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"jenny agita" Discussed on Backlisted

"7. Daddy, my daddy. Is it Jenny agita? Any chance? No. And if that was your answer, it I'm afraid that is Sally. The next thing I was going to say. Sally Thompson. Sally Thompson on lotte Burke, the German physical instructress. And her album get physical from 1982. Translated into English enunciated perfectly by saying, so there's only one question left, but there are three points up for grabs. So you could still do it dumb crumbs. And butter and jam, you have to fiercely protect your competitive advantage at this point. We are going to hear three different audiobooks of the railway children. All you have to do, Nikki don't play it yet. All you have to do is name the three readers. But to make it more interesting, Steve Reich style, we're going to listen to them all soon. They will not be able to generate that ordinary dense pose they have ever lived with their fathers and accepts a new record. Alberto was the Eldon. And then the youngest. And Cold War told her. Electric bells, French women who went well and a good deal of white paint. Every modern convenience as the house agency. Now obviously they don't sink because they read at different speeds and also the texts all three texts are different because they're different edited versions. Now, the way we're going to do this is we're going to I'm going to ask you each team to name one at a time, okay? So I'm going to go to you dumb cremes first. Can you name one of those readers? One is Jenny a good fit. No, no, no, it's okay, because I'm going to assume butter and jam got that, didn't you? Yeah, obviously. Yeah. Okay, so we both got well done. You both got that one. And now I'm going to ask butter and jam to name a second reader. Can we confirm? Yes. By all means confirm now. I don't know. No, I don't know who it is. I don't know who read the one. I always listened to, and I was little. He's the male. Josh ackland. Ah, that's happened. So I'm going to throw it over to you for the second guess. Dumb crumbs. Is the man Martin Jarvis or Stephen so it's not modern Jarvis? Steven thorn. That was a good guess because Martin Jarvis does do all audiobooks. No, it's not. It's not melting. Stephen Fry, it's not. It's not steaming fry. All right. So it's not even customers. You're getting warmer. Michael kitchen, jam, you're getting warmer, no, not Michael kitchen. We've got to give butter and jam there. So butter and jam. Good Nicki. Is the woman who the other woman is she the mom in. Yes. So who is that? The mom in the film. Diana shows. He's dying to share in butter and well done. Now, so that means I have to ask dumb crumbs. Who is the male's voice? And I will give you a clue. It's related to the film as well. And you've already heard him once today. It's not Bernard cribbins. No. Dumb crumbs to who? Yes, who is reading right at the very beginning, John, who was that? Yes. Who was that? He was reading right at the very beginning. This is going to drive me mad. Well, it is Christmas. Anyone? Anyone wanna guess? Jeffries? It was Lionel Jefferson. Right. What? 12. So the three readers there were Jenny agata. Dinah Sheridan and Lionel. Dina Sheridan and Lionel Jeffrey and she and Diana Sheridan is the voice that I grew up with. It's the idea that Nikki, I guessed it was when you said to us the other day it was somebody very well spoken. Okay, so in runners up the place. Catherine and John the dumb cranberry scored a very respectable 6, but our winners run away. 2021, with 11 points. And jam. Well done. Well done. You win a honeycomb. And a shovel. Peppermint comfort. So before we wrap up, is there anything Catherine you would like to say about Nesbit or the railway children that you feel we haven't touched on or you feel is important to say about her here in the 21st century? I don't think so. Only that, without her, we wouldn't have Frank cultural voice. That's so true. And without her, we wouldn't have any of the trudy truly great children's writers who were writing right now. She made it possible for those who followed on. And it's amazing to listen to you both speak about her in an inspiration in the way that you do. Frank is there anything you want to add about her or about the railway children? Just thank you, you know, I think she was astonishing. I think she's underestimated. I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to talk about their influences extraordinary. I think when you read you just think, this is so many ways to tell a story that you haven't thought about. And that's true. Catherine of children writers of my generation, but it's also true of me across the making.

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