hot. You know good person. They've found each other. They're happy together. i think she's all the way over. Scott i think she put her time and with him. I really do think she's really happy with matt. Based on what. I've heard they're adorable together and i think that like she's living her life twenty two. He's already hat matt's like twenty six thousand five. Oh okay we'll take all the way fine. I feel really bad for man. Why do you feel so why this is going to crash and burn Sorry to notice. Sorry i think this is going to go on for a while. This is this is this is you know. She is literally being photographed out and being that cuddly because she wants to remind scott disick of what he is missing. And i think it happens a lot. People use people as pawns to get their exes. Come back even if they don't realize they're doing it. Yeah even if her intentions are super innocent and sweet. I mean i've done it right. Like i've thought i've moved on from an x in the past and started dating somebody new and if the my ex saw was kind of felt like good about it and then i kinda had to check was like i really do think i like this person. I think i just really wanted to tell myself that. I could move on one hundred percent maybe may i hope it works out. Sounds like he's a nice guy and maybe it will work out. It's just that she was as far as we understand. She was so in love with scott. You know it just takes to heal sometimes poor man. i can't take this seriously coming up. You guys how soon is too soon to introduce your new man to your family. The bradshaw family is going there. Nets we all know the dating can be rough especially when it comes to introducing someone to your family on tonight. Season finale of ease bradshaw bunch. Rachel might be bringing her new man around a little too soon. Take a look. I really like connor. He's just a good guy and we're just comfortable got it. I feel like sometimes it's taken me months to just get comfortable with somebody so it's nice that someone brings that out unlike the first physical date really want you to meet the family. I know it's early but the last relationship was a nightmare. it like. Nobody liked him. And i didn't know that until after hopefully they like me. Does your your dad. Typically like the guys that dated now all right okay. Would you ever introduce the guy to your family after just one day. Oh my god. My chosen family have van right. And that's what they're there for at six point five star inspection. Yes bring his ass into jiffy lube. Let him use your real family. Oh that takes a decade and all louisiana tesa decade. I've never made it to the hometown dates. Wow i've never made it to the hometown home. I have never brought a dude for good reason. Why oh my god you could film a four part reality show just on one holiday dinner at my family's house it's a lot it's fun but it's a lot i rapped interpret. I would have to like it would be a lot of juggling piece. It's like my parents came over for dinner and we're like well into like bow having a child and it's just you know when your parents are crazy and nuts and talking too much and drinking too much you're like please don't do it like he's still can't think you're completely out of your mind like it's just a lot of moving parts to introduce your family and your spouse or boyfriend fiance whatever. Good time to meet the parents. I think after you my wedding i think you gotta do before that. Obviously in my opinion I think meeting on the wedding day with a lot of pressure on that day I would say you know at the point where you know that this guy is going to be around for a while but back to that clip. I mean that's on her family if the family didn't like the guy for the whole time and she didn't know till the end that conversation with my sisters my brothers whatever and say. Don't wait until it's over to tell me you don't like someone. Tell me day one. Year to know. If i told my sister that i didn't like her partner. It would drive her to them like faster and quicker like that's what you can't never tell you right away and my brothers were definitely never secret. They told me the second. I would date somebody or they'd meet somebody who liked him or not immediately. Return the favor that you returned the favor. yeah you know. I think that We value each other's opinions of my family. Whether they wanna hear the girl didn't even walk through the threshold of the door. Carissa probably already had an opinion around. Honey turn around family okay. You don't even get out the car. Those wedges no. I'm just kidding i like is something okay. Bree larsen doesn't believe in beauty standard in a new interview with w magazine bree reveals. She felt ugly and like an outcast for most of her life. Now she says her goal is to encourage others to feel that they have the quote freedom to express themselves and be exactly who it is that they want to be. Do you agree that beauty stand wti standard does not exist. No what do you mean. We talk about this every day in every show. That is what people are trying to take down at this point like i understand her messaging and i think that people want to be embraced for the unique beauty that they have to be able to look and dress however they feel most comfortable which i think is definitely we're making strides towards that but i don't think we're all the way there yet and i think people have you know predominantly. There is a idea of beauty that i feel like people try to adhere to. I mean look at just in the past five years like with with kylie jenner and her her sort of approach glam and her lips. I mean so many women tried to emulate that after like. I definitely think that we have beauty trends. In young women try to follow that and on to further the point like i think most people feel ugly for most of their lives. Or no i. Did you your awkward. And then what happens. Just you have the glow up. Then you're in hollywood and you get the right facial and you get the right steam and you get the right little nip and tuck like nobody even knows about and you just sort of become this like you get better glam and better hair extensions and you just started to become the version of that we see today which of course she's probably more comfortable not version one hundred percent you know. I think that beauty standards they change. Yes as you just got to be patient. Because i feel like everybody gets a season you know what i mean. Like in maryland wasn't when maryland was into. It was all about that coca cola bottle and then mia farrow came in took maryland down and then kate moss further that and the heroine. She came through all of a sudden j. Lo beyond kardashians may curvy women chic again. Yeah little came down and just kick down the door and the wall and everything else. And i just think for myself like my mother used to tell me or are you going to grow into it. It's going to be your moment. You can have a really truly believe being a part of a beauty standard. Just means that your patient and you're good at predicting if you look at the singer's if you look at the models if you look at ads that were sean on a daily basis and you can kinda sorta for see. Who's the next big thing. That's the beauty standard. It's going to be an. I also think that you know social media. This is kind of a positive negative. I think we do a lot of comparisons but the one thing that i have noticed with social media is that all different types of people are celebrated to be beautiful. I mean there are people who are going you know have all these millions and millions of followers. Because they think they're like the most beautiful person ever and it's just a different variety of looks in different ethnicities dimmer Styles of bodies in all of these things and we are getting better. I think that there's still a ways to go but Yeah it's all about how you feel about yourself really is that's what exudes out he's done but you can't compare yourself to people. They have so much help they do it every day. It's not even like can't can't deal with it. Says famous woman next verity debate. That's dividing the internet. Plus what in the world is james corden. Doing the answer is after the break. Welcome back to daily pop. What exactly is happening with james. Cook here Is he rehearsing a new dancer. Team training for a marathon. Or is he just tripping over a parking. Oh my god please tell me it. See oh my god. Thank trying to be a superhero. I've got the superhero rundown. I'm going to peddle my arms. nothing. I'd imagine the kind of. Hey so matthews. Doing a little bit better woke up to a sweet surprise on his birthday yesterday he did pay to. He's gay and i saw the yesterday's so we try my hardest not to sneeze. I'm not really crying. Just really try my hardest. Not the allergies are so real this minute switching all day but you know what guys good news. I'm going to be interviewing matthew later to excited that. We'll have that for you next week. Okay saying with birthdays. There is one today that we could not overlook. Can you guess who it is. Who knows she probably gonna ever hold series now. We've a monster. guess. I'll be a guest series. Hold up hold up. Did you forget what day it is. Remember remember the fifth of november also known as kris jenner sixty fifth birthday. And i'm thrilled. Do you know where your children are. Kris jenner deaths because she is always working. What are you doing filming limited blunt. A nice to put that a lot. Self-aware will never be normal because we're a little cookie but we try you know some people dress for the job they want. Kris jenner gave birth to always drama about what we're wearing. We're not hip enough or not cool enough or not. You know dressed in up. We're not stylish enough no matter what this momager rides or dies for her family bad job when you can be with your kids all day long. Look we might as well admitted brecon. Try to keep up with the crash all we want but nobody can keep up with kris. Jenner i keep getting younger. She getting older. So i'm happy. So we celebrate new chris onto the knicks. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Chris and make sure you join us tomorrow as we celebrate another birthday from one of our favorites. Scorpio's many of you. I wonder who is going to be after the break. Morgan has a very hot supplies for us. We'll find out what it is. Today is national donut day and to celebrate. I have a surprise precursor and justin you guys ghost pepper doughnuts so excited. This don't comes with strawberry icing along with cayenne and goes peppers. And if you did know the goes. Pepper is the third world. Would anybody think. I love a i love it. Wait so i'm gonna check. Justin occurs space in a game of never. Have i ever. So if you've never done what. I'm about to say you guys you're safe if you have. You have to take and serious by not a little bitch by a real. Are you ready. Yeah okay i never have. I ever taken something from celebrities home. She stayed. you better. Put that in your mouth. Never taken anything out of your house ever ever in my life. Besides the chicken sure. Richard hulme water. Perhaps made yeah pain. Oh i'm carrying up the necklace or something. Come good why are we. Why are we cutting the donuts. Because there's a lot of red on them morgan. And we don't want phase there. You go next question. Good spicy sweet. Never have i ever kissed someone. Famous put the donut in your mouth. Justin i there's a soap opera. Count jan guess. What didn't demi levato is on that. Well he's not famous but still it's a afterthought yeah okay we're going to keep going. This one's good. Never have i ever embarrass myself in front of a celebrity. You know us. Oh yeah it hits you later. Oh oh happy. oh okay. Never have i ever ghosted chris. I feel safe here. Oh no maybe not up. This is okay fine. we're skipping warring one never have. I ever had sex in a car. Let's take a big night. We'll take a big bite of that. That don't take all in your mouth there. You go to take extra if it wasn't a mini. Oh this is a good one. This might save never. Have i ever streaked in public. Maybe in college going to go ahead and take that didn't need to streaking. Bubbling hotel pitti. Bhai it really putting it in her mouth and you are really skimping. I expected more from you. Anybody agip in her mouth taking big bikes. The don't do that to charisma everywhere. That's nice are they. Are they hot donuts or not. She was the one who served moms man a car. I don't know we're all young guide. Still now it's just so uncomfortable that unless you're in a limo or something anyway give somebody pulls up to a limo hewitt in the limo. No that's okay. it's starting to hit me now. It's in the sprinkles still ahead. Chrissy teigen's adorable moment with her daughter luna and speaking of kids jillian. Michaels is giving us tips on how to keep york's active while at home working out with her neck out my tongue. Chevy two thousand and nine how long we are in the news. What's wrong by. That's chrissy teigen and her daughter luna reporting from their living room. Chris has luna loves to pretend to be a news anchor so cute and it is so true. I've been feeling for these election. Guys man they've been calling it that man what's his name a few him and this sweetest man. Oh my god a thank you died over him. But i there's a lot of them that are just on that board just respect for so. I didn't know people knew the map that well. It's very impressive. And the as the best because he literally admitted sing and when nothing is happening you watch him. And you're like wow. This is very exciting to break down. All the counties in nebraska. I had no clue so much until they dropped. Like the commonwealth of mike. I thought that was only in britain. Like there's just so much you there's so many colors that keep you interested in what's happening. I'm like oh there's so much rather than blue. It's exciting the animation. These guys it props man. Yes a lot of time to talk about something. Whenever not much is changing. Your kids are going. Stir crazy jillian. Michael is here to help she showing a few easy and fun ways. You can keep your kids active while you're still stuck at home so one of our things that we do get active is we have challenges each of diana her shown ever with so much. We start guys ready three chew. Okay nice now more please. Pack up just against completely straight cute. Offer that okay now about step in need to be doing with your children why. I'm boosting our segments. Three to towns. Yes yes yes all right. I'm anne those qualities parallel to draw down right. Now you can do it all i. He loves to you all right. You guys can download jillian michaels app for more ideas. This reminds you do this with chase does he. Does i want do exercises. And i'm like okay. So he touches the sky. Just the toes and attempt at a jumping. Jack is one of the funniest off to put it on. My social is one of the things. Every can i get the arms and the legs out at the same time. it's a lot of coordination. Mom tried to give me off the couch at thirteen. Where the cheeses in the rest of us on. Can you give me a moment. Strudel this next story has the internet totally divided. I can't wait to hear what morgan thanks. This photo seems to show a woman in labor. Then there's the pizza which allegedly being eaten by her partner. This photo was originally posted on ready and is making the rounds online. Where do you stand on this. Would you be pissed. Jordan was sitting there chowing down on a pepperoni pizza while you're in the middle of labor. If i was in the middle of pushing i would be upset about it. If this was kind of like in the precursor. I haven't done this. But i imagine there's a time between like contractions that epidurals setting right in it. There needed to be a little snack. At that moment. I would be okay with it By yeah here's the thing i depends on your situation. Some women yes. They're in labor for a very long time and if you're getting induced you can't really eat because of situations might happen and so are the match. Oh i don't remember chase. I couldn't eat for twenty four hour. So if shannon would have eight of pizza in front of me hundred during that time you would've shanked him it would have been. He would have been in his own hospital now if yeah no. He can't eat it in front of me. No you would have had to take that shit to the hallway. We are yeah daddy's having a colonic and can't eat for twelve hours so can you guys. You can't be either okay. yeah. I don't care if you're five timmy. I can't eat. That's impressed today tomorrow. We'll have all the drama from thanksgiving bachelorette app episode plus some insider scoop that. You're not gonna hear anywhere else and we're catching up with hansen. They're so cute. You guys check on tonight at eleven thirty and join us for daily every weekday at eleven. Am here on a have a good day for one. We will see morrow out snow for you.

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WWHL @ Home: Emily Simpson & Jenny McCarthy

