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Virginia Republicans urge governor to reopen schools 5 days a week

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01:09 min | 3 years ago

Virginia Republicans urge governor to reopen schools 5 days a week

"Republicans Republicans pushed pushed for for school school buildings buildings to to reopen reopen five five days days a a week. week. I'm I'm Nick Nick in in l l e e w w t t o o P P NEWS NEWS time. time. 3 3 31 31 CBS CBS NEWS NEWS UPDATE. UPDATE. The The number number of of new new US US cases cases of of Corona Corona virus virus continues continues to to rise. North Carolina reporting more than 1900 with Florida at 15,300 California Congressman Adam Schiff on ABC. I'm concerned that the Republicans in Congress will not rise to the challenge of this virus. And we will have mohr. Economic suffering and and more more death death in in Oregon. Oregon. Health Health officials officials blame blame large large gatherings. gatherings. Joan's Joan's Jennifer Jennifer Dowling, Dowling, the the Oregon Oregon Health Health Authority Authority reports reports that that since since Oregon Oregon began began reopening, reopening, health health officials officials have have seen seen daily positive cases of the the virus virus shoot shoot up, up, especially especially when when family family and and friends friends get get together together for for graduations, graduations, birthdays, birthdays, weddings weddings and and holidays. holidays. It's It's also also spreading spreading more more rapidly rapidly among among young young people people with with specific specific outbreaks outbreaks in Oregon linked to exercise classes of fraternity party at a bachelor party surgeon general Dr Jerome Adam spoke to CBS. We're in a very different place than what we were in February and March. We have over 300 within increase and available pp. And that's not the famed mission accomplished. But

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