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Section of largest remaining Arctic ice shelf shatters

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01:18 min | 2 months ago

Section of largest remaining Arctic ice shelf shatters

"Picture Picture the the island island of of Manhattan. Manhattan. Now Now picture picture a a slab slab of of ice. ice. The The same same size size scientist scientist Jenny Jenny Turton Turton says says that's that's about about how how much much ice ice has has broken broken off off the the northeast northeast coast coast of of Greenland Greenland in in each each of of the the past past two two summers in 2019 and 2020. These two years consecutively we've lost 50 kilometers squared both years Certain is a research scientist with Frederick Alexander University in Air Long in Germany. She's been studying the Arctic largest remaining floating ice shelf. Called Neil Cause feuds Jordan or simply 79 north in English. This week, her research team confirmed a Manhattan sized chunk of 79 North broke off this summer, just like the previous summer. Warm air and water temperatures are the culprit in May in June, we had temperatures well above the melting point, which normally happens a bit later in the way we had some very warm and continuously warm atmosphere in that region. Then. Also, the ocean has been warming underneath the glacier as well. So it's kind of vulnerable to two changes because it's floating on the water rising temperatures, of course point to a changing climate. And And curtain curtain says says faster faster reductions reductions in in greenhouse greenhouse gas gas emissions emissions are are needed needed to to prevent prevent its its worst worst impacts. impacts. We're We're running running running out out out of of of time time time for for for this this this window window window where where where we we we can can can still still still make make make a a a difference difference difference to to reduce reduce our our carbon carbon emissions emissions

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