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

24:53 min | 9 months ago

WWHL @ Home: Emily Simpson & Jenny McCarthy

"Welcome to the bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of watch. What happens live with me. Andy cohen. she's got a pep or step. Thanks to her new hip and on this show. Her husband and i locked lips. It's what happens. I emily simpson and jenny. Mccarthy now the guys audie i love you. Welcome to watch. I'm your host. Andy cohen following up on. Tonight's jewish vocabulary lesson on orange county by teaching. You the only word you need to know for this. Show schicker d- which is what my guests and i post shot ski and post. All this election mass. My first says life is full of beautiful curves and so am i. Welcome real housewives of orange county and lee simpson. Emily i and eat great to see you and my next guest always speaks her mind but honor show the contestants sing their heads off from the masked singer wednesdays at eight on. Fox's jenny mccarthy jenny andy i miss you so much. I missing university. I miss you too jenny you. You're still my hall pass. You're still hours. The two of you up late watching the election stuff i mean. I've barely slapped three a. M. and i was like i'm out what about you am. I know you know why i took a pain pill and i I was out at ten pm. It's too stressful for me. So emily i have to say i mean you always look gorgeous but you i mean you. You really look like khloe kardashian to me tonight did you. What's different about you well. I think it's a lot of things i think. I lost a lot of weight. And i also got new boobs so i'm a lot smaller on top. This is my real chess. there is no implants Announ you yeah. Yeah so. I think i think i just look smaller in better shape than and you know. How much weight did you lose. I don't know exactly. It's more like i go by body. Fat percentage Eleven percent body fat or something so it's made a huge difference to send my features than everything. How will you look fantastic. But you always look fantastic no matter what your size jenny. There's so much buzz in the bravo universe about erica girardi announcing her split from tom. What was your reaction to that. Well you know. Casey covers your show that at best which she is an amazing. Pr person to drop that news on election day. I will say that. I was really really surprised because they always seem like they were authentically in love had that kind of foundation. I'm dying to know what it is like. I heard speculation about this. Is my friends saying well. Maybe he's going broke because he's got a lot of lawsuits and she's like how so. I don't know. I need more details. But maybe it's just she got and it's been a long time and she wants saw right more to come on that That was a crazy party on tonight's episode of orange county and there's a lot to you know talk about relating to it. There was one thing you said that. I think a lot of response. Which is that bronwyn uses. Alcoholism as a weapon. What did you mean by that specifically that party. She made it I think she was strategic Not letting the other women know that she was where she was going through sobriety and she was sober and she asked me specifically not to say anything to the other women which i didn't because it's not my story to tell but i feel like she held it back and pre had like the fake drink and pretended like she was drinking because she i felt like she kept that she was gonna throw it out later. Be like thirty days. Sober batch like i'd assault like that was the weapon that she is like. She kept that in so she could use it jenny. What was your reaction to that insane. It was pretty insane. I actually i felt bad. I felt like you know what unless you walked in her shoes. I can only imagine what is like detoxing from alcohol in being a housewife and having to film. I can't i can't even imagine through. Interestingly enough she said on this show. I think last week that the kind of saved her weirdly because it kept her in check. That's good. yeah go ahead. I was wondering well. Yeah i was gonna say i agree. I think that's sure because if you announced you now on his show in front of all these millions of people that you're going to be sober like that's a. That's a lot of accountability out. There is for you to stay. Sober right will be brought me. Think bronco one's a little cuckoo. But i did have sympathy for her for going through what you went through. Well january single you out but you always have such strong opinions on all things bravo that. I need your hot takes. It's time for bravo. No they didn't okay. Orange county thoughts on the newest wife on the block. Elizabeth do you think it's weird that she won't have sex with her boyfriend tiller divorces final berry bizarre. The jury's still out as to whether i kinda dig or not. I don't not like her. Which is good but i do think She's in trouble. she's holding out. Because what if he has a micro pianos or something you need to know that information ahead of time is it. Religious is that washington holding back. You know. I don't know. I don't know i don't even know what i believe. They're not having sex so she said she also said on this show. Oh no she said last week on this show that they were. They weren't having intercourse but they were doing other stuff. So on. also orange county bronwyn swear shannon called genus. How sad shannon says the word isn't even vocabulary. What do you believe. Now that we've seen the footage etcetera told you says one hundred percent. I think that she said sad. And i think she meant it in a way of like small but i have no doubt that shannon does have that in herbert vocabulary and she's guilty of sake are do you think it was too soon for jeanette or boyfriend to move in together and brady bunch it up this on paper. How yeah but being a single mother for as long as i was at not having a child support income. It's gary so you know sometimes you gotta change your rules a little bit and judging from her kids being happy. That's my ramadan. So i'm okay. If it's gina ain't writing a book to do it for people but gee to emily. What was your reaction to that. I mean she's your best she is at you know what i trust. Gina and i think she's smart. I think she's a smart girl. And i think she always puts her kids first so when she made that decision i one hundred percent behind her because i think genomics every decision based on the best interest of her kids so i trust her judgment on potomac jenny. What do you make of the canvas. monique fight. whose side are you on. Was kansas right to press charges. What you're hot take okay. Well first of all money. I think i like her. But i don't think she blacked out hell no in kansas Isn't the wrong to file. Seems a little thirsty to me. So i feel like she needs to kinda back off but these to own up to that she did not blackout on potomac to you. What do you think of michael and ashley's relationship with danni told you he'd passed out before sleeping with the woman in this situation. Would you believe him so. We know we that happened. What it happened to. Michael i was like i was actually surprised was with a female because i binged watched this full series like from season. One andy 'cause my girlfriend. Aaron martin was like you're sleeping on potomac. You gotta get on this roy and in if you remember and of course you do. The other girls were like. I'm not sure these on sahoh the fact that he was with the girls a surprise me but he's also been pinch girls but so he's got to keep going he's going to keep doing it. Thoughts on the old adage once a cheater always cheater. There are several women who are dating men who've who've strayed. Before i mean again i would have end the situation buying it. I think yes once cheater cheater. But i think everyone might have their moments of you know recovery out of that but these guys. I don't think these women have been fighting chance right. Thank you very much jenny. Emily vivian z. Wants to know why. Gina had such a strong reaction. Lebron's husbands sending her the winky face. What's your take on that. Well i think you have to look at genus history. And what she's dealt with as a female and you know she was married to a narcissists for many years didn't treat her well and she's also a victim of domestic violence. Oh i think you have to give her a little leeway there and you know understand that you know when it comes to men and reaching out to her. I think she thought it was inappropriate. And i think she is allowed to feel that way jenny. Small eighteen eighteen wants to know your thoughts on jim. Carey's biden on snl. Now i didn't watch it or those exact reasons. Because jim was set now so i don't i don't i didn't. I don't have any because i did not see. You didn't watch it because it was your ax doing it and you didn't touch through. I haven't watched. Snl in probably three or four years from word of mouth. I thought he did a great job. Okay emily you said that. Your new hip is giving you a new lease on life. I want to see what specific things. It's kicked into high gear with new hampshire. No help i'm going to run through various situations. If the new hip has helped in that area say new app if not say no hip okay. Has the new hip truly improve your marriage your sex life new heff has the new hip helps you drink more tequila new hip has the new hip helped improve. Your relationship with shannon new. Has the new hip helped. You do more fun. Things with your kids has the new hip. Made you more patient with the other ladies bs. No hip has the new. Made you more tolerant of shane. Sarcasm How has your new hip helped you form a deeper relationship with bronwyn friendship. I would say that's a new hip. And i know hip. I think that's a complicated question. All right new hip no hip. Thanks for playing pepper ray. Okay let's go to the virtual audience Mindy what's your question. Emily simpson. Emily absolutely gorgeous. You so thank you question looking back. Do you think it was wrong of sean to get involved when gina and bronwyn spite. And when you want him to win that i do. I think it was wrong for him to get involved. I mean i know he said something to the effect of like. Jean should apologize or something. I feel like at that point. He needed to just walk away and take bronwyn and go home. She obviously wasn't doing well. She wasn't handling the party while she was all out of store out out of sorts. So i think really the best thing for him to do is to avoid causing further. You know issues and just take his wife home on that note. Emily okay it was me eleven said. Why would you gang up on bronwyn at shannon's party when you knew what was going on with her. Didn't you realize you're saying she didn't have time was less embarrassing than saying she was going. Through withdrawal. I don't feel like i gained up on her. I mean just because you're going through sobriety doesn't mean you get a hall pass to just do whatever you want. Say whatever you want. I mean i think you have to be a good human too so i don't know i just thought it. I just found it interesting when she said she didn't have time. When i know she has job and she has to nannies and she's little. She's home all day. So i don't know i just thought the time excuse was ridiculous okay. Jacob has a question for jenny mccarthy my girlfriend what your question jacob i so i was wondering what was going through your mind when you were watching wendy. Williams masked singer performance. And do you think he was throwing a little shaded you when she mentioned something about fillers to. Do you have any buttons button-down shirt this open for the band. Yeah good yeah all right. We never knew fan right here. all right. go on the first of all. Wendy was a hoot. And that's one of the reasons what i love about the show is. You never know who you're going to get and it's not just a singing competition. It's an entertainment shows. So the fact that she came out exactly like you think when he williams would i loved every second of it she said said. She threw shade at my lips. I didn't even take. It is shaved. Because i don't put any my lips butts bring it. I heard way worse than self about emily. Jeremy see wants to know. If you're still in shannon's coveted group. Chat i am i am. Yeah shannon tight. I love it that you guys got tight this season. I think it's really great. Yeah i i. I would prefer to be friends shannon. The not be friends with her. So i'm happy in it. Good will never one for nuance. Kelly died seems to have categorized man into two camps lately. Big dick daddy's a la shannon's dad and dorks emily's husband. Sorry shane tonight. I want to explore all the shades of dorky gray with. Who's the bigger dark alright. We played who's bigger big daddy last week. We're gonna play. Who's the bigger dork tonight. Emily jenny pairs of men from the bravo universe. Make your pets. Who's the bigger dork shane. Simpson sean burke. Ladies out on sohar thought jack. They're both huge losers. But i'm gonna go. She'll mclovin nationalist husband jenny. Nuts ause inspects brian. I'm sorry curiously. You just go who. They're right in front of me how i wrote up the guy list. I said the necklace back. You heard i go those necklaces. I can't thank god. Okay let's put. Let's play a different game. Let's let's let's let's move out okay. I don't think this game is going. Well jenny since you're married to a new kid on the block. Let's see if you have the right stuff when it comes to identify his stuff right. It's time for new kids on the jock. I'm gonna show you close up crotches. Tell me if it's donny. Or one of his bandmates okay. Is this donny's crotch down. Yes it is this donny's crotch no. It's danny is this johnny's crotch. I'd have to go with maybe yeah. It's nah joey mcintyre and from what they all say. There's a baby's arm in there is. This is this. Johnny's crotch does like overall so yes very good. Is this johnny's crotch. Are i really hard. I'll say no. Okay okay lastly. Is this dr knees crotch. I'll go yes. Okay yes it is. Okay very good. Thanks before we go to break. I'm going to give jenny an opportunity to say what she is going to say to emily when we go to break. Which is she's going to apologize. So do it now before we go to break you guys could rewind that section and hear me say i can't stand his necklaces him. It's so long but you also said they're both big losers you did say there and let me defend myself and tell you. Why is your her season. He was kinda dig. Ish like you were on kurdi. He was yeah. Well i i get that that he got on say shit and he needed to have your back and he looked like he wasn't there during all your dinners than like give this girl some support you go through it five. Turn that right around jenny. Sally are woodson. How far into last season reuse. Sure that candy was the night angel. Do you think there are any other house was among the contestants this season i can't really save. There's more housewives this season. I think there's going to be definitely more house wives in future seasons. And i knew probably by we i dunno know four that It was it was her. I sometimes you know you don't want to say too early. Because that it blows it. And i knew she was going to make the end so i just kind of held back but that lady gang sleaze emily penelope e wants to know why you didn't stop kelly when she was making fun of bronwyn sobriety at shannon's party when she making fun of it what did she say like. She said that she was better drunk or something like that. Is that what it was. Yeah i don't i i. 'cause kelly's kelly. I don't stop kelly from saying anything she's got. Your letter does go all right. It is time for this. A in bravo is stories all right seven years ago tonight. What do you think happened. Seven years ago tonight. Jenny mccarthy that years ago tonight i met the love of my life. No weird vanderpump rules season two episode one in which brandi glanville sankar teeth into sheena. Shane take a look. We're having to high accident knocked right to your front teeth al. I know it's been terrible. What's wrong with your to. That looks really weird and gray. Listen i'm gonna mention gray to off. Do you want me to say well with your face. Doesn't it move who. Someday she is going to tell this story to her future. Baby off and congratulate by the way. I want to thank emily and jenny for being your and by the way. Don't forget jenny did meet donnie at watch. What happens live. They celebrate their audio on the after. Show right now. Sheffi and greg tomorrow night after southern charm. Thanks guys all right. It's the after show with emily. Simpson and jenny mccarthy. You can hear jenny on sirius. Xm weekdays on stars in the masked singer is wednesdays at eight on fox. Emily do you think. Shannon's daughter over exaggerated. How bronwyn spoke to john's son. Tim be wants to way and then the lemonade boy. My favorite part of the whole episode. I call shane. Now you in a boy. You get lemonade. Jasmine v said jenny transition to at home shows was and do you ever still tune in. Fortunately no i don't tune in because my radio show at the same time the view comes on. You know what the only thing i will say about it is. They can't talk over each other. And that's one of the things encouraged when they were in person and no one could get their full point out so these now they're forced to shut up and let the other person answer. Some gu's really does of housewife wants to know when the last time you spoke with alexis was in. Did you ever try to fix things between jimbo. Lino and shannon. Well i text alexis. Pretty regularly so I think like a week or something just a little tax. But i the whole thing with jimbo. Beleno has nothing to do with me. And i never ripe talked about shannon's case with alexis before i don't think alexis cares about anything. Jimbo lino does either right. No the question was. How did you ever try to fix things between jim and shannon. I never met him or jenny. Kelly when you think donny could ever do the masked singer without you knowing what i wondered that myself i think so. Maybe as they've been doing this thing with a surprise guest. There's only there for one time. I think you pull that off longer than like a month and a half. let's face it emily. Jeff snow of shane passed the bar exam yet. Well he hasn't taken it recently. So that's a still. It's still negative. Jenny all to you. Emily only these you than he is. that girl jess eighty seven wants to know jenny. Your favorite memory from hosting singled out. And how often do one of the contestants try to make a move on you. We had four hundred contestants go through their day and most of them had no jobs and they didn't go to school so Even if they hit on me if they weren't option. But i think my favorite parts were need just randomly smacking the guys in the face as hard as possible and then not having a choice. 'cause i had five bodyguards to defend me. Emily deondraye once in a while. You weren't kellyanne rick's wedding. The two of you seem so close. We are closed and i. It just didn't work out. It was very last minute and she could only right like twenty people because it was a cohen jetta small venue. So you know. Obviously her family in family were first priority breezy once jenny. If it weren't for you meeting donny. On watch what happens live. And then your sister. Daring you to kiss donnie on your own talk show. Do you think you would have gotten together. Only destiny were allowing us to meet somewhere else but hands down but meeting him on. Your show was like the four play at the end him coming on my show finished it like i was how soon out was on your show. Did you guys have sex. While he waited two weeks to call me back which was rough. And then i waited about. We both waited about another ten days and then we couldn't dry hump any longer. It just happen. Wow all right. I wanna thank emily. A jenny for more. Click around dot com. Thanks you guys. That was awesome really shot. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes. Go live monday through friday at four. Pm eastern time. Make sure your subscribe to have a rate rusty or not.

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Marilyn Todd  Crime Scene Mysteries

The Joys Of Binge Reading: The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

