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"jennifer parker brothers" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"News now we're gonna talk to certified financial planner Kelly brothers from Jennifer Parker brothers and I want to get into this with you that the Boy Scouts nationally having some trouble declaring bankruptcy and a you brought my attention to the fact that that doesn't really have much to do with our local boy scout districts plane that's how this works yeah and and full disclosure and currently chairman of the board of the golden empire council which is the local council and is it's completely separate from national so you're the the the headlines are tough for BSA and they're having to deal with a lot of claims that go back to the mid seventies and before and it's it's a tough situation because there were people who were harmed and you and you have to feel for them at the same time there are people being accused who are now dead and and can't really face their accusers and so but that is at the national level and and the board thing for folks to know that the golden empire council just celebrated a hundred years we've never been stronger financially serving seventeen thousand kids from Europe to the Oregon border and we have no claims pending against us currently so you know it it's a very different to it so the scouting in northern California is has never been stronger and it's going to go on a date you know just just understand the national body is a very different entity completely so anyway thanks for bringing that up Christy because it's the they are separate and it does the the all the troop meetings impact meetings will go on tonight as scheduled right overall today is flat let's call a flap of the big deals announced Morgan Stanley by each trade for thirteen billion dollars and Victoria's secret being sold and going private in a one point one billion dollar deal Victoria's secret star has fallen no doubt about it just given what's going on with walls and what's going on with attitudes in society and a move toward more comfortable type sleep where especially for ladies let's check the real time numbers Dow off by six to twenty nine three forty one nasdaq down eleven the S. abuse down one point gold up nine one of one thousand six hundred twenty one dollars an ounce ten year bond yields one point five three all right Kelli thanks so much president trump in California yesterday drawing attention to water and the water crisis in this state or instance of time on that right now play a couple of clips from him with regards that diverting water was part of what he signed in in a new initiative governors are by the way has vowed to sue the president over that no real benefit question because they have like sixty plus plus lawsuits now pending against the trump administration but the hot topic of the speech the president gave yesterday these are some of his comments about the state's water rationing the state being rationed we have millions and millions and millions of gallons being poured out into the.

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