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Asian Shorts International

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Asian Shorts International

"Asian shorts international by various authors translated rated by professionals collected by Owen Jones and Asian is an anthology of nineteen short stories by nine different authors. Most of them are professional writers but two of them were previously unpublished and one of those went on to write several more books. The writers live all over the world to in as much as nine people can but countries include Cambodia. Canada England blend Thailand. USA Vietnam and whales their names and brief buyers can be found under the list of translations below free audiobook. Copies can be obtained obtained in most cases and other languages are being added as they become available. The authors contributing to Asian shorts international in no particular order are Mike Might Lord Owen Jones burned from gay and grim Jennifer Jay Chow s Mallory Dr Rainbow and David Collier. Please support these authors by checking out and reading their work.

Owen Jones Lord Owen Jones Jennifer Jay Chow Mike Might Cambodia USA Vietnam David Collier Thailand Dr Rainbow