45:24 min | 2 years ago

Marilyn Todd Crime Scene Mysteries

"<music> welcome to the joys of binge reading the show for anyone who got to the end of a great book and wanted to read the Nixon stolen we interview successful series authors and recommend the beast mystery suspense historical and Romance Series so you'll never be without a book. You can't put down. You'll find this episodes. Show notes a free e book and lots more information at the joys of binge reading Dot Com hope and now is Russia man. I'm taught latest Victorian thrilla introduces Julia mcallister England's I crime scene photographer and office readers the same racy Pacey action they'd come to expect in her thirteen ancient Rome mistry's hi there. I'm your host genie we land and today Maryland explains why she just adores her irrepressible heroines and what it's like to live on a French film top surrounded by Chateau and vineyards but before we get to Marilyn just to remind the shore nights for this spends waiting episode can be found on the website the joys of bench reading Dot Com. That's where you'll find links to Julia's books and website as whereas details about how to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss future episodes and if you enjoy what J. Please leave us a review so that others will find us too but now he is Maryland Holiday Maryland welcome to the show. It's great to have you with us and the ion absolute each after Bahir Genera really thank you so much for vitamin man. What a fantastic fine joys of binge raging as Adema Kigen didn't county shopping? That's the look beginning at the beginning was said a once upon a time moment when you decided you wanted to write fiction and if so was this some sort of catalyst for it not many analysts as a kid on his bedridden lot of the time as a small child annoying annoying <unk> legal <hes> there's only so many teddy's tape parties you can host on the just me and my a imagination radio. I'm an only child so I I look at the drawings on mom's dress making patterns and I'd almost all of as you possibly Sibley elegant creatures in where they're going where are they you know amazing who they dressing up full and in fact every picture Catta story would full <unk> school projects came out stories with characters conversations in those days you literally cut and Paste East on I Paul Ryan or South stuck in bed poor national geographic magazines whisking myself these fantastic conventions discovering las tombs in the desert diving shipwrecks in shark-infested waters happening the Amazon. I <music> even know who team wanting to slash my way through jungles so wore off on his even angels never camping sort of go. I'm spiders. I want my saying what China but could save myself during was being the first woman to lead a wagon train that sort of a sermon. We're talking talking heroines even back then yes yes and all these years later you've published sixteen historical thrillers including the Book Claudia Severity famous. Yes the various series said insist injury run. It's that way you started out in fifty three Roy Moore. Did you have some other unpublished wicks. That pets didn't see the light of day. I know a swashbuckling Josh Buckling Romance Historical Romance which was cooled the Black Po but don't tell Captain Sparrow Niche mate I submitted Saturday at one of the top literary agents and Michael Rejection they thrive as had it was astounded. Type original say the ball shem she'd written how much she enjoyed it. How well the book read but it wasn't actually table? She was looking for so I ran up and I said well you're looking for and she said ancient Rome don't know that crime does not a proactive heroin waking all Ma Huma definitely so I said I can do that and she's like send me fifty thousand words. Oh five thousand words. Wherever is you know the first fifty pages and there wasn't time into panic but Jenny I tell you I will never forget on answering the phones three weeks laying Shah and the first word she said literal source word when I picked up the if I was bingo fantastic I know I I tell you that was an awful run on midnight? Oil often how <unk> grow elbow grease run out overnight. I have never seen so much sweat trimming her body in how many knows he is going to grow in style three months. It took to put out to get three months really concentrated work. McMillan took it up and the paperback paperback was reprinted off three on her of weeks and let me say things come in threes. Certainly not one fits wonderful so we'll set the first illegal not was it I how wonderful actually I love that nine now that you've mentioned that because probably many people might not even remember it now but of course it was a very famous Roman series. I Claudius by Robert Ryan's which was very highly regarded then became a t._v.. Series was it a deliberate play on yes. Yeah I think we'll just say right from the outset what they were getting and if you've ever seen the very first color which is Claudia filing a niles with a bloody great dagger between cleaner is says it all it's not to say the militant have a bit of a tussle with Robert Raves state but we got there in the end. Yes I love the cheeky is over that that was really at it was very much trying to shake off your kind of although I think we'll get onto talking about how seriously you take your history enough about ancient run but there is a large amount of very fascinating detail is so I think you have become an expert on ancient rhyme in in the years since but <hes> you kind of also had this rather nice feeling of thumbing your nose her you better F- tre- match historical seriousness. I'm not sure I'm not sure someone knows adage. I do feel it's important to to set sick. The same <unk> grenades to be right the details name to write a fax needs we right but but here's the thing as far as I say people living in those times one living in history. It's a relative thing income carefree settings like you and I are now now. They wonder how people will rise about one hundred years a thousand years or whatever and so little. I make the smallest at rule. The setting is bad medicaid steel contemporary in I if I had to ride in choices time am I wrote to ensure his language. None US would sit in May and I see the game too strong in a full suit hair a full suit their airfoil since UNSNARL slavish anyway just to try make historical because as far as I can see the period designed properly everything else follows news on the only used on not <unk> fake your that's lovely. We'll come back and talk a little bit more about included <unk>. You've got a new book cash and it's not safe tonight should roy at all. It's it's it's a change of location and time Satan this season it some low cost middle class lower middle class Victorian England and another female heroism England's island's first crime scene photographer Jolyon MECHANICA. What made you decide to shift? I mean after these books I guess anchored Rye might have been losing its Beland but but what made you decide to shift your time periods station. I think missiles a time of great change. We're just on the cusp is eighteen ninety five of bustles around ICICLES Iran you can you can smell emancipation in the air. Gosh this is a time where women no longer obliged to work on the land all confined factories although many of them dates a good many of the rule so telegraph operators book the secretaries. This is the time hi wasting those women architects versus women dentists the British medical was sociation is admitting female members and hey. Let's have the first female crime scene photography style because at the same time speed is is somebody the key to success a railways have driven down prices. It's made travel a foldable and taking telephones and electricity almost run of the mill and in terms of photography were on the brink has well. It's it's working the US of moving pitches and this is cutting edge staff unchaste <unk> Tamayo says it sounds great and why why what made you decide to move to Victorian England yourself which to did you look at a lot of the periods of decide. That was the one that attracted you. The most you know what triggered this was the Klondike Museum in Seattle. Nano GonNA say really. It's it's remember it's full full name something like the Klondike Goldrush national historic park or something anyway you can see on short but outside the plant Kennel. I'm fine this ever plaque raids adventure and hardship dreams made hopes shattered lives changed a Not transformed that's the plaque on outside and inside looking at the franchise of not suffering the challenges ages as people faced the bones of the three thousand pack animals who died on one trial alone his own body still alive Friday today. I I just knew that I needed to ride out someone who took images that would also change lives and uh-huh unconsented ninety five eight thousand nine hundred five there were no crime scene photographer listening lend the prison place <hes> hitting some success with a very basic set but but other than here. I know I'm in France in England. They Capanna getting to grips with mugshots. Never mind fingerprints all <unk> costs much less frantic graphic records that would capture emerges manages sane before most of the evidence was tropical contaminated all lost so it all comes back to the Kootenai on the gold rush commits varian tracing. You're not just a little side. I'm I came across last year. Cash of debt Gurria types that would take an invo- rushed is in California uh-huh actually on display in a I think it was a Toronto carrot was the Canadian carry anyway but I was actually captivated by by these images. They just seem to reach out from a previous citreon grab you they are. I can understand your fascination yeah. It was it was being the immediacy of it was the fact that the new style of Tokar. They haven't actually come in yet. They were still wet place. They had to develop them within ten minutes of taking them and that was the immediacy of age and I it was the rule nays. Amaze pictures will never push out and I was just else I just I just knew how to write about this when over battle at but I had to have somebody who is going to change lives and change the world arm on this case crime scene photography is now. She's checking. Does she teaches yes yes so she does tight these risque. I photographs to to survive and her models are dying around her. It looks like she's being framed for the murders so oh she's she's got this rather disparate and intriguing backstory which means that she can't just immediately flee and throw herself on the mercies of the place. She feels that she can't search that sits up a whole series of really wonderful complications James of story plotting. You've already got lots of great. Conflicts <unk> up for a series have joined it. It's obvious from one that you are planning this as another series. Oh Yeah Baby <hes> the second books coming out a S- available preorder any second now I think I'm just sort of finishing third one and then I'll be talking the full throwing my sleeves and getting on with that one no peace for the weekend is that just a vandross speaking was the title now now. I'm never quite that long winded in the titles that are ways to two words and the next one is caused. I N because I'm a felon. Alibis cost on cases or low soldiers things yes that tested so I know that you've we've previously had a quick discussion about this new mentioned that it was the publishes decision to put a Cava Line on on U Julia Book which says at an atmospheric thrilla UNICEF federally crappy. I thought this new sub genres. What do you think they mean by that <unk> asset term. I'm not sure I'm just an of a second uncle somewhere. I've knocked up to the Stop Light. I look a whole synonyms the news that we have written down here the synonyms fraught with ferric impressive distinctive Moody Special Full of atmosphere full of character and I thought well if she asks me to pick one. I'd go hell all because it will. I was expecting from but not Muslim date but yeah I'll without long. The next one is they. They've changed it down. They put you can run but you can't hide which thanks hop small Jewish but I I don't know what was going on but the thing I like the mole yes I would have picked moody as being one as well that would be appropriate but impressive the big old go home. We haven't mentioned the title of your face which we should do in case. I'm sure they repeat be people who wants to follow up on that. One is called snapshot which has a I did. A series about a female photographer is obviously very appropriate tripe priebus well. Yes they will double inches is. GonNa do blowtorch robots not the same thing but yes. They've all got this double meanings to the titles. If Julia does have similarities to your Rome Gorgeous Claudia and that they've both <unk> young widows pushed to the margins of society and perhaps needing although resenting having having a male protector of some kind or other with that be a fair way to describe this situations. I don't see them as <hes>. Let's put it this way. bunks ruled al-Sham line. Is that both roles. Ilyaronoff from the Greek series on starting to see a Sameera as tool king is is women spent host their lives plotting how to beat the system is scheming ways to find and retain their independence and I think it's still so much that they resent mile protectors a mobile <unk> society mobile the fact the society insists in-house them to start wait. If you know Maine yes is the they will there so the marginalized so if they want to find a way to exercise power they will have to trick the system is not as Cena spend all their time scheming to so beat the system Tom yes you could think of but now the motto for the. You could they raise the pacy and you could have a theme. Love say you can't keep a good woman down absolutely or or you can't keep a bad woman to hell may may west waist good. I'm very very good but when I'm bad I'm baser woman. I don't think I've heard that one before yes she was. She was gals man's. Yes you've mentioned mentioned your ancient. Greece trilogy must've met. I haven't had a chance to look at those books in detail but I thought even the the description of dies sounded Heidi <unk> that you've got this high priestess whose blackmailed into working for spatters hated secret police that Santa what Saturday very contemporary Ovalles slight one of the thrill is that they got got so popular in the seventies but but Seychas grank should grace I.. I don't think those things have changed through the centuries. The toll absolutely don't under the sponsors. Hey hated sponsors secret police police. I mean they may they. The <unk> a stall pogue who the German Intel yeah I mean they made them look like seines. They WOAH <unk> nasty people on again she spending all that time trying to sort of you know just not not just stay alive but to sort of work to her advantage because the leader of the secret police. I mean the the idea was that they would they were came. <unk> slaves were Cold Hellas. They just kept these people subjugated a was a close of people rush out onto the secret police just <hes> infiltrate them to hear there was any subversion going on and they were just killing people willy nilly to keep everybody on their toes. It's a horrible system and so you you've become quite an expert on ancient history to that take a long time future to gain a a whole day or digital like a year's research an ancient rhyme on lifetime's search news when when a case was going through wardrobes line which the wardrobe to Narnia I was going through the Lionsgate it can also my dad had a fascination with the ancient world and from sort of you know knee-high from he learned not all just out ancient buildings and and the <unk> amazed on the monsters grew out of them and I think I was fourteen when Madonna bolt may I Claudius Amelia and on another robot graves collection action degree mix on on from this I could see how tiles of of the minor tool and magician San around cyclops developed you know they nothing comes out imagination pure imagination. There's usually a a <unk> faulk of truth the Bull Shem and an how they would grow and evolve and debunks the cruelty a series but also blowing die which was the best in the Greek series revolves round. The Legend of the assigned <unk> my story in the current issue of battery Queens Mystery magazine is also the day of the Jackal about the Greek Jackal Geico golden new basic contemporary spin on that parallel with it so it never goes away. I call it's my blood. This amazing. You guys you were talking. Oh can was Marion is serious about me Canosa thank. It wasn't an Nassir sent. The miniature dies were a series of fantastic tastic historical novels from probably sex as Raven the these are not sure now when they were published but have you come across. I know the name is never rates won't. <unk> any fiction I read his rating been crime or historical reminds right Yep yep sorry there were ed thirteen books in the Claudia series thin. It seems as if you talk a little bit of a break from writing before coming back to snapshot it did not take away some new opus said's at the time mice ice short stories. Were doing really well. I I was getting a quite a few good commissions from really good places yeah I I really wanted to concentrate on my short story career and date. I picked up awards dramatically crane a shameless nomination. I'm from the private eye writers of America. A goat in the hat for the girls didn't get anywhere out anonymous really enjoying it until I went to the club tight museum in Seattle and had that little light bulb moments but my best smoke was always short stories. I kind of thought I'd always want to write short stories. That didn't know how I got into. Historical Romance was Nice but headset now. I want you to take a break <unk>. Fifty stories published battery Queens Mystery magazine. Oh Gosh I say yes. They just explains why in the malls couple of years on I did say on your website that you've done a a lot of short stories but I haven't and they mainly in the historic historical seasons on they come on all genres of Hajj touch three of my own stories published one is the wickedest town in the West which is Jerome Arizona. You probably know bats and one was commissioned by Crippen Landru soled sandals and sirens which kind of tells the same they all ancient ones and breakfast <hes> but no they come out the stories cover everything thank from crime to women's contemporary women's fiction to comex fantasy loss to write a comic fantasy onto stay in the lines of Terry projects. You know you think what do I know out Terry process itself down reading Terry Project to find out Oy it's they they cover things up but as always I am drawn to blood do kate touch you like it to your white wider career away from the specific folks you do say in your good rates biography that should live with your husband on a freight hilltop. nope quote surrounded by vineyards shed codes and fines it sounds wonderfully. Romantic couldn't help thinking that they might be an ideal the station for a not a series sometime in in the French countryside way the <unk> all historic a U Eva team today that well let me first say his absolutely fabulous where we're built a rookie out crawl pe tope mind the remains of a fortress Chris that goes back to the eleventh century on fortunate made about throwing side in the crew sites in gold race to the ground by Richard Mine halts troops from the Middle Chapel still but mostly it's just a mound role stover rubble and a couple of ditches notwithstanding that they built up new new chateau next all working out while the hill complete with translations than targets and that's sort of like fairies at the bottom of the garden. If you stand down on the balcony windy just about save the slate roof through the trae as gorgeous young new of the land drops something might tuned Mejia's two little river Scotland and islands than the Goddess Kali and doesn't it'll just a couple of years ago. The discount rate remains little around when breach Walsham because we just via a gripper as well and beyond that url the woods in the vines Indians and billions of little oh bottles in the making and you will is it an ideal setting for a series well when we moved here waybill was effectively failed and is as I say at the top of the hill had house built <unk> time consuming the word but on the other hand <hes> you know I've got a book to write an. I need a terrific location. This new show served as a seminary for priests at one point and something I have this book called Scorpion rising with a Collegian priestesses. All women who keep menace sex slaves and online aged today's for research was will down the bulk of my garden and I'm the siren had a rook in any was riddled with caves Sinai did. Did I tell you this book itself so it's not all series. It's already been written amazing. I know I couldn't believe the question yeah they don't so is it. was that a standalone that one no it was <hes> it was one of the Claudia's on account car heart member which <unk> yes Monday race not what it used to bang on over a hundred publishing cold crime <unk> in Hunan. Oh Gosh I can't quite believe it must be impossible to keep track of the more now but the Elvis I don't even try look if there's one thing you've you've done in your right and Korean more than any other. What would you say was the secret of your success in school to be not first contact with the literary agent agent? It really has <hes> I've done my research eyedropper short-list book <unk> based based on the fact that if you shoot for the moon you'll still learned among the stalls. I set my sights the top the top of my list because she was behind me three hundred fifty percent I think that gave me tremendous confidence and belief in my rising abilities ally. I'm pretty sure I all stems right from that. In that woman is famed is is is she gave you the permission really to sit down and just let your talent flow by the way that you've discretion she she home dish in many ways because signed never thought from ancient Rome with never even thought of crime a- proactive heroin were when she said she wanted that you know something I created a super bitch which I am you know one extreme to the <hes> and it just reflects the encouragement she gave me was tremendous us from there you know once once. You're on that platform it's it's you know it helped to normal slain intensive. You're working habits. I you plotter or Pansa and I work Hollick. Would you have to kind of push yourself to get going while the thrillers which means people to applaud them tightly in that this my way round bats <hes> we have fingernails for a reason jenny nuts to bite them nails imagine business so I'm GonNa make sure that people appointing them and lines so there's no question of when I want to state my pants with Ed's I forgot what the question walls with your workaholic have. You got a favorite way to relax tonight winds. Oh <hes> yes. It's travel. It's I mean to actually actually be paid. They smell bad thing is it but in the Claudius air is getting thanks mule <unk> to get out there and research will lease the likes of Tuscany and it's not all about a wine and the go-to Umbria and it's not all about the wine was this crow <unk> older oldies the lovely places Acess to guarantee to for inspiration and research and even when I went to the writing conventions in America Cower in the world surveys road triple haven't you so Nazri well the weakest town in the West <hes> tombstone done throughout China. Mary even WanNa win to Halloween in Germany gave me the Pied Piper my take on the Pied Piper Anyway. Am I mean it's a little bit of a double edged sword. <hes> we went to Sweden a couple of weeks ago. There's a is that it'll bay on the war Orsha Walsh uncles and again it was this little tiny cove inlet my so yeah. There's a story that called the point of no return so if you don't see Mister Toad for one you know you know where he's gold sounds like you enjoy your travel anyway. That's wonderful to be able to buy to work hard play hard and sometimes it overlaps a bit but we never work on unholy J.. A. May make notes an holidays a holiday <hes> yeah but while I'm here yes I'm hunched over like cousy Meyer died but the series is called the joys of injury again. It's predicated a little bit on the I think there is a change in reading habits in the last week with the digital revolution that people can vary much more easily follow an author's work if they find someone they liked making really refund in backless to face Oh desire they can order to midnight on Amazon one of the other digital shops that they won't change so so taking that framework of binge rating. It sounds very mattress. You've been a lifelong injury. Who would you like to read and who who are you reading now right now? I'm writing Sonko generate. We La Golden Blood. I'm not sucking up to Hugh Bowel. Base always read crime you know when I was younger like throughout Stain I went to the library around of crime books because on rent the mole. I was very false grades but the Julie's L. digital reading is it's made things so much accessible and affordable may now people can buy a book and it's you know it's it's. It's not even a cup of coffee so didn't like series. That really hasn't lost a law. How I think it's terrific? I love this that's right and and of course with Simony Indie published authors given away women series they can they can actually sort of almost like goto cheese his wife a chase tasting Bacon Thais the fist or coffin without having to even biased so it's a paradise really for Ada. I think I think it's incredible development montage <unk> just brilliant. I really do love it so you would say you taste mainly extends to historical oracles and cry this yesterday's what I been Joel now of all the short stories mainly mainly <music> a I did. I was a great fan of the late Diana Norman. She wrote some fantastic historical novels and the way she handled romance was out this world learn learn from that Anabel could if I studied her for seventy five years <unk> hot sauce. I think it's always on my regrets that I never wrote to our contact. Sharon said <unk> great joke she was doing. I think it's now it's any this digital digital age where people do right you and say you know I'm ready enjoying this because that's what makes writing worthwhile knowing that people are enjoying walk. You'll doing economies over the people at the time you don't try but it's it's great half out fade back. Diana nobleman was this was right. Now I tend to read short stories Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine ellery Queen Stephen King said Valerie Queen Queen of the best mystery magazine Ball Numb so you know just going to not hit miss good enough for me. It's great is we asked added to them to come to the inbound time together so just circling around looking back or very substantial rights in Korea at the stage if you would do it again. What would you change? If anything on wouldn't <hes> bounce purely. I'm not it's perfect. It isn't announcing made mistakes I have but it's like Rubik's cube. If you change one thing you've changed the whole nature enshrouded Patriot changes everything slides out of sync and I've just think while I K- that was a mistake learn from it move on as you know deal saying if full one new families moving forward side I I just look at it. They won't make mistakes tomorrow. It's great. What could you think of one thing that you would categorize now as a mistake in quotes I mean that does that are the phrase that the business people use about failing upwards so it's failures necessarily bad at all if you learn from it? Could you stick one. Listen awesome that you would not prevail not to repeat <hes> as I say I I can't think of anything offhand. That's not being over confident confident over <unk> sharing. It's just that you know bad things you just forget about bury them as the same move on their it must be things up <unk> three in the morning thank. Tom told her about soon so but I can't think of it now that actually probably say something about resilience to just pick yourself up dust yourself although us may to attain on Omni Channel Tomato Taste <hes> tomorrow it'll be fine. Hunanese life does go on yes so what's next for Maryland the rise of what are you working on narrowband any new projects will I say the second book is due out any minute now so so I'm not on the cloaks taking put it that way to to wrap up book number three and then move won't put number fool you know you can't just capable the same railway tracks because you lose focus and I'm not will be too short stories again. A festival <unk> you know get rid of Mr told a mentioned this earlier the point of no return the point of no return is is is nagging away inside. It needs to be written <hes>. I'm also got another couple of short. Stories are blamed away so I'd like to do that. And of course we're traveling as usual so yeah. This is quite low going on nothing disparately specific other who've been just Claudia series near just demands attention the judge Julius S and his book three got a title. Yes <hes> yes but I don't know whether it's going to be a worth with this is the working title is bad blood. Bad Blood is is where I'm going with it because in some titles this wonderful. It sounds like you really welcome interaction should with your rate on today's. You've mentioned that it's easier to do these days where can redefine to online and how do you prefer to interact with them. I I am a I'm quite active <unk> Hawaii. I'm quite active on facebook and I do interact with fans on their. It's great right. It is absolutely great such a good bunch of a ball. <hes> is terrific yeah. I'm on through the website. People can contact okay through the website. I think there's something more remediation about facebook. Because you know you you just call manned. It's bright element and I guess yes when you first started up facebook wouldn't if they nearly as much of a a medium as it has now. I'm probably was going but but not really quite as active as it would've been now. You would have seen that change in the way that people can reach out here. I don't think can tell Sonny relatively recently lies in Seoul the pulling bovine spoke. I thought you know if you WANNA keep in touch with your friends. You keep in touch with your friends but now friends takes on a different meaning hang on it's amazing how many friends you might not just the numbers you know so incensed five thousand friends but you do have really good friends that is a ham slip knows like there's a handful in life and who are just terrific you know POPs the handfuls a bit bigger on facebook but it's a little community and they interact with each other as well amazing i. I think it's just tremendous industry every building. One of the publishing gurus has got the spray super fans that I'm rightists can attract. They stay super fans in a way I use. You're talking about your super pains the one who wants to read everything you write. Actually I guess yes I think of the assume <unk> advise because I'm not actually I do think of them as friends because they're all yeah they do want to read everything you write in more but <hes> they're interested because they've connected. I think it works his way. I'm you know would find him all that well unhappy at the end ups and downs taking care of you know I care about them. Put it that way do they give you suggestions ace just for who they like you to write about Nick store or make suggestions for how the export might go there. I don't get involved in that. The Mon- my imagination is good enough to content any way this. It's you know quite often people say he's a good idea for a the story think no not really this this evening. I won't <unk> any input in his about hundred billion dollars because are funded to eternity. I've never ride with a mole. Oh that's wonderful Maryland will look at speak great having a chance to talk really has and I look forward to the coming. Make Julia books with Great Anticipation Phone Kid. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me as they say uncle to get back to my moustache champ minds. That's lovely thank you. It's been a pleasure Jenny. It really has thanks for listening to the Joseph Pinch Reading podcast. You can find all the details and links for this episode at Dub Dub Dub dot the joys of Binge Reading Dot Com. We'd love to your comments and suggestions ends for who you'd like us to interview next and if you enjoyed the show take a moment to subscribe on Itunes or a similar provider so you won't miss out on future guests. Thanks for joining us and happy reading the joys of bench reading podcast is put together with fantastic technical help from Dan cotton and Abe Raffles. Dan is an experienced sound and video engineer whose radiant available to help you with your next project Sakon out at D C audio services at G. Mile Dot com that Steve Daniel CPA. Thank you Charlie audio services ex G._M.. Dot Com or check casher nights. He's fast he takes pride and getting it right and he's great to work with a voice. I was done by Abe Raffles. Another gym of sound and screen has tweet years of experience appearance on both sides of the camera slash microphone as a cameraman director and also as a voice artist and TV presenter. I think you'd agree that his voice is lighthearted and warm. He is super easy to work with. No matter what the job you'll find term at a a B E anche point and shoot dot car DOT INSEAD as I say the full no details in the charts on the website. That's it for now. Thanks for listening heartfully.

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Running a Space Center

NASACast Audio

1:03:57 hr | 11 months ago

Running a Space Center

"HOUSTON. We have a podcast. Welcome to the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space. Center episode one, Sixty, one running space center. I'm Gary Jordan and I'll be your host today on this podcast we bring in the experts scientists, engineers, astronauts all to let you know what's going on in the world of human spaceflight for almost sixty years NASA's Lyndon B Johnson Space Center in Houston has led the United States and the world. On, a continuing adventure of human exploration discovery and achievement Johnson is on seventeen hundred acres of land and boasts workforce of nearly ten thousand, and it takes a lot to run the center especially. Now, it's an interesting time where the majority of the centers workforce is on a Telework Status House the center keeping everyone safe during the coronavirus pandemic we're on the Gulf side of Texas. So what happens if a hurricane comes our way? The same folks that help with these scenarios help to keep the Johnson Space Center running the director itself is called the center operations and they deal with everything from utilities to logistics. Security Environmental Services Sustainability efforts to the quote unquote other stuff like dealing with fire ants and parking. At the helm of these efforts are Joel Walker and Linda's Bueller director of center operations and the emergency manager. Respectively on today's episode, we're GONNA. Learn just how all of these things come together. So here we go running. Johnson Space, center with Joel, Walker and Linda's Bueller. And Joy. WanNa, time. County. Out. there. Joel and Linda thanks so much for coming on to podcast. Today. Thanks Gary, thanks for having us. Thank you. I'm excited to talk about the operations of the center. We discuss human spaceflight quite a bit. Going out into space and saying all of that works but I think it's just as fascinating to see how you have to run the space center. That's actually leading some of these these efforts like the International Space Station like the Orion program there's a lot of big programs here and it's going to be very interesting to figure how this works mission control. Very interesting stuff when I get a better understanding I of who were talking to and who are the people that are leading these efforts. Joe Why don't we start with you a little bit about yourself what you do here at the Center I grew up in east Tennessee, in Knoxville went to University of Tennessee. CO-OP with Kennedy Space Center. That's how I got started with NASA. Worked there for three or four years transferred to Goddard space lots in Maryland. Worked in the DC area for a couple years and then moved to Houston been here ever since. My background is logistics, what they would call supply chain management now. and then I'll leave the team of one hundred civil servants. And Probably I don't know five, six hundred contractors depending on what we have going on. managing the center every day kind of like sitting manager's job. Except that also the police chief. the landlord and other things. I love that description it is Kinda like a city though isn't it Johnson Space Series pretty big. I remember when I first came here. One of the first things that surprised me was it size the fact that when you get past the gates, you have traffic lights that that you have to go through. It is kind of like the little town. Yeah it's Kinda self-contained We we get some utilities from offside, but we produce of our own power about half of it. So yeah, it's a lot of about the same elements of the city to. Lyndon, I have to give everybody a desk and a chair air conditioning and make sure the grass is cut and take care of the roads and all all the kind of basic services that help make you productive every day I'm very curious to get into what those protective services are but Linda I, WanNa gets a little bit better. What's What's your background? So I have grown up in Texas I'm. A second generation employees, my dad was a in the orbiter projects office and I am the emergency manager JSE. So like Joel said, as a city, we have city services so I'm the one that plans firm urgency's and also helps respond to emerging six. Very big and that sexually one of the big topics I wanted to address today was We're we're kind of in the middle of hurricane season and just understanding how you prepared this city, the Johnson Space Center four hurricanes. Hurricane Preparedness Very interesting to get into but first. Let's. Lay the land for just what we're talking about here. I'm sure there are people who are listening that have no idea what the Johnson Space Center looks like and we are describing it as a city just what all that means as part of what this is this community. So so Joel give us an overview of what the Johnson Space Center is what what facilities, what what elements make up the Johnson Space Center. Really it's It's Kinda four places. the the main sides about sixteen hundred acres. but we also operate Five Cents Test Facility in Las cruces New Mexico that's a part of Johnson Space Center. It's a small site where we do hazardous testing and stuff they operate for for my purposes they operate kind of independently their own little little town. but we have Ellington Field Ellison airport. We have our aircraft operations on one side of the runway and on the other side of the runway, we have our our big pool for space station operations, the neutral buoyancy lab. Those Operate at the airport. It's about five miles away from us. and then the main part of the campus is. A couple, of. Hundred buildings. The central part looks like a college campus if you will you know kind of a central area with ponds and and greenspace. outlying areas which are like logistics facilities. some testing facilities, things like that kind of sit on the fringe is. and when we were built when we first started in the early sixties, there was very, very little infrastructure around Johnson Space, center so while we. Don't have buildings on all of our land be Kinda protected 'cause that's where we would do if you expansion or. Operations so you know we we kinda started with sixteen hundred acres. We've held onto it, and then the city has grown around US immensely. So we kinda protect your own if you will. Yeah Johnson has an interesting history. I've gotten brief glimpse glimpses of it. I think it was purchased from think was rice. University back in the late fifties early sixties and was this. You know this this plot of Land Sixteen, hundred Acre plot of land. But around it there really wasn't much to what we know now is the clear lake area. Yeah that's true. We had You know we one of the one of the big factors was we have clear lake which allowed us to have barge operations and make big articles in we wanted to be close to the water. but there wasn't any housing nearby and as Johnson Space Center was being built. Elements of as it started to form where in downtown Houston Week is you know twenty miles away. In various parts of other small towns around us we eventually consolidated. At the site built. but there wasn't any housing really for. All employees that sprung up and you know a couple of years. So the area around us has really developed a lot in the past. Forty years to to support human spaceflight. Very. Much. So so when we're talking about. The operations of the center of this piece of land and you talked about the? Not just this this main one that I'm talking about but also Ellington field also neutral buoyancy laboratory and whitesands. What is it exactly that you're looking after? What does it mean to operate all of these different locations. Well. We're like other cyber like a college campus would be We have our own utility plants. We have two of them onsite about three months I we have. What we call a central plant. And that's that's pumping out of our cold air cold water steam, and all those kinds of utilities are buildings. we have, auxiliary plant that's Kinda augment that. Have backup power for mission, control we. have. huge plant. That's that's dedicated to our mission control operations as a backup power. So everything else kind of goes down. The backup power plant. Would come online and Power Mission Control. Recently. The. Last couple of three years added a combined heat and power plant. Because essentially what we used to do is bring in all of our power like an electrician from site. And then we distribute turn it into the air conditioning and whatever else we turned it into and distribute that all our buildings. And now we can produce with these to turbine engines. We essentially produce our own power for about seventy percent of the site. we turn our our waste into steam and and use that to augment our bowlers. For a hot water and Team steam and things like that and we distribute that thing you know one of the things that that is a little different about us is we have a tunnel system. It's our central plants to our central campus. All the distribution of those utilities goes underground in tunnels system about three and a half miles. Of. Tunnels underneath that's what I call underneath the space program. it it. It's. It's more stable because it doesn't get affected by high winds and some of the things you know whether. You just have to watch out for the flooding. So we we try to protect it very careful but with flooding when we have high water And I know that's one of those things that we in Houston Texas, always have to be aware of the flooding and I'm sure there's a number of other things. So Celinda when you're looking at the Johnson Space Center Ellington Field Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and maybe even whitesands as the emergency manager what are you looking after for all of these sites? So as an emergency manager, we try to to plan and mitigates away from any hazards that we possibly can. So a lot of our work goes into planning and not necessarily. Responding to emergencies because we try to avoid the emergencies. So, for flooding we put in a lot of efforts to mitigate flooding for the tunnels. For example, we have a flood plan that allowed us to put in some automatic floodgates that will. Protect the tunnel from flooding. If we end up with high water in the tunnel areas, these floodgates will be automatically triggered to kind of rise up in clothes as the water gets higher, and we've also got some floodgates in several of our buildings mission control building, and and things like that to keep it from. From, affecting. The infrastructure. Whitesands we don't have to worry so much about flooding in white fans but extreme each and things like that and we have a team. I've emergency management out there that I work closely with. Very nice and I know. You mentioned the the the integrity of the buildings themselves I know flooding is definitely one of those things that you definitely have to watch out for but we do have the the buildings themselves I believe correct me if I'm wrong joey mentioned backup power can be one thing to support the mission control. Center. But I know the building itself I, believe is actually built to withstand high winds and and basically take a beating for a lot of the elements that could be thrown at it. Yeah, we we we have Standards that we build our buildings to it started off in the sixties with black ninety mile per hour winds. A roof needed to be able to handle that and now that believe we've we've upped that like one ten. But it's essentially a category two storm. And You know we've got a lot smarter about Bad weather if he will I as you know, we're we're flat were just like perfectly flat. We're like eighteen feet above sea level on one side of the center, and you go all the way to the other side of this center. Not Think you're like twenty, one eight. So were were right on clear lake, which is right on. which feeds into Galveston. Into the Gulf of Mexico. So so while you know being close to a barge dock is awesome. When you have a storm? Water cannon gets pushed up into you and then Houston. All the drainage for Houston kind of flows down our way. So when he gets full, it starts you know coming downstream to us. So we've we've. You know we always talked about hurricanes as wind events and and how do we? We stand a wind event a lot of times. It's the water it's It's trouble for you. We are right now building a new emergency operations center. which always stand cat five storm. It's essentially a an office building during the day. But. When we get into hurricanes, it will be a place where teams and to go with hot for the law because under current operations if it gets really bad anything above a category two storm. we don't feel comfortable leaving people on sight. See That's interesting. That's balanced between Joel, what you're thinking of as operating the center and Linda just being having that sense of not just reacting to emergencies but preparing for them. I know in terms of the big list, Joel that you win over in the beginning of of the things that you look after as the city manager and the police chief and all that. One of them are the facilities and looking after new construction you have of course, these facilities meant for emergencies something to withstand cat five. But I know we're also doing a lot of sustainability efforts. A lot of the buildings we have on-site our lead certified What are some of those efforts like? Well, it We're building all nasty as we've our standard. Now for a new building is LEED silver, which is kind of You, know you WANNA have all the energy savings things incorporated into the building. You WANNA oriented a certain way you want to operate as a certain way. Or, energy savings for comfort. So we we were doing all of our new buildings kind of this new way. But on the maintenance side, you gotta think of our maintenance personnel. the way I like to think of it is they have to be able to operate on a nineteen sixty five. Mustang. And they also have to be able to drive a new tesla. Right. So it's a real mix and and One of the things that we've done is we reuse buildings a lot we We'll take a in lieu of building a brand new building. We'll take a building and we'll modify it, and some of those modifications had taken not team sixty five building and turn it into a lead building. so that CAN BE A. Great. Way To you keep the same location, you keep the. all the vantage is you have of the older building and then you just kinda upgrade it all the new standards with all the systems and everything and we've we've done that a lot. There's a lot of lottery us as we've gone through, you know Apollo to shuttle. Space Station to be you know all the new programs and stuff. We have not. You know you don't you don't rebuild Johnson Space Center every time a new program comes you got to be flexible and adapt and reuse and and be able to change what you have to meet what the new programs needs are. That's right and I and now I can take full advantage of some of these efforts you're talking about Joel because I work in building two and building two is well, actually it might have been the first building that was constructed the Johnson. Space. Center. But now it's lead gold is one of those new renovation efforts. Yeah that was our first effort at renovating one delete standards. We learned a lot and in fact. The construction of folks in the Houston area, it was one of the first buildings. In the area. To to get renovated into breen into agreeing LEED standards. We also have. A The first platinum building in Massa, which is the highest. Athlete Standard. So we've done a lot of a lot of work like that. It helps US downstream as we're doing maintenance and as we're operating the building is cheaper and it's really Really Nice. It's it's it's a great thing to do what does it take to become leed platinum what sorts of things do you have to have what sorts of capabilities of the building? Oh it's it involves the landscaping you know you're trying to do low maintenance landscaping. You're trying to. Do Solar hot water. Your your systems that bring outside area and treat it in a certain way so that you don't you use as much energy. Materials you build it out of our. recycled materials. In back to your construction process has to recycle any waste they have. the way you orient the building the view you know windows, the way that the building works. So there's there's a lot to it. There's a lot of you get points. You know it's like a checklist Thousand things that give you points and you go through and try to incorporate all these. energy. Saving. And recycling systems in a building. And you get enough points you certified platinum. It's a big deal. That's a lot of work for sure. Now, Linda, I'm GONNA, toss it over to you because I'm thinking you get all these energy saving things for the facility, of course, looking at that sustainability factor. But I know you mentioned a couple facilities and capabilities of Johnson, space center floodgates and and wind resistant buildings What are some of those features of space center that you're looking at not just for buildings but just the the Center For Emergency, preparedness. So like Joel said with having our utilities, underground helps a lot when it comes to win event. So we don't have to worry as much about sustainable power during window vents, and in fact, we tend to do better than our neighbors usually when it comes to keeping power during storms. we we also don't sacrifice any safety or emergency equipment or Anything like that. When we the League buildings, in fact, most of the new buildings they're incorporating mass notification systems into the buildings. So in the newer buildings are this emergency dispatchers can actually speak over an intercom to the occupants of certain buildings. So as we're building these new buildings were taking the newer technology into consideration and trying to leverage that against the league capabilities and make sure that we have a good tight system to help make sure that our folks are safe. And that blends in very nicely to the next topic which you're talking about emergency responders, some of the capabilities of not only emergency response but also. I guess I don't know if this folds into security and then some of the medical personnel we have on-site. Yes, we actually have our own an ambulance crew that it is there during the day during working hours during the regular workweek and so emergency dispatchers dispatch our security folks are everyone's folks and we have fire protection services on site as well. But they're kind of the first line of Defense We send them out when we have automatic fire alarms in buildings or reports of smoke. And so our dispatch center dispatches just like a small city. They would dispatch fire security and medical personnel to any type of event that happens at jse about that. Now, Joel part of the security is You know actual having security guards a believed the entire perimeter of the Johnson Space. Center is fenced in. So some of the security measures that you have to look after. Yes. So we do you have to have a badge to get onsite or you have to be invited and get bad. and they're screening. Like, you would think of maybe at a military base or something like that. and and then there's a coal kind of infrastructure. Involved around that you know how have you have you do that? How. Do you issue on how you ran them? how do you check them? And so you have kind of. Security. So, you know I can have a visitor demain office That's one thing having a visitor go into mission control quite another thing. And so just even even a regular employee will have. To what they need on site they won't necessarily have access to every place on the site right so you you're trying to make it a little bit. Tougher tighter as you go into the most more critical areas. Go we try to keep everybody you know? while you go a lot of places you know everybody doing work and everybody's got you know special Labra. special operations even in buildings, we have like holidays. IF I go over there I have accidents I can go in, but I gotta pay attention because they may be operating overhead crane. Or doing specific training that day so. We try to to to manage that through security security handles. Communication Security they handle the the people security and then they do you know you know traffic patrols. Parking, tickets. Some of the more normal mundane stuff we try be prepared. If something Big happens you know we're kind of the first line of Defense but a lot of it is what you might think about it in the city if you had to be censored intercity. Another body was invited. I love that. Yeah. There's the security is absolutely essential I know even even today you have just twenty, four, seven security around. Around the Johnson based on her and and the gates open and closed just depending on the time of day I'm going through my list of different operations here and and one that I think sticks out that's possibly unique to. The Johnson Space Center compared to a lot of other offices. What makes running space center? A space center is the environmental and Hazardous Chemicals side of things there's You you got a lot of biology here at the Johnson space here you got You know you're dealing with rockets some of those elements. Lyndale. Tossed it over to you. Because I think there is emergency responses to. Hazardous Chemicals plan for for Johnson Space. Center. Definitely one of one of the more fun things about my job is I get to work with the very diverse group of people from different organizations, and we have a very close relationships with the folks in our health and human. Performance Directorate and Occupational Health. And they're the ones that are kind of the of the kingdom for hazardous material. And so they have databases of hazardous materials. We work closely with our Safety Directorate, Mission Mission Safety and Quality Assurance strength to to make sure that that folks are following the proper procedures when when they argue hazard hazardous materials or hazardous equipment and We spent a lot of time as emergency management like I said, a lot of its upfront work so we try to. Avoid the emergencies. So there's a lot of pre-planning that goes into hazardous operations and when hazardous chemicals are are used but we do have plans in place should something go wrong and we have a close relationship with both the Houston. Fire. Department. In your simply department and we run exercising exercises and drills to make sure that that we're ready and able to respond should something happen. Linda even gives me a hard time because we have all the you think of city you have all the industrial chemicals to run the plant and sometimes it's you know it's like having a pool in your backyard. The chemicals you have You have to maintain them, maintain them in a certain way. So they don't lead the soul and all that kind of fun stuff. But it at the planet. JSE. Take about how big we are sometimes, it's the chemicals. Okay. But the amount of the chemical you have. To make a whole different story. So lots of lots of backup plans about what we do lots of. drainage systems containment systems a lot of things like that that that happened just with running the city itself. Yeah. It's. So it's so interesting I wanted to focus on some of those. Some of those things that you. Now you talked about the preparedness four, these hazardous chemicals, but I'm trying to think of specific. Examples at the Johnson Space Center I know one. Is We. Have a very large thermal vacuum chamber and I believe there are some you know. Not, I guess facilities but also chemicals that have to. Be Carefully worked with to make that thing run. So Joe a little bit about what that thermal vacuum chamber is and then some of the ways that we have to deal with these hazardous chemicals. Well. It's a it's a vacuum chamber that that you can put a spacecraft in and. Simulates like outer space right pulls a vacuum on it you can take it down to and I don't know the. Technical words but really, really really really really cold. So so what you're trying to do is test the spacecraft to know that all the things are going to work. Once it gets launched and gets out to it's proper location. uses a lot of liquid nitrogen, and so we have to look over all the things that. Go into that operation the engineering director, it would be the organization that operates a test. And and maintains the chamber itself that the systems inside the chamber, we would maintain the building. And cognizant over with safety over the hazards and all the stuff that goes into that. So we have to work with the whole team. It's not. You know there's emergency response is great but you hope to is not to have an emergency response so. You Know Linda will coordinate all these plans that they've ever wanted to find out what what exactly is going on and how they mitigate now hazards, and how are they operating it, and what ours is that test GonNa be and watching over it, and how do they plan and all that Kind of putting it together. So before you ever start operation, you know what they'll do if it goes wrong and and she does plans on top of plan. So she has. She has a plan for what you do if it goes wrong and a plan for what you do is the plan that you put in place goes wrong also. So lots of lots of contingency planning. To make sure that we're prepared for whatever happens. Fascinating now, Lynn. Linda. That means you must be involved with I guess a lot of the testing that use a lot of these hazardous chemicals, a lot of these special facilities on Johnson Space. Center I guess this can extend to Whitesands as well and some of the other facilities you're. As, part of the planning process and your your mindset, your your value add is you're thinking about the emergency responses if this were to go bad. This is how we respond this how respond as a backup to the backup to that back that's your. That's your role in some of these critical space tests. That's true. I like the tell folks I'm kind of liaison between all the different responding groups like I said, we work closely with health and human performance and safety and H FD and HP, and so I'm kind of the one above everyone kind of making sure that we're looking at all the different pieces and looking at the big. And and then putting all those little details together. A love it. Joel you said, you had a background in. In Logistics and supply chain management and I know one of the. Capabilities going away from emergency response and procedures for a second the. Items and and services. Makeup Center operations are logistics. So you're talking the shipping receiving you're talking the vehicles you're talking the storage that's all under center operations right? Yeah, it is and it's it's kind of one of those Background. Services if you think about it, you know. you know I need copy paper for my printer. or I've got to go downtown and I need to get. To See, if I could borrow a car. Lots, of the other stuff that comes in just for the industrial planet comes through logistics. They also kind of track our property. You know we maintain a property system to make sure we don't lose anything and to make sure that we're tracking their assets, they operate system for us, and then when you want to get rid of something if you've got a Piece of equipment that's outdated. Now you're replacing it it's the it's the logistics organization that comes and gets it, and then process is through an an excess system to make sure we either recycling. or able to sell it and get some value out of it. So they manage all that kind of stuff force number warehouses they do furniture office moves some of the new furniture repair furniture to do a lot of things like that. That are supportive of me keeping working at my office uninterrupted. And then on top of just the the in the office, you're also managing outside the office you're are you looking after the? Facility as a whole lawn the mall. Area. As. Well as I have here as an other stuff item, some of the wild animals that are on site. Yeah we do It's a Muslim. We like some of them. We don't like so much. But But you know we have you know big open space and it's of Pristine Probably half are senators kind of pristine. Texas. Prairie. We have lots of animals and were On. One of our borders is the arm and. Nature Center, which is. A protected habitat for wild animals. But. You know. The favorite one everybody has is our dear we have two hundred and seventy five roughly deer on our side. They'll be quiet during the day and you can see them in the field and stuff, and if you ever come out on a weekend or at night they're just walking down our streets and trying to use the crosswalks and do the proper thing. Aware, and everybody loves a deer but with the deer come snakes, possums, skunks. Cats. Counties. lots of luck to her even lots of about animals that you might not think. So it's kind of We have a wildlife biologist on site and We, we brought one on site. Because we were having more and more kind of people wild animal. Interactions. So so we had this wildlife biologists and tries to. Operate our wildlife if you will maintain them. Control. Them. in a way that it's consistent congruent with what would with our physical operations we don't. Want somebody to get hurt or bid or and every now, and then As you could imagine, dear, I'll hit by a car doesn't happen very frequently. Need somebody on site to take care of that. and make sure we're doing the right thing. But they also kind of consult with this August, we're talking about building a new building. Or we do bird counts on site we a rookery on side. So we have. within the Texas? What's it called Linda the Texas Gulf coast flyway. Migration Pass. For northern birds went down to Mexico for the winter and so we're kind of a stopover point. And so we try to keep the bird window collisions down and all that kind of stuff. So it is it is interesting at times. It's kind of aggravating. I have been in a was in a meeting with our center director one day when one of the secretaries knocked in the door interrupted called me out into the sweet. And I thought boy this must be really important. It was because there was a bat in the suite flying this week and I'm not sure why she thought I was a great person to take care of it. Other than I do our wildlife biologist, this phone number. We. Got Him cornered in office and we had the right people come up and take care of it. So we try to keep interactions down and we try to. We don't feed our wildlife and do that kind of thing we try to peacefully coexist, but it's but it's great. You know you see you're in an urban area. And you come to work, and then you feel like You're in. Half of a nature preserve and a half of space center. Great. Joy It's a I'M Taking, a snapshot of everything that we've talked about so far just the things that you manage I mean it's just incredibly diverse. The utilities you're talking about powering the center you're talking about buildings, security emergency management logistics for. Shipping and and vehicles, and now we're we're here talking about animals. Just what an incredibly diverse director it to be a part of. It what are the things? I really like about the the job I have I have a short attention span. So you know some people want to be a nuclear physicist and what I. Really hone in on a specific technicality and our directorate is a little bit of everything. And I laugh and tell somebody you know somebody asked me. A about a certain function or certain things sometimes I'll say, well, it's essentially if you can't think of somebody else on site who has that special? Team. It probably belongs to center up someplace. It's my it's my job to take care of it. So we do take care of you know very known specific things and then a lot of our job is and whatever else shows up. There you go and the other stuff duties as assigned edge it. That's right. I wanNA I. WanNa take this moment to get into just where we are today One of the part of the reason I want to have you guys on was not only to talk about all this great and diverse thing that what takes to run a space center, just the the landscape of where we are today. To items that come up are prepared for hurricanes just something that is an annual thing everybody on the center is always looking out for hurricanes and looking at. You know this the safety of everyone on the center and making sure that everything's GonNa run smoothly and now we're in this interesting time of covid nineteen and how that's and how that's affecting center operations. So Linda, I want to start with you with some of the hurricane. Preparedness and operations just some of the considerations when it comes to specifically during the hurricane season, what you're gearing up for and how you prepare everyone of the center to get prepared for this this time of year. So, yes. hurricane season is one of the busiest times of my job because like I said a lot of what I do is planning and preparation and planning for hurricanes that is one of our. Most expected disasters, such jse, and something we can't control. So what we try to do is make sure that we have a robust plan in place. And we encourage folks to plan personally I know that's Been Pretty on folks minds especially with the pandemic about how to plan during a pandemic and and I would say that Folks really need to think ahead. Have a plan consider that the pandemic is probably going to change what your plan may have been last year or the year before a lot of the shelters in the area are operating differently they're trying to Limit, a number of folks keep up the social distancing protocols. So I would say, have a plan, write it down. Make sure your family is all involved in the planning process. Make sure you have someone outside of the danger zone. That's contact. That kind of knows what your plan is when you enacted where you're headed. If you're staying at home and that way you have someone outside of the disaster area that that folks can contact. with with a pandemic A. Water becomes key and I think a lot of folks are often surprised that when you lose power, you often lose running water and so if you're new to the area, it's not just about suffering through no air conditioning and no power, you may not have running water during an emergency so. All those things should be taken into consideration. If if you have young children or elderly you need to take the fact that you may not have running water into consideration even just keeping enough water on hand during the emergency We, we tell people took plan for seventy two hours without help from the outside world and in Houston that that's a lot of water to drink. We recommend a gallon per person and per pet per day. So. That's what pretty quickly if you have a larger household Food. Seventy two hours worth of food. We caution folks that emergency services from. Fire departments will not necessarily be available. We've had incidences in Hurricane Ike. For example, there were several structures in Galveston that burnt to the ground in four feet of water. Because of electrical shortages that caused fires and with four feet of water Obviously. Emergency personnel, we're not able to get the structure. So so things like that or definitely you WanNa, take all that into consideration when you're making your plan for our plan for the center. WE'VE GOT PREPARATION PRETTY DOWN PAT we've worked really hard at that over the years and. In the time of the pandemic I think we've talked about this in the town halls, but we would not expect. General employees to have to come back on site to save office space. If you have a particular lab or something that's up and running, or you're worried about lab equipment that would be something that you may WanNa work through your management to make sure that those things are safe. But for the general employees, we're not, GONNA ask folks to come back on site just to safe office space. Joel and I are actually part of A. Team. That manages the hurricane away from the center. So for very large hurricanes we. Are plans to relocate We've got a plan in place to go to the round rock area and can set up a mobile command post out there that allows us to. Keep. Our websites running and make emergency notifications if necessary we were Security. Folks I. I R. D folks and Public Affairs folks with us so We we have a tie in back to human resources as well. So so we we make sure that we have the right team. They're available to keep the center up to date on what's happening. Our emergency management website JC SOS DOT COM is not a behind the NASA firewall. So folks can get to that and and see what's going on the status of the center. And our emergency notification System does not run on JC servers either. So if our power goes down at JC, we can still send notifications to focus on their personal devices and and to to their work emails and things like that. So we so we basically recommend as part of preparation. To, go in as an employee and check your emergency contact information a lot of elements here. There's there's preparation on the personal side this preparation on the center side, and then also communication is just one of those critical things making sure that everyone is prepared. So if you do need to for whatever reason relocate to the round rock area. That you're notifying the right people and then everybody's safely traveling from one place to the other just a massive responsibility. To look after when you're talking about hurricane preparedness, one of those things I living in that Gulf coast area. That is true and it's like I said, it's always on her mind as as most of you probably know this is a hyperactive season. This year, we've actually got to areas of interest that we're monitoring in the Atlantic We are lucky enough to have a meteorologist on-site ch- spaceflight meteorology group that we work very closely with to Taylor, forecasts to pinpoint to JC, Ellington and Sonny Carter. So so we've got you know very very up to date information about the weather and how it may affect us and we take that into consideration when we execute our plans. Perfect now moving moving past the preparedness phase, let's take a look at a certain case study. In that case study being Harvey This is one where you know preparedness turns into action comes to reacting to a storm, and this one is definitely on the minds of every individual who's lived in Houston and live through this. This storm is just how much it affects daily life. So the lessons learned from. Harvey. Some of the actions we took and some of the actions that we will take in the future. Harvey. Was a little bit different for us. You know normally. We would see storm coming We'd have a certain time line. Decide Okay we need to release employees the average the average employees Michigan travel would make. A Call Independent what they need to do, and then we would keep like sixty five. facilities for people on on site is right out team and those people would stay was a cat a cat one storm would stay through the storm and then be the kind of the first responders for. damage control, and trying to keep the plant up and running. If we can Harvey was a little bit of a different animal because. It it was a hurricane, but it didn't JSC right didn't hit Houston. It hits south of us, significantly but we got the rain. So on Harvey Oh like a day before it was supposed to hit and I think it was Corpus Christi or a Little Bit South Dakota Chris Christie. And we're talking about a lot of rain and one of my facilities, my facilities division she was supposed to go on vacation and just said hey look. This is making me a little bit nervous. Yeah. But we're not going to get the winds. We're not gonNA. Get this that we could get some rain. So he said. That he would he wanted to stay on site and just. And keep you know four or five people live in. just in case something they because we do have you know things like we've leaks and that kind of stuff you said I I just want to keep a small team just in case we get some roof leaks out of it. So that five person, team essentially became I write outgrew and we had some other operations that are ongoing that we did not evacuate. So we just Kinda went into a weekend saying this is going to be Rainy flooding kind of weekend and it turned out so much more. So that five six person team. And whoever else happened to be working at the time where essentially stuck for a couple of days we had James. Webb space. Telescope was under testing and It could not be it was in that big chamber. We were talking about earlier and you you you. Couldn't turn the test off and back on was a you know three or four months test. So so we essentially had that kind of operate the site with the people that we had on sisal people you had an issue control had to say. the people in facilities there were there stayed people that were insecurity state. And so whoever came on shift was unfortunate enough to come on shift when the storm started or stopped for about three days. So it was a little bit. Different force than we had we did okay with the flooding part on site. We had some building some of our lower smaller buildings get some water in them that the The amount of rain. really just it just so roofs and we had lots and lots and lots of. The leaks. So so essentially what you had on site was. five or six additional people to what you've had on a third shift. And a band of rain would come through. And then are you know facilities? Folks would say, Hey, look we got. Big Leaks you know we got the. Leaves impact in a drain over in a certain area so that that Rain event would come through you get maybe an hour. between bands, they would run over fix that problem I didn't take shelter again for the next band come through and went on for about three days. It was we got you know essentially a year's worth of rainfall in a weekend. So, it was anything that could flood flood the tunnel stay dry but telesystems worked well, system was talking about that worked well. but you know just getting around even giving. The people that were working on James Webb Space Telescope. They were in a hotel across the street. So it kind of became. For them, you know one group would be headed worked maybe a ten hour shift and we would call them and say if you WANNA change shifts, there's about a thirty minute window completed. We can get you over to the hotel and get the next shift back to operate how long that they have to operate. So they on immoral that we had and things like that. So it was interesting having these. Scientists a lot of them were from Goddard Spaceflight Center in Maryland. And You know they came down to do a certain thing on a certain plan. And say, wow, I never thought I would be stuck in a building eating military rations while I was testing a futuristic spacecraft. Just. Yeah. Just the that's that's what you have to deal with when you're when you're running the space centre. How about that? It's just. Like you said, I, wanted to pick this case buddy studies specifically because it was just it was an historic storm. Would just the of rain at broad and just the the action plan is just something that It's interesting to prepare for something that beats a lot of historic records. Definitely. Be Historic records that we don't WanNa beat again on the national weather. Service actually had to create a new color for their charts as the amount of rain that we saw in that short period of time they didn't have it color. So they added a kind of like the pink that they now call pink to their charts and it's about fifty. Plus rain range so that that was definitely something. We don't see again, but it did make us look at our hurricane pointed and the way our plan was triggered prior to Harvey. Way To plan was triggered like Joel says, we typically have about sixty folks of stay on site to to handle facilities damage during the storm and immediately after the storm. Since hurricane plan wasn't triggered in full where we only had that small skeleton crew and they did a phenomenal job but obviously, very fatiguing with that short staffs. So we've actually rewritten are hurricane plans to remove the triggers being tropical storm force winds, and now we have multiple triggers basically at the discretion of stole and the Center Director and spaceflight meteorology group input that will allow us to trigger those plans and get more help for those folks that stay on. The. Go. Ahead. Well. I was just GonNa say in what Linda said there was key to we have plans on top of plans. And provides a great structure. But. The folks that you have on those teams they've got to be creative they got to be flexible and it is a time where you you know it's all hands on deck and you do whatever you is you have to do you're not looking. At somebody's job description at that point, you're just finding somebody that can do that job and figure out You know whatever unknown comes at Ya you gotta deal with it. You know the. This is just one of those things that it's. It's just it's just an interesting thing that you have to prepare for. When you're running space center is is Mother Nature just come knocking at your door and changing the whole way that normal operations run and that's the time that we're in right now with with this covid nineteen pandemic, you know we talked about how how the the space centre looks. So different during Harvey, you know all of us were working from home at the time 'cause none of us could actually drive onto the center I at the time was living right off of Buffalo Bayou which was enormously flooded, and I was basically trapped in my apartment building. But now we're living in a time where we're living in a global pandemic and were back at that telework status. So Joel. Pass it over to you. What is life at the Johnson Space Center or operations at the Johnson Space Center during a global pandemic. Well you know we're operating the space station. So we don't and we operate twenty, four seven so we don't. Completely. Clothes unless you're in that kind of extreme hurricane scenario where everybody's having evacuate the area. So. So what we've done is we have a senior staff group. Looks at all of our operations. So we've we've deemed some stuff essential and critical. And so we're so I would say were. fifteen percent staffed onside for the folks that have to come in and do mission control and keep the plant running and do some of our critical operations because we're. What we? you know we had the dragon flight and landing. and all that under a pandemic, and then what we've had to do is everybody else got couple days to prepare to transition to work from home. And when we first started it was. Okay. So is this going to be a week at home? It's IT'S GONNA be two weeks. You know you really didn't know and there's just Kinda gone on and on and on. So I, think we've been extremely successful and. Being able to transition to this new way of doing business and keep things moving as well as we have. we haven't. We haven't I haven't heard a lot of talk about all these schedules slipping and that kind of stuff you know we tend to be. if you if you really need to be on site to do something specifically. Then, you can but don't do things that you don't need to be done onsite but a good example for my organization we have some construction it was critical that just continuing. I would have a person that was would do quality assessment of that construction. in the past, they would walk down from there. They they do other paperwork walk down from their office. Inspect construction side ball back up their office and write your report kind of thing. now, they're doing all the prep work from home. They come on site for a couple of hours and do their inspection, and then they leave again 'cause we don't want to put anybody else. On site. you know we wanNA keep that load as as small as a as we can. So that critical folks can still have their spatial distancing. and and we don't crowd things. So I I think we've been really really good at it. Everybody's learning to. these video chats and all this kinda stuff from home. It's it's been. It's been a it's. It's been a crash course. telework. It really has an and I think the the length of time as you said has just gone on and on and on. That's been I. think the most surprising is just because we've had periods of time where we had to work from home before Harvey was just one of those things. But you know as a couple of days and then we were in the storm passed the water levels. Succeeded and then we were and then we're right back on site doing our normal thing. But this is just it's a it's a completely new way of business and You know one of the ways that we're monitoring this one of the ways that we keep people safe is by. Putting the center itself at a stage level. and. It's it's kind of teleworking stage and I think it's a really good model for looking at the pandemic and making sure that we're assessing the pandemic for the local area and how it affects the people on site. So. Joel Little Bit about how the center stage level works for for cove nineteen. Well it so So we have the critical central folks on site doing what they have to physically today. And we're looking at you know when did we start bringing back a bigger population and how do we? How do we? Have we how do we stage that you know that everybody at one time? is it in phases so we've gone through and defied tasks. You know what? What are the next set of tasks that we would like to see done onsite? What are the next set of people we like to say we're trying to kind of. phase out. So maybe it's twenty percent. comes and they work for a couple of weeks and maybe we had twenty percent more they work for a couple of weeks and we try to do that. So on the back end would be the folks that. That are whose job function is workout work suitable. Put it that way maybe more administrative. Or they have some other issue A health condition where they're not comfortable coming back yet kind of thing, and so we're trying to phase phase this. So it's not a big shock at once it's not going to be a on Monday, all these things happen and and and since we have astronaut health that we look after we got a lot of doctors on site and so we have. Our. health and Human Performance Directorate. is looking at all the different metrics that are out there and looking at having play together how you know the national metrics in the state metrics and local metrics. are positively rates and hospital capacity and you know number of people. In the hospital itself. Cases and all these things how that stuff plays together they look at it fine detail and they brief are are pandemic response group and we and we look at how that plays. For you know, will we be comfortable enough with first set of the next stage of folks coming back on site and so I think we're a little ways away from it. and and you know. It's kind of like a hurricane. You never know which way it's going. Schools are starting back up and You know things are happening community is that going to drive up the cases or drive up the hospitalizations or is this you know are are we starting to see the tail end of this thing? I think anybody's going to be super comfortable that we get a vaccine but we'll be able to bring more people on site as as the Pandemic receipts a little bit we're making in the meantime we're we're making office changes where logistics is getting supplies we've. you know hand sanitizers mass. We're doing lots of procedures doing lots of communication with boats about here's how we want you to work. Here's what we'll do talk to us if you're uncomfortable what you know, what makes you uncomfortable what? What else can we do? So we had a lot of new rules in place that'll be in place when we start back. And a not a lot of new things that folks will have to do different behaviors will have to change. That we're trying to be as planned for as we possibly can be so. So it's a smooth transition back the right people at the right time. Now. Now Linda how some of the emergency responses and how emergency management has changed under covid nineteen we talked about a lot of people working from home. So just how how things have changed how that landscape has shifted for covid nineteen. Well our dispatch center has gotten a little bit of relief from regular call. because. There aren't as many folks on site to to have emergencies but really are our landscape hasn't changed terribly much like I said the the number of incidences for. Regular quote emergencies on site ambulance calls a fire alarm calls. Those kind of things have been down because there are less people working. But we were able to do our wide hurricane exercise remotely with folks teleworking sent communications out to the JSE population. To test our emergency notification system Um. We've been looking at our pandemic plan like Joel said, we have a plan for everything. We do have a pandemic plan was in place before covert, and we're using lessons learned from our response to take another look at that plan and updated as necessary. So so really just kind of business as usual for emergency management. But I'll tell you I think it is going to have to write a couple more chapters on our didn't plan. On so long you know we had just like everybody else I had you know more information, more information, more information what causes it? What help you know what's the thing to do what not to do, and that has changed so much through the course of this pandemic that you know we're continually learning about a better way to do stuff or what not be better protection for somebody. So there's been a ton of education as we've been going through there. So they're gonNA be a lot of lessons aren't. Well I'll tell you what I think. You know we definitely as as an employee here I thank you both for your work fare keeping the for keeping the center safe I'd. Feel comfortable with the way. Things are done working from home joey mentioned administrative I. I can get a lot of my work done from home and I'm sure that's the case for a lot of individuals and and you it's it shows with just what we've accomplished even during the pandemic Julia mentioned. You mentioned the dragon mission the Demo to mission and landing both under pandemic, and we did it successfully. So a lot of great stuff happening to Joel and Linda very much appreciate your time coming on. HOUSTON. We have a podcast what a wonderfully diverse topic today that the Directorate of Center operations and all the things you do all the things you have to prepare for a really appreciate your time today. Thank you very much. Thanks for having us. Thank you for having us. Taylor On. Him. Hey thanks for sticking around really interesting conversation. We had today with Joe Walker inland spoiler thanks for joining us and learning more about the Johnson Space Center it's been an interesting time So it's good to see the inside scoop of what's going on there. You can check out more episodes of our podcast using we have a podcast were on NASA, Dot Gov Slash podcast. You can click on us. There's also a few other podcasts that are across the whole agency. You can check out some of their episodes as well. If you want to know more about what's going on at the Johnson Space Center specifically, you can go to NASA Dot Gov. Slash Johnson do you WanNa talk to us at the Houston we have a podcast you can visit us at the Johnson Space Center pages of Facebook, twitter and instagram use the Hashtag national on your favorite platform to submit an idea for the show. Just make sure to mention it's for Houston we have a podcast. This episode was recorded on August Seventeenth Twenty twenty. Thanks to Alex Perriman Pat Ryan Nor Moran Belinda Toledo Jennifer Hernandez an jenny nuts thanks again Joe Walker and Linda's Bueller for taking the time to come on the show give us a rating and feedback whatever platform you're listening to us on and tell us what you think of the show. We'll be back next. Week.

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How to Plan a Spacewalk

Houston We Have a Podcast

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How to Plan a Spacewalk

"Houston. We have a podcast. Welcome to the official podcast of the NASA. Johnson Space Center episode Eighty-three how to plan a spacewalk gear. Jordan and other your host today on this podcast. We bring in the experts NASA, scientists engineers and astronauts also let you know the coolest information about what's going on right here at NASA. So if you're familiar with us, you may know that NASA is full of acronyms and abbreviations. We try really hard to stay away from as many as we can. But sometimes it's just really hard to avoid. Here's one that we use all the time here EV, you may have heard it before it stands for extra vehicular activity broken down, literally just working outside of a spacecraft. Astronauts, get in space, suits and go outside to work on different things. They've done V as on the moon. And now they've they're going to perform V as for maintenance and upgrades on the international space station. They're still doing it. Now today's as are planned months or sometimes years in advance for six and a half hour. Run activities are well-coordinated in jam packed. Internet time, and there's a long day for the astronauts, including the time before and after that run. So today, we're exploring what goes on to plan a space walk with me is Terri yokum. An art Thomason terror is the project manager for the alpha magnetic spectrometer EV a repair. This is a big deal, and we'll get into some of it. Art, isn't EV a flight controller and instructor one of the guys sitting in Michigan troll during a spacewalk that knows the intricate procedures of every move. So with no further delay. Let's jump right ahead to our talk with MRs Terry Yocum, and Mr. art Thomason. Enjoy. County. Mark. We have. Tara an art. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast today to talk about how what it takes to plan. Spacewalk? It's not an easy thing. Right. Whenever you watch the movies. You kind of see them just kind of go out. And I'm sure I'm sure from spacewalk planning perspective, you're pretty aggravated because they always seem to go out without tethers and just sort of float around and make it up along the way. But these things are highly coordinated and planned well in advance, right? They are it's very very intricate process. They go through to design the VA so to speak. We like to call it a big puzzle when we fit all the pieces together and figure out how the flow is going to work from the beginning to the end. Okay. So let's kind of back up just a second and talk about what is a space walk to begin with. We're gonna talk about v as this is going to be an acronym. That is just bound to come up. We always we always say E V A because it's part of this for an accurate spacewalk. But what is that? What is a space walk? A space. Walk is technically anytime you're going out in the vacuum of space. And when you're going out into the vacuum of space, you're in your own personal space craft that suit, it looks like a suit everyone else is maybe a jacket you put on, but it's it's really a spacecraft. It has of complete life support system just like any spacecraft, except you know, the thing that moves it around. Is you your arms if you're in a microgravity Eva by translating on hands down handrails? Yeah. It's I've I've kind of described it in the past as a spacecraft shaped like a human body. It's just perfectly shakes. So what are they doing outside? Well, right now, you know, the biggest thing that you're seeing is maintenance upgrades installing payloads those kind of things spacewalks are also used to build space station. So, you know, hundreds of spacewalks were done to make all that happen. You know, as far as just the specific tasks that you're going to see it's pretty simple things driving bolts, many, electrical, connectors, data connections fluid connections. Those kinds of things they designed the hardware. So that the crew members can unbolt a box that has all the equipment in it. It's needed to make something happen and change that output a new one in. So that it's it's easier for the crew member because it's pretty tough to work in that environment in that suit. Yeah. So, you know, needless to say whenever you're for example, assembly. Right. Whenever you're building something in space, you can put them together. But ultimately, you're going to need some guys to go outside and and. Next some things turn a few bolts and do some other stuff. Just that hands on perspective really really helps to make it successful. That's true. Right. The hardware was designed quite a few years back, and we were very busy within that time period. Helping the hardware designers design it for VA. So there's all kinds of requirements that the hardware designers have to meet things can't be sharp. It can't be too difficult for the crew to turn or push or pull or do. Whatever action. It is that they need to do because they're in this big white puffy spacesuit, right? There gets very fatiguing for their hands to do a lot of these different actions. So there's different ways they have to design. The hardware seems easy on the ground. You go look at it. You go to your car, and you fix your car. It's very different when you're in the spacesuit outside and microgravity environment do those same actions. That's right. You don't want them working with like needles or anything outside not only as the sharpness? But also how fine that skill is. Because the gloves. Are pretty tough. Right. You want things that they can actually interact with and don't have to really squeeze on those gloves because they could be strenuous for the for the crew. Right. And that's something that we'll we'll get into later when we talk about executing a spacewalk because I know like one of the things is, you know, you're checking the gloves all the time. That's one of the things when you're actually going through. And there's a there's a reason for that. And talking about the difficulty with gloves. I kind of think about it like ski gloves. So anyone's ever gone skiing in something simple as getting out your wallet to get a credit card is really tough to do that kind of thing and ski gloves so working in in the immu, very similar. You know, the the Extravehicular mobility unit there. Yes, in no, I even even myself I have done that so many times, right? You have it in your jacket. Your ski Jackie you, pull it out and your ski gloves. You're trying to buy something at the at the stand. But you just can't get it out. So what do you do you take off your gloves and just deal with the cold for a little bit? Not something that you can do in space. Right. Exactly. Definitely not. But you're talking about you said EV require. Just whenever whenever you're doing something that needs to be done on the outside it needs to be designed specifically so that people can interact with it and not just the equipment themselves. But also the tools that you're they're using too. Right. Absolutely. We've got a kind of a generic set of tools just like you'd have in your garage, the going to go off and be able to work on different things. So the hardware then is designed to be able to work with that generic set of tools that we already have if there's a specific task that we have to go off and design and build a new tool for we can do that. But we kind of like to stay within our tool chest of items that we already have because the crew already knows how to use those tools they've been trained a lot with that. And can go up and do the on orbit. We've really would prefer to not go EV. Right. We prefer hardware to be designed. So that it doesn't require VA to go out there and change things out robotically or just stay outside on station and not have to go be worked with. But there are those cases where we do it requires VA to go off and do something with that piece of hardware. The car were driving's getting old it's been on orbit for a long time. And so now we're starting to see that. Maintenance time period come up, and we go out, and, you know, fix things maybe have some issues or go install new science payloads for, you know, new science to get completed on space station. So there's a lot of neat stuff that EV gets to be involved with. Yeah. Not just kind of maintaining, but also, you know, that the new installing payloads I know just not too long ago at the time at this recording on a Russian space walk. They installed an experiment that was like an animal tracking sort of GPS thing on the outside, and that can actually look at animals tagged on the earth with with GPS league little receivers, it was it was pretty cool to actually research and read about, but like you said, we're we're in this period of of maintenance right now when we're talking spacewalk spacewalks mainly well exclusively now on the international space station, but spacewalking itself is just going outside of a vehicle like you said are so even space walk. Walking that was the like the moon landing someone getting out into space that was spacewalking right required. A little bit of different hardware and procedures. But that was also spacewalking. That's right now the difference. There was they were trying to figure stuff out. Really, right. You're they don't really have. They didn't get to go into like their moon gravity room, flip a switch. And all right. Here's here's how we're going to. Here's how we're going to do it. They had a figure stuff along the way. How about now on in microgravity? Are we you said we've already done a couple hundred just for space station assembly and maintenance, how are we now? Do we have things mostly figured out? Or is there still things we're learning? I think we have things figured out as far as how we operate. Okay. Each is different. And so like Terry mentioned earlier, it is kind of like a puzzle. So we have a lot of tasks that we need to do. Sometimes there's one big major tasks it takes most of the VA. And sometimes there's, you know, fifteen small tasks and trying to fit those together in order of priorities, but also in order efficiency. So if I'm going to be at one location, and there's three things in that area. Even though they all may not be the highest priority, and maybe more efficient to get those things done. So there's definitely a puzzle factor that comes in, and it's it's fun to play around with that. And try to get as efficient as you can. Yeah, definitely arts team has learned a lot over the years on how to fit those puzzle pieces together and to work with the space station program now and figure out okay. Here are priorities. Here are all the things we can do in a six and a half hour VA. This is how we would like to timeline all this out. And that community has just really become professionals on fitting as much as they do into these as and safely completing the activities. Yeah. Okay. So let's go right into it. Now, let's say we have a task that we want to complete at what point do you start planning for VA? Well, that's a tough one. It really really depends. I would say generically, it's probably a year or more out. And so the the first thing that we like to do, and we don't always get the chance to do this. But is to do development runs on the hardware. So what that means is get a mockup built of if it's something new. It's gonna come to space station. We get the the drawings for it early. Put in the neutral buoyancy lab, I'm a mockup built and get crew members to assess it so make sure it has all the right interfaces. We can access all the bolts we need to access handle. It has right handrails that we need and we can affect the design. If there's something that we need to change. So we can catch it early enough. And that that's great to get that input in and get something that is easier for us to use on orbit. So that's kind of the first phase from there. We wait till we get a little bit closer in as to where that's going to be integrated into a specific Evi. A usually that's more on the. The timeframe of maybe six months out when we would start really putting all the pieces together exactly to order if things you know, what we're gonna able to fit into this next VA? And this is this when you start considering everything that's going to take place during this six and a half hours. So if you want if you have a single task, you know, I know, I know even you have this time, right six and a half hours. And there's a reason for that. So you want to use it to the full extent. Are you are you considering what else can we do during this time? Definitely. Yeah. Actually, what is the reason behind six and a half hours? Also, it's basically the consumables on the suit. Okay. Yeah. So, you know, the the main things that we have to think about our oxygen. So you know, you have an oxygen tank and there there's limited amount of oxygen. And there you've got battery power you've got water for cooling. So that water there's a sublimated, basically, an ice pack that's built on the suit. And so you do lose some water to that ice pack, so over the course of the VA you deplete water out of the system. And then the one that limits us the. Most is co two scrubbing capability. So, you know, the oxygen that you breathe out is the air that you breathe out is still reused and goes back through co two scrubber because you know, you don't want that SIA to build up in the suit. So that CO two scrubber works. Great until you get close to the end of the and you'll start to see CO two levels start to increase a little bit. And that's when you know that this yo two scrubber has is kind of used up and our history on that. You know, tells us around six and a half hours is the time that we want to plan for. So the teams then go off and figure out all those tasks and all this puzzle pieces, and how do we fit him into that six and a half hours, and it's not all six and a half hours of doing the right? So the crew has to get out the door get out of the airlock get out the door acclimate themselves to being outside. You know, a lot of our newer astronauts are being flown. They've never done spacewalks. Yeah. So it takes a few minutes of getting out there. And really getting your space legs. I guess so to speak, you know, being able to translate walking in space with their hands figuring out how to do that they have to set up the area that they're going to go work in. So sometimes areas don't have a place to stand on. So they set up special foot restraints. So the crew member in the suit can then go and stand in that location and have both their hands available for them to use their tools or to take their photographs or whatever it is. They need to do. So there's lots of things that go into that six and a half hour time period because yeah, it's not just you know. Okay. You're going to go over in. You're going to turn this bolt. Right. You have to get the drill. You have to get the little foot stands. So you can put it into the right place. You can get to the spot. So you can use the drill. There's a lot of different steps that have right and to get just to that point the flight operations team and the Harvard developers and the astronauts on the ground have spent a lot of hours developing how long that's really gonna take in the exact. Mission of how that foot restraint is going to be when they get out there. What the handrails are they're going to use to get to that spot and how they're going to turn that bolt. So there's a lot of work that goes into that seemingly simple task of going out and turning the ball. And even things like the torque value of the bolt if the hardware providers says that this is going to require a lot of torque than you really want to have your feet in something. So can you can react that torque. But if it's, hey, this is a very light amount of torque can hold onto a handrail with one hand and drive it with my cordless drill. So there's a lot of those things factor into how we want to approach a task. Yeah. That's true. I guess I wouldn't think about that. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if the trill if you need a turn it too hard, you're going to go with it. Right. You don't have enough restraint. Right. That's right. And that's one of the training facilities. We have on the ground is something called pogo. So it's basically a system that suspends you, and and we do that over in mockup facility over here in building nine, and it's it's great because people it's I opening when you see someone do it for the. Time when they start to drive a bolt they spin around if they're not holding onto your anything. So that's kind of the first experience. They get with that you have to react that torque even if it's small. Yeah. So so the astronauts themselves are preparing for a spacewalk here on the ground with different. I guess ways to practice pogo being one of them. Right. Suspense you above the ground. The one we talk about a lot here is the neutral, buoyancy laboratory. Right. So what are they doing there? Do they do they practice? These specific runs or they just been gaining basic skills. What are they doing? They're a little bit. Oh, okay. So as far as the generic flow that each astronauts go through before they go to space station, we try to develop a skills based training program. So we have a set of runs that they should be able to see all the skills that they need to perform any spacewalk than that. We can conceive might happen. So a lot of it is for critical contingency VA's, which are failures on station, which would leave us to where where you know, the next failure makes it to where we have. Demand station. So those are the important ones. So we make sure they see all of those. And with that we also make sure that they have all the skills. So if they've changed out, you know, one big box, it has two bolts on it. And there's two other boxes of do something totally different. But have the same interfaces? Then we really don't need to show him all of those. They know how to change out of box with t bolts on it. So we try to minimize the training and make sure they've seen kind of every type of hardware that they may run into. Yeah. That's right. I'm a total sense. One of the basic skills. You wanna have in your repertoire is if something goes wrong, you want to be able to turn something around real quick. Right. So the a lot of these spacewalks are planned like you said a year, maybe more advanced. But if something goes wrong, you want those skills right on hand. So they can go right up the door, right? Since you have people living on space station, twenty four hours a day every day of the year. Yeah. They've got to be able to go out and take care of themselves effectively, whereas before in the shuttle era, the shuttle, would you know, we would train they would launch they'd be on. Orbit for maybe two weeks. And then they'd come home. And they would have their skill set built up around what they were specifically doing on that mission for space station that such a broader picture, so operationally we had to figure out gosh. How do we train these crews to go off and do all these different tasks so operations had to come up with this kind of generic set of tests that cover this broad range of activities? So where we used to train shuttle crew's specifically for this very specific very choreographed six and a half hours for an MBA. Now, they get a lot more general training of you know, we think these are the activities that are gonna come about when you're up on orbit. So we're going to show you these as you go through your training flow. They may never actually see the whole six and a half hour EDA on the ground before they go performance space, but they have those those basic skills how to use certain tools how to. Position and hold yourself. So that you're not turning with the bolt. Right. Like, we right before there's a lot of these skills that are super important, you know, on the topic of tools and designing some things I'm trying to figure out trying to imagine. We're talking about a drill. But I know there's a lot of other things that they can use. What are some examples of of tools that are designed specifically for a spacewalker to interact with like, you said VA certified or or the requirements outside? Well, yeah, we we have a lot of tools, actually, I mean most of them are things pretty similar to what you'd find in your garage. I mean, really the the cordless drill or we call the pistol grip tool as what we use probably the most. That's what we used to drive bolts. It's it's really handy that you can program in torque, and the RPM's now that you wanted to turn it, and that's that's great from a hardware standpoint because hardware has different requirements. So that's a lot easier than setting a torque rancher or something along those lines, and we also have ratchet wrenches, and it's works. Just like the one that you have in your garage. Those are I think two tools that were used the most aside from that bags or huge thing. So a way to carry a bunch of tools to a work site. So there may be a case where we're removing a bunch of caps or those kind of things so we can take everything that we need to do the work site in one bag as opposed to carrying a bunch of little things that are going to kind of float around and get into your field of view and potentially get lost in that. Helps a lot. And there's been a lot of, you know, cable routing is something that we also do we've developed some bags specifically for cable routings kind of have shelves if you will layers so that we can keep all the bundles of cable separate, so they don't get tangled together. Yeah. Oh, thank going behind, your TV, and you pull out this big wad of cabling, and you don't want to do that. You don't want to go to UVA bag, and plus this giant wide and think where does this connector go do a really nice job of keeping it very neat and organized. So they have to go and install a new power corridor. New data cable or anything like that? They can lay it out smoothly inlaid on station to use in the future. I'm imagining the frustration of looking behind the TV and thinking, oh, this is something I'm going to deal with now I can imagine being in a spacesuit now. And you're already, you know, a couple of hours into this EV a and all of a sudden, oh my gosh. I have to untangle all of these. Yeah. That would be that would be pretty bad one other thing that I think people forget about when you're doing spacewalks. That's different than just being on the ground is everything you use has to be connected to you or to space station. So you yourself in the big white space suit has to be connected to space station with what we call a safety, tether. So they're always positively attached. So in case. As they were to let go of their handrail or have some problem? They're still attached to space station. Same thing for all the tools that we use all the hardware all the bags. All these things have to be connected up. So every time you go reach for that wrench. It's connected to a terror you go use that wrench and you have to leave it on the toddler, and you go put it back in the bag, and may require you to change that tether from you to the bag. So there's all these extra actions that you have to do is you go off and perform this simple turning of a bolt. How detailed are these actions? Do you literally have okay now? Step step one. Take tether move here. Step to move over to this side. Step three is it get into that level of detail. It definitely does you know, when you're in a spacesuit, there's a lot of stuff that you have to think about and you kind of have a tunnel vision in a way that I mean, you can't turn your head. And look you really can see what's right in front of you. And if I tell you to go somewhere, you know, it's ten feet away. It may not be obvious. What that path is by just turning and looking there, so by telling them, okay, you're gonna look for this handrail, and then, you know, head up to your to your left your right from here that helps them know where they need to go. Also, you know by having detailed steps, and we do like you said have detailed steps get this tool out of the bag drive. This bolt for this many turns at this torque, and we tell them when to do it. There's also things that are happening behind the scenes on the ground that we may have to power down connection before they pulled his box out or they're going to be demanding a hot connector so that. We have to verify on the ground at that happens before we give them to go to do that. So you know, we try to give them very detailed instructions. So that there's less things that they have to think about on their they're in and they can just do the work. Well, then it gets even crazier when there's a problem the team on the ground has to have thought about what are all the problems that could happen as they go to turn this bolt. Do they need a higher torque do we need to turn it more times? Do you know what our options? So they have all those options figured out. Because again, you only have six and a half hours that you're outside. You can't wait around for an hour for the ground to come back and say, let's do this way. Right. So they're all those things has to be thought about ahead of time and figured out and documented in your procedures to say if part A doesn't work, then let's go to part b and move from here. So lots of work ahead of time. Just to do that simple. Six and a half hour EDA not only are there detailed procedures, but there's a little branches off of every. Section. Okay. If at this point something goes wrong, you can do this this you can do this basically a list of troubleshooting things. She has right. Yeah. And you know, it's one thing for us to come up with. But it a lot of times our plans will affect a lot of other things. So that's how we have these meetings ahead of time. Okay. If we did this as our backup plan, what does that do to these other systems, and they'll have inputs in what kind of have to all work together to come up with an agreed to plan. So that we don't have to have, you know, this meeting that took us an hour real time. We already have agreed to work around for that. And can tell the crew what they need to do. Well, and that they already have the tools with them. That's true took them with them outside to be able to do that plan v. Lots of choreography. So tell me about the team that's actually working through this. How big is the team who's who's approving everything? How we going through all the steps? What's what's going on there? It's a it's a very large community in lots of different groups that all played different roles. Okay. I've often likened it to a movie production. You've got your astronauts or kind of your. Actors and they're the ones who are going off in performing the activity that's going on. And you have your flight operations group. They're the they're the directors telling the actors, hey, this is how you need to go off and do this, and you have a group of management so to speak and some other offices that helped with the production side, right? They make sure that all the tools are there in the space suit is there and the directors and the actors have all the things that they need to safely go off and complete the VA. So there's a large group of people that get involved in the different activities takes quite a while lot of interaction and definitely a group effort. Well, yeah. It takes a whole movie production. I'm actually that was a great analogy because I was imagining all of that this fantastic. But I'm sure you know, they there's the creative side of the of the, you know, movie world, and then there's are highly technical acronym driven world world of NASA. I do commentary for. VA sometimes, and it is it is very difficult to keep up and takes a lot of studying beforehand to to know what I'm talking about. Because my job is to translate to everyone else. Hey, this is what they're talking about. When they say EV, a PCB LL, you know that kind of. Okay. So let's let's jump today of now. Now, we're we're getting ready. Everything is set who is supporting the team in mission control. And and behind the scenes helping out getting ready to get everyone ready for the day. Well, so getting ready. I mean the way that the console works is we have three shifts. So what we call is an orbit wine and orbit to in orbit three. So typically the orbit one shift is the one that's there when the cruise getting ready. So that means they're getting in the suit, they're doing their pre breathed, which is you know, hours long. They may need to breathe one hundred percent oxygen on a mass, and they get into suit do more pre than exercise and this all happens before before they go out the door for six and a half hour UVA. So that's that's kind of orbit one shift. And so, you know, we've obviously got EV a team there. What should be a front remediate person as well as some some backroom people that are also looking at data looking at the details, and we've got a flight director by directors in charge of the vehicle. So they're the ones that make the ultimate decisions. But we're kind of experts on the piece of the system. So we're the one that advice. The flight director on on what's going on. So you know, we're we're keeping up with the what's going on looking at data. You know as long as everything goes. Well, it's just a matter of kind of keeping pace with them and looking ahead. And then we get to the orbit to timeframe. So that's right about the time. They're getting ready to depress the airlock and go out the door. So at that point the execute teams what we call it comes on. Okay. So they're the team that planned the EV. They were the ones that spent the hours in the NBA finals and NBL runs and writing procedures and coordinating the plan with everyone. So they're they're the experts on. So they come out there for the crew when when they're outside. Okay, performing the VA. So then the crew comes back in represses and starts to get out of the suit at that point, we transitioned to the orbit three team. And they're the team that helps, you know, get the crew out of the suit, any of the kinds of cleanup of the suits and maintenance after the fact, they support that. And then there's any kind of replanning to get ready for the next day. They're there to do that. And if there's any anomalies or those kind of things. They log that data and make sure that all gets captured. Wow. Okay. If you ever have a chance to listen to spacewalk any of the folks listening to this. It's a it's a really interesting process to to watch until listen to because it is such a well oiled machine. The, you know, the flight director is in charge of the vehicle and everything that goes on there. And then there's the Capcom who was generally another astronaut is actually the one that speaks to the astronauts in space. So those are the kind of the the conversations you would hear, but there's so many people that support that in the background that are all commenting very quickly on what's happening to that person in the front room. And there's lots of other support from the EMU, the the spacesuits specialists in the space tool specialists, and the safety people, and you know, all the other mechanical systems associated with the vehicle it self. So there's so many people in the background that we may not see on TV, but are just an integral part of the whole process being successful and running so smoothly. As they do. Absolutely. Yeah. You were saying there's someone right behind the fly flight director just kind of watching over thing. But then you have more people in other rooms listening in and it's it takes a huge team to make this happen. That's awesome. Going off of your point. Art. It sounds like I mean, this is a long day for the for the teams, right? You're getting an early. You're doing a lot of the prep. Then you have the actually execute team the debrief team long day for the crew to I was thinking about that getting up and breathing for a few hours. We already talked as a six and a half hour VA that then your days not done. Then you have to do a lot of stuff afterwards. That's a long day for the crew. How how how long does it actually add up to at the end of the day? You know, I I don't have the exact crew daily. But, but you know, you you're spending an hour on a mask that where you're breathing one hundred percent oxygen, then you get into the suit, and that's about three hours or so just being in the suit doing what we call light exercise, which is you know, moving your legs. It's just a way to kind of get the nitrogen bubbles out of your body. So that doesn't build. When you go to a lower pressure out in space, and then you depress her about thirty minutes, and you've got the six and a half hour. VA takes you about thirty minutes to come back in and repressed and kind of get out of the suit. So you can do the math, but a longtime in the suit. Yeah. I mean, I'm taking myself mentally through this day. And I'm getting hungry. Just thinking about it just not eating for that long. The when it comes actually down to going out the door. This is an interesting thing. I think it's the official start of the six and a half hour day is not when they go out the hatch. Right. It's actually when they switch to battery power. That's right. Why is that? Well, I can't tell you the exact reason for that. That just kind of win we start the VA. Okay. Yeah. So so they'll they'll depress go down to vacuum still in the airlock. And then they'll they'll be on vehicle power. So that they can preserve battery power. Okay. And so at that point once they're getting once they are getting ready to go out of the hatch. They'll go to battery power. And that's just what we call the start of the. You know, there's history behind that. But I it seems to work pretty well for us. So it's really about the time that they are going to start doing work, and you know, doing the plan task for the. Yeah. So how the teams are looking at all the task. You know, we have we have computers. We have Michigan shoal, right? What how is the crew kind of following along to is everything in their ears? Do they have some sort of checklist on their arm to follow alone? Well, it's pretty much just what we tell them. So I mean, they're, you know, they're they're able to hear what mission control saying if for some reason the crew inside the space station needs to talk everyone's on the same loop there on space to ground one. So the crew in the suit is hot mic, so anything they say is going to go out on that space to ground one loop. They do as far as checklist go. They do have what we call a Cup checklists that they wear on their wrist. This is primarily for emergencies. So even if they lost com or communication with us. And they get a message in their caution warning system on their suit, they can go to their Cup checklist page, and you know, if whatever the message is there is a a page for it. And it tells you how to respond to that. Okay. And so, you know, in most cases, I if they do get a message, we'll see that on the ground, and we'll be able to kind of talk them through that. But that Cup check. Let's pages there just for an emergency. But they also have some blank pages. So if there's certain pictures or things that are going to help them along the way, they'll they'll put those in there as well as kind of memory joggers. Yeah. That makes sense. Because I last thing you need to do is drill and then flip to the right page. And then you know, where you're going to put the drill. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. So besides actually the procedures themselves. You know, we've already talked about they have step by step instructions. They know exactly the path of where they're going to go, and which handrails they're going to grab onto right? This is an important thing handrails. This is actually, you know, you can't just design a tin can look in module. You got to install these things called handrails on the outside of them. Because that's how they move right? Right. Otherwise, what are they going to grab onto and there's all kinds of requirements associated with those handrail. Really, you bet how long they are how much of a space can be between two handrails for the crew member to grab from one to the next what the size of the going around it is. So that the crew member, and they're big snowmobile gloves couldn't grab onto that handrail. It self easily. Rex you've talked about those tactile things you don't want them to have to hunt and peck for you know, fingertip type activities they want to be able to easily move and and work around their different work sites. Yep. There's all kinds of requirements sharp edges. That's a big one. We deal with from a safety of crew perspective. You don't want to put a cut in a glove. Are you talked earlier about the crews throughout their EV as have to check their gloves to make sure we don't have any sharp edges. We found that the longer space station flies the more opportunities. We have to be hit by debris. That's flying in space tiny little my micrometeorites and. Sometimes that will hit pieces of metal. And when it does it causes a refuge or bird to it or has the opportunity to and if the cruise glove discovers one of those we've found that it can put a little slicer and Nick in the glove itself. So the crews Nago off and take a look there gloves every once in a while and give feedback down to the ground to say, no gloves, a great or. Hey, look at this little piece right over here. It's torn in this area. The smart engineers, go off that are experts in the gloves and take a look at that. And say no problem keep going on. Or you know, what we need to talk about this a little longer or you know, what that's the end of the day. We need to come inside for a safety reason. Right. Yeah. That makes sense of why you're checking them so much doing that analysis. So the experts can can make that decision. So you got all these little, you know, little are they predictable hazards, or is it just you kind of have to kind of eyeball. It. Right both. So there in some cases, there's hardware that doesn't meet sharp edge requirements. A lot of times you'll see that on certain payloads that there's you know, maybe a glass. Oh, there's a mirror or something. But it's really has to be there for the payload to get the science that they need. So for for those cases, we say you just need to stay away from it. If there's a sharp edge. I'm so that's something that we would know about. But then there's also cases where we have debris hits on the outside of station or handrails. We get a lot of good pictures where we see those things. And so we know about some of them to warn the crew about, but there's other ones that we don't have photos for and so that's that's part of their job to kind of look ahead and be aware of their surroundings. So you talk about translation right moving from one place to the other using these handrails. Are they I'm guessing they are definitely designed ahead of time. Right. You know, exactly what you're going. Are they designed as the fastest route? Or is there kind of sensitive stuff along the way that you want to avoid. Sure. Yeah. And again, it was a long time ago that a lot of these items were designed around the other hardware that was already in. This piece of structure is there something that UVA has to go out and fix are their batteries out there or other items that an NBA crew member would have to go and change out if so then we have to provide a work site for them. There has to be handrails there. The ability for the crew to position themselves in the work site to do whatever that work, whatever that job is. They've got to go do. So and the other thing, you know, we didn't talk about is it has to be able to the structure has to be strong enough to take a person in a space suit carrying a bunch of other tools on them. It's quite a large mess. So if they're going to be maneuvering themselves, and using this handrail that handrail and the structure that it's attached to has to be able to take that load that that crew members putting into it. So lots of that analysis in review and data. Gets done ahead of time. So the crew member knows that we can be in this area safely. Yeah. I'm loving this topic so far because we're going through you know, how to plan a space walk. It's just all these little things you have to think about whole time. And one thing that we do send up to the crew before they do need VA is a lot of times. It's a few different tools. We have I'll get into that. But we we have a plan for their translation, Pat. So, you know, some of it will be just be a picture of space station, and we'll light up the handrails that they're going use to get out there. So they can see. Okay. This is where I'm going to go and I've talked to some crew members. Who if they have a good a good window view. They'll go and look, okay. Yeah. That's that's where I'm going to be going. So they can look days ahead of time to see if there's anything, that's you know, unusual or different than they expected and and get familiar with that translation path. Okay. Now besides you know, besides the procedures themselves. The step by step instructions. What are what are the teams looking at to make sure that everything is going smoothly? You already mentioned consumables. That's one of the reasons that it is six and a half hours. What else are you? Looking for a long the way? Well, so we're definitely looking at the clock. As far as you know, what we have planned for the spacewalk. And are they still going to be able to fit it into the six and a half hours? And so that's one of our biggest challenges sometimes as if they're running behind, and, you know, sometimes you run into a problem something that you didn't expect that takes a little bit longer, and you go through the crib sheet or the anomalies in, you know, you get the problem resolved. But now you've spent an extra thirty minutes. So now is there is there some way to kind of make up that time. Can we go a little bit longer than those at all the things that you kind of think about and you know, we we think about those ahead of time. So that we don't get ourselves into a bad situation. We want to make sure that we we leave bay station in a good configuration. You know, we don't take some critical power box out. And then say, oh now, we're out of time and don't put something back in there. So you know, we we make sure that we have a plan for even if we are running behind what do we do? And how do we leave station in a good, configuration and most importantly getting the crew back in safely? So just. Based on your experience, actually, executing spacewalks takes so much energy to to plan everything, and it it actually works out. But when it comes down to it how much real time decision making is g- is going on. It really depends on the space rock, and what is right, and how well it follows that timeline. Okay. Sometimes they go through very quickly, and they're able to accomplish things very smoothly, and they're ahead of the time line. And then you have to figure out, you know, we have some extra tasks that we set aside, we call them get ahead tasks say if there's time at the end, you know, we could fill in this open space with these get ahead activities. You know, is is this the right time to plug that puzzle piece in and decide to go and finish that and make it a whole six thirty. Or you know, what do we come inside at six hours and consider it a success we've gotten all of our main requirements done some of those discussions happened real time as you're stepping through the VA, boy, it's the best group in the world and doing this activity. Really got it down to a fine art. That's right. So one of the first spacewalks that I did commentary on I trained a lot. I got to sit in Michigan troll in here. I go, you know, just gonna follow the procedures. It just happened to be the one where one of the shields on the outside of node three. I think that they were gonna put was was inadvertently lost. And then you just see it kind of going away. This is one of my favorite spacewalks. Even to this day. Even though this was again, my first one of my first, so I was very nervous on air memorable. It was extremely memorable. But can you kind of go over what happened? And then how we fixed it real time. Yeah. And so there's a lot of things that led up to this. So for one the shields were really large. And so it was going to be almost impossible to take all all the shields out on one space walk to go install them. So we plan to head brought sage some of the shields outside on an earlier spacewalk. So they they set outside for months, and then the crew went and picked those up. So the way these shields are made is that. They were there folded in half. And there's a lot of other straps on it. So there's there's tether points, which is that's how you're gonna put your tether to attach it to that. So that you can translate to the worksite keep the thing tethered all the time. So the problem is what happened is one of the straps kinda got folded under. And so it looked like a tether point. And so the crew tethered to it, and it it seemed to hold until they got to the work side and put in a little bit of extra fours, and it came undone, and so the they're they're hooked is slid off the end of that strap, but from you know, again, you kind of tunnel vision in the space suit. So from their perspective, all they could see the everything was working great. You know, until it started float away. So they're kind of a perfect storm of of how they lost it. But as far as the the path to figure out what to do we were kind of lucky in some ways that we had removed a thermal blanket earlier in the space walk from, you know, different component of space station and teams started thinking mmediately. Okay. You know now that we've lost the shield there. It was one out of four shield. What do we do to fill this quadrant? That doesn't have a shield. So one thing that we do that. I think is a great practice is in in one of our back rooms we have as many tools as we possibly can. So we had the shields in the room, and we also had the other blanket that had taken off. So we could lay those things out on the floor and c okay. Yeah. It looks like this point it's gonna fit there. And so that part of it was great. And we're able to use a model to show what handrails we could tie that blanket to into tell the crew what to go to. But then there's also the piece of is this blanket going to do the same thing as to shield those an engineering team that has to run the analysis. Both thermal and from micrometeorites. What's going to happen is this is this actually going to do the job? Or are we gonna install this and realize we gotta come back out later and fix it. So it was great that they were able to do all that stuff real time and determined that. Hey, this is going to meet our needs. And we had the crew install it. And you know, turned out to be really successful VA that was one of my favorite moments. You lost a shield, but figured out a way on how to cover it. And did all this analysis to make sure it was going to work. And if I'm not mistaken, I think everything on that VA that was planned still got done if I'm not mistaken. That's right. Yeah. So one of my absolute favorite moments. It was it was really cool. One of the big things we learned just from doing spacewalks. This is actually one of the recent things if they can happen in two thousand thirteen when Luke apartment Tana was on a spacewalk, and there was some water in his helmet. Can you describe what happened there? And then how we fixed it. And then what came from that? Yes. So on the spacewalk Luca reported that he started feeling some water kind of on the back of his neck back of his head. And you know, we could seen similar things before where you know, a drink bag. So they have a drink bag. That's thirty two ounces in the suit. So if that leaks you're going to get a little bit of water there. You know, maybe some other cases where you might get a small amount of water. So initially that's not something that necessarily concerns this. But as time goes on, and it started to increase in it became a bigger deal in the team quickly realized that we're going to have to call the spacewalking keenum back inside. So as he translated back things seemed to be going, well, but you know, the way that water behaves in microgravity is a lot different than on hurt. So because of surface tension it wants to hold together. So as he turns a corner, the the blob of water kind of went to his face. And so then it caused a lot more problem. So it made it to where it was. He couldn't hear very well because of the water in his his ear cups and the speakers that he has and then we couldn't hear him because it got onto. Microphones as well. So quickly turned into a really bad situation. But he was able to get back into the airlock. And Chris Cassidy was there with him and was able to get eyes on him and communicate with them when my hand squeezes. And make sure that he was doing. Okay. So they got him repressed as quickly as possible. And and everything was you know, turned out. Okay. For that VA. What we did. Find out was there was due to contaminated water when the suit was still on the ground. There was very small particularly in their the clogged or we call a water separator. And so that's something that kind of is designed to get the water out of the vent loop. But because of that failure at actually had the opposite effect that it actually flooded defintely so water from the water system was now able to come into the ventilation system. And and that's what we ran into. But, you know, since then obviously were much more careful about what water goes into the suit as well. But we do different checks. So we do conductivity test of the water. Oh that kind of determines what the particular are in the water. But then more from more simple standpoint, we have an absorbent kind of like basically a diaper that goes in the back of their helmet. Right. So if you did get a lot of water built up there that that diaper would soak the water up, and so we kind of have an idea of how much water we think we could get in. So that's able to absorb most of that. They also have something called a snorkel, which is just a tube. That's it's up near there better chin that goes down farther in the suit. So if they did get water new their face, they could breathe in through that tube to get air from another place in the suit and then just exhale out into their helmet. There you go that whole thing. I was on console as well. And it was just an awesome example of the team under pressure working as a well oiled machine. It was a what could have been a very scary and terrifying moment was handled very professionally and they got the crew back inside safely, and you know, after that went down. Through the process of figuring out what the problem was to get us back out, and we're doing spacewalks again. And so it was just it was a really great example of how well this community works through challenges that are thrown ADEMA specially real time. Oh, yeah. This is why we do all this practicing. Right. And a lot of what you train, even even aren't you were saying the things that they have on their arm or in case something goes wrong. You know, there's a lot of things you gotta consider head of time. And that's why that's why we practice. It's it's really an amazing feat. And you know, the other thing is is suit was made with seventies technology has been around for a long time. But this was not something that was on our radar that it was a possibility to happen. And so you know since that's happened. We've are cuff checklists we've added a page about water in the helmet and how to deal with that. But it wasn't something that initially at the time Luca didn't have a page that address that. So continuing to learn even though stuff's been around a while. Yeah. There's a lot of cool stuff in the. I mean, besides these these little things just from this miss have one of the things, I think is super interesting. A thing called Val Salva is something you won't think about, but you know, you you're you're in a suit. How do you get your face? How do you? How do you pop your ears? It's like this little those Cup. Right. And you can anyone the scuba dives with probably familiar with the need to Val Salva. You know, some people can just kind of wiggled their ears, or you know, that that kind of thing, but other people you have to hold your nose, and and kind of blow apply pressure and that that clears your ears. So you definitely need to do that. When you're when you're coming back in space walk. So speaking of coming back in we talked about going out switched to battery power. That's the start. What about coming back in how when when when does it end? And then what are you doing to find clean up? So it's the start of represses when we stopped the clock on the length of the spacewalk. Okay. And then getting ready for how do you take everything off? And all that. Yeah. So so once they get back in and start the repress, that's something. That's, you know, surprisingly simple, which is which is great because it's something that you really have to be able. To do. I mean, if all the things you do in a space walk you have to be able to repress, that's probably the most important thing. So it's basically just a valve that opens up a whole, and let's air from the station come back into the airlock and fill the airlock. So the crew members do have the discretion of kind of come throttling. That valve if you will. So they can let their ears equalised equalize us about Salva those kind of things. So once they were completely repressed. They can open the hatch, and then they come in and and get out of the suit at that point. It's really the Ivy crew member of the person that's inside helps them get out because it's it's pretty tough to reach some of those interfaces and work than when you have gloves on your hand. Yeah. But it's you know, matter of depressing the suit, so the suit is when you're outside. It's it's four PSI above ambient. But once you come back inside you go down to about one PSI. So you still have to depressurize the suit. So you make sure that your equalize in at that point you start taking the components. We take the gloves off I because if you took the helmet off, very she wouldn't want to be a little a little extra pressure. Held in the suit. And then, you know, hit your channel your nose, those kind of things how it's we take the gloves off first. And once we know that were completely equalised, and they can take the helmet off. And then from that point they disconnect ended a pants from the shirt area. And so what you know, the where we we call the hard upper torso. That's a fiberglass piece of the suit. And so that I think it's not so much like, you know, putting a shirt on. It's more like you're climbing into this piece of equipment is the way the way that feels I think when you're getting in and out of it. So you had to get out of it. It's it's kind of a trick that you know, you have to get your shoulders in the right position. So that you can come out of the bottom, you know, from there. I think that's the hard part getting in and out of that hard. Upper torso is probably the the most difficult part. How long until they get to have some food pretty much immediately after that. Yeah. I know I would. That's a long day you so we were talking about on the outside having translation pass dealing with, you know, sensitive equipment watching out for payloads things that you don't really want to interact with. I think that's a nice segue into this alpha magnetic spectrometer spacewalk that we have coming up because you're talking about dealing with really sensitive equipment. Literally that is the definition of the spacewalk. Right, right. Yeah. This this really challenging one. Yes. Few years back. The AMS community has a lot of different sensors on their hardware and determined that some of their cooling system was having problems. So they asked NASA can you go off and repair this for us. So for the last several years, the the community here in Houston and some of the MS collaboration around the world have been designing different parts of the hardware to go and bypass the cooling system. That's on this very large payload that's outside. Whereas that's a typical something we go off and do. Design a new space walk. This was unique in that. The AMS was never designed to have a on it all these things we've been talking about, you know, the right requirements having handrails and work sites. And making sure it's nuts. Sharp making sure can take goods. None of that was done for the for this area that we're going to go work on. So there's a lot of unique stuff that we had to go do in the last few years. Lots of new tools. Let's do very specific EV tools to go. Do these tasks there's a bunch of fasteners that usually when we go remove them on orbit during a spacewalk. They stay captive. They stay held onto whatever it is that you're removing it from not here. Not in this case, they're very small fasteners, and we have to go and be able to capture them make sure we don't lose them and create debris. There are places with potential sharp edges that are out there. So there's a lot of different stuff that we have to work around create tools to help the astronaut, and they're big snowmobile suit and figure out how they can go and do these very challenging activities. So it's been a lot of fun. These last few years, I've really going off and designing something entirely new. I think what excites me the most about. It is looking. Downstream into the future of EDA and thinking of future planetary spacewalks. And those kinds of things, you know, at some point we're going to have to go out and fix the habitat. We live in the cooling system that we're in some of the stuff that we're doing I think will definitely apply to those type of actions and activities that we have to do we have to go in and cut stainless, steel tubes and re plumbing new system into it. So we're bypassing the old and installing a new system, and it's stuff that we've never done spacewalking. So it's really exciting. The new tools pipe cutting tools wage. Suedes tools all kinds of new stuff that we've had to go design. So it's exciting process. Yeah. Yeah. It's just it's just funny. I wanted to bring it up because he talked about how how difficult this is to to plan and all the intricate details, and then this is just you have to plan further back if the pin for longer period of time, and then you have to do things with tools that you haven't used for. Absolutely. We've really had to come up with kind of new ways to train it as well. We have disability or the the neutral buoyancy lab, our water tank is an awesome training facility for spacewalking. It's just fabulous. What we've had to do before. We had the ability to get into the NBA all we had to go off and design our tools, that's something that required really a different environment environment for us to get into the active response, gravity offload system. Argos was a facility that was really just getting up and running here recently. And it's something that we have used many times in the last two years too. Philip our tools, it's similar to pogo. And that you suspend a crew member over the top of a mockup and the crew then when the crew puts a force into emotion that they're doing computer controls, the astronaut and moves the astronaut in a method that would be similar to microgravity or whatever environment that they're in. And it's been a really awesome way for us to would be able to go off and design a tool three D print it go over to that Argos facility. Put an astronaut in a spacesuit and tested have some updates to it and go through that process again, very quickly. And it's it's really been a benefit to the team to be able to go. Accomplish our tool designs, hopefully in a successful manner. So you not only do you have to design the tool you have to test it out, make sure it works. And then you know, after you finally designed the drill you get into position, and you start drilling. And then you're spinning you're like darn we need to put restraint. Wow. This is it was a it's an amazing feat. I can't wait to to see it happen. Thinking ahead. This is kind of a note that I kind of wanted to close on is going through these procedures. What's nice about the way that this is designed is it's designed for real time communication? You are talking to the crew the whole time. Right. So you have this constant feedback. You have ground support that are solving things real time. You said they don't even need a checklist because everything is fed to them in their ear in what ways is it going to be different. As we go further out into space moon. Maybe we'll be a little bit easier because it's not that delayed. But even but especially Mars when we have those really long communications delays. What are we looking forward to for for executing a spacewalk? Well, I think there's a ton of forward work that the operations communities need to off and figure out exactly how to do that. We're not quite that far yet. But I think some of the initial concepts are that they're really going to have to be able to. To drive those as themselves. Right. They're going to have maybe an IV person. That's inside their habitat that's communicating directly with them. And then when they need something from the earth, you know, they'll have to make a call and say, hey, this is this is going on what is your input here? And that could take a really long time to get that communication back and forth. Twelve minutes up to forty five minutes. So you're not sitting around waiting for earth to respond back. So it'll it'll definitely be a new way for us to be able to go and complete as in one thing that we have seen on what we call analog missions. Where we, you know, in some cases would go out to the desert and try to simulate this as best. We could is things like text messages seem seem to work better than maybe voice communication that way. You're not talking over each other. You know, if it just so happened to sin something at the same time. And you say, oh, wait, we you know, we were talking to the same time. You were we didn't hear you. Then you gotta wait another ten minutes before. They respond with with the answer. So things like text messaging works a little bit better that you don't get that kind of interference. Wow. That is going to be very challenging. But it is. It is interesting. It's not something. I would have thought of now you're not talking about ground support. You're talking about someone from the inside still having that real time communication, but the expert is on the inside reading everything they can still be listening here. So I think it'll be a lot more communication prior to the EV a and really going through in detail what those activities are going to be. And, hey, here's where you may see some difficulties or some issues if you do then you need to go to plan B figure out, you know, how you're going to take care of that real time. You know, maybe to that when you're on a surface that you're able to just come inside radio back to earth and say, hey, this didn't work, you know, plan for few days. And then we'll go back out again, it may be that our time and ability to do that will be easier and more capable than what we have nowadays. Absolutely fascinating. You know, Tara and art thank you so much for coming on describing what? It takes to plan a space walk. It's a lot of work and even executing real time. Just a fascinating coordination of all of these people to go towards this this this task of completing a spacewalk, it's really truly impressive. So I appreciate your time to further describing it today. Thanks for having us. Bring your. Myspace. Hey, thanks for sticking around. So today, we talked with Terry Yocum. And art Thomason about what it takes to plan and execute an VA we went into a lot of detail here. But the thing that they're actually inside we described it on this episode. It's literally a spacecraft shaped like a human body. It's called the spacesuit. We went into detail about the space that they actually use to actually conduct. These spacewalks on the international space station called the EMU Extravehicular mobility unit checkout episodes sixteen to listen to that episode that goes into depth about spacesuits, otherwise you can see some of the things we're doing on the international space station. Sometimes we actually broadcast some of these spacewalks alive on Facebook. You can also check us out on Twitter and Instagram. Do you have a question about any of this just use the hashtag ask NASA on your favorite platform and submit an idea for the show mentioned Houston, we have a podcast, and we might bring it on here to answer or either make a whole episode out of it. So this episode was recorded on September six twenty eighteen thanks to Alex Perryman Bill. Stafford Pat Ryan Kelly Humphries, Tim hall, Stephanie Sibylla and Jenny nuts. Thanks again to MRs terr Yocum. And Mr. art Thomason for coming on the show. We'll be back next week.

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